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Well this may be a bit of a surprise, so soon on the back of the previous newsletter but I have had a lot in since then that it would indeed be crazy not to do an update. There are some extremely rare additions to the rarities and some wonderful new arrivals. I have also listed a bit more of the non country stuff for those who like a bit more variety. So, please consider this side by side with the October newsletter. For all intents both are active, so please use them accordingly. Our recent in house sale was also a success despite the fact it occurred on the wettest day in memory. To all the hardy souls you deserve a medal. Lance in particular deserves several. The next sale will be February so if you would like an invite please let me know. If you are an out of towner and will be in Sydney at any time by all means give me a call, you are welcome to drop by. POSTAGE RATES : see October Newsletter.




Bob Manning & the Honky Tonk Road Show “Just What I Wanted” $28 This seriously reminds me of Merle Haggard, but a Merle Haggard of the MCA & early Epic period where he wrote & sung some of the best reflective songs he ever did, but songs which may not have had the immediacy of some of his work but ultimately proved to be some of the best things he ever did. Two in particular come to mind in “Footlights” and “What Am I Gonna Do With the Rest of My Life”. Bob Manning has a similar nuance. “Look Away My Darlin’ ” is about a man facing the gallows...figuratively or literally I am not sure....but he is repentant “Tell our boy the wage of sin lies in the ground” Fabulous song. “Linger Longer Lounge” is a barroom mid tempo weepy...the happy hour isn’t happy at the linger longer lounge....”they tell of loves that’s lost, why cheater’s cheat, the lives that’s come undone”.....”the happy hour’s a little different at the linger longer lounge”. Love it!! “Sally’s Antique Store” sees our hero visit to see his little corner of Sally’s Antique Store where all the products of his broken relationship are to found. Okay, it may not be a happy album, but then again the best country music isn’t. What I like about this are the instrumental subtleties. The steel playing of Doug Jones is really admirable. Incidentally Bob is married to Kimberly Murray, well in line for album of the year....maybe they can wrestle off for it. Don’t forget the Kleenex.


Roy Sludge “Too Drunk to Truck” $28 This is an exceptional truckin’ album, right in the spirit of Dave Dudley but with more emphasis on the honky tonk side of things. He would be well and truly stuffed if the highway patrolman said “blow into the bag”. The Swedish Cowboy contributes the main review: “Wow! The best truck driving music I have heard in a long time! Great voice, excellent backing from acoustic guitar, electric guitar, stand up bass and lap steel! No drums! No fiddle! No extra musicians! 15 originals and one old rockabilly classic! Really good songs! This one is even better than the Chris Sprague one that came a few years ago. Great truck driving disc!” I would add it looks like Kimberly and Bob may have to go tag team to get an album of the year. This one has been instantly embraced by all who have heard it.


Dale Watson & The Texas Two: The Sun Sessions, $28 The Swedish Cowboy also tells the story of the fabulous Dale very well......Dale is as original and excellent as usual. This is 14 original songs (well, he has recorded one of them before) in the style of early Johnny Cash, and they are all very well performed with only guitar, bass and drums.! 14 song in 31 minutes. None of them out stays its welcome. Short distinct songs they way it was done in the 50:s. Another masterpiece from one of the greatest country singers alive! >>>The song he refers to as being done before is “Johnny at the Door”. The slightly ribald sounding “My Baby Makes Me Gravy” proved very popular on his tour earlier in the year,.


Incidentally his best of 2011 as it stands is a follows

  1. Justin Trevino: Two Of The Usual
  2. Kimberley Murray: Another Day Of Lonely
  3. Gena Roberts: Shuffle Back To Me
  4. Bobby Flores: Fast Company
  5. Jody Nix: Bright Lights & Country Music
  6. Roy Sludge: Too Drunk To Truck
  7. Johnny Bush: Who’ll Buy My Memories
  8. Jake Hooker: One Man World
  9. Gene Watson & Rhonda Vincent: Your Money And My Good Looks
  10. Dale Watson & The Texas Two: The Sun Sessions
  11. Connie Smith: Long Line of Heartaches
  12. Amber Digby & The Midnight Flyer: Live at Swiss Alp Hall
  13. Billy Yates: Just Be You
  14. Anthony Wilson: My Friend The Jukebox


Gena Roberts “Shuffle Back to Me” $28 Inadvertently missed this this last time. Big Bad John reckons it is the best female debut album he has ever heard. It is classic Texas country all the way with added marks for lack of covers. The instrumentation is excellent and a must for fans of Amber Digby, Miss Leslie, Kimberly Murray and co.


Amber Digby “Live at Swiss Alp Hall” DVD $30 After what seemed like an eternity we can report this was worth the wait. Amber has added confidence and her band is a cracker, Damien O”Grady on piano is a standout. Not only is he an exceptional piano player he is also a damn (sorry darn) fine vocalist in his own right and takes the lead on a couple of tracks as well as duetting with Amber on a couple more. A wonderful singer who just gets better. If you have heard her you need to see her as well.


Dick Curless “Long Lonesome Road” $28 New cd on the Omni label which has a very nice 29 tracks. Of these I believe only 6 are duplicated from the wonderful Razor & Tie cd (see our rarities section) which leaves 23 tracks that you would only find on the Bear Family box sets. As usual nice sound and notes. I am sure Dick would have approved of the aforementioned Roy Sludge and I am sure Roy took more than an influence from Dick.


Guy Clark Tribute Album 2cds $35 This is a really deluxe 2cd set which is in in next week. It is Just out. There is an excellent song by Peter Cooper about Texas...he hasn’t recorded it yet, but has a great line about Guy Clark being everyone’s favourite Texas songwriter but living in Nashville since 1971. Here are the tracks. It will be worth the wait. The album was produced by Tamara Saviano who is Kris Kristofferson’s manager and who also produced both the Kristofferson and Stephen Foster tributes. The lady knows her stuff.


1. That Old Time Feeling (Rodney Crowell)

2. Anyhow I Love You (Lyle Lovett)

3. All He Wants Is You (Shawn Colvin)

4. Homeless (Shawn Camp)

5. Broken Hearted People (Ron Sexsmith)

6. Better Days (Rosanne Cash)

7. Desperadoes Waiting For A Train (Willie Nelson)

8. Baby Took A Limo To Memphis (Rosie Flores)

9. Magdalene (Kevin Welch)

10. Instant Coffee Blues (Suzy Bogguss)

11. Homegrown Tomatoes (Ray Wylie Hubbard)

12. Let Him Roll (John Townes Van Zandt II)

13. The Guitar (Ramblin Jack Elliott)

14. Cold Dog Soup (James McMurtry)

15. Worry B Gone (Hayes Carll)


1. Dublin Blues (Joe Ely)

2. Magnolia Wind (Emmylou Harris & John Prine)

3. The Last Gunfighter Ballad (Steve Earle)

4. All Through Throwing Good Love After Bad (Verlon Thompson)

5. The Dark (Terri Hendrix)

6. LA Freeway (Radney Foster)

7. The Cape (Patty Griffin)

8. Hemingway s Whiskey (Kris Kristofferson)

9. Texas Cookin (Gary Nicholson, Darrell Scott & Tim O Brien)

10. Stuff That Works (Jack Ingram)

11. Randall Knife (Vince Gill)

12. Texas 1947 (Robert Earl Keen)

13. Old Friends (Terry Allen)

14. She Ain t Goin Nowhere (The Trishas)

15. My Favorite Picture of You (Jerry Jeff Walker)


Ray Scott – Rayality $28 Ray Scott’s new indie release. His first had some exceptional moments notably “My Kind of Music”. He has a deep voice and handles the ballads as well as the outlaw style upbeat numbers such as “Gotta Quit Drinkin’” . The album had a consistency throughout that was previously lacking.


Amy Francis “Balladacious” $28 This due same as Guy Clark. She is a native of San Antonio and recently received a 5 star review in Country Music People. She does country standard with an excellent band led by steel player. Tommy Detamore. There are mixed reactions to this type of thing. The fact they are standards will delight some and also turn some away but the arrangements seem excellent and thus should be well received.


Buddy Jewell “I Surrender All” $28 New gospel album that doesn’t mine the usual bunch of tried and true standards. This will have wider appeal. “Jesus, Elvis & Me” was on initial listening something I thought Confederate Railroad had done but I worked it out that their song was Elvis & Andy, but this is of similar ilk. “Hell Bent & heaven Bound” has a Hank Jnr flavour. Yes, certainly not the usual.


Louvin Brothers “Satan is Real” expanded 2CD$32 My old high school mate Fat Paul and I regularly keep in touch and he sent me an email with supposedly the worst album covers on it. Well much to my disgust it had the cover for this gem in the list. I immediately shot back that this was perhaps the greatest album cover of all time. Naturally I am right. The devil juxtaposed with the fire & brimstone created one of the best cover images ever. This is a brand new UK 2 cd set, with a remastered version of the classic plus a second cd of “handpicked” songs where well know artists choose their most inspirational Louvin tracks. If only Lucinda Williams’ great taste extended to her own singing as she picks the sublime “When I Stop Dreaming”. Graham Nash holds back the rushing minutes and picks the equally fine “My Baby’s Gone”. Not surprisingly Kris Kristofferson goes for “Knoxville Girl”. Just to avoid confusion these are the Louvin Brothers...these artists have just selected them. There is a great fold out cover and a 40 page booklet to spread the joy even more.


Tom T Hall “50 Greatest Hits” $35 2cd UK release which actually is not really a greatest hits as there are some rather unusual tracks including the rather controversial “A Bar With No Beer”, that is if plagiarism worries you.


Artie Rodriguez “She Loves George Jones” $28 Young Walton County (Florida) deputy who stays true to his country roots with a mix of originals and covers. The title track is a classic about a gal who loves listening to George Jones more than she does Artie. Some nice subtle introduction of some classic Jones lines into the song create an added effect. “Roses I promised You” has a slow fiddle & steel intro and you know it is gonna be a sad song. ...a new version of “Roses for Mama” if you like. Definitely approve. He handles the standard “Jealous Heart” with just a little difference to what we are used to and even does a little of that other Rodriguez (Johnny that is) by dropping a little Spanish in there. I wonder if he is related....let’s say it could be a definite maybe!



Will Banister “Turned Her on to Country” $28

Bonnie Lou “Friction Heat 1953-58” $25 Massive 32 tracks from King, Fraternity and other labels.

Jessi Colter “I’m Jessi Colter/ Jessi/ Diamonds in the Rough” $30 There has not been much of Jessi available over the years and this cd on the BGO label is welcome with 3 excellent Capitol albums on 2 cds.

W C Edgar “Old School Survivor” $28 Great honky tonk and it seems he

hates Kenny Chesney as much as I do so he has to be a great guy. A top ten for mine this year.

Bobby Flores “Fast Company’ $28 Very consistent and equally adept as a musician and singer. One of the best of his Yellow Rose releases (his label)

Merle Haggard “That’s the Way Loves Goes/ “It’s All in the Game” $30

Merle Haggard “Land of Many Churches” $30 out again on BGO

Merle Haggard “Out Among the Stars/ Friend in California” $30 BGO

Weldon Henson One Heart’s Gone $28 Should appeal to Dwight fans.

Jake Hooker “One Man World” $30 One of teh best at preserving the great Ray Price sound and one of the best Texas musicians with many albums made just that much better by his superb upright bass playing. Writes a great song and never covers anything that is overly familiar. Brilliant artist!!

George Jones “Country Church Time” $30 The original gospel album augmented by 12 ore songs under the heading “More Songs of Depression and Despair”. George certainly hasn’t forgotten that!!

George Jones “Ragged But Right: the Complete Starday Years Plus” $40

Nicely packaged 3cd set which for the first time collects all his original Starday recordings.

George Jones “Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes/ Wine Coloured Roses”. $30

Two of his very best Epic albums on a single cd.

Georgette Jones “Strong Enough to Cry” $28 Wonderful 2nd album on the label of the year, Heart of Texas.

Dickey Lee – Classic Songs $25 This features new recordings of his pop & country hits. He is of course best known as a writer of one of th classic all time great country songs “She Thinks I Still Care”

Kimberly Murray “Another Day of Lonely” $28 This lady has joined the Y & T royalty...Erin Hay, Amber Digby, Miss Leslie....she is that good.

Willie Nelson “Before His Time/ Angel Eyes” $30 The first was not a proper album to start off with, just a collection of RCA tracks but the second was a wonderful album with jazz guitarist Jackie King and is as good as ever. Best track is a jam on “Tumbling Tumbleweeds”

Jody Nix “Bright Lights & Country Music” $28 Son of Hoyle Nix...big on shuffles and a little swing.

Joe Paul Nichols “Friends in High Places” $28 Sadly passed on this year but left a fitting legacy. This has 14 duets with everyone from Moe Bandy to Melba Montgomery. A none too shabby lineup. One of teh indie success stories with over 209 albums to his credit, which to his credit, encompass both religious and no nreligios themes, brillinatly

Webb Pierce Cross Country/ Fallen Angel $30 Two albums on cd for the first time from1961 and 1962

John Prine “The Singing Mailman Delivers” $28 Rare recordings made a year before his Atlantic label debut. What a talent. Includes a working version of the fabulous “Sam Stone” with the superb title “Great Society Conflict Vetrean’s Blues”.

Johnny Rodriguez “Introducing/ Al lI Ever Meant to Do Was Sing” $30 Two of his early Mercury albums on the one good is he.

Tom Russell “Mesabi” $28 Best in a while with Tom giving it to Disney if you like with “The Lonesome Death of Ukulele Ike”...the story of Cliff Edwards, who voiced Jiminy Cricket singing the wondrous “When You Wish Upon a Star”. But “Farewell Never Never Land” is even better, the story of child actor Bobby Driscoll, who voiced Peter Pan and appeared in two classics “Treasure Island” (aye, Jim laaad) and “Song of the South”. No one tells a riveting story as well as Tom.

Jack Scott “Touch Me Baby I Go Hog Wild 1957-1960” 2cds $35 A massive 64 tracks on 2 cds. Naturally his wonderful backing vocal group feature throughout.

Kenny Seratt Best Violume One $28 Wonderful Haggard/ Lefty inspired vocalists.

Connie Smith “Long Line of Heartaches” $28 It is like we wound the clock back. One of the greatest female country singers ever and guess what she sounds just as great. Fine songs and production.

Mel Street “Mel Street/ Country Soul” $30 One of country’s best vocalists and the very best proponent of the cheating song.

Justin Trevino “Two of the Usual” $28 A duet with Jan Howard and one with Tony Booth are just two of the highlights of this cd from our # 1 hero.

Josh Turner “Live at the Ryman” $30 The cd was only available at Crackerbarrel stores. It is now all gone and the remaining copies were shredded. Don’t miss it. Josh shows with his treatment of a couple of Haggard songs he is as good as it gets. DON’T MISS IT. Once gone its isgone forever.

Gene Watson “Memories to Burn/ Starting New Memories” 2 on1 $30

Gene Watson/ Rhonda Vincent “Your Money & My Good Looks” $28

Anthony Wilson “My Friend the Jukebox” $28 Uses all the Heart of Texas crew and is that good.

Don Williams – “New Moves/ Traces” 2 on 1 $30
Kitty Wells – “Country Hit Parade/ Winner of Your Heart” $30
2 Decca label gems on one cd.


INDEPENDENT CDS ...great bunch of honky tonk, straight country & some rockabilly (rab after listing designates straight rockabilly but a few country with some rockabilly overtones kind of’s that for an invented word!). Mostly one offs as they are virtually all short runs....once gone gone forever.


52 Pickup Saturday Rich & Sunday Poor $18

Allcorn, Joey All Alone Again $20

Allcorn, Joey 50 Years Too Late $20

Alverson, Tommy Texasongs $18

Annita What Good’ll It Do Me $20 (Ranch Girls)

Ansell, Paul Movin’ On With Pauls Ansell’s Number9 $18

Anthony, Rayburn Jackson Was Jumpin’ $18 (early stuff)

Anthony, Rayburn By the Way $22

Anthony, Rayburn Something Out of the Ordinary $20

Atomic Deluxe Stories From the New West $18 (male &

female leads 16 tracks)

Banfield, Kevin King of the thrift Store Cowboys $18

Barker, Aaron/Curtis wayne Straight from Horses’ Mouth $20

Barnstompers Swingin’ Western Style $20

Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash Walk Alone $18

Baylor, Andy Andy Baylor’s Cajun Combo $18

Baylor Brothers Best of the Baylor Brothers $22 25 tracker

Baymoore, Jack Big Boys Rock (with the Bandits) $18

Beckett, Randy Rebel Train $18

Bella, Mike Mike Bella $18

Bella, Mike Big In Vegas $20

Bella, Mike Lost in the Shuffle $18

Berry, Benny Give Me a Good Country Song $18

Berry, Benny All I Want to Sing About $18 great

Blanton, J T Live from the Bullpen $18 Nashville venue

Blue, Arkey Sings twenty Nine Years $20

Blue, Arkey Texas Dance Hall Music $20

Blue, Arkey True Blue $20

Blue, Arkey There’s Still Country Music in Texas $20

Blue, Arkey From the Hills Of Old Fredericksburg $20

Bandera nightclub owner is one of our

very very favourite artists!! And then some.

