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December ‘10



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Marti Brom “ Not For Nothin’ : Tales of Tension & Romance” $30 Goofin’ Records. Marti, which you must pronounce Mar-tee…two distinct syllables…take a small break between them. Marti for the uninitiated is a Texas singer who treads a brilliant line between country and rockabilly music. She doesn’t write much but she has exceptional taste and  her covers are not the overly familiar type. They are sound remarkably fresh. The opener, Wynona Carr’s “Finders Keepers” is an absolute cracker. A classic toe tapper. She does a great cover of Nat Stuckey’s “Sweet Thang” with Bill Kirchen on a duet basis. Terri Joyce, who had a top 10 album with us last year contributes the great “Something Blue” ,a track that sounds like a standard, it is that good. Marti is a superior vocalist and her version is a cracker. Arty Hill ,who is a great honky tonker (shamefully & ridiculously some of his albums are in our $10 bin) contributes “Mascara Tears”, a number replete with a great fiddle and piano solo reminds of that other underecorded great, Mandy Barnett, maybe it this similar Patsy Cline emphasis she places on certain words.  The title track is from Sean Mencher of the group High Noon. Nice production by Peter Bonta, assumably a relative of T Jarrod Bonta, that great piano pounder who is a member of Cornell Hurd’s great band. 15 tracks and another outstanding album from Marti, well in line for a place in the albums of the year list, which will appear in the first newsletter in 2011.


Joey & Rory “Album #2” $30 Husband (Rory) and wife (Joey)  team were great on their first album. But this is even better. On the first album Rory was content to do harmony vocals but on this he does a couple of duets as well as a solo number and the great news is he has a fabulous voice. The opener “Album # 2” serves as both an introduction as well as a  witty number about what might happen if they do not succeed. They have no worries. It is a great opener, a shuffle with a real humorous touch. Joey Martin & Rory Feek have a unique blend. Although Rory has a career as a songwriter it is the ability to write songs which fit their combo so rightly that make it so special on this. “Born to Be your Woman” is a classic duet. Why didn’t he solo on the first? You can’t help like the guy. Carl Jackson produces superbly, with a hint of bluegrass on the wonderfully witty “Baby I’ll Come Back to You”. “God Help My Man” is another stunning number in which Joey summarises what she will do to her man if his delay in returning home is a result of him fooling around. This is real Loretta Lynn stuff…”I hope he’s got a real good lawyer cause he’s gonna need one, you know my daddy’s the judge in this town.” “Farm to Fame” is all bout the farm boy who is lucky to get a deal in Nashville, but alas “rags to riches to rags again”.  Joey’s voice is amazing. She has a slightly nasal tone which is not meant to be a putdown in any way, shape or form. She sings with such a sincerity and  clarity that you hang on every word. Rory’s solo spot “My Ol’ Man” is brilliant. He seemingly had a lack of confidence singing solo, and given Joey is so brilliant that is understandable but he has no worries. Mainly piano accompaniment this is a great great performance. The rural theme gives the album a n authentic flavour. The final “This Song’s For You”  is produced by Keith Steagall and features the Zac  Brown album. Hard to find a seconds fault in the entire album; I don’t think there is one. A must have. Who said country music is dead?? Not me, this is as good  as it can get.


DVDTruCountry Season 1 3 dVDS$48 The dvd that came out on the Heart of Texas label featured great performances but was hampered by very poor production. This on the other hand has superb production….as good as Austin City Limits and that is saying something. Both visually & aurally this is a1!! Firstly this was a cable tv show which was produced by Heather Myles. This has all 12 episodes of season one (with better news even that season 2 is due anytime). Here’s a quick summary as to who is featured in each episode. I don’t have to say they are Y & T royalty!

Episode 1       Jake Hooker/ Heather Myles/ James Hand

Episode 2       Bode Barker/ Darrell McCall/ Mona McCall

Episode 3       Bobby Flores/ Miss Leslie

Episode 4       Amber Digby/ Justin Trevino  (duet & solo)

Episode 5       Dallas Wayne/ Heather Myles (even a duet)

Episode 6       Jake Hooker/ Jimm Loessberg/ Leona Williams

Episode 7       James Hand/ Bode Barker/ Miss Leslie/ Bobby Flores

Episode 8       Darrell McCall/ Mona McCall/ Heather Myles

Episode 9       Jake Hooker/ Amber Digby (inc. duet)

Episode10     Bobby Flores/ James Hand

Episode11     Heather Myles/ Justin Trevino (inc. duet)

Episode12     Miss Leslie/ Leona Williams


Shawn Camp – “1994” $25 Shawn Camp is one of the most talented guys in country music. He has it all; great voice, songwriting skill, multi instrumentalist/ highly personable/ good looking….but he never became a big star as he apparently didn’t want to play the touring game. But, he didn’t really need to as that bloke called Garth Brooks hit #1 with Shawn’s  “Two Pina Coladas”. His own material has been more traditional and this album was one that WB chose not to release but advance to the present and new Warner Brothers President John Esposito going over some old tapes is totally knocked out and insists on an immediate release of this gem. What, a Nashville CEO with musical taste…it couldn’t be true.  “Near Mrs” is about about a relationship that almost made it. “Stop Look & Listen (Cow Catcher Blues)” is a great romp. Great musicians include Richard Bennett, James Burton and producer Emory Gordy. Patty Loveless is a guest vocalist. But I’ll leave the best to last, and it is the last track…”The Grandpa That I Know”. This is about a funeral, and it is brilliant. It evokes comparisons of “Jim, I Wore a Tie today” (to me anyway) but this time it is about the man in the coffin…actually the lyrics say “This ain’t the grandpa that I know”…the one he knew wore overalls, not a pin stripe suit. It has previously been recorded by the excellent Tim Mensy, Shawn’s collaborator, but Shawn’s version is even better with simple instrumentation and a real lump in his throat voice. May be the best track I’ve heard all year. If you scoured all of Nashville you would not find one person who would have anything but the greatest praise for Shawn Camp, both as a person & performer.


Peter Cooper – “The Lloyd Green Album”  $30 Firstly this is Peter Cooper’s second solo album and it is right up there with his first which was right up in our album of the year list 2 years ago. Secondly this is unusual in that a lot of the instrumentation is just acoustic guitar and Lloyd Green’s steel guitar. To use the word living legend is probably not giving Lloyd the respect he deserves. The album reminds me a lot of Mike Nesmith’s album “And the Hits Just Keep on Coming”, in which the only instrumentation was Mike on acoustic and Red Rhodes on steel guitar. There are snippets of other instrumentation but they are subdued. “The Last Laugh” is  a song Cooper co-wrote with Todd Snider and  Lloyd’s stunning final steel passage leads into the story song “Elmer the Dancer”.  “What Dub Does” is probably my favourite with a jaunty steel opening leading into the true story of Dub Cornett, a guy who is the friend of all in Nashville…he’s sitting at all good tables and his name’s in the magazines. Only trouble is no one can quite figure out “what Dub does”.  Cooper also interprets Kristofferson’s “Here Comes That Rainbow Again” and “John Hiatt’s “Train to Birmingham” which closes the album with some stunning steel and electric piano (Jen Gunderman) interplay. It is just an entrancing album as was his first. Fayssoux Starling & Rodney Crowell guest on backing vocals.


Erin Hay “Blue Country Song” $28 Has long been a favourite but hasn’t risen to the heights we hoped she should have; she is great. This is her first in a while and  it seems the reason is that she and her husband, the wonderfully named Perley Curtis, have had time off to have a baby.  Perley is also excellent on steel guitar and dobro. Erin’s  new album has 12 songs and 4 are written for this album with the rest being covers. I would rate only one, a “why Worry” and that is “Harper Valley PTA” but Erin’s version is great, but the song is so closely associated with Jeannie C Riley. The only mistake on the album. I was going to also include “Between an Old Memory & Me”, a gem when covered by Keih Whitley but wait…the arrangement of this is great. Slowed right down and with a simple backing it is like a new song. The other song choices are superb. “Country Music’s King” is a great shuffle with some nice fiddle by Jim Unger, who rather sadly appears to have recently passed on. “Long Days” , written by her manager Lonnie Radcliff, has some great lines about “long days turning into such short years”. A great traditional style vocalist, this is bound to please all the fans she has gained but I still can’t work out her overall relative anonymity in the world of country music. She is just so darn good.


Chris Hillman & Herb Pederson “At Edwards Barn” $30 A live album in which Chris & Herb go back and talk about their careers as well as performing songs that have been associated with the many and varying groups they have been in. Chris of course was a founding member of both the Byrds and the Flying Burrito Brothers whilst Herb was a member of the Dillards, as well as being an in demand session man. They eventually joined together in the Desert Rose Band, which took its name from Chris Hillman’s great Sugar Hill label album (see our $10 bin…a steal), on which Herb played. There are new songs as well which fit in with the Bakersfield sound to which they now lean. Of course songs as Hillman & Gram Parsons’ co-writes “Wheels” and even more so “Sin City” are part of musical history. The anecdotes are great and the performances sublime. All unplugged with the principles on mandolin & guitar, and banjo & guitar respectively.


Lonnie Spiker “Coming to a Honky Tonk Near You” $30 Lonnie’s last album was called “Unapologetically Honky Tonk” and for some lucky soul there is a solitary copy in our sale list below. But this is even better as Lonnie has recorded it for our favourite Heart of Texas label with production by Justin Trevino, who with Amber Digby contributes backing vocals. Both of these greats also do stunning duets with Lonnie; Justin on  the opening “Eyes as Big As Dallas’ and Amber on “A Hundred Years from Now”, a great cheating ballad, maybe the best on the album. Damn! It is good. In fact Lonnie wrote 10 of the 13 songs on the album and they are all grand. As always the Heart of Texas crew is great with Reggie Rueffer on fiddle showing there must be one on every corner in Texas! The great Dicky Overbey alternates on steel with Jim Loeessberg. Whether it be a shuffle such as “Soft Place to Fall” or a weeper such as “What’s He Got That I Ain’t Got” it is all class. “Bubbling Under” is a classic drinking song. This album has it all.


Wayne Walker “How Do You Think I Feel” $32 European release on the El Toro label which is the first cd for Wayne Walker one of Nashville’s most successful songwriters. A whopping 33 tracks, 18 if you count the 2 duets with Jimmy Lee are Wayne Walker’s own recordings whilst 15 are other artists doing Wayne Walker songs. His own recordings range from rockabilly (“Bo Bo Ska Diddle Daddle” was on several CBS rockabilly compilations) to country (“What Kind of a God do You Think You Are”. Of the Walker songs we get such things as “Holiday for Love” (Webb Pierce), “Rock the Bop” (Brenda Lee), “I’ve Got a New Heartache” (Ray Price), “Rosalie (Is Gonna get Married)” (Faron Young) and so on


Roy Acuff “The End of the World” $28

Goldie Hill “Don’t Send Me No More Roses” $28

Joe & Rose Lee Maphis “Cold Heart of Steel” $28

Carl Smith “Happy Birthday My Darling” $30

Four UK releases which for the first time cover the Hickory releases of Acuff and Carl Smith along with the Decca releases of Goldie Hill and Columbia releases of Joe & Rose Lee. The albums are let down a bit by lack of notes but sound good and the content is all first time on cd. Goldie, the second Mrs Carl Smith (after June Carter) has been an artist I’ve been asked for for years. Included are a couple of duets with Justin Tubb; if only someone would release his RCA albums! The 16 songs on her album show her to be a fine traditional vocalist. There are  20 songs on the Acuff album including several Hank Williams covers. The Maphis album has 10 duets plus 5 Joe guitar instrumentals and a real up tempo number from Rose. The 22 tracks on the Carl Smith are superb with great range of styles. It didn’t chart but his version of “Drinking Champagne” may be  the best of the lot. Great stuff.


Ken Mellons – “Rural Route” $30New bluegrass album which features duets with both Vince Gill and the stunningly gorgeous Sonya Isaacs.


Conway Twitty – “Next in Line/ Darling, You Know I Wouldn’t Lie” $30

Conway Twitty – “I Love You More Today/To See My Angel Cry/That’s When She Started to Stop Loving you” $30

Conway’s Decca albums have had a song here and a song there on compilations but this is the first time they have been issued in their entirety to my knowledge. The first two are from 1968 and the other two are from 1969 & 1970. Conway’s albums were mainly written by others and as at the time there were quite a few covers, Conway puts his own slant on things such as “DI-V-O-R-C-E”, “mama’s Hungry Eyes” and even “Proud Mary” but was always able to tweak them enough to make them his . “Darling, You Know I Wouldn’t Lie” may be a half head in front as  the best of these 4 albums and that edge is given by 2 Conway songs, “Bad Man” & “Bad Girl”. “Next in Line”, the song, gave Conway his first #1 country single whilst the title song “Darling You Know I Wouldn’t Lie” was his second. These give a great indicator of the early part of Conway’s massive country career in which he is rated one of the 10 all time great charting artists.


Others in stock:

*1. Big Bopper – “Hello Baby, You Know What I Like” (Bear Family) $32 Complete recordings of the man so tragically killed with Buddy holly & Richie Valens. Includes the eddie Cochran tribute “Three Stars” 31 tks

* 2. Tony Booth – The Other Side Of Love $30 Great Bakersfield meets

Ray Price sound.

* 3 . Browns – Country Music Odyssey (Bear Family) $32

* 4. Burnette, Johnny         - Ballads (Bear Family) $32

* 5. Chesnutt, Mark  - “Outlaw” $30 his 2010 release.

* 6. Dobson, Bonnie – “Viva La Canadienne” $32 Bear Family folkie style.

* 7. Girl Called Johnny Cash & Other Answer Songs $32 indicated this contains 10 Stoney Edwards songs of which 9 are previously unrelased. One of the greatest singers ever and 9 unrelased songs is reason enough to get this gem, even if there were no other tracks!

* 8. Jones, Georgette – The Other Woman $30

* 9. Laine, Frankie – Rocks & Gravel $28  28 tracks western oriented material he recorded  for Columbia.

*10. Leigh, Brennen – The Box $30 (great Emmylou style)

Miss Leslie – Wrong IS What I Do Best  (the only female to ever sing like George Jones)

*11. Morgan, Lynette & Backwater Valley Boys – Insomnia Blues $30 rockabilly

*12. Myles, Heather – In the Wind $30 (2 copies & is seemingly out of print)

*13a. Newbury, Mickey Live at the Hermitage Dvd $38 2 ½ hours!!

*13. Nunn, Gary P – Taking Texas to the Country $30 (exc. 2010 album)

*14 Penny, Mike – Don’t Start Breathing Down My neck $30 rockabilly

*15. Robbins, Marty – I’ve Got a Woman’s Love/ Have I Told You Lately That I Love You $30 UK 2 on 1. First time on cd.

*16. Rockin’ Bonnie & the Rot Gut Shots  -Cocktail Jubillee $30 great rockabilly.

*17. Serratt, Kenny – Best Volume 1 $30 17 wonderful Haggard/Lefty style songs on Hillside. Stunning stuff but his own composition “Just a Damn Good Drinking Song” may be the best of the lot & that is saying something.

*18. Shit Happens!! (Bear Family) $35, no not an error but a rather bold title with 25 track and ultra thick book. The morale is if bad luck is gonna get ya there is no escape. Highlights are many but a true version of Ferlin

Husky’s epic “Drunken Driver” may just take the prize.

*19. Silver Meteor: A Progressive Country Anthology. $30 wonderful country rock album featuring Clarence White on a lot of tracks.  The cd more than doubles the number of tracks on the original lp with a massive track count of 26. Artists include Clarence White, everly Brothers, Paul Siebel, Iam Matthews, etc. None are available elsewhere.

*20. Smith, Cal – Best $30 UK compilation which for the first time makes available his fabulous MCA/Decca tracks on cd.

*21. Smith, Carl – Hey Joe (Bear Family) $32 34 Columbia tracks including the much sought duet with then wife June Carter on “Time’s a Wastin’” which was featured in the “Walk the Line” movie.

*22. Thompson, Hank – Hank the Hires Hand $35 2cds including interview, very eloquent and with great recall.

*23. Twitty, Conway – The Ballads $32 (Bear Family) 33 tracks,… “Is a Blue Bird Blue” dare we ask!

*24. Wagoner, Porter – “What Ain’t to be, Just Might Happen/ Sings His Own” $28 Two classic Porter Lps on CD for the first time.

* 25. Wagoner, Porter – Cold Hard Facts of Life $100 (Bear Family) Classic presentation of 6 of his epic RCA albums on 3 cds. A must have item.

* 26. Watson, Gene – Matters of the Heart $30 UK  20 tracker of his hard to get MCA recordings.

* 27. Wilson,. Jason Lee – Big Gun $30 rockabilly with a western feel.

* 28. Worley, Shane – Honky Tonk History $30 Big bad John’s “Album of the Year” and several other folks as well. All his albums are grand. At the moment we also have:

* 29. Worley, Shane – Rosie’s on a Roll $30

* 30. Worley, Shane – What’s Goin’ On $30

* 31Worley, Shane – Shotgun House $30

* 32. Young, Faron – “Here’s Faron Young/ Occasional Wife” $32 UK 2 on 1 cd of his hard to get, but great Mercury albums.


Bear Family News


Hank Williams Complete Mothers Best Recordings $280 This is one of the most unusual packages we have ever seen and as such is quite stunning. It all comes housed inside an old style wooden shelf radio and lo & behold if you turn the on dial you get an old time radio show with samplings of Hank. It is heavy and an odd shape so will be well protected for shipment. Includes 15 cds + dvd as well as an 108 page book and an exclusive from Bear Family an lp size jigsaw. Quantities will be limited so be quick.


Country & Western Hit Parade 1956  $35

Country & Western Hit Parade 1957  $35

Country & Western Hit Parade 1958  $35

Country & Western Hit Parade  1959 $35

Country & Western Hit Parade 1960 $35

Hard cover book style packages with 72 page booklets covering the biggest country hits year by year, each with around 30 tracks in stunning remastered Bear Family quality sound and around 80 minutes playing time. A great series.


Allerton & Alton Black, White &  Bluegrass $32 It was almost unheard of at the time, let alone in a genre so right wing as country music. The Cumberland Ridge Runners were perhaps country Music’s first interracial duet.


Ella Mae Morse “Rocks” $35 Great series and with a massive number of tracks. Ella Mae covered R& B/ Rock & roll/ and country with equal aplomb, often backed by big band such as that of Freddie Slack. She also teamed up with the likes of Tennessee Ernie Ford. 34 tracks and 84 minutes.


Johnny Horton & Johnny Cash

This is a one off novelty from Bear Family a wall mountable magnetic key holder. Quite heavy, about 1 kg. Also has a 3 track cd with an unissed Horton track “I’m a Fishing Man” plus 2 Horton/Cash duets “Rock Isalnd Line” and “I Just Don’t Like your Kind of Living” $45



These are some of the best albums over the years and they are all out of print. All are in new/as new condition. Don’t miss out, as most 1 copy only. These take great skill in acquiring, believe me.


Anderson, Bill                                   Greatest Hits (Varese) $40 This is out of

                                                            print and stands as the best cd by Bill

                                                            with the classics “Mama Sang a Song” &

                                                            “Golden Guitar” hard to get.

Atkins, Chet/Jerry Reed                Sneakin’ Around $30 Great album that

                                                            followed on Chet’s equally great effort

                                                            with Mark Knopfler & earlier albums with

                                                            Les Paul & Merle Travis. Lots of good

                                                            time humour and some great guitar.

Ball, David                                         David Ball $30 This was going to

                                                            precede “Thinkin’ Problem” and in their

                                                            wisdom RCA didn’t release it. A pity as it

                                                            is very good with originals & covers. A

                                                            must for David Ball fans, and isn’t that

                                                            just about everyone??

Bandy, Moe                                       Many Mansions $35 (very rare

                                                            MCA album)

Bellamy Brothers                            Rebels Without a Clue $30 There MCA

                                                            album from 1988 was their best with

                                                            the title track, “Fountain of Middle Age”,

                                                            “The Courthouse” & “Andy Griffith Show”

                                                            being just some of the classics.

Bogguss, Suzy/Chet Atkins           Simpatico  XXXXSpecial priceXXXXX $20

                                                            One of Chet’s last albums and one of

                                                            Suzy’s best, if not the best. A must have.

Boone, Larry                                    One Way to Go $20 XXXXXXSpecial priceXXXX Great ballads on this.

Boone, Larry                                                Swingin’ Doors, Sawdust Floors $30

Boone, Larry                                                Down That River Road $35  All 3 are

                                                            as good as it gets. A great songwriter

                                                            & singer he reminds of George Strait

                                                            in the late 80s! Superb, Mrs Johnson. The

                                                            first listed was his first CBS album & may

                                                            be the best value in the entire newsletter

Britton, Marsha                                Good Times & Hard Times $30 Great

Album on Hawk label “We’ve Had Some Good Times” is a duet with Benny Berry.

Browne, Jann                                   Tell Me Why $35 1990 gem long OOP As

                                                            well as being a cracker singer she is a

                                                            great writer with the highlight being

                                                            “Louisville”. Emmylou guests.

Browne, Jann                                   It Only Hurts When I Laugh. $25 Great west coast singer reminiscent of Emmylou.

Cartwright, Lionel                           Lionel Cartwright $30 Was nominated as

                                                            one of 1989’s 3 best new artists along w.

                                                            Clint Black and Garth Brooks. He loses

                                                            absolutely nothing in comparison.

Cash, Tommy                                   Let An Old Racehorse Run $28 12 track

                                                            indie on Playback inc duet with Jeannie

                                                            C Riley

Cash, Tommy                                   Classics $25 15 tracks on his own label

                                                            has Johnny cash on 4 tracks plus Connie

                                                            Smith, Tom T Hall, George Jones etc.

Cash, Tommy                                   50th Anniversary Album $30. This is

                                                            The gem which features George Jones,

                                                            Johnny Cash, Connie Smith & Tom T Hall.

Coe, David Allan                               1990 Songs for Sale. $40  20 new

                                                            original recordings (not re-recordings of

                                                            hits) was first on the DAC label. All great

                                                            Coe songs such as “A Marriage Made in

                                                            Heaven Went to Hell”, “The Devil was to

                                                            Blame”, “Tennessee Waltz With Me” etc

Cryner, Bobbie                                 Bobbie Cryner $35 I always say this gem

                                                            is the best album by a female we have

                                                            ever had & (until Miss Leslie came along)

                                                            the only time I have heard a female sing

                                                            like George Jones. Very much like Melba

                                                            Montgomery to these ears.

Conlee, John                                     20 Greatest Hits (MCA) $30

Conlee, John                                     Fellow Travellers (16th Avenue) $35

Conlee, John                                     Harmony (Columbia) $40

                                                            Classic country vocalist & very popular.

                                                            The first is all his great MCA hits such as

                                                            “Busted” & the incredibly warped “I

                                                            Don’t Remember Loving You” which the

                                                            great Harlan Howard cited as one of the

                                                            very favourites he had written (and there

                                                            were indeed a few). The second was on a

                                                            label that went bankrupt and 3rd an

                                                            impossible to find gem on Columbia, with

                                                            the highlight being “Class reunion”.

Dalton, Lacy J                                   Crazy Love $30 Stunning album which

                                                            features a great version of Van Morrison

                                                            title but the highlight is “Little Boy Blue”

                                                            one of the best things you’ll ever hear.

Dalton, Lacy J                                   Survivor $45 an amazing album; easily her best & that is saying something given the overall quality. Her version of Guy Clark’s “Old Friends” ranks as one of the best recordings ever!!! “Hard Luck Ace” makes reference to both Waylon & Janis Joplin. A magical album.

Davies, Gail                                       Pretty Words $25 The ubiquitous Jimmy
Bowen was in a class of his own at the
end of the 1980s. All songs by Gail inc.
“I Don’t Know Why” which was
renamed “Tell Me Why” & was title
track of Jann Browne’s debut. Top cd.

