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We still have a fax but not permanently connected given that most prefer to send emails and most of the faxes we do actually get are spam, but if you do need to send a fax please call first on the above number so we can have the fax to the ready. Seems like only yesterday it was telexes!



1cd $2/ 2cds $3 / 3-4cds $6.50



Country music has changed. Even with a genre that has seemingly always had a fixation for crossover there has been a continued degrading of the roots of the genre, so nowadays what they call country music is virtually indiscernible from pop music. I mean Britney Spears may have a little more bassiness in the recording but she is in essence the same as Taylor Swift (where the bassiness is replaced by the 2 second fiddle solo, which is of course played over a heavily synthesized backdrop.) But most of the Nashville scribes take the Emperor’s New Clothes approach and pretend there is nothing wrong. Well, they do have to protect their jobs I suppose, but there can be no denying that the basic entities of country music, fine songs and sincere down home delivery are but for the odd, make that very odd exception, no longer exist. This phenomenon has been ten years in the making. The late eighties to three quarters of the way through the 90s produced some of the greatest country music ever made. Artists such as Ricky Van Shelton and Randy Travis ruled the charts and there were a swag of new artists coming through of similar talent. There were secondary labels such as Hightone producing traditional style music with a contemporary edge which we all embraced. How times have changed!


Some mornings when there is something on the antiques roadshow that

I have already seen I switch over to the country music channel where I try and stomach what I can see for as long as I can. Some young thing with precious little obvious sign of talent is dancing around trying to express some form of sincerity with some song totally lacking in melody and seemingly having the same beat and tempo as the preceding one.


So at Yesterday & Today Records we just do not embrace this at all. Why should we, it is not country music. We offer you an alternate universe if you like where everything we have is good and is country…real country music where the “now taboo” subjects of drinkin’, lying’ and cheatin’ are still embraced and where tradition and sincerity are a must have ingredient. We get the independent labels from Nashville and Texas where talent and great songs rule. Where the needs of country music fans are satisfied, where artists such as Merle Haggard are kings and great songs rule. If you like we are the Choice Magazine for country music fans and I don’t mean those who turn the CMT on all day every day and think they enjoy it.


So settle back and have a read. If you are convinced you are a real fan then take our word for what is great and reap the reward. By all means give us a call if unsure. If you are a Merle Haggard fan you will love Kenny Seratt, if you are a Ray Price fan you will love Darrell McCall. If you are a Connie Smith or Loretta Lynn fan you will  love the likes of Heather Myles and Amber Digby. If you are worried that you haven’t heard them, don’t! Fans of traditional country music will unreservedly love what we carry.


You will find a great selection of cds from $5 in our sales section. No rubbish, and they are genuine bargains. So settle back, rest a spell take your shoes off and give the list a peruse. Thank you.


2009 Albums of the Year

1. Ron Williams – The Longer You’re Gone.$30  Ron for the uninitiated is the son of Leona Williams, who of course was married for a time to Merle Haggard. Now, having Merle as a step dad may not have been all smooth sailing but it certainly instilled a spirit of true country music greatness in Ron. If he had been around at the end of the 80s he would have been on a major label and as good and popular  as say Ricky Van Shelton. He has it all. Good looks and those peculiarly personal country music nuances that make for individuality and superb country. A must.

2. Dotty Jack – With Every Heartbeat $30 Just superb.

3. Joey Allcorn – All Alone Again $30 The best Hank III or Wayne the Train album ever is this. That demeans Joey but it is true. If you like Wayne or Hank III you are  guaranteed to love this.

4. Darrell McCall – Keeping With Tradition

5. Jake Hooker – Lost Along the Way $30 the superb vocalist is equally adept as a band leader and musician.

6. Amber Digby – Another Way to Live


Reissue of the Year

A tie!!

Mel Street -  “Mel Street/ Country Soul” $34

Sons of the Pioneers/Roy Rogers – Complete Commercial Recordings 1934-1943 $240

Two different era, the classic honky tonk of Mel Street and the unsurpassed trio singing of Roy and the Sons of the Pioneers.


Best Roots/Americana Album

Loudon Wainwright III “High wide and Handsome: The Charlie Poole Project” 2cds + stunning package $35


For a small contrast this is the Swedish Cowboy’s Top 5


  1. Ron Williams: The Longer You’re Gone
  2. Teri Joyce: Kitchen Radio
  3. Darrell McCall: Keeping With Tradition
  4. Dottie Jack: With Every Heartbeat
  5. Various Artists: Hillside Records Country Song Roundup



Kenny Seratt “The Best Of Kenny Seratt” $30  

The reactivated Hillside label has been a blessing in this world where real country music is hard to find. Many bought and loved the “Hillside Country” cd from last year. Most of those were absolutely in awe of Kenny Seratt. Here was a man who sang like Merle Haggard and in his own right was every bit as good as the man. Merle himself has been quoted as saying “ Kenny sang like Lefty & me way before I did!”. The good news is we now have this superb cd. It came out right at the end of December in 2009 so technically it is a 2009 release but realistically a 2010 release and you would almost call the rest of 2010 off and proclaim this album of the year right now. A few years ago I had a cd by an indie guy called Rick Stancil. Now the cd was good but I could help remarking that one track, “Just a Damn Good Drinking Song” was as good as example of that fabulous honky tonk sub-set that I had ever heard, well lo & behold it was a Kenny Seratt song and the original is here! There is a mix of originals and covers. Some of the originals are by songwriters S Stone & J Cunningham. The latter could be the bloke who wrote the David Allan Coe classic “Mona Lisa Lost Her Smile”, as his & Stone’s “I Found Heaven in a Texas Honky Tonk” is a highlight in an album where nothing is less than a highlight. He does a wonderful job on the Tommy Collins song, recorded by Merle Haggard, “Goodbye Comes Hard to Me”. He has the voice and the songs. Why wasn’t he the biggest star in country music? As the late Benny Hill so often said , “How do you define the intangerine?”.  So friends, you get 17 songs and so it is like getting 1 ½ of the best albums Merle Haggard or Lefty Frizzell ever recorded. He is that good. Just amazing. Justin Trevino, who is no slouch himself, reports that on a recent benefit show in Texas, where the absolute crème de la crème of Texas artists performed, Kenny Seratt absolutely stole the show. Said Justin, “People were asking who was he and where has he been!”. Well, you can find out. As far as I know he only ever had one lp (though a few singles of which only one made the Top 40) and now this cd. As good as it gets…maybe even better.


Mickey Newbury “Live at the Hermitage” DVD $38 Now, sometimes it is hard to understand how an artist such as the aforementioned Kenny Seratt is a virtual unknown, but twice as hard to work out how Mickey Newbury could have made it given that his lifestyle was not conducive to being discovered and now that he is gone the handling of his material in the hands of his somewhat less than functional family. Good news though is that it is being handled by someone who is a little better than the family member who was handling things last year when in the end we had to give up on obtaining his product. So things are kind of on track, or so it seems. The dvd, recorded in Tennessee’s Hermitage ballroom goes for a mighty 147 minutes and features Mickey performing all his best known songs including “American Trilogy”, “Cortelia Clark”, “Just Dropped In” and “Frisco Mabel Joy” a joyous song about a woman of the night. 22 songs plus interview.


Mickey Newbury – “The Mickey Newbury Collection” 8Cds box set. $160 Nicely miniaturised and remastered versions of all his Elektra albums recorded between 1969 and 1981. The albums contained on this set are:

  1. Looks Like Rain
  2. Frisco Mabel Joy
  3. Heaven Help the Child
  4. Live at Montezuma Hall
  5. I Came to Hear the Music
  6. Lovers
  7. Rusty Tracks
  8. His Eye is on the Sparrow
  9. The Sailor
  10. After All These Years

Again, because of the inconsistencies in supply (hopefully in the past) don’t dilly dally too long!


Billy Joe Shaver “Live from Luckenbach Texas” $30  DVD

Georgia on a fast train
Honky tonk heroes
Thats what she said last night
The devil made me do it the first time
You asked me to
Im just an old chunk of coal
When the fallen angels fly
Live forever
Hottest thing in town
Follow me down
Love so sweet
You cant beat Jesus Christ


**Billy Ed Wheeler – A Big Bag of Songs $28

New 28 track cd by a man who is known for his songs and appreciated by the aficionados for his recordings. His best known songs are  “Jackson” and “The Reverend Mr Black”, both big hits for Johnny Cash (who also recorded other Billy Edd songs that are featured on this album such as “Blistered” and “After Taxes”  and he himself is probably on more than a few compilations with his novelty “Ode to the Little Brown Shack Out Back”. Great songs and great storytelling are his trademarks and the original Monument recordings come up a treat. First time on cd.


