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September 2014



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This is the stuff that dreams are made of...thus spoke I when I was able to purchase a great collection. Cds, books and dvds. Many out of print, many were rare to start off with. All are in superlative condition. You will get a picture of the composition of this collection and it may not be for everyone but there should be something there for everyone......


BOOKS are particularly heavy and one sent interstate is going to be expensive but more than one and sending by satchel will greatly reduce the price per item. 3kg satchel $14...5kg $17 that is anywhere in Australia and there is so much great stuff in these lists that I will set postage maximum $17 for this newsletter for anywhere in Australia. CDS are $3 for 1-2 $8 3-5. Any questions ? PLEASE, do not hesitate to ask.


Firstly all the new arrivals.


Bill Anderson “Life” $28  Bill Anderson is not a spring chicken but still sings the same as he always did and has that unique conversational style that has served him so well all the years. Coupled with that is his great songwriting “Old Army Hat” is just wonderful and I defy anyone to listen and not get a tear in the eye. Just a wonderful wonderful song. Several guests include Willie Nelson on the upbeat “Bubba Garcias” but John Anderson (no relation unless you want him to be!) is perfect on “Rhinestone Grindstone”. “Whisper” features Joey (the girl) from Joey  &Rory, a funny song in which Bill plays her conscience. Incidentally the term “Whispering Bill” was made by Don Bowman, a great artist on his own who has never had a single cd..why not!! “”A Girl Like You” features Vince Gill and is a full one toe tapper co-written with Brad Paisley. “Dreams Are Easy to Come By” has a slight bluegrass style due the presence of Dailey an Vincent. As you can see great variety and with “Old Army Hat” testimony that the country classic is til lvery much alive and kicking!!


Rayburn Anthony “Redneck Crowd” $28 This is great. All new songs , many by Larry Kingston all delivered with Rayburn’s great deep voice. The opening title track is a nice throwaway but like a lot of the songs has a fine humour about it particularly “Downhill & Crazy”. “Accidental Love” is a jaunty number about two people from different sides of the track. We have had some great albums from Rayburn over the years, notably “Country Music Fan’ but I have no hesitation declaring the 15 tacks herein as his best yet.


Suzy Boggusss – “Lucky”  $28 (Loyal Ducchess) Suzy had her first Capitol album “Somewhere Between” out in 1989 and it is appropriate that was a Merle Haggard song as this is her tribute to Merle. She doesn’t  do them strictly as Haggard himself did/would have. Largely acoustic and with a little jazzy influence which works well. “Someday When Things Are Good”, arguably one of Haggard’s lesser known hits, is  given a great reading, slowed down a little and a great showcase for the we affectionately like to call her. Similarly the excellent “Let’s Chase Each Other Round the Room Tonight” is given a slower more jazzy interpretation. “You Don’t have Very Far to Go” was covered by Lucinda Williams on the tribute “Tulare Dust” but Suzy does a much better job. Nice album.


Jack Clement “For Once and For All” (LRS) $28 Jack passed away last year. This album was recorded just before his passing and what a great tribute it is . He has only ever had 2 previous albums, “All I Want to Do In Life” featured “When I Dream(I Dream of You)”, his “Guess Things Happen That Way” from 2004 featured the last two songs ever to feature Johnny Cash and now this 2014 release from the man himself. Vocally his voice is as rich as ever. The resonance, timbre or whatever it is called reminds more and more of the great Burl Ives. To me that is a wonderful thing. The songs will be a mix of known and unknown, the known ones were ones Jack wrote for others such as “Miller’s Cave”, a hit for Bobby Bare or “Fools Like Me”, a Sun era hit for Jerry Lee or “I Know One” recorded by a swag from Jim Reeves through to Garth Brooks, who did a superb version.BUTnot as good as Jack. Best for mine is “Baby Is Gone” in which he dismisses all the good things around him as ...”my baby is gone”...the best song of misery you’ve ever heard. I defy you not to press replay on that...I couldn’t...even on first play through. “Just Between You and Me” was an early hit for Charley Pride, a man whose career Jack was instrumental in getting off to a flying start. Jack adapts his own “Just Someone I Used to Know” to “Just a Girl I Used to Know”. Actually fits in well with “My Baby Is Gone”. “Jesus Don’t Give Up On Me” has more than a touch of irony as Jack knew his health only had the one inevitable consequence. Not sad but that is due to Jack’s skill. To say the great man has only had 3 albums in his lifetime makes each gem all the more special.


Nick Cross “Whiskey, Women  Music” $28 This received a 5 star review in Country Music People magazine and deservedly so. All original songs and none of the crass crap that major label artists now seem to put out with monotonous regularity. But whilst this is traditionally flavoured you really have to only go back to the last great era of country music...the early 90s to see where the influences came from. Many of the songs have a honky tonk theme such as “Drinking Again” & “Two Bottles of Jack” both of which would have fitted comfortably on a Mark Chesnutt album. His voice may not be quite as good as Chesnutt but it isn’t far off and that is a great accolade. Where Cross wins is that all the songs are his own. “Ballad of Harley Anderson” is a good story song. “Hillbilly Heaven” is not the “Hillbilly Heaven” but is probably the only song I am not particuraly keen on though I think the Swedish Cowboy would give it his golden mackerel award. He was discovered at Tootsies’ Orchid Lounge. Expect bigger things. 14 tracks too.                                                                      


Lacy J Dalton “Highway Diner/ Blue Eyed Blues” 2on 1 (Morello) $30 I told you it was coming last time and here its. The first opens with Lacy’s version of “Working Class Man”, yep the song that Jimmy Barnes had his biggest success with..he released that in 1985 and the Lacy J album came out in 1986 but he may have rush released his whilst she took her time to get the full album completed....well that will be my story anyway The second album features several duets with George Jones, David Alan Coe And Bobby Bare with a guest spot on “Love Gone Cold” for Earl Scruggs. One of the truly great female vocalists. These have been like hen’s teeth on cd..don’t miss them.


Joni Harms “From Oregon to Ireland” 2CD $30 Joni is a much loved singer from Oregon state, right up in the top left corner of the map as you look at it who has a unique western style with a focus on ranges, ranches and rodeos. She had one major label album and has since ridden the independent road. This was recorded in Ireland with the Sherrin Family and is a collection of songs from her albums including “the Only think Bluer than His Eyes” from that major album, “Hometown Girl”. 22in all. Has a graet following and deservedly so.


Gal Holiday & the Honky Tonk Review “Last to Leave” $28 Perhaps the most impact ever on stylish looks was made by Bettye Page, a fifties model who directly or indirectly provided the looks for every true rockabilly gal. Gal is quite a “gal” with the red lips, green dress and yeah, the tats, which are probably the latterday necessary accessory to the Bettye look. Personally the Bettye look is great. But it would be much if the music didn’t back it up. Gal (am I looking for an abbreviation?) is actually Vanessa Gal is really a “them” not “her”...go figure. They are from one of the true music cities, New Orleans. The opener “Long Black Ribbon” sounds like a sure fire Morricone western track with ultra twangy guitars. Perfect. “She’s a Killer’ is full on rockabilly with great slap bass. “Last to Leave” is honky tonk. “Broken Rings” is traditional country. “The Ballad of Azzie & Zack” is apparently inspired by a true crime, many in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Great variety and all good. Mike, you’ll love it!


Jade Jack “Off the Records” $28 produced by Justin Trevino and featuring the Heart of Texas pickers this is a new cd by a young fiddle player who it seems has been playing for a while behind Doug Stone. She is a good sort, looks like Reese Withersppon’s little sister. At first it would seem an unusual choice but this probably explains her version of Doug’s first ever single ‘Better Off in a Pine Box”. She shows that she can write a song with the great “I Had a Husband”, a modern day cheating song that sound like it was vintage. Similarly “I Can’t Help It If He Can’t Stop Loving Me” is similarly aligned. Overall a fine album though “The Grand Tour” is probably the only song I wouldn’t have included.


Joey & Rory “Country Classics” $28 Crackerbarrel exclusive. 12 country classics given the Joey & Rory treatment. The songs don’t follow any theme per se; seems they are just tracks they like. Some may seem a tad predictable but some such as Rory (the guy...always have to think who is who!) doing “Hello Love” one of Hank Snow’s last hits will amaze and delight. Even chestnuts such as “I’m Not Lisa” get new life whereas in teh hands of lesser artists they may seem merely predictable. Not so here.


Sammy Kershaw “Do You Know me? A Tribute to George Jones” (Big Hit) $28 Ever since his first album “Don’t Go Near the Water” Sammy has had a sound reminiscent of that of George. “Do You Know Me” was one song that was not done by George though was written with him in mind. Georgette Jones duets with Sammy on the great “Near You”. 14 tracks in all. How much better state would things be if Sammy were still one of the kingpins.


Jerry Kilgore “Those Seven Years” $28 Jerry Kilgore had one major label album at the end of the 90s which was very well received and stands up particularly well. He then “vanished” til l2007 and has had two superb indie albums. This, his 4th overall refers to the missing years so to speak. Jerry has been touring with the mighty Gene Watson and indeed seems to have  a few influences on this album, which is not a good is a great thing. 12 new songs. For those who have his previous, don’t hesitate. The packaging is ...shall we say very chintzy. Content is superb.


Hank Locklin “The Essential Recordings” 2CD Primo $25  40 tracks mostly from his RCA years but with a couple of Four Star recordings including his first number one, “Let Me Bet the One”. All the originals big ones are here including “Geisha Girl”, “Please Help Me I’m Falling” , “Send Me the Pillow That You Dream On” and “Happy Birthday to Me”. You can really only get his music on a couple of Bear Family boxes. This will save you a dollar or two.


Linda Martel “Color Me Country” $28 Real Gone Music  Appropriate that Linda Martel should be followed by Charley Pride as Linda was the first African American female to appear on the Grand Ol Opry and this excellent album has just been released. As with Charley she was a stone country artist and even charted with “Before the Next Teardrop Falls” nearly 6 years before Freddy Fender. Best for mine is “The Wedding Cake” which was also recorded by Jeannie C Riley. “I Almost Called Your Name” is even better with a Tammy feel. And for the variety factor she yodels a little on “Bad Case of the Blues.”. sadly it was not a career launching album as with the early Charley Pride but very godo all throughout.


Charley Pride “Country Charley Pride/ Pride of country Music” (Music City Records) $30 Charley’s first two RCA albums from 1966-1967 are on cd for the first time. Produced by Jack Clement he also charted first with Jack Clement songs, “Just Between You & Me” and “I Know One”, versions by Jack are on the new Jack Clement album. Charley was hard country from the start and it is hard to believe Bear Family have not given him the box set treatment. This label is seemingly issuing much of Charley’s catalogue and about time. The first of the two features quite a few standards but they are well sung. “Snakes Crawl at Night” was his first single. It didn’t chart.  The rest including around 30 #1s is all history.


Marty Robbins “20th Century Drifter: The MCA Years” 2CDs (Humphead UK) $35 During the early 70s Marty recorded 4 albums for MCA...This Much a man/ Marty Robbins/ Good ‘n Country and Two Gun Daddy. There was also a 5th lp released , “20th Century  Drifter”, which was a compilation of the other albums. He returned to Columbia and these MCA albums have gone largely unissued, apart from a rather slender 10 tracker on Curb. Not any longer.  This excellent 37 track double cd features his entire MCA output for the first time. Guess I don’t have to tell you that it is great. The more I listen to Marty the better he gets.


Jason Roberts “That’s My Home” $28  Jason is the fiddle player with Asleep at the Wheel but has been doing outside projects for a while, most notably playing Bob Wills in a stage show. “How it Lies, How It Lies, How it Lies” is the most Asleep at the Wheel inspired song and a darn good one. All time Y&T hero Dale Watson wrote the great “Everybody’s Somebody in Luckenbach” and it is a beauty. “Lest We Forget” is a Jason Roberts’ original, a terrific traditional song. Indeed the overall focus is less western swing oriented than we may expect. The only instrumental “Jesse Polka” was a favourite of the lamented Baylor Brothers. Two standards are given a jazzy treatment thanks to participation from Hot Club of Cowtown members. “Bye Bye Blackbird”, appropriately the concluding number is just great. Oh, yes Bill Anderson’s “My Last Dime” is another  gem. The glorious feeling of being “gemmed” out.


Johnny Rodriguez  “The Definitive Collection: the Mercury Years” (Humphead UK) 2cd $35 Great singer and his best period.  Starting in 1972 with the only song Tom T Hall’s brother, Hillman is known for (“Pass Me By If You Are Only Passing Through”) he had six years on the label where he had 6 number one hits as well as doing some excellent non country covers such as the Eagles “Desperado” (well that probably is ‘stone cold’ compared to now) and the Beatles’ “Something”. 49 tracks on this nice double.


Mel Street – 3 CD (Gusto) That is the title.  As a vocalist he was right up there with the best..yep Jones, Gosdin, Price, Lefty. Haggard, Whitley and Street...all the same for mine. The tragedy of his life is twofold. Of course his suicide on his 45th birthday but also the fact that his entire career he chopped & changed labels and was poorly managed so instead of being the huge star he should have been he is more a footnote than anything else which is a crying shame. This 3CD set on Gusto (not a label generally known to be associated with the word superb, but definitely a case here) features 58 tracks. George Strait recorded his “I Met Of Friend of Yours Today” and didn’t do a bad job BUT compared to contest. There are some poor choices eg “Bad Bad Leroy Brown” and “Rub it In” but they are in the minority. Has been remastered from previous Gusto issues as well. The sound on this is superb. I am in awe. Just about my all time favourite cd!


Thanks a Lot Texas Troubadour: A Tribute to  Ernest  Tubb (Heart of Texas) $28  This is a special Tribute to what would have been the 100th birthday of Ernest Tubb. Flick to track 6 for Justin Trevino (...the Justin is from Justin Tubb) & Amber Digby as they nail the ET & Loretta favourite.  This has been recorded over a couple of years and includes appearances by George Jones AND Dolly Parton on “Drivin’ Nails in My Coffin” and “Slipping Around” respectively, both associated with Floyd Tillman. All the Heart of Texas crowd appear including Tony Booth who does ET’s signature tune “Walking the Floor Over You”, Darrell McCall, Curtis Potter, Georgette Jones etc  


The Rest

Still have good stocks of the following. Note we don’t have any Levi Mullen nor W C Edgar latest at the moment and can’t say when we will be getting more.


1.    Max C Barnes “Me & Max D” $28 Max D Barnes is or rather was father of Max C. Max D now deceased. This has 6 Max C tracks of songs he wrote for others such as “Love Me” for Collin Raye and 11 Max D tracks new to cd.It includes his stunning version of “Alone”. Fabulous singer.

2.    Mandy Barnett “I Can’t Stop Loving You: The Songs of Don Gibson” Crackerbarrel $28  Wonderful singer famed for her starring role in teh Patsy Cline stage show.

3.    Tony Booth “Happy Hour/ Working at the Car Wash Blues” 2on1 Two early 70s Capitol albums when Tony was working as part of the Buck Owens’ organisation. Great.

4.    Garth Brooks “Blame it all on My Roots: Five Decades of Influences” box

CDs, 2  DVDs + 68 page book. $80  

Only sold in Walmart stores in USA. Nowhere else.

4 CDs, 44 newly recorded covers (11 tracks each disc)   Classic Country / Classic Rock/  Blue Eyed Soul / Potpourri .

Previously-released  ULTIMATE HITS 2 CDs {33 tks}

DVD {33 video clips}

 DVD of his Las Vegas Solo Show (DVD)

5.    Carlene Carter “Carter Girl” (Rounder) $28  Her second comeback album is a gem with great assists from Willie, Elizabeth Cook, Vince Gill & Kris Kristofferson., plus a vintage track with the Carter Sisters.

6.    Rodney Crowell “Tarpaper Sky” (New West) $28  Highly comparable to his brilliant “Houston Kid”. Definitely one of his best.

7.    Tim Culpepper “Pouring Whiskey on Pain” $28 Last copy. Superb Mark Chesnutt style honky tonk.

8.    Chuck Cusimano      “Swing Me a Song” $28

9.    Chuck Cusimano “I Wrote This” $28

10. Chuck Cusimano “Tyler Sessions” $28 Texan  singer songwriter who is as good as anyone in both areas.

11. Moot Davis “Goin’ in Hot” $28

12. W. C Edgar ‘Alcohol of Fame” $25  A former album of the year.

13. John England & the Western Swingers “ Songs Older Than Pappy” $25  Nashville indie.

14. Kevin Fowler “How Country Are ya” $28 Outlaw movement is not dead.

15. David Frizzell “The Family’s Fine, But tHis One’s All Mine!/ On myOwn Again (Morello) Includes his wonderfully witty “I’m Gonna Hire a Wino to Decorate Our Home”.

16. David Frizzell & Shelley West “Carryin’ on the Family Names/ The David Frizzell & Shelley West Album” Morello  2 on 1. There 2 WB duet albums.                                                                                                                                 

17. Merle Haggard “Okie from Muskogee” 45th Anniversary edition His two classic live albums...also has “Fighting Side of Me” $28

18. Russ Hamilton “We Will Make Love Under a Rainbow” Jasmine Uk $28 b 25 tracker

19. Jones, George “My Favourites of Hank Williams/ Sings Bob Wills/ Salutes Hank Williams” 3 albums on 2 cd (Not Now) $25

20. Jones, Jesse “One Memory for the Road” $28 Great indie with touches of Jones, Gosdin and Norman Wade...  

21. Carolyn Martin “A Platter of Brownies” $28 Tribute to Milton Brown & the Brownies. Superb sound & great singer who is on the first Timejumpers albums. 16 great tracks.

22. Kimberly Murray “A World Away” $28  Great traditional style vocalist.

23. Willie Nelson “The Metaphysical worlds and Poetic Introspections of Willie Nelson: It Will Come to Pass” (Omni) $25 This is Willie’s RCA recordings, they are simply backed and superb. “Good Times” and “Little Things” are for mine Willie’s finest two tracks.

24. Dolly Parton “A Collection of Hits & Duets” DVD Classic Country 26 Dolly + 15 duets with Porter...over 2 hrs $28

25. Ray Price “Master of the Art” + Porter Wagoner “Viva” (Morello UK) One album by each. Originally on Snuff Garrett’s label.

26. Ray Price “Beauty Is” $28 sadly his last album

27. Curly Putman “World of country Music + Lonesome Country” (Omni) 2on1  Great singer and even better songwriter. Well, “Green Green Grass of Home” and “DIVORCE” would do most proud. Mind you favourite is “Jailbirds Can’t Fly”.

28. Artie Rodriguez “I’ll Give You Something to Drink About $28 Hard to get enough honky tonk let alone a gem such as this.

29. Myra Rolen “Hold That Thought” $28  Excellent Texas singer.

30. Sturgill Simpson “Metamodern Sounds in country Music” (High top) $28  A must for Waylon fans. Outlaw music lives

31. Jackson Taylor And the Sinners “Live at Billy Bob’s Texas” Smith Music Group CD + DVD $28

32. Hank Thompson “Songs for Rounders/ At the Golden Nugget” (Omni) 2 on 1 The first, country music’s first true stereo album remains one of its best. The second, country music’s first true live on site album, complete with slot machines.

33. Rhonda Vincent “Only Me” (Rounder) $28  Simply one of the best country singers. Two cds essentially to highlight her bluegrass side and country side. Her version of “Once a Day” is as good as that of Connie Smith.

34. Gene Watson “My Heroes Have Always Been Country” $28  Best singer still going? Yep, probably.

35. Bob Wills” Lost Transcriptions for Tiffany 1946-47” Real Gone 2cd deluxe package $48...yep..the best Wills there is!!

36. Jeff Woolsey “My Last Night in Town” $28  Released on the cusp of 2014 ie right at end of 2013. Swedish Cowboy says best album of the year. I say ‘which year”. He says it doesn’t matter..pick a year & it is the best.

37. V.A. Heart of Texas 25th Anniversary Collection $35  3Cds 60 tracks from the best label of this age. Honest John says the best collection ever!



DVDS All are in pristine condition and many no longer available. Only 1 of each.


Country (okay...some may not be strictly country. Whilst most are all regions some may be region 1 so ask if you don’t have a multi region player. Most dvd players are multi region)


Asleep at the Wheel            Live at Billy Bobs Texas  (Smith Music) C 100 min. $18 with Ray Benson, Cindi Cashdollar & Jason Roberts on fiddle.

Atkins, Chet                      And Webb Pierce  Shanachie C $18 not exactly and but nonetheless  superb in wonderful colour. 60m

Atkins, Chet                      Rare Performances 1976-1995 (Vestapol) 71 M B&W & C (mainly C) 71m $20

Atkins, Chet                      & Jerry Reed In concert at the Bottom Line (Rounder) C 79 minutes $20

Atkins, Chet                      Certified Guitar Player  PBS Chet Atkins special 80 minutes C $18 with guests Everly Brothers, Mark Knopfler, Emmylou etc

Norman & Nancy Blake        The Video Collection 1980-1995 Vestapol 62 min. C $20

Bromberg, David                The Artistry Vestapol 102 min. C (=colour) $20 very good

Bromberg, David                Recorded Live in Concert at Iowa State University 1985

                                       w. John Sebastian guest  Umbrella $15 C 55min. Great.

Brozman, Bob                    Live in Germany Ruf $20 122min. C National guitar wizard

Bush, sam                        On the Road (SugarHill)  90 min $18 Sam is a never sit still multi instrumental wiz who was a member of Emmylou’s Nash Ramblers.

Campbell, Glen                   Live in Sioux City Iowa (Image) out of print 61 min $20

Carter Family                    Will the Circle Be Unbroken (PBS) B&W &C (65min) More a documentary. $18

Chieftains                         Down the Old Plank Road RCA 120min C+superb guests such as Emmylou, Ricky Skaggs, Alison Krauss, Del McCoury, Gillian Welch, John Hiatt etc $18

Clark, Guy                        Live in Austin New West C 65 min. Austin City Limits $18

Clark, Roy                         And Joe pass Meeting of the Masters (Blue Highway) C 55 min. the recording of their album of Hank Williams’ songs with anecdotes and performances $15

Clement, Cowboy Jack        Shakespeare Was a George Jones Fan C 60 m $18The only DVD of Jack at his best. Performances are strewn throughout but more about the personality. Includes Johnny Cash, and a host of others. Compulsory! Check out Jack’s final cd.

Dillards                             A Night in the Ozarks Varese sealed 105 min C $20

Eaglesmith, Fred                Small Beers Tour: Live Netherlands Cobraside C 108m $20

Emmanuel, Tommy             Live at Shelldon Concert Hall (Mel Bay) 114 m $20

Emmanuel, Tommy             Live at Her Majesty’s Theatre Ballarat (Favoured Nations) C 80 m $12

Emmanuel, Tommy             Center Stage  at the Sierra Nevada Brewing room Chico California  (Favoured Nations) C 107m $12

Flatt & Scruggs                  TV Show V1  Shanachie B&W 60 min. $20 these are superb

                                      TV Show V 2 Shanachie B&W 60min. $20 Maybelle Carter guest

                                      TV Show V 3 Shanachie B & W 60 min. $20 7yr old Ricky Skaggs guests .

                                      TV Show V 4 Shanachie B&W 60min $20 v. Young Randy Scruggs guests.

                                      TV Show V 5 Shanachie B&W 60min $20 Hylo Brown guests

                                      TV Show V 6 Shanachie B&W 60min $20

                                      TV Show V 7 Shanachie B&W 60min $20 guest Kentucky Slim

                                      TV Show V 8 Shanachie B&W 60min $20

TV Show V 10 Shanachie B&W 60min   (NO v.9 1-8 +10 only)

Wonderfully performances, extremely charismatic, great notes with each dvd. Superb.

Fogelberg, Dan                  Live Greetings from the West Sony C 100min $18

Garcia, Jerry & David Grisman Grateful Dawg Sony C 81 minutes $18

Gatton, Danny                   And Tom Principato Blazing Telecasters (Powerhouse) C 45 min $15

Gatton, Danny                   Guiding Light Rehearsals (Guitar Intensive) 34 min $18 C

Gatton, Danny                   At Tyson’s Corer jazz Gig (Guitar Intensive) 122 m C $20

Gatton, Danny                   At Bridgeton PA 1993 (Guitar Intensive)     52 min C $18                                         Cruisin’ Deuces era...looks like Steve Earle!!

Grisman, David                  Classic Dawg Shaanchie C 60 min. $18

Griffith, Nanci                    One Fair Summer Evening + MCA 11 live + 5 videos. C $20

Hurst, Jim, Tim Stafford & Bryan Sutton  Live In Nashville  Flatpicking 72 min C $25

Jones, George                             Through the Years C(Classic Country) C 142 min $15

Jorgenson, John                 John Jorgenson Quintet in Concert (EXA) 2DVD $25 Although a member of Desert Rose Band & Hellecasters this is not country but nonetheless a guitar fan’s must 120 min+

Knopfler, Mark & Emmylou Harris Real Live Roadrunning Mercury C 158min $18

Krauss, Alison                    A Hundred Miles or More: Live from the Tracking room Rounder 58min C $18 guests Brad Paisley, Tony Rice

Krauss, Alison                    & Union Sation Live 2DVD 210 minutes C $20

Kristofferson, Kris              Live from Austin TX New West C sealed  57 min. $20

Lady Antebellum                 Live On This Winter’s Night. C 76 minutes $8

Landsborough, Charlie         An Evening With/ shine Your Light double 2XDVD  153 min C $25 This is out of print. 

Lee, Albert & Hogan’s Heroes Live in Paris Heroic 102 min C $18

Lee, Albert & Hogan’s Heroes Live in Stazione Birra Rome  Heroic 113 min.  C sealed $20

Maphis, Joe                       At Town Hall Party Bear Family  B&W 16 page notes 68min $20  Made the guitar talk.

Miller, Roger                      King of the Road (White Star) 60 min. B&W & C documentary with performances ..Waylon etc $15

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band          Will The Circle Be Unbroken: Farther Along Capitol C + lots of extras including Rosanne Cash doing “Wildwood Flower”. No time listed but would be 90 minutes of joy $20

Owens, Buck                     Live From Austin  New West C 34 min $18 Austin City Limits

Parton, Dolly                     Live & Well Sugar Hill 102 minutes $15 C

Paul, Les                           Live in New York 102 min C Questar $20 heaps of guests, Even though recorded towards end of Les’ life his form is superb. Special mention to Keith Richards & Steve Miller.

Paul, Les                           Chasing Sound C + B&W Have US & Australia copy 90 minutes + 90minutes extras including duets with Merle Haggard & Chet Atkins $15

Presley, Elvis                     He Touched me : the Gospel Music of Elvis Presley 2DVDs 180min. Has Volume 1 & 2 on the dvd $25  Gaither Covers Elvis & the gospel groups & artists who influenced him.

Reeves, Del                       Country VCarnival Vol 3 C 132 m $18 w. Del, Leona Williams, Webb Pierce, Gordon Terry, Mac Wiseman etc


Reeves, Jim                      Story of a Legend  Whitestar 97 minutes includes full versions of 17 songs  $20

Rice, Wyatt, David Grier & Kenny Smith Live Flatpicking magazine  20 tracks + bonus with vocalist Amanda Smith 80 minutes + extras $18

Robbins, Marty                   Music Anthology Whitestar 17 full songs  C 70minutes + 5 bonus tracks so 80 minutes + BUT wait for of those bonus tracks is “Mr Shorty” $20 superb...stunning.

Robbins, Marty                   At Town Hall Party Bear Family/Umbrella B&W $15

Scruggs, Earl                     The Bluegrass Legend Family & Friends with Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Doc Watson, Byrds, Bill Monroe etc 17 sonsg 90 + min C $20 hard to get.

Scruggs/Watson/Skaggs      The Three Pickers Rounder approx 90 min. C Concert + documentary $20 

Time Jumpers                    Jumpin’ Time at the Station Inn Crosswind 120+ min, 26 songs w. Dawn Sears, Ranger Doug Green, Aubrey Haynie, John Hughey on steel, Carolyn Martin & much more. C Western Swing supergroup who also do other things...$20

Travis, Merle                     At Town Hall Party Bear Family B&W 26 tracks 16page booklet 69 minutes $18

Travis, Merle                     Rare Performances 1946-1981 Vestapol 60 min C & B&W $18

Travis, Merle                     Rare Performances Volume 2 1946-1981  60 min C & B&W $18

Van Zandt, Townes             Be Here to Love Me: a Film by Margaret Brown C 100m Includes Joe Ely, Guy Clark, Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, Steve Earle. $18

Watson, Doc & Merle           An Intimate Documentary Vestapol 85 min C $18

Welch, Gillian                     The Revelator Collection Acony B&W (for effect!) 59 minutes $15

White, Clarence                  Guitar Workshop (Sierra) 40min C & B&W $15 includes a tv special plus rare clips.

