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September 2010



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A) Mark Chesnutt “Outlaw” $30

B) Shane Worley “Honky Tonk History” $30

Two similarly themed albums, mostly covers of outlaw period classics but both with originality to make them worthwhile.


Worley has previously done a Haggard tribute albums and continues with a great cover of “Is This the Beginning of the end”, a Wynn Stewart song that appeared on an early Haggard album. He also does a finetake on “Heart Don’t Stop Stoppin’ on Me Now”, from Vern Gosdin & Max D Barnes. Producer Mike Headrick is of course a hero in our annuls and he shines on guitar throughout. Shane even does an Alan Jackson song, and does an extremely fine job on “House With No Curtains”. Worley is also a fine writer as evidenced by “Every Waylon Needs a Jessi”, about the guy who sees it as a time to settle down. “Mooney Had His Back” is a song by Mike Headrick about Waylon and his great steel guitar player, Ralph Mooney. Great. Worley is a superior vocalist who has the ability to turn any song into his own. One of the most popular independent artists we have ever sold.


Chesnutt hit the ground running with his “Too Cold at Home”. Instantly he proved himself to be one of the greatest vocalists in country music history. He became somewhat unfashionable though, but only to the turkeys that are supposedly running the major labels in Nashville. He now treads the independent route as well. Firstly this is produced by Dwight’s early mentor, Pete Anderson. There is a real surprise as Mark does a duet with the fabulous Amber Digby on a rather obscure Dr Hook song (co-written by Denis Loccoriere and Shel Silverstein). Its is “A Couple More Years” and even though a big Dr Hook fand I never really liked this much, BUT Ches and Amber give it a life it never had. Amber is the perfect foil for Chesnutt. Chesnutt’s vocal is an absolute delight. It is not the same song. It is magically transformed by two of the best vocalists you’d ever hear. If you hear this and don’t get goosebumps call the coroner. Chesnutt shines on two Kristofferson songs, the oft covered “Sunday Mornin’ Comin’ Down”, again a song that seemingly can be adapted to the singers’ style as evidenced by the likes of Ray Stevens and Johnny Cash having hits with it, and the equally grand “Lovin’ Her Was Easier (Than Anything I’ll ever Do Again)”. The first is taken at a slow pace with a wonderful sparse acoustic backing. The latter is the consummate love song, perhaps a bit too wordy to have been a single but too good to have not been. Waylon is however his hero and “Freedom to Stay” is a big vocal that the great man would have approved of.


So there they are folks. Two great singers. Two great albums. Some familiar songs but that is what style is, taking something and turning it into your own. A tie!!


Johnny Rodriguez “Some of Mine Some of Theirs” $30 Johnny sounded great on that duet album with Johnny Bush, that came out a year or so ago. BUT, I am still trying to figure out his non appearance on the last few tracks. I need not wonder of anything sinister as this album is a beauty. Johnny also steers clear of re-doing any of his hits. This is all new material which includes a great swing number in “Where’s My Baby Now”. “On the Other Side” was written by Linda Hargrove, seemingly for Johnny as the lyrics relate to his darker side. “Vestida De Blanco” is the album’s Spanish song and it is a beauty. It is followed by the only song Johnny actually wrote “Hello Love, goodbye”, which I guess makes the album’s title a bit confusing but this is a nice ballad that you could imagine being tailor made for Merle Haggard. “Broken Heartsville” is a song of a guy drowning his sorrows. Some nice covers, especially his version of “The Lord Knows I’m Drinking” and a slow version of Joe South’s “Don’t It Make You Want to Go Home” which Rodriguez turns into a country classic, it is like hearing the song for the first time. Great Marty Robbins’ inspired take on “Sonora’s Death Row”. Great album. Recorded in Abilene Texas with assumably a bunch of local musicians who are great.


Justin Trevino & Amber Digby “Keeping Up Appearances” $30 The two favourites of Yesterday & Today Records together for the first time on a duets album. They have never sounded so good. What a line up of musicians…Bobby Flores/Jake Hooker/Dickey Overbey/ T Jarrod Bonta. They work superbly together and to have seen them perform together in Australia was an honour and a privilege. Justin drops his voice a little and Amber soars. It is as perfect as you’d expect. I feel sorry for those who think the Nashville scene is good. Amber is worth a thousand Taylor Swifts and Justin two thousand Toby Keiths. This album is as good as any Porter & Dolly, as good as any George & Tammy. Just do yourself a favour. You won’t regret it.


Hank Williams III The Rebel Within  $30 Hank 3 as he is known is the consummate bad boy. When he sings “Getting Drunk & falling Down” you know he is not singing about something he read. Great opening number as he tells about his lifestyle and his friend “Misery”. The title song really moves with breakneck banjo, slap bass and steel. “Drinkin’ Ain’t Hard to Do” has a classic get the feeling he has done personal research on his songs. “Karmageddon” is a weird little number. “Lost in Oklahoma” is probably the most traditional sounding number, until you listen to the lyrics that are definitely Hank 3. Seems this completed his contract with Curb records. Where he will turn up next is anyone’s guess!


Hank Thompson – “Hank the Hired Hand” $35 2cds This is a mix of hits and radio transcriptions and on the second cd features an interview Hank did on a French radio show in 2001. Very eloquent and featuring more transcriptions plus snippets from artists who influenced him over the years. Some of the radio transcriptions are great especially “River Road Two Step”. This is on the El Toro label.

Also on he label (we have on order) is the only cd by Wayne Walker, a successful songwriter.

Plus Rockin’ Bonnie & the Rot Gut Guys “ Cocktail Jubilee”, a sensational female rockabilly singer. Fabulous.


Brennen Leigh –“The Box” $30 This is the 3rd album by Brennen and this comes on like a classic Emmylou style album. She has a great voice and it is a country album, in which most of the songs are written by the singer. They have a classic feel about them. She harmonises well with Jim Lauderdale on the title track, about a box of treasures she kept to remind her of an old love…it has a refrain that appears throughout the song “I can’t bring myself to throw the box away’. Instantly great. “Something Borrowed” has a driving bluegrass feel. Nice dobro from Texas  steel man & producer, Tommy Detamore. “What’ll I Do” is one of only two songs not written by Brennen. Co-writetn by Waylon soundalike Wendel Adkins it is far removed from an outlaw song which you might expect prior to hearing. “Distracted’ is a great country weeper, with some great steel guitar from the aforementioned Tommy Detamore. “Travelling On” is a co-write with Sunny Sweeney. Her songs are all good. Her singing is great and fine guest musicians such as Bobby Flores, Ronnie Huckaby on piano and of course Tommy Detamore.  Re-read the opening line and take it on board. This album is great.


Gary P Nunn – Taking Texas to the Country $30 Gary P and the Texas Bunkhouse band feature a mix of original songs but also include 4 songs by Levi Mullen and one Levi/Gary P cowrite.


Tony Booth The Other Side of Life $30 Tony Booth is superb. This is straight out of the Ray Price shuffle school. He originally was on Capitol Records and  I would highly recommend his 2 on 1 Capitol cd listed below. I’d also recommend his cd with Darrell McCall and Curtis Potter. “All That She Could Take” is a great new song co-written by producer, the brilliant Justin Trevino and Darrell McCall’s daughter Guyanne. Consummately produced by Justin as well as featuring harmonies by Justin and Amber Digby. “Perfect Place” is a great country weeper…”if a lonely room kills memories I’ve found the perfect place”. “It’s All Your Fault” is another great shuffle. For a change of pace “Sometimes I Talk in My Sleep” is a great waltz tempo number from the pen of Eddy Raven. As a real surprise we get a fantastic Tex Mex treatment of “Blue Spanish Eyes”. Forget Al Martino! This is brilliant. Wonderful artist. Wonderful album.


Waylon Jennings The Dark Side of Fame $28 This is a very interesting compilation in that it ignores Waylon’s outlaw period. Most of the compilations, in fact all apart from this feature Waylon’s rocking outlaw, heavy on the bass style. This features his softer more country side and as such is a great summation of the early and wonderful Bear Family boxes. This features songs from classic albums such as “Sings Ol Harlan”/ “Folk Country”/ “Singer of Sad Songs”/” Jewels”/Taker-Tulsa”/ “Cedartown Georgia”.  Great stuff all the way. Very generous 28 tracks.


Frankie Laine – Rocks & Gravel $28  Great collection of the big voiced Francesco LoVecchio’s  (but known as Frankie Laine to you & I) best western flavoured songs. A generous 28 songs from such albums as “Hell Bent for Leather”, “Deuces wild”, “Balladeer”, “Call of the Wild”. It includes such gems as “Riders in the  sky”, “Gunfight at the OK Corral”, “Bowie Knife”, “3:10 to Yuma” etc.


DVD George Strait “Live!” $35 I have not been very kind to George Strait over the last 10 years. He has simply been too safe and unexciting; up until his latest album, “Twang” which is a wonderful throw back to his halcyon days. Margaret, Australia’s #1 George Strait fan told me how good it was and by gum she was correct. I still believe George was in a class of his own around the time of “Beyond The Blue Neon’ and lo & behold this dvd from New Year’s night 1986 leading into 1987 is as good as it gets. The Ace in the Hole Band whip it up a treat and this has 16 songs from that concert. He even does a cover of the great Hank Thompson’s “Six Pack to Go”. In addition there are 5 bonus music videos. 21 tracks in all. THIS IS ONLY SOLD IN WAL MART STORES. Not sold outside USA. The dvd is all regions. Let’s hope “Twang” is a return to his great period.


DVD Statler Brothers: The Gospel Music Of Volume One $35                        DVD Statler Brothers: The Gospel Music Of Volume Two $35                        Two dvds each wit habout 90 minutes on the  Gaither label, Apart from 19 songs on each there are lots of anecdotes.


DVD Gary P Nunn “Live from Blancos” $35 Gary P and the Bunkhouse Boys. One of the mainstays of the Texas music scene this features all his classics, and more. “Kara lee” is about his ex wife, Karen Brooks, who recorded for Warner Brother….aaah young love and ambition!!

Its about to get western
Nobody but me
Kara Lee
I don't live here anymore
Down to Louisana
Cowboy at heart
Brother tumbleweed
Meet me down in Corpus
My kind of day on  Padre
London Homesick blues
Redneck Riviera
Lonesome lone star blues
Corina con lima


Porter Wagoner “What Ain’t to Be, Just Might Happen/ Porter Wagoner Sings His Own” 2 on 1 $28  If there has been an artist who has come up with a better bunch of album covers than the great Porter I haven’t seen him. Who else but Porter could pull off a lime green suit (striped of course) matched with a psychedelic floral shirt, set off by a black tie with a large egg shape opal-like clip. Of course his wonderful yellow locks are the piece de resistance!! The albums are both super and date from 1972 & 71 respectively when Porter was at his absolute peak. The first was the original album for “Rubber Room”, maybe the quirkiest (& best also) country songs ever. 10 of the 12 songs on the album were written by Porter and the other 2 by Dolly Parton. There are also 6 bonus tracks including the rare duet with Merle Haggard, “I Haven’t Learned a Thing”, originally on the “Porter” album. Everything about these albums is superb, including the tremendous musicians who are featured; Hargus Robbins, Jerry Reed, Pete Drake, Grady Martin etc.




Dolly Parton – “The Fairest of Them All/ My Favourite Songwriter, Porter Wagoner” 2 on 1 $28  “Daddy Come & get me’, the opening track from the first album “Daddy Come & Get me” is a woman’s plea to come and get her out of the asylum in which she was placed by her unfaithful husband. Now, you want to know why Dolly hit it off so well with Porter!! “Down from Dover” is the original version (later re-recorded on her “Little Sparrow” album) of the tragic tale of a teenage unwed mother. Surprisingly her album of Porter’s songs was the hardest of hers to find on record. Most of the others showed up but hardly ever, bordering on never did you see that one and when you did a hefty penny was demanded for it. Surprising is that a lot of songs have a deeply religious flavour and Dolly was probably the ideal vehicle for Porter to get them across. The 2 albums are featured in full with 2 bonus tracks.


Dale Watson “Carryin’ On” $28 Heroes come and heroes go but none keep going on like the great Dale Watson. This is one its way and will be here when you get this. All new recordings recorded in Nashville, and featuring the great Hargus Robbins on piano and the Grand Ol opry’s own Carole Lee Singers (Carole Lee Cooper is daughter of the great Wilma Lee & Stoney Cooper). Track listing is as follows:                                                         1. Carryin' on This Way
 2. Hey Brown Bottle
 3. Flowers in Your Hair
 4. You're Always on My Mind
 5. Ain't That Livin'
 6. Heart of Stone
 7. I'll Show Ya
 8. How to Break Your Own Heart
 9. For a Little While
 10. Whatever
 11. Your Love I'm Gonna Miss
 12. Don't Wanna Go Home Song
 13. Hello, I'm an Old Country Song         


Bill Anderson “Songwriter” $30  What a great album! Bill has been pumping out albums on his own label and this may be the best. “It Ain’t My Job To Tote Your Monkey” (a play on the expression…’having a monkey on your back’) is a surprisingly upbeat opening and has some fabulous humour in it. “Good Time Getting There” is a collaboration with the man who is the last vestige of hope for Nashville mainstream in Jamie Johnson, and will make you smile. Bill also collaborates again with Jon Randall on the sad & touching. “If Anything Ever Happened to You”. Nostalgic but not hackneyed. By contrast “If You can’t Make Money” is a jaunty ditty. “Papaw’s Sunday Boots” is a song only Bill Anderson could have written. “The Songwriters” is a salute to that breed of which Bill is one. “We’re heroes, we’re schemers, we’re drunks, we’re dreamers…. half of the world thinks we’re crazy, the other half wants to be us”. Great great great!! “That’s When the Fight Broke Out” is laugh out funny as Bill relates the story of a couple in terms of the dialogue used on “Who Wants to be a Millionaire”. Kind of half spoken…it is like one of Jerry Reed’s best. “Some Kind of War” is a hard look at the uncertainties of life. In the brief notes Bill says “This is a collection of 12 new songs that I’ve written with some great co-writers and friends. I Hope you will enjoy them”. Well Bill, I did more than enjoy them. I thought they were just fabulous!


Merle Haggard “Amber Waves of Grain/ Kern River” $30  Sometimes you’d wish record companies would get together and work out what they are gonna reissue as the second album came out on a cd earlier in the year. BUT the good news is that Hag’s hardest album to get on cd, the great “Amber Waves of Grain” is available again to all and sundry. This was a live album but unlike many live albums had new songs on it and the title track stands as the best ever song about the plight of the farmer, with a universal lyric that says it all. Just as good is the song “Gone With the Wind”, which has some wonderfully word play incorporated from the immortal movie. There is a great medley of the original “Okie from Muskogee’ and its answer song “The Okie From Muskogee’s Coming Home”. It is a bonus if you don’t have the “Kern River” reissue, but even if you do don’t worry. “Amber Waves of Grain” stands up very well on its own.


Silver Meteor: A Progressive Country Anthology $30 Sierra Records    This was the best ever country rock compilation and it just got better with an astonishing 14 tracks added to the original 12. I had this on lp and it was just about impossible to find after it came out. It didn’t matter that it was horribly warped (no not like my mind) it was grand. It had 4 tracks from what would have been the solo debut of Byrds’ singer/guitarist Clarence White. They included a great version of the Delaney & Bonnie hit “Never Ending song of Love” as well as a hot instrumental take of “Alabama Jubilee”. On “Why You been Gone So Long”, Ry Cooder guests alongside Clarence.  Sadly that is where the story ends as Clarence was tragically killed when a drunk driver ran into the station wagon into which he was loading his gear. It also put an end to an Everly Brothers album which was also going to feature Clarence White along with fellow Byrd Gene Parsons. Two tracks from these sessions are included, “I’m On My Way Back Home” and “The Cuckoo”, both classics. It featured 2 songs from Casey Kelly’s Elektra record, including the title song (railroad buffs will know the “Silver Meteor” is a train). Barbara Keith, also responsible for a rare 70s album, performs the original of the oft-covered “Bramble & the Rose”. The Blue Velvet Band consists of bluegrass veterans Bill keith & Eric Weissberg, Richard Greene and others. Bonus tracks include Paul Seibel’s “Pinto Pony” (w. Clarence White) and Rusty Young (of Poco fame & also with Clarence) on “Everybody’s Talkin’ “. Writer Larry Murray performs his song about a dog, “Bugler”, which featured Clarence on vocal when it was performed by the Byrds. Two Gram Parsons’ tracks are performed by Country t Blue”. Recently UK magazine “Uncut” voted this as one of the all time great “lost” albums. That has now all changed with this cd. 26 country rock classics. Do yourself a favour.


John Prine “In Person & On Stage” $28 It seems like only yesterday that the Cosmic Cowboy and I stood side to side some 2 metres from the stage at the now defunct Birkenhead Tavern to see John Prine. Prine is a performer. Warm and personable on stage, and a little shy and reserved off. He has had a couple of live albums but this is the best. I wonder if the Cosmic Cowboy remembers the dweeb who was standing next to us, who had seemingly studied everything annoying on the first live album and chosen to act out the audience part at that performance. Well, the good thing about this is the audience is well back in the mix. “In Spite of Ourselves” has a wonderful introduction about how he wrote that song for a movie in which he appeared as Billy Bob Thornton’s brother, with Andy Griffith as their dad. “I guess that made me Opie’s step brother!”, jests the great man. Iris Dement guests on this and the wonderful “Unwed Fathers”. Prine has a mesmerising ability in providing anecdotes and enhances the songs on which these are featured. He talks about his family on “The Bottomless Lake” and his family vacations, something I never really realised was the subject of the song. Sara Watkins of Nickel Creek adds a delightful duet vocal some nice fiddle touches to “The Late John Garfield Blues”, which Prine takes at a slightly slower pace than the recorded version. There is no point in doing a live album which is indistinguishable to the original version and Prine delivers! “Bear Creek Blues” is a Carter Family song, which Prine did on the Carter Tribute album, the Carter Family being an early influence. On “Angel from Montgomery” another guets drops by, that being Emmylou Harris. Again, taken at a gentler pace with some nice mandolin touches, this will give goose bumps, even if Emmy is a tad out on the harmonies. “Your Flag Decal won’t Get You Into Heaven Anymore” was the first song on John’s first album and he tells how he wrote it when he was a mail man delivering Reader’s Digests…fabulous. It was Readers Digest who gave out the stick on flags about which this song was written. “Mexican Home” is a lovely duet with Josh Ritter. “Paradise”, all about the Kentucky coal miners shares a relationship with both the Everly Brothers and Merle Travis. This features Kevin Welch and Keiran Kane, who also plays some great mandolin licks. Prine is so darn entrancing I wish he would write a book. There are few better than he!!