**Troubled Troubadours – 27 Tales from the Dark and/or Strange Side of the Tracks. $28 Lust, murder, depravity, alienation, war and credit cards!! All our favourite subjects! Great bunch of rare songs by great artists. Marty Robbins sings of a man who is going to meet his maker from the electric chair, Dolly is placing her final steps high above “The Bridge”, and no folks she is not there just to admire the view, and so on. Many and varied  but classic examples of political correctness.


1. Marty Robbins - The Chair

2. Waylon Jennings - Delia’s Gone

3. Dolly Parton - The Bridge

4. Lorene Mann - Hide My Sin (A.b.o.r.t.i.o.n  N.e.w Y.o.r.k)

5. Mark Slade - Are They Gonna Shoot God?

6. Dolly Parton - Daddy Come And Get Me

7. Porter Wagoner - Waldo The Weirdo

8. Bobby Bare - Big Ben Colson

9. Roger Miller - The Animal Of Man

10. Justin Tubb - The Family Way

11. Hank Williams Jr. - No Meaning And No End

12. Justin Tubb - The River Road Mystery

13. Norma Jean - Teddy Bear Song

14. Lawton Williams - Cold, Cold Hands

15. Trooper Jim Foster - Four Chrome Wheels

16. Henson Cargill - Daddy, What’s A Tree?

17. Hank Williams Jr. - The Rainmaker

18. Arlene Harden - Congratulations (You Sure Made A Man Out Of Him)

19. Hugh X. Lewis - War Is Hell

20. Autry Inman - The Ballad Of Two Brothers

21. Stonewall Jackson - Push The Panic Button

22. Bobby Bare - Your Credit Card Won’t Get You Into Heaven

23. Homer and Jethro - I Crept Into The Crypt and Cried

24. Lester Flatt - I Can’t Tell The Boys From The Girls

25. Homer And Jethro - I Couldn’t Spell “Pffft”

26. Roger Miller - Whistle Stop

27. Burl Ives - The Times They Are A Changin’


Due soon from Omni


**Dolly Parton – Fairest of Them All/ My Favorite Songwriter Porter Wagoner (two of her best on a single cd with bonus tracks)

**Porter Wagoner – What Ain’t to Be Just Might Happen/ Sings His Own

(two albums on a single cd with bonus tracks).


**Best sellers from Omni. All come with the highest recommendation

-Tommy Cash – Rise & Shine/ Six White Horses 2 0n 1

- Lorne Greene – The Man

- Henson Cargill – On the Road: The Mega Years Plus

- Johnny Paycheck – Nowhere to Run (this is in the bargains…don’t miss the best George Jones style singer ever…may be even better than George. Don’t judge him on “Take This Job & Shove It”. That was different to this as chalk & cheese.


**Augie Meyers – “Country” $30 Forever and a day the co-cort of the late and extremely great Doug Sahm. Also a fabulous musician on keyboards as well as accordion. Whereas Flaco played the button accordion Augie  played the piano style squeeze accordion and Flaco himself was in awe of his great talent thereon. He incorporates his Tex Mex stylings (well he is from San Antonio). He balances the crying in your beer style admirably with the uptempo swinging style. “I’d Be Ashamed” I a waltz. For fans of the Texas Tornados and Dog Sahm.


**Heather Myles: In The Wind $30 This is the review of the great Swedish Cowboy. Reason I can’t review it is I never had the opportunity as the first lot went like hotcakes and I still have a few orders to fill. BUT, I never figured that Heather would be so darn hopeless at promoting her own product. This is the first fully independent cd she has put out. The first on her own label. But if you go that way you have to have the product to send and you don’t say you have shipped it when you patently haven’t. So, I am waiting for more stock and that should be here by middle of the month.  Soif you want one get in early. This next lot will probably be the last unless Miss Heather wises up. Here is the Swedish Cowboy’s review. Sometimes he reviews like a doctor writing a prescription but you get the idea…it is a great album. “Heather is the real thing. There is not a bad track here, and all bar 3 songs are originals. However, the final track, a blues with biting blues guitar and plenty of organ, doesn’t really fit in, and #3 is a slowie with plenty of organ! The title track is a bit on the weak side too, so not everything is tops. There are still plenty of great songs and the singing as well as the backing is generally excellent, so this platter is still another goodie from our Heather. Let’s hope the next one doesn’t take as long as this one took. It’s a long time since we last heard from her.”


When Did You Stop Loving me
Broke and Broken Hearted
Shoulder to Cry On
Don’t Call Me
Pretty Poison
Mama’s a Star
Smokin’ Drinkin’ Dancin’ Again
Vaya Con Dios
In the Wind
Walk on By
Right or Wrong
My Baby’s Good to Me!

NOTE: The next lot will be hopefully here next week. Do not miss out.


**Gene Watson “Matters of the Heart: Best of the MCA Years” $30 There has been precious little available of Gene Watson’s MCA recordings. This new UK cd changes that and full marks must go to the compilers who have done a sterling job with this 20 tracker. There are the classics “Fourteen Carat Mind”, “Sometimes I Get Lucky and Forget”, the raunchy honky tonker “You’re Just Another Beer Drinking Song” plus great album tracks such as “Three”, “From Cotton to Satin”, “Til Melinda Comes Around” etc . Great and welcome selection by one of the most popular artists we have ever carried.


**Cal Smith – “The Best of Cal Smith” $30. This is the first and only cd of Cal Smith’s original MCA recordings. There have been two earlier cds, both re-recordings but these are the originals. The 3 number ones are all here; “The Lord Knows I’m Drinking”, “Country Bumpkin” and “It’s Time to Pay the Fiddler”plus other favourites such as “Jason’s Farm”, “Between Lust and Watching TV”, “An Hour and a Six Pack”, “Macarthur’s Hand”, “Bits & Pieces of Life” etc. 16 must have tracks and again all the originals. 


**Amber Digby “Another way to Live” $30 Amber is as close as it gets to  royalty in the Yesterday and Today Records Palace of Musical perfection. 12 new songs and for the first time we get some Amber originals, of which the best is “Lie to Him”, an absolute classic cowritten with the significantly great Justin Trevino. Amber’s father, Dicky Overby contributes some wonderful steel guitar lines. If you haven’t heard Dicky play steel you simply haven’t heard one of the very best. As good as it gets. But in reflection is it as good as “After it Break”, a wonderful song about the demise of a relationship (with some great mandolin hidden in the mix). Or is “Soul Survivor” (perhaps autobiographical?) the winner in the Amber writes. Let’s say they are all great. Dicky Overby’s superb “Wrong Number” must also qualify as an original. Classic song. The covers are all great too. Amber’s status as a classic vocalist is enforced again on Jack Clement’s great “Just Someone I Used to Know”. There are doubting Thomases everywhere. If I said Amber was as good as anyone in the history of country music then they would say I was wrong. Did you see the audition Susan Boyle did for “You Think You’ve Got Talent”?? The entire place was prepared to laugh at her but she shut them up when she sang. Doubters, are you game enough to have Amber shut you up!! Superb co-production with Justin Trevino. What a talent.

Amber’s other albums:

*Music from the Honky Tonks $30

*Here Comes the Teardrops $30

*Passion Pride & What Might Have Been $30


**Darrell McCall “Keeping With Tradition” $30 Amazing album. The Heart of Texas crew of Jake Hooker on Bass, Dickey Overby on Steel, Hank Singer on fiddle is as godo as the famous A team. Of all the Ray Price inspired vocalists I have no doubt that Darrell McCall is the best. Darrell’s kids Guyanne (as a songwriter) and Cody (as harmony vocalist) make substantial contributions. Darrell’s endlessly tuneful voice is as good as it ever was. “Hello Out There” is  a wonderfully pretty waltz. As pretty a melody as you would ever hear and some wonderful Grady Martin style acoustic guitar to boot. Justin Trevino, who continues to amaze with his production talents has again masterminded a wonderful recording. He joins Darrell on the George Jones/Roger Miller song “That’s the Way I Feel”. Again, I have to mention Dicky Overby on steel. “The Kind of Love” is an excellent western swing tune, by sometimes Wills’ fiddler Jesse Ashlock. Great and then some and what’s more Heart of Texas have reissued 2 of Darrell’s excellent albums from the early 90s on 1 cd:

“A Way to Survive & All I Did was Fall in Love”. Both were on the Artrap label and just wonderful. The former has one of his best ever songs in “Christmas in Cell #9” and the latter has a great duet with his very talented wife, Mona McCall, who appeared on the Opry as part of the Carol Lee singers (silly old Cosmic Cowboy though they were the Clair Poole singers…). Two gems now on 1 cd for $30


**Curtis Potter/Tony Booth/ Darrell McCall “The Survivors”. $30 My late dad was the very opposite of my mother and I. He had zero musical appreciation, well as little as humanly possible, so it came as a surprise when he said he liked anyone. It actually happened twice, so I dare say his compliments weren’t torrent like. The first (actually second chronologically) was when he heard Curtis Potter sing with Willie Nelson on “Six Days in Pedernales” (a copy of which appears in the sale section). Well, lo & behold, this gem reminds me how right he was. These 3 are great vocalists. Tony Booth, a fine fettle of a man, was on Capitol Records as a contemporary of Buck Owens. All three are influenced by Ray Price but each has his own distinct voice. Darrell is not generally known as a writer (even though he did write the big Hank Williams Junior hit “Eleven Roses”) but shows he still has it with the great “Whiskey Man” . The classic “It Is No Secret” is superbly handled with each man trading lines. The sign of a true talent is when they can weave their magic on something we are familiar with and give it new life. A surplus of riches. **Incidentally the only other artist my father actually said he liked was Leonard Cohen, who he affectionately referred to as “Ikey” Cohen” (now before anyone goes and complains about racial epithets this was also what his high school English teacher was called by all & sundry)…So there!