Davis, Joey                                       “Love Songs, Waltz’s True Stories & Lies”

                                                            The spelling may be a bit out but 17

                                                            superb honky tonk tracks are as good as                                                         it can go. Everybody loves this. $40

Delray, Martin                                  Get Rhythm $45 This is absolutely one of

                                                            the best albums we have ever had and

                                                            whilst the title track featured Johnny

                                                            Cash joining Martin in a sensational duet,

                                                            I have no reservations in saying Martin’s

                                                            version of the Wood Newton song

                                                            “Lillie’s White Lies” is the best album

                                                            track on any album we have ever had.

                                                            The fact the rest of the album is nothing

                                                            less than great makes this a must have.

                                                            Trivia: Martin’s real name is Mike Martin

                                                            and he is a professional tennis coach. We

                                                            still await his third album.

Delray, Martin                                  What Kind of Man XXXXSALEXXXX $25

                                                            Second of only 2 albums.

Dillon, Dean                                      I’ve Learned to Live $48 second of his

                                                            Capitol albums. Impossible to find. Inc.

                                                            his version of the song he wrote with

                                                            Vern Gosdin, “Back in the Swing of

                                                            Things” as well as “Changes Going On”

                                                            which hit for Alabama. Still more, a great

                                                            duet with Tanya Tucker. Terrific album.

Draper, Rusty                                  Greatest Hits $28 Out of Print 18 tracker.

Dunn, Holly                                       Across the Rio Grande $38

Dunn, Holly                                       Holly Dunn $38

Dunn, Holly                                       Cornerstone $40

                                                            Holly Dunn’s first 3 albums on the MTM

                                                            label were definitely her best with the

                                                            self titled one containing her biggest hit

                                                            in “Daddy’s Hands”, the second

                                                            “Cornerstone’ maybe her best with 2

                                                            stunning tracks in “Strangers again” &

                                                            a delightful version of Jim Croce’s

                                                            “Lovers’ Cross’ whilst the final MTM

                                                            album had her delightful version of the

                                                            title song, also done by Reba, but Holly

                                                            wins!! All 3 albums are delightful.

Earle, Steve                                      Uncut Gems $40 20 tracker put out by his

                                                            Publishing company. Some have never

                                                            appeared on his albums and in different

                                                            versions when they did.                

Earle, Steve                                      The Hard Way $28 and still in the

                                                            Long box. Includes “Billy Austin” a        

                                                            wonderful tale of a condemned man.

Ford. Tennessee Ernie                   Capitol Collectors Series $35 This 29

                                                            tracker  is out of print and contains the

                                                            best single collection of Ernie’s hits &

                                                            more. This is the best ever US series.

Ford. Tennessee Ernie/Glen Campbell  Erie Sings & Glen Picks $28

                                                            Just Campbell on acoustic (+ occasional                                     

                                                            vocal) & Ern on vocal. A favourite! $30

Freberg, Stan                                   Capitol Collectors Series XXXXXSpecial

                                                            priceXXXXX $20 21 tracks. Again,

                                                            the sound and presentation is stunning.

                                                            Collects the best of Stan’s musical parody

                                                            tracks plus his “Green Christmas” tracks.

Frickie, Janie                                    Labor of Love $28 This 1989 CBS release

was one  of her best two with the highlight being stunning version of Steve Earle’s best song, “My Old Friend the Blues”.

Frickie, Janie                                    Saddle the Wind $30 Ironically her best

                                                            two albums were ones in which she

                                                            changed the spelling of her true name

                                                            “Fricke” to reflect the pronunciation.

                                                            This even starts with a stunning swing

                                                            number in “Sugar Moon”.

Gosdin, Vern                                     Alone $30 Came after his best “Chiselled in Stone” and was 100% cry in your beer ballads; as good as any George Jones album, ever!

Gosdin, Vern                                     The Voice $30 1998 classic which proved

                                                            Vern had not as yet reached the other

                                                            side of the hill! Now out of print.

Grand, Gil                                          Famous Last Words Never actually                                                                     released. $25 has partial graphics & have

                                                            just acquired the only one I have ever

                                                            had with full graphics $40

Greene, Jack                                    The Jolly Green Giant $38 20 MCA

                                                            & Decca tracks long deleted. Only time

                                                            the originals have been on cd. Inc. 3

                                                            duets with Jeannie Seely.

Haggard, Merle                                Capitol Collectors Series $25 20 tracks.

                                                            The best single cd of Merle at his best.

Haggard, Merle                                5:01 Blues Epic Out of print $35

Haggard, Merle                                Back to the Barrooms/ The Way That I

                                                            Am (MCA) 2 on 1 $48. The second cd is

                                                            out of print and to have it with the

                                                            classic “Back to the Barrooms” is a plus.

Haggard, Merle                                Chill Factor $25 Original album

Haggard, Merle                                It’s All in the Game $35 Epic Out of print.

Haggard, Merle                                His Greatest And Best $25 MCA collection

                                                            which is very well compiled.

Hardwick, Billy                                 Too Country $25 A great singer and

                                                            writer’s only album. Like Dean Dillon. A+

Harms, Joni                                      Hometown Girl $35 Joni’s original Capitol

                                                            album. Very hard to get.

Harris, Emmylou                             Last Date $35 On defunct Eminent label

                                                            & has 2 bonus tracks. This also has

                                                            attractive slip sleeve. No slip sleeve $28

Hobbs, Becky                                   All Keyed Up XXXSpecial price $20 Best

                                                            ever female honky tonk album, with the

                                                            best track being “Jones on the Jukebox”.

Homer & Jethro                               America’s Song Butchers: The Weird

                                                            World of Homer & Jethro. $35 Great

                                                            humour and equally fine musicianship.

                                                            Apparently they were originally billed by

                                                            their real names till some guy forgot who

                                                            they were & on the spur of a moment

                                                            said…”Here are Homer & Jethro” and it

                                                            stuck. 20 track on Razor & Tie. OOP

Honeys                                              Capitol Collectors Series $40 Not a

                                                            country one but a classic of female pop

                                                            mixed with surf elements as Marilyn

                                                            Rovell married Brian Wilson of the Beach

                                                            Boys. 20 great tracks. Very influential.

Horton, Steven Wayne                   Steven Wayne Horton Capitol album from

                                                            1989 was sadly his one & only. What you

                                                            get is a great upbeat album a la Marty

                                                            Stuart “Hillbilly Rock” but better.  $28

House, James                                   Hard Times for an Honest Man $40

                                                            His second MCA album was even better

                                                            than his first self titled album & is

                                                            very very hard to get.

Husky, Ferlin                                    Capitol Collectors Series $38 This is a

                                                            wonderful cd. The entire Capitol

                                                            Collectors Series is a must and though

                                                            repeating myself represents an artist’s

                                                            best output. 20 tracks

Jenkins                                              The Jenkins $35 Record companies are

                                                            in general a brainless bunch as proved by

                                                            the fact this album didn’t get a release. It

                                                            is  a gem and featured a mother & two

                                                            daughters. Sound is superb with a

                                                            reminder of the Judds & McCarters.            

Johnson, Johnnie & Kentucky Headhunters That’ll Work $30 This was just

                                                            a one off unfortunately as Chuck Berry’s

                                                            piano player worked very well with the

                                                            Kentucky Headhunters, who had an

                                                            amazing rhythm section, which is

                                                            why they could fit inside the country


Jones, George                                  Friends in High Places $30 All duets

Jones, George                                  Wine Colored Roses $48 1986 album

                                                            is very very hard to find on cd.

Jones, George                                  Alone Again/Grand Tour $40 2 on 1.

                                                            “Alone Again” is only available here

                                                            & is rated one of his very best albums.

Jones, George                                  One Woman Man $35 Personal favourite.

                                                            “Place in the Country” is one of his best

                                                            unknown songs. Right up there with “He

                                                            Stopped Lovin’ Her Today” & with the

                                                            delicious irony he only gets his wish

                                                            when he is buried!

Jones, George                                  You Oughta Be Here With Me $38 This

                                                            was the last album he did for Epic & it

                                                            may be his best. Superb songs & he is in

                                                            absolutely wonderful voice.

Jones, Geo./Melba Montgomery  Vintage Collection $55 20 classics!! Out

of print and has all the wonderful United

Artists’ label duets.His best duet partner.

Jones, George                                  Sings the Hits of His Country Cousins.

                                                            OOP Razor & Tie issue of 1962 album and

                                                            a wonderful selection of songs including

                                                            a great cover of “Little Bitty Tear” $28

Jones, George                                  Sings Bob Wills $28 OOP Razor & Tie

Jones, George                                  Live at Dancetown USA $50 Amazing

                                                            album superbly recorded which was

                                                            on Ace UK label but has been deleted

                                                            10 years or so, 26 tracks and over an

                                                            an hour running time and in great

                                                            stereo sound. Like the Ernest Tubb

                                below (also from 1965!) this is amazing

                                                and George runs through things he has

                                                written (“Window Up Above”/ “Ragged

                                                            But Right”/ “Accidentally on Purpose”)

                                                            as well as songs by Dickey Lee (“She

                                                            Thinks I Still Care”) Harlan Howard,

                                                            Melba Montgomery etc. Although not a

                                                regular “Jones boy” Buddy Emmons

                                                joins the band for this set. Also Don

                                                Adams (not Max Smart!) acts as the

                                                            leader of the Jones’ Boys & duets with

                                                            George on Melba Montgomery’s “We

                                                            Must Have Been Out Of Our Mind” as

                                                well as a couple of his own leads.

                                                            Just remembered the classic Jones’ line

                                                            “We’re gonna take a short liquor-

                                                     mission I mean intermission”!!

Jones, George                                  The Rock: Stone Cold Country 2001 Radio

                                                            Special $35

Jones, George                                  Cup Of Loneliness: The Classic Mercury

                                                            Years 2cd 51 tracks 24 page book. This

                                                            came out both as a jewel case & a book

                                                            style, the latter is what we have as new.

                                                            His classic earlier Pappy Daily produced

                                                            tracks are unavailable elsewhere.

Kane, Keiran                                     Find My Way Home XXXON SALEXXX $22

                                                            Rare post O’Kanes album.

Kemp, Wayne                                   One Song at a Time $30 One of the best

                                                            honky tonk writers is a shamefully

                                                            under-recorded singer as well.

Kendalls                                             20 Favorites $35 The Kendalls made one

                                                            album for Epic where they went and

                                                            re-recorded their hits. The result was

                                                            even better than the originals with

                                                            the highlight being Royce’s lead on

                                                            “Pittsburgh Stealers”.

Lind, Bob                                           Best of Bob Lind $35 25 tracker

                                                            Inc. #1 hit “Elusive Butterfly”.

Logan, Josh                                       Somebody Paints the Wall $55 sung in

                                                            the style, sound  & spirit of Mel Street.

Louvin, Charlie                                 And That’s the Gospel $30 Like his

                                                            other Playback album this features duets

                                                            & is long OOP. Guests include John

                                                            Conlee, Tammy Wynette, Little Jimmy etc

Lyda, Jacob                                       Three Times the Charm $30 Great indie album with the great indie producer  Mike Headrick in tow.

McCall, Darrell                                  Pictures Can’t Talk Back $35 his debut

                                                            cd on the Atrap label from 1992.

McCarters                                         The Gift $35 Impossible to get debut.

McCarters                                         Better Be Home Soon XXXXON SALEXXXX

                                                            $20. Hard to believe they only ever had 2

                                                            albums. This billed as “Jennifer MCarter

                                                            & the McCarters” features a stunning

                                                            take on the Crowded House song. Has

                                                            slight bluegrass leanings & great songs.

McDaniel, Mel                                   Rockabilly Boy $35  There is no better

                                                            song than “You Can’t Play the Blues in

                                                            An Air conditioned Room”!!!!

McDaniel, Mel                                   Stand Up $30 Very hard to get on cd

McEntire, Reba                                 Oklahoma Girl 2cds 40 Mercury tracks.

                                                            Double cd case with attractive slip sleeve

& book $30 (on sale****) Her best & most country.

                                                            Have one without slip case $22

McQuaig, Scott                                 Scott McQuaig $35 This album is

                                                            deserving of a special award and that is

                                                            “Best Album by an Artist Who only Ever

                                                            Had One Album”. Haven’t given up hope

                                                            of a second but won’t hold my breath.

                                                            And whilst Scott wrote 5 songs on this

                                                            album, all of which are great his version

                                                            of “My Friend the Bottle”  is as good as

                                                            that other ode to the inanimate object,

                                                            Johnny Bush’s version of “Bottle Bottle”.

                                                            Certainly vintage George Strait fans will

                                                            (pardon the pun), lap this up.

McRight, Alecia                                For Love’s Sake $25 rare independent

                                                            album from the wonderful Alecia Nugent.

                                                            Not sure if “Nugent” is married/single/

                                                            married again or divorced name but this

                                                            is a great album prod. by Carl Jackson/

Martin, Sonny                                   I’ve Always Been Country $38 Great indie

                                                            with the saddest song ever on it. “Rock

                                                            A Bye Baby” makes Little Jimmy Dickens’

                                                            “Raggedy Ann” seem jolly!

Miller, Roger                                     Best of Volume One: Country Tunesmith

                                                            $48 This gem focusses on Roger’s own

versions of songs that were hits for others. As such the 20 tracks are ultra

rare & essential. They include “Tall Tall

                                                            Trees”, “Don’t We All Have the Right”,

                                                            “Husbands & Wives”, “Half a Mind” etc.

Miller, Roger                                     Best Of Volume Two: King of the Road

                                                            $30. Best single cd of his hits. Long OOP

Moffatt, Katy                                    Greatest Show on Earth $20 *** on sale**** Taken of the market as Ringling Bros objected to the title. Superb album & purists will  need this version. It was later reissued as “Evangeline Hotel”.

Montgomery, Melba/ Norma Jean First Ladies of country 22 tracks $28

                                                            Only place you’ll get Melba doing “No


Moore, Lattie                                    I’m Not Broke But Badly Bent: Best of

                                                            King-Starday recordings 1953-63 $40

                                                            29 great tracks on defunct Westside label

Morgan, George                               Room Full of Roses: the George Morgan

                                                            Collection Razor & Tie OOP $35 Has a

                                                            rare duet with Lorrie.

Morse, Ella Mae                                Capitol Collectors Series  XXSALEXX $25

                                                            Mixed her styles from big band to country

Nelson, Willie                                   A Horse Called Music $35

Nelson, Willie                                   Promiseland $35

Nelson, Willie                                   Peace in the Valley: The Gospel Truth

Collection with Willie Nelson Jnr. They used a little poetic licence with the artists as Willie Nelson Jnr was known as Billy Nelson all his life, up until it tragically ended on Christmas day 1991. So this album had special meaning for Willie as it seems this was the only time Willie Jnr/Billy had recorded. The results are stunning. Billy/Willie Jnr generally trades parts of the songs with Wilie and has a distinctive voice that is instantly memorable. He does the sole vocal on "My Body's Just a Suitcase for Your Soul" and it indeed may be  the best track on an album where nothing is less than grand. Willie solos on "Troublemaker" and it is a different and far better version than on his album of the same name. being a big Willie fan I must rate this as his best gospel album an indeed one of the best in general. $40

Newton, Wayne                               Coming Home $25 No I haven’t gone nuts

                                                            as this is a 1989 country album

                                                            which is really good and features a great

                                                            duet with Tammy Wynette. All good.

O’Kanes                                             O’Kanes $40

O’kanes                                             Tired of the Running $35

O’kanes                                             Imagine That XXXON SALEXXX $20

                                                            Superb duo of Jamie O’Hara & Keiran

                                                            Kane. Wonderful songs with a touch of

                                                            bluegrass. The debut self titled is almost

                                                            impossible to get.

Owens, Buck                                    Hot Dog $30

Owens, Buck                                    Kickin’ In $30

Owens, Buck                                    Act Naturally $40 His 3 comeback albums

the latter is very hard to get as it features the likes of Emmylou, & Ringo (who did vocal on the Beatles’ version of ‘Act Naturally’ & duets here)

Pacheco, Tom                                  Bare Bones & Barbed Wires 2cds $40

                                                            Everybody’s favourite songwriter, that

                                                            nobody’s ever heard of!!! Great

                                                            unplugged album

Parton/Wagoner                             Two of A Kind $28 20 tracks

Parton/Wagoner                             Sweet Harmony $30 another 20 tracks

                                                            Both on the excellent Pair label.

Paycheck, Johnny                           Survivor  $30 His last hurrah, out of print

                                                            w. the highlight “I Can’t Quit Drinking”.

                                                            Also issued as “I’m a Survivor” ($25)

Paycheck, Johnny                           The Difference in Me $38 Rare 1993

                                                            album on the Playback label with classic

                                                            takes on “The waltz of the Angels” & “My

                                                            Name’s Not on the Sidewalk” in

                                                            in particular.

Pennington,R/Buddy Emmons     Swinging by Request $35

                                                            Ray Pennington was honcho of Step One

                                                            Records, a Nashville independent label

                                                            which had a wonderful roster. He was

                                                            also a fine Ray price inspired vocalist &

                                                            as many steel players would say Buddy

                                                            Emmons is the best ever. The Step One

                                                            House band, so to speak, was none too

                                                            shabby with Rob Hajacos on fiddle,

                                                            Bobby All on acoustic guitar and Bunky

                                                            Keels on piano. This has 21 tracks &

                                                            Clinton Gregory is an excellent vocalist

                                                            on 2 tracks. They are a mix of vocal &

                                                            instrumentals, with “Little Brown Jug”

                                                            featuring some extraordinary steel from

                                                            Mr Emmons.

Peters, Gretchen                         Buried Treasures 14 great songwriting

                                                     demos which place her in the same

                                                     league as the likes of Iris Dement and

                                                            Emmylou Harris. Like Steve Earle’s

                                                            “Uncut Gems” this was put out as a demo

                                                            disc but is as fine a female country/ folk

                                                            album as we have ever had. $55 It is

                                                            exceedingly rare & then some. Simply put

                                                            you will not find a copy except here.

Price, Ray                                         Sometimes a Rose $25 great 90s album

                                                            which contains one of our favourite

                                                            tracks in “Not a Dry Eye in the House.”

Price, Ray                                         Happens To Be the Best $30 16 tracks of

                                                            CBS material issued on Pair label. As

                                                            such a mix of rare and well known tracks.

Raye, Susan                                      16 Greatest Hits $30. Out of print on the

                                                            Varese label.

Rhodes, Kimmie                               West Texas Heaven XXXspecial PriceXXX $20 In the top 2-3 female folk-country

                                                            albums ever & has duets with Willie,

                                                            Waylon & Townes Van Zandt. A steal.

Rich, Charlie                                     Pictures & paintings $38 His wonderful

                                                            last album on Warner Brothers is just as

                                                            much jazz and blues as country. Shown

                                                            with a lighted cigarette we wonder if it

                                                            was perhaps lit with the same lighter he

                                                            set fire to the envelope with when he

                                                            announced John Denver as Male Vocalist

                                                            of the year in the early 70s!

Ritter, Tex                                         Capitol Collectors Series $35 25 tracks in

                                                            this great series. Has all you need if you

                                                            only want one disk! Blood on the Saddle/

                                                            Deck of Cards/ Hillbilly Heaven/ Just

                                                            Beyond the Moon. Briliant selections

Rogers, Roy                                      On Track Radio Special $30 Radio special

                                                            based on Roy’s final album “Tribute”

Schneider, John                               Too Good to Stop Now/Tryin’ to Outrun

                                                            The Wind 2 on 1 $38

Schneider, John                               You Ain’t Seen the Last of Me $22

                                                            Great singer.  2on1 features albums

                                                            from 1984 & 1985 whilst the latter is

                                                            probably his last album from 1987.

Scott, Jack                                        Capitol Collectors series $35. 23 Capitol

                                                            tracks including the hit “What in the

                                                            World’s Come Over You” Also has 4

                                                            previously unissued tracks. All great!

Seals, Dan                                         Rage On $25 His 1988 Capitol

                                                            album with the classic title and the

                                                            great “Five Generations of Rock County


Sears, Dawn                                     What a Woman Wants to Hear $20

                                                            WB 1990 album Great traditional feel.

Seekers                                             Capitol Collectors Series $25 It is this

                                                            great series again & it is hard to believe

                                                            that as quintessentially Australian they

are the best ever compilation is clearly this both in terms of selection & sound.

Shafer, Sanger D “Whitey”           I Never Go Around Mirrors $35 10 tracker

                                                            by the writer of many of Lefty Frizzell

                                                            hits who also sounds a lot like Lefty.

Shaver, Billy Joe                              Salt of the Earth $30

Shepard, Jean                                  Honky Tonk Heroine Classic Capitol

                                                            Recordings 1952-1964 24 track out of

                                                            print gem on CMF label $38

Shepard, Jean                                  Signature Series $22 14 Capitol tracks.

Smith, Russell                                  This Little Town $35 Great solo album  

                                                            Amazing Rhythm Aces vocalist.

Smith, Sammi                                   Best $30 Another must have out of

                                                            print cds

Springfield, Bobby Lee                   All Fired Up $35 Great honky tonk with

                                                            rockabilly feel. Includes the original

                                                            “Hank Drank”. See Scott McQuaig. This

                                                            would be a top 5 in that list.

Starr, Lucille                                     The French Song $30 Expanded 17

                                                            tracker, now out of print.

Stewart, Wynn                                 California Country- Best of the Challenge

                                                            Masters. $30 29 great tracks from one of

                                                            the west coast’s absolute best. OOP

Thompson, Hank                             Capitol Collectors Series $25 20 great

                                                            Capitol tks including “Blackboard of My

                                                            Heart”, which rarely pops up.

Thompson, Hank                             Dance Ranch/Songs for Rounders $55

                                                            The first is a great album, but the second

                                                            is simply one of the greatest in country

                                                            music history. It is the first stereo

                                                            country album and the first themed

                                                            country album. Up until that time most

                                                            albums were based around a couple of

                                                            hits with a lot of filler. It is otherwise

                                                            only available on the $400+ Bear Family

                                                            box set.

Thompson, Jeff                                Jeff Thompson $40 No, not Thommo, but

                                                            a fine singer who was going to have the

                                                            first album release on the Arista country

                                                            label but the album never came out. Has

                                                            a style reminiscent of Ricky Van Shelton

                                                            with a great deep voice. Does a superb

                                                            version of “The Greatest Man I Never

                                                            Knew”, a hit for Reba, but Jeff wins

                                                            hands down!! Equally grand is the

                                                            wonderful “It’s a Good Thing I Don’t Love

                                                            You Anymore”, with a superb lyric and

                                                            the upbeat “Today is Elvis’ Birthday”.


Thornton, Marsha                            Marsha Thornton $28 Includes the

                                                            original and easily best version of “Bottle

                                                            of Wine & Patsy Cline” One of the last

                                                            albums produced by Owen Bradley &

                                                            yes Patsy fans love it. This is a corner

                                                            missing on the booklet.

Thornton, Marsha                            Maybe the Moon Will Shine. Second of

                                                            only 2 is equally good. Gets away from

                                                            Patsy influence. XXXSALEXXXX $20

Tubb, Ernest                                     Live 1965 $28 OOP on Rhino this like

                                                            George Jones’ Dancetown showed 1965

                                                            as a vintage year for live recording even

                                                            though both were not issued at the time.

                                                            His band included both Jack Greene &

                                                            Cal Smith.

Wade, Norman                                 For A Minute There $40

                                                            Think Vernon Oxford meets George Jones

with a bit of Hank Thrown in. This one was his second & last cd on the Bob Grady label and what can I say is stunning. We sold  them by the bucket & every one loved  them. His “new’ album which was due out “next month” (about 10 years ago) is still coming!! Hopefully.

Wade, Norman                                 Old Time Country Music $30 his equally

                                                            fine 2002 album.

Wagoner, Porter                             Greatest Hits $28 Great compilation on

                                                            Pair label (all original RCA recordings)

                                                            Top selection includes “Rubber Room”.