“Twistable Turnable Man _ A Musical Tribute to the Songs of Shel Silverstein”. $30 Wow, I rarely go to shows, preferring the recorded version, but having just mentioned the great John Prine it is appropriate I mention Doctor Hook, or Dr Hook & the Medicine Show as they were known. They toured Australia in the mid 70s and they were so good the first night I had to go back the second. BUT there were a couple of reservations. This was when they had changed from Columbia to Capitol labels and had began to record NON-Silverstein songs. The shining light was the Shel songs and I still think they were the best interpreters of Shel’s songs. This tribute, with one exception, is just sensational. Firstly, the faves: John Prine does a great version of “This Guitar Is For Sale”, a song I believe I had only ever heard by Shel’s co-writer, Fred Koller. To this day I think Shel chose Fred as a collaborator as he was the only person who had a worse voice than he (but I have several Shel albums which I do love). Kris Kristofferson’s gnarly voice is perfect for the fabulous “The Winner” (with Bobby Bare doing harmony). Best track though, and one of the greatest you would ever hear is “Me & Jimmy(sic) Rodgers” sung by the great octogenarian, Ray Price, who has a voice so perfectly in tune and as smooth as it gets, that it makes you wonder how it was possible. This nostalgic song not only talks about Jimmy (don’t know if he actually meant Jimmie Rodgers, or just someone else) but also talks about Audie Murphy, Betty Grable and so on. Wonderful…and then some. There is a great touch on “Daddy What If” with Bobby Bare Jnr doing the lead vocal and his daughter Isabella doing the child question part. Of course Bobby Jnr had taken that role when his father, Bobby Bare (snr) had recorded the song. Bobby Snr is great on “The Living Legend”. Dr Dog do a Beach Boys inspired “The Unicorn”, a worldwide hit for the Canadian Irishmen, The Irish Rovers. My Morning Jacket (yes that is a group) do several songs and all are fine, including the final “26 Second Song” (anyone care to guess how long that one goes for??). Sarah Jarosz, who is another new name to me does a fine “Queen of the Silver Dollar” and Black Francis, again a new name, does a fine take of “Cover of the Rolling Stone’. Some may not like Billy Bob Thornton and the Boxmasters’ take on “Sylvia’s Mother” but I love it! Taken at a jaunty pace it is something I think would have appealed to Shel. Nanci Griffith is fine on “The Giving Tree”. NOW, the only bad song on the whole album is a song I rate as one of Shel’s best and that is “The Ballad of Lucy Jordan”, tortured to within an inch of death by Lucinda Williams. Painful, pitiful, self-indulgent are all terms that come to mind, but “just plain awful” covers it best. When it became cool to refer to her as just “Lucinda” I knew it was time to tune out but this is horrid. Still 14 songs out of 15 get the thumbs up. If this was a record you could at least score that track out so it could never be played, which is something that it deserves.


Cornell Hurd “A Bad Year for Love” $30 Everybody loves Cornell Hurd and his band who are generally considered the best Austin has to offer. As always great value with 17 tracks, but a little different this time with 6 instrumentals recorded as a tribute to his great guitarist Paul Skelton who passed away after a battle with cancer and makes his last appearance on this album. Apart from Roger Miller’s “Invitation to the Blues” (a big hit for Ray Price) and a track Cornell informs us was played by Max Kernaghan’s Four Dimensions in the 60s all songs are Cornell Hurd originals and each carry his trademark wit & wisdom. “Respect from the Dead” is Cornell’s message to a former lover…that is how Cornell feels, the fool she left broken hearted. T Jarrod Bonta is superb on piano, as he expertly punctuates Cornell’s angst filled vocals. Woops, missed another non Cornell song, “I’ve Got Wine On My Mind”, which was performed by great Johnny Paycheck. Scott Walls is great on steel guitar on another tale of regret, “I Won’t Apologise for Loving You”. Hell, I should say heck, after all this is a “g” rating publication, I love Cornell.


Still going well


Booth, Tony                          The Key’s in the Mailbox/ Lonesome 7-7203

                                                Two original Capitol albums on 1cd by this

                                                great Ray Price inspired singer.

Haggard, Merle                    Kern River/Chill Factor 2 on 1 $25

Haggard, Merle                    Out Among the Stars/ Friend in California $30

                                                Classic Haggard rare albums available again!

Hayes, Wade                        Place to Turn Around $30 Great vocalist back

                                                with a superb independent honky tonk cd.

Jones, Georgette                 Slightly Used Woman $30 How good!

Kristofferson, Kris              Please Don’t Tell Me How the Story Ends: The

                                                Publishing Demos 1968-1972 17 tracks inc.

                                                the original demo of “Me & Bobby McGee”

                                                topped off with a brilliant 60 page book.

Miss Leslie                             Wrong IS What I Do Bset $30 She writes them

                                                all & sings them like a female George Jones.

                                                Just fabulous.

Myles, Heather                    In the Wind $30 Great album on her own label.

Robbins, Marty                     Have I Told You Lately That I Love You? / I’ve

                                                Got a Woman’s Love $32. Great UK 2 on 1

                                                back in stock. Both on cd for firs ttime.,

Sanders, Ray                        Funny How Time Slips Away $30 Classic

                                                vocalist on the Hillside label. 20 great songs.

Scruggs, Earl/Tom t Hall   Storyteller & The Banjo Man $28 Great album

Serratt, Kenny                     The Best  $30 Brilliant Haggard style vocalist!

Smith, Cal                              The Best of $30 UK compilation of 16 original

                                                MCA tracks. The only cd ever of Cal’s classic

                                                period. All killer, no filler.

Watson, Gene                      Matters of the Heart $30  20 track MCA label

                                                compilation from the UK. All great.

Williams, Ron                       The Longer You’re Gone $30 (Our 2009 Album

                                                of the Year) from the son of Leona Williams &

                                                one time step son of Merle Haggard.     


Troubled Troubadours       Wonderful 27 tracker $28



Commander Cody                The DVD Collection $35 (w. Bill Kirchen)

Flatt & Scruggs                    Best Of TV Shows Vol 9 $25

Flatt & Scruggs                    Best of TV Shows Vol 10 $25 Great ones.

Haggard, Merle                    Live from Austin 1978 $30

Haggard, Merle                    Live from Austin 1985 $30

Haggard, Merle                    Ol Country Singer Live at Billy Bobs

                                                2004 w. Freddy Powers & Janie Fricke. $35

Haggard, Merle                    Live at Church St station $25 (80 min)

Jones, George                      50th Anniversary Tribute 2DVDs + Cd $35

Myles, Heather                    And the Cadillac Cowboys Live at Newland

                                                76 minutes $35 Former Dwight co-hort

                                                Brantley Kearns is great in support.

Newbury, Mickey                Live at the hermitage $38

Watson, Dale                        And His Lone stars Live @ Newland $35

                                                Great 90 minute plus.



These are due mid month. Please order asap to ensure you don’t miss out:

Rick Nelson : The Last Time Around 1970-1982 $300 7cds  + 144 page hard cover book. One of the greatest artists of all time and this features both his country rock classics as well as his return to rockabilly and rock & roll. He was also calling himself Ricky at the sad end of his life as Carl Perkins referred to him that way and he figured if it is good enough for the great Carl it is good enough for me!! 134 tracks.

Conway Twitty : “The Ballads Of”  $35 Great singer, this covers the period 1956-1963 and is a companion to the “Conway Rocks” cd. 33  tracks and a 36 page booklet. Leads of with the original “it’s Only Make Believe”.

Johnny Burnette – “Ballads Of” $35 Another companion volume this time to the “Johnny Rocks” 30 tracks and 36 page book.

Bonnie Dobson “Vive La Canadienne” $32 Canadian folk singer best remembered for her song “Morning Dew” (not on this) This has 24 trcaks and runs just over 80 minutes. Her 1964 and 1972 folk albums are combined with previously unreleased material.

Johnny Horton & Johnny Cash “I’m a Fishing Man” $35 Rather unusual issue with only  a 3 track cd but a metallic bulletin board (20x15cm) with magnetic key holders. Just what I always wanted!!

John Pearse “Lost 1966 Waldeck Audition” $32 apprently a big influence in the folk guitar field.

35!!!Years of Bear Family Records Box set 3cd 68 tracks plus 208 page hard cover book.!! All songs are unique to this and are about both Bears as in the 4 legged kind and about Bear Family…the label. A great cross section of artists and again the songs are only on these cds. The artists includes Deke Dickerson, Elizabeth Cook, Riders in the Sky, Chip Taylor, George Hamilton IV. A great collectable. It isnot going to be expensive. Probably $60-$80 depending on how much that book weighs. Freight out of Germany is not cheap. Make sure you get in early. This is a one time order only.



As far as the first one goes please read the comment as this is repeated in its entirety from the last newsletter. Will use different font this time.


**A Girl Named Johnny Cash an Other Tribute Songs $32 This is a classic case of one that may have been missed but when you find out about it, it will be a must have. Basically it is a series of tribute songs sung by well known artists to other artists. It takes its title from Jane Morgan’s “A Boy Named Sue” answer song…”A Girl Named Johnny Cash”, which considering she wasn’t a country singer was just great. What makes it a must have though are 10 songs by Stoney Edwards, one of the greatest country vocalists ever and 9 of these are seeing their first release on this cd. He of course was responsible for the wondrous “Hank & Left Raised My Country Soul” but the other 9 are just as good.  They were recorded at a 1973 session and included the likes of Grady Martin, Weldon Myrick, Tommy Jackson, Lloyd Green, Charlie McCoy, Hargus “Pig” Robbins etc. In addition there are guests, eg on “The Night Ernest Tubb show Came to Town” ET’s guitarist Billy Byrd is a guest; on “The Carter Family” Mother Maybelle plays autoharp; on “Roy Acuff King of Country Music” we get guest appearances from both Jimmie Riddle and Howdy Forrester; “Bob Wills, The Fiddlin’ Man” features both Tommy Jackson & Leon McAuliffe. As wonderful as these are, there are no duds among the 18 tracks. Hag’s Tommy Collins tribute, “Leonard” is indeed one of Merle’s best ever, and Rudy Thacker’s little known “Ballad of Johnny Horton” is indeed a joy.


** The Big Bopper – Hellooo Baby!! $32 Great 31 tracker. His hit “Chantilly Lace” was one of the most memorable of the 50s and this great cd has all his recordings including the original “White Lightning”, which he wrote as well as great humour filled songs such as “Big Bopper’s Wedding” and “It’s the Truth Ruth”. Also has every tribute song, including “Bopper 486009” by Donna Dameron on which he guests.


**Next Stop is Vietnam 13 cds + 300 page hard cover book, $390 At a tad under 4kgs this is a weighty volume. Over 300 tracks from every format with the title taken from a song by the least personable guy I’ve ever met. Great set! If you want a track listing let me know. 2 in stock.


**Bobby Charles “See You Later Alligator” 28 tracks $32

**Hedy West & Bill Clifton – Getting Folk Out of the Country $32

**Eddie Cochran – Rocks $35  35 tracks none better than “Twenty Flight Rock” & “Sumemrtime Blues”. How good!!

**Smoke That Cigarette:Pleasue to Burn $32 32 tracks about cigarettes & smoking.

**Pat Boone Drugstores Rockin’ $32 35 tracks.



These are some of the best albums over the years and they are all out of print. Some of these go for 2 to 3 times what I have them listed as. All are in new/as new condition. Don’t miss out, as most 1 copy only. These take great skill in acquiring, believe me. They are sourced from a number of places, all overseas.



Ball, David                                         David Ball $28 This was going to

                                                            precede “Thinkin’ Problem” and in their

                                                            wisdom RCA didn’t release it. A pity as it

                                                            is very good with originals & covers. A

                                                            must for David Ball fans, and isn’t that

                                                            just about everyone??

Dunn, Holly                                       Across the Rio Grande $40

Dunn, Holly                                       Holly Dunn $38

Dunn, Holly                                       Cornerstone $35

                                                            Holly Dunn’s first 3 albums on the MTM

                                                            label were definitely her best with the

                                                            self titled one containing her biggest hit

                                                            in “Daddy’s Hands”, the second

                                                            “Cornerstone’ maybe her best with 2

                                                            stunning tracks in “Strangers again” &

                                                            a delightful version of Jim Croce’s

                                                            “Lovers’ Cross’ whilst the final MTM

                                                            album had her delightful version of the

                                                            title song, also done by Reba, but Holly

                                                            wins!! All 3 albums are delightful.

Pennington,R/Buddy Emmons     Swinging by Request $40

Pennington,R/Buddy Emmons     Goin’ Out Swingin’  $35

Pennington,R/Buddy Emmons     It’s All in the Swing $35

                                                            Ray Pennington was honcho of Step One

                                                            Records, a Nashville independent label

                                                            which had a wonderful roster. He was

                                                            also a fine Ray price inspired vocalist &

                                                            as many steel players would say Buddy

                                                            Emmons is the best ever. The Step One

                                                            House band, so to speak, was none too

                                                            shabby with Rob Hajacos on fiddle,

                                                            Bobby All on acoustic guitar and Bunky

                                                            Keels on piano. The first has 21 tracks &

                                                            Clinton Gregory is an excellent vocalist

                                                            on 2 tracks. They are a mix of vocal &

                                                            instrumentals, with “Little Brown Jug”

                                                            featuring some extraordinary steel from

                                                            Mr Emmons. The second has some great

                                                            guest vocals by Curtis Potter and the

                                                            3rd gives great country swing versions of

                                                            what were originally big band recordings.

                                                            All are super.

Smith, Sammi                                   Best $30 Now out of print. Great

                                                            selection of all original tracks.

Thompson, Jeff                                Jeff Thompson $40 No, not Thommo, but

                                                            a fine singer who was going to have the

                                                            first album release on the Arista country

                                                            label but the album never came out. Has

                                                            a style reminiscent of Ricky Van Shelton

                                                            with a great deep voice. Does a superb

                                                            version of “The Greatest Man I Never

                                                            Knew”, a hit for Reba, but Jeff wins

                                                            hands down!! Equally grand is the

                                                            wonderful “It’s a Good Thing I Don’t Love

                                                            You Anymore”, with a superb lyric and

                                                            the upbeat “Today is Elvis’ Birthday”.



Bandy, Moe                                       Act Naturally  $30

Bandy, Moe                                       Many Mansions $35

Bandy, Moe                                       No Regrets $35 (last 2 are very rare

                                                            MCA albums)

Bellamy Brothers                            Rebels Without a Clue $30 There MCA

                                                            album from 1988 was their best with

                                                            the title track, “Fountain of Middle Age”,

                                                            “The Courthouse” & “Andy Griffith Show”

                                                            being just some of the classics.

Berry, Benny                                    Standing Here Alone $45

Berry, Benny                                    Some Things Never Change $40

Berry, Benny                                    Mama’s Rockin’ Chair $30

Berry, Benny                                    When Trains Still Ran Through Dixie $40

                                                            Four albums on the long defunct  Hawk

                                                            Records label from Northern Ireland.

                                                            Benny is an Oklahoma boy and these are

                                                            possibly the most popular independent

                                                            label albums we have ever had!

                                                            Why wouldn’t they be? ! They are almost

                                                            like 4 long lost Merle Haggard albums.                                                  They are that good. “Mama’s Rockin’

                                                            Chair” is missing back graphic. All 10/10

Bogguss, Suzy/Chet Atkins           Simpatico  XXXXON SALEXXXXX $20

                                                            One of Chet’s last albums and one of

                                                            Suzy’s best, if not the best. A must have.

Bond, Johnny                                    Very Best $35 with “Hot Rod Lincoln”,

                                                            “Ten Little Bottles” etc Only place to get

                                                            the originals & out of print.

Boone, Larry                                                One Way to Go $25

Boone, Larry                                                Swingin’ Doors, Sawdust Floors $30

Boone, Larry                                                Down That River Road $35  All 3 are

                                                            as good as it gets. A great songwriter

                                                            & singer he reminds of George Strait

                                                            in the late 80s! Superb, Mrs Johnson. The

                                                            first listed was his first CBS album & may

                                                            be the best value in the entire newsletter

Britton, Marsha                                Good Times & Hard Times $35 Great

                                                            Album on Hawk label (see Benny Berry)

                                                            “We’ve Had Some Good Times” is a duet

                                                            with Benny.

Browne, Jann                                   Tell Me Why $35 1990 gem long OOP As

                                                            well as being a cracker singer she is a

                                                            great writer with the highlight being

                                                            “Louisville”. Emmylou guests.

Browne, Jann                                   It Only Hurts When I Laugh. Great west

                                                            coast singer reminiscent of Emmylou.$25

Cartwright, Lionel                           Lionel Cartwright $30 Was nominated as

                                                            one of 1989’s 3 best new artists along w.

                                                            Clint Black and Garth Brooks. He loses

                                                            absolutely nothing in comparison.

Cash, Tommy                                   Let An Old Racehorse Run $28 12 track

                                                            indie on Playback inc duet with Jeannie

                                                            C Riley

Cash, Tommy                                   Classics $30 15 tracks on his own label

                                                            has Johnny cash on 4 tracks plus Connie

                                                            Smith, Tom T Hall, George Jones etc.

Clark, Guy                                         Craftsman  2cds $30 His 3 WB albums on

                                                            a 2CD out of print set.

Coe, David Allan                               1990 Songs for Sale. $48  20 new

                                                            original recordings (not re-recordings of

                                                            hits) was first on the DAC label. All great

                                                            Coe songs such as “A Marriage Made in

                                                            Heaven Went to Hell”, “The Devil was to

                                                            Blame”, “Tennessee Waltz With Me” etc

Copas, Cowboy                                Copasetic: The Cream of King-Starday

                                                            Recordings 1946-1960 $35 Out of print

                                                            26 tracker on the defunct Westside label.

Cryner, Bobbie                                 Bobbie Cryner $35 I always say this gem

                                                            is the best album by a female we have

                                                            ever had & (until Miss Leslie came along)

                                                            the only time I have heard a female sing

                                                            like George Jones. Very much like Melba

                                                            Montgomery to these ears.

Curless, Dick                                    The Drag ‘em Off the Interstate Sock It

                                                            To Them Hits of Dick Curless $30

                                                            Classic out of print Razor & Tie comp. of

                                                            Dick’s original Tower & Capitol Hits.

Dalton, Lacy J                                   Crazy Love $30 Stunning album which

                                                            features a great version of Van Morrison

                                                            title but the highlight is “Little Boy Blue”

                                                            one of the best things you’ll ever hear.

Dalton, Lacy J                                   Survivor        $45 an amazing album; easily her best & that is saying something givenhe overall quality. Her version of Guy Clark’s “Old Friends” ranks as one of the best recordings ever!!! “Hard Luck Ace” makes reference to both Waylon & Janis Joplin. A magical album.

Davies, Gail                                       Pretty Words $25 The ubiquitous Jimmy
Bowen was in a class of his own at the
end of the 1980s. All songs by Gail inc.
“I Don’t Know Why” which was
renamed “Tell Me Why” & was title
track of Jann Browne’s debut. Top cd.

Davis, Joey                                       “Love Songs, Waltz’s True Stories & Lies”

                                                            The spelling may be a bit out but 17

                                                            superb honky tonk tracks are as good as                                                         it can go. Everybody loves this. $40

Delray, Martin                                  Get Rhythm $45 This is absolutely one of

                                                            the best albums we have ever had and

                                                            whilst the title track featured Johnny

                                                            Cash joining Martin in a sensational duet,

                                                            I have no reservations in saying Martin’s

                                                            version of the Wood Newton song

                                                            “Lillie’s White Lies” is the best album

                                                            track on any album we have ever had.