**Landon Dodd “Call of the Wine” $30 Great voice, songs and album and not surprisingly on Heart of Texas label, who we would almost consider the new Hightone, in that everything on the label has a quality that is impossible to bypass. And this has 2 examples of that staple of country music, the duet. And how special they are! “We’re Off and Loving Again” is a Leona Williams’ song and the great lady duets on it…superbly. BUT, sounding like Tim Shaw, there is till more and that is “Mr Right & Mrs Wrong” with Amber Digby (credited as Mrs Wrong). A wonderful jaunty song about a mismatched relationship. The dynamic Bobby Flores is superb. “Face the Music” is a great honky tonk number. It is also a must.



*Arnold, Eddy “Memorial Best” $35 Japan pressing 25 tracker. Superb sound and selection.

*Tony Booth – Is This All There is $30

*Tony Booth – The Essential $30 first is last year recordings, the second

 from his time on Capitol label. Both are great.

* Richie Furay Band – Alive 2cds $35

* Richie Furay The Heartbeat of Love $35 The first is a live retrospective by the former Poco & Buffalo Springfield member. And the second was his first non religious recording in many yearswith a wonderful book style cover. Just great.

* Lucas Hudgins – The World Left is Mine $30 Great honlky tonk produced by Dave Biller in Texas.

*Dotty Jack – Texan in a Stetson $30

*Bobby Marquez – Bobby Marquez $30 Great new singer who almost steals the show on the Ernest Tubb Midnight Jamboree dvd

*Myles, Heather – “Just Like Old Times” $30 …her debut on Hightone.

Someone asked me about this.

*Roy Orbison – Sings/Im Memphis/Milestones 2cds $35 3 albums on 2 cds, the middle album includes his much sought version of “Danny Boy”.

*Kimmie  Rhodes & Willie Nelson – Picture in a Frame $30 Duets!

*Johnny Rodriguez & Johnny Bush – Texas Legends $30

*Linda Ronstadt “The Capitol Years” 2cds Her 4 Capitol albums plus 5 bonus tracks on a great sounding double disc. What a country singer!

*Leon Russell _ Best Of Hank Wilson $30 (22 collection of songs by Leon’s country alter-ego)

*Leon Russell – “Bad Country”  $30 Wow, a Leon country album we missed. Well it is on his own label. Seems it was recorded 2003 except the title track (which Leon fans will be reminded of “Me & Baby Jane”, a great song from Carney). So it is varying in its country-ness. “Honky tonk Dream” is pretty much the pure deal!!

**Starline rhythm Boys “Masquerade for a Heartache” $28 A follow up to their great Live at Charlie O’s album for the rockin’ hillbillies!

**Jerry Webb – There’s a Song in That $30 (all originals and all honky tonk)



Bear Family Records News

The great German label will be fairly quiet for the beginning of the year with a few releases but then they will have a big lot of releases in March. As always we get Bear Family cds directly from Bear Family and the March releases will be here a day or so after their release, along with the February releases. So please call as soon as you spot something to your fancy.


February Releases

*DVD Town Hall Party March 28 1959 $35 The line up is outstanding on this 87 minute dvd with the headliner being Leon McAuliffe, along with Faron Young, the fabulous Gordon Terry, Skeets McDonald, Tex Ritter, Rose Lee & Joe Maphis, Collins Kids, Johnny Bond etc.


*DVD Town Hall Party July 25th & August 15th 1959. This 114 minute dvd features Merle Travis, Martha Carson, the fabulous blind musician Jimmy Pruett (who steals the show on previous issues he has been on), Gene Vincent (!) plus most from the previous volume, and I am keen to see Gordon Terry do “Tennessee Stud” and more of the great Jimmy Pruett.


**DVD Town Hall Party August 29th and September 5th 1959. 92 minute dvd features the regulars from the previous 2 volumes plus Bob Luman, Freddie Hart, the great Lefty Frizzell and an appearance by Fred Maddox. That is something I am looking forward to seeing.


The Town Hall Party DVDS are always entertaining with great restored picture and sound quality. Everyone who has bought them in the past want one thing and that is MORE of them.


* CD Jimmy Donley “The Shape You Left Me In” $32 A New Orleans based singer and musician he had 6 of his songs recorded by fellow New Orleans resident Fats Domino. Unlike the amiable Fats he was an angry young man, at least when he was drunk (and Bear Family points out he was always drinking), so the title track takes on an additional meaning. He recorded for Decca Nashville and all his recordings are included here.


* CD Big Jeff Bess “Tennessee Home Brew” $35 digipak including 88 page book. Jeff was the husband of “Tootsie” and yes he founded the iconic Nashville institution “Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge”. He was also a radio legend and his performing band featured members of the Nashville a team. His most famous song was “Step it Up and Go” and is featured here as are vintage radio performances and 32 tracks in all. The notes say pure country and swinging hillbilly. Sounds good.


* CD Jimmy Edwards “Love Bug Crawl”  $32 Complete recordings and a full discography by Colin Escott. Features his entire output. His title track was a country music top 10 on Mercury records and was so successful he was sent out on tour with Buddy Holly & the Everly Brothers.


* CD “A Girl Named Johnny Cash: an Album of Tribute Songs”. Always popular this is a gam as it features a bunch of previously unreleased recordings by one of country music’s greatest vocalists, the highly Frizzell and Haggard influenced Stoney Edwards. Stoney performs no less than 9 tributes: 

  1. The Night the Ernest Tubb Show Came to Town
  2. Cash
  3. Roy Acuff, the King of country Music
  4. The Jimmie Rodgers Blues
  5. Bob wills, the Fiddlin’ Man
  6. Hag Sang Me A Song
  7. Red Foley
  8. Bill Monroe – Daddy Bluegrass
  9. Hank and Lefty Raised my Country Soul

The  title track is from the recording of Jane Morgan, and is both a tribute and answer song. Haggard chips in with a fine couple in “Leonard”, his tribute to Tommy Collins and “Goodbye Lefty”. And then there is the old  favourite “The Ballad of Johnny Cash” by the fabulous Gordon Terry. This cd should be in everyone’s collection for sure!!


* CD Smiley Lewis “Smiley Rocks” $35 The new Orleans artist so readily identified with the great Fats Domino and a famous artist in his own right with songs such as “I Hear You Knocking” which was revived and was a big hit for Dave Edmunds. This is a 35 track gem which covers his classic Imperial label recordings.


* CD Ramblin’ Jack Elliott “At Lansdowne Studios London, these recordings date from 1955 when Jack was at the centre of the folk revival movement and date through 1959 when Jack returned to England where he recorded an album of songs by Jimmie Rodgers and Woody Guthrie. This cd has 33 tracks and has 5 previously unissued recordings, not that any of this has been available on cd before. $32


* CD Christine Kittrell “Call Her Name” $32 inc, 40 pg booklet A versatile singer who was part of the R & B face of NAshvilel in the 40s and 50s. She recorded for the Tennessee, Republic, Champion, Vee-Jay, Hit/Spar and Federal labels and on several tracks is backed by Little Richard.