Boland, Jason Rancho Alto $20

Bonnet, Charlie III Southbound Train $18 This is a great cd

flawed by fact it is unplugged. But all the

songs & singer are great. You could almost

imagine this as a Confederate Railroad cd

“I Met the Devil The Day I met You” is just

one of many great tracks. It is almost like

he ran out of dough...a pity.

Bosworth, Libbi Outskirts of You $20

Bright, Jeff She’s a Nail in My Heart $18

Brom, Marti Sings Heartache Numbers $20

Brom, Marti Lassooed Live $20

Brom, Marti Feudin & A Fightin’ (with Cornell Hurd) $18 Brom, Marti And Her Barnshakers: Snake Dance $20

Buck, Gary Western Swing & Country $20 (Canadian)

Burgess, Sonny When in Texas $15 young guy not Sun guy!

Burleson, Ed My Perfect World $15

Burleson, Ed Cold Hard Truth $15

Burns, Brian Highways Herataches & Honkytonks 20+25 the $25 is first edition with 16 pg booklet Other just has 4 page. Sensational album. Burns, Brian Heavy Weather $18

Burns, Brian Eagle & the Snake:Songs of Texians $18

Burns, Brian Angels & Outlaws $18

Bush, Johnny w. Justin Trevino Texas on a Saturday

Night $20

Bush, Johnny Tonkytonic

Butler, Larry Only the Dead Are Free $18

Butler, Larry Memories Of Hank Williams $18 w. Willie

Burton, Charlie Rustic Fixer Upper $20 a favourite

Burton, Charlie Salad $20 ..latest of this funny guy.

Calvins Hillbilly Boogaroo $18 Nashville bluegrass

with a lot of etceteras!! BR549 plays on it.

Campbell, Scotty Damned If I Recall $20

Champlin, Jim Honky Tonks at Night $18

Christian, T J Marriage on the Rocks $20

Cochran, Hank w. Billy Don Burns Desperate Men $20

Collins, Dugg Sounds Like Texas $20 can’t spell but great

Condo, Ray Condo Country $20 (26 tks) Canadian

Condo, Ray High & Wild $18

Coons, Paul Alan Everything She Touches Turns to Love $20

Country Cattin’ It’s Saturday Night $18 rab lots of variety..

Cowboys & Indians A Big Night in Cowtown $20

Crow, Alvin Pure cOuntry/Honky tonk Trail $20 2on1

Curtis, Justin Let Them Ride $18

Derailers Live Tracks $18 Their first!!

Diamond, Claude Highway of Life $20

Dickinson, Kim Smokey Mountain Queen $18

Dilley, Bob Mixing it Up $20

Duncan, Johnny Again $20 Broadland label indie

Eaves, Jimmy Sings Pure Country $20

Engel, Hank And the Hoosier Daddies $18

Erik & Erik Erik Hokkanen & Eric Moll $18 2 Texans

Evans, John Biggest Fool in Town $18

Frizzell, Allen A Little Bit of Lefty Left in Me $20

Gordon, Kevin Cadillac Jack’s # 1 Son $15

Hamilton, George V Roll With the Punches $15 (note V not IV!)

Hand, James Shadows Where the Magic Was $20 his 1st

& truly one of the best ever.

Hard Hat Dave & the Honky tonk Nights $20 a must have

& compares to first Confederate Railroad. S

Henderson, Homer Greatest Flops & Golden Filler $20 Notes

are by Nick Tosches

Highfill, George George Arlis Highfill $20

Highfill, George This Music Born in Bakersfield $18

Hillbilly Idol Town & Country $18 First album.

Holiday, Jolie Lucky enough $18

Hollisters Land of Rhythm & Pleasure $18

Honky Tonk Confidential Honky Tonk Confidential $18

Hudgins, Lucas The World Left is Mine $18

Hunter, Billy D Country Souveniers $18

Hurd, Cornell Band Honky Tonk Mayhem $20

Hurd, Cornell Band Live at the Broken Spoke $20

Hurd, Cornell Band Cool & Unusual Punishment $20

Hurd, Cornell Band Texas Fruit Shack $20

Hurd, Cornell Band Live at the Texicalli Grille $20

Hurd, Cornell Band A Stagecoach Named Desire $20

Hurd, Cornell Band Songs of South Austin $20

Hurd, Cornell Band Beyond the Purple Hills $18

Hurd, Cornell Band A Bad Year for Love $18

One of our favourite artists with

cds shown in chronological artist. If you

ever go to Austin & don’t see Cornell you

have not been to Austin.

Hurd, Cornell Band Big State Long Road $20

Interstate Cowboy Ranch Dance Ruckus $18

Intveld, James Somewhere Down the Road $18

Intveld, James James Intveld $18 US version of Bear Family cd

Jenkins, Jody Under a Texas Moon $20

Jetton & Wheeler We’ve Had a Few $20 Excellent honky tonk

Keeble, Billy Unchained Country $20

Keeble, Billy Keeping it Country $20

Kershaw, Sammy Business is Pleasure $20 pre Mercury

Kreuzer, Josie Hot Rod Girl $20 rab...stunner!

Kreuzer, Josie As Is $20

L’il Mo & Monicats Hearts in My Dream $18

Lister, Big Bill Remembering Hank Williams $20

Lots of anecdotes by the man who

did “Tear in My Beer”...tells the story

how Hank Jnr came to do it.

Locklin, Hank Generation in Song $20 19 tks w. Guests

Love, Kenny & Rockerfellas Arizona Tuff Country $18
Lyda, Jacob Back in the Swing $20

McCall, Darrell Reunion (with Texas Volunteers) $20

McCall, Darrell Hot Texas Country $20 (with Johnny Bush)

McCall, Darrell Pictures Can’t Talk Back $20

McCall, Darrell All She Did Was Fall in Love $20

McCall, Darrell Old Memories & Wine $20

McCall, Darrell Lilydale $20 One of the greatest singers!!

McDaniel, Luke You’re Still on my Mind $22(had 2 careers

as a country artist under his own name &

rockabilly as Jeff Daniels. This will have

untold appeal to Vernon Oxford fans)

Manchaca, Carl Carl Manchaca $20

Manchaca, Carl That Song $18

Martin, Glynn Moving On With $20 Like Don Williams.

Martin, Glynn Uncle sam MR Jukebox & My Ex Wife $20

Martin, Tony Stronger Than That $20

Masters, Sammy Everybody Digs $18

Mata, Billy Keepin’ the Tradition $20

Matchbox Coming Home $18 rab

Miller, Frankie The Family Man $20

Miller, Jim & Buffalo Country Herd I’m Drinkin’ $18

Mills, Big John Honky Tonks & Neon Lights $20

Miss Leslie & Jukejointers Between the Whiskey & the Wine $20

Miss Leslie Between the Whiskey & the Wine $20

Only female I know who sings like George


Mooney, Neil Ranchstyle $18 West coast artist with a

similar style to James Intveld...

Morena, Frankie We’ll Bring teh Honky tonk Home to You 18

Morris, Lamar Walls of Memories $20

Morrow, Cory Double Exposure $20 2cds 1 acoustic & 1


Nash, Orville Get Along $18

Nichols, Joe Paul How Big Is God $20

Nichols, Joe Paul The Way It Was $20

Nichols, Joe Paul These Old Eyes Have Seen it All $20

Nichols, Joe Paul Swing Me a Song $20

Nichols, Joe Paul #20 $20

Nix, Jody Music That I Love $20

Norma Jean My Best to You $20

Nunn, Gary P Greatest Hits Vol 2 $20

Nunn, Gary P Roadtrip $20

Olsen, Troy Living in Your Wild $18 (prod. James

Intveld...great west coast)

One Riot One Ranger Faces Made for Radio $15 bluegrassy

Owens, Dave Everybody Loves Somebody $18

Pabst, Shawn T Rodeo This $18

Passin, Monica L’il Mo” and the Monicats $20 see also L’il Mo!!

Potter, Curtis Survivors $20 w. T. Booth, D McCall.

Potter, Curtis Potter’s Touch $20

Potter, Curtis Down in Texas Today $20

Powell, Bodie Turn Up the Jukebox $18

Preston. Leroy Country Pedigree $15 (Asleep at Wheel)

Racketeers Rocketeers $15 rab from Boston

Rains, Peggy It’s a Good Day $20

Ranch Girls Hillbilly Harmony $20

Rausch, Leon Close to You: 20 Song Salute to

Cindy walker $20

Red Meat 13 $15 (exc. San Francisco group with

Bakersfield sound down pat)

Red Meat Alameida County Line $15

Reefer, Sean And Resin Valley Boys $20 (Hank 3-ish)

Richards, Dan Heartbreak U $18

Riley, Jeannie C Here’s $22 Rare cd on Playback label.

Roberts, Dan Viva La Cowboy $15

Roberts, Dan Cowboy.Com $18

Roddy, Ted with Tearjoint troubadours Tear Time $18 Ruthie & Wranglers Wrangler City $18

Ruthie & Wranglers Life’s Savings $18

Sandefur, Brandon Walking Backwards $18

Satellites GO Man Go $18 rab from South Australia

Seratt, Kenny Best Volume 2 $20 like Hag & Lefty

Sims, Wade Big Tomato Two Step $18

Slick 57 Lo Fi Lorraine & Her Bag of Tricks $15 rab

Smiley, Dick Taterknobbin’ $18

Smith, Bobby Earl Rear View Mirror $18

Smith, Jack Can’t Help Myself $18

Smith, Jack Cruel See $18 Despite being billed as Jack

Smith & The Rockabilly Planet they are

more honky tonk to me.

Souvenirs King of Heartache $18

Spiker, Lonnie Coming to a Honky Tonk Near You $20
Spinks, Kelly Thank God for Cowboys $22

Spinks, Kelly Kelly Spinks $20 great Texas honky tonk

Spurs Go Boy Go $18

Stanley, Nathan My Kind of country $18 Ralph’s grandson.

Great array of guests inc. Gene Watson.

Starline Rhythm Boys Better Luck is a Barroom Away $20

Starliners Rhythm Roundup $20 Great album from

Melbourne band featuring Peter Baylor.

Steel, Rusti & Tin Tax Railroadin’ Rhythm $18

Steel, Rusti & Tin Tax Lost Sessions $18

Stone, B Jeff Greatest Hits 1968-2000 $20

Stone, Hank In a Texas Honky Tonk $18

Stone, R B American Music $18

Stop the Truck Two Step Program $20 Idiotic name? Yes!

But exceptional honky tonk.

Stuckey, Nat Pop a Top $15

Stuckey, Dave Get a Load of This $15

Summar, Trent And New Row Mob $15

Taylor, Will & Lonnie Dean Texas Honky Tonk Shuffles $20

Tennessee Trio Don’t Call me Up $18 rab good.

Thomas, Chad & Crazy Kings Shake Alive $18 rab

Three Blue Teardrops Greetings from Milemarker 26 $18 rab

Tillman, Floyd The Influence $20 Superb duets inc.

Haggard/ Willie/ Jones/ Ray Price!!

Trevino, Geronimo My Heroes Have Always Killed Cowboys$18

Trevino, Justin Too Many Heartaches $20

Trevino, Justin Loud Music & Strong Wine $20

Trevino, Justin Texas Honky Tonk $20

Trevino, Justin Take One as Needed for Pain $20

Trevino, Justin Travellin’ Singin’ Man $20

Two Dollar Pistols Step Right Up $18

Two Tons of Steel King of a One Horse Town $20 (superb

blend rockabilly & honky tonk)

Two Tons of Steel Transparent $15

Van Tassel, Suzanna The Heart I Wear $18

Walker, Jimmy Real Country $20

Wallace, Roger That Kind of Lonely $15

Wallace, Roger Hillbilly Heights $15 Top Texas honkytonk

Warren, Van Daddy’s Fiddle $18 (Mike Headrick prod.)

Watson, Aaron Honky Tonk Kid $18 (title duet w. Willie)

Watson, Aaron Deep in the heart of Texas $15 cd + dvd

Wayne, Alvis Proud of My Rockabilly Roots $18 rab

Wayne, Billy Tribute to Texas $18

Wayne, Bobby Ballad of the Appaloosa $18

Weems, Shayne The Perfect Place $18

West, Elbert Living the Life $15

Williams, Leona Grass Roots $18

Wolfe, Johnny Bad Tonight $18

Worley, Shane Heartaches & Lies $20

Worley, Shane Shotgun House $20

Young, Robyn Written Reflection $18 Faron’s son


Blastered A Musical Tribute to the Blasters $18 rab

Bubbapalooza Volume One: Chronicle of the Redneck Underground $18

El Toro & Rhythm Bomb present Perfect for Parties rab 30 track 10

Get Rhythm: Tribute to the Man in Black $20 mix rab & honky tonk

Greetings from the District of country $20 24 country tracks ofd artists from Washington DC.. Dallas Dudley sounds like Dale Watson.

Jukebox Cowboy $18 Vinyl Junkie UK 24 tracks

More Songs of Route 66 $20 Great. Incl Dale Watson “Tucumcari Here I Come”

Straight Outta Boone County $18 20 tracker

Texas Reunion $18 Skinny Don Keeling & friends Trevino, Justin



Max D Barnes “Day After Forever” $30 for the uninitiated Max D Barnes was one of Nashville’s greatest songwriters. He had many hits but probably the highlight was the CMA song of the year “Chiseled in Stone” which he co-wrote with the singer of that great song, Vern Gosdin. Max was also responsible for 9 of the 12 songs on that stunning album of Arnold Sanford “That’s Why I Sing This Way” which a panel of heavies has voted as the greatest indis album of all time. Now, as a singer Max was stunning as well. He was highly reminiscent of Vern Gosdin and had a little Don Williams in there too. Yet he was criminally under-recorded. He only had 2 lps and this cd. I had searched for over 5 years to get this and in the end was able to contact Max T Barnes, Max D’s son and a great songwriter in his own right. So this is going to be a one off. Try and find this anywhere and you simply won’t. To say it is great is an understatement. Don’t miss it.


THE OTHERS...there are some so rare in here that I honestly believe we will not have them again.


Anderson, Bill Greatest Hits Volume 2 $35 Out of print Varese

cd...only place to get his great “Country DJ”

Arwood, Bill I want More $40 Great honky tonk singer.

Nothing subtle but all great and you would

suggest he is not talking about someone

else when he sings “When Jack Takes You

Out on the Town” ..he isn’t there on a

research project!! Bob Grady label.

Arwood, Bill Collectors Series Volume 1 $45 15 tracks

mainly recorded on the great Bob Grady label

& released as singles. Honky tonk gem.

Atkins/Reed Sneakin’ Around $20 ****Special**** Chet’s

3rd album with Jerry Reed is full of great picking

& the wonderful interplay of the first two.

Bare, Bobby The Mercury Years 1-3 Bear Family $200

This is one of the hardest albums to get.

This has been out of print the best part of

20 years. It runs just over 3 hours and it

features many Tom T Hall songs that have

not been covered by the man himself. Also

has many Billy Joe Shaver songs. Bare was

one of the first to recognise his greatness.

67 songs in all. Try and find one and you

will go nuts. Bare was at Mercury between

1970 and 1972 between stints at RCA.

Bellamy Brothers Rebels Without a Clue $35 This MCA album is by

far their best. Brilliant in fact. The title song is one of

the best we’ve heard about youth. All great esp. “The

Courthouse” and “The Andy Griffith Show”.

Berry, Benny Some Things Never Change $40 Hawk Records

One of the best indie artists of all time. Sang

like Haggard but still in his own voice. Produced

by the great Mike Headrick.