                                                            The fact the rest of the album is nothing

                                                            less than great makes this a must have.

                                                            Trivia: Martin’s real name is Mike Martin

                                                            and he is a professional tennis coat. We

                                                            still await his third album.

Delray, Martin                                  What Kind of Man XXXXSALEXXXX $25

                                                            Second of only 2 albums.

Draper, Rusty                                  Greatest Hits $28 Out of Print 18 tracker.

Earle, Steve                                      Uncut Gems $45 20 tracker put out by his

                                                            Publishing company. Some have never

                                                            appeared on his albums and in different

                                                            versions when they did.

Edwards, Stoney                             Just For Old Times Sake. $60 Amazing

                                                            late 80s independent by one of the best

                                                            ever country vocalists. All great.

Edwards, Stoney                             The Best Of: Poor Folks Stick Together

                                                            $35 20 of his greatest Capitol hits on an

                                                            out of print cd. Includes the amazing

                                                            “Two Dollar Toy”, the controversial

                                                            “Blackbird” & of course the classic “Hank

                                                            & Lefty Raised My Country Soul”.

Ewing, Skip                                       Coast of Colorado $40 Wonderful deep

                                                            voice singer best known nowadays as a

                                                            songwriter. This MCA debut from 1988

                                                            was produced by Jimmy Bowen &

                                                            features the hit “The Gospel According

                                                            to Luke”.

Ford. Tennessee Ernie                   Capitol Collectors Series $35 This 29

                                                            tracker  is out of print and contains the

                                                            best single collection of Ernie’s hits &

                                                            more. This is the best ever US series.

Freberg, Stan                                   Capitol Collectors Series XXXXXON

                                                            SALEXXXXX $25 21 tracks. Again,

                                                            the sound and presentation is stunning.

                                                            Collects the best of Stan’s musical parody

                                                            tracks plus his “Green Christmas” tracks.

Frickie, Janie                                    Labor of Love $25 This 1989 CBS release

                                                            was her best with the highlight being a

                                                            stunning version of Steve Earle’s best

                                                            song, “My Old Friend the Blues”.

Gaddis, Ron                                      Chip Off the Old Block $40 This has
vanished off the planet. Ron was
George Jones band leader and also first
husband of Lorrie Morgan. He is a major
talent in his own right. The title track was covered by its writer Vern Gosdin
on “The Voice” cd. This album features
guest appearances from former boss
George Jones (“I Fell Off the Wagon”)
Ex wife Lorrie Morgan (“All Day All
Night Thing”) and Porter Wagoner
(“When the Shiny Silver Eagle Meets
the Great Speckled Bird”). A real gem.

Gosdin, Vern                                     Alone XXXXXON SALEXXXXX $28 Came

                                                            after his best “Chiselled in Stone” and

                                                            was 100% cry in your beer ballads; as

                                                            good as any George Jones album, ever!

Gosdin, Vern                                     Nickels Dimes & Love $25 It doesn’t get

                                                            better than his duet with Janie Frickie,

                                                            “Two Good People With  Love Gone Bad”

Gosdin, Vern                                     The Voice $30 1998 classic which proved

                                                            Vern had not as yet reached the other

                                                            side of the hill! Now out of print.

Grand, Gil                                          Famous Last Words $25 Never actually                                                 released.

Greene, Jack                                    The Jolly Green Giant $38 20 MCA

                                                            & Decca tracks long deleted. Only time

                                                            the originals have been on cd. Inc. 3

                                                            duets with Jeannie Seely.

Haggard, Merle                                Capitol Collectors Series $25 20 tracks.

                                                            The best single cd of Merle at his best.

Haggard, Merle                                5:01 Blues Epic Out of print $35

Haggard, Merle                                I’m Always on a Mountain When I Fall

                                                            $50 Out of print MCA album

Haggard, Merle                                His Greatest And Best $25 MCA collection

                                                            which is very well compiled.

Hardwick, Billy                                 Too Country $25 A great singer and

                                                            writer’s only album. Like Dean Dillon. A+

Harms, Joni                                      Hometown Girl $38 Joni’s original Capitol

                                                            album. Very hard to get.

Harris, Emmylou                             Last Date $35 On defunct Eminent label

                                                            & has 2 bonus tracks. This also has

                                                            attractive slip sleeve. No slip sleeve $28

Hawkins, Hawkshaw                      I’m a Rattlesnakin’ Daddy $35 24 King

                                                            tracks on this out of print Westside issue.

Hobbs, Becky                                   All Keyed Up XXXON SALEXXX $25 Best

                                                            ever female honky tonk album, with the

                                                            best track being “Jones on the Jukebox”.

Horton, Steven Wayne                   Steven Wayne Horton Capitol album from

                                                            1989 was sadly his one & only. What you

                                                            get is a great upbeat album a la Marty

                                                            Stuart “Hillbilly Rock” but better.  $28

Husky, Ferlin                                    Vintage Collection $28 20 hits. OOP.

Jones, David                                     Bridges $30 Again a 10/10 oncer indie.

                                                            Long out of print from 1994 will have you

                                                            wondering why he didn’t become one of

                                                            country music’s biggest stars.

Jansen, Frank                                   You’re a Phone Call That I Need to
Make $35 OOP on Bob Grady label. One of the best labels for independents & one

                                                            of the best independents!

Jones, George                                  Friends in High Places $30 All duets

Jones, George                                  Wine Colored Roses $48 1986 album

                                                            is very very hard to find on cd.

Jones, George                                  Too Wild Too Long $140 If you were a

                                                            country music lp collector in the 80s you

                                                            may have bought from an American, L.

                                                            Stanley Baumruk who had the rarest

                                                            albums. When one was so incredibly

                                                            rare he would always use 2 words in his

                                                            listing and I use the same 2 here.” Find

                                                            one!” Next to impossible. Includes some

                                                            great songs but the best has to be

                                                            “The Man That Nobody Loves”.

Jones, George                                  Alone Again/Grand Tour $40 2 on 1.

                                                            “Alone Again” is only available here

                                                            & is rated one of his very best albums.

Jones, George                                  One Woman Man $35 Personal favourite.

                                                            “Place in the Country” is one of his best

                                                            unknown songs. Right up there with “He

                                                            Stopped Lovin’ Her Today” & with the

                                                            delicious irony he only gets his wish

                                                            when he is buried!

Jones, George                                  You Oughta Be Here With Me $38 This

                                                            was the last album he did for Epic & it

                                                            may be his best. Superb songs & he is in

                                                            absolutely wonderful voice.

Jones, Geo./Melba Montgomery  Vintage Collection $55 20 classics!! Out

of print and has all the wonderful United

Artists’ label duets. His best duet partner

Kane, Keiran                                     Find My Way Home XXXON SALEXXX $25

                                                            Rare post O’Kanes album.

Kendalls                                             20 Favorites $35 The Kendalls made one

                                                            album for Epic where they went and

                                                            re-recorded their hits. The result was

                                                            even better than the originals with

                                                            the highlight being Royce’s lead on

                                                            “Pittsburgh Stealers”.

Lind, Bob                                           Best of Bob Lind $35 25 tracker

                                                            Inc. #1 hit “Elusive Butterfly”.

Logan, Josh                                       Somebody Paints the Wall $55 sung in

                                                            the style, sound  & spirit of Mel Street.

Lyda, Jacob                                       Here We Go Again $30

Lyda, Jacob                                       Three Times the Charm $30 Two great indie albums with the great indie producer  Mike Headrick in tow.

McCall, Darrell                                  Pictures Can’t Talk Back $35 his debut

                                                            cd on the Atrap label from 1992.

McCarters                                         The Gift $35 Impossible to get debut.

McCarters                                         Better Be Home Soon XXXXON SALEXXXX

                                                            $25. Hard to believe they only ever had 2

                                                            albums. This billed as “Jennifer MCarter

                                                            & the McCarters” features a stunning

                                                            take on the Crowded House song. Has

                                                            slight bluegrass leanings & great songs.

McDaniel, Mel                                   Rockabilly Boy $35  There is no better

                                                            song than “You Can’t Play the Blues in

                                                            An Air conditioned Room”!!!!

McDaniel, Mel                                   Country Pride $38 Very hard to find 1991

                                                            album with wonderful songs such as “If I

                                                            Live to Be a Hundred I’ll Die Young” and

                                                            “The Annual Blount County Snuff Dipper’s

                                                            Ball”. Wundabar!

McEntire, Reba                                 Oklahoma Girl 2cds 40 Mercury tracks.

                                                            Double cd case with attractive slip sleeve

                                                            & book $40 Her best & most country.

                                                            Have one without slip case $30

McRight, Alecia                                For Love’s Sake $40 rare independent

                                                            album from the wonderful Alecia Nugent.

                                                            Not sure if “Nugent” is married/single/

                                                            married again or divorced name but this

                                                            is a great album prod. by Carl Jackson/

Macon, Uncle Dave                          Country Music Hall of Fame (MCA) $25

Martin, Mario                                    Keep it on the Country Side $48

This is the greatest mystery I have ever
contended with. This superb 1991
album featured great songs and a great
singer who reminds of Ricky Van
Shelton but was only 17 at the time!!!
Everybody loves this and it is as rare as
they come. James Stroud produced.

Martin, Sonny                                   I’ve Always Been Country $38 Great indie

                                                            with the saddest song ever on it. “Rock

                                                            A Bye Baby” makes Little Jimmy Dickens’

                                                            “Raggedy Ann” seem jolly!

Martin, Tony                                     Back to Bakersfield $40 One of the best

                                                            Mike Headrick produced indies. 13 tracks

                                                            with no less than 9 from the legendary

                                                            Whitey Shafer.

Mata, Billy                                         Made in Texas $30 Terrific San Antonio

                                                            native. “If This Was Texas” rates as one

                                                            of the most engagingly catchy things

                                                            you would ever hear.

Miller, Roger                                     Best Of Volume Two: King of the Road

                                                            $30. Best single cd of his hits. Long OOP

Moffatt, Katy                                    Greatest Show on Earth $28 Taken of

                                                            the market as Ringling Bros objected to

                                                            the title. Superb album & purists will

                                                            need this version. It was later reissued

                                                            as “Evangeline Hotel”.

Montgomery, Melba/ Norma Jean First Ladies of country 22 tracks $28

                                                            Only place you’ll get Melba doing “No


Moore, Lattie                                    I’m Not Broke But Badly Bent: Best of

                                                            King-Starday recordings 1953-63 $40

                                                            29 great tracks on defunct Westside label

Morgan, George                               Room Full of Roses: the George Morgan

                                                            Collection Razor & Tie OOP $35

Morse, Ella Mae                                Capitol Collectors Series  XXSALEXX $25

                                                            Mixed her styles from big band to country

Nelson, Leo                                       Under Neon Lights $55 Want to know my  all time favourite independent, yeah not one of but the top spot?? This is it. Great album produced by Bob Grady with assist from the great Mike Headrick. 12 great track with a duet with Bill Arwood on the title track.

Nelson, Willie                                   A Horse Called Music $35

Nelson, Willie                                   Promiseland $35

Nelson, Willie                                   Peace in the Valley: The Gospel Truth

Collection with Willie Nelson Jnr. They used a little poetic licence with the artists as Willie Nelson Jnr was known as Billy Nelson al lhis life, up until it tragically ended on Christmas day 1991. So this album had special meaning for Willie as it seems this was the only time Willie Jnr/Billy had recorded. The results are stunning. Billy/Willie Jnr generally trades parts of the songs with Wilie and has a distinctive voice that is iinstantly memorable. He does the sole vocal on "My Body's Just a Suitcase for Your Soul" and it indeed may be  the best track on an album where nothing is less than grand. Willie solos on "Troublemaker" and it is a different and far better version than on his album of the same name. being a big Willie fan I must rate this as his best gospel album an indeed one of the best in general. $55

Newbury, Mickey                            Lulled by the Moonlight $30

Newton, Wayne                               Coming Home $28 No I haven’t gone nuts

                                                            as this is a great 1989 country album

                                                            which is really good and features a great

                                                            duet with Tammy Wynette. All good.

O’kanes                                             Tired of the Running $35

O’kanes                                             Imagine That XXXON SALEXXX $20

                                                            Superb duo of Jamie O’Hara & Keiran

                                                            Kane. Wonderful songs with a touch of


Owens, Buck                                    Hot Dog $30

Owens, Buck                                    Kickin’ In $30

Owens, Buck                                    Act Naturally $35 His 3 comeback albums

                                                            which feature the likes of Emmylou,

                                                            Dwight & Ringo (who did vocal on the

                                                            Beatles’ version of ‘Act Naturally’)

Pacheco, Tom                                  Bare Bones & Barbed Wires 2cds $40

                                                            Everybody’s favourite songwriter, that

                                                            nobody’s ever heard of!!! Great

                                                            unplugged album

Parker, Billy                                     And Friends $38 OOP Bear Family cd with

                                                            2 albums on the one. The first is stunning

                                                            with all duets, Darrel McCall, Cal Smith,

                                                            Webb Pierce, Ernest Tubb etc!!

Parton/Wagoner                             Two of A Kind $28 20 tracks

Parton/Wagoner                             Sweet Harmony $30 another 20 tracks

                                                            Both on the excellent Pair label.

Paycheck, Johnny                           The Real Mr Heartache: The Little Darlin’

                                                            Years $55 Country Music Foundation with

                                                            Paycheck at his best. I love George Jones

                                                            but his Epic label gems owe more than a

                                                            passing nod to this. 24 tracks. Many have

                                                            only heard his later outlaw albums but

                                                            his recordings on the Little Darlin’ label

                                                            actually inspired George Jones!

Paycheck, Johnny                           Survivor  $30 His last hurrah, out of print

                                                            w. the highlight “I Can’t wuit Drinking”.

Petrone, Shana                                Shana Petrone $55 one of those rarities

                                                            that never was actually released.

Pierce, Webb                                    King of the Honky Tonk $25 CMF label.

Price, David                                      100% Texan $30 Grand!! Title says it all.

Price, Ray                                         Sometimes a Rose $25 great 90s album

                                                            which contains one of our favourite

                                                            tracks in “Not a Dry Eye in the House.”

Price, Ray                                         Heart of Country Music $48 Step One

                                                            label releases are so good. Ray works

                                                            with a very sympathetic producer in Ray

                                                            Pennington and a crack team of musos 

                                                            On this Ray does 20 country classics with

                                                            largely acoustic backing. Interesting that

                                                            on my Nashville trip last year I met Ray

                                                            Waddell who is doing a biography on Ray

                                                            Price and I told him how much I liked

                                                            this and he told me it was also Ray’s

                                                            favourite of all the albums he had done.

                                                            Nothing is better than Ray’s version of

                                                            “Is Anybody Going to San Antone”.

Rhodes, Kimmie                               West Texas Heaven XXXSALEXXX $20

                                                            In the top 2-3 female folk-country

                                                            albums ever & has duets with Willie,

                                                            Waylon & Townes Van Zandt. A steal

Ritter, Tex                                         Capitol Collectors Series $38 25 tracks in

                                                            this great series. Has all you need if you

                                                            only want one disk! Blood on the Saddle/

                                                            Deck of Cards/ Hillbilly Heaven/ Just

                                                            Beyond the Moon. Briliant selections

Robbins, Marty                                 Lost & Found $25 11 trk 1994 rarities cd

                                                            Heaven”. Very hard to get.

Sanford, Arnold                               That’s Why I Sing This Way $50 Many

                                                            rate this the best indie ever and they are

                                                            certainly on the right track. The first 10

                                                            songs are from the great Max D Barnes,                                                           including the title cut which was also

                                                            recorded by Daryle Singletary and as

                                                            good as it was it was no match for

                                                            Arnold’s original version. 12 tks in all.

Schneider, John                               You Ain’t Seen the Last of Me $25

Scott, Jack                                        Capitol Collectors series $35. 23 Capitol

                                                            tracks including the hit “What in the

                                                            World’s Come Over You” Also has 4

                                                            previously unissued tracks. All great!

Sears, Dawn                                     What a Woman Wants to Hear $25

                                                            WB 1990 album Great traditional feel.

Shafer, Sanger D “Whitey”           So Good for So Long $45 Seeing he was

                                                            the main collaborator with Lefty Frizzell

                                                            it is not surprising how much vocally he

                                                            sounds like Lefty. 15 tracks including

                                                            “I Never Go Around Mirrors”, “That’s

                                                            the Way Love Goes” and the fabulous

                                                            honky tonk of “Heaven Was a Drink of


Shafer, Sanger D “Whitey”           I Never Go Around Mirrors $35 10 tracker

                                                            of which half appear on the previous but

                                                            the rest are so good you should get them


Shaver, Billy Joe                              Salt of the Earth $30

Shepard, Jean                                  Honky Tonk Heroine Classic Capitol

                                                            Recordings 1952-1964 24 track out of

                                                            print gem on CMF label $35

Shepard, Jean                                  Signature Series $22 14 Capitol tracks.

Smith, Russell                                  This Little Town $35 Great solo album  

                                                            Amazing Rhythm Aces vocalist.

Spinks, Kelly                         Kelly Spinks $30 Texas honky tonker &

                                                            fiddle player. Swing & shuffles.

Springfield, Bobby Lee                   All Fired Up $35 Great honky tonk with

                                                            rockabilly feel. Includes the original

                                                            “Hank Drank”

Starr, Lucille                                     The French Song $30 Expanded 17

                                                            tracker, now out of print.

Stewart, Wynn                                 California Country- Best of the Challenge

                                                            Masters. $30 29 great tracks from one of

                                                            the west coast’s absolute best. OOP

Thompson, Hank                             Capitol Collectors Series $25 20 great

                                                            Capitol tks including “Blackboard of My

                                                            Heart”, which rarely pops up.

Thornton, Marsha                            Marsha Thornton $28 Includes the

                                                            original and easily best version of “Bottle

                                                            of Wine & Patsy Cline” One of the last

                                                            albums produced by Owen Bradley &

                                                            yes Patsy fans love it. This is a corner

                                                            missing on the booklet.

Thornton, Marsha                            Maybe the Moon Will Shine. Second of

                                                            only 2 is equally good. Gets away from

                                                            Patsy influence. XXXSALEXXXX $20

Wade, Norman                                 Best of Norman Wade Vol. 1 $30

Wade, Norman                                 Remember Country $35

Wade, Norman                                 Close Every Honky Tonk $35

Wade, Norman                                 For A Minute There $40

Wade, Norman                                 Tribute to Hank $35

Wade, Norman                                 Old Time Country Music $30

Wade, Norman                                 Tennessee Eyes $50

                                                            7 albums by the amazing Norman wade

                                                            Think Vernon Oxford meets George Jones

with a bit of Hank Thrown in. The last one was his debut cd on the bob Grady label and what can I say is stunning. We sold  them by the bucket & every one loved  them. His “new’ album which was due out “next month” (about 10 years ago) is still coming!! Hopefully.

Wagoner, Porter                             Greatest Hits $28 Great compilation on

                                                            Pair label (all original RCA recordings)

                                                            Inspired selection includes “the Rubber


Wall, Chris                                         Just Another Place $25

                                                            Seems to have vanished, as have his cds.