March Releases CDS


**Buck Owens – Open Up Your Heart 7 cds + 120pg hard cover book. The second volume in Bear Family’s continuing Buck Owens reissue series includes everything recorded between 1965 and 1968 and also includes the Buckaroos albums. It was Buck Owens who had personally organised with Bear Family to reissue his complete works as only they can. This was Buck’s most successful period with all singles going to number 1 on the charts. They include gems such as “Waiting in Your Welfare Line”, “Sam’s Place”, “Open Up Your Heart” as well as the theme song “Buckaroo”. All up has 249 tracks with a running time of around 7 ½ hours. So, as always we say Bear Family is not cheap but there is imply nothing but quality and with so much great music they are cheaper than a plumber!!   $270


**Carl Smith – “Hey Joe: Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight” $32 Sad to report Carl Smith passed away at the end of January. This collection of his uptempo and semi rockabilly songs features 34 songs and clocks in at an impressive 80 minutes. It includes the duet he did with his then wife, June Carter, on “Time’s a Wastin’”, and he really rocks out on “Cut Across Shorty”. All the great Smith hits such as “Loose Talk”, “Go Boy Go”, “Trademark”, “Doggone it Baby I’m in Love” are all here. Sadly, a very timely release.


**Johnny Horton “The Ballads of Johnny Horton” $35 Deluxe digipak presentation. The Bear Family box of Johnny Horton is now out of print. Whilst he made his name with mainly uptempo songs his great voice was equally adept at the ballads and this has 25 with a running time of just under 70 minutes. Horton had surprisingly few hits in his lifetime and generally the a-side was an uptempo number. The b side was often a ballad and included well known Horton songs such as “Whispering Pines” and the fabulous “All for the Love of a Girl” plus lesser known songs such as “Counterfeit Love” and “The Mansion You Stole”. It also includes some of his peerless story songs like “Commanche (the Brave Horse)” and “When It’s Springtime in Alsaka (It’s 40 Below). Bring it on!


**Smoke that Cigarette: Pleasure to Burn $35 deluxe digipak This is gonna go straight on the must haves list. 32 tracks and over 85 minutes of songs about smoking, both the pleasures and evils and consequences of. The issue of cigarettes as a health hazard has only been of fairly recent origins. It was also seen as something socially unacceptable for women (in certain areas) and this includes a 1939 recording by Rev. J M Gates about the evils of a “Smoking Woman in the Street” and whilst it sticks mainly to country tracks there is a selection of pop gems included such as Peggy Lee’s “Don’t Smoke in Bed” and Johnny Ray’s “Coffee and Cigarettes”. There are only a few obvious choices such as Tex Williams “Smoke! Smoke! Smoke! That Cigarette” and Patsy Cline’s “Three Cigarettes in an Ashtray”, the majority will be things most will be unfamiliar with and even includes a Slim Dusty track ‘Sad Cigarette”.

The notes are by music historian Hank Davis and include vintage advertisements.


**Don Woody “You’re Barking Up the Wrong Tree” $25 This is Bear Family’s first ever ep and has 11 songs on it, 9 by Don and two he wrote, Brenda Lee’s first single “Bigelow 6-200” (the b-side of “Jambalaya”) and Billy Eustis “The Rope”. This is issued as Don Woody is going to appear at a big rockabilly festival in 2010. His 4 Decca rockabilly tracks (which also appear on Vols 2 & 6 of “That’ll Flat Git It”) are as good as anything you’d ever hear and feature the guitar of Grady Martin. “Morse Code” may be the best of the lost and belies the belief that all rockabilly tracks are of a frantic uptempo nature. Opening with a great slap bass (that emulates the sound of morse code), this is a classic through and through. For anyone who doesn’t have the abovementioned
“That’ll Flat Git It” vols 2 & 6 put this on your list!


**Rudy Grazzell “Lets Get Wild” $32 First ever cd by a man revered in rockabilly circles but equally able to perform classic country. This has 32 tracks clocking in over 80 minutes and features his recordings for Starday, Capitol, Sun, Abbott & Award. Like Don Woody he will also be  at the 2010 “Viva Las Vegas” rockabilly festival. He was responsible for 2 of rockabilly’s most defining moments in “Don’t Mess with My Ducktail” and “Let’s Get Wild” and includes his cover of the classic “Hearts of Stone”. He was a wild man as well and the notes include details of his singing “Ducktail” to a group of women in a cemetery. Now, that will be good!!


**Jack Earls & the Jimbos “Slow Down: The Sun Years plus” 2 cds $45 Includes all his Sun recordings plus previously unissued tracks as well as recordings made when he moved from Memphis to Michigan where he become a local legend. Runs to over 2 hours (including a 23 minute interview) and features 41 tracks.


**The Treniers – Rock $35 The Treniers were one of rock an roll’s greatest performers incorporating great dance moves in their stage act as well as a sound that was highly influential on Bill Haley & the Comets. As such they were in demand for movies such as “The Girl Can’t Help It” and “Don’t Knock the RocK”. They were also one of the first groups to make a living performing in Las Vegas. Because of their performance schedule they were probably not able to get as many records made as  they should have and so this 82 minute cd is a real pearl for rock and roll fans. The song “It Rocks! It Rolls! It swings!” sums them up beautifully. Also includes the rather ribald “PoonTang’ as well as “Rock-a Beatin’ Boogie” which was given to them with great admiration from Bill Haley. Do yourself a favour and type in Treniers on youtube!


**The Sound of Tiki $35 with 52 page booklet in deluxe digipak. This is the sound of lounge music and was something that all hi fi nuts went (well) nutty over. Includes selections from Martin denny, Arthur Lyman, Les Baxter and more.  


Bear Family Cds on hand


**George Jones “Walk Through This world With Me – The Complete Musicor Recordings Pt I” 5cds (142 songs) + book $180

**George Jones “Good Year for the Roses – the Complete Musicor RecordingsPt II” 4 cds (131 songs) + book $150

**Sons of Pioneers & Roy Rogers “Way Out There – Complete Recordings 1934-1943” 6cds (182 songs) + absolutely stunning 160 page hard cover book. $240

**Jean Shepard – Melody Ranch Girl 5 cds (151 songs) + book. Her great Capitol recordings $180

**Marty Robbins “Under Western Skies – Complete Western Recordings” 4 cds (102) tracks + book (with all the lyrics) $150

**Johnny Cash “Come Along & Ride This Train” 4cds +book $120


Single Cds

**Foley, Red – Sugarfoot Rag (30 tks) $32

**Frizzell, Lefty – Steppin’ Our (35 tks) $32

**Haggard, Merle – Same Train Different Time – Jimmie Rodgers Tribute

29 tks $32

**Hawkins, Hawkshaw – Car Hoppin’ Mama (33 tks) $32

**King, Pee Wee – Blue Suede Shoes (30 tks) $32

**Luman, Bob – Rocks (36 tks) $35 deluxe package

**McDonald, Skeets – Heart Breakin’ Mama (33tks) $32

**Maddox Brothers & Rose – Ugly & Slouchy (30tks) $32

**Miller, Ned – From a Jack to a King (31tks) $32

**Pierce, Webb – High Geared Daddy (32 tks) $32

**Pitney, Gene & George Jones – Duets (31tks) $32

**Rainwater, Marvin – Whole Lotta Woman (26tks) $32

**Scott, Jack – Rocks (26 tks) $35 deluxe package

**Snow, Hank – The Goldrush Is Over (30) $32

**Tubb, Ernest – Thirty Days (30 tks) $32

**Various: Shit Happens 25 classic songs of tragedy (or so some would say) each illustrated and great $38 super deluxe packaging and it includes Ferlin Husky’s “Drunken Driver”.

**Various: Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight (30 tks) $32 Fantastic collection of upbeat country songs.

**Various: Dim Lights Thick Smoke & Hillbilly Music 1953 (28 tks)

**Various: Dim Lights Thick Smoke & Hillbilly Music  1954 (28 tks)

** Various: Dim Lights Thick Smoke & Hillbilly Music 1955 (31 tks)

each $35 Amazing deluxe each in bound book form.




Country Cds

Note: Will incorporate a lot of honky tonk and alternate titles which we have listed separately in the past. OOP means out of print means rare!

All prices as marked.


Allen, Terry                                       Lubbock on Everything $20

Allen, Terry                                       Smoking the Dummy/Bloodlines $18

Alverson, Tommy                            Live Again $18

Alvin,Dave                                         Best of the Hightone Year $18

Anderson, Bill                                   The Definitive Collection $20

Arnold, Eddy                                     Have Guitar will Travel $18

Atkins, Chet/Mark Knopfler          Neck & Neck $15

Atkins, Chet                                      Night Atlanta Burned/ First Nashville

                                                            Guitar Quartet  2on1 $15

Axton, Hoyt                                      Gotta Keep Rollin’ 1979-81 $15

Axton, Hoyt                                      Joy to World/Country Anthem $18 2on1

Ballew, Michael                                Live at Gruehne Hall (Bear Family) $20

Banford, Kevin & Bakersfield Boys King of Thrift Store Cowboys $18

                                                            Top notch honky tonk!! For Dwight fans!