Watson, Gene                                  Back in the Fire $48 Great singer as he is

                                                            & no correspondence will be entered into                                                         on that fact, this is his best album, a

                                                            Warners album from 1989 with the best

                                                            version ever of “Dreams of a Dreamer”,

                                                            which was also done by Darrell McCall so

                                                            there is plenty competition plus Gene’s

                                                            best ever ballad “The Great Divide”

Watson, Gene                                  The Good Old days $30 Step One with a

                                                            superb selection excellently produced by

                                                            Ray Pennington who also contributed 4


Watson, Gene                                  Jesus Is All I Need $30 Great 1997

                                                            gospel album on the defunct Step One.

Wells, Kitty                                       Duets $30 16 tracks on Pair records with

                                                            Red Foley/Webb Pierce/ Roy Drusky etc

West, Speedy/Jimmy Bryant       For the Last time $25 (Step One label)

Whitley, Keith                                  I Wonder Do You Think of Me

                                                            $35. The album he had just finished

                                                            when he died. One of the greatest ever

                                                            country vocalists. Deep rich voice with

                                                            his own nuances. Pity the wonderful

                                                            honky tonk songs were lived out so

                                                            tragically with his alcohol overdose.

Whitley, Keith                                  Kentucky Bluebird $35 15 tracks not on

                                                            his other albums. Augmented with some

                                                            historical and rare clips.

Wild Rose                                          Listen to your Heart $28

Wild Rose                                          Breaking New Ground $28 two great albums  by talented all gal group led by Pam Gadd & Wanda Vick

Williams, Hank                                 Rare Demos First to Last $25 CMF

Williams, Hank                                 The Health & Happiness Shows 2cds $35

                                                            Only place to get these.

Williams, Hank                                 Live at the Grand Ol Opry 2cd book cover


Young, Faron                                    Live Fast Love Hard: Original Capitol

                                                            Classics 1952-1962 $28 CMF label


Beverly Hillbillies Cast Album  $30 Songs by Buddy Ebsen, Max Baer Jnr

                                                            Donna Douglas, Irene Ryan and feat.

                                                            Flatt & Scruggs.

Beverly Hillbillies Soundtrack       Classic country songs presented by likes

                                                            of Ricky VanShelton, Doug Supernaw,

                                                            Lorrie Morgan, Joe Diffie etc. Tops $22

Mamas Hungry Eyes                       Tribute to Merle Haggard with John

                                                            Anderson, Alan Jackson, Clint Black,

                                                            Vince Gill, Lorroe Morgan etc $25

Red Hot & Country                          An Aids benefit project with gem after

                                                            gem, though easy to pick the best as a

                                                            wonderful mix of Carl Perkins, Duane

                                                            Eddy & the Mavericks on “Matchbox”.

                                                            Johnny Cash does a superb take on the

                                                            Bob Dylan song “Forever Young” and

                                                            Mark Chesnutt is superb on the Haggard

                                                            (via Tommy Collins) gem “Goodbye

                                                            Comes Hard to Me” 17 great tracks.


$10 Cds (3 for $25)


Acuff, Roy                             Country Music Legends 2cds

Adkins, Trace                       Cowboy’s Back in Town (2010)

Adkins, Trace                       Greatest Hits Vol 2: American Man

Allen, Terry                           Pedal Steal

Allen,  Terry                          Salivation

Allen, Terry                           Best of the Sugar Hill years

Anderson, Bill                       The Way I Feel (w. “Whiskey Lullaby”)

Arnold, Eddy                         Wanderin’ 20 Folk & Traditional Songs

Asleep at the Wheel            Remembers the Alamo

Axton, Hoyt                          Spin of the Wheel

Barnett, Mandy                    Mandy Barnett

Barnett, Mandy                    I’ve Got a Right to Cry

Barnhill, Joe                          Joe Barnhill (inc. “Chill of an Early Fall” great)

BArmby, Shane                    Let’s Talk About us

Baylor, Andy                         Blues is Poetry

Bella, Mike                            Lost in the Shuffle

Bellamy Brothers                Angels & Outlaws

Blaker, Clay                          Rumor Town

Bogguss, Suzy                      Somewhere Between  (a must have cd)

Bogguss, Suzy                      Something Up My Sleeve

Bogguss, Suzy                      Live at Caffe Milano (they can’t spell “café”)

Bogguss, Suzy                      Swing

Bogguss, Suzy                      Aces

Bogguss, Suzy                      Suzy Bogguss

Bogguss, Suzy                      Voices in the Wind

Bonson, Joe                          And Coffee Run (inc. “Jesus & Bartenders”)

Brooks, Kix                           Kix Brooks (solo album)

Brooks  &Dunn                     Greatest Hits Collection  (faux leather cover)

Boyd, Bill                               And Cowboy Ramblers Vol 1 16 tracks

Brown, T Graham                The Next Right Thing

Burns, Billy Don                   Heroes, Friends & Other Troubled Souls

Burrito Deluxe                     The Whole  Enchilada (“Rex Bob Lowenstein”)

Butler, Larry & Willie Nelson Memories of Hank Williams

Byrd, Jason                           Just a Southern Thing

Cactus Brothers                   24 Hrs 7 Days a Week (fans of Kentucky HH)
Calamity & Main                   Honky Tonk heaven

Camp, Shawn                       Shawn Camp

Camp, Shawn                       Lucky Silver Dollar

Carpenter, Mary Chapin     State of the Heart (with “This Shirt”!)

Carpenter, Mary Chapin     Age of Miracles (2010 album)

Carter Family                       Country Music Hall of Fame (MCA)

Carter Family                       Can the Circle Be Unbroken (CBS)

Cash, Johnny                        Carryin’ On (with June Carter) 2 bonus tks

Cash, Johnny                        The Fabulous  6 bonus tks

Cash, Johnny                        Hymns By 1 bonus tk

Cash, Johnny                        Orange Blossom Special 3 bonus tks

Cash, Johnny                        Ride This Train 4 bonus tks Cash, Johnny         

Cash, Johnny                        Sings Songs of the True West 2 bonus tks

Cash, Johnny                        Songs of the Soil 2 bonus tks

Cash, Johnny                        Unchained

Cash, Johnny                        American V

Cash, Johnny                        American Recordings

Cassidy, Eva                         Wonderful World

Chesney, Kenny                   All I Need to Know

Chesney, Kenny                   In My Wildest Dreams

Chesney, Kenny                   Me & You

Chesney, Kenny                   Everywhere We Go

Chesney, Kenny                   Be As You Are

Chesney, Kenny                   I Will Stand

Chesney, Kenny                   All I Need to Know

Chesney, Kenny                   The Road & the Radio

Chesney, Kenny                   When the Sun Goes Down

Chesney, Kenny                   Greatest Hits II

Chesnutt, Mark                    Too Cold at Home

Chesnutt, Mark                    Greatest Hits

Chesnutt, Mark                    Longnecks & Short Stories

Chesnutt, Mark                    Almost Goodbye

Chesnutt, Mark                    Wings

Clark, Guy                             Cold Dog Soup

Clark, Roy                             Hymns From an Old Country Church\

Confederate Railroad         Confederate Railroad (“Trashy Women”)

Confederate Railroad         Notorious (“Elvis & Andy”)

Confederate Railroad         When & Where (“Bills Laundromat etc”)

Conley, Earl Thomas           Greatest Hits

Conley, Earl Thomas           Greatest Hits II

Conley, Earl Thomas           Yours Truly (“Brotherly Love” w. K. Whitley)

Conley, Earl Thomas           Treadin’ Water

Dalton, Lacy J                       Chains on the Wind

Daniel, Davis                        Fightin’ Fire With Fire

Daniels, Charlie                    Renegade

Dekle, Mike                           Sketches

Dekle, Mike                           Fine Tuned (both recommended by moi)

Davis, Orville                        Barnburner

Derailers                               Reverb Deluxe

Derailers                               Full Western Dress

Derailers                               Here Come the Derailers

Desert Rose Band               Pages of Life

Dillon, Dean                          Hot Country & Single

Dillon, Dean                          Out of Your Ever Lovin’ Mind

Dunn, Holly                           Milestones: Greatest Hits

Edwards, Don                       Best

Edwards, Don                       Songs of the Trail

Elliott, Ronny                        Poisonville

Ey, Joe                                   Letter to Laredo

Ely, Joe                                  Time for Travellin’ Best Vol II

Ely, Joe                                  Twistin’ in the Wind

Evans, Sara                           Three Chords & the Truth

Everly Brothers                   Sing Great Country Hits/Gone Gone Gone

Everett, Jace                        Red Revelations

Faithfull, Marianne              Faithless (her superb country album)

Felts, NArvel                         Best 1973-1979 (Bear Family)

Ford, Marshall                      It’s About Dam Time

Foster, Radney                    Del Rio Texas 1959

Fowler, Kevin                       Looose, Loud & Crazy

Frizzell, David                       Very Best …all his original hits inc. the superb

                                                “I’m Gonna Hire a Wino To Decorate Our Home”

Gatlin, Larry & Gatlins        Houston to Denver/Not Guilty (2 on 1)

Gibson, Nate                         & Gashouse Gang Sing All the Way Home

Gill, Vince                              The Key  ….a must have item

Gill, Vince                              I Still believe in You

Gill, Vince                              When I Call Your Name

Gill, Vince                              Souvenirs

Gill, Vince                              High Lonesome Sound

Gill, Vince                              Pocket Full of Gold

Gill, Vince                              Let’s Make Sure We Say Goodbye

Gilmore, Jimmie Dale         Spinning Around the Sun

Golden, William Lee            The Artist (inc. 30 min. interview)

Greene, Jack                                    Highway to the Sky (gospel)

Griffith, Nanci                      Other Voices Other Rooms

Griffith, Nanci                      Wings to Fly & a place to Be (GH)

Haggard, Merle                    1996

Haggard, Merle                    rainbow Stew Live

Hall, Robert David               Things They Don’t Teach You in School

                                                Fascinating cd. The name may not be familiar

                                                but he is the coroner in CSI, the guy who uses a

                                                crutch (with good reason as he sadly lost both

                                                legs in a car accident) Anyway this is his first

                                                album as far as I’m aware & is produced by the

                                                rather reclusive Chris Wall.

Hand, James                         Evil Things

Hand, James                         Shadows on the Ground

Hand, James                         The Truth Will Set you Free (Geo Jones fans!)

Harris, Emmylou                 White Shoes

Harris, Emmylou                 Heartaches & Highways: Very best (1 only)

Harris, Emmylou                 Ballad of Sally Rose

Harris, Emmylou                 Trio II (with Dolly & Linda)

Harris, Emmylou                 Angel Band

Hayden, Rodney                  Down the Road

Herndon, Ty                          This Is: Greatest Hits

Hill, Arty                                Bar of Gold

Hill, Arty                                Montgomery on My Mind (Hank Tribute)

Hill, Arty                                Back on the Rail

Hill, Byron                             Stay a While  (2009)

Hill, Byron                             Ramblings (inc. the great “Truckstops, Honky

                                                Tonks & Cheap Motels”)

Hill, Byron                             Gravity  (one of Nashville’s best!)

Hillman, Chris                       Desert Rose  (the Sugar Hill label gem that

                                                inspired the Desert Rose Band)

Hillman, Chris                       Like a Hurricane

Hinojosa, Tish                      Culture Swing

Hinojosa, Tish                      Homeland

Hinojosa, Tish                      Best of Watermelon Years

Hobbs, Becky                       The Boots I Came to Town In

Honky Tonk Hangovers      Giant Country

Horton, Johnny                    Live Recordings from Louisiana Hayride

Hunter, Billy D                     Inside Out

Hunter, Billy D                      Country Souvenirs

Jackson, Alan                       The Greatest Hits Collection

Jaron & the Long Road       Getting Dressed in the dark

Jeffries, Herb                       Bronze Buckaroo Rides Again (on Warner

                                                Western label)

Jennings, Waylon                This Time

Jennings, Waylon                Essential

Jennings, Waylon                Never Say Die Live

Jennings, Waylon                All American Country (with Jesse Colter)

Jennings, Waylon                Full Circle

Jennings, Waylon                Right for the Time

Jennings, Waylon                New Classic Waylon

Jennings, Waylon                The Eagle

Johns, Sarah             Big Love in a Small Town (Heather Myles fans)

John, David                           Cowboys, Old Fiddles & Wine

Jones, David Lynn               Mixed Emotions

Jones, George                      Hits I Missed & One I Didn’t

Jones, George                      It Don’t Get Any Better Than This

Jones, George                      Dispatches: best 1990-1999

Jones, George                      Cold Hard Truth

Jones, George                      Walls Can Fall

Jones, George                      Live on Louisian Hayride

Joy, Homer                           Someday It’ll be Country (inc. duet with Buck,

                                                appropriate as Homer wrote “Streets of


Kane, Keiran                         Dead Reckoning

Kane, Keiran/Welch/Kaplan Lost John Dean

Keith, Toby                           Bullets in the Gun (3D cover…yes real 3D which

                                                the sorry plonkers in Australia didn’t release)

Kendalls                                 Make a Dance

Kendalls                                 So Many Hits

Kennedy, Ray                       What a way to Go (Haggardish)

Kennedy, Ray                       Guitar Man (No Way Jose)

Kentucky Headhunters      Stompin’ Grounds

Kershaw, Doug                    Best (WB)

Kershaw, Sammy                The Hits Chapter One (Greatest Hits)

Kershaw, Sammy                Covers the Hits (covers…very good)

Knight, Jeff                           They’ve Been Talkin’ About Me (great)

Labeef, Sleepy                     Nothing But the Truth

Lady Antebellum                  Need You Now

Lambert, Miranda                Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Landreth, Sonny                  South of 1-10

Lawrence, Tracy                 Best of

Ledoux, Chris                       Anthology Vol 1 (20 tracks)

Lee, Albert                            Road Runner

Lee, Albert                            Heartbreak Hill

Lee, Brenda                          Anthology Volume 2 1962-80 (20 tracks)

Lewis, Jerry Lee                  Mean Old Man (2010 gem. Comes with nice fold

                                                out cover which has players listed on the back

                                                & hark…that is Haggard and the Killer sounding

                                                superb on “Swingin’ Doors”. Also duets with

                                                Keith Richards, Willie, Mick Jagger etc.18 tks

Lewis, Jerry Lee                  Definitive Collection (career spanning 24tk)

London, Eddie                       Do It Right (Merle Haggard style. Great!)

Little Big Town                     A Place to Land

Little Big Town                     The Reason Why

Loveless, Patty                    Honky Tonk Angel

Loveless, Patty                    On Down the Line

Loveless, Patty                    The Trouble With the Truth

Loveless, Patty                    Only What I Feel

Loveless, Patty                    On Your Way Home (cd + dvd)

Loveless, Patty                    Up Against My Heart

Loveless, Patty                    When Fallen Angels Fly

Loveless, Patty                    Mountain Soul

Loveless, Patty                    Long Stretch of Lonesome

Loveless, Patty                    Greatest Hits (MCA)

                                                Unquestionably the most consistent female

                                                vocalist of the past 25 years. Some of the very

                                                best albums in that period.

McDaniel, mel                       Greatest Hits (Capitol) one of best ever!

McEntire, Reba                     Heart to Heart (rare Mercury cd)

McGuinn, Roger                   Live From Mars …great live w. many anecdotes

Maddox Bros & Rose           That’ll Learn ya Durn Ya (30 tks)

Maphis, Joe                           Fire on the Strings (Sony Legacy)

Malo, Raul                             Lucky One

Martin, Carolyn                    Very thought of You (great vocalist with

                                                Nashville Western Swing Band “Timejumpers”)

Martin, Leland                      Simply Traditional

Mattea, Kathy                      Right Out of Nowhere

Mavericks                              Music for all Occasions

Mavericks                              What a Crying Shame

Messina, JoDee                    Unmistakable Love (2010 album)

Meyers, Augie                      Live at the Longneck

Meyers, Augie                      Finally in Lights

Miller, Buddy                        Midnight & Lonesome (with 2nd bonus disc)

Miller, Darnell                       Certified Country

Miller, Frankie                      The Family Man  (George Jones inspired!)

Miller, Roger                         Classic (Varese)

Moffatt, Hugh                       Songs from the Back of the Church (gospel)

Moffatt, Hugh                       The Way Love Is (17 tracks)

Moffatt, Hugh                       The Life of a Minor Poet (inc duet w. Martin

                                                Delray which is stunning)

Montgomery, John Michael  Greatest Hits

Moore, Justin                        Justin Moore

Moorer, Alison                      Alabama Song (stunning debut)

Moorer, Alison                      The Alison Moorer Show (cd + dvd)

Morris, Gary                         Plain Brown Wrapper (a real surprise!)

Moyer, Brent                        That’s My Job (great singer songwriter)

Mullins, Dee                          the Continuing Story  (27 tks)

Murphey, Michael Martin   Cowboy Songs (the original & best!)

Murphey, Michael                Cosmic Cowboy Souvenir (pre Martin)

Nelson, Willie                       Across the Borderline (duets w. Dylan/ Lovett

                                                Paul Simon etc)

Nelson, Willie                       Yesterday’s Wine (classic concept album)

Nelson, Willie                       Phases & Stages (his best IMO and IANW)

Nelson, Willie                       Moonlight becomes You (“Stardust” #2 and

                                                as good too!)

Nelson, Willie                       The Sound in Your Mind

Nelson, Willie                       Gospel Favourites (reissue of “Family Bible”)

Nelson, Willie                       City of New Orleans

Nelson, Willie                       Country Music (2010 superb)

Nelson, Willie                       Me & Paul

Nelson, Willie/Ray Price    Run That By Me One More Time

Nichols, Joe                          Man With a Memory

Niemann, Jarod                   Judge Jarod & the Hung Jury

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band         Speed of Life

Old Dogs                                Greatest Hits (didn’t even know about this..

                                                Tillis/Bare/Waylon/Reed re-recorded some of

                                                their classics at time of Old Dogs album)

Orbison, Roy/Sonny James  RCA sessions (Bear Family)

Overstreet, Paul                  Greatest Hits

Pacheco, Tom                      Woodstock winter (with The Band)

Palmer, Keith                       Keith Palmer (one off gem. A little like

                                                Doug Stone)

Papa Top’s West Coast Turnaround  Greatest Hits Vol 1 Fabulous truckin’

Parton, Stella                       Appalachian Blues  (Dolly’s sister)

Price, Ray                             16 Biggest Hits

Prophet, Orval                     The Travellin’ Kind (Bear Family)

Raybon, Marty                     At His Best (Shenandoah’s great singer)

Raybon, Marty                     Full Circle

Red River Dave                    Amelia Earhardt’s Last Ride (27 tks)

Richman, Jonathan             Jonathan Goes Country!

Riders in the Sky                 Harmony Ranch

Ringer, Jim                            Band of Jesse James: The Best

Ritter, Tex                             Country Music Hall of Fame (pre Capitol)

Robbins, Marty                     What God Has Done (gospel)

Robison, Charlie                   Life of the Party

Robison, Charlie                   Step Right Up

Robison, Charlie                   Beautiful Day

Rodriguez, Carrie                Live in Louisville

Rodriguez, Carrie                She Ain’t Me

Ronstadt, Linda                    Western Wall (with Emmylou Harris)

Rucker, Darius                     Charleston, SC 1966

Russell, Tom                         The Long Way Around

Russell, Tom                         Box of Visions

Schatz, Lesley                      Banjo Pickin’ Girl (Bear Family)

St Germain, Ray                  There’s No Love like Our Love

Shaver, Billy Joe                  Tramp on Your Street

Shaver, Billy Joe                  The Earth Rolls On

Shelton, Blake                      All About Tonight

Shocked, Michelle                Short Sharp Shocked

Shocked, Michelle                Arkansas Traveller

Singletary, Daryle               That’s Why I Sing This Way

Skaggs, Ricky                       Life is a Journey

Skaggs, Ricky                       My Father’s Son

Skaggs, Ricky                       And Bruce Hornsby

Skaggs, Ricky                       Solid Ground

Skjelnes, Egil                        Steel on My Mind  (Norwegian steel guitar)

Smith, Shadric                      And the Billy Buffalo Band

Snow, Hank                          I’m Movin’ On (20 great tracks RCA USA)

Sonnier, Jo-El                       Have a Little Faith

Sons of the Pioneers          Sing the Stephen Foster Songbook (Varese)

Stamper, Blake                    Way Back to Texas

Starline Rhythm Boys         Masquerade for Heartache

Starlite, Tammy Faye         On My Knees (X-Rated gospel singer…true!)

Stone, Doug                          Greatest Hits  (great artist)
Strait, George                      Ocean Front Property

Street, Mel                            Greatest Hits

Stuart, Marty                        Hillbilly Rock

Stuart, Marty                        Country Music (CD + DVD version)

Stuckey, Dave                      Get a Load of This (great Texas honky tonk)

Stuckey, Nat                         Pop a Top

Stuckey, Nat/Connie Smith  God Will (gospel album delight)

Sturr, Jimmy                        Top of the World (w. Rhonda Vincent & Arlo

                                                Guthrie) Fabulous King of the polka!

Sugarland                              The Incredible Machine

Summar, Trent                    And the new Row Mob (great. Formerly of the

                                                oddly named but great Hank Flamingo)

Supernaw, Doug                  Red & the Rio Grande

Supernaw, Doug                  Deep Thoughts from a Shallow Mind

Supernaw, Doug                  Fadin’ Renegade  (Doug was a bit of a nutter. It

                                                was not as though he just had one screw loose.

                                                But saying that he made some of the greatest                                                country albums ever heard…try one at least).

Talley, James                       Nashville City Blues (great Outlawish stuff)

Talley, Liz                              Road to You

Taylor, Chip                          Red Dog Tracks (w. Carrie Rodriguez)

Taylor, Chip                          Let’s Leave This Twon (w. carrie Rodriguez)

Thomas, B J                          Most of All/Billy Joe Thomas  2 on 1

Thompson, Hank                 Vintage Collection (20 Capitol tks)

Thompson, Hank                 Seven Decades (Hightone)

Tippin, Aaron                        He Believed  (only sold in Crackerbarrel stores)

Travis, Randy                       Round the Bend

Travis, Randy                       Passing Through

Tritt, Travis                           Greatest Hits from the Beginning

Tubb, Ernest                         Classic Country Favourites (22 tks)

Tubb, Ernest                         Family Bible (Gospel)

Tubb, Ernest                         Stand By Me 23 Gospel greats.Diff. to previous

Turner, Josh                         Long Black Train

Turner, Josh                         Your Man

Twitty, Conway                    Southern Comfort

Twitty, Conway                    Don’t Call Him a Cowboy

Urquahart, Felicity              Landing Lights

Van Shelton, Ricky              Don’t Overlook Salvation

Van Shelton, Ricky              Loving proof

Van Shelton, Ricky              Greatest Hits Plus

Van Shelton, Ricky              RVS III

Vincent, Rick                        A Wanted Man (a gem…see Scott McQuaig in

                                                Rarities section. Rick is a top 5 in that)

Watson, Dale                        People I’ve Known Places I’ve Seen

Watson, Dale                        The Truckin’ Sessions

Wayne, Bobby                      Ballad of the Appaloosa (western w. rockabilly)

West, Shelley                       Very Best  (originals)

White, Howard                     Western Swing & steel Guitar (Bear Family)

White, Joy Lynn                   On her Own (hard to find indie release)

Whitley, Keith                      L A to Miami (no better singer ever)

Whitman, Slim                      Vintage Collection (original Liberty tracks)

Willett, Slim                          Boppin’ Hillbilly Series (30 tks)

Williams, Hank                     Alone & Forsaken

Williams, Hank III               Rising Outlaw

Williams, Hank Jnr              127 Rose Avenue

Williams, Jett                       You Are on My Lonely Mind

Williams, Jett                       That Reminds Me of Hank

Williams, Jett                       I’m So lonesome I Could Cry

Willmon, Trent                     Broken In

Wright, Chely                       Lifted Off the Ground

Yates, Billy                            If I Could Go Back (…just get it..A++)

Yoakam, Dwight                  This Time (his best)

Yoakam, Dwight                  Just Lookin’ for a Hit

Yoakam, Dwight                  Last Chance for a Thousand Years

Yoakam, Dwight                  In Others’ Words

Yoakam, Dwight                  Under the Covers


As Good as it Gets: Hillbilly 2 cds 52 tracks…a steal. Lots rare.