Watson, Gene                                  Back in the Fire $55 Great singer as he is

                                                            & no correspondence will be entered into                                                         on that fact, this is his best album, a

                                                            Warners album from 1989 with the best

                                                            version ever of “Dreams of a Dreamer”,

                                                            which was also done by Darrell McCall so

                                                            there is plenty competition plus Gene’s

                                                            best ever ballad “The Great Divide”

Watson, Gene                                  Unchartered Mind $30 Step One with a

                                                            superb selection highlighted by his

                                                            stunning version of the great Curt Ryle

                                                            song “Mirrors Don’t Lie”. Brilliant.

Whitley, Keith                                  I Wonder Do You Think of Me XXSALEXX

                                                            $25. The album he had just finished

                                                            when he died. One of the greatest ever

                                                            country vocalists. Deep rich voice with

                                                            his own nuances. Pity the wonderful

                                                            honky tonk songs were lived out so

                                                            tragically with his alcohol overdose.

Whitley, Keith                                  Kentucky Bluebird $35 15 tracks not on

                                                            his other albums. Augmented with some

                                                            historical and rare clips.

Whitley, Keith                                  Tribute Album $25 inc. Alan Jackson,

                                                            Mark Chesnutt & unissued tracks from

                                                            Keith himself.

Wild Rose                                          Listen to your Heart $28

Wild Rose                                          Straight & Narrow $28 two great albums

                                                            by talented all gal group led by Pam Gadd

                                                            & Wanda Vick

 Williams, Tex                                   Vintage Collection $28 (Capitol hits)



Beverly Hillbillies Cast Album  $30 Songs by Buddy Ebsen, Max Baer Jnr

                                                            Donna Douglas, Irene Ryan and feat.

                                                            Flatt & Scruggs.

Mamas Hungry Eyes                       Tribute to Merle Haggard with John

                                                            Anderson, Alan Jackson, Clint Black,

                                                            Vince Gill, Lorroe Morgan etc $25


Rig Rock Deluxe                               A Musical Salute to the American Truck

                                                            Driver $25 OOP on Diesel Only Records

                                                            With Red Simpson (duet with Junior

                                                            Brown), Steve Earle, Kay Adams (with

                                                            BR549) etc

Something Got a Hold of Me          A Treasury of Sacred Music $35  If you

                                                            only have one gospel music cd in your

                                                            collection it should be this. 1990 OOP

                                                            RCA it collects 16 classics in amazing

                                                            sound. The title is Carter Family with

                                                            AP taking one of his too infrequent

                                                            leads. The rest is equally stunning.

                                                            Blue Sky Boys “Where the Soul of Man

                                                            Never Dies”; Grady & Hazel Cole’s

                                                            original version of “Tramp onyour Street”

                                                            Blind Alfred Reed/Wade Mainer etc



Could there be greater value for money?? Not many left so don’t hesitate!

You get:

1) 4 cds in individual cardboard covers, with nice pictures on each.

2) A nifty box which accommodates them Slightly larger than the size of a cd it fits very well on the shelf.

3) Typical 44-68 page book with great notes by authorities such as Adam Komorowski.


5) Exceptional Sound quality


1. Roy Acuff – King of Country Music 100 tracks and 40 page book. His original group was one of the best and that is what is here with great musicians such as Clell Sumney (Cousin Jody) who was in turn replaced with the great Beecher “Pete” Kirby aka Bashful Brother Oswald. Both are featured here. Dates from his original 1936 recordings of “Great Speckle Bird” & “Wabash Cannonball” through his Vocalion, Okeh & then Columbia recordings. Excellent discography.

2. Blazing Bluegrass 103 tracks, 52 page book. One cd each from Bill Monroe (25 tks from his solo 1941 sides through recordings w. Flatt & Scruggs to early Decca), Flatt & Scruggs(25 tks early Columbia) & Stanley Brothers(25 tks Columbia, Rich-R-Tone & Mercury) plus a 4th cd feat. Blue Sky Boys, Wade Mainer, Reno & Smiley, Jim Eanes, Jimmy Martin etc (28 tks).

3. Bluegrass Bonanza 109 tracks 40 page book. Great set with first cd featuring early string bands incl. Uncle Dave Macon, Gid Tanner, Riley Puckett etc, the second Bill & Charlie Monroe, together & alone, the 3rd a great cross section from 1944-1950 with Coon Creek Girls, Grandpa Jones, Bailey Brothers, Curly Fox etc whilst the 4th has more Monroe, Stanley Brothers, Grandpa Jones etc.

4. Boppin’ Hillbilly to Red Hot Rockabilly 118 tracks plus 68 page book. A stunning overview of the shift from hillbilly boogie and bop to rockabilly. A must have for fans of Wayne the Train and Hank III. Features a great sampling of artists including Rose Maddox, Charlene Arthur, Marvin Rainwater, Onie Wheeler, Hardrock Gunter etc through to some we have hardly heard of such as Barney Burcham, Mac Sales, R D Hendon (great version of Hank Snow’s “Music Makin’ Mama from Memphis”.

5. Milton Brown & His Musical Brownies  - Daddy of Western Swing 106 tracks. Milton or Bob Wills had a healthy rivalry cut short by his tragic death in a car accident. His band had some of the pioneers such as Cliff Bruner on fiddle, Bob Dunn on steel guitar and Fred “Papa” Calhoun on piano. A must have. Great 32 page book. Virtually his complete recordings.

6. Carter Family – Country Folk 103 tracks. 44page book. Great sound. It dates from their famed Bristol sessions of 1927 (sound is super, Maybelle’s guitar Solo on “Bury Me Under the Weeping Willow” is wild!) through their Decca & Victor recordings. All the famed recordings are here.

7. Doughboys, Playboys & Cowboys: The Golden Years of Western Swing 99 tracks and 44 page book. Brilliantly complied tour of early western swing. Featuring of course Bob Wills & Milton Brown it also has legendary groups such as Lightcrust Doughboys, Tune Wranglers, Cliff Bruner (responsible for the first truck driving song, “Truck Driver’s Blues” with Moon Mullican on vocal…yep, it is here), Smokey Wood, Hank Penny, Johnnie Lee Wills etc.

8. Red Foley – Hillbilly Fever  100 tracks 44 page book. Really gives a great coverage with his first recordings from the mid 30s through to his classic Decca tracks of the 50s including quite a few duets with the great Ernest Tubb.

9. Lefty Frizzell – Give Me More More More 86 tracks 48 page book. The first 3 ½ cds are his classic Columbia recordings of the 50s whilst the last ½ cd has 3 complete radio transcriptions. Wonderful singer who influenced so many,

10. Woody Guthrie – Some Folk 100 tracks (it is folk but country too!) 48 page book. The man responsible for many standards, most notably “This Land Is Your Land”, often considered the unofficial American National Anthem. Graphically and brilliantly wrote about the Depression and dust bowl of the 1930s.

11.  Bill Haley – From Western Swing to Rock  94 tracks. 48 page bookBill was a stunning yodeller and that is featured on cd #1, with his early tenure in the Four aces of Swing. None are better than “When the Covered Wagon Rolled Along” and “Yodel Your Blues Away”. Also includes his pre Decca recordings with the Saddlemen such as “Green Tree Boogie” through to early Comets tracks such as “Rock This Joint” through the Comets hits. A great cd.

12. Hillbilly Boogie 100 tracks each with the word boogie in the title. Pre rockabilly, pre rock and roll but don’t they swing. Whilst the likes of Tennessee Ernie are well and there is simply nothing better in history than “Shotgun Boogie” I love the relative unknowns such as Hank Harral with “Dreamband Boogie”…a boogie version of a similar lyric to “Hillbilly Heaven”. One of my favourite boxes.  Super 56 page book.

13. Les Paul & Mary Ford – In Perfect Harmony  44 page book108 tracks.

First to overdub in the recording process. Lots of rarities.

14. Charlie Poole – The Essential 80 tracks and 24 page book. Could have been bigger than the Carter Family except he only sang so he could afford to make moonshine. True. And great stuff all the way.

15. Elvis Presley – Tupelo Missisissipi Flash 115 tracks 52 page book. Has his Sun rockabilly tracks plus his early live Louisiana Hayride performances. They are on cd #1…33 of them. The rest is studio.

16. Sons of Pioneers – My Saddle Pals & I. 100 tracks 52 page booklet. Great overview with many rare photographs including the Rocky Mountaineers and the International Cowboys. Includes the original group with Bob Nolan, Leonard Slye (Roy Rogers) and Tim Spencer with the farr brothers through the great members such as Lloyd Perryman, Ken Carson, Tommy Doss, ken Curtis etc.

17. Steelin’ It – The Steel Guitar Story 100 tracks 56 page book.  The first cd shows the influence of Hawaii on the sound and the rest feature classic western swing and country featuring the greats such as Herb Remington, Leon McAuliffe, Little Roy Wiggins etc, mainly in a backing capacity but also some instrumentals. Great set. Lots of variety.

18.Stompin’ Singers and Western Swingers 94 tracks and 52 pg book. A stunning cross section of western swing. Many rarities too!! Great companion to box #7 above. Includes selections from Al Dexter, Ted Daffan, Roy Newman, Jerry Irby, Smokey Rogers etc.

19. Swinging Hollywood Hillbilly Cowboys 114 tracks and whopping 64 page book. Focuses on the west country including early recordings from Tommy Duncan, Cliffie Stones, Merl Lindsay, Maddox Brothers & Rose etc then through a veritable who’s who of Capitol label.

20. Ernest Tubb – The Texas Troubadour 100 tracks + 48 page booklet.

One of the greatest and the classics are none better than these. Has 2 cds focussing on his many hits, one on his songwriting and a 4th on others songs including his early “Last Thoughts of Jimmie Rodgers”.

21. Hank Williams – “Hillbilly Hero” 80 tracks plus 6 complete “Health *& Happiness” transcriptions. 52 page booklet. If you don’t have the complete recordings box this is a must.

22. Bob Wills and The Texas Playboys – Take Me Back to Tulsa 109 tracks, plus 52 page booklet. 2 cds of his Columbia recordings, 1 cd of the stunning Tiffany Transcriptions through to one of his MGM recordings.


Non Country

1) Bing Crosby “It’s Easy to remember” 99 tracks 36 page booklet. Great cross ection of Bing;s best

2) Fats Domino “King of New Orleans Rock & Roll”  86 tracks plus 48 page booklet. All the Imperial classic, nicely presented.

3) Good News 100 Gospel Greats plus 48 page book. This is a stunning collection of black gospel music.

4) Hitting on All Six- A History of Jazz Guitar 94 tracks 52 page book From Eddie Lang, through Charlie Christian to Les Paul and of course many many more.

5) Little Walter & The Kings of the Blues Harmonica ‘Blowin’ & Suckin’ “

 108 tracks plus 56 page book. Two cds are Little Walter, arguably the greatest Chicago blues harmonica player and the other cds are various artists (2-3 tracks of most) such as Junior Wells, Slim Harpo etc.

6. Rare Rock & Roll Rampage  100 tracks plus 44 page book. Includes likes of Boyd Bennett, Rusty Draper, Eddie Fontaine, Treniers, Freddie Bell & bell boys all of who were influenced by the R & B side of things from the likes of Louis Jordan

7) Rockin’ Memphis 118 tracks 56 page book. From R & B to country Memphis may be the most musically cosmopolitan city ever!!

8) Squeeze Me The Jazz and Swing Accordion Story 44 page book and 100 tracks!!

9) Sister Rosetta Tharpe “The Original Soul Sister”  81 tracks and 40 page book. Compelling evidence that Rosetta was a huge influence on rock 7 roll styles as well as being a defining guitarist & singer

10) With My Little Ukulele in my Hand 104 tracks including the likes of George Formby, Cliff Edwards, Roy Smeck and even Jimmie Rodgers!!

11)T Bone Walker – The Original source  90 tracks plus 44 page booklet by the man influencing the likes of Eric Clapton and every other white blues guitarist with his unique electric guitar stylings and great vocals!

12.) Muddy Waters – Steppin’ Stone 3cds + dvd plus 28 page booklet. Includes those who influenced him as well as a selction of those he influenced.


Bear Family Used box sets. The prices in brackets are the regular selling prices.

Like New

Carter, Wilf         Montana Slim: A Prairie Legend 4cd + book $80 ($150)

Carter, Wilf         Cowboy Songs 8 cd + book $150 ($270)

Jim & Jesse          Bluegrass & More 5 cds plus book $120 ($180)

Reeves, Jim        (& Friends) Radio Days Vol 2 4 cd + book $70 ($150)

Snow, Hank        The Singing Ranger Vol 1  4cd + book $85 ($120)

Snow, Hank        The Singing Ranger Vol. 4 9 cd + book $170 ($300)

Snow, Hank        The Yodelling Ranger 5 cd + book $100 ($180)

Tuttle, Wesley    Detour 4 cd+dvd+ book $140 ($210)

Whitman, Slim    I’m a Lonely Wanderer 6 cd + book $140 ($240) There is a very small dent about 1 ½ “ long on top of box.


Brand New

Oxford, Vernon Keeper of the Flame 5cd + book $140 ($180)

Sons of the Pioneers & Roy Rogers – Complete Recordings

1934-1943 6cd + 160 page hard cover book $180 ($240) **Best book I have ever seen from Bear Family.


Used  CDS are all mint, but boxes and books have some wear, certainly not anything that would render them unfit for even the most fastidious buyer.

Reeves, Jim        Radio Days Vol 1  4cd + book $60 ($150)

Whitman, Slim    Rose Marie 6 cd + book $110 ($210)


Bear Family Cds

All are $20 (unless noted).



Allen, Rex                                          Voice of the West

Arnold, Eddy                                     Cattle Call/Thereby Hangs a Tale  

Ballew, Michael                                Live at Gruehne Hall

Carter, Sara & Maybelle                 Sara & Maybelle Carter

Cash, Johnny/ June Carter            It’s All in the Family

Chappel, Leon                                   Automatic Mama                

Clark, Sanford                                  Shades  $15

Cletro, Eddie                                     Flying Saucer Boogie

Copas, Cowboy                                Settin’ Flat on Ready

Davis, Link                                        Big Mamou

Duncan, Tommy                              Texas Moon

Edwards, Jimmy                              Love Bug Crawl

Guitar, Bonnie                                  Dark Moon

Guthrie, Jack                                    Oklahoma Hills

Guy, Charles Lee                             The Prisoner’s Dream  $15

Haggard, Merle                                Same Train a Different time

Haggard, Merle/ Leona Williams Old Loves Never Die

Hall, Tom T                                        Ballad of 40 Dollars/Homecoming         

Hall, Tom T                                        100 Children/ I Witness Life

Hawkins, Hawkshaw                      Car Hoppin’ Mama

Hill, Eddie                                          The Hot Guitar

Horton, Johnny                                Ballads of

Jennings, Waylon                            The Restless Kid: Live at JDS

Jones, George                                  And Gene Pitney (duets)

King, Bob                                           And the country kings  $15

King, Bob                                           Songs That Tell a Story  $15

Lodgsdon, Jimmie                           I Got a Rocket in My Pocket (recorded

                                                            Hank Williams style as Lodgsdon &

                                                            rockabilly style as Jimmy Lloyd)  $15

Maynard, Ken                                   Sings Lonestar Trail (80 page book!) $15

Miller, Ned                                         From a Jack to a King

Paul, Billy                                          Texas Rose $15

Paycheck, Johnny                           Shakin’ the Blues

Pierce, Webb                                    High Geared Daddy

Prophet, Orval                                 The Travellin’ Kind $15

Roberts, Kenny                                Jumpin’ & Yodellin’

Schatz, leslie                                    Banjo Pickin’ Girl  $15

Seay, Johnny                                    Blue Moon of Kentucky

Smith, Warren                                 Call of the Wild

Snow, Hank                                      The Goldrush Is Over

Tubb, Ernest                                     Thirty Days

Tyson, Ian                                         Old Corrals & Other Cowboy Culture $15

White, Howard                                 Western Swing & steel Instrumentals$15

Wooley, Sheb                                   How the  West Was Won 24 tracks



**Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight $18

**Hank Williams: Songwriter to Legend (16 songs Hank wrote but never recorded himself plus 11 tribute songs to Hank + 2 bonus cuts)

**My Rifle My Pony & Me: Great Western Movie & TV Soundtracks Vol 1



Bond, Eddie                                       Rockin’ Daddy 2cds $28

Esquerita                                           Sock it To Me Baby $15

Felts, Narvel                                     Drift Away $15

Felts, Narvel                                     Memphis Days $15

Felts, Narvel                         Did You Tell Me $15

Gordon, Robert                                Black Slacks $15

Gordon, Robert                                Lost Album Plus $15

Noland, Terry                                   Hypnotised  $15

Orbison, Roy/Sonny James          RCA Sessions (7 Roy + 12 Sonny) $15

Smith, Warren                                 Classic Recordings


**Bear Essentials 27 Stars Salute Bear FAmil’s 25th Anniversary $15

**That’ll Flat Git It Vol 14 Sun v1 $15

**That’ll Flat Git It Vol 19 D & Dart


CDS SALE (all $18 unless noted)

Acuff, Roy                                         Country Music legends 2cd

Allen, Rex                                          Riding All Day: the life of a Cowboy $20

Allen, Terry                                       Lubbock on Everything $20

Alverson, Tommy                            Me & the Jukebox

Anderson, Bill                                   The Way I Feel

Anderson, John                                Easy Money $15 (his latest)

Arnold, Eddy                                     Memorial Best $25 great 25 Japan only

Atkins, Chet                                      Pickin’ on Country $15

Atkins, Chet                                      Discover Japan $22 (Japan only issue)

Atkins, Chet                                      Picks on the Beatles $15

Autry, Gene                                      Essential 2cds 40 tracks $20.

Ball, David                                         Sparkle City $20

Ball, David                                         Heartaches by the Number $20

Ball, David                                         Starlight Lounge $20

Ball, David                                         Amigo $20 (“Riding with Sgt Malone”)

Bandy, Moe                                       Hank Williams You Wrote My Life/

                                                            Cowboys Ain’t Supposed to Cry $20 2on1

Bandy, Moe                                       Greatest Hits (Curb) $15

Bare, Bobby                                      A Bird Called Yesterday $15

Barker, Aaron/Curtis Wayne       Straight from Horse’s Moth $20

Bella, Mike                                        Lost in the Shuffle

Bellamy Brothers                            Anthology CD (19tks) DVD (11tks)

Bellamy Brothers                            Jesus is Coming $15

Bentley, Dierks                                Up on the Ridge $20

Bice, Steve                                        Sixty Minutes of Sin $20                

Blue, Arkey                                       Best 20 tracks $22

Blue, Arkey                                       There’s Still Country Music in Texas $20

Blue, Arkey                                       The Hills of Old Fredericksburg $20

Blue Line Riders                               Blue Line Riders

Bogguss, Suzy                                  Somewhere Between $15

Bogguss, Suzy                                  Live at Café Milano 

Bond, Johnny                                    Standard Transcriptions 31 tks

Booker, Patty                                   Fire & Brimstone $20 (for Heather Myles

                                                            fans….& isn’t that everyone??)

Brice, Lee                                          Love Like Crazy

Britt, Elton                                        Country Music’s Yodelling Cowboy

                                                            Crooner $20

Brodsky, Chuck                                Two Sets 2cds $25 Great storyteller.

Brown, Greg                                     Essential Recordings Vol 2 1997-2006

                                                            2cds inc.4 unreleased long live tracks$22

Brown, Greg                                     cd + dvd Vol 1 1980-1996 $22

Brown, Junior                                   Down Home Chrome

Browne, Jann                                   Buckin’ Around (Buck Owens trib) $20

Buck, Gary                                        Western Swing & Country 18 tks 

Burns, Brian                                     Highways & Honky tonks $20

Burns, Brian                                     Border Radio $20

Burns, Brian                                     Angels & Outlaws $20

Butler, Larry / Willie Nelson         Memories of Hank Williams

Buttercup                                          Evil for you

Byrd, Jason                                       Just a Southern Thing $20

Byrds                                                 Sweetheart of the Rodeo (19tks)

Calamity & Main                               Honky Tonk Heaven $20

Campbell, Scotty                             Smokin’ & Drinkin’ $20

Cargill, Henson                                 On the Road 

Cari Lee & Saddle-ites                    Red Barn baby $20

Carlisle, Bill w. Cliff carlisle           Rough & Rowdy Hillbilly of 30s 25tks

Carter, June                                      Early June 33 tks (w. Carter Sisters)

Cartwright, Lionel                           I Watched it All on the Radio Great

                                                            2nd album.  A cracker.

Casello, Chris                                    Done Moved On

Cash, Johnny                                    Sunday Morning Coming Down

Cash, Johnny                                    My Mother’s Hymn Book $15

Cash, Johnny                                    Bitter Tears

Cash, Johnny                                    Country Christmas $18 1991 recording

Cash, Johnny                                    Silver $15

Cash, Johnny                                    At Madison Square garden 

Cash, Johnny                                    Country Classics OOP 3 cd set $28 66tks

Cash, Johnny                                    Rockabilly Blues $20

Cash, Johnny                                    Johnny cash Is Coming to Town/ Boom

                                                            Chicka Boom 2 on 1 $22

Cash, Johnny                                    Mystery of Life $20  These are his first 3

                                                            Mercury albums, after his long tenure w.

                                                            Columbia & they are as good as anything

                                                            he ever did.

Cash, Johnny                                    Personal File 2cds $20

Cash, Johnny                                    Sings Ballads of the True West $15

Cash, Tommy                                   Rise & Shine/Six White Horses  2on1

Casner, Long John                           Don’t Make Me Laugh $15

Cheevers, Bob                                  Tall Texas Tales $20 Great           

Chesnutt, Mark                                Saving the Honky Tonk $20

Christian, T Jae                                Marriage on the Rocks $20

Clark, Roy                                         Greatest Hits $20

Clark, Yodelling Slim                       Cowboy & Yodel Songs $20

Clement, Jack                                   Guess Things Happen That Way 10/10!!

Cochran, Hank                                 Livin’ for a Song $20

Cochran Hank                                   Heart of: The Monument Sessions $20

                                                            Recently deceased.

Coe, David Allan                               For the Soul & Mind: Demos 1971-74 cd

                                                            + dvd $20

Colter, Jessi                                      An Outlaw a Lady: Very best $20

Conlee, John                                     Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus $20

Conley, Eral Thomas                       Treadin’ Water

Confederate Railroad                     Confederate Railroad 10/10!!

Cook, Elizabeth                                Welder $20

Cooper, Wilma Lee/Stoney           24 All Time Greatest Hits

Daffan, Ted & Texans                     Born to Lose $20 24 tks

Dalhart, Vernon                               Lindberg, the Eagle of USA $20 20tks

                                                            British Academy of country Music label

Dalton, Lacy J                                   Best (Capitol) w. Black Coffee

Davis, Stephanie                              Western Bliss $20

Dean, Jimmy                                    Complete Columbia Hits & More

Dean, Lonnie/Will Taylor               Texas Honky tonk Shuffles $18

Delmore Brothers                           Freight Train Boogie $20 Ace (UK)

Delmore Brothers                           Fifty Miles to Travel $20 Ace (UK)          

Dement, Iris                                     My Life

Dement, Iris                                     the Way I Should

Diamond, Claude                             Diamond Dust (must for Prine fans)

Dickens, Little Jimmy                     I’m Little But I’m Loud: The Collection 20

Diffie, Joe                                          Ultimate Collection $20 20 tks

Digby, Amber                                   Another Way to Live $20 (1 of each)

Digby, Amber                                   Here Come the Teardrops $20

Digby, Amber                                   Music from the Honky Tonks $20

Digby, Amber                                   Passion, Pride &What Might Have Been20

Dillard Haynes Band                       There Goes  the Neighbourhood $20

                                                            Rodney Dillard & Bruce Haynes!

Dixons                                                Still Your Fool $20 like Dwight meets

                                                            The Derailers!!

Dodd, Landon                                   Call of the Wine $20 in 2009 best of!

                                                            Great honky tonk singer

Driftwood, Jimmie                          Voice of the People $15

Drive By Truckers                           Southern Rock Opera 2cds

Drusky, Roy                                      Greatest Hits Vol 1 & 2 $20

Eaglesmith, Fred                             Cha Cha Cha $20

Ely, Joe                                              Time for Travellin’ Best Vol 2

                                                            Gone 2 on 1 $18

Everett, Jace                                    Red Relevations

Faithfull, Marianne                          Faithless $18 Marianne’s fabulous

                                                            country album which includes a great

                                                            version of “Dreamin’ My Dreams” which                                                           was copied note for note by Colleen

                                                            Hewitt who had an Australian #2 hit.

                                                            Marianne’s vastly superior!! Her

                                                            link album between the early folk & the                                                            groundbreaking “Broken English”

Flores, Bobby                                   Direct From Blanco County $20

Flores, Bobby                                   Neon Lights $20

Flowers, Floyd                                  Guitars, Heartaches & Honky tonks $20

Flowers, Floyd                                  I Ain’t Much But I’m All I Got $20 2 gems

Flynville Train                                   Redemption (little like Travis Tritt)

Foley, Red                                         Chattanooga Shoeshine Boy 25 tks $20

                                                            Edsel UK OOP. Best single cd.

Ford, Marshall Swing Band            It’s About Dam Time

Ford, Tennessee Ernie                   Civil War Songs of the North & South

                                                            2 albums on 1 cd $20

Ford, Tennessee Ernie                   Vintage Collection

Ford, Tennessee Ernie                   Ultimate Collection 2cd Razor & Tie label

                                                            OOP $28

Frickie, Janie                                    After Midnight

Frizzell, Lefty                                   Best  (Rhino)

Frizzell, Lefty                                   Look What Thoughts Will Do 2cds Sony

                                                            Legacy $25

Friedman, Kinky                              Sold American 30th Anniversary Ed. $18

Gatlin, Larry                                     Houston too Denver/ Not Guilty 2on1

Gibson, Nate & Gashouse Gang   sing All the way Home $20 Great!!

Gill, Vince                                          These Days $50 4cd box set Lots of duets

Gilley, Mickey                                   Ten Years of Hits  (all originals)

Gilmore, Jimmie Dale                     Spinning round the Sun

Gilmore, Jimmie Dale                     Come on Back $20 (Great covers album)

Glaser, Tompall                               Best of Tompall & Glaser Brothers $20

Glaser, Tompall                               Outlaw to the Cross  $20 (great gospel)

Golden, William Lee                        The Artist  (from Oak Ridge Boys)

                                                            6 songs about art & painting plus a

                                                            35minute interview.

Gosdin, Vern                                     Late & Great Voice $20 Recorded same

                                                            time as his classic “The Voice”

Gosdin, Vern                                     Chiselled in Stone $20 Greatest cd ever!

Gosdin, Vern                                     Back in the Swing of Things $20

                                                            Reissue of now OOP “the Voice”

Gosdin, Vern                                     The Gospel Album

Gosdin, Vern                                     24 Karat Heartache

Gosdin, Vern                                     Time Stood Still

Gosdin, Vern                                     There Is a Season

Gosdin, Vern                                     Out of My Heart $20

Greene, Lorne                                  The Man $20  28 hits cd inc. “Ringo”

Gregory, Clinton                              Music & Me $20 (debut Step One cd)

Griffith, Nanci                                  Poet in a Window

Griffith, Nanci                                  MCA Years Retrospective

Griffith, Nanci                                  Best

Griffith, Nanci                                  Other Voices Other Rooms $20

Haggard, Merle                                18 Rare Classics $18

Haggard, Merle                                Bluegrass Sessions $20

Haggard, Merle                                Cabin in the Hills (gospel) $20

Haggard, Merle                                Going Where the Lonely Go

Haggard, Merle                                I Am What I Am $20

Haggard, Merle                                If I Could Only Fly

 Haggard, Merle                               Legend of Bonnie & Clyde/ Pride in What

                                                            I Am $22 2 on 1

Haggard, Merle                                Live at Billy Bobs:Motorcycle Cowboy $20

Haggard, Merle                                Portrait of/Keep Movin’ On $22 2 on1

Haggard, Merle                                Roots  $18

Haggard, Merle                                Someday We’ll Look Back/ I Love Dixie

                                                            Blues $22 2 on 1

Haggard, Merle                                That’s the Way Love Goes

Haggard, Merle                                Two Old Friends (gospel w. Albert E

                                                            Brumley Jnr $20

Haggard, Merle                                Unforgettable

Haggard, Merle                                Working Man’s Journey $20 (only sold

                                                            Crackerbarrel stores)

Hall, Tom T                                        Essential; Story Songs

Hall, Tom T                                        Homegrown $18

Hall, Tom T                                        Greatest Hits Vols I & II $18

Hall, Tom T                                        Twentieth Anniversary Collection $18

Hampton, R W                                  The One That I Never Could Ride

                                                            (western songs)

Hancock, Wayne the Train            Thunderstorms & Neon Signs$20

Hancock, Wayne the Train            Swing Time $20

Hancock, Wayne the Train            Wild Free & Reckless $20

Hancock, Wayne the Train            A Town Blues $18

Hard Hat Dave                                 And the Honky Tonk Nights $20

Harms, Joni                                      Christmas in the Country

Harris, Emmylou                             Duets $15   (ALL EMMYLOU only $15)

Harris, Emmylou                             Roses in the Snow $15 (expanded)

                                                            A classic album…her best.

Harris, Emmylou                             Pieces of the Sky $15 (expanded)

Harris, Emmylou                             Angel Band $15 (gospel)

Harris, Emmylou                             Elite Hotel $15 (expanded)

Harris, Emmylou                             White Shoes $15

Harris, Emmylou                             Quarter moon in a Ten cent Town $15


Harris, Emmylou                             Blue Kentucky Girl (expanded) $15

Harris, Emmylou                             Ballad of Sally Rose $15

Harris, Emmylou                             At the Ryman $15

Harris, Emmylou                             Brand New Dance $15

Hart, Freddie                                    Easy Lovin’/My Hang Up Is You 2on1

Herndon, Ty                                      Journey On (new 2010)

Hillbillies                                            Trail of the Lonesome Pine $20

                                                            UK academy of country Music label.

Hobbs, Becky                                   From Oklahoma With Love $15

Hobbs. Becky                                   Boots I Cam to Town in $15

Holliday, Jolie                                   Lucky Enough

Hollister, Doug                                 There Is a time       

Hooker, Jake                                    Faded Lights  $20

Hooker, Jake                                    The Outsider $20

Hooker, Jake                                    Lost Along the Way $20

Hunter, Billy D                                  Country Souvenirs  

Hunter, Billy D                                  Inside Out

Hurd, Cornell                                    Beyond the Purple Hills $20

Ifield, Frank                                      The Yodelling Cowboy Years $20

Jack, Dotty                                       With Every Heartbeat $20

Jackson, Wanda                              Heart Trouble $18 scary cover

                                                            Great cd with the Cramps!

James, Sonny                                   200 Years/ In Prison In Person  

                                                            $20 the second album recorded

                                                            in prison with the prisoners

                                                            playing all the instruments

                                                            is  a cracker.

James, Sonny                                   Complete Columbia & Monument Hits

                                                            $20  22 tracks.

James, Winston                               And Drugstore Cowboys $15

Jenkins, Red                                     The Bartender:It’s A;ll on the Jukebox 20

Jenkins, Red                                     Neon Bible: The Texas Honky Tonk

                                                            Testament $20

Jennings, Waylon                            Cowboys Sisters Rascals Dirt

Jennings, Waylon                            Essential 3cds

Jennings, Waylon                            Folk Country $15

Jennings, Waylon                            New Classic Waylon $15

Jennings, Waylon                            Ramblin’ Man, The $15

Jennings, Waylon                            This Time $15

Jennings, Waylon                            Wanted! The Outlaws (with Willie

                                                            Tompall and Jessi)

Jennings, Waylon                            & Jessi  All American Country $15

                                                            (only 10 tracks but duets)

Jennings, Waylon                            Original Album Classics 5 cds $38

                                                            (Lonesome Onry & Mean/ This Time/

                                                            Ramblin man/ Ol Waylon/ Waylon &

                                                            Willie) very nifty!!

John, David                                       And Comstock Cowboys: Cowboys, Old

                                                            Fiddles & Wine (western)

Johnnie & Jack                                 Best  $20 OOP Koch

Jones, George                                  Anniversary

Jones, George                                  Bradley Barn sessions (Duets)

Jones, George                                  The Grand Tour

Jones, George                                  I Am What I Am

Jones, George                                  She thinks I Still Care: The United

                                                            Artists Years 2cds Razor & Tie OOP                                                                    & very hard to get 40 tks $35

Jones, George                                  Spirit of country: The Essential 2cds

                                                            44 tks $30

Jones, George                                  We Go Together/ Let’s Build a world

                                                            Together (w. Tammy) 2 o n1 $20

Jones, George                                  Essential  2cds

Jones, George                                  Jones by George 2cds early stuff 

Jones, George                                  Picture of Me/. Nothing Ever Hurt Me

                                                            (Half as Bad as Losing you) 2 on 1 $20

Jones, George                                  Burn Your Playhouse Down $20

Jones, George                                  Kickin’ Out the Footlights Again $20

                                                            with Merle Haggard

Jones, Grandpa                                Country Music Hall of Fame $20 (out of

                                                            print. Inc. Cash parody “Don’t Bring Yer

                                                            Banjo Home”)

Joy, Homer                                       Someday I’l Be Country

Joyce, Terri                                      Kitchen Radio $20 1 only 2009 top 10!

Judds                                                  The Judds Collection 3cd box $40 Rare

Kearney, Ramsey                            If I’m Blue    

Kendalls                                             So Many Hits It’s Sinful $20 12 tracks

                                                            taken from the CBS 20 Favorites album

Kennedy, Ray                                   What a Way to Go $20 (Atlantic 1990!)

Kentucky Headhunters                  Big Boss Man

Kentucky Headhunters                  Flying Under the Radar 

                                                            Their 2 most recent studio albums!! Ace!!

Kershaw, Sammy                            Don’t Go Near the Water $20 (debut!)

Kilby, Red                                          In High Gear $20

Kilby, Red                                          Keepin’ It Real $20

Kincaid, Bradley                              Old Time Songs & Hymns $20

Kincaid, Bradley                              Mountain Ballads & Old Time Songs $20

                                                            2 cds on Old Homestead

King, Jill                                             Rain on Fire

Kirchen, Bill                                      Word to the Wise $20

Kirwan, Dominic                              Introducing

Kirwan, Dominic                              Today

Kirwan, Dominic                              Try a Little Kindness

Kirwan, Dominic                              The Music’s Back

Labeef, Sleepy                                 Nothing But the truth 

Lambert, Miranda                            Revolution $15

Landsborough, Charlie                   With You in Mind $20

Landsborough, Charlie                   Live from Dublin $20

Landsborough, Charlie                   Still Can’t Say Goodbye $20

Landsborough, Charlie                   What Colour in the Wind $20

Landsborough, Charlie                   Songs from the Heart $20

Landsborough, Charlie                   Further Down the Road $20

Lane, Ronnie                         Ronnie Lane’s Slim Chance $20 Great UK

                                                            country rock. 20 tracks.

Lauderdale, Jim                               The Other Sessions $15 (great G. Strait

                                                            style…pity he didn’t do more like it!)

Ledoux, Chris                                   Radio & Rodeo Hits $15 on his own label

Lee, Albert                                        Road Runner (Sugar Hill)

Lewis, Linda  Gail                             Out of the Shadows $20

Louvin, Charlie                                 And Friends $20 (inc. This Darn Pen)

Louvin, Charlie                                 Greatest Hits $20 (post Ira Capitol &

includes 3 duets Melba Montgomery )

Louvin Brothers                               Tragic Songs of Life/Louvin Brothers/

                                                            Nearer My God to Thee  3 cds $28

Louvin Brothers                               20 All Time Greatest Hits

Louvin Brothers                               20 All Time Greatest Gospel Hits

Louvin Brothers                               Tragic Songs of Life/Satan is Real

Louvin Brothers                               My Baby’s Gone: Essential 30tks

Loveless, Patty                                Mountain Soul $20

Loveless, Patty                                Mountain Soul II $20

Loveless, Patty                                Bluegrass & White Snow

Loveless, Patty                                On Your Way Home cd + dvd $20

Lynn, Loretta                                    Peace in the Vallet $18

Lynn, Loretta                                    Making Love From Memory $18

McCall, Darrell                                  Old Memories & Wine $20

McCall, Darrell                                  All She Did Was Fall in Love $20

McCall, Darrell                                  Keeping With Tradition     

McCall, Darrell                                  Old Memories & Wine $20

McCall, Darrell                                  And the Tennessee Volunteers $20

McCann, Eamon                               Everything That I Am $20

McEntire, Reba                                 Biggest Hits $30 3cd leather look box

Mack, Warner                                  The Bridge Washed Out $18

Maddox Bros & Rose                       Introduction $15

Marquez, Bobby                               Bobby Marquez $20

Martin, Tony                                     Stronger Than That $20 Great indie!

Mata, Billy                                         Domino Effect $20

Mata, Billy                                         Keeping the Tradition $20 San Antonio

                                                            best country artist!

Mattea, Kathy                                  Coal $20 Stunning album, quite like &

                                                            as grand as Patty’s “Mountain Soul”

Mehaffey, Derek                             All Over Again $20

Mellons, Ken                                     Sweet $20

Meyers, Augie                                  Live at the Longneck 

Meyers, Augie                                  Finally in Lights

                                                            From Texas Tornados!!

Miller, Darnell                                   Timeless

Miller, Darnell                                   Certified Country

Miler, Frankie                                   The Family Man $20

Milsap, Ronnie                                  Ultimate $20 (great hits collection 22tks)

Miss Leslie                                         Between the Whiskey & the Wine $20

Miss Leslie                                         Honky Tonk Revival $20

Miss Leslie                                         Honky Tonk Happy Hour $20

Moffatt, Hugh                                   Loving You $20

Moffatt, Hugh                                   Troubadour $20

Moffatt, Katy                                    Trilogy $25 2cds Katy is my favourite

                                                            female folk country artist and this has

                                                            her best two albums (“Evangeline Hotel”

                                                            aka “Greatest Show on Earth” and

                                                            “Midnight radio” on two cds along with

                                                            one  of her best in “Hearts Gone Wild”.

                                                            Lots of collaboration and duets with

                                                            Tom Russell. Stunning.

Moffatt, Katy                                    Midnight radio $15

Moffatt, Katy                                    Evangeline Hotel $15

Montana, Patsy                                Best Of $20 24 tracks

Moody, Clint                                      back to the Basics $20

Moorer, Allison                                 Getting Somewhere $15 (Sugar Hill

Morgan, Lorrie                                 A Moment in Time $20

Morgan, Lorrie                                 I Finally Found Someone $18 w. Sammy

Mullen, Levi                                       Hardcore Honky Tonk $20

Mullen, Levi                                       Texas Honky Tonk $20

Mullican, Moon                                 I’ll Sail My Ship Alone/ Mister Honky

Mullican, Moon                                 Showboy special: the early King Sides$22

Mullins, Dee                                      The Continuing Story $15

Murphey, Michael    Martin            Ultimate Collection $20

Myles, Heather                                Just Like Old Times $20

Myles, Heather                                Sweet Little Dangerous $20

Nelson, Rick                                      Best of the later Years (Ace UK) $20

Nelson, Willie                                   San Antonio Rose (w. Ray Price)

Nelson, Willie                                   City of New Orleans $15

Nelson, Willie                                   Honeysuckle Rose

Nelson, Willie                                   Across the Borderline $15

Nelson, Willie                                   Sings Kristofferson $15

Nelson, Willie                                   Me and Paul $18

Nelson, Willie                                   Farther Along $18 gospel 18 track

Nelson, Willie                                   Phases & Stages $15

Nelson, Willie                                   Just One Love $20 (w. Kimmie Rhodes)

Nelson, Willie                                   Country Music 2010 new release

                                                            with T Bone Burnett producing.

Nelson, Willie                                   Willie & Family Live 2cds $20

Nelson, Willie                                   Complete Liberty 1962-64 2cds $20

Nelson, Willie                                   Country Classics 3cds 57 tracks $25

Nichols, Joe Paul                             Route 3 to Gloryland $20 Gospel

Nichols, Joe paul                              The Price is Right $20 (great singer

                                                            Tribute o Ray Price)

Nichols, Joe  Paul                            Tree of Life $20

Niemann, Jerrod                              Judge Jerrod & the Hung Jury

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band                     Will the Circle Be Unbroken III 2cds $20

Norma Jean                                      Pretty Miss Norma Jean $20

Norma Jean                                      Guess That Comes from Being Poor

                                                            RCA compilation 30 tracks. 10/10

O’Connell, Maura                             Walls & Windows $15 (Sugar Hill)

O’Farrell, Sean                                 Introducing (25 tracks) $20

O’Kanes                                             The Only Years (comp.)

Orbison, Roy                         Sings/ Memphis/ Milestones 2 cds

                                                            Inc. “Danny Boy” $28

Owens, Buck                                    Sings Tommy Collins

Owens, Buck                                    I’ve Got a Tiger By the Tail

Owens, Buck                                    I Don’t Care 

Owens, Buck                                    Collection 3cd (Rhino) $50

Owens, Jim                                       And Friends $20 (not just a Hank

                                                            imitator! Great line up)

Oxford, Vernon                                Sings Gospel, Country & Bluegrass $20

Pace, Paul                                         Paul Pace $20 great indie

Pacheco, Tom          `                      Woodstock Winter (w. The Band)

Papa Tops West Coast Turnaround Greatest Hits Ii $20 Tops

Parker, Ralph                                   A High Price

Parsons, Gram                                 Sacred Hearts & Fallen Angels 2cds $25

                                                            Fabulous anthology on Rhino.

Parsons, Jeremy                             Doggonest feeling $20 Reminds of

                                                            Marty brown. Good!

Paycheck, Johnny                           11 Months & 29 days/Slide Off Your

                                                            Satin Sheets $15 (2 on 1)

Paycheck, Johnny                           Lil Darlin Sounds:The Beginning

Perry, Keith                                      Keith Perry $20 Great, like K. Whitley

Peterson, David                               Coming on Strong $20

Pierce, Webb                                    Honky Tonk to Country Boogie $15

Pierce, Webb                                    Wondering Boy:King of 50s Country $20

Potter, Curtis                                   Them Old Honky Tonks $20

Potter/McCall/Booth                      The Survivors $20 one only

                                                            Curtis, Darrell & Tony. All great!

Potter, Curtis                                   Chicago Dancin’ Girls $20

Powers, Freddy                               My Great Escape $20 (inc 3 duets with

                                                            Merle Haggard…great stuff)

Price, Ray                                         Legendary Country singer $20

                                                            25 tracker on Time Life label

Price, Ray                                         Time 415

Prine, John                                        John Prine $20

Prine, John                                        The Missing Years $20

Prine, John                                        Lost Dogs & Mixed Blessings $20

Prine, John                                        In Spite of Ourselves $20 DUETS

Prine, John                                        Souvenirs $20

Quantrell, Rooster                          And the Border Raiders $20

Rattlesnake Annie                           Crossroads $20

Raybon, Marty                                 At his Best $20 all new recordings

                                                            from the voice of Shenandoah. Tops!

Red River Dave                                Sings Amelia Earhart’s Last Flight

Reefer, Sean            & Resin Valley Boys Texsa Hill country $20 (a must for

                                                            Hank III or Wayne The Train fans)

Reynolds, Lawrence                       He Comes from Alabama $20

                                                            Very much George Jones style

Rhodes, Kimmie                               Rich from the Journey $20

Riders in the Sky                             Harmony Ranch

Riders in the Sky                             A Great Big Western Howdy (great)

Robbins, Marty                                 Great Performances rare tracks

Robison, Carson                               Way Out West in kansas $15

Roddy, Ted                                        Tear time (w. Tearjoint troubadours)

Russell, Johnny                                Acting Naturally (with guests)

Russell, Johnny                                Greatest Hits

Russell, Leon                                    Best of Hank Wilson $20 22 tks

Russell, Tom                                     Rose of San Joaquin $20

Russell, Tom                                     Indians Cowboys Horses Dogs $20

Russell, Tom                                     Modern Art $20

Russell, Tom                                     Song of the West $20

St Germain, Ray                              There’s No Love like Our Love

Sahm, Doug                                      and Band $20 (w. Flaco & Dylan)

Sahm, Doug                                      Return of Wayne Douglas $20 \

Sasaki, Hank                                    One Country $20

Schneider, John                               Greatest Hits $15

Sears, Dawn                                     Dawn Sears $20 (3rd album hard to get)

Shaver, Billy Joe                              Freedom’s Child $15

Shaver, Billy Joe                              Tramp on Your street

Shaver, Billy Joe                              Restless Wind: 1973-87 $20

Shea, Rick/ Patty Booker              Our Shangrila $20 honky tonk duets

Silverstein, Shel                               Best

 Simpson, Red                                  Truck Drivin’ Fool $18

Skjelnes, Egil                                    Steel on My Mind (European steel guitar)

Smith, Cal                                          Stories of Life (Step One) $20

Smith, Carl                                        Essential $20 20tks OOP

Smith/White/Fairchild                   Love Never Fails (Connie/Sharon (of the Whites/Barbara)

Smith, Shadric                                  And the Billy Buffalo Band

Snow, Hank                                      I’m Movin’ On & Other Great Country

                                                            Hits 20 trk US compilation $18

Snow, Hank                                      Country Music Legends 2cds 40 tks $25

Sons of Pioneers                             Sing Stephen Foster

Sousley, Rick                                    Twang $20

Sousley, Rick                                    Patsy Proof $20                              

Sovine, Red                                       Phantom 309 20 tracks $18
Sovine, Red                                       Honky Tonks. Truckers Tear Ace UK $22

                                                            24 tracks

Spears, Billie Jo                               Ultimate Collection 2cds 48 tracks. The

                                                            Capitol recordings. $25

Spiker, Lonnie                                  Unapologetically Honky Tonk!! $20

Starline Rhythm Boys                     Masquerade for Heartache

Starr, Lucille/Bob Regan               Canadian sweethearts/ Side by Side $20

Statler Brothers                              Pardners in Rhyme $20

Statler Brothers                              Atlanta Blue $20

Statler Brothers                              Radio Gospel Favourites

Statler Brothers                              Live & Sold Out

Steagall, Red                                    Here We Go Again $20 duets

Stewart, Gary                                  Essential $15

Stone, Hank                                      San Antone

Stone, Hank                                      In a Texas Honky Tonk

Strait, George                                  50 # 1s 2cds $22

Strait, George                                  22 More Hits $20

Strait, George                                  Beyond the Blue Neon $18 his best!

Strait, George                                  Strait Out of the Box 4cd box $50

Street, Mel                                        20 Greatest Hits $20

Stuart, Marty                                    Ghost Train: Studio B Sessions $20

Stuart, Marty                                    Country Music CD + DVD $20 OOP

Talley, James                                   Got No Bread No Milk No Honey etc  30th

                                                            Anniversary 2 cds edition $20

Talley, Liz                                          Road to You

Taylor, Chip                                      Inglorious Hallelujah 2cds

Taylor, Chip                                      Yonkers New York 2cds  book cover

Taylor, Chip                                      Angels & Gamblers: Best $15

Thomas, B J                                      Greatest Hits (Rhino)

Thompson, Hank                             Best of Hank Thompson 1966-1979 $20 (varese reissue of Dot duplication with next one)

Thompson, Hank                             Country Music Hall of Fame  (Dot label)

Thompson, Hank                             Hank Thompson & Friends (Curb) 1997 $18 Duets inc. George Jones, Junior Brown etc

Thompson, Hank                             Hank World $20 23 radio transcriptions from 50s

Thompson, Hank                             My Personal Favourites  

Thompson, Hank                             Seven Decades $15 Hightone

Thompson, Hank                             Treasures $20  20 tracks which were recorded in his home studio whilst at Capitol, Really good

Thompson, Hank                             Vintage Collection (Capitol)

Thom, Leslie                                     High Maintenance

Travis, Merle                                    24 Greatest Hits $20 CMH

Travis, Merle                                    Legend of

Travis, Merle/ Joe Maphis             Country Music Giants $20 30 tks Superb

Travis, Randy                                   Anthology 2cds Rhino $28 44 tracks Great presentation and content. OOP

Trevino, Justin                                 Texas Honky tonk $20

Trevino, Justin                                 Loud Music & Strong Wine $22

Trevino, Justin                                 Too Many Heartaches $20

Trevino, Justin                                 Scene of the Crying $20

Trevino, Justin                                 Before You Say Amen $20 (gospel)

Tubb, Ernest                                     Family Bible $15 (gospel)

Tubb, Ernest                                     Classic Country Favourites $15 22 tks

Tubb, Ernest                                     And Friends 40 Great Duets $22

Tubb, Ernest                                     Collection 2cds $20.

Turner, Josh                                     Haywire deluxe $20 nice package

Turner, Tina                                      Stand By Your man $18 her country cd

Tyson, Ian                                         Cowboyography $20

Van Shelton, Ricky                          Loving proof $

Van Shelton, Ricky                          Don’t Overlook Salvation  gospel

Van Shelton, Ricky                          RVS III 

Wagoner, Porter                             The Rubber Room 29 tks $20

Wagoner, Porter                             A Rare Slice of Country 26 tks $20

Wagoner, Porter/Dolly                  Essential

Wagoner, Porter/Dolly                  Always Always/Two of a Kind $20

Wagoner, Porter                             Cold Hard Facts of Life/ soul of a

                                                            Convict $20  2on 1

Walker, Clay                                     She Won’t Be Lonely Long $20

Walser, Don                                      Archive Series Volume 1 $20

Walser, Don                                      Archive Series Volume 2 $20

Wariner, Steve                                 My Tribute to Chet Atkins $20

Warren, Joel                                     Leaving Lubbock

Watermelon Slim                             Ringers $20 great blues artist does

                                                            great country cd!!

Waters, Pat                                      Right Where I belong $20 Looks &         

                                                            sounds like George Strait! Tops.

Watson, Dale                                    I hate These Songs

Watson, Dale                                    Blessed or Damned

Watson, Dale                                    Cheatin’ Heart Attack $22

Watson, Dale                                    The Little Darlin Sessions $20

Watson, Dale                                    Dreamland $20

Watson, Dale                                    Truckin’; Session $20 (with bonus cd)

Watson, Dale                                    Whiskey or God $20

Watson, Doc                                     Southbound

Watson, Doc/Merle                        HomeSweet Home

Watson, Gene                                  Taste of the Truth $20

Wayne, Bobby & Jordinaires        Ballad of the Appaloosa (cowboy songs

                                                            with a rockabilly beat. I like it)

Wayne, Dallas                                  I’m Your Biggest Fan 

Wayne, Dallas                                  Turenki Texas $222 Finnish years comp.

                                                            No-one is more American that Dallas but

                                                            he lived & recorded in Finland for years.

Weavers                                            Rarities from the Vanguard Vault $20

Weems, Shayne                               Perfect Place $20 Mike Headrick

Welch, Kevin                                     A Patch of Blue Sky $20 (2010)

Weller, Freddy                                 Very best $20

Wells, Kitty                                       Country Music Hall of fame

West, Speedy/Jimmy Bryant       Stratosphere Boogie Best

West, Speedy/ Jimmy Bryant      swingin’ on the Strings Best Vol 2

Wheeler, Billy Edd                           A Big Bag of Songs $20  28 tk best

White, James M                               Broken spoke Legend  w. Alvin Crow

Whiting, Margaret/ Jimmy wakely Till We Meet Again  32 tracks


NOTE: A lot of people seem to be unfamiliar with Keith Whitley, so briefly

he died in 1989 as a result of alcohol abuse. When he died he had a blood

alcohol reading of .49. He was married to Lorrie Morgan at the time. And

he had on of the greatest voices you would ever hear. Think of all the

greats: Haggard, Jones, Jennings, Gosdin, Chesnutt….Whitley was at

least as good, and I strongly emphasise “at least”. Wonderful.  Check out

rarities bin too.


Whitley, Keith                                  Don’t Close Your Eyes $20

Whitley, Keith                                  Wherever You are Tonight $15

Willett, Slim                                      Boppin’ Hillbilly Series $20 30 trks

Williams, Hank Jnr                          Essential  18 MGM tracks

Williams, Hank Jnr                          Best Of: Roots and Branches 20 MGM

                                                            tracks $20

Williams, Hank Jnr                          Complete WB 3cd 45 tracks $40

Williams, Hank Jnr                          Living proof The MGM Recordings 1963-1975 3 cd OOP $60

Williams, Hank                                 Legends of Country Music 3 cds $20

Williams, Hank iii                             Straight to Hell 2cds

Williams, Jett                                   You Are On My Lonely Mind $20

Williams, Jett                                   I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry $20

Williams, Jett                                   That Reminds Me of Hank $20

                                                            Hank’s daughter/Hank Jnr’s half

                                                            sister. All more than worthwhile.

Williams, Leona                               San Quentin’s First Lady $20 (recorded

                                                            in the prison with Strangers backing her)

Williams, Leona                               Sings Merle Haggard $20

Williams, Leona                               I Love You Because $20

Williams, Ron                                   Natural Thing $15 (only has copied


Wiseman, Mac                                  Story (CMH)  20 tks $20

Worley, Shane                                 Feelin’ Haggard $20 (should be 1st one sold…what a singer.)

Yates, Billy                                        Billy Yates Includes his original

                                                            version of the George Jones’ hit

                                                            “Choices”.  Fabulous album.

Yates, Billy                                        If I Could Go Back

Yates, Billy                                        Country $20

Yates, Billy                                        Anywhere But Nashville $20

Yates, Billy                                        That’s Why I Run $20

Yates, Billy                                        Harmony Man $20

Yoakam, Dwight                              Guitars, Cadillacs etc etc $20 This is

                                                            2 cd version with a great 1986 show as

                                                            well as 10 demos from 1981. 32tks all up

Yoakam, Dwight                              Reprise Please Baby: The Warner Brothers Years 4 cds + 52 page book Lots of rarities $70   87 tracks,

Young, Faron                                    Live Fast Die Hard $20 CMF label



1. ***Best of Country Yodel Volume 1: Yodelling Mad $20

2.*** Best of Country Yodel Volume 2: I Love to Yodel $20

3.*** Best of Country Yodel Volume 3 Chime Bells $20 all Jasmine label.

4.***Capitol Country Music Classics 1940’s 26 tracks $18

5.***Capitol Country Music Classics 1950’s 26 tracks $18

6.***Capitol Country Music Classics 1960’s 27 tracks $18

7.***Capitol Country Music Classics 1970’s 26 tracks $18

Great series from the UK. Lots of tracks and quite a lot of rare artists eg

70s features La Costa Tucker, Kenny Dale, Connie Cato, Don Schlitz

original version of “The Gambler” & a Hank Cochran/Willie Nelson duet.

8.***Caught in the Webb: A Tribute to the Legendary Webb Pierce $20

with Dale Watson, Mandy Barnett, George Jones, Dwight etc 21 tks

9.***Columbia Country Classics Vol 1 The Golden Age $20 27 trks inc.

Molly O’Day, Ted Daffan, Texas Ruby/ Great notes.

10.***Columbia Country Classics Vol 5 A new Tradition $20 David Wills

“There’s a Song on the Jukebox” is alone worth the price and the other

22 tracks are like a bonus.

11.***Get With the Beat: The Mar-vel Masters A lots decade of

American Rock & Roll $20 A collection from Cowboy Carl Records with

great hillbilly come rockabilly 27 tracks.

12.***Golden Ages of American Popular Music: The Country Hits $22 Ace

(UK) cd  with 28 country that also made the Pop charts.

13.***Hillbilly: as Good as It Gets 52 tracks on 2cds $20 long out of print

EMI Holland. Just a classic must have cross section with many rarities.

14.***Hillbilly Fever – Legends of the West Coast $15 (Rhino) As always

nice overview from the Rhino label.

14a)***Hobo Bop  $20 30 tracker on Bison Bop…all about hobos and

train hopping. 

15.***Old Faithfull: Songs from the saddle $20 27 tracks including Rex

Allen version of title track and great songs from a variety of countries

including Aussies in Tim McNamara, Tex Morton etc,

16. ***Plantation Gold 2cds $20 58 fabulous tracks from the Plantation

with most being previously unissued though it does have the one and

only big hit from the label “Harper Valley PTA”

17*** Rig Rock Truckstop 20 tracker from Diesel Only Records

18.***Rounding Up the Girls Great Female Country Vocals Vol 1 23 tracks on the Jasmine UK label with rarities such as Rosalie Allen, Jenny Lou Carson, Patsy Montana and even the great June Carter track “Juke Box Blues” Great.

19.***Sick Sober * Sorry Great Country Hits of the 1950s Natty 3 cd box

with 84 tracks, and cool 12 page book $28

20.***Songwriter’s Tribute to George Strait. 12 tracks by the guys who

wrote them inc. whitey Shafer, sonny Throckmorton (whatever happened

to??!!), Jeff Stevens, Gretchen Peters, Mack Vickery etc

21. ***Southern Jazz 25 tracker…30s and 40s western swing. Rare!