Bare, Bobby                                      Columbia Years: Bare’s Picks $20

Barker, Aaron/Curtis Wayne       Straight from Horse’s Mouth $20

                                                            Two great writer’s Texas indie.

Barnett, Mandy                                Platinum Collection $18 2 on 1

Bekka & Billy                                    Bekka & Billy $18 (Bramlett & Burnette)

Bell, Knut & Blue Collars                Honkahillarockabilly $20 Superb indie!

Bella, Mike                                        Lost in the Shuffle $18

Bellamy Brothers                            Jesus is Coming $18

Berg, Matreca                                  Lying to the Moon $18

Berg, Matreca                                  Sunday Morning to Saturday Night $18

                                                            Great singer as well as Nashville’s best

                                                            female writer. Appeal for Emmylou fans.

Big Sandy & Fly Rite Trio                On the Go $18

Big Sandy & Fly Rite Boys              Feelin’ Kinda Lucky $18

Blue Line Riders                               Blue Line Riders $18 (great indie)

Bogguss, Suzy                                  Somewhere Between $20 classic!

Booker, Patty                                   Fire & Brimstone $20 Great west coast

                                                            singer, appeal to Heather Myles fans.

Boone, Larry                                                Get in Line $15

Boxmasters                                      Modbilly 2cd box $20 Great cd by Billy

                                                            Bob Thornton. 1 cd originals and 1 of

                                                            great covers.

Brown, Greg                                     Dream City: Essential Vol 2 1997-2006

                                                            2 cds including one of unreleased. $25

Brown, Greg                                     Covenant $18

Brown, Junior                                   Long Walk Back to San Antone $15

Brown, Junior                                   Semi Crazy $15

Brown, Junior                                   Live at Continental Club $20

Brown, Junior                                   Down Home Chrome $20 (Telarc!)

Browns                                              Their Complete Hits $18

Burch, Paul                                       Still Your Man $18

Burgess, Sonny                                When in Texas $18

Burgess, Sonny                                Stronger $18

Burgess, Sonny                                Have You Got a Song Like That $20

                                                            Not the Sun artist but superb young

                                                            Texas honky tonker.

Burnett, T Bone                               T Bone Burnett $20 Classic with just

                                                            T Bone & Jerry Douglas

Bush, Johnny                                    Talk to My Heart $20

Bush, Johnny                                    Lost Highway saloon $20

Bush, Johnny                                    Sings Bob Wills $18

Butler, Carl & Pearl             Don’t Let Me Cross Over $18 (great)

Buttercup                                          Evil For You $18

Campbell, Scotty                             Damned If I Recall $20

Campbell, Scotty                             Smokin’ & Drinkin’ $20 Great Canadian

                                                            honky tonker who would appeal to Dale

                                                            Watson fans (and isn’t that everybody?)

Campbell, Stacy                               Hurt City $18

Cannon, Melanie                              And the wheels Turn $18

Carter Family                                   Country Music Hall of Fame $18

Cartwright, Lionel                           Miles & Years $20 (indie)

Carlisle, Bill                                       Rough & Rowdy Hillbilly of the Thirties

                                                            Featuring Cliff Carlisle $20 (25 tracks)

Casello, Chris                                    Done Moved On $18 honky tonk indie

                                                            Plays a la Jimmy Bryant /Speedy West!

Cash, Johnny                                    Ultimate Gospel $18

Cash, Johnny                                    Mystery of Life $20 (brilliant Mercury cd)

Cash, Johnny                                    I Walk the Line/Little Fauss & Big Halsy \                                                         Bear Family 2 on 1 $20

Cash, Johnny                                    Travelling Cash $18 (Bear Family)

Cash, Johnny                                    We the People $20 An American

                                                            Bicentennial project also with Limeliters

Cash, Johnny                                    Country Classics 3cd set $35 Now out of

                                                            print. Has 65 CBS tracks including some

                                                            very hard to get on cd titles eg The Baron

Cash, Rosanne                                 At the Bottom Line $18

Chaffin, Ernie                                   Laughin’ & Jokin’ The Sun Years Plus $20

                                                            Bear Family.

Chesnutt, Mark                                Too Cold at Home $18 Officially one of

                                                            the top 5 country cds we have ever had.

Chesnutt, Mark                                Greatest Hits $18

Chesnutt, Mark                                Top Marks: His First 20 Hits $22 OOP

Clark, Guy                                         Someday the Song Writes You $20

Clark, Guy                                         Cold Dog Soup $18

Clark, Guy                                         The Dark

Clark, Guy                                         Dublin Blues $20

Clark, Guy                                         Best of the Sugar Hill Years $18

Clark, Guy                                         Boats to Build $20

Clark, Guy                                         Essential $18

Clark, Sanford                                  Shades $20 (Bear Family)

Cline, Patsy                                       Live at Cimarron ballroom $15

Cline, Patsy                                       Birth of a Star $15

Coe, David Allan                               16 Biggest Hits $18

Coe, David Allan                               Human Emotions/Spectrum VII $20                                                                  Bear Family

Coe, David Allan                               Ghost of Hank Williams $18

Coe, David Allan                               20 Road Music Hits $20 Truckin’ OOP

Coe, David Allan                               Recommended for Airplay $20

Coe, David Allan                               Johnny Cash is a Friend of Mine $18

Coe, David Allan                               20 Greatest Hits $20

Coe, David Allan                               The Perfect Country & Western Song $15

Coe, David Allan                               Whoopsy Daisy $22 2cds Coe reads his

                                                            Biography…to laugh or to cry??

Coe, David Allan                               Biketoberfest $20

Coe, David Allan                               Sings Merle Haggard $15

Coe, David Allan                               Live $18

Coe, David Allan                               For the Soul & Mind Demos 71-74 $22

                                                            Cd + dvd

Coe, David Allan                               Penitentiary Blues $18 (reissue)

Coe, David Allan                               Nothing Sacred $15 Last one ever!

Cowan, Mike                                     Easy Chair $18 Great honky tonk

Cox, Bill                                              Rough & Rowdy Hillbilly of the 30s $20

Colter, Jesse                                     Out of the Ashes $18 OOP

Confederate Railroad                     Confederate Railroad $18 Officially one of

                                                            the top 5 country cds we have ever had.

Cooper, Wilma Lee & Stoney        24 Greatest All Time Hits $18

Cryner, Bobbie                                 Girl of your Dreams $18

Dalley, Amy                                      Its Time $18

Dalton, Lacy j                                   Best (Capitol label) $18

Dalton, Lacy J                                   Greatest Hits (CBS label) $18

Davis, Link                                        Big Mamou $20 Bear Family cajun.

Dean, Lonnie/ Will Taylor              Texas Honky Tonk Shuffles $20

Dekle, Mike                                       Fine Tuned $18

Deal, Kevin                                        Seven $20

Dement, Iris                                     Infamous Angel $20

Dement, Iris                                     My Life $20

Dement, Iris                                     The Way I Should $20

Dement, Iris                                     Lifeline $20

Diffie, Joe                                          A Thousand Winding Roads $18

Diffie, Joe                                          Ultimate collection $20 (20 tracks)

Dixons                                                Still Your Fool $20 very Dwightish

Duff, Mary                                         Just a Country Girl $15

Duff, Mary                                         The Ultimate Collection 2cd $20

Duff, Mary                                         1998 Tour Souvenir $20 2cd

Duff, Mary                                         Heartbreaker $15

Duff, Mary                                         Time After Time $15

Duncan, Johnny                               It Couldn’t Have Been Any Better $18 inc

                                                            duets with Janie Fricke.

Dunn, Holly                                       Blue Rose of Texas $18

Dusty, Slim                                       Land of Lots of Time/Song of Australia

                                                            2 cds $18

Dusty, Slim                                       Pubs, Trucks & Plains 3cds $25 OOP

Dusty, Slim                                       Australia Is His Name 3cds $20

Dusty, Slim                                       A Land He Calls His Own 3cd $28 OOP

Eaglesmith, Fred                             Dusty $18

Earle/Van Zandt/Clark                  Live at Bluebird Café $18

Earle, Steve                                      Transcendental Blues 2cds $18

Earle, Steve                                      Ain’t Ever Satisfied 2cds $20

Earle, Steve                                      The Mountain (w. Del Mccoury) $20

Edgar, W C                                        Alcohol of Fame $20

Edwards, Don                                   Kin to the Wind $18 (Marty Robbins trib)

Edwards, Don                                   Best $15

Edwards, Don                                   Saddle Songs 2cds $20

Edwards, Don                                   Moonlight & Skies $18

Edwards, Don                                   Going Back to Texas $15

Ely, Joe                                              Twistin’ in the Wind $18

Ely, Joe                                              Time for Travellin’: Best V 2 $20 19tks

Ethel & Shameless Hussies           Born to Burn $22 (Kacey Jones)

Evans, Sara                                       Three Chords & the Truth $18 classic!