Capitol Country Classics   1940s

Capitol Country Classics   1950s

Capitol Country Classics   1970s  Great UK series EMI UK

Common Thread                  Songs of the Eagles (Clint Black, John

                                                Anderson, Jackson, Bogguss, Gill etc)

Down the Path of AChin’ Hearts: 3 Australian Yodelling Cowgirls

Endless Highway                 Tribute to the Band (w. 17 tracks)

Greetings from Tennessee (Bear Family 25 tks ..all about Tennessee)

Heartworn Highways         26 tracks of Texas artists. Many rare!!

Hickory Records                  Greatest Hits Vol II 14 tracks

Hillbilly Boogie                     20 tracks on Sony.

Hillbilly Fever Vol 4  Legends of West Coast Country (Rhino OOP)

Horse Whisperer Soundtrack   a must have with Starit, Yoakam etc

Into the West Soundtrack  (a 6 pt mini series.)

Mad Dogs & Okies               16 tracks with Vince Gill/ Ray Benson/ JJ Cale/

                                                Tony Joe White/Clapton/ Willis Alan Ramsay

                                                Etc. All tracks only on this album.

Mean Mamas & Do Right Daddies Rough & Rowdy Hillby of the 30s 29tks.

Points West                          New Horizons in Country Music (first issue on

                                                Hightone with some tracks off early Hightone                                                 albums & some that never made it inc. Buddy

                                                Miller’s superb “Garage sale” & Bobby Durham.

Rancho Deluxe Sountrack   (feat. Jimmy Buffett)

Sunday in the Country        (inc. Strait’s great “I Found Jesus on the

                                                Jailhouse Floor)

Tulare Dust                           Haggard Tribute (must have with Dwight, Tom

                                                Russell, Shaver, Iris, Lucinda, Katy Moffatt etc.


$5 CDs

Acuff, Roy                             Essential 1936-1949 (CBS Legacy) 20 tks

Acuff, Roy                             King of Country Music 25 tks

Alabama                                Very Best of Live (12 tks)

Allan, Gary                            Used Hearts for Sale

Anderson, John                    Country Till I Die

Asleep at Wheel                   Tribute to Music of Bob Wills Dance mix cd

Austin, Sherrie                     Following a Feelin’

Austin’s Bridge                     Times Like these

Autry, Gene                          Essential 1933-46 (CBS Legacy) 18 tks

Bakker, Tammy Sue           There Is a Medicine (gospel) yep!

Ball, David                             Amigo

Barker, Aaron                      Taste of Freedom (wrote many Strait hits)

Bellamy Brothers                Angels & Outlaws Vol 1 (duets)

Bentley, Dierks                    Dierks Bentley

Berg, Mateca                        Lying to the Moon

Berg, Matreca                      Sunday Morning to Saturday Night

Big Kenny                              The Quiet Times of a R & R Farm Boy

Black, Clint                            Killin’ Time (1989 album & artist of Year)

Black, Clint                            D’electrified

Bonamy, James                   Roots & Wings (perplexed that his version of

                                                “Daddy Never Had a Chance in Hell” may be

                                                better than Roger Springer version even!)

Boone, Larry                                    Get in Line

Boxcar Willie                        Collection (24 tks UK)

BR549                                    Tangled in the Oines

Brooklyn Cowboys              Doin’ Time on Planet Earth

Brooklyn Cowboys              Dodging Bullets

Breese, Rob/Doug Rowe   Anytime Now

Brooks & Dunn                     Brand New Man

Brooks & Dunn                     Steers & Stripes

Brooks & Dunn                     If You See her

Buffalo Club                          Buffalo Club (very Eagles-ish)

Bundy, Laura lee                 Achin’ & Shakin’ (2 sides if it were)

Buttercup                              Evil for You

Campbell, Glen                     Reunited (w. Jimmy webb)

Campbell, Glen                     Old Home Town

Campbell, Stacy Dean        Lonesome Wins Again

Campbell, Stacy Dean        Hurt City

Cannon, Melanie                  And the Wheels Turn

Carey, Rick & Thel               Let’s Pull Together

Carpenter, Mary Chapin     Come On Come On

Carpenter, Mary Chapin     Shootin’ Straight in the Dark

Cash, Johnny                        Very Best of Johnny Cash Live (14 tks)

Cash, Rosanne                     The Wheel

Casner, Lost John                Don’t Make Me Laugh

Charles, Ray                         Super Hits (reissue of “Friendship” album)

Cheevers, Bob                      Tall Texas Tales

Clark, Terri                           Terri Clark

Clark, Terri                           How I Feel

Cline, Patsy                           Live Volume 2 (MCA0

Clymer, Clynt                        It’s All About the Ride

Cochran, Tammy                 Tammy Cochran

Cochran, Tammy                 Life Happened

Cochran, Tammy                 Where I Am

Cook, Elizabeth                    Hey Y’All

Cooper, Dana                       Made of Mud

Coster, Stan                          My People/Songs from a Wanderer’s Pen 2 on 1

Coster, Stan                          Travellin’ On my Own Track

Coster, Stan                          I Wouldn’t Be Dead for Quids

Cowan, Mike                         Easy Chair

Crowell, Rodney                  Collection (WB)

Crowell, Rodney                  Life is Messy (CBS)

Cyrus, BillyRay                     Some Gave All

Dalhart Imperials                Finally

Dallas, Rex                            Heartland

Daniels, Charlie                    Ultimate Collection 2cds  gospel

Davis, Jimmie                       Midnight Blues 1929-1933

Dean, Billy                             Best

Dean, Eddie                          Very Best (Varese)

Dennis, Wesley                    Wesley Dennis

Diffie, Joe                              Twice Upon a Time

Diffie, Joe                              Honky Tonk Attitude

Diffie, Joe                              Regular Joe

Diffie, Joe                              A Night to remember

Diffie, Joe                              In Another World

Diffie, Joe                              Life’s So Funny

Domino Kings                       Life & 20

Ducas, George                     George Ducas

Dusty, Slim                           Heritage Album

Dusty, Slim                           Looking Forward, Looking Back

Dusty, Slim                           Ringer from the Top End

Dusty, Slim                           Country Way of Life

Dusty, Slim                           Essentially Australian

Evans, Sara                           Greatest Hits

Fairchild, Shelley                 Ride

Faucett, Dawnett                Taking My Time

Frizzell, David                       David Frizzell 2001

Gattis, Keith                         Keith Gattis (superb)

Gentry, Bobbie                     Best (20 tks)

Golden Smog                        On Golden Smog

Goldens                                 Rush for Gold

Green, Pat                            What I’m For

Gregory, Clinton                  Freeborn Man

Griggs, Andy                         You Won’t ever Be Lonely

Hank Flamingo                     Hank Flamingo (Trent Summar & co-horts)

Heatherly, Eric                     Swimming in Champagne

Hellecasters                         Essential Listening

Henderson, Michael            Country Music Made Me Do It

Herndon, Ty                          Journey On (2010)

Holy, Steve                           Blue moon

Howard, Rebecca Lynn      Forgive

Hunter, Jesse                       A Man Like me (Waylon fans)

Ingram, Jack                        Big Dreams & High Hopes

Jackson, Alan                       A Lot About Living

Jackson, Alan                       Don’t Rock the Jukebox

Jackson, Alan                       High Mileage

Jackson, Alan                       Everything I Love

Jackson, Alan                       Here in the Real World

Jackson, Alan                       Who I Am

James, Brett                         Brett James

Glenn Jones                          The Track to yesterday

Jones, Kacey                        Sings Mickey Newbury

Jones, Kacey                        Every Man I Loved is either Married Gay

                                                Or Dead

Judd, Cledus T                      Cledus Envy

Judd, Wynona                      Wynona (her great debut)

Judds                                      Wynonna & Naomi

Keith, Toby                           Greatest Hits Vol 1

Kelley, Irene                        Simple Path

Kelley, Irene                        Thunderbird

Kentucky Headhunters      Big Boss Man

Kershaw, Sammy                Don’t Go Near the Water

Kershaw, Sammy                Feelin’ Good Train (G. Jones’ style debut)

Kershaw, Sammy                Maybe Not Tonight

Kershaw, Sammy                Labor of Love

Kershaw, Sammy                Politics, Religion & Her

Ketchum, Hal                        I Saw the light

King, Jill                                 Jillbilly (Heathe Myles fans)

Kirwan, Dominic                  Today

Kirwan, Dominic                  Try a Little Kindness

Kirwan, Dominic                  Introducing

Kirwan, Dominic                  The Music’s Back

Lane, Cristy                          Greatest Country hits

Lansborough, Charlie         With You in mind

Lansborough, Charlie         Still Can’t Say Goodbye

Lansborough, Charlie         What Colour is the Wind

Lansborough, Charlie         Live from Dublin

Larsen, Blaine                      Rockin’ You Tonight

Lauderdale, Jim                   The Other Sessions (very George Strait-ish)

Lawrence, Tracy                 Tracy Lawrence

Lawrence, Tracy                 Sticks & Stones

Lawrence, Tracy                 The Rock

Lawrence, Tracy                 Lessons Learned

Lawrence, Tracy                 I See It Now

Lawrence, Tracy                 Alibis

Lawrence, Tracy                 Time Marches On

Ledoux, Chris                       After the Storm

Ledoux, Chris                       Horsepower

Lee, Robin                             Very Best

Lee, Johnny                          Greatest Hits

Leigh, Danni                          29 Nights (the female Dwight)

Lewis, Jerry lee                   The Platinum Collection

McBride, Martina                 The Way That I Am

McComas, Brian                   Brian McComas

Mccoy, Neal                          Greatest Hits

McDowell, Ronnie                Unchained Melody (duets)

Martin, Stan                          Love Ain’t That Tough

Mattea, Kathy                      A Collection of Hits

Mattea, Kathy                      The Innocent Years

Mattea, Kathy                      Time Passes By

Mehaffey, Derrick               All Over Again

Mellons, ken                         Ken Mellons

Mensy, Tim                           This Ol’ Heart (superb)

Miller Brothers                     Boppin’ Hillbilly Series

Mitchell, Waddie/Don Edwards Bard & the Balladeer

Moffatt, Katy                        Child Bride

Molly & Heymakers Molly & haymakers

Montgomery Gentry           You Do Your Thing

Montgomery, John Mich.    John Michael Montgomery (Grundy County)

Montgomery, John Mich.    Life’s a Dance

Montgomery, John Mich.  Letters from Home

Morgan, Craig                       My Kind of Livin’

Morgan, Lorrie                     Something in Red

Morgan, Lorrie                     War Paint

Morgan, Lorrie                     Watch Me

Morgan, Lorrie                     Greater Need

Morgan, Lorrie                     Leave the Light On

Morris, Gary                         Hits

Mowrey, Dude                      Dude Mowrey

Murphey, Michael Martin   Cowboy Songs IV

Murphey, Michael Martin   River of Time

Nelson, Willie                       RCA Country Legends

Nelson, Willie                       Songbird

Norwood, Daron                  Daron Norwood…whatever happened to…

O’Farrell, Sean                     Introducing

Oslin, K T                               My Roots Are Showing

Overstreet, Paul                  Love is Strong

Overstreet, Paul                  Sowin’ Love

Overstreet, Paul                  Heroes

Pacheco, Tom                      There Was a Time

Paisley, Brad                        American Saturday Night

Paisley, Brad                        5th Gear

Parker, Ed                             Still a Lot of Good Miles Left in Me

Parks, John Andrew           John Andrew Parks

Parsons, Gordon                 Legendary

Parr, Paul                              Saints & Sinners

Pearl River                            Find Out What’s Happening (Eagleslike)

Perkins, Al                            Big Dog (steel player)

Peterson, Michael               Michael Peterson (how good was this debut!.

                                                Very in fact and the song of the album was

                                                “When the Bartender Cries” which he actually

                                                wrote. Brilliant.

Penrod, Jake                        Hank Williams remembered Vol 1

Penrod, Jake                        Hank Williams remembered Vol 2

Pirates of the Mississippi   A Streetcar Man Named Desire

Poole, Reg                             Way it Used To be Before GST

Preacher Jack                      Pictures fRom Life’s Othe rSide

Ranger, Shorty                    True Country Style

Randall, Jon                          Willin’

Rascal Flatts                         Melt

Raven, Eddy                          Live at Billy Bobs

Raye, Collin                           Extremes (superb)

Raye, Collin                           All I Can Be (just as good)

Raye, Collin                           I Think About You

Reed, Jerry                           Let’s Git It On

Reynolds, Billy Ray             Whole Lot of memories

Roberts, Julie                       Man & Mascara

Roberts, Julie                       Julie Roberts

Royal, Billy Joe                     The Royal Treatment

Scott, Ray                             My Kind of Music (title track worth $20 alone)

Sears, Dawn                         Nothing But Good

Springer, Roger                   Roger Sringer Band (writing on cover)

Statler Brothers                  Letser Roadhog Moran

Stevens, Ray                        Classic

Stone, Doug                          Doug Stone   (great artist)

Stone, Doug                          From the Heart

Strait, George                      Greatest Hits Vol 2

Strait, George                      If You Ain’t Lovin’ You Ain’t livin’

Strait, George                      Always Never the Same

Strait, George                      Blue Clear Sky

Stuart, Marty                        Love & Luck

Stuart, Marty                        This One’s Gonna Hurt You

Stuart, Marty                        Let There Be Country

Stuart, Marty                        Honky Tonkin’s What I Do best

Temple, Owen                      Right Here & Now

Thomson, Cyndi                   My world

Thompson, Josh                   Way Out Here

Tillis, Mel                               You Ain’t Gonna Believe This (2010 album)

Tillis, Mel                               Me & Pepper

Tillis, Pam                             Rhinestoned

Tillis, Pam                             It’s All Relative: Tillis Sings Tillis

Tillis, Pam                             Put Yourself in My Place

Tippin, Aaron                        Read Between the Lines

Tippin, Aaron                        You Got to Stand For  Something

Tobin, Karen                         Carolina Smokey Moon

Trailer Choir                         Tailgate

Travis, Randy                       Full Circle

Travis, Randy                       Always & Forever

Travis, Randy                       Storms of Life

Travis, Randy                       Old 8 x 10

Tritt, Travis                           It’s All About to Change (his best)

Trooper, Greg                      Make It Through This World

Turner, Josh                         Everything Is Fine

Van Zant                                Get Right With the Man

Wagon, Chuck & wheels   Off the top rope

Walker, Clay                         Clay Walker

Walker, Clay                         Rumor Has It

Williams, Don                       Great Country  (13 Capitol label tracks)

Williams, Hank Jnr              Five-O

Williams, Hank Jnr              Man of Steel

Williams, Hank Jnr              Rowdy

Williams, Hank Jnr              Born to Boogie

Williams, Holly                     The Ones We Never Knew (Hank jnr daughter)

Williams, Marc                     The Forgotten singing Cowboy

Williams, Tex                        Very Best (of Shasta Years)

Woodruff, Bob                     Dreams & Saturday Night

Wright, Chely                       Single White Female

Wright, Curtis                       Curtis Wright

Wills, Bob                              Essential 1935-1947(CBS Legacy) 20 tks

Wills, Bob                              Anthology Dicsc 2 (Rhino) 16 tks

Womack, Lee Ann               Lee Ann Womack

Womack, Lee Ann               I Hope You Dance

Womack, Lee Ann               There’s More Where That Came From

Yoakam, Dwight                  A Long Way Home



*American Cowboy             Rodeo album of Champions  (rodeo riders sing

                                                Rodeo  songs. ..was gonna say I didn’t like it

                                                because Rollie Fingers wasn’t on it until  I

                                                realised that he was a baseballer. Now wouldn’t

                                                I have appeared a bigger dill than normal. Mind

                                                you he should do a guest spot.

*Australian Balladeers Remembered Tribute Series 2

*Close Harmony                  History of Southern Gospel Music

*Come Together                  America Salutes the Beatles

*8 Seconds Soundtrack     12 tracks only on this album inc. Chesnutt!

*Get Low Soundtrack         New movie with Robert Duvall and the sound

                                                track is in essence half Jerry Douglas (all new)

*Hillbilly  Honeymoon: Manhaters, Misogynists & Marital MAyhem

*Kindred Spirits: Tribute to Songs of Johnny Cash

*One Voice: Atlanta Olympics (highlight Willie & Marty Stuart “We Must Believe in Magic”

*Peace in the Valley                       Gospel (Books & Dunn/Jackson/ Arista label)

*Perfect World Sountrack

*Songs for Worship Live (gospel)

*Songwriters Tribute to George Strait (guys who wrote ‘em sing ‘em)

*Southern Jazz                    Western Swing of the 1930s & 1940s

*Volunteer JamVII Charlie Daniels & Friends

*Western Jubileee              Songs & Stories of the American West 20tks


CDS $15 & up

Adkins, Trace                                   Definitive Greatest Hits 2 cds $15

Allan, Gary                                        Get Off on the Pain deluxe ed. $20

Allen, Nolan Bruce                           Salutes the Bob Wills Era $15 22 tks

                                                            w. Tom Morrell

Allen, Rex                                          Riding All Day:Life of a Cowboy 26tks $20

Allen, Rex                                          Voice of the West $18 (Bear Family)

Allen, Terry                                       Lubbock on Everything $20

Alverson, Tommy                            Heroes & Friends $18 w. guests

Alverson, Tommy                            Me on the Jukebox $18

Anderson, Bill                                   Songwriter  (2010) $20

Anderson, John                                I Just Came Home to Count the memories

                                                            Reissue of WB classic $15

Area Code 615                                  Area Code 615/Trip in the country $18

                                                            Not Razor & Tie but put out by Wayne


Atkins, Chet                                      Picks on the Hits/ Superpickers 2on1 $20

Atkins, Chet                                      Discovers Japan $22 (Japan press)

Autry, Gene                                      Essential $18  2cd Sony Legacy 40 tks

Baker, Sam                                       Cotton $18 (2009)

Ball, David                                         Sparkle City $20

Ball, David                                         Thinking problem $18

Ball, David                                         Heartaches by the number $20

Ballew, Michael                                I Love Texas $18  (Bear Family) 22tks

Bare, Bobby                                      Lullabys, Legends & Lies 2cd edition $28

Bare, Bobby                                      Essential $18  20 tks

Barker, Aaron/Curtis Wayne       Straight from the Horse’s Mouth $20

Bell, Delia                                          Delia Bell $20 produced by & featuring

                                                            Emmylou Harris. Great album

Bellamy Brothers                            Anthology cd + dvd $18

Bellamy Brothers                            Jesus Is Coming $15 Gospel with Old

                                                            Hippie III!!!!

Bentley, Dierks                                Up on the Ridge $15 (2010)

Bice, Steve                                        Sixty Minutes of Sin $20 gem

Blue, Arkey                                       The Best  20 tracker $20

Blue, Arkey                                       The Hills of Old Fredericksburg $20

Blue, Arkey                                       There’s Still Country Music in Texas $20

Blue Sky Boys                                  Complete Starday Recordings $20 28 tks

                                                            inc. 4 previously unissued + 8 pg book.

Blue Sky Boys                                  A Treasury of Rare Gems from the Past

                                                            $18 16 tracks

Boland, Jason                                   High in the Rockies: A live Album $20

Bond, Johnny                                    Ten Little Bottles & 15 Other Starday

                                                            Recordings $15

Bond, Johnny                                    Country & Western Standard

                                                            Transcriptions $18 31 tks

Booker, Patty                                   Fire & Brimstone $20

Booth, Tony                                      Key’s in the Mailbox/Lonesome 7-7203

                                                            2 on 1 $20 great

Brown, Greg                                     If I Had Known Essential 1980-1996 $20

                                                            CD + DVD

Brown, Jim Ed & Browns               Essential $18 Great cd of both group &

                                                            Jim Ed solo…only place you’ll get these.

Brown, Junior                                   Down Home chrome $20

Brown, Pieta                                    Shimmer $15

Brown, Zac                                       You Get What You Give $20

Browne, Jann                                   Buckin’ around $20 …tribute to Buck

Brown’s Ferry Four                         Fine Singing of Wonderful Country Gospel

                                                            Songs  24 tks $15

Browns                                              Complete Hits $20

Bruce, Ed                                           In Jesus’ Eyes: Songs of Inspiration $18

Burns, Brian                                     Eagle & The Snake $18

Burns, Brian                                     Angels & Outlaws $20

Burns, Brian                                     Highways, Heartaches & Honky tonks$20

Butler, Carl & Pearl             Best of (inc. 5 tracks by Johnny & Jonie

                                                            Mosby) $20

Byrds                                                 Sweethearts of Rodeo $15 Gram parsons

Byrom, Jim                                       Whiskey Uniform $18

Campbell, Stacy Dean                    Ashes of an Old Love

Campbell, Stacy Dean                    Cottontown $20 Hard to get now.

Cargill, Henson                                 On The Road $18

Carey, Rick & Thel                           Regal Zonophone Colllection 3cd $20

Cari Lee & Saffleites                       Red Barn Baby $18

Carlisle, Bill                                       Boppin Hillbilly Series  25 tks $18 w. Cliff

Carlson, Paulette                             It’s About Time $18 (of Highway 101)

Carolina Cotton                                Yodelling Blonde Bombshell $20

Carter, Carlene                                Musical Shapes/Blue nun 2 on 1 $18

Carter, Sara & Maybelle                 Sara & Maybelle Carter $20 (Bear Family)

Carter Family                                   Sunshine in the Shadows 2cds 48 tks $18

Carter, Wilf                                       Dynamite Trail $18 (Bear Family)

Cartwright, Lionel                           I Watched It All on the Radio $18

Cash, Johnny                                    Rocakabilly Blues $18

Cash, Johnny                                    At Madison Square Garden $18

Cash, Johnny                                    Original Sun Singles $15 (Sundazed)

Cash, Johnny                                    Mystery of Life $18 (Mercury label)

Cash, Johnny                                    Sunday Morning Coming Down $18

Cash, Johnny                                    Johnny Cash Is Coming to Town/ Boom                                                             Chicka Boom $20 (Mercury 2 on 10 great

Cash, Johnny                                    Country Classics 3CD $25 Readers Digest

Cash, Laura                                       Awake but Dreaming $15

Cash, Tommy                                   Fade to Black $20 (2010)

Cash, Tommy                                   Very Best $20

Casello, Chris                                    Done Moved on $18 scorching rockabilly

Chapel, Leon                         Automatic Mama $18 (Bear Family)

Chapman, Marshall                         Big Lonesome (2010) $15

Charles, Bobby                                 See You Later Alligator $20 (Bear Family)

Charles, Ray                                     Friendship $18 duets 2 bonus tks

Chesney, Kenny                               Hemingway’s Whiskey

Chesnutt, Mark                                Savin’ the Honky Tonk $20

Clark, Gene/Carla Olson                In Concert 2cds $20 19 tks + 7 Gene solo

Clark, Gene                                       Silverado ‘ 75 $18

Clark, Sanford                                  Shades $15 (Bear Family)

Clark, Terri                                       Live $18

Cletro, Eddie                                     Flying Saucer Boogie $20 (Bear Family)

Cochran, Hank                                 Living for a Song $18

Conlee, John                                     Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus $20 gospel

Conlee, John                                     Classics $20

Cooper, Wilma Lee & Stoney        Songs of Inspiration  $15

Cooper, Wilma Lee & Stoney        24 All Time GH $15

Corbett, Tom                                    Tonight I Ride $18 w. guests inc. Herb


Corbin, Easton                                  Easton Corbin $20

Craft, Paul                                         To oBad You’re No Good $20 inc. his own

                                                            Version of “Drop Kick Me Jesus” which he

                                                            wrote. Great cd.

Crowell, Rodney                              Houston Kid $15 inc. Johnny Cash on “I

                                                            Walk the Line Revisited”. Great album

Dadi. Marcel                                     Nashville Rendezvous $25 2cds with Chet

                                                            Albert Lee, Charlie McCoy etc.