22.***Swing West Vol 1 Bakersfield 20 tracks

23.***Swing West Vol 2 Guitar Slingers 20 tracks

24.***Swing West Vol 3 Western Swing 20 tracks

Great one off series on Razor & Tie label all with classics and a heap of

rarities. $18 each

25. ***Touch My Heart A Tribute to Johnny Paycheck $20 Superb!

26..***Tribute to Hank Williams Jasmine UK 25 tracker w. lots of hard to

get and out and out rarities inc. the hard to get “Death of Hank Williams”

by Jack Cardwell and Hawkshaw Hawkins’ “The Life Story of Hank

Williams”. $20

27.***Tribute to Tradition  $20 14 trks. Dixie Chicks open with cracking

version of “Stand By your Man”, and it is great all the way though I have

special favourites in Colin Raye’s wonderful     ballad version of “Cold Cold

Heart” and Rick Trevino’s “City Light”

28.***Tulare Dust: A Songwriter’s Tribute to Merle Haggard $18 all only

on this with Dwight (“Holding Things Together”), Rosie Flores, Dave

Alvin, Steve Young, Tom Russell, Katy Moffatt, Lucinda, Shaver, Joe Ely +

29.***Unbroken Circle : Tribute to the Carter Family $15 With George

Jones, Emmylou, Janette & Joe Carter, John Prine etc A great one

30.***White  Mansions: A Tale from the American Civil War 1861-1865 w

Waylon Jennings, Jessi Colter and John Dillon & Steve Cash (from Ozark

Mountain Daredevils). Guests include Bernie Leadon & Eric Clapton $15

31.***White Masions/ Legend of Jesse James 2 cds Both country rock

operas $28

32.***Wild West: Music from the mini series Great Great Great with the

likes o fDon Edwards, Red Steagall, Marty Stuart etc Over 40 tracks and

believe it or not the 2 standouts are Crystal Gayle’s stunning “Barbara

Allen” and  Gary Morris’ “Shenandoah”. $18



$10 CDs (or 3 for $25)Please not if you see anything for $10 anywhere else in the newsletter it can be combined with these in 3/25 lots.

Acuff, Roy                             The Essential (Sony USA…early stuff)

Acuff. Roy                             King of Country Music (ASV UK)

Allan, Gary                            Alright guy

Allan, Gary                            Tough All Over

Allan, Gary                            See If I care

Allan, Gary                            It would Be You

Allan, Gary                            Used Heart for Sale

Allan, Gary                            Living Hard

Allan, Gary                            Smoke Rings in the Dark

Allan, Gary                            Greatests Hits

Allen, Terry                           Pedal Steal (Sugar Hill)

Andersen, Eric                     Violets of Dawn (Best Vanguard Years)

Anderson, Bill                       Best

Anderson, John                    Seminole wind

Anderson, Lynn                    Cowgirl II

Atkins, Chet                          The Essential

Axton, Hoyt                          spin of the Wheel

Axton, Hoyt                          Gotta keep Rollin’ Best of Jeremiah Years

Baker, Sam                           Pretty world

Barmby, Shane                    Lets Talk About us

Barnett. Mandy                    Mandy Barnett

Barnhill, Joe                          Joe Barnhill

Bates, Jeff                            Rainbow Man

Bellamy Brothers                Very Best

Berg, Matreca                      Lyin’ to the moon

Black, Clint                            Killin’ Time ***This is an essential album: if

                                                you don’t have it you need it. 1989 Album of

                                                year in all the awards. Like a young Haggard.

Bogguss, Suzy                      Swing

Bogguss, Suzy                      Greatest Hits

Boyd, Bill & Cowboy Ramblers  Saturday Night Rag Volume 1

Boyd, Bill & Cowboy Ramblers  Lone Star Rag Volume 2

Bragg, Billy                           My Love & Justice

Breese, Rob/Doug Rowe   Anytime Now

Breese, Rob/Doug Rowe   Hometown Lights

Brooks & Dunn                     Greatest Hits Collection

Brown, Greg                         Covenant

Brown, Junior                       Long Walk Back

Brown, Junior                       Semi Crazy

Bunyan, Vashti                     Just Another Diamond Day

Burgess, Sonny                    When In Texas

Burgess, Sonny                    Stronger

Burleson, Ed                         The Cold Hard Truth

Campbell, Glen                     reunited (with Jimmy Webb)
Campbell, Stacy Dean        Hurt City

Carrington, Rodney             El Nini loco

Carter Family                       Wildwood Flower (ASV UK)

Carter Family                       Country Music Hall of Fame (MCA US)

Carter Family                       Can the Circle Be Unbroken (Sony USA)

Carter, Wilf                           montana Slim

Cash, Johnny                        Wanted Man

Cash, Johnny                        America cd + dvd

Cash, Johnny                        Ragged Old Flag

Cash, Johnny                        Ultimate Gospel Collection

Cash, Johnny                        Ride This Train

Cash, Johnny                        Hymns

Cash, Johnny                        American III Solitary Man

Cash, Johnny                        Country Christmas (90s recordings)

Cash, Rosanne                     Blue Moons and Broken Hearts Anthology

Chesnutt, Mark                    Too Cold at Home (***essential)

Chesnutt, Mark                    Wings

Chesnutt, Mark                    Almost Goodbye

Chesnutt, Mark                    I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing

Chesnutt, Mark                    Greatest Hits

Clark, Guy                             Essential

Clark, Guy                             Somedays the Song Writes You

Clark, Guy                             Cold Dog Soup

Clark, Guy                             The Dark

Clark, Guy                             Workbench Songs

Cline, Patsy                           Live at Cimarron Ballroom

Coe, David Allan                   Country & Western

Coe, David Allan                   16 Biggest  Hits

Colter, jessi                          Out of the Ashes

Cooper, Wilma Lee/Stoney Walking My Lord Up Calvary Hill

Country Joe McDonald        War War War (Robert Service poems set

                                                to song a la Hank Snow “Tales of Yukon”)

Davis, Mac                             Very Best & More (Hard to Be Humble)

Dean, Eddie                          Very Best

Dekle, Mike                           Sketches

Dekle, Mike                           Fine Tuned

Derailers                               Full Western Dress (Buck Owens style)

Derailers                               Reverb deluxe

Dexter, Al                              Pistol Packin’ Mama (ASV UK)

Dillon, Dean                          Out of Your Ever Lovin’ Mind

Earle, Steve                          I Feel Alright

Edwards, Don                       Best

Edwards, Don                       My Hero gene Autry

Edwards, Don                       Songs of the Trail

Elliott, Ronny                        Poisonville

Ely, Joe                                  Twistin’ in the Wind

Ely, Joe                                  Letter to Laredo

Ethel & Shameless Hussies  Born to Burn

Evans, Sara                           Three Chords & the Truth

Everly Bros                           Sing Great Country Hits /Gone Gone Gone

Farina, Richard & Mimi       Best of the vanguard Years

Fender, Freddy                    Before Next Teardrops Fall (24 tracks good)

Foley, Red                             Stay a Little Longer (Jasmine UK)

Ford, Brownie                      Stories From Mountains, Swamps & Honky Tonk

Frizzell, David                       Very Best (all original WB inc Gonna Hire Wino)

Frizzell, David/Shelley West Very Best (Al lWB originals)                

Frizzell, Lefty                       That’s the Way Love Goes (Raven)

Friedman, Kinky                  Sold American (original cd)

Frizzell, David                       2001

Gentry, Bobbie                     Very Best (originals)

Gibson, Don                          All Time Greatest Hits (originals)

Gill, Vince                              The Key (***Essential)

Gregory, Clinton                  Freeborn Man

Gregory, Clinton                  Master Of Illusion

Gregory, Clinton                  If It weren’t for Country Music I’d Go Crazy

Griffith, Nanci                      Wings to Fly and a Place to Be (hits)

Haggard, Merle                    Blue Jungle

Haggard, Merle                    Best of Country Blues

Haggard, Merle                    1996

Haggard, Merle                    1994

Haggard, Merle                    I Love Dixie Blues (EMI Australia) OOP

Haggard, Merle                    His Best (MCA)

Haggard, Merle                    Big City (expanded version)

Hancock, Butch                    Eats Away the Night

Hand, James                         The Truth Will set You Free

Hand, James                         Shadow on the Ground

Harms, Joni                          After All

Harms, Joni                          Cowgirl Dreams

Harris, Emmylou                 Blue Kentucky Girl (NOT expanded version)

Harris, Emmylou                 Luxury Liner (NOT expanded version)

Harris, Emmylou                 Qtr Moon in Ten Cent Town (NOT expanded)

Hatchet                                  Honky Tonk Nightime Man (great)

Hayes, Wade                        On a Good Night

Hayden, Rodney                  Down the Road

Henson, Weldon                  Trouble for me

Hill, Arty & Long Done Daddies Montgomery on My Mind (Hank tribute)

Hill, Arty & Long Done Daddies Bar of Gold

Hill, Arty & Long Done Daddies Back on the Rail

Hill, Byron                             Ramblings (all Byron’s are great.)

Hill, Byron                             Gravity

Hill, Byron                             Stay a While

Hillman, Chris                       Desert Rose (Sugar Hill)

Hillman, Chris                       Like a Hurricane

Horton, Johnny                    Country Legend (pre Columbia)

Horton, Johnny                    16 Biggest Hits (Columbia)

Husky, Ferlin                        Echoes in My Heart: The Early Years (30 tks)

Ingram, Jack                        BigDreams & High Hopes

Intveld, James                     Have Faith

Jackson, Alan                       What I Do

Jackson, Alan                       Good time

Jackson, Alan                       Greatest Hits Collection

Jennings, Waylon                The Eagle

Jennings, Waylon                Full Circle

Jennings, Waylon                Right for the Time (superb)

Jennings, Waylon                Too Dumb for NY City Too Ugly for LA

Jennings, Waylon                Essential

Jennings, Waylon                Never Say Die Live (expanded)

Jewel                                      Sweet & Wild (deluxe edition)

Jones, George                      The Rock

Jones, George                      Hits I Missed & One I Didn’t

Jones, George                      Disparches 1990-1990 (Raven)

Judd, Cletus T                       Polyrically Correct

Keen, Robert Earl                What I Really mean

Keith, Toby                           American Ride

Keith, Toby                           Greatest Hits 2

Kentucky Headhunters      Stompin’ Ground

Ketchum, Hal                        Father Time

King, Jill                                 Jillbilly

Lambert, Miranda                Kerosene

Larsen, Blaine                      Off to Join the World

Lewis, Jerry  Lee                  Definitive Collection

Little River Band                  Get Lucky

Loveless, Patty                    Honky Tonk Angel

Lynn, Loretta                        Country Music Hall of fAme (MCA)

Lynn, Loretta                        Making Love from Memory (MCA)

Lynns                                     The Lynns (Loretta’s twin daughters)

McCoy, Neal                          Greatest Hits

McCready, Mindy                 I’m still Here (2010 album)

McDonald, Country Joe      Thinking of Woody Guthrie

McDonald, Country Joe      Best of Vanguard Years

McDonald, Country Joe      War War War (Robert Service poems set

                                                to song a la Hank Snow “Tales of Yukon”)

McEntire, Reba                     Heart to Heart

McGuinn, Roger                   Back from Rio (great)

Malo, Raul                             Lucky One

Mandrell, Louise                  best

Martin, Stan                          Love Ain’t  That Tough

Martin. Leland                      Simply Traditional

Mattea, Kathy                      a Collection of Hits

Mavericks                              From Hell to paradise

Miller Brothers                     Boppin’ Hillbilly Series

Miller, Roger                         Classics

Milsap, Ronnie                      Essential

Milsap, Ronnie                      My Life

Mitchell, Joni             Song to a Seagull

Mitchell, Joni             Mingus

Mitchell, Joni             For the Roses

Moffatt, Hugh                       The way Love Is

Murphey, Michael Martin   Cowboy Songs

Murphey, Michael Martin   Cowboy Songs III

Murphey, Michael Martin   River of Time

Murphey, Michael Martin   Cosmic Cowboy Souvenir (expanded)
Nelson, Ricky                       Legendary Masters Volume 1

Nelson, Willie                       Gospel Favorites

Nelson, Willie                       Moonlight becomes You

Nelson, Willie                       Yesterday’s Wine

Nelson, Willie/Ray Price    Run That By Me One More time

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band         Twenty Years of Dirt (Best)

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band         More Great Dirt

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band         Speed of Life

Notorious Cherry Bombs   Notorious Cherry Bombs ***Rodney Crowell

                                                & Vince Gill inc. “It’s Hard to Kiss the Lips at

                                                Night That Chew Your ass Out All Day Long”)

Old Dogs                                Old Dogs (Jennings/Tillis/Reed/Bare)

Owens, Buck                        Young Buck

Owens, Buck                        21 #1 Hits

Paisley, Brad                        Mud on the Tires

Paisley, Brad                        American Saturday Night

Parker, Ed                             Still a Lot of Good Miles left in me

Parton, Dolly                        Letter to Heaven (17 gospel tracks)

Parton, Dolly                        Honky tonk Angesl (w. Loretta & Tammy)

Paxton, Tom                         No 6

Paxton, Tom                         Things I Notice Now

Paxton, Tom                         Outward Bound

Paxton, Tom                         Ain’t That News

Penrod, Jake                        Hank Williams Remembered Vol 1

Penrod, Jake                        Hank Williams Remembred Vol 2

Pinson, Bobby                      Songs for somebody (inc Back in my Drinkin’


Pirates of Mississippi          Street man Named Desire

Pogues                                   Streams of Whiskey

Preacher Jack                      Pictures from Life’s Other Side

Presley, Elvis                        Elvis Country (expanded)

Price, Ray                             16 Biggest Hits (Sony)

Price, Ray                             Greatest Hits (Step One: note this is a 2 cd

                                                Set but we only have 1st cd 15 tracks)

Price, Ray                             Greatest Hits Vol 4 By request (Step One)

Pride, Charley                      There’s a Little Bit of Hank Left in Me

Proby, P J                              I’m yours

Pullens, Leroy                      I’m a Nut (Bear Family)

Richman, Jonathan             Jonathan Goes Country

Ringer, Jim                            Band of Jesse James: Best (***essential)

Robbins, Marty                     What God Has Done

Robbins, Marty                     16 Biggest Hits

Robbins, Marty                     Gunfighter Ballads & Trail Songs (expanded)

Robbins, Marty                     Story of My Life (best)

Robbins, Marty                     Early Years

Rogers, Roy                          Best (22 tracks)

Rush, Tom                             Blues, Songs & ballads

Russell, Tom                         Long Way Around

Russell, Tom                         Box of Visions

Scott, Ray                             My Kind of Music (***the title track is best

                                                Nashville song of past 10 years. Great voice)

Scott, Tommy                       Boppin’ Hillbilly Series

Sears, Dawn                         Nothin’ But Good

Seeger, Pete                                    American Ballads Vol 4 (Smithsonian Folkways)

Seeger, Pete                                    American Ballads Vol 5 (Smithsonian Folkways)

Seeger, Pete                                    If I Had a Song (Songs of)

Shaver, Billy Joe                  Billy & the Kid

Shaver, Billy Joe                  The Earth Rolls On

Shibley, Arkie                       Hot Rod Race (precursor of “Hot Rod Lincoln”)

Singletary, Daryle               All because of You

Singletary, Daryle               Rockin’ in the Country

Singletary, Daryle               That’s Why I Sing This Way

Skaggs, Ricky                       Life Is a Journey

Skaggs, Ricky                       Solo, Songs My Dad Loved

Skaggs, Ricky                       Solid Ground

Skaggs, Ricky                       My Father’s Son

Slow, Jan                               & vanishing Cowboys 2cds

Smith, Connie                       Connie Smith (WB album)

Snow, Mitch                          Ballads, Blues & Texas Treats Tops!!!

Statler Brothers                  Always Here

Statler Brothers                  Lest Roadhog Moran & Cadillac Cowboys

Stewart, Al                            To Whom it Concern 1966-70 2cds

Strait, George                      Strait from the Heart

Strait, George                      Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Yr Mind

Strait, George                      If You Ain’t Lovin’ You Ain’t livin’

Strait, George                      Ocean Front Property

Stuart, Marty                        And His Fabulous Superlatives: Soul Chapel

Stuart, marty                       Let there Be Country

Stuckey, Nat                         Pop a Top

Summar, Trent                    Horseshoes & Hand Grenades

Supernaw, Doug                  You Still Got me

Supernaw, Doug                  Deep Thoughts from a Shallow Mind

Sweethearts of Rodeo       Beautifiul Lies (great Sugar Hill album)

Talley, James                       Woody Guthrie/Song of my Oklahoma Home

Texas Tornados                   Best

Texas Tornados                   Zone of Our Own

Thomas, B J                          Raindrops Keep Fallin’ etc/Everybodys Out of

                                                Town (2 on 1)

Thomas, B J                          I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry/ Tomorrow Never

                                                Comes (2 on 1)

Thomas, B J                          Most of All/ Billy Joe Thomas (2 on 1)

Thompson, Josh                   Way Out Here

Tillotson, Johnny                 Country Hits Collection

Tippin, Aaron                        You Got to Stand for Something (debut cd)

Travis, Randy                       Full Circle

Travis, Randy                       Always & Forever

Travis, randy                        Old 8 x 10

Travis, Randy                       Storms of Life

Tritt, Travis                           Lovin’ Side

Tritt, Travis                           Rockin’ Side

Tritt, Travis                           Its al lAbout to Change

Tritt, Travis                           Country Club

Tritt, Travis                           Greatest Hits from the Beginning

Trooper, Greg                      The Williamsburg Affairs

Tucker, Tanya                      Greatest Hits 1990-1992

Turner, Josh                         Everything Is Fine

Turner, Josh                         Long Black Train

Turner, Josh                         Your Man

Uncle Tupelo             March 16, 1992 (original issue)

Van Shelton, Ricky              Backroads

Vaughan, Carl                       Six Feet deep in the Heart of Texas

Vincent, Rhonda                  Trouble Free

Vincent, Rhonda                  Written in the Stars (her 2 WB albums)

Wagoner, Porter                 More Grand Old Gospel

Wainwright, Loudon           album I  

Walker, Clay                         Rumor has It

Walker, Clay                         Live Love Laugh

Walker, Jerry Jeff               Best of the Vanguard Years

Walser, Don                          I’ll Hold You In My Heart

Wandering Eyes                  Songs of Forbidden Love  (Dale Watson)

Watson, Dale                        Every Song I Write Is  About You

Watson, Dale                        People I’ve Known, Places I’ve Been

Watson, Dale                        Truckin’ Sessions

West, Shelley                       Very Best (original WB)

Whitley, Keith                      L A to Miami

Williams, Hank Jnr              127 Rose Avenue

Williams, Marc                     Forgotten singing Cowboy(Jasmine UK)

Williams, Tex                        Very Best of Shasta label

Williams, Tex                        That’s What I Like About the West (ASV UK)

Womack, Lee Ann               Greatest Hits (cd/dvd dual disc0

Yoakam, Dwight                  This Time (his best!!)

Yoakam, Dwight                  Just Lookin’ For a Hit

Yoakam, Dwight                  Dwight Live



Common Thread                  Songs of the Eagles

Crazy soundtrack                The Hank Garland Story

Crazy Heart                          Soundtrack (Jeff Bridges movie)

Detroit in the 1950s            Boppin’ Hillbilly

Essential Guide                    To Country Music 3cds

Hank Williams                      Songbook (Sony US)

Heartworn Highways         (Texas artists) 26 tracks

Hillbilly Boogie                     (Sony US)

Mean Mamas & Do Right Daddies Rough & Rowdy Hillbillies of the 30s

Taste of Texas                     Songs about texas by Texans (Sony USA)

Ten in Texas                         10 new recordings by Texas songwriters inc.

                                                Dale Watson doing “Grand Tour” & Gary P Nunn

                                                “Lonestar beer & Bob Wills Music “ Great!!

Volunteer Jam VII               Charlie Daniels & Friends


$5 CDS

Adams,Ryan                         Cardinology

Albrigtsen, Steinar              Bound to Wander

Allen, Jeff                              Raised on Getting by

Allen Rex Jnr                        Very best  (original WB)

Allen, terry                           Smoking the Dummy/Bloodlines

Anderson, Bill                       Fine wine

Anderson, Lynn                    Listen to a Country Song

Asleep at the Wheel            Tribute to Music of Bob wills

Asleep at the Wheel            Ride With Bob

Ballie The Boys                    Lovin’ every minute

Bellamy Brothers                Over the Line

Big & Rich                              Super galactic Fan Pak cd +dvd

Bishop, Bonnie                     Things I Know

Boone, Larry                                    Get in Line

Boyd, Bobby                         Honky tonk Tree (great duet with Willie)

Brockett, Jamie                   Remember the wind & The Rain

Brown, Marty                       Cryin’ Lovin’ Leavin’

Byrd,. Jon                              Byrd’s Auto Parts

Callery, Will                          Rider Comin’ in

Campbell. Dick                     Blue Winds Only Know

Cannon, Melanie                  and the Wheels Turn

Carnes, Kim                          To Love Somebody

Carter, Carlene                    Hinsdight 20/20

Cash, Johnny                        Definitive Collection

Cash, Rosanne                     Interiors       

Cash, Rosanne                     Seven Year Ache

Charles, Ray                         Super Hits (same as “Friendship”)

Clymer, Clint             It’s All About the Ride

Cockburn, Bruce                  Charity of Night

Collins, Shirley                     And Albion County Band: No roses

Conway, Mic                         National Junk Band (ex Capt Matchbox)

Cowan, Mike                         Easy Chair

Cunningham, Austin            Where I Come From

Dalhart Imperials                Finally

Dalley, Amy                          t’s Time

Daniel, Davis                        Davis Daniel

Davis, Jimmie                       Midnight blues 1929-1933 (great cd all in

                                                Jimmie Rodgers’ style inc couple ribald)

Dennis, Wesley                    Wesley Dennis

Dermody, Grant                  Lay Down My Burden

Dickinson, James Luther   Free Beer Tomorrow

Diffie, Joe                              Honky tonk Attitude

Diffie, Joe                              A Night to remember

Dixie Chicks                          Wide Open Spaces

Dixie Chicks                          Fly

Dixie Chicks                          Very Best

Domino Kings                       Life & 20 (very much like Derailesr. Tops)

Earle, Noah                           This is the Jubilee

Edwards, Nokie                   and Friends

Fairfield Four                        Wreckin’ the House

Fawcett, Dawnett               taking My Time

Floyd, Charlie                       Charlie’s Night Life

Franks, Michael                    Skin Dive

Frizzell, David                       2001

Gattis, Keith                         Big City Blues

Gayle , Crystal                     Sings Heart & Soul of Hoagy Carmichael

Gayle , Crystal                     All My Tomorrows

Gokey, Danny                      My Best Days

Goldens                                 Rush for Gold

Greene, Marlin                     Tiptoe Past the Dragon

Hellecasters                         Essential Listening Vol 1

Helms, Bobby                       Little darlin’ Years

Highway 101                        Highway 101

Hinson, Unknown                The Future is Unknown

Holmes, Monty                     all I Ever wanted

Honky Tonk Hangovers      Giant Country

Hood, Adam                          Different Groove    

Jackson, Alan                       Everything I love

Jackson, Alan                       A lot About Living & a Little About love

Jackson, Alan                       High Mileage

Jackson, Alan                       Honky Tonk Christmas

Jackson, Alan                       Drive

Jackson, Alan                       Who I am

Jackson, Alan                       What I Do

Jackson, Alan                       Don’t Rock the Jukebox

Jackson, Alan                       Here in the real World

Jackson, Nathan Lee          Complicated Hearts

James, Seth                          That Kind of Man

James, Sonny                       Young Love  23 tks

Jennings, Waylon                Greatest Hits

Jubilation                               What Ya Gonna Do (Bruce Haynes)

Kaset, Amgela                      Underneath a Vincent Van Gogh Sky

Keith, Toby                           Honky Tonk University

Keith, Toby                           Toby Keith

Keith, Toby                           How Do You Like me Now

Keith, Toby                           Greatest Hits Vol 1

Kelley, Irene                        Simple Path

Kelley, Irene                        Thunderbird

King, Matt                              Hard Country

Koller, Fred                           No Song left to Sell

Lane, Cristy                          Greatest Country Hits

Lansdowne, Jerry               Travel Light

Lauderdale, Jim                   Planet of love

Law, Wayne                          Small Town Dreamer

Lawrence, Eddy                   Locals

Lee, Brenda                          Brenda lee (WB)

Lee, Robin                             Best

Leigh, Danni                          29 Nights (the female Dwight!!)

Lewis, jerry Lee                   Platinum Collection

Little River Band                  Get Lucky

Lynn, Loretta                        Still Country

McCoy, neal                          Be Good at It

McDonald, Country Joe      Thank the Nurse

McDonald, Country Joe      Superstitious Blues

McEntire, Reba                     Keep on Loving You

McKennitt, Loreena The Visit

McNeil, Hannah                    Hannah McNeil

Masse, Heather                   Bird Song

Mellons, Ken                         Ken Mellons

Miller, Dean                          Platinum

Moffatt, katy                        Hearts Gone wild

Moffatt, Katy                        Sleepless Night

Moffatt, Katy                        Angel Town

Moffatt, Katy                        Child Bride

Molly & the Heymakers      Molly & the Heymakers

Montgomery, John Michael What I Do the Best

Moore, Lathan                      Love is Your Life

Morgan, Lorrie                     Watch me

Mosser Jonell                       Trust Yourself

Muldaur, Maria                     Yes We Can

Murphey, Michael Martin   Cowboy Songs 5

Nelson, Bobbie                     Audiobiography

Nelson, Willie                       Songbird

Nelson, Bobbie                     Audiobiography

Neville, Aaron                       The Grand Tour

Nichols, Tim                          Where the Good Life Is

Norris, Keith                         Deuce

O’Connor, Mark                    New Nashville Cats

Oslin, K T                               My Roots are Showing

Parks, John Andrew           John Andrew Parks

Parr, Paul                              saints & Sinners

Paul, Ellis                               Essentials 2cd

Paul, Ellis                               American Juke box Fables

Perkins, Al                            Big Dog

Poovey, Groovey Joe          Little Darlin Sound

Powell, Bodie                       And the Borderline Band

Powers, Freddy                   Rogers and hammerhead

Prima, Louis                         Big Band 1944-47 Vol 1

Ramalo, Andrea                   Thank You For the Ride

Reed, Jerry                           Let’s Gt It On

Remy Zero                            Vilal Elaine

Restless Heart                     RCA Country legends

Rhythm Train                       Bad to the Bone

Rush, Travis                          Travis Rush

Ryan Rob                               Cowboy Man

SaltyDogs                              Autoharpoon

Schlegel, Becky                   Dandelion

Seals, Brady                         play Time

Seals, Dan                             In a Quiet Room

Seals, Dan                             In a Quiet Room II

Seawright, Leah                  Country Girl

Sexsmith, Ron                      Other songs

Shenandoah                          Long Time Comin’

Smith, Steven L                    Outside of Tupelo

Sorrels, Rosalie                   Strangers in Another Country

Sproule, Devon                    Don’t Hurry for Heaven

Stacey, Phil                           Phil Stacey

Stewart, John                       Punch the Big Guy out

Stewart, John                       American Sketches

Strait, George                      Greatest Hits Vol 2

Stuart, Mark & Bastad Sons of Johnny Cash Bend in the Road

Subdudes                              Flower petals

Sugarland                              Love on the Inside

Sumner, J D  &Stamps        Treasury of memories

Talley, James                       Touchstones

Talley, James                       Journey

Tempchin, Jack                    Songs

Tillis, Pam                             Sweetheart’s Dance

Tillis, Pam                             Greatest Hits

Tobin, Karen                         Carolina Smokey Moon

Travis,Randy                        This is me

Trevino, Rick                        Rick Trvino

Tritt, Travis                           TROUBLE

Tritt, travis                           Ten Feet Tall and Bulletproof

Truth & Salvage Co              Truth & Salvage Co

Tucker, Tanya                      Best of Tanya Tucker (MCA)

Tucker, Tanya                      What DO I Do With Me

Tucker, Tanya                      Can’t Run from Yourself

Twain, Shania                       Come on Over 2 cd version

U2                                           No line on the Horizon

Van Shelton, Ricky              Bridge I Didn’t Burn

Vega, Suzanne                     Best of: a retrospective

Walker, Butch                      I Liked it Better When You Had No Heart

Watson, BB                           Light at the end of the Tunnel

Wayne, Jimmy                     Sara Smile

White , Joy Lynn                  Wild Love

Williams, Hank Jnr              Wild Streak

Williams, Hank Jnr              Out of left Field

Willis, Kelly                           Kelly Willis

Wilson, Larry Jon                Larry Jon Wilson

Wiseman, Mac                      Volume 2

Worley, Darryl                     Have you Forgotten

Wright, Curtis                       Curtis Wright

Wrights                                  Down this Road

Young, Faron                        Hillbilly Heart throb



Best Is Yet to Come: Music of Cy Coleman

Coalminer’s Daughter Soundtrack

Cold Mountain soundtrack

Frontier 50s

Hillbilly Honeymoon Manhaters, Misogynists, & Marital Mayhem

Horse Whisperer Soundtrack

Imus Ranch Record

John Laws Country Collection Vol 3

Independent Compilation: Real Australian Country 1995

Modern Folk

Music of the Years 1966

Signatures I

Signatures II (Harlan Howard is great)

Songs 4 Worship Country Live

Ultimate Yodelling Collection



$18 (unless noted)

Armstrong, Billy                  World’s Greatest Fiddle Player

Blue Rose                              Blue Rose (Laurie Lewis/Sally Van Meter,

                                                Marcy Marxer, Molly Mason & Cathy Fink)

Bradley, Dale Ann               Catch Tomorrow

Bradley, Dale Ann               Don’t Turn Your Back

Bush, Sam                             Circles Around Me

Cherryholmes                      IV:Common Thread

Cordle, Larry                        Songs from the workbench

Cordle, Larry                        Cordle, Jackson, Salley

Cox Family                            Just When We’re Thinking It’s Over

Cox Family                            Beyond the City

Cox Family                            Everybody’s Reaching Out for Someone

Crowe/Lawson/Williams Old Friends Get together  (J.D./Doyle/paul)

Dailey/Vincent                     Sing the Statler Brothers $20

Douglas, Jerry/Peter Rowan  Yonder

Earle, Steve                          The Mountain (w. Del Mccoury)

Farewell Drifters                 Yellow Tag Monday

Flatt & Scruggs                    The Essential 2cds $25

Flatt & Scruggs                    Complete Mercury Sessions $20 (2003)

Flatt & scruggs                     Complete Mercury Sessions $15 (1992)

Fleck, Bela                            Africa Sessions $15

Gadd, Pam                            Benefit of the Doubt

Gadd, Pam                            The Time of Our Lives

Gram Parsons Notebook   The Last Whippoorwill $20 (what were

                                                unrecorded & incomplete Gram Parsons

                                                songs have been brought to life                                                               superbly by Carl Jackson, Woodys, Larry Cordle,

                                                Jim Lauderdale etc, Great album.

Grascals                                The Famous Lefty Flynn’s

Hawker, Ginny/Tracy Schwarz Draw Closer

Hayden, Charlie                   Family & Friends $20 guests inc.Vince Gill,

                                                Elvis Costello, Rosanne Cash, Ricky Skaggs,

                                                Jack Black. Great esp daughter Petra Hayden.

Ickes, Robbie                       Road Song

Jim & Jesse                           The Essential

Jones, Grandpa                    Steppin’ Out Kind $20 (26 King tracks)

Kallick, Kathy                       Between the Hollow & the high Rise $20

Kaukonen, Jorma                Blue Country Heart $20

McCutcheon, John               Untold 2cds

Marley’s Ghost                     Ghost Town

Martin, Benny                       The Fiddle Collection CMH 28 tks $20

Monroe, Bill                           Gotta Travel On: An Introduction 25tks

Monroe Bros                         Essential 25tks

Murphey, Michael Martin   Buckaroo Bluegrass II (with Ronnie McCoury,

                                                Sam Bush, Rob Ickes etc)

Nugent, Alecia                      Hillbilly Goddess $20

Rowan, Peter/Don Edwards High Lonesome Cowboy

Skaggs, Ricky                       Salt of the Earth (w. Whites) $20

Skaggs, Ricky                       Bluegrass Rules $20

Skaggs, Ricky                       Honoring the Fathers of Bluegrass

Smith, Arthure & Don Reno The Original Feuding Banjos

Stanley, Ralph                      Classic Bluegrass (Rebel)

Stanley, Ralph                      Clinch Mountain Country 2CD $35 OOP w. guest

                                                Dwight Yoakam, Patty Loveless, Ricky Skaggs,

                                                George Jones, Junior Brown, Vern Gosdin etc.

Stanley, Ralph                      Clinch Mountain Sweethearts $20 with Pam

                                                Tillis, Melba Montgomery, Sara Evans, Joan

                                                Baez, Iris Dement, Dolly, Lucinda etc

Stanley Bros                         Earliest Recordings:  Complete Rich R Tone $20

Stanley Bros                         On Radio $20  (32 tks)

Stanley Bros                         Complete Columbia

Stanley Bros                         Essential Gospel Masters

Starling, John                       Sliding Home

Struthers, Nora Jane          Nora Janes Struthers (not as rustic but looks &

                                                sings like Iris Dement’s sister!)

Ulisse, Donna                       Holy Waters (gospel)

Vincent, Rhonda                  Ragin’ Live

Vincent, Rhonda                  All American Bluegrass Girl

Vincent, Rhonda                  Good Thing Going

Vincent, Rhonda                  My Blue Tears

Vincent, Rhonda                  A Dream Come true

Wagoner, Porter/Pam Gadd Something to Brag About

Weissberg, Eric                   Rural Free Delivery

Whites                                   Lifetime in the Making $20

Whites                                   Greatest Hits  $20

Whitley, Keith, R.Skaggs  Secong Generation bluegrass

Williams, Linda & Robin   Buena Vista


Bluegrass: As Good As It Gets 2cds 52 tks $20

Classic Appalachian Blues $20 (Smithsonina Folkways)

Great Dobro Sessions $20 (Sugar Hill)

Greatest Stars of Bluegrass 30 tks

O Sister 2: A Woman’s Bluegrass Collection 21 great tracks.

World’s Greatest Bluegrass Singers CMH $20


$10 or 3 for $25(you can combine any $10 ones in newsletter for 3/$25)

Blue Highway                       Some Day: Fifteenth Anniversary Collection

Bluegrass Soul Pickers      If I ever Get Home

Brand New Strings              No Strings Attached

Bush, sam                             Laps in Seven

Chapmans                             Grown Up

Infamous Stringdusters    Things That Fly

Jackson, Carl                        Songs of the South

Krauss, Alison                      Home on the Highways

Krauss, Alison                      Forget About It

Krauss, Alison                      New favorite

Krauss, Alison                      So Long So Wrong

Krauss, Alison                      Now That I’ve Found You: A Collection

Lawson, Doyle                     Light On My feet, Ready to Fly

Lynch, Claire             Whatcha Gonna Do

Merriam, Buddy                   Back Roads Mandolin

Monroe Crossing                  Heart ache & Stone

O’Brien, Mollie                      Big Red Sun

Rose’s Pawn Shop               Dancing in the Gallows

Seldom Scene                       Scenechronized

Skaggs, Ricky                       Ancient Tones

Special Concensus               35

Sutton, Bryan                       Almost Alive

Summertown Road             Summertown Road (Rounder)    

Tashian, Barry & Holly       Long Short Story

Vincent, Rhonda                  Destination Life


Essential Bluegrass Anthology (2cds 50 tks)



Borges, Sarah                      The Stars Are ouy

Camp, Shawn                       Live at Station Inn

Cold Heart                             My sisters & me

Cowan, John                         8745 Feet: Live at Telluride

Duhks                                     Fast Paced World

Frank, Allan                          The Road So Far

Front Porch String Band   S/T (with Claire Lynch)

Hayseed Dixie                      No Covers

Newfound Road                   Same old Place

O’Connor, mark                   New Nashville Cats

Reid, Lou                               My Own Set of Rules

Scott, Barry & Second Wind In God’s Time

Sisk, Junior                           Blue Side of the Blue Ridge

Smith, Valerie                      Turtle Wings

Sparks, Larry                       40

Sparks, Larry                       The Old Church Yard

Sparks, Larry                       The Last Suit You waer

Walker, Bradley                  Highway of Dreams

Waller, Charlie                     Songs of the American Spirit

Zonn, andrea                        Love Goes by


Down from the Mountain Soundtrack

Essential Bluegrass  2cds 50 tracks

Little Delta Church (gospel) 18 tks

2008 Bluegrass Showcase


DVDS (only 1 of each)

Brozman, Bob                      Live in Germany $15

Country Style USA               Season 1 $20 (Bear Family) 3hrs

Country Style USA               Season 2 $20 (Bear family) 3 hrs

Crazy: The Hank Garland Story $25 (starring Waylon Payne as Hank) this

                                                Is a movie being compared to “Walk the Line”

Griffith, Nanci                      Winter Marquee $18

Haggard, Merle                    Ol Country Singer Live at Billy Bobs $20

Happy Rovin’ Cowboy         Singing Cowboys & Western Stars  $20 (80min)

Jackson, Alan                       Precious Memories: Live at the Ryman $22

Landsborough, Charlie       A Special Performance $18

Melody Ranch TV Shows Vol 1  $15

Melody Ranch TV Shows Vol 2  $15

Melody Ranch TV Shows Vol 5  $15

Melody Ranch TV Shows Vol 6  $15

Melody Ranch TV Shows Vol 7  $15

Robbins, Marty                     At Town Hall Party $20 (Bear Family)


Smithsonian Folkways  For those with computers who like

the Folkways stuff that came out from the 40s onwards every single album is available as a custom made cd. If you want any we can get them for $28 including post. They have a great site where you can listen to all. If an item has an SFW prefix it is a regular cd not one of the custom made ones. Some classic folk, country and blues material.


Thanks again


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