Everly Brothers                               Sing Great Country/Gone Gone Gone  $18

Faithfull, Marianne                          Faithless $18 Her superb country album.                                                          “Dreamin’ My Dreams” was copied by

                                                            Colleen Hewitt & was number 1 in

                                                            Australia but Marianne’s leaves it for

                                                            for dead.

Feller, Dick                                        Centaur of Attention $20 His only ever cd

                                                            on his own label. Includes “Biff”

Fender, Freddy                                Before the Next Teardrop Falls $20 23

                                                            Rarities in English.

Fender, Freddy                                Canciones De Mi barrio $20 24 early

                                                            tracks in Spanish on Arhoolie label.

Flores, Rosie                         Rosie Flores $20 her classic WB debut

                                                            w. Wanda Jackson & Carl Perkins.

Ford, Tennessee Ernie                   6000 Sunset Boulevard $20 Brilliant

                                                            Collection from radio shows with Speedy

                                    `                      West. Superb sound.

Friedman, Kinky                              Sold American 30th Anniversary Ed. $20

Frizzell, David                                   Very Best $20 (all the original recording)

Frizzell, Davis/Shelley West         Very Best $20 ( ditto)

Frizzell, Lefty                                   Look What Thoughts Will Do $25 2cds GH

Gatlin, Larry                                     Pilgrimage $20 (2009)

Gill, Vince                                          The Key $18 Officially one of

                                                            the top 5 country cds we have ever had.

Gilmore, Jimmie Dale                     Spinning Round the Sun $20 OOP

Glaser, Tompall                               The Rogue (Bear Family) $20

Gorka, John                                      So Dark You See $20         

Gosdin, Vern                                     Chiselled in stone $20 Officially one of

                                                            the top 5 country cds we have ever had.

                                                            In fact #1!

Gosdin, Vern                                     The Gospel Album $20

Gosdin, Vern                                     Late & Great Voice $20 (2009 gem but

                                                            Classic unreleased mid 90s recordings)

Gosdin, Vern                                     Out of My Heart $20

Gosdin, Vern                                     Till The End $18

Gosdin, Vern                                     10 Years of Greatest Hits Newly

                                                            Recorded $18

Griffith, Nanci                                  Poet in My Window $20

Griffith, Nanci                                  MCA Years Retrospective $20

Griffith, Nanci                                  Best $20 similar to previous. This a UK

                                                            release and that a US release.

Guy, Charles Lee III                       Prisoner’s Dream $18 (Bear Family)

Haggard, Merle                                Going Where the Lonely Go $20

Haggard, Merle                                It’s All in the Game $20

Haggard, Merle                                For the Record 2cd 43 Hits Newly

                                                            Recorded $25 inc. duets w. Jewel

Haggard, Merle                                Roots Volume 1 $18

Haggard, Merle                                I’m a Lonesome Fugitive/Mama tried $18

Haggard, Merle                                From The King to the Barrooms $20 24 tk

                                                            UK compilation of the MCA Years

Haggard, Merle                                Big City $18 (expanded)

Hall, Tom T                                        Ultimate Collection $20 (inc. his own

                                                            version of “Harper Valley PTA”)

Hall, Tom T                                        Songs from Sopchoppy $20

Hancock, Butch/Jimmie Dale Gilmore Live in Australia $18

Hancock, Wayne                             That’s What Daddy Wants $20

Hancock, Wayne                             Thunderstorms & Neon Signs $20

Hard hat Dave                                  And the Honky Tonk Knights $20 Ace!

Hanley, Geary                                  The Comeback Trail $20

Hand, James                                     The truth Will Set you Free $20

Hand, James                                     Shadow on the Ground $20          

Harris, D B                                        Can I Return These Flowers $18

Harris, Emmylou                             Roses in the Snow $20 expanded

Harris, Emmylou                             At the Ryman $18 (with Nash Ramblers)

Harris, Emmylou                             Elite Hotel $20 expanded

Harris, Emmylou                             Blue Kentucky Girl $20 expanded

Harris, Emmylou                             Duets $18

Harris, Emmylou                             Trio $18 (with Dolly & Linda)

Harris, Emmylou                             Angel Band $18

Harris, Emmylou                             Ballad of Sally Rose $22

Harris, Emmylou                             Brand New dance $20

Harris, Kevin                                    Where Am I Going $18

Hatchet                                              Honky Tonk Night time Man $18 With the

                                                            best indie producer Mike Headrick!!

Hayden, Rodney                              Down the Road $18

Helm, Levon                                      Electric Dirt $18

Henson, Weldon                              Trouble for Me $20

Hill, Arty & Long Gone Daddys     Bar of Gold $20

Hill, Arty & Long Gone Daddys     Back on the Rail $20

Hill, Arty & Long Gone Daddys     Montgomery’s On My Mind $20

                                                            3 great indie honky tonk gems, with the

                                                            last a Hank Williams covers album. Nice.

Hill, Byron                                         Ramblings $18

Hill, Byron                                         Stay a While $20 Great Nashville writer.

Hill, Eddie                                          The Hot Guitar $20 Bear Family

Hobbs, Becky                                   Best of the Beckaroo $20 21 tracks

Hollister, Doug                                 There is a Time $20

Howard, Harlan                               Country Hall of Fame $18 inc. “Sunday

                                                            Morning Christian”.

Howard, Randy                                Best $20 Great outlaw cd 22 tks

Hoyle Brothers                                Back to the Door $20

Hoyle Brothers                                One More Draw $20 great honky tonk

Hunter, Billy D                                  Country Souvenirs $18

Hunter, Billy D                                  Inside Out $20

Hurd, Cornell                                    At Large $20

Intveld, James                                 Have Faith $18

Irby, Jerry                                        Boppin Hillbilly Series $22 Great 26 tks

                                                            Including the classic “Driving Nails in My

                                                            Coffin” which he wrote.

Jackson, Alan                                   Under the Influence $15

Jackson, Alan                                   Hits Collection $20

Jackson, Alan                                   Songs of Love & Heartache $22 (2 new

                                                            Songs plus hits collection) Exclusive to

                                                            Cracker Barrel stores.

Jackson, Alan                                   Hits Collelction #2 $20 2cds

James, Frank                                    All Over Again $18

James, Sonny                                   Complete Columbia & Monument Hits $20

James, Winston & Drugstore Cowboys Hotter Than the Flame $20

Jennings, Waylon                            Full Circle $20

Jennings, Waylon                            Love of the Common People/ Hangin’ On

                                                            $20 2 on 1

Jennings, Waylon                            Waylon/ Singer of Sad Songs $20 2 on 1

Jennings, Waylon                            Folk Country/ Sings Ol Harlan $20 2 on 1

Jennings, Waylon                            Right for the Time $18 one of his last &

                                                            one of his best inc .”Living Legends PtII”

Jennings, Waylon                            Essential $15

Jennings, Waylon                            Essential 3cd version US $22

Jennings, Waylon                            Never Say Die Live Final Concert 2cd+dvd


Jennings, Waylon                            Complete MCA Recordings 2cds $25

Jennings, Waylon                            Ol Waylon Sings Ol Hank $22

Jennings, Waylon                            Clovis to Phoenix:The Early Year $20Bear

Jennings, Waylon                            Hangin’ Tough $15

Jennings, Waylon                            Waymore’s Blues Pt II $18

Jennings, Waylon                            Too Dumb for NY City etc $18

Jennings, Waylon                            Old Dogs $18 (w. J Reed/Bare/Tillis)

Jennings, Waylon                            Never Say Die Live $18

Jennings, Waylon                            The Eagle $20

Jennings, Waylon                            The Ramblon’ Man $18

Jennings, Waylon                            Cowboys Sisters Rascals Dirt $22

Jennings, Waylon                            Wanted the Outlaws! $20 the expanded

                                                            Edition w. Willie/ Tompall & Jesse Colter.