Bond, Johnny Best of Johnny Bond $35 17 tracks on Varese

& the only place you will get the original “Hot

Rod Lincoln”. Also the hilarious “Ten Little


Brown, Roger Rodeo Boogie $35 Great indie album from one

of Texas’s best writers.

Bruce, Ed The Best Of $45 This 18 tracker is long out of

print &collects all his wonderful MCA recordings

which prove he was not only one of the best

writers but singers as well.

Cartwright, Lionel Lionel Cartwright $25 He debuted same time as

Garth & Clint Black & his first was a stunner. “Like

Father Like Son” is a classic.

Cash, Johnny/ Waylon Heroes $60 Featuring the only duet

album of the two great Highwaymen. They

do an immaculate version of the Tom T Hall

gem “Ballad of Forty Dollars” & two fine

Rodney Crowell covers.

Chesnutt, Mark Doing My Country Thing $40 Pre MCA

recordings on the Texas Axbar label in

the 80s shows Chesnutt hit the ground

running with one of the best voices of

any age.

Conlee, John Blue Highway $35 16 MCA gems including

“I Don’t Remember Loving You” written by

Harlan Howard plus some rarities

Copas, Cowboy Copasetic King & Starday Recordings

1944-1960 $40 26 of the best on Westside.

Cryner, Bobbie Bobbie Cryner $35 Yep, this is the album

we rate this as the best female album we

have ever had. This one is even

autographed. $28 not autographed.

Curless, Dick Drag Em Off the Interstate Sock It to ‘Em

Hits of Dick Curless $35 Razor & Tie 21 tks

Dave & Deke Combo Hollywood Barn Dance $35 1996 gem with

Deke Diuckerson & Dave Stuckey along with

Lance Ray Soliday & Brian “Shorty” Poole.

Delray, Martin Get Rhythm $35 *****Special*****

With Johnny Cash on title song.

Dennis, Wesley Country to the Core $75 This was the 2nd

album by this great singer and I don’t

know why but it is impossible to get. I only

ever had 10 copies, which didn’t even hit

the shelves. But when I went to reorder

it was impossible to find. The company had

folded...maybe they forgot to pay their bills

but who knows. Right up there with his self

titled major label album and he has a top

voice which was a tad like Randy Travis.

It may be this is the last we will ever get.

Dickens, Little Jimmy I’m Little But I’m Loud $30 22 track gem

on Razor & Tie is now out of print.

Dunn, Holly Across the Rio Grande $38 Her best cd

& out for a short time due folding of MTM label

Her version of the title track kills Rebas.

Edwards, Stoney Just For Old Times Sake $60 His only post

Capitol album is a stunner. His wonderful

Lefty/Haggard drawl is s great as ever.

Edwards, Stoney Poor Folks Stick Together: The Best $35 20

Capitol tracks on out of print Razor & Tie cd.

Emmons/Pennington Swingin’ By Request $35 Reckon this is the best

of the lot. Buddy’s steel guitar workout on the old

standard “Little Brown Jug” has to be heard to be

appreciated. Pennington’s vocals are superb. 21 tks

Fargo, Donna Best $25 Varese cd with 18 tracks

Feathers, Charlie Get With It: Essential Recordings 1954-1969

Revenant lable 2cds and covering Flip, Sun, Meteor,

King, Kay, Wal-May, Holiday Inn labels plus a whole

Bunch of demos, plus a 44 page booklet. 42 tracks

$48. Very hard to get.

Ford, Tennesee Ernie & Glen Campbell “Ernie Sings & Glen Picks

$40 This is the original issue with full liner

notes. A 1975 album which has Ern singing

over Glen’s acoustic guitar. The simple

arrangements highlight Ern’s wonderful

baritone and his interpretation of 2

Kristofferson songs, “Nobody Wins” &

“Loving Her Was Easier” showed he could

sing anything.

Frizzell, Lefty That’s the Way Love Goes: Final Recordings

$40. He sang better then than he ever did!

Gaffney, Chris The Cold Hard Facts ROM label $40. Great

1st album with highlight being the Moe

Bandy-like “Room 208”. A superb album.

George, Sonny Country & Western Roundup volume 1$35

There are few if any who can successfully

combine country and rockabilly as well as

Sonny. “Hillbilly Beat” is a great update

Of the hillbilly standard “Mama Don’t

Allow”. As the Swedish Cowboy says it

is not rock but it certainly “rocks”.

Glaser, Tompall Best of Tompall Glaser & the Glaser

Brothers $45 Out of print cd. Check out

Amazon...cheapest is over $100!! 24 great


Gosdin, Vern Alone $30 when it comes to sad crying

in your beer style this may be the best ever

album. Documents his broken marriage.

Gosdin, Vern The Voice $35 Original blood red case version

Of his wonderful 1998 album.

Greene, Jack The Jolly Green Giant $35 Only

cd of his MCA tracks was this gem on Edsel

UK label which was long out of print. 20 tks.

Haggard, Merle The Way I Am $55 His MCA gem is l

Is literally like trying to find gold. Features

some of his best and most personal songs

like “No One to Sing For But the Band” &

“Life’s Just not the Way it Used to Be” Also

has a mini tribute to Ernest Tubb with 4

tracks either written by or associated with

the Texas Troubadour. Great album.

Haggard, Merle My farewell to Elvis $35 Another out of

Print title. He covers Elvis & includes his own “From

Graceland to the Promised Land”.

Hall, Tom T Songs from Sopchoppy $35 AUTOGRAPHED!!

Harris, Emmylou Cimarron $45 This is the out of print gem with

bonus track. Nice presentation.

Hawkins, Hawkshaw Rattlesankin’ Daddy: King Anthology 1946-1963

$35 Great 24 track cd of his King & Starday stuff which suffice to say is unavailable!!

Homer & Jethro America’s Song Butchers: Weird World

$28 20 track. Out of print Razor & Tie cd.

Howard, Harlan All Time Favorite Country Songwriter $351996

Koch reissue of Monument album, both long

gone. Has 12 of his biggest hits sung by the

Irving berlin of country music, including gems

“Heartaches by the Number”, “Tiger by the

Tail” etc

Husky, Ferlin Vintage Collection $35 20 tracker out of print

with both his original version of “Gone” (as

Terry alias) & the hit version

(as Ferlin Husky....his real name)

Jackson, Larry Blue Highway $40

Jackson, Larry Out of the Blue $40 I don’t think I have

ever had a song like Larry’s “The Blue

Highway” to attract a question as to who

is it?? Larry’s voice I would suggest has

been weathered to perfection. He is a

superb singer and writer but alas these are

his only two albums. You feel he has lived

the songs. The sad “When Love Dies” has a

real ache to it. The second album even has

an uptempo honky tonk belter “Honky Tonk

Two Steppin’ Beer Drinkin’ Saturday Night”

& what better way to show his great voice

than with a definitive reading of the Paul

Siebel classic “Louise”. Don’t miss them.

Jansen, Frank You’re a Phone Call That I Need to Make $45

Jansen, Frank My Way or the Highway $40 First on Bob Grady

label and the second are 2 of the most popular

indie cds we have ever had.

Jennings, Waylon Waylon & Company $40. It is just about

impossible to find a copy on cd.

Jones, David Bridges $30 Honky tonk...honky tonk &

guess what more honky tonk.

Jones, George Sings Like the Dickens $25

Jones, George Sings Bob Wills $25

Jones, George & Melba Montgomery “Vintage Collection”

$45 *****special price.**** 20 duets.

Jones, George You Oughta Be Here With Me $25 ***special**

His last for Epic and maybe his best. Not

one song less than great.

Jones, George Friends in High Places ***Special***$25

Duets with Buck, Vern, Emmylou, Ricky Van

& many more.

Jones, George Don’t Stop the Music $40 Ace UK 22 track

collection of Starday & Mercury songs.

Jones, George/ Johnny Paycheck Double Trouble $40 They were

2 of the biggest troublemakers at their

peak of troublemaking and with George

also at his creative peak. The opener

“When You’re Ugly Like Us (You just

Naturally Have to be Good)” says it all. A

tad strange as it includes some Chuck

Berry & Creedence covers.

Joss, Scott Intimate & Live: Invite Scott Joss Into

Your Living Room $35 This is a gem which

was produced in small quantities alls signed

by Scott who was fiddle player for Dwight &

now performs same function for Haggard. He is

a classic country vocalist in his own right &

does some gems from his own pen & also that

of Freddy Powers. But the stunning “Gone

With the Wind”, which Haggard did on his

“Amber Waves of Grain” is the best.

Lewis, Jerry Lee All Killer No Filler 2cds Rhino $48 Great

set covering all his career & all styles,

Logan, Josh Something Strange $45 Bob Grady label

gem by the man who embodies everything

of the King of the Cheating Song, Mel Street.

Lyda, Jacob Her We Go Again $30 1997 Bob Grady label.

Lyda, Jacob Three Times the Charm $30 1998

Mike Headrick produced gem. So young

but with a knockout voice.

Mack, Bill Sings His Songs $45 Bill Mack has had

a long career in radio and as “Radio’s

Midnight Cowboy” is a true Texas

legend. His best known song overall is

“Drinking Champagne” recorded by Cal

Smith and George Strait to name a few but

he gained infamy as writer of the song

“Blue” as recorded by LeeAnn Rimes. Bill

includes his original 50s version here & it

is a knockout. The other 15 songs were of

recent recording. A really top cd.

Martin, Tony I’ll Meet You in Texas $35 1996 gem on the

Bob Grady label produced by Mike Headrick. A

very Haggard/Bakersfield influenced gem.

Mata. Billy Made in Texas $35 a real favourite. San

Antonio’s top country artist which contains one

of the Cosmic Cowboy’s and my favourite tracks

the impossibly catchy “If This Was Texas”.

Moore, Lattie I’m Not Broke But I’m Badly Bent: King

& Starday Recordings 1953-1963. $45 29 tks

on the defunct Westside label

Morgan, Dennis Attic Chronicles $25 One of most successful

songwriters of 70s and 80s and sadly his only ever

album as he is an excellent singer. Witty songs.

Morgan, George Room Full of Roses $30 Razor & Tie OOP!!

Mowrey, Dude Honky Tonk $25 Young looking but great

songs and style. Capitol label gem.

Mullican, Moon Showboy Special: The Early King Sides $30

Westside label...out of business.

Mullican, Moon The EP Collection $30 26 tracks on the

defunct See for Miles label. How come all great

labels are now gonesky???

Nelson, Leo Under Neon Lights $55 Produced by both Bob Grady & Mike Headrick our two

favourite indie producers nd the songs are just grand. The title is a duet with the

great indie artist Bill Arwood. If you don’t

have it your collection is incomplete.

Nelson, Willie with Hank Snow “Brand on Your Heart” &

With Webb Pierce “In the Jailhouse Now”

2 on 1. $48 I particularly like the version

of “I’ve Been Everywhere” where Willie

is so laid back and Hank so intense. Great

Nelson, Willie with Roger Miller “Old Friends” and with

Faron Young “Funny How Time slips Away”

2 on 1. How good is the title track of the

first with Ray Price helping out. $55

Newbury, Mickey Live in England $45 Like most of his stuff is

out of print and to hear him in front of an

audience is the best way. This is acclaimed as his

best live work.

Owens, Buck Kickin’ In $30 Second of his three Capitol

label comeback albums.

Parker, Billy And Friends $40 Out of print Bear Family cd

which has 2 albums on the one. The first is all

duets with likes of Cal Smith, Jack Greene,

Webb Pierce, Darrell McCall etc 21 tracks

Paycheck, Johnny Mr Hag Told My Story $60 This Epic album

redefined Paycheck’s standing. He was

painted as an outlaw but this was stunning

& right up there with his Little Darlin’ Stuff.

Haggard did 3 duets and unlike many

tribute cds he went for the lesser known

songs. His duet with Haggard on “I’m

Turning Off a Memory” will amaze.

Paycheck, Johnny The Real Mr Heartache: The Little Darlin’

Years $60 This 24 tracker put out by the

Counry Music Foundation is as good as it

gets. Paycheck may be the greatest hard

country singer ever. He could have been

George Jones...if yoiu know what I mean.

Paycheck, Johnny The Difference in Me $35 Playback label gem

which showed he could still cut it in the

classic country style. Highlights include “Waltz

of the Angels” and “My Name’s Not on the


Penny, Hank Hillbilly Be Bop King anthology 1944-1950

Westside label 28 tracks $30

Petrone, Shona Something Real $45 One of those peculiarities

that seemed to occur regularly...the album was

eagerly anticipated but never came out. This is

a very rare advance.

Planet Rockers Hillbilly Beat $30 featuring the great Sonny


Price, Ray Heart of country Music ****Special****

$48. This was a 2lp set on 1 cd. It is Ray’s

personal favourite of the many albums he

recorded and what less would you expect

from a man of such great taste. It sees

him make 20 countr y standards his own.

“Is Anybody Going to San Antone” is

amazing. You have to hear it to realise how

great that is.

Price, Ray Sometimes a Rose $28 1992 album which has

some wonderful songs none better than “Not

a Dry Eye in the House”. Stunning singer.

Pruett, Jeannie Satin Sheets: Jeannie Pruett’s Greatest Hits

$45 Impossible to get Varese cd. They go like

lightning so be quick.

Reeves, Del Silver Anniversary Album $30. This is a fun

album in which Del puts his well known

skills as an impersonator to use on “Achy

Breaky Heart” as sung by Roy Acuff, Walter

Brennan & Johnny Cash among others. It

works!! He is also an excellent singer with

Charlie Sizemore’s “I’m Really Gone” being

a true highlight.

Reynolds, Lawrence He Comes From Alabama $30. One cd

by the “Jesus is a Soul Man” guy in full country

George Jones style. Stunning 16 tracks with

best ever Hank tribute “Them Old Hank

Williams Songs”.

Ritter, Tex Capitol Collectors Series $38 Out of print

series, of which I would recommend every title

as being essential. This has all the hard to get

ones, “Deck of Cards”, “Blood on the Saddle” &

“Just Beyond the Moon” etc 25 in all.

Robertson, Kathy At the Cantina $35

Robertson, Kathy To Roy Nichols With Love $40 inc. Bonnie

Owens, Chris Gaffney, Rosie Flores etc.

Robertson, Kathy Hillbilly Down: To Roy Nichols With Love 2 $40

(Includes Haggard!, Rick Shea, Katy Moffatt)

Ryle, Curt Life Time Guarantee $35 What can you say

but Curt is a true indie artist, amazing

talent, superb writer and singer but with

the dress sense God gave a goat. But it is

not that latter thing which matters & on

the former he delivers. He wrote the

superb “Mirrors Don’t Lie” & his own

version loses nothing in comparison to that

Gene Watson. Curt wrote 9 of the 11on this

gem. And he has a superb style...that is

vocal not dress!!

Shafer, Whitey So Good for So long $25 ***Special***

Shafer, Whitey I Never Go Around Mirrors $25 ***Special***

He reminds a lot of his long time

collaborator, Lefty Frizzell.

Shaver, Billy Joe Salt of the Earth $30 Cd issue of great 1987

album inc “The Devil Made Me Do It”

Shaver, Billy Joe Restless Wind: 1973-1987 $40 Yep another

gem out of print.

Simpson, Red Best Of Red Simpson: Country Western

Truck Drivin’ Singer $35 Razor & Tie 20 tks

Sonnier, Jo-El Complete Mercury Sessions $30. Great

collection which mixes his Cajun style with

some very hardcore honky tonk.

Springfield, Bobby Lee All Fired Up $35 Semi rockabilly feel with

his own “Hank Drank” a classic & a half.

Steagall, Red Lone Star beer & Bob Wills Music/ To All

Our Cowboy Friends $58 His 2 classics on

one cd.Some of the best you will ever hear.

Sweet, Ron Ten in Tennessee $50 Another wonderful

indie with the highlight the wonderful ode

to the great man “I Play Haggard” in which

he uses snippets of Haggard songs to tell t he story. He outdoes even Vern Gosdin on

his version of “Baby That’s Cold” and then

shows himself a man for all seasons with

the rollicking “Ten in Tennessee”.

Taylor, Chip Chip Taylor’s Last Chance $45 Long out of

print cd version of his classic album which

features “I Read it in the Rolling Stone” plus

the great “101 in Cashbox” which combines

the story of his own version of “Angel of the

Morning” along with the tale of a racehorse.

Terry, Gordon Lotta Lotta Women $45 Bear Family. I have

concluded that Gordon Terry may be the

baddest man ever in country music history.

He just seemed to have unlimited talent. If

you saw the Town Hall Party dvds on Bear

Family you’d find reat charisma, movie star looks, a terrific voice and he seemed equally

adept on fiddle and guitar. But he ended

up as merely a footnote in country music

history. This cd has been out of print &

will give you an idea of what we missed

out on. George Jones could not have

done a better job on “Long Black

Limousine”. He had a career as part of

the Johnny Cash live show and it is hard

to tell who led who astray. He includes a

rather ribald version of “Ballad of Hank”,

set to the tune of the “Battle of New

Orleans”. I find it sad. Maybe some day the

story will be told. This is such a great cd.

The out of print Bear cds are all grand.

Thompson, Hank Golden Era of Capitol Country $35 This

is a great 20 track Japan issue (in

English of course) with great sound & a

rather unusual set of songs which avoids the


Thompson, J W Songs for Real People $45 Another indie

gem. 16 tracks and it is harder to find a

better track anywhere than “Jesus Loves

Cowboys”. Also shines on narrations.

Tubb, Justin Rock it On Down to my Place Bear Family

2cd $60. His complete Decca recordings

with a whopping 59 tracks. Quite a few

upbeat songs but “Mine is a Lonely Life”

sung with Roger Miller is a gem. A very

underrated artist...but not by those who

know his work.

Turner, Robby “Man of Steel” $40. Indie album from the

great steel guitar player (with both Waylon

& the Highwaymen) sees him enlist some

wonderful vocalists including Waylon on

“Women from Memphis”, Jessi Colter on

her hit “I’m Not Lisa” but the unqualified

highlight is Johnny Cash version of

“Steel Guitar Rag”. I don’t know what he

was on but whatever he has the greatest

fun he ever had recording. And then some.

Turner, Zeb Tennessee Boogie & Jersey Rock $30

King label anthology 1949-1953. On the

now defunct Westside label. 24 tracks.

Wade, Norman Tennessee Eyes $55 1993’s Album of the

Year was the first cd for would

imagine though he would be universally

refererred to as “Norman”. This gem was

on the Bob Grady label & was superbly

produced by Bob & Mike Headrick. There

may not ne another honky tonk album like

this. “They’re All Over Nashville” tells the

stunning true story of those who don’t

quite make it the way they would want.

Wade, Norman For a Minute There $40. Crossing the line

between Jones & Hank is this indie champ

for the ages. When he sings “I’ve Got Hank

to Thank” you know he isn’t lying. A 1997

out of print gem for this vastly under

recorded artist.

Wade, Norman Old Time Country Music $35 Another album

With gem after gem including two Hank

songs, “Hank Moaned the Blues” and

“Thanks to Hank”. Got to have it

Wagoner, Porter Greatest Hits $30 20 tracker with great and

unusual selection including of course “Rubber

Room” but also “What Would You Do, If Jesus

Came to Your House”)

Wagoner, Porter In Person $30 OOP cd of 1964 album

Walker, Jerry Jeff Live at Gruehne Hall $28 Original 1989

Tried & True album through Ryko. It was

right after JJW befriended Chris Wall & he

does the song that was even featured by

Ian McNamara, “I Feel Like Hank Williams

Tonight”. He concludes with a raucous

version of “Trashy Women”. Gruehne,

pronounced “Green”, is a small town

between Austin and San Antonio which

has a rustic charm like no other & which

translates brilliantly to live shows.

Wall, Chris Cowboy Nation $25

Wall, Chris Honky Tonk Heart $25

Wall, Chris Any Saturday Night in Texas $28

Wall, Chris Tainted Angel $30

Watson, Dale From the Start $50 14 tracker on the D W

label. His pre Hightone label material. Rare

Wayne, Dallas The Invisible Man $30

Wayne, Dallas Buckle Up Baby $35 Two of Dallas’ out of

print Finnish albums....he lived in Finland

for a number of years. And had many

releases. The latter features great tunes

such as “Crank the Hank”, “Death in the

Family”, “I Never Did Like Planes” and


Wells, Kitty Duets $28

Whiteliners Side Burnin’ $38 Unquestionably the best

Australian cd I have ever had. Features 2

lead vocalists. Steve Wood is reminiscent

of Wayne Hancock whilst Roy Payne, the

dour Roy Payne, has a traditional classic

honky tonk voice. No covers!! All original &

I especially love “Un-Tamworthy” which

hits the nail right on the head. Great album.

Whitley, Keith Kentucky blueboird $25 *****Special****

Wilburn Brothers Trouble’s Back in Town: The Hits Of $30

Out of print Edsel Uk album of their Decca gems

Wild Rose Breaking New Ground $22 ****Special****

Great all gal group who really rock led by Wanda

Vick & the great Pam Gadd. You will love it.

Young, Faron & Ray Price Memories That Last $35 Duet album on Step

One, Nashville’s great indie label.



Big Rig Hits Truck Driver’s Boogie 1939-69 $35 A great

cd which encapsulates a history of that great

sub-genre the trucking song. Compiled jointly

by CMF & Diesel only records. First is

“Truck Driver’s Blues” by Cliff Bruner with

Moon Mullican on vocals.

God Less America Country & western for All Yer sinners N

Sufferers 1955-1966 $40 This Euro comp

is of somewhat dubious origin but as a

collection of quirky song it stands alone.

Highlight is undoubtedly a young Troy Hess

singing “Please Don’t Go Topless Mother”.

But they are all highlights.

Heart of Texas Country This was a 1998 cd on Justin Trevino’s

Neon Nightmare label which was a precursor

to the wonderful label of the same name. This

has 21 tracks only on this album. Includes Ron Williams “Truckloads & Trainloads”. One of the

best indie vocalists ever. Also one of last

songs ever from the great Justin Tubb. $28

Hillbilly Music Thank God Volume 1 $30 Delightful 24 tracker which was

a double lp on Capitol. Brilliantly compiled.

Rig Rock Deluxe A Musical Salute to the American Truck Driver

$30 16 tracks which feature new singers & old.

Possible highlight is Junior Brown teaming with

Red Simpson on “Nitro Express”. Also includes

one of Buck Owens last recordings, Steve

Earle etc.

Shuffletown Western Swing on King 1946-1960 $25

Westside label...out of print.



The latest Bear Releases are in and going always pays to preorder so will give you a bit of a run down of the February releases. Also, I recently bought a collection so there are a lot of as new Bear Family cds offered.



**Bill Anderson – First Ten Years 4 cd + hard cover book $180 Only have one left. Sold very well.

**Eddy Arnold – Tears Broke Out on Me $32

**Chuck Berry- Rocks $32

**Big Bopper – Hellooo Baby $32...this is personal fave. Suit bout country & rock & Roll/50s fans.

**Browns – Country Music Odyssey $32

**Vin Bruce Dans La Louisianne $32

**Tommy Collins – Black Cat $32 (part of Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight series.

**Eat to the Beat Dirtiest of the Dirty Blues $34 inc 100 page book.

**Lee Emerson “It’s So Easy for You to Be Mean” $32 $22

**Merle Haggard – Same Train Different time $32 $25

**Roy Hall – Rocks $32 This has equal country & 50s appeal

**George Jones – “Heartbreak Hotel” $32 (part of the “Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight Series)...some recorded as Thumper Jones

**Sid King & Five Strings – Gonna Shake This Shack tonight $32 $25 (from where the rest of the series began)

**Brenda Lee “Rocks” $32 The Terryhillbilly reckoned his ears were playing tricks on him...such was the quality of this.

**Jerry Lee Lewis “Old Time Religion” $32 Fabulous...reissue of year for mine. Can a gospel album also be funny?? When the instigator is Jerry Lee it sure can.

**Little Richard – Rocks $32

**Warner Mack – Baby Squeeze Me $32 (part of Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight series.

**Gene O’Quin “Boogie Woogie Fever” $32 $25 A 100% soundalike of Wayne Hancock...woops guess thta is other way around.

**Jack Scott “Rocks” $32

**Jack Scott “Ballads of “ $32

** Slim Harpo “Rocks” $32

**Wynn Stewart “Come On” $32 Proving very popular...only 2 left (part of Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight series.

**Johnny Tillotson “The Outtakes” 2 cds box $58 This is actually better than his released stuff which was none to shabby. The sound is extraordinary. If recorded in the best studio in the world today it would not be better. Great cameos by Boot Randolph in particular.


**Teenage: Teenagers & Youth in Music 1951-1960 $32 34 tracks about teenagers both the good ones and those damn juvenile delinquents.

**A Girl Named Johnny Cash & Other Tribute Songs $32. This is great even if it didn’t have 10 Stoney Edwards songs, nine of which were previously unreleased. One of my very favourite Bear Family cds.


February 2012 releases. Please preorder. Nothing is charged until actually in and sent. WARNING!!! Theer are some fabulous titles! OF COURSE IF YOU WANT FURTHER DETAILS ON ANY TITLE PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE TO ASK!!


**Connie Smith “Just For What I Am” 5cd + hardcover book $210. Long awaited second box set.

**Red Simpson “Hello I’m Red Simpson” 5 cd + hard cover book. One of the greatest of the truckin’ singers with 26 previously unissued tracks included.

**Duane Eddy – Twangin’ from Phoenix to LA: The Jamie Years $210

5 cd + hard cover book. This was out of print quite soon after in came out initially and now Bear Family have re-licensed the original recordings.


**Duane Eddy – Rocks $32 ....for those who only need the 1 cd!

**Wayne Fontana & Mindbenders – Eric, Rick, Wayne, Bob plus $32 the era before their charting successes.

**Hultsfreed Hayride: Ten Years of Wild Savage Rock & Roll $32 The Scandinavians love their country and rockabilly. This is Sweden’s biggest rockabilly festival and the title is self explanatory. 21 rockabilly tracks from 2001 on...modern rockabilly.

**Bonnie Guitar – Intimate Session $32 Second in the Velvet Lounge series. Notes by Bonnie Guitar.


BEAR FAMILY CDS $20 unless noted. All as new.

Adams, Charlie Cattin’ Around

Arnold, Eddy Cattle Call/ Thereby Hangs a Tale

Arthur, Charline Welcome to the Club

Ballew, Michael Live at Gruehne Hall

Ballew, Michael Daddy Don’t Live in Texas

Ballew, Michael I Love Texas

Ballew, Michael You Better Hold On

Bare, Bobby Sings Lullabys, Legends & Lies

Burnette, Johnny Rockabilly Boogie

Campi, Ray Eager Beaver Boy/Rockabilly Lives

Carman, Jenks “Tex” Hillbilly Hula

Carson, Joe Hillbilly Band From Mars

Carter, Wilf Dynamite Trail

Cash, Johnny I Walk the Line/ Little Fauss & Big Halsy

Cash, Johnny It’s all in the Family (with June Carter)

Cash, Johnny Rambler/From Sea to Shining Sea (one

Cd from “Come Along & Ride This Train”

Box) $18....

Castle, Joey Rock & Roll Daddyo

Caulton, Peter Hard Road Tough Country

Chapel, Leon Automatic Mama

Clooney, Rosemary Touch of Tabasco (with Perez Prado)

Coe, David Allan Compass Point/I’ve Got Something to Say

Coe, David Allan Mysterious Rhinestone Cowboy/ Once

Upon a Time

Coe, David Allan Longhaired Redneck/ Rides Again

Coe, David Allan Invictus Means Unconquered/ Tennessee


Coe, David Allan Tattoo/ Family Album

Coe, David Allan Unchained/ Son of the

Coe, David Allan Human Emotions/ Spectrum VII

Country All Stars Jazz from the Hills (Chet Atkins)

Crickets Still in Style (post Buddy Holly)

Dean, Jimmy Big Bad John

Dickerson, Dub Boppin’ in the Dark

Dolan, Jimmy Jukebox Boogie

Endsley, Melvin I Like Your Kind of Love

Fairburn, Werly Everybody’s Rockin’

Fell, Terry Truck Drivin’ Man

Felts, Narvel Did You Tell me $15

Finnegan, Larry Dear One $15 (20 tks ...10 in German)

Flatt, Lester Live at Vanderbilt (with Bill Monroe)

Gallion, Bob Out of a Honky Tonk

George & Earl Better Stop Look & Listen

Glaser, Tompall The Outlaw

Glaser, Tompall The Rogue

Glaser, Tompall My Notorious Youth:Hillbilly Central #1

Gordon, Curtis Play the Music Louder

Griffin, Buck Let’s Elope Baby

Guthrie, Jack Oklahoma Hills

Hall, Tom T I Witness Life/ 100 Children

Hickey, Ersel Bluebirds Over the Mountain

Hogsed, Roy Cocaine Blues

Ingle, Red TimTayshun

Intveld, James James Intveld

Jackson, Wanda Wanda Rocks

Jennings, Waylon From Clovis to Phoenis: The Early Years

Jimmy & Johnny If You Don’t Somebody Else Will

Lewis, Jerry Lee Up Through the Years 1956-1963 $15

Lightfoot, Gordon Did She mention My Name/ Back Here on


Lodgson, Jimmy I’ve Got a Rocket in My Pocket $18 (inc.

his 2 famous Hank Williams’ tributes)

Loudermilk, John D Blue Train

Loudermilk, John D It’s My Time

McDevitt, Chas Featuring Nancy Whiskey

Maddox Bros & Rose Ugly & Slouchy

Maphis, Joe Flying Fingers

Martin, Janis Female Elvis

Miller, Frankie Sugar Coated Baby

Morris, Rod Bimbo

Newman, Jimmy C Bop A Hula 2cds $35

Orbison, Roy Sun Years 1956-58 $15

Perkins, Carl The Dollie Masters

Pitney, Gene Gene Pitney & George Jones

Prophet, Orville The Travelling Kind

Rainwater, Marvin Whole Lotta Woman

Rasmussen, Ole Sleepy Eyed John

Ritter, Tex High Noon

Roberts, Kenny Jumpin’ & Yodellin’ $18

Rogers, Weldon Tryin’ to Get to You

Shaver, Billy Joe Honky Tonk Heroes

Swan, Billy Honky Tonkin’ in Tennessee

Trammell, Bobby Lee You Mostest Girl

Twitty, Conway Conway Rocks

Van Dyke, Leroy Walk on By

West, Heidi/Bill Clifton Getting Folk Out of the Country

Wheeler, Onie Onie’s Bop

Willard, Jess Honky Tonk Hardwood Floor

Williams, Leona Old Loves Never Die (half with Haggard)

Williams, Lew Cat Talk


Various Artists

Bear Essentials 27 Stars Salute Bear Family’s 25th Anniv.

Diddy Wah Diddy Ain’t a Town Ain’t a City

Hank Williams: Songwriter to Legend 16 tks he wrote but did not

record + 10 tribute songs + 2 bonus songs

Man Who Robbed the Bank at Santa Fe

My Rifle My Pony & me

Shakin’ Up North Canadian Rockabilly Volume 1

Sun Gospel (32 tks)

That’ll Flat Git It Volume 1 RCA

That’ll Flat Git It Volume 2 Decca

That’ll Flat Git It Volume 3 Capitol

That’ll Flat Git It Volume 4 Festival (not the Australian label)

That’ll Flat Git It Volume 5 Dot

That’ll Flat Git It Volume 6 Decca #2

That’ll Flat Git It Volume 7 MGM

That’ll Flat Git It Volume 8 Abbott/ Fabor/ Radio

That’ll Flat Git It Volume 9 Decca # 3

That’ll Flat Git It Volume 10 Chess

That’ll Flat Git It Volume 11 Mercury

That’ll Flat Git It Volume 12 Imperial THIS IS BEAR

That’ll Flat Git It Volume 13 ABC FAMILY’S SUPERB

That’ll Flat Git It Volume 14 Sun ROCKABILLY SERIES

That’ll Flat Git It Volume 15 Linn/Kliff

That’ll Flat Git It Volume 16 Sun #2

That’ll Flat Git It Volume 17 Sun #3

That’ll Flat Git It Volume 18 Sarg

That’ll Flat Git It Volume 19 D & Dart

That’ll Flat Git It Volume 20 Event

That’ll Flat Git It Volume 22 Columbia

That’ll Flat Git It Volume 23 Columbia #2

That’ll Flat Git It Volume 24 Roulette

That’ll Flat Git It Volume 25 Clumbia #3

Wandrin’ Star

You Oughta See My Fanny Dance Western Swing 1935-1942


BEAR FAMILY BOX SETS ...Used but as new.


Cash, Johnny Man in Black Volume 3 6cds + book $120-

Flatt & Scruggs 1959-1963 5 cd + book $110 Includes the

entire Carnegie Hall concert.

