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DECEMBER 2012 Newsletter


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It is a little late but there was a lot to include and you will find that the BOX SETS listings are much more user friendly in their setting out. We are here between Christmas and New Year. Have no hesitation in calling over the holiday period. If you get the recorded message please leave a message.


There are a lot of fine new albums and I dare say the album of the year may come from one of these. Any questions?  Please do not hesitate to ask. We look forward to hearing from you.


Wesley Dennis “Country Enough” $28 Some artists don’t make it easy for themselves do they? Wesley lives somewhere like Indiana and yet sells his cds ...or rather doesn’t sell his cds...out of Canada. A great artist with a fine voice and more than a passing nod to the wonderful Mel Street. This is as good if not better than his two previous albums, “Wesley Dennis” and “Country to the Core”. The first was on Mercury and the second was an independent with the same brilliant marketing stategy he employs on his latest. But who is he to be told. Wesley has written 7 of the album’s 14 tracks and all are fine. I really like the witty “The Dog Won’t Hunt”. One of the non-Wes songs is “Brotherly Love” and he does an excellent version with Brian Mallery, another fine singer. His own “A Month of Sundays” is a classic and his voice owes more than a touch to Mel Street. It is hard to say but I didn’t really like his version of Mel’s big hit “Lovin’ on Back Streets” as Wesley is joined by his mother on this track and whilst it may seem harsh to say it is about as good as the track Iris Dement had her mother sing on her “Infamous Angel” other words it isn’t. But we should feel grateful we have this album. Nornally I don’t like songs that preach “how country” the singer or the song is but the title of the track is great as Wes does a career summary in song. Excellent stuff. And please, don’t dally...a Wes in the hand is worth two in Canada....or something like that, in other words don’t chance it is going to be around long.


Tim Culpepper “Pouring Whiskey on Pain” $28  Some artists don’t make it easy for themselves Part II. This may be album of the year but no thanks to the clowns promoting it. They essentially promoted it as if out...sending out bits to radio stations in the first half of the year  yet it was only pressed  October Again...take my word...this may be album of the year. He has a voice which is reminiscent of the likes of Mark Chesnutt and I would go as far as to say “One More For the Road” will remind a lot of Chesnutt’s classic “Too Cold at Home”. Many of the songs are by Elbert West, a fine artist in his own right BUT Tim is the vastly superior vocalist. In fact all 11 songs are originals and all have a very late 80s sound bout them...they compare more than favourably with the best Ricky Van Shelton, Alan Jackson or Randy Travis had to offer. “Pouring Whiskey On Pain” is a song I thought I have heard before...maybe it is just that good. What a classic opening 4 lines that sets the scene perfectly:

I got a box-set of Hag, a 3-finger glass
And a bottle of dark 90 proof
To help chase away misery, by drowning her memories
But still I can't out-drink the truth

The honky tonk aspects couldn’t be better. The album is a gem. Tim Culpepper is a star. 13 tracks of delightful and pure country.

Sweethearts of the Rodeo “Restless” Cold Trade Records  Sisters Janis and Kristine Oliver (Janis of course was married to Vince Gill but has reverted to  the maiden “Oliver”) had great success in the early 90s when on Columbia with a jaunty style that approached rockabilly on many occasions. They then made a couple of bluegrass flavoured albums on Sugar Hill which were also well received. They have limited themselves to a single concert per year at the Bluebird cafe since then. They also had a clothing store in Hendersonville, Tennessee...not sure if they still do. Anyway the new album mixes elements of both BUT the title track is an all out cracker and could have easily been on their first album. Nashville guitar wiz Kenny Vaughan is featured throughout as is Al Perkins. Producer, Dave Pomeroy is also a much in demand bass player. Richard Bennett, one of the best guitarists going makes some fine contributions such as the almost Duane Eddy like intro on the opener “You Can’t Hold Me Back”.  Great harmonies, in fact excellent throughout. Interesting the track “Maybe Tonight” is shown as a co-write between Janis Oliver and Vince Gill and can’t help wondering when it was written. “Too Little Too Late” is a smacking little rockabilly number. For a change of pace “Hopeless Rose” is a ballad about a person of tehe same name. Co-writer is Jon Randall (now adding his real surname “Stewart” back on to his name). “Going to Kentucky” reverts to the uptempo  style with some nice flourishes on dobro (Al Perkins). Nice album, a great album in fact and I would almost play a track from John Anderson’s “Wild & Blue” for Vince Gill....”You Never Looked That Good When You Were Mine” Janis looks very hot!! Sorry, had to put that in!!


Time Jumpers “The Time Jumpers” $28  I have always offered Vince Gill's "The Key" as an example of how good major label country music can be,even in the rank pop driven times of today. It does goes back a bit now (1998) but Vince has on the 3-4 tracks he is featured as lead vocalist actually made this a mini-Key if you like. Stunning Nashville sound recreated. I'd even go as far as saying "Three Sides to Every Story" is (hard to believe) better than anything on "The Key". BUT..there is more. Vince is one of 4 vocalists. The delightful Dawn Sears, her husband Kenny Sears and Ranger Doug Green (of Riders in the Sky) provide wonderful variety in the vocal department and the instrumentation from the likes of Kenny Sears and Joe Spivey on fiddle and Paul Franklin on steel is faultless and thrilling....they actually do solos...and not the 3 second variety that major label artists throw in to suggest they are performing country music. Their previous "Live at Station Inn" had slightly different personnel (I do miss wonderful vocalist Carolyn Martin) and was more a western swing album, whereas this is a country album with just a little swing thrown in. If you are serious about REAL country music this cd is for you.      


Leona Williams “By George”$28  Old George is the song that leads off Leona’s George Jones tribute cd, a great Leona original which leads to 13 classic George Jones covers. Leona has been referred to by no less a person than George himself as the best female vocalist going and her interpretations are just grand.


Janis Martin “Banco Sessions” $28  $20 Janis was one of the rockabilly greats, a contemporary of Wanda Jackson & in every way as good. This is her last project completed before her sudden death in 2007 and the session was produced by Rosie Flores, who states her biggest influences as Janis & Wanda. Top notch performances all the way with a great band including the fabulous T Jarrod Bonta on piano and Dave Biller on guitar. There are some quite  bluesy tracks but she also does some classic rockabilly including “Wild One (Real Wild Child)”..the Johnny O’Keefe track and gets its origins 100% correct. There is some pure country as well. Nice album all the way with fine notes.


James Hand “Mighty Lonesome Man” $28   First in a while and lo and behold his best yet. So good and with every track bar one written by our hero. If Norman Wade, Vernon Oxford and co are your favourites you can guarantee James Hand will be too. Most of the songs are of medium tempo but it is the wonderful story song “Old Man Henry” that many will turn to and why wouldn’t you. It is somewhat unusual. Over 5 minutes long but you become riveted from the outset. It is very much like the opening bit of “He Stopped Loving Her Today’ in the sense that song had  a very long intro before reaching the chorus...except that James doesn’t have a chorus. It is brilliantly carried off and whilst with the Jones comparison even sounds a bit like George. Is it a true story?? The album has great instrumentation with some of the best Texas has to offer...Bobby Flores/ Alvin Crow/ Cindy Cashdollar/ Earle Poole Ball. I think James will be lining up for album of the year.


Kal Fields Shane Worley)/ Kowbelle “Our Red Cross” $20  It features songs all by writer Lou Ross....perhaps for a songwriter project. What elevates this is that “Kal Fields” is actually Shane Worley so take advantage to get this new Shane Worley for a song. The stitle song is about the tornados that struck Chattanooga (just south of Nashville) in 2011 and the random way they choose their victims. Lou Ross is not as good a songwriter as Mike Headrick, Shane’s usual mentor but worthwhile nonetheless. Though with that I will say Shane elevates the album beyond what another vocalist would have and there is one fine honky tonk.



Jamey Johnson “Living for a Song: Hank Cochran Tribute Album” $25 Jamey is one of the few t voice of true country on a major label today. BUT whilst he is there ther may be hope that the sheer awfulness of Taylor Swift and co will just go away and vanish off the face.  16 duets (or tri-ets...when there are 3 involved.]) Includes Haggard, Emmylou, Ray Price , Willie, Bobby Bare, etc  The final track actually features Hank himself. Jamey has a respect for the traditions as well as being somewhat a rebel. Emmylou joins Jamey on “Don’t Touch Me” which was a hit for his then wife, Jeannie Seely.  George Strait joins for a rare duet on “The Eagle”, the title of one of Waylon’s Epic label albums. Great to hear Leon Russell on “Way to Survive”, which also features Vince Gill. If only there were a dozen more like him!!


My Darling Clementine “How Do You Plead” $28 This is stunningly good but with a twist. Some tracks perfectly capture the essence of Gram Parsons’ two albums with Emmylou Harris, “Reserved For Me & You” in particular is just grand. It is all original songs as well mainly written by Michael Weston King and several by Lou Dalgleish and several co-writes. She (Lou) in the solo parts sounds a little like a powerful voiced version of Olivia Newton-John...and I mean that in a very complimentary way. He (Michael) comes across as a little like a more countrier version of Elvis Costello. Now the twist...they are English. Country Music People called this the greatest English country album ever and whilst that magazine is famed for gross exaggeration and overpraise that is not the case here. It is that good. Nice packaging and 15 tracks. There are classic duets featuring classic country songs that sound as though they were from the classic period of country music. It would be hands down album of the year except it came out end of 2011 and whilst the Swedish Cowboy would excuse his way around that one I won’t. I’d just say it is good as anything that has been released in the past 5 years.


Teea Goans “That’s Just Me” $28 This has the classic Nashville sound and Teea is a wonderful vocalist female vocalist. Reminds a little of likes of Marsha Thornton, Mandy Barnett and for those that bought Amy Francis it will also have great appeal. Style + substance. Who would have ever thought Kristofferson’s “Nobody Wins” as a vehicle for the Nashville sound ...stunning actually. This is a mix of originals and covers. Larry Gatlin’s “I’ve Done Enough Dying today” may be the best track, as Teea wrings every bit of emotion out of it. A touch of strings adds to the Nashville sound. A wonderful wonderful song. Byron Hill’s “The World’s Biggest Fool” shows her upbeat side, where she reminds a bit of Dawn Sears. “That’s Just me Loving You” is a duet with Jamie Dailey, a member of Bluegrass Hall of Famer Doyle Lawson’s group but this is pure country. He should make a country album as he is superb on this. So friends, an album with a lot of variety and a great singer doing the hnours.


Red Jenkins ‘Cheatin’ Heart Motel” $30 featured track  “Drink My Wife Away”....of course a David Allan Coe song (with Miss Leslie)...we have our Swedish Cowboy and this is another Swedish Cowboy who has made a wonderful duet album, produced by Texan Bill Green, a fine artist in his own right. Honestly the duet partners reads like a list of Yesterday & Today Records favourite artists...Tony Booth, Johnny Bush, Billy Mata, Jake Hooker, Justin Trevino, Darrell McCall, Amber Digby, Bobby Flores etc. Final track is a little different...a tribute to Doug Sahm, performed with Doug’s long time cohort Augie Meyers. 18 tracks in all. Red really doesn’t have much trace of an accent at all, even if he is a herring chomper. He actually used to record as “Redneck Jenkins”. We have 5 of his albums available. The others are:

1.    Neon Bible: The Texas Hoonky tonk Testament $39

2.    The Bartender $30

3.    Hank & Jack $30

4.    Trucker’s Paradise  $30


Will Bannister “Turn Back Time” $28”. His previous album was popular and this is even better...much better. He has a wonderful slightly adenoidal voice and is also an excellent writer having been responsible for 10 of the 11 songs, the exception being the title track, credited to Colt Banister so assumedly all in the family. The wonderful Texas steel guitar player Tommy Detamore is in great touch. The two favourite tracks both have place names in the title, “She’s Somewhere in Texas Tonight” and “I Wonder Who’s in Denver”, the first uptempo and the latter a great one to feature Will’s very distinctive drawl. He is the type who would have been a real star in the early 90s, at least as far as the majors go. “Fiddle Man” is a jaunty conclusion to a great album.


Darrell McCall, Tony Booth & Curtis Potter “Survivors II” $28  This is second cd on Heart of Texas label. How can you not love it?? One selection will be familiar to a lot of you and that it is a cover of the favourite track by Billy Mata, “If This Was Texas”., a track so amazingly catchy that you would wonder why it wasn’t a big hit. Mind you I will warn you, you may wake up in the night and find it going round in your head. Their voices are similar but easily identifiable so it is fun to try and pick out who is doing what. Most of the album is high on the shuffles. The Swedish Cowboy’s learned thoughts:

“We live in fantastic times! If this had been issued 30 years ago it would have been the album of the century, but nowadays we are spoiled by Heart Of Texas Records and Justin Trevino with albums of this caliber every month or two. This is much better than Hot Texas Country by McCall & Bush and Texas Dance Hall Music by Ray Sanders, McCall and Potter, and those albums were the best we had ever heard when they were issued some 30 years ago”  Suffice to say “Heart of Texas” is also our favourite label,


Tony Booth “Old School” $28  Wonderful singer influenced by Ray Price and Buck Owens and always great and this, his latest on Heart of Texas label is no exception. There are 4 songs co-written by Dave Lindsay and Tony tends to shy away from

Overly familiar covers and this is no exception. I had never heard Jim reeves do “Little Old Dime” (something not in his usual style you’d expect from Jim). We are even treated to a duet with Willie on Willie’s tune “How Long Is Forever”. Tony is a terrific singer and has a very distinguished look...could be the hillbilly president if they had such an inkling.


Ronny Elliott “I’ve Been Meaning to Write” $25 First in a while from this Florida based artist, a favourite of many Yesterday & Today Records customers over the years because of his unique style. Someone hearing him for the first time may say there’s a bit of Johnny Cash, a bit of Tom Waits etc but we’d say it was 100% Ronny. Great story songs none better than “Handsome Harry the Hipster” the story of 40s singer Harry Gibson. Always great.


Kelly Spinks “ Right Out of this World”  $28 You wish hard enough for anything and it comes. I was telling Big Bad John that another album from kelly Spinks would be grand and lo & behold here it is. His voice has deepened a little and it is pretty safe to say he bears more of a resemblance to Mark Chesnutt than ever especially on the wonderful “Who’s the Stranger at Our Door”. Cheating and barroom songs are in prominence and he handles them superbly. Just for the traditionalists he nails Stony Edwards’ wonderful tale of “almost being a heel” on “Two Doillar Toy”. Then it is back to “Barmaids & Barstools” and a great workout on “Texas Fiddle Man” , which I think was done by the great Alvin Crow. As good as his previous two albums were, I would say this was better.


Karen Collins  “No Yodelling on the Radio” $28 Classic honky tonk. The title song is a lament about the changing passage of time and its effect on music. “Mama’s in a Honky Tonk Downtown’ features band member Geff King, who was a member of the great indie group Honky Tonk Confidential. Great song in which he tells his kids all about their errant Mama. This is just a great cd. “I’m a Walkin’ Advertisement for the Blues” is very Loretta Lynn inspired and you can’t get much more of a recommendation that that. The great “Salvation Saloon” is classic honky tonk. Great album with good songs.


Gary P Nunn “One Way or Another” $28 Very popular Texan with his own unique style. Has lot of fans hooked on it. Does story songs intertwined with Teaxs two steps. Formerly with Jerry Jeff Walker and over the years has more than held his own with his ex boss!


Sleepy LaBeef “Rides Again” DVD $35  First ever dvd recorded in Nashville in 2012 under the direction of Dave Pomeroy features 17 performances interconnected by recaps and anecdotes of his career.


Leyla Fences “Itty Bitty Twang Twang” $28 Not sure whether the title is approved or not but Leyla is the real deal, a genuine honky tonker with a rustic quality that really compares to the first couple of Miss Leslie albums, though Leyla cracks a smile or two so she is one up on the sombre one. There is a lot of humour, “Trophy Wife” being about the surgically enhanced numbers. Lots of upbeat stuff but she also has a few ballads. The “Next Time” has classic country written all over it. She also writes the songs as well as singing them. The Cosmic Cowboy loves this album.


 Lawrence Reynolds  This is a tad complicated...Mike Headrick, who owns the rights to the fabulous recordings of Lawrence Reynolds (may Lawrence RIP) has brought out a new album of outtakes and at the same time adjusted the tracks on “He Comes From Alabama” so that the 2 albums are roughly even as far as tracks go. So for those who already have the “He Comes from Alabama” (as per first listing below) we will work out some deal if you want to get both 2&3 listed below.  Whatever I will say that Lawrence, an all time Top 5 indie (As per the first listing) is a honky tonk delight. The outtakes are varying in quality but the best are as good as anything on the original album. Yes, he is the same guy who had a pop hit with “Jesus Is a Soul Man” the song about a Mexican waiter who was a big fan of James Brown...NO!!!) but these country recordings are just a delight. Sensational in fact.


“He Comes from Alabama” (how it was...have a couple in rarities)


2.He Comes from Alabama

3.That Old Red River

4.My Heart Won't Leave Me Alone

5.Haggard and Jones

6.Grandpa's Song

7.I Hope You Choke

8.Hell Must Be Like Today

9.High as Bill Monroe

10.Never Look Back

11.Them Old Hank Williams Songs

12.Watch Me Die

13.She Won't Talk to Me

14.Mama Sure Loves You

15.There Ain't Enough Whiskey

16.Around the Clock


“Plain & Simple Truth” $25

 1 Them Old Hank Williams Songs   

 2 Watch Me Die   

 3 She Won't Talk To Me   

 4 Mama Sure Loves You   

 5 There Ain't Enough Whiskey in Memphis   

 6 Round The Clock   

 7 Plain and Simple Truth   

 8 From Your Heart Back to Mine   

 9 Jesse   

 10 Dying Leaves   

 11 Dream   

 12 It's You, It's Love, and It's Forever   

 13 Neil   

 14 Heart of the Eagle


“He Comes From Alabama” (how it now is)  $25

1 Survivor    

 2 Haggard And Jones   

 3 He Comes From Alabama   

 4 All of a Sudden   

 5 That Old Red River   

 6 Hell Must Be Like Today   

 7 My Heart Won't Leave Me Alone   

 8 Grandpa's Song   

 9 Seven Year Eyes   

 10 I Hope You Choke   

 11 Never Look Back   

 12 High As Bill Monroe



1.    Alcohol & Heartbreak $28

2.    You Drink & Drive me Crazy $28

3.    Deep End of the Bottle $28

3 albums by what may be the definitive honky tonk group in the very big sub-category of “drinking songs”. And they are great at what they do. They remind a little of the Cornell Hurd Group and in Yesterday & Today speak that means about as good as you can get. All feature classic album covers, which will leave no one guessing as far as content is concerned.  Like the Cornell Hurd Band there is plenty of humour. Not the dopey Nashville embarrassing “you think my tractor’s sexy” cringe thing but the good natured banter that we all love. They may not be Australian but their humour will appeal. They are no shy in including country royalty in their songs, for example “What Would George Jones Do”, “Praying in the House of Hank” and Johnny Cash Would Kick Your Ass” are from “Alcohol & Heartbreak. They are also able to use the witty play on words to great effect, eg “Shotgun Divorce” & “Alimony Is a Four Letter Word”....And for Quakers Hill Red Pete be known they are great value with heaps of tracks...17/15 & 16 respectively. They have some great instrumental subtlety too & kudos must go to accordion player Don Turner.


Heart of Texas Country Duets $28  What can we say other than the best label going today offers another gem. This is on its way and will be here when you get this. So here are the tracks. You Know it will be great

1.Pop A Top – Johnny Bush & Jim Ed Brown

2.Odds & Ends – Curtis Potter & Justin Trevino

3.Lily Dale – Darrell McCall & Willie Nelson

4.Don’t Call Me From A Honky Tonk – Tony Booth & Amber Digby

5.Have I Told You Lately That I Love You – Joe Paul Nichols & Norma Jean

6.Gold Watch & Chain – Justin Trevino & Jan Howard

7.You & Me & Time – Georgette Jones & George Jones

8.Mr. Right & Mrs. Wrong – Landon Dodd & Amber Digby

9.I Think We’re On To Something – Bobby G. Rice & Dottsy

10.What My Thoughts Do All The Time – Kim Murray & Tony Booth

11.Ashes Of Love – Norma Jean & Wanda Jackson

12.Slippin’ Around – Floyd Tillman & Dolly Parton

13.Put Me In Your Pocket – Frankie Miller & Mona McCall

14.The Rio Grande Run Red – Johnny Bush & Johnny Rodriquez

15.Somewhere South Of San Antone – George Hamilton IV & Tony Booth

16.I Miss My Mind The Most – Joe Paul Nichols & Curtis Potter

17.Big Blue Diamonds – Rance Norton & Justin Trevino

18.Run Woman Run – Amber Digby & Georgette Jones

19.Pictures Can’t Talk Back – Darrell McCall & Johnny Paycheck

20.We Talk About The Weather – Justin Trevino & Dottsy


Eric Strickland “Honky Tonk Till I Die” $28 Nothing we like better than a fair dinkum full on honky tonk album and when it is as good as this it is hard to beat. All the tracks are original and extremely well written. The classic “Haggard & Hell” is almost an outlaw song that Waylon would have been completely home in covering. There is a lot of instrumental variety, with “Shine Down On Me” (in particular) and several other songs featuring some great bluesy harmonica from Garry Braddy, There isa great full sound with David Evans on lead & baritone guitar having some fine duels with steel guitarist Ray Walker . A couple of truckin’ songs add to the joy. Only criticism is the dreaded hidden track. Ten tracks are listed on the cover but the 11th is actually a beauty... assumably called “Drinking Whiskey” it is about a guy trying to forget a love but finding out there is not enough whiskey for him to do so. Terrifc album..


Ken Mellons “Just What I’m Wantin’ to Do” $28  This is actually a reissue of Ken’s album “Sweet’ which wasn’t around for long, and was Ken’s best album and I might say a great addition for anyone’s collection. This adds the song “One’s a Couple”. Both he and Tracy Lawrence cut the song “Paint Me a Birmingham”, but Ken’s version was superior for mine. He has a wonderful voice which we have said in the past is reminiscent of that of Vern can’t get a much better recommendation. The “Institute of Honky Tonks” is a duet with George Jones. Ken is one of the all time great ballad singers, “Can’t Make my Heart Believe” sounds like it could have been on Vern’s “Alone” is that good. If you don’t have “Sweet” get this. Still trying to work out what a “Birmingham” is...a city?an artist? A style of painting??What matters though is this is tops!!


Charley Pride “ Did You Think to Pray” Music City Records $28 If there is one artist who has been poorly treated in the reissue market it is Charley Pride. This 1971 album actually won 2 Grammy Awards for Charley. Produced by Jack Clement it is generally acknowledged as one of his best. It is augmented by “Wings of a Dove” which was recorded in 1967. Let’s hope that someone jumps on the bandwagon and gets a few more Charley’s out.


Jesse Dayton “Sings Kinky” $28 Jesse Dayton is a great singer from Texas, who has occasionally been let down by choice of material. But when he gets it right he is hard to beat. This breathes life into the songs of Kinky Friedman, the Kinkster. It is a logical progression as Jesse featured in a stage play about Kinky and played the man in his heyday...was going to say when Kinky was a big star but that was wrong as Kinky was never a real star even though revered and loved.  This is like having a “Pearls in the Snow” # 2.


Dottie Jack “Lighter Shade of Blue” $28  This is a last minute Christmas present. Just out and in the year’s final shipment. Dottie is sensational. Her last album was our album of the year and deservedly so. Maybe this will sneak in. Anyway it will be here when you get this. It is all new and here are the tracks. I assume “Baby That’s Cold” is the track that was done by Vern Gosdin. Wow, that should be good.

1.  Kissing My Pillow 

2.  Because It's You 

3.  My Ears Should Burn(When Fools Are Talked About)

4.  Our House Is Not A Home

     (For It's Never Been Loved In)

5.  I'll Run Right Back To You

6.  Baby, That's Cold

7.  I Heard  You Asked About Me

 8. A Lighter Shade Of Blue 

9.  Nobody Wins  (Duet with Justin Trevino)

10. I Sure Learned A Lot From You  

11. When The Tingle Becomes A Chill 

12. One For You -- One For Me 



1.    Eddy Arnold “America’s Most Successful Country & Western Star’ $35 10 cds 200 songs  Great value set from the UK with 2 cds covering the period 1945-1949 and 8 cds covering the 50s. No notes just 10 individual aleevs with writer credits. Round 8 and ½ hours. Good sound. See below in various (Rockabilly Cowboys/ Train Songs..both same series0

2.    Yodelling Slim Clark “Singin’ Yodelin’ Guitar Pickin’ Cowboy songs” 2cds Jasmine $30 Canadian singer who has invoked comparisons to Wilf Carter. Firs tcd as far as I can tell and a whopping 53 tracks.

3.    Country Gazette “Country Gazette Live/ The Sunny Side of the Mountain/ What a Way to Make a Living” 3 on 2 $30 Classic bluegrass inspired country rock featuring Clarence White’s brother Roalnd among their personnel.

4.    Lacy J Dalton “Survivor/ Lacy J” 2on 1 $30  Don’t have to tell you how great she is. There goes the collector’s market. Them’s the breaks. “Survivor’ is one of the best album’s you will ever hear.

5.    Reverend Horton Heat  25 to Life $35 CD + DVD + additional career spanning cd + 52 page book all in a nifty little box. He is a legend in the rockabilly field and has no relationship whatsoever with gospel music in spite of the name.

6.    Johnny Horton “North to Alaska & Other Great Hits: The Early Album Collection” $30 Jasmine 2cds  contains Johnny Horton (Dot) 1959/ The Fantastic Johnny Horton/ Sings Free & Easy/ The Spectacular Johnny Horton’ Johnny Horton Makes History”

7.    Johnny Horton “Essential Recordings” 2cds 40 tracks $20 Great sound

8.    Wanda Jackson “Rocking Country Style: The Early Albums Collection” 2cds Jasmine $30 contains the albums “Day Dreamin’”/ Rockin’ with Wanda”/ There’s a Party Goinn’ On” / “Right or wrong”

9.    George Jones “Bartender’s Blues / Shine On” $30 2 on 1

10. Kendalls “Two Herat Harmony/ “Thank God for the Radio” $30 2 on 1 with the hoinky tonkin’ fathe r& daughter...originally on Mercury.

11. John D Loudermilk “Songs of” 2cds Jasmine UK each 32 tracks $30  The first features John himself..great vocalist...and the second has others doing his songs...also 32 tracks.

12. Ray Price “For the Good Times/I Won’t Mention It Again” 2 on 1 $30

Ray was almost a pop star...well he hit the Australian Top 40 with the title of the first album and the second cd actually brings the talley to 9 Kristofferson songs on the 2 albums.

13. Don Rondo “The Hits & More “ $28 (Jasmine”  28 tracks by 50s singer who had hit with “White Silver Sands”

14. Jean Shepard “First Lady of Country Music: The Early Album Collection” 2 cds $30 Jasmine UK  contains Songs of a Love Affair/ Lonesome Love/ This Is Jean Shepard/ Got You On My Mind

15. Red Sovine: I’m the Man: a Starday Singles Anthology (Ace UK) $30 Focussed on the country stylings of Red. 24 tracks.

16. VARIOUS Drunk: 100 Smashed Hits $32 (Proper)  includes 24 page book. Good to see these little gems back on the market. This covers intoxication from a blues & country perspective.

17. VARIOUS Lonesome Whistle: An Anthology of American Railroad Songs (Proper) $32 4cds + 32 page book. Believe it there is very little duplication between this and the set below. This does cover much more early songs with quite a mix of blues & country. Hopefully will mark a re-activation of the Proper label.

18. VARIOUS Ramblers Gamblers Vagabonds And Revelers: 100 songs By & About the archetypes and architects of American Roots Music $32 (Proper)  Again, another  new set for mProper with emphasis on blues & country.

19. VARIOUS Rockabilly Cowboys 10 cds $35 200 songs  Same as Eddy Arnold (above) This is a great set and even if you have the entire “That’ll Flat Git It” series on Bear Family there are many on here  that aren’t on there. As the title would indicate it focusses on the country side of things.

20. VARIOUS Train songs 10 cds 200 tracks $35  Infinite variety and fabulous spread of styles. Favourites are Doris Day “Choo Choo Train”/ the Four Lovers “Night Train’ (what a beauty) and Laurie London “Gospel Train” starts with 30s country.






1.    Bailes Brothers: Standing Somewhere in the Shadows: The Legendary King Sessions 1953 PLUS $32


2.    Bailes Brothers: Remember Me: The Legendary King Sessions 1946 $32

3.    Jack Bradshaw “Saturday Night special” $32 He is featured on that cd of Marvel Masters we have listed later in this newsletter and is a rockabilly come hillbilly singer well respected by collectors.


4.    Billy Brown “Did We Have a Party” $32 Famed as a rockabilly singer on Columbia with classics such as “Dis We Have a Party”, “Flip Out” etc but also as the guy who first recorded Joe Allison’s “He’ll Have to Go”, of course the biggest hit for Jim Reeves. NOW, if Billy had only put his sweet lips a little closer to the phone.


5.    Hank Davis “One Way Track” $32 38 tracks from a New York based singer who had some excellent rockabilly/ country sounds but never really stayed around on one label long enough to be famous. 38 tracks including the title song, the closest thing he had to a hit,


6.    Bonnie Guitar “Only the Moon Man Knows: Rare Recordings 1951-1957 $32 34 tracks from the labels Morrison/ Rainier/ FAbor & Dot.


7.    Merle Haggard “Troubadour” 4cds + 68 page hardcover book $180 This is Merle’s MCA years. ...111 tracks and over 6 hours.  I really love Merle’s MCA period. He recorded more moody autobiographical songs and some classic albums: Back to the Barrooms/ The Way I Am/ I’m Always on a Mountain When I Fall etc and of course the gospel “Songs for the Mama Who Tried”


8.    Johnny Horton “I’m a Fishing Man” DVD $35  A long time coming but the 28 track dvd was in so much demand it is not funny. Now back in stock.  Includes Ozark Jubilee performances.


9.    Eddie Noack “Gentleman prefer Blondes” 3cds $80 + 104 page book with a whopping 104 tracks!!. Contains original Four Star, Starday, D & Mercury Recordings. There is going to be a single cd of his later recordings (coming 2013) which has his version of the Leon Payne Classic “Psycho” on it. His hard country style was favoured by rockabilly fans even though he considered himself to be pure country.


10. Louis Prima “Louis Rocks” 30 tracks $32 which also feature his then wife, Keely Smith and Sam Butera. His signature tune “Just a Gigolo/ I Ain’t got Nobody” is of course a highlight.


11. Marty Robbins “Marty Rocks” $32 30 traccks. Marty was a great rockabilly singer and to be honest his version of “That’s All Right Mama” ransk right up there with that of Elvis. I guess it is a stretch to have the ballad “She Was Only Seventeen” but it was a great period song.


12. Red Sovine – Juke Joint Johnny: Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight” $32 Was once a hard country singer! And this proves how good he was.31 tracks including 2 duets with Goldie Hill (which was his first charting hit) plus “Why Baby Why” with Webb Pierce( which was his first number 1).


13. Ernest Tubb Shows Walking the Floor Over You Part One DVD $35


14. Ernest Tubb Shows Walking the Floor Over You Part Two DVD $35 Two volumes shot in the early to mid 60s. Both are in colour and in great clarity. The first volume has quite a few performances by Willie Nelson. Gee he looked respectable. Volume 2 also has some Willie so. The Troubadours had Jack Greene and Cal Smith in their numbers at this time and both get solo spots. Tubb is at his charismatic best. The Ernest Tubb Midnight Jamboree continues to this day. Current owner David McCormick licensed these performances.


15.  I Like It Like That $32  32 track compilation  God compilation wit ha lot of rarities but too bad if you want to ead the notes...they are in German. All the other cd’s notes are in English...Why Dunno??


Other Bear Family cds

1.    Big Bopper “Hello Baby You KnowWhat I Like” $32 complete recordings and more, including several tribute songsplus some where the artist sing his Jayne Mansfield soing “That Makes It”  31 tracks..23 by the Bopper himself. Doug Parkinson played him in the Australian “”Buddy Holly” stage show. NO, I didn’t think it was a great choice either. Endless humour and great music.


2.    Kinky Friedman “They Ain’t Making Jews Like Jesus Anymore” $32 2 of Kinky’s otherwise unavailable 70s albums on 1 cd. Ringo Starr makes a guest appearance as God on the track “Men’s Room LA” in which he plays the part of God when he answers Kinky’s prayer when he finds the men’s room doesn’t have any toilet paper. won’t hear Taylor Swift doing a cover of that one.



3.    George Hamilton “To You & Yours: the Drugstores Rockin’” Great compilation of early ABC and RCA tracks. He had quite a few ABC hits including “A Rose & Baby Ruth”& “gee”. 32 trcaks in all. Also made several great rockabilly tracks, especially “Everybody’s Body”


4.    Jerry Lee Lewis “Old Time Religion” $32. If there is such a thing as a funny gospel album this is it!! Never released until Bear Family put this cd out. He is in wonderful form. Perhaps Smash records people thought it a bit irreverent but so is ...and it is Jerry Lee.


5.    Porter Wagoner “Cold Hard Facts of Life” 3cds + 60 page book. It contains 6 of Porter’s classic themed RCA albums within a quad-fold digipak cover. It contains

a)   Confessions of a Broken Man

b)   Soul of a Convict

c)   Cold Hard Facts of Life

d)   Down in the Alley: Skid Row Joe

e)   Bottom of the Bottle

f)    Carroll County Accident

All are none less than brilliant. Porter’s peak period and then some.

6.    Various: A Girl Called Johnny Cash: An Album of Tribute Songs $32

The concept is pretty simple. A collection of songs by artists singing about other artists. It starts with Gordon Terry’s great “Ballad of Johnny Cash”. Highlight though are the 10 tracks recorded by the wonderful Stoney Edwards of which only :”Han & Lefty Raised My Country Soul” was ever released. The othe r9 are just as good. Fabulous.


7.    Juke Box Pearls $32 25  tracks of uptempo honky tonk style music by women, gals, females. Some you know, some you don’t. Graet concept.


8.    Shit! Happens $32 Daring title...who said the Germans=s don’t have any humour. Thsi is a wonderful album...if it could be sumamrised in two words it is “bad luck” being in the wrong place at the wrong time...being the victim of bad luck. The yare songs of tragedy but all us country music fans know the artist is winking at us. Still Kleenex is recommended. Brillaintlyu illustrated by German artist Reinhard Kleist.






Still going well ******ALL REDUCED FOR CHRISTMAS”

These are the best sellers. Refer to previous newsletters for details. Just don’t miss any.

1.    Garry Ash “Man in the Moon $28  $20 classic honky tonk

2.    Jason Arnold “Crazy Things $25 $15

3.    Bobby Bare “Hard Time Hungrys/ The Winner & Other Losers  2 on 1 $28 $20

4.    Blake & Kendall Barnes “Welcome to Barnes Country” $28 $25My own favourite for album of the year. I love it.

5.    T Jarrod Bonta “White Lines” $28  $18 Jerry Lee inspired honky tonk. Great piano pounder who is a member of the Cornell Hurd Band. What a q.v.!!

6.    Anita Carter “Songbird” (omni) $28 $20 28 tracks...classic vocalist

7.    T Jae Christian “I Wish I was Home” $28  $25

8.    T Jae Christian “Put me Down Easy Lord” $28 $20

9.    Chuck Cusimano “I Wrote This” $28 $20 Texas legend.

10. David Ferguson “David Ferguson” $25  $18 This collection of Jack Clement songs ranks as one of the most popular albums we have ever had. Album of the year...a main contender

11. Amy Francis “Balladacious” $28 $18 Extremely popular and brilliant re-creation   of the classic Nashville sound.

12. Glaser, Tompall Award Winners/ Rings & Things  2on 1 $30 $22

13.  Vern Gosdin “The Warner Years 3 on 2 Till the end (with Emmylou)/ Never My Love/ Yu’ve Got somebody” $30 $22

14. Lorne Greene “The Man” omni 27 tracks $28 $20

15. Woody Guthrie: The Live Wire Woody Guthrie in Performance 1949

16. George Hamilton IV “Tribute to Luke the Drifter” $28 $20 Fascinating.

17. Burl Ives Sweet Sad & Salty $28 $20 31 of his Nashville recordings

18. Jody Jenkins CarsBars & Guitars  $28 $20 Texas honky tonk

19. Joey & Rory “His & Hers” $28 $25 (Walmart version with 2 bonus tracks)

20.  Alamo Jones “The Voice in Black” $28 $20 could this be 2012 Album of Year

21. George Jones “Grand Tour/ Alone Again” $30 $22 (2 on 1)

22. George Jones “Ragged But Right: The Starday Years Plus” 3cds $45 $35

23. Grandpa Jones “Makes the Rafters Ring/ Yodelling” Omni 2on 1 $28 $18

24. Grandpa Jones “ Everybody’s Grandpa/ Sings Hits From Hee Haw” Omni 2on 1 $28 $20

25. Billy Keeble “Just for You” $28 $25

26. Billy Keeble “Sings Wynn Stewart” $28 $20

27.  Jerry Kilgore “Telephone Texas’ $28 $20

28. Jerry Kilgore  “Loaded & Empty” $ 28 $20two indie gems

29. Fred Koller “Live at Norm’s Roadhouse” $28 $18 Wonderful songwriter and charismatic perfomer who is a long time collaborator of Shel Silverstein and sings about as well.

30.  McCall, C W, “Wolf Creek Pass” Omni $28 $25

31. Bob Manning & Honky Tonk Roadshow “Taste of Honky tonk” $20. $15His live Cd and one copy only left.

32. Bob Manning “Just What I Wanted”  $28 $20 His stunning equal 2011 Album of the Year (with W C Edgar).

33. Bob Manning & Kimberly Murray “One Night Only” $28 $20 duets

34. Robert Mizzell  Early Hits 3cds  $38 $25 Authentic country music from Irish star.

35. Kimberly Murray “Another Day of Lonely”  $28

36.  Mickey Newbury  DVD Live at the Hermitage 147 minutes $38 $25

37. Norma Jean DVD “Pretty LMiss Norma Jean” $25 $22

38. Dolly Parton “The Fairest of Them All/ My Favorite Songwriter” Omni (2 on1 ) $28 $20

39. Johnny Paycheck “Nowhere to Run: The Little Darlin’ Years 1966-1970”  Omni 29 tracker $28 $20

40. Bobby G Rice “Down in Texas” (Heart of Texas) $28 $20

41. Marty Robbins “My Woman My Woman My Wife/ Marty After Midnight” 2on 1 $30 $20

42. Gena Roberts “Shuffle Back to Me” $28  $20 All songs by Chuck Cusimano

43.  Artie Rodriguez “He Loves George Jones” $28 $18

44.  Ray Scott – Rayality $25  $15Waylon styled Outlaw music.

45. Roy Sludge Too Drunk to Truck $28 $22 Classic Dave Dudley style trucking cd

46. Cal Smith “My Kind of Country/ I Just Came Home to Count theMemory” 2 on 1 Uk $30 $25

47. Cal Smith “ Best of Cal Smith” UK $30 $25

48. Hank Snow “Songs of Tragedy” Omni $28 $20 25 tracks Kleenex job!!

49. Davy Jay Sparrow “Old Fashioned” $28 $20 (for Wayne the Train fans)

50. Stonemans  “All in the Family” Omni $28 $18  34 tracks

51. Mel Street “Mel Street/ Country Soul” 2 on 1 UK $30 $22

52. Porter Wagoner “Cold Hard Facts of Life/ Soul of a Convict” 2 on 1 Omni two fabulous RCA themed albums on 1 $28 $20

53. Porter Wagoner “What Ain’t to Be Just Might Happen/ Sings His Own” Omni 2 on 1 RCA classic $28 $20

54.  Mike Alan Ward  Reading Hemingway $28 $18 Great cd from the man who created the Gram Parsons Notebook project, More unissued GP here too.

55. Hank Williams “Lost Concerts” $28 $20

56.  Hank Williams III “Long Gone Daddy” $25 $20 Outtakes and unreleased tracks from his early Curb days. For those who loved “Risin’ Outlaw

57. Various COUNTRY FUNK 1969-1975 $28 $20

58. Various DEATH (Ace UK) 24 tks $30 $25 Only place you will get “Drunken Driver” by Ferlib Husky and “Psycho” by Jack Kittel.




Part I. These are truly some of the finest country cds ever. All are long out of print. We don’t ever knock back the opportunity of getting these as we know one day . v the opportunity will not be there, so occasionally we get a few more of some things. This time round I am culling a few and guess are the winner. This is the deal...on all in Part 1 Buy 1 $20/ Buy 2 $18 ea/ Buy 3

or more $15 each. Don’t miss out. These are classics.

1=$20  2=$18ea 3+=$15ea...Part 1 only


Atkins/Reed “Sneakin’ Around”  Chet’s3rd album with Jerry Reed is full of great picking & the wonderful interplay of the first two. “Gibson Girl” is a great song about a guitar though it takes a while before you can cotton on to that.

Bogguss, Suzy/Chet Atkins “Simpatico”  One of Chet’s last albums and one of Suzy’s best, if not the best. A must have. Highlight’s are many But personally can’t go past the fabulous Johnny Cash song “I Still Miss Someone” and Elton John’s “Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word”. Wonderful song with Chet showing why he is so revered, great guitar “Two Shades of Blue” may be better with a hint of accordion.

Browne, Jann Tell Me Why  1990 gem long OOP As well as being a cracker singer she is a great writer with the highlight being “Louisville”. Emmylou guests. Something that is just not in existence anymore, a great major label female vocalist.

Cartwright, Lionel “Lionel Cartwright He debuted same time as Garth & Clint Black & his first was a stunner. “Like Father Like Son”, a Paul Overstreet song is a classic, whilst the rest are Lionel originals and stand up very well. Particularly good is “Little Lesser Blue”. Sounds as fine today as when first released.

Cash, Tommy “Let An Old Racehorse Run12 track indie on Playback inc 2 duets with Jeannie C Riley, who we are told turned Tommy’s life around (along with the lord). Don’t you just love liner notes!!

Cryner, Bobbie Bobbie  (signed copy $25) always say this gem is the best album by a female we have ever had & (until Miss Leslie came along) the only time I have heard a female sing like George Jones. Very much like Melba Montgomery to these ears. Wonderfully produced by Carl Jackson, it also includes a great duet with Dwight Yoakam on the classic “I Don’t Care”, a classic for Webb Pierce. Still as good as it gets.

Davies, Gail – Pretty Words MCA one of our favourites and certainly in the very top echelon of Nashville female writers and singers. From 1989 and was produced by Jimmy Bowen. Gail wrote or co-wrote all 10 songs.

Davies, Gail “The Other Side of LoveNice Capitol label album from 1990 with al lbar two songs by Gail, who also produced.

Delray, Martin “What Kind of Man”  Second of only 2 albums. Great deep voice and also a great guitar player. Stunning version of Steve Earle’s “Sometimes She Forgets”.This should be in every collection.

Dunn, Holly Across the Rio Grande final MTM album (“Across the Rio Grande” had her delightful version of the title song, also done by Reba, but Holly wins!!

Ethel & the Shameless Hussies Born to Burn 1988 Another Jimmy Bowen production from1988 featuring the fabulous Kasey Jones who came steamin’ & a rollin’down under in 2008. Sassy female honky tonk with lots of wit esp. ontracks such as “One Night Stan”.

Gosdin, Vern The Voice Original blood red case version of his wonderful 1998 album. Also includes his then protégé (wink wink) Lacy Lynne who joins the great man on a couple of duets. It was a fitting reminder that here was the guy who would run George Jones to a photo finish in the best vocalist stakes.

Grand, Gil Famous Last Words Never actually released. Has partial graphics. Excellent Canadian artist.

Haggard, Merle Capitol Collectors Series 20 tracks.The best single cd of Merle at his best.As a guide the Capitol Collectors series of releases were simply the best sounding and compiled of any label,

Haggard, Merle His Greatest And Best  MCA collection which is very well compiled and features his great tribute to Tommy Collins, “Leonard”, one of his best ever songs IMO!

Hardwick, Billy Jnr   Too Country  A great singer and writer’s only album. He walked into the record company office and talked himself into a contract.Like Dean Dillon somewhat vocally and does a stunning version of Dillon’s “You Sure Got This Ol’ Redneck Feelin’ Blue”. For those of us hoping for a follow up album I think we can now stop holding out breathh A+ This is one of the most loved albums we have ever sold.

Hobbs, Becky All Keyed Up Best ever female honky tonk album, with the best track being “Jones on the Jukebox”. Becky is the consummate show gal. Whilst known for her rompers the ballad “She Broke Her Promise” is superb as well. Originally on the MTM label. “Jones on the Jukebox” was a co-write with Mack Vickery.

House, James James House Debut album was well received in all quarters but didn’t do much chart wise…hence he only had a 2 album run on MCa plus an album later on Epic…believe me the MCA were better. Still sounds good especially the first single “Don’t Quit Me Now” and the upbeat “Lucinda”.

Jones, George    Friends in High Places All duets including Emmylou Harris, Randy Travis, Vern Gosdin (wow!!), Buck Owens, Ricky Van Shelton and more, but hard to beat “IF I Could Bottle This Up” with Shelby Lynne.

Jones, George “Sings Bob Wills Out of print United Artists cd with Bob’s great tribute cd.

Jones, George One Woman Man Personal favourite. “Place in the Country” is one of his best unknown songs. Right up there with “He Stopped Lovin’ Her Today” & with the delicious irony he only gets his wish when he is buried! Also includes his hit “Yabba Dabba Do” which is an amazing song about a guy getting tanked (something on which George had done a lot of research ) drinking out of an Elvis decanter of Jim Beam and from a Fred Flintstone glass, which previously held jelly beans. Now if you think that sounds bizarre you are right but George pulls it off.

Jones, George    Wine Colored Roses 1986 album is very very hard to find on cd and includes classic Jones on “The Right Left Hand” a surprise duet with Patti Page.. “You Never Looked That Good When You Were Mine” and “Ol’ Frank”.Now on a two fer cd, so reduced for those purists.

Jones, George  Bartender’s Blues Has the great “Ain’t Your Memory Got No Pride at All’ plus a couple of songs with great wordplay “When Your Phone Don’t Ring, It’ll Be Me” and “I Ain’t Got No Business Doing Business Today”


Jones, George You Oughta Be Here With Me This was the last album he did for Epic & it may be his best. Superb songs & he is in absolutely wonderful voice. “Hell Stays Open All Night Long” is about a guy driven away from a relationship. “I Sleep Just Like a Baby” is wickedly witty with the refrain…”I wake Up every Hour & I Cry”. I thought George perhaps in the overall scheme of things has done too many novelty songs. Not so here…these are the wittiest of the lot.

Kane, Keiran Find My Way Home  rare post O’Kanes pre Kane-Welch album, on the Atlantic label from 1993.

Kelley, Noah Red Roses After the Rain  (Asylum) Never out, which is a pity as it was very good Produced by Kyle Lehning too. 10 tracks. Advance cd with no graphics.

Lyda, Jacob My Dreams Just Came True 1995 Bob Grady label

He emerged as one of the best indie singers anywhere. He was only in his teens when he recorded the first, All songs produced by Mike Headrick. The highlight of the first in the stunning honky tonker “It Must Have Been Something I Drank”as well as the great play on words “Hall Of Shame”.Please do yourself a favour and grab it He is that good.

Lyda, Jacob Here We Go Again  1997 Bob Grady label

Lyda, Jacob Three Times the Charm Country Discovery Records The thing is Jacob is largely an unknown who should be spoken of in the highest terms and is in the process of releasing a new album but is getting short shafted by the record label. These out of print gems are for those who love the likes of Ricky Van Shelton and Randy Travis. YES, he is that good.


McCarters The Gift  Wonderful debut inc.great Carl Jackson & Jennifer McCarter track “Letter from Home”. Superb harmony singing especially on the Hugh Moffatt gem, “Loving You”. .                                                    

McCarter, Jennifer & McCarters Better Be Home Soon equally as good but the first is very very hard to get. JenniferMcCarter was given top billing on thesecond but the harmonies are the same & slight bluegrass tinged songs are ace! Also includes a Hugh Moffatt gem in “Mama Rita”...or the “femaled” version “Papa Sita”.

McDaniel, Mel Rockabilly Boy As a  precursor to the review, Mel passed away recently from cancer. There is no better song than “You Can’t Play the Blues in An Air conditioned Room”!!!! Great story songs such as “Reverend Luther and the Madam” and “The Tractor”.

McDaniel, Mel Country Pride Great album on the defunct DPI label from 1991, and I believe the last album of new material for Mel. Great album including Mae Axton’s “If I Live to Be A Hundred I’ll Die Young” and the fabulous “Annual Blount County Snuff Dipper’s Ball” Not a Tom T Hall song but sounds like it could be, doesn’t it.

McEntire, Reba “Heart to Heart”

McEntire, Reba “Unlimited

 When Reba recorded for Mercury she was fabulous. When she started on MCA she was fabulous. I’d better stop there in case I mention her current excruciating pop offerings. These 2 early albums from 1982 and 1983 and 1981 respectively show what a shame the transition has been. Some of these are on the “Oklahoma Girl” set but honestly all are good, and you know I am hardly what you would call a fan of the current variety.


McQuaig, Scott Scott McQuaig Haven’t given up hope of a second but won’t hold my breath. And whilst Scott wrote 5 songs on this album, all of which are great his version of Dave Loggins “My Friend the Bottle” is as good as that other ode to the inanimate object, Johnny Bush’s version of “Bottle Bottle”. Certainly vintage George Strait fans will (pardon the pun), lap this up.Classic Jimmy Bowen produced album.

Mensy, Tim “Stone By Stone” 1990 release by a stunning vocalist, guitarist and songwriter, responsible for all tracks on this Epic label gem. 1990 may have been the best year ever for country music.

Miller, Roger Best Of Volume Two: King of the Road Best single cd of his hits. Long OOP. Great companion to the previous cd.

Moffatt, Katy The Greatest Show on Earth This was the original issue but was withdrawn when Ringling Brothers claimed ownership of the title. It is the best folk country album we have ever had; Katy & Tom Russell have never done a true duet album but this is a worthy substitute!! When you think in terms of great female folk country artists you think of Emmylou, Iris and Nanci....well so do I BUT I put this album by Katy ahead of them all.

Mowrey, Dude “Honky Tonk” Capitol Another early 90s album. Produced by Jimmy Bowen this albums is marked by the great songs. Highlight are two great songs by Curtis Wright, “Cowboys Don’t Cry” and “If I Ever Love Again”. Made one more album which is best left alone as much as this one should be grabbed. 

Nelson, Willie Horse Called Music

Nelson, Willie Born For Trouble 

Nelson, Willie The Promiseland                                                      

Nelson, Willie Who’ll Buy My Memories: The IRS Tapes  2cds Some of Willie’s very best CBS albums. The former is one I remember selling to a customer who swore he never liked Willie, would never buy a Willie cd. Well guess what he bought this and changed his mind on the spot. “Nothing I Can Do About It now”,the jaunty opener from Beth Nielsen Chapmen and “If I Were a Painting” co written by Skip Ewing could not be more different style wise but are equally stunning. The following “Born for Trouble’ also starts out with a jaunty Beth Nielsen Chapman song “Ain’t necessarily So” and actually has none of Willie’s own songs on it. But they are a great bunch and there are two more by Neilsen-Chapman plus the super “I Don’t Have a Reason to Go to California Anymore” by Hank Cochran & Billy Don Burns’.  “The Promiseland” is headed by David Lynn Jones great “Living in the Promiseland” and also sees Willie steer away from his own songs, although he does a brilliant full country version of his “I’m Not Trying to Forget You”. Finally, his acoustic guitar and voice on the IRS tapes, an album everyone should have.                                         

Pennington,R/Buddy Emmons Swinging by Request

                                                          Going Out Swingin’

Ray Pennington was honcho of Step One Records, a Nashville independent label which had a wonderful roster. He was also a fine Ray price inspired vocalist & as many steel players would say Buddy Emmons is the best ever. The Step One House band, so to speak, was none too shabby with Rob Hajacos on fiddle, Bobby All on acoustic guitar and Bunky Keels on piano. This has 21 tracks & Clinton Gregory is an excellent vocalist on 2 tracks. They are a mix of vocal& instrumentals, with “Little Brown Jug” featuring some extraordinary steel from Mr Emmons. The second cd is equally great and includes Curtis Potter as a guest on 2 tracks.

Reeves, Del   Silver Anniversary Album. This is a fun album in which Del puts his well known  skills as an impersonator to use on “AchyBreaky Heart” as sung by Roy Acuff, Walter Brennan & Johnny Cash among others. It works!! He is also an excellent singer with Charlie Sizemore’s “I’m Really Gone” being a true highlight.

Rich, Charlie Pictures & Paintings His wonderful last album on Warner Brothers is just as much jazz and blues as country. Shown with a lighted cigarette we wonder if it was perhaps lit with the same lighter he set fire to the envelope with when he announced John Denver as Male Vocalist of the year in the early 70s! I wonder what Charlie would do nowadays; probably burn the whole place down and who could blame him. Back to the album, this is just stunning and a fitting farewell album.

Seekers– “Capitol Collectors SeriesThis is here for 2 reasons. The first is the sound. Despite being a US pressing the quality of this vastly exceeds anything that has ever been put out in Australia. Secondly the selection is beyond reproach, 25 tracks including several with added studio talk included. Also has Bruce Woodley’s co-write with Paul Simon…”Red Rubber Ball”, not to be confused  with “Rubber Ball”  hit for Bobby Vee among others; this was a hit for The Cyrkle.

Shafer, Sanger D “Whitey” So Good So Long  The opener “All My Ex’s Live in Texas”, written by Whitey is of course a classic but to me the jewel is “Heaven Was a Drink of Wine”, which was done superbly by Hank Cochran on an lp called “With a Little Help From My Friends”. Well friends, Whitey does even better. An absolute drinking song classic “…tonight I went to hell …and heaven was a drink of wine”. Can’t get better honky tonk singing than this.

Shaver, Billy Joe  Salt of the Earth  Cd issue of great 1987 album inc “The Devil Made Me Do It” plus the wonderful “Hill Country Love Song”, as tender as it gets. Also done by Benny Berry.

Tubb, Ernest Live 1965 OOP on Rhino this like George Jones’ Dancetown showed 1965as a vintage year for live recording even though both were not issued at the time. His band included both Jack Greene & Cal Smith. The sound is stunning and highlights ET’s great personality and style.

Whitley, Keith Kentucky Bluebird 15 tracks not on his other albums. Augmented with some historical and rare clips.

Whitley, Keith Tribute A gem put out by his label 5 or so years after he so tragically died. BUT for the Whitley fans it is not just other artists interpreting Whitley (all quite superbly I may add, especially Alan Jackson, Joe Diffie and Mark Chesnutt) but also includes 4 great previously unissued Whitley songs including a superb duet with Lorrie Morgan on “I Just Want You”…..a must.

Wild Rose Listen to your Heart

Wild Rose Straight & narrow

Wild Rose Breaking New Ground Fantastic upbeat all gal group with Pam Gadd on lead vocals & Wanda Vick on guitar & just about everything else.Kind of a bluegrass supergroup playing hard core country….superbly. All these are truly essential.

Young, Faron & Ray Price Memories That Last  Great cd which was on the great Step One label. Excellently produced by Ray Pennington, who actually duets with Faron on one of the tracks, seems Ray Price’s master vocal had a tape glitch. Fine stuff



Rig Rock Deluxe A Musical Salute to the American Truck Driver  16 tracks which feature new singers & old.Possible highlight is Junior Brown teaming with Red Simpson on “Nitro Express”. Also includes one of Buck Owens last recordings, Steve Earle etc.



Part II

There are some so rare in here that I honestly believe we will not have them again. Please bear in mind that many of these are items where I only have 1 copy. These are genuine long out of print albums which are just wonderful. If you have any questions please ask. If you want the best country there is this is it. Look out for some price reductions along the way. Most of these are one copy items so do not expect them to last.


DISCOUNTS: If you have ordered 3 from part I you can take $5 off each one here.  Or order 3 from here and there  and get $5 off each


John Anderson “Wild & Blue” $40 (WB/S&P) This was John Anderson’s third album and unquestionably his finest. He was without doubt the best traditional style vocalist to emerge in the early 80s. “Wild & Blue” sounds like it could have been one of Lefty’s but was from John Scott Sherrill. A classic country start BUT the second track, “The Waltz You Saved For Me”, a duet with Emmylou Harris may be the best single song either artist has done. Written in the 30s by Wayne King (I kid you not), who was known as somewhat of a waltz king, it features sublime vocals from both with a wonderful interaction. “Long Black Veil’ is a duet with Merle Haggard. How good can it get?? Well, we are not finished. “Disappearing Farmer” is a great track from Sandy Pinkard (of & Bowden fame) and of course has a strong message. As a balladeer Anderson is superb on “She Never Looked That Good When She Was Mine”, a case of lingering love. BUT it is on the uptempo “Swingin’” that he really does change the face of country music, and it acts as a pre-cursor to what others were doing in the 90s. This is as good as it gets. It is out of print and I only have one copy so there will be one winner and a lot of rueing. Sorry...

Anderson, John – “Blue Skies Again” (MCA 1987) $30 $25 Sealed copy of post WB album. It was a return to the more traditionalist style and is the only place you will get JA’s wonderful duet with Waylon Jennings, “Somewhere Between Ragged & Right”..   

Bandy, Moe Many Mansions $30 Very hard to get Curb label cd produced by Jerry Kennedy. Moe even contributes 2 songs, “Yuppie Love” and “Charlie”, which kind of make you wonder why he hasn’t written more over the years.

Berry, Benny Standing Here Alone $45

Berry, Benny Mama’s Rockin’ Chair $40

Down to one copy only of each and only two titles. People have taste.

Hawk Records from Northern Ireland was the company that released Oklahoman Benny’s first 4 albums. Everyone who was a Merle Haggard fan loved Benny. He had a similar timbre in his voice and was ably backed by a team led by Mike Headrick, a picture of whom is hung on the Swedish Cowboy’s wall and to whom the (highly religious) Swedish Cowboy says a prayer of thanks every night. Benny also is the recipient of our greatest EVER independent artist award. Others may disagree but they are entitled to be wrong. Every one of these is nothing less than brilliant, especially for fans of Merle Haggard. Had a few of each but solitary copies now. I can still remember palying “Standing Here Alone” for the first time.

Bond, Johnny Best of Johnny Bond $35 17 tracks on Varese & the only place you will get the original “Hot Rod Lincoln”. Also the hilarious “Ten Little Bottles”.


Boone, Larry Swingin’ Doors & Sawdust Floors $35 $30 As good as it gets. A great songwriter & singer he reminds of George Strait in the late 80s! This was his second cd and includes two songs written by Larry that are synonymous with other artists. “Beyond the Blue Neon” is of course the title song of George Starit’s best ever album whilst “Old Coyote Town” is a Don Williams’ specialty. Two great Texas songs (both originals)…the honky tonker ”Ten Times Texas” and “Under a Lone Star Moon” (the great ballad) complete this gem.

Boone, Larry “One Way to Go” $25 $22 He had two albums on Columbia. This, his first is stunning. Great ballad oriented album with the highlight being the superb “It Wouldn’t Kill Me”, a Larry Boone original. But he shows himself as a great interpreter as well with a stunning version of “All I Have to Offer You Is Me”.Pure unadulterated country. A word of advice, avoid his following album on Columbia, “Get in Line”. This one however grab gleefully!!

Brack, John & Friends “Face to Face: 14 Country Duets” (RCA) $35 $25 John Brack is a German singer who sings country music in English with very little accent at all. This as the title indicates is duets with some of America’s finest. As an added advantage the songs are a mix of originals and extremely hard to find covers. The duet partners combine extremely well and include Bobby Bare, Dean Dillon, Mel McDaniel, Becky Hobbs, Mel McDaniel, Stella Parton, Moe Bandy and Paul Overstreet.  Good one.

Brown, Roger Rodeo Boogie $35 Great indie album from one of Texas’s best writers. He came to prominence on a five track album on Decca with his group Swing City. Some songs are cowrites with the equally fine Clay Blaker and several have a rodeo theme. One to treasure.

Browne, Jann It Only Hurts When I Laugh $22  Her 2 Curb albums (this and the one previous) were both crackers but she was and is a west coast artist with an affinity for the music of Buck Owens and I guess she was hard to promote out of Nashville. Emphatically great and Heather Myles fans would adore Jann.

Clark, Guy “Craftsman” $40 $30 2cds  Philo re-issue of Guy’s 3 out of print Warner Brothers’ albums on 2CDs: Guy Clark/ South Coast of Texas/ Better Days. Includes 28 page booklet with sessionography, notes by Robert Oermann and lyrics.

Conlee, John Blue Highway $28 This compilation of MCA tracks has some hits including the wonderfully quirky “I Don’t Remember Loving You” (written by Harlan Howard) and the title song but also has some great album tracks such as “Arthur & Alice” that are simply not available elsewhere, making it a must have item.

Crickets T-Shirt $30 $22 Great late 80s album featuring Gordon Payne (a close compatriot of Waylon Jennings) on vocals & guitar with original Crickets alumni Jerry Allison and Joe Maudlin. Great commercial sound…in the sense it is catchy as well as being excellent. Don’t confuse that with the “commercial’ as used to describe today’s country music…which in reality is best described as brain dead. Highly sought due to the presence of Paul McCartney. Nice semi rockabilly meets country feel.

Curtis, Sonny No Stranger to the Rain $30.$25 As a writer he wrote the title track, of course a massive hit (biggest in fact) for Keith Whitley, part of the 5 in a row #1 singles Keith had and also CMA Song of the Year, when such an accolade really meant something. He also wrote “I Fought the Law” plus several hits for Buddy Holly. Also a fine singer. This was a UK only release from1990.

Dalton, Lacy J – Survivor $40 $20 This rates as her very best album which is really saying something given the overall quality. Her version of Guy Clark’s “Old Friends” ranks as one of the best recordings ever!!! “Hard Luck Ace” makes reference to both Waylon & Janis Joplin. A magical album. As good as it gets. Now on reissue hence price drop for the purists who want the original

Dalton, Lacy J – Crazy Love $35 Capitol, followup to “Survivor” and right up there with it. Highlight is “Little Boy Blue” a song Lacy wrote about her own song and a wonderful ballad that suits her husky voice. Great title track, a cover of an excellent Van Morrison song

Dave & Deke Combo Hollywood Barn Dance $35 $25 1996 gem with Deke Diuckerson & Dave Stuckey along with Lance Ray Soliday & Brian “Shorty” Poole. One of the very best west coast albums and very nicely presented. Great value with 18 tracks which range from pure honky tonk to explorations of just about every style of 50s country.

Davis, Joey “Love Songs, Waltz’s True Stories & Lies” $35 The spelling may be a bit out but 17 superb honky tonk tracks are as good as it can go.“Barroom Hall of Fame” may be the best.  Everybody loves this album. This has been voted as one of the Top 10 indie albums of all time. Like all true honky tonkers Joey is an all rounder..drinking, lying and cheating. Just superb.

Delray, Martin Get Rhythm $35 This is absolutely one of the best albums we have ever had and whilst the title track features Johnny Cash joining Martin in a sensational duet, I have no reservations in saying Martin’s version of the Wood Newton song “Lillie’s White Lies” is the best album track on any album we have ever had. The fact the rest of the album is nothing less than great makes this a must have. Trivia: Martin’s real name is Mike Martin and he is a professional tennis coach. We still await his third album.

Dickens, Little Jimmy I’m Little But I’m Loud $35 22 track gem on Razor & Tie is now out of print. Whilst it covers all his styles from honky tonk to novelty it includes one of the best ever tearjerkers, maybe the best, in “Raggedy Ann” sure have been quite a doll Raggedy Ann, yes quite a doll. Love the angst filled ballads. Great artist still performing.

Dixie Chicks “Shouldn’t a Told You That” $35 $25 Last of 3 albums prior to Natalie Maines joining the group. Interesting that they are credited as “Dixie Chicks Cowgirl Band”. Laura Lynch is the lead vocalist though Martie Erwin does the lead on “I Wasn’t Looking for You”. Nice album but they do “Planet of Love” by Jim Lauderdale one of the most turgidly awful songs I have ever heard YET it has been done by George Strait, Mandy Barnett, and even Felicity. It is just a hideous song that starts out slow and then goes backward from there. I don’t get it!! Don’t be put off as this is a nice album

Dunn, Holly Holly Dunn $30

Dunn, Holly Cornerstone $30 Holly Dunn’s first 3 albums on the MTM label were definitely her best with the self titled one containing her biggest hit in “Daddy’s Hands”, the second “Cornerstone’ maybe her best with 2 stunning tracks in “Strangers again” & a delightful version of Jim Croce’s “Lovers’ Cross ’whilst the All 3 albums are delightful.

Dunn, Holly “Milestones: Limited Edition” 2CD $30 WB This was a promo only item which has the WB hit album “Milestones” BUT as a bonus this has “MTM Hits” cd which has 6 gems from this period interspersed with Holly’s comments on them. 

Edwards, Stoney Just For Old Times Sake $55 $45Stoney was part African American and part native American and sang with a Lefty Frizzell influenced voice that was the equal of that other Lefty influenced character…one Merle Haggard. This was his last album, sadly. But it was as good as his wonderful Capitol albums. Stunning and not a track undeserving of the highest accolades. Many of the songs were by the producer Billy Joe Kirk..

Edwards, Stoney “Old Folks Stick Together” $35 Razor & Tie. A stunning compilation of his Capitol tracks including “A Two Dollar Tou”…the closest he ever got to a hit “Hank & Lefty Raised My Country Sou, his stunning take on “Mississippi You’ve Been on My Mind”l etc. What a voice! Lefty, Hag and Stoney!!

Ford, Tennesee Ernie & Glen Campbell “Ernie Sings & Glen Picks $35 This is the original issue with full liner notes. A 1975 album which has Ern singing over Glen’s acoustic guitar. The simple arrangements highlight Ern’s wonderful baritone and his interpretation of 2 Kristofferson songs, “Nobody Wins” & “Loving Her Was Easier” showed he could sing anything.  $25...same content but with only track details on the album slick not full notes.

Ford, Tennessee Ernie “Capitol Collectors Series” $35 Wonderful 29 tracker with great liner notes and sound quality. I have said it before, this series (ie Capitol Collectors) is all out of print but always represented the best sampling of an artists work. They have the ones you want to hear and also include stunning obscure tracks such as Ern’s take on an R & B number “I Don’t Know”. Ernie was one of the most versatile country vocalists who is revered for his gospel and religious recordings. There is only one such example here, but what a beauty...”His Hands”.

Gaddis, Ron Chip Off the Old Block $40 Ron was for many years the bandleader for George Jones and he was the guy who duetted with George on live versions of “No Show Jones”. He was also the first husband of Lorrie Morgan; now that is a lot of water under the bridge story. Obviously there was no lasting acrimony as Lorrie joins him on “All Day All Night Thing”, a great song. The all out honky tonker “I Fell Off the Wagon” features his former boss, The Possum himself and Porter Wagoner joins on “When the Shiny Silver Eagle meets the Great Speckled Bird”. As you might expect there is more than a little George Jones influence. Hard to believe this is Ron’s lone album, A superb one too.

Gosdin, Vern Alone Columbia $30 when it comes to sad crying in your beer style this may be the best ever album. Documents his broken marriage. It followed “Chiselled in Stone” and there is not a struck match between ths two. His vocal angst on “Alone” makes it one of the saddest songs ever. Whilst many rate George Jones as a lay down in the best country voice stakes I am not so sure.

Haggard, Merle The Way I Am $55 $35 His MCA gem is  literally like trying to find gold. Features some of his best and most personal songs like “No One to Sing For But the Band” &  “Life’s Just not the Way it Used to Be” Also has a mini tribute to Ernest Tubb with 4 tracks either written by or associated with the Texas Troubadour. Great album.

Haggard, Merle My Farewell to Elvis $22 Another out of print title. He covers Elvis & includes his own “From Graceland to the Promised Land”.

Haggard, Merle “Friend in California” $35 Original copy of this great album on the Epic label which includes his answer song “The Okie From Muskogee’s Coming Home”. He does a superb cover of Floyd Tillman’s classic “This Cold War With You”.

Harris, Emmylou “Songbird” 4CD/ DVD + 200 page hard cover bound book with a stack of unissued tracks. 78 tracks plus 10 track DVD. There are actually 2 bound books which slide in a jacket. The book containing the cds slips together in this outer jacket. Both the copies I have are in pristine condition as far as the internals go. The cds and dvd in both are as new. This is not always the case as the action of taking them out and putting them back can scratch the discs but these are fine. I have two copies. Remember this is out of print all over the world.

a)    European version has cardboard sleeve, designed to resemble the US cloth edition. $100

b)   US edition Cloth box. $120

Homer& Jethro America’s Song Butchers: The Weird World of Homer & Jethro. $35 $28 Great humour and equally fine musicianship. Apparently they were originally billed by their real names till some guy forgot who they were & on the spur of a moment said…”Here are Homer & Jethro” and it stuck. They created a niche with their parodying of hit songs which featured equally fine musicianship, especially Jethro Burns on mandolin 20 track on Razor & Tie. OOP

Horton, Steven Wayne Steven Wayne Horton $25 Capitol album from

1989 was sadly his one & only. What you get is a great upbeat album a la Marty Stuart“Hillbilly Rock” but better. He could be related to Johnny Horton if the spirit and style is anything to go by. Graet version of the Jody Reynolds’ classic “Endless Sleep”

Husky, Ferlin Vintage Collection $30 20 tracker out of print with both his original version of “Gone” (as Terry alias) & the hit version(as Ferlin Husky....his real name). Has a great selction including “A Fallen Star”, the classic (and biggest one for him in Australia) “Wings of a Dove”, “A Dear John Letter” (with Jean Shepard).

Husky, Ferlin  “Capitol Collectors Series” $40 Even better, as this series is simply the best quality as far as sound and notes go. Obviously there is some crossover from the previous but to be honest still enough difference to get both. This gem contains Ferlin’s wonderful “The Waltz You Saved for Me”. See review of John Anderson’s “Wild & Blue” above.

Jackson, Larry         Blue Highway $ 40  $35(Loree label) I don’t think I have ever had a song like Larry’s “The Blue  Highway” to attract a question as to who is it?? Larry’s voice I would suggest has been weathered to perfection. He is a superb singer and writer but alas these are his only two albums. You feel he has lived the songs. The sad “When Love Dies” has a real ache to it. He has real angst in his voice when he sings “Damn Those Memories”. Up there with the greatest indie cds ever

Jackson, Stonewall & Friends A Tribute $35 $30 23 track tribute with a virtual who’s who guests list…just to rattle off some: Grandpa Jones, Little Jimmy Dickens, The Whites, Riders in the Sky, Hal Ketchum, John Conlee, Joe Diffie, Porter Wagoner, Paulette Carlson, Alison Krauss, Connie Smith…come to think of it may be easier to mention who is not there!!! Includes  an all star performance of “Waterloo”.

Jansen, Frank You’re a Phone Call I Need to Make $40 (Bob Grady)

Jansen, Frank My Way or the Highway $35 (Pink Records)

Staggeringly great albums, the first on the wonderful Bob Grady label with production from Mike Headrick (the Swedish Cowboy will NOT go to bed at night unless he has said a prayer of thanks under the mounted 8 x 10 signed Mike Headrick photograph that hangs proudly in his living room) . I know there are several who rate the title song of the first as one of the greatest album tracks ever, and I am not going to argue. Most of the tracks on the first are by Bob Grady whilst Frank proves himself a writer of the highest standard on the second. He is also a brilliant interpreter. On the first he does a wonderful version of Dwight Yoakam’s “The Heart That You Own”. Am I going to suggest Frank does it better than Dwight...yep, I am.

Jenkins The Jenkins $25 Record companies are in general a brainless bunch as proved by the fact this album didn’t get a release. It is a gem and featured a mother & two daughters. Sound is superb with a reminder of the Judds & McCarters.

Jones, David Bridges $30 Was his only album and again hard to believe. Hard core honky tonk which features the fabulous Manuel Brothers, Abe & Joe, who of course toured with that Merle Haggard bloke. Unrelenting superb honky tonk highlighted by the upbeat “I Found a Honky tonk Angel” and the pseudo tearjerker “The Tears Outweigh the Whiskey”. As a guide this is how things happen in the independent world of country music. They bring out an album but it doesn’t get the exposure, I tried to tell somebody once that he was privileged to own a David Jones album because there simply weren’t many of them. Try as I might I could not convince him that Jones was not as well known as Merle Haggard or George Jones…”but he is as good I was told”…no argument there…a classic case of “there but for the grace of God go I”.

Jones, George Too Wild Too Long $70 If you were a country music lp collector in the 80s you may have bought from an American, L. Stanley Baumruk who had the rarest albums. When one was so incredibly rare he would always use 2 words in his listing and I use the same 2 here.” Find one!”Next to impossible. Includes some great songs but the best has to be  “The Old  Man No One Loves”.

Jones, George Alone Again/Grand Tour $40 2 on 1. “Alone Again” is only available here & is rated one of his very best albums.

Jones, George  My Favorites of Hank Williams / Trouble in Mind $35 Long out of print EMI UK issue of two of George’s classic United Artists albums.

Jones, George The Battle/Memories of Us $30 Two gems from 1975 and 1976. His Epic recordings

Jones, George Cup of Loneliness: The Classic Mercury Years 2cds $30 Includes 20 page booklet. Includes original versions of George’s self penned classic “Window Up Above”, in fact it is surprising how many George has written on this set...28 out 48 songs, many with Derrell Edwards but also with the likes of Lawton Williams & Roger Miller (“Tall Tall Trees”)

Jones, George Don’t Stop the Music $30 Two out of print albums both out of print with very little duplication. The second actually is chronologically the first with Starday recordings leading on to Mercury. There was a close link between the labels with both featuring George’s rawest hard core honky tonk. 22 tracks on “Don’t Stop the Music” and 48 on the double cd.

Jones, George Live at Dancetown USA $40 Amazing album superbly recorded which was on Ace UK label but has been deleted 10 years or so, 26 tracks and over an an hour running time and in great stereo sound. Like the Ernest Tubb below (also from 1965!) this is amazingand George runs through things he haswritten (“Window Up Above”/ “Ragged But Right”/ “Accidentally on Purpose”)as well as songs by Dickey Lee(“SheThinks I Still Care”) Harlan Howard,Melba Montgomery etc. Although not aregular “Jones boy” Buddy Emmons joins the band for this set. Also DonAdams (not Max Smart!) acts as the leader of the Jones’ Boys & duets withGeorge on Melba Montgomery’s “We Must Have Been Out Of Our Mind” as well as a couple of his own leads.Just remembered the classic Jones’ line“We’re gonna take a short liquor-mission I mean intermission”!!

Jones, George “A Picture of Me (Without You)/ Nothing Ever Hurt Me (Half as Bad as Loving You) $40  This is the first reissue on Koch. Out of print and as good as George gets..                                                                                 

 Kendalls “20 Favorites” $35 The Kendalls made one album for Epic where they went and re-recorded their hits. The result was even better than the originals with the highlight being Royce’s lead on “Pittsburgh Stealers”. They do great versions of classics such as “Pick Me Up on Your Way DMwn” and “Heartaches by the Number” as well as their great cheating songs “You’d Make an Angel want to Cheat” and their smash “Heaven’s Just a Sin Away”.

Louvin Brothers “When I Stop Dreaming: The Best’ razor & Tie $28 You would think this would be around for ever but it is not, Great sound on this Razor & tie gem and extremely well put together. The complete recordings on the Bear Family box is possibly the only better way to go. 24 tracks which give a terrific overview.

McEntire, Reba Oklahoma Girl 2cds 40 Mercury tracks.Double cd case with attractive slip sleeve & book $35 Her best & most country.. Both the full 40 tracks. A far cry from today’s diva…this is real! So good in fact that I would defy anyone to readily pick the artist. This is how we like it. She started out a  member of a rodeo family who performed at fairs and shows. Kind of an American institution. Hell she was a great country singer.

Mack, Bill Sings His Songs $45 $35 Bill Mack has had a long career in radio and as “Radio’s Midnight Cowboy” is a true Texas legend. His best known song overall is “Drinking Champagne” recorded by Cal Smith and George Strait to name a few but he gained infamy as writer of the song  “Blue” as recorded by LeeAnn Rimes. Bill includes his original 19058 version here & it is a knockout. The other 15 songs were o recent recording. A really top cd. Bill has contributed notes about each song. “Me and My Buddy”....I wrote this after seeing an old wino leaning against a building.

Martin, Mario Keep it on the Country Side $40 $30Produced by James Stroud the amazing thing is that Mario was only 17 at the time. I still think about how this could be his only album. A 17 year old is so darn convincing when he sings honky tonk songs. How could that be.. I don’t know. Still as stunning and as perpelexing (in the sense of where is he now??) Favourite track is probably “Another Nail in the Wall”...very reminiscent of Ricky Van Shelton. A stunning album.

Martin, Tony I’ll Meet You in Texas $25 1996 gem on the Bob Grady label produced by Mike Headrick. A very Haggard/Bakersfield influenced cd. What makes this so great is that it features 9 new Whitey Shafer songs, many co-written with Lonnie Williams who also writes one with Roger Springer.

Mata. Billy Made in Texas $30 a real favourite. San Antonio’s top country artist which contains one of the Cosmic Cowboy’s and my favourite tracks the impossibly catchy “If This Was Texas”. This is on the Bill Green label or should I say was as it is impossible to find. He covers a number of styles with great versions of Ian Tyson’s “Navajo Rug” plus one of the last songs that hit for Lefty, “Honky Tonk Stardust Cowboy”. A wonderful album. 

Miller, Roger Best of Volume One: Country Tunesmith $45  This gem focusses on Roger’s own versions of songs that were hits for others. As such the 20 tracks are ultra rare & essential. They include “Tall Tal lTrees”, “Don’t We All Have the Right”, “Husbands & Wives”, “Half a Mind” etc. Not hits for Roger which makes it even better & rarer

Montgomery, Melba “Do You Know Where Your Man Is” Playback $30 One of the finest ever female songwriters who is an equally fine vocalist but for some reason was under-recorded. This excellent indie cd includes a duet with Charlie Louvin on “We Must Be Crazy”.

Morse, Ella Mae Capitol Collectors Series $30 $25 21 tracks with a big band R & B flavour but also country. Best ever “Cow Cow Boogie!!                                

                                                                                                                                                           Nelson, Leo Under Neon Lights $50 $40 Want to know my all time favourite independent, yeah not one of but the top spot?? This is it. Great album produced by Bob Grady with assist from the great Mike Headrick. 12 great tracks with a duet with Bill Arwood on the title track.I think on reflection a 3 way tie with Ron Sweet and Arnold Sanford is in order. Alas both Ron & Arnold have gone and heaven knows where Leo is?? To me the jewel is how easy Leo sings. Marsha Britton contributes harmony vocals. Favourite tracks? Start at the beginning and stop at the end. BUT, if pushed“Mama Did Raise One Fool After All” and “Under Neon Light”, the duet with Bill Arwood are superb.                                                                                 

O’Kanes O’Kanes $30 Their stunning debut with classics“Oh Darlin’” and the bluegrass like romp “Oh Lonesome You”. Long long deleted.                                               

 O’Kanes Tired of the Running $25 Second album from Keiran Kane & Jamie O’Hara is also hardest to get. Blind accordionist Jay Spell is superb.                                                                                                                     O’Kanes Imagine That $20 Third and final cd from 1990.

 Owens, Buck Hot Dog $30 His first of three Capitol label comeback albums. Includes the title song which he originally recorded under the alias “Corky Jones” and what’s more this sounds even better. He duets with Dwight on “Under Your Spell Again”. A shortish album but a true gem.

Owens, Buck Kickin’ In $30  Second of his comeback albums which one connoisseur told me were as good as anything that Buck had ever recorded. Includes A team members Reggie Young on guitar and ex Rick & Elvis piano pounder Glen D Hardin...not to mention Gram Parsons. 

Owens, Buck  Act Naturally $35 Third and final comeback album and a very impressive one. As many may know the Beatles di “Act Naturally” on their “Help” album and featured Ringo (a fine country singer) on lead. Well Buck joins Ringo for a duet version. Even better is “Crying Time”, done as a duet with Emmylou. It also showed Buck could still write a mean song.

Oxford, David David Oxford $70 $50 There has only been one and there appears to be little chance of another, but despite hope being minimal there is still some hope. This is superb with a mix of honky tonk, cryin’ in beer ballads and just plain great songs “”1-800 Wine” is pure honky tonk whilst the Cosmic Cowboy, a sentimental old fluff if ever there was one, closes his annual community radio father’s day show with Oxford’s “Don’t Tell the Babies”. As far as production goes this is stunning. The great Bobby Flores is present throughout. And Michael Morales who apparently performed strictly in a Spanish market is great on acoustic guitar. David had talks with major labels apparently but was disillusioned when he was told he didn’t have the right image. Damn, why didn’t he get angry and produce a box set. Even that would not be enough. A gem gem gem!!

Oxford, Vernon Let Me Sing You a Song: The 1960s RCA Recordings $50 $45 Westside UK out of print gem with a whopping 28 tracks. These are on Bear Family box but that may be a bit too much for some. This is just about perfect.

Parker, Billy & Friends $35 Two albums on the one cd as issued by Bear Family, but it is now out of print. Originally recorded in 1982, the line up is great with the likes of Cal Smith, Darrell McCall, Ernest Tubb and Webb Pierce being just some of those who serve as his duet partners. 21 tracks in all.

Parton,Dolly & Porter Wagoner Two of a Kind $28 Pair label 20 RCA tracks, sticking mainly to the lesser known material, which is of course pretty grand. It does however have “Jeannie’s Afraid of the Dark” which is getting harder to find.

Paycheck, Johnny “The Real Mr Heartache: The Little Darlin’ Years” CMF $55 The fact is that Johnny Paycheck not only preceded George Jones as the best hard country singer he also provided the main influence for George. He was promoted as an outlaw singer in the seventies but those recordings do not compare with this 24 tracker which is simply perfection. “Apartment Number Nine” was written by Johnny as was the amazing “Pardon Me I’ve Got Something to Kill” and the ultra dramatic “It’s a Mighty Thin Line Between Love & Hate”. A stunning cd. Every track a slighltly warped winner.

Paycheck, Johnny Survivor $30 His last hurrah, out of print . the highlight “I Can’t Quit Drinking”.

Paycheck, Johnny The Difference in Me $30 Playback This 1993 indie is a real gem with Paycheck reprising his “The Old Violin” and covering some classic country. Highlights are “The Waltz of the Angels” and “My Name’s Not on the Sidewalk”. This is a return to the hard country singing at which he had few if any peers.

Pennington,R/Buddy Emmons          Swing & Other Things: We’re Steel Swingin’ $38

                                                        Swinging from the 40s Thru the 80s $40

Swing & Other Things” is a great 21 tracker which sources the songs from country, jazz & pop sources.  This & the next were originally  double lps, which featured some classic country and some jazz along with a handful of new Pennington songs. 21 in all. Spectacular version of “Take the A Train”. The final cd  has 22 tracks with a lot of Bob Wills oriented material plus a few new songs to boot.

Price, Ray Heart of Country Music $50 Now Ray’s albums on Step One were all special. Some were double records. I have it on good authority this  is Ray’s personal favourite of all the albums he made and why wouldn’t it be as he interprets 20 country classics Ray Price style, which means as good as you are ever gonna hear them Even then it is impossible not to go past his version of “Is Anybody Going to San Antone” as one of the greatest songs you have ever heard. The backings by the excellent Step One team are uniformly excellent and largely unplugged.

Price, Ray     Sometimes a Rose $28 1992 album which has some wonderful songs none better than “Not a Dry Eye in the House”. Stunning singer.

Price, Ray “ Happens to the Best” $25 Nice collection of Columbia tracks featuring 70s versions of his hits, preferred by many to the originals.

Price, Ray “A Revival of Old Time Singing” Step One  $35 This period of Ray’s career was a wonderfully productive one with Ray Pennington being the perfect producer. This gospel album features some standards but also some great originals such as Mel Holt’s “What Did the Carpenter Build”.

Reynolds, Lawrence "He Comes from Alabama" $35 Fabulous 16 tracker, produced by Mike Headrick and one of the all time favourites among Yesterday and Today Records regulars. "Haggard & Jones", "Them Old Hank Williams Songs" and "There Ain't Enough Whiskey are just as good as it gets. Lawrence is in the George Jones/ Norman Wade vein and has tragically passed on. How long this will be available again is not known, but do yourself a favour.

Ritter, Tex - Capitol Collectors Series $38 Out of print series, of which I would recommend with every title as being essential. This has all the hard to get  ones, “Deck of Cards”, “Blood on the Saddle” & “Just Beyond the Moon” etc 25 in all. .

Robertson, Kathy At the Cantina $38 $25 guests including Bonnie Owens and Leona Williams who feature on “Leona”. Also has Chris Gaffney & Katy Moffatt & Rosie Flores & Big Sandy. Kathy first appeared on the Town South of Bakersfield cd. Her albums are next to impossible to find now. Always great.

Rogers, Roy Tribute $25 Roy’s final hurrah was indeed a fitting one with great duets and Roy was in fine voice. He yodelled surprisingly well especially on the opening “That’s How the West was Swung” in which he was joined by the Kentucky Headhunters. Equally fine is “Little Joe the Wrangler” with Emmylou and another yodelling gem, “When Payday Rolls Around” with Ricky Van Shelton. This is the original deluxe package.

Ryle, Curt Life Time Guarantee $35 What can you saybut Curt is a true indie artist, amazing talent, superb writer and singer but with the dress sense God gave a goat. But it is not that latter thing which matters & on the former he delivers. He wrote the superb“Mirrors Don’t Lie” & his own version loses nothing in comparison to that Gene Watson. Curt wrote 9 of the 11on this gem. And he has a superb style...that is vocal not dress, which he can certainly not lay claim to!!

Sanford, Arnold That’s Why I Sing This Way $60 Many rate this the best indie ever and they are certainly on the right track. The first 10songs are from the great Max D Barnes, including the title cut which was also recorded by Daryle Singletary and as good as it was it was no match for Arnold’s original version. 12 tks in all. Simply stunning crying in your beer album. Hell…it is probably the best ever. “Not Enough Jack Daniels in This World” has you believing Arnold truly lived the life he sings about and sadly he has passed on so this stand alone cd is it, unless a miracle happens.

Schneider, John “Take the Long Way Home” MCA $35  $30

Schneider, John “You Ain’t Seen the Last of Me” MCA $25 $22

Schneider, John “Too Good to Stop Now” $30 $25

Schneider, John “Tryin’ to Outrun the Wind” $30 $25

 Despite a some what goofy persona due his role in Dukes of Hazard, Schneider had a wonderful deep voice which was a natural for country music. All are superbly produced by Jimmy Bowen. The first has a wonderful highlight, “Better Class of Losers”, not to be confused with the Alan Jackson track of the name. This is the Harlan Howard track which features none other than Waylon Jennings and Johnny Cash. BUT believe it or not, even better is “The Auction”...they’re auctioning daddy’s farm today. Hell it is hard to believe how good, and in view of the diabolical financial system in the US today it is still extremely relevant.

The other 2 are equally essential. Great songwriting and great singing. “Low Class Reunion” from the third album shows what a great vocalist Schneider is.

The 4th has one of his best ballads in “Leavin’s Been Comin’ for a Long Long time, as well as the fun track with a rather ambiguous title “I Don’t Feel Much Like a Cowboy Tonight”.

Scott, Jack Capitol Collectors Series $30 Fabulous 23 tracker with a mix of upbeat and ballads. Even has 4 unreleased tracks. As far as the ballads go none is better than “What in the World’s Come Over You” and “Burning Bridges”. A very much underappreciated artist. Everyone should have this cd in their collection,.

Shafer, Sanger D “Whitey” I Never Go Around Mirrors $30 10 tracker

by the writer of many of Lefty Frizzell hits who also sounds a lot like Lefty. He of course was responsible for the title song and does a top version of “Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind”. The rest are great honkytonkers that should be as well known as these two.

Shearer, Charlie “Breakin’ Out” $30 A gem again with production by the very talented Curt Ryle and also wrote quite a few of the songs. So good in fact that Mike Headrick would be proud of this one!! He begins with a great shuffle version of Willie’s “I Just Destroyed the World” and then follows with  a big Curt Ryle ballad “History Repeats Itself”. Originally from Texas...this is just how it should be.

Simpson, Red “Best of Red Simpson:Country Western Truck Drivin’ Singer” Razor & Tie $30 20 tracks with great wit and all truckin’ albums should be. A major influence for Junior Brown. Includes all his big hits such as “Highway Patrol” (one of Junior’s best as well) , “Nitro Express” and  “I’m a Truck”, the very clever song which has the truck telling the story.

Simpson, Red “The Man Behind the Badge/ Roll Truck Roll” $35 EMI UK 2 on 1 with 2 albums from 1966. “Motivatin’ Man” was actually picked up and recorded by John Laws but don’t hold that against Red.

Smith, Russell This Little Town $30 Great solo album Amazing Rhythm Aces vocalist. All great and what a voice. Russell had a brief period as a country singer on Epic and this was the result, a gem produced by Steve Buckingham and Russell. Very much in the Amazing Rhythm Aces style. Highlight is the working man song “Blue Collar Blues” and the title song, but they’re all top notch.

Springfield, Bobby Lee All Fired Up $35 An absolute ripsnorter. Crazed man who apparently got arrested for climbing over the White House fence in order to visit the President, presumably Ronny Regan. But his honky tonk style which includes the original “Hank Drank” is grand. Also includes a brilliant version of Eddy Arnold’s “What’s He Doing in My World” with intro by Eddy hisself!!  .

Sweet, Ron   Ten in Tennessee $50 Another wonderful indie with the highlight the wonderful odeto the great man “I Play Haggard” in which he uses snippets of Haggard songs to tell the story. He outdoes even Vern Gosdin onhis version  “Baby That’s Cold”  and then shows himself a man for all seasons with the rollicking “Ten in  Tennessee”.

Taylor, Chip  Chip Taylor’s Last Chance $45 Long out of print cd version of his classic album which features “I Read it in the Rolling Stone” plus the great “101 in Cashbox” which combines the story of his own version of “Angel of the Morning” along with the tale of a racehorse. Mind you “wasn’t Born in Tennessee” is darn catchy too...

Thompson, Hank “The Best of Hank Thompson” Varese $25  Despite the generic title this is actually the best  of Hank’s Dot & MCA as well as a couple of his ultra rare Warner Brothers  recordings  which are pretty darn good. Mind you they are all pretty much honky tonk..that’s why we love them.

Thompson, J W Songs for Real People $45 We speak of the truly great independents. This is decidedly one of them. “Jesus Loves Cowboys” is just 1 of16 gems. Darn witty too and J W’s great deep drawl is seemingly the product of a few honkytonks….where you could imagine the crowd were kept back by wire.

Thompson, Jeff  Jeff Thompson $30 No, not that  Thommo, but a fine singer who was going to have the first album release on the Arista country label but the album never came out. Has a style reminiscent of Ricky Van Shelton with a great deep voice. Does a superb version of “The Greatest Man I Never Knew”, a hit for Reba, but Jeff wins hands down!! Equally grand is the wonderful “It’s a Good Thing I Don’t Love You Anymore”, with a superb lyric and the upbeat “Today is Elvis’ Birthday”.

Thornton, Marsha Maybe the Moon Will Shine. Second of only 2Gets away from Patsy influence. She even wrote a couple on this one. $25 Hard to believe these date from 1990 and 1991.

Travis, Randy “He Opened the Door” promo $40 This is very nifty. It is two cds which come housed in a long style box which has an opening door in the centre, complete with rustic lock. Open the door and you get an autographed numbered picture of Randy This #1118 of 1525). Go a little further and you get a mini stand up Randy.  You then get 6 pages of tributes, a discography and a list of his awards & achievements. Finally you get the 2 cds Greatest Hits Volume One and Two. Now, before you say what is so great about that, you have Randy introducing each song (As a separate you can programme the cds just to play the song if you are so desirous.)  

Turner, Zeb   Tennessee Boogie & Jersey Rock $35 King label anthology 1949-1953. On the now defunct Westside label.  24 tracks.

Wagoner, Porter     Greatest Hits $30 20 tracker with great and unusual selection including of course “Rubber Room” but also “What Would You Do, If Jesus Came to Your House”)

Walker, Cindy  “Words & Music” $50 Unquestionably the greatest female writer in country music history. This is her only album and it was originally released on lp on the Monument label . The cd came out on Columbia Special products for an exceedingly brief period. Must have literally been 5 minutes as I never saw one anywhere. Her best known song is “You Don’t Know me”, which carried a co-write in its credits (with Eddy Arnold).  Was Eddy a friend of Webb Pierce??? The album was originally released in 1964. Like her male equivalent, Harlan Howard, Cindy was not the greatest vocalist but has a style which makes this pretty riveting. As far as rarity goes this is beyond rare.

Watson, Gene Back in the Fire $48 Great singer as he is & no correspondence will be entered into on that fact, this is his best album, a Warners album from 1989 with the best version ever of “Dreams of a Dreamer”, which was also done by Darrell McCall so there is plenty competition plus arguably Gene’s best ever ballad “The Great Divide”, BUT I will say this emphatically there is not one Gene Watson album which should not be in every collection and furthermore on the top shelf of that collection.

Watson, Gene The Good Old days $30  $20 Step One with a superb selection excellently produced by Ray Pennington who also contributed 4 Songs. Like all Step One releases this is out of print.

Watson, Gene  “A Way to Survive” $30  Step One Records  The brilliant stylist..may have been the last for Step One, one of the great indie labels. Brilliant play of words on “All Hat No Cattle”. Has a different version of “Old Porch Swing” to that of the following album”. 

Watson, Gene “Little By Little” MCA $25  Straight reissue of a great 1984 MCA album. Highlight is probably the Dave Kirby/sonny Throckmorton gem”Leavin’s Been Comin’ (For a Long Long Time”.

Watson, Gene Unchartered $30 Step One gem, which includes Gene’s version of the Curt Ryle gem “Mirrors Don’t Lie”and if you don’t think Gene is one of the greatest ever country vocalists you will change your mind when you hear his version of “You Gave Me a Mountain”. Wow!!

Watson, Gene At Last $25 His second and last Warner Brothers album from 1991. The title track is a classic and anyone who has heard Etta James version may say “Etta who?” after hearing Gene’s. Great selection with highlights many, but the witty “You Can’t Get Arrested in Nashville” and “This Country’s Bigger Than Texas” stand out for mine.

Whitley, Keith I Wonder Do You Think of Me $30 The album he had just finished when he died. One of the greatest ever country vocalists. Deep rich voice with his own nuances. Pity the wonderful honky tonk songs were lived out so tragically with his alcohol overdose. He was seemingly taking over from Randy Travis as country’s premier vocalist and had the unheard of 5 number one country singles in a row.

Williams, Hank Rare Demos First to Last $25 CMF Also known as “Just Me  and My Guitar”.



INDEPENDENT CDS These are the real deal. Look out for some great reductions. These are cds for the connoisseur. Great taste has its own rewards.


Albert, Christine                  Texafrance $18 $10 Edith Piaf meets Nanci Griffith

Allcorn, Joey             All Alone Again         $20 $15

Alverson, Tommy                Live at Ozona $15

Alverson, Tommy                Me & the Jukebox $15

Alverson, Tommy                Texas Songs $15

Alverson, Tommy                Heroes & Friends $15

Annie B                                  Miles of Texas $18 $10

Anthony, Rayburn               Something Out of the Ordinary $20

Atkins, Bobby                       Lookin’ Lucky $20 $10 (Bob Grady label!!)

Austin, Stephen David        A Bakersfield Dozen $18 $10 Excellent recent cd

Ballew,Michael                     Yesterday’s Wind $15 $10

Barker, Aaron/Curtis Wayne       Straight from Horses’ Mouth $20 $15

Beckett, Randy                    Rebel Train $15 $8nice rockabilly feel

Bella, Mike                            Mike Bella $18 $10

Bella, Mike                            Lost in the Shuffle $18 $10

Bice, Steve                            Sin Citizen Sessions $20  $15 17 tks Just great!!

Bice, Steve                            Sixty Minutes of Sin $20 $15ditto comment.

Blanchard, Jack/ Misty Morgan  Back in Harmony $18 $15(Playback 1992)

Blanton, J T                           Live from the Bullpen $18 $8Nashville venue

Blue, Arkey                           Texas Dance Hall Music $20

Blue, Arkey                           Sings Twenty Nine Years $20

Blue, Arkey                           There’s Still Country Music in Texas $20

                                                very very favourite artists!! And then some.

Booth, Tony                          Keys in the Mailbox/ Lonesome 7-7203 $20

Bosworth, Libbi                    Outskirts of You $20 $15

Bresh, Thom                         Live & Pickin’ $20 Great album from Merle Travis’ son

Bright, Jeff                            She’s a Nail in My Heart $10 $8

Brom, Marti                          Lassooed Live $20   $15

Brom, Marti                          Snake Ranch $20

Bruce, Ed                               This Old Hat (Old Hat) $18 $10

Burns, Billy Don                   Long Lost Highway $18 (outlaw!!)

Burns, Brian                         Heavy Weather $15 $8

Burns, Brian                         Eagle & the Snake:Songs of Texians $15 $8

Burns, Brian                         Angels & Outlaws $10

Burns, Brian                         Highways heartaches & Honky Tonks $15

Burns, Brian                         Highways heartaches & Honky Tonks $20

First pressing with 20 pg book. One of the best ever. Pure Texas honky tonk.

Burton, Charlie                     Rustic Fixer Upper $18 $10 (Lazy SOB label)

Burton, Charlie                     Salad (Wild) $8

Bush, Johnny                        w. Justin Trevino Texas on a Saturday Night $20  as good as it gets

Bush, Johnny                        Who’ll Buy My memories $20  $10(heart of Texas)

Bush, Johnny                        Honkytonic $15 $8

Bush, Johnny                        Talk to My Heart $15 $8

Bush, Johnny                        Sings Bob Wills $15 $8

Bush, Johnny                        Kashmere Gardens Mud $15 $8

Bush, Johnny                        Lost Highway saloon $15 $8

Butler, Larry                         Memories Of Hank Williams $10 $8w. Willie.

Campbell, Scotty                 Damned If I Recall $20 $10 (great Canadian singer)

Cashdollar, Cindy                 + guests Slide Show $20 w. Mike Auldridge/ Lucky Oceans, Redd Volkaert

Cimarron                               Cimarron $20 $10 1992 excellent group..

Cochran, Hank                     w. Billy Don Burns Desperate Men $18 includes the Patsy Cline   Tribute, “Patsy” . Perfect

Coleman Brothers               Tribute to a Firefighter $8

Condo, Ray                            High & Wild $11 $5

Corbett, Tom                        Tonight I ride $10 western  $5

Craft, Paul                             Brother Jukebox $18 (brilliant writer & top singer)

Crow, Alvin                            Pure Country/Honky tonk Trail $20 2on1

Crow, Alvin                            Texas Classic $10

Crow, Alvin                            Cowboy I $10

Curtis, Justin                        Let Them Ride $10  $5

Dale, Bobby                          Something We Can’t Stop $20 $15

Dayton, Jesse & Brennan Leigh Holdin’ Our Own (Stag) $20 duets

Dean, Larry                          Outside Chance $11 $5

Diamond, Claude                 Highway of Life $20 John Prine fans love him!!

Diamond, Joe                       My Angel’s Gone to heel $5

Dowers, Skip                        Louisiana Country $18 $8

Durden, Tommy                   Moods $20  $10He wrote Heartbreak Hotel & a version

                                                by Tommy is included here!!!

Erik & Erik                             Erik Hokkanen + Erlc Moll $8

Evans, John                           Biggest Fool in Town $8

Fayssoux                               Fayssoux $20 formerly Fayssoux Starling and on

                                                Emmylou albums as vocalist. First solo album is a

                                                gem & Emmylou guests. Wundabar!!

Flores, Bobby                       Fast Company $20 $15

Flores, Bobby                       Just for the Record $20 $15

Flores, Bobby                       Neon Lights $20 $15

Foley, Blaze                          Cold Cold World $15 $10

Foley, Webb                          George Jones Jack Daniels & Me $20 $12

Fritsch, Todd                        Up Here in the Saddle $18 $15 excellent 2012 cd Cosmic Cowboy 2012 Album of the Year

Glaser, Tompall                   Outlaw to the Cross $20 Gospel ..rare

Green, Jason                        Hard Livin’  $10

Haddock, Durwood             Texas Honky Tonk Blues (Eagle) $18 $8

Haggard, Steve                    Love Conquers All (Wild Oats) great but not

                                                related. Nashville based artist...   $8

Haggard, Steve                    Make Your Move (Wild Oats ) $8

Haggard, Steve                    Push Comes to Shove (Wild Oats) $8

Haggard, Steve                    Rough Edge (Wild Oats) 8

Haigh, Justin                         People Like Me $18 (“All of My Best Friends Are Behind Bars” is a delightful double meaning honky tonker...)

Hamilton, George IV           in the Heart of Texas $18 Great album which features duets with Tony Booth, Justin Trevino and Darrell McCall on George’S signature tune, “Abilene” originally in the movie “Hootenanny”

Hard Hat Dave                     & the Honky tonk Nights $20 a must have & compares to first Confederate Railroad. This is pure honky tonk. One of the best loved indies ever. “Dave” is actually Dave Gibson of GibsonMiller Band and is fine deep voiced vocalist.  

Hay, Erin                               The Circle $20 $15Fabulous female indie artist

Hay, Erin                               Honky tonk Angel $20 $15

Hearne, Bill & Bonnie          Most Requested (Poor Davids) $20 Great Texas artists

Henderson, Homer             Greatest Flops & Golden Filler $20 $10 Notes are by Nick Tosches.

Henson, Weldon                  One Heart’s Gone $18 $10

Hess, Kenny                         Back to Reality $20 $8

Highfill, George                    George Arlis Highfill $20 $10

Hobbs, Becky                       Best of the beckaroo Part 1 $20 21 tracks!     

Holiday, Jolie                        Lucky enough $10 $5
Hooker, Jake                        Faded Lights $20

Hurd, Cornell Band              Honky Tonk Mayhem $20 $15

Hurd, Cornell Band              Texas Fruit Shack $20 $15

Hurd, Cornell Band              At Large $20 $15

Hurd, Cornell Band              Songs of South Austin $20 $15

Hurd, Cornell Band              Cool & Unusual Punishment $18 $10

Hurd, Cornell Band              Live at the Broken Spoke $20

Huston, Randy                     Keepin’ the New West Alive $15 $8

Ingram, Jack                        Live at Adairs $20 $15 Jack Ingram found major

                                                label success but his indie releases were

                                                infinitely better.  All on his Beat Up Ford label.

Insley, Mark                         Good Country Junk $18 $5

Interstate Cowboy              Ranch Dance Ruckus $15 $5

Intveld, James                     Somewhere Down the Road $15

Jack, Dottie                          With Every Heartbeat $20 was album of the year!!

James, Winston                   Hotter than the Flame $15 $5

Jansen, Frank                       Lolene $15

Jenkins, Jody                        Under a Texas Moon $20

Jones, Georgette                 Strong enough to Cry $20 15 (Heart of Texas) George & Tammy’s daughter.

Jones, Zona                          Harleys & Horses $18 $8

Joyce, Terri                          Kitchen Radio $20 $10

Keeble, Billy              Unchained Country $20

Kershaw, Sammy                Better Than I used to Be $20 $10

Love, Kenny                          & Rockerfellas Arizona Tuff Country $5

McCalister, Don                    Love Gone Right $20 $8

McCall, Darrell                      Reunion (with Texas Volunteers) $20 $15 One of the best ever country vocalists

McCall, Darrell                      Hot Texas Country $20 $15(with Johnny Bush)

McCall, Darrell                      Pictures Can’t Talk Back $20  $15(superb)

McCall, Darrell                      Way to Survive $20 $15

McCall, Darrell                      Keeping With Tradition $20  $15

McCall, Darrell                      All She Did Was Fall in Love $22 $18

Manchaca, Carl                    Carl Manchaca $20

Manchaca, Carl                    That Song $10 $5
Manders, Mark David          Tales from the Couch Circuit $20 $10

Manders, Mark David          People & Places $10

Marquez, Bobby                   Bobby Marquez (Grande Star) $20 Heart of Texas

Martin, Glynn                        Uncle Sam MR Jukebox & My Ex Wife $20 a lot like Don Williams

Martin, Glynn                        Take a Ride on Real Country $20

Martin, Tony                         Stronger Than That $20

Miller, Frankie                      The Family Man $20

Miller, Mindy                         Guess Who’s Back in Town $18 $8

Mills, Big John                       Honky Tonks & Neon Lights $20

Moody Brothers                   Cotton Eyed Joe $15 $5

Moreno, Frankie                  We’ll Bring the Honky tonk Home to You $18 $10

Moreno, Frankie                  Keys to the Country $18 $10

Morrell, Tom                         Smoke a Little of This $20 $10

Morrell, Tom                         Go Uptown $20 $10

Morrell, Tom                         On the Money $20 $10 western swing gems. Kind of like Pennington-Emmons cds

Morris, Lamar                      Walls of Memories $20 $15

Nichols, Joe Paul                 Too Much Texas in Me $18

Nunn, Gary P                        Greatest Hits Vol 2 $20

Pabst, Shaun                        Rodeo This $10

Passin, Monica                     L’il Mo” and the Monicats $20 $10

Passin, Monica                     Hearts in My Dream $10

Penny, Mike & Moonshiners          Don’t Start Breathing Down my Neck $15 $5

Playboys II                           Former Bob Wills’ Playboys $18 $10

Potter, Curtis                       Down in Texas Today $20 $15

Potter, Curtis                       Sings Willie nelson $20 $15

Powell, Bodie                       Turn Up the Jukebox $10
Powers, Freddy                   Silver Eagle $15 $8

Powers, Freddy                   Hottest Thing in Town $15 $8

Rains, Peggy                        It’s a Good Day $15$10

Ranch Girls                           Hillbilly Harmony $20 $15

Richards, Dan                       Heartbreak U $18   $8

Roberts, Dan                        Viva La Cowboy $10

Roberts, Dan                        Cowboy.Com $10

Robison, Charlie                   Bandera $18 $15 (Vacquero) surprisingly Prine Like.

Roddy, Ted                            with Tearjoint troubadours Tear Time $20 classic

Ruthie & Wranglers            Life’s Savings $5

Sandefur, Brandon              Walking Backwards $10

Sears, Dawn                         Dawn Sears $20 ...her third & last cd

Seratt, Kenny                       Best Volume 1 $20

Seratt, Kenny                       Best Volume 2 $20 like Hag & Lefty

Shea, Rick/ Brantle y Kearns       Trouble & me  $18 west coast artists

Sims, Wade                           Big Tomato Two Step $10 $5

Smith, Bobby Earl                Rear View Mirror $10 $5

Sousley, Rick                        Patsy proof $20 all great but title song sensational

Spiker, Lonnie                      Coming to a Honky Tonk Near You $20

Starline Rhythm Boys         Better Luck is a Barroom Away $20 $15

Steel, Rusti & Tin Tax         Railroadin’ Rhythm $10 $5

Steel, Rusti & Tin Tax         Lost Sessions $10 $5

Stone, B Jeff                         Greatest Hits $20 22 tracks

Stop the Truck                     Two Step Program $20 $10 Idiotic name? Yes!

                                                but exceptional honky tonk.

Sylvie & Her Silver Dollar Band Sylvie & Friends $20

Taylor, Will & Lonnie Dean              Texas Honky Tonk Shuffles $20

Thompson, Hank                 Here’s to Country Music (Step One Records) $18 Great

Trevino, Justin                     Texas Honky Tonk $20

Trevino, Justin                     Take One as Needed for Pain $20

Trevino, Justin                     Travellin’ Singin’ Man $20

Van Tassel, Suzanna           The Heart I Wear $18 $10

Vaughan, Carl                       Yours Forever $10 $5

Wade, Norman                     Old Time Country Music $20

Wade, Norman                     For a Minute There $20

Wade, Norman                     Remember Country $20

Walker, Jimmy                     Real Country $10 $5

Wall, Chris                             Cowboy Nation $20

Wall, Chris                             No Sweat $20

Wall, Chris                             Tainted Angel $20

Wall, Chris                             Any Saturday Night in Texas $20

Warren, Van                         Daddy’s Fiddle $10 $5(Mike Headrick prod.)

Watson, Aaron                     Real Good Time2012 $20 ****his best by far.

Wayne, Alvis             Proud of My Rockabilly Roots $10 rab $5

Wayne, Bobby                      Ballad of the Appaloosa $18  $10 western album. Tops

Weems, Shayne                   The Perfect Place $18 $10

White, Wade                         Hangin’ Round $20

Whiteliners                           Side Burnin’ $20 $15(best ever Australian hillbilly

                                                meets rockabilly group. A classic.

Williams, Ron                       The Longer You’re Gone $20

Williams, Ron                       Texas Style $20

Williamson, John                 John Williamson $20 (no NOT him..Georgian).

Worley, Shane                     Feeling Haggard $20

Worley, Shane                     Mr Purified Country $20

Worley, Shane                     What’s Goin’ On $20

Wright, John Lincoln           That Old Mill $20  $10

Wright, John Lincoln           Honky tonk Verite $20 $8


More Songs of Route 66 $20 (Lazy SOB ) ...even includes Dale Watson “Tucumcari Here I Come”                     

These Colours Won’t run: A Veteran’s Tribute $18  $8


COUNTRY CDS  All prices as marked

Allen, Rex Snr           Riding All Day: The Life of a Cowboy  (Jasmine ) $18 26 tks

Allen, Terry               Lubbock on Everything (Sugar Hill) $15

Allen, Terry               Smokin’ the Dummy/ Bloodlines (Sugar Hill) $8

Alvin, Dave                Museum of Heart (Hightone) $10

Amazing Rhythm Aces       Ride again (AR) ...this wastheir 1994 comeback album.$10

Anderson, Bill           Songwriter (TWI)  Latest album. Still at the top. $10

Anderson, John        John Anderson (1st album) WB $10

Anderson, John        You Can’t Keep a Good Memory Down (MCA) $15

Asleep at Wheel       Willie & the Wheel (Bismeaux) w. Willie...$10

Asleep at Wheel       Very Best (UK see for Miles) $10 From their 5 Capitol albums

Atkins, Chet              Teensville  (RCA) $10

Austin Lounge Lizards        Lizard Vison (Flying Fish)..”Jesus Loves Me But he Can’t Stand You” $10 always 2-3 classics per cd

Austin Lounge Lizards        Creatures from the Black Saloon (Watermelon) $10 “Car Hank Died In”...this beyond a classic

Autry, Gene              Year Round Cowboy 25 tks (Varese) $10

Ball, David                 Heartaches by the Number (Shanachie) $15

Ball, David                 Starlight Lounge $8 Atlantic

Ball, David                 Thinking problem $5

Bandy, Moe               Sings Great American Cowboy Songs  12 tracks $15

Bandy, Moe               Picture in a Frame (Intersound) $10

Bandy, Moe               One of a Kind $10 (Australia only 16 tk compilation)

Bare, Bobby              Columbia Years Bares Picks (EDsel UK) $20

Bare, Bobby              Best of Bobby Bare (Razor & Tie) RCA $15

Bare, Bobby              Essential (RCA) 20tks  $15

Bare, Bobby              Bare Tracks: The Columbia Years (Koch) $15 16tks

Bare, Bobby              Hard Time Hungrys $10 Edsel (UK)/ RCA

Bare, Bobby              A Bird Named Yesterday/Talk me Some Sense $15

Bare, Bobby              Hard Time Hungrys/The Winner & Other Losers (Omni/RCA) 2on1 $15

Be Good Tanyas       A  Collection 16 tks  $18 2012

Beddingfield, Eric lee          This Life Ain’t for Everybody $15 excellent cd reminds Travis Tritt. Good!! Unique packaging.

Bell, Delia                  Delia Bell (WB) w. Emmylou Harris producer/guest $15

Bell & Shore              L-Ranko Hotel (ROM) Wonderful 13 tracker. Full marks. $20

Bellamy Brothers    Greatest Hits Volume III $10 (MCA)

Bellamy Brothers    Pray for me (Bellamy label) $18 gospel 2012

Big Sandy/Flyrite Boys      Feelin’ Kinda Lucky $8 (Hightone)

Blasters                     American Music  (Hightone) original Rollin’ Rock 1980 expanded $18

Blue Sky Boys          Bill & Earl Bollick   excellent UK 60tracker 3 cd $18

Boggs, Noel              Very Best: Shasta Masters $8 (Varese) steel gtr

Bogguss, Suzy          20 Greatest Hits (Capitol) $10

Bogguss, Suzy          Somewhere Between (Capitol) $10 A classic...

Boland, Jason/Stragglers Somewhere in the Middle $10

Borzilova, Natasha  Out of My Hands $5 folky a la Mary Chapin Carpenter

Boxcar Willie            Rocky Box (Trainman) rockabilly!! 15 tk version $15

Boxcar Willie            King of the Freight Train (MCA) $15 inc. 2 duets with Willie

Brennan, Walter      Old Shep (MCA) $10 actually“Dutchman’s Gold” album

Brennan, Walter      Old Rivers/ Twas Night Before Christmas 2 on 1 OOP $18

Bridges, Jeff             Jeff Bridges $15  2012

Brislin, Kate/Katy Moffatt Sleepless Nights (Rounder) $8

Britt, Elton                RCA Years (Collectors Choice) $20 out of print.23 tracks

Brodsky, Chuck        Last of the Old Time  $15 (Red House) superior storyteller

Brody, Lane              Pieces of Life $10 (Navarre)

Brooks, Garth          No Fences (Capitol) $12  2 on 1 with “Garth Brooks”

Brown, Greg             If I Had Known: Essential Recordings 1980-86 (Redhouse) $18 cd+dvd

Brown, Jim Ed/Browns      Essential (RCA) $15

Brown, Junior           12 Shades of Brown $18 Demon  UK....this was the first  release not the one on Curb

Brown, Junior           Semi Crazy (Curb) $8

Brown, Junior           Long Walk Back (Curb) $8

Brown, Junior           Long Walk Back (Curb) autographed copy. $12

Brown, Junior           Down Home Chrome $12 (Telarc)

Brown, Zac               Uncaged 2012 $10

Buffett, Jimmy         Coconut Telegraph (MCA) $8

Buffett, Jimmy         Off to See thje Lizard $8

Buffett, Jimmy         Floridays $8 (MCA)

Buffett, Jimmy         Buffett Live, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays $15(Mailboat)

Buffett, Jimmy         One Particular Harbour/ Riddles in the Sand (MCA)  rare 2 on 1 $15

Buffett, Jimmy         Meet Me in Margaretaville 2cds Ultra deluxe $20 38 tracks hits & more

Buffett, Jimmy         Songs You Know By Heart $8 MCA

Burnett, T Bone       T Bone Burnett (MCA) just T Bone & Jerry Douglas!! $18 All time classic.

Byrd, Jerry               Master of the Steel Guitar Vol 1 (d Chord) 15 tks $20

Campbell, Stacy Dean        Ashes of an Old Love (Paladin/ WB) $8

Campi, Ray                Best Volume One (Rollin’ Rock) $15

Cargill, Henson         On the Road:Mega Years $15 (omni) fabulous cd w. 26 tks.

Carroll, Adam           Lookin’ Out the Screen Door $8

Carter Family           On Border Radio Vol 1 (Arhoolie) $20 $15

Carter Family           On Border Radio Vol 2 (Arhoolie) $20 $15

Carter Family           On Border Radio Vol 3 (Arhoolie) $20 $15

Carter, Carlene        Musical Shapes/ Blue Nun 2on1 (Edsel UK) $18 classic early

Case, Neko                Fox Confesser Brings the flood (Anti) $5

Cash, Johnny            Mystery of Life (Mercury) $10 Great

Cash, Johnny            Personal File 2cds $15  49 tracks from 70s. Nice package.

Cash, Johnny            Bootleg IV 2cds $15 (CBS) 51 songs 15 Unissued. Gospel

Cash, Johnny            Boom Chicka Boom (Mercury)  $10 Mercury all great

Cash, Johnny            Johnny 99 (Koch) $12

Cash, Johnny            Is Coming to Town/Boom Chicka Boom (Mercury) $15)

Cash, Johnny            Silver $10

Cash, Johnny            Is Coming to Town/Water Fr. Wells of Home (Mercury) $15

Cash, Johnny            Greatest Gospel Songs $4

Cash, Johnny            Greatest Duets $4  2012 issues ...good but been done before. Great price.

Cash, Johnny            Rockabilly Blues $12 (Koc)

Chesnutt, Mark        Saving the Honky Tonk $10

Chesnutt, Mark        Wings $8

Chesnutt, Mark        Too Cold at Home $10 (MCA)

Chesnutt, Mark        Thank God For Believerss $8

Chesnutt, Mark        Almost Goodbye (MCA) $8

Clark, Brian               & New Lyceum Players Southern Intermission $4

Clark, Gene               Silverado ’75: Live & Unreleased $10 (coll. Choice)

Clark, Guy                 Somedays the Song Writes You $15 (Dualtone)

Clark, Guy                 Essential $12 (RCA)

Clark, Guy                 Keepers (Sugar Hill)  $10

Clark, Guy                 This Ones for Him 2cd ((Icehouse) $15 the tribute  2cds slim

Clark, Guy                 This Ones For Him 2cds (Icehouse) $22 deluxe version

Clark, Roy                 Greatest Hits (Varese/ MCA) $18 Yesterday When I Was Young/ Thank God for Greyhound etc

Clayton, Lee              Border Affair  (Capitol) $8

Cline, Patsy               Complete Decca Studio Masters 1960-63 (Hip-O Select) 2cds $20 Quality item

Coal Porters             Find the One (Prima) $15 Sid Griffin.

Coe, David Allan       Recommended for Airplay (Lucky Dog) $10 (yes, clean                                            lyrics to songs from his x-rated albums.

Coe, David Allan       Biketoberfest ’01 (Coe Pop) $15

Coe, David Allan       Songwriter of the Tear (Cleveland) $12

Coe, David Allan       20 Road Music Hits (King) Truckin’ $15

Coe, David Allan       Lonesome Fugitive  (King) $10

Coe, David Allan       Johnny Cash Is a Friend of Mine (King) $8

Collie, Mark               Live at Brushy Mountain Penitentiary $20 long awaited cd

Collins, Tommy        Capitol Collection $10 (Koch)

Commander Cody    We’ve Got a Live One here $15 (WB) Great! 2lps on 1cd.

Confederate Railroad         When & Where $10 Atlantic. Autographed by all

Confederate Railroad         Confederate Railroad         $10 a must..

Conlee, John             Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus $8 (Gospel)

 Conlee, John            Rose Coloured Glasses (MCA)      $12

Conley, Earl Thomas Yours Truly $8 (RCA)

Connors, Graeme    At the Speed of Life $15(Panama)

Cooper, Wilma Lee & Stoney Very Best $18 (Varese)

Cooper, Wilma Lee & Stoney  Walking My Lord Up Calvary’s Hill (King tracks)

Costello, Elvis           Almost Blue (23 track version) Edsel UK $20 OOP w. “Psycho”

Cox, Ronny                Cowboy Savant (Elixir) $15 produced by the excellent Wendy Waldman...singing actor

Crirchlow, Slim         Crooked Trail to Holbrook (Arhoolie) 27 tracks $18

Crowell, Chelsea      Crystal City (Cleft) $10 daughter Rodney & Roseanne

Dadi, Marcel             Nashville Rendezvous 2cds $10 with Chet, Albert Lee etc

Dala                            Best Day $5 Canadian female folkies...nice harmonies

Dalton, Lacy J           Greatest Hits (Columbia) $15 (16th Avenue etc)

Danko, Rick              Live at O’Tooles (w. Richard Manuel) $8

Danko, Rick              At Dylan’s Cafe Washington DC 2cd $15

Davies, Gail               The Songwriter Sessions 2cds $28 45 tracks on her own label. Sealed.

Davis, Mac                 Song Painter & I Believe in Music $18 2on1 inc. original versions of “Something’s Burning” & “Watching Scotty Grow”, written by Mac.

Davis, Moot               Man About Town $18

Davis, Skeeter         Essential (RCA) $18

Dean, Jimmy            20 Great Story Songs $12

Delmore Brothers   Freight Train Boogie (Ace/UK) $15 20 King tracks.

Denver, John            Poems/Prayers/Promises & Farewell Andromeda

                                    UK edition of 2 early albums on 1 cd $10

Denver, John            Some Days Are Diamonds (RCA) $8

Diffie, Joe                  A Thousand Winding Roads (Epic) superb debut $8

Dilks, Johnny            & Visitacion Valley Boys (HMG) $10 Like wayne

                                    The Train Hancock/ Hank III but he yodels!!

Dillards                      Let the Music Flow: Best 1963-1979 (Raven) 29 tracks $18 sealed

Dillon, Dean              Out of Your Ever Lovin’ Mind (Atlantic) $5

Dobson, Richard      Froma a Distant Shore (Brambus) $18 sealed.

Drusky, Roy              Songs of Love & Life (Mercury) $20 Rare...

 Eaglesmith, Fred    Dusty $12

Eaglesmith, Fred    Lipstick, Lies & Gasoline $10

Eaglesmith, Fred      Cha Cha Cha $12

Eaglesmith, Fred     6 Volts: Made in Canada $12

Earle, Steve              Guitar Town $12 (expanded version...his best by far)

Edwards, Kathleen  Voyageur $8

Ewing, Skip               Greatest Hits (MCA) $10

Felder, Don               Road to Forever $20 Brilliant guitarist from the Eagles. New

Flatlanders                More a Legend Than A Band (Rounder) 418

Flores, Rosie             Honky Tonk Reprise (Rounder) $18 her WB debut album with extra tks

Flores, Rosie Rockabilly Filly $10 (Hightone)

Fogelberg, Dan                    High Country Snows (Epic) $12 (w. Skaggs)

Ford, Tennessee Ern           Best Of (Rhino) $12 OOP all the boogies

Ford, Tennessee Ern           6000 Sunset Boulevard $10 (from radio shows)

Ford, Tennessee Ern           Treasured Hymns $8 (Capitol)

Fricke, Janie             Country Side of Bluegrass $10

Fricke, Janie             Janie Fricke  (Intersound) 1991 rare $10

Friedman, Kinky      From One Good American to Another $15 20 tks

Frizzell, David           & Shelley West Greatest Hits $12 all originals

Frizzell, Lefty           That’s the Way Life Goes (Raven) $15  28 tks

Frizzell, Lefty           Songs of Jimmie Rodgers (Koch) $15 sealed

Gatlin, Larry             Legendary Gatlin Brothers  3cds Readers Digest $25 60 tks inc gospel

Gatlin, Larry             Moments to Remember $5 (Branson)

Gauthier, Mary         Filth & Fire $15 

Gill, Vince                  Guitar Slinger $10 MCA

Gimble, Johnny        Still Fiddlin’ Around (MCA) rare $18

Goldens                     Rush for Gold (Capitol) $5

Goldmark, Joe          Wham of That Steel Man $10 2cds (LoBall)

Goodman, Steve      Unfinished Business (Red Pajamas) $15

Gosdin, Vern             There Ia A Season (Am. Harvest) original 1984 album $10

Gosdin, Vern             Nickels, Dimes & Love $12 (CBS)

Gosdin, Vern             Chiselled in Stone $15 CBS Best country cd ever.

Gosdin, Vern             Ten Years of Greatest Hits Newly recorded $10

Gosdin, Vern             Out of My Heart $10

Great American Taxi          Paradise Lost $5 w. Todd Snider, Tim O’Brien etc

Greenway, John      Talking Blues (Smithsonian Folkways)  $15

Gregg, Ricky Lynn   Get a Little Closer $10 (Capitol) lot of Haggard in it!

Gregory, Clinton      Too Much Ain’t Enough $15 Wonderful 2012 album (Melody Roundup) Better than his Step one albums.

Grider, Josh              Live at Billy Bobs cd + dvd $10 (Smith)

Griffith, Nanci          Intersection (Hell No label) 2012 album $12

Griffith, Nanci          Complete MCA Studio Recordings 2cds $20 (MCA)

Griffith, Nanci          Other Voices Too: Trip Back to Bountiful (Elektra) $10

Griffith, Nanci          Interview $15

Gunter, Hardrock    Gonna Rock & Roll Gonna Dance All Night $10

                                    Rollercoaster UK label. Great Hillbilly artist.

Gunter, Hardrock    I’ll Give ‘em Rhythm (Hydra) $10

Haggard, Marty                   Borders & Boundaries $10 a great cd from Merle’s son

Haggard, Merle                    18 Rare Classics (Curb) $10

Haggard, Merle                    30th Album/Workin Man Can’t Get Nowhere (BGO 2on1) $18

Haggard, Merle                    All Night Long (Curb) $8

Haggard, Merle                    Back to the Barrooms $12 (MCA)

Haggard, Merle                    Bluegrass Sessions $12

Haggard, Merle                    Hag/Let me Tell You About a Song (BGO 2on1)$418 

Haggard, Merle                    I’m a Lonesome Fugitive/ Mama Tried(BGO 2on1) $18

Haggard, Merle                    Just Between the Two of Us/ Fightin’ Side of me $18 (BGO 2on1)

Haggard, Merle                    Kern River/ Chill Factor 2 on 1 (American Beat) $18

Haggard, Merle                    Land of Many Churches (Razor & Tie/ BGO) $15 2 on 1

Haggard, Merle                    Legend of Bonnie & Clyde/ Pride in What I Am (BGO 2on1) $18

Haggard, Merle                                My Love Affair With Trains/ Roots of My Raising $18 (BGO 2on1)

Haggard, Merle                    (w. Willie)Pancho & Lefty $10

Haggard, Merle                    A Portrait/Keep Moving On (BGO UK) 2on1 $15

Haggard, Merle                    Rainbow Stew (MCA) $12

Haggard, Merle                    Ramblin’ Fever (MCA) $15

Haggard, Merle                    Serving 190 Proof $10 (MCA)

Haggard, Merle                    That’s the Way Love Goes $8

Haggard, Merle                    That’s the Way Love Goes/ It’s All in the Game $15 T-Bird 2on1)

Haggard, Merle                    Tribute to Best Damn Fiddle Player (Koch) $12 (Bob Wills Tribute)

Haggard, Merle                    Tribute to Best Damn etc/It’s All in the Movies  (BGO 2on1) $18

Haggard, Merle                    Unforgettable $5 (EMI)

Haggard, Merle                    Working in Tennessee (Hag) $10 his latest

Hall, Ben                                Country Ways & Rockin’ Days (Rollercoaster) $10

Hall, Tom T                            Songs from Sopchoppy $10  Mercury

Hall, Tom T                            In Search of a Song (Mercury) very nice mini lp style version $20 rare now

Hall, Tom T                            Greatest Hits I & II (Mercury) $10

Hall, Tom T                            50 Greatest Hits 50 tks $20

Hall, Tom T                            Nashville Storyteller $10 (RCA) now out of print 20 RCA tracks      

Hamilton, George IV           Best 22 tracks (RCA)  $10

Hancock, Butch                    You Coulda Walked Around The World (Rainlight) $8

Hancock, Wayne                 Thunderstorms & Neon Signs $10

Hancock, Wayne                 That’s What Daddy Wants $10

Hancock, Wayne                 Wild Free & Reckless $10

Harris, Emmylou                 with Carl Jackson: Love  Hurts also know as Nashville Country Duets $10 been out on several labels. It really is Carl’s demo recordings on which Emmylou sang. It also features Melba Montgomery. Excellent even if the title is  not exactly what you get.

Harris, Emmylou                 Live at the Victoria Theatre London 1975 $18 (w. James Burton, Glen D Hardin etc)

Harris, Emmylou                 Light on the Highway: New York City 1970 $18 very very early

Harris, Emmylou                 Live at the Bottom Line December, 1998 $18

Harris, Emmylou                 Band of Heathens Antones Texas March 17 2011 $20

Harris, Emmylou                 Grand at the Opry March 4th 2006 DVD + Telluride Bluegrass Festival June `6th, 2005  $40

Harris, Emmylou                 Green Pastures In Prague DVD (1992...w. Nash Ramblers)  + CD Royal Albert Hall Sept 24th 1991 $40

Harris, Emmylou                 CMT Crossroads 2003 with Dave Matthews DVD + Orpheum Theatre, Boston, 2009 $40

Harris, Emmylou                 Volume 4 Various live TV appearances DVD + North Wilkesboro, NC 1993 $40

Harris, Emmylou                 Wembley 1984 DVD + Kansas City 1983 CD $40

                                                NOTE: All preceding Emmylous are one copy only.

Harris, Emmylou                 Cowgirl’s Prayer $10

Harris, Emmylou                 Anthology 2cd Rhino $18 44 tracks

Hearne, Bill & Bonnie          Watching the World Through a Windshield (Back Porch) $8            

Hearne, Bill & Bonnie          Diamonds in the Rough $8

Henry, Joe                            Reverie (Anti) $5

Hiatt, John                            Mystic Pinball $10 2012

Hicks, Dan                             Striking it Rich (with Hot Licks) Blue Thumb/MCA $15

Hill, Goldie                             Don’t Send Me No More Roses (Righteous) $12

Hillman/Pederson               Bakersfield Bound (Sugar Hill) $15

Hillman, Chris                       Desert Rose (Sugar Hill) $10

Hinojosa, Tish                      Taos to Tennesse $8

Holly, Buddy                         Holly in the Hills/ Giant (BGO UK) $18 2 on 1 early country stuff

Hot Club of Cowtown           Best $8

Houser, Randy                     They Call Me Cadillac (Universal) $10 with Jamey Johnson the only major label artist who is truly country....good too.

Houston, David                    Best  (Collector’s Choice) deleted $20 24 tks

Hyland, Brian                       Rockin’ Folk/ The Joker Went Wild (BGO) 2 on 1 $12

Ian & Sylvia                          Play One More (Vanguard) $8

International Submarine Band  Back at Home/ Jon Corneal 2on1 $10 2 post  GP 

Ives, Burl                              Lavender Blue (Jasmine) 25 tracks hits $15

Jackson, Stonewall             Life of a Poor Boy (Omni) $12 30 tks

Jackson, Stonewall             The Lonesome in Me (Omni) $15 28 tks

Jackson, Wanda                  Queen of Rockabilly (Ace UK) $20 30 tks

Jackson, Wanda                  Very Best of the Country Years (Ace UK) $20 30 tk

Jackson, Wanda                  Heart Trouble (CMHG) $10

Jackson, Wanda                  I Remember Elvis $8

James, Sonny                       Capitol Collectors Series (Capitol) OOP  $15 20 tks sealed. “Young Love”

James, Sonny                       Complete Columbia & Monument Hits $10 22 tracks

Jayhawks                              Music from the North Country:The Anthology 2CDS + DVD $20(American)

Jennings, Shooter               Black Ribbons (2011) $8

Jennings, Waylon                Ol Waylon Sings Ol Hank (WJ) $15 his own label..Hank Williams songs

Jennings, Waylon                Leavin’ Town/ Waylon Sings Ol Harlan $20 2 on1 UK

Jennings, Waylon                Folk Country/ Waylon sings Ol Harlan $20 2 on1 USA

Jennings, Waylon                Love of the Common People/ Hangin’ on  (2 on 1  (Collectors Choice) $12

Jennings, Waylon                Are You Ready for the Country/ What Goes Round

                                                Comes Around $15 RCA UK 2 on 1

Jennings, Waylon                Cowboys Sisters Rascals & Dirt (RCA) $15

Jennings, Waylon                Only Daddy That’ll Walk the Line 2cd 40 tk best $10

Jennings, Waylon                Will the Wolf Survive $12

Jennings, Waylon                Full Circle $12

Jennings, Waylon                Hanging Tough $10

Jennings, Waylon                A Man Called Hoss $15

Jennings, Waylon                Too Dumb for NYC..Too Ugly for LA $8

Jennings, Waylon                Love of the Common People $5

Jennings, Waylon                Closing in on the Fire $8

Jiminez, Flaco                       Partners (duets with Dwight, Ronstadt, Emmylou/

                                                Los Lobos/ John Hiatt/ Ry Cooder etc) $15

Joey & Rory                          Life of a Song (Sugar Hill) $15

Joey & Rory                          His & Hers $20 (standard version) (Sugar Hill)  album of year contender

Joey & Rory                          Album # 2 (Sugar Hill) $15 Our 2010 album of year

Joey & Rory                          Album # 2 (Sugar Hill) $25 Walmart edition w. bonus

Johnson, Jamey                   The Dollar $10 (BNA)

Jones, George                      My Favourites of Hank Williams  $10

Jones, George                      New Favorites of George Jones (EMI ) $8

Jones, George                      Kickin’ Out the Footlights $10 (with Haggard)

Jones, George                      The Grand Tour $10

Jones, George                      Country Classics (EMI UK) $5

Jones, George                      Country Standards $12 (EMI UK comp.)22 tracks

Jones, George                      Dispatches 1990-1999 Raven $10 22 tks

Jones, George                      She Thinks I Still Care (Razor & Tie) 2cd very rare $30

Jones, George                      Legendary Country Singer $5 Time Life  25 tracks

Jones, George                      Gospel Collection 2CD $10(Bandit)

Jones, George                      Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes/Wine Coloured Roses 2 on 1 $20

Jones, Grandpa                    Makes the Rafters ring/ Yodeling Hits $12 2on1 (monument)

Jones, Grandpa                    An American Original (CMH) 30 tracks $15 (King)

Joss, Scott                            New Reason to Care (Little Dog) $12

Judds                                      Reunion Live (Curb) $15 2cds plenty of Kleenex..

Kaplansky, Lucy                  Reunion $12 2012 Red House

Kennedy, Bap                       Energy Orchard: Rare, Live &  Bladdered 2cd OOP

                                                Inc. 24 page booklet, $10 hard to get

King, Pee Wee                      Western Swing Get together (Jasmine) 26 tks $10

King, Pee Wee                      Hillbilly Boogie $15    30 tracks

Kirchen, Bill                          Hot rod Lincoln Live (Hightone) $10 Great cd. On title

                                                Bill does 25 or so imitations of singers & guitarists

                                                doing Hot Rod Lincoln. Fabulous.

Knox, Roger                          w. Pine Valley Cosmonauts   Stranger in My Own Land  $20 (Bloodshot)            Yes, this is the aboriginal legend and the cd is loosely based on Clinton

Walker’s “Buried Country” 16 page book is excellent. Recorded in US & Australia.

Koppy, Michael                     Ashmore’s Store $20 This received a 5 star review in CMP but I don’t really like it. Couldn’t get into it. Vocally he reminded of David Ackles

& the songs certainly demand a bit of attention especially  the 27 minute

“All in the  Timing: A Hollywood Romance in Seven Chapters”. But with a hard bound  book of 116 or so pages it is an impressive package.

Kristofferson, Kris              Repossessed/Third World Warrior 2 cds $10

Kristofferson, Kris              Border Lord/ Jesus Was a Capricorn $12 2 on 1 (Wounded Bird)

Kristofferson, Kris              Live at the Philharmonic (Sony) 77 mins $12

Lafave, Jimmy                      Depending on the Distance (Music Road) Texas legend 2012 $15

Ledoux, Chris                       NOTE: All are reissues of his own label recordings & not the later  Capitol recordings. They have a raw authenticity and are great. No one ever had such success as a singer of rodeo songs.

Ledoux, Chris                       Rodeo Songs Old & new $15 ...his best...

Ledoux, Chris                       Sings Me a Song Mr Rodeo Man $10

Ledoux, Chris                       Rodeo & Living Free $10

Lee, Brenda                          Definitive Collection (MCA) 28 tracks originals! $15

Lee, Dickey                           Classic Songs of (Varese)  $10

Lee, Johnny                          New Directions $10

Lewis, Jerry Lee                  Killer The Mercury Years Vol. 3   $12

Loccoriere, Dennis             Out of the Dark (Track Records) 19 tks $10

London, Eddie                       Do It Yourself (Mercury) $8 very very Haggard like Louvin, Ira                              Complete Recordings (EMI) $20 post Louvin Brothers.

Louvin Brothers                   Tribute to Delmore Brothers (Capitol) $10

Louvin Brothers                   Two Different Worlds $10 (EMI)

Loveless, Patty                    Definitive Collection (MCA) 22 tracks $15

Lovett, Lyle                           Lyle Lovett $5

Lovett, Lyle                           Step Inside This House (Curb) 2cds $10 Lyle sings other Texans 52pg bk

Luman, Bob                           Classic Country $15 15 tks Sony UK Epic label tracks

Luman, Bob                           Red Hot  $15 28 R & R/ rockabilly Imperial tracks (Snapper UK)

Lynn, Loretta                        Hymns $15

Lynn, Loretta                        50th Anniversary Collection 36 tracks 2cds sealed (MCA) $20 Walmart exclusive.

Lynch, Dustin                       Dustin Lynch $$8 Billboard #1

McBride, Martina                 Eleven $8

McClain, Charly                    Pure Country $10 (CBS)

McClure, Mike                       Fifty Billion $8 (lead vocalist of Great Divide)

McCreary, Scotty                 Clear as Day (Mercury) $10

McCutcheon, John               Woody Guthrie’s America $8

McDaniel, Mel                       Reloaded (Capitol) $10 inc. “Plastic Girl”

McDonald, Skeets                Goin’ Steady With the Blues $15 (Righteous) 20 tracks

McGuinn, Roger                   Limited Edition $20 That’s the title ....was available only on line in OOP...signed in silver pen by McGuinn. 13 tks

McVey, Jake                         Anything Is Possible $5

Macon, Uncle Dave              Country Music Hall of Fame (MCA) $20 $15 rare

Maddox Bros & Rose           Volume 1 (Arhoolie) $10

Maddox Bros & Rose           Volume 2 (Arhoolie) $10

Maddox Bros & Rose           On the Air (Arhoolie) 10

Maddox Bros & Rose           Live on the Radio 1953 $15 (Arhoolie)

Maddox, Rose                       w. John Jorgenson Moon is Rising $10   

Maddox, Rose                       35 Dollars & a Dream (Arhoolie) $10

Mahan, Rich                          Blame Bobby Bare $5 (Snortin’ Horse)

Maphis, Rose Lee & Joe      Cold Heart of Steel (Righteous) $12  Columbia

Martin, Janis                         Here I Am (Hydra) $10

Mavericks                              Definitive Collection (MCA) sealed $12  20 tks

Mellons, Ken                         Best (Curb) $15 all songs only on this cd so not a hits pkg. Great album

Mercyland                             Hymns for the Rest of Us $10 w. Civil Wars/ Buddy Miller/ Emmylou etc

Miller, Buddy/ Jim Lauderdale Buddy & Jim (New West) 2012 cd $18

Miller, Jody                           Anthology $15 (Renaissance)

Moffatt, Hugh                       Loving You $15 (Philo)

Moffatt, Hugh                       Troubadour $15 (Philo))

Montana, Patsy                   The Cowboy’s Sweetheart  (Flying Fish) $15

Moorer, Allison                      Colelction $8   19 tks sealed

Morgan, Lorrie                     Leave the Light On (RCA) $10  her debut is her best still.

Morgan, Lorrie                     Trainwreck of Emotion $5 (RCA) compilation

Morrison, Van                       w. Linda Gail Lewis You Win Again $12

Morrison, Van                       Skiffle Sessions $18 (w. Lonnie Donegan/ Chris Barber

Nelson, Rick                          Bright Lights & Country Music/ Country fever $20 Ace 2on1

Nelson, Rick                          Complete Epic Recordings 2 CDS 41 tks $20

Nelson, Rick                          Another Side/ Perspective (Ace UK)  2on1 $20

Nelson, Willie                       San Antonio Rose (W. Ray price) $10

Nelson, Willie                       You Don’t Know Me: Songs of Cindy Walker $8

Nelson, Willie                       One for the Road (with Leon Russell) $15

Nelson, Willie                       Honeysuckle Rose $10

Nelson, Willie                                   Just One Love $10 (2 duets with Kimmie Rhodes. 1 of his best 3)

Nelson, Willie                       Last of the Breed 2cd (with Haggard & Price) $12 Superb

Nelson, Willie                       Heroes (Liberty) 2011 sealed $8

Nelson, Willie                       Somewhere Over the Rainbow $10

Nesmith, Michael                 And Hits Just Keep on Comin’ / Pretty Much Your Standard  Ranch Stash (RCA) 2 on 1 $18 2 stunners on 1

Nesmith, Michael                 RIO: The Best 2cds $10

Newton, Juice                      Ain’t Gonna Cry (BMG) $8

Newton, Juice                      Old Flame (BMG)   $8

Newton, Juice                      Greatest Hits $8

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band         Will the Circle Be Unbroken 2cds (Capitol/EMI) The original & best. $18

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band         Uncle Charlie & His Dog Teddy (Capitol/ BGO UK ) $15 Mr Bojangles

Nolan, Bob                            Sound of a Pioneer (Garrett) $22 v. rare reissue of Bob’s only solo album

Norma jean                           I Guess That Comes From Being Poor (Omni) $12

Oak Ridge Boys                    Definitive Collection $ 8 20 tks

O’Connell, Maura                 A Real Life Story (WB) $12   produced by and abetted by Jerry Douglas

O’Connell, Maura                 Helpless Heart (WB) $12   produced by and abetted by Jerry Douglas

Oak Ridge Boys                    It’s Only Natural (Crackerbarrel exclusive) $15

Old Crow Medicine Show  O C M S  $10

Olney, Davis                         The Stone (Dead beet) $5

Overstreet, Paul                  A Songwriter’s Project $10

Overstreet, Paul                  Something for the Road $22 (now all gone...lost in floods in Nashville; inc. “She Only Loves Me For My Willie”)

Owens, Buck                        Half a Buck: Greatest Duets $10

Owens, Buck                        Instrumental Hits $10

Palmer, Keith                       Keith Palmer (Epic) $8 lot like Doug Stone. Died young. Sad.

Parks                                     Born Into It $5

Parry, Dick                           Tasmania’s Yodelling Hillbilly $10

Parsons, Gram                     With the Flying Burrito Brothers Live at Avalon Ballroom 2cds $22

Parsons, Jeremy                 Doggondest Feelin’ $18 reminds of Marty Brown.

Parton, Dolly                        Jolene/ In My Tennessee Mountain Home 2on1 $15

Paulo, Lou                             Thank You Les...$20 Member of Les Paul’s Trio with a tribute album & great guests including Keith Richards, Steve Miller, Jose Feliciano etc

Perry, Keith                          Keith perry (Curb) $10 A lot like Keith Whitley...a great album

Peters, Grtetchen               Hello Cruel World (2012) $20 inc. duet with Rodney Crowell.

Pierce, Webb                        Honky Tonk to Country Boogie 32 tracks $15 (Canetoad/Decca)

Poovey, Groovy Joe            The Late Great $10 20 tracks originally on Little Darlin’ label.

Prairie Oyster                      Blue Plate Special ) $8

Prairie Oyster                      Everybody Knows  (RCA) $20 2cds ..includes radio show. 

Presley, Elvis                        Peace in the Valley: Complete Gospel Recordings 3cds (RCA) $12

Price, Ray                             Faith (Gospel) (Columbia) $8

Prine, John                            with Mac Wiseman Standard Songs for Average People  *****Special of the month****** $5 oh Boy.

Prine, John                            Missing Years (Oh Boy) $15

Prine, John                            Live on Tour $10 Oh Boy)

Prine, John                            Christmas $10

Prine, John                            In Spite of Ourselves $15 (Oh Boy) with Iris Dement, Emmylou etc

Rabbitt, Eddie                       Jersey Boy (Capitol) $8

Rabbitt, Eddie                       Ten Rounds $8 two exceptional albums

Raney, Wayne                      That Real Hot Boogie Boy: King Years $12 (Ace UK)

Raven, Eddy                          Love & Other Hard Times (BMG) $8

Raven, Eddy                          w. Jo-el Sonnier Cookin’ Cajun $8

Reed, Blind Alfred               Complete Recorded Works (Document) $20 good

Reed, Jerry                           Essential (RCA) $10

Rhodes, Kimmie                   West Texas Heaven (Justice) $12 arguably the finest female folky cd ever.

Richie, Lionel                        Tuskogee Deluxe edition (CD + DVD) $18

Riders in the Sky                 Best of the West (Rounder) $12 22tks Hits pkgs!

Riders in Sky                        Best of West Rides Again (Rounder) $12 25 tks

Riley, Jeannie C                    Best (Varese) out of print $20

Robbins, Marty                     Song Of Robbins (CBS) $8

Robbins, Marty                     Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?/ I’ve Got a Woman’s Love $22 2

Rodman, Judy                      A Place Called Love (MTM)( Rare $15

Rodriguez, Carrie                Seven Angels on a Bicycle $8

Rodriguez, Johnny             You Can Say That Again (Hightone) $8

Rogers, Roy                          Tribute (RCA) Duets $12 jewel case version.

Rooney, Jim                          Brand New Tennessee Waltz/ Ready for the Times to Get  Better 2 on 1 $12

Ronstadt, Linda                    The Collection 2cds $15  46 tracks Rhino UK all WB/Asylum

Ronstadt, Linda                    Best Of: The Capitol Years $20 2cds  4 complete Capitol albums (inc. classic “Heart Like a Wheel”) all with bonus tracks on 2cds. No duplication with the previous title either.

Ronstadt, Linda                    Dedicated to the One I Love $8

Rose, Chelle                          Ghost of Browder Holler $5 ( Ray Wylie Hubbard)

Rowan, Peter                       Dust Bowl Children (Sugar Hill) $15

Run C & W                             Into the Twangy First Century (MCA)Russell Smith 10

Run C & W                             Row VS Wade (MCA) Russell smith $8

Russell, Leon                        Stop All That Jazz (DCC/ Shelter) $10

Russell, Leon                        Hank Wilson’s Back III: Legend in My Time $15

Russell, Leon                        Retrospective (Shelter/Capitol) 18 tks sealed $18

Russell, Tom                         Rose of San Joaquin (Hightone) $15

Russell, Tom                         Borderland $12 (Hightone)

Russell, Tom                         Hurricane Season (Rounder) $15 maybe his best

Russell, Tom                         Indians Cowboys Horses Dogs (Hightone) $15

Russell, Tom                         Box of Visions $12 (Philo)

Russell, Tom                         Modern Art $12 ((Hightone)

Sadler, Sarg. Barry             Ballad of the Green Berets (RCA/ Coll. Choice) $18                                        This reissue was Colelctors Choice most successful &

                                                sold in excess of 70,000 copies. Inc. bonus track.

Sahm, Doug                           Return of Wayne Douglas $20 (last & best album)

Salley, Jerry                         Showing My Age $18

Schmidt, Claudia                  Bend in the River (Red House) $5

Scott, Jack                            Touch Me Baby I Go Hog Wild 2 cds 64 tks $25

Scott, Jack                            The Way I Walk: Carlton Recordings 1958-60 $15 (Rollercoaster) 26 tks

Scrivener, Gove                   Shine On (Compass) $10 Prine/ Nanci guest superb

Sears, Dawn                         What a Woman Wants to Hear (WB) $10 stunning

Seely, Jeannie                      Greatest Hits on Monument  $20 very hard to get

Serby, Davi                           Poor Man’s Poem $5

Shaver, Billy Joe                  I’m Just an Old Chunk of Coal (Koch) $15

Shaver, Billy Joe                  Live at Billy Bobs CD + DVD $15

Shaver, Billy Joe                  Old Five & Dimers Like Me (Koch) $20

Shaver, Billy Joe                  Highway of Life $5

Shaver, Billy Joe                  Tramp on Your Street (Zoo) $8

Shay, Dorothy                      Park Avenue Hillbilly (Collectors Choice) $8

Sexsmith, Ron                      Retriever $8

Shegog, Kevin                      Ballad of a Hillbilly Singer (Canetoad) $18 29 tks

Shenandoah                          Road Not Taken (Columbia) $5

Shanandoah                          Greatest Hits (Columbia) $5

Shipley, Arkey                      Hot Rod Race (Collector) $10...original Hot rod Lincoln

Silverstein, Shel                   Freakin’ at the Freaker’s Ball $15 w. Dr Hook + bonus

Singletary, Daryle               Ain’t it the Truth (Giant) $8 superb.

Sir Douglas Quinter             Best (Westside UK) deleted $15  Doug Sahm

Skaggs, Ricky                       Country Gentleman 2cds (Epic/Legacy) $15

Sky Kings                              From Out of the Blue (Rhino) great country rock $ 15

Smith, Carl                            Essential 1950-56 (Clumbia) $18 out of print.20 tks

Smith, Mindy             Mindy Smith $10 2012 (Giant Leap)

Smither, Chris                      Hundred Doillar Valentine $10 2012 Elixir

Snider, Todd                         Live: Near Truths &Hotel Rooms $12 (Oh Boy)

Sovine, Red                           Old Rivers & Other Classic Narrations (King) $18

Sovine, Red                           20 All Time Greatest Hits (Tee Vee/King) $20

Sovine, Red                           Greatest Hits $18 Vintage Vaults UK

Springer, Roger                   Band   Roger Springer Band $8 “Daddy never Had a Chance in Hell”

Staines, Bill                           Beneath Some Lucky Star $10 (Red House) 2012

Starr, Lucille                         Lonely Street/ Side by Side 15

Statler Brothers                  Legendary 3cd 60 tracks fa. Sound $20 last copy

Statler Brothers                  Music Memories & You $8 Mercury

Stevens, Ray                        Hum It (MCA) $5

Stevens, Ray                        # 1 With a Bullet (Curb) $10 w. The Pirate Song

Stevens, Ray                        Lend Me Your Ears (Capitol) $8

Stevens, Ray                        He Thinks he’s Ray Stevens (MCA)  $10

Stewart, Gary                      Steppin’ Out/ Little Junior 2 on1 (Raven) $10

Stewart, Gary                      with Dean Dillon Brotherly Love/ Those Were the

                                                Days 2 on 1 (Raven) $12

Stewart, Gary                      Gary/Cactus & a Rose $10 (Westside UK) RCA 2on1

Stewart, Gary                      Branbd New (Hightone) $8

Stewart, Gary                      I’m a Texan (Higtone) $8

Stewart, Gary                      Essential (RCA) $10

Stewart, Wynn                     Very Best 1958-1962 (Varese) $12

Stone, Doug                          Doug Stone $8 “Better Off in a Pine Box”...classic

Strait, George                      Beyond the Blue Neon (MCA) $10 his best

Stuart, Marty                        Compadres: An Anthology of Duets $12 w. Haggard/Cash/Connie etc

Sweeney, Sunny      Concrete $8

Sweethearts of Rodeo       Buffalo Zone Columbia) $10

Sweethearts of Rodeo       Sisters $10 (Columbia)

Talley, James                       Woody Guthrie/ Songs of My Oklahoma Home $12

Taylor, Chip                          Yonkers New York 2cd $10 Bound book style cover.

Taylor, Chip                          F**k all the Perfect People $15 (2012)

Texas Tornados                   Zone of Our Own $10 (WB)

Thompson, Hank                 Capitol Collectors Series $18 (Capitol) Best single cd

Thompson, Hank                 Best of Hank Thompson (Varese) $18 WB/Dot/ABC

Thompson, Hank                 Hank the Hired Hand $10 2cds (1Capitol + interview)

Tillis, Mel                               Greatest Hits (Curb) w. Coca Cola Cowboy $8

Tillman, Floyd                       Best (Collectors Choice) $15 24 tks

Tillman, Floyd                       Crazy Cajun Recordings $12  26 tks

Tillotson, Johnny                 25 All Time Greatest Hits (varese) $15

Trailblazers                          Vintage Australian Hillbilly Music 31 tks $10.

Travis, Merle                        The Merle Travis Story (CMH) $18 excellent 24 tracker & Merle is in  fine voice even doing his first ever version of “Smoke Smoke Smoke That Cigareette”, one of the many classics he wrote, this for Tex Williams.    

Travis, Randy                       Around the Bend  (WB) $20 CD+DVD

TRIO I                                    Ronstadt/Harris/ Parton $10  Trio 1

Tritt, Travis                           The Storm (Category 5) $15 his last album ...2007 vanished overnight!!

Tubb, Ernest                         Legend & Legacy $10 (Edsel UK) duets

Tucker, Tanya                      My Turn (2009) $10

Turner, Josh                         Live Across America (Crackerbarrel Store only ) $20

Turner, Josh                         Your Man $15 (MCA) ...I mentioned with Randy Houser that he & Jamey Johnson were only true country major label artists...better add Josh

Twitty, Conway                    RFD-TV Collector’s Edition 2cds 40 tks Universal 12 pg booklet $18 all original MCA

Tyson, Ian                             Cowboyography (Sugar Hill) $20 classic with Navajo Rug, written with    Tom Russell & I might add that Katy Moffatt had a rather sheepish look

when the Cosmic Cowboy asked her whether  she was the Katy in the song...the one “nekkid” on the rug.       

Anyways it is a stunning album. 

Tyson, Ian                             Raven Singer (Stony Plain) $8

Uncle Lightnin’                     Searchin’ for Ted the Cowboy Eisenhower $5

Wagoner, Porter                 The Essential (RCA) $12

Wagoner, Porter                 The Rubber Room (Omni) $20 29 of his quirkiest now out of print

Wagoner, Porter/Dolly      The Essential Porter & Dolly $12

Wagoner, Porter/Dolly      Always Awlays/Two of a Kind 2on 1 (Am. Beat) $20

Wakely, Jimmy                    Vintage Collections (Capitol) $10

Walker, Billy                         Sing Me a Love Song: 18 Greatest Hits $8 CStars

Walker, Jerry Jeff               Navajo Rug (Ryko) $10

Walker, Jerry Jeff               Viva Luckenbach (Ryko) $8

Wallace, Jerry                        Best Of (Varese)  $15  His country recordings on Challenge & Decca

Walser, Don                          Rolling Stone from Texas $10 (Watermelon)

Walser, Don                          I’l lHold You in My Heart $8

Wariner, Steve                     Life’s Highway (MCA) $10

Wariner, Steve                     Laredo $5 (MCA)

Watson, Dale                        Cheatin’ Heart Attack (Hightone) $18

Watson, Dale                        Blessed or Damned (Hightone) $18

Watson, Dale                        I Hate These Songs (Hightone) $18

A superstar among Yesterday & Today Records customers with his uncompromising traditional bent and respect to all the greats. His 3

Hightone cds are as good as it gets. These are so good that if anyone doesn’t have all three they are NOT complete.

Watson, Dale                        Preachin’ to the Choir 2cd Live $12

Watson, Dale                        Truckin’ Sessions $8

Watson, Dale                        Truckin’ Sessions 2cd version autographed $20

Watson, Dale                        Sun Sessions (Red House) $15

Watson, Doc                         Doc & Merle’s Guitar Album $10 (Flying Fish)

Watson, Gene                      From the Heart (RMG) $10

Watson, Gene                      Then & Now (Koch) $8

Watson, Gene                      Sings (Intersound) $8

Watson, Gene                      Greatest Hits (MCA) $18

Watson, Gene                      Ultimate Collection  Hip-O 23 tracks $18

Wayne, Dallas                      Big thinkin’ $8

Wells, Kitty                           The Collection (UK) $10  17 tks

Wence, Bill                            Analog Man ina Digital World $18  w. guests inc. Charlie McCoy, Becky Hobbs, Jordanaires, Gretchen Peters etc

West, Dottie                         Essential (RCA) $10

West, Dottie                         Country Sunshine: RCA Hit Singles 1963-74 $10

West, Dottie                         Collection 1976-1984 (Razor & Tie) $10

West, Speedy                       w. Jimmy Bryant Stratosphere Boogie (R & Tie) $15

West, Speedy                       w, Jimmy Bryant Swingin’ on the Strings $12 (R& Tie)

Whites                                   Greatest Hits (MCA) $10

Whitley, Keith                      Don’t Close Your Eyes (RCA) $18

Whitley, Keith                      L A to Miami (RCA) $10

Whitley, Keith                      Wherever You Are Tonight (RCA) $10

Whitman, Slim                      Best 1951-1971 (Rhino) $8

Whitman, Slim                      The Essential 3cd (EMI) $15

Whitman, Slim                      The Collection (EMI UK) 2005 $15 2cds

Whitman, Slim                      The Collection (EMI UK) 1989  $18 2cds

Whitman, Slim                      Magic Moments (with Byron) $10 (QED)

Whitman, Slim                      Country Classics 3Cds (Readers Dgest) $8

Wild Jimbos                          Wild Jimbos (MCA) $10 Nitty Gritty Dirt Band offshoot

Williams, Don                       Volume One& Volume Two (edsel) $20 his first 2 albums on 1 cd

Williams, Hank                     The Legend Begins: Rare & Unreleased Recordings 3CDS $30 (Mercury)

Williams, Hank Jnr              Standing in the Shadows (Mercury) 20 tracks) $15.

Williams, Hank Jnr              Almeria Club $12 This is the deluxe hard book clothbound edition.One of Hank Jnr’s best with an examination of Hank Snr’s blues roots.

Williams, Hank III               Lovesick, Broke & Driftin’  $8

Williams, Jason D                Killer Instincts (Rounder) son of JerryLee $10 ??

Wills, Bob                              Bootheel Drag: The MGM Years 2cds Mercury $15 50 tracks

Womack, Tommy                Now What!! $5 ...good.

Woodys                                 Telluride to Tennessee $12 (Everett)

Woodys                                 Teardrops & Diamonds (Dynamike) $15

Woodys                                 Woodys $12 for Joey & Rory fans...just fabulous

World Famous Headliners   Shawn Camp/ Al Anderson (NRBQ)/ Pat McLaughlin

                                                2012 $18

Yoakam, Dwight                  Guitars, Cadillacs deluxe 2cds expanded version $20

Yoakam, Dwight                  Last Chance 1000 Years: Greatest Hits of 90s $8

Young, Faron                        Story Songs For Country Folk (Mercury) $18 Canetoad


1.       1861 Project Volume 1 $10 (Marty Stuart/ Richard Dobson / Irene Kelley etc)American Murder Ballads $18  2 cds with 50 tracks, mostly country with some blues and folk. Some people don’t realise how violent songs can be...imagine how it would have been had they had wood chippers in those days.

2.       Beverly Hillbillies: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack $10 New sing old. Hard to go past Lorrie Morgan’s version of “Crying Time” ...all good.

3.       Beverly Hillbillies TV Cast Album $15 Jedd, Jethro etc all sing...Great.

4.       Califia: The Songs of Lee Hazelwood (Ace UK) 25 tracks $18

5.       Caught in the Webb A Tribute to Webb Pierce $15 One of ithe best if not the best ever country tribute albums. Great line up and they stick faithfully to the traditions of the songs.  Emmylou is superb as alway on “Wondering” and it makes you wish she hadn’t strayed when you hear Alison Moorer doing “Back Street Affair”. Dwight, Willie, Jones, Dale Watson, Charley Pride...all hear.

6.       Come Together: American Salutes the Beatles $8

7.       Common Thread: Songs of the Eagles $8

8.       Get With the Beat: The Marvel Masters $12 (Ryko) Great 27 tracker on a major distributed label of a very obscure label which drew the line between hillbilly & rockabilly and combined the two. Originally on the Cowboy Carl label on l Mar-vel Records began just south of Chicago in the 40s. As it stands the best known artist on this label was Bobby Sisco so you could certainly expect some true unknowns. Sisco is great on “Honky Tonkin’ Rhythm”, which has slappin’ bass in the rockabilly style but takeoff steel guitar in the hillbilly style. Includes great tracks from Jack Bradshaw, Bobby Burton, Shorty Ashford, Ginny Carter, Ronnie Durbin etc. A great label of authentic hillbilly.

9.       Great Yodelling Album of All Time 2cds 50 tracks $18

10.   Greetings from the District of Columbia $15 Ruthie & Wranglers, Honky Tonk Confidential

Etc...all good. 24 tracks 

11.   Happy Birthday Buck A Texas Salute $18 22 tracks including a couple of Buck’s final recordings . Includes David Ball, Rodney Crowell, Derailers, Rick Trevino etc 22 tracks Note:  IN A RECENT HIGHLY SECRET MEETING THE COSMIC COWBOY & MYSELF JOINTLY DETERMINED THE 3 BEST COUNTRY TRIBUTES AS  Caught in the Webb/ Happy Birthday Buck and Pearls in the Snow....all here...all bargains.

12.   Horse Whisperer Soundtrack $8 a classic ..Strait, Dwight etc

13.   Hillbilly Fever! The Preston Story Volume 3 (Canetoad) $8 30 tracks recorded at Melbourne’s Preston Studio featuring independent Melbourne artists many with a rockabilly bent.

14.   Lawless Soundtrack $18  with Nick Cave and includes 5 new songs by Emmylou Harris

15.   Legend of Hank Williams: Read by Sammy Kershaw 2cds $20 (Mercury) Sammy reading Colin Escott’s book with rare musical interludes. Good to get.

16.   Lighter Side of Blue $20 Columbia Legacy 2cd 48 tracks of early country artists of white artists singing country blues. Rare.Darby & Tarlton, Frank Hutchison etc

17.   Lowe Country: The Songs of Nick Lowe $15  Inc. known artists such as Hayes Carll, Ron Sexsmith, Lori McKenna & Colin Gilmore.

18.   Pearls in the Snow: The Songs of Kinky Friedman $20 One of the best tributes, with a fabulous lineup Dwight Yoakam (“Rapid City South Dakota”), Tompall Glaser (“Get Your Biscuits in the Oven”), Kinky himself doing a wonderful song about Marilyn Monroe and her actual but hard to understand love of Joe Dimaggio (“Marilyn & Joe”…brilliant), Lee Roy Parnell sounding uncannily like Merle Haggard  (“Nashville Casualty & Life”). That’s for starters as it also includes Delbert McClinton, Asleep at the Wheel, Guy Clark, Marty Stuart, Lyle Lovett (“Sold American”) Billy Swan and even Tom Waits!!! A must.

19.   Radiogram: 24 Songs That Inspired Gram Parsons $8 (Righteous)

20.   RCA Country Golden Era Volume 1 $20  20 tracker on RCA Japan. Nice selection.

21.   Red Hot & Country (Mercury) Classic!! $10  17 tracks and if only “Matchbox” by Carl Perkins, Duane Eddy & The Mavericks was the only track it would be worth double this but Johnny Cash’s version of Dylan’s “Forever Young” and Mark Chesnutt’s “Goodbye Comes Hard to Me” put it beyond that.

22.   Rig Rock Truck Stop: Diesel Only Records $8

23.   Rockin’ in the Farmhouse: Original Rockabilly & Chicken Bop Vol 2 $20  20 great tracks from the Roulette & Rama label with some very early Johnny Rivers, Jimmy Bowen and some great tracks by the Rock-a-teens. Highlight though is a previously unrelased gem by Roc la Rue called “Rockabilly Yodel”, which combines two things that seemingly don’t mix,superbly.

24.   Silver Meteor: A Progressive Country Anthology $15  One of the best ever compilations of country rock based around the album that guitar legend Clarence White was working on when he was killed by a drunken driver in a car park whilst loading his car for a gig. His 4 tracks from that unreleased album open the set and include likes of Everly Brothers…”I’m on My Way Back Home Again” and “The Cuckoo”, both only on this, Barbara Keith, with the much covered “Bramble & the Rose”, Paul Siebel, Rusty Young (with Clarence White), Ian Matthews, Red Rhodes, Country Gazette etc.

25.   Straight Out of Boone County: Cowboy Songs/Home Songs/ Western Songs/ Mountain Songs $10 (Bloodshot) Bloodshot Records is a hit and miss label. This is a hit with new artists doing older songs even though the legendary Hardrock Gunter with the Dalhart Imperials doing the Hank Penny classic “Won’t You Ride in My Little Red Wagon”. 20 tracks in all.

26.   Texas: A Musical Celebration 150 Years $5

27.   Touch My Heart: A Tribute to Johnny Paycheck $10 The good is great and the  bad…not really…although I never warm to the wacky and seemingly ordinary Neko Case. But with George Jones “She’s All I Got”, Hank III’s “I’m the Only Hell My Mama Ever Raised”, Johnny Bush’s sublime “Apartment Number 9”, Dave Alvin’s “11 Months & 29 Days” a duet between Gail Davies and Robbie Fulks on “Shakin’ the Blues” and maybe the best of them all, Dallas Wayne “I Did the Right Thing” you know you are on a winner. Also includes the great Larry Cordle, a songwriter who is a great recording artist as well.

28.   Town South of Bakersfield III Essentially it is all Los Angeles based artists (hence witty title), many of whom performed at the legendary Palomino Club, now I believe a restaurant, but in its day the place where everyone went when in California. Many  of the artists have gone on to have successful recording careers but these selections are only available on here. All are good and this includes Dale Watson!!, Wylie & Wild West Show, Patty Booker, Rick Shea, Ronnie Mack plus a bunch of “who the hell are theys” who are pretty darn good such as Steve Kolander, Calvin Davidson, Ruby Trees etc. 16 tks $ $18

29.   Tribute to Tradition $10 Dixie Chicks “Stand By Your Man”...Collin Ra ye “Cold Cold Heart” Randy Travis “Mama Tried”, Alison Krauss “Three Bells”...all good.


30.   Winning Hand (Monument) $15 Brenda Lee/ Kris Kristofferson/ Willie Nelson & Dolly Parton A one off project with duets and solo songs . Excellent.

31.   When I Was a Cowboy: Early American Songs of the West Vol 2 (Yazoo) $20 23 songs from the 20s and 30s including the Cartwright Brothers (Hoss & Little Joe???), Powder River Jack & Kitty Lee, Ken Maynard, Rowdy Wright etc.

32.   Zydeco Champs: 50 Years of Louisiana’s Black French-Creole Dance Music (Arhoolie) with 22 tracks including Clifton Chenier, Lawrence Ardoin, John Delafose, Ambrose Sam & the Sam Brothers. Etc $10




Bonham, Glen                       Glen Bonham (Scena)

Boxcars                                 All In  (Mountain Home)

Bradley, Dale Ann               East Kentucky Morning (Pinecastle) for Krauss fans

Cherryholmes                      IV (Skaggs)

Cox Family                            Just When We’re Thinking It’s Over (Elektra)

Deep Dark Woods               The Place I Left Behind (Sugar Hill)

Grascals                                Tribute to Andy Griffith Show (alas RIP Andy!)

Hull, Sierra                            Daybreak  (Rounder

Humming House                  Humming House (Unsigned) a tad jazzy as well

Kallick, Kathy                       Use a Napkin (Sugar Hill)

Kohrs, Randy                        I’m Torn

Krauss ,Alison                      New Favorite (Rounder)

Kohrs, Randy                        I’m Torn

Leath, Nate & Friends         Rockville Pike (Patuxent)

Lewis, Laurie                        Earth & Sky: Songs of Laurie Lewis

Lonesome River Band         Chronology Volume One 1982-2012

Lulu Belle & Scotty              Have I Told You Lately That I Love You (OH) 21 tk

Lynn, Christie                       Country-Gospel-Bluegrass (Gusto)  (guests inc Porter/ dolly)

McClains                                More Fun Than We Ought to Have   (Oinecastle)

McCoury, Del                        Cold Hard facts (Rounder)

McReynolds, Jesse & Friends        Songs of Grateful Dead (Woodstock)

Martin, Benny                       Big Tiger Roars Again Pt II (OMS)

Miner, Bob                             There & Back Again

Monroe, Bill                           Cryin’ Holy Unto the Lord (MCA) gospel

Mountain Heart                    That Just Happened (MH)

Mullins, Joe/ Radio Ramblers       Hymns from the Hills (Rebel)

Parton, Dolly                        Little Sparrow (Sugar Hill)

Pikelny, Noah                       Beat the Devil & Carry a Rail (Compass)

Raphael, Joel                        America Come Home inc. Crosby & Nash

Raybon, Marty                     Southern Roots & Branches (Rural Rhythm) Wonderful vocalist who provided the lead vocal for Shenandoah, who had a lot of hits. Marty in fact even reprises Shenadoah with new versions of “Ghost in this House” & “Next to Me Next to You”.

Skaggs, Ricky                       Instrumentals (Skaggs)

Skaggs, Ricky                       History of the Future (Skaggs)

Skaggs, Ricky                       Soldier of the Cross (Skaggs)

Skaggs, Ricky                       Bluegrass Rules (Skaggs/ Rounder)

Skaggs, Ricky                       Tribute to 1946 & 1947 (Skaggs)

Skaggs, Ricky                       Country Hits Bluegrass Style (Skaggs

Smith, Billy & Terry             Bill Monroe Tribute K tel

Stanley, Ralph                      A Mother’s Prayer (Rebel)

Stephenson, Larry              What Really Matters (Compass) 2012 “Philadelphia Lawyer” great

Troy, Billy                              Broken Moon (OMS)

Vespers                                 The Fourth Wall (Black Suit) nice...

Vincent, Rhonda                  A Dream ComeTrue (Rebel

Vincent, Rhonda                  Ragin Live (Rounder)

Whites                                   Lifetime in the Making (Ceili)

Williams, Paul                      Satisfied (Rebel) gospel

Wretched Refuse String Band      s/t (Alcazar)

Wrinkle Neck Mules            apprentice to ghosts

Wright, Luther & Wrongs  Guitar Pickin’ MAtyrs (Back Porch)

Zonn, Andrea                        Love Goes On (Compass)



2008 IBMA World of Bluegrass Radio Singles

16 Downhome Country Classics (Arhoolie0

Arkansas Traveller: Music from Little House on the Prairie (inc Elizabeth Cook/ Mac Wiseman)

Bluegreas Gospel Songbook (Rounder)

Foggy Mountain Special: a tribute to Earl Scruggs

Let the Light Shine Down: A Gospel Tribute to Bill Monroe

O Sister! (Rounder)

O Brother Where Are Thou (Universal)

Pa’s Fiddle: Charles Inglis: American Fiddler


$10 & up Bluegrass

Auldridge, Mike                    Treasures Untold (Sugar Hill) $18

Berline, Byron                      Fiddle & a Song (Sugar Hill) $18

Blake, Norman & Nancy     Back Home in Sulphur Springs $15

Boggs, Dock                         Legendary Singer & Banjo Player (SF) $18

Carter, Dave & Tracy          Grammer Little Ble Egg (Red House) $15

Cordle, Larry                        Pud Marcum’s Hangin’ (Mighty Cord) $20

Cordle, Larry                        Murder on music Row $15

Crowe, J D                             Blackjack $18

Dailey & Vincent                  Gospel Side of (Crackerbarrel) $10

Douglas, Jerry                     Traveller (new album) $18

Duffey, John                         The Rebel Years 1962-1977 $18

Fink, Cathy/ Marcy Marxer Rockin’ the Uke $10  (Community)

Fleck, Bela                            Bluegrass Sessions Vol 2 $10

Front Porch String Band    Hills Of Alabam $18 (Claire Lynch)

Gaudreau, Jimmy/ Moondi Klein HomeFrom The Mills $15

Gram Parsons Notebook  Last Whippoorwill $20 A must for all GP fans

Grisman/Rice                       Tone Poems (Acoustic Disc) $20

Grisman, David                    Home Is where the Heart Is 2cd (Rounder) $25

Grisman, David                    Dawgwood $18 (Acoustic Disc)

Grisman/Garcia/ Rice       Pizza Tapes $20

Holcomb, Roscoe                 An Untamed Sense of Control (Smithsonian) $18

Jackson, Carl/John Starling          Spring Training $20 (Sugar Hill) w. Emmylou Harris& Nash Ramblers (Jon Randall, Sam Bush, Al Perkins etc)...

Jim & Jesse                           Story: 24 GH (CMH) $15

Jones, Chris                          Lost Souls & Free Spirits: The Rebel Collection Old &New $18

Kohrs, Randy                        Crack in My Armour $18 this has a 3D cover & Randy is like a bluegrassy version of Vince Gill a la the Key. Superb

Krauss, Alison                      Paper Airplane (Rounder) $10

Lewis, Laurie                        Skippin’ & Flyin’  $18

Maddox, Rose                       Sings Bluegrass $18

Nashville West                     Nashvilel West $18 (Clarence White)

O’Brien, Tim                          Chicken & Egg $15

O’Brien Party of Seven       Reincarnation: Songs of Roger Miller $18 (Tim O’Brien)

O’Connor, Mark                    Hot Swing Trio $15

Osborne Brothers               Bluegrass Collection (CMH) $18  24 tks

Seldom Scene                       Act Four $18

Sizemore, Charlie                Story Is: Songs of Tom T Hall (Rebel) $18

Otsuka, Akira                       First Tear (Patuxtent) $18

Shiflett, Karl & Big Show    Take Me Back (Pinecastle) 2012 $20

Sizemore, Charlie                In My View (Rebel) $18  (wonderful country voice)

Sizemore, Charlie                Good News (Rounder) $15

Sizemore, Charlie                Back Home (Rebel) $18

Stanley, Ralph                      Clinch Mountain Sweethearts (Rebel) $20 w. Dolly, Iris, Gillian, Melba, Lucinda etc

Stanley, Ralph                      Clinch Mountain Country  2cd (Rebel) $35 Guests are amazing, Gill/ Dwight/ Jones/ Emmylou / Porter / Bob Dylan!/ Skaggs Rare now!

Stanley Bros                         Earliest Recordings (Rich R Tone) $18

Starling, John                       Waiting on a Southern Train $18 (Sugar Hill) superb

Stetson & Cia                        Stetson & Cia $15 (Cia Cherryholmes of what else..Cherryholmes)

Ulisse, Donna                       An Easy Climb (gospel)

Wade, Stephen                    Banjo Diary: Lessons from Tradition (Smithsonian F’ways) $15

Wakefield, Frank                 Tribute to Bill Monroe (Patuxtent) $15

Williams, Robin & Linda      These dark Hills $12 (Red House) 2012


Bill Monroe Centennial Celebration: a Classic Bluegrass Tribute: 2cds Rounder $18

Life Goes On 2cds: Musicians Against Childhood Cancer $15 a veritable who’s who!



Alvin, Dave                            Eleven Eleven box set edition $40 This gives us 3 cds + a DVD of Dave live at the Ark in Michigan. Thge first cd is the original Eleven Eleven album, the second 9 tracks recorded  live plus a bonus ep.


Arnold, Eddy                         Then & Now $10 2cds Long style box Cd # 2 features later sessions produced by Harold Bradley.


Atkins, Chet                          The RCA Years 2cds 48 page book. Nice buff coloured Box with 48 page book. Great price $18


Autry, Gene                          “Sing Cowboy Sing” Rhino 3cd + 64 page booklet $45 This features Melody Ranch Radio Show recordings. Track by track rundown and wonderful reproductions in the booklet. 84 trcaks covering the years 1937 to 1955. Very attractive package as always by Rhino.  


Brooks, Garth                      The Limited Series #1   $30   First 6 albums. Also known as the half decent years...well to be honest the first album ‘Garth Brooks” was a gem. Big book

                                                The Limited Series # 2 $30 sealed. The sometimes decent years, but others may disagree and I will never use the two words sometimes & decent talking about Taylor Swift. 5cds + DVD. Big book.


Brown, Milton                       And His musical Brownies: Daddy of Western swing 4cds (Proper box ) sealed incl 32 page book. Over 10 tracks. Motor accident cut short his life. Who knows who would have been king..he or Bob Wills.


Cash, Johnny                        Legend $40 4cds + 76 page book in nifty hard book style package. Simply put the best single Cash hits package you can get 104 tracks. The 24 tracks on the 4th cd are all duets or recordings with other artists.A perfect gift for the Cash-less person.


Cash, Johnny                        “Unearthed’  $90  This is now deleted and is very hard to get. It consists of 5 cds from John’s later career tenure with American label. 4 cds are tracks that are additional to his American Recordings cds and the fifth is a summation of the best of the American Recordings. These are housed in a very attractive cloth bound hard cover book. BUT THERE IS MORE. There is a second hard cover book with 108 pages, also cloth bound. These two cloth bound books are then housed in a cloth bound of course (heck it is Johnny Cash!!). These are very hard to get. This is 100% as new. Don’t miss out. This is a very reasonable price. 100 like new. Don’t miss out.


Cash, Johnny                        “At Folsom Prison” This is the US edition complete in long flip style  hard cardboard box, presented as it should be. 2cds + dvd. 40 page large booklet, The Dvd runs for 2 hr and 10 minutes and features actual performances and interviews with likes of Merle Haggard, Marty Stuart & Rosanne Cash. Has the usual Show One plus previously unissued Show 2. $45


Charles, Ray                         “Complete Modern Sounds in Country & Western Music” (Rhino) $80 $60 long out of print gem. 4 cds + hard cover bound book in solid cardboard outer box. 93 tracks starting with his legendary albums which presented vastly different arrangements of classic country songs such as “Bye Bye Love” and “I Can’t stop Loving You”. Best for mine is the superb string laden version of “You Don’t Know Me”, a classic Eddy Arnold track revamped superbly. This is extremely hard to get now and to be honest is just fabulous.


Cline, Patsy                           Collection $35 One of the greatest  boxes ever with 4cds

                                                and 68 page book. The sound is exceptional. This is the one true MCA box and whilst there are other Patsy cds out there this does it all. Also have one with jus ta few marks on box $25.


Fogelberg, Dan                    “Portrait: the Music of Dan Fogelberg 1972-1997” 4 cds with 72 page booklet. $45  Housed in quad fold sleeve which with the booklet is housed inside a nice box resembling an old style bound book. Some may query the inclusion of Fogelberg in the folk section but that is what I belive he ostensibly was... a folky who also had a strong following in the country rock area die his association with the Eagles and the excellent country album he made “High Country Snows” on which Ricky Skaggs is a guest.



Gill, Vince                              “These Days” Ultra Special $25 4cds plus book. This is his 2006 box with 4 cds each with a separate theme on each.

a)    Workin’ On a Big Chill:The Rockin’ Record

b)    The Reason Why: The Groovy Record

c)    Some Things Never Get Old: The C & W Record w. Emmylou, J. Anderson

d)    Little Brother: The Acoustic Record

43 songs which are only on this and nothing else. Autographed copy $35


Harris, Emmylou                 “Portraits” $45 Seemingly every one of Y & T customers favourite female country singer and with good cause. 3 cds + 24 page booklet & 61 tracks many rarities. Attractive long style box. Highlight of course is her wonderful rendition of John Hiatt’s “Icy Blue Heart”


Haggard, Merle                    Down Every Road 4cds + 76 page book. $60 sealed.

                                                What a great set. 104 tracks and it spans all the labels he recorded for. If you don’t have any Merle this would be the one to get. Also have a non sealed box in great shape for $40


Haggard, Merle                    The Original Outlaw Time Life 3cds $20 Career spanning 3 cd + book 60 tracks sealed in long book style packaging. How could it be anything but an all time bargain.


Hall, Tom T                            “Storyteller, Poet & Philosopher” $35 Attractive box. Long out of print &highly sought. 2 cd with 32 page book. 50 tracks including some previously unissued.


Jennings, Waylon                “Nashville Rebel” $50 Special buy on this gem. All new and what a set. Extremely attractive leather look embossed box, modelled after Waylon’s famed guitar. I’d say it was one of the most attractive box sets I’ve seen. Huge 144 page book with many rare photos and a lot in colour. 92 tracks including solo and duets recordings. All remastered. Also have one used in great shape for $30


Jennings, Waylon                RCA Years Only Daddy That’ll Walk the Line 2cds+ 40 tracks + 20 page book in long style box $15


Jim & Jesse                                    “The Old Dominion Masters” Rebel...4 cds $58  16 pg book Over 100 tracks


Jones, George                      Spirit of country: The Essential George Jones $18

                                                2cds  Sealed set on Columbia longbox style Nice package.


Jones, George                      The Hits Then Till Now Time Life 3cds $20. Career

spanning 60 trcak cd in ultra nice hard cover book style package. Sealed as well.


Lynn, Loretta                        Honky Tonk Girl: Loretta Lynn Collection 3cds $48 Wonderful leather look hard book style box. Has 70 tracks and running time is 3 hours. Includes all the hits including the controversial “The Pill” and the fabulous “Your the Reason Our Kids are Ugly” ...with Conway. Naturally her signature tune “Coal Miner’s Daughter” is there too.48 pg book.


Miller, Roger                         “King of the Road: The Genius of Roger Miller” 3cd +

                                                40 page book. $55 If ever an artist was deserving of a

                                      Bear Family box set it was Roger. There is a dearth of his

                                      material, even in Greatest Hits packages. This is much more

                                      with 70 tracks that include most of his “Trip in the Country”

                                      album where he went back & recorded some songs that he

                                      wrote early in his career for other people such as “Tall Tall

                                      Trees”, “Invitation to the Blues”, “don’t We All Have the

                                      Right” etc. All the hits are there and it includes some great

                                      later things such as “Old Friends with Willie & Ray Price.

                                       This is now deleted as well.


Monroe, Bill                           The Music of Bill Monroe from 1936 to 1994 $55 4cds 98 tracks and 100 page book. The man who created bluegrass. Nice cloth bound book style box in pristine shape.


 Murray, Anne                      “Now & Forever” 3cd + 36 page book $55 This is a very

                                                rare box as it only came out in Canada, at least in this  attractive long style maroon box. Has 64 tracks including 10 or so previously  unissued or alternate tracks. You won’t find one & probably neither will I !!


Nelson, Willie                       Revolutions of Time: The Journey 1975-1993 $20

                                                This is akin to a holdup...Sony 3cd set with 32 page book in a long hardcover book style box. His CBS years where he went from “Willie who”? to one of the biggest names in the entire world of show business. The second cd focuesses on his many duets from Lacy J Dalton to the great “Old Friends’ with Roger Miller  & Ray price.


Nelson, Willie                       The Early Years: Liberty Years Plus More. $18 I don’t have to tell anyone that I am a huge Willie fan. Almost met him once when the Highwaymen were here but he & Kristofferson were not impressed by the Sydney rainy weather so flew to Melbourne for a game of golf on the very day. Darn. That famed un-autographed poster now hangs in a famed apothecary’s lounge room. BUT I remember this set was also going that day as even though it was early it is some of the great man’ s best work and is in stunning  full stereo sound. 61 tracks...little change in style from later. Willei was always Willie. BTW I still have my copy!!


Nelson, Willie                       One Hell of a Ride $40. This 4cd 100 track career spanning collection covers all the  labels he has recorded on. It starts and ends with “When I Sing My Last Hillbilly Song”. The first version was from 1954 and the second was recorded in 2007 specifically for this box. I might say that although this was Willie’s first song there are artists I could name who haven’t written one half as godo in their entire career. Comes with a 100 page book and is the “first” (supposedly) green cd in that no plastics were used at all on the package.


Nelson, Willie                       “The Complete Atlantic Sessions” Rhino. $35  Willie only actually released 2 albums on Atlantic but those 2 are credited with elevating him in status throughout the music industry. He certainly has never done better than these albums. I personally rate “Phases & Stages” his best. It is the second of the two albums for Atlantic and tells of the breakup of a relationship from a woman’s perspective (side on of the lp) and from a man’s perspective (side 2). I wouldn’t say “Red Headed Stranger” was an overrated album but it is not as good as “Phases or Stages” nor the other album he did for Atlantic, “Shotgun Willie”. “Shotgun Willie” had some wonderful tracks. His “Sad Songs & Waltzes” is as good as it gets and Willie’s own version contrasts wonderfully with the version we know by Keith Whitley. Those two gems of albums both have a stack of bonus cuts whilst a third cds features “Live at the Texas Opry House’. That one has one of the most manic tracks you will ever hear...a medley of “Bloody Mary Morning/ Take Me Back to Tulsa”. Willie plays the wildest guitar solo you would ever hear and off the cuff the brilliant fiddler Johnny Gimble segues into “Take Me Back to Tulsa”. Superb. The box features nice mini lp style covers and a 48 page book. They are housed in a wonderful leather look box with a silver embossed Willie in the middle.. To add that extra bit of class the box has a magnetic seal. One with few small marks on cover $20 ....A must.


Owens, Buck                        “The Collection” Rhino. $50 $45  Ultra special. Out of print gem with wonderful 80 page book with mostly colour photographs and includes a track by track rundown with Buck’s own comments. 62 songs are licensed from Buck himself and include all the hits including both the original version and the Dwight duet version of “Streets of Bakersfield” as well as some delightful non hits such as Buck’s latter duet with Emmylou Harris “Play Together Again, Again”.


Parton, Dolly                        The RCA Years 1967-1986 2cds + 32 pg book .Long style box $10


Parton, Dolly                        Dolly Parton “Dolly”  Sony legacy 4cds 99 songs including 7 previously unreleased songs. Includes he earliest “Puppy Love”. Includes her other very early classics “Dumb Blonde” and “False Eyelashes”  Nice silvery box. $50 new & sealed.  Nice  hard cover book style package.


Poole, Charlie                       The Essential 4cds (Proper label) $15 inc 24 pg bk


Reno & Smiley                       & the Tennessee Cut-Ups King Years 1951-1959 $55 4 cds +   24 page booklet from banjo man, Don Reno and guitarist Red Smiley . 115 tracks.


Rogers, Roy                          “Happy Trails: The Roy Rogers Collection 1937-1990” Rhino 3cds $50 Out of print. Rhinos status as the best exponent of the box set in the USA is enhanced with this gem 68 page book with rare photos and great track by track commentary. 94 tracks include a lot of rare tracks which promote the “Roy Rogers” image. Roy was a larger than life character but even if he never acted was a superb singer so good in fact that he is the only person who is in the Country Music Hall of  Fame...twice. Solo and as original Sons of Pioneer.


Stanley Brothers                 “The Early Starday & King Years 1958-1961” $50  4cds + 20 page booklet in long style box. 109 tracks. This is now out of print. As may be expected there is a mix of gospel and secular tracks. Not just classic bluegrass but some of the best country music ever.


Stanley Brothers                 “Definitive Collection” Time Life 3cds + book $20

                                                 Not as grand as the previous but for the punter looking

                                      for an intro it is super. Long style book box.


Statler Brothers                  30th Anniversary Celebration Mercury 3cd $40 Great book style set with a 36 page book featuring the writings of Colin Escott. As far as boxes go it is excellent but largely avoids their gospel recordings. 62 tracks. Very nice. Includes their CBS as well as Mercury hits, though in all fairness the only one on the former label was “Flowers on the Wall” but it was also their biggest...even made the pop charts in Australia.


Strait, George                      “Strait Out of The Box” 4cds +72 pg book $30  His early years were his best. Includes rare tracks such as “Six Pack to Go” his duet with Hank Thompson. Just great. IMO, apart from that great album “Twang” George has largely been coasting since the 90s. This is why this boix is so good.


Tubb, Ernest                         The Texas Troubadour (Proper) 4cd + 48 pg book

                                                100 tracks . Sealed copy $15 last copy1


Williams, Hank Jnr              “The Bocephus Box” 3 cds + 20 pg book $40 sealed

$35 unsealed but like new.  The Warner Brothers Years, well at least for the period 1979-1992  are represented here. 62 tracks including some unreleased. Key tracks from albums such as Family Tradition, Whiskey Bent & Hell Bound, Rowdy, Habits Old & New etc.


Williams, Hank                     Original Singles Collection 3 cd $25 84 songs including 20 page booklet. Includes undubbed “Tear in My Beer”


Williams, Hank                     “The Complete Hank Williams” 10 cds+ 2 books plus post cards etc. Beautifully cloth bound. Brand new and still sealed. Won multiple Grammys.  53 previously unissued recordings. Arguably the best major label set ever issued. When this first came out there was a limited edition of 10,000 each individually numbered. The first of these is one of those.

                                                Limited edition # 403 of 10,000  $200 very collectible.

                                                Non Numbered edition $150


Williams, Hank                    The Unreleased Recordings: Mother’s Best 3cs $45 54 tracks in hard cover book style box with 40 page book. On Time Life with intro notes by Jett Williams who along with Hank Williams Jnr own the rights to issue these recordings. Incidentally they sound great, maybe even better than his MGM.


Wills, Bob                              “Encores”  3cds $40 + 40 page book by Wills’ biographer Charles Townsend. Bob’s Liberty Recordings saw him reunited with Tommy Duncan and for the first time they recorded together in true hi fidelity sound  which suited the group to the ground. The final cd in this set is from 1973 & saw a reunion with former Playboys’ members & greats Leon McAuliffe, Eldon Shamblin (they recreate the classic “Twin Guitar Special”). Merle Haggard also guests.


Wills, Bob                              And His Texas Playboys “Legends of country Music” Sony Legacy $45 New & sealed 105 tracks on 4 cds. Foremost Wills authority Rich Kienzle, one of the better country music writers contributes the notes as well as compiling the sets. It is the best single Wills set as it includes post CBS hits such as “Faded Love” and concludes with some of the final session from 1973. As always any Wills cd which Kienzle has his name on will include “Drop Us Off at Bob’s Place” one of the most ebullient tracks you wil lever hear.


Yoakam, Dwight                  Reprise Please Baby: Years The Warner Brothers $70

                                                Out of print WB. 4 cds in new condition. Has a swag of of previously unreleased tracks including the entire 21 on disc 4. In my mind there is no question Dwight’s original Reprise recordings with Pete Anderson are his best. 87 tracks all up.



Arhoolie                                 40th Anniversary Collection $70

5 cds + 68 page book featuring the wonderfully eclectic Arhoolie label’s best. Chris Strachwitz was a German immigrant who in the early 1960s started to revive the careers of some legendary bluesmen and then proceeded to record folk, country, Cajun, bluegrass etc artists. In may ways he was a modern Alan Lomax. Wonderfully detailed notes.


Boots Buckles & Spurs       50 songs Celebrate 50 Years of Cowboy Tradition $28

                                                Put out to commemorate the famed National Rodeos Finals 50th Anniversary in 2008. All songs have a horsey/cowboy/

                                      Rodeo theme. There are some excellent rarities such as David Allan Coe’s version ‘f “Ride ‘em Cowboy” which was only ever on a compilation lp. I really like the Johnny Cash selections in “Bull Rider” and “Rodeo Hand” 3cd + 24 page book in hard cover book style box.


Fonotone Records               5 cds + 164 page book + package of postcards. $90 Has 141 tracks in a very attractive hard box which is in the shape of a cigar box. This is very hard to get. It is of course the baby of the delightfully eccentric Joe Bussard (everyone should see the documentary “Desperate Man Blues’). Great names such as “Jolly Joe’s Jug Band” (with Joe himself), Mississippi swampers, Bald Knob Chicken Snatchers etc.


Forerunner Music Group 4cds + 12 page book in nice leather look box $18 Put out by the publishing house and featuring all number of artists. The first 2 cds have 20 tracks each and the third features 4 of Forerunners writers singing their own songs: Tony Arata/ Shawn Camp/ Peter Wasner & George Marinelli Jnr/ and as a bonus we have John Wesley Ryles doing “I Want to Be a Baseball Star”. It is a shame he wsn’t a bigger star. 4th Disc features 10 songs from the Memphis Boys.


Friends of Old Time Music  The Folk revival 1961-1965 $50 Smithsonian Folkways in a nice long box. Sealed too!! 55 tracks, 53 never before released and a 60 page book. The term folk was widely used but the majority of the artists are country or bluegrass wit ha few acoustic blues pickers thrown in such as Mississippi John Hurt & Fred McDowell. Otherwise we have Stanley Bros, Bill Monroe, Doc Watson, Maybelle Carter, New Lost City Ramblers, Bill Monroe, Dock Boggs, Roscoe Holcomb etc.


Gilleys                                    Live at Gilleys 4cds $28   Recorded 1980-1988 when Gilleys ruled all of Texas. 56 tracks in book style package with a veritable who’s sho plus some artists you don’t often see such as Dave & Sugar & Kendalls.


Harry Smith Project Revisited      $55 2cds + 2 DVDs + 40 page book. Harry Smith’s original set is generally accepted as the definitive collection of American folk music and this features modern performers doing 30th and 40s songs eg Steve Earle does “Prison Cell Blues” originally performed by Blind Lemon Jefferson in 1928 & on the Blind Lemon tack...Lou Reed does “See My Grave Is Kept Clean”


Rebel Records                      30 Years 1960-1995 35 Years of the Best in Bluegrass 4cds $58 + 36 page book.  inc. some early Skaggs & Whitley.

Stompin’ Singers & Western Swingers:

More from the golden Years of Western Swing (Proper) $15 Last copy 4cds (100 tks) + 52 page book


Bear Family

BEAR FAMILY CDS AS NEW $5- $20 (**denotes NEW overstock)

Adams, Charlie                     Cattin’ Around $15

Arnold, Eddy                         Thereby Hangs a Tale/ Cattle Call $20

Arthur, Charline                   Welcome to the Club (feisty Patsy style) $15

Ballew, Michael                    Live at Gruehne Hall $8

Ballew, Michael                    I Love Texas $15

Ballew, Michael                    You Better Hold On $18

Bare, Bobby                          All American Boy cds #3 $10

Barentt, Bobby                    American Heroes $20   68pg booklet / 27 tks

Bell, Freddie                         And the Bellboys $15

Butler, Carl                           A Blue Million Tears $18

Campi, Ray                            Eager Beaver Boy$15

Carter, Anita                         Ring of Fire $20

Cash, Johnny                        I Walk the Line/ Little Fauss & Big Halsy 2 on 1

Chapel, Leon                         Automatic Mama (recorded also Leon Chappelear) $15

Coe, David Allan                   Compass Point/I’ve Got Something to Say $20

Coe, David Allan                   Invictus Means Unconquered/ Tennessee Whiskey$20

Coe, David Allan                   Tattoo/ Family Album $20

Coe, David Allan                   Human Emotions/ Spectrum VII $20

Coe, David Allan                   Castles in the Sand/Hello in There $20

Collins, Tommy                    Black Cat $20 **

Country All Stars                 Jazz from the Hills (Chet..Homer & Jethro) $15

Crickets                                 Still in Style (post Buddy Holly w. Sonny Curtis) $10

Dickerson, Dub                    Boppin’ in the Dark $15

Dobkins, Carl Jnr                 My Heart Is an Open Book $20

Dobson, Bonnie                    Viva La Canadienne  $10

Dolan, Jimmy                       Jukebox Boogie $15

Eddy, Duane                         That Classic Twang $20 (all 3 Duanes are out of print)

Eddy, Duane                         Especially for You/ Girls Girls Girls $20

Eddy, Duane                         The Twang’s the Thang/ Songs of Our heritage $20

Emerson, Lee                       It’s So Easy for You to Be Mean  $20 **

Emery, Jon                            If You Don’t Someone Else Will $5

Flatt, Lester                          Live at Vanderbilt (with Bill Monroe) $15

Gallion, Bob                          Out of a Honky Tonk $15

Garland, Hank                      And His Sugar Footers $15

Glaser, Tompall                   The Outlaw $$15 Tompall is uniformly great

Glaser, Tompall                   The Rogue $$15

Griffin, Buck                         Let’s Elope Baby $15

Guitar, Bonnie                      Intimate Session  $18 **

Guthrie, Jack                        Oklahoma Hills (Woody’s cousin Capitol rec.) $18

Haggard, Merle                    Same Train a Different Time (2lps on 1 + bonus) $18

Hall, Roy                                Rocks $20 **

Hawkins, Ronnie                  Ballads of Ronnie Hawkins $20 **

Hawkins, Screamin Jay      Spellbound  1955-1974  $20 2CDs (but no booklet)

Hester, Carolyn                   Dear Companion 2cds + 52 pg book $30 exc.60s folk

Hogsed, Roy                         Cocaine Blues (Capitol tracks..great trio) $15

Jackson, Wanda                  The Ballads of  Wanda Jackson 30 tracks $20

Jennings, Waylon                From Clovis to Phoenis: The Early Years

Jimmy& Johnny                   If You Don’t Somebody Else Will $10

Johnny & Jack                      For Old Time’s Sake $20

Jones, George                      Heartbreak Hotel $20 **

Laine, Frankie                      On the Trail $20

Lanham, Roy                        Szzling Strings/ Fabulous Guitar $18

Lewis, Jerry Lee                  Up Through the Years 1956-1963 $15

Little Richard                        Formative Years $18 (pre Specialty)

Lorrie, Myrna                       Hello Baby: Meet the Pearls series $20**

Loudermilk, John D             Blue Train $20

Loudermilk, John                 Sittin’ in the Balcony $18

Loudermilk, John D It’s My Time $20

McDevitt, Chas                     Featuring Nancy Whiskey  $$15

Maddox Bros & Rose           Ugly & Slouchy$18

Martin, Janis                         Female Elvis (must for Wanda Jackson fans) $15

Miller, Ned                             From a Jack to a King $20 (31 tks)

Miller, Roger                         King of the Road $18

Newman, Jimmy C              Bop A Hula 2cds $30

Orbiuson, Roy/ Sonny James       The RCA Sessionjs $15

Paul, Billy                              Texas Rose $8 (outlaw style. Junior Brown a band


Perkins, Carl                         The Dollie Masters  $15

Perkins, Laura Lee              Don’t wait Up: Meet the Pearls Series $20 **

Pitney, Gene/ George Jones Gene Pitney & George Jones (Musicor duets) $20

Prophet, Orville                   The Travelling Kind  $10

Rainwater, Marvin               Rock Me $18

Rasmussen, Ole                   Sleepy Eyed John $10

Ray, Johnnie                         Cry (30 tracks) $20

Ray, Wade                            Idaho Red $20 **

Robbins, Marty                     Story of My Life (& Ray Conniff) $20

Roberts, Kenny                    Jumpin’ & Yodellin’ $15 (“She Taught Me to Yodel”)

Roman, Mimi             I’m Ready If You’re Willing: Meet the Pearl  $20 **

Rose, Sammy                       Fool’s Gold $5

Scahatz, Lesley                    Hello Stranger $5

Silver, Jim                             Music Makin’ Mama from Memphis $15

Scott, Jack                            Rocks $20

Snow, Hank                          Tales of the Yukon $18

Stone, Billy                            West Texas Sky $5

Swan, Jimmy                        Honky Tonkin’ in Mississippi $10

Trammell, Bobby Lee         You Mostest Girl $10

Van Dyke, Leroy                  Walk on By $20  (30 tks)

Waikikis                                 Hawaii Tatoo $10

West, Hedy/Bill Clifton      Getting Folk Out of the Country $10       

Willard, Jess                         Honky Tonk Hardwood Floor $15

Williams, Leona/Haggard             Old Loves never Die $20

Williams, Lew                       Cat Talk (great) $20

Various Artists

And the Answer Is              Volume 2 (BCD 15792) $20

Bear Essentials                    27 Stars Salute Bear Family’s 25thAnniv. Only on this

                                                Cd . All tracks have “bear” in the title. $8

Hank Williams: Songwriter to Legend  28 tks. The cd consists of both Tribute

                                                songs plus songs Hank wrote but never recorded. $18

Rio Bravo:                             and other TV & Movie themes $18

Sentimental Journey          The Train Never Stops 44pg book $18

Shakin’ Up North                 Canadian Rockabilly Vol 1 30 tks deluxe pkg.$18

Sun Gospel                            32 tracks $15

That’ll Flat Git It                   Volume 8 (Fabor/Abott/Radio) $18

That’ll Flat Git It                   Volume 10 (Chess) $20

That’ll Flat Git It                   Volume 20 (Event) sensational rockabilly $18


Bear Family Country Boxes All are like new unless stated. Some still sealed.


Arnold, Eddy                         Tennessee Plowboy 5cd+40pge book $100

Atkins, Chet                          Mr Guitar 7cd + 120page hard cover book

                                                $150 few marks on box

Bare, Bobby                          All American Boy 4Cd + 40 page book $90

Carter, Wilf                           Cowboy Songs 8 cds + 48 page book $130

Carter Family                       In the Shadow of clinch Mountain $ & sealed

                                                12 cds + 220 pg book...(normally $420)

Collins, Tommy                    Leonard 5cds + 36 page book $110 “Leonard” was of course his real name as in the Haggard song .

Damron, Dick                       Lost in the Music: Recordings of Dick Damron 1978-1989 3cds digipak style sealed 48 page book. Canada’s main country singer....the ACnuck Waylon $55 includes 48 page book

Davis, Jimmie                       Nobody’s Darlin’ But Mine 5cd + 24 pg book $110

Hamilton, George IV           To You & Yours From Me & Mine 6cd + 88 pg hard

                                                cover book. ABC + RCA Few marks on box $110

Jackson, Stonewall             Waterloo 4cd + 76 page hard cover book $110

Johnnie & Jack                     And the Tennessee Mountain boys 6cd + 68

                                                pg. book $140

Jones, George                      Walk through This World With Me: The Complete

                                                Musicor Recordings Part One 5cd + 48 pg book


Locklin, Hank                        Please Help me I’m Falling 4cd + 36 pg book

                                                RCA years $100 like new

Locklin, Hank                        Send Me the Pillow You Dream On 3 cd + 32 pg

                                                Decca/ 4-Star etc (pre RCA) $80

Louvin Brothers                   Close Harmony 8 cd + 52 pg book $170

Maddox Bros & Rose           Maddox Brothers & Rose 4cd + 28pg book $100

Oxford, Vernon                    Keeper of the Flame 5 cd + 32 page book $120

Pierce, Webb                        Wandering Boy 1951-58 4cd + 32 pg book $80

Price, Ray                             And the Cherokkee Cowboys 10 Cd + 80 pg

                                                hard cover book $220

Ritter, Tex                             Have I Stayed Away Too Long 4cd + 48 pg book

                                                ...which is great...lots of movie poster repros $90

Robbins, Marty                     Country 1951-58 5cds + 40 pg book. Few small

                                                marks on + cds pristine $100

Snow, Hank                          singing Ranger Vol 1 4cd + 16 pg book $80

Snow, Hank                          Thesaurus Transcriptions 5 cd + 40 pg book

                                                $100 couple small marks on box

Snow,Hank                           Yodelling Ranger 5 cd + 48 page book All his Canadian

                                                recordings. $110

Sons of the Pioneers          Memories of the Range 4cd + 28 pg book $90

Sons of Pioneers/ Roy Rogers  Way Out There  6 cds + incredible+++

                                                164 page hard cover book $160

Stewart, Wynn                     Wishful Thinking 10 cd + 52 pg book $190

                                                Some rate this the best Bear Family box

Travis, Merle                        Guitar Rags & a Too Fast Past 5cd + 80 pg book

                                                $110...troubled genius..youy better believe it

Tubb, Ernest                         Walking the Floor Over You 8cd + 40 pg book

                                                $150 few marks on box

Tubb, Ernest                         Let’s Say Goodbye Like We Said hello 5 cd +

                                                32 pg book. $ & book a little marked

Wagoner, Porter                 Thin Man From the Plains 1952-1962 4cd + 36

                                                pg book  $90

Walker, Billy                         Cross the Brazos at Waco 5 cds + book $110
Wells, Kitty                           Queen of Country Music 4cd +28pg book $100

West, Speedy & Jimmy Bryant Flamin’ Guitars 4cd + 56 pg book $100

Whitman, Slim                      Rose Marie    6cd + 44 pg book $100


Bear Family Bluegrass boxes

Clifton, Bill                             Around the World to Poor Valley 8cd + 100 pg

                                                hard cover book $160 few small marks on box

Flatt & Scruggs                    1948-1959 4cd + 16pg book $70

Flatt & Scruggs                    1959-1963 5cd + 20 page book $100

Flatt & Scruggs                    1964-1969, plus 6cd + 28pg book

Martin, Jimmy                      And Sunny Mountain Boys 5cd + 44 page $110

Monroe, Bill                           Bluegrass 1950-58 4cd + 48pg book $80

Monroe, Bill                           Bluegrass 1959-1969 4cd + 28 pg book $80


Bear Family Pop/ Rock&Roll/Rockabilly boxes

Clooney, Rosemary             Come-on-a-My-House  7cd + 80pg hardcover

                                                book  $150

Clooney, Rosemary             Memories of You 7cd + 80pg hardcover book $150

Domino, Fats                        Out of New Orleans 8 cd + 72 pg book. Few small

                                                marks on box. $160 New Orleans hero.

Donegan, Lonnie                  More than “Pye in the Sky” 8 cd + 60 page book

                                                $160 few marks on box. **Always thought a

                                                weird title...still do...Pye is of course his record


Labeef, Sleeoy                     Larger Than Life 6cds + 28 pg book $100

Luman, Bob                           Let’s Think About Living 4cd + 104 pg hard

                                                cover book. Still Sealed $120

Lyman, Frankie                    And the Teenagers: Complete Recordings 5cd +

                                                40 pg book ...what a story $110

Morse, Ella Mae                    Barrelhouse Boogie & the Blues  5cd + 40pg book

                                                $110 what a variety of styles.

Olatunji                                  Drums of Passion & More 4cd + 20 pg book $70

Platters                                 Four Platters & a Lovely Dish 9cds + 52 page book

                                                $180. This is fabulous. All the group took turns at

                                                lead vocals even though Tony Williams took most

                                                especially on the hits. Love the leads featuring

                                                bass vocalist Herb Reed esp. On “Darktown

                                                Strutter’s Ball” & “Gonna Sit Right Down etc” Few

                                                marks of minor nature on box.

Prima, Louis                         The Capitol Recordings (also includes Keely

                                                Smith & Sam Butera) 8cd + 40pg book $170

Ray, Johnnie                         Cry  5cds + 88pg book $140 One very minor mark

                                                on box. Must confess I tried this & to be honest

                                                could not believe how fabulous it sounded.

Scott, Jack                            Classic Scott: the Way I Walk 5c + 40pg book

                                                Few small marks on box $100. What variety!!

Vincent, Gene                       The Road Is Rocky 8cd + 132 pg hard cover

                                                book. Includes more than 200 songs. Complete

                                                recordings. $200


Sun Ballads                           1953-1962 3 cds 92 page book 78 tracks. This is one of the small digipak style boxes al la the Porter Wagoner “Cold Hard Facts of Life”. Has there ever been a better performance of a ballad than the Prisonaires’ original version of “Just Walking” in the Rain” $48


Bear Family Blues/R&B boxes

Dr Feelgood/Piano Red      The Doctor’s In 4cd + 20 page book $90

Louis Jordan                         Let the Good Times Roll 9cd (the 9th is ep

                                                length featuring his recordings w. Ellla

                                                Fitzgerald) + 48pg book. Few marks on box.


King, Freddie                        Taking Care of Business 1956-1973 7cds +                                                                   104 page book $160

Lutcher, Nellie                      And Her Rhythm 4cd + 36 page book $90

Mitchell, Bobby                    I’m Gonna Be a Wheel Someday 2cd + 28

                                                pg book $55

Shirley & Lee                        Sweethearts of the Blues 4cd + 32 pg book




BLUES                                    Plug It In Turrn It up: Electric Blues The Definitive Collection 1939-2005 Still sealed. These are each 3 cds with the digipak configuration of the Sun Ballads (above) Each with 160 or so page book. There are 4 volume each covering a specific period.               

Part 1 Beginnings 1939-1954

Part 2 1954-1967

Part 3 1960-1967

Part 4 1970-2005 Normally $80 each Buy 3 get 4th free $240...



Round the Town: Following Grandfather’s Footsteps: A Night at the London Music Halls 4 cd + 136 page hard cover book $110 Early Jazz, pop, novelty etc in great quality...includes George Formby snr!!



1.    Boxmasters  Christmas Cheer $12  A surprisingly Bad Santa-LESS approach by Billy Bob Thornton.

2.    Buffett, Jimmy Christmas Island $10

3.    Elmo & Patsy – Santa Got Run Over By a Reindeer $10

4.    Gill, Vince      - Breath of Heaven $8

5.    Hicks, Dan& His Hot Licks – Crazy for Christmas $15 mainly all originals.

6.    Jackson, Alan – A Honky Tonk Christmas $8

7.    Johns, Evan & H Bombs  - Please Mr Santa Claus $12

8.    Judds – Christmas Time $10

9.    Keith, Ben  Seven Gates $15 This is a really nice album by Neil Young’s long time sideman..vocal guests include the very same Neil Young, Johnny Cash & J J Cale...instrumental guests augmenting Ben’s steel playing include Jack Clement, Rusty Kershaw, Mickey Raphael etc.

10. Loveless, Patty - Bluegrass & White Snow (Epic) $10 Christmas

11. Setzer, Brian – Best of Collection: Christmas Rocks $20 20 tracker

12. Skaggs Family Christmas Volume Two CD + DVD $25 This is really good. Enjoyed the long dvd which also features the Whites. Ricky’s children appear and they are very good. Ricky himself is good but honestly he could play Santa and need NO padding whatsoever.

13. Stone, Doug – The First Christmas $15 This is a great album. The track “Three Little Pennies” is wonderful. All original songs too.

14. Ungar, Jay & Molly Mason Family Band – A Fiddler’s Holiday $12

15. : Average  Joes Muddy Christmas $10 2012 with a mix including Montgomery Gentry...the great John Anderson & some less known names. Not too bad

16. Various: Christmas Jazz: A Collection of Swinging Tunes for the Holidays. $10

17. Various: Dr Demento Presents the Greatest Christmas $15 Rhino.

18. Various: Have Yourself a  Merry Little Christmas $12...this is mix of 5 original and 4 traditional Christmas songs BUT look at the artists...Prairie Oyster, Keith Whitley (!), paUL Overstreet, K T Oslin etc.

19. Various: Ukulele is Winter Land $12 RCA Japan features Hawaiian & Japanese uke-sters. Very nice. I am a fan.

20. Various: Very Best of Celtic Christmas: A Windham Hill Collection $15

19 tracks ...75 minutes

21. Merry Little Christmas $10 Some good original songs with standards, includes Roches, Nicolette Larson, Dr John etc






Baez, Joan                            Rare Live & Classic 3cd + 32 page book. Vanguard $30 The pure voice featured on 65 tracks, many rare. There is a healthy amount of Dylan covers and “Forever Young” is a classic. She also does two of the ones that were in Woodstock, “Joe Hill” & “Sweet Sir Galahad”

Carthy, Martin                      The Carthy Chronicles 4cds $70 83 tracks on 4cds from one of the mainstays of UK folk scene. Themed cds are Classic Carthy/ Carthy in Compnay/ Carthy Contemporaries ( a very interesting cd in which he does some covers including Dylan, Buddy Holly & Gilbert O’Sullivan/ Child Carthy. Includes 100 page book plus poster and family tree. Over 5 hours on the 4 cds .


Chapin, Harry                       “Story of a Life” $48 sealed 3 Rhino cds in attractive glossy box with 47 tracks including all the gems ,Taxi, WOLD, Cat’s in the Cradle, Circle and of course the wonderful non hit album tracks such as “Mr Tanner” and “the Rock”. 80 page booklet. And don’t forget rarities such as the sequel to “Taxi” ...called....””Sequel”.


Chieftains                              From the Beginning: Chieftains 1-4 4cds $40 These are some of the most imaginatively named albums you will ever come across. Chieftains 1/ Chieftains 2/ Chieftains 3/ Chieftains4. They originally appeared on the Claddagh label. The 4 individual jewel cases have individual notes and are collected in a slip box. Like new. The albums date from 1964 on.


Denny, Sandy                       Who Know Where the Time Goes $30 3cds + 20 page book. Many rarities. Few marks on box


Donovan                                Try for the Sun: The Journey Of $70 Very hard to get let alone new and sealed. Has 3cds + dvd in a very fine purple velvet box....what else would you expect. 60 songs including 12 previously unreleased plus a 40 minute dvd and a 60 page book from the Leach personal collection.             


Drake, Nick                           Fruit Tree $454cds box...the complete Nick Drake recordings which includes 16 page book & a cd of rarities.


Fairport Convention            Unconventional: the Official History of the First 35 Years of Fairport Convention on 72 are, live, classic and unreleased recordings. $70 sealed  The wonderful packaging includes a Peter Frame Family Tree suitable for framing, a booklet called Cropredy Chronicles home of their annual reunion at the World’s finest Village Fete. The book is 172 pages and too good to believe. All tracks are cross referenced to the previous and other recordings of them. Have one where there are a few marks on the box but content is as new $60. Magnificent.


Fairport Convention            Cropredy Capers: Twenty Five Years of Fairport Convention and Friends at the Cropredy Festival $70 Cropredy may be the most delightful English village you could ever see. Fairport Convention are the mainstays of British Folk and have an annual reunion here. The guetss are spectacular ...yes they include all the Fairport alumni such as Richard Thompspn, Ian (now Iain) Matthews, Dave Cousins etc but the likes of Robert Plant, Loudon Wainwright III, Ian Anderson etc. The 4 full length cds each have booklets but there is so much more. There is a 136 page book with year by year commentary and every set list. A 48 page village guide to build your own model of Cropredy field. Other booklets too!! This is out of print.


Guthrie, Woody                   Woody At 100 $70 Wonderful 150 page book housing 3 cds to celebrate what would have been Woody’s 100th birthday. Book is of the quality of a Bear Family book. On Smithsonian Folkways


Guthrie, Woody                   The Asch Recordings Vol 1-4 4cds $45 4 cds with 105 tracks in solid cardboard case. Each case has individual notes, 32-36 pgs each. These are the recordings Moses Asch did for his Folkways label, now put out by Smithsonian Institute. Each cd has unissued tracks. This is perhaps the best set of Guthrie’s recordings you can get and a perfect companion for the previous one!!


Hutchings, Ashley               Burning Bright: A Celebration of the Life & Music of Ashley Hutchings: The Godfather of Folk Rock $55 4cds by the legend known as the Guvnor...160 page book which is sensational. Alas no box hence reduced price. Nothing less than fabulous though!!


Kingston Trio                        “The Capitol Years” 4cds $48  in slip case with 48 page booklet. 107 tracks . Nice set  (Capitol USA) Has both variations of the group with Dave Guard & John Stewart. Many previously unreleased tracks are featured.


Lightfoot, Gordon                “Songbook” Rhino 98 tracks over four cds with a hard bound book...same format as the Ray Charles box. Includes the best of his United Artists recordings such as the fabulous ‘Did She Mention My Name” plus his original version of “Early Morning Rain” The other 3 cds mainly feature his Warner Brothers albums and include many rarities. Great story songs abound such as the true story of “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald” This is as new $90 $80Do a won’t find one this good for this price. Like many of the great Rhino label sets it is out of print.


Martyn, John                        Ain’t No Saint: 40 Years of John Martyn 4cds $55

                                    Sealed box with 61 songs including ove r30 previously

                   unreleased. Includes 36 page book. Nice hardcover book



Mitchell, Joni             Both Sides Now $30 Collector’s edition in 21 cm

diameter maroon material hat box style package with 4 Joni lithographs suitable for framing. The cd is classic love songs (including Joni’s own “Both Sides Now”) performed with orchestra.


Peter Paul & Mary               “Carry It On” Rhino 4 cds + dvd $55 Over 5 ½ hours on the cds which includes a selection of their solo hits, the biggest of which was Paul Stookey’s “Wedding Song”. The Cosmic Cowboy And I were very sad when Mary passed on. Her superb voice was unique but her hair flicking style was hypnotic. Watch the DVDS for 30 flicks a song...or maybe more. Great set


Simon, Paul                           Graceland Deluxe 25th Anniversary Edition $65

                                                Housed in a very nice cloth bound outer box with

                                       a very nice reproduction of the Graceland warrior,

which is also nicely produced on a special poster. There are 2 books one 76 pager has notes about the

project and includes lyrics. The other is a hard bound book which includes the 2 cds & 2dvdsand also reproduces a notepad of Paul Simon’s working lyrics & varied doodling. Exquisite package. DVDs go for a combined running time of 4hours. .


Swarbrick, Dave                  Swarb! Forty Five Years of Folk’s Finest Fiddler $70

                                                Like new. Was the main man in Fairort Convention for quite a while, most notably around he time of their epic “Babbacombe Lee, from where the witty titles of each of the 4 long cds was obtained. “d” is for Duo/ “c” is for Collaborations/ “E” is for Extras “s” is for Swarb!.  It is a superb set with a 136 page book in colour, a book of fiddle music scores (don’t worry he is an excellent vocalist too), a Peter Frame Fairport Family Tree and more. 


Thompson, Richard             RT: the Life and Music of Richard Thompson Rare, classic & previously unrelased 5cds + an absolutely stunning 172 page....yep 172 page book. $80 This includes the rare bonus cd which was only available by writing in and then only on the initial releases. Each cd has a title wand each runs a shade under 80 minutes. 1)Walking the Long Miles: Muswell Hill To LA 2) Finding Better Words: The Essnetial Richard Thompson 3) Shiner in the Dark: the Epic Live Workshops 4)The Sonsg PPOur Down Like Silver: The Covers & Sessions  5) Real Rarities and the 6th CD NOT available ..Richard Thompson on the Free Reed label.  Also has a booklet about the Vincent, the subject of perhaps his best known song. This is as new....have a sealed copy for $same price but it won’t have the 6th cd....but still may be write in. It also doesn’t cross into the territory of the following box, at all!!!

Thompson, Richard             “Walking on a Wire 1968-2009” $60 4cds sealed  Shout Factory label.71 classic recordings which covers his solo career as well as Fairport Convention as well as duet recordings with ex wife Linda Thompson. Includes 60 page book all in attractive box. 



Wainwright, Loudon  III    “40 Odd Years” $70  sealed 4 cds + DVD. 69 songs from 25 albums plus as additional 22 rare and unreleased tracks. The DVD contains a 60 minute documentary “One Man Guy” plus a bunch of live performances bringing the dvd time to around 200 minutes. A clever and humorous artist who has been married to one of the McGarrigles and one of the Roches. Great box. Fans will immediately know what the song titles “IDTTYWLM” and the very politically incorrect “IWIWAL” expand to.


Weavers                                Wasn’t That a Time $58 Vanguard box which is out of print. 87 tracks.  A couple of superficial marks on box but otherwise as new. The Bear Family box is their Decca recordings so this is a fitting companion to that one. Vary hard to get.




Anthems in Eden      An Anthology of British & Irish Folk 1955-1978 4cds + 60 page book $65 This is as an attractive box as I have ever seen. It is a wonderful overview that stick to rarer items. Each cd has a theme to it. 1)Folk Roots, New Routes looks as the early heroes of the folksong revival 2)Please Sing a Song for Us analyses the emergence of the post Dylan singer-songwriter 3)The New Electric Muse examines the rise of folk-rock4)a Midsummer Nights Happening explores prog-folk, acid folk, strange folk and beyond.

                                    It is as new and again the presentation is just superb.


Folk Festival              A Celebration of Music Recorded at the Sidmouth

International Festival 2cds + 28 pg book $30 Sidmouth is a seaside resort which has hosted a folk festival since 1954. This was brought out to commemorate the 50th anniversary in 2004. It is a very imprssive looking set with shiny longbox packaging. Earliest in the box are 70s recordings from the Yetties, Martin Carthy, Roy Harris, Shirley & Dolly Collins, Jimmy Cooper & Kevin Mitchell. The recordings are amazingly clear...also includes selections from international guests such as Eric Bibb & Kelly Joe Phelps. Some of the othee icons of the Englisg folk field include Ralph McTell, June Tabor, Norma Waterson, Kate Rusby etc. 35 tracks. A steal.


The Transports        The Full Story of the First Fleet Transported to Australia 1787-88 and the classic Ballad Opera That it Inspired  $60 As much a historic document. This has the original 1977 album which Melody Maker voted “Folk Album of the Year”. There is a 132 page book describing the history of the First Fleet and of the English Transported Convicts, a full discography and a full discography of the 1977 and 2004 versions. Both are the product of Peter Bellamy, a mainstay of the English Folk scene and feature mainstays of the British Folk scene


Washington Square Memoirs

The Great Urban Folk Boom 1950-1970 $60 Great Rhino book style box with 72 page book which gives a track by track run down of the 72 songs, Includes rarities like Bonnie Dobson performing her oft-covered “Morning Dew” and Fred Neil’s similarly covered “The Dolphins”. Nice bookend work...starts with Woody and ends with Arlo...that’s Guthrie boy. Wonderful,



Baez, Joan                Classics: Best of A&M recordings $15  17 tracks 65 minutes.

Cassidy, Eva             Live at Blues Alley (Blix Street) $15

Denny, Sandy           The Music Weaver $20 2cds 26 tracks (Island UK) inc. solo, Fairport Convention, Fotheringay, rare & unissued...even “Battle of Evermore” w. Led Zeppelin.

Fairport Convention Expletive Delighted (Varrick) $15

Fairport Convention Fairport Companion (loose chippings from the Fairport

                                    Family Tree 2cds $18 inc. Fairport Family Tree. At one time

                                    or another just about every single UK folk singer of note

                                    were participants in a Fairport project.

Guthrie, Woody       Library of Congress Recordings (Rounder) 3cds of songs & conversation $28

Guthrie, Woody       Hard Travellin’ Ash recordings Vol 3 $10 (Rounder)
Guthrie, Woody       Songs to Grow on for Mother & Child $15 (Rounder)

Hardin, Tim               Reason to Believe (Best Of) 15 tracks (Mercury) $15

Highwaymen            Michael Row the Boat Ashore: Best $18  EMI

Ian, Janis                  Janis Ian $15 (Verve) debut album with “Society’s Child”

Ian, Janis                  Secret Life of J Eddy Fink/ Who really Cares ...the 2 following albums $18

Ian, Janis                  Best 2 CD + DVD of 1979 world tour (Edsel UK) $25

Ian, Janis                  Between the Lines + Old Grey Whistle Test DVD $20

Kottke, Leo               6 & 12 string guitar (Fantasy) This is SACD version with standard version & plays on all players $18s sealed.

Kottke, Leo               One Guiitar no vocals  (Windham Hill) $15

McCurdy, Ed              Best of Daliance (Rhino handmade..numbered ltd ed)  Essentially Elizabethan ribald songs... originally Elektra. $15

McGarrigles              McGarrigle Hour $12 21 tracks

New Harmony Sisterhood Band  And Ain’t I A woman $8 Smithsonian Folkways

Sainte-Marie, Buffy  Soldier Blue: Best of the Vanguard Years $10 15 tks

Sill, Judee                  Abracadabra: the Asylum Years $25 Rhino Handmade        

                                    Her 2 Asylum albums on 2cds with lot of bonus tracks.

Starr, Eddie              We are the Working Class $10 (Smthsonian Folkways)

Thompson, Richard You?Me?Us? (Capitol) 2cds $18

Traum, Artie             The View From Here (Shanachie) $8

Wainwright, Loudon III

                                    Album II/ Attempted Mustache / Unrequited 3 on 2

                                    His Columbia Years. Very clever artist $28 Includes his

                                    one claim to pop fame “Dead Skunk”

Winchester, Jesse   Jesse Winchester/ Third Down 110 to Go $15 2 on 1

Yarbrough, Glenn    Live at Harrah’s Reno 2cd $18 (Folk Era)



1.    Broadside Ballads Number 7 (Smithsonian)

The Time Will Come & Other Songs from Broadside Magazine $10 (Smithsonian Folkways limited edition.

2.    Time Is Running Out: Broadside Volume 5 $10





ROCK BOX SET There are some exceptional bargains!


ABBA                                      Thank You For the Music 4cd + 68 pg book $30


America                                 “Highway 30 Years Of America’ Rhino 3cds with 80 page book. Nice book style hard cover box out of print. 64 tracks including demos and alternate tracks . Remastered sound with all the hits and much more. Very hard to get as out of print. $48 As new. “Horse With No Name” was thought by many to be Neil Young and was not even included on the cover of their original album. It was a late addition to the actual lp but the covers had been printed.


Amos, Tori                            “The Piano: A Collection” 5cds $50 Rhino. Rhino’s capacity to make exciting packages knows no bounds. This is in the form of a piano with raised keys, Includes one cds of rarities. You have to see it to believe it. It is like an actual piano keyboard. 64 page book. 86 tracks.


Band, The                              A Musical History $60 5cds + DVD all housed in a nice

                                      cloth bound 112 page 29x24cm book. Great story of

                                      their journey from Ronnie Hawkins’ backing band, The

                                      Hawks, though their tenure as Bob Dylan’s backing

                                      band....(known as The Band) though their rise in

                                      status culminating with the Last Waltz concert. 101

                                      tracks on the cds inc. rarities. Very nice. 


Barrett, Syd                          Crazy Diamond $50 Contains the original albums “Madcap Laughs”/ “Barrett” plus the rarities collection “Opel” all with bonus tracks of alternate versions. Inc. 24 pg book EMI UK


Beach Boys                           “The Pet Sounds Sessions” $48 4 cds and a book presenting the complete recording sessions for their landmark album 90 tracks all up plus large book. Very attractive cloth bound green long box. Sealed


Beck, Jeff                              Beckology 3cds + 60 page book $50  This is the long style box not the short style package...this long one is much preferable. Includes Yardbirds, Jeff Beck Group etc.


Bee Gees                               The Studio Albums 1967-1968 Rhino $60 sealed. The Bee gees were without a doubt he most successful musical export from Australia. In the early days, their music rivalled that of the Beatles for its sheer creativity and opulence. This has their first 3 albms in expanded 2 cds form. Each is in its separate 2cd cover with a nice hard cover box. The albums are 1st (with “New York Mining disaster”/ “Holiday” “To Love Soembody” etc) ...”Horizontal (“Massachusetts” / “World”/ “Words”etc...”Idea” (“I’ve Gotta Get a Message to You”/”I Started a Joke” ect) 69 tracks all together. Pop magic.


Bowie, David                        Sound & Vision $48 Ryko Original in great condition. 3 cds + video disc (plays like dvd) 72 page book.


Bruce, Jack                           Can You Follow? 6cds + 68 page book. $70 This is out of print.Nice quad fold cover. 110 trcaks from solo to his many group appearances including most notably on Cream, where he was the bass player and lead vocalist.


Buffalo Springfield              “Box Set” Rhino 4cds out of print 80 pg book and 88 tracks. Stephen Stills, Neil Young, Richie Furay and co. Especially essential for Neil Young fans in particular as it includes early demos that he did which later developed into album tracks, notably “Round & Round” and “The Old laughing Lady” $80. This is indiscernible from new.


Byrds                                     “Complete Columbia Albums Collection” Limited  $60 edition with 11 complete albums & 12 cds (“Untitled” being a double). All cds are attractively presented in a mini lp style cover and each cd has bonus tracks as well. Includes their landmark country rock album “Sweethearts of the Rodeo” with both Gram Parsons and Roger McGuinn  on vocals .


Byrds                                     There Is a Season $55 Sony  Sealed 4cd + dvd set in long style box with full colour book. 99 tracks on the cd. Very attractive red leather look long box with gold lettering. Quite a few alternate versions.


Chicago                                  Chicago 5cds + DVD $40 Rhino  + 64 page book. All the hits and more. 104 tracks on the cds. Very nicely packaged as Rhino always do. It is now out of print.


Chicago                                  “Chicago IV: Live at Carnegie Hall” Rhino OOP Small size box with 4cds , book and poster. $35 sealed


Eric Clapton                          “Crossroads” 4cds 44 page book $28 Career spanning set 73 tracks with all important tracks from his tenures with John Mayall Bluebreakers, Yardbirds, Cream, Blind Faith, Derek and the Dominos and solo. Nice bookstyle box. Great companion with the following.  


Eric Clapton                          “Crossroads 2” $28 4cds with over 4 hours running time including 26 previously unissued live recordings and 4 previously unissued studip recordings. Full colour 44 page book. Great set on the Polydor Chronicles series. Looks totally untouched by human hands.


Clash                                      On Broadway 3cds + 64 page book. $30 Long style

                                      Box. Bos has thing scratch on cover.


Cocker, Joe                           “The Long Voyage Home” 4cds $35 + 56 page book & 63 tracks. Better heard than seen IMO and a great collection with all the key tracks you can think of. Best for mine in the uptempo stakes is “Cry Me A River”, a bold re-arrangement of the Julie London classic & as ballads go how could anyone not like Joe’s “You Are so Beautiful”.


Colosseum                            Morituri Te Salutant 1968-2003 4cd $50 new Complied by the group’s leader Jon Hiseman, the set also includes previously unreleased studio and live recordings. Their most famous track, “Valentyne Suite” runs at 21 minutes. A 36 page book is included.


Crosby, David                       “Voyage” $50  Rhino 52 tracks plus 132 page book with Crosby’s own track by track commentary. Includes selections with Byrds, Crosby Stills Nash & Young and of course his solo career starting with the classic “If I Could Only Remember My Name” which is a classic.


Cure                                        The Cure: Join the Dots: b-sides & Rarities 1978-2001

                                                The Fiction Years $50  4 cds + 78 page book in nice hard book style box.


Deep Purple                          Shades 1968-1998 Rhino 4 cds + 56 pg book $55 Has their early more pop influenced tracks such as “Hush” and “Kentucky Woman” right through their years as hard rockers extraordinaire culminating in gems such as “Smoke on the Water, “Black Night” and the best “Child in Time”.


Delaney & Bonnie                “On Tour With Eric Clapton” Rhino Handmade 4cd       version in touring trunk style box. $90 One of the landmark tours from 1969 and one of rock’s great live albums. Backing is provided by those who played on the Mad Dogs & Englishmen tour.. Everything on Rhino Handmade is expensive but also in limited editions.


Dion                                        “King of the new York Street” $55 Now out of print, 3 cds with a 52 page book. All eras are covered from his early sides as a doo-wop singer with the Belmonts through his darker sides where he was heavily into drugs. Highlight from that era is the stunning “Your Own Backyard”. A must have. This is truly a wonderful set and it could have been put under the 50s or even folk. Such is the versatility of the man. “Runaround Sue” and “Abraham, Martin & John”... two fabulous hits but how different can you get...about this much!! Wonderful.


Doobie Brothers                  “Long Train Runnin’ :The Doobie Brothers 1970-200” $60 4cds with 78 tracks including one of rarities. Large box style set. Large book included.  BRAND NEW SEALED.


Dylan, Bob                            Biograph 3cd +44 pg book $40 Nice hard cover book package. Originally released in 1981. New.


Dylan, Bob                            Dylan limited Deluxe box $40 3 cds in hard clothbound box with covers reproduced in mini lp format. This also includes 10 limited edition postcards plus 40 page book. Sealed.


Eagles                                    Selected Works 1972-1999 4cds + 44pg book $38

                                                Very nice cloth covered box 4 themed cd Early Years/ The

Ballads/Life in the Fats Lane/ The Millenium Concert. Pristine shape.


Electric Light Orchestra     Flashback 3cds 53 tracks $30 with book. Hard cover book box, sealed


Emerson, Lake & Palmer Return of the Manticore  4cds $30  includes 36 page

                                      book. 50 tracks, many quite long...a steal.


Faces                                      Five Guys Walk Into a Bar 4cd + 64 page book $55

Those 5 are Rod Stewart/ Ronnie Wood/ Ronnie Lane/ Kenny Jones & Ian McLagen . 67 tracks. Rod Stewart had a concurrent solo career as well as being the lead vocalist of the Faces. The Faces naturally tended to rock out more & it was only his phenomenal solo career that saw a break up.  


Grateful Dead                      Built to Last: Dead in a Deck $30 Special edition box

                                      30 x 23 cm which features a special tri-fold cover

                                      version of the album “Built to Last” as well as special

                                      deck of playing cards with the Grateful Dead emblem

                                      on them. The cards are sealed. Cd is great shape.


Grateful Dead                      “The Golden Road: 1965-1973” The classic Warner Brothers Years. 12 cds in great remastered HDCD sound with all cds having bonus tracks. 80 page book. $120. The set includes their two landmark country rock albums “Workingman’s Dead” and “American Beauty” plus their epic Europe 72 2cd album.


Grateful Dead                      “Beyond Description”: 1973-1989 Great companion to the Warner Brothers Tears box. This starts with their first post WB album, ‘Wake of the Flood” and has 12 cds worth of their Arista albums. Very attractive cover with a standout metallic centre. There are 2 separate 96 page booklets, one on the band and one on the music. $120 Brand new.


Grateful Dead                      Spring 1990 $300 Nice large size 12x12 box sealed. Contains a whopping 6 complet shows on 18 cds, a 60 page cloth bound hardcover book, 6 ticket stubs, 6 cloth backstage passes and more.


Heart                                      Strange Euphoria $403CD + DVD  Nice package with 51 tracks including many previously unissued and alternate versions plus 56 page book. The Candian Wilson Sisters, Ann & Nancy, could rock like crazy (“Barracuda” is a classic) or be as tender as it gets (“Dreamboat Annie”). Attractive set.


Hendrix, Jimi                        Rockin’ the USA Part 1 $45

                                                Rockin’ the USA Part 2 $5

                                                Astro Man $45

                                                Jammin’ With Jimi   $45

                                                Live in Scandinavia Vol 1  $45

2 Nights at the Fillmore East  $45

These are part of the Jimi Hendrix Official bootlegs. All sound good. Some are exceedingly rare.


Jackson, Michael                 Bad 25th Anniversary 3CD + Dvd box $30 sealed.


Jefferson Airplane              Loves You 3cd $40  + 64 page book. One of the stand

                                      out and most influential San Francisco groups. Like new. 51

                                      tracks. Surprisingly folky in places and equally rocky in

                                      others. How good is “White Rabbit”!??!?!


Joel, Billy                               Complete Hits Collection 1973-1997 4cds $30 including

                                      44 page book. Nice hardcover book style packaging.


Judas Priest                          Metalogy $40 4 cds 55 tracks including some unreleased.                                      Large book. Sealed.


Kansas                                   Classic Albums Collection 1974-1983 10 albums (11 cds...$60 (“Two for the Show” is a double). Includes Their biggest “Leftoverture and Point of Know Return”)


Little Feat                              Hottcakes & Outtakes Rhino 4cds + 80 page book $48 This is out of print. Rhino boxes are exceedingly collectable. First 3 cds are their album tracks and the 4th is labelled “Studio Artifacts”. 82 tracks all up.


Los Lobos                              El Cancionero Mas y Mas: subtitled History of the Band from East Los Angeles. Rhino gem. This is out of print. $50  4cds + 80 page book. 86 tracks.


Lowe, Nick                            The Doings 4cds + 24 pg book $55 Great set with 86 tracks from his early tracks from after he left Brinsley Schwarz and from the likes of “Cruel to Be Kind” & “I Knew the Bride” to his wonderful later recordings on the album “Impossible Bird” and beyond.


Lynyrd Skynyrd                   “Definitive Collection” 3CD with 64 page book including some unissued tracks,  $45 47 tracks. Includes their first demo version of “Free Bird” from 1970 and the last recordings of the original group from 1977.


Malo                                        Celebration: The Warner Bros Recordings 4cds $40

                                                Carlos Santana’s brother Jorge....wonder if he ever said

                                      “I wish my Brother Jorge was here”...yeah...probably not.

This is a numbered limited edition on the Rhino Handmade offshoot. Small marks on rear of box.


Miller, Steve                          Steve Miller Box Set 3cds $45 64 tracks which cover all

                                      aspects of his career from West coast rock to his big solo

                                      hits which started with “The Joker”. Nice long leather look

                                      embossed box.  Excellent 56 page book.


Mott the Hoople                   All the Young Dudes: Anthology 3cds + 48 pg book $60 This is an exceedingly rare box with the first representing their time on Island and the second their time on Ciolumbia with the 3rd being demos & rarities.

Nash, Graham                      “Reflections” 3cds with 152 page booklike new. $50 Includes songs from his time with the Hollies, where he was responsible for “On a Carousel” and “King Midas In Reverse’ through his time with Crosby Still Nash & Young where he sang lead on their biggest hit “Teach Your Children” as well as the popular “Our House”, written about his relationship with Joni Mitchell.  . A companion to the Crosby set. As you may guess VERY detailed notes.


Newman, Randy                  Guilty 4cd box with 84 pg book. It is out of print & has 105 tracks including many demos, & rarities. This set is out of print. I have two. Both are contents like new but one has a small water stain on cover ...about ½ ‘.  $60 & $50


Osbourne, Ozzy                   Prince of Darkness $40 4cds including one of newly

                                      recorded songs. Includes 60 page book. Sealed


Parker, Graham                  No Holding Back $40 Demon UK  3cds + 16 page book. Out of print.51 tracks


Procol Harum                       All This and More: A 4 Disc Compendium 3cd + DVD $50 Nice package includes a 72 page book 52 cd tracks and a 22 trcak DVD.


Ronstadt, Linda                    “Box Set” $40  took them ages to come up with the name. 4 cds plus 60 page book 86 tracks including quite a few previously unreleased including a 1974 duet with Emmylou Harris on “Honky tonk Blue” Now out of print.  Couple of

                                                small marks on cover of box. $48 better box.


Ross, Diana                           Forever Diana 4cds $48 Very attractive box which is red

                                      leatherlook with gold lettering & embossed Diana image.

                                      Spans her career with Supremes & Solo including many

                                      Duet. Very detailed 96 page book.


Santana                                 Dance of the Rainbow Serpent 3cds + 64 pg book $28

                                      Nice book stle packaging with unissued tracks. They started

                                      out as Latin rock pioneers and venture through a number of

                                      styles. Sealed.


Simon, Carly                         Clouds in My Coffee 1965-1995 $30 3cds + 48 page

                                      book. Has 58 tracks including one of the greatest ever

                                      singles in “You’re So Vain”. James Taylor was her husband &

                                      called her “Big Fella”...yep read it in the Rolling Stone.


Simon, Paul                           1964-1993 3cds $40 + 44 page book. Includes 52 tracks

                                      in nice box. Includes some unissued tracks.


Springfield, Dusty               Simply Dusty $60 4cd + 64 page book. Deleted UK box

Set including 16 top 20 singles.  Hard cover book style box. Who of my vintage could ever forget “Son of a Preacher Man”.


Springsteen, Bruce             Darkness on the Edge of Town Deluxe edition $60

3 cd (including 2 cds of unreleased sessions + 3dvd dvds run for about 6 ½  hours and include 2 full concerts. All is housed in 29 x 21 cm ring binder which has many photos from the sessions as well as Springsteen’s hand written notes.


Springsteen, Bruce             “Born to Run 30th Anniversary edition” $30  2 DVDS + CD Vintage 2 hour concert from 1975 0n DVD plus 90 minute documentary. sealed


Springsteen, Bruce             “Tracks” HDCD 4 cds $40  4cds of outtakes, b-sides and rarities. Nicely packaged in trifold cover with book. 66 tracks, some of which are quite long as we all would know.


Status Quo                            Rockers Rollin’ : Quo in Time 1972-2000 4 cd + 68 page book. $55  This is out of print and has quite a few unreleased tracks. And ...sorry it does include “Down Down”.


Steely Dan                            Citizen Steely Dan 4cds + 40 page book $40 Donald

                                      Fagen & Walter Becker were the constants. The early years

          Saw some wonderful pop songs such as  the great “Reelin’ i      n the Years” whilst the latter saw some longer work outs.


Stevens, Cat                         Box set $58 sealed. A&M 4cds with 79 tracks 100+ page book. Includes his early UK hits such as “Matthew & Son”, with their great opulent arrangements. It concludes with some tracks as Yusef.


Talking Heads                      Once in a Lifetime 3cds(54 tracks) + 80 page book and a DVD $55 This is new and as always Rhino do not adhere to the  42cm x 14 cm box. Very unusual package. All 4 members contribute to the liner notes.


Turner, Tina                          Collected Recordings Sixties to Nineties 3cds $40

                                                Very attractive 84 page colour book. Long Style box in

                                      Pristine condition. Covers her early career with then

                                      then husband Ike through to her period as the super star

                                      supreme. Very attractive box with gold Tina!!


Velvet Underground           Peel Slowly & See 5cd + 88 page book $58 In absolutely pristine condition. 75 tracks including rarities. Andy Warhol’s famous peelable banana adorns the cover.


White, Barry                         Just for You 3cds $30 + 32 page . Promise I won’t tell.

                                      Nice long box style package.


Who                                        Who 2004 Tour Box $300 18 double cds which each represent a show. It includes 2 in Sydney and 1 in Melbourne and is out of print. The shows are all off the soundboard and it is an official release.


XTC                                         Coat of Many Cupboards 4 cds of rarities. $60 Long style box with 80 page book.Out of print. As new.


Young, Neil                           “Official Release Series Discs 1-4” 24 K Gold LIMITED edition. $100  These may have been included in the country section. DO NOT CONFUSE THIS WITH THE STANDARD JEWEL CASE EDITION sold in Australia. These are gold discs a la Mobile Fidelity. They are genuine gold, which gives better sound as the laser is able to read more of the encoded signal. BTW, some discs claim to be gold but are merely gold covered. If you have a disc claiming to be a gold limited edition you can see if it is real by holding up to your eye. You can actually see through the real ones. These ARE real. They also replicate the packaging of the original lps with double fold covers and inserts. These are also numbered editions has Neil Young/ Everybody Knows This is Nowhere/ After the Goldrush (his best)/ Harvest (his biggest seller).



Zombie                                   Zombie Heaven 4cds + 72 pg book Ace UK $55  From their early hit “She’s Not There” through their classic album “Odessey & Oracle” and their subsequent career reviatisation with “Time of the Season”, a surprise US number 1. Colin Blunstone & Rod Argent were the leaders.


ZZ Top                                    “Chrome Smoke & Barbecue” $80 Rhino still sealed  This is out of print and hard to get. It includes an 88 page book plus a flip book...this is the one where you flip through the pages and it looks like a movie. Contains 80 tracks. This is the special edition in the shape of a Texas Roadshack replete with corrugated iron roof. Well it looks like corrugated iron. Also includes figures of the band and a bbq table set with the finest!!  “La Grange” is a superb track.


Cowabunga                           The Surf Box $100 Rhino  4cds + 68 page book with fold outs. Again Rhino boxes especially the out of print ones are hard to get and fetch big bucks. Do a check...this is a bargain basement price and is 100% as new. 4 themed cds Ground Wells 1960-1963/ Big Waves 1963/ Ebb Tide 1963-1967/ New Waves 1977-1985.


Femme Fatales                    A History of Women in Popular Music 3cds $25 50

                                      tracks. Any cd that has “Terry” by Twinkle on it is okay by


Forever Changing                The Golden Age of Elektra Records 1963-1973 $60 Excellent 5cd history of Elektra Records which includes a stunning 76 page book with a track by track rundown. For a label that started as a folk label with the likes of Judy Collins, Bob Gibson and co it quickly developed with rock legends The Doors, blues rock of Paul Butterfield and co co-existing with the protest singers Tom Paxton and Phil Ochs. Lots of rarities which make it even more appealing. Each song, all 117 of them has its own separate entry in the wonderful book New & sealed.  Naturally a brilliant Rhino label offering.



Love Is The Song We Sing: San Francisco Nuggets 1965-1970 $70 29 x 23 cm

                                                Bound book style Nice matte style with silver writing.

                                      The cds are included in a special slip in slot in the book, which is 120 pages with rare photos of all the artists so famed in the San Francisco area. Includes 77 tracks by the well known (Grass Roots/ Country Joe & the Fish/ Beau Brummels/ Janis Joplin) through the semi knowns and then the real rarities.

                                      Great series.


Nuggets                                 Original Artyfacts from the First Psychedelia Era Rhino $80. Sealed box 91 garage rock tracks with 100 page book. Classic box set.


Nuggets II                            Original Artyfacts from the British Empire & Beyond Rhino $100 This is as new. It is very rare now. Do a check. Has great 100 page book and has a few iconic Australian tracks in the mix. Classic series.


Where the Action Is            Los Angels Nuggets 1965-1968 $70 29 x 23 cm

                                                Sunset Strip revisited with The Doors, Buffalo Springfield, Elctric Prunes, Lee Hazelwood, Byrds, Tim Buckley etc 48 page hard bond book package. Like all in this series, an absolute must.


RESPECT:                               A History of Women in Music Rhino 5cd + 84 pg book all in a delightful velvet/felt covered box $60 . Each cd has a specific theme:

         1. Broadway, Blues & the Truth

                                                                  2. Torch, Twang & Swing

                                                                  3. Shoop, Shoop, Motown, Get Down

                                                                  4. Rock to Electric Shock

                                                                  5. Hip hop,Pop & Passion.

                                      Also includes 7 postcards suitable for framing....all in

                                      A Picasso style by Christine Haberstock. 


Woodtock Experience        Box Rhino 10 cds $90 This is a very rare item in that only a few of the boxes were released. The cds in the box (5 x 2cd sets) were released separately. The set consists of performances at the Woodstock Festival each 2cds set having another famous album by the artist (Shown in brackets) plus a poster. So with the Woodstock performances of each you get the following:

1.    Jefferson Airplane (Volunteers)

2.    Johnny Winter (Johnny Winter)

3.    Sly & the Family Stone (Stand)

4.    Santana (Santana)

5.    Janis Joplin (Kosmik Blues) All in nice mini lp repro covers.


WOW!                                     That Was the 70s $28 8 cds with 7 ½ hours of music from EMI Holland.



Batt, Mike                              Schizophrenia/ Tarot Suite 2cds $25

Beatles                                  White Album: 30th Anniversary edition (with poster

                                                & pictures) in mini lp format $15

Bruce, Jack                           Live at the BBC 1971-78 3cds small size sealed box $28

Buffalo Springfield              Last Time Around $10

Electric Light Orchestra     The Harvest Years 1970-1973 3cds $28 When ELO

                                                main men were Roy Wood & Jeff Lynne.

Guess Who                            American Woman (RCA) remastered version $15

Hayward, Justin                  Classic Blue (with Mike Batt & London Philharmonic

                                                Orchestra) $15 a great album with Moody Blues main

                                                man performing his versions of pop hist of 60s & 70s.

                                                Honestly his version of “Macarthur Park” is best ever!!

Jagger, Mick                         Wandering Spirit $8 Evening Gown is as good a

                                                country song as “Wild Horses”...a gem

Jefferson Airplane              Woodstock experience 2cds + poster in nice package

                                                One cd is complete Woodstock..other “Volunteers”

Lewis, Gary & Playboys     Legendary Masters Series (EMI) 415

Lockwood, Frances             A Tribute to Jimi Hendrix $5        

Marmalade                            Fine Cuts: Best Of Marmalade 2cds $20   45 tks

Music Machine                      Very Best (Collectables) 16 tks $15

Nelson, Rick                          In Convert at the Troubadour $25 2cds (Ace UK) 42

                                                Songs on this much expandedversion of the original MCA lp. Rick does some great Bob Dylan covers.

Orlando, Tony & Dawn       Best (Rhino) OOp $12


Pratt, Andy                           Andy Pratt    $15 Japan only gem

Rivers, Johnny                     Best $5 EMI

Roberts, Andy                      Just for the Record 2cds $18 excellent folk rock

                                                artist who was in Plainsong with Ian Matthews

Santana                                 Santana 2cd deluxe version $20 includes entire

                                                Woodstock performances.

Scaggs, Boz                          Anthology 196901997 (sealed) 2cds $15

Spirit                                      Family That Plays Together (Epic) expanded $8

Spooky Tooth                       Best of (A&M) $15

Stewart, Rod                        Reason to believe: the Complete Mercury Studio

                                                Recordings 3 cds 56 tracks which are uniformly

                                                excellent. Includes classic albums “Gasoline Alley”,

                                                “Every Picture Tells a Story” etc each with great

                                                remastered sound plus bonus tracks including his

                                                great version of “What Made Milwaukee Famous” $30

Tangerine Dream                Virgin Years 1977-1983 5cds EMI UK 2012 $30

Thorpe, Billy                         Children of the Sun revisited $10

Velvet Underground           And Nico deluxe 2CDs version $22

Velvet Underground           Loaded 2cds deluxe version with 3D cover $20 Rhino

Wackers                                Hot wacks $10 (Elektra) one of best US Beatles sounding groups.

Walker, Scott                       Scott 2 $15

Wood, Roy                            Music Book: Roy Wood’s Greatest Songs 2cds $25

                                                Includes Wizzard, Move, ELO & Solo.

Young, Neil                           54 sketches UK & US...older & modern


101 Punk & New Age Anthems 5cds (EMI UK all originals $20


All Good Clean Fun               3cds set from Libert y UK. Includes lots of hard rock, some pub rock, plus country rock and even some blues & folk (Allan Taylor is excellent). 28 page book. $25


Elvira Presents Haunted Hits (Rhino) $15 17 tks


Hazy Memories Vol 4          Canetoad $18 Really good with many rarities among

                                                26 tracks ...Detroit Wheels “Linda Sue Dixon”. Derek “Cinnamon”, Thane Russal & Three “Security” John

                                                Wesley Ryles III “Kay” Barry Ryan “Eloise” etc


Just Tell me That you Want Me: A Tribute to Fleetwood Mac 17 tks including

                                                Marianne Faithfull, new Pornagraphers, etc $10


Let There Be Rock               The Story of AC/DC $10 new with interview Cd. This is the updated revised edition.


Lost Beach Boy                    The True Story of David Marks $10 hard cover . What he did before he re-joined the Beach Boys on their 50th Anniversary tour.


Rockers & Rollers                Brian Johnson of AC/DC: A Full throttle memoir $5


50s/ ROCK & ROLL/ ROCKABILLY / misc.


Bennett, Tony                      Forty Years: The Artistry Of Tony Bennett $40 Sony

                                                Brand new long box version still sealed. 60 page book & 87 tracks. Hard to believe “I Left My Heart in San Francisco” was not a huge hit. BUT it won 2 Grammys.


Carmichael, Hoagy              In Person 1925 -1955 10 cds $65 Wonderfully presented box from the Hoagy Carmichael Appreciation Society. Total running time is 12 hours and 21 mins. Each cd has its own colour cover with comprehensive details about the tracks therein. There is also a separate book.It covers any number of styles by one of the greatest ever songwriters and at worst interpretive singer...though I think he is great!!


Charles, Ray                         Pure Genius: The Complete Atlantic Recordings 1952-1959 $120 You have never seen a set like this!! It is by Rhino and is in the form of a classic portable record player, with hinged lid, clasps, leather look case etc All as new. In it you get 7 cds + DVD. The dvd features Ray at the 1960 Newport Jazz Festival plus an interview with Atlantic honcho, Ahmet Ertegun. It comes complete with an 80 page cloth bound book. There can not be enough accolades. 155 tracks on the cds. Classic.


Charles, Ray                         Genius & Soul: The 50th Anniversary Collection $60

                                                5 cd + 76 page book (including Braille!)  This is a wonderful large Rhino box which gives a terrific coverage of the late great man’s career. It follows his early recordings through his classic Atlantic and ABC recordings and to his Columbia recordings and beyond. 102 classic tracks.


Charles, Ray                         Singular Genius: the Complete ABC Singles $65 Again check out the online price and see what a bargain this is. In absolute pristine shape. 106 tracks + 48 page book in a very attractive grey box. His “Georgia on My Mind” may be the best version ever and “Hit the Road Jack” with the Ray Charles singers at their best is great. Wonderful set.


Darin, Bobby                        As Long as I’m Singing: The Bobby Darin Collection Rhino $55 Like new and out of print. 4cd + 64 page book. There are 96 tracks including some unissued. Cd#1 is the Rock & Roll Years. Cds #2 & #3 are the Pop Years whilst cd #4 is the Folk and Country Years (don’t forget he had a hit with “If I Were a Carpenter”). Tragically he died young. AND he was married to Sandra Dee...a top sort.


Davis, Sammy Jnr               Yes I Can!: The Sammy Davis Jnr Story $48 Rhino box with 4cds, 91 tracks and 100 page book + set of 4 postcards. A great buy. Even includes his last hit “Candy Man” as well as his version of the Jerry Jeff classic “Mr Bojangles”


Domino, Fats                        “They Call Me the Fat Man: Legendary Imperial Sessions” $58 EMI/Imperial USA. 4 cds The great survivor and a wonderful set, second to the Bear Family box.. 4cds + 84 page book with some nice foldouts. His biggest hit was “Blueberry Hill” but in Australia is was “I’m Gonna Be a Wheel Someday”. I call him a survivor as he was rumoured to have been killed by Cyclone Katrina. It was false but everything he had was destroyed. Kudos to the US Government for replacing his “National Medal of the Arts” & to Capitol for replacing all his Gold Record awards.


Everly Brothers                   “Heartaches & Harmonies” 4cds $60 This is a wonderful Rhino box set which encompasses all their Cadence, Warner, RCA etc recordings. 103 tracks. 60 page book mainly in colour but I just can’t decide...who has the best hair...Don or Phil. This is excellent in all respects, $60 Don’t miss it.

                                                It starts with a couple of their rare pre-Cadence recordings

                                      and ends with their lkast recording together in 1990. Both

                                      are still alive. Don is 75 & “Baby Boy” Phil is 73. Classic.


Lee, Peggy                            The Singles Collection 4cds $60 This was only issued in Europe on Capitol, and was around for a short time only. It includes a 72 page book and has 110 tracks. It covers her tenure with Capitol and Decca. The 4th cd sees her covering some contemporary (at the time they were contemporary 70s...technically speaking ). Her best known  hit was “Fever” with one of the most identifiable intros of any song ever. Did Lou Reed borrow the bass line for “Walk on the Wild Side”? Hard to believe this was not a number one. It was based on the Little Willie John song but Miss Lee wrote lyrics for two verses as she thought the original too risqué. 110 tracks which show her as the supreme stylist. Hard to get.


Mathis. Johnny                     The Music of Johnny: A Personal Collection Sony $40

                                                4 cds with 86 tracks and 68 page book. The long style box. His biggest hit in Australia was “Twelfth of Never” but I have a soft spot for “What Will My Mary Say’. Like new.


Nelson, Rick(y)                    Legacy Box 4cds + 52 page book. Capitol USA $60. Hard to believe he never started out to be a singer but he had the most popular tv show in the USA and was as good looking as anyone so it was a natural progression and unlike many he had talent. 100 tracks from the Ricky to the Rick, though near the end of his career he reverted to Ricky as Carl Perkins had referred to him as Ricky ans he figured if that  is what Carl wanted to call him it was just fine. All the hits and much much more. Quite a few unissued tracks.


Orbison, Roy                         The Legendary 4 cds $40 + 36 page long style box

                                                Still sealed .75 tracks.


Page, Patti                            A Golden Celebration.4cds + 48 page book $65  Patti was THE biggest selling female artist of the 50s yet most of her stuff is out of print, including this superb set with 80 tracks on 4cds with a 48 page book. Her biggest selling single was of course “Tennessee Waltz”, one of the biggest singles of all times, spending 13 weeks at number one. But not far behind was “Mockingbird Hill” and one of the biggest novelty hits of all time in “How Much Is That Dog in the Window”. She covered a whole gamut of styles and her versatility was amazing. She even does a duet with Tom T Hall “Hello We’re Lonely”. Notes by Colin Escott.


Presley, Elvis                        Complete ’68 Comeback Special $30 4cds + 32 page book. The in-the-round segment of this special (herein called The Sit Down Show) is a crowning achievement in Elvis’ entire career. Nice hard cover book presentation.


Spector Phil                          “The Philles Collection” $70  6 great mini lp style cds of classic Spector albums plus one cd of rarities. Nice thick carboard in the individual slleevs and extra thick box.Very nicely presented with 36 page book. Includes Crystals, Ronettes, Bob E Soxx & Blue Jeans etc. One of the most identifiable sounds of all time. Leon Russell was one of the participants. Bruce Springsteen was certainly influenced.


Torme, Mel                            The Collection 1944-1985 Rhino 4cd + 64 page book. $45 I’d tend to classify Mel more in the jazz category but then again many are on the look out for his version of “Cast Your Fate to the Wind” which is available one place and one place only and that is on this set. 89 tracks. As new.




Classic Rockabilly                4cds + 68 pg book $20 (Proper)  120 tracks on both major and small labels. Last copy.


Hot Rods                                & Custom Classics Rhino $100 This is an out of print box in absolutely as new condition and includes all the extras. 4cds + 68 page book, plus additional book...fluffy dice to hang from the rear view mirror, transfers etc. Every imaginable song about drag racing and hot rods is included. And the presentation will have you smiling from ear to ear.


Loud fast & Out of Control The Wild Sounds of 50’s Rock Rhino $100 4cds + 88 page book which is as much about pop culture as the music. This is another classic out of print set. 104 tracks. It does feature a lot of the better known artists but no one presents them like Rhino.


Rock & Skiffle                       Brit Beat begins 4cds (Proper) $20 40 page book And 100 tracks from Donegan (natch!!)/ Tommy Steele/ Vipers/ Ken Colyer/ even a track of the Goons and some Winifred Atwell. Last copy


Rockin’ Bones                       “1950s Punk & Rockabilly” Rhino 4 cds $70 This is out of print and very hard to get. It is in a great box designed to look like a battered pulp fiction novel. 68 page booklet features a track by track commentary by Colin Escott. There are some extremely rare tracks amongst the 101 here. Some are extremely wild such as Hank Mizeell’s “Jungle Rock” and Hasil Adkins “Chicken Rock”...don’t you feel compelled to name your new born  son“Hasil”. Many rarities exist alongside some well known track. CD # 3 features Jeff Daniels “Daddy O Rock” and “Switchblade Sam” for example. Like all Rhino boxes just great.


Simply Rockabilly Revival    4cds of contemporary Rockabilly Songs $30 72 tracks

From artists such as Ronnie Hayward Trio, Miss Jean Vincent, Bop Shack Stompers, High Noon, Razorbacks etc.

Great price.


That’s Entertainment         The Ultimate Anthology of MGM Musicals 6cds + superb 112 page book $55 Rhino New & sealed. Comprises the cd version of the original That’s Entertainment I/ II & III. 135 tracks. The 6th cd has 25 previously unissued tracks. Looks great


Warner Brothers                 75 Years Entertaining the Word Rhino. 4cds + 84 page book. $45 The box is a work of art. Velvet with a spectacular gold Warner Brothers emblem in the middle. This is the companion to the previous. Also has 84 tracks. Can’t get much earlier than “My Mammy” by Al Jolson from the first ever talkie “The Jazz Singer”.


50s/ ROCK & ROLL/ ROCKABILLY / misc. cds


Brooks, Donnie                    Greatest Hits 1958-68 $15 Canetoad

Dixie Cups                             Very Best (Collectables0 16 tks $15

Johnny & Hurricanes          Red River Rock Anthology 2cds + DVD 60 tks on cd

                                                + 16 on dvd $28

Luman, Bob                           Great Snowman $15 34 tks Canetoad

Orbison, Roy             For the Lonely: 18 Greatest Hits (Rhino) $8

Paul, Les                                Best of the Capitol Master w. Mary Ford $18 23 tks

Phillips, Esther                     Atlantic Years $15 wonderful distinctive style 20tks

Shapiro, Helen                     The Ultimate 3cds sealed $30 50th Anniversary edition

                                                with 90 tracks. Little girl...big voice.

Tillotson, Johnny                 All His early Hits & More $18 (Ace UK) Great sound.

Tornados                               Ridin’ the Wind: The Anthology 2cds 64 tks $28

Vaughan, Sarah                   After Hours at the London House $5

Vincent, Gene                       EP Collection (See for Miles) $18 rare




Barron Knights                     Best $15 All the originals inc. “Call Up the Groups”

                                                & “Pop Go the Workers”

Newhart, Bob                       Something Like This: THE Bob Newhart Anthology 2

                                                CD Rhino. Includes gems like “Driving Instructor”



CLASSIC COMEDY BOX        $20 3cds with


Lehrer, Tom                          The Remains of Tom Lehrer” Rhino. $58  Same style as the Ray Charles with 80 pg hard bound book. This one has 3 cds which is virtually all he ever recorded. I love Tom Lehrer. Still kicking as this goes out. Hard to believe his first album was from 1953 with such tracks as “the Old Dope Peddler” & “Be Prepared”. His cleverness  & general high intelligence is shown on his second album “More of Tom Lehrer” where he sings the names of the elements (from the periodic table) to the tune of Gilbert & Sullivans’ “Major General’s song). Other hits  include “Poisoning Pigeons in the Park”, “The Vatican Rag” and the “Masochism Tango”. 100% like new. Beautiful stuff!!



Monty Python Flying Circus           Instant Monty Python Cd Collection 6 cds + 36 page book. The outside box ** is not in great shape but the contents, book & Cds are great.

                                                            $35. This is their entire output.

                                                            **cardboard of the lucky ones!!


Sellers, Peter                                   “A Celebration of Sellers” EMI $60 4cds featuring 4 albums (Best of Sellers/ Peter & Sophia/ Songs for Swingin’ Sellers & Sellers Market. Each augmented by a stack of bonus tracks. 67 tracks all up. New sealed. How great is his version of “Hard Day’s Night”, one of the bonus tracks.


Yankovic, Weird Al                          Permanent Record 4cds $55 + 60 page book. This is long out of print. Al has been around for a long time and that is due fact he is genuinely funny and clever.




Adegbalola, Gaye                Blues in All Flavours (Hot Toddy) $15 From Saffire: Uppitty

                                                Blues Women. 14 songs each in a specific  blues style.

Arnold, Mac                           Blues Revival: Live at the Grey Eagle $18 (Vizztone) with

                                                Kim Wilson

Ball, Marcia                           Gator Rhythms (Alligator) $10

Ball, Marcia                           Roadside Attractions  $8 (Alligator) CD + booklet only

Bashor, Albert                      Cotton Field of Dreams (Earwig)  $18

Biales, Lisa                            Just Like Honey (Big Song Muse) $15

Bibb, Eric                               And Friends (Telarc) $15

Blind Boys of Alabama       Take the High Road: 13 Country Gospel Classics $8

Bonamassa, Joe                  Driving Towards the Daylight (JR) $18

Boyack, Pat                          Super Blue & Funky (Bullseye) $5

Bram, Michael                      Suitcase in the Hall (Vizztone) $18

Bratcher, Billy                      In the Lobby (Cow Island) $18 for fans R Crumb/ Leon Redbone

Britt, Etta                              Out of the Shadows (Wrinkled) $15 w. Delbert McClinton

Brown, Oli                             Her I Am (Ruf) $18

Brozman, Bob                      Blue Hula Stomp (Kicking Mule) $20

Carpenter Ants                    Long Live the Queen  (Alpo) $8

Castiglia, Albert                   Living the Dream $18 (AlbertCastglianet)

Coryell, Murali                      Sugar Lips (with her dad Larry Coryell + Joe Louis Walker) $18...own label

Crownover, Sunny               Right Here Right Now (Blue Duchess) $15

Davies, Debbie                     Loose Tonight $15 (Blind Big)

Davies, Debbie                     After the Fall (MC-Records) $18

Da Silva, Joe                         At the Midnight Howl  $18 (own label)

Davina & Vagabonds           Black Cloud $15 (Vagabonds)

Davis, Guy                             Legacy (Red House) $18

Deming, Doug & Jewel TonesWhat’s It Gonna Take (Vizztone) $18

Dickinson, James Luther   I’m Just Dead I’m Not gone (Merless) $18

Doucet, Michael & Beausoleil  Bayou Deluxe: Best (Rhino) $18

Dr John                                  In a Sentimental Mood (WB) $8

Dr John                                  And His New Orleans Congregation  (Edsel) $18

Dr John                                  Going to New Orleans (WB) $10

Dr Wu                                     An Evening With: Live from Texas cd + dvd $20 (own                                                label) 

Eberhardt, Cliff                    The Long Road (Windham Hill) $18

Ellis, Tinsley                          Fanning the Flames (Alligator) $18

Fields, Dave                          Detonation (Field of Roses) $18

Geremia, Paul                      Love Murder & Mosquitos (Red House) $10

Gillespie, Dizzy                    Sittin In (with Stan Getz, Coleman Hawkins) $5

Gomes, Anthony                  Up 2 Zero (own label0 $18

Gov’t Mule                             Deepend Voluyme 1 & 2 2cds $18

Gruenling ,Dennis                Rockin’ All Day (Vizztone) $18

Guy, Buddy                           Buddy & the Juniors (Hip-o Select)   $18

Hammond, John                   In Your Arms Again  (Back Porch?EMI) $18

Hammond, John                   Trouble No More (Virgin) $15

Harris,C orey                        Downhome Sophisticate (Rounder0 $5

Hawkins, Ted                       Suffer No More (Rhino) $18

Hill, Matt                                Tappin’ That Thang (Deep Fryed/ Vizztone) ) $15

Homemade Jamz Blues Band  The Game  $18 (own label)

Hooker, John lee Jnr           All Hooked Up (cd + dvd)  (own label0 $18

Hooker, John Lee                Anthology  3CD $18 (Vee Jay & Riverside Years)

Hopkins, Lightnin’                Very Best (Tradition)  $18

James, Marion                      North Side Soul (Ellen Soul) $18

James, Samuel                     And For the Dark Road Ahead $18  (Northern Blues)

Johnson, Johnnie                 Johnnie B Bad ((Elektra) $18

Jones, Norah                        Feels Like Home (Blue Note) C D+ DVD $18

Jones, Tutu                           Staying Power (Bullseye) $5

Kalb, Danny                          And Friends (Sojourn) 2CD $20

Kight, E  G                             Lip Service (Vizztone) $5

Kilborn Alley                         4  (Blue Bella) $18

King, Albert                           King of the Blues Guitar (Atlantic) 17 tkis $15

King, B B  & Eric Clapton    Riding With the King (Reprise) $10

Koerner, Spider John          w. Dave Ray/Tony Glover ....Blues Rags & Hollers (Red House)$18

Kubek, Smokin’ Joe & Bnois King  Unplugged: VClose to the Bone (Delta Groove) $18

Lindell, Eric                           West County Drifter (MC ) 2 Cds $10

Lockwood, Robert Jnr        Just the Blues (Bullseys ) $8

Lynyrd Skynyrd                   Last of a Dying Breed (Roadrunner) $18

McClain, Mighty San            Keep on movin’ Audioquest) $5

McClellan, Beverly               Fear Nothing  (Junk Drawer) $18

McClinton, Delbert               Coast of Living  (new West) $15

McClinton, Delbert               Let the Good Times Roll (MCA) $18

Mack, Daddy Blues Band   Pay the Piper (Inside Sounds) $18

Maestro, Johnny & Mama’s Boys Luke’s Dream (Rip Cat)  $18

Mahal, Taj                             Giant Step/ Dem Old Folks at Home  (Columbia) $18

Mannish Boys                       Double Dynamite  (Delta Groove) 2cd s $20

Manx, Harry                         Dog My Cat (Northern Blues) $18

Margolin, Bob                       Blues Around the World (Vizztone) $18

Maxwell, David                     Blues in Other Colours (Blue Duchess) $15

May, Imelda                         More Mayhem (Decca) $18 21 tracks

Meena                                    Try Me (Ruf) $15

Memphis Minnie                   Hoodoo Lady 1933-1937 (Columbia) $15

Memphis Slim/ Roosevelt Sykes Double Barrelled Boogie (Maison De Blues) $18

Miller, Frankie                      That’s Who: Complete Chrysalis 4 cds = 8 lps $30

Mischo, R J                            Make It Good $20 (Delta Groove)

Moss, Nick                             Here I Am  (Blue Bella) $18

Nighthawks                          Damn Good Time (Severn) $18

Perfect, Christine                Complete Blue Horizon Sessions (Sony UK) $15

Phantom Blues Band          Inside Out (Vizztone)  $18

Phelps, Kelly Joe                 Brother Sinner & the Whale $18

Pitchell, Jeff                         American Girl (Vizztone) $18 J Geils guests

Primich, Gary                       Botheration (Black Top) $20

Quiett, Terry                                    A Night at the Orpheum  (Lucky Bag0 $18

Rare Earth                            Greatest Hits & Rare Classics (Motown) $20 20 tracks

Rawls, Johnny                      Memphis Still Got Soul  (Catfood) $18

Reali, J P                                Road to Mississippi (Reali) $18 acoustic blues..v.g

Reed, Jimmy                         Bright Lights Big City (Vee Jay) $18

Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band  Between the Ditches (Sideone dummy) $18

Rishell, Paul                          Swear to Tell the Truth (Tone Cool) $18

Rishell, Paul                          Talking Guitar (Mojo Rodeo) $20

Rogers, Roy                          Live at Sierra Nevada Brewery (Chops Not Chaps) $20

Rogers, Roy                          Slideways (Evidence) $18

Salgado, Curtis                     Soul Shot (Alligator) CD + booklet only $8

Savoy Brown                        Voodoo Moon (Ruf) $18

Schofield, Matt                     Anything But time (Nugene) $5

Shannon, Mem                     Spend Some Time With Me (Shanachie) $18 

Siegal, Ian & Youngest Sons         The kinny (Nugene) $18
Simone, Nina                                    The Blues  (BMG/Novus)  $15  17 tracks

Slim Harpo                            Rocks (Bear Family) $20

Smith, Jimmy                                   Stay Loose: Sings Again (Verve) $8

Smith, Willie Big Eyes & Roger Hurricane Wilson  Live Blues $20 (Blue storm)

Smoky Greenwell Band      99% Blues (Greenwell) $18

Strifler, Voler                                   Let the Music Rise (Vizztone) $15

Taylor, Joanne Shaw                      White Sugar (Ruf) $8

Thompson, Butch/ Pat Donohue Vicksburg Blues (Red House) $15

Trevino, Roy                         Roy Trevino Trobadour) $18

Vaughan, Stevie Ray                       Couldn’t Stand the Weather  2CD edition (Columbia) $20

Vaughan, Stevie Ray                       Live as Montreux 2CD + 2DVD  $28

Watermelon Slim                 Escape from the Chicken coop (Northern Blues) $10

Watermelon Slim                 & Workers  (Northern Blues ) $18

Waters, Muddy                    The Anthology 2cds (MCA) $20

Williamson, Sonny Boy       Best  $10 (MCA)

Woods, Mitch                                    Gumbo Blues (Club 88) $10

Wressnig, Raphael & Alex Scultz Soul Gift  (Zyx) $18



As Good As It Gets Boogie Woogie 2CD $10

Gob Iron: The Blues Harmonica Anthology 2 CD 40 tracks $18


DVD: Z Z Top Live from Texas $10  122 minutes



Vaughan, Stevie Ray                       Caught in the Crossfire – Joe Nick Patoski & Bill Crawford 320 pages $10



Allman Brothers Band:       Beacon Box 2009: 40th Anniversary   $450

This covers their 15 night stand. There are 15 triple cds ie 45 cds. It comes in a very handsome wooden box. Guests include Eric Clapton, Taj Mahal, Buddy Guy, Levon Helm, Bob Weir, Phils Lesh, Johnny Winter, ZZ Top and Boz Scaggs who does the fabulous “Loan Me A Dime” which was the best ever  track by Duane Allman. Has souvenir programme.


Christian, Charlie                 Genius of the Electric Guitar $55  This is the original version with a 72 page book in a wonderful package designed to resemble a Gibson amplifier.


Cooke, Sam                           With the Soul Stirrers: Complete Specialty Recordings. 3cd +  36 page book $40 84 of the famed quartet’s greatest gospel recordings. He was only 19 when he joined and honed his style before becoming the solo star.


Davis, Miles                           Complete Bitches Brew Sessions 4 Cd + 96 page book $40...with John Mclaughlin


Davis, Miles                           Kind of Blue 50th Anniversary edition 2cds + dvd + 12” 60 pg hardcover book + poster + collectable 8x10 photos and note reproductions. $70  Also has 180 gram gatefold sleeve vinyl in blue of course. Large poster.  New & sealed


Davis, Miles                           Bitches’ Brew 40th Anniversary box 3cds + dvd + 2lp 180 grams + 52 page 12x12 book, memorabilia envelope including ticket repros, 8x10’ poster repro of Rolling Stone article etc $70 New & sealed


Davis, Rev Gary                   Demons & Angels $50 Shanachie 3 cd long box style set with 36 page book. Compiled by Stefan Grossman. 58 tracks by “One of the finest gospel, blues, ragtime guitarist and singers of the century.


Ellington, Duke                     Beyond Category 2cds $18 + 20 page book. Cds are sealed. 37 tracks.


Fitzgerald, Ella                     Sing the George & Ira Gershwin Songbooks 4cds + 68 page book $40  All the original 5lp box set’s stereo sessions are found on the first 3 cds and the fourth offers mono versions of te h11 tracks on cd for the first time plus 2 previously unreleased tracks. Perhaps jazz vocal’s most famous series.


Green, Peter                        Anthology $55  UK 4cds+ 72 page book. Still sealed. Spanning his career from 1966 and includes John AMyall’s Bluesbreakers, Fleetwood Mac, Splinter Group, solo & more.


Hampton, Lionel                  Legendary Decca Recordings 2cds $20 still sealed in an attractive book style package. 36 tracks.


Hendrix, Jimi                        Jimi Hendrix Experience $60 MCA This is the delightful purple velvet box...maybe it is purple haze? Has gold lettering which look great. Includes 80 page book. 56 tracks. This is all rarities with many previously unissued tracks, both studio  & live.


Holiday, Billie                       Complete Decca Recordings $18 2cds Attractive cloth bound box featuring the period between Columbia & Verve. Very nice 40 page book & 50 tracks to boot. A steal.


John Lee Hooker                  “Hooker” $60 4 cd with 75 tracks include one of duets plus a 60 page book. He recorded for upwards of 30 labels so this box is a gem to bring so many (not all) to one place. His “Boogie Chillen’ “ riff is one of the most famous in the entire music world.


Jackson, Mahalia                 Volume 2 $15 2 cds box set with book(Columbia)


James, Elmore                     Fire/Fury/Enjoy Recordings: King of the Slide Guitar

                                      2 CD box & book...Out of print $30


Mayall, John                          So Many Roads: An Anthology 1964-1974 $55 UK only set which is still sealed. 74 tracks and 40 page book. You only have to look at the names listed around the perimeter of the box to realise how influential he was...hell he is still kicking so make that “is”.


Rollins, Sonny                       Best of the Milestone Recordings $15 2cds in solid small

                                      Box. Sealed. Comesw ith 2cds + booklet & outer cardboard



Simone, Nina                        “To Be Free the Nina Simone Story”  RCA Legacy Hard to categorise Nina, could be any category almost....even folk This is 3 cds + DVD od an Emmy nominated 1970 documentary. 51 tracks on the 3 cds including some Dylan & Leonard Cohen! $50


Simone, Nina                        Complete RCA Albums Collection 9 cds $50 remastered in the mini lp style covers. Includes classics such as “Sings the Blues” and “Black Gold”.


Smith, Bessie                       Complete Volume 3 2Cds box set Columbia $18


Smith, Bessie                       Chattanooga Girl (Proper) $15 4 cds with 96 tracks and 48 page book. Now out of print.


Vaughan, Sarah                   Young Sassy $15 Proper box 4cds + 32 page book

                                                All sealed. Bargain?...and the rest. 94 tracks.


Waters, Muddy                    The King of Chicago Blues $50 4cd+ 44 pg book

                                                This is a nice book style box which has 96 tracks . The 4 cds                                   run for over 5 hours each have a separate title. Hits &

                                      Inspirations/ Some Roots Recycled/ They Call Me Muddy `                                      Waters & Muddy Rocks Out.




Atlantic Blues                       1949-1970 4cds + book. Sealed Rhino Handmade limited edition  $45


Atlantic Vocal Groups         1951-1963 4cds + book  $45 Great companion to the previous cd


Beat Generation                  Rhino 3cds + 60 page book.  $50 The beatnik generation featuring Jack Kerouac, Allan Ginsberg, Lord Buckley etc,


Century of Recorded Poetry Rhino 4cds $30  This almost needs aits own category as it features poets and beat poets so guess a natural to go with the preceding “Beat Generation” box 52 page book.


Chess Blues                          101 tracks 30 x 17 cm ling style box with 101 tracks

                                                On 4 cds with 64 page book $55. All the greats and also includes many unissued tracks.


Complete Norman Granz Jam Sessions 5cds in Metal framed case with 72 pg

                                                book. $60 Norman Granz was the man behind Verve Records and began a series of all satr concerts which were originally held at the Philharmonic Hall in Los Angeles. Soon he took these tours on the road but they still were known as “Jazz at the Philharmonic”. This set collects some of the best long jams recorded between 1952 and 1954. Sound is superb, something Verve was famous for. Among those on this are Dizzy Gillespie, Benny Carter, Charlie Parker, Stand Getz, Illinois Jacquet, Oscar Peterson, Count Basie, Herb ellis, Buddy Rich etc etc, soem tracks go for nearly 20 minutes. The solos are all handed round and then the central theme is replayed. These are great.


Long Road to Freedom:      An Anthology of Black Music BMG Legacy$70  

Amazing project under the direction of Harry Belafonte. 5 cds + DVD + 140 page clothbound hard cover book. Various

                                      themes are explored: The Roots / Shouts & Early Spirituals/

                                      Louisiana Creole/ Slave Christmas/ Underground Railroad/

                                      The War/ Country Moods/ City Moods/ Ballads & Frolics/

                                      Bad Men, Booze & Minstrels/ Muscle & Sweat & My God is a

                                      Rock. Box is approx. 30cmx 23cm x 6cm. Small split on top

                                      of box. All as new. 


Mercury                                 Blues ‘N Rhythm Story 1945-1955 Mercury Very hard to get out of print box. 8 cds 88 page book and 211 tracks, Would be an ideal companion to the above 40s sessions box. This is a long style box wit h a very attractive gilt edging. Artists include Jay McShann, Johnny Otis, Buddy Johnson, Dinah Washington, Jay Hawkins, Big Bill Broonzy etc $100  Note: I had one of these last newsletter and it sold. To get another is nothing short of a miracle. Don’t miss it. This is pristine as it gets.


Mercury                                1940 Sessions This is a fabulous collectable with 7 cds encompassing 172 tracks with an 84 page book. Very hard to get. It comes in a very attractive package in the shape of a vintage valve radio. Includes Albert Ammons/ Helen Humes/ Buddy Rich/ Eddie Vinson/ Julia Lee/ Jay McShann/ Cootie Williams etc. $100


Say it Loud                            A Celebration of Black Music in America Rhino $60

Real steal. 6 cds + 76 page book, includes blues, soul ,a bit of jazz, a bit of country, rock etc all interspersed with short speeches which define the rise to equality and the horrible notion of racism. So it is also an historical document. Some tracks are really hardline such as James Brown “”Say it Loud: I’m Black & I’m Proud” and Sly Stone “Don’t Call Mr Nigger Whitey”. Wow!!


Testify:                                  The Gospel Box $55 Rhino

                                                Wonderful set of black gospel by the best US proponent of

                                      the box set. Features a red cover hard book like structure

                                      which brilliantly looks exactly like a bible. Includes 52 pg



Vee Jay                                  Celebrating 40 Years of Classic Hits 1953-1993

75 tracks $58 Nice cloth bound box with Gold lettering. 3 cds + 24 page book plus a 7” 45 repro of the Spaniels “Goodnite Sweetheart” on red vinyl. $58 Sealed copy.





Delbert McClinton “Live from Austin City Limits” sealed. 60mins $18

Lucky Peterson Band “Live at 55 Arts Club Berlin” 3 DVD+2CD $30 sealed.



So that’s it for this year folks. Have a safe and happy holiday season. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.







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