Jones, George                                  Hits I Missed & One I didn’t $15

Jones, George                                  Bradley Barn Sessions $18

Jones, George                                  Essential 2cds $20

Jones, George                                  A Picture of me/Nothing Ever Hurt Me 20

Jones, George                                  We Go Together/ Let’s Build a World

                                                            Together (both with Tammy) $20

Jones, George                                  The Rock $15

Jones, George                                  The Grand Tour $20

Jones, George                                  Burn Your Playhouse Down $18

Jones, George                                  Golden Ring (w. Tammy) $20

Keen, Robert Earl                            Rose Hotel $18

Keith, Toby                                       Greatest Hits $18

Keith, Toby                                       Greatest Hits Vol 2 $18

Kelley, Irene                                    Simple Path $18 One of the best female

                                                            songwriter cds we have ever had.

Kelley, Irene                                    Thunderbird $18 (hard to get 2nd album)

Kentucky Headhunters                  Live Agora Ballroom $20 Loud & lots!!

Kershaw, Doug                                Best of the Ragin Cajun $18 69-78 25 tks

Kershaw, Sammy                            Don’t Go Near the Water $18 A great

                                                            debut…how darn good was Sammy when

                                                            he sounded more like George Jones than

                                                            George Jones. Nashville story “The main

                                                            thing Sammy Kershaw & Lorrie Morgan

                                                            had in common was that they never had

                                                            a cigarette out of their mouths”.

King, Jill                                             Jillbilly $20 indie fireball gem!!

Kirchen, Bill                                      King of Dieselbilly $20 GH with not one

                                                            But 2 versions of his fabulous “Hot Rod


Kirchen, Bill                                      Hot Rod Lincoln Live $20

Kohrs, Randy                                    Now It’s Empty $20 A top 5 album of yr

                                                            a few years back. Superb honky tonk.

                                                            Has similar voice to Vince Gill.

Kreuzer, Josie                                  Hot Rod Girl $20 great rockabilly a la


Kristofferson, Kris                          Closer to the Bone $18 (2009)

Lady Antebellum                              Lady Antebellum $15

Lee, Jimmy                                       Knockin’ on your Door $20 (Bear)

Lee’s Company                                 White Mansions $18 A new 2009 version

                                                            of the Civil War story originally featuring

                                                            Waylon & written by Emmylou’s one time

                                                            husband Paul Kennerley.  Great cover.

Lewis, Jerry Lee                              Young Blood $18

Lewis, Jerry Lee                              Last Man standing: The Duets $18 book

                                                            cover version.

Lewis, Jerry Lee                              Rockin’ My Life Away $20 20 tks. 1979 &

                                                            1980 Nashville Country recordings. Tops

Lewis, Jerry lee                               The Killer Rocks On/ Boogie Woogie

                                                            Country Man $18 2 on 1 the former with

                                                            his great version of “Chantilly Lace”.

Lewis, Jerry lee                               Definitive Colelction $18

Lil Mo & the Monicats                      On the Moon $18

Logsdon, Jimmie                              I Got a Rocket in My Pocket $20 Bear

                                                            This is actually incorrect as the title

                                                            was recorded as Jimmy Lloyd, which is

                                                            what he recorded his rockabilly tracks

                                                            under; this would be max 25% rockabilly

                                                            & rest great Hank Williams’ influenced

                                                            country & includes 2 stunning Hank

                                                            tributes from 1953; “The Death of Hank

                                                            Williams” and “Hank Williams Sings the

                                                            Blues No More”. 29 tracks & Danny you

                                                            would need this cd!!

Louvin, Charlie                                 Greatest Hits $20 20 tracks inc 3 duets

                                                            w. Melba Montgomery

Louvin, Charlie                                 Less & less and I Don’t Love You

                                                            Anymore/ Lonesome Is Me 2 on 1 $22

Louvin Brothers                               20 Greatest Gospel Hits $18

Loveless, Patty                                Mountain Soul II $20 A stunner!!!!
Lovett, Lyle                                       Natural Forces $18

Lund, Corb                                         Losin’ Lately Gambler $18

McCall, Darrell                                  Old Memories & Wine $20

McGuinn, Roger                               Live from Mars $18. This is a fabulous

                                                            live album in which the leader of the

                                                            Byrds performs solo a bunch of songs he

                                                            performed and wrote and give the stories

                                                            & anecdotes behind them all, how the

                                                            famous intro to “Mr Tambourine Man”

                                                            came from crossing a bit of Beatles with

                                                            a bit of Bach, he also wrote Beach Ball

                                                            yes, the Jimmy Hannan track and

                                                            performs it!! Great cd.

McMurtry, James                             Live in Europe cd+dvd $25

Martin, Glynn                                    Home Away from Home $20 Great indie

Martin, Joey                                      Strong Enough to Cry $20 Brilliant solo

                                                            album from the gal half of Joey & Rory

Martin, Leland                                  I’l lPick the Guitar You Drive the Truck20

Martin, Leland                                  Leland Martin $18

Martin, Leland                                  Truckers for Troops $20

Martin, Tony                                     I’ll Meet You in Texas $20 Superb indie

Mattea, Kathy                                  Right Out of Nowhere $15

Mattea, Kathy                                  Coal $20 Comparable to Mountain Soul

Maynard, ken                                   Sings the Lone Star $20 Bear Family

Mellons, Ken                                     Ken Mellons $15 Great vern Gosdin

                                                            Influenced singer.

Miller Brothers                                 Boppin’ Hillbilly Series $20

Miller, Darnell                                   Timeless $20

Miller, Darnell                                   Certified Country $20

                                                            If your name is Darnell you have to be

                                                            good & he is!

Miller, Frankie                                  Sugar Coated Baby $20 (Bear Family)

Miller, Frankie                                  Family Man $20

Miller, Jody                                       Best $20 OOP

Miller, Roger                                     Classics $20

Moffatt, Katy                                    Evangeline Hotel $20

Moffatt, Katy                                    Midnight Radio $20

Moffatt, Hugh                                   The Way Love Goes $18                

Moffatt, hugh                                   Loving You $20

Moody, Clint                                      Back to the basics $20

Morgan, Lorrie                                 Colour of Roses 2cd w. interview $22

Morrell, Tom                                     How the West was Swung Vol 2/3 $20

Morrell, Tom                                     How the West was Swung Vol XV $20

Morrison, Van                                   Pay the devil $18 (his country album)

Mullins, Dee                                      The Continuing Story $20

Murphy, Jimmy                                Southern Roots: Starday Sessions $20

Murphey, Michael Martin               Lone Cowboy $20

Myles, Heather                                Highways & Honky Tonks w. Haggard 20

Nelson, Ricky                                   Legendary Masters Vol 1 $15

Nelson, Willie                                   Phases & Stages $15

Nelson, Willie                                   Shotgun willie $15  These are his two

                                                            Atlantic albums, both superb & the first

                                                            the best ever.

Nelson, Willie                                   Red Headed Stranger $20 expanded &


Nelson, Willie                                   Just One Love $22 One of his best ever

                                                            with 2 duets with Kimmie Rhodes & one

                                                            w. Grandpa Jones.  Wonderful!

Nelson, Willie                                   Country Classics 3cd box OOP $25 Has 57

                                                            career spanning tracks. Nice sound.

Nelson, Willie                                   45 Original Tracks $22 2cds All his great

                                                            Recordings for Liberty. Stunning sound.

Nelson, Willie                                   One for the Road (with Leon Russell) $20

                                                            2 lps on 1 cd

Nelson, Willie                                   Run That By Me one More Time $18 (with

                                                            Ray Price)

Nelson, Willie                                   Six Hours in Pedernales (with the great

                                                            Curtis Potter) $20

Nelson, Willie                                   Moonlight Becomes You $18 (like the

                                                            great “Stardust” this on the defunct

                                                            Justice label. Great album)

Nelson, Willie                                   Willie & Family Live 2cds $22

Nelson, Willie                                   Across the Borderline $20 duets

New Riders of Purple Sage           Where I Come From $18 (2009 album)

Nichols, Joe Paul                             The Price is Right $20 superb Ray Price

                                                            tribute which covers some obscurities.A+

Norma Jean                                      I Guess That Comes from Being Poor $20

                                                            30 superb original RCA tracks.

O’Donnell, Daniel/ Mary Duff       Together Again $20 cd + dvd

O’Kanes                                             The Only Years $20 Best of compilation.

Olsen, Troy                                       Living in Your World $18

Olson, Mark/Gary Louris               Ready for the Flood $18

Overstreet, Paul                              A Songwriter’s Project Vol 1 $18 He does

                                                            his own version of classics he wrote like

                                                            “Forever & Ever Amen”, “Diggin’ Up

                                                            Bones”, “When You Say Nothing at All”.

Pacheco, Tom                                  13 Stones $20

Pacheco, Tom                                  Woodstock Winter (w. The Band) $18

Paisley, Brad                                    American Saturday Night $18

Papa Tops West Coast Turnaround Greatest Hits Vol II $20 A great one!