Hamilton, George IV To You & Yours From Me & Mine 6cd + hard

Cover book. Few small marks on box $140

Labeef, Sleepy Larger Than Life 6cds + book $120

McCall, Darrell The Real McCall 5 cds + book $110

Maddox, Rose The One Rose 4cd+ book $90

Pierce, Webb Wondering Boy 1951-1958 4cd + book $80

Reeves, Jim Radio days Vol 2 4cd + book $50

Ritter, Tex High Noon 4 cd + book $80

Rodgers, Jimmie Singing Brakeman 6cds but NO book $45

Smith, Connie Born to Sing 4cd + book $100 one of best

Snow, Hank Singing Ranger Volume 1 4cds + Book $70

Snow, Hank Singing Ranger Volume 3 12 cd + book $190

CD#5 has a crack on edge so only possible to

play tracks 1-19 on that cd. But a bargain & a

half as full price $390. Includes all his classic


Stewart, Wynn Wishful Thinking 10 cds + book $190

Talley, James Road to Toreon 1 cd + 112 page lp size book 45

Wagoner, Porter Thin Man from the West Plains 4cds + book $70

Wells, Kitty Queen of Country Music 4cd + book $90


35th Anniversary box Was a strictly limited edition. 212 page hard

cover book + 3 cds. Gonesky already..$140

You will not find one.

Nest Stop is Vietnam The War on Record 13 cd + 300 page book $260 is amazing cross genre but mainly country

look at the war.



Williams, Hank “The Complete Hank Williams” $190 New

sealed 10 CDS, 2 books post cards etc

Williams, Hank “Complete Mothers Best Recordings” $200

New. The classic 15 CD + DVD + hard cover

book..housed in a replica vintage radio

which actually plays a segment of a show.

The sound on these is exceptional, and even

better than the studio sound.



“A Satisfied Mind: The Country Music Life of Porter Wagoner” by Steve Eng $40 ...this has Porter autograph. Porter may have been one of entertainment’s greatest womanisers. There was only one thing he sought in a woman and that was a pulse, but even that may not have been too important. One not autographed $35.


“Always Been There: The List & the Spirit of Southern Music” Rosanne Cash. $12 206 pages.


“Archie Green: The Making ogf a Working Class Hero” $15 the story of the ultimate folklorist.


“Behind the Grand Ole Opry Curtain; Taes of Romance & Tragedy’ Robert K Oermann $28 One of Nashville’s Best writers and this is riveting with many anecdotes.


“Bill Anderson Songbook” 22 of the best music for piano & guitar $18


“Chittlin’ Circuit: and the Road to Rock & Roll” Preston Lauterbach. $22 excellent new book about the difficulty of black performers to gain acceptance.


“Country Music Originals” by Tony Russell $20 the best ever encyclopedia style book on 30s country. Biographies of artists who were previously only a fleeting mention.


“Country Music Goes to War” Edited by Charles K Wolfe $18


“Country Music Story:A Picture History of Country & Western Music” Shelton & Goldblatt $30 A real find this 1971 book which has many rare photographs and stories. I haven’t seen these pictures ever. In great shape with a few minor tears on dust jacket.


“Country Music Who’s Who 1972” Fascinating look at country music as it was in the early 70s. Large and heavy hard cover book, with lots of rare photos and articles$45 Nice gold embossed printing on leather look cover.


“Crowe on the Banjo: The Music Life of J D Crowe” $18 Has some great insights into the life of Keith Whitley who was lead singer in J D Crowe’s band.


“Deford Bailey: A Black Star in Early Country Music” $25 Quite harrowing detail of the racism that existed. Davvid Morton with Charles K Wolfe.


“Dirty South” $15 You always read about some random rapper getting gunned down. This might tell you why.


“Dolly Parton: The Words and Music of Dolly Parton: The Prager Singer Songwriter Collection. $30 Nicve hard cover book that focusses on the songs and music of Dolly and not her bosoms!!.


“Electric Eden: Unearthing Britain’s Visionary Music” $25 whopping 664 page book on English folk...the legends & the legacy..


“Family Tradition: Three Generations of Hank Williams” $25 Susan Masino Excellent new book which leaves you with the pondering question, how is Hank 3 still alive!!


“Fire & Rain: The Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel, CSNY & the Lost Story of the &0s” David Browne $28 Nice hard cover book with many anecdotes. CSNY broke up because Stills & Nash were in a tug a war over Rita Coolidge. I never knew that. 370 + pages.


“Gone to the Country: The New Lost City Ramblers” Ray Allen $22

“Good Natured Riot: Birth of the Grand Ole Opry” by Charles Wolfe $25


“Hank Thompson: My Side of Life the Biography” by Warren Kice $28

Nice glossy book just shy of 300 pages.


“Hard Road: The Life & Times of Stevie Wright” $15 Was he an unfortunate hero or an arrogant druggie who couldn’t care less who he hurt.


“Heartaches by the Number: Country Music’s 500 Greatest Singles” by David Cantwell & Bill Friskics-Warren large style soft cover which is bound to cause much discussion. $25


“He Stopped Loving Her Today and the pretty-much totally true story of the making of the greatest country record of all time” Jack Isenhour $12’s that for a wordy title


“Honky Tonk Gospel: The Story of Sin and Salvation in Country Music” by Gene Edward Veith $20


“Love Goes to Buildings on Fire: Five Years in Music That Changed Music Forever” Will Hermes excellent new hardcover book about New York City and its musical influence in the 1970s . $25


“My Country: 50 Musicians on God, America and the Songs they Love” $25 large size coffee table book just under 200 pages. Musicians and singers a bunch of questions including songs they wish they had written. David Allan Coe answers brilliantly of course...”Chiseled in Stone”.. could there be a better answer? No, but the annoying ratlike Ms Taylor Swift chooses some song by Kenny Chesney. Have I mentioned the disdain I feel for her!!


“Pickin’ on Peachtree: A History of Country Music in Atlanta Georgia” $25

Well written book just shy of 300 pages


“River of No Return: Tennessee Ernie Ford” $25 Written by his son and has a frank discussion of the insecurities and alcoholism that plagued the apparently forver amiable of my favourite artists.


“Stutterin’ Boy: An Autobiography of Mel Tillis” Nice copy of long out of print 1984 book $22


“Tom Waits on Tom Waits: Interviews and Encounters” Edited by Paul Maher Jnr $22 over 450 pages


“Woodstock Revisited: 50 far out groovy peace loving flashback inducing stories from those who were there” edited by Susan Reynolds. $8


“Woody Guthrie American Radical” buy Will Kaufman $18 new advance copy with some great detail. “Long Road to Peekskill” is a very strong look at racism in America.



New...some excellent buys. (Note: country & non country)


**Beach Boys “Smile: The Most Anticipated album in Rock & Roll History” 2cds with book, poster & button. Nice box $28.


**Johnny Cash “The Legend” $55 4cds obver 100 trcaks plus extensive book with essay by Patrick Carr. Nice hardcover booklike package.


**Leonard Cohen “The Complete Studio Albums Collection” $70 11 cds. Nice box with all the albums in mini lp style inside stylish box. 24 oage book. Remastered sound.


**Miles Davis * Gil Evans Complete Columbia Studio recordings 6 cds including 2 cds of alternate tracks. Includes his best known “Sketches of Spain.”Large booklet $55


**Bob Dylan “Biograph” $40 53 tracks spanning 1962-1981 44 page book. Nice book presentation.


** Electric Light Orchestra “Flashback” $50 3CDS 53 songs 3 ½ hours featuring the songs and voice of Jeff Lynne.


**Merle Haggard “Down Every Road” 4cds + book 100 tracks across al labels .$70 Beautifully presented in all respects.


**Jimi Hendrix “The Jimi Hendrix Experience” 4cd set $60...this is out of print. Has nice felt box. Contains 56 rare or unreleased recordings. 80 page book.


**Monkees “Music Box” 4 cds 99 tracks from Rhino $58 contains huge booklet. Best set ever on the Monkees. They may have been manufactured but they were also darn good.


**Mickey Newbury “An Amr=erican Trilogy” 4 cds $50 Rustic but nice cd size package multi fold out digipak. Includes the original lps in remastered sound of "Looks Like Rain"/ Frisco Mabel Joy" and "Heaven Help the Child" along with a full cd of rarities.


**Elvis Presley “Essential 60s Masters: From Nashville to Memphis ” $50 5 cds in hradcoevr booklike package. Nice book with notes by Elvis biographer Pete Guralnick Over 130 tracks


**Slade Box Anthology 1969-1991 4cds 84 tracks $50 Over 5 hours . Nice multi fold out digipak.


**“Elvis Presley “Essential 70s Masters: Walk a Mile in My Shoes” $50

5 cds hardcover booklike package, with 120 tracks


**Phil Spector “The Philles Album Collection” $80 7 cds + 36 page booklet. This is very nice package with 6 original newly remastered albums onb cd for the first time plus a bonus disc, “Phil’s Flipside” which features 17 rare tracks. I guess it gives Phil something to play whilst in the hoosegow. The 6 albums, each in their own cover are:

  1. Crystals “Twist Uptown”
  2. Crystals “He’s a Rebel”
  3. Bob E Soxx & the Blue jeans “Zip-A dee Doo- Dah
  4. Crystals “Sing the Greatest Hits Volume 1”
  5. Philles Records Present Today’s Hits with The Crystals, Bob E Soxx. Ronettes, Darlene Love, Alley Cats
  6. Presenting the Fabulous Ronettes Featuring Versonica
  7. Phil’s Flipsides.


**Townes Van zandt “Texas Troubadour” 4cds containing all of Towne’s studio albums plus the impossibly great live set “Live at the Old Quarter”. 36 page colour bbok. Plus outtakes. With so many dodgy Townes out there this is the one to get.


**Wilburn Brothers in Harmony 3cds 52 tks $40


**Marty Wilde “The Full Marty” 3cd $30 in jewel case with slip cover. Covers the early years up to take a trip...64 tks


**Atlantic R & B 1947-1974 8 volumes $80 Rhino


**Chasing the Sun 3 cds + dvd in an Esky like box from Time Life. CD one is worth price alone with surfing’s 20 greatest hits...vocal & instrumental in sound that exceeds everyting I’ve ever heard $30


Used...all in great shape...guaranteed

**Eddy Arnold “Then & Now” $22 24 pg book


**Band “Across the Great Divide” $50 3 cds Mint Capitol set out of print, Lovely presentation


**Buffalo Springfield Box Set” $90 Mint Rhino box which is out of print. Has 80 page book. Has lots of rarities including a bunch of Neil Young demos which were later turned into album tracks.


**Tennessee Ernie Ford “Masters 1949-1976” $50 3cds + 40 page book. Not only includes the hits but quite a few unusual selections as well. The book gives a track by track rundown which incidentally shows how influential Ern was in creating his own success....I mean “16 Tons” was one of the biggest songs ,any genre, in the 50s and its familiar sound was created by Ern clicking his fingers as he sung.


**Waylon Jennings “Waylon the Nashville Rebel” Beautifuly embossed black leather look box. 4cds + 140 page book $65 92 tracks


**Chris Ledoux “American Cowboy” $55 Nice glossy 40 pg book with all his early recordings mixed with the Capitol tracks. I love his version of one of my favourite Marty Robbins songs “Cowboy in a Continental Suit”. Complete discography.


**Lynyrd Skynyrd “Lynyrd Skynyrd” $50 3 cds + 64 page book. Very nice presentation.


**Elvis Presley “Today, Tomorrow & Forever” 100 rare or previously unheard private recordings. Longbox book style with nice book. $50


**Elvis Presley “Artist of the Century” $45 3cds each with separate booklet covering a separate decade. 20 fro m50s , 26 from 60s and 20 from 70s .


**Steve Winwood “The Finer Things “ 4cds $50 48 pg book. And has a great run down of Soencer Davis, Traffic, Blind Faith & Solo Recordings.



“50 Years of Country Music From Mercury” 73 tracks over 3 hours with many rarities including Robert Lunn...the original talking blues man and the wonderfully named Homer Briarhopper. 28 pg book.

CDS $15 & Up


Adams, Ryan Ashes & Fire $15

Allen, Deborah Here Me Now $18 2011 new album

Allen, Rex Last of the Singing Cowboys $18

Abshire, Nathan Pine Grove blues/ The Good Times are Killing

Me Ace UK 2 on 1 $20

Anderson, Bill Country Music Heaven $18

Anderson, John John Anderson $20

Anderson, John John Anderson 2 $18 His first two albums are

absolute gems and now out of print. One of

the best singers of any age. Only a couple.

Arnold, Eddy Have Guitar Will Travel $18

Autry, Gene Going Back to Texas: 25 Texas Classics $15

Axton, Hoyt Pistol Packin’ mama/ Spin of the Wheel $18

Axton, Hoyt A Rusty Old Halo/ Where Did teh Money Go $18

Ball, David Sparkle City $15

Ballew, Michael Yesterday’s Wind $15

Bandy, Moe Greatesr Hits (MCA) $15

Bandy, Moe Picture in a Frame $18

Bandy, Moe Once More $15

Bandy, Moe Sings Great American Cowboy Songs $18

Bandy, Moe Live in Branson $15

Bare, Bobby Essential $18

Bare, Bobby All American Boy;Sings his Most Requested

Songs $20 20 1988 recordings

Bare, Bobby Best of (Razor & Tie) $20

Bare, Bobby Bird Named Yesterday/ Talk Me Some Sense 18

Bare, Bobby Bare tracks: The Columbia Years $18

Bare, Bobby Hard Time Hungrys (Edsel UK )$20

Bare, Bobby 50 Miles from Home/ Detroit City $22 92 on 1

Bare, Bobby Greatest Hits 1992 $20 autographed

Bell, Delia Delia Bell (with Emmylou) $20

Blue Sky Boys Legends of Country Music $25 3cds 60 tracks

Bogguss, Suzy American Folk Songbook $20

Bond, Johnny Country & Western Standard Transcriptions $18

Boxcar Willie Rocky Box $20 (Box attempts well some

Rockabilly style stuff) 15 tks.

Boxcar Willie King of teh Freight train $18 inc 2 duets Willie

Boxcar Willie Tearjerkin; Heart breakin Hillbilly Songs20 15tk

Brennan, Walter Old Shep $18 (“Dutchman’s Gold” album)

Brown, Jim Ed Essential (solo & Browns)

Brown, Marty Wild Kentucky Skies $18 autographed

Brown, Marty High & Dry $18 (autographed)

Brown, Zac You Get What you Give $15

Burke, Frenchie Volume 1 & 2 $20 (Bellaire label) great

Burnett, T Bone Presents the Speaking Clock Review: Live

From teh Beacon Theatre $18

Bush, Johnny Lost Highway Saloon $15

Bush, Johnny Green Snakes $15

Campbell, Glen Ghost on the Canvas $20

Carter Family On Border Radio Vol 1 $20

Carter Family On Border Radio Vol 2 $20

Carter Family On Border Radio Vol 3 $20

Cash, Johnny Bootleg Volume 3 $15 2cds

Cash, Johnny I Would Like to see you Again $18

Cash, Johnny American Recordings $15 (sealed(

Cash, Johnny Roads Less Travelled: Rare & Unissued Sun

Recordings $15

Cash, Johnny Boom Chicka Boom $20

Cash, Johnny Mystery of Life $20

Cash, Johnny Rockabilly Blues $18

Clooney, Rosemary Country Rose $20 21 tracks OOP

Coe, David Allan Live! If That Ain’t Country $15

Coe, David Allan 20 Road Music Hits $20 truckin’ songs

Coe, David Allan Recommended for Airplay $18

Coe, David Allan Biketoberfest 01; Live from Iron Horse $20

Coe, David Allan Underground $18 (X RATED)

Cooper, Wilma Lee/Stoney Very Best $18

Copas, Cowboy Mister Country Music $15

Copas, Cowboy Tragic Tales of Life $15 2 King album reissues

Cowboy Junkies Nomad Series Volume 2 $15

Crowell, Rodney Platinum collection $18 19 Warner Bros tks

Crowell, Rodney Greatest Hits (CBS) $18

Curless, Dick Travelling through $18

Dalton, Lacy J Best $18 (Capitol tracks “Black Coffee”)

Dalton, Lacy J Greatest Hits (CBS tracks “!6th Avenue”) $18

Dalton, Lacy J Pure country $15 (CBS tracks “Workin’ Class

Man”...yep the one Jimmy Barnes did)

Darrell, Johnny Singin’ it Lonesome: Very Best $15

Davis, Skeeter RCA Country Legends $15

Davis, Skeeter Essential $18

Delray, Martin What Kind of Man $20

Delmore Brothers Freight Train Boogie $20

Dement, Iris Infamous Angel $18

Dement, Iris My Life $15

Dement, Iris The Way I Should $15

Denver, John Poems, Prayers & Promises/ +Farewell

Andromeda 2 rare early albums on 1 $20

Derailers Jackpot $18

Desert Rose Band Dozen Roses: Greatest Hits $18

Dickerson, Deke Rhythm Rhyme & Truth $20 autographed

Dickerson, Deke More Million Sellers $15

Dilks, Johnny Acres of Heartaches $18 Like Hank 3 but yodels

Drusky, Roy Songs of Love & Life $20

Duncan, Johnny From Tennessee To Taree $20 This is the skiffle

guy, who moved to Australia. It includes all his

early stuff as well as things he recorded just

before he died in Australia. 29 tracks.

Dusty, Slim A Land He Calls His Own 3cds $22

Dusty, Slim Regal Zonophone Collection 3cds $18

Earle, Steve Guitar Town $18 expanded/remastered

Edwards, Don Wets of Yesterday $15

Edwards, Don Going Back to Texas $15

Edwards, Don Kin to the Wind $15

Edwards, Don My Hero Gene Autry $15

Edwards, Joanthan My Love Will Keep $18 2011

Elliott, Ramblin’ Jack Essential $15 (77 minutes)

Ely, Joe No Bad Talk or Loud Talk 1977-81 $18 18 tks

Ely, Joe Satisfied at Last $18 latest album rated by

Darwin’s Musical detective as one of his best.

England Dan & John Ford Coley Very Best $18

Feathers, Charlie Charlie Feathers $15 (Elektra)

Felts, Narvel/ Jerry Mercer Radio Rocakbillies $20 tops. 35 tracks

Flores, Rosie Honky tonk Reprise $20 expanded version of

Her wonderful Warners album. 15 tracks. “God

May Forgive You But I Won’t” is one of the

best country tracks you wil lever hear.

Flores, Rosie Rosie Flores $18 Staright reissue of the

previous without bonus tracks.

Flores, Rosie Rosie Flores & Ray Campi $20 duets Great.

Flores, Rosie Rockabilly Filly $18

Flying Burrito Brothers Sleepless Night $15 (Gram Parsons)

Flying Burrito Brothers The Whole Enchilada $18

Flying Burrito Brothers Dim Lights Thick Smoke & loud Loud Music $15

Flying Burrito Brothers Californis Jukebox $18

Ford, Tennnessee Ernie Vintage Collection $15

Francis, Connie Connie’s Country $18 all MGM tracks

Friedman, Kinky From One Good American to Another $18

Friedman, Kinky Old Testaments & New Revelations $18

Frizzell, David For the Love of country $15

Frizzell, David Greatest Hits Alone & Together $15 (with

Shelley West)

Frizzell, David And Friends cd + dvd $18

Frizzell, Lefty 20 Golden hIts $15

Fulks, Robbie Southmouth $18

Fulks, Robbie Country Love Songs $18

Fulks, Robbie Very Best $15

Gauthier, Mary Filth & Fire $20

Gilkyson, Eliza Roses at the End of Time $18

Gill, Vince Guitar Slinger $15

Gordon, Curtis Rock & Roll Jump & Jive $18 32 tracks

Gosdin, Vern Chiseled in Stone $20

Gosdin, Vern Ten Years of Greatest hIts $18

Grant, Isla Australian Tour Pack 2cds 15

Griffith, Nanci Last of the True Believers $18

Griffith, Nanci Poet in the Window $18

Gunter, Hardrock Gonna Rock & Roll $20

Haggard, Merle All Night Long $15

Haggard, Merle 18 Rare Classics $18

Haggard, Merle Country Boy $18

Haggard, Merle Seving 190 proof $20

Haigh, Justin People Like me $15 tops

Hall, Ben & Ramblers Country Ways & Rockin’ Days $20

Hall, Tom T On a Storytellers Night $15 autographed

Hamilton, George IV Country Boy Best Of $18 22 RCA tracks

Hancock, Wayne Thunderstorms & Neon Signs $20

Hancock, Wayne That’s What Daddy Wants $20

Hancock, Wayne Wild Free & Reckless $20

Hancock, Wayne A Town Blues $18

Hardwick. Billy Jnr Too Country $20

Harris, Emmylou At the Ryman $15

Hart, Freddy Easy Living/ My Hang Up is You 2 on 1 $18

Hillman, Chris Bakersfield Bound (with Herb Pederson) $20

Hillman, Chris Way Out West (with Herb Pederson) $20

Holloway, ken He Who Made the Rain $18 the anti honky tonk


Horsburgh, Wayne From Nashville $20 signed as well

Hubbard, Ray Wylie And the Cowboy Twinkies $18

International Submarine Band Back at Home/ John Corneal & the

Orange Blossom Special $20 2 on 1

Jackson, Wanda Rockin’ in the Country $15 Rhino

Jenkins The Jenkins ****special****$18 This was

never released. It is a great album, mum & 2

daughters, with comparisons to the best of

The Judds & the McCarters.

Jennings, Waylon Folk Country $15

Jennings, Waylon Old Waylon Sings Old Hank $20

Jennings, Waylon Are You Ready for the Country Ultimate

Collection $18

Joey & Rory Album Number2 $18

Jones, George Bradley Barn Sessions $15

Jones, George My Very Special Guests $15

Jones, George The Grand Tour $18

Jones, Grandpa An American Original $20 30 CMH label tks

Jones., Grandpa Pickin’ & Grinnin’ $15

Jones, Grandpa Country Music Hall of Fame $15

Joss, Scott New Reason to Care $20 great honky tonk

King, Pee Wee Hillbilly Boogie $20 30 tks

King, Pee Wee Western Swing Get together $18 (Jasmine)

Kirchen, Bill Hot Rod Lincoln Live $20

Kirchen, Bill Tied to the Wheel $15

Kristofferson/Shaver/ Jennings/ Nelson Honky Tonk Heroes $15

LaFave, Jimmy Favorites 1992-2001 $20 16 tks

Lambert, Miranda For the Record $15

Ledoux, Chris 20 Originals The Early Years $18

Lee, Steve Everybody Likes Guns $18

Lewis, Jerry lee Rockin’ My Life Away $18 20 Elektra tracks

Lewis, Jerry Lee Young blood $15

Lewis, Jerry lee Killer the Mercury Years 1 $20

Lewis, Jerry lee Killer the Mercury Years 2 $20

Lewis, Jerry lee Killer the Mercury Years 3 $20

Lewis, Jerry lee Pretty Much Country $20 Ace UK cd

LLanas, Sam 4A,M. $18 unplugged album from Bodeans

singer is very good & melodious.

Louvin Brothers Satan is Real $20 ****see new releases also

Louvin Brothers Tragic Songs of Life $18

Louvin Brothers A Tribute to the Delmore Brothers $18

Luman, Bob American Originals $18 CBS tracks

Luman, Bob Classic Country CBS 15 tks $18

Lynn, Loretta 20 Greatest Hits $15

McBride, Martina Eleven $18

McClain, Charly Pure Country $15

Mcclinton, Delbert Let the Good Times Roll $15

Mccutcheon, John This Land: Woody Guthrie’s America $20 Tops

Maddox, Rose 35 Dollars & a Dream $20

Maddox Bros & Rose On the Air $20

Maddox Bros & Rose Hillbilly Boogie Years $20

Maddox Bros & Rose America’s Most Colourful Hillbilly Band 1946-51

Their Original recordings $20

Maddox Bros & Rose America’s Most Colourful Hillbilly Band 1946-51

Their Original recordings Voulume 2 $20

Menard, D L Cajun Memories $18 Swallow label

Meyers, Augie Live att he Longneck $15

Milsap, Ronnie Country Again $18 (20111)

Morris, R B Spies Lies & Burning Eyes $15

Morrison, Van Skiffle Sessions $18 (w. Lonnie Donegan)

Murphey, Michael Martin Land of Enchantment $18

Mullican, Moon 22 Greatest Hits $18

Myles, Heather Highways & Honky tonks $18 w. Haggard guest

Myles, Heather Just Like Old Times $20 her debut

Nelson, Ricky Rockin’ With Ricky $20 (Ace UK)

Nelson, Rick Bright Lights & Countru Fever 2 on 1 $20 Ace

Nesmith, Michael Magnetic south/ Loose salute $20

Nesmith, Michael Nevada Fighter/ tantamount to Treason $20

Nesmith, Michael Hits Just Keep on Coming/ Pretty Much Your

Standard Ranch Stash $20 His solo albums

2 on 1 cds. All very good.

Nichols, Joe It’s All good $15

Nitty Gritty Dirtr Band All the Good Times $15

Owens, Buck The Instrumental Hits $18

Owens, Buck Half a Buck Greatest Duets $15

Owens, Buck Sings Harlan Howard $18

Parry, Dick Tasmania’s Yodellin’ Hillbilly $18

Parton, Dolly White Limozeen $15

Parton, Dolly Heartsongs $18

Penny, Hank Crazy Rhythm: The Standard Transcriptions $15

Pine Valley Cosmonauts Salute the Music of Bob Wills $18

Poovey, Groovey Joe Graetest Grooves $15

Powers, Freddy Hottest Thing in Town $18

Powers, Freddy Silver Eagle $15

Presley, Elvis Elvis Legacy edition 2cds His first 2 albums

with Bonus tracks. Great packaging $22

Presley, Elvis Great Country Songs $15 (24 tracks)

Presley, Elvis Peace in the Valley: The Complete Gospel

Recordings 3 CD 87 tracks $28

Price, Ray Essential $15

Prine, John In Spite of Ourselves $18

Raney, Wayne King Anthology $20 Ace UK great w. Delmores

Raven Eddy/Joel Sonnier Cookin’ Cajun $18

Ray, Wade Idaho red $18

Rich, Charlie Complete Smash Sessions $18

Rich, Charlie Once a Drifter $15

Rich, Charlie Pictures & Paintings $20 ****special****

Riders in the Sky Best of West Rides again $18

Rimes, Lee Ann Blue $15 autographed

Rodriguez. Johnny You Can Say that again $18

Rodriguez, Johnny Funny things Happen to Fun Lovin’ People Like

Me $20

Rogers, Kenny The Love of God $18 2011 gospel album only

sold Crackerbarrel Stores.

Rogers, Roy King of the Cowboys (RCA) $18

Rogers, Roy Tribute $18 duets..jewel case not digipak cd.

Ronstadt, Linda The Collection $20 new UK release 46 tks.

Russell, Johnny Actin’ Naturally $18

Russell, Johnny Greatest Hits $18

Russell, Leon Hank Wilson’s Back $18

Russell, Leon Hank Wilson Volume 2 $25hard to get

Russell, Leon Legend in my Time: Hank Wilson III $20

Russell, Tom Borderland $18

Sears, Dawn What a Woman Wants to Hear **Special $15

Shaver, Billy Joe Highway of Life $15

Shaver, Billy Joe Old Five & Dimers Like me $20 (first album)

Shaver, Billy Joe Tramp on Your Street $15
Shaver, Billy Joe Live at Smith’s Bar $15

Shaver, Billy Joe The earth Rolls On $15

Shaver, Billy Joe Electric Shaver $15

Shaver, Billy Joe Victory $15

Shipley, Arkie Hot Rod race$20 From whence came Hot Rod


Silverstein, Shel Freakin’ at the Freakers Ball $20

Skaggs, Ricky Country Gentleman: Best 2cds $20

Skaggs, Ricky My Father’s Son $15

Smith, Cal Cal Smith $18

Smith, Cal Pages of Life $18

Smith, Carl Essential $18

Sonnier, Jo-El Cajun Roots $20 signed

Souther, J D Very Best $20 Best of his 4 solo albums &

Souther/Furay/Hillman band. 18 tks over 70m.

Southern Culture on Skids Kudzu Ranch $18

Sovine, Red Classic Songs of Hank Williams $18 narrations

Spears, Billie jo Mr Walker Its All Over/ Just Singin’ $20 2on1

Statler Brothers Radio Gospel Favourites $18

Statler Brothers Live & Sold Out $15

Statler Brothers Decade of Hits 2cds $22

Statler Brothers Legendary $28 3cd Readers Digest. Great

quality. Had a stack but 2 left only. 60 tracks.

Stevens, Ray # 1 With a Bullet $18

Stewart, Gary Essential $15

Taylor, Chip/Carrie Rodriguez The New Bye Bye $15

Taylor, Chip Rock & Roll Joe $20 2011

Texas Tornados Best $15

Thompson, Hank Capitol Collectors Series $20 ***Special***

Thompson, Hank Best 1966-1979 $20 Dot & MCA

Tillman, Floyd Crazy Cajun $15

Tubb, Ernest Live 1965 $18 ****Special****Great!!

Tubb, Ernest/Justin Just You An Me Daddy $20 Duets 20 tks

Tubb, Justin What’s Wrong With the Way We’re Doing It

Now $20 First Generation

Tubb, Ernest Collection $20 2cds Step[ One duets.
Tubb, Ernest Legend & Legacy $15 like previous cd

Tubb, Ernest The Definitive Collection $15

Twitty, Conway 20 Greatest Hits $15

Twitty, Conway Sings/ Look Into My Teardrops $18 2on 1

Twitty, Conway Country/ Here’s Conway Twitty $18 2 on 1

Twitty, Conway/Loretta 20 Greatest Hits $15

Van Dyke, Leroy Walk on By $18

Van Shelton, Ricky Friedn Green Tomatoes $15

Wagoneers Good Fortune $18

Wagoner, Porter/ Dolly Porter & Dolly 20 Greatest Hits $20

Wagoner, Porter A Rare Slice of country $18

Wagoner, Porter The Rubber Room $18

Wakely, Jimmy Vintage Collection $20 (Capitol)

Wakely, Jimmy Very Best (Shasta) $15

Walker, Jerry Jeff Hill Country Rain $18

Walser, Don Rolling Stone from Texas $18

Walser, Don Texas Top Hand $15

Walser, Don Archive Serioes Volume 1 $18

Watson, Dale Cheatin’ Heart Attack $20

Watson, Dale Blessed or Damned $18

Watson, dale I hate These Songs $18

Watson, Dale Christmas Time In Texas $18

Watson, Doc The Vanguard Years 4cds $45

Watson, Doc/Skaggs/Scruggs Three Pickers $20

Watson, Gene Best $18 (MCA tracks)

Whites Greatest Hits $18

Whitley, Keith Wherever you are Tonight $18

Wilburn Brothers Retrospective $15

Wild Jimbos Wild Jimbos $18 Nitty Gritty Dirt Band offshoot

Willett, Slim Boppin’ Hillbilly Series $15

Williams, Buddy Regal zonophone Collection 3cds $22

Williams, Hank 40 Greatest Hits 2cds $15

Williams, Hank 3 Ghost to a Ghost/ Guttertown 2cds $15

Williams, Hank Jnr Almeria Club $18 special cloth bound edition

Wills, Bob Texas Playboys for the Last Time $18

With Merle Haggard who sings 3 leads

Wills, Johnnie Lee The Band’s a aRockin’ $18

Williams, Hank 40 Greatest Hits 2cds $18

Williams, Hank I Saw the Light $15 gospel

Woodys The Woodys $18

Woodys Teardrops & Diamonds $18

Highly reminiscent of Gram Parsons.

Wylie & Wild West Show Hang & Rattle $15

Yates, Billy Just be You $20 (with autograph)

Yearwood, Trisha Thinkin’ About You $15 2cds autographed.

Yelvnington, Malcolm Tennessee Saturday Night With $18

Young, Faron Hi Tone Poppa $15



*1861 Project Civil war project with John Anderson &

Marty Stuart $18

*As Good as It Gets Western Swing 2cds $15 52 tks

*As Good as It Gets Bluegrass 2cdss $15 52 tks

*As Good as It Gets Skiffle 2cds 61 tks $15

*As Good as It Gets Hillbilly 2cds 52 tracks $15

*Beverly Hillbillies Soundtrack $18

*Big D Jamboree 2cds 54 tks $18

*Cat n around Western Swing $15

*Celebration of Merle Travis Shanachie label Tom Breah/Marty Stuart $15

*Classic Railroad Songs Vol 1 Steel Rails (Country) $15 Rounder

*Classic Railroad Songs Vol 2 Mystery Train (Country) $15 Rounder

*Classic Railroad Songs Vol 3 Night Train (blues) $15 Rounder

*Classic Railroad Songs Vol 4 Freight Train Blues $15 Rounder (Country)

*Country Boogie 1939-1947 2CD $25 Nice French 2 cd set with booklet in French & English. On Fremeux label...very nice

*Country USA 1962 (time Life) 24 tks $15

*Country USA 1957 & 1961 (Time Life) 2cds 48 tks $18

*Cowboy Up #2 Second Official PRCA Album $15

*Cowboy Up #3 Third Official PRCA Album $15

*Defrost Your Heart Sun Country Volume 1 $15

*Get Hot or go Home: Vintage RCA Rockabilly 1956-59 $20 (CMF)

*Get with the Beat Marvel Masters $18

*Happy Birthday Buck Texas Saluet to Buck Owens $20

*Hillbilly Blues 1928-1946 Nice French 2 cd set with booklet in French & English. On Fremeux label...very nice. $25

*Hillbilly Fever! Vol 1 Legends of Western Swing $15 Rhino OOP

*Hillbilly Fever! Vol 2 Legend of Honky tonk $15

*Hillbilly Fever! Vol 3 Legends of Nashville $15

*Hillbilly Fever! Vol 4 Legends of the West coast $15

*Hillbilly Fever! Vol 5 Legends of country Rock $15

*King Hillbilly Bop & Boogie $20 Ace UK King label

*Lost Notebooks of Hank Williams $18

*MARK Twain Words & Music $20 2cds with Buffett/Emmylou/ Vince/

Clint eatwood!!/ Rhonda Vincent/ Joe Diffie etc.

*Memphis Ramble A Sun Country Collection $15 (Rhino)

*Monument Story 2cds $20

*Newport Folk Festiva; Best of Bluegrass 1959-66 3cds $28

*Nod to Bob #2 Artists Tribute to Bob Dylan on his 70th $20

New Red house label 16 tks great line up

*Pearls in the Snow Tribute to Kinky Friedman $15 a stunner

*Real Tom T Hall Project $20

*Reggae’s Gone Country $15 (who do you hate? Give to them as gift)

*Rodeo: An American Original 2cds $18 interviews with riders + songs

* Silver Meteor A Progressive Country Anthology $18 One of the best if not the best ever country rock collections. Based around the music of Clarence White. Must have in any collection.

*Songs of Jimmie Rodgers: A Tribute $15

*Teddy Gentry’s Best New Nashville $15 Crackerbarrel exclusive 12 unknowns yet..

*Tennessee Saturday Night: Rural Route to Rock & Roll $18

*Texas Folk & Outlaw Music $20 Edsel UK out of print.

*Timeless Tribute to Hank Williams $15

*Touch My Heart Tribuet to Johnny Paycheck $15 great

*Town South oF Bakersfield 1 & 2 $20 ****Special****

*Truckin’ On: 52 Songs $25 with great tracks galore. Starday abel.

*Wandering Eyes: Tales of Forbidden Love $18 Tribute to Mel Street with

great line up including Dale Watson

*Wanted the Outlaws $15 expanded

*Wanted: Golden Era of Capitol Country $20 Capito Japan compilation which has none of the usual tracks.

*Western Swing Texas 1928- 1944 2CD $25 Nice French 2 cd set with booklet in French & English. On Fremeux label...very nice

*White Mansions / Legend of Jesse James 2cds The two great (southern) rock operas in one package. Waylon, Cash, Emmylou etc


$10 CDS or 3/$25

Acuff, Roy Columbia Historic Edition

Acuff, Roy The R C Cola Shows

Adkins, Trace Proud to Be Her (Deluxe edition)

Alaina, Lauren Wildflower

Anderson, John Tokyo Oklahoma ***last copies. Great Mack

Vickery title song.

Arnold, Eddy Essential

Atkins, Rodney Takle a Back Road

Bailie, Matt Matt Bailie

Band Perry Band Perry...special SCMA edition

Barnhill, Joe Joe Barnhill

Brook,s Garth Double Live

Brown, Junior Guit With It

Brown, Junior Semi Crazy

Brown, Junior Long Walk Back

Bush, Johnny Kashmere Gardens Mud

Byrnes, David Adam Premium Country

Camp, Shawn Lucky Silver Dollar

Campi, Ray With Friends in Texas

Cash, Johnny Now There was a Song

Cash, Johnny Solitary Man American III

Cash, Johnny Columbia Records 1958-1986

Cash, Johnny Ragged Old Flag

Cash, Johnny America

Cash, Johnny VH1 Storytellers (with Willie)

Cash, Johnny Fabulous

Chambers, Kasey/ Bill Poppa Bill & Little Hillbillies (dlx version)

Charles, Ray Friendship

Chesnutt, Mark Almost goodbye

Chesnutt, Mark Lost in the Feeling

Chesnutt, Mark Wings

Chesnutt, Mark Longnecks & Short Stories

Confederate Railroad Confederate Railroad

Confederate Railroad Greatest Hits

Creedence Clearwater Anniversary Edition 2 cds

Dean, Eddie Very Best

Denver, John Poems Prayers & Promises

Diffie, Joe A Thousand Winding Roads

Dillon, Dean Out of Your Ever Loving Mind

Dillon, Dean Hot Country & Single

Dunn, Holly Milestones Greatest Hits

Dunn, Ronnie Ronnie Dunn

Earle, Steve The Hard Way

Earle, Steve Copperhead Road

Ellis, Robert Photographs **excellent 70s style.

Ely, Joe Musta Notta Gotta Lotta

Ewing, Skip A Healing Fire

Flying Burrito Bros Sons of the Golden West

Ford, Colt Every Chance I get

Geezinslaws Feelin’ Good Gittin Up

Geezinslaws I Wish I Had a Job to Shove

Gill, Vince The Key

Griffith, Nanci Other Voices, Other Rooms (a stunner)

Griffith, Nanci MCA Years Retrospective

Haggard, Marty Borders & Boundaries

Haggard, Merle Working in Tennessee

Haggard, Merle 1994

Haggard, Merle 1996

Haggard, Merle Vintage Collection

Haggard, Merle Big City

Haggard, Merle Going Where the Lonely Go

Hanly, Mick Happy Like This

Harling, Keith Write it in Stone

Hartford, John RCA Country Legends

Harvey, Adam Both Sides Now

Hill, Byron Best of the First Twenty Years 2cds

Hillman/Pederson Edwards Barn

Houser, Randy They Call Me Cadillac

Jackson, Alan Greatest Hits Collection

Jackson, Alan 34 Number Ones

Jacobs-Strain, David Live from the Left Coast

Jennings, Waylon Too Dumb for NYC Too Ugly for LA

Kane, Christian The House Rules

Keith, Toby Clancy’s Tavern deluxe edition

Keith, Toby Bullets in the Gun Expanded

King, Jill Jillbilly

Kirchen, Bill Tombstone Every Mile

Lady Antebellum Need you Now

Lady Antebellum Own the Night

Lambert, Miranda For the Record

Lambert, Miranda Kerosene (autographed)

Lauderdale, Jim Reason & Rhyme

Ledoux, Chris 20 Greatest Hits

Lindell, Eric West County Drifter

Louvin, Charlie The Longest Train

Loveless, Patty On Your Way Home cd + dvd (at Ryman)

Loveless, Patty Mountain Soul

Milsap, Ronnie Essential

Moffatt, Hugh Life of a Minor Poet (inc. duet Martin Delray)

Montana, Patsy Cowboys Sweetheart

Morrow, Cory The Man That I’ve Been

Mosser, Jonell Fortunes Lost Fortunes Sold

Myles, Heather Sweet Talk & Good Lies

Nail, David Sound of a Million Dreams

Nelson, Willie Country Favourites Willie Nelson Style

O’Kanes Only Years

Owen, Jake Barefoot Bluejean Night

Owens, Buck Before You Go

Owens, Buck It Takes People Like Me

Owens, Buck I Don’t Care

Owens, Buck I’ve Got a Tiger By the Tail

Owens, Buck On the Bandstand

Owens, Buck My Heart Skips a Beat

Paisley, Brad This is Country Music

Parton/Lynn/Wynette Honky Tonk Angels

Pool, Alby Till the Old Wears Off

Presley, Elvis Million Dollar Quartet

Rascal Flatts Nothing like This

Rhodes, Kimmie Rich from the Journey

Robbins, Marty 16 Biggest Hits

Ronstadt/ Harris Western Wall

Seals, Dan Songwriter

Secret Sisters Secret Sisters

Seely, Jeannie Personal 23 tracks

Seely, Jeannie Vintage Country:Old But Treasured

Shenandoah 15 Favorites

Snow, Hank I’m movin’ on & Other Great Country Songs

Sonnier, Jo-El Cajun Life

Sons of the Pioneers Sunset on the Range 20 tks

Springer, Roger Roger Springer Band classic

Stewart, Gary Battleground

Sweeney, Sunny Concrete 2011

Swift, Taylor Speak Now Deluxe Target expanded

Thompson, Hank Seven Decades

Thompson, Hank And Friends

Thompson, Teddy Bella

Travis, Randy High Lonesome

Travis, Randy Always & Forever

Travis, Randy Old 8 x 10

Travis, Randy Heroes & Friends

Travis, Randy Wind in the Wire

Tritt, Travis Greatest Hits from the Beginning

Twitty, Conway 25 Number ones

Van Shelton, Ricky Backroads

Van Shelton, Ricky Greatest Hits Plus

Vincent, Rick A Wanted Man (great west coast artist)

Volkaert, Redd Telewacker

Watson, Dale Truckin’ Sessions

Wayne, Dallas Here I Am in Dallas

Wayne, Dallas Big Thinkin’

White, Joy Lynn One More Time

Williams, Hank Jnr Greatest Hits (MGM)

Williams, Hank III Lovesick Broke & Driftin’

Williams, Hank III Risin’ OUtlaw

Williams, Jett I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry

Williams, Jason D Killer Instincts (must for Jerry Lee fans)

Wills, Mark Looking for America

Wylie & Wild West Show Self titled (autographed)

Wylie & Wild West Show Total Yodel

Yates, Billy Billy Yates (Flowers/ Choices) great cd

Yoakam, Dwight Buenos Noches from a Lonely Room

Yoakam, Dwight

Yoakam, Dwight A Long Way Home

Yoakam, Dwight Guitars, Cadillacs etc

Yoakam, Dwight This Time

Yoakam, Dwight Tomorrow’s Sounds Today

Yoakam, Dwight There Was a Way

Yoakam, Dwight Hillbilly Deluxe

Yoakam, Dwight Last Chance for a Thousand Years

Yoakam, Dwight South of Heaven West of Hell soundtrack

Yoakam, Dwight Blame the Vain

York Brothers Detroit in the 40s & 50s

Young, Chris Neon

Young, Steve Solo live/ Switchblades of Love 2cds

Young, Eli Band Life at Best


Badlands Tribute to Bruce Springsteen’s Nebraska

Bristol Sessions RCA Country Legends

Classic Sounds of New Orleans (Folkways 26 tks)

Columbia Country Classics Volume 3 Americana

Columbia Country Classics Volume 5 New Tradition

Cowboy Poet Classics (Folkways) 24 tks

For the Love of Harry: Everybody Sings Nilsson

Frisco Mabel Joy Revisited: for Mickey Newbury

Gals of teh Big D Jamboree (29 tks)

Guys of te hBig D Jamboree (30 tks)

Hickory Records Greatest Hits Vol II

Hillbilly Jive With a Boogie Beat 930 tks)

Hobo Bop (Buffalo Bop label) 30 songs about Hobos!!

Howdy: 25 Hillbilly All Time greats (love Vernon Dalahart “Runaway Train”)

I Love Tom T Hall’s Songs of Fox Hollow (Grammy nominated)

John Laws Country Collection Vol 1 (has Jack Clement “When I Dream”)

Mama’s Hungry Eyes: Tribute to merle Haggard

Movin’ on (Boppin Hillbilly Series) 27 tracks

Points West: New Horizons in Country Music

Raise Your Window: A Cajun Music Anthology 1928-1941 (CMF 20tks)

Red Hot & Country Great!! Mavericks with Duane Eddy rule!!

Rig Rock Juke box

Rig Rock Truck Stop

Tribute to Hank Williams (Capitol)

Tribute to Tradition

Tulare Dust: Songwriter’s Tribute to Merle Haggard

Unbroken Circle Musical Heritage of the Carter Family

Wild West mini series soundtrack.. this is great.


$5 CDS

Asleep at the Wheel Tribute to the Music of Bob Wills
Ball, David Play

Bare, Bobby The Moon Turned Blue

Bates, Jeff One Day Closer

BR549 BR549 (Telephone cover)

BR549 Live from Roberts

BR549 Big Backyard beat Show

BR549 Coast to Coast Live

Brooks & Dunn Hard Workin’ Man

Brown, Marty Here’s to the Honky Tonk

Bryan, Luke Tailgates & Tanlines

Carter, Cash, June Press On

Cash, Johnny Wanted man

Cash, Johnny At Folsom

Clark, Terri Terri Clark

Cryner, Bobbie Girl of Your Dreams (Sticker on cover)

Daniels, Charlie Nightrider

Daniels, Charlie By the Light of the Moon: Campfire Songs

Flores, Rosie Speed of Sound

Flying Burrito Brothers Hollywood Nights

Greenwood, Lee Greatest Hits

Hackberry Ramblers Cajun Boogie.

Haggard, Merle His Epic hits

Henderson, Mike Country Music Made Me Do It

Henderson, Mike Edge of Night

Herndon, Ty Journey On

Highwaymen 1

Highwaymen 2

Holy, Steve Love Don’t Run

Houston, David Best

Jackson, Alan Lot About Livin’ Little bout love

Jackson, Alan Under the Influence

Jackson, Alan Everything I Love

Jackson, Alan Who I Am

Jackson, Alan Don’t Rock the Jukebox

Jackson, Stonewall Classic Country

Jackson, Stonewall Dynamic

Jennings/Nelson Clean Shirt

Jewell, Buddy Buddy Jewell

Kennedy, Ray Guitar Man (No Way Jose)

Kentucky Headhunters Rave On

Kentucky Headhunters Songs from the Grass String Ranch

Kimes, Royal Wade Hanging Round the Moon

Kirchen, Bill Have Love Will Travel

Lewis, Jerry Lee Live at Gilleys

McClymonts Wrapped up Good (US edition)

Mavericks Trampoline

Mavericks What a Crying Shame

Mercer, Roy D How Big An Old Boy Are Ya Volume 1

Mercer, Roy D How Big An Old Boy Are Ya Volume 2

Nash,Madonna Madonna Nash

Nelson, Willie American Classic

Nelson, Willie Across the Borderline

Owens, Buck All Time Greatest Hits Volume 3

Parton, Dolly Hungry Again

Pierce, Webb So Many Years

Price, Ray Super Hits

Pride, Charley Next to You I Like Me

Seals, Dan On Arrival

Sears, Dawn Nothing But good

Singeltary, Daryle Ain’t it the Truth

Sonnier, Jo-el Tears of Joy

Sprague Brothers Let the Chicks Fall Where They May

Stampley, Joe Pure Country

Strait, George Greatest Hits Volume 1

Strait, George Greatest Hits Volume 2

Strait, George Easy Come Easy Go

Tractors Tractors

Travis, Randy Greatest # 1 Hits

Tyson, Ian Lost Herd

Williams, Hank Jnr Montana Cafe

Williams, Hank Jnr Hog Wild

Williams, Hank Jnr Man of Steel

Williams, Hank Jnr Stormy

Williams, Hank Jnr Five-O

Williams, Hank Jnr Pressure is On

Williams, Hank Jnr Major Moves

Williams, Hank Jnr Strong Stuff

Williams, Hank Jnr High Notes

Williams, Hank Jnr Whisley Bent & Hell Bound

Williams, Hank Jnr Almeria Club (standard edition)

Williams, Hank Jnr Aka Wham Bam Sam

Williams, Hank Jnr Maverick

Williams, Hank Jnr One Night Stands

Williams, Hank Jnr New South

Williams, Hank Jnr Hank Live

Williams, Hank Jnr 14 Greatets Hits
Womack, Lee Ann Some Things I Knew



All_Ears Reviews Cowboys, Lost Loves, New Moons

America’s Roots Roots of Country

Classic Country 90s & Beyond (Time Life) 2 cd

Classic country New country (Time Life) 2cd

First Families Sons & Daughters of Country 21 tracks

Great American Train Songs Vol 1 CMH

Great American Train Songs Vol 2 CMH

Hillbilly Boogie

Massive Country sampler (signed by Wylie & JAnn Browne)

Pen of Mel Holt A Step One label Sampler

Tower of Song: the Songs of Leonard Cohen



$15 & up

Berline, Byron Fiddle & a Song $20 vocal guests inc Jann

Browne & Vince Gill

Cleverlys Cleverlys $18

Hartford/Rice/Clements s/t $20 1988 session from Hartford’s archive

Hillman, Chris Desert Rose

Hull, Sierra Daybreak $20

Jackson, Carl/John Starling Spring Training (with Nash Ramblers

inc. Emmylou Harris) Great $20

Mack, Leroy And Friends $18 Great dobro cd

Maddox, Rose Sings Bluegrass $20 all time classic

Martin, Steve Rare Bird Alert (w. Steep Canyon Rangers)

Nashville West Nashville West $18 (Clarence White)

New Lost City Ramblers American Moonshine & Prohibition $18

O’Connor, Mark Heroes $18 great guests esp. “The Devil

Comes Back to Georgia” with Johnny Cash,

Travis Tritt & Marty Stuart!!

Phipps Family Faith, Love & Tragedy $18

Scott, Darrell Long Ride Home $15

Sizemore, Charlie Story is ..Songs of Tom T Hall $20

Sizemore, Charlie Back Home $18

Sizemore, Charlie Good News $18

Skaggs, Ricky Country Hits Bluegrass Style $18

Skaggs & Rice Essential Old Time Country Duets $20

Smith, Valerie Some of My Favourites $15

Smith, Valerie Blame it on the Bluegrass Live $15

Stanley, Ralph Clinch Mountain Sweethearts $20 Females

duet with Ralph

Stanley, Ralph Clinch Mountain Country 2cds $28 with

Guets from Bob Dtlan to Dwight Yoakam

Stuart, Marty Once Upon a Time $15

Stuart, Marty Busy Bee Cafe $15

Vincent, Rhonda Ragin’ Live



**Appalachian Stomp:Bluegrass Classics (Rhino) $15

**Bill Monroe Centennial Celebration: A Classic Bluegrass Tribute 2cds $25 (Rounder 2011) All great artists

**Let the Light Shine Down: A Gospel Tribute to Bill Monroe $15 17 tks Rebel label 2011

**Original Bluegrass Classics CMH 30 tracks


$10 3/25

Blue Highway Sounds of Home (new 2011 cd)

Flatt & Scruggs Complete Mercury Sessions

Monroe, Bill Crying Holy Unto the Lord

Monroe, Bill The Early Years (Vanguard)

Parton, Dolly Little Sparrow

O Sister!



1. Porter Wagoner Shows 20DVD set $350 You name it, they were on there. The quality is superb and each dvd had 2 hours. Charismatic, talented and stunning.

2. Suzy Bogguss/Gretchen Peters/ Matreca Berg “Live at Greens Grocery”

$28 Unplugged setting in HD.

3. Old Grey Whistle Test: Definitive Collection 4 dvds $48 One of the finest ever music tv shows was this BBC gem from the 70s which always featured high profile rock acts many of whom did not perform live regularly. The theme of the show incidentally is played by Charlie McCoy. It is “Stone Fox Chase” and in one episode Charlie appeared and played the theme as a duet with of all people Val Doonican, who proves surprisingly adept. Artists appearing read like a veritable who’s who but unusual ones include Tim Buckley, John Martyn, a young Emmylou, Tom Waits, The Ramones, Jackson Browne, Argent, a solo beach Boy Bruce Johnstone doing “Disney Girls” etc...not mentioning Lennon, Springsteen, Elton John, Bowie, etc All in pristine filmed yesterday quality. Yes, I do have it myself.

4. Car 54 Where Are you Complete First Season 3DVD $30 One of the funniest ever tv shows with a humour which stands up very well today. It starred Joe E Ross as the bumbling Gunther Toody and Fred Gwynne as his lanky colleague Francis Muldoon. The cast was completed by the hapless Paul Reid as their commanding officer...he is very funny, and Al Lewis as Leo Schnauzer. Gwynne and Lewis went on to be in the Munsters. The first 2 episodes (I have one myself) will have you in stitches. Great theme song also.

5.Adventures of Jim Bowie Complete First Season 5DVDS $25 Scott Forbes as Jim Bowie....he was a fighter a fearless & mighty adventuring man.

6. Sergeant Preston of the Yukon Complete Season Two in Full Colour 3DVDS $25 Starring Richard Simmons & of course Yukon King the wonder dog!!

7.Riders in the Sky: Thirty Years of the Cowboy Way $28 Brilliant and funny as well. “I’ve Cooked Everything” is a parody of “I’ve Been Everywhere”...Ranger Doug can yodel with the best. Very entertaining.

8.Dale Watson & His Lonestars “Live at Newland Netherlands” $28 running time of over 90 minutes.

9. Barbara Mandrell and the Mandrell Sisters Show 3 DVD $30 guests include Johnny & June, Dolly, Glen Campbell, Marty Robbins etc.

10.Garth Brooks The Entertainer 5 dvds $35

11.Bill Anderson: Country Family Reunion Present 5 DVD $110 $80

12.Loretta Lynn “On the Wilburn Brothers Show” $25

13.Tru Country Season 1 $48 3dvd 6hours

Tru Country Season 2 $48 3dvd 6 hours

Wonderful tv show featuring all the artists who are on the Yesterday & Today Records highest pedestal including Tony Booth, James Hand, Heather Myles, Justin Trevino, Amber Digby, Dallas Wayne. Jake Hooker, Darrell & Mona McCall, Bobby Flores, Miss Leslie, Georgette Jones and Jett Williams. The quality is good as Austin City Limits.


**Willie Nelson Live at the US Festival June 4 1983 $10

**Guy Davis – Teller of Tales $18

**Taylor Swift “Journey to Fearless” 2 hours $15


Shticks of One & Half A Dozen of the Other

(Thanks to the late Allan Sherman for other words a little bit for everyone...all new.)

Baez, Joan “Joan Baez/ Folksingers Around Harvard Square” 2 on 1 $20

Her Vanguard debut and her first recordings from an ultra rare album on the Veritas label.


Baldry, Long John “It Ain’t Easy” expanded & remastered 6 bonus$20


Barron Knights “Best of” $20 This is the original 60s recordings including “Call up the Groups” & “Pop Go the Workers”


Black Sabbath “Black Sabbath” Expanded 2cds deluxe version $25

Black Sabbath “Paranoid” Expanded 2cds + DVD deluxe $30

Black Sabbath “Master of Reality” 2cds expanded deluxe $25


Blodwyn Pig “Ahead Rings Out” $20 classic UK heavy rock album.


Bruce, jack “Spirit Live at the BBC 1971-1978” $30 3cd small size


Crazy Horse “Complete Reprise Recordings 1971-1973” Rhino Handmade edition 2cds $30 ...f you like all the “solo” recordings of Neil Young’s

Long time backing band.


Crazy World of Arthur Brown “Crazy World of Artrhur Brown” 2cds expanded version $25 Naturally included the full “Fire” suite.


Cutler, Ivor “An Elpee & Two Epees” UK Comedy $20 Decca


Denny, Sandy “No More Sad Refrains: The Anthology” 2cds $28 Wonderful voice and great set of her solo recordings post Fairport.


Drake, Charlie “Hello My Darlings: The Best” 24 tks $20


Goons “Unchained Melodies: The Complete Singles Recordings 1955-1978” $20 Decca. UK comedy at its best. Hard to get collection of their songs.


John Fahey & His Orchestra “Of Rivers & Religion” & “After the Ball” $20


Hancock, Tony “It’s Hancock” $20 One of the most influential and funniest UK comedians who had a thousand personal demons. You’d never know. This is so funny & a major influence on John Cleese.


Hardin, Tim “Hang on to a dream: The Verve Recordings” 2cds 47 tks with a lot of unrealeased songs $28


Heart “Greatest Hits” 24 K Gold audiophile $30 17 tks great


Holliday, Michael “Very Best’ $18 25 tks ..the English Bing Crosby who also did a great version of “Little Boy Lost” included here


Horne, Kenneth “Best of “Round the Horne” $18


Howlin’ Wolf “Complete London Sessions” expanded deluxe 2cd edition $25 Fact: they were all sissies compared to the Wolf!!


Ifield, Frank “The Complete A sides and B Sides” UK 3 CD $28 64 tracks including stereo versions of some tracks for the first time.


James, Elmore “The Definitive” 2cds $15


Jo Jo Gunne “Jo Jo Gunne” Classic albums series ...offshoot of Spirit


Kaleidoscope “The Epic Recordings” 3 cds $30 This is the US Kaleidoscope which contained as part of its membership David Lindley &

Chris Darrow. Has about 5lps worth including perhaps their best known “A Beacon from Mars”.


Kinks “Kink Kontroversy” 2cds Expanded deluxe edition $25


Loccoriere, Dennis “Retrospection” 2cds $30 Dennis’ first two solo albums “Out of the Dark” & “One of the Lucky Ones” plus bonus studio & live tracks. 36 tracks

Lowe, Nick “Quiet Please: New Best of Nick Lowe” $30 .Nice quad fold out 2cds tracks + DVD


Luman, Bob “ Red Hot” 28 tks $20


Madness “One Step Beyond” 2cds 30th Anniversary a second cd and stacks of bonus tracks. $28


Martyn, John “Live at Leeds” $28 2cds expanded disc with entire disc of previously unreleased material


Mayall, John “Diary of a Band Volumes 1 & 2” $25 Selected highlights from sixty hours of Bluesbreakers Club Recordings from 1967. Lots of jams.

Mayall, John “Bluesbreakers featuring Eric Clapton” 2 cds $25 expanded

deluxe version


Moby Grape “Vintage” 2cds Very Best Of $25


Move “The Move” 40th Anniversary Series 21 bonus tracks 2cds $28

Move “Shazam” deluxe expanded version 40th Anniversary series $28

Very nice mini lp style presentation.


Nash, Graham & David Crosby “Graham Nash & David Crosby” $18 (1st)


Perfect, Christine “Complete Blue Horizon Sessions” $20 Christine McVie


Elvis Presley” Elvis is Back/ Something for Everybody” 2cds has new notes, rare photos plus stacks of bonus tracks/ $25

Elvis Presley “Elvis/ Elvis Presley” 2cds with both his first two RCA albums greatly expanded and beautifully presented.

Elvis Presley “From Elvis in Memphis/ Back in Memphis” 2cds with lots of bonus stuff $25


Proby, P J “Best of the EMI Years 1961-1972” 25 tks $18


Rafferty, Gerry “City to City” $25 2cd version. Has the original version of “Baker Street” where a guitar played the part later played by the sax which gave the song its defining style. Also inc, 8 demos.


Richard, Cliff “Lost & Found from the Archives” 21 tracks $22

Richard, Cliff “Rare EP tracks 1961-1991” $22 28 tracks


Simon & Garfunkel “Bridge Over Troubled Water” Expanded version $35

This is the UK version which has 2 cds PLUS a dvd which runs for over 2 hours and it consists of their 1969 TV Special “Songs of America” plus a documentary “The Harmony Game”. It also has remastered additional cd.


Stewart, Rod “Reason to Believe: The Complete Mercury Studio recordings” 3 cds don’t need any more Rod than this. Great Sound & presentation. $35 His album “Gasoline Alley” is his best.


Two Ronnies “Best of BBC TV & Radio” $18


Vaughan, Stevie Ray “Couldn’t Stand the Weather” 2cds expanded deluxe package including entire live show as well as 11 bonus tracks cd 1 $25


Who “Quadrophenia” Deluxe 2cds expanded version of the Who’s rock Opera # 2. $25



**Book a Trip: The Psych Sounds of Capitol Records $20 26 tracker...includes some surprises such as Four Preps, but quite a few rarities.

**Girls Gone Rockin’: 75 Fabulous Femme Rockers $28

**Let’s Have a Party: Girls Gone Rockin’ Vol 2 $28 3cds of classic female rockabilly & rock & roll.

**My Mind Goes High: Psychedelic Pop Nuggets from the Vaults of WEA $25 UK version of out of print Rhini Handmade cd 24 tracks for all the flower power kids.

**Newport Folk Festival 1959 $28 3cds nice digipak fold out presentation with 42 tracks and likes of Pete Seeger, Leon Bibb (Eric’s dad), Jean Ritchie, a very young Joan Baez, Ed McCurdy, Earl Scruggs etc Always loved Sonny & Brownie’s “My Baby Done Changed the Lock on My Door”.

**Nuggets: Original Artifacts from the First Psychedelic Era 1965- 68 $25 27 tracks & one of the most essential Rhino label albums

**Rare 1960s Country Rock from Nashville 22 tracks $28

**Whole Lot of Rainbows: Soft Rock Nuggets from the WEA Vaults $25 Companion volume to “My Mind Goes High”

Used But as new

Bennett, Boyd Tennessee Rock & Roll $15

Boone, Pat More Greatest Hits $15

Burnette, Johnny Best Of $15 Liberty USA

Campi, Ray Train Rhythm Blue $15

Campi, Ray Rockabilly Rebellion $15

Cochran, Eddie/ Gene Vincent Town Hall Party Shows $18

Cannon, Freddy EP Collection $25 (rare)

Cochran, Eddie Singing to My Baby/ Never to Be Forgotten $18

Cochran, Eddie Rockin’ It Country style $20

Eddy, Duane Tokyo Hits/ Biggest twang of Them All $20

Eddy, Duane Twang a Country Song/Water Skiing $25

Evans, Paul FAbulous Teens & Beyond (Ace UK) $20 28 tks

Fogerty, John The Long Road Home $10 25 tks

Ford, Emile All the Hits $18 25 tks

Isaak, Chris Beyond the Sun $15 US digipak

Johnny & Hurricanes Red River Rock Restored & Remastered $18

Kansas Freaks of Nature $10

Labeef, Sleepy Rockabilly Rules $18

Labeef, Sleepy I’ll Never Lay My Guitar Down $15

Lenz, Kim One & Only $15

Lenz, Kim And Her Jaguars $15

Luman, Bob His 50s Recordings $20 30 tks

Luman, Bob Is Red Hot $20 (Starclub 25 tracks)

Powers, Johnny Rockabilly Blast 21tks $20 Rollercoaster UK

Presley, elvis From Elvis in Memphis $10

Rydell, Bobby Cameo Parkway $15

Sdadows E P Collection Volume 2 Fogerty, John

Tennessee Boys Live Fast Love Hard Die Young $15


Ain’t I’m a Dog 25 rockabilly Rave Ups $18 (US CBS rockabilly)

As Good as it Gets Rockabilly 2cds 60 tks $15

Capitol Rockabilly Party Pts 1/2/3 each 30 tks EMI Holland $18 ea. Tops

Cat Music (Rollin;’ Rock) $15

Choo Choo Bop Bison Bop $20 30 train songs Great

Elvis 20 Elvis songs perf Darrell Higham, Paralysers etc $18

Elvis Mania 2 $20 27 more Elvis Presley Novelty & Tribute Songs

Hard to Find 456s on cd 1961-1964 many in true stereo $20

Hazy Memories Volume One $15

I Dreamed I Was Elvis $20 Buffalo Bop 32 tracks

Let’s Bop Sun Rockabilly Vol 1 $15

Nashville Rockabilly $15 Stompertime

Red Hot Rockabilly PT 1/ 2/ 3/ $20 each All Imperial

Rock Baby Rock It Sun Roackabilly Volume 2 $15

Rock Boppin’ Baby Sun Rockabilly Volume 3 $15

Rock This Town: Rockabilly Hits Vol 1 (Rhino) $15

Rockabilly Hall of Fame Volume 3 28t tks $15

Rollin’ Rock Got tyhe Saock Vol 1 $18

Starday Dixie Roockabilly Vol 2 $20 Ace UK

Teenage Mafia $18 30 tks Buffalo Bop

Teenage Party 30 tks $20 Buffalo Bop

Turning the World Blue Tribute to Gene Vincent & Blue Caps $18

Wa Chicka Nocka $20 30 tks Buffalo Bop...Indian theme.

Whistle Bait 25 CBS Rocakbilly Rave ups $18 see “Aint I’m a Dog”


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