White, Tony Joe                 In Concert Inak 60 min C 60 m $18

Wills, Bob                          Fiddlin’ Man: The Life & Times of Bob Wills  View Video 60 min + multiple bonus features B&W & C $20

Wiseman, Mac                   Bluegrass 1971 Man-do-in  C with guests Lester Flatt & Chubby Wise 45 min $15

Yandell, Paul                      Finger Style Guitar (Mel Bay) C 48 min $18 for Chet fans



American Roots Music         2DVDall 4 one hour episodes from the PBS special plus extra performances not seen on the special. Now out of print. You name it they are on it $28 C & B&W

Bluegrass Journey              A Documentaryt C  86 min a veritable who’s who Peter Rowan, Jerry Douglas, Old Crow Medicine Show, Rhonda Vincent, Tony Rice, Del McCoury etc Blue Stores label $18

Country Style USA              Season 1 $20

Country Style USA              Season 2 $20

Country Style USA              Season 3 $20

Country Style USA              Season 4 $20

                                      All Bear Family B & W 28 page booklet. Incredible line up reads like a who’s who. Each dvd has 13 shows...approx 6 hours each!!

Down from the Mountain     The movie O! Brother Where Art Thou and the soundtrack were huge successes. This is the Ryman Auditorium presentation of music from that film and more. Wonderful performances from Emmylou, Gillian Welch, Alison Krauss, Ralph Stanley, John Hartford etc BUT the highlight for mine are the Peasall sisters who perfect what is usually called the “deer in the headlight” look. Over 90 min. $18

Gather at the River             A Bluegrass Celebration $18 Running time 1hr 40 minutes includes Peter Rowan, Nashville Bluegrass Band, Johnson Mountain Boys, Ralph Stanley, Doc Watson, Tim O’Brien, Hazel Dickens, Jerry Douglas etc

Hee Haw                           10th Anniversary Celebration Time Life $20 recorded at Ryman with Buck Owens, Roy Clark, Grandpa Jones, Minnie Pearl, Tom T Hall, Chet Atkins etc

High Lonesome                  The Story of Bluegrass Music Shanachie  $20 95 minutes + with Bill Monroe, Stanley Brothers, Mac Wiseman, Jimmy Martin, Flatt & Scruggs, Osbornes, Jim & Jesse etc

Legends of Western Swing Guitar Vestapol  C& B&W  60 minutes from 1940s to Tom Morrell Includes the great Bob Wills guitarists Eldon Shamblin & the hero of the Tiffany Transcriptions, Junior Barnard. $20

Nine Pound Hammer           Guitar Styles of Western Kentucky w. Steve Rector, Paul Mosely, Pat Kirtley, Tommy Owens, Maurice Jones, Bob Saxton, Moon Mullins, Larry Stone examine the styles & heritage of the likes of Merle Travis, Mose Rager & Ike Everly.  C 52 minutes $18

Prairie Home Companion      30th Anniversary w. Garrison Keilor  C 2hrs plus. Rounder The wonderful raconteur Mr Keillor joined by his array of musical guests plus special guests BR549 $18

Primal Twang                     Legacy of the Guitar (Primal Twang) 2hr + C with Doc Watson, Mason Williams, Albert Lee, Doyle Dykes, Eric Jonson etc etc $22 Hard to get.

Road to Nashville                Umbrella label 88 minutes $18The “movie” is the story of a Hollywood company shooting a country music film in Nashville. Wonderful lineup including Lefty, Cash, Waylon, Marty Robbins, Porter, Bill AndersonConnie Smith . $20 in colour too!! This is best version I have seen. Have seen some pretty grainy editions but this is first class. Why do they only put things out in Australia for fleeting time??

Telluride Bluegrass Festival   30 Years Rounder C $20  around 2 hours performances & interviews. Performers even include Kasey Chambers along with Emmylou Harris, Sam Bush ,Nickel Creek, Jerry Douglas, Bela Fleck etc.

That High Lonesome Sound The Films of John Cohen Shanachie 70 min B&W $20

1.    The High Lonesome Sound ...story of Roscoe Holcombe

2.    The End of an Era story of Dillard Chandler

3.    Sara & Maybelle  They reunite for 2 songs and reminiscences as well as a tour of A P Carter’s general store in Hilton Virginia.

Town Hall Party                  June 6 1959  Bear Family B&W $20  87 minutes superb with Carl Perkins (6 songs), Skeets McDonald, Merle Travis, Marta Carson etc Highlight though is possibly blind pianist Jimmy Pruett!!



Block, Rory                       In Concert (Homespun) C 70 m Rory is a good sort...and a heck of a talented lady. 15 performances of acoustic blues both classics & original $18

Book Binder, Roy               In Concert at the National Storytelling Festival Homespun) C 75 min $18 acoustic blues but someone with appeal to true country and folk fans also.

Davis, Reverend Gary         Video Collection (Vestapol) 105 m B&W with couple colour $20 Folk blues at its best

Geremia, Paul                    Guitar Artistry (Vestapol) 100 min C $18

Hole, Dave                        Live in Germany  Black Cat C 60 min. $20

Hooker, John Lee               & Furry Lewis (Shancahie) B&W 45 min $15

King, BB                           & Joan Baez Live in Sing Sing 1972 $20 sealed 94min. very rare (Hoffman Collection) This gets amazing plaudits and you’d have to say a very unusual pairing. Also Sing Sing was the prison of choice in a lot of Hollywood movies...nowhere prissy like San Quentin or Folsom (just joking Johnny). Includes documentary.

Koerner, Ray & Glover        Blues Rags & Hollers The Koerner Ray & Glover Story (MVD) 118 minutes C. $18 1986 documentary with 1995 & 2007 updates, sadly encompassing the passing of Dave Ray. Also has 9 performances from the early 90s.

McGhee, Brownie               Born With the Blues 1966-1992 Vestapol B&W + C 60 min $18 How lucky am I..saw Sonny & Brownie at Sydney Town Hall.

Manx, Harry                      Wild About Harry: Live at the Basement Warner Australia C 105 min + extras. This is totally out of print .18 tracks  $28 You won’t find one so do not hesitate.

Theessink, Hans                 Live in Concert: A Blues & Roots Revue  Blue Groove 170 minutes. Filmed Vienna 2004. Great guitar and slide. Bonus includes “Columbus Stockade Blues” with Donovan & Arlo Guthrie. He is Dutch but great artist. $20

Waters, Muddy                  Got My Mojo Worrkin’ Rare Performances 1968-1978 Yazoo C & B&W  54 min $18 Great pompadour on cover.

Wells, Junior                      Don’ t Start Me Talkin’: The Junior Wells Story  Sony NEW 88 min C $20 Guests inc. John Lee Hooker, BB King, Carlos Santana, Charlie Musselwhite, Steve Miiller etc

White, Bukka                     And Son House Masters of the Country Blues Yazoo B& W 60 min. $18 Rare footage. Son House unfortunately had a low capacity for alcohol but liked it immensely, not reflected in his performances but his between song antics.

Wolf, Howlin                      The Howlin’ Wolf Story Directors Cut: The Secret History of Rock & Roll Bluebird 90 minutes + extras (one focuses on the supposed rivalry between he & Muddy Waters  Chester Burnett VS McKinley Morganfield...gotta love that)...the man who Sam Phillips said was his greatest discovery. The greatest bluesman of them all by a mile. Alienated from his mother “Because you play the devil’s music”. B&W + C $20


American Folk Blues Festival Vol 1 1962-1966   Reeling in the Years/Universal $20

American Folk Blues Festival Vol 2 1962-1966   Reeling in the Years/Universal $20

American Folk Blues Festival Vol 3 1962-1969   Reeling in the Years/Universal $20

These are superbly presented & even better content wise with a 24page book. These were filmed on the tours to Germany and were lost for nearly 40 years. The quality is superb both sound wise and visually. The performances are stunning. 17-18 on each with bonuses.  Volume 1 highlights are Muddy Waters doing “Got My Mojo Working” with assist from Sonny Boy Williamson, volume 2 has the best of the best Howlin’ Wolf, but even the Wolf is nearly shaded by Big Mama Thornton on “Down Home Shakedown” where she trades harmonica solos with  JB Lenoir, Dr Ross, Shakey Horton & John Lee Hooker. Big Mama stars on Vol 3 with her signature “Hound Dog” where she strolls out with what looks like her shopping bag. Fabulous series. A must.

Desperate Man Blues          Discovering the Roots of American Music  $18 Essentially the story of Joe Bussard, a manic record collector and great personality and his pursuit of the elusive 78. Has 90 minutes on the main documentary plus over 40 minutes of extras. Funny & riveting. Not to be missed.

Land Where Blues Began     A Film by Alan Lomax 30th Anniversary edition Over 4 hours including extras C & B&W Pioneers & founders of the genre galore.  $20

Life & Music of Robert Johnson (Shout Factory) C & B&W 75 min. Keb Mo Plays Johnson $18

Search for Robert Johnson  (Sony) 72 m C. John Hammond hosts and is featured in this documentary $15 wit h Keith Richards, Clapton etc




Cochran, Eddie                   At Town Hall Party  Bear Family/Umbrella 31min B&W $15

Cooke, Sam                      Legend: The Life the Legend Abkco C & B&W Running Time                                     min. + 120 minutes interviews $20

Nelson, Ricky                     Sings.  Capitol $20  20 tracks from Ozzie & Harriet Show which feature the great James Burton + bonus interviews & a performance of “Garden Party” by Rick’s sons....who look so much like him...the lucky devils. With bonuses 90min+

Perkins, Carl                      Rock & Roll legend White Star C & B&W 30 min. $10

Perkins, Carl                      Carl Perkins & Friends A Rockabilly Session 60min C Snapper Check it out Carl + George Harrison, Clapton, Ringo, Dave Edmunds, Rosanne Cash etc $15

Vincent, Gene                    At Town Hall Party Bear Family/Umbrella 48 min B & W $15



Cooder, Ry    `                  Live on Air Sandbeach (UK) 58 minutes...Only has 6                                                videos of 14 tracks on this $12

Creedence Clearwater Revival Down on the Corner  6 Tv performances  and 7 from 1970 

UK PLUS 3 Fogerty solo with a backing band of Booker T & MGS plus a rare “Zantz Can’t Dance” $15

Drive By Truckers              Secret to Happy Ending (ATO) C 101 min. $15 

Hellecasters                       Live Raw in Germany  Pharoah C 65 minutes.V.hard to get $25 John Jorgenson, Jerry Donahue, Will Ray

Hicks, Dan & Hot Licks         Featuring an All Star Cast of Friends CD + DVD (in dvd case)     Surfdog          90min. C $20

Sebastian, John                  Live at Iowa State University Umbrella C 85 min. Companion to the David Bromberg one above. John essentially does Lovin’ Spoonful style material. Bromberg backs him. $15

Setzer, Brian Orchestra       One Rockin’ Night Live in Montreal Surfdog $15 C 90min A+

Straycats                          Rumble in Bruxton  129 min Surfdog C $15


Wired for Sound                 A Guitar Odyssey Celebrating 100 years of Gibson Guitars  Universal $18 with Don Everly, Les Paul, John AHmmond, John Lee hooker, BB King and a host of others. C  app 75 min.



Baez, Joan                        How Sweet the Sound  (Razor & Tie) 150 min C PBS documentary with many performances from the “sad eyed girl in hand me downs”...or so someone said. $20 Dylan, McGuinn etc  see blues for the second Joan Baez dvd.

Bogle, Eric                        Live at Stonyfell Winery (Rouseabout) C 2hrs 21 songs including one of (may be prepared to cross out one of)the greatest  anti war songs of all time in “The Band Played Waltzing Matilda”. $20

Chapin, Harry                    Remember When: The Anthology (MPI) 11 songs C 65min. $18

Collins, Judy                      Live at the wolftrap (Pioneer) 90 min. C $18

Croce, Jim                        Have you Heard (MRI)  16 concert tracks of excellent quality plus interviews plus other extras $18  90 min +

Elliott, Ramblin’ Jack           Ballad of Ramblin’ Jack (Winsatr) C & some B&W 112 m see Dylan &  the Guthries...Arlo & Woody. Now unavailable $20     

Kingston Trio                     Story: Wherever We May Go  Shout Factory B&W + C consists of performances (60mins..both Guard & Stewart Years) + extras 90 minutes..over 2 ½  hours allup $20

Kingston Trio                     And Friends Reunion White Star  90 min C $18 Original trio with John Stewart guesting + Mary (of PP&M) & more.

Lightfoot, Gordon               Live in Reno Image C 87minues $18

McGarrigle, Kate & Anna      The McGarrigle Hour Rykodisc C goes 100m approx. Includes bonus live from 1981. Kate was married to Loudon Wainwrights III & all the Wainwrights guest as does Emmylou & Linda...that is Harris & Ronsatdt. Out of print & VERY hard to get on dvd let alone a mint copy. $25 I love the dvd but the sisters have this rather offputting style whereby they clamp their eyes closed when they sing.

Pentangle                          Captured Live  C 41 min. 1972 French television. Fearuring twin guitars of Bert Jansch & John Renbourn and vocals Jacqui McShee . Very rare. $25

Peter Paul & Mary               Carry It On A Musical Legacy Rhino C (+little B&W) 80 min $18

Seeger, Pete                     Live in Australia 1963 B&W 105 min + 55 min extras such as interviews  Acorn Media label.  16pg booklet $18

Seeger, Pete                     Power of Song Genius  93 minutes plus stack of extras probably doubles length  $20 Amazing reviews on Amazons 70 5star + 3 4star.

Seeger, Pete                     Rainbow Quest B& W Shanachie 120 min with guests $20

Seekers                            At Home & Down Under Two from the 60s..B&W(1st) & C (2nd)Down Under is documentary and At Home concert $18

Seekers                            25 Years Reunion C 90 min $18

Seekers                            World of 55min C 17 songs $18

Thompson, Richard             Live in Providence (Cooking vinyl) C 89 min $18

Wolf, Kate                        An Evening in Austin  Owl Productions 2 hour 40 min C  $20

Van Ronk, Dave                 In concert at the Bottom Line June 2 2001 (Vestapol) C 84 min $15

Van Ronk, Dave                 Memories in Concert 1980 (Vestapol)  C 71 m $18


Hootenany                        Best of Hootenanny Time Life 3DVD box approx 4 ½ hours. B&W This actually covered bit more...principally folk but also country, blues & comedy...this is where Woody Allen got his start.91 performances. $40 inc. Dillards, Flatt & Scruggs, New Christy Minstrels, Jimmie Rodgers, Judy Collins etc.

Legends of Folk                 The Village Scene.  Time Life  Running time approx 180 min Hosted by Noel Paul Stookey (of PP&M of course) C & B&W Includes early Dylan, Simon & Garfunkel, Mamas & Papas, Don McLean etc plus extensive interviews. $20

Lilith Fair                           A Celebration of Women in Music 90 minutes C Sara McLaughlin, Jewel, Sheryl Crow, Indigo Girls etc $15

Port Fairy Folk Festival        29 Years 30 Festivals 1 DVd Dilemma has performances from the 2006 Festival plus documentary from the previous 29. Has international &Australian artists . Very hard to get. $20


Cole, Nat King                    When I Fall in Love: the One & Only  (Warner Vision) 60 minutes 20 performances from the Nat King Cole TV Show B&W 60 min. Guests include Johnny Mercer & Ella Fitzgerald. $15

‘Lee, Peggy                       Fever: The Music of Peggy Lee Capitol 20 tracks B&W +C + 30 minutes extra over 90 minutes..has there ever been a better double bass riff than on “Fever”and yes I believe it was ripped off on Lou Reed’s “Walki on the Wild Side” $20

Robeson, Paul                    Here I Stand  Warner  B&W 117min hard to get $20 First man to sing at the Sydney Opera House...shortly after they started work...circa 1958

Shimabukuro, Jake             Million miles Away (Hitchhike) An amazing musician who plays the ukulele but it doesn’t sound like a ukulele. 60 min $15...if you’ve heard him you would be amazed.


Atlantic Records                 The House That Ahmet Built Rhino C & B&W 1hr 55 min. $18 a look at the Turkish immigrant, Ahmet Ertegun,  who established Atlantic Records and all the artists  who made it such an important label.

Buena Vista Scial Club         Story of Havana & its Music Becker $12 C 117min

Four American Roots Music Films    Vestapol $20 Films of Yasha Aginsky

1.    Homemade American Music In visits with their friends & mentors Mike Seeger & Alice Gerrard trace the origins of rural American music.

2.    Sonny Terry Shoutin’ the Blues

3.    Les Blues De Balfa  Balfa Brothers and Cajun history

4.    Cajun Visits. Presents 6 masters of Cajun music....Denis McGee/ Dewey Balfa/ Wallace “Cheese” Reed/ Canray Fontenot/ Leopold Francois/ Robert Jardell.

Lomax                              The Songhunter  C 93 min $20  Rounder Europe  2007 Emmy nominee..the story of Alan Lomax, the famed folkloricist who journeyed through USa and Europe. Lots of celtic & UK folk as well as seeing Lomax in his last days.

Musical Journey                  Films of Pete, Toshi & Dan Seeger 1957-1964  B&W & C 60 min. Whilst the Sonny Terry & JC Burris, McPeake Family, Big Bill Brooonzy are superb they just don’t compare to the Ellis Penitentiary Unit from Huntsville Texas! $20

Rainbow Quest                   Two classic shows from the 60s Shanachie $20 B&W 2hrs

1.    Sonny Terry & Brownie McGee

2.    Mississippi John Hurt, Hedy West & Paul Cadwell

Interspersed with the compere Pete Seeger.



Alvin, Dave                       Blackjack David (hightone) $15 includes the brilliant tale of Mexican immigrants, “California Snow”. Brilliant

Ames Brothers                   They, They, They Are the Ones (Jasmine UK) 2CD 50 tks $20

Ames Brothers                   Sentimental Me: Best (Varese) some duplication with previous. $15

Ansell’s , Paul No 9             Live at Sun featuring Scotty Moore (Rayn) Great rockabilly. Paul also tours with Scotty Moore. A superb vocalist. $20

Ashdown, Doug                  A Career Collection (Raven)  $15 21 tracks 78 minutes

Asleep at the Wheel            Tribute to the Music of Bob Wills (Liberty) $15

Asleep at the Wheel            23 Country Classics (EMI UK) 23 tracks $12

Asleep at the Wheel            Very Best (Bismeaux) Re-recordings of their EMI & Liberty tracks...but not that Mandy Barnett on “The Letter That Johnny Walker Read” are dang tootin’ it is. $15       

Atkins, Chet                      Atkins-Travis Traveing Show (w. Merle Travis) Japanese pressing $20

Atkins, Chet                      Reflections (with Doc Watson)  (Sugar Hill) $15

                                      HIGHLY COLLECTABLE & RARE

Atkins, Chet                      Pickin’ My Way/In Hollywood/ Alone (3on2) Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab (MFSL)  $60

Atkins, Chet                      Standard Brands (with Lenny Breau) $60 (One Way)

Atkins, Chet                      Hi-Fi in Focus Plus (Comet) expanded 29 tracks $55

Atkins, Chet                      At Home Plus (Comet) expanded 21 tracks $50 Comet is an Italian label, they are a genuine label.


Auldridge, Mike                  Dobro/Blues & Bluegrass     2on1(Takoma/Fantasy) $20    

Auldridge, Mike                  Treasures Untold (Sugar Hill) $18 with John Starling, Tony Rice, Doc Watson. Vocals are shared by all 4 along with Seldom Scene’s Lou Reid.        

Baker, Mickey                    Rock With a Sock (Bear Family) $20

Barnes, Max D                   Day After Forever  $20 last copy  sings like Vern Gosdin

Berry, Chuck                     The Great 28 (Chess) original hits $12

Black, Bill Combo                Solid & Raunchy/Movin’ (Hi UK) 2on1 $18

Blake, Blind                       Ragtime Guitar’s Foremost Fingerpicker (Yazoo) $18

Blue Sky Boys                             Blue Sky Boys (Rounder) $18

Blue Sky Boys                   In Concert 1964 (Rounder) hadn’t performed together in years but sounded as though they had never been apart. The original lp has been expanded to 22 tracks for the cd $18

Blue Sky Boys                   On Radio Volume Two rare Radio Transcriptions 1946 & 1947  $18 Copper Creek 30 tracks.

Bogguss, Suzy                   Country Classics (EMI UK) $10 Actually is just her album “Moment of Truth” under a different title.

Bogguss, Suzy                   Voices in the Wind (Liberty) One of her best from 1992 $15

Bogguss, Suzy                   American Folk Songbook (Loyal Dutchess) Hard to get $20

Book Binder, Roy               Live Book...Don’t Start Me Talkin’ (Rounder) $20 Great. He is essentially an acoustic blues artist bit like David Bromberg. A very engaging storyteller.

Book Binder, Roy               Polk City Ramble (Rounder) $18

Book Binder, Roy               Hillbilly Blues Cats (Rounder) $20   

Book Binder, Roy               Bookeroo! (Rounder) $18 w. Jerry Douglas.

Boxcar Willie                      King of the Freight Train (MCA) his only major label album features the brilliant duet with Willie “Song of Songs” about all the songs based on the melody of ‘I’m Thinking Tonight of My Blue Eyes” $18

Bragg, Billy & Wilco             Mermaid Avenue The Complete Sessions (sealed)  3 CDS + DVD $30

Breau, Lenny                     Lenny was an American who moved to Canada. He was highly influenced by Chet Atkins and Chet in turn was a big fan. He was slightly wacky...slightly may be kind and was tragically murdered. His recordings are increasingly rare.

Breau, Lenny                     And Brad Terry Complete Living room Tapes 2CD (Art of Life) $28

Breau, Lenny                     The Hallmark Sessions  (Art of Life) $18

Breau, Lenny                     with Dave Young Live at Bourbon Street (Guiatr Archives) 2cd $35

Breau, Lenny                     At the Purple Onion (Art of Life) $18

Breau, Lenny                     w, Richard Cotten Pickin’ Cotten (Guitar Archives) $20

Breau, Lenny                     Velvet Touch Live! $50 (One Way) very hard to get

Bresh, Thom                     Son of a Guitar Pickin’ Man (Belle Meade) $25

Thom is son of Merle Travis & a very engaging performer. Great singer as well.

Bromberg, David                The Player: A Retrospective (Legacy) $18  Everybody needs to hear his superb version of Mr Bojangles

Bromberg, David                Sideman Serenade (Rounder) $18

Bromberg, David                Try Me One More Time (Appleseed) $18

Brown, Greg                      In the Hills of California Live from the kate Wolf Music Festival 1997-2003  2CD (Red House) $20

Brown’s Ferry Four             Rockin’ on the Waves Complete King Recordings 1946-1952 2CD + 8page notes. Essentially a gospel super ground of the Delmore Brothers, Grandpa Jones and Merle Travis with Red Foley being a sometime member. $25

Brozman, Bob                    Hello Central. Give Me Dr Jazz (Rounder) $20

Burnette, Billy                    Rock & Roll With It $20 great 2012 album. Son of Dorsey& nephew of Johnny...spirit of both. His best yet.

Burns, Billy Don                 Nights When I am Sober:Portrait of a Honky Tonk Singer$20

Burns, Billy Don                 Heroes Friends & Other Troubled Souls $15

Burns, Billy Don                 Love Lost Highway $15  the missing link in the Outlaw chain. Great outlaw singer, Paycheck nutty!!

Burton, James                   Guitar Sounds of James Burton (A&M) $18 famed freeway cover.

Burton, James                   with Ralph Mooney Corn Pickin’ & Slick Slidin’ (See For Miles UK) $20

Bush, Johnny                     Reflections (Heart of Texas) $18 his latest. Great singer the country Caruso...don’t ya love it!!

Byrd, Jerry                       Byrd of Paradise (Sony Special Products) $18

Caiola, Al                          Bonanza 1960-1969 (Raven) $15

Camp, Shawn                    1994 $15 one of the best

Camp, Shawn                    Fireball $10

Campbell, Glen                   Favourite Hymns (Word/Festival) $15

Campbell, Glen                   Big Bluegrass Special (Capitol) $15

Carllile, Thumbs                 Jazz Carllile Style $18

Carllile, Thumbs                 On His Own $15

Carllile, Thumbs                 Guitar Wizard $18

Carllile, Thumbs                 Life & Tmes $15  These four are special editions put out by the Carllile estate. They are dubbed from vinyl but the quality is fine. Had a very unusual style playing the guitar laying down as  dobro player may.

Carlisles                            Tennessee Memories  (BACM = British Academy of Country Music) 26 tracks $18

Carlson, Paulette                Love Goes On (Capitol) $12 of Highway 101

Carpenter, Mary Chapin       Age of Miracles (Rounder) $10 sealed

Carter, Carlene                  Stronger (Yep Roc) $10 sealed

Carter Family                    Diamonds in the Rough (Copper Creek) 1941 Border Radio $15

Carter Family                    Can the Circle Be Unbroken (Legacy) $15 1935-1940

Carter Family                    On Border Radio Vo 2 (Arhoolie) 1939 Great!..worth 3 times the price just to hear AP’s solos esp.”Diamonds in the Rough”. Would love to hear a complete cd of AP’s leads.

Carter, Sara & Maybelle       Sara & Maybelle Carter (Bear Family) $20 This is 2 rare albums “An Historic Reunion Sara & Maybelle, The Original Carters” + “Mother Maybelle Carter- A Living Legend”. The former is the better with due respect to Maybelle. Stunning in fact.

Carter, Maybelle                 Wildwood Pickin’ (Vanguard)  22 tracks from the 1963 Newport Folk Festival. Maybelle solo and with New Lost City Ramblers $18 12 page notes

Cartwright, Lionel               Miles & Years $25 VERY hard to get indie album.

Casey, Al                          A Man for All Seasons (Bear Family)  32 tks $20

Casey, Al                          Jivin’ Around: Original Stacy Recordings (Ace) $18

Casey, Al                          Sidewinder (Bear Family) $18 with guests Glen Campbell, David Grisman and vocally lee Hazelwood & Jody Reynolds.


Cash, Johnny                     Mini lp style covers from box set. Only one of each.  The covers are in the style of the original lp but cd.

                                      Hello I’m Johnny Cash $8

                                      The Johnny Cash Show Live $4

                                      Man in Black $8 ...the original lp not some random compilation. One of his best ever.

The Junkie & the Juicehead Minus Me $10

A Thing Called Love $8

Rockabilly Blues $5

Any Old Wind That Blows $8 (with Oney..what a song)

One Piece at a Time $8

John R Cash $8

Gone Girl $8

Pa Oseraker (aka Inside a Swedish Prison) $5


Cassidy, Eva                      Best (blix) $18  20 tracks

Casstevens, Mark               Acoustic Inventions (JMC) $20 Perhaps the foremost acoustic session guitarist in Nashville in the 1990s & beyond. Hard to get and accompaniment includes Rob Hajacos on fiddle. Only solo album.

Chambers, Bill                   Sleeping with the Blues (Reckless) $15. Bill’s first & best.

Chambers, Craig                Not Just Anothe rPretty Hat (WR) terrific indie from 1992..bit of swing and great songs $18

Champs                            Early Singles (Ace UK) $18 Challenge label 30 A&B sides.

Charles, Nick                     Travelling Fingerpicker (Black Market) $18

Charles, Nick                     Return of the Travelling Fingerpicker (BMM) $18

Charles, Nick/ Alex Burns     Road More Travelled (New Market) $18

Charles, Nick/ Alex Burns     Cordially Yours (New Market) $18

Charles, Nick/ Alex Burns     Anywhere Anytime (BMM) $20

Chiavola, Kathy                  Labor of Love (My Label) $15 w. Jerry Douglas, Stuart Duncan, Vince Gill, Mark O’Connor etc

Chiavola, Kathy                  From where I Stand: A Personal Tribute (My Label) $15

Chiavola, Kathy                  The Harvest (My label) $18 guests include Chet Atkins, Emmylou Harris, Vince Gill and Tony Rice.

Chillingworth, Sonny            Sonny Solo (Dancing Cat) Hawaiian slack key guitar $15

Church Sisters                   There’s You (Church) gospel $12 appropriate name. Nice.

Cline, Patsy                       Country Classics (Readers Digest) $20 Don’t be put off by the fact it is Readers Digest. As I have said many times the cds under the Readers Digest name all sound great. 63 tracks

Cockburn, Bruce                Speechless: the Instrumental $15 (Ryko)

Cockburn, Bruce                Big Circumstance (Liberation) $15

Cockburn, Bruce                You Pay Your Money & You Take Your Chances (Ryko) $15

                                      Incidentally it is pronounced “Coburn”

Coe, David Allan                 Unchained/ Son of the South (Bear Family) 2on1 $20 Reckon the second is his best album. Waylon & Willie guest.


Collins, Karen                    No Yodelling on the Radio $18  (w. Honky tonk Confidential)

Collins Kids                        The Rockinest (Bear Family) $18 The earliest were the most glorious rockabilly tracks driven by the innocence of youth. If you want to know where the innocence of youth falls down you have to look at the back of the booklet. Great cd.

Conlee, John                      Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus (RCR) $18 superb singer and album. Gospel. Mix of traditional & originals songs.

Cook, Elizabeth                  Gospel plow (Thirty One Tigers) $15 so good.

Cooper, Wilma Lee & Stoney walking My Lord Up Calvary Hill (Gusto) Gospel $12

Coppola, Michael                On the Atkins Diet! ( Kalo Records) $15 great cover.

Corley, Bob                       Lucky O’ Me (Country Discovery) Mike Headrick $15

Cox Family                        Beyon the City (Rounder) $18

Cox Family                        Everybody’s Reaching Out for Someone (Rounder) $18

Cox Family                        Just when We’re Thinking It’s Over ((Asylum) $18 Inc. their great version of the Del Shannon classic “Runaway”.

Crary, Dan                        Bluegrass Guitar (Sugar Hill) $15

Crary, Dan                        Renaissance of the Steel String Guitar (Thunderation) $18

Cumberland Three              Songs of the Civil War (Rhino) $18 John Stewart was the leader of the Cumberland Three prior to joining the Kingston Trio & later a solo career. Has 12 Rebel songs plus 12 Yankee songs.

Cusimano, Chuck                Cowboys & Money $18 early album signed by Chuck/

Dadi. Marcel                      Nashville Rendezvous  (EPM) $15 with Chet Atkins, Albert Lee, Buddy Emmons etc

Dadi. Marcel                      Nashville Rendez-vous  complete 2CD $20

Dadi. Marcel                      Guitar Memories (EPM) $15

Dadi. Marcel                      Fingers Crossing (EPM) $15 with friends

Dadi. Marcel                      Country Guitar Flavours $18

Dadi, Marcel                      Hommage  2CD (Deelie) $25 French guitarist and one of the best Chet Atkins style guitarists, often featuring Chet. Tragically killed in the TWA plane crash in 1996 off New York

Dalton, Karen                    In My Own Time (Light in the attic) $20

Dalton, Karen                    It’s so Hard to Tel l Who’s Going to Love You best $20 Classic & tragic & amazingly unique folky.

Daniels, Charlie                  Ultimate Collection (Sparrow) 2cd GOSPEL new $15

Davies, Gail                       Love Ain’t Easy (Little Chicakadee) $10

Davis, Skeeter                   Essential RCA $15

Dekle, Mike                       Fine Tuned $15 brillant singer writer. The Photograph is one of the best yet saddest songs I have ever heard.

Delmore Brothers               Sand Mountain Blues County  King Records tracks $18

Delmore Brothers               Brown’e Ferry Blues (County) King label $18

Delmore Brothers               Freight train Boogie (Ace UK) King tracks $20 Their great country boogies with Wayne Raney.

Dement, Iris                      Infamous Angel (WB)  $15  “Our Town”

Dement, Iris                      My Life (WB) $15 “No Time to Cry”

Dement, Iris                      The Way I Should (WB) $15

Denny, Sandy                    w.Trevor Lucas & Friends Attic Tracks 1972-1984 (Raven) $15

Diddley, Bo                       He’s a Lover Plus (see for Miles ) 18 tracks $15

Diddley, Bo                       Bo Diddley plus Hey Bo Diddley (BGO) 24 tks $18

Digby, Amber                    Music from the Honky Tonks (Heart of Texas) $20 gold!!!

Dillard, Rodney                  Don’t Wait for the Hearse to Take you to Church (Rural Rhythm)  Gospel of Dillards $10

Donahue, Jerry                  Telecasting Recast (Telebender) $18

Douglas, Jerry                   Slide Rule (SugarHill) $18

Douglas, Jerry                   Restless on the Farm (Sugar Hill) $18

Douglas, Jerry                   Everything Is Gonna Work Out Fine (Rounder)

Douglas, Jerry                   Best Kept Secret (Koch) $15

Douglas, Jerry                   Lookout for Hope (Sugar Hill0 $18

Douglas, Jerry                   w. Russ Barenberg & Edgar Meyer Skip Hop & Wobble (Sugar Hill) $18

Driftwood, Jimmy               Voice of the People  (Omni) $15 28 tracks

Drive By Truckers              Go Go Boots (ATO) $10

Drive By Truckers              The Fine Print: A Collection of Oddities & Rarities (New West) $15

Drive By Truckers              Alabama As Whuppin (Caroline) $10

Drive By Truckers              The Big To-Do (ATO) $10

Drive By Truckers              English Oceans (ATO) latest $12

Dugmore, Dan                   Off white Album ((Double D) sealed Beatles steel guitar style by famous west coast session man. `

Dunn,Holly                        Across the Rio Grande (MTM) Stunning

Dykes, Doyle                     Bridging the Gap (Howling Wood) Chet Atkins influence $18

Dykes, Doyle                     Chameleon (Howling Wood) $18

Dykes, Doyle                     Zelf: A Self Portrait on Guitar (Howlin’ Wood) $18 signed

Dykes, Doyle                     Country Friedn Pickin’ (Howlin’ Wood) $18

Easy Riders                       Marianne/Wanderin’ Folk Songs By (Collectables) 2on1$18

Eddy, Duane                      Twang’s The Thang/ Songs of Our Heritage (Bear Family) 2on1 $18

Eddy, Duane                      & Friends Rarities (Request) $20 21 tracks

Emmons, Buddy                 w. Lenny Breau Minors Aloud (Art of Life) $18

Evans, Sara                      Three Chords & the Truth (RCA) $12 classic debut.,

Fahey, John                      Return of the Repressed : Anthology (Rhino) 2Cd  $20

Fahey, John                      I Remember Blind Joe Death (Varrick)  $15

Fahey, John                      Best 1959-1977 (Takoma) $15

Fahey, John                      Of Rivers & Religion (Colelctors Choice) $15

Fahey, John                      Voice of the Turtle (Takoma) $15

Fahey, John                      Railroad 1 (Takoma) $15

Ferguson, David                 David Ferguson (Jack Clement Tribute) $14

Finger, Peter                     Colors of the Night (Shanachie) $15

Fireballs                            Best of the Original Norman Petty Masters (Ace UK) $18

Farr, Hugh & Karl               Hot & Bluesy Fiddle Guitars & Twin Guitar Duets 1934-1940 (Country Routes) $18

Flatt, Lester                      & Bill Monroe Live at Venderbilt (Bear Family $20

Flatt & Scruggs                  Essential (Columbia) 2Cd $20 34 tks

Ford, Tennessee Ernie         A Glen Campbell “Ernie Sings & Glen Picks” The deluxe version with full notes. A classic with just Ern’s wonderful voice and Glen’s fluid guitar $30 Rare

Frank, Jackson C                Jackson C Frank  (Castle) legendary folk artist & Album produced by Paul Simon  with 5 bonus tracks $12

Frank, Jackson C                Blues Run the Game 2CD (Sanctuary) 42 tracks $18

Frizzell, Lefty                     Look what Thoughts Will Do 2CD (Sony) $20

Gambetta, Beppe               Dialogs (Brambus) with Norman Blake, Dan Crary etc $15

Gambette, Beppe               & Dan Crary Synergia (Thunderaion)

Garcia, Jerry                     & David Grisman Shady Grove (Acoustic Disc) 44 pg bk $18

Garcia, Jerry                     & David Grisman Not for Kids Only Acoustic Disc $12

Gatton, Danny                   88 Elmira St (Elektra) $15

Gatton, Danny                   Cruisin’ Deuces (Elektra) $15

Gatton, Danny                   Redneck Jazz (NRG) $20

Gatton, Danny                   Redneck Jazz Explosion Recorded December 31 1978 (NRG) $20

Gatton, Danny                   Humbler Stakes His Claim Live in 1977 (Powerhouse) $18

Gatton, Danny                   Hot Rod Guitar 2CD (Rhino) superb 32 page booklet $30

Geremia, Paul                    Love, Murder & Mosquitos (Red House) $15

Geremia, Paul                    Gamblin’ Woman Blues (Shamrock) $20

Geremia, Paul                    Self Portrait in Blues (Red House) $18

Geremia, Paul                    Live from Uncle Sam’s Backyard (Red House) $18

Geremia, Paul                    The Devils Music (Red House) $18

Gillette, Steve                    Texas & Tennessee (redwing) $18

Gillette, Steve                    The Ways of the World (Compass Rose) $18

Goose Creek Symphony      Eat 1970 (Capitol) reissue of classic country rock album a la The Band but IMO better $18

Goose Creek Symphony      welcome to Goose Creek (Capitol) $18

Gosdin, Vern                     The Truly Great Hits (American Harvest) $18

Graves, Josh                     World Famous Dobro (Starday) $12

Graves, Josh                     Josh Graves (Rebel) $18

Graves, Josh                     Sultan of Slide (OMS) with Vassar Clements, Buddy Emmons, Tom T Hall, Delbert McClinton, Marty Stuart, Whites, Porter Wagoner, Johnny Russell etc $18

Grisman, David                  Grapelli/Grisman The First Session (Acoustic Disc) $18 with Tony Rice. $18

Grisman, David                  w. Denny Zeitlin New Rivers (Acoustic Disc) $15

Grisman, David                  w. Jim Hurst & Samson Grisman Folk Jazz Trio (Acoustic Disc $15

Grisman, David                  & Martin Taylor Live at Wigmore Hall (Acoustic Disc0 2CD $18

Grisman, David                  Life of Sorrow (Acoustic Disc) with John Hartford, Del Mccoury, Ralph Stanley etc $18

Gross, Henry                     Nothing But Dreams $1522 tks

Haggard, Merle                  Roots Volume 1 (Anti) $12 sealed

Haggard, Merle                  Epic Collection/5:01 Blues/ Chil factor 3on 2 $20

Haggard, Merle                  Out Among the Stars (Epic) $22 very hard to get. Original

Hargrove, Linda                 One Woman’s Life (Panacea) $15 rare she died in 2010. Includes her version of the oft covered “Tennessee Whiskey”.

Harms, Joni                       Let’s Put the Western Back in Country (Wildcatter) $18 Tops

Harris, Emmylou                Anthology The Warner Reprise Years (Rhino) 2cd $20 This is the deluxe version. Two digipak sleeves ...the first one has a really appalling picture on the front. 48 page booklet is excellent. White slip sleeve house it all. Looks great on the shelf.

Hartford, John                   & Texas Shorty – Old Sport (Small Dog a Barkin’ $20 rare

Hazelwood, Lee                  Strung Out on Something New: the Reprise Recordings (Rhino Handmade) 2CD + 32 page book number 4979/5000 $40 as you would expect very hard to get.

Hazelwood, Lee                  These Boots Are Made for Walkin’ the Complete MGM Recordings 2cds $25 (Ace UK) contains his own ever “hit” Girls in Paris...well it made the charts anyway.

Hazelwood, Lee                  Very Special World: Lee Hazelwood Singing His own Compositions (Water) $18

Hazelwood, Lee                  Califia: The Songs of Lee Hazelwood (Ace UK) 25 tks$20

Hicks, Dan & His Hot Licks    TangledTales (Surfdog) $15

Hicks, Dan & His Hot Licks    Live (Acrobat) $10

Hicks, Dan & His Hot Licks    Featuring an All Star Cast of friends CD + DVD in cd style case (Surfdog) $20

Hicks, Dan & His Hot Licks    It Happened One Bite (Collectors Choice) $10

Hall, Byron                        Red Leather Couch $18 15 tk indie from great artist & writer

Hillman, Chris                    & Herb Pederson  Bakersfield Bound (SugarHill) This is a career album for both men, a stunning tribute to Californian country and the Bakersfield sound. Two originals (inc. title track) and 11 tasty but not overly familiar covers $18

Hooker, John Lee               That’s My Story/ The Folk Blues Of (Ace UK) $18 21 tks Fantasy label

Hooker, John Lee               Alternative Boogie: Rare Early Recordings 1948-1952  56 tracks 3CD rare $25 (Capitol)

Hoopi, Sol                         Master of the Hawaiian Guitar Volume 1 (Rounder) $18

Hoopi, Sol                         Master of the Hawaiian Guitar Volume 2 (Rounder) $18

Howard, Randy                  Randy Howard  $18

Hubbard, Ray Wylie            Enlightenment A Endarkenment B (Boredllo) $10

Intveld, James                   James Intveld $15

Intveld, James                   Have Faith $15  Great west coast artist who got his start with Ricky Nelson. Nice

Ives, Burl                          Sweet Sad & Salty (Omni) 31 tracks $18

Jackson/Starling                 Spring Training (Sugar Hill) with Emmylou Harris & the Nash Ramblers. $18 a classic; only the second ever album of the Nash Ramblers

James, Sonny                    Capitol Collectors Series (Capitol) all the original hits $18

Jansch, Bert                      Jack Orion/ Nicola (Castle/Transatlantic) 2on1  $20

Jansch, Bert                      Birthday Blues/ Rosemary Lane (Castle/ Transatlantic) 2on1 $20

Jansch, Bert                      Dazzling Stranger 2cd Anthology (Castle) $25

Jansch, Bert                      Bert Jansch (Sanctuary/Transatlantic) $15

Jansch, Bert                      Young Man Blues: Live in Glasgow 1962-1964 (Big Beat) $18

Jansch, Bert                      Sketches (Temple Records) $18

Jansch, Bert                      w. John Renbourn  Bert & John (Castle/ Transatlantic) $15

Jiminez, Flaco                    Flaco’s Amigos (Arhoolies) $18 “Free Mexican Airforce”

Jiminez, Flaco                    Partners (WB) $18 his DUETS album with Dwight, Emmylou, Linda Ronstadt etc .Hard to beat & only on this cd.

Jones, George                   Double Trouble. Taste of Yesterday’s Wine 2on1  $18 first with Johnny Paycheck/ second with Merle Haggard.

Jordanaires                       Gospel Greats (Music Mill) $15

Jordanaires                       Sing Elvis’ Favourite Gospel Songs (Revival) $18

Jordanaires                       w. Larry Ford, Light Crust Doughboys We Called Him Mr Gospel Music The James Blackwood Tribute (Art Greenhaw) $18

Joy Boys                           Shazam (Festival)  $20 hard to get

Kaukonen, Jorma               Blue Country Heart (Columbia) $15 w. slip sleeve with Jerry Douglas, Sam Bush, Bela Fleck

Kaukonen, Jorma               Stars in My Crown (Red House) $18

Keen, Robert Earl Jnr          West Textures (Sugar Hill) $18 Brilliant album. The Highwaymen of course called their third album “The Road Goes On Forever” after the title of Jnr’s song (think he was only called Jnr for 2-3 albums but this is his career best). But the only two things that mean anything to me are loving you and “Leaving Tennessee”...reckon his best song

Keilor, Garrison                  And the Hopeful Gospel Quartet (Columbia) produced by Chet Atkins $10   Prairie Home Companion

Keilor, Garrison                  Lake Wobegon Days (Virgin) $10

Kennedy, alan                    Mobile Baby (2013 album of the year)

Kentucky Colonels              Appalachian Swing (EMI Special products) $18 w. bonus tracks. Often regarded as best bluegrass instrumental album ever. With Clarence & Roland White.

Kentucky Colonels              Long Journey Home: At the Newport Folk Festival 1964 (Vanguard) 23 tracks . $18

Kincaid, Bradley                 Old Time Songs & Hymns 1 & 2 (Old Homestead)  $22

Kincaid, Bradley                 Old Time Songs & Hymns 3 & 4 (Old Homestead) $22

King, Freddy                      Hideaway Best of Freddy King (Rhino) $18

King, Jackie & Willie Nelson   The Gypsy (Indigo)  $18 a follow up to Willie’s “Angel Eyes”

Knobloch, J Fred                Live at the Bluebird Cafe (with Jelly Roll Johnson) $10

Krauss, Alison                    And Cox Family I Know Who Holds Tomorrow $20 (Rounder) delightful gospel album

Krauss, Alison                    And Union Station Live 2Cd $12 (Rounder)

Krauss, Alison                    Essential (Rounder) $12

Krauss, Alison                    I’ve Got That Old Feeling (Rounder) $15

Krauss, Alison                    Now That I’ve Found You: A Collection (Rounder) $12

Krauss, Alison                    Forget About It (Rounder) $15

Krauss, Alison                    Lonely Runs Both Ways (Rounder) $12

Krauss, Alison                    A Hundred Miles or More : A Collection (Rounder) $12

Krauss, Alison                    w. Robert Plant Raising Sand (Rounder) $12

Krauss, Alison                    So long So Wrong (Rounder) $12

Kress, Carl & George Barnes Two Guitars & a Horn (Jass) $25 rare.

Lanham, Roy & Whippoorwills Hard Life Blues  (Soundies) 31 tks $15

Lauderdale, Jim                  Bluegrass Diaries (Yep Roc) $10

Lauderdale, Jim                  The Hummingbirds (Dualtone) $10

Lauderdale, Jim                  The Other Sessions (Dualtone) A great traditional album like George Strait at his best or Vince Gill’s the Key $15

Lawson, Doyle                   Hallelujah in my Heart (Music Mill) $12 gospel sealed

Lawson, Doyle                   Treasures Money Can’t Buy (Music Mill) $12 gospel sealed

Lewis, Bobby                     Here I Am Again (Heart of Texas) $18

Little River Band                 Twentieth Anniversary Collection 2CDs (EMI) $25 OOP & hard to get. Features both Farnham & Shorrock years. 36 page notes by Glen A Baker.

Loveless, Patty                  Mountain Soul II (Saguaro Road) $18 Brilliant as is the first volume.

McAuliffe, Leon                  Take It Away Leon 1946-47-48 (Harlequin) $20 24 tks

McBride, Martin                  Everlasting ( is cd!) $12

McClellan, Mike                  Time & Time Again Best of Song & Danceman 2CD 35 tracks hard to get $28

McClelland, Billy Earl            Judgment Day $15 ace blues guitarist.

McGarrigle, Kate & Anna      Heartbeats Accelerating (BMG) $12 sealed

McGuinn, Roger                  Folk Den Project 19965-2005 4 CD 100 tracks + 40 page book which gives a run down on every track. McGuinn plays multiple guitars and bass so essentially like some of the acoustic Byrds tracks. $50

Mack, Lonnie                     Memphis Wham! (Ace UK) 24 tks $18

Martin, Grady                    Cowboy Classics (CBS Special products)  $35 rare was out for very short time.

Martin, Grady                    Roughneck Blues 1949-1956 (Revola) $20 32 tracks as the session guitarist supreme including a few Slew Foot Five.

Mason, Sandy                    Angels in Disguise (good Music) $12 Nashville songwriter. 14 tracks. She wrote “When I Dream”  yep, the favourite song of every midnight to dawn radio listener. That was of course by Jack Clement but hear the original here.

Mattea, Kathy                    Coal  (Captain Pottao) yep weird label but her career album, maybe even better than Patty Loveless’s similar “Mountain Soul”. Her pure voice contrasts with the harsh reality often faced by coalminers. A spectacular album. $15

Mavericks                         In Time (valory) Their latest by the reformed or should that be re-formed group $12

Mealer, Don “Poobah”         Peach Moonshine Margarita (Catdaddy) Had an album out on Mike Headrick’s Country Discovery label which was very good. This is for mine even better with Norman Wade feel. Good original honky tonk songs. You get the impression first hand knowledge as well. $18

Mealer, Don “Poobah”         Chattanooga Bound  $18 kind of Coe-ish

Mellons, Ken                      Rural Route ...his now hard to get bluegrass album $20

Mickey & Sylvia                  Love Is Strange 2Cd ( Bear Family) 60 tks 52 page book $35

Mitchum, Robert                 That Man (Bear Family) has his 1957 Calypso album which is great and his ultra rare 1967 country album with jerry reed on guitar.AND it doesn’t seem a stretch when Robert does “Little Old Wine Drinker Me”!! $18

Moffatt, Hugh                    Live & Alone (Brambus) $15

Monroe, Ashley                  Like a Rose (WB) Brilliant traditional style country with Blake Shelton on the Swedish Cowboy’s favourite track “If You Were Porter & I Was Dolly) $18

Moore, Scotty                    The Guitar That Changed the World! (Epic) $18

Moore, Scotty                    &D J Fontana All the King’s Men (Polydor) $20 with guests such as Steve Earle, Ronnie McDowell, Jeff Beck

Moore, Scotty                    Moore Feel Good Music (Belle Meade) $20 rare indie with guests Carl Perkins & Jordanaires

Moore, Tiny                       And Jethro Burns Back to Back 2CD (Acoustic Disc) Called jazz mandolin summit...Tiny was a star of the Bob wills’ Tiffany Transcriptions& of course a member of Merle Haggard’s touring band in the late 70s, arguably the best Hag ever had. $20

Neil, Fred                          Best 1963-1971: Echoes of My Mind (Raven) $15

Neil, Fred                          Bleecker & Macdougal (Collectors Choice) $15

Neil, Fred                          Many Sides of Fred Neil (Collectors Choice) 2CD $28

Nelson, Sandy                   King Of Drums: His Greatest Hits (See for Miles UK) $15

Nelson, Sandy                   Plays Teen Beat/ He’s a Drummer Boy (See for Miles UK) $18            

Newbury, Mickey                Frisco Mabel Joy (Mountain Retreat) $25 hard to get

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band          Will the Circle Be Unbroken 2cd (Liberty) $20 stunning

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band          Will the Circle Be Unbroken Volume Two (MCA/BGO) $15

Nolan, Bob                        Sound of a Pioneer (Garrett) $20 what an album!

Notorious Cherry Bombs      Notorious Cherry Bombs $12 Vince Gill & Rodney Crowell. A great country album highlighted by the classic “It's Hard To Kiss The Lips At Night That Chew Your Ass Out All Day Long”

O’Hara, Jamie                    Rise Above It (RCA) $10 solo album from half of the O’Kanes. Includes his original “50,000 Names”

Ochs, Phil                          All the news That’s Fit to Sing/ I Ain’t Marching Anymore  (Elektra). Phil’s first 2 albums in a double cd package. Now out of print $18...nice presentation with slip sleeve

Parton/Harris/Ronstadt        Trio  (WB) $10

Parton/Harris/Ronstadt        Trio II (WB) $10

Parton, Dolly                     Backwoods Barbie (CrackerBarrel edition) $10 3 additional tracks to Sugar Hill edition including a version of the classic “Rose of My Heart”. Sealed.  

Paxton, Tom                      Ramblin’ Boy/ Ain’t That News (Elektra UK) $15

Paycheck, Johnny               17 Number One Gospel (Gusto) includes Jordanaires $15 Gospel...what a singer.

Peabody, Lester                 Focus on Guitars (Goofin’ Records) $18 If you like Deke Dickerson you’d like Lester...the Finnish, yes Finnish version. Real name Jussi Huhtakangas but Lester to his friends. Great.

Perkins, Carl & Scotty Moore  706 Reuinion: A Sentimental Journey (Bell Meade) rare & then some $35

Poco                                Forgotten Trail 1969-1974 (Epic) 2cd + 36 page book $25 38 tracks including their great version of the Buffalo Springfield track “Kind Woman”.

Poco                                Crazy Loving: Best 1975-1982 (MCA) Whilst Rose of Cimarron is special “Crazy Love” is even better!! $15

Price, Ray                         An American Original (CMS) $10

Price/Wagoner                   Master of the Art/Viva (Morello) $20 one at this price First album by Ray second by Porter.

Quebe Sisters                    Timeless (Fiddletone Texas) $15

Quebe Sisters                    Texas Fiddlers (Fiddletone Texas) $15  Texas siblings swing

Rector, Steve                    Wanted $10,00 Reward for Stealing Guitar Licks (Hound Sound)  $15 A Chet Atkins disciple

Rector, Steve                    Be Versatile (Hound Sound) $10

Rector, Steve                    The Other Side (Hound Sound) $10

Redbone, Leon                   No Regrets (Sugar Hill) $12 w. Jerry Dougla, Cyndi Cashdollar, Mark O”Connor etc.

Redbone, Leon                   From Branch to Branch (WB) $12

Reed, Jerry                       Here I Am (Bear Family) $18

Reno, Don                         The Golden Guitar of Don Reno (King) $15

Reser, Harry                     Banjo Crackerjax 1922-1930 (Yazoo)   $15

Reynolds, Malvina               Sings the Truth (Omni) $18 29 tks including her own compositions “Little Boxes” & “What Have They Done to the Rain”

Rice, Tony                         Native American ((Rounder) $15

Rice, Tony                         Acoustics (Rounder) $15

Rice, Tony                         Crossings  (mountain Home) $15

Rice, Tony                         Bill Monroe Collection (Rounder) $15

Rob E  G                           Festival File (Festival) $20 out of print

Roberts,Gena                              Shuffle Back to Me (All songs by Chuck Cusimano) $18

Roman, Lulu                      Intimate Expression (Daywind)  Gospel (from Hee Haw) $12

Rooney, Jim                      Farewell to the Tracks $18 ace Nashville producer hard to get album with his loose group of cohorts called Rooney’s Irregulars who include Shawn Camp, Pat Alger, Pat McInerney & special guests including Nanci Griffith, Jack Clement & Sam Bush.

Royal, Billy Joe                   His First Gospel Album (Gusto) $15

Rush, Tom                        Blues Songs & Ballads (Fantasy) 23 tks $15

Russell, Tom                      Songs of the West (Philo)  $18

Sahm, Doug                      And Band (Collectors Choice) $18 Now out of print. The album which for many of us was the introduction to Flaco Jiminez who is brilliant throughout. Dylan contributes a duet on “Wallflower”. This is the only version with detailed notes from authority Richie Unterberger. Mixes country and blues. His version of “Faded Love” is very hard to beat.

Santo & Johnny                  Encore/ Hawaii + bonus...33tks (Canadian America) $22

Schlitz, Don                       Our Back Pages (MCA publishing) promo cd with his versions of many of the hits he wrote for others $20

Scruggs, Chris                   Anthem $15 solo album from son of Gail Davies & Randy Scruggs & BR549 member.

Scruggs, Earl                     Classic Bluegrass Live (Vanguard ) $15 Newport Folk Fest.

Settlers                            Songs of the Snowy Mountains (RCA) $25 out of print. Classic Australian album.

Sinatra, Nancy                   Lightning’s Girl (Raven) $18 including Lee Hazelwood duets

Skinner, Jimmie                 Sings Bluegrass (Crosscut) $8

Sky, Patrick                      Songs That Made America Famous (Adelphi) $18

Smith, Connie                    Connie smith/ Cute & Country (Hux) 2 RCA albums on 1 $22

Sonnier, Jo-el                    The Complete Mercury Sessions CD Cajun great turns honky tonker Mercury $18 not easy to get

Sovine, Red                       20 Greatest Gospel (King) $15

Sparks, Larry                    Kentucky Banjo (Gusto) $10

Stanley, Ralph                   & Jim Lauderdale  I Feel Like Singing Today (Dualtone) $10

Starlite, Tammy Faye          On my Knees $15 world’s only x-rated gospel artist.

Stecher, Jody                    Going Up on the Mountain: Classic First Recordings (Acoustic Disc) $18

Stecher, Jody                    Oh the Wind & Rain: 11 Ballads (Appleseed) $18

Stecher, Jody                    & Kate Brislin  Heart Songs (Rounder) $18

Stewart, Wynn                   Very Best (Varese)  $18

Stills, Stephen                    Stephen Stills (Atlantic) $10

Stills, Stephen          Just Roll The Tape: Early demos April 26 1968 (Atlantic) $15

Stoneman, Pop                  Gospel Music Treasures (King) $15

Stoneman Family               28 Big Ones (King) $18

Strait, George                    #7 (MCA) $10 sealed

Strait, George                    Holding My Own (MCA)        $10 sealed

Strickland, Eric & B Sides     I’m bad for You (Anchors Away) outlaw style classic $15new

Swan, Billy                        FwagoneersBest (Columbia) Monument tracks including “Lover Please” & the international hit “I Can Help” $15

Swan, Billy                        The Demos $18

Sweeney, Sunny                Heartbreaker’s Hall of Fame (Big Machine) $10

Talley, James                    Nashville City Blues (Cimarron) $15 outlaw style

Tashian, Barry & Holly         Harmony (Rounder) $15 (Emmylou guests) for the initiated Barry was a long time leader of Emmylou’s Hot Band

Tashian, Barry & Holly         Barry & Holly Tashian (Line Germany) Their first album produced by Jim Rooney. Emmylou guests. Their terrific version of Buddy Knox’s “Party Doll” is only exceeded by their own “The Boy Who Cried Love”. Superb $22

Tharpe, Sister Rosetta         Spirituals in Rhythm (Collector’s Choice)  $15

Theesink, Hans                  Lifeline (Blue Groove) $15 great Dutch guitarist autographed

Thornton, Barry                 Bazza’s Best (Selection)  $15

Thwaites, Roger                 Age of Time (Big Pink) rare Korean issue of Sydney country artist from 70s $18

Tilders, Dutch                    I’m a Bluesman (Empire) $18

Travis, Randy                    Trail of Memories (Rhino) excellent 2cd 37 track anthology now  very hard to get. Very attractively presented $28

Trevino, Justin                   Before You Say Amen (Heart of Texas) $20 his terrific gospel album

Ungar, Jay & Molly Mason    Civil War Classics (Ashokan) $15

Uncle Bill                           Blue Mule  (Gerry Hale) Melbourne bluegrass band probably best known for an album with Paul Kelly $15

Van Duser, Guy                 Staying on the Atkins Diet (Poor jack) $25 hard to get. A must for Chet Atkins’ fans

Wainwright, Loudon III        Attempted mustache (Columbia) $10

Wainwright, Loudon III        One Man Guy (best 1982-19860 Demon UK $15  21tks

Wainwright, Loudon III        Album III (Columbia) $10

Walker, Billy                      15 Gospel Super Hits $10

Walker, Cindy                    Till The End of Time (BACM) 24 tks $22

Washingmachine, George/ Ian Date  The String Band (New Market)  $15

Watson, Dale                     Dreamland $15 (Koch)

Watson, Doc                      Docabilly (Sugar Hill) his great rockabilly album $18

Watson, Doc                      Best 1964-1968 (vanguard)  23 tks $18

Watson, Doc                      My Dear Old Southern Home (Sugar Hill)$18  

Watson, Doc                      w. Richard Watson  Third Generation Blues  (Sugar Hill) $15

Watson, Doc                      w. Merle Watson Pickin’ the Blues (Sugar Hill) $18

Watson, Doc                      w. Merle Watson Then & Now/Two Days in November (Sugar Hill) $18

Webb, Jimmy                    Still Within the Sound of My Voice $15 (e One) duets Lyle Lovett, Jordanaires (“Elvis & Me”) etc.  Promo copy $4

Weedon, Bert                    King Size Guitar + Honky Tonk Guitar (see for Miles UK) v. Hard to get $25

Welch, Kevin                     Kevin Welch (WB) debut album $10

West, Dottie                      Collection (Razor & Tie) 20 tks $18

West, Speedy & Jimmy Bryant  Stratosphere Boogie The Flaming Guitars of (Razor & Tie) $15

West, Speedy & Jimmy Bryant  Swingin on the Strings (Volume 2) (Razor & Tie) $15

Wheeler, Billy Ed                Milestones $18 23 track career retrospective

White, Clarence                  32 Guitar Instrumentals (Sierra) $15

White, Clarence                  White Lightnin’ (Sierra) $15

White, Clarence                  Flatoick (Rural Phythm) $15

White, Clarence                  Tuff & Stringy: Sessions 1966-68  (Ace UK) $18

Whitlaw, Travis                  Beer (Skull Bros) $15 redneck honky tonk

Whitley, Keith                    The Essential (RCA) $18 best vocalist of past 30 years IMO including Travis, Chesnutt etc. What makes this so grand is it is the only place you can get his first album “Hard Act to Follow” on cd. Is it great. Does Izthak Perlman love a Stradivarius??

Williams, Buddy                  Under Western Skies (EMI) $15

Williams, Don                     An Evening with (American Harvest) $15 rare live album

Williams, Hank                   The Original Singles Collection Plus 3cds + 32 pg book $28 This thick jewel case version. Originally in 12x12 box. Incidentally the extras include “Tear in My Beer” a demo by Hank, NOT the overdubbed one with Hank Jnr

Williams, Jason D               Hillbillies & Holy Rollers ((Rockabilly label) $18 could be the best cover you will ever see. Produced by Dale Watson. Jason’s best yet? Don’t know...all are good. Sleepy Labeef on guitar too! Jerry Lee fans should grab in a thrice.

Williams, Jason D               Wild (Sun) $18 hard to get highlight...the bluesy Mr Charlie & the raunchy “My New Zoot suit

Williams, Jett                     Honk ! (Adjett) $18

Williams, Jett                     You Are on My Lonely Mind (Adjett) $18

Williams, Ron                     Natural Thing  (Black Patch) $15 son of Leona Williams & former step son of Merle Haggard...with vocals to match.

Williams, Tex                     Vintage Collections (Capitol) sealed $18 hits & more

Willis Brothers                    20 Great Truck Driving Hits (Gusto) including their hit “Give me Forty Acres” $18

Wills, Bob                          Essential 1935-1947  (Columbia) $12 20 tks

Wolf, Kate                        Breezes (Gadfly)$15

Yandell, Paul                      Dream Train (MPM) $18  a member of Chet Atkins recording team for many year and influential guitarist in his own right. He plays electric guitar on the Louvin Brothers recordings.

Yandell, Paul                      Drive on (MPM) $18

Yandell, Paul                      In the Groove (MPM) $18

Yandell, Paul                      My Time (MPM) $18

Yandell, Paul                      One More Again (MPM) $18

Yandell, Paul                      Forever Chet (MPM) $18

Yarbrough, Glenn               Baby the Rain Must Fall/ It’s Gonna Be Fine (Collectables) 2 on 1 $18

Young, Chip                       Having Thumb Fun with My Friends (Belle Meade) $20 with Chet Atkins, Jerry Reed, Scotty Moore, Grady Martin etc

Young, Faron                     Golden Hits (Mercury) $15 hard to get..Four in the Morning

Zonn, Andrea                    Love Goes On (Compass) $10 Vince Gill guests



Always Lift Him Up              No time for false modesty...a recap of a brilliant review of the past.

A Tribute to Blind Alfred Reed$15 This was a late 2007 release to commemorate Blind Alfred’s inauguration into the West Virginian Hall of Fame. There are 19 tracks on this cd and represent all bar one of the songs Blind Alfred himself recorded. Why the compilers would choose to leave “The Wreck of the Virginian” off this is anyone’s guess, but I am not gonna be one of them. This is, to my way of thinking, one of the very the best ever country tribute albums and there have been some great ones. The most famous Reed song is no doubt “How Can a Poor Man Stand Such Times and Live” and has been covered by the likes of Ry Cooder & even Bruce Springsteen. The song still has a lot of relevance today and some pundits have even called it one of the first protest songs. It is delivered with just the right amount of irony by the very talented Tim O’Brien. A lot of Alfred’s songs were to do with conservatism and as such have a cute quaintness about them. “Why Do You Bob Your Hair, Girls” is seen as direct disobedience to God, who will congratulate those girls with long hair as they enter through the pearly gates. We are told that to get to heaven, “money loving Christians” must unload, not play euchre, smoke cigarettes etc. Brilliantly sung by Larry Groce (yes, he of the novelty hit “Junkfood Junkie”) it echoes similar theme to “Money Cravin’ Folks” and “There’ll Be No Distinction There”. The latter is an acapella trio performance by the Bare Bones; no doubt Alfie would approve the fact they never spent too much on instruments! Alfred was also able to tell a mean story. “Explosion in the Fairmount Mines” (featuring John Lilly) sees a father fortunately take heed of his young daughter’s advice “not to go down to the mines today” as something bad was going to happen, and blow me down she was right! Charlie McCoy is of course country music’s foremost harmonica player but proves himself a great singer on “Fate of Chris Lively and Wife”…lively no more after having driven the wagon on the track just as the east bound came along. A rather jaunty song with a rather tragic ending. All performances are great. Mandolinist Johnny Staats sounds more like Arlo Guthrie than Arlo Guthrie. Ray Benson lends his distinctive voice to the humorous “Black & Blue Blues’ about the man who took a “grumbler for his wife”. He can’t win as he cops it from his wife and his mother in law. Other artists include Tim’s sister Molly O’Brien, Little Jimmy Dickens (on the hilarious “Woman’s Been After Man Ever Since”), Connie Smith, Kathy Mattea plus several I have never previously hear of but are nonetheless excellent. It seems given his stance that money is the root of evil, Alfred must have died happy as it seems it was in abject poverty with rumours suggesting he died of starvation. No doubt he would have shortly after been welcomed by St Peter. What a great & refreshing album.


American Folk-Blues Train:   Alan Lomaz Field & Studio Recordings 3 CD box Castle Music CMETO 648 including rare recordings by Big Bill Broonzy, Memphis Slim, Sonny Boy Willialmson, Peggy Seeger, John Cole, Guy Carawan, Alan Lomax & others.  Nicely presented with 3 mini lp style cover $30 48 tracks nice presentation


Beautiful Old                      Turn of the Century Songs $18 Kimmie Rhodes/ Richard Thompson, DAves Davies, Eric Bib betc.


Bottleneck Guitar                Trendsetters of the 1930s Casey Bill Weldon & Kokomo Arnold Yazoo $18


Celebration of Merle Travis (Shanachie) $18 w. guests galore hosted by Merle’s son Thom Bresh who is a superb artist in his own right.


Country Inspirational Favourites  4CD (Reader’s Digest) I have said it before that any stigma associated with Reader’s Digest is over ridden by the superb sound that they get on their cds. This is 80 tracks and a lot of artists not usually associated with gospel eg Bobby Bare, George Hamilton IV, Stuart Hamblen, Leroy Van Dyke, Jeannie C Riley just to name a few. $35 this is hard to get. Don’t miss it.


First Rock & Roll Record       3Cd  (Famous Flames) $25 Nicely presented in trifold digipak. 82 tracks with coverage of blues and country being about equal. Maybe that is the answer!!

Girl Named Johnny Cash      And Other Tribute Songs $20 (Bear Family) 10 new songs by Stoney Edwards. The other 8 are great but essentially free....they are all good especially Gordon Terry’s “Ballad of Johnny Cash”.

Pioneers of Texas Country   Music Volume 1 Big 5 $18 This is a rather

unique 17 track Texas honky tonk album featuring Vern Stovall, Joe Poovey, Orville Crouch, Jimmy Velvet (and they are the well known ones) etc Sounds like 60s

Plug It In! Turn It Up           The Definitive Collection! Electric Blues Part 2 1954-1967 (Bear Family) 2Cd + 170 pg book 79 tracks $50 Bear Family do it better and then some.

Red Hot & Country              (Mercury) $18 17 tracks Highlight Mavericks, Carl Perkins & Duane Eddy "Matchbox".Second  highlight Johnny Cash "Forever Young"...heck...just realised 17 highlights!!

SWonderful                       4 Giants of Swing Joe Venuti/ Curley Chalker/ Eldon Shamblin & Jethro Burns (Flying Fish)  $18

Songs of the Civil War         (Columbia)  $15

Stained Glass Hour:            Bluegrass & Old-Timey Gospel Music Rounder 24 tracker$20

Swing west                       Guitar Slingers (Razor & Tie) $18

Whistlebait                        Columbia Rockabilly Epic $15 Great Us compilation 25 tracks with a fair compliment of country artists showing how they reacted to the rock & roll era. Lefty, Little Jimmy, Marty but Maddox Brotehrs & Rose for mine are best

White Mansions/ Jesse James   2CD Johnny Cash, Waylon, Emmylou $20 2cd oop. The age of the rock opera is brilliantly represented on this southern country-rock opera.




Books are heavy.                      One will probably be over 500 grams but it is beneficial to get more than one and take advantage of scales. A 3 kg satchel is $14 and a 5kg satchel is $17 so you can get 4-5 in the former and up to 8 or so in the latter which significantly reduces the postage impost. Take advantage as this lot will simply never be repeated.  If you live in the Sydney, Wollongong or Blue Mountains postage is $10 for 1-20 kg. Remember maximum postage for an order from this newsletter is $17.



Roy Acuff                         The Smoky Mountain Boy by Elizabeth Schalappi HC 6x9 original 1978 in great shape with dust jacket, you won’t find one. $25 288pg


Roy Acuff                         The Life and Good Times of Country Music Roy acuff with Williams Neely SC 6x9 208 pg $12 The biggest Opry star of them all


Eddy Arnold                       I’ll Hold You in my Heart by Don Cusic HC 278 pg 6x9 $18

Eddy Arnold                       Pioneer of the Nashville Sound By Michael Streisguth HC 300 pg  6x9 $18

It is not often that two of the best music biographers profile the same artist such is the case. Many may not know he was managed by Colonel Tom Parker prior to Elvis. Cusic has a different focus to Streissguth who gives more early years coverage, in other words teh formative times when Nashville became the hub for recorded country music.


Chet Atkins                       Country Gentleman by Chet Atkins w. Bill Neely HC 6x9 226pg 1974 HC autobiography. $20 v. Rare


Chet Atkins                       Certified Guitar Player: Country Music Hall of Fame $18 SC 8x11 96 pg. Glossy “programme” from the Chet Atkins exhibit at the Country Music Hall of fame.


Atkins, Chet                      Me & My Guitars Deluxe Edition  9 x12 (12 ½ actually) RARE! HC 184 page Numbered (1014 of 1200) limited edition. This is a coffe table size book beautifully presented. Leatherlook binding with slipcase to store it also leatherlook may even be leather, certainly naugahyde.  The book is on the highest quality gloss paper sown, not stuck to the binding. The stories behind the guitars are great and stunning is the only word you could use to describe it. This looks 100% new. This is the original issue price in 2001. They sold out in an instant. They now go for twice this $150


Gene Autry                       Public Cowboy # 1: The Life & times of Gene Autry by Holly George-Warren HC 6x9 406 pg $20 Comprehensive and somewhat juicy biography. Yes...he and Annie Oakley were MORE than friends.


Deford Bailey                    A Black Star in Early Country Music David C Morton with Charles K Wolfe SC 6x9 200pg $20 Much was written in collaboration with Deford Bailey prior to his passing in 1982. Many of the photos were provided by Deford. Really great account of how a black star was treated and concluding with his triumphant return to the Opry at age 75.


Paul Bigsby                       The Story of Paul Bigsby: Father of the Modern Electric Solidbody guitar. Large coffee table 10 x 12 HC 198 pg with cd 22 tks “The Bigsby Tapes: Original Recordings of Paul Bigsby 1958-1959”. There are also a number of fold out pages. Famous guitar makers “borrowed” his ideas. It is a superb collector’s book for guitarists.  $40


Blue Moon Boys                 The Story of Elvis Presley’s Band HC 6x9 279 pg $25 The story of Scotty Moore, D J Fontana & Bill Black. Foreword by Brian Setzer. Excellent & comprehensive book.


Jimmy Bryant                    Fastest Guitar in the Country! By his sister Lorene Bryant Epps (signed by author too) 6x9 333 pg Brand new. Gives a good coverage of the personal and recording side & influence. Features the classic album car-guitar cover. Concludes with 70 pages of articles & discography. This is a very limited hard to get book. Check it out. $30


Jerry Byrd                        It Was a Trip On Wings of Music  SC 6x9 $20 A must for steel guitar fans. The photo section at the end is priceless. Jerry played on “Lovesick Blues” and “I’m so Lonesome I Could Cry” and is the foremost Hawaiian style steel player of all time. Seems a certain Junior Brown had a bad back and needed an operation so the Broken Spoke put on a benefit but Junior all of a sudden recovered and took a trip to Hawaii to study under Jerry Byrd. No, you won’t see Jnr at the Broken Spoke.


Carter Family                    Will You Miss me When I’m Gone: the Carter Family & Their legacy in Americxan Music by Mark Zwonitzer and Charles Hirshberg HC 6x9 417 pg $25 a must.


June Carter Cash                Anchored in Love: An Intimate Portrait by John Carter Cash 5x 8 SC 202 pg Life wasn’t always easy growing up the only child of Johnny Cash & June Carter. Jumps around a bit but some has some juicy bits such as an armed home invasion when they lived in Jamaica. $8


Chambers Family               Red Desert Sky: The Amazing Adventures of the Chambers Family by John Lomax III 6x9 SC 292 pg $15 The story of their triumphant return to civilisation (after living on the Nullabor) and the success of Kasey Chambers both critically (in Australia & USA) and sales wise in Australia.


Patsy Cline                        I Fall to Pieces: The Music and the Life of Patsy Cline by Mark Bego HC 6 x9 258 pg Patsy it seems had vision of her early passing. Easily the greatest female country singer $18


Jimmie Davis                     You Are My sunshine by Gus Weill SC 6x 8 186 pg $15 His musical career and that of Governor of Louisiana.


Skeeter Davis                    Bus Fare to Kentucky HC 6x9 338 pages $20 . From her early years as half of the Davis sisters, who weren’t really sisters to success with “end of the World” to marriage to Ralph Emery & beyond.


Jimmy Dean                      Jimmy Dean’s Own Story Thirty Years of sausage Fifty Years of Ham HC 6x 9 277 pg by Donna Meade dean & Jimmy Dean...signed by both. Successful singer, actor and businessman with the Jimmy Dean sausage company. Was one of the first country artists to do Las vegas. $20


Alton Delmore                    Truth Is Stranger Than Publicity The biography of Alton Delmore (of the Delmore Brothers) with introduction, postscript and discography by Charles K Wolfe. SC 6x9 188pg $15 Was a very limited edition put out by the Country Music Hall of Fame


Denver, John                     Take me Home : An Autobiography with Arthur Tobier HC 6x9 264pg from his early days as a member of the Chad Mitchell Trio, through his initial writing successes with “O Babe I Hate to Go”...better known as “Leaving on a Jet Plane” and through to his second marriage to Australian Cassandra Delaney. $18


John Denver                      Mother Nature’s Son by John Collis HC 6x9 190 pages Written after his death in October 1997, a tragic result of the ultralight he was flying running out of fuel. $15


Hazel Dickens                    Working Girl Blues: The Life & Music of Hazel Dickens with Bill C Malone SC 102 pg $12 Hard hitting songs about mining and exploitation...she gives a run down of her best.


Steve Earle                       Fearless Heart, Outlaw Poet by David McGee with Steve Earle SC 6 x9 330 pg $18 Focusses more on the music but also the many flaws in the man himself. Many interviews along the way.


Ralph Emery                      50 Years Down a Country Road w. Patsi Bale Cox, intro by Tom T Hall.6 x 9 395 pg HC $25 Ralph is country music’s most famous dj and presenter. This is a book you can’t put down. He talks about the pioneers, and goes through discussing the artists of the ilk of Marty Stuart and Mark Chesnutt...but it is his revelations about the likes of Marty Robbins,  Patsy, Loretta and Randy Travis...astute in his observations and easy to read all the way.


Everly Brothers                  Walk Right Back by Roger White SC 6x9 $25 190 pg with very good discography and a great section about the influence of the Everly Brothers. Small writing and also very hard to get. The break up and beyond is well covered.


Lester Flatt                       The Good Things Out weigh the Bad by Jake Lambert & Curly Sechler SC 6x9 176 pg extremely rare $18 includes discography. 1982 (Lester died 1979)...great interview between Curly (the legendary fiddler) and Lester.


Lefty Frizzell                      The Honky tonk Life of Country Music’s Greatest Singer by Daniel Cooper HC 6x9 318 pg $25 hard to get.


Steve Goodman                 Facing the Music: a Biography by Clay Eals SC 8x10 778 pg!!  $40 Yes , not a mistake 778 pg!, an amazing book, an amazing encyclopedia on the revered folk-country singer and his all too brief career. Includes19 track cd with 18 rather obscure tributes and a 19th track of Steve Goodman. Also a pseudo bio on John Prine who Had such an intrinsic interaction with Goodman throughout his career ..why hasn’t there been one??


Josh Graves                      Bluegrass Bluesman: A Memoir with Fred Bartenstein 134 pg SC 6 x 9 $15 history and life of one of the pioneers of country dobro playing. 


Merle Haggard                   My House of Memories with Tom Carter HC 6x9 HC 272 pg No frills account of his colourful life . $18


Bill Haley                           by John Swenson HC 6x9 174 pg $18 The highs & lows and the insanity at the end. How an unlikely lad became a superstar and his decline into alcoholism. A book version of Tom Russell’s glorious song “Haley’s Comet”


Tom T Hall                        The Storyteller’s Nashville HC 6x9 221pgV ery hard to get from 1979 original with dustjacket. Written by Tom when he was at his peak. $20


George D Hay                    Story of the Grand Ol Opry SC 6 x 9 64 pg $14   The solemn old judge who was the Grand Ol Opry...he named the Grand Ol Opry!!. Not sure if original or reprint as it only shows 1945. Written by the compere of the show on its 20th Anniversary. Has been covered in clear contact.


Waylon Jennings                 Waylon an Autobiography with Lenny Kaye 6x9 HC 420 pages. Honest to the t. Hard cover is brand new. $25 One of the best.


George Jones                    Why Baby Why by Jim Brown  SC 223pg 6x9 $18

George Jones                    The Life & Times of a Honky Tonk Legend by Bob Allen HC 6x9 308 pg $22  George Jones’ autobiography “I Lived to Tell it All” was really summarise ch 1...I was drunk and I didn’t really 2to end...see chapter one. These are both superior (wouldn’t be hard). The Allen book is more about the man, the Brown book more about the music. Both are well worth having.


Grandpa Jones                   Everybody’s Grandpa; 50 Years Behind the Mike HC 8x8 288 pg by Louis M “Grandpa” Jones & Charles Wolfe $25 Really nice glossy book by the “Walter Brennan” of country music so to speak....he started being an old man at a young age. Had a big history being involved in some of the biggest things...formation of King Records, Gran Ol Opry, Hee Haw & more. Hard to get from 1984.


Bradley Kincaid                  Radio’s  Kentucky Mountain Boy by Loyal Jones SC 189 pg 6x9 SC buff cover is a bit stained be to be honest the rarity of this is hard to comprehend. $18


Pee Wee King                    Hell Bent for Music: The Life of Pee Wee King by Wade Hall HC 254 page 6 x9. Like new & rare $25


Brenda Lee                       Little Miss Dynamite: The Life & Times of Brenda Lee Brenda Lee with Robert K Oermann  HC 309pg 6x9 $18


Jerry lee Lewis                   see Nick Tosches ...below


Light Crust Doughboys         We’re the Lightcrust Doughboys from Burrus Mill by Jean A Boyd SC 6x9 164 pg $18 started with Bob wills, Milton Brown and guitarist Herman Anspiger (don’t you love that name) and has evolved continually and is still going. Seems any country artist of the early days were sponsored by flour companies. Brown quit when they wouldn’t hire his brother and was replaced by Tommy Duncan who left when wills did a short time later...or was he fired for drinking too much??


Alan Lomax                       Selected Writings 1934-1997 (edited by Ronald Cohen) HC 6x9 363 pg. The book originally came with a sample cd but it is not included. The man with whom field recordings and preservation of traditional American Music is synonymous. $20


Alan Lomax                       The Man Who Recorded the World: a Biography by John Szwed HC 6x9 438 pg $22 Woody Guthrie, Pete seeger & Burl Ives...just some of the few who owe their  popularity to Lomax. The defining story of the man who made folk and country music what it is. The terms are quite interchangeable.


John A Lomax                    The Life and Times of  HC 6x9 580 pg $25 by Nolan Porterfield. John A (aka John the first) was father of Alan Lomax and without him who knows what you and I may not have known about. He was also responsible for discovering Leadbelly and the bits on “Lead’ are fascinating and not altogether painting a favourable picture. Often at loggerheads with the establishment.


Louvin Btrothers                 In Close Harmony: the Story of the Louvin Brothers by Charles Wolfe SC 6x9 146pg $15 includes great discography. Wolfe’s assessment essentially is Ira was the genius and Charlie the businessman. Equal concentration on the music and the men.


Loretta Lynn                      Stll Woman Enough: a Memoir with Patsy Bale Cox 6 x 9 HC 244 pg $20 Interesting bit is that Loretta’s daughters the Lynns (one great album) were playing as the Honkabillies in Nashville and were signed by WB without them realising they were Loretta’s daughter. Concludes after the passing of Doolittle Lynn.


Rose Maddox                     Ramblin’ Rose The Life & Career of Rose Maddox by Jonny Whiteside HC 6x 9 300pg $25 For mine the most versatile vocalist in country music and of course a member of Maddox Brothers & Rose: the most colourful hillbilly band. Their struggles, her private tragedies and more. Juicy too, eg her lost weekend with Jerry Lee.


Jimmy Martin                     True Adventures with the King of Bluegrass by Tom Piazza HC 5x8 100pg $12 Small but vital book. No esteem issues.


Reba McEntire                    My Story with Tom Carter HC 6x9 320 pg $15 you know I reckon  Reba looks a little different to when she started.Well what do you know! Her early days as part of a true rodeo family makes entertaining reading.


Ronnie Milsap                     Almost Like a Song by Tom Carter HC 6x9 259 pages $8


Bill Monroe                        Can’t You Hear Me Callin’: The Life of Bill Monroe Father of Bluegrass by Richard D Smith HC 6x9 364 pg $25 Self explanatory and not universally loved although admired. Must have.


Willie Nelson                      The Facts of Life & Other Dirty Jokes; The Collected Writings of a Living Legend HC 6x9 232pg $15 Just a bunch of recollections and stories with the occasional actual joke thrown in. Yep, you will laugh.


Willie Nelson                      The Outlaw by Graeme Thomson HC 6x9 280 pg $20 every book is different. BUT this is the first one which touches in depth on Billy Nelson (aka Willie Nelson jnr) suicide. Well written on music and Willie’s lifestyle & influence.


Willie Nelson                      An Epic Life by Joe Patoski HC 6x9 576 pg Massive definitive biography. $20


Buck Owens                      The Biography by Eileen Sisk HC 6x9 386 pages $25 A warts and all account of the life of the man from Bakersfield…and it is a lot of warts. Buck was in many ways the epitome of everything bad about a boss (as he was to the Buckaroos)…exploitive, manipulative, vindictive…you name the “ive” and you can guarantee he was it. Also has a great focus on his music and successes. One of the richest ever country artists. Includes full discography.


Gram Parsons                    Hickory Wind: the Life & Times of Gram Parsons SC 6x9 236 pg $15 the triumph and tragedy by former rolling Stone magazine editor


Dolly Parton                      Smart Blonde by Stephen Miller HC 6x9 HC 370 pg Whilst most books would concentrate on Dolly’s persona and private life this gives great focus to the music with the other being along for the ride. Interesting to read about the Trio albums. $22


Dolly Parton                      My Life and Other Unfinished Business HC 6x9 337 pages

Her autobiography and funny to boot. $18


Les Paul                            An American Original by Mary Alice Shaughnessy HC 6x9 347pg $25 His motto was “I’ll play until I die”...and he did. Has a great history of his stormy times with Mary Ford, as an inventor, innovator and guru.


Carl Perkins                       Go Cat Go: The Life & Times of Carl Perkins by Carl with David McGee HC 6x9 438 pg $25 Intertwined with the history of Sun records and all the artists who were such a part.


Jim Reeves                       Like a Moth to a Flame:The Jim Reeves Story by Michael Streissguth HC 6x9 233 pg $20 Hard to believe was only 40 when he died.


Tony Rice                          Still Inside; the Tony Rice Story by Tim Stafford & Carolyn Wright. HC 7x9 315 pg $28 Tony makes his own personal assessments of his career. Revered as one of the truly great acoustic guitarists of country & bluegrass and also a superb vocalist who lost the ability to sing. Lots of references from other artists....find out why he didn’t like the Rice, Rice, Hillman, Pederson collaboration.


Marty Robbins                    Twentieth Century Drifter: the Life of Marty Robbins by Diane Diekman HC 280 pg 6x9 $25 small writing so lot of content. He wrote my favourite “Mister Shorty” for his 5’4” brother. Don’t miss this gem.


Marty Robbins                    Fast Cars and Country Music by Barbara Pruett HC 6x9 601 page. This was a special fan book which includes a full discography and for the person who was wondering...(it was me!)....Marty’s own version of “I Told the Brook” only ever came out as a single. There is a complete bibliography plus multiple interviews including Marty’s interview with Bob Allen. The impression you get is he was a great guy. A must for the hard core fan. $30 Very hard to get.


Jimmie Rodgers                 Meeting Jimmie Rodgers: How America’s original Roots Music Hero changed the Pop Sounds of a Century by Barry Mazor HC 6x9 376pg Very well written with a focus on the life of Jimmie Rodgers and his music with a section on how it found it way to Australia. $20 includes a second little book for same price Jimmie Rodgers by Robert Krishef


Jimmie Rodgers                 The Life and Times of America’s Blue Yodeler by Nolan Porterfield SC 6x9 455 pg The defining biography. Includes discography. $18


Jimmie Rodgers                 My Husband Jimmie Rodgers by Carrie Rodgers introduction by Nolan Porterfield SC 6 x 9 222page $18                                                                                                                               


Roy Rogers & Dale Evans     Happy Trails to You: a Pictorial Celebration of the Life & Times by Howard Kazanjian HC 12x9 170 page. Glossy high quality and a brilliant presentation of the triumph and tragedy. $25


Hank Snow                        The Hank Snow Story Hank Snow with Jack Ownbey and Bob Burris 560 pg 6x9 HC First hand account is equally interesting  in the early days in Canada when times were extremely tough  and when he came to the US and became such a huge star. Long out of print. $35


Sons of the Pioneers           Bil O’Neal & Fred Goodwin  SC 7x11 250 pg $20 Very well illustrated...interesting inclusion a 1948 letter from Republic pictures essentially giving them the sack.


Stonemans                        An Appalachian Family and the Music That Shaped Their Lives HC 6x9 (doesn’t come with dust jacket...that is how it was published).$25 363 pg has discography and family tree.


Tut Taylor                         The Flat Picki’ Dobro Man by Tut Taylor and Pat J Ahrens Sc 8x11 80 pg. $10 Glossy and great pictures.


Nick Tosches                     Not an artist but a writer who deserves his own spot. Irreverent, witty, not afraid to be a tad controversial..

1.    Country  (revised ie 2nd edition) SC 5x8 259 pg $10

2.    Hellfire: The Jerry Lee Lewis Story SC 5x8 276 pg $18 called the best rock & roll biography ever written...even though essentially Jerry Lee is a country boy, something Tosches never loses track of. Incidentally he developed his piano “seating” style with one foot stuck out at an odd angle when he had his leg broken. You need this.

3.    Where Dead Voices Gather: The Emmett Miller Story SC 5x8 336 pg. $18 Was Emmett Miller the main influence of Jimmie Rodgers and or Hank Williams or just a white man with a blackened face who recorded “Lovesick Blues” and yodelled. Had a distinct fascination with Miller and his research extends back to Stephen Foster days when the minstrel art began. Incidentally the first highly successful minstrel group were the Christy Minstrels. All the years later we had the New Christy Minstrels. Kind of starts to make sense.


Diana Trask                       Whatever Happened To: A Memoir by Diana Trask SC 6x9 328 pg Diana Trask was perhaps the first Australian artist to make it big in the US. $20


Merle Travis                      A Scrapbook of My Daddy by Pat Travis Eatherly 8 x 11 SC 140 pg $18 Really chock full of things that Merle had written over the years and a great companion to the Bear Family box which covers different ground.


Randy Travis                     King of the New Country Traditionalists SC 5x8 210 pg $10 Starting like as Randy Traywick and having a self destructive urge and was rejected by several labels prior to signing with WB and achieving unbelievable success.     


Ernest Tubb                       The Texas Troubadour by Ronnie Pugh HC 6x9 448 pages. $25 One of the best bios with great detail and flow. Ronnie Pugh acknowledged as unquestionably the greatest Tubb authority. Lots of anecdotes which essentially paint ET as a great man.


Shania Twain                     From This Moment On HC 6x9 424 pg $10 Recent autobiography.


Watson, Doc                      Blind But Now I See: The Biography of Music Legend Doc  Watson by Kent Gustavson   SC 6x9 333pg $20 The triumph and the tragedy. Interesting conjecture on the death of Merle Watson.


Townes Van Zandt              To Live’s to Fly: The Ballad of the Late Great Townes Van Zandt by John Kruth HC 6x9326 pg $25 brand new about which Steve Earle said “Townes Van Zandt is the best songwriter in the whole world and I’ll stand on Bob Dylan’s coffee table in my cowboy boots and say that”.


Billy Walker                       Country Carnival Volume 3 C 120 min with Billy, Haggard, Stonewall Jackson, Bob Luman etc $18


Kitty Wells                         The Honky Tonk Angels  by Walt trot SC 6x9 304 pg + 30 pages of photos not included in that count ie 334 pg all up  $22 Also chronicles Johnny & Jack whose partnership ended when Jack tragically died in a car accident whilst travelling to Patsy Cline’s funeral.


Hank Williams                    The Biography by Colin Escott W. George Merritt & William MacEwen HC 300 pg 6x9 $20 The simple fact is Colin Escott is the best music writer of our times as evidenced by his work on many Bear Family releases and especially his biographies. Detail is unsurpassed and in all his books there are laugh out loud bits. Along with that of Chet Flippo (Your Cheatin’ Heart) this is simply the best Hank bio.


Hank Williams                    Snapshots from the Lost Highway by Colin Escott & Kira Florita  HC 10x10 206 pg $30 An amazing book which chronicles Hank’s life through a chance meeting with Marty Stuart & Hank’s sister. Unpublished interviews, photos (including the last known photo where he looks surprisingly healthy). This coffee table style book is stunning.


Hank Williams Jnr               Living Proof; An Autobiogaphy with Michael Bane HC 6x9 222  pg $20 Dustcover has a bit of rubbing on it but otherwise great. Hard cover versions are just about impossible to get. Personal account of his almost fatal accident makes sobering reading. Hard to get hard cover.


Tammy Wynette                Stand By Your Man: An Autobiography with Joan Dew HC 6x9 349 pg $30 This is very hard to get. “The first time I met George Jones he was in bed with another woman”. What comes next...only one way to find out!


Tammy Wynette                Tragic Country Queen by Jimmy McDonough HC 432 pages $22  6 x9 this as biography...essentially you need both to get the complete picture.



American Roots Music         HC 10 x12 edited by Robert Santelli, Holly George-Warren, Jim Brown. Based on the PBS TV series this is a large coffee table book 240 pages with ultra rare photos, including a very young BB King on the cover but it covers all the rootsy genres Cajun, folk gospel, blues, country, you name it. Beautifully presented. Looks just great. $28 Hard to get now. Like I have said elsewhere a great book to display.


Bluegrass a  History            Neil V Rosenberg HC 6x9 447 page Unquestionably the book that all bluegrass fans must have $30 Discusses the artist and music with many recommendations. Lots of anecdotes.


Bluegrass Breakdown          The Making of the old Southern Sound by Robert Cantwell SC 6x9 309 pg Evolvement from the hillbilly string bands to the 1946 bluegrass debut by Bill Monroe with Flatt & Scruggs. $20 Along with the Rosenberg book one of the best.


Bluegrass                          an Informal Guide by Richard D Smith SC 6x9 240 pgs $12 Key bands, performers and styles. More than 500 recommended Cds & videos.


Bristol Sessions                  Writings about the Big Bang of Country Music edited by Charles K Wolfe SC 6x9 297 pg $15 Bristol in 1927 was the site where Ralph Peer did the first big country music recording. There were big names and there were lesser lights. Names such as Carter Family, Jimmie Rodgers , Ernest Stoneman etc but also names such as Blind Alfred Reed and a chapter appears on him


Buried Country                   The Story of Aboriginal Country Music SC  8x8 322 pg.$25 Well written ,extensively researched and brilliantly illustrated. For the first big aboriginal star, Jimmy Little, to Troy Casser-Daly and the many in between.The rebels, Archie Roach and Vic Simms and the tragedy of the likes of Dougie Young.


Christie’s                          New York Country Music Sale Thursday 3rd December 2009 featuring property from the estate of Hank Thompson. It also includes items from Roy Rogers, Hank Williams etc. It also includes Buddy Holly’s leather covered guitar and a similar covered guitar from Waylon..the one he played on the Highwaymen tour.These high end auction catalogues are great as they are essentially for the rich so 100  8x 10 on super quality paper. Hank Thompson items. Includes a print out of the items that sold and how much. Waylon’s guitar went for $98,500. You were just checking your wallet when the hammer fell....well that’s my story $18


Classic Country                  Legends of Country Music: Profiles of 50 Country Legends & Dozens of Rare photos. Charles K Wolfe  Sc 6x9 318 pg $25Charles Wolfe is another you can and should get without hesitation. He is or sadly was a great writer, also responsible for a lot of Bear Family notes. This is great with coverage of likes of Lew Childre,  Blue Sky Boys, Wayne Raney, Darby & Tarlton, Karl & Harty, Johnny Barfield, Curly Fox and Texas Ruby, Red River Dave etc As well there are some pithy stories about the legends.


Cosmic Cowboys And New Hicks The Countercultural Sound of Austin’s progressive country music scene. HC 6x9 172 pg. $10 should be read in relation to Improbable Rise of Redneck Rock below. Similar footing, this more of why it was Austin though with focus on artists and some same and some different to Reid’s book.


Country Music Goes to War  Edited by Charles Wolfe SC 6x9 250 pg $10 Not just the 20th century wars but Civil War, a chapter co-written by Aussie Andrew Smith. The chapters are all by individual authors. Ther are the time honoured themes of nuclear power and the Russians. By gum...there is even a chapter on Brian Letton.


Country Music Originals        Legends and the Lost by Tony Russell HC 7x 10 258 pg $25 has anyone (apart from me) got the R Crumb “legends of Early Country” card...they may give you an idea of whom Russell writes. Just for an example the first 3 are A C “Eck” Robertson, Fiddlin’ John Carson and Henry Whitter...and so on. Each has recommendations on albums released,. Later entries Bob Skyles & his Skyrockets, Ted Daffan etc.


Country Music  Who’s Who  1972 $30  excellent annual that was published by Thurston Moore. Bound similarly to what an encyclopedia would have been, with gold title on bound deep maroon faux leather cover. The book is in section but would be 400 or so pages at least. There are special sections on Charlie Poole, Uncle Dave Macon and Jimmie Rodgers. Lots of advertisements of the day which are great and a Who’s who section with some real obscurities. Slight musty odour but you won’t find one of these. Includes a fold out map of country star’s birthplaces. With respect Carl & Pearl Butler would never have won many beauty contests.


Country Roots                    The Origins of country Music by Douglas Green (Ranger Doug)  SC 8x11 238 pg $10 Has nice time line and gives a run down of the top 5 records from 1923 to 1975.


Cowboy Guitars                  by Steve Evans & Ron Middlebrook SC 11x8 232 pg. $28 Excellent coffee table book. Many sold by the mail order companies such as Sears & Montomery Ward. An example is the Bradley Kincaid Houn’Dog guitar as sold by Sears. All beautifully illustrated. Honestly I love books.


Dreaming out Loud             Garth Brooks, Wynonna Judd, Wade Hayes and the Changing Face of Nashville by Bruce Feiler. SC 5x8 404pg $10 This is a great little book covering the fortunes of 3 artists. You know it is going to be good when the first paragraph tells us about Garth’s 3 sizes too small Wranglers...not one for subtleties you’d have to say he was kindest to Wade Hayes who is seen as shy. Not too keen on Naomi it would seem and the reader is left to make his own mind up about Garth. Hard to put this down,.


Electric Guitars                   The Illustrated Encyclopedia by Tony Bacon HC 13 x 10 Excuse me why I ogle. 320 pg $30 Spectacular huge coffee table book. Focuses on the brands but then of course the players who played those guitars. Tony Bacon, I have found out is the quintessential guitar writer. Over 1200 photos


Finding Her Voice                The Saga Of Women in Country Music by Robert K Oermann & Mary Bufwack 10x8 HC 594 pages of smallish print so stacks of words!. A true encyclopedia with the scope being amazing. Whilst it is not going to be a surprise that Patsy Cline, Wanda Jackson, Loretta, Tammy, Jean Shepard, Doly & Emmylou are all featured it is pieces on great artists such as Carolina Cotton, Jenny Lou Carson, The de Zurich Triplets, Martha Carson and latterday artists such as Suzy Bogguss and Holly Dunn that make this book so great. $28


For a Cowboy Has to Sing    by Jim Bob Tinsley 9x12 HC 314 pg $25 .Great coffee table book which provides sheet music, cover art, and a history for 60 country tunes including such titles as Don't fence me in, I'm an old cowhand, Tumbling tumbleweeds, and Happy trails. Covers the writers in detail Really impressive. Marty Robbins’ supposedly made up the name “Rose’s Cantina” but found out later it really did exist and still does. Also one of the 10 best restaurants in Amsterdam!


Gibson Electric Steel Guitars 1935-1967  by A R Duchossoir 11 x 9 HC large impressive history of the Hawaian style steel guitar. Great coffee table book with 450+ pictures. $28


Good Natured Riot              The Birth of the Grand Ole Opry  Charles K Wolfe  HC 6x9 312 pg. $18 great coverage of the early years with a focus on the artists such as Uncle Jimmy Thompson and Uncle Dave Macon...and anyone else called Uncle. Also cover the black faced minstrels who appeared, giving a different perspective.


Grand Ol Opry                   History of Country Music by Paul Kingsbury 10x10 HC Brilliant 260 page coffee table style book including the return to and the renovation of the Ryman. $20


Grand Ol Opry                   Jack Hurst This is a spectacularly LARGE coffee table book, actually called “Nashville’s Grand Ol Opry”. HC 14 x 10 364 pages. weighs a ton. $30 Has nearly 500 photos and I can assure you many you will not see elsewhere. A must have and I can already see many are going to need a larger coffee table. Printed on the highest quality paper. Has a very good discography as well.


Grass Roots                      An Illustrated History of Bluegrass and Mountain Music by Fred Hill SC 8x11 114 pg $10 Lots of rare photos.


High Lonesome                  The American Culture of Country Music by Cecelia Tichi 7 x 10 HC 318 pg with 23 tk cd some nice pieces on lesser knowns such as Holly & Barry Tashian, Kathy Chiavola & a chapter on Rodney Crowell Very comprehensive discography. $18  Have same in SC but that edition didn’t have the cd $10


History and Artistry             National Resonator Instruments by Bob Brozman 12x9 Sc 294 pages. $28 Coffee table special with a history of the Dopyera Brothers and their first dobro from their factory in Long beach California. Has large colour photo section highlighting the National Resonator guitars in all genres. Can I say spectacular...I just did!


Honky tonk Gospel              The Story of Sin and Salvation in Country Music by Gene Edward Veith SC 6x9 186 pg $8 Also an examination of the morality in country songs ...the chapter on cheating songs is pretty good.


Improbable Rise of Redneck Rock Jan Reid (no relation) HC 6x9 380pg $30 The first edition covered the Austin movemnet like no other with features on Willie Nelson, Janis Joplin, Jerry Jeff Walker, Doug Sahm, Delbert McClinton, Michael Martin Murphey, Willis Alan Ramsey, Kinky Friedman, Steve Fromholz, Bobby Bridger, Billy Joe Shaver, Marcia Ball, and Townes Van Zandt etc and this updated version includes  Lyle Lovett, Stevie Ray Vaughan, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Robert Earl Keen, Steve Earle, Jimmy LaFave, Kelly Willis (she is so damn skinny), Joe Ely, Bruce and Charlie Robison, and The Dixie Chicks


It All Happened in Renfro Valley by Peter Stamper HC 7x10 241 pg. The institution in Kentucky that is still continuing to this day. Dale Ann Bradley is a current member and was part of the New Coon Creek Girls. The original Coon Creek Girls were mainstays of the original $15


Jazz of the Southwest         An Oral History of Western Swing by Jean A Boyd SC 6x9 268 pg  $20 works his way through the musicians...the guitarists, the fiddlers, the steel guitarists etc and what made then uniquely western swing. Extends to fairly modern musicians such as Tommy Morrell.


Kentucky Country               Charles K Wolfe  HC 6x9 198 pg $18 Always good value and easy to read. He examines the musicians and institutions such as the Renfro Valley Barn Dance. Grandpa Jones, Merle Travis, the Carlisles...Cousin Emmy..Pee We King & more.


Lonestar Swing                  by Duncan Mclean SC 5x8 311 pg $15 Equal part travel writing and music as the author finds his way through Texas. Includes a very funny meeting with Floyd Tillman. Why has it taken me so long to do all these listings? It is #@#@!! Books like pick up and then have to force yourself to put down.


Louisiana Hayride Years       by Horace Logan w. Bill Sloan SC 274pg $18 From 1948 to late 50s known as the cradle of the stars. Logan was the originator and was first to give Elvis national exposure and also gave Hank Williams a chance when the Opry had banned him. Foreword by Hank Jnr.


Louisiana Hayride:              Radio & Roots Music Along the Red River Tracey Laird 6x9 HC  $18 208 pg Compares and contrasts tyhe development of country music and the unwritten fight against Nashville and the tactical errors that saw Shreveport lose.


Man in White                     by Johnny Cash: a Novel about the apostle Paul SC 5x8 190 pg $5 . Don’t be confused it has NOTHING to do with Johnny Cash though he wrote it. Do you need it?? Would make a lovely gift, but to whom I am not sure.


Music Makers                     Of the Blue Ridge Plateau from the Blue Ridge Music Makers Guild Inc. SC 6x9 127 pg Home of the Galax Fiddlers Convention...the biggest of the lot. Mainly pictures contributed by the society. Anyone who has the Nitty Gritty Stars & Stripes Forever or John McEuen’s solo album will know the track “The Mountain Whippoorwill” ..this is essentially that in pictures. $12


Reading Country Music        Steel Guitars, Opry Stars and Honky Tonk Bars Cecilia Tichi editor. SC 6x9 408 pages...$20 where else are you going to find a chapter “Johnny Cash as a Lesbian Icon”. All of interest and one you can pick up and put down as you wish. Great.


Rural Roots of Bluegrass      Songs Stories & History by Wayne Erbsen SC 9x12 80 pages. Profiles musicians and songs. Profiles the singers and the songs. Singers such as Coon Creek Girls, Callahan Brothers, Stringbean Bascomb Lunsford, Fiddlin’ Arthur Smith as well as stories behind the songs such as “Nine Pound Hammer” which had its origins in the 1890s $15   


Scrapbook of Hillbilly & Western Stars by Thurston Moore 1952 8x11 SC 52 pg $20 this is great.pictues and bios on artists you would never normally see. This is original is super shape.                                                            


Singing Cowboys                And Musical Mountaineers; Southern culture and the Roots of country Music by Bill C Malone SC 5 x 8 $12 152 pg One of the best writers on the genre.


Singing in the Saddle           History of the Singing Cowboy SC 392 pg 7x10 by Douglas B Green (Ranger Doug) large book which starts from the early days and continues to the likes of Don Edwards & Michael Martin Murphey. $25 All the icons & the lesser lights with a time line at the end.


Southwest Shuffle              Pioneers of Honky Tonk, Western Swing & Country Jazz   by Rich Kienzle SC 6x9 288 pg $25 generally rated the best on the subject but rather than be a full text on the subject he writes about a different artist in every chapter starting with Spade Cooley, Hank Penny, Tommy Duncan, Lee Gillette, Ken Nelson, Cliffie Stone, Tennessee Ernie Ford, Hank Thompson etc


Sun Records                      The Brief History of the Legendary Record Label by Colin Escott & Martin Hawkins SC 7x 10 184 pages. The history, the main artists and bios on all the lesser lights  $15    


Tattooed on Their Tongues   A Journey Through the Backrooms of American Music by Colin Escott  7x10 HC 243pg $20 The cover almost deserves a review with 3D effect of spilt alcohol and cigarette butts. Rivetting and brilliantly presented. Chapters on Roy Head/ Bobby Charles/ Ersel Hickey/ Jimmy Lodgsdon/ Dale Hawkins/ Jimmy Murphy/ Marvin Rainwater/ Melvin Endsley...and that is only for starters. Again Escott is a must have author ...a music fan would and should just buy his works.


Tennessee Music                Its people and Places by Peter Coats Zimmerman SC  295 pg6x9 $15..similar in style to Blues Travelling below... part travel book and part history. Nice coverage of lesser known artists. This is essentially about Nashville, Memphis and East Tennessee and all the music that is featured. If you ever plan a trip this would be invaluable..same if NOT planning a trip come to think of it..


That Muhlenberg Sound       Bobby Anderson...”Daddy won’t you take me back to Muhlenberg country down by the Green River where Paradise lay” ...thus spake John Prine. This is the place where country guitar as we know it was born. Merle Travis & Chet Atkins are of course the most famous proponents but they wouldn’t be known without the likes of Ike Everly, Mose Rager, Arnold Schultz and those that kept the style going such as Thom Bresh. One small ½’ tear on dust jacket but otherwise as new. Numbered edition 508 of 1000 signed by the author. Find another? You are kidding 6x9 HC 182 pg $28


Three Chords & the Truth     Hope, Heartbreak & Changing Fortunes in Nashville by Laurence Leamer Hc 6x9 450 pg $14 Set against the backdrop of Fan Fair and the artists who appear. The author then goes and explores that artist. Works well but Lee Ann Rimes wasn’t there...poor old infinitely more talented Mandy Barnett was and all the clowns wanted to do was ask Mandy about Lee Ann believe it or not. Great read and it (as in that example) shows that stupidity is open ended...the high end has no boundary.  Garth, Emmylou, Shania Twain, Alan Jackson, Brooks & Dunn, Reba, Wynonna etc. Love these style books and this was one of the best.


Voices of the Country          Interviews with Classic Country Performers by Michael Streissguth  SC 6x9 216 pg $15 10 in all and a wide variant lot too...Eddy Arnold/ Chet Atkins/Anita Kerr/ Ginny Wright/ Red Kirk/ Hank Locklin/ Charley Pride/ Loretta Lynn/ Sheb Wooley/ Billy Walker


Whispering Pines                The Northern Roots of American Music from Hank Snow to the Band HV 6x9 300 pg $18 A reference to Canada.Lots of other great Canucks.


Will the Circle Be Unbroken   Country Music in America HC 9x11 360 coffee table style encyclopedia. Nicely presented ...and superbly illustrated. Far from the usual A to Z approach. $20


Workin’ Man Blues              Country Music in California 7 x 10 HC 380pg very large book from the early days to the days of the dust bowl refugees such as Maddox Brothers & Rose, the foundation of Capitol Records, Bakersfield, the Palomino club and the revivals. And don’t forget the west coast country rock. $20 Lots of rare photographs


WSM                                Aircastle of the South and the Making of Music City by Craig Havighurst  280 pg hard cover.6x9.very small print so quite lengthy. WSM gave Nashville the title “Music City USA”. One time the geniuses were going to pull the Grand Ol Opry off the WSM airwaves. Includes the rogues such as Jim Denny and legends such as Owen Bradley. $25


You Wrote My Life              Lyrical Themes in Country Music: Cultural Perspectives on the American South 6x9 180 pg $10 from “Digging Up Bones: Death in country Music” to “The World According to Johnny Cash: Lyrical Themes in his Music”



B B King                           Blues All Around Me: The Autobiography by B B King with David Ritz 10x6 324 pg HC $20


Bill Wyman’s Blues Odyssey A Journey to Music’s Heart & Soul HC 11x9 400pages $28 This is a superb coffee table book and would suggest the best ever as far as being illustrated goes. It is simply spectacular and Bill gives a great coverage of the British blues scene in particular something a lot of the others only touch on. The Rolling Stones were originally called the Rolling Stones Blues Band. I have this and I love it. Honestly I could not imagine a better book.


Blues Fell This Morning        Meaning in the Blues By Paul Oliver SC 5x9 348pg $15  arguably the # 1 blues writer This is a 90s update of an earlier work & is rated one of the best on the subject. Great study of lyrics...I now know what DBA means!


Blues Guitar                      The Men Who Made the Music From the pages of Guitar Player Magazine  edited by Jas Obrecht. S.C. 11x9 278 pg 31artists covered. $20


Blues Makers                     by Samuel Charters Actually two books in one...”The Bluesmen” & “Sweet as the Showers of Rain”. S.C. 10x7 over 400 pages. Acknowledged as one of the best ever books on the subject. $20


Blues People                      Negro Music in White America by Leroi Jones HC 9x6  244 pg. Rare original 1965 with dust jacket a little marked but all intact. The first hand look parallels a history of the US. Jones dedicates the book “to my parents the first negroes I ever met”. $20


Blues Travelling                  The Holy Sites of Delta Blues Updated Second Edition by Steve Cheseborough  5x10 SC 244 pages $18 Anyone considering a trip to the less wealthy places in the US should consider this a must have tourist book of things to do & see but as a book on blues it holds its own.


Devil’s Music                      A History of the Blues  By Giles Oakley S.C. 9x5 311pages From slavery to 60s. Definitely one for the serious blues fan. $15


Elwood’s Blues                   Interviews with the Blues legends & Stars By Dan Akroyd and Ben Manilla SC 10x6 258 pg. Pretty self explanatory and very interesting with interviews with Rays Charles, Buddy Guy, John Lee Hooker, Koko Taylor, Charlie Musselwhite, Susan Tedeschi and many more. $15


Escaping the Delta              Robert Johnson and the Invention of the Blues H.C. 10x6 342 pg $25 Examines Johnson’s life and music both in terms of the days he lived and his lasting legacy, the latter seemingly beyond the former.


Goin’ Back to Memphis        A Century of blues, rock & roll and glorious soul by James Dickerson HC 10x6 274 pages Stax, Sun and much more by foremost writer on Memphis music. $18


Golden Age of the Blues      by Richard Havers & Richard Evans $25 If you wanted only one book on the blues I would say this is it. H.C. glossy pages 11”x11” well written, glorious pictures and recommended recordings. 192 pages. Plus 20 track cd. Anyone who had a large book collection would still want this.


Jelly Roll Morton’s Last Night at the Jungle Inn by Samuel Charters  SC 5x9 152 page $10 True story of Ferdinand Lamothe aka Jelly Roll  morton


Just Walkin’ in the Rain        The True Story of The Prisonaires and how they changed southern history through rhythm & blues” HC 10 x 6 253 pages $20


Land Where the Blues Began by Alan Lomax 540 pg HC (very rare) 6x10 The most famous field recording man in history lived and travelled to the smallest of towns and reported on the artists and the overlying race problems like no other. “The best book on the subject I have ever read” Ahmet Ertegun founder of Atlantic Records $28


Life & Legend of Leadbelly   Charles Wolfe & Kip Lornell  HC 6x10  332 pages $20 explores and examines the myths about the convicted murderer who just happened to be about one of  the most influential folk blues artist of all time


Listen to the Blues              by Bruce Cook H.C. 263 pages 10x6  Based on actual conversations with the giants & lesser lights of the blues with many juicy anecdotes $15


Lonnie Johnson                  The Original Guitar Hero and the Power of Music: Lonnie Johnson: Music & Civil Rights by Dean Alger SC 356 pg advance $8 Called the most influential guitarist of the 20th century


Marin Scorsese                  Presents the Blues HC 8x8 284 pg companion to the TV series. Excellent small chapters by well known and sometimes surprising authors such as Clint Eastwood on Fats Domino piano playing.  “Howlin’ Wolf in 1965” by Robert amazing. I defy you to read just one sentence and not finish the piece. $20


Midnight Riders                  The Story of the Allman Brothers Band by Scott Freeman SAC 5x9 342 pages with great discography ...and of course the sex, drugs & rock & roll and pointless deaths. $15


Moanin’ at Midnight             The Life and Times of Howlin’ Wolf HC 10x 6 398 pg. $25 Wolf’s guitarist Hubert Sumlin “Things folks have done in the dark are going to come out in the light. Nobody else has dug up what these guys have found and it’s right”. Superb and is new as new can be.


Rollin’ & Tumblin’                The Postwar Blues Guitarists edited by Jas Obrecht SC 6x9 453 pg..small writing so in effect a massive work. All the greats..T Bone Walker, elmore & Homesick James (don’t you wish you had a brother called “Homesick”), the great Howlin’ Wolf man Hubert Sumlin,  all the “Kings” , all teh country blues guys . Lots of interviews.


Screening The Blues            Aspects of the Blues Tradition by Paul Oliver SC 5x9 $15

                                      One of the best of the writers and many will like the chapter “The Blue Blues” which deals with the ribald nature of many blues songs...yeah, you caught me out.


Shout Sister Shout              The Untold Story of Rock & Roll Trailblazer Sister Rosetta Tharpe by Gayle F Wald 10x6 252 pg  $15


South to Louisiana              Music of the Cajun Bayous by John Broven 10x6 366 pages SC $18 Bryen Willems is a country singer based in Sydney who comes from Louisiana. He tells us that Louisiana is the 49th worst sate (out of 50) for unemployment and 49th state (yep out of 50) for low pay...he says the state motto is “thank god for Mississippi” which is the 50th in both areas. But whilst we can laugh the development of these musical forms largely has a lot to do with the poverty of the people.


Walking a Blues Road          A Blues Reader 1956-2004 by Samuel Charters S.C. 5x9 271 pages. Best from the man acknowledged as best blues writer $15


50s/ Rock & Roll

All Roots Lead to Rock         Legends of Early Rock n Roll: A Bear Family Reader edited by Colin Escott 10x7 HC 257pg The books is compiled of notes written by Escott and others for Bear Family and not generally the usual suspects either. ..Julia Lee, Freddie Bell & Bell Boys, Smiley Lewis, Bobby Lee Trammell etc $20


Bandstand                         And All That by John Byrell SC 11x8 216 pg. Yep, this is Bandstand with Brian Henderson $18 But it is more a history of Australian rock & roll culture. Very well written from 1995.


Chuck Berry                      Brown Eyed Handsome Man HC 6x9 320pg  $28 Bear Family are going to be putting out something like a 30 Cd box set of Chuck, still going strong...this covers his formative years and the difficulties of racism and continues through his Johnny B Goode hit period and his troubles with the law (transporting a minor across State lines). This is very hard to get


Blue Monday                      Fats Domino & the Lost Dawn of Rock & Roll by Rick Coleman  HC 6x9 364 pages $25 New Orleans hero concludes with his harrowing time during Hurricane Katrina


Bobby Darin                      A Life by Michael Seth Starr HC 6x9 240 page Rock & roler, crooner then somewhat folky. Dead at only 37. All here and hard to get. $25


Buddy Holly                       The Real Story by Ellis Amburn  HC 6x9 374 pg The true story of Charles Hardin Holley. $28 Not very flattering about latterday Lubbock.


(The) Colonel                     The Extraordinary Story of Colonel Tom Parker and Elvis Presley by Alanna Nash HC 394 page 6x 9 Andreas  Van Kuljik, a Dutch immigrant adapted the name Colonel Tom Parker. He also managed Eddy Arnold & Hank Snow but is remembered for guiding the career of Elvis Presley. $20


Dark Star                         The Roy Orbison Story by Ellis Amburn HC 6 x 9 284pg $20 Good analysis of his 3 careers...50s rocker, 60s pop star and 80s rocker in Traveling Wilburys.


Elvis Presley                      A Study in Music by Robert Matthew- Walker HC 5x9 154 pgs 1979 with dust jacket  $15 wow, what were they thinking a book on the music of Elvis!!


Mystery Train                    Images of American Rock N Roll Music by Greil Marcus Fourth revised edition SC 320 page 6x9 $12 His chapter on Elvis is regarded by many as the most insightful writing on the King. Interesting cross section of artists examined Robert Johnson, Harmonica Frank Floyd, The Band, Sly Stone, Randy Newman and of course Elvis Presley.


Race With the Devil             Gene Vincent’s Life in the Fast  Lane by Susan Van Hecke HC 6x8 276 pg Vincent Eugene Craddock $25 Self destructive and dead in 1971 of cirrhosis of the liver among other things.


Ricky Nelson                      Idol for a Generation by Joel Selvin SC 6 x 9 330 pg $20 One thread that is also examined in the other book is how poor monetarily Rick was doing. In his final year he grossed $700,000 and netted $40,000...not great by any stretch.,


Skiffle                              The Story of Folk Song with a jazz Beat by Brian Bird HC 5x8 125 pages. This is ultra rare. Original 1958 with dust jacket. Slight tear. Foreword by Lonnie Donegan Gives a good run down of the style and the groups. $20 Truly a case of find one....


Teenage Idol, Travellin’ Man The Complete Biography of Rick Nelson by Philip Bashe HC 6 x9 312 pages $25 was he a drug dependant burnt out rocker? No, one of the most brilliant artists ever and this book gives good balance.


That’s Alright Elvis              The Untold Story of Elvis’s First Guitarist and Manager, Scotty Moore as told to James Dickerson HC  6 x 9 265 pg with discography. He put his guitar away for many years and made a comeback at the behest of Carl Perkins. Read about the fantastic Elvis 68 comeback and his thoughts on Elvis’ passing. $25


Three Steps to Heaven        The Eddie Cochran Story by Bobby Cochran & Susan Van Hecke HC 6x9 247 pg $20 Tragic early death, brilliant talent and innovative is all here.



All You Need is Ears            George Martin: The Inside Personal Story of the Genius who Created the Beatles With Jeremy Hornsby SC 285 pg $18 What contribution did George make to the Beatles? What did he add to the sound??No self esteem issues with the title, but then again he probably didn’’t pick that!


As I Am                            Abba Before & Beyond Anita Faltskog with Brita Ahman HC 10x10 160 pg. Ultra high quality work on the elusive Agnetha. $30 Complete discograph. Large coffee table style.


As Tears Go By                  Marianne Faithfull by Mark Hodkinson HC (NO dust jacket) 6x9 216 pages. Addiction, Mick Jagger and much more. The Wildest convent girl in history $15


Bad Moon Rising                 The Unofficial History Of Creedence Clearwater Revival by Hank Bordowitz HC 358 6x9 $25 Also concentrates on post CCR...had not known that Stu Cook auditioned as a replacement bassist when Bill Wyman left the Rolling stones. Of course big focus is on John Fogerty


Bill Graham                       Rage &  Roll; The Bill Graham Story 6x9 306 pg $15 HC Possibly the most famous rock & roll promoter of all time  with the Fillmore East & West. Had a distinct dark side to his character.


Billy Joel                           Life and Times of an Angry Young Man by Hank Bordowitz HC6x9 272 pg $18


Blown Away                      Rolling Stones and the Death of the Sixties HC 6x9 347 pg Includes Chapter on the death of Brian Jones $25 Very hard to get from 1990 as new. Some great insights from Stones’ manager Andrew Oldham especially on Jones. Incidentally an hilarious youtube video on Jaggar talking about the Monty Python reunion. Self deprecating humour at is best.


Bob Dylan                         Complete Discography by Brian Hinton Only 5 ½ x 5 ½ but 464 pages and it fits in the cd racks! Track by track commentary. The Cosmic Cowboy & I both love “Self Portrait” & teh album just called “Dylan”.


Byrds                               Timeless Flight Revisited: The Sequel by Johnny Rogan 6 x10 HC 735 pg! $45 a steal for this epic. Check around. Every single solitary thing you ever wanted to know about the Byrds and their various personnel. True encyclopedia.


Crosby Stills Nash & Young   The Visual Documentary By Johnny Rogan SC 9x12 178 pg Great glossy year by year analysis with many rare photographs. A must for CSNY fans $25


Crosby Still & Nash             by Dave Zimmer SC 408pg $20


Dave Davies                      Kink an Autobiography HC 6x9  280 pg $25 Great anaylsis of rock in the 60s and 70s in particular. Hard to get.


Dennis Wilson                    The Real Beach Boy by Jon Stebbins 6x9 244pg $28 Very hard to get. Incredibly self destructive & irresponsible but with a genius approaching Big brother Brian. Among his many ill judgements was forming a friendship with Charles Manson.


Donovan                           The Hurdy Gurdy Man: The autobiography HC 6x9 328 pg One of the great English folkies...and rockers too. Follows his upbringing in Scotland to superstar. $25


Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood Eric Burdon with j Marshall Craig HC 6x9 335 pg with 3 track cd containing unreleased versions of “House of the Rising Sun” and “Don’t let Me Be Misunderstood”.  $25 Some interesting revelations about royalties from “House of the Rising Sun”, all went to Alan Price, the Animals Keyboard man and later solo star.


Dusty                               By Lucy O’Brien HC 6x9 177 pages  $20 or SC 6x9 278 pg

                                      $20. Not that much difference as the former is more print per page. Hard cover one particularly hard to get.


Eagles                              To the Limit The Untold Story of the Eagles by Marc Eliot 369 page HC 6x9 $20 all the juicy bits


Fire & Rain                        The James Taylor Story SC 6x9 283 pg $18 Different to the` one below. Interesting revelations of his relationship with Joni Mitchell.


For What It’s Worth            The Story of Buffalo Springfield by John Einarson and Richie Furay SC 6x9 310 pages $25 Fine musical discussion and of the group’s personnel.


Greatest Rock & Roll Stories By Art Fein published by Rhino 7x9 SC 240 pg. Light and can’t put down. Lots of scandal. $12


(The) Hawk                       The Story of Ronnie Hawkins & the Hawks by Ian Wallis SC 6x9 288 page $25 Very hard to get biography of Ronnie Hawkins and the band that became The Band. Ronnie throws out a lot of pithy one liners


Hotel California                  Singer-Songwriters and Cocaine Cowboys in the LA Canyons 1967-1976  SC 5x8 316 pages Joni, CSNY, Jackson Browne, GP, Eagles, Burritos etc  $15


Jackson Browne                 His Life and Music Mark Bego SC 6x9 260 pages His debut album is as good as it gets but he was already a star on the LA scene. Was he ever a member of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band??  What was his real relationship with Darryl Hannah? All the answers are in here. $20


James Taylor                     Long Ago & Far Away: His Life and Music by Timothy White HC 6x9 389 pg $25 The truth behind Fire & Rain and his relationship with Carly Simon as well as his debut album on the  Apple label...and much more!!


Laurel Canyon                    by Michael Walker HC 6x9 304 pg $20 One of the best about the west Coast rock scene which seemed to all emanate from the  hills to the north of LA. Also includes some rather more obscure artists as well.


Long Time Gone                 The Autobiography of David Crosby SC 5x8 487 pg $10


Lulu                                 I Don’t Want to Fight  HC 6x9 326 pg $25 well written ghost writer mentioned and funny too. When she was married to Maurice Gibb she went to Japan with them (the Bee Gees) and the crowd spotted her in the  audience and were calling for “Ruru”. Great synopsis of the UK pop scene in UK and her marriage to Maurice.


Mark Knopfler                    An Unauthorised Biography by Myles Palmer

                                      HC 6x10 280 pg  $25

                                      SC 6 x10 287 pg $15 (same content) 

Very hard to probably won’t find one. .


Mr Tambourine Man            The Life and Legacy of Gene Clark  SC 339 pages 6x9 Extremely comprehensive WITH VERY SMALL PRINT. You will need the specs. The first to leave the Byrds and for many their most talented member. $25


Music To My Ears               The Billboard Essays by Timothy white HC 6x 9 352 pg really good cross section eg there is an essay on Flaco Jiminez , Jerry Garcia, Billy Joel, Joni Mitchell...each only a couple -3 pages. Interesting $18


Neil Young                         Journeys Through the Past: the Stories Behind the Classic Songs of Neil Young by Nigel Williamson SC 9 x 11 160 pages $12 Geffen wanted a “Harvest Mk II” with “Old Ways” not some hard core outlaw album..All Neil Young fans will like this.


Prisoner of Woodstock        Dallas Taylor HC 240 page 6x9 Funny book by the drummer

                                      Crosby stills Nash & Young $18


Real Thing 1957-Now          Toby Creswell & Martin Fabinyi Australian HC 9 x 10 224 pg $20 Subtitled Adventures in Australian Rock & Roll.Great book that has you wishing it could have been done in more details at least for the 50s 60s & 70sSome amzing photos


Ringo Starr                       Straight Man or Joker by Alan Clayson HC 6x9 292 $20 His battles with the bottle and his musical career.


Rolling Stones                    Complete Discography by Alan Clayson SC only 5 ½ x 5 ½ so fits in cd racks but 464 pages. Track by track commentary & has separate listing for UK & US albums. $18                                                   


Simon & Garfunkel             Old friends by Joseph Morella & Patricia Barry HC 6x9 261 pg $18 always a battle of egos and resentment seemingly more from Paul Simon. Has their early career as Tom & Jerry to the overwhelming success of Bridge over Troubled Water & Beyond


Stairway to Heaven            The Final Resting Places of Rock’s Icons 10X8 SC 160 pages Good witty dialogue. What you see is ewhat you get. Interesting is the site of Ronald Belford (aka Bon Scott) plot where (sadly or otherwise) empty bourbon bottles are left as a sign of “respect” $18


Zappa                              Electric Don Quixote by Neil Slaven HC6x9 352 pg $25 The life & death & music of Frank Zappa.



Baby Let Me Follow You Down The Illustrated Story of the Cambridge Folk Years SC 8x11 314 pg by Jim Rooney & Eric Von Schmidt. Some marks to cover. Lavishly illustrated as they say with a who’s who of the folk scene..Dylan..Baez...the Farinas plus some you never really read about such as Jim Kweskin, Tom Rush, Bob Neuworth, Chris Smither etc. Big Book. $18


Colours of My Life              The Judith Durham Story by Graham Simpson HC 6x9 346 pg A chance meeting with Athol Guy at an advertising agency where she had just started to work and the rest is history. The triumph and the tragedy. $18


Dazzling Stranger               Bert Jansch & the British Folk & Blues Revival Sc 5x8 SC 372pg...very small print with additional picture section.  $15 Did I tell you he came into my shop at Parramatta once...Katy Moffatt who I have met was doing a folk show at Katoomba...part of a Festival and called in. A rather mottly bloke followed. “Can I help you mate”...I said. Katy said “Steve meet Bert Jansch”...well did I feel a dill. 11on scale of 10.


Greenback Dollar                The Incredible Rise of the Kingston Trio  SC 6x9 283pg Covers the Guard & Stewart Years and before and after. Very hard to get. $25


How Can I Keep from Singing Pete Seeger by David King Dunaway  7x9 HC 384pg Essentially a collection of Seeger’s own words. Surprisingly frugal tells of his early days with Woody Guthrie, through his time with the Weavers and pulls no punches about his Communist ties, his blacklisting on Hootenanny show and so on through to his acceptance as hero of the masses. Includes discography. $25


Judy Collins                       Trust your Heart  An Autobiography HC 8x9 HC 275 pg $18  page 154 onwards...that’s the bit where she is with Stephen Stills so thought I’d save you time if you were looking for the “dirty bits”. Slight yellowing but in great shape.


Lonesome Traveler             The Life of Lee Hays by Doris Willens HC 6 x 9 281 pg $18 History of the Weavers and the story of the American folk movement from one of the initiators & originators. Anecdotes of Guthrie, Seeger etc


Phil Ochs                           Death of a Rebel by Marc Eliot SC 5x8 364 pg $18 Doesn’t sugar coat things in any way


(The) Protest Singer           An Intimate Portrait of Pete Seeger by Alec Wilkinson HC 5x8 152 pages $12 Includes transcript of his grilling at the hands of the House Committee into Communist activities. `


Wayfaring Stranger            The Fascinating Autobiography of Burl Ives HC 259 pg 5x8 Now how many of these will you see. Published 1952!! The book is in great shape. The dust jacket has some tears but has been covered in plastic. Included is another book..”The Wayfaring Stranger’s Notebook” an American history book by Burl with tales of “The Slave Auction”, “The Plight of the American Indian” and more. Also hardcover but no dustjacket....this one practically yesterday...1962  6x9 319 pg $28 for 2 books


When We Were Good          The Folk Revival by Robert Cantwell HC 6x9 412pg $20 I will reproduce the bit on the dustjacket “In 1938 in Pick Britches North Carolina an ingenous young mountaineer sang a ballad about an infamous murder for a visiting folk song collector. Twenty years later every American was hearing about Tom Dooley from the Kingston Trio.” How did Tom Dooley get from Pick Britches to the top of the charts?? This will tell you.



Boy From Oz                     Peter Allen Story by Stephen Maclean HC 6x9 360 pages HC $20 Yes saw him at the Regent and they did This is Your Life after. Very funny...and sad too. Liza supposedly did not know he was gay when she married him. 1996 boook.


Cry                                  The Johnnie Ray Story by Jonny Whiteside HC 6x9 445 pages $20 Virtually deaf by 12 yet seen as the link between Sinatra & Presley. Incredibly popular in Australia and had some of his biggest success here. Also had enough scandals for 10 and both triumphs and disasters...the latter highlighted by a tour with Judy Garland.


Doo-Dah!                          Stephen Foster & the Rise of American Popular Culture 6 x 9 SC 400 $18 pages How could a man who had been responsible for some of the most popular songs in history die at age 37 as an alcoholic with literally only spare change to his name??


George Formby                  A Troubled Genius by David Bret 5 x 9 SC 296 pg Eternally jovial on screen but somewhat troubled off. $20 Includes examination of his songs & films.


Jolie                                 The Story of Al Jolson by Michael Freedland HC 6x9 312 $20 Born in Russia and he never saw the Swanee & Dixie he sang about until over 40. Anecdotes galore. Very entertaining by the man considered the greatest entertainer of them all.


Mr  Bojangles                    The Biography of Bill Robinson by Jim Haskins and NR Mitgand HC 6x9 326 pg. $20 Already one of Broadway’s biggest stars when he was picked to play alongside Shirley Temple he reached heights as the greatest tap dancer ever but was so much more than the man in that movie.


Stardust Road                    & Sometimes I Wonder The Autobiographies of Hoagy Carmichael  SC 5x8 465 pages. $18 BOTH biographies from 1946 and 1965 collected in one volume with additional pictures. Essentially the history of popular music in America by one of if not the best songwriters.


Swing It!                           Andrews Sisters Story by John Sforza H 368 pg 6 x 9$18 with discography


Who’s Sorry Now               Connie Francis HC 6x9 332 pg with additional 16 pages of pictures. Autobiography with intro by Dick Clark 1984 $20

You Ain’t Heard Nothing Yet  Al Jolson By Robert Oberfirst SC 6 x 9 340 pages $15 Examines the private life contrasted with his celebrity status.



Electric Guitars and Bassists A Photographic History 9 x 11 272 pg SC George Gruhn Coffee table style book $22


Great Guitarists                  by Rich Kienzle 10 x 7 SC 246 pg $18. About 60 guitarists are written about with Elmore James, Chet Atkins, Django Reinhardt and Jimi Hendrix gaining longer entries but relatively obscure artists such as Lester Junior Barnard are given an important perspective. Covers all genres and has discography with each entry. It is chapters on legends such as Hank Garland  that make this so good.


Lives of The Great Songs     Edited by Tim deLisle HC 6 x 9 148pg $15 “Bridge Over Troubled Water” to “Always on My Mind” to “I Put a Spell on you”..and “Over the Rainbow”. Great book.


Love Me Tender                 The Story Behind the World’s Favourite Songs HC 6 x 8 192 pages $18 by Max Cryer  Covers everything from “Yesterday” (first offered to Billy J Kramer but he preferred “Little Children”) through “Candle in the Wind” to “Danny Boy” and “White Christmas”. 40 in all including “Happy Birthday’ and “Waltzing Matilda” (as you would know based on “Thou Bonny Wood of Craigielee”). Love books like this. You can just pick it up and put it down as you please.


Off the Record                   An Oral History of Popular Music  HC6x9 425 pg $25 another gem, the legends of popular music tell their stories in their own words....over 200 Dylan/ McCartney/ Jerry Lee / Robert Plant/ Don mclean/ Joe Cocker/ Judy Collins/ Atlantic founder Ahmet Ertegun/ Phil Everly/ Johnnie Ray.. great




Allen, Deborah                 Anthology (Renaissance/BMG)  $35 Not only contains Deborah’s hits but also the studio trickery that saw her do three duets with Jim reeves. Actually done extremely well. 21 tracks all together and very hard to get indeed.


Bellamy Brothers             Rebels Without a Clue $25 Their MCA album from 1988 was their best with the title track, “Fountain of Middle Age”,“The Courthouse” & “Andy Griffith Show” being just some of the classics. This is perhaps the only album they made like this…where every track hits the mark. It has humour coupled with great music. A stunner.


Berry, Benny                   Some Things Never Change (Hawk) $30 Hawk Records from Northern Ireland was the company that released Oklahoman Benny’s first 4 albums. Everyone who was a Merle Haggard fan loved Benny. He had a similar timbre in his voice and was ably backed by a team led by Mike Headrick, a picture of whom is hung on the Swedish Cowboy’s wall and to whom the (highly religious) Swedish Cowboy says a prayer of thanks every night. Benny also is the recipient of our greatest EVER independent artist award. Others may disagree but they are entitled to be wrong. Every one of these is nothing less than brilliant, especially for fans of Merle Haggard. This was his second. Superb version of Stoney Edwards “Pickin’ Wildflowers” but highlight is probably the two songs of Benny himself that appear here. At one time he was offered a major label contract but declined. Apparently he has a few issues.


Boone, Larry                   Down That River Road $30 As good as it gets. A great songwriter& singer he reminds of George Strait in the late 80s! Superb, Mrs Johnson. Includes his “Everybody Wants to be Hank Williams” with the almost scary refrain …”but nobody wants to die”. His final Mercury album.


Boone, Larry                   Swingin’ Doors & Sawdust Floors  $30 As good as it gets. A great songwriter & singer he reminds of George Strait in the late 80s! This was his second cd and includes two songs written by Larry that are synonymous with other artists. “Beyond the Blue Neon” is of course the title song of George Starit’s best ever album whilst “Old Coyote Town” is a Don Williams’ specialty. Two great Texas songs (both originals)…the honky tonker ”Ten Times Texas” and “Under a Lone Star Moon” (the great ballad) complete this gem


Coe, David Allan               1990 Songs for Sale 20 Original Recordings DAC $40 David Allan Coe’s career on Columbia ended toward the end of the 80s and he vanished from the scene for a while. This emerged in 1990 and was lapped up by fans as some of his best work. All the tracks were grand and the titles showed the type they were...”A Marriage Made in Heaven (Went to Hell)”, “When She Was a Honky Tonk Girl”, “The Devil Was to Blame”, “Drinking Her Off My Mind”. Pure country and grand as it gets.


Curless, Dick                   The Drag ‘em off the Interstate Sock It To Em Hits of Dick Curless $35  Razor& Tie’s great 21 track best of highlighting the deep deep voice of the king of the truckers. Of course it includes his them song “Tombstone Every Mile” but I love the track from one of the all time great albums “Live at Wheeling Truck Driver’s Jamboree” and that is “Chick Inspector”. It also has the song “Outskirts of Town” from the same live album in which Dick cracks up at Curly Chalker’s wonderful steel guitar playing.


Davis, Joey                      “Love Songs, Waltz’s True Stories & Lies” $30 The spelling may be a bit out but 17 superb honky tonk tracks are as good as it can go.“Barroom Hall of Fame” may be the best.  Everybody loves this album. This has been voted as one of the Top 10 indie albums of all time. Like all true honky tonkers Joey is an all rounder..drinking, lying and cheating. Just superb.


Dalton, Lacy                    Last Wild Place Anthology $25 The irony is that someone like Bonnie Raitt is at the top of the pop game with a style reminiscent of Lacy even though she lacks some of Lacy's subtle nuances. Most of the backing is unplugged and includes reprises of several favourites (all new versions). Most notable is the haunting "Little Boy Blue", a favourite when originally recorded. She shows herself to be an excellent writer as well as a great storyteller. She now resides in the desert areas of Nevada and several songs, especially the title song, are reminders of the comfort she feels in her current surroundings, Signed by Lacy too.


Delray, Martin                 Get Rhythm $25 one of the best ever albums of early 90s with a duet with Johnny Cash on title song but “Lillies’ White Lies” is the unqualified highlight. Everyone loves this gem. Date written on cover


Ford, Tennessee Ernie      “Capitol Collectors Series” $30 Wonderful 29 tracker with great liner notes and sound quality. I have said it before, this series (ie Capitol Collectors) is all out of print but always represented the best sampling of an artists work. They have the ones you want to hear and also include stunning obscure tracks such as Ern’s take on an R & B number “I Don’t Know”. Ernie was one of the most versatile country vocalists who is revered for his gospel and religious recordings. There is only one such example here, but what a beauty...”His Hands”.


Frickie, Janie                   Labor of Love $25 She changed the spelling of her surname to a more phonetic pronunciation  and the albums she made under that spelling were her best and this I believe is her best. This is her best aI believe. Superb version of Steve Earle’s great “my Old Friend the Blues” and an equally grand version of Katy Moffatt’s “Walking on the Moon” Understated excellence.


Griffith, Andy                   What it is , is Andy Griffith. Cema special products 1995 2Cd $35 Has there ever been a star more likeable than Andy? This is something I hadn’t seen..37 tracks. He was a country boy from North Carolina with a down home style whether singing folk songs or what he did best telling down home versions of classics. His most famous is probably “What It Was , Was Football”, still as funny as ever and also some great fractured versions of Shakespeare such as “Romeo & Juliet” and “Hamlet”. Song wise his “Andy’s Lament” is a great blues that is almost rock and roll. The whole thing is great.


Harris, Emmylou                 “Cimarron” Eminent $30 A great album highlighted by her soaring version of Poco’s “Rose of Cimarron” from where the album gets its title. Many highlights but I love her version of Sonny Throckmorton’s “Last Cheater’s Waltz” as well as a lovely version of Townes’ “If I Needed You”. A gem from a gem. Slipsleeve included. Bonus track, “Colors of Your Heart”.


Jackson, Larry                 Blue Highway $30 (Loree label) I don’t think I have ever had a song like Larry’s “The Blue  Highway” to attract a question as to who is it?? Larry’s voice I would suggest has been weathered to perfection. He is a superb singer and writer but alas these are his only two albums. You feel he has lived the songs. The sad “When Love Dies” has a real ache to it. He has real angst in his voice when he sings “Damn Those Memories”. Up there with the greatest indie cds ever


Jackson, Stonewall          Best Collectors Choice  Out of print 24 tracks inc. " BJ the    

DJ" and of course “Waterloo” his two biggest. $28 Notes by Colin Escott, arguably the best.


Jackson, Stonewall          And Friends : A Tribute $30 23 track tribute with a virtual who’s who guests list…just to rattle off some: Grandpa Jones, Little Jimmy Dickens, The Whites, Riders in the Sky, Hal Ketchum, John Conlee, Joe Diffie, Porter Wagoner, Paulette Carlson, Alison Krauss, Connie Smith…come to think of it may be easier to mention who is not there!!! Now out of print. Special mention to the track featuring Connie Smith, “Standing Invitation”…what a singer.


Jennings, Waylon                Never Say Die: The Final Concert 2CD + DVD recorded at the Ryman auditorium. Now unavailable $35

McEntire, Reba                Oklahoma Girl 2cds 40 Mercury tracks.Double cd case with attractive slip sleeve & book $30 Her best & most country. Have one without slip case see below $20. Both the full 40 tracks. A far cry from today’s diva…this is real! So good in fact that I would defy anyone to readily pick the artist. This is how we like it. She started out a  member of a rodeo family who performed at fairs and shows. Kind of an American institution. Hell she was a great country singer.


Nelson, Willie                   “The Hungry Years” $40. When people rang up to order the original issue of “IRS Tapes” they were offered another cd of all new material.....that was this gem. But with a mindset that they were ringing up for the IRS Tapes and that is what they wanted not many were sold. It has 15 tracks. “The Hungry Years” and “Solitaire” are both Neil Sedaka songs and Willie does a superb job on them, with an arrangement reminiscent of “Always on My Mind”. A lot of the rest are covers; quite a few country standards such as “Detour”, “Ragged But Right” etc BUT the highlight is the stunning “When I Stop Dreaming”, a great Louvin Brothers song performed as a duet with Emmylou Harris. If you had to rank both these duet champions “duets” it would rank in the top 3 they have collectively appeared on. It is that good. IT HAS NOT BEEN REISSUED. IT IS ONLY ON THIS CD. Two Willie songs are just great, “Your Memory Won’t Die” and “She is Gone”.


O’Kanes                           Tired of the Running $25 Second album from Keiran Kane & Jamie O’Hara is also hardest to get. Blind accordionist Jay Spell is superb. The songs on this album tend to be longer than on the other two albums with more intricate instrumental passages and this is where Spell shines.    


Paycheck, Johnny            The Real Mr Heartache: The Little Darlin’ Years (CMF) The fact is that Johnny Paycheck not only preceded George Jones as the best hard country singer he also provided the main influence for George. He was promoted as an outlaw singer in the seventies but those recordings do not compare with this 24 tracker which is simply perfection. “Apartment Number Nine” was written by Johnny as was the amazing “Pardon Me I’ve Got Something to Kill” and the ultra dramatic “It’s a Mighty Thin Line Between Love & Hate”. Best ever country cd?? Could be .. $40


Randall, Jon                     Cold Coffee Morning Asylum CD NEVER RELEASED $50 inc. "Reno & Me” w. Willie & Emmylou, an amazing song which  shows how dopey record company executives are.. Easily his best and includes a duet with his blink and you’ll miss it wife, Lorrie Morgan. You will love this album. To get one with graphics is nearly impossible. Also one without full graphics $25


Ritter, Tex                       Capitol Collectors Series (Capitol)  $35 Out of print series, of which I would recommend every title as being essential. This has all the hard to get ones, “Deck of Cards”, “Blood on the Saddle” &“Just Beyond the Moon” etc 25 in all. Of course also “Hillbilly Heaven” a perfect cd.


Smith, Russell                  This Little Town $35 Have not had one of these for about 2 years. Great solo album by the Amazing Rhythm Aces vocalist. All great and what a voice. Russell had a brief period as a country singer on Epic and this was the result, a gem produced by Steve Buckingham and Russell. Very much in the Amazing Rhythm Aces style. Highlight is the working man song “Blue Collar Blues” and the title song, but they’re all top notch.


Thornton, Marsha            Marsha Thornton (MCA) $35 This debut album is so good. It includes the defining version of what is a superb song “A Bottle of Wine & Patsy Cline”. Hard to beat. Produced by Patsy’s producer Own Bradley. But the artist is special as is this superb cd.    


Tyler, T Texas                  The Best $30 Collectors Choice  out of print 18 tracker including the original version of “Deck of Cards” plus other classics...really like the touching “Dad Gave My Dog Away!!”


Whitley, Keith                  I Wonder Do You Think of Me $30 The album he had just finished when he died. One of the greatest ever country vocalists. Deep rich voice with his own nuances. Pity the wonderful honky tonk songs were lived out so tragically with his alcohol overdose. He was seemingly taking over from Randy Travis as country’s premier vocalist and had the unheard of 5 number one country singles in a row. I truly believe he would have been recognised as one the greatest country vocalists ever and I could even be persuaded to drop the “‘one of” from that assessment.




Something Got a Hold On Me: Treasury of Sacred Music (RCA) features what in many instances are the original versions of what are now gospel standards including such gems as “Tramp on the Street” by Grady & hazel Cole and the  Dixon Brothers superb “I Didn’t Hear Nobody Pray”...what’s a country song without a double negative every now & then. "Wreck on the Highway” "Farther Along". So good. Sound is spectacularly good. $30





Albert, Christine        Texasfrance  (Gambini) $10 Emmylou meets Edith Piaf

Allen, Terry             Best of Sugar Hill Years (Sugar Hill ) $10

Aldridge, Darin         & Brooke Flying  (Organic) sealed $8

Aldridge, Darin         & Brooke Live at Red White & Bluegrass $8

                             Excellent young duet bluegrass.

Allan, Gary              Smoke Rings in the Dark $10

Alverson, Tommy     Heroes & Friends (Image) $8

Alverson, Tommy     Alive & Pickin’ (2ofa Kind) $8

Alvin, Dave & Phil      Common Ground (Yep Roc) $15 sealed

Anderson, Pet e        Birds Above Guitarland (Little Dog) $12 sealed

Ball, David               Thinkin’ Problem (Atlantic) few better $8

Bandy, Moe             One of a Kind (Columbia) 16 tks long long oop compilation $10

Bankesters              Love Has Wheels (Compass) $5 guests Sierra Hull

Barber, Del              Prairieography Canadian al la Ian Tyson $5

Beckett, Randy         Rebel Train (Satellite) $8 great rockabilly..”Trucker from Tennessee” is all about Elvis!

Bell & Shore             L-Ranko Hotel (Rom) $10  Take my word it is great

Benson, Ray            A Little Piece (Bismeaux) $10 first solo Asleep at Wheel

Berry, Chuck           Rockin’ the Hits 2CD (Delta UK) Chess originals $10

Bibey, Alan              & Wayne Benson Mandolin Chronicles (Pinecastle)$5

Big Sandy                & Fly-Rite Boys What a Dream It’s Been $10 (Cow   Island)

Biram, Scott            Nothin’ But Blood (Bloodshot) $5

Black, Amy              This Is Home (Reuben) $5

Block, Ron               Walking Song (Rounder) $8 from Union Station

Blue Moon Rising       One Lonely Shadow (Lonesome Day) $8 reminds Amazing

                             Rhythm Aces.

Bogguss, Suzy         Simpatico with Chet Atkins (Capitol) $15

Bogguss, Suzy         Somewhere Between (Capitol) $15

Bogguss, suzy                    20 Greatest Hits (Capitol) $15

Bogguss, Suzy         Something Up My Sleeve (Capitol) $3 cd + booklet no back graphic

Bonamy, James        Roots & Wings (Epic) inc. a version of the classic “Daddy Never Had a Chance in Hell” $5

Bosworth, Libbi         Libbiville (Ramble) $15 great Texas indie. Would be well received by fans of Miss Leslie, Amber Digby

Brace, Eric,             & Peter Cooper         Comeback Album (red Beat) $10

Branch & Dean         Branch & Dean advance $3

Brill, Logan              Walking Wires $5

Brooks,Garth           Garth Brooks (Capitol) his debut with “If tomorrow Never Comes” and “The Dance” is a stunner...still $8

Brown, James           Foundations of Funk 2CD Polygram $10

Brown, Junior           12 Shades of Brown (Demon UK) $10 the original version

Brown, T Graham     Wine Into Water (Intersound) $10 one of the truly great voices

Browne, Jann           Tell Me Why (Curb) $15 with Emmylou & Wanda Jackson!!

Browne, Jann           It Only Hurst When I Laugh (Curb) $15 Albert lee on guitar

Bundy, Laura Bell      Achin’ & Shakin’ (Mercury) $8  so cute

Burch Sisters            New Fire (Mercury) $5

Burns, Brian            Eagle & The Snake(Bandera) $5

Burton, Charlie         Rustic Fixer Upper $5

Campbell, Glen         Live in Japan ((Real Gone) $12 sealed.

Cantrell, Laura         No Way There From Here (Thrift shop label) $10

Carpenter, Mary Chapin Songs From the Movie (Zoe) $10

Carpenter, Mary Chapin Come on Come On (Columbia) $5

Carpenter, Mary Chapin Ashes & Roses (Rounder) advance with graphics $3            Cartwright, Lionel          Lionel Cartwright (MCA) from 1989 gem. $10

Cassidy, Jason         Keep it Country $10

Cave States             The Great Divide $3 (Undertow)

Chapman, Marshall    Blaze of Glory(Tallgirl) $3

Chieftains                Best (RCA) $5

Chieftains                Collection of Favourites 2CD BMG Special Products $15 34 tk

Collins, Judy             Maid of Constant Sorrow/ Golden Apples of the Sun (Elektra UK) First 2 on 1 cd $10

Comeaux, Amie        A Very special Angel (Rival) died in car accident a few days after her 21st birthday $8 very nice

Confederate Railroad Confederate Railroad (Atlantic) You know this is my favourite ever album by a country group. Witty and great. $10 Known for “Trashy women” but the rest is even better.

Cryner, Bobbie         Bobbie Cryner (Columbia) Favourite female country cd. $15 That is not one of the favourites but the favourite.

Dailey & Vincent       Brothers of the Highway (Rounder) $8

Dailey & Vincent       Gospel Side (Cracker barrel) $10

Dalton, Lacy J          Survivor/ Lacy J (MorellO) 2on1 $18 sealed.

Dalton, Lacy J          Best (Capitol) with Black Coffee $10

Dalton, Lacy J          Crazy Love (Capitol) w. Little Boy Blue $18 rare as & superb

Dead Ringer Band     Hopeville (Massive) $10

Dead Ringer Band     Full Circle (Massive) $10

Deadly Gentlemen     Roll me Tumble Me (Rounder) $3

Della Mae                This World Oft Can Be (Rounder) $5

Delray, Martin           what Kind of Man (Atlantic) $10

DeMeyer, Brigitte      Savannah Road $10

Denver, John           Poems, Prayers and Promises/ Farewell Andromeda (RCA) 2on 1 $10

Denver, John           25 Years: A Portrait (RCA) $5

Denver, John           Take Me to Tomorrow (RCA) mini lp style cover $5

Denver, John           J D (RCA) $5 mini lp style cover

Dixon, Dorsey          Babes in the Mill: Carolina Traditional Industrial Sacred Songs (HMG) $5

Domino Kings           Lonesome Highway (DK) $5 great rockabilly

Drive by Truckers     Southern Rock Opera 2cds $10

Eady, Jason             Daylight Dark (Thirty Tigers) $5

Eaglesmith, Fred       Lipstick Lies & Gasoline (Razor & Tie) $10

Edwards, Don          My Hero Gene Autry (Shanachie) $10

Endsley, Melvin         I Like Your Kind Of Love (Bear FamilY) $15

Erik & Erik               Erik & Erik (Fire Ant) $5 Texas indie

Ever Call Ready        Ever Call Ready (Sierra) Chris Hillman,Al Perkins & Bernie Leadon gospel $10

Everly Brothers        Essential (Not Now UK) 2cd $8 all original

Fairchild, Barbara     Mississippi/ Free & easy 2on1 (SPV) $15 sealed

Farina, Richard & Mimi Complete Vanguard (Vanguard) 3 Cds $28

Frickie, Janie            Black & White $10 (Columbia)

Front Porch String Band Hills of Alabam: The Best Of (Rebel) $10 Claire Lynch

Gauthier, Mary         Live at blue Rock (sealed) $15

Gauthier, Mary         Mercy Now (Lost Highway) $8

Gibson Miller Band     Red White &Blue Collar (Epic) $5

Gilbert, Brantley       Just As I Am (Valory) $12 US #1

Gill, Vince                The Key (MCA) his best and one of the best $8

Glaser, Tompall        The Rogue (Bear Family) $10

Golightly, Holly         and the Brokeoffs  All her Fault $12 (Transdreamer) parody of the John & Yoko wedding album cover. Rustic old timey revivalist. Interesting ..a la Old Crow medicine Show

Gosdin, Vern            If You’re Gonna Do Me Wrong Do It Right (American Harvest) $15

Gosdin, Vern            The Voice (BTM) blood red case $18 classic

Grascals                  When I get My Pay  (Mountain Home) $10

Guthrie, Woody        Live Wire (Rounder) Live 1949 $12

Haddock, Durwood    I Remember Jenny Lou Carson (eagle) Texas Veteran $10

Haggard, Marty        Borders & Boundaries (Critique) Superb album by Merle’s eldest. Some have a religious flavour. A chip off the block $15

Haggard, Merle         Serving 190 Proof (MCA) $10

Haggard, Merle         Back to the Barrooms (MCA) $10

Haggard, Merle         Capitol Collectors Series (Capitol) $15 the best single cd of Merle.

Haggard, Merle         Going Where The Lonely Goes / That’s the Way Love Goes 2on1 (SP) $18  2 classic Epic label albums on 1.

Haggard, Merle         His Greatest & best (MCA) 15 tks $15

Haggard, Merle         18 Rare Classics (Curb) $10

Haggard, Merle         1994 (Curb) $10

Haggard, Merle         The Way I Am (MCA) $18 (very hard to get_

Haggard, Merle         That’s the Way Love Goes/ It’s All in the Game (T-Bird) $18

Haggard, Merle         w. George Jones Taste of Yesterday’s Wine (w. Jones-Paycheck Double Trouble) 2 on 1 $18

Hale, Lucy               Road Between $15

Hancock, Butch        w. Marce Lecoutre Yella Rose (Rainlight) $10 Texas legend

Hardwick, Billy Jnr     Too Country (RCA) just a knockout $10

Hart, Freddie           Easy Lovin’ / My Hang Up is You (EMI) 2on1 hard to get $12

Harms, Joni             Hometown Girl (Capitol)  debut $20 rare and great.

Harris, Emmylou       Luxury Liner $5 (WB)

Harris, Emmylou       Elite Hotel $5 (WB)

Harris, Emmylou       Pieces of the Sky $5 (WB)

Harris, Emmylou       Stumble Into Grace (WB) $8

Haynes, Bruce          Sure Don’t Feel Like Home (Cheyenne)  $15 Bruce is a gospel singer with a brilliant voice and one of our all time favourites. We have termed him the anti honky tonk singer as a lot of his material comes from the perspective that he used to go out and drink etc etc but has found salvation. Essentially singing honky tonk but in the past tense

Hearne, Bill & Bonnie Diamonds in the Rough (WB) Texas legends $8

Helms, Bobby           My Special Angel (Pegasus) $12 UK 20 tracker. Originals.

Highfill, George         George Arliss Highfill (Church Street) $8

Hobbs, Becky           All Keyed Up (RCA) arguably greatest ever female honky tonk album $12

Hoge, Will                Never Give In (Cumberland) $5

Holt, David              i Got a Bullfrog: Folksongs for the Fun Of It (High Windy) $5

Horton, Steven Wayne Stephen wayne Horton (Capitol) a classic $10

House, James          James House (MCA) 1989 debut $10

Huis, Tim                 Western Star (Stony plain) $8 excellent western themes

Huston, Randy          Keepin’ the New West Wild (Outside Circle) for Don edwards’ fans

Hutchinson, Meg       Beyond That (Redhouse) $10

Hutlinger, Pete         McGuires Landing; Story & Music CD + 48 page booklet in DVD size pack $8

Jackson, Alan           Under the Influence (Arista) $5

Jackson, Carl           Songs of the South (Sugar Hill) $8

Jans, Tom               & Mimi Farina Take Heart/Tom Jans ((Real Gone Music) 2 on

1      Includes “Loving Arms” $15

Jenkins                   The Jenkins (Capitol) never made it to release but it is great, a tad like McCarters, a tad like Judds $12

Jewell, Buddy           One in a Row (indie...pre major label) $15

Jiminez, Flaco &        Tomas Ortiz  - De Los Alegres De Teran (Arhoolie) 2014 latest $15

Joey & Rory             Album 2 $10 (Sugar Hill)

Jones, David            Bridges (Lanor) a superb honky tonk indie $18

Jones, George          Bradleys Barn Sessions (MCA) $18 classic duets. Inc. Keith Richards..that is superb.

Jones, Grandpa        Makes the Rafters Ring/ Yodelling Hits 2 o n1 Omni $15

Jones, Grandpa        An American Original (CMH)  30 tks $15

Jones, Kacey           Amen for Old Friends (Igo) $10

Judds                     Essential (RCA) 20 tks Best sound & selection $15

Kane, Keiran            Find My Way Home (Atlantic) $18 sealed hard to get post O’Kanes album prior to forming Dead Reckoning label

Kay, Linda               Dream My Darling  (Dreamphonic)  $5

Kendall, Jeannie        Jeannie Kendall (Rounder) $10

Kendalls                  16 Greatest Hits (Varese) $15

Kennedy, Ray          Guitar Man (Atlantic) $10 includes the great “No Way Jose”

Kentucky Headhunters Pickin’ on Nashville (Mercury) $12

Kentucky Headhunters Electric Barnyard (Mercury) $12

Kershaw, Sammy     Haunted Heart (Mercury) $5

Ketchum, Hal           Past the Point of Rescue (Curb) $8

Keziah, Wink            Cowbilly (WK) $5

King, James             Three Chords & the Truth (Rounder) $10

Kowbelle                 Our red Cross (Country Discovery) Shane Worley on vocals

Lansdale, Kasey       Restless (Blue Siren)  $5

Lee, Brenda             Anthology Volume 2 1962-1980 (MCA) 20 tracks $10

Leigh, Brennen         & Noel McKay  Before the World was Made $12 classic country duets produced

Leigh, Danni             29 Nighst (Decca) $10 The female Dwight Yoakam)

Louvin Brothers        Nearer My God to Thee $8 (King but Capitol tracks)

Loveless, Patty         Honky Tonk Angel (MCA) Her best MCA album $8

McCall, Diane           My Imagination (Heart of Texas) Darrell McCall’s sister $10

McCall, Guyanne       In the Genes (Heart of Texas) Darrell McCall’s daughter   who is a great songwriter too. $10

McCarters               Better Be Home Soon (WB) $10 great trio of sisters

McCarters               The Gift (WB) $10

McCoy, Neal            You Gotta alove That (Atlantic) $5

McDevitt, Chas         Skiffle Group (Bear Family) $10  28 tracks...the original

McDevitt, Chas         Freight Train ((Rollercoaster) $10 32 previously unreleased tracks

McEntire, Reba         All the Women I Am VAlory) $5

McEntire, Reba         Oklahoma Girl (Mercury) $25 2cds 40 tracks This is the early pure country recordings. IMO best. Has notes but not slip sleeve. Superb.

McMinn, Papa Don     Pick a Dream Country Music Memphis Style (Pulsebeat) $8

Maddox Brothers      & Rose Live on the Radio (1953) Arhoolie $10

Malo, Raul               Sinners & Saints  (Fantasy) $10 of Mavericks “Superstar’ is a superb track best I reckon he has done solo or group.!

Mandrell, Barbara     Greatest Country Hits (Curb) $8

Martin, Glynn           Uncle Sam Mr Jukebox & My Ex Wife $18 Country Discovery.  All time great indie

Martin, Mario           Keep it on the Country Side (DPI) $10 back guarantee.

Martin, Tony            I’ll Meet You in Texas (Bob Grady) actually Haggard style Bakersfield sound. Superb $18

Matthews, Wright, King  Power of Love (Columbia)$5

Mattea, Kathy          Collection of hits (Mercury) $5

Mattea, Kathy          Love Travels (Mercury) $5

Mattea, Kathy          Lonesome Standard Time (Mercury) $5

Mattea, Kathy          Time Passes By $5

Mattea, Kathy          Definitive Collection (Mercury) $10

Mavericks                Super Colossal Smash Hits (Mercury) $10

Meech, Sarah Gayle  One Good Thing superb indie...rockabilly & country which she handles with equal aplomb. Great songs...can’t praise enough $15

Meyers, Augie          Loves Lost & Found $18 former Texsa Tornado and Sir Douglas man & his latest is equal to any  Doug Sahm his long time co-hort has done. Like Sahm’s last “return of Wayne Douglas” this is Augie’s best

Miller, Mindy            Guess Who’s Back in Town (Universal  sound) $5

Moffatt, Katy           Greatest Show on Earth (Philo) $15 Superb outr all time favouritre female folky album...that is #1!

Moffatt, Hugh          Life of a Minor Poet (Watermelon) $10 inc. duet w. Martin Delray

Monroe, Bill             Live from mountain Stage (Blue Plate) sealed $10

Moorer, Alison          Alison Moorer show Live (CD + DVD)  $12 (MCA)

Morgan, Lorrie         War Paint (RCA) $5

Morgan, Lorrie         Watch Me (RCA) with What Part of no $8

Morgan, Lorrie         Something in Red (RCA) $8

Morgan, Lorrie         Greatest Hits (RCA) $10 Till a Tear Becomes a Rose w. K. Whitley

Mowrey, Dude          HonkyTonk (Capitol) early 90s classic $10

Muth, Zoe               World of Strangers (Signature Sound) $8

Murray, Anne           Croonin’  (Capitol) $5

Murray, Anne           The Best So far (Capitol) $5  20 tacks  

Murray, Anne           What a Wonderful World 2CD gospel $12

My Darling Clementine How Do You Plead (Drumfire) classic Emmylou Gram Parsons style duets and great songs $15

Nelson, Willie           To All the Girls (Legacy) sealed $8

New Grass Revival    Friday Night in America (capitol) $8

Nichols, Joe             III (Universal) $5

Nichols, Joe             Man With a Memory (Universal) $5

Norma Jean             I Guess That Comes From Being Poor (Omni)  30 tracks $18

Norma Jean             Heaven Help the Working Irl (Omni)  30 tracks $18

Nu-Blu                    Ten (Rural Rhythm) $5

Ortega, Lindi            Tin Star (Last Gang Records) $15

Osborne Brothers     60 Minutes (Sugar Hill) $15

Overstreet, Tommy   Solid Gold Hits $5 (laserlight)

Owens, Hunter & Suzy Incognito $12 OOP Sydney bluegrass/country artists     

Parnell, Lee Roy       On the Road (Arista) $8

Parsons, Gram         Sacred Hearts and Fallen Angels (Rhino) 2Cd Anthology $20

Parton/Lynn/Wynette Honky Tonk Angels  (Columbia) $12

Paslay, Eric              Eric Paslay (Capitol) $8 breakout artist 2014

Passin, Monica          Lill Mo & the Monicats (Farmhouse) $10 Rosie Flores style rockabilly

Pierce, Webb           King of the Honky Tonk (Decca/ CMF) $18

Pirates of the Mississippi Dream You (Capitol) $5

Place, Mary kay        The Ahern Sessions 1976-77 (Raven) 2on1 $10

Rankin Twins            Moonshine & Maybes (Rankin) think McClymonts $5

Raye, Collin             Extremes (Epic) $10 this is unquestionably one of the best albums to be released in the mid 90s. Some rockers “That’s My Story” (by Leroy Parnell is superb) but ballads that couldn’t be better.

Reid, Mike               Twilight Town (Columbia) $5

Reid, Mike               Turning for Home (Columbia )$5

Rhodes, Kimmie       West Texas Heaven (Justice) $15 essential

Richey ,Kim             Thorn in My Heart (Yep Roc) $10  latest

Robbins, Marty         El Paso City/ Adios Amigo (Morello) $15

Robbins, Marty         My the Time I get to Phoenix/ Tonight Carmen (Morello) $15

Robison, Charlie        Step Right Up (Lucky Dog) $5

Rodriguez, Carrie      Give Me All You Got (ninth Street Opus) $5

Rodriguez, Johnny     You Can Say That Again (Hightone) $10

Russell, Tom            Rose of San Joaquin (Hightone) $15

Sands, Tommy         The Worryin’ Kind (Bear Family) $18  30 tks

Santo & Johnny        Santo & Johnny Graetest Hits $20 31 tks (Black Tulip)

Scott, Ray               Rayality $18  now out of print..only one

Saunders, Kane & Dell Tea for Three (ABC) $5 jane, Jenni & Shanley respectively

Seals, Dan               Rage On (Capitol) $15 his best by a mile.

Sears, Dawn            What a woman Wants to Hear (WB) $10 stunningdebut

Seldom Scene          15t hAnniversary (Sugar Hill) Superb of same ilk as “Will the Circle Be Unbroken” $18

Shaver                   Shaver’s Jewels: The Best (New West( $12

Shaver                   Live at Smith’s Bar  (Zoo) Eddy & Billy Joe at their raunchiest $10

Shaver                   Tramp on Your Street (zoo0 $8

Shaver, Billy Joe       Salt of the Earth (Columbia) $10

Shaver, Billy Joe       Old Five & Dimers Like Me (Koch) $18 Sealed reissue of his superb Monument label debut.

Shocked, Michelle     Short Sharp Shocked $5

Silvers, Jim              Music Makin’ Mama from Memphis (Bear Family) $10

Simpson, Red           Country Western Truck Drivin’ Singer (Razor & Tie)+ $20  20 tks

Smith, Gerald           Born Again (gospel)  Melody Roundup $10 Excellent

Smith/White/ Fairchild Love never Fails (Gospel) $10 Connie, Sharon & Barbara

Smith, Connie          Essential (RCA) 20 tk superb sound unsurpassed performance $20

Smith, Darded          Circo (Dualtone) $5 sealed

Smith, Mindy            Mindy Smith (Ginat leap) $5

Snow, Len               Country’s What I Choose (Platinum) $10 top indie

Sons of The Pioneers Tumbling Tumbleweeds the RCA Victor Years 20 tks $10 (RCA)

Sparks, Larry           Almost Home (Rounder) autographed . Bluegrass great.$10

Springfield, BobbyLee Al lFired Up! (Epic) $10 love this....honky tonk rockabilly.

Stevens, Ray           He Thinks He’s Ray Stevens (MCA) $5

Stewart, Gary          Essential (RCA) 20 tks $10

Stone, Doug            Greatest Hits Vol 1 (Columbia) $10

Strait, George          Latest Greatest Straitest Hits (MCA) $10

Street, ,Mel             20 Greatest Hits $15 (Gusto)

Street, Mel              20 Super hits (Gusto) totally different to previous $15. **See new releases re the new Street. King of the cheating song.

Sweethearts of Rodeo  Restless $18 (Goodtrade) sealed Their latest

Sylvie & Her Silver Dollar band  Sylvie & Friends Playback $5 w. Tommy Cash.

Taylor, Dulcie           Only worn One time (Mesa Blue Moon) $12

Thompson, Hank       Wild side of Life (Fat Cat) great later recordings $8

Thornton, Marsha     Maybe the Moon Will shine Tonight (MCA) $10 stunning second.

Thurlo, Carl             The Ranch Hand Live (carl Thurlo) cowboy poet $5

Tillis, Pam                Sweethearts’ dance (Arista) $5

Tillis, Pam                Homeward Looking Angel (arista) $5

Travis, Randy           Around the Bend (WB) $10

Travis, Randy           Glory Train (WB) 19 gospel tracks $10

Travis, Randy           Rise & Shine (WB) gospel $5

Travis, Randy           Heroes & Friends (duets) WB $10

Travis, Randy           Rise & Shine/ Passing Through 2cds $10

Travis, Randy           Platinum Colelction (WB) Uk hist $10

Trevino, Geronimo    Trying to Break the Honky Tonk fever $5 Texas indie

Tritt, Travis             Ten Foot Tall & Bullet Proof (WB) $8

Tubb, Ernest            Live 1965 (Rhino) $10 superb

Tubb, Ernest              famous Country Music Makers (Castle) Decca originals $5

Tubb, Ernest            Countr y Hoedown with guests (Jasmine) 28 tks $5

Tucker, Tanya          Can’t Run from Yourself (Capitol) $5

Two Tons of Steel     Unravelled (Big Bellied) $15 great Texas rockabilly

Tyson, ian               Cowboyography (Sugar Hill) $10

Tyson, Ian               All the Good Uns #2 (Stoney Plain) $10

Van Shelton, Ricky    Don’t Overlook Salvation (Columbia) gospel $10

Vincent, Rhonda       Destination life (Rounder) $15

Vincent, Rhonda       My Blue Tears (Rebel) $18 compiled from her

Wade, Stephen         Banjo Diaries (Smithsonian Folkways) $5

Wall, Chris               Tainted Angel $10 (Cold Spring)

Wariner, Steve         It Ain’t All Bad  (selectone) sealed vocal $12

West, Shelley           Very Best  (Varese) $10

Whitley, Keith           Don’t Close Your Eyes (RCA) $15  “I’m No Stranger to the Rain”

Wild Rose                Breaking New Ground (Capitol) $5

Williams, Hank Jnr     Family Tradition (Curb) $3

Williams, Hank          Rare Demos First to Last CMF $10

Williams, Hank III      Lovesick Broke & Driftin’ (Curb) $8

Williams, Robin & Linda Turn Toward Tomorrow  (Sugar Hill) $10

Wolf, Peter              Midnight Souvenirs (Verve) inc great duet with Haggard $8

Womack, Lee Ann     There’s More Where That Came From (Decca) $8

Woolsey, Jim & Lynna The Road That Brings You Home (Broken) $5 sealed

Wynette, Tammy      Without Walls (Epic) $5

Young, Faron & Ray Price Memories That Last (Step One) $10

Zucchero                 LA Session Cubana (Universal) $5



1861 Project            Volume 2 (Cohesian) Civil War $5 Connie Smith

All American Country Duets  (karussell Uk ..Mercury recordings) $8

Americas Music        Roots of country (Curb) $5

Beverly Hillbillies       Soundtrack (Fox) $5

Bristol Session          2CDs (Country Music Foundation) $12

Capitol Country Classics 1950s (EMI UK) 26 tks $10

Capitol Country Classics 1960s (EMI UK) 27 tks $10

Capitol Country Classics 1970s (EMI UK) 26 tks $10

Capitol Country Classics 1980s (EMI UK) 23 tks $10

Common Thread       Songs of the Eagles (Giant) $8

God Didn’t Choose Sides   Civil War Stories About Real People  (RuralRhythm0 $10 dale Ann Bradley, Ronnie Bowman, etc

Greetings from the District of country       $5 24 tks

Harry Smith             Connections: A Live Tribute (Fokways) Roger McGuinn, Jeff Tweedy $5

Heartland                An Appalachia Anthology (sony) $8Sam Bush, Mark o’Connor

Lonesome Onry & mean A tribute to Waylon Jennings (RCA) $10 Mostly great with Dave Alvin, Junior Brown and Alison Moorer being the pick.

Maverick                 Soundtrack    $5 (Atlantic)

Moody Bluegrass      A Nashville Tribute to the Moody Blues  (Red River) $18 2CDs.This is one where you can’t believe it is good let alone great.  Inc. Lionel Cartwwright, Vince Gill, Tim O’Brien. And ALL the Moody Blues also participate. Workds amazingly in spite of itself.

Music of Kentucky     Early American Rural Classics 1927-1937  (Yazoo) $10

Rig Rock Deluxe       Tribute to the American Truckdriver (Diesel Only) $10

Roots of Country      Western Swing (Rhino) $10 Great 18 tracker with the ribald offerings “Pussy Pussy Pussy” by Light Crust Doughboys and “Everybody’s Truckin’ by Modern Moutaineers....what did they say?

Silver Meteor           A Progressive Country Anthology 26 tks $15 (Sierra)

Skynyrd Frynds        A Tribute to Lynyrd skynyrd  $8 (Universal) with Tritt, Mavericks, Sammy Kershaw etc

Stars of Farm County Jubilee Presents a Blue grass Tribute to RCA studio B  $8

Tribute to Nicolette Larson (Rhino)  Emmylou, Jackson Browne, Buffett etc $18

Tribute to Steve Goodman   (Red Pajamas) $15 Prine, Arlo, Nitty Gritty etc

Tribute to Tradition    (columbia) $5

‘True Voices             (Demon) Uk new sing old $5

Unbroken Circle        Musical Heritage of the Carter Family (Dualtone) $10



Blodwyn Pig                       Lies (Viceroy) $10

Blodwyn Pig                       al lSaid & Done (Shakedown 2CD+  DVd interview..$20

Butterfield, Paul                  Elektra Anthology  (Elektra) 2CD $15  Blues harp.

Creedence Clearwater Revival Best 2CD bonus edition (Fantasy) $8

Dr John                            Mos ScociousAnthology (Rhino) 2Cd $15 New Orleans legend.

Finn, Neil                           Dizzy Heights (Lester Records) $5

Hendrix, Jimi                      Live at Woodstock (Sony Legacy) 2cd $10

Jackson, Randy                  Sympathy for the Walrus: Music of the Beatles (Red

River) $15 acoustic performances of Beatles songs by former lead singer of group Zebra, who I had not heard of but this is exceptional.

Jones, Spike                      Spiked! The Music of Spike Jones (RCA) $8 22 tks

King, Ben E                        Anthology (Rhino) 2cd rare $25

Klaatu                               Sir Army Suite/Endangered Species (BGO) $10

Landreth, Sonny                 Down in Louisiana (Epic) $10

McCartney, Paul                 Tripping the Live Fantastic. 2 Cds + 2 booklets $10

McShee, Jacqui                   Passe Avant  (Park) $18 superb voiced folky ex Pentangle

Magic Sam                        West Side Soul (Delmark) $10

Martyn, John                     Sweet Little Mysteries: The Island Anthology 2CD (Island) $15 Classic UK folkie.

Mingus, Charles                  Thirteen Pictures: Charles Mingus Anthology (Rhino) 2CD15

Moss, Nick                         Time Ain’t Free (Blue bell) $10 blues

Murphy, Elliott                    Lost Generation/ Night Lights The RCA years $15 (Raven)

Murphy, Elliott                    & Ian Matthews La Terre Commune (eminent) $5

Newson, Joanna                 YS (Drag City) $5

Nyro, Laura                       Stoned Soul Picnic Best 2CD  Columbia $15

Principato, Tom                  Raising the Roof Powerhouse Blues $8

Red Hash                          Drag City ((DC) $18 psychedelic rarity

Redding, Otis                     The Otis Redding Story (Atlantic) 3 CD $15

Redding, Otis                     Dreams to Remember: The Otis Redding Anthology (Rhino)    2cd + 52 pg book with slip sleeve $25 great.

Rogers, Jimmy Allstars        Blues Blues Blues (Atlantic) $10 with Clapton, Jagger blues.

Rondo, Don                       The Hits & More (Jasmine)  28 tks $10

Sinatra, Frank                   With the Red Norvo Quintet Live in Australia 1959 (Blue Note) $8 great xylophonist.

Stranglers                         UA Singles  3cds (EMI UK) $20

Strawberry Alarm Clock       Incense & Peppermints (MCA) $8

Ten Years After                  The Chrysalis Years 1969-1972 (EMI UK) 3CD $25

Terry, Sonny &                  Brownie McGhee Key to the Highway (Comet) nice bound book style cover 19 tks  $10

Warnes, Jennifer                Famous Blue  Raincoat:Songs of Leonard Cohen (Cypress)$5

Who                                 Ultimate 2cds (MCA) $5

Wilkins, Robert                      Prodigal Son (Bear Family) $18 2014 blues.

Yankovic, Weird Al              Bad Hair Day  (Scotti) $5

Yankovic, Weird Al              Greatest Hits (Scotti) $5

Young, Neil                          Sugar Mountain: Live at Canterbury House 1968 (Reprise) $10l CD with Not on Archives box and a great concert where Neil is particularly chatty.

Zoot                                  Zoot Locker (EMI) $5 Eleanor Rigby is one of the best ever Beatles’ covers



Freedom Is a Hammer        Conservative Folk Revolutionaries of the Sixties (Omni) $10

Verve Story                      50th Anniversary 1944-1994 (verve) $20 58 tracks many rare. W. 36 pages notes + slip sleeve.


BOX SETS all genres


Alice Cooper                          Life& Crimes Rhino 4cds + 84 page book $50 This is the original edition with the 3D cover. Has 81 tracks including some rarities, with 10 previously unreleased track.


Annette                                  A Musical Reunion With America’s Girl Next Door 2cd with 46 tracks plus book.$45 Still sealed. Totally impossible to get. The Mousketeer who grew up (as Stan Freberg called her). Is there anything better than Annette singing “Pineapple Princess”?? Probably not. Disney was amazed at how talented she was. Very rare.


Autry, Gene                          Sing Cowboy Sing Rhino 3cd + 64 page book 81 tracks superbly presented as are all Rhino boxes $35


Baez, Joan                            Complete A&M Recordings 4 cds 77 tracks $48 Whilst her         Vanguard recordings are her best know this set contains what many regard as her best studio and live album. The studio album is “Diamonds& Rust” and the live is “From Every Stage”, a highlight for mine is her version of the very wordy Dylan track “Lily, Rosemary & the Jack of Hearts, you may say when Bob did it you may have missed one or two of the words. Her interpretations are as fine as ever and her voice is probably at its peak. Superb sound.


Beach Boys                           Good Vibrations 5cds + pg book The 5th cd is all unrelased material and there are a significant number of unreleased tracks on all the other discs. NEW & SEALED $50


Beach Boys                           “The Pet Sounds Sessions” $55 4 cds and a book presenting the complete recording sessions for their landmark album 90 tracks all up plus 2 books, one 36 pages and one a massive 128 page. Very attractive cloth bound green long box. Like new.


Beach Boys                           Smile Sessions Box Set New $110  5Cds + 2Lps + 2 7” singles...sealed. Housed in a 3D box resemble the shop front that was on the original Lp + 60 pg hardbound book + varying drawing, posters etc. The most controversial album never released at the time with every session track now included.


Buffalo Springfield              Buffalo Springfield Box Rhino 4cd box+80page book. $60 Superb original large size box. Stephen Stills, Neil Young and Richie Furay (later Poco) were the principles and one of the most influential groups in the country rock field. The set is highlighted by a number of unreleased Neil Young songs and demos which never made it to the album but which later featured on his albums.

Cash, Johnny                        The Legend Deluxe Edition limited edition 20,000 sealed. This is a mammoth ultra large 40 x 30 cm (16x12”) coffee table style  book that weighs over 4 kgs and has 128 heavy stock pages. The art work is spectacular. It includes the 104 tracks and 4 cds that were on the standard edition but has much more, an additional cd and a dvd and a superb lithograph which truly would be great in a frame. $130 Try and find a sealed won’t.


Clapton, Eric                          “Crossroads” 4cds 44 page book $40 ORIGINAL 12X12 CLOTH BOUND edition  Career spanning set 73 tracks with all important tracks from his tenures with John Mayall Bluebreakers, Yardbirds, Cream, Blind Faith, Derek and the Dominos and solo..


Cline, Patsy                           Patsy Cline Collection  4cds + 64 page book. All in the 12 inch long style box. An absolutely essential box brought out by MCA and the Country Music Foundation. Someone once said if you lined up ever female singer Patsy would be

                                                singing lead and the rest could consider themselves lucky to be singing in the chorus...yep...could be right. One of the best box sets ever. The sound is superb. 104 tracks, essentially all she recorded. This is out of print. A couple of small marks on cover, content as new. Don’t dally $48. It is out of print & very hard to get.


Cocker, Joe                            The Long Voyage Home: Silver Anniversary Edition 4cds 56 page book $45 new & sealed. 63 tracks sandwiched between original & new vrsion of “With a Little Help From My Friends” (or ‘Me Friends’ as Joe said in Woodstock).


Cooke, Sam                           The Man Who Invented Soul RCA sealed 4 cds 96 tks out of print $60


Darin, Bobby                        As Long as I’m Singing: The Bobby Darin Collection Rhino $60 like new and out of print. 4cd + 64 page book. There are 96 tracks including some unissued. Cd#1 is the Rock & Roll Years. Cds #2 & #3 are the Pop Years whilst cd #4 is the Folk and Country Years (don’t forget he had a hit with “If I Were a Carpenter”). Tragically he died young. AND he was married to Sandra Dee...a top sort.


Daniels, Charlie                    The Roots Remain $55 SIGNED BY CHARLIE Sony 3cd with 24 page book. Very attractive black leather look box with embossed silver lettering. Started off as a session musician, playing on some of Bob Dylan’s most famous albums and gravitated to a former of southern country rock with an emphasis pn country. Of course his most famous song is an adaptation of a traditional piece ie “The Devil Went Down to Georgia”. His countrified version of “Layla” is just one of the many treats on this 45 track disc.


Deep Purple                       Shades 1968-1998 Rhino 4 cds + 56 pg book $55 Has their early more pop influenced tracks such as “Hush” and “Kentucky Woman” right through their years as hard rockers extraordinaire culminating in gems such as “Smoke on the Water, “Black Night” and the best of all “Child in Time”.


Freberg, Stan                       Tip of the Freberg Rhino 4cd +64 page book + VHS video $80 This is a must if you have a lot of Stan Freberg, as there is so much previously unissued material herein and the presentation is superb. CD#1 has his wonderful song parodies CD#2 has some of his famed sketches with many rare single only tracks as does Cd#3 with some from his faux history albums “Presents United States of America” Vol 1 from 1961 and Vol 2 from 1996. The 1996 version saw some new actors assisting Stan such as David Ogden-Stiers of MASH fame and the delightfully named Lorenzo Music. CD#4 is all completely unreleased material with over 50 tracks, obviously some being very short. Daws Butler (Huckelberry Hound/ Yogi Bear/ Quick Draw McGraw, Augie Doggie etc) is superb as Stan’s right hand man on the most famous sketches. Hard to get


Hall & Oates                          Do What You Want Be What You Are RCA Legacy $40 4 cds + 60 page book. 74 tracks with detailed track by track commentary. They were very big in the US, with really only one hit I can remember out here, “Rich Girl.”


Harris, Emmylou                 Songbird 4CD/ DVD + 200 page hard cover bound book with a stack of unissued tracks. 78 tracks plus 10 track DVD. There are actually 2 bound books which slide in a jacket. The book containing the cds slips together in this outer jacket. The cds and dvd in both are as new. External sleeve is also as new and is the original cloth bound...heck you can’t even get the cardboard one!! $110 Very rare..don’t take my word though do a check. Remember this is absolutely pristine.


James, Etta                           The Chess Box 3cd + 40 page book 72 tracks $40. One of the great vocalists best known for the consummate version of the big ballad “At Last” but able to handle the harder stuff with equal aplomb. Includes 10 previously unreleased songs including “Light My Fire” and “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’


Joel, Billy                               The Stranger 30th Anniversary Edition sealed 2cds + DVD + 48 page book sealed. $35  Billy Joel made it in Australia before he made it in USA. Hard to believe but his “Piano Man” album caused nary a ripple. This was the big one and deserved success came his way. Cd #1 is the original album, cd#2 is Billy live at Carnegie Hall in 1977 and the DVD has his Old Grey Whistle Test appearance from 1978, plus videos for “The Stranger” & “Just the Way You Are” plus a 30 minute documentary on the making of The Stranger. DVD goes for 90 minutes. His early days including this are super. Sat in the front row of the Opera House to see him.


Johnson, Robert                  Complete Recordings 2cd  This has appeared in a number of forms. This is  the long box style box set with the 48 pg book. $22


Joplin, Janis                          Janis  3cds + 48 page book.$40 Book style tri fold cover 49 tracks by rock’s premier blues vocalist...of the female variety. Be warned, the book is adorned by a nekkid Janis. Like a lot it is out of print & superb and despite stuffing up some of the lyrics, hers is the definitive “Me & Bobby McGee”.


Jack Kerouac                        Collection Rhino 3cd 12x12 grey cloth bound box with large 32 page book. 3 Cds. Very hard to get. The daddy of the Beat movement. $50


Lehrer, Tom                           Remains of Tom Lehrer (Rhino)$55 like new .  3 cds + 80 page hard cover book in solid cardboard outer. Famed for songs such as “Poisoning Pigeons in the Park”, “, Masochism Tango” “the Old Dope Peddler”, etc whilst it may seem that his songs are topical they are remarkably applicable today. Basically all his recordings. Like Stan Freberg is still kicking, apparently a healthy 90 year old.


Mathis. Johnny                     The Music of Johnny: A Personal Collection (Columbia) $35 4 cds with 86 tracks and 68 page book. The long style box. His biggest hit in Australia was “Twelfth of Never” but I have a soft spot for “What Will My Mary Say’. Like new. Not strictly a hits package (hence the name) but these two gems are on it. His versatility is shown in such songs as Boz Scaggs “We’re All Alone”.


Miller, Roger                    “King of the Road: The Genius of Roger Miller” 3cd  + 40 page book. $48 If ever an artist was deserving of a

Bear Family box set it was Roger. There is a dearth of his  material, even in Greatest Hits packages. This is much more  with 70 tracks that include most of his “Trip in the Country" album where he went back & recorded some songs that he wrote early in his career for other people such as “Tall Tall Trees”, “Invitation to the Blues”, “don’t We All Have the Right” etc. All the hits are there and it includes some great later things such as “Old Friends with Willie & Ray Price as well as two selections from “Big River” his Tony award winning stage show. This is now deleted


Parton, Dolly                   Dolly $48 4cds + 64 page book. Some wonderfully rare photos are featured in the book. 99 tracks. Great presentation in silver box.


Presley, Elvis                        Platinum RCA 4 CD 100 ths many rare & previously unreleased .48 pg book $45


Presley, Elvis                        Elvis 75: Good Rockin’ Tonight RCA 4CD 80page book 100 tracks $45


Ramones                               Weird Tales of the Ramones $48 Rhino  3cds + dvd + 56 page book plus bonus postcard plus 3D glasses. 103 tracks. Great Rhino presentation


Sinatra, Frank                       Duets and Duets II 3cds..both duet albums PLUS a 3rd cd radio special which is highly sought. All in very attractive cloth bound box. $35


Sinatra, Frank                      Best of the Columbia Years 1943-1952 4 cd + 68 page book Columbia legacy. 97 tracks. $35


Sledge, Percy                       The Atlantic Recordings sealed Rhino Handmade $45 4cds + 60 page velvet covered box. Favourite of the Australian Cricket Team...sledge...get it??


Springfield, Dusty               The Dusty Springfield Anthology $40 Mercury 3cds with 32 page book 77 tracks.  Includes some early tracks with the Springfields including the classic “Silver Threads & Golden Needles”. Naturally features the landmark “Dusty in Memphis” but the rarities are the winner.


Springsteen, Bruce               “Tracks” HDCD 4 cds $40 like new  4cds of outtakes, b-sides and rarities. Nicely packaged in trifold cover with 56 pg book. 66 tracks, some of which are quite long as we all would


Stewart, Rod                        The Rod Stewart Sessions 1971-1998 4Cds + 52 page book $50 Recently read Rod’s autobiography and it is one of the funniest I’ve ever read. Great set with CD1&2 being just fabulous. 63 tracks.


Williams, Hank                     The Unreleased Recordings SAMS CLUB edition (Time Life) $40 Hard to get now. This has the same 3 cds & packaging as the standard edition but has a bonus dvd ONLY available here. “For the first time hear the incredible story of these unreleased recordings in this revealing behind the scenes conversation between Hank’s daughter, Jett Williams, and 2 members of Hank’s band”. DVd goes approx. 41 min  Standard edition a bargain at $30..but no dvd.


Wills, Bob                              “Encores”  3cds $40 + 40 page book by Wills’ biographer Charles Townsend. Bob’s Liberty Recordings saw him reunited with Tommy Duncan and for the first time they recorded together in true hi fidelity sound  which suited the group to the ground. The final cd in this set is from 1973 & saw a reunion with former Playboys’ members & greats Leon McAuliffe, Eldon Shamblin (they recreate the classic “Twin Guitar Special”). Performance and soundwise these are superb.


Wynette, Tammy                Tears of Fire”25th Anniversary Collection” $58 new & sealed $35 (a few marks on box)  3cds + 24 page book. Great 67 tracks including duets. Quite a few duets, the one with Emmylou, “Beneath a a Painted Sky” is a gem, as are the ones with a bloke called Jones.


Z  Z Top                                  Chrome, Smoke & BBQ 4cds 80 tracks including rarities 88 page book $50 Warner/ Rhino box. Also includes flicker book where you can get a scene of them playing. Always found it unusual...Frank Beard...the only clean shaven member.


American Comedy               Box 4 cds + unique box which has a 3 D cover featuring one of those fake nose and glasses that seemingly were all the rage. Amazing packaging from Rhino. Of course it has the most famous comedy sketch of all time, “Who’s on First” but has great variety. Still sealed $35


Anthology of American Folk Music edited by Harry Smith 6cds + 2 books, a 68

Page 12x12 overview plus a smaller book which provides a track by track rundown. Universally considered the best of its type, and put out by Smithsonian Folkways. Beautifully packaged in 12x12” red cloth bound box. $70


Monty Python Flying Circus   Instant Monty Python Cd Collection 6 cds + 40 page

Book. All in as new condition. The complete works. Favourite sketch?? The Cheese Shop...what else!! $50


New Rose                              Story New Rose $45 is a French label and over the years released a lot of material that didn’t get released elsewhere. They had a bit of a punk edge but did release some fine country stuff even if artists such as Calvin Rusell and Tex Edwards were a little left of centre. They were the only label to release a cd of the Texas Mavericks, the mysterious masked group featuring both Doug Sahm and Alvin Crow. Each track is separately annotated and there are 85 of them...tracks that is. Includes rare solo from likes of Henry Vestine (of Canned Heat), Alvin Lee. Elliott Murphy etc. Nice lolly pink box.


Nuggets                                 Original Artyfacts from the First Psychedelia Era Rhino $80. Sealed box 91 garage rock tracks with 100 page book. Classic box set. Long out of print. This features all American artists and covers all the regions...Boston, New York, San Francisco etc.


Nuggets                                 II  Original Artyfacts from the British Empire & Beyond Rhino $80 This is brand new & sealed. It is very rare now. Do a check. Has great 100 page book and has a few iconic Australian tracks in the mix. Classic series. Unquestionably two of the best ever box sets.


Sony Music Country            ATV (Tree) Publishing box set 8 cds + 104 page book in an attractive cloth bound box. Covers the period 1956-2001. 178 tracks all original artists. $45


Testify:                              The Gospel Box $40Rhino

Wonderful set of black gospel by the best US proponent of the box set. Features a red cover hard book like structure which brilliantly looks exactly like a bible, complete with gold leaf pages. Includes 52 pg  book. 50 tracks. Each song is separately annotated...the story behind the songs. Must be seen to be fully appreciated


Whatever                              The 90s Pop & Culture Box 7 CDS + 92 page book Rhino. Amazing package has real coffee beans housed inside solid jacket. $40...not really my era so sold ridiculously low. All rare


Work Hard, Play Hard, Pray Hard 3cd Tompkins Square$35 Nice small box package featuring rare78s. Brand new ans sealed. Tompkins Square an excellent boutique label.


BEAR FAMILY BOXES. All as new unless indicated.


**Eddy Arnold The Tennessee Plowboy NOTE: incomplete 4 cds + 40 pg book(not 5) CD#4 is missing. I may be able to get a burnt one down the track $60. But wait I have a signed letter from Eddy Arnold to a fan on his own personal stationery which I will include for $30. The box appears new and unplayed..but as indicated only 4 cds. The letter is a nice extra.


**Chet Atkins   Mr Guitar 7cd + 120page hard cover book $170 Like the day it was born...the box that is. In new condition. Superb. Complete recordings from 1955-1960. Great variety of styles from the most important country music guitarist ever.


**Johnny Cash “The Man in Black Volume One” 5cd + 36 pg book $70 Absolutely pristine. Includes  his Sun and early Columbia recordings in best sound. As a bonus a complete session is included on disc five complete with false starts and studio talk as he tries to get ˜Don’t Take Your Guns to Town”, “I Still Miss Someone” etc up to speed.


**Johnny Cash “The Man in Black Volume 2 1959-1962” 5CD +  40 page book $80 Focusses on his early Columbia Years. As per previous CD #5 is dedicated to a complete session with some rather unusual tracks featured.


**Johnny Cash “Man in Black Volume 3” 6 Cds + 48 page book as new $110 Covers the period 1963-1969. Late 60s was probably Cash’s most creative and productive period.


**Doris Day “Secret Love 1951-1955” 5CD + 100page hard cover book. Has to be seen to be believed how good it could be. Pristine & beautiful. $140


**Easy Riders Marianne 6cds + 24 page book $120 Led by Terry Gilkyson and responsible for “Marianne” ...that irresistible all day all night Marianne down by the sea side sifting sand...stop it!! Also wrote “Memories are Made of This”. At the cusp of folk and pop. Gilkyson was father of Eliza Gilkyson. He wrote “Call of the wild Goose” for Frankie Laine as well. Doesn’t crop up very often. 173 tracks.


**Johnnie & Jack And the Tennessee Mountain boys 6cd + 68pg. book $140 Rare set now featuring Johnnie Wright & Jack Anglin. Includes Apollo, King, RCA & Decca. They only broke up when Jack was tragically killed in a car crash on his way to Patsy Cline’s funeral. One of the best Bear sets 174 tracks, and to be honest none of them dud.


**Eartha Kitt – Earthquake 5 cd + 40 page book $70 Includes her RCA and Decca Recordings. Lots of hits and some excellent songs in French. Many thought she was actually of European stock but she had a blck mother, white father and Cherokee grandmother. “Sweet Old Fashioned Girl” (which she was decidedly not) is a gem.


**Laine, Frankie  I Believe  $140 6cds + hard cover book. This covers his early Columbia Recordings from 1951 to 1955 and has mammoth hits “Jezebel”, the title cut and of course “High Noon”...a huge hit for Frankie even though Tex Ritter did it in the movie. It includes his duets with Doris Day, Jo Stafford, the Four Lads & probably the greatest child vocalist ever in Jimmy Boyd....well I loved Jimmy anyway!!  Does Frankie have a rug?? I don’t mean the one on his lounge room floor.


**Nellie Lutcher and Her Rhythm 4cds + 36 page book. Bluesy pop or pop influenced blues and R&B ..take your pick. As with all great artists of a similar ilk some tracks are a tad on the ribald side but infinitely fun. Great piano as well. Capitol, Decca& Liberty recordings. $90


**Dean Martin Return to Me 8 cds + 84 page hard cover book. Has all Dean’s Capitol Recordings from 1956-1961. Some minor marks on box with contents just wonderful as new. Rarely get these in fact this is the first $150 (brand new is $300)


**Marvin Rainwater “Classic Recordings” 4CD + 36 page book. $90 Excellent set with Marv...nothing like a bit of informality... being a master of both ballads and uptempo songs. The former is best illustrated by his US #1 “Gonna Find me a Bluebird”, which features a tasty piece of whistling as well, whilst the latter is best shown by his UK #1 “Whole Lotta Woman”. In fact he was one of the best hillbilly come rockabilly singers around with great voice and backing musicians including Grady Martin and Roy Clark. Love this set.


**Marty Robbins    Country 1951-58 5cds + 40 pg book. First Bear Family box is superb. Marty hit the ground running and never looked back. Probably one of the most popular Bear Family boxes.


**Jimmie Rodgers The Singing Brakeman 6cds + 60 page book that is literally packed with previously unpublished photos. Sound is beyond that of anything else. His complete recordings $100 Some minor marks on box but cds & booklet are pristine as new.


**Scott, Jack            “The Way I Walk” 5 cd + 40 page book. Very versatile artist inc. Capitol, Carlton and RCA Great set $110 There are few artists who have covered the scope of material that Jack has. Rockabilly...great authentic....Hank Willimas Tribute...ditto...gospel (with the Chantones...great handclapping style) ballads (what...seemingly too long a the World’s come over you). Brilliant.


**Hank Snow “The Yodelling Ranger”  5cds + 48 pg book. This is his earliest work prior to his going to the USA. The 5th cd features his Life Story album. Cds & booklet are pristine but outer box has some marks. $90


**Stewart, Wynn    Wishful Thinking 10 cd + 52 pg book $200 Some rate this the best Bear Family box and I am talking about someone with great taste. Apart from being a great performer he was also a superb writre. That is what sets this apart , teh material is first rate. Buck may be the best know on the Bakersfield brigade but Wynn was teh best. This is actually in middle of the month.



**D Singles Volume 3 $80 4cds + 52 page book Every one of these are great Love Hardrock Gunter and also likes of Lawton Williams. Leon Payne and more of the terrific Merl Lindsay for starters.




The Porter & Dolly box was a great seller and as good as we expected. Had a few people who missed out so don’t despair will be a couple of weeks. For the rest this is the info on it:


**Porter Wagoner & Dolly Parton “Just Between The Two Of Us: Complete Duet Recordings” Bear Family 6 CDS + 80+ page hard cover book. $240. Hard to believe that a lot of fans didn’t take to Dolly when she replaced Norma Jean in Porter’s show. But that soon changed. I loved the epic tear jerkers such as “The Party” and “Jeannie’s Afraid of the Dark” but there is also a lot of levity in the mix. 160 tracks and around 7 hours playing time. Great notes with a forward by none other than Emmylou Harris. As one learned scribe said “The music is fabulous and the book is sensational.” I would add the box set is extremely attractive. Includes some great rarities.



Chuck Berry “The Complete Studio Recordings PLUS” 16CD + 2 books...Not sure how much this is going to be but it will be over $600 depending on the nature of the books. Includes not only Chess but Mercury & other subsequent label Charles Edward Berry recorded for. He is till kicking and still performs and apparently his well known erratic behaviour is as erratic as ever.


The Calypso Craze

6cd + DVD + hard cover book $270

The set comprises six CDs, covering the following topics:
•    Before The Craze: Calypso Hits Of The 1930s, 40s, And Early 50s
•    Belafonte And Calypso - Before And After Calypso
•    Calypso Goes Pop (...and R&B, Rock 'N' Roll, Folk, Country, Comedy, And Jazz)
•    Calypso On Stage And Screen
•    Calypso 'Across The Pond': The Calypso Craze In England
•    Mondo Calypso: The Calypso Craze In The Circum-Caribbean And Around The World


va: Nashville Jumps, Blues & Rhythm 1945-1955( 8-CD Box) $330 This is a reissue of a box that was out a few years ago. The book is 284 page. Generally these “reissued boxes” are not around for that long.

Jim Reeves “Complete Abbott recordings PLUS” 3CD + 100 page book $90  This is one of the smaller style boxes. It was to mark the 50th anniversary of Jim’es death in 1964. Abbott was the Texas label he was on before going to RCA. Rca of course emplyed the strings and things and found Jim the perfect artist to present the Nashville sound. It has 76 tracks including demos, many of which are getting released for the first time. This was rawer than his RCA years and backing artists include the likes of Speedy West.


various: Atomic Platters: Single Warhead Edition w/ bonus tracks  $35 This is deluxe package with 80 page book. The original box set had 10 cds and a huge book.

This collection also features several vintage public service announcements by Bomb-savvy stars Johnny Cash, Connie Francis and Groucho Marx! And to top things off like a mushroom cloud, this set has five bonus tracks not heard on the original 'Atomic Platters' box set!


Also a DVD

Target You! II - More Cold War Educational Films from The Golden Age Of Homeland Security $35


Back to cds

Troubadours - Folk And The Roots Of American Music Vol. 1 (3-CD) 1920-1957 152 page book $80

Troubadours - Folk And The Roots Of American Music Vol. 2 (3-CD) late 50s + 124 page book $80

Troubadours - Folk And The Roots Of American Music Vol. 3 (3-CD) late 60s+ 112 page book $80

Each set has about 70 tracks. Like any of the Bear Family series, the  sound quality is going to be superb and the notes also.

Incidentally available with English or German notes. I will be only ordering the English!!




Any of the true collectors will recognise the name Boppin’ Bob Jones....also the name of one of my customers...but this one was an English engineer who did extensive work for labels such as ACE and Bear Family. This is a series of cd releases to commemorate  some lps he did for a few UK labels such as Rollercoaster. The titles in this series are:


**More Ballroom Kings

**Hillbilly Hound Dawgs & Honky tonk Angels

**Groove Jumpin”

**Still Groove Jumpin’

First 2 are country and second 2 R&B/jumpl blues. Each $32. The first 2 are great. Yep I used to have the lps.


That’s it for now folks. Any questions please do not hesitate to ask.




















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