Parsons, Gram                                 Sacred Hearts to Fallen Angels $30 2cds

                                                            On Rhino label with superb 52 pg book.

                                                            Has his recordings with the International

                                                            Submarine Band, The Byrds (Sweethearts

                                                            Of the Rodeo), The Flying Burrito Bros

                                                            (Sin City/Wheels etc) and his own solo

                                                            albums which feature duet after duet

                                                            with Emmylou Harris. A must have.

Parsons, Gram/Flying Burritos Sleepless Nights $18 Pure country!

Parton, Dolly                                    I Believe $18 (Reissue of “Golden

                                                            Streets of Glory”)

Parton, Dolly                                    Mission Chapel Memories 1971-75 $15

                                                            23 track Raven compilation.

Passin, Monica “Lil Mo”                  and the Monicats $20 Great debut

                                                            album from 1996. See under “L” for

                                                            latest billed as “L’il Mo.”

Paul, Billy                                          Texas Rose $20 great Bear Family cd

                                                            Texas outlaw cd feat. Jumior Brown

Paycheck, Johnny                           Nowhere to Run: The Little Darlin’ Years

                                                            $18 Stunning 28 tracks. Good as it gets!!

Penrod, Jake                                    Hank Williams Remembered Vol 1 $18

Penrod, Jake                                    Hank Williams Remembered Vol 2 $18

Peterson, David                               Comin’ On Strong $20 2009 stunner with

                                                            18 tks. Normally a bluegrass singer this

                                                            is 100% hard country.

Powers, Freddy                               Silver Eagle $20 Great solo album by long

                                                            time Merle Haggard collaborator with

                                                            some superb honky tonk none better

                                                            than “If I Lay Down the Bottle”.

Preston, Dibs                                   & Detonators $18 Great rockabilly album

                                                            which is reminiscent of Brian Setzer.

Preacher Jack                                  Pictures from Life’s Other Side $18 a la

                                                            Jerry Lee.

Prine, John                                        John Prine $20 One of the greatest song                                                           writers and singers ever. This his debut                                                            with superb songs such as “Sam Stone”,

                                                            “Hello in There”, “Paradise” etc. One of

                                                            my personal favourite top 5 albums.

Prine, John                                        Sweet Revenge $20 Another classic with

                                                            “Grandpa Was A Carpenter”, “Christmas

                                                            in Prison” “Please Don’t Bury me”

Prine, John                                        Missing Years $20 His Grammy winning                                                            1991 classic. 14 stunners

Prine, John                                        Lost Dogs & Mixed Blessings $20

Prine, John                                        Souvenirs $20 Because Atlantic owns the

                                                            rights to his early albums he went and

                                                            recorded this stunning all acoustic album

                                                            which gave a new meaning to his early                                                             songs. No it is not just an unnecessary                                                  luxury but a stunning recreation which

                                                            adds new meaning & substance.

Pullins, Leroy                                   I’m a Nut $20 (Bear Family) Although   

                                                            the title track sounded more like Roger                                                            Miller a la “Chug a Lug” than Roger

                                                            himself the 27 tracks offer a wide &

                                                            excellent selection of classic 60s country.

Quantrell, Rooster                          “And the Border Raiders” $20 20 tracks

                                                            of all original western swing. Great!

Rabbitt, Eddie                                   Eddie Rabbitt/Rabbitt $20 2 fine

                                                            Elektra label albums on 1 cd.

Reefer, Sean & Resin Valley Boys Texas Hill Country $20 1 100% must                                                    have for fans Hank III/ Wayne Hancock.

Reynolds, Lawrence                       He Comes From Alabama $20 Stunning                                                  George Jones style country.

Rich, Charlie                                     Rocks (Bear Family) $22

Richman, Jonathan                         Jonathan Goes Country $20

Robbins, Marty                                 Country Classics $30 3cd box set 63 tks &

                                                            a fine mix of rare tracks thrown in. Tops!

Robbins, Marty                                 Gunfighter Ballads $15 expanded &                                                                    remastered!!

Roberts, Dan                                    Viva La Cowboy $18 Western swing

                                                            Western songs!

Roddy, Ted                                        With the Tearjoint Troubadours – Tear                                                  Time $18 Ted’s classic.

Rodgers, Jimmie                              Essential $15 (Singing Brakeman 20 tks)

Rodrigues, Johnny                          You Can Say That Again $20

Russell, Johnny                                Acting naturally $18 with guests inc.

                                                            Dolly/Buck/ Marty Stuart etc     

Russell, Tom                                     Anthology: Veteran’s Day 2cd $28

Russell, Tom                                     Blood & Candle Smoke $20

Russell, Tom                                     Box of Visions $20

Russell, Tom                                     Cowboy Real $20

Russell, Tom                                     Rose of San Joaquin $20

Sadler, Sergeant Barry                  Ballad of Green Berets $20 Great cd

                                                            w. bonus of his other hit “The A Team”.

Sahm, Doug                                      Doug Sahm & Band $20 (w. Flaco/Dylan)

Sahm, Doug                                      Texas Tornado $18

Sahm, Doug                                      Return of Wayne Douglas $20 (essential)

Sanders, Ray                                    Texas Dancehall Music $20

Schneider, John                               Greatest Hits $18

Scott, Tommy                                   Boppin’ Hillbilly Series $20

Sears, Dawn                                     What a Woman Wants to Hear $20

Shaver, Billy Joe                              Greatest Hits $20

Shaver, Billy Joe                              Highway of Life $20

Shaver, Billy Joe                              The Earth Rolls On $20

Shaver, Billy Joe                              Tramp on Your Street $20

Shaver, Billy Joe                              Freedom’s Child $20

Shegog, Kevin                                  Ballad of a Hillbilly Singer $20 29 tks

                                                            By a man who should be spoken of in

                                                            higher terms, but he won’t be as he

                                                            had the temerity to record a lot of

                                                            American songs, woops make that

                                                            Yankee songs (the derisive term

                                                            Tamworth uses to describe anything

                                                            not mentioning wattle, a gunyah or

                                                            gidgee). Very good.

Shipley, Arkie                                   Hod Rod Race $22 25 tracks

Singletary, Daryle                           That’s Why I sing This Way $20

Singletary, Daryle                           Rockin’ in the Country $20

Skaggs, Ricky                                   Life is a Journey $18

Skaggs, Ricky                                   Comin’ Home to Stay $18

Skaggs, Ricky                                   Highways & Heartaches $18

Skaggs, Ricky                                   My Father’s Son $20

Skaggs, Ricky                                   Solid Ground/Life is a Journey $22

Skaggs, Ricky                                   Solid Ground $18

Snider, Todd                                     Live: Near Truths & Hotel Rooms $20

Snow, Hank                                      Wanderin’ on: Best of the Yodellin’

                                                            Ranger $22 (Bear Family)

Souther, John David                        John David Souther $18

Sprague, Carl                                   Cowtrails, Long Horns Bear $18 cowboy

Stancil, Rick                                      Rick Stancil $18 (“Damn Good Drinkin’

                                                            Song” is a classic)

Steagall, Red                                    Here We Go Again $20 (with guests)

Stewart, Gary                                  Essential $15

Stills, Stephen                                  Live at Shepherd’s Bush cd+dvd $20

Stone, Hank                                      In a Texas Honky tonk $20

Stone, Hank                                      San Antone $20

Strait, George                                  Beyond the Blue Neon $18 (Final entry

                                                            in our all time top 5 major label cds)

Street, Mel                                        20 Greatest Hits $20

Street, Mel                                        Greatest Hits $18 (almost the same)

Stuart, Marty                                    Country Music $20 cd + DVD

Sugarland                                          Love on the Inside $15

Swan, Billy                                        Greatest Hits $20 20 tks originals

Talley, James                                   Woody Guthrie & My Songs of Oklahoma

                                                            $20 2 on 1

Talley, James                                   Got No Bread No Milk No Honey But We

                                                            Sure Got a Lot of Love $20 2cd version

Taylor, Chip                                      Yonkers NY 2cds $20 book style package

Texas Tornados                               Zone of Our own $20

Thomas. B J                                      Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head/

                                                            Everybody’s Out of Town 2 on 1 $20

Thomas. B J                                      On My Way/ Young & In Love 2on1 $20

Thomas. B J                                      Most of All/Billy Joe Thomas 2on1 $20

Thomas. B J                                      I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry/ Tomorrow

                                                            Never Comes 2 on 1 $20

Tillman, Floyd                                   The Influence $20 (duets)

Tillman, Floyd                                   Best $20

Tillman, Floyd                                   Crazy Cajun recordings $18

Thom, