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It was pointed out to me that Australian singer Noel Watson passed away this month. I find that it is sad there was no coverage of this as I consider him a singer of great talent who I unfortunately only listened to in recent times. I had been blinded by the success of his version of “Waltzing Matilda”, a song I really don’t like at all. Maybe I can see it is a folk tale and nothing more and resent the fact some have tried to promote it as a national anthem. Let’s face it as such it is just inappropriate. I prefer what I think is termed the Queensland version (where the words “my darlin’ ” are added). But back to Noel Watson. He was a wonderful song interpreter and if I could make a comparison it would be with Tom Waits...if Tom Waits could sing. Noel Watson certainly could. Sadly most are only going to know him for “Waltzing Matilda” but he had much more to offer. He was previously part of the group “Saltbush”. If someone can possibly tape a Saltbush album for me I would be truly grateful. So, to a great singer...Vale Noel Watson.



Postage rates remain unchanged even though Australia post do not help commerce in this country with their expanding price schedules. So for now it is still $2 for 1cd $3 for 2cd and $8 for 3/4/5cds. Box sets will be a little higher Satchels will be used to maximise quantity sent for minimum cost. Any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.




This is a long newsletter and there is a lot in it. PLEASE go through it carefully. It is also a continuing thing so please treat it that way. If you know someone else who appreciates the music PLEASE pass it on. These take a lot of preparation and maximum exposure is certainly appreciated. I have aimed to maximise the setting out process to make it easy to read. I think that is the case and I am very pleased with the way it looks. Thank you.



Chuck Cusimano – The Tyler Sessions $28 Remember a few years ago now I was reviewing a cd by Claude Diamond and I made an analogy to the music of the great John Prine. I said that Claude was so good if it had of been a case of there but for the grace of God go I he could have been the revered folk country stlist and John Prine the unknown artist we were just discovering. Well skip a few years forward and we have Chuck Cusimano. Every single thing about him is quality and he is so good that you may make comparisons with Merle Haggard and wonder how Merle could be the household name he is and Chuck be the unknown. Maybe that is a bit much but let me tell you Chuck is that good from both a singing and songwriting perspective. I guess appropriately Chuck does a great “Silver Wings on the Jukebox” so a nod to the great man is his cordial way of saying thanks. At the same time “Nashville Runaround” is a pretty self-explanatory tale of Nashville being pretty much a closed shop when it comes to getting great songs covered, relying on their formula style for virtually every single album that is recorded there. Chuck, who may have been doubling for actor Wilfred Brimble, nails the wonderful ballad “Home is Where the Hurt Is” perfectly. Couldn’t be improved upon. One of last year’s most popular albums was Gina Roberts’ “Shuffle Back to Me” on which Chuck wrote every song. He does his own version of “Shuffle Back to Me” and indeed a treat it is. His medium to up tempo soings are as good as his ballads. The opening “A Better Mind to Stay’ sounds like something I’ve heard before, but then again that is a trait of great songs....and that is what we have here. Chuck lives in little place called Springtown, Texas, just north of Forth worth, well 60 miles north. Maybe he should move to Austin for 3 months. They probably wouldn’t let him leave.


Max D Barnes – Day After Forever $28 The late MaxD Barnes is for mine the best of the songwriters who sing but are essentially just considered songwriters. This was his only cd and we have the last copies available in the world. Max’s success as a writer is widespread but it is his co-writes with the likes of Vern Gosdin that have placed him at the forefront of that trade, none bigger than “Chiselled in Stone”, which won the coveted CMA Song of the Year. It is therefore no real surprise I guess that vocally he is more than reminiscent of Vern. His masterful handling of the ballad really has us wondering why he only ever made two lps and this cd...all long unavailable. Don’t miss it, we only have a few. BTW, if you don’t belive me...try and find one!


Kimmie Rhodes “Covers” $28 One of the greatest female folkcountry albums of all time is Kimmie’s “West Texas Heaven”, a long favourite of Yesterday & Today Records customers (or clients as seems to be the au fait word nowadays). So it was with interest that this 15 tracker was first played. and I must admit going to track 5, “Georgia Lee” a song by Tom Waits from his album “Mule Variations”. As is Tom’s schtick he does these generally unlistenable freeform things that the critics seem to go nuts over (yep...emperor’s new clthes’ syndrome again) but permeates them with some of the most delightfully melodic and sad songs you could ever hear such as “Georgia Lee”....(incidentally “Picture in a Frame’ was on the same Waits’ album) . Now when someone such as Kimmie touches one they get even better. Cast your mind back to her duet album with Willie Nelson, “Picture in a Frame” and the glorious version of that Tom Waits song. Well “Georgia Lee” is just as good, maybe better. The refrain “why wasn’t God watching etc” gives me goosebumps. She is joined on a couple of tracks by Rodney Cowell who contributes vocals on his “Adam’s Song”. You may query a cover of “Yesterday” but she breathes new life into it with an entrancing extended acoustic guitar intro courtesy of son Gabe Rhodes and a mournful steel guitar line from Tommy Spurlock. Compared to this the Beatles’ version is a romp. It works superbly. On the opposite side Towne’s “White Freight Liner’ is given a bluesy rendition with superb harmonica, which unfortunately is uncredited in the notes. Dylan’s “Don’t Think Twice” is given a very “happy” reading with a breezy dobro intro. Jimmy Reed’s “Shame Shame Shame” sounds like it was arranged for Waylon. The last track “With a Little Help from My Friends’ is for mine the only one that doesn’t work. But then again 14 others are fine, and this is definitely one of her albums to have.


Peter Cooper “Opening Day” (Red Beat) $28 Peter is the chief music writer for Nashville’s Daily newspaper, “The Tennessean” as well as being an excellent singer songwriter with great taste who performs solo and with label head Eric Brace. (they have been opening for John Prine a lot in recent times so that will give you an idea of to whom they would appeal). He is also a great friend & fan of legendary steel guitarist Lloyd Green, who appears on this entire album to great effect. Apart from Tom T Hall’s “A Million miles to the City” and Bill Morrissey’s “Birches” all songs are by Peter and many have a nostalgic “happy to be alive” theme to them. It is a bit like the anti-political speech..,,where the politician is telling us how bad things are, and you find yourself saying “I really didn’t know that...thanks for telling me”. Only Peter takes a more positive tact. There are some humorous notes as Peter tells us “Lloyd Green plays the same green Sho-Bud pedal steel that’s on all those famous records. Holy Cow!”. Add great artist to his q.v.


“The Big E A Salute to Steel Guitarist Buddy Emmons” $28 Make no mistake about it, many consider Buddy the greatest pedal steel guiar player of them all. I know that is the case with Australia’s most high profile player Michel Rose. I can recall his excitement at going to an Everly Brothers concert (at I think the Hilton Hotel) and honestly it was almost a case of “Don & Phil who??”. Buddy toured with the Everly Brothers throughout the 80s and 90s. He made that spectacularly successful series of albums with Ray Pennington on Step One. (PLEASE do yourself a favourand check through this newsletter). Buddy retired in 2007 but is still appparently well; proceeds go to the Country Music Hall of Fame in memory of Buddy’s wife.. This was produced by Steve Fishell, who was for many years part of Emmylou’s Hot Band. On this he gathers some of the best steel guitarists going and on some has vocals guests...great vocals guests ...on some tracks. The 16 page booklet has very comprehensive notes by Steve Fishell followed by a detailed track by track summary. It opens with “Country Boy”, not the Albert Lee track but the 1953 Jimmy Dickens track (it was Jimmy who gave Buddy his first Nashville gig). Vince Gill takes lead vocal and plays lead guitar with Doug Jernigan on steel. “That’s All it took” features Emmylou and Rodney Crowell, with Steve Fishell on steel. It was a song covered by Gram Parson on “GP” which featured Buddy Emmons. “Are You sure” is a bit different featuring just Willei Nelson and Mickey Raphael (on harmonica). I guess Mickey must replicate steel lines on harmonica, but in any case the song was credited to Willei & Buddy Emmons, as a result of an overly friendly drunk who cornered them both. Willei though Buddy knew him and vice versa. The song appeared on Ray Price’s “Night Life” album where Buddy Emmons provided perhaps the greatest pedal steel into to any song...ever. Other tracsk feature vocals by John Anderson, Albert Lee (who also played with the Everly Brothers) and Raul Malo on that very song. Little Jimmy Dickesn is featured with Dan Dugmore on steel and Duane Eddy on guitar on “When Your House Is Not a Home”. 9 vocal tracks and 7 instrumental tracks fill out the album. Instrumentalists include Doug Jernigan, JayDee Maness, and Merle Haggard’s long time steel man, Norm Hamlet. Just a superbly produced project.


Eddie Noack “Psycho- the K-Ark and Allstar Recordings 1962-1969” Bear Family $32 This is the later recordings of Eddie Noack and features the song for which he is best rembered, the rather sick (in the best possible way) “Psycho”, written by the blind balladeer, Leon Payne, but never recorded by him. Eddie was teh first to do the song in 1968 and its has since been done by Jack Kittel, Elvis Costello and Australia’s Beasts of Bourbon. Obviously inspired by Hitchcock’s movie of the same name (“mama, why won’t you let them lock me up” he appeals) it is a murder ballad as is the follow up “Dolores’. Arguments could be made that it is the same axe wielding vocalist in both songs. Seems to make sense with the singer appealing to Dolores not to go out then asking at the enc why she did go out. A lot like he asks “Mama why don’t you get up” at the end of “Psycho”. The 60 plus page book is beautifully illustrated by Reinhard Kleist. (We also have a limited edition 7” single with illustration by Kleist...this is $15 if interested only 500 made worldwide). Noack is also an excellent honky tonk singer.He never quite made it in his own right..but he should have.


Lorrie Morgan & Pam Tillis: Dos Divas – “Grits & Glamour” $28 similar backgrounds and similar careers. Lorrie was daughter of George Morgan and Pam is the daughter of Mel Tillis. They both had highly successful careers in the late 80s to the mid 90s. There ius a lot of self deprecating humour on this album particularly on the songs on which they do true duets such as the very witty “what Were We thinking” in which Lorrie (the much married Lorrie) confesses “I almost married Sammy twice” (Kershaw was her last husband or was it last but one). The solo tracks (4 each) tend to be more traditional than the duets. Lorrie’s “Another Chance To” is of a similar ilk to her “Something in Red’ and she shows she still more than has Lorrie’s case better make it “IT”. Pam’s bluesy “Ain’t Enough Roses” has a torchy jazzy feel which works well. She shines on the excellent ballad “Even the Stars”. So in effect it is an album in two parts. The banter of the duets works well but so do their solo workouts.


Curtis Potter “Songs of the Cherokke Cowboy” $28 There have not been a lot of Ray Price tributes. 4 songs are from a Hillside label recording session which is not given a year. But those 4 “Soft Rain”/ “Healing Hands of Time/ Night Life & “It Should Be Easier Now” features the backing of the absolute A team. Buddy Emmons, Hargus “Pig” Robbins, Pete Wade, Johnny Gimble, and the Buddy’s Spicher & Harmon”. They are the last 4 tracks on the album. Curtis’ voice has changed very little since then. He is joined on the title song by Willie Nelson, who of course recorded a whole cd with Curtis on Step One Records. You’d wish for another after hearing this gem. Willie’s part of the song almost comes as a surprise but will bring goosebumps...”he still sings like no other”. In the main Curtis avoids the overly common tracks (not that any Ray Price track could get overplayed) but kudos for doing this that way. “I Won’t Mention It Again” is another duet this time with Ken Garrett, who also co-wrote the title song and is a fine Price influenced vocalist.


Miss Leslie “Lucky” $28 The notes from Miss Leslie bear repeating “I’m a broke single mum that scrapes for everything she has”. She went to the lengths of appealing for people to contribute to the “Kickstarter Campaign” in order to finance this project. There is no hint of penny pinching as this sounds great. Former Hank Jnr members “Wayne “the Animal” Turner and “Cowboy” Eddie Long are fine on lead guitar & steel guitar respectively. The sound is rounded out by Leslie’s own fiddle playing and the piano of Floyd Domino. No mention of Ricky Davis, Leslie’s former steel man who also was her partner. Despiet the desperate nature of that opening message this is a great album. Miss Leslie is the consummate female honky tonker and still the only female singer who can take on the vocal nuances of the greatest male vocalist of them all, George Jones, without ever seeming to try to do so. Highlight for mine is (probably appropriately) the song of a break up, “I Get the Bar” which also has a terrific tempo change and a great Floyd Domino piano passage. Some real venom in a couple of lines. I wouldn’t like to cross Miss Leslie...she looks...well mean! “Fifty Year Ago Today” has a happier more enduring relationship.The remarkably politically incorrect title “You Were Drunker Than I Was” sees Leslie doing a duet with herself so to speak. Classic honky tonk. “This Old Guitar” is not the excellent John Denver song of the same name but has a similar message at least at the start and is a genuine tearjerker. Miss Leslie is full of surprises and this wonderful conclusion to her fabulous album is one of them.


Augie Meyers “Loves Lost and Found” (El Sendero) $28 Augie is, along with Flaco Jiminez, one of the two survining members of the Texas Tornados. His career has been tied to that of the great Doug Sahm, not only with the Texas Tornado connection but also in that wonderful group, the Sir Douglas Quintet in which Augie played keyboards and sang. I am not sure how many solo albums he has made but I would say this was the most country one he has ever made and arguably his best. Hell, I am right on both counts. Mind you that is no surprise as he is joined by Tommy Detramore on steel and Bobby Flores on fiddle and those two are in turn joined by the great Amber Digby on backing vocals. Augie is credited with vocals and accordion. He used to also play accordion with teh Texas Tornados but many times people would assume it was Flaco, though they did play a different style with Flaco playing the traditional burtton style and Augie the accordion with keys. His “Where Were You When I Needed You’ is not the Searchers’ song, though I do think that would make a good country song too. It is one of 7 original songs on the album along with a Lefty, a Harlan & a Doug (Sahm) song. If you loved Doug Sahm, and who didn’t, you would love Augie Meyers.


Jason Cassidy “Keep it Country” (JC) $25 This marks what I could term a recurrence of the outlaw movement. Like the original Waylon & Willie movement it was to give a harder edge to whta had become somewhat of a pop the 70s that is. Same thing has happened today. “Blame It On Waylon” is somewhat of a n anthem style about it and that is a good thing. Most of the songs on here are by Jason who has a fine voice and is keeping it on the traditional side. “Nothing Holds a Memory (Liek a Song” is something we can all relate to. Good modern stuff and there is very little of it out there.


Darrell McCall “Country From the Heart” (Heart of Texas) $28 Darrell has been back writing and the results are great “Jug” (this album is dedicated to the late Jug Brown) has a very Tom T Hall feel about it. “Cold Long Neck Beer” is a co-write with his daughter and is pure honky tonk. He duets with his daughter, Guyanne, on “Just Ask Me” and in addition his son Cody McCall also appear on the album. He does some fine covers of which the best is his version of the Boudleaux Bryant classic “Take Me As I Am”, a song so well suited to Darrell’s deep voice. “The Marionette” is a wonderfully sad ballad with some nice steel guitar. One of the best.


Johnny Bush ‘Reflections” (Heart of Texas) $28 The appropriate “Toubadour’ is a n excellent song to cover Johnny’s 60 years in the business. He overcame a debilitating throat injury and is now back singing as well as ever. 14 tracks produced and engineered by Justin Trevino. Two tracks feature duets with young Texas singer Randy Rogers, “ All te hRage in Paris” and the aforementioned “Troubadour”.


Eric Strickland & the B-Sides “I’m Bad for You” (Broadslab) $28 This is right up there with his previous “Honky Tonk Till I Die’ and may be better given the experience of making that album. This has some terrific songs about life on the road which was the classic them of the first outlaw movement. “Heartbreak Hall of Fame” is an instant classic, a tale of regret about leaving his love for a life on the road and at the end seemingly concluding he wouldn’t change a thing. All the tracks are by Eric, bar the excellent “Brandy on My Mind’ which was written by band mate Gary Braddy and is a bout a girl called Brandy...I mean if it had been about teh drink they would have called it “Cognac”...I guess. Wonder whether he was a a fan of Scott English. He would probably say who?? But it doesn’t matter. Great stuff ! Classic album well in line for end of year honours.


Steve Wariner “It Ain’t All Bad” (Selectone) $28 The first new non instrumental album in almost 10 years. “For the first time in his long career – he’s 58 now – he’s got a collection of songs that perfectly mesh his poignant baritone and that guitar prowess. And he’s got himself to thank for it; Wariner wrote or co-wrote all 12 tracks on “It Ain’t All Bad,’’ his first non-instrumental album in more than eight years. The truth is it AIN’T all bad; as a matter of fact, it’s all good”


DVD Tompall & the Glaser Brothers DVD “From Nebraska Ranchers to Nashville Rebels” 90 min $30 This is not a musical dvd even though history footage is included. It is a very appropriate release given Tompall’s recent passing aged 79 years. Includes contributions by the legendary Jack Clement, the Galsers, Gordon Stoker (of Jordanaires fame), Kinky Friedman, Bobby Bare etc. You maye have to have a multi region player to play this.


Jerry Lee Lewis “ Southern Roots” 2cds $55 Jerry Lee’s legendary sessions in Memphis originally appeared on Mercury Records. Perhaps the most famous song to emerge from these was “Meat Man”., a wild Mack Vickery song Jerry would perform in virtually all his live shows. This has one complete cd of previously unissued tracks including an alternate “Meat Man” with some interesting tirades and snippets to add to the interest. Huey Meaux, famed producer was often at conflict with Jerry Lee and as a bonus there is a 6 minute, complete with studio chatter, VERSION OF Tony Joe White’s “Polk Salad Annie”.


Merle Haggard “The Epic Collection Recorded Live/ Chill Factor: 5:01 Blues” BGO UK $30 3 albums on 2 cds “5:01 Blues” was his last for the label and has been very hard to get used so get new and get some change! The live album featured songs he had previously recorded. “Chill Factor” contained one of his last hits and one I personally never liked “Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Star” but that is offset with a great Hank Cochran song “We Never Touch at All”


Moe Bandy “It’s a Cheating Situation/ She’s Not Really Cheating She’s Just Getting Even” $30

Lacy J Dalton “Lacy J Dalton/ Hard Times” $30

Two excellent new UK 2 on 1 releases which have never been on cd before. These will be in stock at the end of the month, just after you receive this, so please book ‘em Danno. The Bandy’s were lp releases in 1979 and 1982 and the Lacy J’s were from 1979-1980. Hopefully there will be more to come.




George Jones Through the Years $28 2 hours 22 minutes in excellent quality featuring full shows on which George appeared. Put out by the same folks who did the Porter Wagoner Shows



**Sarah Gayle Meech – One Good Thing $28

**Alan Kennedy – Mobile Baby $28

**Billy Yates – Only One George Jones $28

Have highlighted these gems simply because they deserve to be highlighted. On the very short list for album of the years with Chuck Cusimano and Miss Leslie making a long late run down the outside. Reviewed fully in last newsletter.



Brewer, Teresa A sweet Old Fashioned Girl 2cds 62 tracks $30

Brewer, Teresa Miss Versatility 2cds 61 tracks $30 ...both different so 123 tracks of the great Teresa that have been very hard to get.

Campbell, Glen Glen Travis Campbell/ I Knew Jesus Before He Was a Star/ I Remember Hank Williams 3albums on 2cds $30

Campbell, Glen Try a Little Kindness/ The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour/ The Last Time I Saw Her 3albums on 2cds $30

Colter Jessi Miriam/ That’s the Way a Cowboy Rocks & Rolls/ Ridin’ Shotgun $30 3 Capitol albums on 2cds

Dillon, Dean “Slick Nickel/ I’ve Learned to Live” (Morello) 2 on 1 $30 what a welcome issue. These albums have been individually listed in our rarities section at a high price reflecting their absolute rarity. They are wonderful albums. The first features a wonderful cover of Del Shannon’s “I Go to Pieces” whilst the second has a duet with a feisty Tanya Tucker on “Don’t You Think About Leaving”. All the others are gems with home featuring the writer’s original version of songs that have hit for George Strait, Alabama and many others. As fine a writer as he is, he is a wonderful singer and interpreter.

Fairchild, Barbara Mississippi/ Free & Easy 2on 1 $30


Gosdin, Vern “40 Years of the Voice” Nifty 4 cds $50 101 songs....10 previously unreleased, 14 he recorded with brother Rex as The Gosdin Brothers, 16 page booklet. Very clever package.

Jones, George w. Paycheck Double Trouble/ w. Haggard Taste of Yesterday’s Wine 2on1 $30

Jones, George To oWild Too Long/ You Oughta be here With me $30

Jones, George Jones Country/ You’ve Still Got a Place in My Heart

McCall, Guyanne In the Genes $28 (Heart of Texas) Darrell’s daughter with all original material

Myles, Heather Just Like Old Times/ Untamed 2cds (Float UK) Excellent honk tonk from an elite performer $28

Robbins, Marty El Paso City. Adios Amigo 2on 1 $28

Robbins, Marty The legend/Come Back to Me 2 on1 $28

Robbins, Marty By the Time I Get to Phoenix/ Tonight Carmen 20n1 $28

Smith, Gerald Born Again (Meldoy Roundup) $20 excellent gospel

Smith, Gerald Hits & More $20 includes great original versions of hits he wrote for likes of Lorrie Morgan, George Strait etc

Williams, Ron Foolproof $28 son of Leona Willams, step son of Merle Haggard, has it all


Dead Grim Reaper’s Greatest Hits (Ace UK) 24 trcaks includes “Drunken Driver” by Ferlin Husky and Jack Kitel’s version of “Psycho” as well as gems such as “Terry” by Twinkle and Jimmy Cross “I Want y Baby Back”




There has been a lot of movement at the mighty reissue label with a couple of box sets that will be sought by some.


**Hank Thompson The Pathways of My Life 8cds + 126 page hardcover book featuring 240 tracks. $300 The previous Bear Family box focussed on his Capitol recordings and this has his post Capitol recordings for Warner Brothers, Dot, ABC, Churchill & MCA. Most havenever been on cd before. Included is his highly regarded tribute albums to Nat King Cole and the Mills Brothers .I must admit that I like the latter MCA recordings which saw Hank record some great honky tonk material such as the great “One Hell of A Weekend” & “King Of Western swing” to name just 2. His last MCA Album was in 1986 and had a rare duet appearance by George Strait.


**Johnson City Sessions: Can You Sing or play Old Time Music 4 cd + 136 page hard cover book $180 They have previously done a Bristol Session box which was RCA Victor label. Well, record companies have a habit of copying other record companies so Columbia did the same in October 1928 and 1929 This is the first issue of these sessions. Man yof the artists will not be well known but there ar estringband tunes, sacred songs, hillbilly blues and blue yodels. 100 tracks in all. Artists include Shell Creek Quartet, Rich & Carl Bradshaw, Bill & Belle Reed, Roane County Ramblers, Weaver Brothers, Bowman Sisters etc.


**Big D Jamboree 8cds + 168 page hardcover book 285 tracks $300 Big D is of course Dallas and this features stars such as Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, Genbe Vincent, Wanda Vincent etc performing at the start of their careers and often singing songs that they would never get around to recording.The quality of teh live recording is said to be state of the art and you can only guess the rarity of the pictures. Covers the period 1950-1958


**Leona Williams “Yes Ma’am He Foudn Me in a Honky Tonk 3cds $80 48 page booklet and 82 songs . Over 3 ½ hours of one of the best and most underrated female vocalists ever. Again the term underrated is probably wrong, just unknown to most. The set includes early Hickory label recordings and even has an unreleased album she recorded in 1986 with Tompall Glaser producing. Her career continues on the wonderful Heart of Texas label and I would dare say anyone who had one of her Heart of Texas albums would want this.


**Margie Singleton “Pledging My Love- Jukebox Pearls series” $32 Includes her version of “Walking Back to Happiness” as well as “Magic Star” a vocal version of “Telstar”Includes recordings or Mercury, Starday & United Artists and a couple of duets with Faron Young. 30 tracks in all.


**Pat Boone Ballads oif Pat Boone” $32 31 tracks 81 minutes Many rarities


**Speedy West & Jimmy Bryant “Bustin’ Thru Flippin’ the Lid” $32 34 tracks 81 minuteswith some vocal guetss such as Tennessee Ernie Ford, Jean Shepard, Kar Starr. Manic guitar & steel instrumentals in the main.


**Bob King “Rockin’ the Jukebox – Gonan Shake This Shack Tonight series” 21 tracks $32 53 minutes Hard country with a little rockabilly by RCA Canada artist, who had two earlier albums out on Bear Family.


**Eddie Cochran – Ballads of $32 35 tracks 80 minutes Now I always loved his “Three Stars”, a tribute to Holly/Bopper and Valens and a tad eerie in view of his own early demise. “Three Steps to Heaven” was even more scary as it was a UK number one after he died.


**Doctor Ross and His Jump & Jive Boys “Juke Box Boogie: The Sun Years Plus” $32 The Memphis recordings and the Michigan singles 32 tracsk


**Dim Lights Thick Smoke And...Hillbilly Music Series. More in the graet Country & Western Hit Parade. Year by Year run doiwn in superb sound & packaging. 5 separate volumes each $32 each with 72 page booklets and eaxh with amazing running time over 80 minutes

1966 Includes Bobby Bare “Streets of Baltimore”, Jeannie Seely’s “Don’t Touch Me” Dallas Frazier’s original “ElVira” 31 tracks

1967 Includes Bobby Gentry’s epic “Ode to Billie Joe” (was it really that long ago!!), Johny Darrell’s “Ruby Don’t Take Your Love to Town” Charlie Louvin’s “Will You Visit me on Sundays” etc 31 tracks

1968 Jeannie C Riley’s “Harper ValleyPTA” Porter’s “Carroll County Accident” Hag’s “Today I Started Loving You Again” 31 tracks

1969 John Wesley Ryles’ “Kay” at last a true master tape of this gem, Jack Greene’s masterful “Statue of a Fool”, Johnny Bush “You Gave me a Mountain etc” 28 trcaks

1970 Conway’s “Hello Darlin’ “ some Loretta & Conway, soem George & Tamy 28 trcaks



Rarities...Rarest of the Rare

Some that were in the rarities section last time have been relocated throughout the newsletter eg Bobby Lee Springfield and some George Jones titles. In addition some titles have been reduced, and there are plenty of additions.


As in the bargain cds you will see a * against some titles. I recently bought a collection, an excellent collection in fact but the previous owner had this peculiar shtick whereby he wrote the purchase date on the booklet. Now whilst I wouldn’t recommend doing it he did it extremely neatly and I would almost say unobtrusively. Doesn’t worry me but it may worry some. The cds were as pristine as you could get too!


Anderson, Bill Greatest Hits (Varese) $35 & ($28 *) This is out of print and stands as the best cd by Bill with the classics “Mama Sang a Song” & “Golden Guitar”hard to get. Of course all original versions.  


Berry, Benny Some Things Never Change $40 *

Berry, Benny Mama’s Rockin’ Chair $30 *

Down to one copy only of each and only two titles. People have taste.

Hawk Records from Northern Ireland was the company that released Oklahoman Benny’s first 4 albums. Everyone who was a Merle Haggard fan loved Benny. He had a similar timbre in his voice and was ably backed by a team led by Mike Headrick, a picture of whom is hung on the Swedish Cowboy’s wall and to whom the (highly religious) Swedish Cowboy says a prayer of thanks every night. Benny also is the recipient of our greatest EVER independent artist award. Others may disagree but they are entitled to be wrong. Every one of these is nothing less than brilliant, especially for fans of Merle Haggard. Had a few of each but solitary copies now. Have not had “Some Things Never Change” in a while. Benny does a superb version of the Stoney Edwards’ classic “Pickin’ Wildflowers”


Bond, Johnny Best of Johnny Bond $35 17 tracks on Varese & the only place you will get the original “Hot Rod Lincoln”. Also the hilarious “Ten Little Bottles”.


Boxcar Willie    Just Train Songs $35 * Great singer but  if you try & buy his albums you will find they all have the same songs on them This has 25 songs recorded specifically for this album. Great stuffAppropriately on Gem Records. All songs have a railway theme if you hadn’t already guessed!!


Bruce, Ed The Best Of $35 * This 18 tracker is long out of print  &collects all his wonderful MCA recordings which prove he was not only one of the bestwriters but singers as well. Hard to pick favourites as all so good. Maybe “The Last Cowboy Song” with almost a cameo appearance by Willie and of course his own “Mammas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow up to be Cowboys” and the delightfully melodic “When You Fall in Love Everything’s a Waltz”. BUT as implied by the title they are all good.


Cargill, Henson “All American Cowboy” $40 * Amethyst 20 tracker from the late 80s may have been Henson’s final hurrah as a recording artist but it equals the best he ever did. His voice has matured and in places sound a little like Ray Price especially on “Bridges I Have Burned”. He includes a new version of his biggest hit “Skip a Rope” and it is everything you would hope it would be. This is impossible to get. Several songs employ rodeo imagery.


Curless, Dick – The Drag ‘em off the Interstate Sock It To Em Hits of Dick Curless $35 * Razor & Tie’s great 21 track best of highlighting the deep deep voice of the king of the truckers. Of course it includes his them song “Tombstone Every Mile” but I love the track from one of the all time great albums “Live at Wheeling Truck Driver’s Jamboree” and that is “Chick Inspector”. It also has the song “Outskirts of Town” from the same live album in which Dick cracks up at Curly Chalker’s wonderful steel guitar playing.

Dalton, Lacy J “16th Avenue” $40 Columbia... Check out what this goes for!! Her 1982 album produced by Billy Sherrill and with one of the best ever tracks about the plight of the country music songwriter. Lacy wrote half the songs herein including the other hit “Blue Eyed Blues”. Again very very very (maybe one more) very hard to get.


Dalton, Lacy J Crazy Love $25 Capitol, followup to “Survivor” and right up there with it. Highlight is “Little Boy Blue” a song Lacy wrote about her own song and a wonderful ballad that suits her husky voice. Great title track, a cover of an excellent Van Morrison song.


Davis, Joey “Love Songs, Waltz’s True Stories & Lies” $30 The spelling may be a bit out but 17 superb honky tonk tracks are as good as it can go.“Barroom Hall of Fame” may be the best.  Everybody loves this album. This has been voted as one of the Top 10 indie albums of all time. Like all true honky tonkers Joey is an all rounder..drinking, lying and cheating. Just superb.


Davis, Skeeter “Pop Hits Collection” Taragon $25 25 tracks. Her interpretations and sound quality are top class. Includes her huge hit “End of the World” plus some rather unusual selections.


Delray, Martin Get Rhythm $30 This is absolutely one of the best albums we have ever had and whilst the title track features Johnny Cash joining Martin in a sensational duet, I have no reservations in saying Martin’s version of the Wood Newton song “Lily’s White Lies” is one of my favourites of all time. A delicious play on words brilliantly performed by martin who got fed up with the music industry. Only 2 albums but as talented an artist as i have ever heard.


Edwards, Stoney “Old Folks Stick Together” $40 Razor& Tie. A stunning compilation of his Capitol tracks including “A Two Dollar Tou”…the closest he ever got to a hit “Hank & Lefty Raised My Country Soul”, his stunning take on “Mississippi You’ve Been on My Mind”l etc. What a voice! Lefty, Hag and Stoney!! Don’t miss it.


Edwards, Stoney Just For Old Times Sake $40 * Stoney was part African American and part native American and sang with a Lefty Frizzell influenced voice that was the equal of that other Lefty influenced character…one Merle Haggard. This was his last album, sadly. But it was as good as his wonderful Capitol albums. Stunning and not a track undeserving of the highest accolades. Many of the songs were by the producer Billy Joe Kirk.


Ford, Tennesee Ernie & Glen Campbell “Ernie Sings& Glen Picks $35 This is the original issue with full liner notes by country music authority Rich Kienzle.. A 1975 album which has Ern singing over Glen’s acoustic guitar. The simple arrangements highlight Ern’s wonderful baritone and his interpretation of 2 Kristofferson songs, “Nobody Wins” &“Loving Her Was Easier” showed he could sing anything. In the overall scheme of things this is a classic. One without full notes $25


Ford, Tennessee Ernie “Capitol Collectors Series” $30 Wonderful 29 tracker with great liner notes and sound quality. I have said it before, this series (ie Capitol Collectors) is all out of print but always represented the best sampling of an artists work. They have the ones you want to hear and also include stunning obscure tracks such as Ern’s take on an R & B number “I Don’t Know”. Ernie was one of the most versatile country vocalists who is revered for his gospel and religious recordings. There is only one such example here, but what a beauty...”His Hands”.


Frizzell, Lefty “That’s the Way Loves Goes:The Final Recordings of Lefty Frizzell” $45 * We used to say you can also get these tracks on the Bear Family box set but that is also out of print. Lefty’s voice was in amazing shape here. The richness on his own but much covered “I Neve rGo Around Mirrors” is incredible.

Gaddis, Ron Chip Off the Old Block $35 Ron was for many years the bandleader for George Jones and he was the guy who duetted with George on live versions of “No Show Jones”. He was also the first husband of Lorrie Morgan; now that is a lot of water under the bridge story. Obviously there was no lasting acrimony as Lorrie joins him on “All Day All Night Thing”, a great song. The all out honky tonker “I Fell Off the Wagon” features his former boss, The Possum himself and Porter Wagoner joins on “When the Shiny Silver Eagle meets the Great Speckled Bird”. As you might expect there is more than a little George Jones influence. Hard to believe this is Ron’s lone album, A superb one too. Latest info is that alas Ron has followed the path of his mentor


Harris, Emmylou “Last Date” Eminent $30 Expanded version of Emmylou’s WB live gem which sees Barry Tashian taking the Gram Parsons’ part on the wonderful “We’ll Sweep Out the Ashes (In the Morning)”. Beautifully presented with new notes and slip case (goes over the jewel case). The label went bust...hard to believe. One without slip sleeve $25


Harris, Emmylou “Cimarron” Eminent $35 A great album highlighted by her soaring version of Poco’s “Rose of Cimarron” from where the album gets its title. Many highlights but I love her version of Sonny Throckmorton’s “Last Cheater’s Waltz” as well as a lovely version of Townes’ “If I Needed You”.. A gem from a gem. Slipsleeve included. Bonus tracks.


Husky, Ferlin  “Capitol Collectors Series” $35 This series is simply the best quality as far as sound and notes go.. This gem contains Ferlin’s wonderful “The Waltz You Saved for Me”, plus some hits and non hits. Well annotated and attractively presented. It has his biggest hits “Gone” & “Wings of a Dove” as well as some rarities.


Jackson, Larry  Blue Highway $35 (Loree label) I don’t think I have ever had a song like Larry’s “The Blue  Highway” to attract a question as to who is it?? Larry’s voice I would suggest has been weathered to perfection. He is a superb singer and writer but alas these are his only two albums. You feel he has lived the songs. The sad “When Love Dies” has a real ache to it. He has real angst in his voice when he sings “Damn Those Memories”. Up there with the greatest indie cds ever


Jansen, Frank You’re a Phone Call I Need to Make $35 (Bob Grady)

Jansen, Frank My Way or the Highway $30 (Pink Records)

Staggeringly great albums, the first on the wonderful Bob Grady label with production from Mike Headrick (the Swedish Cowboy will NOT go to bed at night unless he has said a prayer of thanks under the mounted 8 x 10 signed Mike Headrick photograph that hangs proudly in his living room) . I know there are several who rate the title song of the first as one of the greatest album tracks ever, and I am not going to argue. Most of the tracks on the first are by Bob Grady whilst Frank proves himself a writer of the highest standard on the second. He is also a brilliant interpreter. On the first he does a wonderful version of Dwight Yoakam’s “The Heart That You Own”. Am I going to suggest Frank does it better than Dwight...yep, I am.


Kanehira, J T “J T Blues” Americana label $45 * The ultimate cult classic. Alan Jackson’s “New Traditional” was on the Japanese based Americana label. Well J T (which incidentally stands for “Japanese Texan”) was a stablemate of Alan Jackson. This 14 track cd is a must have for its great humour and also for its wonderful music. The session was produced by the greatest steel guitar player of them all, Buddy Emmons, and he is joined by Hargus Robbins on piano, Rob Hajacos on fiddle and Greg Galbraith on guitar. J T’s spirit is in the right place with the opening track being a ripper, “They Call Me Japanese Willie”. Best for me is the track done by the Oak Ridge Boys, “If You’re Gonna Play in Texas (you Gotta Have a Fiddle in the Band)”....that is of course after “Japanese Willie” and the title track. A small elite sub section of country music... Japanese country and hell no one is better than J T Kanehira.


McClain, Charly Anthology 2cds Renaissance $35 Again a case of blink and you’ll miss, 34 tracks including duets with Mickey Gilley and Johnny Rodriguez. All the hits are here including “Who’s Cheatin’ Who”.


Monroe Brothers “Legendary Monroe Brothers Collection 1936-1938” BMG Japan 3cd $45 The Bear Family box set has more but the 60 tracks on this are superb and sound great. Lyric booklet enclosed too. Have never seen this before...such is teh nature of Japan. Many cds are released in very limited quantities.


Morgan, George “Room Full of Roses: the George Morgan”  Collection Razor & Tie OOP $30* Has a rare duet with Lorrie. The only other alternative to this now out of print offering is the large Bear Family box. This has all the hits.


Morse, Ella Mae Capitol Collectors Series $25 21 tracks with a big band R & B flavour but also country. Best ever “Cow Cow Boogie!!  


Nelson, Leo Under Neon Lights $30 Want to know my all time favourite independent, yeah not one of but the top spot?? This is it. Great album produced by Bob Grady with assist from the great Mike Headrick. 12 great tracks with a duet with Bill Arwood on the title track.I think on reflection a 3 way tie with Ron Sweet and Arnold Sanford is in order. Alas both Ron & Arnold have gone and heaven knows where Leo is?? To me the jewel is how easy Leo sings. Marsha Britton contributes harmony vocals. Favourite tracks? Start at the beginning and stop at the end. BUT, if pushed “Mama Did Raise One Fool After All” and “Under Neon Light”, the duet with Bill Arwood are superb.


Nelson, Willie “The Hungry Years” $55. When people rang up to order the original issue of “IRS Tapes” they were offered another cd of all new material.....that was this gem. But with a mindset that they were ringing up for the IRS Tapes and that is what they wanted not many were sold. It has 15 tracks. “The Hungry Years” and “Solitaire” are both Neil Sedaka songs and Willie does a superb job on them, with an arrangement reminiscent of “Always on My Mind”. A lot of the rest are covers; quite a few country standards such as “Detour”, “Ragged But Right” etc BUT the highlight is the stunning “When I Stop Dreaming”, a great Louvin Brothers song performed as a duet with Emmylou Harris. If you had to rank both these duet champions “duets” it would rank in the top 3 they have collectively appeared on. It is that good. IT HAS NOT BEEN REISSUED. IT IS ONLY ON THIS CD. Two Willie songs are just great, “Your Memory Won’t Die” and “She is Gone”.