Dalton, Lacy J                                   Here’s to Hank $20 (2010)

Dalton, Lacy J                                   Greatest Hits $18

Davis, Jimmie                                   Country Music Hall of Fame $18

Davis, Skeeter                                 Essential (RCA) $18

Davis, Stephanie                              Western Bliss $18 (western swing)

Dean, Eddie                                      On the Banks of the Sunny San Juan $18

                                                            26 tracks.

Dean, Lonnie/Will Taylor               Texas Honky Tonk Shuffles $20

Dee, Billy                                           When the Vow Breaks $20 Dale Watson.

Delmore Brothers                           Freight Train Boogie (Ace) Uk 420

Delmore Brothers                           King & Deluxe Acetates (Ace ) UK $20

Dement, Iris                                     Infamous Angel $18

Dement, Iris                                     My Life $18

Dement, Iris                                     The Way I should $15

Derailers                                           Genuine $18

Derailers                                           Under the Influence of Buck $18

Diamond, Claude                             Diamond Dust $18

Diffie, Joe                                          Ultimate Collection $15 20 tks

Digby, Amber                                   Another Way to Live $20

Digby, Amber/Justin Trevino       Keeping Up Appearances $20

Dodd, Landon                                   Call of the Wine $20 Brilliant

Dunn, Holly                                       Blue Rose of Texas $18

Dusty, Slim                                       Australia Is His Name $20 3cds OOP

Eaglesmith, Fred                             Lipstick, Lies & Gasoline $18

Eaglesmith, Fred                             Cha Cha Cha $20 (2010)

Earle, Steve                                      Ain’t ever Satisfied 2cds $20

Earle, Steve                                      Guitar Town $15

Edwards, Jonathan                         Honky Tonk Stardust Cowboy $18

Elliott, Ronny                                    Valentine Roadkill 420

Escovedo, Alejandro                       Street Songs Of Love $18 (2010)

Ewing, Skip                                       Naturally $18

Ewing, Skip                                       Will to Love $20

Fargo, Donna                                    Best $20 Possibly out of print

Farrar, Jay/ Benjamin Gibbard    One Fast Move Or I’m Gone $18 (2010)

Flatlanders                                        Hills & Valleys $18

Flores, Bobby                                   Direct from Blanco County $20

Flores, Bobby                                   Neon Lights $20

Flores, Rosie                         Dance Hall Dreams $15

Flores, Rosie                         Rockabilly Filly $20

Flowers, Floyd                                  I Ain’t Much but I’m All I Got $20

Foley, Red                                         Best 1944-1958 $18 (edsel UK)

Ford, Tennessee Ernie                   Songs of the Civil War 2 on 1 $20

                                                            North + South.

Ford, Tennessee Ernie                   Vintage Collection $18 Good

Ford, Tennessee Ernie                   Ultimate Collection $28 2cds OOP

                                                            Razor & Tie with career cross section.

Foster & Lloyd                                  Foster & Lloyd $18 Great debut by

                                                            Radney & Bill. Lots of twangy Dwight

                                                            Style. Recommended.

Foster & Lloyd                                  Faster & Louder $18 ditto

Frickie, Janie                                    Black & White $18

Frickie, Janie                                    After Midnight $18 completes 4 Frickies!

Friedman, Kinky                              Mayhem Aforethought 1973 $18

Gatlin, Larry                                     Pilgrimage $18 (with “Johnny Cash Is

                                                            Dead & the House Burned Down”)

Gibson, Bob                                      Makin’ a Mess of Commercial Success $18

                                                            Bob Gibson sings Shel Silverstein. Great.

Gilley, Mickey                                   Live at the Gilley Theatre $20 cd + 60

                                                            Minute conbcert dvd which is great.

Gilley, Mickey                                   Ten Years of Hist $18

Gimble, Johnny                                Celebrating With Friends $20 (2010)

                                                            Great album w. wonderful guests inc.

                                                            Vince Gill, Dale Watson, Haggard etc.

Gimble, Johnny                                Still Fiddlin’ Around $18 (MCA)

Glaser, Tompall                               Best of $20 24 fabulous tracks

Glaser, Tompall                               Outlaw to the Crosss $20 Gospel

Gordon, Robert                                Lost Album Plus $15 (Bear Family)

Gosdin, Vern                                     Back in the Swing of Things $20 (reissue

                                                            of “The Voice”

Gosdin, Vern                                     Never My Love $20

Gosdin, Vern                                     You’ve Got Somebody $20

Gosdin, Vern                                     Truly Great Hits $18

Gosdin, Vern                                     Late & Great Voice $20

Gosdin, Vern                                     10 Years of Greatest Hits $18

Grand, Gil                                          Burnin’ $20 Canadian album

Greene, Lorne                                  The Man $20 28 tks

Griffith, Nanci                                  Best/Retrospective $15 2cds same tracks
Griffith, Nanci                                  Lonestar State of Mind  $18

Griffith, Nanci                                  Poet In My window $18

Griffith, Nanci                                  Loving Kind radio Special $20

Haggard, Merle                                I Am What I Am $20 (2010 gem)

Haggard, Merle                                Cabin in the Hills $15

Haggard, Merle                                If I Could Only Fly $15

Haggard, Merle                                Two Old Friends $15 (with Al Brumley) Haggard, Merle                                Working Man’s Journey $20

Haggard, Merle                                Bluegrass Sessions $20

Haggard, Merle                                Chicago Wind $15

Haggard, Merle                                Someday We’ll Look Back/ I Love Dixie

                                                            Blues $20

Haggard, Merle                                Kern River/Chill Factor $20

Haggard, Merle                                I’m a Lonesome Fugitive/Branded Man20

Haggard, Merle                                Portrait of Merle Haggard/Keep Movin’

                                                            On $20

Haggard, Merle                                Legend of Bonnie & Clyde/ Pride in What

                                                            I Am $20

Haggard, Merle                                Roots Volume 1 $15

Haggard, Merle                                kern River/Amber Waves of Grain $22

Haggard, Merle                                Unforgettable $15

Hall, Tom t                                        Songs from SopChoppy $20

Hall, Tom t                                        Sings Miss Dixie & Tom T $20

Hampton, R W                                  The One That I Never Could Ride $15

Hampton, R W                                  Austin to Boston $20 Great western artist

Hancock, Wayne                             Thunderstorms & Neon Signs $20

Hancock, Wayne                             That’s What Daddy Wants $20

Hand, James                                     Shadows Where the Magic Was $20

Hard Hat Dave                                 And the Honky Tonk Knights $20

Harris, D  B                                       Can I Return These Flowers $20

Harris, Emmylou                             Live at the Ryman $18

Harris, Emmylou                             Elite Hotel expanded $15

Harris, Emmylou                             Brand New Dance $18 

Harris, Emmylou                             Roses in the Snow $18

Harris, Emmylou                             Quarter Moon in a Ten Cent Town $15

Harris, Emmylou                             Songs of the West $15

Hayes, Wade                                    Place to Turn Around $20

Heinrich, Roy & Pickups                 Playin’ Favorites $18 honky tonk

Helm, Levon                                      Dirt Farmer $15

Helm, Levon                                      Electric Dirt $18

Hendrix, Terri                                  Cry Til lYou Laugh $15

Hensley, Trey                                   It Is What It Is $18

Hill, Brenn                                         Equine $18

Hobbs, Becky                                   Best of the Beckaroo 21 tracks $18

Holiday, Jolie                                    Lucky Enough $18

Hollister, Doug                                 There Is a Time $20

Hooker, Jake                                    Lost Along the way $20

Horton, Johnny                                Ballads Of $20

Horton, Johnny                                Essential: 1956-1960: Honky tonk Man

                                                            2cds $25

Houser, Randy                                 They Call Me Cadillac. $18 Whoever said

                                                            the major labels didn’t produce country

                                                            music haven’t heard this gem, which has

                                                            Mark Chesnutt’s original producer Mark

                                                            Wright on board. Great song & singer.

                                                            You can even choose cd or lp!!

Hubbard, Ray Wylie                        Lost Train of thought $15

Hudgins, Lucas                                 The World Left Is Mine $18

Hurd, Cornell                                    Beyond the Purple Hills $20

Hurd, Cornell                                    A Bad Year for Love $20

Jack, Dottie                                      With Every Heartbeat $20 Stunning cd.

Jackson, Alan                                   Songs of Love & Heartache $22 (only at

                                                            Crackerbarrel stores & has 2 songs not

                                                            On anything else)

Jackson, Stonewall                         Best $20  24tks

Jackson, Wanda                              Heartache $20 16 country tks from 80s

James, Sonny                                   Complete Columbia & Monument Hits $18

James, Sonny                                   In Prison in POerson/200 Years $20

                                                            The In prison album features the

                                                             prisoners playing & is superb.

James, Sonny                                   Capitol Collectors Series $15

Jennings, Waylon                            Cowboys Sisters Rascals & Dirt $18

Jennings, Waylon                            Waylon/Singer of Sad Songs 2 on 1 $20

Jennings, Waylon                            Old Waylon Sings Old Hank $20

Jennings, Waylon                            Dark Side of Fame $20 early 28 tks

Jennings, Waylon                            Essential 3cds $18

Jennings, Waylon                            The Restless Kid: Live at JDS $20 (Bear)

Jennings, Waylon                            Love of Common People/ Hangin’ On

                                                            $20 2 on 1

Jennings, Waylon                            Folk Country/ Waylon Sings Ol Harlan

                                                            $20 2 on 1

Jennings, Waylon                            Original Album Classics $35 5cds in

                                                            replica covers…Lonesome On’ry & mean/

                                                            This Time/ Ramblin’ man/ Ol Waylon/

                                                            Waylon & Willie. Very Nice.

Jiminez, Flaco                                   Squeeze Box King $15

Johnnie & Jack                                 Best $18

Johnson, Jamey                               That Lonesome song $20

Johnson, Jamey                               The Guitar Song 2cds $20

                                                            The saviour of country music. Like

                                                            the greatest stars in country he is also a

                                                            bad man!! Like them he is also great!!

Jones, George                                  We All Get together/ Let’s Build a World

                                                            Together 2 on 1 with Tammy $20

Jones, George                                  She Thinks I Still care 2cds OOP $30

                                                            United Artist Years

Jones, George                                  Anniversary: Ten Years of Hits $18

Jones, George                                  Homecoming in Heaven $20

Jones, George                                  In a Gospel way $18

Jones, George                                  A Picture of Me/Nothing Ever Hurt Me

                                                            Half as Bad as Losing You $20

Jones, George                                  I Am what I Am $18

Jones, George                                  Essential 2cds $18

Jones, George                                  A Collection of My best Recollection $20

                                                            Crackerbarrel exclusive w. 2 unrelased


Jones, George                                  Legendary Country Singers Time Life

                                                            25 tracks.

Jones, George                                  The Grand Tour $15

Jones, George                                  And Friends $25 2 dvd + cd.

Jones, George                                  Kickin’ Out the Footlights $18 (with Hag)

Jones, George                                  Jones By George $20  2cds early years

Jones, George                                  Essential Spirit of Country $28 2cds

Jones, George                                  Golden Ring $18 (with Tammy)

Jones, Grandpa                                Country Music Hall of fame $18

Jordinaires                                        Songs of Inspiration $15

Jorgenson, John                              Franco American Swing $18

Joyce, Terri                                      Kitchen Radio $20 The Swedish Cowboy

                                                            breaks into a sweat just thinkin’ of this

                                                            gem…one of his favourites.

Kane, ray                                          Wa’ahila $15 Hawaiian slack key guitar

Keen, Robert Earl                            Undone 2cd Tribute $18

Keith, Toby                                       Bullets in the Gun    Deluxe Edition

                                                            $15 Genuine 3D cover with 4 extra tracks

Kendall, Jeannie                              All the Girls That I Am $18 (of Kendalls)

Kershaw, Sammy                            Better Than I Used to Be $20 New 2010

                                                            album shows Sammy still at the top of

                                                            his game. Greatly produced by Buddy

                                                            Cannon. A great bonus is a duet with the

                                                            great Jamey Johnson on the Shel

                                                            Silverstein classic “Cover of the Rolling                                                             Stone”.

Kilby, Red                                          Keepin’ It Real $20

Kilby, Red                                          In High Gear $20  classics w. Lloyd Green

Kimes, Royal Wade                         Hangin’ Round the Moon $18

Kincaid, Bradley                              Old Time Songs & Hymns 28 tks $20

King, Jill                                             Rain on Fire $18

Kirchen, Bill                                      Word to the Wise $18  2010 w. guests

                                                            Elvis Costello, Nick Lowe, Dan Hicks,

                                                            Chris O’Connell, Maria Muldaur etc.

Kirchen, Bill                                      King of Dieselbilly $20 Contains 2 long

                                                            versions of “Hot Rod Lincoln”, one solo &

                                                            one with Twangbangers.

Kristofferson, Kris                          Surreal Thing/Easter Island $20 2 on 1

Kristofferson, Kris                          Repossessed/Third World Warrior $22

                                                            2cd set.

Kristofferson, Kris                          Who’s to Blame etc/To the Bone $20

Kristofferson, Kris                          Border lord/ Jesus Was a Capricorn $20

Kristofferson, Kris                          Kristofferson (expanded) $18

Ledoux, Chris                                   Ultimate Collection 2cds $18

Lee, Brenda                                      Songs of Inspiration $15

Lewis, Jerry Lee                              Original Sun Singles $15 (Sundazed)

Lewis, Linda Gail                              Out of the shadows $20

Louvin, Charlie                                 Greatest Hits $15 20 post Louvin inc.    

                                                            3 duets w. Melba Montgomery

Louvin, Charlie                                 And Friends $15 (inc. “This Darn pen”)

Louvin, Charlie                                 The Battle Rages on $18 (2010)

Louvin Bros                                       Tragic Songs of Life/Satan is Real $15

Louvin Bros                                       20 Greatest Gospel Hits $18

Loveless, Patty                                Mountain Soul II $20

Loveless, Patty                                Sleepless Nights $18

Lovett, Lyle                                       Step Inside This House 2cds $22

Lynn, Loretta                                    All Time Gospel Favourites 2cds $25

Lynn, Loretta                                    Definitive $20

Lynn, Loretta                                    Peace in the Valley $18

Lynne, Shelby                                   Epic Recordings $18 16 tks from her

                                                            3 albums on Epic which were very good.

McEntire, Reba                                 50 Greatest Hits 3 cd box with leather

                                                            finish. $28

McEntire, Reba                                 Reba # 1s 2cds $15 If you believe Reba

                                                            hasn’t had a little “enhancement” I will

                                                            scrawl her name & tell you it is

                                                            autographed & the price is $50!!!

Macon, Uncle Dave                          Country Music Hall of Fame $20 OOP

McCall, Darrell                                  Keeping With Tradition $20

Maddox, Rose/John Jorgensen  Moon Is Rising $18 Great duet album

Malo, Raul                                         Saints & Sinners $20 (2010) “Superstar”

                                                            is like Texas Tornados & the best thing                                                             he has ever done (inc. w. mavericks)

Malo, Raul                                         Today $18 2cd version with bonus disc

Marquez, Bobby                               Bobby Marquez $20

Martin, Tony                                     Stronger Than That $20

Mattea, Kathy                                  Coal $18 (cf Patty’s “Mountain Soul”)

Mavericks                                          Definitive Collection $20

Miller, Darnell                                   Timeless $18

Milsap, Ronnie                                  40 # 1 Hits 2cds  $22

Milsap, Ronnie                                  Ultimate Collection $18 22 tks

Milsap, Ronnie                                  Then Sings My Soul: 24 Favourite Hymns

                                                            & Gospel Songs $18 2cds

Moffatt, Hugh                                   Loving You $20 “Jack & Lucy” sung as                                                   a duet w. sister Katy is as good as it gets

Moffatt, Katy                                    Midnight Radio $15

Moffatt, Katy                                    Evangeline Hotel $15

Moffatt, Katy                                    Trilogy 2cds with the previous 2 albums                                                            & “Hearts Gone wild” $25. Inc. duets w.                                                           Tom Russell eg “Hank & Audrey”. A must.

Monroe, Vaughn                              Very Best $20 all the originals

Moody, Clint                                      Back to the Basics $18

Moody, Ruth                                     The Garden (of Wailin’ Jennies) 2010 $18

Morgan, Chad                                   Regal Zonophone Singles 3cds $18

Morgan, Lorrie                                 A Moment in Time $20 Is this the 10th                                                                or 12th….album silly not husbands!!       

Morgan, Lorrie                                 The Color of Roses 2cds w. bonus tks and

                                                            interviews. $20

Morrison, Van/ Linda Gail Lewis You Win Again $20

Murphey, Michael Martin               Ultimate Collection $18 21 tracks

Myles, Heather                                Sweet Little Dangerous $20

Myles, Heather                                Just Like Old Times $20

Nelson, Willie                                   Texas in My Soul $18 all songs about

                                                            Texas. His RCA gem. Lots of “Alamo”.

Nelson, Willie                                   Complete Liberty Recordings 2cd $25

                                                            45 tracks.

Nelson, Willie                                   Six Hours in Pedernales $20 with the

                                                            great Curtis Potter. On Step One.

Nelson, Willie                                   Just One Love $20 This OOP gem on

                                                            Justice is Willie’s 2nd best album IMO

                                                            (AINW) just behind “Phases & Stages”

                                                            & has 12 great tracks inc. 2 with Kimmie

                                                            Rhodes + one gem w. Grandpa Jones.

Nelson, Willie                                   Willie & Family Live 2cds $20 expanded

Nelson, Willie                                   Honeysuckle Rose soundtrack $18

Nelson, Willie                                   Country Classics 3cd Readers Digest $25

Nichols, Joe Paul                             The Price Is Right $20 Ray Price tribute

Nichols, Joe Paul                             Tree of Life $20 mainly gospel.

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band                     Will the Circle Be Unbroken II $18

Norma Jean                                      Guess That Comes from Being Poor $20

                                                            Classic RCA tracks…30 of them!

Nunn, Gary P                                    Texas Music Legends Live from the

                                                            Majestic $20

O’Kanes                                             The Only Years $18 CBS compilation

Oak Ridge Boys                                Boys are Back $15

Oak Ridge Boys                                Definitive Collection $20

Orbison, Roy                         Memphis/Milestones/ Sings 3 lps on 2cds

                                                            $25.Memphis sought for “Danny Boy”.

Owens, Buck                                    The Warner Brothers Recordings $38 2cd

                                                            Rhino handmade deluxe limited edition.

Owens, Buck                                    Together Again/My Heart Skips a Beat 18

Owens, Buck                                    Sings Tommy Collins $18

Owens, Buck                                    I Don’t Care $15

Owens, Buck                                    I’ve Got a Tiger by the Tail $15

Owens, Buck                                    On the Bandstand $18

Owens, Buck                                    Collection 1959-90 sampler $18

Owens, Buck                                    Before You Go No One But You $18


Oxford, Vernon                                Sings gospel Country & Blues $20

Parsons, Gram                                 Anthology $22 2cds sealed $28

Parsons, Jeremy                             Doggonest Feelin’ $18 one of 2010 best.

Parton, Dolly                                    Fairest of Them All/ My Favourite

                                                            Songwriter Porter Wagoner $20 2on1

Parton, Dolly                                    Heartsongs $20 great 23 track live

Paycheck, Johnny                           11 Months & 29 Days/Slide Off Your

                                                            Satin Sheets $15 2 on 1

Paycheck, Johnny                           The beginning Little Darlin’ Sound $18

Paycheck, Johnny                           Shakin’ the Blues (Bear Family) $20

Penn, Dan                                         Junkyard Junky $18…a legend.

Perfect Stranger                             It’s Up to You $20 Their early indie cd

                                                            w. some great tracks that didn’t make

                                                            it to Curb including “We Robbed Trains”                                                            & “Drinkin’ Thing”…a wonderful song.

Pierce, Webb                                    Wondering Boy: King of 50s Country                                                                  $20 Edsel UK OOP 24 tracks.

Pierce, Webb                                    High Geared Daddy $20 (Bear Family)

Potter, Curtis                                   Them Old Honky tonks $20’

Potter, Curtis                                   The Survivors $20 w. Darrell McCall &

                                                            Tony Booth.

Powers, Freddy                               Country jazz Singer $20

Powers, Freddy                               Silver Eagle $18

Powers, Freddy                               My Great escape $20 (3 duets with Hag)

                                                            A songwriter who is also a fine guitarist

                                                            & singer. He is now a member of Merle

                                                            Haggard’s band. The first features his

                                                            original version of “Natural High”, “Little

                                                            Hotel Room”, and “Friend in California”)

Prairie Oyster                                  Everybody Knows $20

Prairie Oyster                                  Blue Plate special $18

Prairie Oyster                                  Only One Moon $18 Great Canadian

                                                            group who appeal to Dwight fans. Tops!

Price, Ray                                         The Essential 1951-62 $18 20 tracks

Price, Ray                                         Faith $18 Gospel album

Price, Ray                                         Legendary Country Singer $20 Time life

                                                            25 tracks.

Pride, Charley                                  Live $15

Prine, John                                        In Person & On Stage $20

Prine, John                                        Missing Years $20

Prine, John                                        Lost Dogs & Mixed Blessings $20

Prine, John                                        Souvenirs $18

Prine, John                                        John Prine $20 (his debut)

Reefer, Sean                                                Texas Hill Country $20 like Hank III

                                                            & Wayne the Train….in fact great!!

Reeves, Del                                       I’m Gonna Sing My Songs For Jesus $18

                                                            Gospel ….if you hand’t already guessed.

Reynolds, Lawrence                       He Comes From Alabama $20 many rate

                                                            this the equal of any indie we have ever

                                                            had…I am one of them!

Rhodes, Kimmie                               Rich From the Journey $18

Richey, Kim                                       Wreck Your Wheels $18 (2010)

Riders in the Sky                             Horse Opera $18 inc. their gem “Sidekick

                                                            Heaven” an hilarious take on “Hillbilly

                                                            Heaven” dedicated to western sidekicks.

Robbins, Marty                                 The Early Years $15 18 tracks

Rodriguez, Johnny                          Some of Mine Some of Theirs $20 His

                                                            glorious 2010 independent release is

                                                            stunning….as good as he has ever done.

Rodgers, Jimmie                              Twilight on the Trail/ When the Spirit

                                                            Moves you $20 the Honeycomb guy…one

                                                            Western and one gospel on 1 cd

Rodgers, Mike                                  Honky Tonk Hitman $20 Great fullbore

                                                            honky tonk album by the guy who

                                                            combined singing with boxing!!

Ronstadt, Linda/ Ann Savoy         Adieu False Heart $15

Rush, Tom                                         What I Know $18 Jim Rooney produced

                                                            2009 album with nice duets w. Emmylou

                                                            & Nanci Griffith.
Russell, Johnny                                Actin’ Naturally $18 duets Buck, Dolly etc

Russell, Johnny                                Greatest Hits $18

Russell, Leon                                    Best of Hank Wilson $20 22 tks Great

Russell, Tom                                     Blood and Candle Smoke $20

Russell, Tom                                     Love & Fear $18

Russell, Tom                                     Hurricane Season $18

Russell, Tom                                     Rose of San Joaquin $20

Ruthie & Wranglers                        Life’s Savings $15

Sadler, SSgt Barry                          Ballads of the Green Berets $20 + bonus

                                                            (Note: this reissue has sold 75,000 +)

Sanders, Ray                                    Funny How Time Slips Away $20 Hillside

Shaver, Billy Joe                              Restless Wind Best 1973-87 $20

Shelton, Blake                                  Barn & Grill $15

Silverstein, Shel                               Freakin’ at the Freakers Ball $20 + bonus

Simpson, Red                                   Roll Truck Roll $15 (Sundazed)

Simpson, Red                                   Truck Drivin’ Man $15 (Sundazed)

Smith, Cal                                          Stories of Life $20 (Step One)

Smith, Carl                                        sixties Hits  24 tks $20

Smith, Carl                                        Essential 1950-56 $18  20 tks OOP

Smith, Connie                                   Essential $18 20 RCA gems.,

Smith, Connie                                   Love Never Fails $18 gospel album with

                                                            Barbara Fairchild & Sharon White

Snow, Hank                                      Country Music legends $18 2cds

Son Volt                                             Okemah & the melody of Riot  cd +

                                                            DVD which has DVD audio plus film. $18

Sousley, Rick                                    Patsy Proof. $20 Good cd wondrous title


Spears, Billie Jo                               Ultimate Collection 2cds 48 tracks EMI

                                                            UK issue. $25 Now OOP

Spiker, Lonnie                                  Unapologetically Honk Tonk $20

Starr, Lucille                                     Lonely Street/ Side By Side 2 on 1 $20

Steagall, Red                                    Her We Go Again $18 (duets)

Stewart, Gary                                  Best of Hightone Years $15

Stewart, Wynn/Jan Howard         Very Best $20

Stone River Boys                             Love on the Dial $18
Stone, Billy                                        West Texas Sky $18 (Bear Family)

Strait, George                                  50 # 1s $22 2cds

Strait, George                                  Beyond the Blue Neon $18 (his best)

Strait, George                                  22 More Hits Strait $18

Strait, George                                  Twang $20 His latest & one of his best.

Street, Mel                                        20 Greatest Hits $20 (king of the

                                                            cheating song..daylight second)

Stringer, Jim                         Triskaidekaphilia $18

Stuart, Marty                                    The Pilgrim $20 His concept album is

                                                            OOP. It is his best & includes the only

                                                            recorded duet of Emmylou & George

                                                            Jones…which is as good as it sounds.

Swan, Billy                                        Greatest Hits $20  20 tks

Swift, Taylor                                     Fearless cd + dvd $18 ….first prize is the

                                                            Standard Taylor Swift cd….second prize

                                                            is the deluxe edition with an extra disc!

Taylor, Chip                                      Unglrious Hallelujah 2 cd  $18

Taylor, Chip                                      Yonkers NY 2cd book cover $20

Taylor, Chip                                      Angels & Gamblers Best 1971-79 $15

Taylor, Chip/Carrie Rodriguez     New Bye Bye $20 18tks inc 4 new songs

Taylor, Jackson Band                     Live Locked & Loaded at Longhorns $20

Taylor, Jackson Band                     Dark Days $20

Taylor, Jackson Band                     Aces N Eights $20

Texas Tornados                               Live from Austin City Limits $18

Texas Tornados                               Esta Bueno! $20  2010 w. Sean Sahm

Texas Tornados                               4 Aces $15

Texas Tornados                               zone of Our Own $15

Thomas, B J                                      Greatest Hits (Rhino) OOP $18

Thompson, Hank                             Country Music Hall of Fame $18 (MCA)

Thompson, Hank                             Best of Hank Thompson 1966-79 $20

Thompson, Hank                             Treasures $20 unreleased Capitol tracks

Thompson, Hank                             Hank world $15 radio transcriptions 23tk

Thompson, Hank                             My Personal Favourites $15

Tillis, Mel                                           Best of Columbia Years $20  24 tks

Tillman, Floyd                                   Crazy Cajun Recordings $18 26 tks

Tillman, Floyd                                   Country Music Hall of Fame $15

Tillotson, Johnny                             All the Early Hits & More (Ace UK) $20

Tom, Leslie                                       High maintenance $18

Tomblin, Lucky                                 I’m a Honky Tonk Merrygo round $15

Tomblin, Lucky                                 Honky tonk Merry Go Round $18  Great

                                                            Texas honky tonk by a group feat. Red

                                                            Volkaert, Earl Poole Ball etc.

Travis, Merle                                    Legend of $18

Travis, Merle                                    Merle Travis Story $20 CMH

Travis, Merle                                    Hoedown Shows $18 transcriptions 25tk

Travis, Randy                                   Trail of Memories 2cds $25 beautiful

                                                            Rhino compilation. 3 fold cover 40pg bk

                                                            OOP. 44 tracks. Very nice.

Trevino, Justin                                 Before You Say Amen $20 gospel

Trevino, Justin                                 Loud whiskey & Strong wine $20

Trevino, Justin                                 Scene of the Crying $20

Tubb, Ernest                                     Collection 2cds Step One  duets.

Tubb, Ernest                                     Definitive Hits 2cds 40 tks $22

Turner, Josh                                     Haywire deluxe edition $18

Twitty, Conway                                Silver Anniversary Collection $20 25tks

Twitty, Conway                                25 Number One Hits $20

Twitty, Conway                                Looking Back: Very Best of MGM 2cds $25

                                                            40 tracks.

Twitty, Conway/ Loretta Lynn     Definitive Collection $20

Two Tons of Steel                            Vegas  $18

Two Tons of Steel                            Not That Lucky $18

Van Dyke, Leroy                              Leroy Van Dyke Show $18 ltd ed.

Van Zandt, Townes                         Legend 2cds $20  46 tks lots of duets

Wagoner, Porter                             Big rock Candy Mountain: 20 of Porter’s

                                                            Favourite songs $20

Wagoner, Porter                             Duets $15 Inc. last duet with Dolly. Also

                                                            feat. Pam Gadd + Penny DeHAven

Wagoner, Porter/ Pamela Rose Gadd  22 Country & Gospel Duets $20

Wagoner, Porter                             Essential $18 RCA                           

Wagoner, Porter                             The Best I’ve Been $15

Wagoner, Porter                             The Versatile $15

Wagoner, Porter                             The Rubber Room $18  29 tks

Wakefield, Jeremy                          Steel Guitar Caviar $15

Walker, Clay                                     Shje Won’t be Lonely Long $18

Watson, Aaron                                 Deep in the Heart of Texas cd/dvd $18

Watson, Dale                                    Carryin’ On $20 (2010)

Watson, Dale                                    Whiskey or God $18

Watson, Dale                                    Blessed or Damned $20

Watson, Dale                                    Dreamland$18

Watson, Dale                                    From the Cradle to the Grave $18

Watson, Dale                                    I Hate These Songs $20

Watson, Doc                                     Southbound $18

Watson, Doc                                     Home sweet Home $18 (w. Merle)

Watson, Doc                                     Essential $20

Watson, Doc                                     Songs from Home $20 (Liberty)

Watson, Doc                                     Legacy 3cds $22 with David Holt

Watson, Doc                                     Songs for Little Pickers $18

Watson, Doc                                     Then & Now/Two Days in November $20

Watson, Doc                                     Docabilly $18

Watson, Doc Family                       Songs from southern Mounatins $18

Watson, Doc                                     Elementary $18

Watson, Doc                                     Trouble in Mind: Country Blues Coll $18

Watson, Doc / Ricahrd Watson    Third Generation Blues $18

Watson, Gene                                  Sings $20

Watson, Gene                                  In a Perfect World $20

Watson, Gene                                  Taste of the truth $20

Watson, Gene                                  Greatest Hits (MCA) $18

Watson, Gene                                  From the Heart $20

Wayne, Dallas                                  Big thinkin’ $15

Wayne, Dallas                                  I’m Your Biggest Fan $18

Weems, Shayne                               The perfect Place $20

Welch, Kevin                         A Patch of Blue Sky $18 (2010)

Weller, Freddy                                 Very Best $18 22 great tracks.

Wells, Kitty                                       Country Music Hall of Fame $18

West, Speedy/Jimmy Bryant       Stratosphere Boogie $15

West, Speedy/Jimmy Bryant       Swingin’ on the Strings $15 Razor & Tie

Wheeler, Billy Edd                           Big Bag of Songs $18  28tks

White, James M                               Broken spoke Legend $18

Whiting, Margaret/ Jimmy Wakely Till we meet Again $15  32 tks

Whitley, Keith                                  Greatest Hits $20  (only place for

                                                            “Tell Lorrie I Love Her” + the

                                                            duet w. Lorrie “Til a Tear Becomes a


Whitley, Keith                                  Essential $20 inc. his first album “Hard

                                                            Act to Follow” in its entirety.

Willams, Hank I/II/III                  Three Hanks: Men W. Broken Hearts $18

Williams, Hank III                           Rebel Within $20

Williams, Hank III                           Straight to Hell 2cds $15

Williams, Hank Jnr                          Essential $18 (all MGM)

Williams, Hank Jnr                          Best: Roots & Branches 20 MGM $20 rare

Williams, Lucinda                            Sweet Old World $18

Williams, Ron                                   The Longer You’re Gone $20 2009 AOTY

Williams, Tex                                    Vintage Collection $18 (Capitol)

Willis Brothers                                 20 Great Truck Drivin’ Songs $18

Wills, Bob                                          Boot Heel Drag: The MGM Years 2cd OOP

                                                            50 tracks+ 24 pg book $28

Wilson, Gretchen                             I Got Your Country Right Here $18

Wiseman, Mac                                  Story CMH 20 trks $18

Wylie & wild West                           Hang N Rattle $20 (prod JohnCarterCash)

Yoakam, Dwight                              Guitars Cadillacs etc 2cd 20th Anniversary

                                                            Edition in replica of lp cover. 22 extra

                                                            songs all only on this.

Young, Faron                                    Live Fast Love Hard $20 CMF OOP


**Beehives & Bumper Bullets      Country Girls of the 1960s $20 22 tks.

**Califia:Songs of Lee Hazelwood           ACE UK 25 tks $20

**Caught in the Webb                    Tribute to Webb Pierce $18


**Columbia Rockabilly Vol  1        $18 (Ace UK)25 tracks

**Folkways: A Vision Revisited    A tribute to Woody Guthrie & leadbelly

                                                            $18 w. Emmylou/ Willie/ Dylan/

                                                            Springsteen/ Arlo Guthrie etc.

**Golden Age of American Popular Music: The Country Hits Ace UK $20

                                                            28 tracks that did well on Billboard pop


**Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight $18 (Bear Family)

**Gran Prairie: A Cajun Music Anthology 1935-1940 21 tks CMF OOP $20

**Great American Train Songs    CMH 20 tks $15

**Hank Williams Songbook                       $15 Sony Legacy 20 Tracks.

**Hank Williams: Songwriter to Legend (Bear Family) $15

**Hobo Bop                                      30 tracks with theme of Hobos. $18

**ImusRanch Record Volume II 2010  $15

**Livin’ Lovin’ Losin’                                   Tribute to the Luvin Brothers $18 **Get it!

**Old Faithful: Songs from the Saddle 27 tracks $20

**Plantation Gold                            2cds OOP $25 50 tracks inc. the original

                                                            hit version of “Harper Valley PTA”

**Radiogram: 24 Songs That Inspired the Teenage Gram Parsons $18

**Raise Your Window: A Cajun anthology 1928-1941 CMF OOP $20 20 tks

**Return of the Grievous Angel: A tribute to Gram Parsons $15`

                                                            w. Emmylou,Earle, Costello, Wilco etc

**Rock & Roll at the capitol Tower  32 tracks Ace UK $18

**Rounding Up the Girls: Great Female Vocals Volume One $18 23 tks

**Saturday Night Shuffle: Celebration of Merle Travis $18 with Vassar, Jerry Douglas, Chet, Mark O’Connor, Thom Bresh, Buddy Emmons etc

**Sick Sober & Sorry Great Country Hits of 50s $20 Nice 84 track box

**Songs of the Year $20 Now OOP was sold only in Crackerbarrel. New artists redo hits none better than Randy Travis’ “Chiselled in Stone”.

**Spirit of Hawaiian Slack Steel Guitar Live from Maui $18

**Touch My Heart                           Tribute to Johnny Paycheck $18  16 trks featuring Hank III/ Billy Yates/ Dallas Wayne/ George Jones etc

**Town South of Bakersfield I & II $20 Artists who got their start at Hollywood’s legendary Palomino Club. These are all peculiar to this album…seriously rated a must have

**Town South of Bakersfield III $20 ditto

**Troubled Troubadours $18 27 tales from the dark and/or strange side of the tracks. Opener is Marty Robbins “The Chair” about a guy in the unenviable position of being in the electric chair.

**Unbroken Circle: Musical Heritage of the Carter Family. $18 Great line up…Prine, Emmylou, Skaggs, Johnny Cash, Skaggs etc.

**White Mansions/ Legend of Jesse James 2cds Both country rock operas in one package $28 . Now OOP inc. Cash, Clapton, Waylon, Emmylou, Crowell, Helm, Charlie Daniels etc.



Brooks & Dunn                     It Won’t Be Christmas Without You $10

                                                ***remember any $10 in the entire

                                                       newsletter can be part of 3 for $25

Buffett, Jimmy                     Christmas Island $18 Great mix of originals

                                                plus a ripper cover of Bing’s “Mele Kalikimaka”

                                                as in a memorable scene in Chevy Chase’s

                                                “Christmas Vacation” movie.

Collins, Judy                          Christmas at the Biltmore Estate $5

Jackson, Alan                       Let it Be Christmas $10

Messina, JoDee                    A Joyful Noise $10

Nelson, Willie                       Pretty Paper $10

Rodgers, Jimmie                  It’s Christmas Once Again $18 Honeycomb guy.

Strait, George                      Merry Christmas Whereever You Are $10

Tippin,Aaron                         A December to Remember $10

Yearwood, Trisha                The Sweetest Gift $10



A GRP Christmas                 Mainly jazz instrumental $10

All Star Country Christmas $18 Step one label with Ray Price,

                                                Clinton Gregory, Faron Young, Geezinslaws

                                                Jack Greene etc.


**Arnold,Eddy  There’s Been a Change in Me 6cds + 52 page book. Bear Family’s second Eddy Arnold box covers the years 1951-1955. $140


**Bear Family 35th Anniversary box set.  $90 has 3 cds plus a 200 page 12x12” hardcover book which gives a history of the label and has photos of all the releases. Experts rate the best Bear Family releases The 3 cd set has al lnew songs by various artists with a common theme of “bears”. If you have ever bought a Bear Family cd and thought “how good is this”, then this is a must have item for you. Very heavy 3 kgs. Incidentally the text is often quite witty…hard to believe it comes from Germany!! For example the section where people reveal their favourite Bear release is called “The House is Burning”…in other words if it were burning, what would you grab first.


**Carter Family 1927-34  5cds JSP $22


**Carter, Wilf Cowboy songs 8 cd (over 200 songs) + 40 page book .$140 From his beginnings through to 1940. Highly sought Montana Slim at his best!!


**Driftwood, Jimmie “Americana” Bear Family 3 cd  82 tracks 24 page book.


**Dusty, Slim  - The Man who Is Australia 5cd $50 OOP…now let me see which self proclaimed guru is actually said to have given Slim the s***s.

Very hard to get now.


**Eagles – CD box $55  The complete Asylum recordings with reproduction of the original covers. 7 albums including the 2cd “Live” plus bonus “Please Come home for Christmas” Nice one!!


**Felts, Narvel: Limited Club Edition Vol. One $20 2cds 44 tracks.


**From the Vaults of Decca: Country Classics 1934-1973 60 tracks, many rare, such as the first trucking song…Cliff Bruner’s “Truck Driver’s Blues” with Moon Mullican on vocals as well as tracks by Cousin Emmy, Jan Howard, Claude Gray etc. Has promo sticker on box $38

**From Where I Stand:The Black Experience in Country Music 60 tracks put out by Country Music Foundation through Warner Bros. 60pg book. Gives a complete history of African American artists and country music. CD 1 & 3 are particularly great. Many people think of black artists merely in terms of Charley Pride. This shows there is more, much more. $48


**Harris, Emmylou - Portraits 3cds WB OOP 61 tracks plus book including several unreleased tracks. And blow me down if it isn’t pre “Wrecking Ball”!! ….the most overrated album ever. Critics just don’t know. They have serious mental problems  and hence tend to rate things they don’t understand more highly than they should, for fear of being uncool….how else could you describe the fact that Emmylou’s angelic voice doesn’t need a bunch of grunge guitars or a pretentious producer such as Daniel Lanois. Please! $48


**Hotter in Hawaii 4cds 105 tracks inc. all the greats Sol Hoopi, Roy Smeck and a bunch of Pahinuis…well there probably are 1 or 2 $35



**Jim & Jesse  The Old Dominion Masters $60  12”x12” box 101 tracks on Pinecastle label including full size 16 page book.


**Jim & Jesse Bluegrass & More  Bear Family  5cds 140tks + 32 page book $100


**Jones, George “Walk Through This World With Me  Musicor Years Pt I” 5 cds + book $150 ($30 off). New sealed.


 **Jones, George  “Good Year for the Roses Musicor Years Pt II”  4Cds + book $130 ($20 off) New sealed.


**Judds The Judds Collection Sealed in denim book style box. I think there is 50 tracks if my counting correct. 3cds $35


**Live at Gilleys: 4 cds 56 tracks $35 Great artists include Ed Bruce, Bobby Bare, Johnny Paycheck, Lacy J Dalton, Moe Bandy, Jerry Lee Lewis etc. Book includes history of “Gilleys”.


**Monroe, Bill “Essential 1945-49” 2cds 40 tracks. 36 pg book. Includes his first recordings with Flatt & Scruggs.


**Nelson, Rick Legacy 4 cds OOP Capitol $60 100 tracks. Label spanning box set; and he did some great country stuff. Though it should in essence be credited to “Ricky” not “Rick” as near the end of his career he began referring to himself as “Ricky’ after finally meeting his hero Carl Perkins who called him “Ricky”. And again from a purely blokey point of view, he’d have to be the best looking male vocalist of all time.


**Next Stop Is Vietnam The war on Record 1961-2008  13 cds  + 300 page hardcover book. $350 ($40 off) Covers many genres, not just country even though the biggest representation is country.  The introduction is written by Country Joe McDonald, a person who I was singularly unimpressed with when I met him. BUT regardless the set is a stunner.


**Buck, Owens  “Collection” 3cds 62 tracks plus great book. Have as new

unsealed $45 or sealed $55


**Oxford, Vernon “Keeper of the Flame” Bear Family $120 sealed 5cd + 36 page book is literally as good as it gets. Is $60 off new


**Reeves, Jim and Friends “Radio Days Vol 2” Bear Family 4cds + book $60 includes Jim along with Louvin Brothers/ Carl Perkins/ Faron Young/ Jimmy Dean/ Ernest Tubb etc.


**Robbins, Marty “Essential 1951-1982” 2cds plus 24 pg booklet. 50 tracks $25


**Rodgers, Jimmie: The Singing Brakeman Bear Family 6cds plus 60 page book jammed with previously unseen photographs. His complete recordings and in Bear Family quality$140


**Rogers, Kenny A Retrospective Through the Years 4 cds 80 track $45

You reckon Paul Hogan’s eyes look unnatural after the plastic surgery “he never had”!! Kenny looks like some form of lizard. I thought (in a purely blokey way) that he always looked great and would have aged accordingly. But fear not the real Kenny is on the cover. Includes his great Kenny Rogers & First Edition hits.


**Songs of the West  sealed 4cd box on Rhino. Long out of print. Has great book. $70 Each cd has a specific theme:

a)Cowboy Classics

b)Silver Screen Cowboys, but not from the movies as it includes Slim Pickins’ fabulous take on Guy Clark’s “Desperados Waiting fot the Train”. I love Slim’s voice and the way he refers to people as “Hoss” Also on this

“Last of the Silver Screen Cowboys” by Rex Allen Jnr w. help from RexSnr and Roy Rogers.

c)Gene Autry & Roy Rogers

d) Movie and Television themes


**Strait, George  “Strait Out of the Box” 4cds 72 tracks including more than a few unissued. Great 72 page book. $45 Fabulous.


**Tuttle, Wesley “Detour” 4cds + dvd + whopping 88 page 12”x12” book

an icon of west coast country and a star on Capitol. The dvd has the western movie “Song of the Sierras” plus Snyder Telescriptions.


**Twitty, Conway   “Collection” 4cds $60  89 tracks. 4hrs13min. Best of his Decca and MCA years. Has several unissued tracks, duets, #1 hits etc.


**UK Skiffle Boom 1954-1957 4cds $28 120 tracks, much more than Lonnie Donegan, although there are a lot of Lonnie tracks.


**Williams, Hank Jnr – “Living Proof: The MGM recordings 1963-1975” 3 cds 24 pg book. $55 This is all out of print. 82 tracks in all. Great selection, & very  traditional including some classics from “Luke the Drifter Jnr”, esp the narration “I Was With Red Foley”.


**Yoakam, Dwight - “Reprise Please Baby” $60 Now Out of print. 4 cds with great cover. Inc. 52 page book. 87 tracks including many only available on this box.



**Bon Jovi Special editions 11 cd + dvd in mini lp replica covers $100

**Gaye, Marvin        The Master 1961-1984  4cds 72 page book approx. 100 tracks. $55

**Holiday, Billie  Complete Decca Recordings 2cd sealed denim book style box $35

**Kansas Ultimate box set 2cds 26 tracks (many quite long) $30

**Nirvana With the Lights Out 3cd + dvd + 60 page book $40

**Nugent, Ted Out of Control 2 cd sealed $35 34 tracks.

**Ochs, Phil              Farewells & Fantasies 3cd + 96 pg book 53 songs. Hard to believe he was only 35 when he dies $55

**Simon, Carly Clouds in My Coffee  3cds 58 tracks 52 pg book. $50, yep, you’d probably think this song is about you.

**Stevens, Cat   Cat Stevens Box  4 cds + 100 pg book Small damage to box but otherwise mint. 76 tracks from “I Love My Dog” days on to Yusef Islam. $55   


Proper Box sets (last copies) All 4cd + book. Numbers in brackets will be (number of tracks/pages in book) so for example Charlie Poole, (80/24) means 80 tracks + 24 pg book.

**Acuff, Roy “King of Country Music” 100/40) Mr Roy as he was called was responsible more than anyone else post Carter family for bringing country music to the city. $25

**Arnold, Eddy  “Eddy’s Song”  (90/32) Great RCA artist who actually had the release of what is acknowledged as the first ever 45rpm, which was the original “Bouquet of Roses” included here. $30

**Blazing Bluegrass (103/52) $30 each cd is titled: Bill Monroe/ Flatt & Scruggs/ Stanley Brothers/ Best of the Rest

**Bluegrass Bonanza (109/40) Each cd gets a separate title from Stringbands 1927-38/Monroe Legacy 1936-45/Early Bluegrass 1944-50/ Classic Bluegrass 1946-50. $30

**Boppin’ Hillbilly to Red Hot Rockabilly (118/68) Explores how hillbilly became hillbilly boogie and then rockabilly. Darn good. $30

**Brown, Milton “Daddy of Western Swing” (106/32) Was tragically killed in a car accident. Almost his entire output. A must $30

**Crosby, Bing It’s easy to Remember  $20 (99/36)

**Doughboys, Playboys & Cowboys (99/44) Western swing compilation with only a handful of Bob Wills but so many great artists it isn’t funny! $30

**Frizzell, Lefty “Give Me More More More” (86/48) $30 Great intro to the father of modern style country vocalising.

**Good News: 100 Gospel Greats (100/48)  Black gospel including the wondrous Mahalia Jackson & Sister Roesetta Tharpe. $25

**Haley, Bill             From Western Swing to R-O-C-K (94/48) Believe it or not he was a superb yodeller taught by Kenny Roberts. This has some great examples leading to his electrified country boogie which saw him as the father (at least white father) of rock & roll. $30

**Hittin’ on All Six: History of Jazzz Guitar 94/52) From Django Reinhardt to Charlie Christian through lesser known. $25

**Hoosier Hotshots – “Everybody stomp” (100/36) The Spike Jones of country Music $25

**Little Red Book of Protest Songs (3cd 60/32 plus dvd) includes Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, Josh White, Leadbelly etc $30

**Little Walter (and the Kings of the Blues Harmonica) “Blowin’ & Suckin’ (108/56) Walter was the king of blues harmonica but every other great blues harmonica player is also included.

**Poole, Charlie      Essential  (80/24) $25

**Presley, Elvis  “Tupelo Mississippi Flash” (115/52) Begins with one side of Louisiana Hayride shows. $25

**Rare Rock & Roll Rampage (100/44) Ic. Likes of Freddie Bell, Boyd Bennett, Jimmy Cavello, Eddie Fontaine etc. $30

**Swinging Hollywood Hillbilly Cowboys (114/64) A great guide to the West Coast & Capitol records country music . $30

**Tubb, Ernest “Texas Troubadour” (100/48) $25 Classic country fro mone of Nashville’s best serving bastians.

**Walker, T-Bone “The Original Source” (90/44) $25 Unquestionanbly the most influential blues guitarist of all time

**Williams, Hank “Hillbilly Hero” (80+ 6 complete Health & Happines Shows /52) $30

**Wills, Bob “Take me Back to Tulsa” (109/52) Has 2cds of his Columbia/ 1 of his Tiffany transcriptions and 1 of the MGM. $30


Rhino deletions

Rhino is perhaps the best reissue company in the USA. They have recently deleted a bunch of stuff across the board. These are some we have been able to get. The above Dwight is also on that list. Not all are country so  look carefully and make sure you don’t miss out. THESE ARE ALL SEALED & AGAIN NO LONGER AVAILABLE.


**Doors Box set $55 4cds 3 live plus one of band favourites. 1 copy.


**Foreigner “Anthology: Jukebox Heroes”  2cds 39 tracks $25


**Garcia, Jerry – Very Best  2cds $25


*********Harris, Emmylou “Songbird: Rare Tracks & Forgotten Gems” $70 4cds + dvd  78 tracks plus 10 on the DVD. This is as an attractive package as I have ever seen, With a denim box comes 2 books one with the cds and dvds and the other a glorious book about the wonderful lady. Even if you think you have all the Emmylou you want and even if you think “Wrecking Ball” is good (minimalist coverage here) you will need to get the 6 unissued duets with George Jones. Previously of course their only recorded duet was on Marty Stuart’s “The Pilgrim” well low and behold that has been expanded 6 times. One of these is the great Townes’ track “Snowing on Raton”. ************* Only 3 available.


**Jones, Rickie Lee “Duchess of Coolsville” An Anthology 3cds $28 Over 3 hours with unreleased studio & live tracks included.


**Love “Love Story 1966-1972” 2cds $25 44 tracks including their masterpiece “Forever Changes” in its entirety.


**Parsons, Gram “Anthology”  2cds 46 tracks + great book. Includes all of the periods in Parsons’ career: International Submarine Band/ Byrds/ Flying Burrito Brothers plus the delightful solo years including the great country duets with Emmylou Harris/


**Pastorious, Jaco “Punk Jazz; The Jaco Pastorius Anthology” $25 28 (many long/longish) Recognised as the most inventive and original jazz & rock bass guitarist of his generation (before being tragically murdered)

**Zevon, Warren “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead Anthology” 2cds 44 tracks + book, with notes by Zevon himself. 4 previously unissued. $28


**Ronstadt, Linda Linda Ronstadt box set $60 Imaginative name 86 tracks. Only 1 copy. Very interesting is the 4th cd called “rarities”.


BOOKS (Hard cover unless noted)

Buck Owens The Biography” by Eileen Sisk $30 A warts and all account of the life of the man from Bakersfield…and it is mostly warts. Buck was in many ways the epitome of everything bad about a boss (as he was to the Buckaroos)…exploitive, manipulative, vindictive…you name the “ive” and you can guarantee he was it. Also has a great focus on his music and successes.


Country Music Goes to War” edited by Charles Wolfe Interesting that  Australian Andrew Smith is part responsible for the opening chapter on the American Civil war; music that originated during the time as well as discussions of modern interpretations such as “White Mansions”. There is a chapter by Wolfe himself about “War Songs in Early Country Music” and also one about Gene Autry in World War II. Of course we also get a cold war perspective from a country music point of view. It even continues to the Gulf War & 9/11,. Anything associated with the late Wolfe is worthy. $20


“Country Music Humorists & Comedians” Loyal Jones 430 pages covering rarely written about artists such as Chris Bouchilon, “the talking blues man” and Don Bowman. Gives alphabetical entries including such illuminaries as George D Hay, lulubelle & Scotty, J D Mainer and so on. It is so much more tham what the title would suggest. $30


“Discovering Country Music” by Don Cusic. Terrible cover which indicates this as some kind of glossy fan thing but it really is a good overview.He doesn’t linger on one subject and ther are some excellent pieces: Songs of the Working Man/Religion & Country Music/Country Music & Patriotism. Even extends to the downloading age and its potential effect on music in general. $15


“Finding Her Voice: The Saga of Women in Country Music” by Robert K Oermann & Mary Bufwack Certainly one of the best ever book son country music. Incredible depth and coverage at a tad under 600 pages. As an example it traces the last days of Charlene Arthur, a lady who should have been a big star, as well as the likes of Kitty Wells and Jean Shepard. Truly grand $35


“Forever Changes: Arthur Lee and the Book of Love”  $22 334 pages, like the Dylan book doesn’t quite show how comprehensive this book is. Arthur Lee was leader of the group “Love” who made the album “Forever Changes” considered at least one of the top 10 rock albums of all time. It is a sift rock masterpiece indeed and this book gives a superb coverage of not only that but all other recordings by Lee and his life.


“Good Natured Riot: Birth of the Gran Ol’ Opry” $28 Great research and easy to read. Fascinating chapter on Deford Bailey the black harmonica player and the prejudices and difficulties he faced.


“Hank Williams: Snapshots from the Lost Highway” by Colin Escott & Kira Florita. 10 ½ inches square cover is ideal for the previously unseen photos and other memorabilia much of which materialised after a meeting between Marty Stuart and Irene Williams Smith, Hank’s sister who made available many of the treasures that are presented herein. $28


“Jimmie Rodgers” by Nolan Porterfield soft cover 460 pages. The definitive work. $15


“Joni Mitchell: Will You Take Me As  I Am: Her Blue Period” Michelle Mercer  Mitchell’s “Blue” is often considered the greatest female folk album of all time, though  I would argue “Ladies of the Canyon” is at least as good.236 pages $20 In effect a great biography with an emphasis on the music.


“King Records of Cincinatti” Randy McNutt 126 page softback. Lots of pictures. Amazing label that mixed white & black music together. Got their start on hillbilly yet got their success with the Godfather of soul. aka James Brown, whose “Please Please Please” is the greatest live performance ever, in which he works to the point of exhaustion. His valet comes in, drapes a cape over his shoulders and leads him off the stage. But he won’t go…he fights off the valet and on a down beat the cape gets slammed to the floor….he stumbles back to the mike and he starts again. Amazing. This book is 50% hillbilly at least. $10


“Looking Back to See: A Country Music Memoir” by Maxine Brown $28

Great anecdotes of what it was like when The Browns were the biggest thing in country music, and music in general with “The Three Bells” being a US pop #1 for a month.


Lovesick Blues: The Life of Hank Williams” by Paul Hemphill  $10 Another respected work


Nashville Chrome: A Novel” Rick Bass has done something similar to what Chet Flippo did in his “Your Cheatin’ Heart” book on Hank Williams in telling the story of the Browns  as a narrative capturing the facts inside the novel, but sometimes what seems fact is actually fiction.  Makes an interesting read. $15


“Ring of Fire: The Johnny Cash Reader”  Michael Streissguth editor Collection of writings about Johnny Cash from over the years. Pieces from likes of Patrick Carr, Nick Tosches, Alanna Nash, Ralph J Gleason etc 300 pg $18


River of No Return: Tennessee Ernie Ford” by Jeffrey Buckner Ford $28

Great book which pulls no punches. Despite his jovial personae Ern had many demons and despite being written by his son they are not glossed over, nor is it a bitter “Mommy Dearest” kind of book.


Satisfied Mind: The Country Music Life of Porter Wagoner” by Steve Eng $30 Long out of print 450 + page epic about the man affectionately known as..come to think of it I better not put that in…it is a family publication after all, but shall we say there was only one thing Porter looked for in a woman and that was a pulse. A great run down on his private and public and musical life.


“Shania Twain: The Biography” Robin Eggar 370 page soft back $10


“Shelter from the Storm: Bob Dylan’s Rolling thunder Years” $18 2010 soft cover by Sid Griffin. Revolves around the tour and his “Desire” album. Has interviews with likes of McGuinn.  254 pages doesn’t quite reflect the detail of the content.


“Singing in the Saddle: The History of the singing Cowboy” by Douglas B Green. $35 large hardcover. Ranger Doug of Riders in the Sky was a noted writer before adapting his stage personae and he went back and did this definitive book. Everything about this is great.


“Southern Music / American Music”  Bill C Malone & David Stricklin

soft cover 236 page Great cross genre book with fascinating stories about the young Bessie Smith, through Jimmie Rodgers and even Iris Dement & Lucinda Williams. $15


Stonemans: An Appalachian Family and the Music Which Shaped Their Lives” Ivan Tribe  soft back 361 pg $20


“They Came to Nashville” by Marshall Chapman $20 Recording artist Chapman interviews a bunch of stars, some you don’t usually see interviewed such as Mary Gauthier. Also includes Kris Kristoffesron, Emmylou, Bobby Bare, Miranda Lambert, John Hiatt plus an extended coverage of Willie Nelson.


Collins, Judy                                      Wildflower Festival 2DVDS 26 songs on

                                                            Disc one plus interviews on disc 2.

                                                            Apart from Judy there is Arlo Guthrie,

                                                            Eric Andersen & Tom Rush.

Flatt & Scruggs                                T V Show Vol 9 $20

Flatt & Scruggs                                T V Show Vol 10 $20

Flatt & Scruggs                                T V Show Vol 3 $18 with 7 year old

                                                            Ricky Skaggs

Flatt & Scruggs                                T V Show Vol 4 $18 (w. Randy Scruggs)

Gallagher, Rory                               Live in Cork $18

Gram Parson All Star Tribute       Sessions at 54th Street $20 with

                                                            Emmylou, Buddy Miller, Chris Hillman,

                                                            Mavericks etc.

Griffith, Nanci                                  Winter Marquee $15

Groundhogs                                      Live at the Astoria cd+dvd $20

Haggard, Merle                                Live Austin City Limits 1978 $20

Haley, Bill & Comets                       Birmingham 1979  $10

Hee Haw                                            The Collection $20 (100 minutes)

                                                            w. Waylon, Conway, Loretta, Buck etc

LaFarge, Peter                                 Ballad of Peter Lafarge/ Rare Breed

                                                            Dvd + cd $25. Cd includes Johnny Cash,

                                                            Sara Lee Guthrie, Hank III and the dvd

                                                            is a film with narration by Kevin Welch

                                                            about the brilliant but tragic Lafarge who

                                                            is best known for “Ballad of Ira Hayes” &

                                                            wrote all songs on Cash’s “Bitter Tears”.

Landsborough, Charlie                   A Special Performance $15

McEntire, Reba                                 Invitation Only  $25 Not sold in shops.

                                                            Has 10 live tracks plus interview (10min)

                                                            & 2 video clips from her new album.

Myles, Heather                                Live @ Newland NL $25 1 only

Pink Floyd                                         London 1966-67 $25 dvd + cd

Rishell, Paul/Annie Rains              A Night in Woodstock $20 (blues)

Saffire                                                Hot Flash:The Documentary $15

Strait, George                                  Live $30 Only sold at Wal mart. From

                                                            1986-7 when George was superb. 16

                                                            performances + 5 music videos. A must.

Thompson, Richard             Live from Austin City Limits $18

Twain, Shania                                   A Collection of Video Hits $5
Watson, Dale                                    Live @ Newland NL $25 1 only




Bettman, Stephanie/Luke Hapin It All comes Back to Love

Blackberry Smoke                          Little Piece of Dixie

Bowman, Ronnie                             It’s Getting Better All the Time

Boxcars                                             Boxcars (Mountain Home)

Bush, Sam                                         Laps in Seven

Chapmans                                         Grown Up (Compass Records) good!

Jim & Jesse                                       Best

Lauderdale, Jim/Ralph Stanley    I Feel Like Singing Today

Lawson, Doyle & Quicksilver        Light on My Feet, Ready to Fly (2010)

McKenzie, Kate                                Let Them Talk (Red House)

Monroe Crossing                              Heartache & Stone

O’Connor, Mark                                New Nashville Cats

Scott, Wayne                                    This Weary Way (Darrell’s dad! Great)

Sparks, Larry                                   40

Webb, Darrell Band                        Bloodline (Rural Rhythm)

Webb, Tommy                                  Heartland (Rural Rhythm)

Williams, Jeanette                          Thank You for Caring

Wright, Luther & Wrongs              Guitar Pickin’ Matyrs


Cold Mountain Soundtrack

Nine Pound Hammer: Time Life Treasury of Bluegrass


$10   3/$25 (mix & match any $10 item in

the entire newsletter)

Big Country Bluegrass                    The Boys in Hats & Ties (Rebel)

Blue Highway                                   Lonesome Pine

Bradley, Dale Ann                           Catch Tomorrow (Compass)

Bradley, Dale Ann                           Don’t turn Your Back (Compass)

Brand New Strings                          No Strings Attached (Rural Rhythm)

Bush, Sam                                         Circles Around me (Sugar Hill)

Cadillac Sky                                      Letters in the Deep (Dualtone)

Common Strings                              Somewhere in Glory (Rural Rhythm)

Compton, Mike/David Long           Stomp (Acoustic Disc)

Cox Family                                        Just When we’re Thinkin’ Its Over

Cox Family                                        Beyond the City (Rounder)

Cox Family                                        Everybody’s Reachin Out etc (Rounder)

Crowe/Lawson/Williams              Old Friends Get Together (JD/Doyle/Paul)      (Mountain Home)

Crowe Brothers                               Brothers n’ harmony (Rural Rhythm)

Fleck, Bela                                        Hidden Land (Columbia)

Foggy Hogtown Boys                      Golden West (Canadian)   

Gadd, Pam                                        Time of Our Lives (OMS)

Gibson Brothers                              Ring the Bell (Compass)

Gordons                                             Our Time  

Gordons                                             Time Will Tell Our Story  Great family

                                                            group inc. their son Noah Gordon.

Greene, Richard                              The Greene Fiddler

Gulley, Steve/Tim Stafford           Dogwood Winter (Rural Rhythm)

Hanna & McEuen                              Hanna & McEuen (Nitty Gritty sons)

Hawker, Ginny/ Tracy Schwarz  Draw Closer (Rounder Select)

Haynie, Aubrey                                Doing My Time (Sugar Hill)

Hull, Sierra                                        Secrets

Jackson, Carl                                    Songs of the South

Kallick, Kathy                                   Call me a Taxi

King, James                                      Bluegrass Storyteller (Rounder)

King, James                                      Gardens in the Sky: Bluegrass Gospel

Kohrs, Randy                                    Old Photograph (Rural Rhythm)

Krauss, Alison                                  Now That I’ve Found You

Krauss, Alison                                  A Hundred Miles or More

Krauss, Alison                                  New favourite

Krauss, Alison/Robert Plant         Raising Sand (Grammy winner)

Lauderdale, Jim/Ralph Stanley    Lost in the Lonesome Pines (Dualtone)

Lawson, Doyle                                 Best of the Sugar Hill Years

Lonesome River Band                     Best of Sugar Hill Years

Lonesome River Band                     Still Learning (Rural Rhythm) 2010

Longview                                           Deep in the Mountains (Rounder)

Longview                                           Lessons in Stone (Rebel)

Lost & Found                                     Down on SawMill Road (Rebel)

Lulubelle & Scotty                           Sweethearts of Country Music

Lulubelle & Scotty                           Sweethearts Still

Lynch, Claire                                     Whatcha Gonna Do (Rounder)

McCoury, Del                                    Lil Mo McCoury (Mccoury)

McKnight, Luke & Thunder road   Leader of the Band  (indie) mandolinist

Marley’s Ghost                                 Ghost Town

Martin, Tim                                       Bluegrass Fiddle

Monroe, Bill                                       Country Music Hall of Fame

Monroe, Bill & Monroe Brothers Essential (early with & without Charlie)

Nickerson, Ross                               Bluegrass Banjo:Let’s Kick Some Ass

O’Brien, Tim                                      Cornbread Nation

O’Brien, Tim                                      Chameleon

O’Brien, Tim                                      Fiddler’s Green

O’Brien, Molly                                   Big Red Sun

O’Connell, Maura                             Blue is the Colour of Hope

O’Connell, Maura                             Stories

O’Connell, Maura                             Naked

O’Connell, Maura                             Wandering Home

O’Connell, Maura                             Walls & Windows

                                                            NOTE: Maura could easily be filed

                                                            under country or folk. I put them

                                                            here mainly for Jerry Douglas fans.

Osborne, Sonny                               Early Recordings Vol. 1 1952-3

Osborne, Sonny                               Early Recordings Vol. 2 1952-3

Osborne, Sonny                               Early Recordings Vol. 3 1952-3

Reid, Lou/Baucom, Terry              Carolina Blue (Webco)

Rowan, Peter/Don Edwards         High Lonesome Cowboy

Scruggs, Randy                                Crown of jewels (inc. guests galore Iris,

                                                            Emmylou, Vince, Prine, Jerry Douglas etc

Shuler, Cody                                     Pickin’ Praisin’ & Singin’ (Rural Rhythm)

Skaggs, Ricky                                   Ancient Tones

Sparks, Larry & Lonesome Ramblers  Kentucky Banjo


Spring Creek                                     Way Up on a Mountain (Rebel)

Stanley, Ralph                                  Early Classics:The King Recordings

                                                            Time Life 14 tracks.

Stanley Brothers                             Complete Columbia

Starling, John                                   Slidin’ Home

Steeldrivers                                      Reckless (Rounder 2010)

Stonemans                                        Patsy, Donna & Roni 

Stringbean                                        Hee Haw Cornshucker

Sullivan, Jerry & Tammy                Tomorrow (nice bluegrass gospel)

Sutton, Brian                                    Not too Far from the Tree (guests)

Trischka, Tony                                 Hill Country

Ulisse, Donna                                   When I Look back

Wagoner, Porter/ Pam Gadd       Something to Brag About

Watson, Doc Family                        Tradition (rounder)

Weissberg, Eric/Deliverance       Rural Free Delivery

Wheeler                                             Bluegrass Gospel (Mountain Roads)

Whitstine Brothers                         Sing Gospel Songs of the Louvins

Williams, Robin & Linda                  Buena Vista


Best Loved Bluegrass                     20 All Time Favourites (Rebel)

Nashville Dobros                             30 Classics

Nashville Fiddles                              30 Classics

Nashville Guitars                             30 Classics

Nashville harmonica                       30 Classics

These are all Starday label and very good. Go for over an hour.

Ultimate Pickin                    Best of Instrumental Bluegrass (P’castle)

Bluegrass cds $15 & up

Allen, Red/Farnk Wakefield          Kitchen Tapes $20

Anderson, Lynn                                Bluegrass Session cd+dvd $15

Auldridge, Mike                                Eight String Swing (Sugar Hill) $20

Baker, Kenny/Bobby Hicks           Darkness on the Delta (County) $18

Baugus, Riley                                   Long Steel Rail $15 (Sugar Hill)

Bell,Delia/Bill Grant                        Classic Bluegrass Today & Yesterday $20

Berline/Crary/Hickman                Chambergrass $15

Bird ,Elmer (The Banjo Man from Turkey Creek)

                                                            Home Sweet Home $15

                                                            George, How I Miss You$15 w.J.Hartford

                                                            Bumble Bee Waltz $15

                                                            Elmer’s Greatest Licks $15

Blake, Norman & Nancy                 Hobos Last Ride $20

Blake, Norman & Nancy                 Back Home in Sulphur Springs $15

Blaylock, Audie                                Cryin’ Heart Blues $18 (2010)

Blue Highway                                   Blue Highway $15

Blue Highway                                   Wondrous Love $18

Blue Highway                                   Though the Window of a Train $18

Bluegrass Album Band                   This was a great collection on Rounder

                                                            which featured a core group of Tony Rice,

                                                            J D Crowe, Doyle Lawson, Bobby Hicks &

                                                            Todd Phillips

                                                            *The Bluegrass Album $18

                                                            *Bluegrass Album # 2 $18

                                                            *Bluegrass Album#3: The California

                                                            Connection (w.Jerry Douglas) $18

                                                            *Bluegrass Album #4 $18

                                                            *Bluegrass Album #5 $18 No Hicks or

                                                            Phillips (add Vassar Clements/Mark


                                                            *Bluegrass Album #6 $18 Schatz gone

                                                            & Hicks/Phillips return

Bluegrass Band                                Once Again from the Top Vol 1 $15

Bluegrass Band                                Once Again from the Top Vol 2 $!5

Blue Rose                                          Blue Rose $18 (Sugar Hill) all female

Byrd, Robert                                     Mountain Fiddler $18 (County) 2010

Cherryholmes                                  IV Common Threads $18

Clements, Vassar                            Vassar’s Jazz $18

Clifton, Bill/ Jimmy Gaudreau      River of Memories $18

Cordle, Larry & Lonesome Standard Time

                                                            *Songs From the Workbench $18

Cordle, Larry/Glen Duncan           Lonesome Standard Time $18

Cordle/Jackson/Salley                  Against the Grain $18 (Carl Jackson)    

Crowe, J D                                         Flashback $18

Dailey & Vincent                              Sing the Statler Brothers $20 (only sold

                                                            in Crackerbarrel Stores)

Dailey & Vincent                              Dailey & Vincent (Rounder)

Dailey & Vincent                              Brothers From Different Mothers $20

Davies, Gail                                       Live & Unplugged at Station Inn $20

Davis, David & Warrior River Boys Two Nickels & a Dime $15

Dillards                                              Wheatstraw Suite $18

Dillards                                              Copperfields $18

Dillards                                              Picklin’ & Fiddlin’/ Back Porch Bluegrass

                                                            2 classics on 1 cd $20

Douglas, Jerry                                 Skip Hop & wobble $18

Dry Branch FireSquad                    Echoes of the Mountains $15 (Rounder)

Dry Branch FireSquad                    Live at Newburyport Firehouse 2cd$20

Emerson, Bill & Sweet Dixie          Southern $15

Emerson & Taylor                           Appaloosa  (webco) $18

Flatt & Scruggs                                Tis Sweet to Be Remembered 2 cd $25

Flatt & Scruggs                                Complete Mercury Recordings $18 2003

Flatt & Scruggs                                Complete Mercury Recordings $15 1992

Flatt, Lester                                      Essential $18  20 tks

Gadd, Pam                                        Benefit of Doubt $15

Fleck, Bela                                        Bluegrass Sessions $18

Fricke, Janie                                     Bluegrass Sessions cd + dvd $20

Gaudreau, Jimmy                            In Good Company  $18 17 tks with likes

                                                            Tony Rice/Bela Fleck/ Mike Auldridge etc

Gram Parsons Notebbook             Last whippoorwill $20 OOP The core of

                                                            Larry Cordle, Carl Jackson, Jim

                                                            Lauderdale, Leslie Satcher, Ricky Skaggs

                                                            etc. took a series of uncompleted Gram

                                                            Parsons’ songs and  completed them. The

                                                            Result is this stunning album.

Grascals                                            Famous Lefty Flynn’s $18

Greene, Richard                              Sales Tax Toddle $18

Grisman, David/ Andy Statman   Mandolin Abstractions $18

Grisman, David                                Dawg 90 $18

Grisman, David/John Sebastian  Satisfied $18

Grisman, David                                Dawgwood $18

Grisman, David/ Vince Gill/Herb Pederson   Here Today $20

Grisman, David                                Dawg a Nova $18

Haden, Charlie                                 Rambling Boy $18  lots of guests 5 stars

Hartford, John Stringband            Memories Of $18 (inc Hartford himself)

Hartford, John                                 Gum Tree Canoe $18

Haynie, Aubrey                                Bluegrass Fiddle Album $18

Ickes, Rob                                         Road Song  $18

Johnson Mountain Boys                 Blue Diamond $18

Jones, Grandpa                                Country Music Hall of Fame $187

Jones, Grandpa                                Steppin’ Out Kind (Ace UK) $20

Kaukonen, Jorma                            Blue Country Heart $18

Kentucky Colonels                           Livin’ in the Past: Legendary Live $20

Kentucky Colonels                           Apaplachian Swing $20

Krauss, Alison                                  Too Late to Cry $18

Krauss, Alison                                  Live 2cds $18

Krauss, Alison                                  Two Highways $18

Krauss, Alison                                  Everytime You Say Goodbye $18

McCoury, Del                                    Cold Hard Facts $18

McCoury, Del                                    A Deeper Shade of Blue $18

McEuen & Ibbitson                          Stories & Songs $18

McReynolds, Jesse                          Songs of the Grateful Dead $18

Martin, Benny                                   The Fiddle Collection $20 28 tks CMH

Monroe, Bill                                       Cryin’ Holy Unto the Lord $15 gospel

Monroe, Bill                                       16 Gems $15

Monroe, Bill                                       Live 1956-1969 $18 (Folkways)

Monroe, Bill                                       Live 1963-89 $20 (w. Doc Watson)

Monroe, Bill                                       Gotta Travel On  25 tks $18

Murphey, Michael Martin               Bluegrass Buckaroo $15

Murphey, Michael Martin               Bluegrass Buckaroo II $18

Murphy, Jimmy                                Electricity $15 (w. Ricky Skaggs)

Nashville Bluegrass Band              Waitin’ for the Hard times to go $18

Nashville Bluegrass Band              The Boys Are Back in Town $18

Nashville Bluegrass Band              Twenty Year Blues $15

Nashville West                                 Nashville West $20 (w. Clarence White)

New Coon Creek Girls                     L & N Don’t Stop Here Anymore $18

New Coon Creek Girls                     Everything You Do $15 gospel

Nugent, Alecia                                  Hillbilly Goddess $20

O’Brien, Molly/Rich Moore            Saints & sinners $18 (2010)

O’Brien, Tim                                      Red on Blonde (Dylan tribute) $18

O’Brien, Tim                                      Chicken & Egg 418

O’Brien, Tim                                      Traveler $15

O’Connor, mark                               20 Year Retrospective 2cds $20

Osborne, Bobby/Jesse McReynolds  Masters of Mandolin $15

Ostroushko, Pete                            When the Last Morning Glory Blooms $20

PArmley & McCoury                        Families of Tradition $18

Reno/Smith                                      Original Dueling Banjos $15

Reno & Smiley                                  On Stage 1957-58 $18 (Copper creek)

Rice, Tony                                         Nightflyer  $15 singer songwriter coll.

Rowan, Peter                                   And Rowan Brothers $18

Rowan, Peter                                   Legacy (2010) $20

Rowan, Peter                                   Best of the Sugar Hill Years $15

Scott, Darrell                                    A Crooked Road 2cds 2010 $20

Scruggs/Watson/Skaggs              Three Pickers $20

Scruggs, Earl                                    With Family & Friends at the Ryman $18

Seckler, Curly                                   Down in Caroline $18

Seldom Scene                                   Act 1 $18

Seldom Scene                                   20th Anniversary Concert 2cd with guests

                                                            Inc. Emmylou $25 Must have item.

Seldom Scene                                   At the Scene $15

Seldom Scene                                   Scenic Roots $15

Seldom Scene                                   Live at the Cellar Door $18

Seldom Scene                                   AAfter Midnight $18

Shady Grove Band                           Chapel Hillbilly Way $15

Sheton, James Alan                        Guitar Tracks $18

Simpkins, Richie                              Dancing on the Fingerboard $15

Sisk, Junior & Ramblers choice    Heartaches & Dreams $18 (2010)

Sizemore, Charlie                            Gravel Road $18

Sizemore, Charlie                            Back Home $18

Sizemore, Charlie                            The Story is: Songs of tom T $20

                                                            Keith Whitley got his start in bluegrass

                                                            & Charlie could have been the  next Keith

                                                            Whitley (in the sense of becoming the

                                                            best country singer, but despite terms

                                                            with Ralph Stanley he still is only a part

                                                            time performer pursuing a legal career

                                                            on the side)

Skaggs, Ricky                                   Mosaic $20 (2010 gospel album)

Skaggs, Ricky                                   Best of the Sugar Hill Years $18

Skaggs, Ricky                                   1946-1947 Honouring Fathers of

                                                            Of Bluegrass $18

Skaggs, Ricky                                   Soldier of the Cross $18

Skaggs, Ricky                                   Bluegrass Rules $18

Skaggs, Ricky/ Whites                   Salt of the Earth $20

Skaggs, Ricky                                   Instrumentals $18

Smith, Kenny & Amanda                Live & Learn $15

Smith, Valerie/ Becky Buller        Here’s a Little Song $15

Sparks, Larry                                   Bound to Ride $18

Stanley, Ralph                                  Can’t You Hear the Mountains Calling

                                                            (w. Charlie Sizemore) $18           

Stanley, Ralph                                  Clinch Mountain Country 2cds OOP $35

                                                            Everyone is on it! Dwight, Patty, Dylan,

                                                            Junior Brown, Connie Smith

Stanley, Ralph                                  Classic Bluegrass $18

Stanley, Ralph                                  Distant Land to Roam $15

Stanley, Ralph                                  Shine On $15

Stanley, Ralph                                  Almost Home $18

Stanley Brothers                             On Radio $18

Stanley Brothers                             Essential Gospel Masters $18

Stanley Brothers                             Earliest Recordings Rich-R-Tone $20

Stanley Brothers                             Angel Band: Classic Mercury $15

Stecher/Brislin                                Blue Lightning $18

Stecher/Brislin                                Our Town $18 Great!! Title is Iris

                                                            Dement’s gem & they do it superbly,

Stecher, Jody                                   Oh the Wind & Rain $18

Stephenson, Larry                          Thankful $18 (gospel)

Stephenson, Larry                          2oth Anniversary $18 guests

Stoneman, Scotty                            Live w. Kentucky Colonels $20

Struthers, Nora Jane                      Nora Jane Struthers $18 Like a less

                                                            rustic version of Iris Dement.

Sullivan, Jerry & tammy                At the Feet Of God $18

IIIrd Time Out                                 Erase the Miles $18

IIIrd Time Out                                 Puttin’ New Roots Down $18

IIIrd Time Out                                 Russell Moore & IIIrd Time Out $18

IIIrd Time Out                                 Live at the mac $18

IIIrd Time Out                                 Grandpa’s Mandolin $18

Travers, Fred                                   Time After Time $18 dobro

Trischka, Tony                                 Territory $18 (Smithsonian)

Ulisse, Donna                                   Walk This Mounatin Down $18

Ulisse, Donna                                   Holy Waters $18 gospel

Vincent, Rhonda                              Ragin’ Live $18

Vincent, Rhonda                              All American Bluegrass Girl $18

Vincent, Rhonda                              Good Thing Going

Vincent, Rhonda                              Trouble Free $15 

Vincent, Rhonda                              A Dream Come true $15

Vincent, Rhonda                              My Blue Tears $15

Vincent, Rhonda                              Destination Life $15

Vincent, Rhonda                              Back Home Again $18

Wakefield, Frank                             Ownself Blues $20

Watkins, Sara                                  Sara Watkins $18 (of Nickel Creek)

White, Roland                                   I wasn’t Born to Rock & Roll $20

White ,Roland                                   Trying to Get to You $18
Whites                                               Lifetime in the Making $20

Whites                                               Greatest Hits (MCA) oop $20

Williams, Robin/Linda                    Live     $18

Williams, Robin/Linda                    Good News $15

Williams, Robin/Linda                    Deeper Waters $15

Wise, Chubby                                   In Nashville $18

Wooten, Gene                                  Sings & Plays Dobro:Don’t Look Now $18


Appalachian Bluegrass Legacy  25 tracks Rural Rhythm $18

As Good As It Gets: Bluegrass    2cd 52tracks $18

Dark as a Dungeon: Songs of the Mines (rebel) $18

Face a Frowning world: An E C Ball Memorial Album (Tompkins sq.) $18

Great Dobro sessions                     21 tracks (Sugar Hill) $20

Harlan County USA: Songs of the Coal Miners Struggle $18 ***(sadly very pertinent after the tragedy in New Zealand)

Legacy: A Tribte to the Firs tGeneration of Bluegrass $18 (Sugar Hill)

Legend Lives On: Tribute to Bill Monroe $18 2cds

O Sister 2: A Woman’s Blue grass Collection $15



Ackles, David                                    American Gothic $15

Anderson, Eric                                 Violets of Dawn:Best of Vanguard $15

Black, Mary                                       Pictures of the Highway $18

Brothers Four                                   Rally Round/ Roamin’ 2 on 1

Chieftains                                          Bells of Dublin $18 w. Nanci Griffith,

                                                            Marianne Faithfull, McGarrigles.

Denny, Sandy                                   North Star Grassman & Ravens $15

Elliott, Ramblin’ Jack                      Country Style/Live $18 2on1 from 1962

Farina, Mimi & Richard                   Best of Vanguard years 22tks $15

Harp                                                   A Time to Sing 2CD expanded $22

                                                            Taken from Christian names of members

                                                            H-olly Near, A-rlo Guthrie, R-onnie

                                                            Gilbert & P-ete Seeger.

Mitchell, Chad Trio                           Singing Our Mind/Reflecting $18 2 on 1

Mitchell Trio                                      Slightly  Irreverent/ Typical American

                                                            Boys 2 on 1

Mitchell Trio                                      That’s The Way It’s Gonna Be/ Violets of

                                                            Dawn $20 The 2 albums John Denver (ex

                                                            John Deutschendorf) made with the trio

                                                            Great for “Friendly Liberal Neighborhood

                                                            Klu Klux Klan”) I kis you not!!

Pogues                                               Very Best $18 21tracks Japan pressing.

Sainte-Marie, Buffy             Best Volume 2 $15

Stewart, John                                   Lonesome Picker Rides Again $18

                                                            With his writer’s version of “Daydream


Thompson, Richard             History (3CD) $25  OOP Ryko label.

Wainwright, Loudon III                 Album II (his  best ever)  $20

Weavers                                            Rarities from Vanguard Vault (20tks) $20

West, Hedy/Bill Clifton                  Getting Folk Out of the Country (Bear)20

Winchester, Jesse                           Best (Rhino) $18

Wolf, Kate                                         The Wind Blows Wild $18

Yarbrough, Glenn                            Yarbrough Country/ Let Me Choose Life

                                                            2 on 1 $18


Arnold, Mac & Plate Full o Blues Country Man $18

Black, John                           Soul of John Black $18

Cash Box kings                     1-94 Blues $18

Cephas & Wiggins                Richmond Blues $18

Cray, Robert Band               This Time $15
Davis, Guy                             Sweetheart Like You $18 (folk blues)

Eberhardt, Cliff                    500 Miles:The Blue Rock Sessions $18

Eberhardt, Cliff                    12 Songs of Godo & Evil $18

Eberhardt, Cliff                    School for Love $18

Funderburgh, Anson           Talk to You By Hand $18

Funderburgh, Anson           Tell Me What I Want to Hear $18 (wSam Myers)

Guy, Buddy                           I Was Walking Through the Woods $10

                                                **remember any 3 $10 is $25

Hermon, Zac                         From the Root $15

Holmstrom, Rick                  Hydraulic Groove $18

Insomniacs                           At Least I’m Not With You $18 Great blues


Jimmie Rogers All Stars     Blues Blues Blues $20 with Jeff Healey/

                                                Jagger & Richards/ Eric Clapton/Steve Stills etc

Johnson, Luther “Guitar Jnr”  Talkin’ About Soul $18 (Telarc)

Keyes, Dave                         Roots in the Blues $18

Kilborn Alley Blues Band    Better Off Now! $18

Lazy Lester                           Harp & Soul $18

Lejune, Iry                            Legendary $20 (cajun)  24 tks

Lemons, Cathy & Johnny Ace        Lemon Ace $18

Love Dogs                             I’m Yo Dog $18

McClinton, Delbert               Nothing Personal $18

McClinton, Delbert               Never Been Rocked Enough $18

McClinton, Delbert               Keeper of the Flame $18

McClinton, Delbert               Room to Breathe $18

McClinton, Delbert               Live From Austin $18

McGhee, Brownie/Sonny Terry A Long Way from Home $18

McGhee, Brownie/Sonny Terry Midnight Special $18 75 minutes

Paparozzi, Rob                     Etruscan Soul $10 (great harmonica)

Phelps, Kelly Joe                 Western Bell $18

Phelps, Kelly Joe                 Slingshot Professionals $10

Piazza, Rod                           Soul Monster  $20

Piazza, Rod                           Blues in the Dark $18

Piazza, Rod                           For the Chosen Few $18

Ricci, Jason                           Rocket Number 9 $18

Ricci, Jason                           Done With the Devil $18 (great harmonica)

Robinson, Tad                      Back in Style $18

Robillard, Duke Jumpin’ Blues Review    Stomp the Blues Tonight $20

Robillard, Duke                    Passport to the Blues $18            

Robinson, Mark                    Quit Your Job Play Guitar $18

Sessum, Ronny                    Funk ‘n Blues Man $18

Sugar Blue                            Threshold $20

Take 6                                    The Standard $15

Trout, Walter                       Common Ground $20

Tucker, Teeny                      Keep the Blues Alive $18

Walker, Joe Louis                Between a Rock $15

Watermelon Slim                 Ringers $10

Waters, Muddy                    Gold 2cds 49 tracks $18

Woods, Mitch                        Gumbo Blues $18

Zito, Mike                              Pearl River $18


Alligator Stomp Vol 2 (cajun/zydeco classics)   $18

Classic Sounds of New Orleans from Smithsonian Folkways $18

Rock etc

Animals                                  EP Collection 20 tracks OOP

Austin, Sil                              Best Selection $18 25 tks Japan

                                                The greatest saxophone recording ever.

Bad Company                       Anthology 2cds $18

Beatles                                  Anthology #2 $25 2cd Jaoan edition with                                                          2 booklets.

Bee Gees                               Birth of Brilliance 2cd $18 Tracks recorded

                                                in Australia before they went back to UK.                                                         Includes “Spicks & Specks” First issue.

Blunstone, Colin                   I Don’t Believe in Miracles: Very Best $18

                                                Lead singer with Zombies

Booker T & MGS                   Definitive Colelction 2cds 30 tks $18

Brown, James                      Live at the Apollo Vol. II 2cds deluxe ed. 20

Carpenters                            Twenty Two Hits (Japan edition) $20

Case, Peter                           Wig $18 (2010)

Coltrane, John                      Anthology  $22 (Rhino) 2cds with thick denim                                                 bound book. Now OOP.     

Costello ,Elvis                       Girls + Girls + Girls 2cds  $18

Davis, Miles                           Live Evil 2cds (Japan press) $20

Doobie Brothers                  World Gone Crazy (cd + dvd) $20 2010 album

                                                with excellent documentary dvd, which includes

                                                music from their beginning, interviews etc.

Dury, Ian                               Sex & drugs & Rock & Roll: Best of $18 

Erickson, Roky                     True Love Casts Out All Evil $18 (2010)

Firefall                                   Firefall $20 OOP first album on cd for

                                                excellent country rock band w. Rick Roberts.

Grateful Dead                      One from the Vault 2 cds $20

Grateful Dead                      Two From the Vaults 3 cds $25

Grateful Dead                      Three from the Vaults 2 cds $20

Ham, Peter                           7 Park Avenue $20 from Badfinger OOP

Kooper, Al                             Al’s Big Deal/ Unclaimed Freight 2 cds $20

Lewis, Gary & the Playboys  Legendary Masters Series  25 tks $15

Lewis, Huey & The News Soulsville $18 (2010)

Mahavishnu Orchestra       Box   5 cds $28 Inner Mounting Flame/ Birds of

Fire/ Between Nothingness & Eternity/ Apocalypse/ Visions of the Emerald Beyond

Meisner, Randy                    Live in Dallas 1982 $18

Meisner, Randy                    Love Me Or Leave Me Alone $18

Morrison, Van                       Saint Dominic’s Preview $20 OOP on cd

Platters                                 Best Selection: Japan edition $18 Top sound.

Pratt, Andy                           Andy Pratt (great album Japan press) $22

Reed, Lou                              Box set $28  5cds Lou Reed/ Transformer/

                                                Sally Can’t Dance/ Coney Island Baby.

Starr, Ringo                          The Anthology of Ringo Starr & His All Starr

                                                Band. 2cds with tons of guests $18

Steele, Tommy                     Singing the Blues  2cd 42 tks $20

Townshend, Pete                Anthology 2cds $28 Japan ed.34 tracks.

Turner, Ike & Tina               Proud Mary: Best 22 tracks OOP $18

Unit 4 + 2                              2 Original albums + 7 bonus tracks OOP $20

United States of America United States of America $18 (Psychedelic gem)

Ventures                               Walk Don’t Run: Best of 29 tracks $15

Wailers                                  Catch a Fire 2cds deluxe edition $18

Walsh. Joe                            Anthology 2cds $22 (James Gang+solo)

Who                                        Who’s Next $20 2cd expanded deluxe version

Williams, Paul                      Just an Old Fashioned Love Song $20 Japan ed.

Willis, Chuck                         My Story $18

Winter, Edgar                       Collection $18 (Rhino OOP)

Wyman, Bill                          A Stone Alone $18  2cds  all his solo stuff


Dr Demento 25th Anniversary Collection 2cds $20 More of the greatest novelty hits of all time

MORE $5 CDS (a bit of everything & 1 copy only

Banco Del Muttuo Soccorso          Il 13

Bunyan, Vashti                                 Just Another Diamond Day

Beach Boys (Mike Love/Bruce Johnston/David Marks) Salute Nascar

Benton, Brook                                  Best

Blues Brothers                                 Complete 2cds

Boney M                                             Rivers of Babylon

Bragg, Billy                                       Mr Love & Justice

Chinnock, Billy                                  Badlands from same pace as Springsteen

Clapton, Eric                                     Me & Mr Johnson

Clapton, Richard                              Definitive Anthology 2cds

Cocker, Joe                                       Essential

Collins, Judy                                      Whales & Nightingales

Collins, Judy                                      Times of Our Lives

Collins, Judy                                      Bread & Roses

Collins, Judy                                      True Stories & Other Dreams

Collins, Judy                                      Running for My Life

Collins, Judy                                      Home Again

Como, Perry                                     T V Favorites

Connolly, Billy                                   Pick of (includes D.I.V.O.R.C.E.)

Costello, Elvis                                   Spike

Costello, Elvis                                   Painted from Memory (w. Burt Bacharach

Cowsills                                             Rain Park & Other Things Best

Crosby, Bing                                     On the Sentimental Side  17tks

Crosby, Bing                                     El Senor Bing 26 tks

Crosby, Bing                                     Return to Paradise Island 18 tks

Crowded House                               Temple of Low men
Davis, Sammy                                  Salutes Stars of London Palladium

Diamond, neil                                   Classics: The Early Years

Douglas, Mike                                   The Men in My Little Girl’s Life

Dr John                                              Televison

Dr John                                              Brightest Smile in Town

Elliott, Ramblin Jack                       Ballad of
Eels                                                     End Times

Gibson, Steve & Red Caps  2cds It’s So Good (Feat. Damito Jo)
Goldebriars                                       Straight ahead!

Goodman, Jerry                               On the Future of Aviation

Grinspoon                                         Now detention

Guthrie, Sara Lee/ Johnny Irion Exploration

Hardin, Tim                                       Best

Havens, Richie                                 Collection

Hildebrand, Diane                           Early Morning Blues & Greene

Hoggwash                                         Last Horizon

Holiday, Billie                                   Sings Standards

Hunter, Robert                                 Sentinel

Ian & Sylvia                                      Northern Journey

Ian, Janis                                          Billie’s Bones

Jones, Rickie Lee                             Naked Songs: Alive & Acoustic

Jobson, eddie                                   Theme of Secrets

Karfagen                                           Early Days 1997-2007

Lanza, Mario                                     Classic Collection 2cds

Locanda Della Fate                          Homo Homini Lupus

McDonald, Country Joe                  War War War

McDonald, Michael                          Motown

McNeil, Rita                                       Reason to Believe

Marillion                                             Singles Collection

Martinez, Hirth                                 Hirth From Earth  (with the Band)

Minelli, Liza                                       Highlights from Carnegie Hall (Telarc)

Melalncamp, John                            No Better Than This (2010)

Mohawk, Essra                                Essra Mohawk

Moorer, Alison                                  Getting Somewhere

Neville, Aaron                                   Grand Tour

Peterson, Big Pete                          Finger in your Eye (blues)

Peterson, Big Pete                          The Screamer

Perkins, Al                                        Big Dog 3

Phillips, Sam                         Disappearing Act 1987-1998

Poindexter, Buster                         Buster’s Happy Hour

Previn, Dory                                     Dory Previn

Previn, Dory                                     Children of Coincidence & Harpo Marx

Price, Alan                                        Between Today & yesterday

Prima, Louis                                     Capitol Collector’s Series \

Proby, P J                                          Somewhere

Racey                                                 Lay Your Love on me

Rankin, Kenny                                  After the Roses

Rankin Family                                   Fare thee Well Love

Reed, Jerry                                       Let’s Git It On

Rusby, Kate                                      The Girl Who Couldn’t Fly

Roches                                               Speak

Roches                                               No Trespassing

Russell, Leon                                    In Your Dreams

Seals, Dan                                         In a Quiet Room

Shadows                                            String of Hits

Shadows                                            Steppin’ To

Sinatra, Frank                                  Capitol Collectors Series

Sinatra, Frank                                  Old Blues Eyes is Back

Slayer                                                            Seasons in the Abyss

Snider, Todd                                     Songs for the Daily Planet

Spoelstra, Mark                               State of Mind

Springsteen, Bruce                         18 tracks

Starr, Ringo                                      VH1 Storytellers

Stills, Stephen                                  2

Surf Punks                                        Party Bomb

Twelfth Man (Billy Birmingham) Wired World of Sports 2cds

Vaughan, Stevie Ray                       Real Deal GH 2

Verlaine, Tom                                   Tom Verlaine

Wainwright, Loudon                       Album I

Walker, Scott                                   Sings Jacques Brel

Walsh, Joe                                        Ordinary Average Guy

Wilco                                                  Summerteeth

Williams, Andy                                 Greatest Hits

Williams, Paul                                  Someday Man

Wingfield, Pete                                Eighteen With a Bullet

Withers, Bill                                      Very Best

Yankovic , weird Al                         Dare to be Stupid

Yarbrough Glenn & Marilyn Child  Sing Folk Songs


Imus Ranch Record

Modern Folk

Nippers Greatest Hits                    The 70s

Stoned Imamculate                        Music of the Doors 

MORE $10 cds (3for$25)

AC/DC                                    Razor’s Edge

AC/DC                                    Back in Black

AC/DC                                    Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

AC/DC                                    Highway to Hell

AC/DC                                    Blow Up Your Video

AC/DC                                    Flick of the Switch

AC/DC                                    Who Made Who

AC/DC                                    High Voltage

AC/DC                                    Powerage

AC/DC                                    For Those About to Rock

AC/DC                                    Fly on the Wall

AC/DC                                    Ballbreaker

AC/DC                                    Jailbreak

AC/DC                                    Stiff Upper Lip

Beach Boys                           Sunflower (3 extra tracks)

Costello, Elvis                       King of America 2cd version 36 tracks (Rhino)

Deltones                                Walk Like a Man

Domino, Fats                        Swings

Goo Goo Dolls                       Something For the Rest of Us

Guns ‘N Roses                      Unplugged .l

Hendrix, Jimi                        Valleys of Neptune

Iron Maiden                          The Final Frontier

Linkin Park                            A Thousand Suns

Manhattan Transfer            Very Best (Japan editin)

Mark- Almond                       Other People’s Room

Paxton, Tom                         Ain’t That News

Paxton, Tom                         New Songs from Briarpatch

Paxton, Tom                         6

Paxton, Tom                         Wearing the Time

Paxton, Tom                         Outward Bound

Ramones                               Greatest Hits (Japan ed)

Rolling Stones                      Bigger Bang

Rolling Stones                      Voodoo Lounge

Rolling Stones                      Dirty Work

Rolling Stones                      Steel Wheels

Rolling Stones                      Bridges to Babylon

Scorpions                              Acoustica

Williams, Paul                      Just an Old Fashioned Love Song

As good As it gets                Skiffle Vol 1  2cds 61 tracks

As good As it gets                Skiffle Vol 2  2cd  60 trcaks


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