Nelson, Willie   “ Peace in the Valley: The Gospel Truth Collection with Willie Nelson Jnr.” $50 They used a little poetic licence with the artists as Willie Nelson Jnr was known only as Billy Nelson all his life, up until it tragically ended on Christmas day 1991. So this album had special meaning for Willie as it seems this was the only time Willie Jnr/Billy had recorded. The results are stunning. Billy/Willie Jnr generally trades parts of the songs with Willie and has a distinctive voice that is instantly memorable. He does the sole vocal on "My Body's Just a Suitcase for Your Soul" and it indeed may be  the best track on an album where nothing is less than grand. Willie solos on "Troublemaker" and it is a different and far better version than on his album of the same name. Being a big Willie fan I must rate this as his best gospel album an indeed one of the best in general. It was only ever an independent and was released in 1994...despite the Volume 1 added to the title there has never been another.


Nelson,Willie “Old Friends (with Roger Miller)/ Funny How Time Slips Away (with Faron Young)” Koch 2 on 1 $45 From 1982 and 1985 and on cd for a short time. The title track on the former also features Ray Price. Great version of Roger’s “Sorry Willie”, an apology to Willie for getting more than cozy with Willie’s wife. Good song also by Roger, “Aladambama”. Both albums are nothing less than superb.


Newbury, Mickey Nights When I Am Sane (Winter Harvest) 1994 $35

Newbury, Mickey Stories from the Silver Moon Cafe $30 200 Hard to get as are all of his cds. Someone of an acquired taste for some but to many he is one of teh best singer songwriters ever


Owens, Buck  The Warner Brothers Recordings 2cds sealed Rhino Handmade out of print. $35. After a long career on Capitol Buck made several albums for Warners including “Buck ‘Em”. Nice hard cover book style packaging.


Oxford, David David Oxford $48 There has only been one and there appears to be little chance of another, but despite hope being minimal there is still some hope. This is superb with a mix of honky tonk, cryin’ in beer ballads and just plain great songs “”1-800 Wine” is pure honky tonk whilst the Cosmic Cowboy, a sentimental old fluff if ever there was one, closes his annual community radio father’s day show with Oxford’s “Don’t Tell the Babies”. As far as production goes this is stunning. The great Bobby Flores is present throughout. And Michael Morales who apparently performed strictly in a Spanish market is great on acoustic guitar. David had talks with major labels apparently but was disillusioned when he was told he didn’t have the right image. Damn, why didn’t he get angry and produce a box set. Even that would not be enough. A gem gem gem!!


Pinkard & Bowden “Gettin’ Stupid” $48 This is a superb 22 tracker on Warner Special Products which collects their best singles and album cuts. Some of these were co-written with Tim Wilson and also appear on his album “Songs for the musically Disturbed”...his versions of course. Best track is the hilarious “Arab, Alabama” (a real place) which came out at the height of the Middle East Gaddafi fears. What would be a better accompaniment that “Libyan on a Jet Plane” a wonderful parody of John Denver’s great “Leavin’ on a Jet Plane”. George Jones gets worked over on “She Thinks I Steal Cars”. Then there is “Delta Dawg”, a somewhat ironic inclusion as it was Sandy Pinkard who co-wrote the original “Delta Dawn”, along with all people, Larry Collins of the Collins Kids. They are both excellent singers and for anyone who loves Tim Wilson’s “Songs for the Musically Disturbed” (and who doesn’t) this is better.


Price, Ray “Portrait of a Singer” Step One $45 20 tracks from what was originally a double lp.Ray does standards both pop and country with superb backing from the Step One boys. Now, who could do this better tha Ray? I doubt anyone. What a voice!!


Ritter, Tex - Capitol Collectors Series $30* Out of print series, of which I would recommend with every title as being essential. This has all the hard to get  ones, “Deck of Cards”, “Blood on the Saddle” &“Just Beyond the Moon” etc 25 in all. .

Sanford, Arnold   That’s Why I Sing This Way $50 Many rate this the best indie ever and they are certainly on the right track. The first 10 songs are from the great Max D Barnes, including the title cut which was also recorded by Daryle Singletary and as good as it was it was no match for  Arnold’s original version. 12 tks in all. Simply stunning crying in your beer album. Hell…it is probably the best ever. “Not Enough Jack Daniels in This World” has you believing Arnold truly lived the life he sings about and sadly he has passed on so this stand alone cd is it, unless a miracle happens.

Simpson, Red “The Man Behind the Badge/ Roll Truck Roll” $30 EMI UK 2 on 1 with 2 albums from 1966. “Motivatin’ Man” was actually picked up and recorded by John Laws but don’t hold that against Red.


Sinatra, Nancy/ Lee Hazelwood “Nancy & Lee 3” $35 2004 album that wasn’t around long and is great. Some nice songs such as “After the Lovin’ “ and some very funny ones such as “Is Making Love a Little Out of the Question?” and “Pack Saddle Salon”.14 tracks in all


Sweet, Ron   Ten in Tennessee $45 Another wonderful indie with the highlight the wonderful odeto the great man “I Play Haggard” in which he uses snippets of Haggard songs to tell the story. He outdoes even Vern Gosdin onhis version  “Baby That’s Cold”  and then shows himself a man for all seasons with the rollicking “Ten in  Tennessee”.


Wagoner, Porter     Greatest Hits $28 20 tracker with great and unusual selection including of course “Rubber Room” but also “What Would You Do, If Jesus Came to Your House”)


Wall, Chris “Honky Tonk Heart” Ryko $30 * His debut album originally released as a cassette only job on Tried & True Records in 1989 and issued on cd on Rykodisc in 1990. Not to be missed. It includes his version of “Trashy Women’ but the modern day play of words on “I Wish John Stetson Had a Heart’ gives the album its true character. Great. Don’t miss his new album!


Wall,Chris No Sweat Ryko (1991) * $30 Out of print. Superb Texas artist which features the classic “I’m Not Drinking Anymore”. All of Chris Wall’s albums are great but the first two are absolutely essential


Whitley, Keith I Wonder Do You Think of Me $30 The album he had just finished when he died. One of the greatest ever country vocalists. Deep rich voice with his own nuances. Pity the wonderful honky tonk songs were lived out so tragically with his alcohol overdose. He was seemingly taking over from Randy Travis as country’s premier vocalist and had the unheard of 5 number one country singles in a row. I truly believe he would have been recognised as one the greatest country vocalists ever and I could even be persuaded to drop the “‘one of” from that assessment



Are You From Dixie Great Country Brother Teams of the 1930s $35

Ragged But Right Great Country String Bands of the 1930s $35

Something Got a Hold oN me: Treasury of Sacred Music $35

These were part of the short-lived RCA Heritage Series and they were all superb. I have both myself and if you want 1930s country in its best sound these are they. The first features the Blue Sky Boys version of the oft covered title song as well as their wonderfully sad original of “I’m Here to Get My Baby Out of Jail”. Also includes likes of the Dixon Brothers, Allen Brothers, Monroe Brothers, Delmore Brothers etc.

The second features Riley Puckett on the title song, and gems from the Prairie Ramblers, JE Mainers etc, but possible star is Gid Tanner with original version, as we know it, of “Ida Red” and “Soldier’s Joy”. The third features what in many instances are the original versions of what are now gospel standards including such gems as “Tramp on teh Street” by Grady & hazel Cole and teh Dixon Brothers superb “I Didn’t Hear Nobody Pray”...what’s a country song without a double negative every now & then

Again, the sound on all three is stunning.


Bristol Sessions Historic Recordings from Bristol Tennessee (CMF) 2cds $25 Johnny Cash “These recordings in Bristol in 1927 are the single most important event in the history of country music”. 16 page booklet with notes by Charles Wolfe. The sound, although recorded nearly ninety years ago is unbelievably good.


$3 country

Acuff, Roy RC Cola Shows Vol 1 (RME)

Albert, Christine The High Road * (Gambini) Texas singer.

Allan, Gary Used Heart for Sale (Decca)

Anderson, John Paradise (BNA)

Anderson, John Seminole Wind * (BNA)

Anderson, John Seminole Wind (BNA)

Arnold, Eddy Eddy’s Songs * (Castle)

Arnold, Eddy Best of Eddy Arnold * (RCA)

Arnold, Eddy Hand Holdin’ Songs * (RCA)

Arnold, Eddy Memories Are Made of This * (Mercury)

Asleep at the Wheel Asleep at the Wheel (Dot)

Asleep at the Wheel 23 Country Classics (Capitol UK)

Atkins, Chet/Mark Knopfler Neck & Neck * (Columbia)

Autry, Gene Singing Cowboy Chapter One (Varese) *

Backsliders Throwin’ Rocks at the Moon (Mammoth) sealed

Bailey, Glen A Real Good Thing (Kansa Records)

Barham, Tyler Tyler Barham/Twenty One 2on 1 (YNR) sealed

Bentley, Dierks Up on the Ridge (Capitol)

Big & Rich Super Galactic Fan Pak cd+dvd (WB)

Big Sandy Dedicated to You (Hightone)

Black, Clint Killin’ Time * (RCA)

Black, Clint Killin’ Time (RCA)

Black, Clint The Hard Way * (RCA)

Blue Collar Comedy Next Generation cd + dvd (WB)

Blue Collar Comedy Rides Again Soundtrack (WB)

Bogguss, Suzy Somewhere Between (Capitol)

Bogguss, Suzy Aces (Capitol)

Bogguss, Suzy Greatest Hits (Capitol)

Bonamy, James Roots & Wings (Epic)

Boxcar Willie Spirit of America (Madacy) *

BR5-49 BR5-49 (telephone cover) * (Arista)

Bright, Jeff She’s a Nail in MY Heart (Rogue)

Brooks & Dunn Greatest Hits (Arista)

Brooks, Garth Beyond the Season (Capitol)

Brooks, Garth Garth Brooks * (Capitol)

Brooks, Garth The Chase * (Capitol)

Brooks, Garth Fresh Horses * (Capitol)

Brooks, Garth Roin’ the Wind * (Capitol)

Brooks, Garth Sevens (Capitol)

Brooks, Kix New to This Town (Arista)

Buffett, Jimmy Before The Beach (MCA) actually21 pre MCA recordings

Buffett, Jimmy License to Chill (RCA)

Buffett, Jimmy Songs You Know By Heart (MCA)

Burch, Paul Still Your Man (Ramseur)

Burch Sisters New Fire (Mercury)

Burnett, T Bone Criminal Under My Hat (Columbia) jerry Douglas

Burns, Brian Eagle & the Snake (Bandera)

Burton, Charlie Rustic Fixer Upper (Lazy SOB)

Byrd, Tracy No Ordinary Man (MCA)

Byrd, Tracy It’s About Time ((RCA)

Byrd, Tracy Tracy Byrd * (MCA)

Calamity & Main Honky Tonk Heaven (Westren Independent)

Campbell, Glen 20 Great Love Songs (EMI) *

Carlisle, Bob Butterfly Kisses (DMG)

Carll, Hayes Trouble in Mind (Lost Highway)

Carpenter, Mary Chapin Stones in the Road * (Columbia)

Carpenter, Mary Chapin Shooting Straight in the Dark * (Columbia)

Carpenter, Mary Chapin Come One Come On * (Columbia)

Carpenter, Mary Chapin State of the Heart * (Columbia)

Carpenter, Mary Chapin Hometown Girl * (Columbia)

Carpenter, Mary Chapin Hometown Girl (Columbia)

Carson, Jeff Butterfly Kisses (Curb)

Cash, Johnny Johnny 99 (Koch) inc 2 from Springsteen’s Nebrask!


Mini Lp style cardboard. Looks just like miniaturised lp. Very cool

Cash, Johnny                        A Man & His Woman (w. June Carter Cash)

Cash, Johnny                        At Folsom Prison

Cash, Johnny                        At Madison Square

Cash, Johnny                        At San Quentin

Cash, Johnny                        Blood Sweat & Tears

Cash, Johnny                        Carrying On (w. June Carter)

Cash, Johnny                        Children’s album

Cash, Johnny                        Christmas Spirit

Cash, Johnny                        Classic Christmas

Cash, Johnny                        Fabulous Johnny Cash

Cash, Johnny                        Johnny 99

Cash, Johnny                        Johnny Cash Family Christmas

Cash, Johnny                        Little Fauss & Big Halsy

Cash, Johnny                        Ragged Old Flag

Cash, Johnny                        Ride This Train

Cash, Johnny                        Sings Ballads of True West

Cash, Johnny                        With His Hot & Blue Guitar (sun album)

Cash, Johnny                        & co Highwayman (first)

Cash, Johnny                        & co Highwayman 2 (second)


Cash, Rosanne Retrospective 1979-89 * (CBS)

Chambers, Kasey The Captain (Asylum) US edition

Chapman, Marshall Blaze of Glory (Tall Girl) 2013 cd

Charles, Ray Seven Spanish Angels & Other Hits * (CBS)

Chesnutt, Mark Longnecks & Short Stories * (MCA)

Chitwood, Bobby Gravity (TXN)

Clark, Roy Great Hits & New Picks * (Branson)

Coe, David Allan Would You Lay With me * (Epic)

Coleman Brothers Tribute to a Fire Fighter (ASR) sealed

Collie, Mark Hardin county Line (MCA)

Collie, Mark Born & Raised in Black & White (MCA)wBallad of Thunder Rd

Confederate Railroad Confederate Railroad (Giant)

Cyrus, Billy Ray Some Gave All * (Mercury)

Cyrus, Billy Ray It Won’t Be the Last * (Mercury)

Cyrus, Billy Ray Storm in the Heartland (Mercury)

Davis, Mac Greatest Hits * (Columbia)

Dement, Iris My Life (WB) rear graphics

Dement, Iris The Way I Should (WB) cd + rear graphics

Dennis, Wesley Wesley Dennis (Mercury)

Denver, John A Portrait * (RCA)

Denver, John John Denver Sings (pre RCA solo) RCA mini lp style

Denver, John Rocky Mountain Christmas (RCA) mini lp style

Denver, John J D (RCA) mini lp cd style

Denver, John Take Me to Tomorrow (RCA) mini lp style

Denver, John Rhymes & Reasons (RCA) mini lp style

Diffie, Joe Thousand Winding Roads (epic)

Diffie, Joe Thousand Winding Roads * (epic)

Diffie, Joe Honky tonk attitude * (Epic)

Dillon, Dean Hot Country & Singles * (Atlantic)

Dinnerstein, Simone & Tift Merritt Night (Sony)

Dodd, Deryl Deryl Dodd (Epic)

Dunn, Holly Getting it Done * (WB)

Durden, Tommy Moods (Legend) writer of Heartbreak Hotel

Erik & Erik Erik Hokkanen & Erik Moll (Fire Ant)

Everly Brothers Golden Years : 24 GH (WB) *

Fender, Freddy Before the Next Teardrop Falls * (Country Stars) 20 tks

Fink, Cathy & Marcy Marxer Rockin’ the Uke (Community)

Flood Ballad of K B (KB)

Foster & Allen Sincerely * (CMR/Rajon)

Fox Family When it Comes to the Blues (Sierra) sealed

Fox Family Follow My Lead (Sierra)

Frizzell, David My Life IS Jus ta Bridge (BFE) *

Garrison, Johnny Saddest side of Me * (sad Side)

Gatlin Brothers Moments to Remember (Branson)

Gayle, Crystal It’s Like We Never Said Goodbye * (Columbia) 16 tks

Gentry, Bobbie Best * (Capitol) 20 tks

Gibson Miller Band Red White & Blue Collar * (Giant)

Gibson, Don Premium Masters * (Castle/ RCA) originals 21tks

Gill, Vince I Still Believe in You * (MCA)

Gilley, Mickey Make it Like the First Time * (Branson)

Goldmark, Joe Wham of That Steel Man (Lo_Ball) 2cds

Great Plains Great Plains * (Columbia)

Great Plains Homeland * (Magnatone)

Green, William Clark Rose Queen (indie)

Greene, Rian Drown the Miller (Rian Greene)

Greenwood, Lee Perfect Ten (Capitol) 10 duets Tanya, Suzy, Lacy etc

Gregg, Ricky Lynn Get a Little Closer (Capitol) Haggard like

Guthrie, Woody Members Edition (TKO) 22 tks

Haggard, Merle I Love Dixie Blues * (EMI)

Haggard, Merle Sing Me Back Home * ((Koch/ Capitol)

Haggard, Merle Natural High * (Epic)

Harris, Emmylou Wrecking Ball (Grapevine)

Harris, Emmylou Profile: Best * (WB)

Hearne, Bill & Bonnie Diamonds in the Rough (WB) sealed

Highfill, George George Arlis Highfill (Church Street)

Highway 101 Reunited with Paulette Carlson (Intersound)

Holliday, Jolie Lucky Enough (indie)

House, James James House (MCA)

Hurd, Cornell Cool & Unusual Punishment (Behemoth)

Huston, Randy Keepin’ The New West Wild (Outside Circle)

Isaacs, Sonya Sonya Isaacs (Lyric Street)

Jackson, Alan Who I Am * (Arista)

Jackson, Alan A Lot About Livin’ * (Arista)

Jackson, Alan Here in the Real World * (Arista)

Jackson, Alan Everything I Love * (Arista)

Jeffries, Herb Bronze Buckaroo Rides Again * (WB)

Jennings, Waylon Full Circle (MCA)

Jennings, Waylon CD Diamond Series * (RCA) 16 tks

Jennings, Waylon The Collector Seres * (Castle) 22 tk

Johns, Evan & H Bombs Please Mr Santa Claus (Ryko)

Jones, George All American Country * Karusell

Jones, George The Rock * (BNA)

Jones, George Country Standards (EMI Uk)

Judds Love Can Build a Bridge * (RCA)

Judds Talk About Love * (RCA)

Judds Their Finest Collection * (RCA/Dino)

Judds In Concert * (RCA)

Kay, Linda Dream My Darling (Dreamphonic)

Keith, Toby Toby Keith * (Mercury)

Kennedy, Ray What a Way to Go * (Atlantic)

Ketchum, Hal The Hits * (Curb)

Ketchum, Hal Every Little Word * (Curb)

Ketchum, Hal Sure Love * (Curb)

Ketchum, Hal Past the Point of Rescue (Curb)

Kirwan, Dominic On the Way to a Dream (Ritz)

Kirwan, Dominic Today (Ritz)

Kowbelle Our Red Cross (indie) Shane Worley vocals

Larry the Cable Guy Right to Bare Arms (WB)

Lawrence, Tracy Lessons (WB)

Ledoux, Chris Western Underground* (Capitol)

Ledoux, Chris Old Cowboy Classics (Capitol) *

Leigh, Danni 29 Nights (Decca0 the female Dwight!

Lewis, Jerry Lee Country Sound (Pickwick UK) * 18 tks

Loveless, Patty When Fallen Angels Fly (Epic)

Loveless, Patty Trouble With the Truth (Epic)

Lovett, Lyle Joshua Judges Ruth * (MCA)

Lovett, Lyle Road to Ensenada * (MCA)

Lovett, Lyle I Love Everybody (MCA)

Lynne, Shelby Temptation (Mercury)

Lynns The Lynns (Reprise0 Loretta’s daughters ...great cd

MacNeil, Rita Reason to Believe (A&M) * R.I.P. 2013

McBride,Martina Emotion (BNA)

McCalister, Don jnr Love Gone Right (Biscuit Boy)

McCoy, neil You Gotta Love That * (Atlantic)

McEntire, Reba What Am I Gonna Do About You (MCA)

McEntire, Reba Sweet Sixteen * (MCA)

McEntire, Reba Reba * (MCA)

McEntire, Reba Heart to Heart (Mercury)

McEntire, Reba All the Women I Am (Valory)

McEntire, Reba If You See Him (MCA) 2cd tour version *

McEntire, Reba Reba Live * (MCA)

McEntire, Reba Starting Over * (MCA)

McEntire, Reba # 1s 2cd(MCA)

Manchaca, Carl Carl Manchaca (Light My Fire)

Manchaca, Carl That Song (Light My Fire0

Mandrell, Barbara Greatest Country Hits (Curb)

Marshall Tucker Band Live from Spartanburd Sth Carolina (Shout factory) sealed

Masters, Sammy Everybody Digs (Dionysius) rockabilly with Deke Dickerson

Mattea, Kathy Time Passes By (Mercury)

Mattea, Kathy Lonesome Standard Time * (Mercury)

Mattea, Kathy Lonesome Standard Time (Mercury)

Mattea, Kathy Walking Away a Winner (Mercury)

Mattea, Kathy Love Travels (Mercury) sealed

Mattea, Kathy Roses (Narada)

Mattea, Kathy Collection of Hits (Mercury)

Matthews, Wright & King Power of Love * (Columbia)

Matthews, Wright & King Dream Seekers * (Columbia)

Mensy, Tim This Ol’ Heart (Giant)

Merrit, Tift Travelling Along (Yeproc0

Michael & the Lonesome Bottle Cap Sky (BW)

Miller, Dean Dean Miller * (Capitol)

Miller, Mindy Gues Who’s Back in Town (Universal Sound)

Mitchell, Waddie w. Don Edwards Bard & Balladeer (WB)

Moffatt, Hugh Life of a Minor Poet * (Watermelon) guest Martin Delray

Moorere, Allison Getting Somewhere (Sugar Hill)

Morgan, Lorrie War Paint * (BNA)

Morrissey, Louise When I Was Yours”: The Collection (Castle) *

Morton, Tex Regal Zonophone Collection Vol 1 (EMI) 2cds

Murphey, Michael Martin What’s Forver For (Capitol)

Murphey, Michael Martin Cowboy songs Four * (WB)

Murphey, Michael Martin Sagebrush symphony * (WB)

Murray, Anne Croonin’ (Capitol)

Murray, Anne Croonin’ (Capitol) *

Murray, Anne Special Collection * (Capitol) 22 tks

Murray, Anne Best So Far (Capitol) 20 tks

Nabors , Jim Hymns & Country Favorites (Ranwood)

Nelson, Willie All the Songs I’ve Loved Before (Columbia) 2cd 40 tks

Nelson, Willie Greatest Hits: 38 timeless Classics 8 (Columbia) 2cd

Nelson, Willie Old Friends (duets) * (Columbia)

Nelson, Willie Greatest Hits & Some That Will Be * (Columbia)

Nelson, Willie Healing Hands of Time (Capitol)

Nelson, Willie Love Songs (Columbia)

Nelson, Willie Legend Best of Willie Nelson (Columbia)

Nelson, Willie Moonlight becomes You (Justice) *

Nelson, Willie Across the Borderline (duets) Columbia

New Black Seven Hangovers & Heartbreak (ZRoute 30

Nichols, Joe III (Universal)

Nichols, Joe Real Things (Universal)

Nichols, Joe Mna With a Memory (Universal)

Nichols, Joe Old Things New (Universal)

Nickel Creek Nickel Creek (Sugar Hill)

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Not Fade Away * (Liberty)

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Will the Circle be Unbroken Highgights * (Liberty)

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Best of Nitty Gritty Dirt Band (EMI)

O’Donnell. Daniel Especially for You * (Ritz)

O’Donnell. Daniel Last Waltz * ( Ritz)

O’Donnell. Daniel Songs Of Inspiration/ I Believe (Ritz) 2cd

O’Donnell. Daniel & Mary Duff Timeless (Ritz)

O’Donnell. Daniel Jukebox Years (Ritz) 21 tks

Oslin K T This Woman (RCA)

Oslin K T This Woman * (RCA)

Oslin, K T 80s Ladies * (RCA)

Oslin, K T Love in a Small Town * (RCA)

Overstreet, Tommy Solid God Hits * (Laserlight) 1985 recordings

Pabst, Shawn Rodeo This (SP)

Parnell, Leroy On the Road (Arista)

Parton, Dolly Besty * (BMG) 21 tks

Parton, Dolly Slow Dancing With the Moon * (Columbia)

Passin, Monica Monica Lil Mo Passin & the Monicats (Townhouse0

Peterson. Michael Michael Peterson (Reprise)

Pirates of Mississippi Pirates of Mississippi *(Capitol)

Pirates of Mississippi Dream You * (Capitol)

Pirates of Mississippi Street Man Named Desire * (Capitol)

Posey, Sandy American Country * (Karussel) 18 tks

Pousette Dart Band Best (Little Big Deal) 22 tks

Prairie Oyster Everybody Knows radio special (BMG)

Prairie Oyster Only One Moon (BMG)

Prairie Oyster Blue Plate Special (vel vel)

Prairie Oyster Everybody Knows (RCA)

Presley, Elvis Gospel Favorites (RCA) 20 tks *

Rains, Peggy It’s a Good Day (indie0

Rankin Twins Moonshines & Maybes (indie)

Raybon, Marty Back Forty (Rural Rythm) 2013

Raye, Collin Extremes (Epic)

Raye, Collin All I Can Be (Epic)

Raye, Collin In This Life (Epic)

Raye, Collin I Think About You (Epic)

Reed, Jerry Best Of (RCA) *

Reed, Jerry Guitar Man (RCA) 22tks

Reeves, Ronna Only the Heart (Mercury) *

Reid, Mike Twilight Town (Columbia)

Reid, Mike Turning for Home (Columbia) *

Richards, Dan Heartbreak U (DeVon) great indie

Richey, Kim Glimmer (Mercury)

Richey, Kim Bitter Sweet (Mercury)

Rierson, Rusty Souvenirs (Red Dirt) (sealed)

Rimes, LeAnn LeAnn Rimes (Curb) *

Rimes, LeAnn Blue (Curb)

Rimes, LeAnn Blue (Curb) *

Rimes, LeAnn You Light Up My Life: Inspirational Songs (Curb) *

Rimes, LeAnn Unchained Melody (Curb)

Roberts, Dan (Old Boots) great western flavour

Roberston, Jack Honky Tonk Daze (Step One) *

Rodgers, Jimmie Best (EMI) * ..Honeycomb/Bimbombey etc 20tk

Rodriguez, Johnny Live From Texas (Runnin’ Wide)

Roys Gypsy Runaway Train (Pinecastle)

Royal, Billy Joe Billy Joe Royal (Atlantic) *

Saunders/Kane/Del Tea for Three (ABC) *

Sawyer Brown Buick (Curb)

Sawyer Brown Dirt Road (Curb) *

Sawyer Brown Cafe on the Corner (Curb) *

Shay, Dorothy Park Avenue Hillbillies/West End Cowboys 2on1 Coll. Choice

Simpson, Ted Runaway Train (TS)

Singletary, Daryle Ain’t it the Truth (Giant)

Singletary, Daryle All Because of You (Giant)

Smith, Darden Troble No More (Columbia)

Smith, Darden Circo (Dualtone0 sealed

Smith, Mindy Mindy Smith (Giant leap) sealed

Sons of the San Joaquin Songs of the Silver Screen (WB)

Spaghetti, Eddie Value of Nothing (Bloodshot) great album cover

Springer, Roger Roger Springer Band (Giant)

Spurgin, Steve Distant DForces (Sierra) sealed
Steagall, Red Born to This Land (WB) *

Steel, Rusty & Tin Tax Lost Sessions 18 tks (Be Be)

Steeldrivers Hammer Down (Rounder)

Stevens, Ray He Thinks He’s Ray Stevens (MCA)

Stevens, Tate Tate Stevens (Simvco/Sony) won America’s Got Talent

Stone, Doug I Thought It Was You (Epic) *

Stone, Doug Make Up In Love (Atlantic)

Stone, Doug From the Heart (Epic)

Sutton, Bryan Ready to Go (Rounder)

Sylvie & Friends Sylvia & Friends (Playback)

Thomas, B J Living Room sessions (Wrinkled) 2013 duest inc Vince Gill

Thompson, Sue Greatest Hits (Curb) *

Thornton, Bi9lly Bob Beautiful Door (New Door)

Tillis, Pam Sweetheart’s Dance (Arista)

Tillis, Pam Homeward Looking Angel (Arista0

Tractors Tractors (Arista)

Travis, Randy No Holdin’ Back (WB) *

Travis, Randy Old 8x10 (WB) *

Travis, Randy Full Circle (WB) *

Travis, Randy High Lonesome (WB) *

Travis, Randy You & You Alone (Dreamworks)

Tritt, Travis Restless Kind (WB)

Tritt, Travis Ten Foot Tall & Bullet Proof (WB)

Tritt, Travis It’s All About to Change (WB) *

Tucker, Tanya Tennessee Woman (Capitol)

Tucker, Tanya Soon (Capitol)

Tucker, Tanya Can’t Run From Yourself (Capitol)

Tucker, Tanya What Do I Do With Me (Capitol)

Underwood, Carrie Some Hearts (Arista)

Underwood, Carrie Blowin’ Away (Arista) sealed

Van Shelton, Ricky Love & Honor (Columbia) *

Van Shelton, Ricky Backroads (Columbia)

Van Shelton, Ricky Backroads (Columbia) *

Van Shelton, Ricky Bridge I Didn’t Burn (Columbia)

Van Tassel, Susanna Heart I Wear (indie) recommended
Wade, Stephen Banjo Diary (Smithsonian Folkways)

Walker, Clay She Won’t Be Lonely Long (Curb)

Waller, Charlie Songs of American Spirit (w. Country Gentlemen) (P’castle)

Ward, Mike Alan Reading Hemingway (Mudbug)

Watson, Noel Yesterday (massive) WB *

Whitman, Slim Cowpoke (EMI) * 16tks

Whitman, Slim Red River Valley (EMI) *

Wiggins, John & Audrey The Dream (Mercury)

Wild Jimbos Wild Jimbos (MCA) Nitty Gritty Dirt Band offshoot

Wild Rose Straight & Narrow (Capitol) superb all girl group.

Wild Rose Breaking New Ground (Capitol) with Pam Gadd

Williams, Don Good Fire Goin’ (EMI) *

Williams, Don Borrowed Tales (American Harvest) *

Williams, Hank Jnr Wild Streak (Curb)

Williams, Hank Jnr America the Way I See It (Curb) *ld of Hank Williams jn4

Williams, Hank Jnr Pure Hank (Curb) *

Williams, Hank Jnr Lone Wolf (Curb) *

Williams, Hank Jnr Major Moves (Curb) *

Williams, Hank Jnr Maverick (Curb) *

Williams, Hank Jnr Out of Left Field (Curb)*

Williams, Hank Jnr Hog Wild (Curb)

Williams, Hank Jnr Greatest Hits (Mercury) *

Williams, Hank Jnr World of Hank Williams Jnr (Mercury) *20tk

Williams, Lucinda Car Wheels on a Gravel Road (Mercury)

Woodys Telluride to Tennesee (EFR)

Woodys Woodys (Rounder0

Wright, Brian Rattle Their Chains (Sugar Hill) Advance

Wright, John Lincoln That Old Mill (Northeastern)

Wynette, Tammy Anniversary Twenty Years of Hits (Epic)

Wynette, Tammy Love Songs (Epic)

Yoakam, Dwight Under the Covers (WB) *

Yoakam, Dwight There Was a Way (WB) * ]

Yoakam, Dwight This tIme (WB) *


Various Artists

America’s Music Roots of country (Curb) Toby Keith/ John Anderson etc

Best of Woodsongs Michael Johnathon’s Old Time Radio Hour (Poet man)

Beverly Hillbillies Motion Picture Soundtrack (RCA) excellent

Come Together America Salutes the Beatles (Liberty) 17 tks

Ears of Stone 1960s Folk & Country from Nashville Indies (T Bird)

Honeymoon in Vegas soundtrack (Epic) Tritt/ Gill/ Ricky Van, Yoakam etc

Horse Whisperer Soundtrack (MCA) Emmylou/ Iris/ Mavericks/ Dwight etc

Just Because I’m a Woman Songs of Dolly Parton (Sugar Hill) Emmylou/ Kraus etc

Kindred Spirit Tribute to Songs of Johnny Cash (sony) Dwight/Dylan/Earle

Life Goes On Musicians Against Childhood Cancer (Rural Ehythm) 2cd

Sealed. Cordle/ Rhonda Vincent etc

Maverick Soundtrack (Atlantic)

Not Fade Away Remembering Buddy Holly (MCA) Mavericks, Earle, etc

She Was Country Tribute to Barbara Mandrell (BNA) Terri Clark, Sara Evans

Transatlantic Sessions Radney Foster, Skaggs, White etc

Tribute to Tradition (Columbia) Trace Adkins “Never Go Round Mirrors” & Collin

Raye “Cold Cold Hear’ worth it alone. Krauss, Travis etc .

Voices of a Grateful Nation Supporting American Troops & Veterans Vol 1 Texas Rock

Blues & Folk (Icehouse) 17 tks Welch/Kane/

Womans Heart (Dara) Mary Black, Maura O’Connell etc


$6 country

Adams, Ryan Cold Roses 2cd (Lost Highway)

Aiken, Mike Captains & Cowboys (Northwind)

Alabama Pass it on Down (RCA) Jukebox in my Mind *

Alabama Southern Star (RCA) * this is their best.

Albert, Christine Texafrance (GAmbini) * tribute to Edith Piaf. Great.

Alexander, Dave And Legends of Western Swing (DAP) *

Allan, Gary Smoke Rings in the Dark (Decca) sealed

Anderson, Lynn Rose Garden Country Hits 1970-1979 21 tks (T-Bird)

Armstrong, Robby Robby Armstrong (Strong Arm) Paul Franklin on steel

Atkins, Chet Teensville (RCA)

Autry, Gene Back in the Saddle Again (ASV)

Axton, Hoyt Joy to the World/Country Anthem 2on1 (Raven) *

Barnett, Mandy I’ve Got a Right to Cry (Sire) *

Beck, Mike Tribute (Sons of Sage) western album..good.

Beckett, Randy Rebel Train (Satellite) Rockabilly

Bell, Delia Delia Bell (Wonded Bird/WB) w. Emmylou

Bell & Shore El Ranko Motel (ROM)

Bellamy Brothers Best of the Best * (Festival0

Berline, Byron Fiddle & a Song (Sugar Hill)

Big Country Bluegrass Memories of the Past (Rebel)

Blake, Norman & Nancy Back Home in Sulphur Springs

Blue Cactus Choir Once in a Bluegrass Moon (Porgy) nice Byrds-y style sealed

Blue moon Rising One Lonely shadow (Lonesome Day) exc. Kinda A.R.Aces

Bogguss, Suzy/Chet Atkins Simpatico (Capitol) superb

Boone, Larry One Way to Go (Columbia)

Brack, John Face to Face: 14 Country Duets (RCA Swiss) inc Mel McDaniel, Bobby Bare, Dean Dillon, Moe Bandy, Linda Davis

Brooks, Kix Kix Brooks (Capitol) pre Brooks & Dunn

Brown, Junior Greatest Hits (Curb)

Brown, Jim Ed & Browns Essential (RCA) *

Browne, Jann Tell Me Why (Curb)

Browne, Jann It Only Hurts When I Laugh (Curb)

Buffett, Jimmy Live Tuesday Thursdays and Saturdays (Mailboat) sealed

Burke, Solomon Nashville (Shout Factory)

Carlson, Paulette Love Goes On (Capitol) solo Highway 101 from 1994

Cartwright, Lionel Lionel Cartwright (MCA)

Cash, Johnny American IV Man Comes Around (American)

Cash, Johnny American V One Hundred Highways (American)

Cash, Johnny American VI Ain’t No Grave (American)


Mini Lp style cardboard. Looks just like miniaturised lp. Very cool

Cash, Johnny                        Bitter Tears: Ballads of the American Indian

Cash, Johnny                        Fabulous Johnny Cash

Cash, Johnny                        From Sea to Shining Sea

Cash, Johnny                        Hymns of Johnny Cash

Cash, Johnny                        Hymns from the Heart

Cash, Johnny                        I Walk the Line

Cash, Johnny                        I Walk the Line Soundtrack (different)

Cash, Johnny                        In Sweden Prison (aka Pa Osteraker)

Cash, Johnny                        Johnny Cash Show

Cash, Johnny                        Orange Blossom Special

Cash, Johnny                        Ring of Fire

Cash, Johnny                        Rockabilly blues

Cash, Johnny                        Silver

Cash, Johnny                        Sings Precious Memories

Cash, Johnny                        Songs of the Soil

Cash, Johnny                        Sound of Johnny Cash

Cash, Johnny                        Strawberry Cake


Cherry, Don Collection (Bellaire) 2on 1 25 tks *

Cherry, Don Best of Columbia & Monument Years (Coll Choice) *

Chieftains Voice of ages (Blackrock) duets

Clark, Roy Best (Curb)

Cline, Patsy Live at the Cimarron Ballroom (MCA) * 17 tks OOP

Cooder, Ry River Rescue Very Best (WB) 19 tks

Cooley, Spade Spadella : The Esssntial (Legacy) 20 tks

Cordle, Larry Murder on Music Row (Shellpoint) ........original & best

Cordle, Larry Pud Marcum’s Hangin’ (Mighty Cord) sealed

Crowell, Rodney Greatest Hits (Columbia)

Cryner, Bobbie Bobbie Cryner (Epic) inc duet with Dwight. Superb cd

Dailey & Vincent Brothers of the Highway (Rounder) 2013

Dalton, Lacy J Greatest Hits (Columbia) inc 16th Avenue

Daniels, Charlie Campfire Songs & Cowboy Tunes (Sony) *

Daniels, Charlie Simple Man (Epic) his best with “Oh Atlanta” & “Old rock & Roller”

Davis, Mac Will Write Songs for Food (Columbia) *

Davis, Mac Very Best & More (Mercury) *

Deadly Gentlemen Roll Me Tumble Me Rounder

Denver, John Live at Sydney Opera House (RCA)

Denver, John Poems Prayers Promises/ Farewell Andromeda (RCA)

Diamond, Claude Highway of Life (Vettset) forme rY & T album of year

Dixon, Dorsey Babies in the Mill (HMG) Carolina Traditional

Domino kings Lonesome Highway (DK) rockabilly

Dowd, Johnny Cruel Words (MRC)

Dowd, Johnny Pictures from Life’s Other Side (Koch)

Dunn, Holly Across the Rio Grande (MTM)

Flores, Rosies Rockabilly Filly (Hightone)

Foley, Red Tennessee Saturday Night 2cd (Proper) *

Foley, Red Country Music Hall of Fame (MCA) *

Fricke, Janie Country Store Collection (Castle) Uk 18 CBS tracks *

Fricke, Janie Janie Fricke (Intersound) 1991 indie hard to get

Frizzell, David & Shelley West Greatest Hits Alone & Together (K Tel) * all WB hits...his...hers & together

Gayle, Crystal Collection (EMI) 2cds 40 tks *

Gayle, Crystal All My Tomorrows (V Tone) * excellent standards album

Gibson, Don 20 of the Best (RCA) * originals

Gill, Vince Souvenirs (MCA) sealed

Gill, Vince/ Paul Franklin Bakersfield (Advance) (MCA)

Greenwood, Lee Definitive (MCA) 23 tracks

Gregory, Clinton Too Much Ain’t Enough (Melody Roundup) 2012

Griffith, Nanci Little Love Letters (MCA)

Griffith, Nanci Lone Star State of Mind (MCA)

Haggard, Merle Collection (EMI) * 2cds 35 tks

Haggard, Merle Capitol Collectors Series (Capitol) *

Haggard, Merle Capitol Collectors Series (Capitol)

Haggard, Merle 1994 (Curb)

Haggard, Merle Serving 190 Proof (MCA)

Haggard, Merle His Greatest & Hios Best (MCA)

Haggard, Merle Roots Vol 1 (Anti) *

Haggard, Merle PAncho & Lefty (with Willie) (Epic) *

Haggard, Merle 25th Anniversary album (EMI) 20 tks ...not all usual ones

Hall, Tom T On a Storyteller’s Night (Mercury) *

Hancock, Butch War & Peace (Two Roads)

Handsome Family Though the Trees (Carrot Top)

Handsome Family Singing Bones (Carrot Top)

Harpeth Rising Tales from Jackson Bridge (Grimm)

Harris,Emmylou Blue Kentucky Girl (WB)

Hiatt, John Mystic Pinball (New West)

Hill, Goldie Don’t Send Me No More Roses (Righteous) sealed

Hoge, Will Never Give In (Thirty Tigers) sealed

Horton, Steven Wayne Steven Wayne Horton (Capitol)

Ifield, Frank Funny How Time Slips Away (EMI) out of print.14tks,not hits

Jackson, Alan Under the influence (Arista) *

Jackson, Carl Songs of the South (Sugar Hill)

Jenkins Jenkins (Capitol) great unreleased album McCarters/ Judds

Jennings, Shooter Bad Magick-Best (Universal0

Jennings, Waylon A Man Called Hoss (MCA)

Jennings, Waylon Ol Waylon Sings Ol Hank (WJ)

Jennings, Waylon Waymore’s Blues Pt II (RCA)

Jennings, Waylon Will the Wolf Survive (MCA)

Jennings, Waylon Legendary (RCA) 3cd

Johnson, Jamey That Lonesome Song (Mercury)

Jones, George I Love Country (Epic)

Jones, George Her We Are (Epic0 16 duets with various female artists

Judds Essential (RCA) *

Judds Why Not Me (RCA) Japan pressing.

Judds Rockin’ With the Rhythm (RCA) Japan pressing

Judds Reunion December 31, 1999 (Curb) 2cd

Kentucky Headhunters Electric Barnyard (Mercury)

Kershaw, Doug Best of (WB)

Kershaw, Doug Very Best (Great American Music Company)

Krauss, Alison Forget About It (Rounder)

Krauss, Alison & Union Station Live (Rounder) 2cd

Krauss, Alison & Union Station So Long So Wrong (Rounder)

Krauss, Alison A Hundred Miles or so: a Collection (Rounder)

Krauss, Alison & Union Station Lonely Runs Both Ways (Rounder)

Lacs Keep it Redneck (Avergae Joes) sealed. Includes vocal guest

Noah Gordon, one of the best of the 90s.

Louvin Brothers Country Love Ballads/Ira & Charlie 2on1 (Raven)

Loveless, Patty On your Way Home (Epic) CD + DVD

McCarters The Gift (WB)

McCarters Better Be Home Soon (WB) both superb

McDowell, Ronnie Your Precious Love (Curb) *

McDowell, Ronnie When a Man Love a Woman (Curb) *

McDowell, Ronnie Best Of (Curb) *

McDowell, Ronnie Unchained Melody (Curb) *

McDowell, Ronnie American Music (Curb) *

McDowell, Ronnie Tribute to the King (Intersound) 20 tks

McDowell, Ronnie Older Women and Othe rGreates Hits (Sony)

McQuaig, Scott Scott McQuaig (Universal) superb George Strait like .

Maddox Brothers & Rose America’s Most Colorful Hillbilly Band (Arhoolie)

Maddox Brothers & Rose America’s Most Colorful Hillbilly Band Vol 2 (Arhoolie)

Maddox Brothers & Rose On the Air (Arhoolie)

Maddox Brothers & Rose Live on the Radio (Arhoolie)

Maddox, Rose Rose of West Coast Country (Arhoolie)

Mandrell, Barbara Collection (Liberty)

Mandrell, Barbara Morning Sun (Capitol) *

Martin, Janis The Blanco Sessions (Cow Island) Sealed

Mattea, Kathy Definitive Collection (Mercury) 20tks

Milsap, Ronnie G HVol 2 (RCA)

Milsap, Ronnie Essential (RCA)

Moffatt. Katy Walkin’ on the Moon (Philo) *

Moffatt. Katy Greatest Show on earth (Philo) one of best female folk country albums ever....Katy with Tom Russell.

Moffatt. Katy Greatest Show on earth (Philo) *

Moffatt, Katy Hearts Gone Wild (Watermelon) *

Moffatt, Katy/ Hugh Dance Me Outside (Philo) *

Montana, Patsy Cowboy’s Sweetheart (King)

Mowrey, Dude Honky Tonk (Capitol) top Jimmy Bowen produced gem

Murphey, Michale Martin Cowboy Songs (WB) *

Murphey, Michale Martin Cowboy Songs III (WB) *

Murphey, Michale Martin Cowboy Classics: Playing Favorites II (Real West)

Nelson, Willie Singin’ With Willie (Raven) 20 duets some ultra rare

Nelson, Willie Just One Love (Justice) * incl duets w. Kimmie Rhodes

Nelson, Willie Just One Love (Justice)

Nelson, Willie Phases & Stages (Atlantic) His best album for mine.

Nelson, Willie W. Ray Price Run That By me One More Time (lost Highway)

Nelson, Willie Across the Borderline (CBS) special digipak edition.

Nelson, Willie You Don’t Know Me: Songs of Cindy Walker (Lost Highway)

Nelson, Willie w. Ray price San Antonio Rose (CBS)

Nesmith, Michael Hits Just Keep on Coming (Awareness) his best solo album O’Kanes Imagine That (Columbia)

Overstreet, Paul Songwriter’s project Vol 1 (Scarlett Moon)

Owens, Buck The Instrumental Hits (Sundazed/Capitol0

Parton, Dolly Mission Chapel Memories 1971-75 24 tks (Raven)

Parton, Dolly Loretta Lynn/Tammy Wynette Honky Tonk Angels (CBS)

Parton, Dolly Legendary 3cd (RCA)

Perkins/Lewis/Orbison/cash Class of 55 (Mercury)

Petite, Sara Circus Comes to Town (indie)_ sealed

Place, Mary Kay Ahern Sessions 1976-77 (Raven) guests galore Emmylou, Willie, Crowell, Parton, Leon Russell etc

Presley, Elvis Elvis the King 1954-1965 (Time Life) 22 tks

Reed, Jerry The Essential (RCA) 20 tks

Reeves, Del Silver Anniversary Album (Playback)

Rice, Tony Unit Backwaters (Rounder)

Riders in the Sky Cowboys in Love (Columbia)

Rich, Charlie Pictures & Paintings (WB)

Rigsby, Don Doctors Orders: A Tribute to Ralph Stanley (Rebel)

Robison, Charlie Live at Billy Bobs 2cds (Smith Music Group)

Rogers, Roy Tribute (RCA) original fold out sleeve with guests . 10/10!!

Rowan,Peter Reggaebilly (own label)

Scott, Ray Rayality (indie)

Sears, Dawn What a woman Wants to Hear (WB)

Shaver, Billy Joe Tramp on Your Street (zoo)

Shaver, Billy Joe Salt of the Earth (Columbia)

Shaver, Billy Joe Unshaven: Live at Smith’s Bar (zoo)

Shiflett, Karl Take Me Back (Pinecastle)

Shocked, Michelle Arkansas Traveller (mercury) w. Jimmy Driftwood

Sizemore, Charlie Heartache Looking For a Home (Rounder) great singer.

Skaggs, Ricky My Father’s Son (epic)

Skaggs, Ricky Life is a Journey (Atlantic)

Smith, Carl Essential: Columbia Country Classics (Columbia)

Sons of the Pioneers Tumbling Tumbleweeds: RCA Victor Years (RCA) 20 tks

Steagall, Red Wagon Tracks (WB)

Steagall, Red Faith & Values (WB)

Stewart, Gary Essential (RCA)

Strait, George Beyond the Blue Neon (MCA)

Strait, George Beyond the Blue Neon (MCA) *

Strait, George Ocean Front Property (MCA) *

Strait, George Troubadour (MCA)

Strait, George Soemwhere Down in Texas (MCA)

Stuart, Marty Hillbilly Rock (MCA)

Supernaw, Doug Red & Rio Grande (RCA) superb debut

Sylvia Greatest Hits (RCA)

Thompson, Hank And Friends (Curb) *

Thompson, Tim & Myles Time 4 Me to Go (Hidden giant) father & son bluegrass

Thornton, Marsha Maybe the Moon Will Shine (MCA) Wonderful second album

Thornton, Marsha Maybe the Moon Will Shine (MCA) *

Tillis, Pam It’s All Relative: Tillis Sings Tillis (Lucky Dog)

Tillman, Floyd Country Music Hall of Fame (MCA) 16 tks *

Travis, Merle Best (Rhino) *

Travis, Randy Heroes & Friends (WB) duets

Travis, Randy Heroes & Friends (WB) duets *

Travis, Randy Wind in the Wire (WB)

Tritt, Travis My Honky Tonk History (Columbia)

Truth & Salvage Co Pick Me Up (Megaforce)

Tubb, Ernest Live 1965 (Rhino)

Van Shelton, Ricky Wild Eyed Dream (Columbia) *

Van Shelton, Ricky Loving Proof (Columbia) *

Van Shelton, Ricky RVS III (Columbia) *

Van Shelton, Ricky Greatest Hits Plus (Columbia)

Webb, Jimmy Still Within teh Sound of My Voice (One) adv. 14 Webb classics with special guests inc. Brian Wilson, a husky Carly simon, Joe Cocker, Jordinaires, Crosby& Nash etc.

Whitley, Keith Wherever You Are Tonight (RCA)

Williams, Don Prime Cuts (Capitol)

Williams, Don Currents (RCA)

Williams, Don True Love (RCA)

Williams, Hank I/ II /III Three Hanks: Men With Broken Hearts (Curb) *

Williams, Hank Jnr Roots & Branches (Mercury) *

Williams, Hank Jnr Greatest Hits III (WB) *

Williams, Hank Jnr Family Tradition (WB) probably his best solo album (sealed.)

Williams, Hank III Lovesick Broke & Driftin’ (Curb) sealed

Williams, Jett I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry (Foundation)

Williams, Lew cat Talk (Bear Family)

Wiseman, Mac Lost album (MME)

Wood Brothers The Muse (southern Ground) Produced by Buddy Miller

Wynette, Tammy Without walls (epic) duets



Big Mon Songs of Bill Monroe (Skaggs Family) with Dwight/ Tritt/ Fogerty/ Patty/ Skaggs etc

Big Rig Blues 2cds 39 tracks Castle

Bluegrass Best of 80 Years of American Music (Sony legacy)

Columbia Country Classics Vol.1 Golden Age (Columbia) 27 tks *

Columbia Country Classics Vol. 2 Honky Tonk Heroes (Columbia) 27 tks *

Columbia Country Classics Vol. 4 Nashville Sound (Columbia) 26 tks *

Columbia Country Classics Vol. 5 . New Tradition (Columbia) 23 tks *

Cowpunks 24 Trailblazing Tracks (Vinyl Junkie)

Get With the Beat Best of teh Marvel Masters (Ryko) 27 great hillbilly with nod to rockabilly tracks

Good Rockin’ Tonight Legacy of Sun Records (Sire)

Gram Parsons Notebook Last Whippoorwill (Groovetone) sealed Skaggs/ Lauderdale/ Leslie Satcher / Rebecca Lynn Howard etc complete& record unfinished Gram Parsons songs

Hillbilly Fever Volume 2: Legends of Honky Tonk (Rhino) *

Hillbilly Fever Volume 3: Legends of Nashville (Rhino)

Hillbilly Fever Volume 4: Legends of the West Coast (Rhino) *

Lilith Fair A Celebration of Women in Music (Arista) 2cds Emmylou

Music Is You Tribute to John Denver (ATO) worth it just for Old Crow Medicine Show’s “Back Home Again”!

Rig Rock deluxe Musical Tribute to the American Truckdriver (Upstart) Mix of new & vintage artists often in duet form eg Red Simpson with Junior Brown...Buck Owens, Steve Earle, Don walser

Songs of the Civil War w. Waylon, Kathy Mattea etc (Columbia) *

Tribute to Jimmie Rodgers w. Dwight, David Ball, Dylan, Krauss etc (Columbia) *

Unbroken Circle Musical Heritage of the Carter Family (Dualtone)

Wild West Soundtrack Music from mini series Just superb. Crystal Gayle’s version of “Barbara Allen” is worth twice the cost alone.


$10 country

Aldridge, Darin &Brooke Flying (Organic0 2013 sealed nice bluegrass duest

Allcorn, Joey All Alone Again (Blue Yodel) lot like Hank III sealed

Allen, Rex Jnr Very Best (WB) *

Allen, Rex Jnr & Snr Singing Cowboys (WB) *

Anthony, Rayburn Something Out of the Ordinary (Texamerican)

Arthur, Charlene Welcome to the Club (Bear Family)

Asleep at the Wheel Remembers the Alamo (Shout Factory)

Atkins, Chet/Jerry Reed Sneakin’ Around (Columbia)

Atkins, Chet Tennesse Guitatr Man (Pair/RCA)

Atkins, Chet Magic Of (CBS Special products/Heartland 22 tks

Bare, Bobby Hard Time Hungrys/Winner & Other Losers (Omni) sealed

Bare, Bobby Best (Razor & Tie)

Bibey, Allan & Wayne Benson Mandolin Chronicles (Pinecastle)

Bice, Steve Sin Citizen Sessions (Sin Citizen)

Bice, Steve Sixty Minutes of sin (Sin Citizen) If you ain’t got ‘em,get ‘em

Block, Ron Walking Song (Rounder) sealed from Union Station, Alison Krauss, Jerry Douglas, Kate Rusby guest

Blue, Arkey sings Twenty Nine Years Tribute to Hank Williams (Bantex)

Bromberg, David Try me One More Time (Appleseed)

Brooks, Garth No Fences (EMI) this is one with his first album on it too.

Brown, Junior Twelve Shades of Brown (Demon UK) original issue

Buffett, Jimmy Meet Me In Margaritaville: the Ultimate Collection 2cd (MCA)

Cash, Johnny/ Carl Perkins I Walk the Line/ Little Fauss/ Big Halsy (Bear Family)


Mini lp style cardboard cover (looks like miniaturised version of the lp)

Cash, Johnny                        Adventures of Johnny Cash

Cash, Johnny                        Everybody Loves a Nut

Cash, Johnny                        Gone Girl

Cash, Johnny                        Gospel Road 2cds

Cash, Johnny                        Hello I’m Johnny Cash

Cash, Johnny                        I Would like to See You Again

Cash, Johnny                        John R Cash

Cash, Johnny                        Junkie & the Juicehead Minus Me

Cash, Johnny                        Keep on the Sunnyside(with Carter Family)

Cash, Johnny                        Last Gunfighter Ballad

Cash, Johnny                        Look at Them Beans

Cash, Johnny                        Man in Black (the original album)

Cash, Johnny                        One Piece at a Time

Cash, Johnny                        Rainbow

Cash, Johnny                        Rambler

Cash, Johnny                        Survivors (wih Carl Perkins & Jerry Lee Lewis)

Cash, Johnny                        Thing Called Love


Cash, Tommy Let an Old Racehorse Run (Playback)

Cassidy, Eva Imagine (Blixstreet) nice Tennesee Waltz

Chapel, Leon Automatic Mama (Bear Family)

Chieftains Best (Legacy)

Chieftains Another Country (RCA) * guests inc Emmylou, Willie, Don Williams, Chet, Skaggs, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band.

Coe, David Allan For the Record: First Ten Years (Columbia) *

Coe, David Allan Biketoberfest (Coe Pop)

Commander Cody & Lost Planet Airmen Too Much Fun Best (MCA)

Crickets T-Shirt (Epic)

Crockett, Howard Out of Bounds (Bear Family)

Delray., Martin What Kind of Man (Atlantic) superb

Delray., Martin What Kind of Man (Atlantic) *

Dunn, Holly Cornerstone (MTM)

Edwards, Don Songs of the Trail (WB) *

Edwards, Don Kin of the Wind (Dualtone) Marty Robbins tribute

Edwards, Don My Hero Gene Autry (Shanachie) *

Emmons, Buddy Steel Guitar Jazz (Mercury)

Felts, Narvel Drift Away: Best 1973-79 (Bear Family) 28 tks

Goans, Teea That’s Just me (Crosswind) wonderful indie label cd

Griffin, Patty Kiss in Time CD + DVD (ATO)

Griffin, Patty Silver Bell (A&M) promo not full notes 2013

Griffith, Nanci Other Voices Too (Elektra)

Haggard, Merle Way I Am (MCA)

Haggard, Merle Rainbow Stew Live (MCA)

Haggard, Merle Back to the Barrooms (MCA)

Haggard, Merle Complete 60s Capitol Singles (Capitol) sealed 2012 28tks

Haggard, Merle 18 Rare Classics (Curb) *

Hancock, Wayne That’s What Daddy Wants (Ark 21)

Hardwick, Billy Jnr Too Country (JRS) all time Y & T fave.

Harris, Emmylou All I Intended to be (Nonesuch) sealed

Harris, Emmylou Even Cowgirls Get the Blues (WB) *

Harris, Emmylou Brand New Dance (WB) *

Hay, Erin The Circle (Westwood)

Hicks, Dan & Hot Licks Return to Hicksville: Best 1971-1973 (MCA) 16 tks

Hillman, Chris/ Herb Pederson Bakersfield Bound (Sugar Hill) superb as good as anything they have ever done individually or collectively

Hobbs, Becky All Keyed Up (MTM) superb female honky tonk

Horton, Johnny The Primo Collection 2cd 40 tracks all original

Horton, Johnny America Remembers: 20 Big Hits CBS special products

Hot Club of Cowtown Rendezvous in Rhythm ((Proper) 2013

Joey & Rory Album 2 (Sugar Hill)

Johnnie & Jack And Tennesse Mountain Boys CD#1 from box (Bear Family)

Johnson, Jamey The Guitar Song (Mercury) 2cd sealed

Jones, George Don’t Stop the Music (Ace UK)

Jones, George One Woman man (Epic)

Jones, George You Oughta be here With Me (Epic)

Jones, George Friends in High Places (Epic)

Jones, George Bartender’s Blues (Rzor & Tie)

Jones, George Bradley Barn sessions (MCA)

Jones, George Complete United Artists Solo Singles (Capitol) sealed 32tks

Kendalls 16 Greatest Hits (Varese)

Knopfler, Mark/ Emmylou Harris Real Live Roadrunning (WB) CD + DVD

Knuckles, Red & Trailblazers Honky tonk Swing Music (Wendell) Tim O’Briend

Krauss, Alison Too Late to Cry (Rounder)

Lang, k d Truly Western experience (WB Canada) Canada only

Lansdale, Kasey Restless (Blue Siren) John Carter Cash produced sealed

McCall, Darrell/ Johnny Bush Hot Texas Country (Step One)

McDevitt, Chas Skiffle Group feat, Nancy Whiskey (Bear Family)

McEntire, Reba Oklahoma Girl 2cd (Mercury)

McEuen, John John McEuen (Wounded Bird)

Macon, Uncle Dave Travelin’ Down the Road (County/ RCA)

Macon, Uncle Dave Country Music Hall of Fame (MCA)

Mainer, J E Run Mountain (Arhoolie)

Murphey, Michale Martin Tall Grass & Cool Water: Cowboy Songs VI (Rural Rhythm) sealed

Myles, Heather Highways & Honky tonks (Rounder) inc duet w. Haggard

Paisley, Brad This is Country Music (Arista)

Rawlett, Billy What’s a Poor Boy to Do (Bullydog) good indie.

Rawlett, Billy Latent Treasure (Bullydog)

Shaner, Tom Ghost Songs Waltzes & Rock & Roll (mother west)

Stewart, Dave Ringmaster General (Surf Dog) inc duet Alison Krauss

Tillis, Mel Hitsides 1970-80 (Raven)

Tyson, Ian Cowboyography (Sugar Hill) w. Navajo Rug

Tyson, Ian Old Corrals & Sagebrush & Other Cowboy Culture Classics (Vanguard) 19 tracks 74 minutes.

Tyson, Ian All the Gooduns Volume 2 (Stony Plain)

Van Shelton, Ricky Love & Honor Radio Special (Columbia)

Watson, Dale Cheatin’ Heart Attack (Hightone) hard to beat.

Watson, Doc Foundation: Teh Doc Watson Guitar Instrumental Collection (Sugar Hill)

Watson, Doc w. Merle Watson “Down South” Sugar Hill

Williams, Don And So It Goes (Sugar Hill) 2013 top.

Williams, Hank Legend 2cd 21/2 hours of Colin Escott book narrated by Sammy Kershaw with rare recordings not available elsewhere.

Yoakam, Dwight Three Pears (WB)



1861 Project Vol 2 From the Famine to the Front (Cohesion) With great line up inc Connie Smith, Maura O’Connell etc

All American Country Duets Karussel 18 duets mostly rare & great

Capitol Country Classics 1950s (EMI UK) 26 tks. Lot of these unavailable elsewhere *

Capitol Country Classics 1960s (EMI UK) 27 tracks . Ditto *

Capitol Country Classics 1970s (EMI UK) 26 tks Ditto again *

Capitol Country Classics 1980s (EI UK) 23 tks ditto once more.

Greetings from District of Country 24 tracks featuring artists fom Washington DC including Ruthie & the Wranglers and Honky Tonk Confidential (w. great deep voice Geff {I can’t spell Geoff} King on lead vocal.

Harry Smith Connection A Live Tribute to the Anthology of American Folk Music (Smithsonian Folkways)

Kentucky Old Time Banjo (Rounder select) 38 tks

Mama’s Hungry Eyes A Tribute to Merle Haggard (Arista) major label artist tribute to Haggard. Great lineup inc. John Anderson, Vince, Emmylou, Alan Jackson, Lorrie Morgan etc. An ideal companion to go with Tulare Dust...below

Mama’s Hungry Eyes A Tribute to Merle Haggard (Arista) *

RCA Nashville Classics 1940s and Before (RCA UK) 28 tks *

RCA Nashville Classics 1950s (RCA UK) 25 tks *

RCA Nashville Classics 1960s (RCA UK) 25tks *

RCA Nashville Classics 1970s (RCA UK) 25 tks * Zella Lehr!!

RCA Nashville Classics 1980s (RCA UK) 23 tks * another top clas series.

Rural Parlour Guitar 1967-71 (County) 21 tracks

Tulare Dust A Songwriter’s Tribute to Merle Haggard (Hightone) w. Tom Russell, Iris Dement, Dwight, Steve Young, Katy Moffatt etc

Tulare Dust A Songwriter’s Tribute to Merle Haggard (Hightone)

Wanted The Outlaws Waylon/Willie/ Jessi/Tompall expanded 21 tk edition



Pa’s Fiddle Music of America with Randy Travis Rodney Atkins, Milsap.


$12 country

Alvin, Dave Public Domain (Hightone)

Alvin, Dave Out in California (Hightone)

Alvin, Dave King of California (Hightone)

Bare, Bobby Essential (RCA) sealed

Bell, Knut Honkahillarockabilly (marlinspike) superb indie & the title says exactly what it is.

Blaker, Clay & Texas Honky Tonk Band Laying It all on the Line (TMC)

Boggs, Dock His Folkway Years (Smithsonian) 2cd

Cash, Johnny Original Album Classics (CBS) Man in Black album + 2 more

Chesney, Kenny Life on a Rock (Blue chair) sealed comes with set 10 postcards,

Church, Eric Caught in the Act Live (EMI) Raucous but an honest to goodness outlaw album. Some great tracks “Pledge Allegiance to the Hag”. Long too. Pity there weren’t more like him.

Clark, Gene Here Tonight The White Light Demos (Universal0

Clark, Gene Gypsy Angel:The Gene Clark Demos 1983-90 (Evangeline)

Costello, Elvis Almost Blue (Demon expanded) with Psycho!!

Dave & Deke Combo Hollywood Barn Dance (Heyday)

Dayton, Jesse/ Brennen Leigh Holdin’ Our Own (Stag) Classic duets

Dickerson, Dub Boppin’ in the Dark (Bear Family)

Dolan, Jimmie Jukebox Boogie (Bear Family)

Drive By Truckers Southern Rock Opera 2cd

Drusky, Roy Songs of Love & Life (Mercury)

Endsley, Melvin I Like Your Kind of Love (Bear Family)

Flatt & Scruggs Essential 2cd (Columbia Legacy)

Frizzell, Lefty Best (Rhino) *

Gilley, Mickey Ten Years of Hits (Epic) *

Glaser, Tompall The Rogue (Bear Family)

Gosdin, Vern Bck in teh Swing of Things (goldrhyme)

Guthrie, Woody Live Wire (Rounder) Live 1949 with great sound

Griffith, Nanci Complete MCA Studio Recordings (MCA)

Hancock, Butch Yella Rose (w. MArce Lacoutre) RAinlight

Here Today Vince Gill/Herb Pederson/David Grisman (Rounder)

Jones, Grandpa An American Original CMH 30 tks

Jones, Grandpa Makes the Rafters Ring (Omni) 2on1 sealed

Kentucky Colonels Appalachian Swing (Rounder)

Kentucky Colonels Livin’ in the Past (Hollywood) 2 x Clarnece White musts.

Kirchen, Bill Seeds & Stems (Proper 2013)

Lawrence, Tracy Very Best (Rhino) 21 tks

Ledoux, Chris Songs of Rodeo & Country/ Life as a Rodeo man Capitol

Ledoux, Chris Western Tunesmith/ He Rides Wild Horses Capitol

Lee, Phil Mighty King of Love (palookaville)

Lewis, Jerry Lee Mercury Years Vol 3 (Mercury)

Locklin, Hank Country Legend (RCA)

Louvin Brothers My Baby’s Gone :Essential (Raven) 30 tks

Lynn, Loretta Legendary Country Singer (Time Life) 25 tks

Lynn, Loretta All Time Greatest Hits (MCA) 22 tks

McCoy, Neal Pride: A Tribute to Charley Pride (Slate Creek) 2013 sealed

McDonald, Skeets Goin’ Steady with the Blues (Righteous) 20 tks

Miller, Roger King of the Road: Best Volume Two (Mercury) all hits

Milsap, Ronnie 20-20 Vision/Night things (Raven)

Milsap, Ronnie Country again (Bigger Picture)

Newton, Juice Ultimate Hits Collection (Fuel) 20 tks

Nunn, Gary P Greatest Hits Vol 2 (Lone star)

Paisley, Brad Wheelhouse (Arista)

Paisley, Brad Wheelhouse (Arista) special edition like a passport

Parsons, Gene The Kindling Collection (Sierra) sealed . former Byrd

Paycheck, Johnny Soul & Edge: Best of (Epic) 23 tks sealed.

Pierce, Webb Honky Tonk to Country Boogie Decca Recordings 1951-59 (Canetoad) Australian 32 tracker. Canetoad as a label is closing and so all cds will become obsolete.

Poco Very Best (Legacy) 14 track Epic label best of

Red Fox Chasers Complete 1928-31 (Tompkins Square)

Russell, Johnny Greatest Hits ((Dominion)

Russell, Johnny Almost Alive (NQD) 16 tks

Russell, Leon Hank Wilson’s Back (Shelter/EMI)

Seeger, Mike Third Annual Farewell Reunion (Rounder)

Silvers, Jimmie Music Makin’ Mama from Memphis (Bear Family)

Skaggs, Ricky Sweet Temptation (Sugar Hill)

Snow, Len Country’s What I Choose (Platinum Plus)

Stone, B Jeff Greatest Hits 1968-2000 (NAshvile Gold) 22 tks good!

Twitty, Conway Crazy in Love (MCA) His thrird last album from 1990. Long OOP

West, Shelley Very Best (Varese)

West, Speedy/ Jimmy Bryant Stratosphere Boogie (Razor & Tie)

Wiseman, Mac Bluegrass Favourites (MME/Capitol)


Divide & United Songs of Civil War (promo) 2cd of ATO label November release. Excellent country & bluegrass lineup with Jamey Johnson, Loretta, Lee Ann Womack, Del mccoury, Chris Hillaman, Jack Clement (RIP)Vince Gill etc. Superb

John Laws Country Collection (Sony) * 20 tracks & here for one reason...the ONLY place you will get Jack Clement’s glorious “When I Dream”, the staple of midnight to dawn radio.

True Voices Artists such as Gene Clark, Jackie Lomax, John Stewart do songs of Phil Ochs, Tim Buckley, Tim Hardin etc etc


Carrie Underwood Blown Away Tour Live Sealed Arista


$15 country

Allen, Rex Voice of the West (Bear Family) *

Arnold, Eddy Cattle Call/Thereby Hangs a Tale (Bear Family) *

Arnold, Eddy Best Selection (RCA) quality Japan release.

Arnold, Eddy Complete Original # 1 Hits (Real Gone/ RCA) 28#1 hits sealed

Atkins, Chet Pops Go Country/ Pops Go West (Real Gone/RCA) w. Arthur Fiedler sealed

Bare, Bobby Darker Than Light (plowboy) sealed

Big sandy What a Dream It’s Been (Cow Island)

Campbell, Glen Live in Japan (Real Gone/ Capitol) sealed 1975 album which was only ever released in Japan.

Civil Wars Civil wars (2013 sony) sealed

Culpepper, Tim Pourin’ Whiskey on Pain (Honkytone) sealed 2012 album of year

Cyrus, Bobby Homeplace (BCC) Don’t be put off by fact that Bobby is Biilly Ray’s cousin. Its is really good. Great pickers. Hargus Pig Robbins on piano. The opener “Cut My Teeth on Waylon & Willie’ will give you an idea but the standout is the wonderful “Milkman’s Eyes” featuring his cuz.

Dirty River Boys Science of flight (Thirty Tigers)

Eden & Johns East River String Band Drunken Barrelhouse Blues (ERR) R Crumb cover!!

Feek, Heidi The Only (sealed) Heidi is the daughter of Yesyerday & Today faves Joey & Rory

Ford, Tennessee Ernie Ultimate Collection 2cd Razor & Tie no booklet 40 tks

Frickie, Janie Black & White (Columbia)

Guthrie, Arlo Son of the Wind (Rising Son)

Guthrie, Arlo All Over the World: songs from All Over the World (Rising son)

Haggard, Merle That’s the Way Love Goes/ It’s All in the Game (T Bird) 2on1 sealed

Haggard, Merle Country Boy (Pair/Capitol) some rare tracks

Hamilton,George IV Tribute to Luke the Drifter: Other Side of Hank (Lamon) sealed

Hancock, Butch & Jimmie Dale Gilmore Two Roads Live in Australia (Caroline)

Hard Hat Dave And the Honky Tonk Knights (DLP) superb Nashville indie. Deep voice honky tonk.

Harris, Emmylou Ballad of Sally Rose (WB)

Horton, Johnny Rockin’ Rollin’ (Bear)

Horton, Johnny Rockin’ Rollin’ (Bear) *

Ingle, Red Tim-Tayshun (Bear Family)


Jackson, Alan The Bluegrass Album (EMI Nashville)

Jackson, Carl/John Starling Spring Training (Sugar Hill) the album that introduced the Nash Ramblers...later to back Emmylou at Ryman. Emmylou guests as well

Jackson, Wanda Best of Classic Capitol singles (Capitol) sealed 29 tks

Jackson, Wanda The Party Ain’t Over (Nonesuch) latest

Jenkins, Jody Cars, Bars & Guitars (Flying L)

Jennings, Waylon Goin’ Down Rockin’ : Last Recordings (Saguaro) sealed Produced by Waylon’s long time steel man Robby Turner.

Joey & Rory His & Hers (Sugar Hill) Walmart expanded version sealed

Joey & Rory Album #2 (Sugar Hill) ditto

Jones,Alamo The Voice in Black (UR) great co-hort of Jack Clement.

Jones, David Bridges (Zane)

Keeble, Billy Just for You (Pretty World)

Keeble, Billy Unchained Country (Universal)

Kilgore, jerry Telephone Texas (NNC) sealed

Laine, Frankie On the Trail Again (Bear Family) *

Laine, Frankie/ Jo Stafford The Duets (Bear Family) *

Lang, k d Recollection (nonesuch) 3cds + dvd

Lewis, Bobby Here I Am Again (Heart of Texas)

Loudermilk, John D Blue Train (Bear Family) *

Loudermilk, John D It’s My Time (Bear Family) *

Loudermilk, John D It’s My Time (Bear Family)

Loudermilk, John D Sittin’ in the Balcony (Bear Family)

Lynn, Loretta 50th Anniversary Collection 2cd (MCA) sealed Walmart exclusive

Lynn, Loretta 30 Greatest Hits (Universal Special Products) 2cd

McCall, C W Wolf Creek Pass (Omni) sealed 25 tks

McCall, Darrell All She Did Was Fall in Love (Artrap)

McCall, Darrell A Way to Survive (Artrap)

McCall, Darrell Old Memories & Wine (Heart of Texas)

McCall, Diane My Imagination (Heart of Texas) sealed Darrell’s sister

Malo, Raul Sinners & Saints (Fantasy)

Martin, Glynn Uncle Sam Mr Jukebox & My ex Wife (Country Discovery) Wonderful indie. Very popular with Don Williams’ fans

Martin, Mario Keep it on the country Side (DPI) excellent early 90s album that everyone loves.

Martin, Tony I’ll Meet You in Texas (Bob Grady Records)

Mattea, Kathy Calling Me Home (sealed) Sugar Hill

Mavericks In Time (Valory)

Mensy, Tim Stone by Stone (Columbia)

Miller, Buddy Buddy & Jim (with Jim Lauderdale)

Miller, Frankie The Family Man (Heart of Texas)

Miller, Frankie When Gas Was Thirty Cents a Gallon (Heart of Texas)

Murphey, Michael Martin Ultimate Collection (Hip-O) 21 tracks including when he was just plain old Michael Murphey including the graet “Cosmic Cowboy Pt 1”

Murphey, Michael Martin Red River Drifter (Red River) Brand new 2013 release.

My Darling Clementine How Do You Plead (Drumfire) Excellent GP-Emmylou style sealed.

Nashville West Nashville West (Sierra) sealed expanded 18tk Clarence White

New Lost City Ramblers Early Years 1958-1962 (Smithsonian Folkways) 26 tks

Owens, Buck Hot Dog (Capitol)

Owens, Buck Kickin’ In (Capitol)

Owens, Buck Act Naturally (Capitol) his 3 comeback albums

Owens, Buck Live at the White House (Sundazed)

Paycheck, Johnny Survivor (Hitman) Great late indie release

Paycheck, Johnny Sings George Jones (Ktel) hard to get now

Pennington/Emmons Swingin’ By Request (Step One) great 21 track with teh greatest pedal steel guitarist and the smooth Ray price style vocalisations of Ray Pennington.

Pierce, Webb Complete 4-Star & Pacemaker Recordings 2cds

Pride, Charlie Anthology 2cd (BMG) 40 tracks

Prine, John Lost Dogs & Mixed Blessings (Oh Boy)

Raney, Wayne Real Hot Boogie Boy: The King Anthology (Ace UK) 25 tracks many with the Delmore Brothers

Rattlesnake Annie Crossroads (Rattlesnake) *

Rhodes, Kimmie Rich From the journey (Sunbird)

Riders in the Sky Best of the West Rides Again (Rounder)

Riley, Jeannie C Country Girl: The Best (Castle)

Ritter, Tex Vintage Collection (CapitoL)

Rodriguez, Carrie Give Me All You Got (Ninth Street Opus) new 2013 cd

Russell, Tom Cowboy Real (Philo) *

Russell, Tom Rose of San Joaquin ((Hightone) *

Russell, Tom Modern Art (Hightone)

Russell, Tom Borderland (Hightone)

Russell, Tom Box of Visions (Philo)

Schneider, John Too Good to stop Now (MCA)

Schneider, John You Ain’t seen the Last of Me (MCA)

Schneider, John A Memory Like You (MCA)

Seals, Dan Stones (Wounded Bird/Atlantic)

Seals, Dan Rage On (Capitol)

Seratt, Kenny Best (hillside)

Sharp, Terri An Empty Frame (Pulsar) Texas artist sealed. Flaco guests.

Shaver, Billy Joe Everybody’s Brother (Compadre) all duets sealed

Sheppard, T G I Love Em All (Collectables/ Rhino)

Sheppard, T G ¾ Lonely (Collectables/ Rhino)

Sheppard, T G Smooth Sailin’ (Collectables/ Rhino)

Sheppard, T G Finally (Collectables/ Rhino)

Sheppard, T G Biggest Hits (Columbia)

Shepherd, ashton This is America (Pickin’ Shed )2013

Smith, Cal Cal Smith (First Generation)

Sovine, Red 20 Greatest Hits (Highland)

Stanley Brothers First Recordings (Rich-R-Tone) sealed

Starr, Ringo Beaucoups of Blues (Apple) His great Nashvilel country album. is tremendous.

Statler Brothers Essential 1964-1969 Flowesr on the Wall (Columbia) 18tks

Stoneman, Ernesy V Edison Recordings 1928 (County)

Street, Mel Greatest Hits (Highland) 20 tks Teh finest ever proponent of the cheating song, the ultimate honky tonker!!

Swan, Billy Like Elvis Used to Do (706 Records)15 Elvis songs done in different style to that of the king. Works well.

Taylor, Chip Block out the sirens of This Lonely World (Train Wreck 2cd recorded in Norway.

Thompson, Hank At the Golden Nugget (Capitol) OOP except on box. Said to be the first true country music live album as distinct from the live in studio jobs.

Thurlo, Carl The Ranch Hand: Live & More (Carl Thurlo) Cowboy poet

Tillman, Floyd Crazy Cajun Recordings (Edsel UK) 26 tks

Trailblazers Vintage Australian Hillbilly Music 1957-1959 (Canetoad)

Travis, Randy Best 2cd (WB Special Products/Heartland) Let me let you in on a secret. The best single thing Randy ever did is “Promises”, one he wrote and one he performed solo, even playing the guitar. It is on here. The title is correct.

Travis, Randy Around the Bend (WB) sealed. Shines on Dylan’s “Don’t think twice It’s All Right”

Tubb, Ernest Country Hoedown (Jasmine) UK sealed 26 tks inc. Tex Williams, Faron Young, Hank Snow

Ulisse, Donna Showing My Roots (Hadley)

Urban, Keith Fuse Deluxe Edition (Capitol) sealed 16 tks

Vincent, Rhonda Destination Life (rounder)

Vincent, Rhonda Back Home Again (Rounder)

Wall, Chris Any Saturday Night in Texas (Cold Spring)

Wall, Chris Cowboy Nation (Cold spring) *

Wall, Chris Tainted Angel (Cold Spring)

Watson, Dale Whiskey or God (Palo Dur)

Watson, Doc Doc Watson Country Blues Collection (Sugar Hill) sealed

Watson, Doc Songs From Home (Capitol) 17tks

White, Clarence 33 Acoustic Guitar Instrumentals (Sierra)

Williams, Hank Rare Demos First to Last (Country Music Foundation)

Williams, Hank 40 Greatest Hits (Polygram) 2cd

Young, Faron/Ray Price Memories That Last (Step One)

Young, Faron Story Songs for country Folks: Best of Mercury Years (Canetoad)


Front Porch Pickin’ 24 Great Bluegarss Instrumentals: Vinatge 60s (Rural Rhythm)

Martins & The Coys Concert & Radio Series starring Woody Guthrie, Burl Ives, Pete Seeger, Lily May Redford etc. Recorded 1944 NY C

Pearls in the Snow: Kinky Friedman Tribute (Kinkajou) one of the best with Dwight, Willie, Delbert, Tompall Glaser, Marty Stuart etc.

Traditional Fiddle Music Of the Ozarks (Rounder select) 40 tks

Treasury of Library of congress Field Recordings (Rounder) 30 tks

True Bluegrass Instrumentals 20 tks including early Whitley & Skaggs, Tony Rice etc


$18 country

Allen, Terry Bottom of the World ( Terry Allen)

Axton, Hoyt American Originals (Capitol) 20 tracks

Booth, Tony Old School (Heart of Texas)

Brace, Eric & Peter Cooper Comeback Album (red beet0 sealed

Brown, Roger Rodeo Boogie (Prairie Crooner)

Chesnutt, Mark Top Marks:His First Twenty Hits (Edsel UK

Christian, T Jae I Wish I Was Home (Universal) wonderful indie artist.22tks

Clark, Guy My Favorite Picture of You (Dualtone)

Clark, Roy Greatest Hits (Varese) * Yesterday When I was Young

Coe, David Allan For the soul & For the Mind Demos 1971-74cd + dvd (Coe Pop) Only 3 track dvd but you wouldn’t want to miss it!

Coe, David Allan Compass Point/I Git Something to Say (Bear Family) *

Coe, David Allan Compass Point/I Git Something to Say (Bear Family)

Coe, David Allan Human emotions/ Spectrum VII (Bear Family)

Coe, David Allan Castles in the Sand/ Hello in There (Bear Family)

Coe, David Allan Texas Moon (real Gone) sealed

Collins, Karen No Yodelling on the Radio (Azalea) Karen sings with a guy called Geff King...obviously he can’t spell but has a deep rumbling voice and together v. Hard to beat.

Conlee, John Country Heart (Varese)16 tracks 16th Avenue recordings

Conlee, John Country Boy (Pair/MCA) 16 tks sealed.

Davies, Gail Songwriter Sessions (Little Chickadee) 2cds sealed 45tks

Delbert & Glen Blind, Crippled & Crazy ((new West)

Dement, Iris Sing the Delta (Flariella)

Diffie/Kershaw/Tippin All in the Same Boat(big Hit)

Digby, Amber Passion, Pride & What Might Have Been (Heart of Texas)

Dillard & Clark Through the Morning through the Night (edsel UK) superb

Drive By Truckers Live from Austin CD+DVD (New West0 Austin City limits

Earle, Steve Copperhead Road (MCA) deluxe edition 2cd sealed

Enderlin, Erin I Let Her Talk indie) very nice Nashville indie which alos features Joey Martin of Joey & Rory as vocal guest .

Fleck, Bela & Flecktones Little Worlds 3cd (Columbia)

Flores, Bobby Fast Company (Yellow Rose) sealed

Flying Burrito Brothers Late Show November 7th 1970 Hip-O Select OOP ltd ed.

Francis, Connie/Hank Williams jnr Sing Great Country Favourites (Bear Family)

Fulks, Robbie Gone Away Backward (Bloodshot) 2013

Gosdin, Vern Chiselled in Stone (Columbia)

Gosdin, Vern There Is a Season (American Harvest)

Gosdin, Vern 24 Carat Heartache (American Harvest)

Gosdin, Vern Time Stood still (American Harvest)

Greene, Lorne The Man (omni) sealed 28 of his hits.

Haggard, Merle Portrait/Keep Movin’ On (BGO) 2on1

Haggard, Merle Hag/Let Me Tell You About a Song (BGO) 2on1

Haggard, Merle Tribute to best Damn Fiddle Player/ It’s All in the Movies (BGO) 2on1

Haggard, Merle Presents His 30t hAlbum/A Working Man Can’t Get Nowhere Today (BGO) 2on1

Haggard, Merle My Love Affair With Trains/Roots of My Raising (BGO) 2on1

Haggard, Merle Same Train a Different Time: Tribute to Jimmie Rodgers (Bear Family) * 29 tracks

Hall, Roy Roy Rocks (Bear Family) sealed

Hall, Tom T Ballad of Forty Dollars/Homecoming (Bear Family) * 2on 1

Hall, Tom T Definitive (Mercury) 24 tks sealed. ONLY place you will get Tom T Hall doing “Harper Valley PTA”

Hand, James Mighty Lonesome Man (Hillgrass) sealed

Harms, Joni Harm’s way (harms0 sealed

Hazelwood, Lee Something Special (Water) Lee singing his own songs

Herring, Emily Your Mistake (EH) excellent Texas honky tonk with bit of a rockabilly bent and fine songs.


Hillmen The Hillmen (Sugar Hill) sealed Vern & Rex Gosdin with Chris Hillman & Don Parmley

Honkytonkitis You Drink & Drive me Crazy (Nucular) sealed

Honkytonkitis Deep End of the Bottle (Nucular) sealed

Honkytonkitis Alcohol & Heartbreak (Nucular) sealed

Jans, Tom/ Mimi Farina Take Heart/Tom Jans (Real Gone) 2on1 sealed

Jones, George & Gene Pitney (Bear Family) *

Kimes, Royal Wade A Proud Land (Wonderment) sealed

King, James Three Chords & the Truth (Rounder) one of the best vocalists even tackles “Chiseled in Stone”, actually does some daring songs including great version of Harlan’s “Sunday Morning Christian”.

Knox, Roger & Pine Valley Cosmonauts (Bloodshot) yep, our own Black Elvis does some Vic Simms, Archie Roach etc.

Lee, Brenda Miss Dynamite/ Grandma What Great Songs You Have (Ace UK) 2on 1

McDonald, Skeets Don’t Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes * (TRG) 30 tks

McLean, Don Favourites & Rarities (United artists) 2cds 42 tks 145 minutes

Maddox Brothers & Rose Ugly & Slouchy (Bear Family) 30 tks ...superb

Mellons, Ken Just What I’m Wantin’ to Do (East Shore)

Miller, Roger King of the Road (Bear Family) inc. his original version of the Bobby &Laurie smash “Hitchhiker”.

Monroe, Ashley Like a Rose (WB) New artist who is a rarity with country cred. Includes great duet with Blake Shelton “You Ain’t Dolly (and You Ain’t Porter”) sealed.

Morgan, Craig The Jopurney: Livin’ Hits (Black River) 2013 sealed

Morgan, Dennis Attic Chronicles Vol 1 (Little House of Morgansongs) Great writer and excellent singer. Co-writers include Shel Silverstein & Harlan Howard...not to mention Donovan & Roger McGuinn!!

Morrison, Van Pay the Devil CD + DVD (Lost Highway) his country album.

Murray, Anne Country Croonin’ (EMI Canada) 2cd 30 tks

Myles, Heather In the Wind (AH HA)

Nelson, Willie Willie & Family Live (Columbia) 2CD

Nelson, Willie / Don Cherry Duets (Bellaire)

Nelson, Willie The Promiseland (Columbia)

Nelson, Willie Born for Trouble(Columbia) Exceptional 19990 album

Nesmith, Michael Hits Just Keep on Coming/ Pretty Much your Standard Ranch Stash (RCA UK) 2on1

O’Brien, Tim/ Darrell Scott Memories & Moments (Full Skies 2013 Prine guests.

O’Connor, Mark The Improvised Violin Concerto CD + DVD sealed

Old & In the Way Old & In the Way (Ryko/Sugar Hill) Iconic album with Jerry Garcia/ Vassar Clements/ Peter Rowan/ David Grisman/ John Kahn.

Old & in the Gray Old & in the Gray (Acoustic Disc) Followup album to previous ...alas no Garcia or Kahn....places taken by Herb Pederson & Bryn Bright.

Poco All Fired Up (Drifter’s Church) 2013 cd.

Prine, John In Spite of Ourselves (Oh Boy) duets with Iris Dement etc

Priine, John Missing Years (Oh Boy)

Prine, John Live (Oh Boy) 2lps on 1 cd

Reed, Blind Alfred Complete Works 1927-29 (Document) Truly up there with Jimmie Rodgers & the Carter Family.

Rhodes, Kimmie West Texas Heaven (Justice) 2 duets with Willie, 2 with Waylon plus one with Townes may be enough in itself but the rest is just as good if not better.

Ritter, Tex High Noon (Bear Family)

Robbins, Marty My Woman MY Moamn My Wife/ Marty After Midnight 2on 1 (Morello)

Robbins, Marty The Drifter (Koch)

Roberts, Gena Shuffle Back to Me sealed all songs by Chuck Cusimano

Roman, Mimi Juke Box Pearls (Bear Family) sealed

Rowan, Peter The Old School (compass) 2013

Sahm, Doug Best of Doug Sahm & Sir Douglas Quintet (Mercury 22 tks)

Shaver, Billy Joe Old Five & Dimers Like Me (Koch) sealed his fabulous debut.

Shegog, Kevin Ballad of a Hillbilly Singer (Canetoad) 29 tks

Silverstein, Shel Freakin’ at the Freaker’s Ball (Collector’s Choice) Great

Simpson, Red Best : Country Western Truck Drivin’ singer (Razor & Tie)

Skaggs, Ricky Country Gentleman: Best 2cd (Eoic)

Skaggs, Ricky Waiting for the Sun to shine/ Highways & Heartaches (BGO) 2on1

Sludge, Roy Too Drunk to Truck (DeeveeOus) truckin’ sealed

Smith, Verdelle Tar & Cement: Complete Recordings 1965-67 (Omni) sealed. Covers few styles...title Aussie #1

Spinks, Kelly Right Out of This World (KS) sealed Great

Springfield, Bobby Lee All Fired Up (Epic) includes original version “Hank Drank”

Stanley, Nathan The legend Continues (w. Clinch Mountain Boys) Ralph’s grandson, sounds a little like Vince Gill. Brad Paisley guets

Starlite, Tammy Faye And the Angels of Mercy: On My Knees. This is crude, rude and vulgar and funny if you get it that is. Tammy is the world’s only x-rated gospel artist. I will strictly monitor who this is sold to.

Stills, Stephen and Manassas (Atlantic). Thsi was his best solo work, sharing the spotlight with Chris Hillman. Originally a double lp with each of the 4 sides having a theme. Side two was “The Wilderness” and every song was a gem...the best the real hoe-down “Fallen Eagle” as well as the great ballad “So Begins the Task” 21 tracks and it stands up well.

Stinson, Mike Hell & Half of Georgia (Poplar Cove )

Sweethearts of the Rodeo Sweethearts of the Rodeo (Columbia)

Sweethearts of the Rodeo One Time One Night (Columbia)

Sweethearts of the Rodeo Sisters (Columbia) 3 of their out of print cds.

Sweethearts of the Rodeo Restless (Good Trade) sealed

Trevino, Geronimo III Trying to Break the Honky Tonk fever (Half Breed)

Van Dyke, Leroy Walk on By (Bear Family) 30 tks

Van Zandt, Townes Late Great (Omnivore) sealed

Watson, Doc Definitive 2cd (Sugar Hill) 2013

Watson, Gene Unchartered Mind (Step One)

Watson, Gene At Last (WB) *

Watson, Gene Ultimate Collection (Hip-O) 23 tks

Whitley, Keith Don’t Close Your Eyes (RCA)

Whitley, Keith LA to Miami (RCA)...

Williams, Hank Legend 2cd 21/2 hours of Colin Escott book narrated by Sammy Kershaw with rare recordings not available elsewhere. SEALED

Williams, Ron The Longer You’re Gone (Ah ha)

Wills, Bob For the Last Time (Liberty) 24 tks inc Haggard on 4 vocals.

Wills, Bob Tiffany Transcriptions (Edsel UK) Vol 1

Wills, Bob Tiffany Transcriptions (Edsel UK) Vol 3

Wills, Bob Tiffany Transcriptions (Edsel UK) Vol 4

Wills, Bob Tiffany Transcriptions (Edsel UK) Vol 5

Wills, Bob Tiffany Transcriptions (Edsel UK) Vol 6

Wills, Bob Tiffany Transcriptions (Edsel UK) Vol 8 Any true Wills fan will tell you these are his best. They were issued on Rhino in Us and then Edsel in Uk. There was a rare joy and spontaneity to everything as well as a looseness that was at the same time musically tight. It included Eldon Shamblin and Tiny Moore on guitar and electric mandolin (which pretty musch sounded like a guitar), both of whom became members of Merle Haggard’s strangers. Also had a variety of great steel players BUT the star was Junior Barnard who played a unique bluesy style of guitar that wills himself loved and sadly was killed in a car accident and so these are the only Wills recordings on which you get to hear him. These are all out of print and are superb.

Wooley, Sheb How the West Was Won (Bear Family) *

Worley, Shane what’s Goin’ On (Country Discovery)

Yates, Billy Harmony Man (MOD)

Yates, Billy Anywhere But Here (MOD)



And the Answer Is Vol 1 (Bear Family) * Great country answer songs from the 50s and Their original Versions 28 tks

And the Answer is Vol 3 (Bear Family)* Great country answer songs from the 60s and their original versions 30 tks

Beautiful Old Turn of the Century songs (doubloon) Kimmie Rhodes etc

Black Smoke Gems from the Starday Vaults 2cds (sealed) 40 tks Arthur Smith, stringbean, Willis Brothers, Moon Mullican etc

Country Funk 1969-1975 (Light in the Attic) sealed

Dead-icated Tribute to Grateful Dead (Arista) 15 tracks now OOP Includes Los Lobos, Elvis Costello, Suzanne Vega, Dwight Yoakam (“Truckin’” ...a very godo one for him to cover), Lyle Lovett (similarly great on “Friend of the Devil”), Dr John etc...even Midnight Oil!!

God Didn’t Choose Sides Civil War True Stories about Real People (Rural Rhythm)

Dale Ann Bradley, Ronnie Bowman, Marty Raybon etc. The Civil War is tragic proof that USA has been good at stuffing things up for a longggg time.

Golden Throats Sweethearts of Rodeo Drive (Rhino) Only Rhino could come up with such a concept....artists singing country songs they shouldn’t. Now this falls into 2 maybe three categories. Firstly, what are essentially excellent performances “Almost Persuaded” by Louis Armstrong and “”Desperados Waiting for a Train” by Slim Pickens are simply wonderful. Not far behind is Jack Palance doing “Green Green Grass of Home” and of course everyone loves Lorne Greene doing “Ringo” so how about Lorne Greene doing a French version of the same (well Lorne was Canadian). Next are the truly hideous starting with Carol Channing & Webb Pierce doing “Back Street Affair” and Jim Nabors oversinging “Games People Play”. Mind you Goldie Hawn simply can’t sing. Fun album and the notes (20 pg) are hilarious.

Happy Trails Erich Kunzel & Cincinatti Pops Orchestra (Telarc) 22 tracks western themes with guest vocalists Sherrill Milnes, Gene Autry & Roy Rogers. Highest audiophile sound

Heartland An Appalachian anthology (Sony) Mainly instrumental with vocal guests James Taylor & Alison Krauss. Main artists are sam Bush, Bela Fleck, Mark O’Connor, Edgar Meyer.

Hillbilly Music Than God (Capitol) Thsi was a double lp which was issued as a single cd and is rated as perhaps the best single sampler of 50s country. Includes Hank Thompson, Merle Travis, Jean Shepard etc. Most of the stuff has found its way onto other cds but still gels remarkably well on this with great notes too by Marshall Crenshaw.

Harmonica Masters Clasic Recordings from teh 1920s and 30s (Yazoo)

I Love Tom T Hall’s Songs of Fox Hollow (Red Beet) featuring Peter Cooper, Bobby Bare, Tommy Cash, Elizabeth cook, Buddy Miller, Jim Lauderdale & even ol Tom T hisself!!

Music of Kentucky Early American Rural Classics 1927-37 (Yazoo)

Nashville The Early String Bands (Yazoo)

Silver Meteor A Progressive Country 22tks in all thology (Sierra) Has 4 tracks from Clarence White’s excellent but sadly unfinished WB album plus Everly Bros, Casey Kelly, Barbara Keith, Paul Siebel etc

Town South of Bakersfield Vol 3 (Restless) Pastty Booker/Harry Dean Stanton/ Rick Shea/ Dale Watson/ Ronnie Mack/ Ruby Trees etc

Tribute to Nicolette Larson Lotta Love Concert (Rhino) Joe Walsh/Little Feat/ Jackson Browne/ Emmylou/ Linda etc

Unsung Hero Tribute to the Music of Ron Davies (Little Chickadee) late brother of Gail Davies who produced this. Amazing lineup including Prine/Parton/Gayle/ Gill/ BR549/ Krauss/ Crowell etc

Waylon The Music Inside II (Average Joes) Varied Line up inc. Jessi Colter, Hank Jnr, Dierks Bentley etc

Wheels Tribute to Gram Parsons & Clarence White (Appaloosa) *

Live Nashville Oct 1988 with Flying Burrito Brothers, Bobby Bare, Freddy weller, Hrad to get now



Daniels, Charlie Live at Rockpalast 1980 live on German TV Show, when the band was at its popular peak. Southern rock at its best. Includes several of Charlie’s fiddle workouts though his lead guitar is featured as well

Newbury, Mickey Live at the Hermitage sealed 147 minutes



Nelson, Willie 7” single of “Always on My Mind” coupled with large size cotton t-shirt. Willie Nelson “Outlaw Country” American t-shirts are high quality. Black.


$20 plus country

Anderson, John 10 (MCA) very hard to get 1988 album. $20

Ball, Earl Poole Pianography (EPB) sealed 2013

Black, Clint When I Said I Do (Cracker Barrel exclusive) 2013sealed $22

Boland, Jason High in the Rockies:A Live Album (Thirty Tigers)

Brennan, Walter Old Rivers/ Twas the Night Before Christmas 2on 1 Coll Choice. Long out of print $20

Buffett, Jimmy Live in Hawaii ((Mailboat) 2CD + DVD $25

Buffett, Jimmy Live at Fenway Mark (Mailboat) 2CD + DVD $25

Burgess, Sonny Classic Recordings 2CD (Bear Family) $28

Campi, Ray With Friends Along the Way (real Music) 27 tracks $20

Cline, Patsy Sweet Dreams: Complete Decca Studio Masters 2cd ltd edition Hip-O select 51 tks $20

Cochran, Hank Living for a Song (Gifted Few) $20

Crowe, J D Live in Japan (Rounder) $20 of course features the fabulous Keith Whitley on lead vocals.

Dalton, Lacy J Survivor/Lacy J (Morello) 2 on 1 Survivor he3r best $20

Davis, Mac Hard to be Humkble: Best (Hux UK0 22 tks sealed

Dennis, Wesley Country Enough (dirt Road) $20 sealed. Last one

Draper, Rusty Pink Cadillac (the Hound label) 31 tks $22

Duncan, Johnny It Couldn’t Have Been Any Better: 23 original Hits (Collectors Choice/ Columbia) * $20

Dylan, Bob Bootleg Seri8es 10: Another Self Portrait @cd sealed 35 rarities & previously unrelased recordings. Great

Gatton, Danny Hot Rod Guitar: Teh Danny Gatton Anthology (Rhino) 2cd 28

Glaser, Tompall Award Winners/ Rings & Things (Hux0 2on1 sealed

Goodman, Steve Anthology 2cds 42 tracks (Red Pajamas) $22 36 page book.

Gosdin, Vern The Voice (BTM) Not to be confused with a compilation this is the wonderful 1998 abum $20

Gosdin, Vern Alone (Columbia) $20 followed “Chiselled in Stone”

Gosdin, Vern If you’re Gonna Do Me Wrong (Do It Right)American Harvest

Guthrie, Arlo Hobo’s Lullaby (Koch) $25

Guthrie, Arlo Hobo’s Lullaby (Rising Son) $22 * Easily Arlo’s best wth his hit version of “City of New Orleans” and great guests such as Ry Cooder, Clarence White & Linda Ronstadt

Guthrie, Woody Complete Library of Congress Recordings ADVANCE (Rounder) 6cds + DVD..only one so don’t dally

Hancock, Butch The Wind’s Dominion (Rainlight) classic double lp on 1cd Easily his best solo album $25

Hartford, John Aereo Plain: Morning Bugle: Complete Warner Brothers Recordings 2cd sealed with 8 bonus tracks $25

Helms, Bobby Fraulein: The Classic Years (Bear Family) 2cd $30

Ifield, Frank Someone To Give My Love to/ Ain’t Gonna Take No For an Answer 2on1 (See For Miles) * Out of print $22 hard to get

Ifield, Frank Morning of My Life (Deram) * 20 tracks from late 60s $22

Jones, George Bartender’s Blues/Shine On (Morello) 2on1

Jones, George Grand Tour/Alone again 2on1 (Morello UK ) sealed $20

Jones, George A Picture of me/ Nothing Ever Hurt me (Koch) $20

Louvin Brothers Golden Era of Country Music (EMI Japan) $22 20 track issue that only came out in Japan (in English of course!) Sound on the Japanese cd is superb.

McDaniel, Mel Country Pride (DPI) $20 Baby’s Got Her Blue Jeans On: Original Capitol Hits (Real Gone/ Capitol) sealed 21tks

McDaniel, Mel

Moffatt, Hugh Loving you (Philo) $20 *

Moffatt, Hugh Troubadour (Philo) $20 *

Moffatt, Hugh Live & Alone (Brambus) $20 *

Moffatt, Hugh Trio The Wognum Sessions (Strictly Country) $20 * don’t miss!

Monroe, Vaughan Very Best: Original Master Recordings (Taragon) * 20tks

Morse, Ella Mae Jumpin’ & Jivin’ (Big Tone) 30 tracker!! *

Murray, Anne Her Greatest Hits & Finest Performances 3cds (Reader’s Digest) 59 tks. $25 Let me say that in the old days the Reader’s Digest lp box sets were one of the most identifiable packages you could ever see.I would also say they something that scavengers don’t even pick up from council cleanups. But that is another story I can’t give enough praise to Reader’s Digest cds. They are always outstanding sound wise and have great content. This is no exception!!

Nelson, Rick Bright Lights & Country Music/ Country Fever (Ace UK) $20

Nelson, Willie/Kimmie Rhodes Picture in a Frame (Sunbird) Wonderful duet album

Nesmith, Michael Older Stuff: Best of the Early Years (Rhino) * $22

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Will the Circle Be Unbroken 2cd (Capitol) The wonderful album with the great guests. Essential. $20

Olney, David Body of Evidence 3cd $20 slip sleeve containing Film Noir/ The Stone/ Robbery & Murder...his last 3 albums

Ostroushko, Peter The Mando Chronicles (Red House) 3CD 52 tracks & over 3 hours of music ranging from old time, Appalachian, bluegrass, parlor standards, jazz etc $20

Parsons, Gram Complete Reprise Sessions (Rhino) wonderfully presented 3CD box with 1 cd of alternate takes, plus his two WB solo albums with bonus tracks. Also includes interviews. The presentation is superb. The two original lps are presented in heavy cardboard miniature format. The duets between Gram & Emmylou are some of the purest in country history. Also has superb 48 page booklet. $35 Out of print. Just don’t miss it.

Parsons, Gram Sacred Hearts ^ Fallen Angels (Rhino) 2Cd $25 Whilst the previous gives complete coverage to his solo career this is a sampling of his work with International Submarine Band, Byrds, Flying Burrito Brothers & solo.

Pierce, Webb King of the Honky tonk: From Original Decca Masters $20 Country Music Hall of Fame issue

Pitney, Gene Definitive Collection (Charly UK) impressive 58 tracker. Two jewel case cds in a solid cardboard outer. $28

Prine, John Great Days: the Anthology 2cd (Rhino) $35/$40 (have 2) Long out of print gem which I would suggest is a must for any Prine fan as the compilers have taken the great tracks off a few lesser albums he had: it is brilliantly compiled. The extensive notes have a track by track run down by Prine himself. 40 tracks, none less than superb. For mine Prine is one step below Dylan...he is that good.

Rattlesnake Annie Sings Hank Williams (Montana) * $20

Rhodes. Kimmie Jackalopes, Moons & Angels 1985-1990 (Jackalope) signed $20

Rich, Charlie Sings Hank Williams/ The R & B Sessions (Demon UK) $20

Riley, Jeannie C Best Varese $22 oop and hard to getr *

Robbins Marty Island Woman: A Musical Journey to teh Caribbean & Mexico (Bear Family) $20

Robbins Marty Rocks (Bear Family) $20 sealed

Rodgers, Jimmie “Honeycomb” Number One Ballads/ T V Favorites (Westside) *

Rodriguez, Johnny The Hits (Mercury) $20 This is so hard to get.

Sahm, Doug Return of Wayne Douglas (Evangeline) his best and that is saying something...highest of the high $20

Seldom Scene 15th Anniversary At Kennedy centre $20 Superb album and a bit like a bluegrass version of Will the Circle Be Unbroken. Guests include Emmylou, Ricky Skaggs, Tony Rice, John Starling etc

Shaver, Billy Joe Complete Columbia Recordings 2cds (Real Gone/ Columbia) 3 on 2. “I’m Just an Old Chunk of Coal/ Billy Joe Shaver/ Salt of the Earth” sealed $25

Skaggs, Ricky & Bruce Hornsby Cluck Ol Hen Skaggs Family 2013 sealed $20

Snow, Hank I’m Still Movin On: Singles Collection 1961-1975 2cds 40 tks (T Bird Americana) $25

Sonnier, Jo-El  Complete Mercury Sessions $22. Great collection which mixes his Cajun style with some very hardcore honky tonk.

Stanley, Ralph & Friends Clinch Mountain Country 2cds (Rebel) $28 so good. Includes Emmylou/ Patty Loveless/ Jones/ Dwight/ Gill/ Skaggs/ Diffie/ Gosdin/ Krauss etc etc

Starr, Lucille The French Song (A&M Canada) 17 tracks in all $25 rare!

Statler Brothers Their Greatest Hits & Finest performances (Readers Diges) 50 tracks 2cds $25

Thompson, Jeff Jeff Thompson (Arista) $20 rare now..great Elvis style voice and the first to do “The Greatest Man I Never Knew” and I may add it kills the other version.

Tillis, Mel Best of the Columbia Years (Collectors Choice) 24 tk OP $20

Van Zandt, Townes Live at the Old Quarter (Fat Possum) 2cd $20

Van Zandt, Townes Sunshine Boy: Unheard studio Sessions & Demos 1971-2 $20 (Omnivore) 2cd

Watson, Gene Best of the Best 25 Greatest Hits (Fourteen Carat Music) $20 Have to say that even though re-recordings they are at least as good as the of the truly great vocalists.

Weller, Freddy Very Best (Collectors Choice) OOP $20 22 tks

Williams, Jason D Tore Up (RCA) $22 Is he Jerry lee’s son?? Well you’d think so hearing this.

Young, Faron Story Songs for country Folks: Best of Mercury Years (Canetoad) 30 tks 75 minutes + $20 now out of print.

Young, Faron Live Fast Love Hard: Original Capitol Classics 1952-1962

(CMF) $20



Dim Lights Think Smoke Country & Westren Hit Parade 1954 $20 (Bear Family)

Last Temptation of Elvis (New Musical Express) $28 2cd 26 tlks which feature an array of songs by different artists that are only available here eg Bruce Springsteen/ Pogues/ Dion/ McCartney/ Nanci Griffith/ Jeff Healey/ Cramps etc

Memories of Jimmie Rodgers (Bear Family) Massive collection of 28 songs about the death of Jimmie Rodgers interspersed with some classic covers. 32 pg notes

Nashville Classics Duets (RCAUK) * $20 25 duets you will, in the main, not find except on this compilation.

Ned Kelly Soundtrack Ryko $25 * Hard to get. Mick Jagger played Ned in the movie, the songs on the soundtrack were written by Shel Silverstein and sung by Waylon Jennings, Mick Jagger &A Kris Kristofferson.

Rarest Rockabilly and Hillbilly Boogie (Ace UK) 2 on 1 OOP super.

Son of Rogues Gallery Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs & Chantys 2cd Anti sealed There are 36 tracks but if you don’t want it just for Tom Waits doing Shenandoah then you are hard to please. Not really any country content at all but who cares???

Songs of the Year Crackerbarrel exclusive out of print gem where CMA songs of the year are presented by different artists. As I have said before Randy Travis’ glorious version of “Chiselled in Stone” is worth the price alone.

Tribute to Steve Goodman 2lp on 1cdPrine, Hartford, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Arlo Guthrie, Richie Havens etc $20

White Mansions AND Legend of Jesse James 2cd $25 Former has Waylon/ Jessie & Eric Clapton in main rolls. Latter has Levon Helm, Johnny Cash, Emmylou, Charlie Daniels in lead rolls.

Woody Guthrie at 100 Live at the Kennedy Centre cd +dvd sealed (Legacy) $20 Old Crow Medicine show/ Rosanne Cash/ Donovan/ Lucinda



Johnny Cash TV Shows 2DVD $45 new Now out of print locally and have been asked for this on a  number of occasions. This features over 4 hours duration with 66 performances. Lots of great insights including a very special one on Linda Ronstadt, who appears in a great version (with Cash) of the traditional  “I Never Will Marry” All the superstars are her and the sound and picture quality is stunning.


Country’s Family Reunion Backstage Pass 2dvd this is fascinating look at all the artists who are on the country Family Reunion dvds. This gives well over 3 hours worth of backstage chat, anecdotes, snippets and more. Interesting and varied...almost a who’s who. 1 only as these are normally only available with the full set. Interesting bit from Billy Crash Craddock who likes to stretch the truth a tad...or so it seems “I had 5 number one hits in Australia” ...well he did have “Boom Boom Baby”!! ...and “One Last Kiss”. $25





The Browns The Three Bells 8 cd + 40 page book $170 I love this set. Glorious Nashville Sound recorded in the famous RCA studio, 249 tracks which sound simply fabulous. I honestly can’t believe how good they sound. The hits are all there but tracks such as “Teen-Ex” are phenomenal. You’d swear they were in the room...matter of fact I check round just to make sure. The quality of the songs is also of the highest level. Even their pre RCA tracks (including a great version of “Looking Back to See”) sound great. 100% as new.



Cash, Johnny The Man in Black Volume One 5cd + 36 pg book $90 $80 Includes  his Sun and early Columbia recordings in best sound. As a bonus a complete session is included on disc five complete with false starts and studio talk as he tries to get ‘Don’t Take Your Guns to Town”, “I Still Miss Someone” etc up to speed.


Cash, Johnny Unseen Cash LP/Book version $35 $28 12x12 hard cover book which features for the first time a rare Cash Studio Photo shoot. The one sided lp...second side is etching of Cash...consists of Country Music Time and Country Style USA show


Collins, Tommy                   Leonard 5cds + 36 page book $110 $80“Leonard” (Sipes) was of course his real name as in the Haggard song. These are his Capitol recordings which trace his development as a singer and songwriter. 146 tracks.



Gibson, Don The Singer- The Songwriter 1949-1960 4cds + 96 page book $90 $80This is the earlier edition with the smaller size book which is actually better then the large size book the set subsequently came with. Includes his rare MGM and RCA recordings. He wrote “Oh Lonesome Me” and “I Can’t stop Loving You” on the one day and also was responsible for one of the most recorded country songs ever in “Sweet Dreams”. The late Laurie Allen used to collect versions of “Sweet Dreams” and had over 100.


Horton, Johnny 1956-1960 4cds + 124 pg book. Apart from a thin 1” scratch on the box cover this is 100% as new. This great box has been out of print for 5-6 years and will not be rereleased in the near future. Has all of Johnny’s Columbia recordings, which range from some superb rockabilly tracks to his inspired saga songs. Sound quality is first rate. This should be in our rarities section as it is truly hard to get now. $180...A STEAL. Don’t miss it. Amazon has from $360 to believe it or not $698 and that is US$.


Johnnie&Jack                    And the Tennessee Mountain boys 6cd + 68

pg. book $130 Rare set now featuring Johnnie Wright & Jack Anglin. Includes Apollo, King, RCA & Decca. They only broke up when Jack was tragically killed in a car crash on his way to Patsy Cline’s funeral.One of the best Bear sets 174 tracks.


Jones, George She Thinks I Still Care: The Complete United Artists Recordings 1962-1964 5cd + 52 page book. $120 Absolute pristine condition with 150 tracks and some nice duets with the wonderful Melba Montgomery. Also has some nice gospel plus tribute albums to Little Jimmy Dickens, Hank Williams & Bob Wills.


King, Claude More Than Climbing That Mountain 5cds + 36 page book $120 The title of course is a reference to his biggest hit “Wolverton Mountain”, a crossover world wide. He was often seen as teh “new” Johnny Horton with his ability at story songs. This set is now out of print. And it is a great one so don’t miss it. 133 tracks. You just can’t get any Claude King!


Lewis, Jerry Lee The Locust Years 8cds + 48 page book by Colin Escott. The box has a little wear on the cover and the content is as new. This was the period when Jerry Lee went from being a rock & roller to being a country vocalist...which he actually was all the time, anyway. Includes quite a few duets with his sister Linda Gail Lewis.


Louvin Brothers                 Close Harmony 8 cd + 52 pg book $160 $150 One of

best ever Bear Family boxes from their rare MGM album through their wonderful Capitol recordings. Great musicians with Paul Yandell featuring on electric guitar and of course Ira on mandolin. The sound quality is stunning. The Rolls Royce!! Gospel and secular music at its best. 220 tracks. I have said this before, had “Kentucky” been recorded yesterday in the world’s finest studio with the world’s finest engineer it would not have sounded better than it does on this box set. Testimony to both Capitol & Bear Family.


Martin, Jimmy                And the Sunny Mountain Boys 5cds + 44 pagebook. $110 146 tracks Although primarily a bluegrass artist he had a wonderful honky tonk edge to a lot of his recordings. Just great.



Orion who Was That Masked Man 4cd + 32 page book. Jimmy Ellis, yep some thought he was Elvis, tragically murdered in a botched robbery. 108 tracks including duets, the most famous being with Jerry Lee Lewis and actually issued as Jerry Lee Lewis & Friends...even though we know it was Jerry Lee & Orion.


Rainwater, Marvin            Classic Recordings 4cds + book $80. $70 Book and cds are mint but there are a few marks on the box. It appears that the box was used to support a sheet of paper on which someone has written leaving indent marks. If you look straight on you can’t see them. Marvin’s biggest hit “Gonna Find Me a Bluebird” was a US smash but his rockabilly-esque “Whole Lotta Woman” was  a UK #1. Great on the uptempo. songs and the ballads. Wonderful voice even if his Native American roots are a tad questionable. Sadly, recently deceased/


Reeves, Jim                        Welcome to My World 16 cds + 124 page book. $300 This represents Jim’s complete studio recordings for both Abbott & Four Star as well as RCA. 447 tracks. The RCA ones in particular sound stunning, argument that the Nashville RCA studio was perhaps the best ever. Rarely available except as brand new and then that is over $500. This is 100% as new. The depth of Reeves’ recorded legacy is enormous yet only a handful of songs seem to get to most people. All his albums are there including the highly sought “Talking to My Heart”. The RCA recordings could not sound better if they were recorded this year.


Robbins, Marty Under Western Skies $100 4cds + book. Includes

all his western recordings, which are as good as it gets. The best? Why, “Mr Shorty” of course, a classic tale of bullying where the bully gets his come uppance. Good as “El Paso” etc are , this is best. Marty is the consummate storyteller. He literally holds us in the palm of his hand. The lp size 60 page book includes all the lyrics. Fans of the best ever tv series, “Breaking Bad” will recognise Marty’s “El Paso” as providing the theme for the very last episode. This has the date of purchase written on the box cover in small neat writing. It is unobtrusive.


Rodgers, Jimmie The Singing Brakeman 6cds + 60 page book $140 sealed 143 tracks from the Father of Country Music. When this first came out some had been available on a series of Rounder cds/lps. This sounded about 3 times better than they did. The sound was clean & dynamic. The book had hitherto unpublished pictures. An amazing set. The complete recordings of the blue yodeller.


Smith, Carl                   Satisfaction Guaranteed 5 cd + book  $110100 Starts with his 1950 recordings through the end of 1958. Another versatile performer. Some of his uptempo songs are on cusp of rockabilly but ballads and gospel were handled superbly as well. Includes duet with then wife June Carter, with whom they had a daughter aka as Carlene Carter.


Snow, Hank                       Singing Ranger Vol 1 4cd + 16 pg book $80 $ 70 Hank’s first US recordings and what a start with his signature “I’m Movin’ On”. Has his first duets with Anita Carter including the wonderful “Bluebird Island” and of course it wouldn’t be a Hank album without a tearjerker such as the original version of “Nobody’s Child


Snow, Hank Singing Ranger Vol 4 9cds + book. $180 $160 Concludes with his duet album with Willie Nelson and includes the classic “#104 Still Movin’ On” in which Hank paid tribute to the Waylon & Willie style outlaw movement to good effect too. Well over 200 tracks.


Snow, Hank                          Thesaurus Transcriptions 5 cd + 40 pg book

$100 $90 couple small marks on box. These tracks were recorded for radio broadcast and are not on any other Hank Snow album. Sound is excellent. Around 6 hours worth!!


Travis, Merle                      Guitar Rags & a Too Fast Past 5cd + 80 pg book 145 tracks. Troubled genius. One of the best of the books


Wagoner, Porter Thin Man from the Plains $45 4cds in pristine condition covering the years 1952 – 1962 only thing no box or book.


Wagoner, Porter Thin Man from the West Plains 4cds + book $80 his formative RCA years shows he hit the ground running. The perfect start for any Porter Wagoner collection. This is now out of print.


Young, Faron The Classic Years 1952-1962 5cds + 48 page book. Small mark on front of booklet but otherwise great. 157 Capitol tracks which sound great. Turquoise emblazoned Faron on the box is a stunner. CD#5 has some rare gospel recordings.



American Folk and Country Music Festival 2cds + 76 page hard cover book new & sealed $60 $50 Includes New Lost City Ramblers, the fabulous Cousin Emmy, Stanley Brothers, Roscoe Holcomb etc.


Nashville Stars on Tour Sealed 4cds + dvd + 116 page $130 $100 Jim Reeevs, Bobby Bare, Chet Atkins & Anita Kerr showcased a 1964 tour to Europe. The 4 cds include Stockholm and German concerts as well as a cd where RCA artist from Jim Ed Brown to Willie Nelson wen t & recorded their hits in German to try and make a mark in that market. DVD has the Oslo concert plus many highlights of the tour.





Alabama Livin’ Lovin’ Rockin’ Rollin’ The 25th Anniversary Collection 3cd + glossy 52 page book in hardcover book style box. $38 51 tracks including 8 previously unreleased from the most successful group in country music history.


Autry, Gene                          “Sing Cowboy Sing” Rhino 3cd + 64 page booklet $35 This features Melody Ranch Radio Show recordings. Track by track rundown and wonderful reproductions in the booklet. 84 tracks covering the years 1937 to 1955. Very attractive package as always by Rhino.  


Brooks, Garth The Limited Series#1  6cd plus 64 page book. His first 6 albums. $35 sealed Garth Brooks/ No Fences/ Ropin’ the Wind/ The Chase/ In Pieces/Fresh Horses.


Brooks, Garth                     The Limited Series # 2 $30 sealed. Includes the double Live/ Sevens/ Scarescrow plus a cd of unreleased rarities..

5cds + DVD. Big book.



Buffett, Jimmy Boats, Beaches, Bars & Ballads MCA 4cds + 64 page book.Nice long style box 62 tracks. Easily the best single collection of Buffet’s prime recordings. $40 now oop 4 hours & 23 minutes.



Campbell, Glen The Legacy 1961-2002 $55 Havn’t had one for a while and I would suggest no dallying as this is out of print and hard to get. A very underrated artist as shown by the 80 tracks on here. Includes the hits as well as one cd of live performances where he often displayed his great guitar work to the fullest. Quite a few duets with Anne Murray, Bobbie Gentry & even Rita Coolidge.


Cash, Johnny                       “Unearthed’  $80  This is now deleted and is very hard to get. It consists of 5 cds from John’s later career tenure with American label. 4 cds are tracks that are additional to his American Recordings cds and the fifth is a summation of the best of the American Recordings. These are housed in a very attractive cloth bound hard cover book. BUT THERE IS MORE. There is a second hard cover book with 108 pages, also cloth bound. These two cloth bound books are then housed in a cloth bound of course (heck it is Johnny Cash after all!!). These are very hard to get. This is 100% as new. Don’t miss out. This is a very reasonable price. Don’t miss out.


Cash, Johnny                     Legend $25 4cds + 76 page book in nifty hard book style package. Simply put the best single Cash hits package you can get 104 tracks. The 24 tracks on the 4th cd are all duets or recordings with other artists.A perfect gift for the Cash-less person.


Cash, Johnny                       “At Folsom Prison” This is the US edition complete in long flip style  hard cardboard box, presented as it should be. 2cds + dvd. 40 page large booklet, The Dvd runs for 2 hr and 10 minutes and features actual performances and interviews with likes of Merle Haggard, Marty Stuart & Rosanne Cash. Has the usual Show One plus previously unissued Show 2. $25


Cash, Johnny                        “At San Quentin” $25  This is the US edition in a glossy long box with 40 page book. It had the 2cd presentation plus dvd. Vastly superior to the jewel case set available in Australia. This is the one that true Cash fans would demand. These are new and would make great gifts. You get to see the full impact of the famed cover photos in these 27x15cm size boxes.


Cline, Patsy “Patsy Cline Collection” 4cds + 64 page book. All in the 12 inch long style box. An absolutely essential box brought out by MCA and the Country Music Foundation. Someone once said if you lined up ever female singer Patsy would be singing lead and the rest could consider themselves lucky to be singing in the chorus...yep...could be right. $40 One of the best box sets ever. The sound is superb. 104 tracks, essentially all she recorded. This is out of print.


Daniels, Charlie The Roots Remain $35 Sony 3cd with 24 page book. Very attractive black leather look box with embossed silver lettering. Started off as a session musician, playing on some of Bob Dylan’s most famous albums and gravitated to a former of southern country rock with an emphasis pn country. Of course his most famous song is an adaptation of a traditional piece ie “The Devil Went Down to Georgia”. His countrified version of “Layla” is just one of the many treats on this 45 track disc. Many songs have a theme of the plight of the working man, particularly well done on “Disappearing Farmer”.


Ford, Tennessee Ernie “Masters 1949-1976” 3 cds + book 50 tracks spanning all the many styles in which he recorded. Nice book. 50 tracks including a lot of duets. Sealed $45


Gill, Vince                          “These Days” Ultra Special $30 4cds plus book. This is his 2006 box with 4 cds each with a separate theme on each. This is a self contained box..not on any other Gill cd.

a)    Workin’ On a Big Chill:The Rockin’ Record

b)    The Reason Why: The Groovy Record

c)    Some Things Never Get Old: The C & W Record w. Emmylou, J. Anderson

d)    Little Brother: The Acoustic Record

43 songs which are only on this and nothing else.


Haggard, Merle                  Down Every Road 4cds + 76 page book. $55

If you had no Merle Haggard and wanted just one thing then this is it. What a great set. 104 tracks and it spans all the labels he recorded for. If you don’t have any Merle this would be the one to get. Large mainly full colour booklet is spectacular. One of the best major label boxes which covers his tenure on all labels and still manages to include 5 previously unreleased tracks.



Harris, Emmylou                 “Portraits” $40 Seemingly every one of Y & T customers favourite female country singer and with good cause. 3 cds + 24 page booklet& 61 tracks many rarities. Attractive long style box. Highlight of course is her wonderful rendition of John Hiatt’s “Icy Blue Heart”.



Hoosier Hot Shots Everybody Stomp Proper $15 last copy with 36 page book. Crazy but musically superb. 100 tracks. Spike Jones like only countrier.



Judds The Judds Collection $28 RCA 3cds with 28 page book. Nice cloth bound box. All the hits & more. Includes some unreleased recordings. Ever hear the theory that Wynona was the progeny of a meeting between Naomi and Elvis?? Well there is a resemblance I must say



Jennings, Waylon “Nashville Rebel” (Legacy) $60 Wonderful presentation with embossed leather look cover (resembles Waylon’s guitar). Has massive 140 page book which is simply grand. 92 tracks which give a fabulous representation of his career. Now out of print. This is still sealed. Can always remember how impressed I was when the Highwaymen were first here how great Waylon sounded on “Amanda”. Includes duets with Anita Carter, Jessi Colter, Johnny Cash & Willie. Woops, also Hank Jnr on “The Conversation”.


Ledoux, Chris American Cowboy $40 3 cds + 40 page book which covers his early career as an independent artist through his later Capitol label superstar success. Rodeo God!! Unfortunately to many his latter career overshadows his earlier recordings which is a shame since they were so darn good. He does a terrific version of Marty Robbins’ witty yarn “Cowboy in a Continental Suit” and the spoken narrative “Cowboy & the Hippie” is a joy. But the personal songs such as “It Ain’t the Years, It’s the Miles’ are just so meaningful. Honestly all his early label work is worth getting.


Louvin Brothers “The Christian Life: The Definitive Louvin Brothers Story” Proper 4cd 112 tracks and 24 page booklet. From gospel to secular there has been none better. Superb value. $30



Miller, Roger                     “King of the Road: The Genius of Roger Miller” 3cd + 40 page book. If ever an artist was deserving of a

                                      Bear Family box set it was Roger. There is a dearth of his

material, even in Greatest Hits packages. This is much more

                                      with 70 tracks that include most of his “Trip in the Country”

                                      album where he went back & recorded some songs that he

                                      wrote early in his career for other people such as “Tall Tall

                                      Trees”, “Invitation to the Blues”, “don’t We All Have the

                                      Right” etc. All the hits are there and it includes some great

                                      later things such as “Old Friends with Willie & Ray Price.

                                      This is now deleted . $48 Don’t miss it.


Monroe, Bill                   The Music of Bill Monroe from 1936 to 1994 $50 4cds 98 tracks and 100 page book. The man who created bluegrass. Nice cloth bound book style box in pristine shape. The best single overview produced in conjunction with the Country Music Hall of Fame.


Nelson, Willie                     “The Complete Atlantic Sessions” Rhino. $45  Willie only actually released 2 albums on Atlantic but those 2 are credited with elevating him in status throughout the music industry. He certainly has never done better than these albums. I personally rate “Phases & Stages” his best. It is the second of the two albums for Atlantic and tells of the breakup of a relationship from a woman’s perspective (side on of the lp) and from a man’s perspective (side 2). I wouldn’t say “Red Headed Stranger” was an overrated album but it is not as good as “Phases or Stages” nor the other album he did for Atlantic, “Shotgun Willie”. “Shotgun Willie” had some wonderful tracks. His “Sad Songs & Waltzes” is as good as it gets and Willie’s own version contrasts wonderfully with the version we know by Keith Whitley. Those two gems of albums both have a stack of bonus cuts whilst a third cd features “Live at the Texas Opry House’. That one has one of the most manic tracks you will ever hear...a medley of “Bloody Mary Morning/ Take Me Back to Tulsa”. Willie plays the wildest guitar solo you would ever hear and off the cuff the brilliant fiddler Johnny Gimble segues into “Take Me Back to Tulsa”. Superb. The box features nice sturdy mini lp style covers and a 48 page book. They are housed in a wonderful leather look box with a silver embossed Willie in the middle.. To add that extra bit of class the box has a magnetic seal, which if you are like me gets a regular workout. Brilliant set.

Nelson, Willie The Classic & Unreleased Willie Nelson (Rhino) 3cds plus 36 page book. $45 This starts with Willie’s first recordings ‘No Place for me’ & “Lumberjack” and has a selection from his Pamper demos in best sound, as well as a “Live at the Texas Opry House” and what is the gem of gems “Willie Sings Hank Williams”...available only here in this box set and nowhere else. A must?? About on par with breathing.


Nelson, Willie                     Revolutions of Time: The Journey 1975-1993 $20

                                         Sony 3cd set with 32 page book in a long hardcover book style box. His CBS years where he went from “Willie who”? to one of the biggest names in the entire world of show business. The second cd focuses on his many duets from Lacy J Dalton to the great “Old Friends’ with Roger Miller  & Ray price. new


Owens, Buck                      “The Collection” Rhino. $40  Ultra special. Out of print gem with wonderful 80 page book with mostly colour photographs and includes a track by track rundown with Buck’s own comments. 62 songs are licensed from Buck himself and include all the hits including both the original version and the Dwight duet version of “Streets of Bakersfield” as well as some delightful non hits such as Buck’s latter duet with Emmylou Harris “Play Together Again, Again”. Great sound and a steal.


Parsons, Gram And Fallen Angels Live 1973 $25 long box style recorded for a radio programme. Apart from GP & Emmylou he is backed by N D Smart, Kyle Tullis & Jock Bartley. May be the best ever version of “Streets of Baltimore”.


Parsons, Gram The Early Years Box $60 12x12 size box sealed. Includes additional bonus disc. Disc One is the first ever released on compact disc of the now classic and ground breaking, "Gram Parsons-The Early Years-Volume 1", 1963-65 folk recordings of "Gram Parsons and the Shilos" with all original tracks from this 1979 LP vinyl disc. Disc 2 is a full cd conversation with Gram. In addition there is a rare DVD performance of Gram Parsons & the Fallen Angels as well as a tv track featuring the Flying Burrito Brothers. There is also a picture disc lp There are 2 posters included including one of Gram Parons family tree as done by the expert in that field Peter Frame. On Sierra


Parton, Dolly Dolly $45 4cds + 64 page book. Some wonderfully rare photos are featured in the book. 99 tracks. Great presentation in silver box.


Rogers, Kenny Retrospective Through the Years $45 4cds + 32 page book which covers his hits through the First Edition (who can ever forget “Ruby Don’t Take Your Love to Town” an Aussie top ten in 1969), through his many solo hits & duets. 80 tracks in all. Great presentation. Cover shows the pre going under the knife Kenny where the word distinguished could not have been put to better use. Now?? Don’t ask. Great set covering all his career. Like new.


Stanley Brothers                  “The Early Starday & King Years 1958-1961” $50  4cds + 20 page booklet in long style box. 109 tracks. This is now out of print. As may be expected there is a mix of gospel and secular tracks. Not just classic bluegrass but some of the best country music ever.


Stanley Brothers “The King Years 1961- 1965” 4cds 111 tracks plus 28 page colour book. $55 Two great sets that are a must for Carter & Ralph fans.Both like new


Statler Brothers Complete Original Albums Collection sealed (Readers Digest) $50 This is quite a rarity as these are not available elsewhere and as I have said previously, the Readers Digest cds sound great. Has these 8 albums in their entirety:

1.    Bed of Roses

2.    Pictures of Moments to Remember

3.    Innerview

4.    Country Music Then & Now

5.    Sing Country Symphonies in E Major

6.    Carry Me Back

7.    Thank You World

8.    Sons of the Motherland


Statler Brothers              30th Anniversary Celebration Mercury 3cd $55 sealed Great book style set with a 36 page book featuring the writings of Colin Escott. As far as boxes go it is excellent but largely avoids their gospel recordings. 62 tracks. Very nice. Includes their CBS as well as Mercury hits, though in all fairness the only one on the former label was “Flowers on the Wall” but it was also their biggest...even made the pop charts in Australia.


Strait, George Strait Out of the Box MCA 4cds sealed $40 unsealed $30 Easily his best years from 1981 to 1995. Includes pre MCA singles plus rare tracks such as his duet with Hank Thompson “Six Pack to Go” & “Fly Me to the Moon” an unreleased duet with Frank Sinatra. 72 tracks plus large book. Over 3 ½ hours.


Tucker, Tanya Tanya Tucker 4cd Capitol $48 Great 58 tracker with excellent colour book. The time on Capitol/Liberty produced some of her best ever recordings from the ballad “Thre Sparrows in a Hurricane” to upbeat “It’s a Little Too Late”. Includes a bunch of previously unreleased recording. Artistically she was at her peak when these were recorded. The re-recordings of her biggest hits such as “Delta Dawn”, “Texas When I Die” etc are actually better than the originals..


Twitty, Conway “The Conway Twitty Collection” 4cd + 72 page book and 89 tracks $55. Nicely presented book style box as new. Includes quite a few previously unreleased tracks.


Williams, Hank         Complete Mothers Best Flour Shows $160

Stunning 15 cd + dvd set housed in a model of a vintage radio which has a dial that when turned gives you a snippet of vintage radio, also includes a large hard cover book. These shows were not available legally until brought out by the estate of Hank Williams. Sound is superb, oorobablyu even better than the official MGM Recordings.


Williams, Hank “The Unreleased Recordings” Time Life 3cdbox $45 sealed.
This was the first of 3 sets. All are licensed from the estate of Hank Williams which specifically means Jett & Hank jnr Williams. These are the Mother’s Best Flour shows which were recorded to 16” acetates and they actually sound better than the original MGM recordings. Further more there are tracks he never commercially recorded such as “Cool Water’ and “Cherokee Boogie” plus excellent versions of his classics.. Don’t miss it. Sealed. Large hard cover book style.


Williams, Hank Hank Williams Revealed: the Unreleased Recordings Time Life 3cd box sealed Rare versions of the hits, gospel & Luke the Drifter favourites in the second of the Time Life issues plus 3 1951 radio shows. Nice book style package.


Wiliams, Hank Jnr Living Proof: The MGM Recordings 1963-1975 3cds b. $55 includes 24 page book Great set with massive 82 tracks. Starts with his early ultra traditional material and concludes with tracks from his pivotal “Hank Williams Jnr & Friends” album, which hinted at the outlaw style he would develop when he moved to Warner Brothers. The songs on this set are great. Love the Darrell McCall song “Eleven Roses” which was a huge hit and the songs about his father such as “Hank”, “Living Proof” and of course “Standing in the Shadows” are chilling. A must have set, very hard to get.


Wiliams, Hank Jnr Bocephus Box 3cd $38 65 tracks Long style book style box


Wills, Bob                          “Encores”  3cds $40 + 40 page book by Wills’ biographer Charles Townsend. Bob’s Liberty Recordings saw him reunited with Tommy Duncan and for the first time they recorded together in true hi fidelity sound  which suited the group to the ground. The final cd in this set is from 1973 & saw a reunion with former Playboys’ members & greats Leon McAuliffe, Eldon Shamblin (they recreate the classic “Twin Guitar Special”). Performance and soundwise these are superb.


Wynette, Tammy Tears of Fire”25th Anniversary Collection” $48 3cds + 24 page book. Great 67 tracks including duets. Quite a few duets, the one with Emmylou, “Beneath a a Painted Sky” is a gem, as are the ones with a bloke called Jones.


Yoakam, Dwight                Reprise Please Baby: Years The Warner Brothers $60 Out of print WB. 4 cds in new condition. Has a swag of of previously unreleased tracks including the entire 21 on disc 4. In my mind there is no question Dwight’s original Reprise recordings with Pete Anderson are his best. 87 tracks all up. Don’t be disappointed..the only one.




200 Years Of American Heritage in Song (CMH) 4cd Arthur "Guitar Boogie" Smith; Benny Martin; Tommy Faile; Dick and Jacquie Schuyle etc. Originally released on lp to coincide with the American bi-centenary. 100 tracks


American Roadsongs From Coast to Coast 10 cds $25 each cd has a theme. Mainly country so that is where I’ll stick it Just for example we have T for Texas...20 songs about Texas and Blue Hawaii 20 songs about Hawaii. Are you from Dixie?> Ridin’ Down the Route 66 etc


American Roots Music Sony Legacy 4cd $40 Excellent set inspired by the US cable tv show of the same name. Covers one cd of country, one of blues plus 2 cds of gospel, folk, Cajun/zydeco, Tejano and native American. Very comprehensive notes. Includes 16 songs especially recorded for this, most interestingly perhaps a new version of Floyd Westerman’s “Wounded Knee” in Native American section. Originally on the lp “Custer Died for your Sins”. Also, the printing quality is superb.


Best of King & Starday Bluegrass 4cds sealed $58 100 tracks and roughly 4 hours 10 minutes. The long style box is nicely presented with 28 page book and excellent cross-section of artists. 40 different artists are featured on this.


Decca Country Classics 1934-1973 MC 3cds + 36 page book $35 60 tracks with many rarities in fact there are not many what you would call really obvious tracks anywhere, except perhaps Ernest Tubb’s “Walking the floor Over You” and “Cool Water” by Sons of the Pioneers on cd#1 but that is countered by likes of “Gospel Cannonball” by the Delmore Brothers, “Ruby” by the fabulous Cousin Emmy and “On This Mountain Top” by Donny Young (prior to him assuming the name Johnny Paycheck)


Forerunner Music Group Catalog Sampler 4cds $18 Nashville publishing company formed by Allen Reynolds and Jim Rooney.First 2Cds are songs from the publishers. Third cd has songs from 4 of the main writers Tony Arata/ Pete Wasner/ Shawn Camp/ George Marinelli. Interesting that the songs by Camp are different to those on his albums, and some haven’t been on his albums. The fourth disc is by the Memphis Boys headlined by Reggie Young. It is an instrumental album of originals.


People Take Warning! Murder Ballads & Disaster Songs 1913-1938 3cds + 52 page hardbound book. Tompkins Sqaure $50 This is a great collection highlighted by the book. Lots of wrecks, lots of Titanics and natural disasters. CD#1 is crash type disasters CD#2 is natural disasters and cd #3 is murder ballads. Even includes a photo of Railroad Bill as sung about in Will Bennett’s 1929 song. This is what the traditions of country music are all about. No longer available.


Rebel Records 35 Years 1969-1995 4cd + 36 page book 12x12” box has very attractive gold lettering on front and is as new. 105 tracks, all given a detailed run down. Includes 1971 “Don’t Cheat in Our Hometown” by Whitley & Skaggs, plus Ralph Stanley, Del McCoury, Rhonda Vincent, Larry sparks etc.


Rhythms of The Mountains CMH 4cds $50 81 tracks each with them .1)Wild Wild Young Men 2) Fair & Tender Ladies 3)Pictures from Life’s Other Side 4)Farm & Home Hour Each cd has indicidual notes. Includes Grandpa Jones, Joe Maphis, Rile yPuckett, Cousin Emmy etc


Rock& Skiffle                     Brit Beat begins 4cds (Proper) $18 40 page book And 100 tracks from Donegan (natch!!)/ Tommy Steele/ Vipers/ Ken Colyer/ even a track of the Goons and some Winifred Atwell. Last copy sealed.


Roots n Blues The Retrospective 1925-1950 4 cds 107 tracks which give a coverage of blues& country blues & hillbilly with many rare recordings from the Okeh and Columbia vaults on cd for the only time. Super 68 page book. $55 sealed Excellent coverage on the interrelationships of the genres. As much country as acoustic blues and without doubt the best of the boxes aiming at covering this period. Nothing common on this set at all, in fact I’d say all bar a few tracks would only be available here. Of all the sets seeking to cover the early country/blues this is by far the best. Brilliantly presented and one of the best American sets.


Songs of the West              Deluxe Leather Edition  (Rhino 4 cd + 60 page box $80. This is exceedingly rare. The regular cardboard box edition is hard to get now but you never see this and it is stunning. Genuine cowhide...not naga hide. Remember the old Three Stooges line...Moe to Curly “Check his wallet and tell me his name” Curly “Genuine Cowhide”. This is an absolutely superb set with each cd having a separate theme  1. Cowboy Classics 2. Silver Screen Cowboys (where you will find perhaps the 2 ultimate highlights...Slim Pickens doing a wonderful version of Guy Clark’s “Desperados Waiting for a Train” and Rex Allen Jnr “Last of the Silver Screen Cowboys” (with Rex Snr and Roy Rogers) 3. Gene Autry & Roy Rogers 4. Movie& television Themes. So get your whips out and your spurs on. Last newsletter’s one sold in a thrice so don’t miss it. This includes the original sash that went around the leather package. We have a standard edition (ie cardboard box) but box is a liitle ratty $35, content is great.

Sounds of the South A Musical Journey from the Georgia Sea Islands to the Mississippi Delta Recorded in the Field by Alan Lomax $70 12x12” box Consists of 4 themed cds .1.    Sounds of the South/Blue Ridge Mountain Music/2.    Roots of the Blues/The Blues Roll On/ 3.    Negro Church Music/White Spirituals / 4.    American Folk Songs for Children This is on Atlantic and the excellent 44 page book has detailed notes by Lomax himself. As can be seen this covers more than one genre. It was a fairly late project for Lomax (1959-1961) and Atlantic wanted to be at the forefront by having him record in the latest stereo technology. So as such this is one of the most important documents in American roots music. It was originally an 8lp set and this was issued in 1993. As you would expect this is out of print. Double my price and add a bit more for cheapest Amazon one.

Sugar Hill Records A Retrospective $40 4 cds + dvd Has 81 tracks and gives a great cross section of the label and I might say that since its inception Sugar Hill has been noted for the great sound. It is great to get such tracks as Rodney Crowell’s “I Walk the Line Revisited” with Johnny Cash aiding and abetting. Cash also gets a run in a Marty Stuart track...yep, pays to have great (ex) sons in law. Also has booklet about the artists.


Train songs 10 cds 200 tracks $28  Infinite variety and fabulous spread of styles. Favourites are Doris Day “Choo Choo Train”/ the Four Lovers “Night Train’ (what a beauty) and Laurie London “Gospel Train” starts with 30s country. Clicketty clack...clicketty clack...gotta get in the groove!!


Work Hard, Play Hard, Pray Hard Hard Time Good Time & End Music 1923-1936

(Tompkins Square) 3cds sealed $45 Most are first issue on cd and came from the collection of a collector, I guess of the Joe Busssard ilk and we are told were hours away from the dump.Yes, there are going to be a few skips for many of us. Nice box.


GOSPEL prices as indicated

Bellamy Brothers Pray for Me (Bellamy) sealed $20

Cash, Johnny American VI: Ain’t No Grave $8 (American)

Cash, Johnny My Mother’s Hymn Book (American) $8

Chapman, Steven Curtis Deep Roots ((Cracker barrel) $15 w. Skaggs

Dailey & Vincent Gospel Sde (Crackerbarrel) $10

Ever Call Ready Hillman/ Leadon/Perkins etc (Sierra) Chris Hillman gospel $15

Five Blind Boys Of Alabama & Mississippi 2cds (PAzzazz) $20 First is called “Walk with me” second “In the Hands of the Lord”

Ford, Tennessee Ernie 25 Treasured Hymns (Capitol) $20

Haggard, Merle What a Friedn We Have in Jesus (formerly called Songs for the Mother Who Tried) $18

Harris, Emmylou Angel Band (WB) $15

Jordanaires Believe: A Collection of Bluegrass Hymns ((Madacy) 2cds+ DVD) $20

King, B B Sings Spirituals (Ace UK) sealed 18 tks $18

Lawson, Doyle Roads Well Travelled (Mountain Home) sealed $18

Louvin Brothers Nearer My God to Thee (King/Capitol) $8

McDowell, Ronnie Great Gospel Songs (Curb) $18 *

McFerin, Bobby Spirit You All (sealed) $15 2013...yep teh Be Happy guy

Milsap, Ronnie Then Siings My Soul: 24 Favourite Hymns & Gospel Songs (Starsong) 2cds sealed $20

Murray, Anne What a Wonderful World: 26 Inspirational Classics (EMI) 2cd $18

Nelson, Willie Troublemaker (CBS special products) Was going to be released on Atlantic but he lost his contract and so was picked up on CBS. Hard to get on cd $18 (note see also rarities for the superb “Peace in the Valley”

Nelson, Willie Gospel Favourites (MCA) $15 “Family Bible” album renamed.

Nelson, Willie How Great Thou Art (Finer Arts) $15 Really nice as it features a lot of long passages of Willie’s superb guitar.

Nichols, Joe Paul A Hill Called Calvary (Custom) $20 great artist

Norman, Larry Essential Vol 1 Instigator (Solid Rock) $10

Norman, Larry Essential Vol 2 Agitator (Solid Rock) $10

Norman, Larry Essential Vol 3 Liberator (Solid Rock) $10

Norman, Larry Essential Vol 4 Collaborator (Solid Rock) $10

Norman, Larry Essential Vol 5 Emancipator (Solid Rock) $10

Norman, Larry Essential Vol 6 Infiltrator (Solid Rock) $10

Norman, Larry Essential Vol 7 Survivor (Solid Rock) $10

Norman, Larry So Long Ago the Garden (Solid Rock) $18

Norman, Larry Come as a Child (Solid Rock) $10

Norman, Larry Something New Under the Sung (Solid Rock) $10

Norman, Larry Stranded in Babylon (Solid Rock) $10

Norman, Larry Only Visiting This Planet (Solid Rock) $18

Larry Norman was considered to be the founder of the gospel rock movement and in the course of his career he made over 100 albums. Only Visiting This Planet and So Long ago the Garden were recorded in George Martin’s studio in England and I honestly believe stand up to the best Neil Young has ever done in the soft rock style.Larry is vocally a bit like Neil. He toured Australia but alas never got to see him and has gone to meet his maker. Sometimes treated as though a tad nutty and perhaps he was. But tracks such as ‘the Outlaw” are as good as anyone could do...ever,

Oxford, Vernon Sings Gospel Country & Bluegrass (OC) $20

Pride, Charley Did You Think to Pray (Music City) $15 reissue of original RCA album with bonus track. Sealed.

Smith/White/ Fairchild Love Never Fails (Daywind) $2 sealed. Water damage cover

Smith/White/ Fairchild Love Never Fails (Daywind) $15 sealed. $12 not sealed

Stafford, Jo / Gordon McCrae The Old Rugged Cross (EMI UK ) 20 tracks $15

Statler Brothers Gospel Music of Statler Bros Vol 2 (Gaither) $20 19 tks and they are not Mercury recordings

Stuckey, Nat/ Connie Smith God Will (MRT) $15

Sumner, J D & Stamps The Final Sessions (new Haven) $18

Travis, Randy Glory Train: Songs of Faith, Worship & Praise $15 Curb/Word 19 tracks

Travis, Randy Inspirational Journey (WB) $10

Travis, Randy Rise& Shine (Curb/Word) $10

Van Shelton, Ricky Don’t Overlook Salvation (Columbia)

Watson, Doc On Praying Ground (Sugar Hill) sealed $15

Whitstine Brothers Sing Gospel Songs of the Louvins (Rounder) $10

Whites Doing It By the Book (Epic/Word) $20



Best of Country Gospel 2cds Intersound 32 tracks Janie Frickie, Slim Whitman, Roy Clark, Gene Watson, etc $15

Country Gospel Castle communications 24 track from Jeannie priuett to Johnny Darrell, Bobby Helms , Bill Phillips, David Houston etc $15 *



Goodbye, Babylon (Dust to Digital label) An incredible package of early gospel music, in a deluxe handcrafted wooden box.5 CDs featuring 135 songs (1902-1960), plus 1 CD featuring 25 sermons (1926-1941). Notes and essays by musicologists and scholars. Contributors include Lynn Abbott, David Evans, Ray Funk, Anthony Heilbut, Kip Lornell, Luigi Monge, Paul Oliver, Opal Louis Nations, Bruce Nemerov, Guido van Rijn, Ken Romanowski, Tony Russell, Doug Seroff, Dick Spottswood, Warren Steel, David Tibet, Gayle Dean Wardlow, and Charles Wolfe. 200 page book with Bible verses, complete lyric transcriptions, and notes for each recording, plus over 200 illustrations. Reverently packed in raw cotton and housed in a deluxe 8" x 11" x 2.5" cedar box, I would add a quality box...not some thing cigar case "If you're not sure where you'll stand on judgement morning, we have five CDs of guitar evangelists, holiness string bands, jubilee gospel quartets, sacred harp choirs and sanctified jug music to rock your soul plus one CD of shouting sisters and powerful preachers to deliver the message about your starry crown." According to respected critic Greil Marcus: "The best country-religious music collection I have ever heard." Like new $100


Ain’t No Grave The Life & Legacy of Brother Claude Ely $35 BOOK +CD

This is a large book which has a bonus cd. Interesting read including Sleepy Labeef citing him as a major influence and also suggesting the rhythms used by Claude were “borrowed” by both Johnny Cash and Elvis. It has been suggested that the good Brother was at one time contemplating taking E\Elvis to court for using stolen rhythms. Large style 344 page book + cd is brought out by Dust to Digital label.


Presley, Elvis I Believe: The Gospel Masters 4cd long box sealed. 68 tracks deluxe edition $30


Testify:                              The Gospel Box $40/$50 Rhino

Wonderful set of black gospel by the best US proponent of the box set. Features a red cover hard book like structure which brilliantly looks exactly like a bible, complete with gold leaf pages. Includes 52 pg  book. 50 tracks. Each song is separately annotated...the story behind the songs. Must be seen to be fully appreciated.


POP $3 some rather jazzy

Anthony, Julie w. Don Burrows Together at Last (Castle) *

Anthony, Julie w. Michael Harvey You & I (Polygram) *

Armstrong, Louis Disney Songs the Satchmo Way (Vista) *

Armstrong, Louis All Time Greatest Hits (MCA) *

Armstrong, Louis What a Wonderful World (RCA) *

Armstrong, Louis Ultimate Collection (RCA)

Bennett, Tony On Holiday: A Tribute to Billie Holiday (Columbia) *

Bennett, Tony/Count Basie Chicago (Prestige) *

Bennett, Tony Jazz (Columbia) *

Boone, Debby Best (Curb) *

Bryson, Jeannie I Love Being Here With You (Telarc Jazz) *

Byrne, Debbie Caught in the Act (Mushroom) *

Carreras, Jose With A Song in My Heart: Tribute to Mario Lanza (Teldec) *

Ceberano, Kate And Her Septet (Festival) *

Connick, Harry Jnr We Are in Love (Columbia) *

Connick, Harry Jnr Harry Connick Jnr (Columbia) *

Connick, Harry Jnr When Harry Met Sally (Columbia) *

Connick, Harry Jnr Come BY Me (Columbia) *

Connick, Harry Jnr 25 (Columbia) *

Connick, Harry Jnr 20 (Columbia) *

Cousins, Peter Corner of the Sky (Polydor) *

Crawford, Michael The Disney Album (Disney)*

Crawford, Michael Phantom Unmasked (Quality) *

Daniels, Billy The Touch of Your Lips (Pickwick) *

Dearie, Blossom Volume V ( Daffodil) *

Dearie, Blossom My Gentleman Friend (Verve)

Durante, Jimmy As Time Goes By: Best (WB)

Feinstein, Michael Sings Gershwin (Elektra) *

Garland, Judy Best of teh Capitol Years (Capitol) *

Grusin, Dave Homage to Duke (GRP)

Grusin, Dave Collection (GRP)

Jones, Norah Come Away With Me (Blue Note)

Laine, Cleo Spotlight (Phillips) 22 tks *

Laine, Cleo Greatest Show Hits (RCA) 20 tks *

Laine, Frankie/Buck Clayton Jazz Spectacular (Columbia) *

Lee, Peggy/ George Shearing Beauty & the Beat/ Basin Street East 2on1 (EMI) *

Lee, Peggy Peggy Sings the Blues (Music Masters) *

Lee, Peggy Sings the Standards (EMI) *

Los Indios Tabajaras Beautiful sounds (RCA) *

McGovern, Maureen Sings Gershwin (CBS) *

McRae, Carmen Live at Bubbas (Fortune) *

Marsalis, Wynton Standard Time Vol II (Columbia)

Mathis, Johnny Unforgettable (w. Natalie Cole) Tribute to Nat King Cole (Columbia) *

May, Ricky Tribute to the Greats (ABC) *

May, Ricky Tribute to Louis Armstrong w. Bob Barnard (ABC) *

May, Ricky The Joint is Jumpin’ (ABC) *

May, Ricky Best Of (ABC) *

May, Ricky Entertainer of the Year (Filmtrax) *

Merrill, Helen Just Friends (w. Stan Getz) (Emarcy) *

Merrill, Helen You’d Be So Nice to Come Home To (Mercury) * Japan press

Montgomery, Maree Is Sweet & Hot (Polydor) *

Mouskouri, Nana Passport (Philips) *

Newley, Anthony Best (GNP) *

O’Day, Anita Sings the Winners (Verve) *

O’Day, Anita Compact Jazz (Verve) *

Shore, Dinah 16 Most Requested Songs (Columbia)

Sinatra, Frank Duets (Capitol) *

Smith, Keely Best OF Capitol Years (Capitol) *

Stafford, Jo Jo + Jazz (Corinthian) *

Te Kanawa, Kiri Kiri Sings Gershwin( EMI) *

Te Kanawa, Kiri Sings Cole Porter (EMI) *

Te Kanawa, Kiri Sidetracks: the Jazz Album (Phillips) *

Te Kanawa, Kiri Come to the Fair: Folk Siongs & Ballads (EMI) *

Te Kanawa, Kiri Blue Skies (Decca)

Te Kanawa, Kiri Kiri on Broadway (Decca) *

Te Kanawa, Kiri Kiri Selection (EMI) *

Te Kanawa, Kiri w. Malcolm O’neill Heart to Heart (EMI) *

Te Kanawa, Kiri Sings kern (EMI) *

Torme, Mel In Hollywood: Original Decca Recordings (MCA) *

Torme, Mel Mel’s London Mood (Parade) *

Torme, Mel w. Cleo Laine Nothing Without You (Concord) *

Torme, Mel Torme (Verve) *

Vaughan, Sarah Sarah Vaughan (Emarcy) *

Vaughan, Sarah Vaughan & Violins (Mercury) * Japan press

Washington, Dinah Forever (Emarcy) *

Washington, Dinah In Love (Roulette Jazz) *

Washington, Dinah Sings the Blues (Mercury) *

Washington, Dinah what a Difference a Day Makes (Mercury) *

Washington, Dinah In the Land of Hi FI (Emarcy) *

Wiley, Lee Night In Manhattan (CBS) *

Yandell, Mary Sunset on Sunset (Base) *


24 Number one of 60s (EMI) *

American Dreams Vol 2 Best of 50s (BMG) *

Best of Jazz Singers (Denon) * Japan pressing

Blue Vocals Vol 2 (Blue Note) 18 tks

Great Singers: Gitanes Jazz (Verve)

Jazz on Verve: Chanteurs ( Verve) *

Silly Songs (Cedar) Les Welch...9 tracks plus 11 others *

Solid Gold Soul (Time Life) 1982-83 125 mins 2cd

We’ll Have Manhattan: Rodgers & Hart Songbook (Verve) 16 tks 60 min. *

Welcome to the Jazz Club (Verve) *


POP $6 and some jazz

Bergen, Polly Bergen Sings Morgan/ The Partys over 2on1 (Collectables)*

Bryant, Anita Paper Roses: Golden Classics Edition (Collectables) *

Carmichael, Hoagy Hoagy Sings Carmichael (Pacific Jazz) *

Champs 25 All Time Greatest Hits (Varese)

Clark, Buddy 16 Most Requested Songs (Columbia) *

Damone, Vic Best of Mercury Years (Mercury) * 25 tks

Edwards, Tommy It’s All in the Game: Complete Hits (Eric) * 20tks

Harris, Phil The Thing...about Phils Harris (Living Era) * 22tks

Harris, Phil His Original & Greatest Hits (Jasmine) * 24tks

Howard, Eddy Best (Mercury) 25 tks *

Jordan, Louis No Moe: Greatest Hits (Mercury) 16 tks

Laine, Frankie Something Old Something New 23 great tks (Castle) 8

Laine, Frankie Very Best of ABC Years (Taragon) *

Laine, Frankie 16 Most Requested (Columbia) inc Kid’s Last Fight *

Lombardo, Guy Enjoy Yourself: The Hits (MCA) 16 tks *

McRae, Gordon Best of the Capitol Years (Capitol) * 16 tks

Martin, Tony Mercury Years (Mercury) * 25 tks

Mercer, Johnny Capitol Collector’s Series (Capitol) *

Mills Brothers Best of the Decca Years (MCA) *

Page, Patti Mercury Years Vol 1 (Mercury) *

Page, Patti Mercury Years Vol 2 (Mercury) *

Presley, Elvis 1954-61 (Time Life)

Reese, Della Voice of an Angel (RCA) 20 tks *

Robeson, Paul Live at Carnegie Hall May 1958 (Vanguard)

Southern, Jeri You Better Go Now/ when Your Heart’s on Fire 2on1 (Jasmine) * 24 tks

Starr, Kay Movin’ (Jasmine) *

Starr, Kay Capitol Collectors Series (Capitol) *

Todd, Dick the Canadian Crosby (ASV Living Era) * 27 tks



20 Golden Greats of the 60s Festival

These are all Capitol label compilations and all very good. All Capitol label.

Birth of a Dream Capitol’s Early Hits 25 tks *


Capitol Sings Series: This came out 1995 and is long out of print. Really great collections all of them. Afetr each of the songwriter ones I will put 1 of the songs on their. Great cover art and the selections are first class. All different Capitol artists. Great if you do a radio show or just want great varied mix. That’s a lot of “greats” but deserved.

Sings Broadway 20 tks *

Sings Cole Porter 25 tks * (“You’d Be So Nice to Come Home To”)

Sings Duke Ellington 20 tks * (“Take the A Train”)

Sings Frank Loesser 20 tks * (“Baby Its Cold Outside”)

Sings George Gershwin 24 tks * (“I Got Plenty of Nuttin’ “ )

Sings Harold Arlen 20 tks * (“Over the Rainbow”/”Old Black Magic” ...he gets 2!!)

Sings Harry Warren 20 tks * (“Chattanooga Choo Choo”)

Sings Hoagy Carmichael 20 tks * (“Heart & Soul” )

Sings Hollywood 20 tks *

Sings Irving Berlin 25 tks * (“Heat Wave”)

Sings Jerome Kern * 25 tks (“Smoke gets in Your Eyes”)

Sings Jimmy McHugh 20 tks * (“on the sunny Side of the Street”)

Sings Johnny Mercer 24 tks * (“Moon River”)

Sings Rodgers & Hart 24 tks * (“The lady is a Tramp”)

Sings Sammy Cahn 20tks * (“All the Way”)


Great American Soungwriters: George & Ira Gershwin (Rhino) 20 tks *

Great American Soungwriters: Johnny Mercer (Rhino) * 20 tks

Great American Soungwriters: Duke Ellington & Billy Strayhorn (Rhino) 20 tks *

Irving Berlin Songbook (Tall Poppy) * 22tks...he was so productive that their is NO duplication with the above Capitol cd as far as artists go and very very little as far as titles go.

Irving Berlin 100 Years of genius (CBS) * 18 tks

Romantic Duets from MGM Classics (Rhino) * 21 tks


POP $10and some jazz

Benson, George Anthology (Rhino) 2cd book etc

Christy, June Spotlight On (Capitol) 18tks

Eckstine, Billy Best of teh MGM Years (Verve) 2cds 42 tks 24pg booklet

Fabares, Shelley Best (Sequel) 15 tks

Fitzgerald, Ella Original Decca Recordings: Early Years Part 2 (GRP) 2cd 36 page booklet *

Fitzgerald, Ella Newport Jazz Festival Live at Carnegie Hall July 5th 1973 (Columbia Legacy) 33 tks

Fleetwoods Come Softly to me:Very Best (Dolton/EMI) 28 tks

Gaylords Mercury Years (Mercury) *

Haley, Bill Ultimate Collection 2cds 42 tks

Holiday, Billie Complete Original American Decca Recordings (GRP)

2cd 50 tks 80 page book

Holiday, Billie 1933-1942 (Jazz Roots) 4cds 72 tks *

Jones, Spike Spiked! The Music of Spike Jones (BMG) 23 tks

King Sisters Spotlight On (Capitol) 18 tks

McKenzie, Gisele Hard to get: Best (Colelctor’s Choice) * 20 tks

Mingus, Charles Anthology (Rhino) 2cd cloth bound book etc

Nelson, Rick Anthology 2cds (Charly) live recordings 40 tracks

Pastorius, Jaco Anthology (Rhino) 2cds sealed

Presley ,Elvis Essential (RCA) *

Presley ,Elvis Essential Vol 2Stereo 57 (RCA) *

Presley ,Elvis Essential Vol 3Hits Like Neve rbefore (RCA) * 3 fabulous albums of previously unreleased performances.

Sinatra, Frank The Capitol Years 3cds + 68 pg book (Capitol) a steal

Smith, Johnny Walk Don’t Run (Roulette) writer of the Ventures’ hit. Great jazz guitar player.

Stafford, Jo Spotlight On (Capitol) 18 tks

Starr, Kay The Essential RCA Singles Collection (Taragon)

Vaughan, Sarah Columbia Years 1949-53 (Columbia) 2CD sealed

Washington, Dinah Dinah Washington Story (Verve) 2cd 46 tracks over 155 minutes *

Whiting, Margaret Spotlight On (Capitol) 18tks



Australian Teenage Idols Volume One (canetoad) 31 tks

Class reunion 1947-1950 (RCA) 4cd 80 tks around 4 hours *

Hollywood’s Most Precious Jewels 18 track sampler from Rhino’s callsic Hollywood cd housed in callsy lookingpadded jewel box.

Preston Story Volume One (Canetoad) 29 tks

Preston Story Volume Two (Canetoad) 26 tks

Preston story Volume Three: Hillbilly Fever (Canetoad) 30 tks

Real Weird man, Like Wow (Canetoad) 32 tks

Rockin’ Is Our Business (Canetoad) 27 tks Aussie Rockabilly Eddys, Bopcats etc

POP $15


DeCastro Sisters Teach me Tonight (Bear Family) 31 tks

Holly, Buddy 50 Classic Recordings (MCA) 2cd

Kallen, Kitty Kitty Kallen story 2cds (Sony Special Products) 20pg bk

Mitchell, Guy Heartaches by the Number (Bear Family) * 25tks

Monroe, Marilyn Best Selection RCA Japan Great 20 tracker, all the big ones including “Heat Wave”, “Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend” etc on great sounding Japanese pressing.

Newhart, Bob Something Like This Anthology 2cds (Rhino) sealed wonderfully funny including the classics “Driving Instructor” and the hilarious “Introducing Tobacco to Civilization”... this a “telephone” call between Queen Elizabeth I And Sir Walter Raleigh, credited with introducing smoking to England.

Rondo, Don The Hits & More (Jasmine) sealed 28 tks



Golden Throats Great Celebrity Sing Off (Rhino) Again some so bad they are good eg Jack Webb “Try a Little Tenderness” BUT also some so good such as Sebastian Cabot’s wonderful Dylan double “It Ain’t Me Babe” and “Like a Rolling Stone”. And for Trekkies we get both William Shatner & Leonard Nimoy.

Golden Throats 2 More Celebrity Rock Oddities (Rhino) This even has a 3D cover. Even if for another Sebastian Cabot Dylan piece, “All I really Want to Do” this is sensational. Always though Phyllis Diller had little talent....this proves it (“Satisfaction”)

Hazy Memories Vol 1 (Canetoad) Very hard to get songs...31 of the blighters in fact. Teresa Brewer “Ballad of Lover’s Hill” is often sought but only found here. James Gilreath “Little Band of Gold” was a fleeting classic. Well compiled and As I said somewhere else Canetoad owner David Mclean is closing the label so be quick.

Hazy Memories Vol 4 (Canetoad) This has some rockier things and hence should be in the rock section BUT then again has some great pop. Best Detroit Wheels “Linda Sue Dixon”, John Wesley Ryles fabulous one hit wonder “Kay” and Barry Ryan’s wonderful “Eloise” and don’t forget the only other Hedgehoppers Anonymous track I know “Don’t Push me”. Think it got to number 20 in the Top 20 predictions!! 77minutes

Rebels Without a Cause Movie & Television Actors of the Late 50s & Early 60s sing Pop Music (Canetoad) 33 tks including such little heard vocalists as sal Mineo, Dwayne Hickman (Dobie Gillis), Ted Cassidy and Michael Landon. A must!

Teentime Vol 1 Love Me Forever: Young Years of Rock & Roll (Eric)

Teentime Vol 2 I Got Rhythm: Young Years of Rock & Roll (Eric) Both feature 20 hard to get tracks taken from the original master tapes with many in true stereo for first time. Vol 1 includes James Darern “GoodBye Cruel World’ and “her Royal Majesty” and Dick & Dee Dee’s “Turn Around”. One record fair in US I went to had guest appearance by Dick and dee Dee. Apparently the original Dick but a different Dee Dee. Darn!! Volume 2 has “Blue Moon” by Marcels in stereo for first time. Ditto Lou Christie’s wonderful falseeto turn on “Two Faces Have I’” (Yi-I-Yi..or words to that effect). Great!

POP $18

Crosby, Bing And Andrews sisters: Complete Recordings Together 2cds *(MCA) 53 tks...lots of alternate & parody versions! 53 tks

Dion The Road I’m On: A Retrospective (Columbia( 2cds 35 tks including 9 previously unreleased tracks and 2 new songs. Unquestionably one of the best and most varied artists in history who is still great today.

Knox, Buddy/Jimmy Bowen Rock (Bear Family) 31 tks

Lester, Ketty Love Letters (Marginal) 30 tks

Manhattan Transfer Anthology: Down in Birdland (Rhino) 2cd 39 tks

Orbison, Roy Singles Collection 1965-1974 (Polydor) also known as the MGM Years and unlike the very easy to get Monument tracks these are impossible to get and many were hits in Australia where he had a massive following eg Penny Arcade/ Crawling Back/ Twinkle Toes/ Communication Breakdown etc. 22 tracks

Ray, Johnny Cry (Bear Family) * 30 tks Prince of Wails!

Tillotson, Johnny 25 All Time Greatest Hits (varese) sealed


Dr Demento 20th Anniversary Collection (Rhino 2cd) 36 tks

Dr Demento 25th Anniversary Collection (Rhino 2cd) 36 tks including the great Benny Bell “Shaving Cream”

What They Did Before Rock & Roll: Amazing Artefacts of the Pre-Elvis Era (WestsideUK) sealed and interesting beyond belief. Just get it!!

POP $20 plus

Anka, Paul Dianacally Yours (Bear Family) sealed 36 tks ABC Recordings $20

Dion Complete Laurie Singles (Real Gone) 2cds sealed 36 tks all original master tapes. $20

Everly Brothers Ballads (Bear Family) sealed 30 tks $20

Everly Brothers Rock (Bear Family) sealed 30 tks $20

McKuen, Rod Sold Out at Carnegie Hall (Real Gone) 2cds 44 tks $22 sealed

Nelson, Ricky Ballads (Bear Family) 30 tks $20

O’Sullivan, Gilbert Caricature: the Box (Rhino Handmade) 73 tks 3cds very hard to get. Out of print. $55

Page, Patti Greatest Hits & Finest Performances 3cds (Readers Digest) 63 tracks $28 again Readers Digest cds are tops esoecially for ones such as Patti Page where you just can’t get much

Pitney, Gene Sings Great Songs of Our times/ Nobody Needs Your Love (Sequel) UK 2on1 $20 * 28 tks

Platters Ballads (Bear Family) 33 tks $20

Prima, Louis Rocks (Bear Family) sealed 30 tks $20

Righteous Brothers Anthology 1962-1974 (Rhino) 2cds $25 inc. latter hit “Rock & Roll Heaven”

Scott, Jack Touch Me Baby I Go Hog Wild 1957-1960 2cds (Jasmine) 64 tracks $20

Scott, Jack Rocks (Bear Family) 26tks sealed $20

Starr, Kay A Rising Starr (Jasmine) 2cd 53 tks Great artist

Thomas, B J Complete Scepter Singles (Real Gone) 2cds sealed 56 tracks $20

Whiting, Margaret Maggie isn’t Maggie Anymore/Pop Country (Real Gone) 2on1 sealed includes 4 bonus tracks $20

Yuro, Timi The Complete Liberty Singles 2cds (Real Gone) 2cds sealed 36 tracks. $20


Growin’ Up Too Fast The Girl Group Anthology (Mercury) 2cds 32 pg book 50 tks $28 Any compilation which has Diane Renay “Navy Blue” and Diane Ray “Please Don’t Talk to the Lifeguard” on it is essential!!

Taste of Honey Gems from the Mercury Vaults 3cds 75 tks (One Day)

Wacky Favourites 2cds 40 tracks $22 MCA Special cd of novelty tracks I have seen. Includes even the original very politically incorrect version of “Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport” by you know who (can’t say his name...who would have thunk it??)




Haley, Bill & His Comets The Decca Years 5 cds + 32 page book $100 The sound quality on this could not be bettered if the recordings were made yesterday. Great singles as well as albums including the “Around the World” album in which Bill sings songs about varying countries. Of course the Aussie one is “Rockin’ Matilda”. CD#5 is inside the studio during a recording session so alternate versions and some juicy studio talk. Rudy Pompilli on sax was just one of the musical stars especially on his showpiece “Rudy’s Rock”



ABBA                                  Thank You For the Music 4cd + 68 pg book $40 Nice book style box with stunning book. 66 tracks including quite a few rarities.


Bennett, Tony                      Forty Years: The Artistry Of Tony Bennett $35 Sony

Like new long box version still sealed. 60 page book & 87 tracks. Hard to believe “I Left My Heart in San Francisco” was not a huge hit. BUT it won 2 Grammys and he has won another 14 since. He was also the first to do a pop cover of Hank Williams with a huge hit of “Cold Cold Heart” which saw him get a Billboard # 1 hit.


Carmichael, Hoagy           In Person 1925 -1955 10 cds $70 This is a long out of print box and this is a sealed copy. Wonderfully presented box from the Hoagy Carmichael Appreciation Society. Total running time is 12 hours and 21 mins. Each cd has its own colour cover with comprehensive details about the tracks therein. There is also a separate book. It covers any number of styles by one of the greatest ever songwriters and a very influential singer!! Willie was a big fan. Includes studio outtakes aas well as between song chatter by Hoagy and the musicians.”That stank” said Hoagy. “No” they assure him! Nicely presented in flip style box.


Carpenters From the Top (A&M) $35 4 cds plus 32 page book (with centre fold out). Classic and classy. All the hits in best sound. Long style hardcover book stylke.


Cole, Nat King The Classic Singles (Capitol) Capitol New sealed. $48 I do consider it one of the ironies of the music world that Nat’s unique and wonderfully rich voice was a product of his cigarette habit and that ended up killing him. Very sad. No one sand like him and he had many hits overseas and in Australia. “Nature Boy”, “Too Young”, “Mona Lisa” etc. It would take a nano second to realise to whom you were listening. This very nice cloth bound book style package features 2003 remastered 24-bit sound and 101 tracks. 60 page booklet.


Crosby, Bing “Swingin’ With Bing: Bing Crosby’s Lost Radio Performances” $30 3 cds on the excellent Shout label in hardcover book style cover. Bing joins with a virtual superstar gallery. Firstly there is a generous 75 tracks. He is joined by regular duet partners The Andrews Sisters but also the likes of Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong. The third cd is dedicated to those recordings. Also likes of Nat King Cole and Dinah Shore join with Bing. This box is a joy from start to finish. Excellent sound.


Diamond, Neil In My Lifetime 3cds + 72 page book $20 Career spanning recordings including rare demos from 1958-1964. Lots of rarities all round.


Diamond, Neil Stages: Performances 1970-2002 5cds + DVD $25 52 page book. The 5th cd is a live Christmas cd. Fact: “Hot August Night” spent 29 weeks at number one on the Australian album charts and none of these are from that show. Teh DVD captures a 2002 show in Dublin and the second part of teh dvd is a documentary about life on teh road.


Everly Brothers                 “Heartaches & Harmonies” 4cds $60 This is a wonderful Rhino box set which encompasses all their Cadence, Warner, RCA etc recordings. 103 tracks. 60 page book mainly in colour but I just can’t decide...who has the best hair...Don or Phil. This is excellent in all respects, $60 Don’t miss it. It starts with a couple of their rare pre-Cadence and ends with their lkast recording together in 1990. Both are still alive. Don is 76 & “Baby Boy” Phil is 74. Classic. Includes a small sampling of their solo stuff. Unfortunately their success as pop’s greatest duo overshadowed any success they had as solo artists.


Fitzgerald, Ella Complete Ella Fitzgerald Songbook $200 The great Ella Fitzgerald recorded, from 1956 to 1964, the songs of Cole Porter, Rodgers and Hart, Duke Ellington, Irving Berlin, George and Ira Gershwin, Harold Arlen, Jerome Kern and Johnny Mercer in what is now known as the Song Book series. This 16-CD boxed set reproduces to the letter all eight of these classic albums and gathers them inside a clothbound box with a 48-page hardcover book. 245 tracks, with unreleased material. The presentation is stunning. The box is cloth covered. Inside is a similarly covered hard cover 120 page book. Each of the cd sets inside the box takes the form of the original lp cover miniaturised to cd size. Ella Sings Jerome Kern/Johnny Mercer are single cds, Cole Porter, Harold Arlen, Irving Berlin and Rodgers & Hart are all doubles whilst the George & Ira Gershwin box (complete with another reproduced hard cover book) and the Duke Ellington box are both triples...2 x singles, 4 x doubles and 2 x triples all individual inside the box. Suffice to say it takes “special” two steps further. Just as an example on Amazon (where there is only one for less than $300) 45 out of 46 people who have bought it have given it 5 out of 5 star rating...and the other a 4 star. It is out of print. This is just like new. Sure, she is classed as a jazz singer but to be honest on the pop side and without doubt this is as fine a box as I have ever seen.

Fitzgerald, Ella Legendary Decca Recordings $55 4 cds plus 44 page book in 12x12 box. The cds are 24K gold for optimum sound. There are a few small marks on the outer box but the book and cds are pristine. Each cd has a theme 1) Very best of Ella 2) Ella & Friends 3)sings Gershwin & Others 4) Ella & the Arrangers,


Francis, Connie “Souvenirs” 4 cds + 72 page book in pristine shape.. Totally out of print, 118 tracks. A great set, She had more hits than any other artist of her era. She was given almost a free rein to record what she liked and had so many singles that even b-sides such as “Everybody’s Somebody’s Fool” hit number one. $55 


Garland, Judy Complete Decca Masters 4cds + 52 page book $30 Frances Gumm, aka Judy Garland had been recording for a couple of years before “Over the Rainbow Came Along” and had made her reputation on a special version of “You Made Me Love You” as though sung to Clark Gable. No one knew she was just 15 when she recorded it. She was a veteran of 17 when she recorded “Over the Rainbow” and it won an Academy Award for best song. She in turn received a special award. The record company began collecting several 78s and packaging them in colourful outer packages. The first albums included “The Wizard of Oz” soundtrack and “The Judy Garland Souvenir Album” all of course herein. 90 tracks that establish her reputation as one of the greatest ever female vocalists even when her tempestuous private life took over.


Garland, Judy The One & Only Capitol 3cds $28 3 cds, 56 page book and 65 tracks both studio and live...her Carnegie Hall Concert is considered one of the best ever live albums. Her tenure with Capitol was her last and many say her best. Absolute giveaway price. Her body and maybe mind gave way but her voice, even when she was at her lowest, was strong as ever.


Hallyday, Johnny Anthologie Volume 1 $25 Johnny is France’s most enduring rock and roll star. This has 44 tracks (chansons indispensables!) mainly in French plus two booklets. The box is designed to include pt II & III and it tells us these are available down the track!! Actually played soem and it is very good. Sound is outstanding. Some consider him teh French Elvis Presley but really doesn’t sound a lot like him IMO. “Souvenirs Souvenirs” is great!!


Holiday, Billie                    “Lady Day” Sony Perhaps the best ever American box set...certainly the best not to bear the Rhino name. 10cds and a large 120 page book is only for starters. The sound is superb and content impossible to beat. The superb package is housed in a large faux snakeskin leather box with a haunting image of Billie on the cover. Stunning. NOW...that is what I wrote last newsletter. That sold. Now, I have a sealed copy. Brand new. I have to ask myself which is the best it or Ella. I don’t know. Sealed copy $140 This won a Grammy and you could only be surprised if it didn’t!!


Holiday. Billie The Legacy 1933-1958 (Columbia) $35 * Nice set with 70 tracks that are on this previous box. This is long style box.


Lee, Peggy                         The Singles Collection 4cds $60 This was only issued in Europe on Capitol, and was around for a short time only. It includes a 72 page book and has 110 tracks. It covers her tenure with Capitol and Decca. The 4th cd sees her covering some contemporary (at the time they were contemporary 70s...technically speaking ). Her best known  hit was “Fever” with one of the most identifiable intros of any song ever. Did Lou Reed borrow the bass line for “Walk on the Wild Side”? Hard to believe this was not a number one. It was based on the Little Willie John song but Miss Lee wrote lyrics for two verses as she thought the original too risque. 110 tracks which show her as the supreme stylist. Hard to get, in fact next to impossible. It was never issued in the USA. Many are on cd for the first time.


Mancini, Henry “Days of Wine & Roses” 3cds 81 tracks 76 page book 3½ hours plus. Fabulous sound $48 All the hits and more including “Moon River” which won him both an Academy Award and Grammy. Personally I prefer “Pink Panther’!!



Mathis. Johnny                  The Music of Johnny: A Personal Collection (Columbia) sealed $45 4 cds with 86 tracks and 68 page book. The long style box. His biggest hit in Australia was “Twelfth of Never” but I have a soft spot for “What Will My Mary Say’. Like new. Not strictly a hits package (hence the name) but these two gems are on it. His versatility is shown in such songs as Boz Scaggs “We’re All Alone”.



Nelson, Rick(y)                  Legacy Box 4cds + 52 page book. Capitol USA $60. Hard to believe he never started out to be a singer but he had the most popular tv show in the USA and was as good looking as anyone so it was a natural progression and unlike many he had talent. 100 tracks from the Ricky to the Rick, though near the end of his career he reverted to Ricky as Carl Perkins had referred to him as Ricky and he figured if that  is what Carl wanted to call him it was just fine. All the hits and much much more. Quite a few unissued tracks. Very attractive leather look box. Includes his very early cover of “I’m Walkin’”, through his many early hits “stood Up”, “Never Be Anyone Else But You”, “Lonesome Town”, “Travellin’ Man”, “Hello Marylou” etc etc through to his last mega-hit “Garden Party”. Sounds great.


Orbison, Roy Legendary 4cds 36 pg book sealed $38 75 tracks including rarities. Covers all parts of his career.


Osmonds All Time Greatest Hits of the Osmonds $35 Don’t laugh, I love the Osmonds. What’s more I reckon the group recording of “Crazy Horses” is one of the all time great singles. 53 tracks. The first cd is the Osmond Brothers. The second is mainly Donny with Little Jimmy’s solo “Long Haired Lover” tacked on the end, whilst cd # 3 is half Marie and half Donny & Marie...yep a Little Bit Country & A Little Bit Rock & Roll. Still sealed. Crazy Horses wahhhhhhhh! Brilliant.


Page, Patti                        A Golden Celebration.4cds + 48 page book $70  Patti was THE biggest selling female artist of the 50s yet most of her stuff is out of print, including this superb set with 80 tracks on 4cds with a 48 page book. This is very rare now. This is a different one to that which I had last newsletter. I was simply lucky to get another.Her biggest selling single was of course “Tennessee Waltz”, one of the biggest singles of all times, spending 13 weeks at number one. But not far behind was “Mockingbird Hill” and one of the biggest novelty hits of all time in “How Much Is That Dog in the Window”. She covered a whole gamut of styles and her versatility was amazing. She even does a duet with Tom T Hall “Hello We’re Lonely”. Notes by Colin Escott


Presley, Elvis Prince From Another Planet Deluxe edition 2cds + DVD. 40th Anniversary of his classic “Elvis as Recorded Live at Madison Square Garden” with 48 page book plus 60 minutes dvd with documentary including recently unearthed fan footage. Includes interviews with his surviving band members. $35


Presley, Elvis At Stax Deluxe edition sealed $35 Includes lots of remixed outtakes. New 2013 release 55tks


Presley, Elvis Don’t BeCruel/Hound Dog picture sleeve single plus large size t-shirt $25 High quality t shirt


Shaw, Sandie Nothing Comes Easy 4cd + 48 page book 101 tracks $50 from EMI (UK) and now out of print. There is one mark on the cover of an inconsequetional nature. Very hard set to get. CD#4 is 25 previously unreleased or ultra rare tracks. Sandie of course was famous for going bare foot on stage and if you have a look at the cover you will see why. Her trotters are enormous. She’d never get shoes to fit them. All the hits including “Always Something There to Remind Me”,

“Girl Don’t Come” “Puppet on a String” etc



Sinatra, Frank Vegas (Reprise) 4cds + DVD 60 page booklet + 2 showbills. Nice glossy box $40 Includes the full version of the classic “At the Sands” with Count Basie and the DVD is from May 1978 Caesar’s Palace show. Each of his shows featured a monologue which literally had the audience eating out of the palm of his hand. Interesting piece “Sinatra Speaks on Segregation in Nevada” is included as a bonus track to the Sands concert.


Sinatra, Frank Columbia Years 1943-1952 Complete Recordings 12cds + 144 page hardcover cloth bound book. 285 tracks. The 12 cds come in a double deck box with Perspex front. The content is as new. There is a smallissue with front of box but still great. This is an excpetionl and very well priced box. $110


Sinatra, Frank Frank Sinatra “FAS: The Complete Reprise Collection” (ie Francis Albert Sinatra”) All his studio recordings. 20 cds in probably the most elaborate packaging ever. Has engraved limited edition metal tag. This is designed as a leather trunk, and is simply magnificent. It looks exactly like the leather trunk some ocean traveller would take with them. It has an oval FAS plaque on the front and flick the latch and open the box to reveal a compartment at the top holding a hard cover book. It clips in place...the compartment that is. Unclip another leather divide and you see the 20 cds This is in absolutely spotless pristine condition. You get a lot of bang for your buck $280 least $150 less than what you will find a copy for on Amazon and as it would weight at least 4kgs you are much better of paying local postage. Just under 500 tracks.


Sinatra, Frank In Hollywood 1940-1964 (Reprise) 6cds with 160 $80 songs most of which have not been commercially available. Comes in classy black fabric bound box which in turn holds 2 (also black cotton bound) books. One is 120 page hardcover story of Sinatra’s time in Hollywood and the second houses the 6 cds in a tri-fold cover. The last movie here. ‘Robin & the 7 Hoods” features a track called “Mr Booze”. Just to make it even a little more special the plaque on the front, “Frank Sinatra in Hollywood” is 3D.


Sinatra, Frank Complete Capitol Singles Collection (Capitol) 4cds in book style package with 72 page book 96 tracks. $45


Stafford, Jo The Portrait Edition” $40 3cds + 36 page book. 76 tracks with just under 4 hours playing time. Includes duets with Gordon McRae & Frankie Laine.




Torme, Mel                  The Collection 1944-1985 Rhino 4cd + 64 page book. $30 His version of “Cast Your Fate to the Wind” is available one place and one place only and that is on this set. One of the only single successes he ever had in Australia. He wrote one of the most enduring Christmas songs appropriately called the “Christmas Song” (aka “Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire”) 89 tracks. Had the easy going style that was suitable to jazz a& pop.As new. Real bargain




Broadway The American Musical (Columbia Legacy) 5 cds + 56 page book. Starts with Joel Gray’s rousing “Give My Regards to Broadway” and then gives an historic rundown from Jolson’s 1920 recording of “Swanee”, Fanny Brice (Funny Girl) “My Man”, Eddie Cantor’s “If You Knew Susie”, Crosby’s Depression ode “Brother Can You Spare a Dime” and so on.106 songs in all through to more modern successes such as “Cats”, “Phantom of the Opera” (with Michael Crawford & even “Boy from Oz” (with Hugh Jackman doing ‘I Go to Rio’. Excellent notes.


Cameo Parkway 1957-1967 4cds + 44 page Book $45 114 tracks all taken from the original master tapes. In addition the cds look like records. Very nice. Includes “? & the Mysterians”, Orlons, Bobby Rydell, early Bob Seger, even Clint Eastwood (“Rowdy”).


Club Verboten 4cds and 100 page book. $45 Club Verboten is the first and foremost musical entertainment through music composed or embraced by the gay and lesbian culture. So many gay icons such as Judy Garland, Mae West, Marlene Dietrich etc. Very good notes.


EMI Legends of Rock & Roll promo pack $25 There were 24 releases in this series and they covered all number of labels that were owned by EMI. Bobby Vee was on Liberty, Ricky Nelson on Imperial etc. This consists of a sample cd of 24 tracks PLUS 24 postcard, (actually 13 x 18 cm is bigger than postcards but for sake of expediency we will just call them postcards) which are in full colour and extremely nice.


Front Row Centre The Broadway Gold Box 1935-1988 4cds 68 page book $30 This is MCA variant of the above Broadway box. Different label, different songs and artists but still great coverage with gems from Carmen Miranda, Ray Bolger, Pearl Bailey, Sammy Davis Jnr etc. 93 tracks. Boxhassome marks, could be from water but content new so great cheapie.


One Kiss Can Lead to Another Girl Group Sounds Lost & Found Rhino. This is the thing that makes Rhino the best as far as issuing box sets in the USA goes. It is the sheer quality of the packaging coupled with the content. This is in the form of a hat box! Yep, a round hat box. The box includes a 200 pages book plus of course 4 cds with 120 tracks from 107 different artists, many of which are very rare and not found on any other cds. The sticker on the front of the still sealed box shows well known artists such as The Surpremes, Chiffons, Shangri-las, Shirelles plus “criminally ignores artists” such as Evie Sands, Reparata and the Delrons, the Whyte Boots, the Cinderellas and many more. There are not only girl groups with early Jackie DeShannon, Lesley Gore etc enjoying some space on this “have to be seen to be believed” set.When you say it is one of their best you know it is good. $100 is a bargain for this out of print gem. Don’t hesitate.


Hot Rods                           & Custom Classics Rhino $80 This is an out of print box in absolutely as new condition and includes all the extras. 4cds + 68 page book, plus additional book...fluffy dice to hang from the rear view mirror, transfers etc. Every imaginable song about drag racing and hot rods is included. And the presentation will have you smiling from ear to ear. One of Rhino's more elaborate box set offerings. It comes housed in a Revel Authentic Kit-sized box that also holds a bound booklet designed to look like the cover of Hot Rod magazine, an accompanying Mooneyes mini-catalog, window adhesive hot rod stickers, a set of fuzzy dice, and a Mooneyes bottle opener/key ring, with each of the four discs housed in a custom hot rod color package of its own.


Produced by George Martin 50 Years in Recording This is a rare box, now out of print and going for substantially more than $60. It features 6ds and 35 page book and gives a great summary of the man who has been called the 5th Beatle. 149 tracks in all. Includes some jazz, the big hits of the big artists (only a couple of Beatles songs it does include one of the best ever in “In my Life” on which George, or Sir George as he is now known plays a wonderful piano solo). Great. Most of the classic contemporaries of the fab four are included such as Billy J Kramer, Cilla Black, Gerry & Pacemakers, Fourmost etc


Warner Brothers               75 Years Entertaining the Word Rhino. 4cds + 84 page book. $45 The box is a work of art. Velvet with a spectacular gold Warner Brothers emblem in the middle. Has 84 tracks. Can’t get much earlier than “My Mammy” by Al Jolson from the first ever talkie “The Jazz Singer”. Also includes many actors you wouldn’t normally think of as singers showing their vocal prowess. Nice package.


When Rock & Roll Was Young 10cds Collectables label. Wide ranging (in other words common plus hard to get tracks) on 10 cds, new & sealed. The good thing for purists is they are all originals!! $30 Great ones “Sandy” by Larry Hall, “Californian Sun” by Rivieras, “Pink Shoelaces” by Dodie Stevens


King of Cool: The Best of the Dean Martin Variety Show 6DVDs 10 hrs $45 Time Life The guest list includes stars such as Ella Fitzgerald, Eddie Fisher, Liberace, Herb Alper etc. Sealed     




Allman, Gregg Searching for Simplicity (550 Music)

Howlin’ Wolf Howlin’ at the Sun (Charly) 21 tks

James, Etta Stickin’ to My Guns (island)

James, Etta Life Love & the Blues (Windham Hill) sealed

King, BB Ain’t Nobody Home! Very Best. (MCA)

Roomful of Blues 45 Live (Alligator) cd + booklet only (2013)

Walker, Joe Louis Hellire (Alligator) 2013 cd + booklet only



Carter, Clarence Patches/ Dynamic (Colelctables )2on1

Ford, Robben Bringing It Back Home (Provogue) 2013 promo with picture sleeve.

McGhee, Brownie Brownie’s Blues (Bluesville) *

Perfect, Christine Complete Blue Horizon sessions (BMG UK) sealed. Pre Fleetwood Mac blues recordings by Christine McVie nee Perfect.

Simone, Nina Legendary (RCA) 3cds great seection


Alligator Stomp Vol 2 Cajun & Zydeco Classics (Rhino)

Atlantic Rhythm & Blues Vol 1 1947-1952 (Atlantic) from box set 26 tks superb.



Biales, Lisa Singing in my Soul (Big Song Music) 2013

Rogers, Roy Pleasure & Pain (Pointblank) the blues guy




Bluesville Years Volume 1 Big Blues Honks & Wails Sunnyland slim /Roosevelt Sykes/ Jimmy Witherspoon/Mildred Anderson etc

Bluesville Years Volume 2 Feelin’ Down on the South Side Otis Spann/ James Cotton/ Billy Boy Arnold/ Homesick James

Bluesville Years Volume 3 Beale Street Get Down. Furry Lewis/ Memphis Willie B/ Memphis Slim

Bluesville Years Volume 4 In the Key of Blues Mercy Dee Walton/ Memphis Slim/ Little Brother Montgomery/ Roosevelt sykes/ Curtis Jones/ Sunnyland Slim/ Willie Dixon

Bluesville Years Volume 5 Mr Brownie & Mr Sonny (...guess this one!)

Bluesville Years Volume 6 Blues Sweet Carolina Blues Pink Anderson/ Baby Tate/ Sonny Terry/ Rev Gary Davis/ Larry Johnson

Bluesville Years Volume 7 Blues Blue Blues White Dave Van Ronk/ Tom Rush/ Danny Kalb/ Geoff Muldaur/ Tracy Nelson/ Eric Von Schmidt/ New Strangers

Bluesville Years Volume 8 Roll Over Ms Beethoven Alberta Hunter/ Victoria Spivey/ Lucille Hegamin

Bluesville Years Volume 9 Down the Country Way J T Adams/ Robert Curtis Smith/ Smokey Babe/ Robert Pete Williams/ Wade Walton/ Big Joe Williams/ Pete Franklin/ scrapper Blackwell/ Blind Willei McTell/ Tampa Red

Bluesville Years Volume 10 Country Roads Country Days K C Douglas/ Alec seward/ Doug Quattlebaum (##just found my new deed poll name##), Scrapper Blackwell, Jesse Fuller, Snooks Eaglin/ Henry Townsend/ Mercy Dee Walton/ Shakey Jake/ Arbee Stidham/ St Louis Jimmy

Bluesville Years Volume 11 Blues Is a Heart’s Sorry Roosevelt Sykes/ Sunnyland Slim/ Mercy Dee Walton/ Jimmy Withersppon/ Lightnin’ Hopkins with sonny Terry? Henry Townsend/ Willie Dixon/ Lonnie Johnson/ Mildred Anderson/Curts Jones etc

Bluesville Years Volume 12 Jump, Jumpin’ the Blues K C Douglas/ Jimmy Witherspoon/ Billy Boy Arnold/ Mildred Anderson etc This is an excellent series with over an hour sometimes over 70 minutes on each. Nice covers with authentic rustic scenes which typify the blues!!

Living the Blues Blues Roots 1930-1944 (Time Life)

Living the Blues 1945-1949 (Time Life)

Living the Blues 1950-1952 (Time Life)

Living the Blues 1953-1954 (Time Life)

Living the Blues 1955-1956 (Time Life)

Living the Blues 1957-1959 (Time Life)

Living the Blues 1960-1964 (Time Life)

Living the Blues 1965-1969 (Time Life) Excellent series with 20 tk+ 12 pg notes. Could serve blues novices but aficionados would go for it too.

Roots of the Blues Vanguard 3CD

Tribute to Leadbelly Arlo Guthrie, Pete Seeger, Sonny & Brownie plus snippets from Leadbelly & Alan Lomax. 22tks

True Blues Telarc 2013 alvin Youngblood hart, Taj Mahal, Guy Davis etc

Trumpet Masters Volume 1 Mississippi Barrehouse Piano with Willie Love & his Three Aces featuring Little Milton & Elmore James (Collectables)

Trumpet Masters Volume 2 Downhome Delta Blues 1951-2 Big Joe Williams/Arthur ‘Big Boy” Crudup/ Luther Huff/ Bobo “Slim” Thomas/ Sonny Boy Williamson (Collectables)

Trumpet Masters Volume 3 Red Hot Kisses R & B Classics from Memphis, Jackson & St Louis sonny Boy Williamson/ Beverly White/ Clayton Love/ Tiny Kennedy/ Wally Mercer/ Sherman “Blues” Johnson & His Clouds of Joy (Collectables)

Trumpet Masters Volume 4 Blues fRom Jackson & Houston 1951-54 Jerry “Boogie” McClain, Sonny Boy Williamson, Willie Love, Lonnie Holmes & His Dark Town Boys (Collectables)

Trumpet Masters Volume 5 From the Bottom Sonny Boy Williamson/ Willie Love/ Joe Willie Wilkins/ Bernard Williams/ J V turner



Allman, Devon Turquoise (Ruf) Solo album from son of Gregg (2Gs) Allman

Blasters American Music (Hightone) roots rock from Alvin Bros 19tks

Book Binder, Roy Live Book: Don’t Start Me Talkin’ (Rounder) Has the 11 minute version of “Candy Man” in which Book relates his experiences meeting Rev Gary Davis.

Book Binder, Roy Polk City Ramble (Rounder) One of the very best acoustic blues man.

Davis, Blind Gary Harlem Street Singer (Fantasy)

Gray, Blind Arvella Singing Drifter (Conjur) Legendary Chicago street singer.

Phelps, Kelly Joe Beggar’s Oil ep (Ryko) accompanied “Sky Like a Broken Clock” album. 5 previously unissued tracks 31minutes.

Swingadelic Toussaintville (Zoho)

Tharpe, Sister Rosetta Gospel of the Blues (MCA)

Willie, Jay Blues Band New York Minute (Zoha) 2013


Jimmy Rogers Blues Allstars Atlantic with Mick & Keith, Clapton, Jeff Healey, Stephen Stills , Taj Mahal, Jimmy Page

River of Song A Musical Journey Down the Mississippi River 2cds (Smithsonian Folkways) 44 pag booklet



Blues Broads Dorothy Morrison/Tracy Nelson/Angela Strehli/Annie Simpson CD + DVD (Delta Groove)

Brown, James Foundations of Funk 2cds Polydor 1964-1969 Lots of alternate versions & unreleased tracks from G.O.S.

Dion Tank Full of Blues (Blue Horizon) Dion relates that he had just signed with Columbia and John Hammond Snr called him into his office and said “Listen to this” and played him Robert Johnson and it changed his life much the same as when he was 10 and first heard Hank Williams. So this is his authentic blues album and like everything Dion does is of the highest calibre.

Fabulous Thunderbirds On the Verge (Severn) 2013

Kaukonen, Jorma Blue Country Heart (Columbia) Acoustic blues and early country from Jefferson Airplane guitarist

Pride, Lou Ain’t No More Love in This House (Severn)

Walker, T Bone Complete Imperial Recordings 1950-54 (EM) 2cds 16 pg notes 52 tracks.

Watermelon Slim & the Workers Bull Goose Rooster (Northern Blues) 2013 great


Alligator 1971-1991 20th Anniversary Collection 2cd (Alligator)

Alligator 20th Ainniversary Tour 2cd (Alligator)

Alligator 25th Anniversary Collection 2cd (Alligator)

Alligator 30th Anniversary Colelction 2cd (Alligator)

Alligator 35 Years of Genuine Houserockin’ Music (Alligator) 2cd




House, Son Father of teh Delta Blues: Complete 1965 Sessions (Legacy)

Milton, Roy Legends of Specialty 25 tks 24 pg booklet

Nyro, Laura Stoned Soul Picnic (Sony) 2cds 34 tracks. Artist who is hard to categorize. Blues/soul/folk etc.

Vaughan, Stevie Ray And Double Trouble 2cd Legacy version sealed. 2013 reissue with second cd of previously unreleased show from 1983

Waters, Muddy Got My Mojo Workin’ Best 4cds sealed(APM)


BLUES/R&B $20 plus

Allman Brothers Band The Fillmore Recordings: Classic 2cd in slip case with book and rare ouutake photos in colour. Second cd includes 34 minute “Mountain Jam” based on the riff from Donovan’s “There Is a Mountain” $22

Bland, Bobby I Pity the Fool: the Duke Recordings 2cds (MCA/Duke) 44 tks 24 pg notes $25

Blues Project Anthology 2cds (Polydor Chronicles) Fabulous 36 tracks featuring Al Kooper, Steve Katz, Danny Kalb etc $25

Brown, Ruth Miss rhythm: Greatest Hits & More (Arlantic) $22 2cds 40 tks including “Lucky Lips” “Wild Wild Young Men” and the fabulous “This Little girl’s Gone Rockin’”

Burke, Solomon Home in Your Heart: The Best (Rhino) 2cds 41 tks

Butler, Jerry Iceman: teh Mercury Years 2cds (Mercury) 16 pg notes $25

Butterfield, Paul Blues Band The Elektra Years: An Anthology (Elektea) 2cds $20

Dr John Mos Scocious (Rhino) 2cds $20

Drifters 1959-1965 (atlantic) 2cds 40 tks $20

Howlin’ Wolf Memphis Days:Definitive Edition Vol1 (Bear Family) $20 new

Howlin’ Wolf Memphis Days:Definitive Edition Vol2 (Bear Family) $20 new

When it comes to blues the Wold is numero uno!

Hurt, Mississippi John DC Blues : Library of Congress Recordings Vol 2 (Fuel) 2cds 37 tks...very hard to get $25

King, Ben E Anthology (Rhino) 2cd with book & slip case $35 rare. Started with the Drifters & achieved huge solo success with hits such as “Spanish Harlem” & “Stand By Me” etc

King, Freddie Complete King/Federal (real Gone/King) 2cds sealed 54 tks $25

Little Willie John Complete Hit Singles A’s & B’s (Real Gone/King) 2cds 32 tks $22

Moonglows Blue Velvet The Ultimate Collection (MCA/Chess 02cds 44tks $20 16 pg notes

Professor Longhair Fess The Anthology (Rhino) 2cds with slipsleeve & booklet 40 tracks ...New Orleans legend $25

Redding, Otis The Otis Redding Story (Atlantic) 3cds 60 tks 24pg notes $30

Simone, Nina Anthology: The Colpix Years (Rhino) 2cds 43tks 32 pg booklet $25

Turner, Big Joe Big Bad & Blue (Rhino 3cd) 50 page book. R & B master with Shake Rattle & Roll”/” Honey Hush” Corinna Corinna./ “Boogie Woogie Country Girl”/ etc 62 tks $40 hard to get


Living Country Blues An Anthology (Evidence) 3cds which are possibly the best country blues recorded in the field. The names Siegfried Christmann & Axel Kustner may give clue to the origin...they were two Germans who travelled acroos the south in 1980 to record acoustic country blues musicians in the field. The results both sound & performance wise are superb. Cd1 is Mississippi Moan Cd2 is East Coast Cd3 is Tennessee Arkansas & More. A few names such as Cephas & Wiggins,Boogie Bill webb are known, though not widely but the rest may be obscure but are nonetheless brilliant. $35

Wattstax Music from the Film & Festival (Stax) 3CD + 24 page notes

$20 Classic 1972 festival known as the Black Woodstock & headlined by Isaac Hayes, Staple Singers, Carla Thomas etc



Berry, Chuck The Chess Box $35 $30 3cds + 32 page book in 12 x 12 box. Great retrospective with 71 tracks. So many Chuck Berry cds have poor sound. This is an exception with none of the tinniness that often pervades other recordings. Includes previously unrelased tracks. All the hits plus some of his bluesy sides.

Brown, James “Star Time” 4cd $50 64 pg book. Long box style 71 tracks sealed. Book and cds as new. The Godfather of Soul. Includes unissued tracks. His “Please Please Please” may be the most hypnotic song ever.



Charles, Bobby Bobby Charles (Rhino Handmade) 3cd sealed $45 remastered and expanded three CD deluxe edition of this 1972 album housed in a cardboard replica of a wooden box. Includes a remastered version of the original album with a wealth of unreleased material recorded during those sessions and others recorded at Bearsville Studios throughout 1974. The set closes with a newly unearthed, 30-minute interview Charles did that was recorded shortly before the Bobby Charles album was released in August 1972


Charles, Ray                     “Complete Modern Sounds in Country & Western Music” (Rhino) $60 long out of print gem. 4 cds + hard cover bound book in solid cardboard outer box. 93 tracks starting with his legendary albums which presented vastly different arrangements of classic country songs such as “Bye Bye Love” and “I Can’t stop Loving You”. Best for mine is the superb string laden version of “You Don’t Know Me”, a classic Eddy Arnold track revamped superbly. This is extremely hard to get now and to be honest is just fabulous.


Charles, Ray                       Genius& Soul: The 50th Anniversary Collection $50

                                            5 cd + 76 page book (including Braille!)  This is a wonderful large Rhino box which gives a terrific coverage of the late great man’s career. It follows his early recordings through his classic Atlantic and ABC recordings and to his Columbia recordings and beyond. 102 classic tracks.


Coasters There’s a Riot Goin’ On: The Coasters on Atco 4cds new Rhino Handmade $70 This is a great set put out by Rhino Handmade, the division of Rhino which puts out very limited editions. 113 tracks including one whole cds (28 tks) of unreleased, alternate and rare tracks. Brought out in strictly limited edition as part of Atlantic’s 60th birthday.


Charles, Ray                         “ Pure Genius: The Complete Atlantic Recordings 1952-1959 $120 sealed. Definitely one of the best boxes ever. I can’t believe the trouble Rhino goes to for some of their box sets. This is out of print and is stunning. It features the case designed in the shape of a vintage record player, complete with what looks like a turntable and arm...housed in a leather like latched case. It consists of 7 cds (the 7th is all outtakes and recording session run throughs...35 tracks of unreleased material) plus a dvd and a large size book. 155 music tracks plus 9 track dvd of Ray’s performance at the 1960 Newport Jazz Festival & an interview with Atlantic Records founder Ahmet Ertegun.

Davis, Rev Gary                    Demons& Angels $45 Shanachie 3 cd long box style set with 36 page book. Compiled by Stefan Grossman. 58 tracks by “One of the finest gospel, blues, ragtime guitarist and singers of the century”. For years he lived in New York and was listed in the phone book. Roy Book Binder tells a great story on his “Live Book” cd available just above.

Dixon, Willie The Chess Box 12x12” 2cds + 12 page book $28 36 tracks by the man who is perhaps the greatest blues writer of them all. As well as his own recordings we get such gems as Muddy Waters “Hoochie Koochie Man”, Howlin’ Wolf’s “Little Red Rooster” plus a heap more.

Domino, Fats                     “They Call Me the Fat Man: Legendary Imperial Sessions” $50 EMI/Imperial USA. 4 cds The great survivor and a wonderful set, second to the Bear Family box.. 4cds + 84 page book with some nice foldouts. His biggest hit was “Blueberry Hill” but in Australia is was “I’m Gonna Be a Wheel Someday”. I call him a survivor as he was rumoured to have been killed by Cyclone Katrina. It was false but everything he had was destroyed. Kudos to the US Government for replacing his “National Medal of the Arts” & to Capitol for replacing all his Gold Record awards. 100 tracks. Although this box came out in 1991 it remains one of the best.


Drifters Rockin’ & Driftin’ : The Drifters Box (Rhino) 3cd +56 page book $48 Few groups could stand losing one lead vocalist let alone 2 and still survive and thrive even. The Drifters saw both Clyde McPhatter and Ben E King go solo even hitting big with latter hits such as “Under the Boardwalk” and “Saturday Night at the Movies”. 79 tracks all up. Attractive book style box.


Franklin, Aretha “Queen of Soul” Nice black cloth bound box 4 cds 86 tracks 80 page book $48 Includes complete session details for all tracks and interview snippets. Interesting she was signed to Atlantic on a hand shake. Rolling Stone Magazine picked the greatest vocalists of all time and put Aretha at number 1 (Ray Charles #2, Elvis #3).

Green, Peter                       Anthology $50 sealed $40 not sealed UK 4cds+ 72 page book. Still sealed. Spanning his career from 1966 and includes John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers, Fleetwood Mac, Splinter Group, solo & more. Goes for over 4½ hours, including 2 versions of “Albatross”, his charting instrumental.

John Lee Hooker                “Hooker” $60 $50 sealed $45 (as new) 4 cd with 75 tracks include one of duets plus a 60 page book. He recorded for upwards of 30 labels so this box is a gem to bring so many (not all) to one place, including some ultra rare songs. His “Boogie Chillen’ “ riff is one of the most famous in the entire music world. One of the top 5 ever for sure.


Howlin’ Wolf The Chess Box 12x12” $45 3 cds with 71 tracks + 32 page book. Who is the greatest bluesman of them all?? You know my answer!! Born Chester Burnett and raised in Mississippi (the poorest of the US States) and progressed through Memphis before becoming one of the lynchpins of Chicago Blues. Had a fierce rivalry with Muddy Waters but Muddy could come no where near his intensity. Would crawl around on all fours if he felt like it (on stage of course) even though he would insist on being beautifully dressed in a stylish suit. The way Wolf sang “Little Red Rooster” was scary...”Back Door Man” downright incendiary. Naturally was one of the first elected to teh Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

James, Elmore King of the Slide Guitar: the Fire/Fury/Enjoy Recordings 2cds + 16 page book...long style box (Capricorn) $35 This is very hard to get. Last couple I had went in a thrice. 50 tracks. Case of don’t miss it. The title couldn’t be true.


James, Etta The Chess Box 3cd + 40 page book 72 tracks $35. About 1 ½ “ slight water stain on lower part of box. Contents like new. One of the great vocalists best known for the consummate version of the big ballad “At Last” but able to handle the harder stuff with equal aplomb. Includes 10 previously unreleased songs including “Light My Fire” and “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’”.


King, BB King of the Blues (MCA) 4 cds with 30 never before on cd , 7 previously unreleased and 12 other rarities. 77 tracks all up. Well over 5 hours and 72 page full colour book. Sealed $50 unsealed $38

King, B B Ladies & Gentlemen Mr B B King (Universal) sealed 4 cds + 64 page hardback book $55 From his early influential years on Bullet, Modern, Crown Records through his recording achievements for ABC, Blues Way, MCA and Geffen 77 tracks


Mayfield,Curtis Curtis Mayfield Story (Rhino) 3cd box sealed $48 52 tracks, includes some stuff with the Impressions but mainly solo where he made his name with a lot of the so called blaxploitation movies of the seventies. Tragically paralysed when stage equipment fell on him.

Prima, Louis                      The Capitol Recordings (also includes Keely Smith& Sam Butera) 8cd + 40pg book $160 $130 One of the best bands ever with Sam Butera on sax and Loius and then wife Keely Smith on vocals. How would you define Prima?? Not quite jazz, not quite pop, not quite R&B but pretty close if yoou ask me. Was one of the first Las Vegas superstars even though he started in New Orleans. 199 tracks. BEAR FAMILY! What other recommendation do you need!

Vaughan, Stevie Ray “S R V” Stevie Ray Vaughan 3cds + dvd with 72 page book. DVD has his Austin City Limits set which was recorded but never aired. Lots of rare tracks on the cds $45. All in great shape. Tragically killed in a helicopter crash when he was at his virtual peak. Includes performances with Albert King, Jeff Beck (how versatile is this guy...recently backing Brian Wilson!) and Lonnie Mack. Enough to please even a long time SRV collector.

White, Barry                       Just for You 3cds $20 $14 + 32 page . Includes work with Love Unlimited Orch. Quincy Jones, Isaac Hayes & solo.

                                      Nice long box style package. Like giving it away.

1940s Mercury Sessions This is a fabulous collectable with 7 cds encompassing 172 tracks with an 84 page book. Very hard to get. It comes in a very attractive package in the shape of a vintage valve radio. Includes Albert Ammons/ Helen Humes/ Buddy Rich/ Eddie Vinson/ Julia Lee/ Jay McShann/ Cootie Williams etc. $80 & great value!


Arhoolie                         40th Anniversary Collection $70 5 cds + 68 page glossy book featuring the wonderfully eclectic Arhoolie label’s best. Chris Strachwitz was a German immigrant who in the early 1960s started to revive the careers of some legendary bluesmen and then proceeded to record folk, country, Cajun, bluegrass etc artists. In may ways he was a modern Alan Lomax. Wonderfully detailed notes. All roots music at its best. This is a magnificent large size 12x12 box By the way, here’s a little bonus so you can find your “blues name”....Blind Sugar Jefferson.


Atlantic Blues 1949-1970 (Rhino Handmade) 4cds sealed out of print. $48 80 tracks in 12x12 box with probably 24 page book. Starts with Sticks McGhee’s “Drinkin’ Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee” (see Time Capsudle box below)and progresses to some Freddie King & Otis Rush. Choker Campbell (what a great name) offers “Last Call for Whiskey”. Many of these will only ever be on this box.


Atlantic Records Time Capsule (Atlantic) 9 CDs (168 tracks) plus a 7 inch 45 rpm record of Atlantic Records first major hit, Stick McGee's 'Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-Oh-Dee' and its b-side. Also includes 1 DVD: The PBS Documentary 'The House That Ahmet Built.' (DVD Run-Time: 115 Minutes). Ahmet Ertegun was a Turkish immigrant who effectively controlled Atlantic right up to his death in the past few years. From the onset, the idea was to present Atlantic Records 'from the inside.' The collection was compiled by a small group of passionate Atlantic staffers, who drew on rarely seen material from the company's archives, Ahmet's personal papers, and the work of staff photographers through the years.
This unique package design contains a full color 140 page book filled with unseen 'from the inside' images as well as a collection of reproduced memorabilia including: a backstage pass, handbills, posters, ticket stubs and other vintage swag. Each set is completed by an individually numbered certificate of authenticity....this 1457 (of 1750). A very impressive set. $140 Draws from all periods of the label but starts with the R&B.Check it out.


Atlantic Rhythm& Blues 1947-1974 $80 This is the 12”x12” box version which is long deleted. It has a fabulous 72 page book. This is in pristine condition and has a fabulous 203 tracks which traces the history of the Atlantic label and its history under the direction of Turkish immigrants, the Ertegun brothers.Includes the greatest artists such as Coasters, Drifters, Ray Charles, Big Joe Trurner, Lavern Baker etc with many rarities. One of the best box sets ever. Content is a s new but box is taped in couple places. Still in the realms of greatness.


Chess Rhythm & Roll 99 song retrospective of Chess Rock N Roll and Rhythm & blues 1947-1967. Classic hits and 39 rarities including 14 previously unreleased. 64pg book. Very hard to get. Companion to Chess Blues box and much more difficult to get.


Chicago Cool Breezin’ A Windy City Rhythm & Soul Compendium 1966-1983 3cd (Westside UK) $35 has a lot from Brunswick label with 64 tracks from this & other labels owned by Carl Davis.


Collection of the Blues Classic Blues Singers Volume One DA Music 47 tracks 20 page book DA Music $20


Doctors:Professors:          Kings & Queens The Big Ol’ Box of new Orleans” 4cd 84 page large size book on Shout Factory Over 5 hours featuring the likes of Fats Domino, Dr John, Professor Longhair, Lloyd Price, Buckwheat Zydeco plus a lot you’ev never heard of etc $60. Sealed 85 tracks.


Doo Wop Box I : 101 Vocal Gems from the Golden Age of Rock & Roll (Rhino) 4cd + 80 page book $45

Doo Wop Box II: 101 More Vocal Group Gems (Rhino) 4cd + 80 page book $45

Doo Wop Box III: 101 More Vocal Group Gems (Rhino) 4cd + 80 page book. $55 All are out of print but this the hardest to get.


East Memphis Music The Hits & Hidden Gems $25 4cds that was put out by Universal Publishing and contains 73 Stax tracks with quite a few rarities. Covers 1965-1974. Nice cover. You get Booker T & MGs, Otis Redding, Eddie Floyd, Isaac Hayes etc. Not too many on each artist so excellent cross-section.


George Mitchell Collection Volumes 1-45 (Fat Possum Records) 7 cds + 48 pag book. Running time approx. 7 hours. These are field recordings of blues (some gospel) - mostly acoustic
and solo, some electric, some with percussion - primarily from the 1960s. Some of the artists would be known eg Furry Lewis, Robert Nighthawk but most would not. This would be the cousin of Arhoolie records. New & sealed. The book includes notes on each performer...all 45 of them as well as notes by George Mitchell. Rated one of the best of its type.


Hear Me Howling! Blues, Ballads and Beyond $70 Brand new 4 cds housed in a large side 136 page book which chronicle the Arhoolie Records story and feature artists recorded in the San Francisco Bay Area by Chris Strachwitz, the founder of Arhoolie Records. Lots of amazing photos in the bookand a bunch of previously unreleased material. Particularly impressive on the folk blues coverage.



Hi Times The Hi R & B Years $28 3 cds 68 tracks with 64 page book. Best from the Hi label...Bill Black’s Combo, Otis Clay, Al Green, Willie Mitchell etc.



Memphis Blues Important Postwar Blues JSP 4cds 110 $25 tracks includes Howlin’ wolf, Willie Nix, Sleepy John Estes, Pinetop Perkins, James Cotton, Walter Horton etc


Mercury Blues ‘N Rhythm Story 1945-1955 Mercury Very hard to get out of print box. 8 cds 88 page book and 211 tracks, Would be an ideal companion to the previous 40s sessions box. This is a long style box with a very attractive gilt edging. Artists include Jay McShann, Johnny Otis, Buddy Johnson, Dinah Washington, Jay Hawkins, Big Bill Broonzy etc Have been fortunate to get a couple of these in recent times but can’t guarantee I will again. $90 again 8 cds ...


R&B Box Rhino 6cd + 60 page book. Nice leather look box. 108 tracks. For those who want the one box to give a coverage of R & B this is it. Cross label covering the important artists of the sub-genre.


Respect:                            A History of Women in Music Rhino 5cd + 84 pg book all in a delightful velvet/felt covered box $40 . Each cd has a specific theme:1. Broadway, Blues& the Truth

                                                                  2. Torch, Twang & Swing

                                                                  3. Shoop, Shoop, Motown, Get Down

                                                                  4. Rock to Electric Shock

                                                                  5. Hip hop,Pop & Passion.

                                      Also includes 7 postcards suitable for framing....all in Picasso style by Christine Haberstock. Covers other styles but seems to fit in well here


Rhapsodies in Black Music& Words from the Harlem Renaissance $50 Apart form the South a lot of the character of black music came from Harlem in New York. This 4 cd set with a 100 page book focuses on that and the difficulties of obtaining acceptance. 4 themed cds .

1.    Struttin’ &Stridin’

2.    Testifyin’ &Philosophyin’

3.    Preachin’ &Prayin’

4.    Lustin’ for Love& Life


Say it Loud                         A Celebration of Black Music in America Rhino $60

Real steal. 6 cds + 76 page book, includes blues, soul ,a bit of jazz, a bit of country, rock etc all interspersed with short speeches which define the rise to equality and the horrible notion of racism. So it is also an historical document. Some tracks are really hardline such as James Brown “”Say it Loud: I’m Black & I’m Proud” and Sly Stone “Don’t Call Mr Nigger Whitey”. The book portrays the plight of the balck performer on the so called Chitling Circuit.


Soul Train Hall of Fame: 20th Anniversary (Rhino)3cds + 28 pg book54 tracks $25


Specialty Story Box set. $60 5 cds with 5 hrs 34 minutes 36 page book. Obviously includes the big names such as Little Richard, Larry Williams, Lloyd Price, Sam Cooke eastc but lesser knowns such as H Bomb Ferguson, Floyd Dixon, Guitar Slimetc. The book makes extensive use of quotes from founder Art Rupes, a white guy, who of little Richard says “he was the most talented but undisciplined artist I ever met”.




Black, Mary Speaking with the Angel (Curb)

Black, Mary No Frontiers (Dara)

Collins, Judy Judith (Elektra)

Dylan, Bob World Gone Wrong (Columbia)

New Harmony Sisterhood Band And Ain’t I a Woman (Smithsonian)

Roach, archie Charcoal Lane (Hightone)

Shocked, Michelle Mercury Poise 1988-1995 (mercury)

Shocked, Michelle Captain Swing (Mercury) prod. Pete Anderson

Starr, Eddie Songs By (Smithsonian) yvhnm

Thompson, Richard I Rumour & Sign (Capitol)


Broadside 5 Time is running out (Smithsonian)


Bromberg, David Best (CBS) inc. “Mr Bojangles”

Fugs Final CD Part 1 (kochO

Houston, Cisco Songs of Woody Guthrie (Vanguard)

Ian, Janis Janis Ian (sealed) Vereve debut with “Socity’s Child’

Irish Rovers Their Greates Hits & Finest Performances (Readers Digest) 3cd

Kottke, Leo Standing In My Shoes (Private)

McCurdy, Ed Best of Dalliance (Rhino Handmade)

Roche, Suzzy Songs from an Unmarried Housewife &Mother (Red House)

Seeger, Pete Live at Newport (Vanguard) *

Wainwright, Loudon III Social Studies (Ryko)


Baez, Joan One Day At a Time (Vanguard) Including studio version of Woodstock favourites “Joe Hill”, “Sweet Sir Galahad”. 1969

Ochs, Phil All the News That’s Fit to sing (Ryko) Great protest oriented album, which also includes the tale of “The Thresher”, the indestructible nuclear sub which was crushed.

Wainwright, Loudon III Album III (Columbia)

Wainwright, Loudon III Attempted Mustache (Sony Legacy)

Wainwright, Loudon III Unrequited (Sony Legacy)

FOLK $10

Houston, Cisco Best of the Vanguard Years (Vanguartd) 24 tks

Ian, Janis Secret Life of J Eddy Fink/Who Really Cares 2on 1 (BGO) 2nd & 3rd Verve albums on 1cd sealed

McGarrigle, Kate & Anna Matapedia (Ryko) sealed

Neil, Fred Tear Down the Walls/Bleecker & Macdougal (Elektra) 2on1

Ochs, Phil There But For Fortune (Elektra0 18 tks over 71 minutes. From his earlier albums.

Ochs, Phil The War Is Over: Best of Phil Ochs (A&M) From his later albums including the gens “No More Songs” and “Rehearsals for Retirement”

Peter Paul & Mary In concert (WB) landmark 2cd set compiled from 5 concerts.

Weavers Best of the Decca Years (MCA) *


Folkways the Original Vision Songs of Woody Guthrie & Leadbelly (26 tks) Smithsonian

FOLK $15

Baez, Joan Sings Dylan (Vanguard) 20 tks 73 mins

Dylan, Bob Bootleg Series Vol 4 1966 Royal Albert Hall with the Band (Legacy) 2cd + book

Dylan, Bob Bootleg Series Vol 6 Philharmonic Hall (Legacy) 2cd + 56 pg book.

Hester, Carolyn At town Hall (Bear Family) 24 tks 32 pg booklet

Ian, Janis Best 2cd + DVD sealed (Edesel) dvd partly recorded in Australia (and Japan)

Ian, Janis Between the Lines + Old Grey Whistle Test DVD sealed (Edsel) Totally different dvd to previous cd

Kingston Trio Capitol Collector’s Series (Capitol) fabulous series 20 tks with snippets of studio talk & best ever sound.

Kweskin, Jim & Jug Band Unblushing Brassiness (Vanguard) in mini lp sleeve replica. Their 1963 album...pre Maria Muldaur joining.

Kweskin, Jim & Jug Band Acoustic Swing & Jug (Vanguard) 20 tracks over an hour many featuring Maria Muldaur (nee D’Amato)

Mitchell, Chad Trio The Mercury Years (Mercury) 25 tracks later trio featured John Denver particularly good on the witty “Friendly Liberal Neighbourhood Ku Klux Klan”.

Mitchell, Joni Travelogue 2cds (Nonesuch)


Paxton, Tom Live in BBC Concert ((BBC/ strange Fruit) Includes some gems taht aren’t on cd such as “I lost My Love on a 747” and “Jesus Christ SRO”, both period pieces but very witty still.

Paxton, Tom I Can’t Help Wonder Where I’m Bound (Rhino) 26 tracks + 20 page notes. Includes original version of his much covered “Last Thing on My Mind” as well as “Bottle of Wine”. His songs often sounded jaunty but held a deeper message. “Forest Lawn” is a funny tale of profiteering in the funeral, surely that couldn’t be!!

Peter Paul & Mary Live in Japan 1967 2cds (Rhino) 2012 release of memorable concert in land of the Rising sun.

Peter Paul & Mary Very best (Rhino) attractive 25 track er with slip sleeve and superb sound.

Previn, Dory In concert April 18th 1973 at Carnegie Hall (EMI) 2on1 Quirky but great. Includes the oft-mentioned “Mary C Brown & the Hollywood Sign” based on the true story of a starlet who jum,ped from the famed icon.. Also her tale of angst “Twenty Mile Zone”. Sealed.

Rush, Tom Tom Rush/Wrong End of the Rainbow (BGO) 2on1 2 CBS albums on 1. Famed for covering latter superstars before they made it.

Seeger, Pete We Shall Overcome: The Complete Carnegie Hall Concert June 8, 1963 2cds over 2 hours. 16 pg booklet *

FOLK $18

Clannad A Magical Gathering: Anthology (Rhino) 2cds+ 44pg book in nice package. Celtic.

Collins, Judy Forever: an Anthology 2cds 35 tracks (Elektra) 36 page book. One of the great interpreters as well as being a fine writer.

Winchester, Jesse Third down 110 to Go/ Nothing But a Breeze (Bearsville) 2cds. First is his best album whilst 2nd contains his original version of “My Songbird” as doen by Emmyou.


Freedom Is a Hammer Conservative Folk Revolutionaries of the Sixties (Omni) sealed 29 tks This is fabulous. Not altogether serious and a complete about face to the left wing angle which pervades most protest singers eg Pete Seeger and a host of others who were more than a mere subject of interest to Joseph McCarthy and the Communist witchhunt. These make fun of those so crass to follow such doctrines. Janet Greene, Tony Dolan, and Vera Vanderlaan each put through their points of view. Greene may be the rightie Baez. Interesting, witty notes...something Pete the Red should hear.

FOLK $20 plus

Donovan Breezes of Patchouli 4cds $30 (EMI) sealed Includes “Sunshine Supeman”/”Mellow Yellow”/”Hurdy Gurdy Man”/ “Barabajagal”/ “Gift From Flower to a Garden” plus 4th cd of rarities. 2013 mastering.

Fairport Convention Cropredy Box: 30th Anniversary set 3cd + 16 pg booklet. Annual event which features current amalgam and guest spots by the distinguished previous members $25 Sanctuary


Farina, Richard & Mimi Complete Vanguard Recordings $28 Includes their 3 albums 1) Celebrations for a Grey Day 2) Reflections in a Crystal Wind 3) Memories plus complete 1965 Newport Folk Festival with 2 previously unissued tracks. 3cds 32pg booklet.

Kingston Trio Their Greates Hits & Finest Performances (Readers Digest) 3cds $28 as mentioned elsewhere don’t be put of fby Readers Digest. Their cd quality is superb.

Martin, John The Island Anthology 2cds (Island) + 24 pg booklet 34 tks.Witty notes “took a year off to wean himself of life’s sweeteners”.$20

Ochs, Phil Gunfight at Carnegie Hall (A&M/Mobile Fidelity) $25 Great and very hard to get. Now anyone who reckoned Phil wasn’t a full blown fruit cake has NOT heard this album. BTW, the content is great.

Plainsong In Search Of Amelia Earhart/ Now We are 3 (Water) 2cd Ian Matthews formerly of Fairport Convention and friends with both their albums including the landmark story of Amelia Earhart plus lots of bonus tracks $25

Sky, Patrick Songs That Made America Famous Sealed Adelphi $20 Always filed under the cult classic & covers a number of styles, including a parody of “Okie from Muskogee”. They will never play “The Pope” in the Vatican. “Yonkers Girl” is a classic murder ballad ala la Louvins “Knoxville Girl”.




Easy Riders Marianne 6cds + 24 page book $130 Led by Terry Gilkyson and responsible for “Marianne” ...that irresistible all day all night Marianne down by the sea side sifting sand...stop it!! Also wrote “Memories are Made of This”. At the cusp of folk and pop. Gilkyson was father of Eliza Gilkyson. He wrote “Call of teh wild Goose” for Frankie Laine as well. Doesn’t crop up very often. 173 tracks.



Baez, Joan                        Complete A&M Recordings 4 cds 77 tracks $50 Whilst her Vanguard recordings are her best know this set contains what many regard as her best studio and live album. The studio album is “Diamonds& Rust” and the live is “From Every Stage”, a highlight for mine is her version of the very wordy Dylan track “Lily, Rosemary & the Jack of Hearts, you may say when Bob did it you may have missed one or two of the words. Her interpretations are as fine as ever and her voice is probably at its peak. Superb sound.

Baez, Joan                         Rare Live & Classic 3cd + 32 page book. Vanguard $38 The pure voice featured on 65 tracks, many rare. There is a healthy amount of Dylan covers and “Forever Young” is a classic. She also does two of the ones that were in Woodstock, “Joe Hill” & “Sweet Sir Galahad”

Billy Bragg Billy Bragg Volume II The box contains expanded 2-disc versions of Bragg's 4 studio albums from 1988-1994: Workers' Playtime; Don't Try This at Home; William Bloke; and England Half English....that is 8 cds plus a dvd from Town & Country Club 1991/ Broadway Barking 2006 (about 2 hours). The bonus disc with each title consists of demos and outtakes. Includes 48 page book, $55


Chapin, Harry                    Story of a Life” $40 sealed 3 Rhino cds in attractive glossy box with 47 tracks including all the gems ,Taxi, WOLD, Cat’s in the Cradle, Circle and of course the wonderful non hit album tracks such as “Mr Tanner” and “the Rock”. 80 page booklet. And don’t forget rarities such as the sequel to “Taxi” ...called....””Sequel”.


Dylan, Bob                         Biograph 3cd original 12”x12” version with large 28 page book + 5 additional sheets giving a track by track run down. This was the first Dylan anthology to have significant hitherto unreleased tracks. The unreleased version of “Forever Young” is great. One of Dylan’s best ever tracks. $35 sealed $45


Dylan, Bob Bootleg Series Volumes 1-3 1961-1991 3cds + 72 page book $45 Columbia This is the original LONG BOX with full size book. Has been issued in jewel case but this out of print one is the most desirable with its iconic shaded Dylan photo on the cover. Includes a lot of his best protest work such as “Who Killed Davey Moore”, the tragic true story of a boxer who died in the ring and no one was willing to accept any responsibility. It also includes Bob versions of much covered songs such as “Percy’s Song” , “Only a Hobo” (done so delightfully by Rod Stewart on “Gasoline Alley” and “Talking John Birch Society Blues” which was too controversial for his record company at the time.


Dylan, Bob “Dylan” Limited edition 3 CD box Cloth bound velvet lined hard box with 3 cds packaged in mini lp style 10 limited edition postcards. 40 page booklet. 51 tracks $35

Guthrie, Woody                   The Asch Recordings Vol 1-4 4cds $40 $28 a steal. 4 cds with 105 tracks in solid cardboard case. Each case has individual notes, 32-36 pgs each. These are the recordings Moses Asch did for his Folkways label, now put out by Smithsonian Institute. Each cd has unissued tracks. This is perhaps the best set of Guthrie’s recordings you can get.

Guthrie, Woody  “My Dusty Road” $60  Great 4 cd set which is packaged in Woody’s battered suitcase...well a smaller version anyway with clip locks, 4cds in mini lp sleeves a 64 page book with track by track breakdown, a postcard from Woody, a booking slip from “People’s Artists” and one of Woody’s business cards.


Kingston Trio                     “The Capitol Years” 4cds $50 sealed copy in slip case with 48 page booklet. 107 tracks . Nice set  (Capitol USA) Has both variations of the group with Dave Guard & John Stewart. Many previously unreleased tracks are featured.

Martyn, John                    Ain’t No Saint: 40 Years of John Martyn 4cd Sealed box with 61 songs including over30 previously unreleased. Includes 36 page book $50. It contains selections from all his albums but has been praised for the live unrleased tracks.

Pearls Before Swine Jewels Were the Stars (Water) 4cds + 52 page book in hard outer box $80 The psyche folk classics of Tom Rapp & Co. Has all 4 Warner cds including the classic “Use of Ashes” plus “These Things Too”, “City of Gold” and “Beautiful Lies You Could Live In”. Hard to get and out of print.


Pogues Just Look Them Straight in the Eye and Say Poguemahone!! The Pogues box set. 5 cds + 64 page book with 111 tracks of which over ¾ are previously unreleased. Guests include Kristy MacColl and Joe Strummer. Hard cover book style presentation.$55 out of print.


Simon & Garfunkel Old Friends Columbia 3 cds with 32 page book in long hard book style packaging 59 tracks including 15 previously unreleased including “Red Rubber Ball” a co-write of Simon & Bruce Woodley of the Seekers and a hit for the Cyrkle and (thanks Les) not to be confused with the Bobby Vee hit “Rubber Ball”. $30

Wainwright, Loudon  III    “40 Odd Years” $60 $45  sealed 4 cds + DVD. 69 songs from 25 albums plus as additional 22 rare and unreleased tracks. The DVD contains a 60 minute documentary “One Man Guy” plus a bunch of live performances bringing the dvd time to around 200 minutes. A clever and humorous artist who has been married to one of the McGarrigles and one of the Roches. Great box. Fans will immediately know what the song titles “IDTTYWLM” and the very politically incorrect “IWIWAL” expand to.

Weavers                            Wasn’t That a Time $55 Vanguard box which is out of print. 87 tracks.  A couple of superficial marks on box but otherwise as new. The Bear Family box is their Decca recordings so this is a fitting companion to that one. Vary hard to get. 48 page book. “Goodnight Irene” spent 13 weeks at number one in the US charts. Later the radical Pete Seeger would introduce the protest song to the Waevers’ repertoire. Also includes selections from their famed Carnegie Hall reunion. Have one with slight damage to box for $35. Content is great.




Anthology of American Folk Music” edited by Harry Smith (Smithsonian Folkways) $80.Considered the best in the field even though would give a short half head to the Broadside box. Two books,large 12x12 plus slightly smaller book. Each give a song by song run down from a different perspective. Attractive red cloth bound box. 6cds incl. 1 enhanced cd. 84 tracks


Anthology of American Folk Music Volume 4 Revenant Cloth covered hard cover book with 96 pages printed on vintage stock. With notes by Ed Sanders, John Cohen, Dick Spottswood, Greil Marcus & John Fahey. Includes 2cds of vintage folk, country & blues in addition to that on the above volume. Includes Parchman Farm Blues Bukka White; Dog and Gun (An Old English Ballad) Bradley Kincaid; John Henry Was a Little Boy J.E. Mainer's Mountaineers; Packin' Trunk Leadbelly; Milk Cow Estes John Estes; Dans Le Grand Bois (In the Forest) Hackberry Ramblers, and more


“Broadside:            Best of Broadside 1962-1988” $50   Smithsonian Folkways.  Great package. The 5cds running a tad under 5 and a half hours are housed in a a 160 page spiral bound book which fits inside a neat hard slip case. Each of the 89 songs has its own page. Great artists including known and unknowns...”Blind Boy Grunt” may be better known as Bob Dylan but did you know that Janis Ian was Blind Girl Grunnt!! Also Phil Ochs, Pete Seeger, Peter Lafarge, Tom Paxton, Malvina Reynolds, Richard Farina etc. Broadsides are classified as “topical songs” but may be called “protest songs”. Each entry includes song lyrics and discographical details. An essential set in my mind for anyone who likes any of the artists mentioned above or considers themselves a fan of folk music. Fabulous box.  Arguably the most essential folk box ever. 


Celtic Heartbeat 6 cds housed in nifty wooden flip top solid wood box with the words Ce;tic hEratbeat stamped on top. Includes 1 cd from Clannard, one from Frances Black, One from Anuna one from Maire Breatnach, one from Alec Finn and a Cletic Heartbeat Collection cd. 6cds in all. This was a promo item from Atlantic which came out in 1995. $35.


Forever Changing             The Golden Age of Elektra Records 1963-1973 $60 Yeah, a lot more than folk but that is how it began and folk is the dominant genre. Excellent 5cd history of Elektra Records which includes a stunning 96 page book with a track by track rundown. For a label that started as a folk label with the likes of Judy Collins, Bob Gibson and co it quickly developed with rock legends The Doors, blues rock of Paul Butterfield and co co-existing with the protest singers Tom Paxton and Phil Ochs. Lots of rarities which make it even more appealing. Each song, all 117 of them has its own separate entry in the wonderful book New & sealed.  Naturally a brilliant Rhino label offering



Freedom Songs from the Herta of America (Companion to the PBS Series) 3cd + 24 pg booklet Hard cover book style. $28 67 tracks which are about the story of America from historic events, freedom, places, movements etc. Not all the usual artists either, eg “Shenandoah” by Jerry Garcia & David Grisman, “Erie Canal” by Suzanne vega.


Harry Smith Project           Revisited      $40 2cds + 2 DVDs + 40 page book. Harry Smith’s original set is generally accepted as the definitive collection of American folk music and this features modern performers doing 30th and 40s songs eg Steve Earle does “Prison Cell Blues” originally performed by Blind Lemon Jefferson in 1928 & on the Blind Lemon track...Lou Reed does “See My Grave Is Kept Clean”. Artists include Richard Thompson, Steve Earle, Nick Cave, Geoff Muldaur etc. First dvd is a concert dvd whilst the second is a documentary on Harry Smith, the original project and this. Extreme value.

The Transports                   The Full Story of the First Fleet Transported to Australia 1787-88 and the classic Ballad Opera That it Inspired  $45 As much a historic document. This has the original 1977 album which Melody Maker voted “Folk Album of the Year”. There is a 132 page book describing the history of the First Fleet and of the English Transported Convicts, a full discography and a full discography of the 1977 and 2004 versions. Both are the product of Peter Bellamy, a mainstay of the English Folk scene and feature mainstays of the British Folk scene....Peter Bellamy, AMrtin Carthy, Fairport Convention, Simon Nicol, June Tabor, Steve Tilston, Norma Waterson to name but a few. 

They All Played For Us Arhoolie Records 50th Anniversary Celebration $70

Sealed. Huge book style. This heavy hard bound book style presentation focuses more on the folk side of Arhoolie with a little Cajun, conjunto & blues for good measure. Recorded in Berkeley so local resident Country Joe McDonaldwas a must. Also includes Ry Cooder, Peter Rowan, Laurie Lewis, Taj Mahal, Any Old Time String Band, Savoy-Doucet Band etc. Running time 5 hrs 20 minutes. Again, the large size 192 page book is magnificent.

Vanguard Collector’s Edition (Vanguard) 4 cds sealed $25 84 tks, In case with booklet housed in heavy cardboard outer sleeve. Folk, with blues and a little country & bluegrass. Great value.

Washington Square            Memoirs:The Great Urban Folk Boom 1950-1970 $55 Great Rhino book style box with 72 page book which gives a track by track run down of the 72 songs, Includes rarities like Bonnie Dobson performing her oft-covered “Morning Dew” and Fred Neil’s similarly covered “The Dolphins”. Nice bookend work...starts with Woody and ends with Arlo...that’s Guthrie’s boy. Wonderful presentation.


Anderson, Ian Secret Language of Birds (Fuel)

Barenaked Ladies Rock Spectacle (Reprise) sealed

Black Sorrows Harley & Rose (CBS) *

Blodwyn Pig Lies (Vicero)

Byrne, David Feelings (WB)

Costello, Elvis Extreme Honey: very Best Warner Brothers Years (WB)

Cowboy Junkies Trinity Sessions (RCA)

Dr John In a Sentimental Mood (WB)

Ehtheridge, Melissa Greatest Hits: Road Les Travelled (Island)

Faithfull, Marianne Faithfull: Collection of Her best recordings (Island)

Geldof, Bob Vegetarians of Love (Atlantic)

Gipsy Kings Compas (Atlantic)

Isaak, Chris San Francisco Days (Reprise)

Isaak, Chris Baja Sessions (Reprise)

Jayhawks Sound of Lies (American)

Kravitz, Lenny It Is Time for a Love Revolution (Virgin)

Little River Band Classic Collection (EMI) 18 tks *

Matthews, Wendy Emigre (Roo Art)

Mellancamp, John Freedom’s Road (Universal)

Motley Crue Red White & Blue 2cds (Hip-O)

Petty, Tom Wildflowers (WB)

Ponty, Jean-Luc Live at Chene Park (Atlantic)

Pop, Iggy Beat ‘em Up (Virgin)

Proclaimers Sunshine on Leith (Chrysalis)

Reed, Lou Magic & Loss (Sire)

Smith, Patty Gone Again (Arista)

Springfield, Dusty Reputation and Rarities(EMI)

Springsteen, Bruce Nebraska (Columbia)

Waits, Tom Nighthawks at the Diner (WB)

Wolf, Peter Midnight Souvenirs (Verve)

Young, Neil Silver & Gold (Reprise)

Young, neil Mirror Ball (Reprise)


Time Life Singer- Songwriter Series 1975-76 2cd 30 tks 17 minutes

Time Life Singer- Songwriter Series 1970-1972 2cd 30 tks 111 minutes

Time Life Singer- Songwriter Series 1977-79 2cd 30 tks 116 minutes

Time Life Singer- Songwriter Series 1965-69 2cd 30 tks 96 mins

Time Life Singer- Songwriter Series The Classics 2cds 30 tks 110 mins

Time Life Singer- Songwriter Series Late 60s 2cds 30tks 92 mins

Time Life Singer- Songwriter Series Early 70s 2cds 30tks 107 mins

Time Life Singer- Songwriter Series Late 70s 2cds 30tks 116 mins

Time Life Singer- Songwriter Series 1970-74 2cds 30tks 101 mins

Time Life Singer- Songwriter Series 1975-79 2cd 30tks 108 mins

Time Life Singer- Songwriter Series 1964-69 2cd 30 tks 93 mins

Time Life Singer- Songwriter Series The Originals 2cd 30tks 100mins

Time Life Singer- Songwriter Series Storytellers 2cd 30 tks 112 mins

Time Life Singer- Songwriter Series Made in Australia 2cd 30 tks 85 mins



Chase Ennea/ Pure Music (One Way) 2on1

Crosby/Nash Whistling Down the Wire (ABC)

Morrison, Van T B Sheets (Columbia)

Parks, Van Dyke Discover America (WB)

Rockpile Seconds of Pleasure (Columbia0 Nick lowe/Dave Edmunds



Cooder, Ry Chavez Ravine (nonesuch) 48 pg booklet. Stories of LA, many from a Spanish perspective.

Costello, Elvis My Aim Is True (Rhino) 2cd version

DeShannon, Jackie Best Of (Rhino) 20 tks

Michaels, Lee Collection (Rhino)

Ozark Mountain Daredevils Car Over the Lake Album (Universal)

Tremeloes BBC Sessions 2cds (Castle BBC)

Stewart, Rod Mercury Anthology 2cds (mercury) 32 tracks

ROCK $10

Beatles Anthology I (Capitol) 2cd

Blind Faith Blind Faith Deluxe 2cd (Island) name written on back. Rare

Bowie, David Singles 1969-1993 (ryko) 2cd

Grateful dead American Beauty (Rhino) 6 bonus tracks edition

Mellancamp, John Words & Misic: Greatest Hits 2cds (Island)

Siberry, Jane Anthology: Love IS Everything 2cds (Rhino) new

Stewart, Rod Atlantic Crossing deluxe edition 2cds


Women in Rock 3cds Razor & Tie 20 page notes in association with Rolling Stone magazine

ROCK $12

Beatles Anthology III (Capitol) 2cd

Bobby & laurie I Belong with you (Canetoad) 26 tracks

Byrds Sweethearts of the Rodeo (Columbia) 2cds

Cream Gold 2cds (Polydor)

Hendrix, Jimi Blue Wild Angel: Live at Isle of Wight (MCA) 2cds

Iron Butterfly In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida Deluxe edition (Rhino) sealed 3d cover

Mott the Hoople Ballad of Mott: retrospective 2cds (Columbia)

Radio Birdman Ritualism 1995 reunion large bookstyle (Crying Sun)

Sonny & Cher The Singles 2cds (MCA) 50 tracks

Stewart, Rod Mercury Anthology 2cds (mercury) 32 tracks

Zevon, Warren I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead 2cd + booklet (no slipsleeve)


ROCK $15

Cheech & Chong Where There’s Smoke (Rhino) 2cd

Doors Live in Vancouver 1970 2cds (Rhino) sealed

Richman, Jonathan Jonathan Richman & the Modern Lovers (Revola) rare

Scaggs, Boz My Time: an Anthology 1969-1971 (Columbia) Includes teh wonderful “Loan me A Dime” from his self titled Atlantic album with Duane Allman on guitar.

Spirit Mercury Years 2cds (mercury)

Stewart, Rod Mercury Anthology 2cds (mercury) 32 tracks


Fillmore Last Days 2cds Fillmore West in San Francisco (Columbia) inc. Hot Tuna/ Santana/ Its a Beautiful Day/ Grateful Dead etc

ROCK $18

B52s Nude on the Moon Anthology (Rhino)

Batt, Mike Schizophrenia/Tarot Suite (Dramatico) 2on1

Jan & Dean Carnival of Sound (Rhino Handmade) The JUaan & Dean “Pet sounds” if you like, sealed.

Kooper, Al Rare & Well Done 2cds (Columbia)

Los Lobos Just Another Band from East LA (Slash/WB) 2cd 41 tracks

Mamas & Papas Creeque Alley: History of (MCA) 2cds

Nash, Graham Songs for Beginners (Rhino) cd + dvd audio with some visuals including interview.

Yardbirds Blues, Backtracks And Shapes of Things 2cd (Columbia)

ROCK $20 plus

Bread Retrospective (Rhino) 2cds $25 50 tracks inc. solo tracks

Cale, John Seducing Down the Door (Rhino) 2cd $20

Easybeats Definitive Anthology 2cds (Repertoire) 56 tks $22

Geils, J Houesparty: Anthology (Rhino) 2cds $20

Hunter, Ian From the Knees Of My Heart: Chrysalis Years 1979-81 4cds $28 Over 20 previously unreleased tracks sealed

Millenium Magic Time 3cd (Sundazed) $25

Quicksilver Messenger Service Sons of Mercury 2cds (Rhino) $22

Parsons, Alan Silence & I The very Best 3cds $25

Rascals Anthology (Rhino) 2cds $20

Rundgren, Todd For Lack of Honest Work 3cd live authorised bootleg $22 (Micro)

Stranglers U A Singles 1977-1982 (EMI) 2cds $20 sealed

Ten Years After Chrysalis Years 1969-1972 3cds $25 sealed

Traffic Smiling Phases 2cds $20

Tower of Power What is Hip (Rhino) 2cds

Waits, Tom Orphans 3cds (Anti) deluxe edition with hard cover book style package with approx 100 pg book $30

War Anthology (Rhino) 2cds $28

Zevon, Warren I’l lSleep When I’m Dead Anthology 2cd Rhino with slipsleeve + booklet $22



AC/DC Bonfire (East West) $55 5cd + extras (48 pg book +poster + key ring + sticker + Guitar Pick + tattoo all only in the original edition.) Like new. Tribute to Bon Scott.


Alice Cooper Life& Crimes Rhino 4cds + 84 page book $50 This is the original edition with the 3D cover. Has 81 tracks including some rarities, with 10 previously unreleased tracks.


Allman Brothers “Dreams” 4cds in leather look 12x12 box 36 page book on heavy stock paper with many rare photos. 55 tracks including some long ones $48


Amos, Tori                         “The Piano: A Collection” 5cds $45 Rhino. Rhino’s capacity to make exciting packages knows no bounds. This is in the form of a piano with raised keys, Includes one cd of rarities. You have to see it to believe it. It is like an actual piano keyboard. 64 page book. 86 tracks Out of print.


Band Across the Great Divide 3cd + book sealed $38 (Capitol) The latter expanded box is really not as good as this. All the hits and better tracks plus rarities. Nicely packaged..


Barrett, Sid Crazy Diamond (EMI) $35 3cd + 24 pg book Contains Madcap Laughs + Barrett plus the rarities Opel all with bonus tracks. Of course was founding member of Pink Floyd and subject of “Shine on You Crazy Diamond”.


Beach Boys US Singles Collection: the Capitol Years $60 16 cds with replica sleeves of the original singles. Great box with (of course) a woody section and embossed lettering. Includes hard covered book with genuine Californian sand on it... well I don’t know about that but it is sand covered.


Beach Boys Good Vibrations: Thirty Years of the Beach Boys (Capitol) 4cds $50 which all contain unreleased material plus fifth cd of totally unreleased material with 60 page book. Slight fading to top of box but all in great shape. 142 tracks.


Beck, Jeff                            Beckology 3cds + 60 page book $35  This is the long style box not the short style package...this long one is much preferable. Includes Yardbirds, Jeff Beck Group etc. Can’t work out why he always employed a vocalist when he did the vocals on the hit “Hi Ho Silver Lining” and it wasn’t too shabby at all! New sealed copy $50


Bee Gees The Studio Albums 1967-1968 Rhino 3 double cds in

attractive box. Sealed $50 The best and most original pop group outsidethe Beatles. Wonderful songs and superb sound. This has 2cd expanded versions of Bee Gees 1st/ Horizontal & Idea and features gems such as Massachusetts, I Started a Joke, Words etc. 6cds and the sound is stunning. The Cosmic Cowboy & I share the angst when they went disco. Thankfully this is only the good stuff!! Sad that Barry is the only one living. If you have computer access look up Barry Gibb & Ricky Skaggs.


Beau Brummels                 Bradley’s Barn $45 Rhino Handmade 2 cds of the country rock classic. Has 26 unissued tracks plus remastered version of the original album all in a bound book style presentation....with 40 pages


Big Star Keep an Eye on the Sky Rhino 4cd sealed $50 Alec Chilton was also lead vocalist of the Boxtops and had one of the most distinctive voices. This 98 songs set has 52 previously unreleased tracks and enhanced quality so there are also films of the band. 100 page book.


Black Sabbath Black Box: The Complete Original Rhino 8 cds + 80 page velvet (or is it suede) covered hard book and bonus dvd. $80 This is genuine US Rhino box. Also known as the Ozzy Osbourne years. Hard rock that does not sound dated. Love “The Wizard”.


Bon Jovi 100,000,000 Bon Jovi Fans Can’t be wrong: The Premiere Collection (Island) 4 CD + DVD Large book with song by song notes by Jon Bon Jovi. As new $35


Buckley, Tim Tim Buckley (Rhino Handmade) deluxe edition sealed $30 The ultimate folky. His 1966 debut in stereo and mno with unreleased demos by both his band and Tim solo. All in buff style package.


Buffalo Springfield              “Box Set” Rhino 4cds out of print 80 pg book and 88 tracks. Stephen Stills, Neil Young, Richie Furay and co. Especially essential for Neil Young fans in particular as it includes early demos that he did which later developed into album tracks, notably “Round & Round” and “The Old laughing Lady”. These are NOT on teh Neil Young Archives box...only here. Ultra special $60 This is indiscernible from new..


Byrds                                 There Is a Season $45 Sony  Sealed 4cd + dvd set in long style box with full colour book. 99 tracks on the cd. Very attractive red leather look long box with gold lettering. Quite a few alternate versions. 100 page book is superb.


Clapton, Eric                    “Crossroads” 4cds 44 page book $40 sealed Career spanning set 73 tracks with all important tracks from his tenures with John Mayall Bluebreakers, Yardbirds, Cream, Blind Faith, Derek and the Dominos and solo. Nice bookstyle box. Great companion with the following.


Clapton, Eric                       “Crossroads 2” $30 4cds with over 4 hours running time including 26 previously unissued live recordings and 4 previously unissued studip recordings. Full colour 44 page book. Great set on the Polydor Chronicles series. Looks totally untouched by human hands.


Clash                                 On Broadway 3cds + 64 page book. $35 book style

                                      glossy box. Features Joe Strumemr, highly influential.



Cocker, Joe The Long Voyage Home: Silver Anniversary Edition 4cds 56 page book $45 all in great shape. 63 tracks sandwiched between original & new vrsion of “With a Little Help From My Friends” (or ‘Me Friends’ as joe said in Woodstock).


Creedence Clearwater Revival “Creedence Clearwater Revival” Fantasy This is an excellent box as it is the only place the pre Creedence tracks (as the “Golliwogs”) are available. It is a fully remastered set now totally unavailable and would set you back at least $50 more than I am charging. 121 tracks + great 80 page book in a very attractive wood grain packaging.6 cds. $90 These were remastered for this and sound great.


Deep Purple                        Shades 1968-1998 Rhino 4 cds + 56 pg book $55 Has their early more pop influenced tracks such as “Hush” and “Kentucky Woman” right through their years as hard rockers extraordinaire culminating in gems such as “Smoke on the Water, “Black Night” and the best of all “Child in Time”.

Derek & the Dominos Layla Sessions: 20th Anniversary Edition (Polydor) $45 12x12 box with 3cds plus 16 page heavy stock book and souvenir envelope of the session sheets


Doors Doors Box Set ((Elektra) sealed$50 4 cds, first 3 previously unrelased live recordings including the famous 1970 Madison Square Gardens and demo recordings. 4th cd are favourite tracks as selected by Robby Kreiger, John Densmore and the recently deceased man responsible for the sound of the Doors, Ray Manzarek.


Doors Complete Studio Recordings (Elektra/Rhino) 7cds 6 original studio albums beautifully presented in mini lp style replica sleeves (especially great on LA Woman) plus a seventh cd “Essential Rarities” and a 76 page booklet. $55


Faces                                 Five Guys Walk Into a Bar 4cd + 64 page book $45

Those 5 are Rod Stewart/ Ronnie Wood/ Ronnie Lane/ Kenny Jones & Ian McLagen . 67 tracks. Rod Stewart had a concurrent solo career as well as being the lead vocalist of the Faces. The Faces naturally tended to rock out more & it was only his phenomenal solo career that saw a break up


Fogelberg, Dan                    “Portrait: the Music of Dan Fogelberg 1972-1997” 4 cds with 72 page booklet. $58 sealed  Housed in quad fold sleeve which with the booklet is housed inside a nice box resembling an old style bound book. Some may query the inclusion of Fogelberg in the folk section but that is what I belive he ostensibly was... a folky who also had a strong following in the country rock area via his association with the Eagles and the excellent country album he made “High Country Snows” on which Ricky Skaggs is a guest. Out of print and hard to get



Gaye, Marvin                     Classics Collection 4cds Motown $15  4 cds in jewel cases and hard cardboard outer box. Has these 4 albums each on a separate cd. *Love Starved Heart/ *I Want You/ *Let’s Get It / *Trouble Man..almost free.



Grateful Dead                    “The Golden Road: 1965-1973” The classic Warner Brothers Years. 12 cds in great remastered HDCD sound with all cds having bonus tracks. 80 page book. $90. The set includes their two landmark country rock albums “Workingman’s Dead” and “American Beauty” plus their epic Europe 72 2cd album. “American Beauty” includes classics “Friend of teh Devil” and “Ripple”.


Hall & Oates Do What You Want Be What You Are RCA Legacy $45 4 cds + 60 page book. 74 tracks with detailed track by track commentary. They were very big in the US, with really only one hit I can remember out here, “Rich Girl”.


Hendrix, Jimi Lifelines Reprise $45 4cds with individual notes in cloth bound box with the 4th disc containing an unreleased concert at LA Forum.


Hendrix, Jimi                      Jimi Hendrix Experience 4cd + 80 page book $50

Velvet finish box. All rarities as new. All tracks were previously unreleased.



Bruce Hornsby Intersections 1985-2005 RCA Legacy $50 4 cds + dvd 60 page book with track by track commentary. Nice trifold hardcover book style presentation. 23 track DVD includes his effort on the “Will the Circle Be Unbroken 2” session/




Jam Direction, Reaction, Creation (polydor) 5 cd + 88 page book. Includes 22 previously unreleased recordings. Features Paul Weller. $45 Long style box.


Jethro Tull Thick as a Brick 40th Anniversary edition (Chrysalis) cd + dvd audio sealed $35. In hard book style presentation with 100 page reproduction of the famous newspaper cover & more. Was really a folk least a lot of it.


Joel, Billy                         Complete Hits Collection 1973-1997 4cds $30 including

44 page book. Nice hardcover book style packaging. I don’t care if he is not au fait anymore his Piano Man album and song is one of the greatest ever.


Joel, Billy                         The Stranger 30th Anniversary Edition sealed 2cds + DVD + 48 page book sealed. $38 Billy Joel made it in Australia before he made it in USA. Hard to believe but his “Piano Man” album caused nary a ripple. This was the big one and deserved success cae his way. Cd #1 is the original album, cd#2 is Billy live at Carnegie Hall in 1977 and the DVD has his Old Grey Whistle Test appearance from 1978, plus videos for “The Stranger” & “Just the Way You Are” plus a 30 minute documentary on the making of The Stranger. DVD goes for 90 minutes.


Journey Time3 (Columbia) 3cd 55 tks sealed $40 with book in long style sealed box.


Judas Priest                   Metalogy $25 4 cds 55 tracks including some unreleased.                                  64 page book. Sony Legacy.



King Crimson Essential King Crimson: Frame by Frame (Virgin) 4cds $60 large 12x12” box with 64 page book and extra family tree poster by the wondrous Pete Frame. The fathers of UK progressive rock. Their first “In the Court of the Crimson King” is a classic.


Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin (Atlantic) sealed $48 The 4cd 54 tracks almost 5 hour 12x12 box. 36 page book. You just won’t get this!


Little Feat                           Hottcakes& Outtakes Rhino 4cds + 80 page book $48

This is out of print. Rhino boxes are exceedingly collectable. First 3 cds are their album tracks and the 4th is labelled “Studio Artifacts”. 82 tracks all up.


Malo                                    Celebration: The Warner Bros Recordings 4cds $28

                                            Carlos Santana’s brother Jorge....wonder if he ever said

                                      “I wish my Brother Jorge was here”...yeah...probably not.

This is a numbered limited edition on the Rhino Handmade offshoot. Small marks on rear of box. Latino rock, not dissimilar to his famous brother but perhaps a tad jazzier and less frantic.


Marillion Happiness is the Road box (Intact) 2 cd + 2 x 100 page hard cover box in carboard outer box. $45 Prog rock.


Miller, Steve                       Steve Miller Box Set 3cds 64 tracks which cover all

                                      aspects of his career from West coast rock to his big solo

hits which started with “The Joker”. $35 Nice long leather lookembossed box, small taped section at bottom. $45 as new. Excellent 56 page book.


Monkees Listen to the Band Rhino 4cds $55 This is rare 12x12 box complete with poster and 32 page book plus cover sleeve which fits over the top corner. Also has 15 previously unreleased tracks. 78 tracks and the nicest Monkees box for sure. Long out of print from 1991 as new. Superb.


Moody Blues  “ Time Traveller” 5cds  + 48 page book 80 tracks with superb sound. $48 “Question” is one of my all time favourite tracks. Whilst Justin Hayward was their main vocalist, three others also sang leads so there was always a lot of variety.


Morrison, Van Hymns to the Silence (Polydor) 2cd deluxe edition. This is in long style cloth bound box and numbered edition. $35...check the online price for this...times mine by 3. NOTE: If a Van fan let me know as have some things I can’t list herein.


Move Anthology 1966-1972 (Salvo UK) $45 40th anniversary box with hits and rarities. 72 page book. 62 tracks including a lot never on cd before.


Nash, Graham “Reflections” 3cds with 152 page book like new. Includes songs from his time with the Hollies, where he was responsible for “On a Carousel” and “King Midas In Reverse’ through his time with Crosby Still Nash & Young where he sang lead on their biggest hit “Teach Your Children” as well as the popular “Our House”, written about his relationship with Joni Mitchell.  $45. A companion to the Stills set.



Newman, Randy                Guilty: 50 Years of Randy Newman 4cd box with 84

pg book. It is out of print& has 105 tracks including many demos, & rarities. This set is excellent with its wonderful depth, from the quasi comic “Davy the Fat Boy” to the jaunty but serious “Political Science”. Has original versions of “Mama Told me Not to Come” (a #1 for Three Dog Night) and the lovely “I Think It’s Going to Rain Today” $48



Nirvana With the Lights Out (Geffen) 3cd + DVD $35 Lots of rarities and previously unreleased recordings. With metal fronted box and 80 or so page book.


Police Message in a Bottle: The Complete Recordings A&M 4cds + 68 page book $35z


Rolling Stones Singles Collection: the London Years Abkco $50 3cds in large 12x12 box with large heavy stock 76 page book.Much more attractive and substantial than the jewel case version. Great sound.


Ronstadt, Linda                  “Box Set” $40  took them ages to come up with the name. 4 cds plus 60 page book 86 tracks including quite a few previously unreleased including a 1974 duet with Emmylou Harris on “Honky Tonk Blues” Now out of print.  Great shape. Contents great.



Simon, Carly “Clouds in My Coffee 1965-1975” Arista 3cd + 48 page book + 58 tracks including rarities. “You’re So Vain” is one of the all time great singles and this has a wonderful selection of titles starting from her early folk days as a duo member with her sister Lucy. And yes, she has so many teeth she should be an honorary Osmond. $30


Springsteen, Bruce Live 1975-85 (Columbia) $35 The 12x12 size box with the 36 page full size book. 3cds.


Springsteen, Bruce             “Tracks” HDCD 4 cds $40 sealed  4cds of outtakes, b-sides and rarities. Nicely packaged in trifold cover with 56 pg book. 66 tracks, some of which are quite long as we all would know.

NOTE: If a Bruce fan let me know as have some things I can’t list herein.


Stills, Stephen Carry On. Rhino 4 cds 116 page booklet with 25 previously unreleased tracks including a terrific new version of “Girl From the North Country”. 82 tracks. Superb packaging. $45.


Stranglers U A Singles 1979-1982 (EMI) $45 12 cds in original replica sleeves. Nearly all rarities. Hard style flip top box


Uriah Heep Chapter & Verse: The Uriah Heep Story (Sanctuary UK) 6cds + 60 page book plus poster $80 very hard to get. They want more than this and in UK pounds. 98 tracks with rarities.


Who Thirty Years of Maximum R & B MCA $40 4cd box in absolute pristine shape. Includes 72 page book. Great set and price. Lots of rarities. Includes discography. 95 tracks.


Who                                   Singles Box $40      Out of print box from Polydor which

                                      contains 12cds,  a& b sides which replicate the original 45

packaging and includes 2 new recordings and a 16 page booklet. Do a search & see what a great bargain this is.


Winwood, Steve              “The Finer Things” 4 cds + 48 page book. Great career spanning box covering his tenure with Spencer Davis Group, Traffic, Blind Faith and of course solo $45 sealed


Wonder, Stevie At the Close of the Century $45 4 cds + 96 page book in attractive solid sleeve. 70 tracks including hits, surprises & rarities.


XTC                                    Coat of Many Cupboards 4 cds of rarities. $50 Long style box with 80 page book.Out of print. As new. 60 tracks


Yes The Yes Years (Atlantic) 12x 12 4cd box with 32 pg book $40 Includes aswag of unreleased tracks.


Yes In a Word 1969- (Rhino) 5cds sealed 52 page book $60 Includes some unissued versions.


ZZ Top                                 “Chrome Smoke & Barbecue” $70 $55 reduced. Check it out. Rhino still sealed  This is out of print and hard to get. It includes an 88 page book plus a flip book...this is the one where you flip through the pages and it looks like a movie. Contains 80 tracks. This is the special edition in the shape of a Texas Roadshack replete with corrugated iron roof. Well it looks like corrugated iron. Also includes figures of the band and a bbq table set with the finest!!  “La Grange” is a superb track



LarryKlein Producer Songwriter Musician 3cds 1 cd for each. 45 tracks $10 Joni Mitchell, Rodney Crowell, Shawn Colvin etc. All full track.


Monterey International Pop Festival Rhino This is the small box edition with the 4cd plus book.Includes many artists who were at Woodstock such as Country Joe & the Fish, the Who and the show stealer (for both) Jim Hendrix. Also features Byrds, Butterfield Blues Band, Booker T & MGS Otis Redding, Jeffrson Airplane etc $45


New Rose Story New Rose is a French label and over the years released a lot of material that didn’t get released elsewhere. They had a bit of a punk edge but did release some fine country stuff even if artists such as Calvin Rusell and Tex Edwards were a little left of centre. They were the only label to release a cd of the Texas Mavericks, the mysterious masked group featuring both Doug Sahm and Alvin Crow. Each track is separately annotated and there are 85 of them...tracks that is. Includes rare solo from likes of Henry Vestine (of Canned Heat), Alvin Lee. Elliott Murphy etc. Nice lolly pink box. $45


Nuggets                             Original Artyfacts from the First Psychedelia Era Rhino $80. Sealed box 91 garage rock tracks with 100 page book. Classic box set. Long out of print.


Woodstock 40                   3 Days of Peace & Music $80 This is the 6 cds large box & book version which contains many many recordings that didn’t make it to the original album such as Creedence Clearwater Revival, Tim Hardin, Johnny Winter etc. Also has an excellent 80 page book with many hitherto unseen photographs. Attractive red bookstyle box. Over 8 hrs.The greatest musical event ever.


Woodstock Twenty Fifth Anniversary Edition 4cds 12x 12 box with 24 page book. $40


Woodstock Deluxe edition $55 4 dvds...double the length of the movie. Reprint of the Life Magazine issue that covered the festival...68 pages...Glass holograph...Special Ultimate Collector’s Edition Box. This includes a tambourine which fits on the box. Seriously! For all the Salvation Army who went to Woodstock. Very difficult to get with the tambourine.  





Freberg, Stan Stan Freberg Show First 7 episodes Smithsonian $28 4cds

Stan Freberg Show Final 8 Episodes Smithsonian $28

Each 4cds

Stan Freberg Radio Show was not a permanent thing but rather a 15 week replacement for the Jack Benny Show. Stan was helped by many of the folks who were with him on Capitol records most notably Daws Butler who was a voice magician who was also the Hanna-Barbera equivalent of Mel Blanc responsible for the voices of Yogi Bear, Huckleberry Hound, Quickdraw McGraw, etc etc. If sometimes the character sounds a little like one of these you know it is Daws. June Foray provides the female voices and she was responsible, among others, for Rocky of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Natasha of Boris & Natasha fame. Perhaps the most famous sketch to first air on these was “Elderly Man River”. No one for mine was better than Freberg who is still kicking at 83 and June Foray is now 96 and still working.


Freberg, Stan Tip of the Freberg Rhino 4cd +64 page book = VHS video $80 This is a must if you have a lot of Stan Freberg, as there is so much previously unissued material herein and the presentation is superb. CD#1 has his wonderful song parodies CD#2 has some of his famed sketches with many rare single only tracks as does Cd#3 with some from his faux history albums “Presents United States of America” Vol 1 from 1961 and Vol 2 from 1996. The 1996 version saw some new actors assisting Stan such as David Ogden-Stiers of MASH fame and the delightfully named Lorenzo Music. CD#4 is all completely unrelased material with over 50 tracks, obviously some being very short. The above mentioned Daws Butler is superb as Stan’s right hand man on the most famous sketches. Hard to get. Don’t miss out or rather get in before I decide to keep it.


Lehrer, Tom The Remains of Tom Lehrer (Rhino)$55 sealed. 3 cds + 80 page hard cover book in solid cardboard outer. Famed for songs such as “Poisoning Pigeons in the Park”, “, Masochism Tango” “the Old Dope Peddler”, etc whilst it may seem that his songs are topical they are remarkably applicable today. Basically all his recordings. Like Stan Freberg is still kicking, apparently a healthy 90 year old.


Yankovic, Weird Al            Permanent Record 4cds $45 + 60 page book. This is long out of print. Al has been around for a long time and that is due fact he is genuinely funny and clever. Music’s most successful singer of parodies, who when he first met Stan Freberg fell to his knees in hero worship.


Best of Old Time Radio Music, Comedy and Drama from the Godlen Age of Radio 10cds sealed. $20. Episodes from Abbott & Costello/ Bing Crosby/ Bob Hope/ Danny Kaye/ Dick Tracy/ Dinah Shore/ Ellery Queen/ Flash Gordon/ Frank Sinatra/ Hopalang Cassidy. Over 10 hours.


Old Time Radio All Time Radio Favorites (Smithsonian) $12 4cds over 5 hrs Lone Ranger/Fibber McGee/ Jack Benny/ Burns & Allen/ Life of Riley etc





Carter, Benny The Music Master 4cd + 52 page book 88 tracks $15 steal!


Central Avenue Sounds Jazz in Los Angeles 1921-1956 Rhino 4cd $35 Fabulous set

at dirt cheap price 92 page book. Starts with Kid Ory then Jelly Roll Morton, Louis Armstrong, Mingus, T Bone Walker, Art Tatum, Benny Carter and Big Jay McNeely...amazing

photo of same.


Complete Norman Granz  Jam Sessions 5cds in Metal framed case with 72 pg

                                           book. $50 Norman Granz was the man behind Verve Records and began a series of all star concerts which were originally held at the Philharmonic Hall in Los Angeles. Soon he took these tours on the road but they still were known as “Jazz at the Philharmonic”. This set collects some of the best long jams recorded between 1952 and 1954. Sound is superb, something Verve was famous for. Among those on this are Dizzy Gillespie, Benny Carter, Charlie Parker, Stand Getz, Illinois Jacquet, Oscar Peterson, Count Basie, Herb ellis, Buddy Rich etc etc, soem tracks go for nearly 20 minutes. The solos are all handed round and then the central theme is replayed. These are great. The sound is spectacular. Steal at the price.



Corea, Chick Music Forever and Beyond 1964-1996 5cd + 32 page book (GRP) Cross label Blue Note, Capitol etc. $45


Davis,Miles The Columbia Years (Columbia) 12x12 box 4cds $35 20 pg book. As far as the number one in genres goes Miles is hands down the pick for jazz and this was his prime period.


Davis, Miles Quintet Legendary Prestige Quintet Sessions 1951-56 3cds + 72 page book. $40 Appears new & unplayed.


Davis, Miles Quintet 1965-68 6cds + 72 page book $45 as new.


Davis, Miles Quintet Live in Europe 1967 3CD + DVD with 28 page book Approx. 3 ½ hours plus 1hr on dvd


Ellington, Duke                  Beyond Category 2cds + 20 page book. Cds are sealed. 37 tracks. Long style box...$8...that is give away.



Good Time Jazz story 4 cd + 64 page book (Fantasy) Traces the 21 year history of

the label with over five hours. Each cd is themed. 1.Ragtime/Blues/Banjo 2. New Orleans 3 . San Francisco 4. Los Angeles. $35 a steal


Shearing, George From Battersea to Broadway (Proper)4cd +40 page book $15 97 tracks



Beat Generation                 Rhino 3cds + 60 page book 48 tracks.  $35 The beatnik generation featuring Jack Kerouac, Allan Ginsberg, Lord Buckley etc, as well as songs including the king of the 50s tv hipsters, Ed Kookie Byrnes and “Kookie’s Mad Pad”. As you may expect there is a Tom Waits song and Maynard G Krebs gets referenced in the book.



Finding Their Voice           Century of Recorded Poetry Rhino 4cds $30   Features poets and beat poets 52 page hard cover book.122 tracks


Library of Congress Presents Historic Presidential Speeches (1908-1993)

Six volume CD set in a beautiful gold lettered deluxe leather like case and 56 page booklet. History buffs and fans of spoken word. They are all her...FDR’s “We have only just begun to fight.” To Kennedy, Regan & all $45




Africa 50 Years of Music $130 Far and away the most comprehensive compilation of African music ever achieved, Africa - 50 Years of Music collects 185 classic recordings by 183 important artists from 39 countries in North, South, East and West Africa. The artists include universal stars such as Miriam Makeba, Fela Kuti, Youssou N'Dour, Franco, Cheb Khaled, Cesaria Evora, Mulatu Astatke, Salif Keita, Manu Dibango and Oum Kalsoum on 18 cds.

The tracks, licensed from some of the world's most respected record companies, are all original studio recordings or, in a few cases, famous concert performances. Most of them were made in the 50 years from 1960 to 2010 - the era of African independence - but several date from the 1940s and '50s. Many of these songs are known and loved worldwide: Pata Pata, Soul Makossa, Yeke Yeke, Mario, Shakara, Jive Soweto. Others will be revelations to even the most dedicated record collectors.

The deluxe longbox set includes a 60-page book of photographs, record-cover reproductions, specially commissioned artwork and essays by experts on each of Africa's popular styles. Anyone with serious interest in African music will recognize this set's extraordinary value. It will be the essential collection of African popular music for the next 50 years.


Cuba I Am Time 4cds sealed with 112 page notes. $45 very nicely presented in what looks like a wooden Cuban cigar box. Running time is 4 ½ hours. Was nominated for a Grammy in two categores, best packaging and best historical album. Embraces many styles, the 4th being Cuban jazz. 57 tracks all up.


Duende The Passion & Dazzling Virtuosity of Flamenco From Traditional Masters to Gypsy Rock 48 page book. Nice sound. (Ellipsis Arts) $30




Great American Baseball Box The Biggest names, the Greatest Moments in Baseball History. 117 tracks on 4 cds $45 brand new. The darn thing is in the shape of a baseball “base’!! The tracks feature game broadcasts, speeches, news segments, interviews, radio shows, comedy routines (yep...Who’s on First!) and song. On Shout Factory, another great American company.


Elektra The First 50 Years promo Sampler Hard cardboard book like box $18 Around 90 tracks.


Music Sales Group Catalog Sampler 21 cds with 140 page book $45 presented in a stainless steel suede lined box. There are over 450 full recordings in this publisher’s catalogue, covering over 85 years of music .All styles are covered (all original recordings) and this is a very impressive looking set. All new & unplayed. Absolute bargain.


Beatles Christmas Album Annual message 63-69 $20

Rogers, Kenny Christmas in America (Reprise) 1989

Spector,Phil A Christmas Gift for You (Abcko) Actually various artists such as Darlene Love, Ronettes, Crystals etc. Brilliant cd brand new. If I could have 1 and only 1 Christmas album this would be it.


Cameo Parkway Holiday Hits 18 tracks $15

Where Will You Be Christmas Day 24 Recordings from 1917-1959 $20 (Dust to Digital)




Bill Anderson Letters to My Fans Volume One 2003-2006 $8 154 pages paperback.


Bluegrass Reader Edited by Thomas Goldsmith 350 pages $18 a collection of great bluegrass stories from great writers collected from varying publications


Eddy Arnold: Pioneer of the Nashville Sound $18 290 page hardcover . As new. Michael Streissguth


Infinite Elvis An Annotated Biography (Mary Hancock Hinds0 512 page $15


Johnny Cash Life Unseen Life Magazine Large coffee table book just out. New. $30 This is about the best book I have seen on Cash. Many previously unreleased photos including outtakes from album covers such as “Heroes” the duet album with Waylon. Also gives the real story of his name. Born J R Cash and known as J R all his life until he joined the army in 1950 when protocol demanded a name , so he became John R Cash from then till his passing in 2003


George Jones The Life & Times of a Honky tonk Legend by Bob Allen $15 First major work on George. This is the 1994 second edition dedicated to Keith Whitley. Hardcover 300+pages


Graceland An Interactive Pop Up Tour by Chuck Murphy with forward by Priscilla Presley This is amazing, take a guided tiour of Graceland. As you open up the pages the various rooms pop up. Each has hidden section where you can find extra treasures. Beautifully done. $35 Long out of print.



Hardcore Troubadour The Life & Near Death of Steve Earle by Lauren St John 400 pg hardback $15


King of the Cowboys: The Autography of the World’s Most Famous Rodeo Star Ty Murray 254p hard cover $10


Lee Greenwood Does God Still Bless the USA. $8


Lightnin’ Hopkins Mojo Hand: the Life & Music of $15 260 pg


Linda Ronstadt Simple Dreams: A Musical Memoir 2013 hardback 235 pg& nicely illustrated $22


Revolution in The Air The Songs of Bob Dylan Vol 1 1957-1973 by Clinton Heylin Just shy of 600 pages with a coverage of the songs recorded by Bob and whether he wrote ‘em, borrowed ‘em or stole ‘em. $8


Rolling Stones Complete Discography (Alan Clayson) 463 pg $20 Complete track by track listing, who played what etc Very critical too!


Satan Is Real: Ballad of the Louvin Brothers $20 hard cover. Charlie Louvin Charlie swears like a trooper!!



Sweet Dreams: The World of Patsy Cline 200 pg $18 Warren R Hofstra 2013







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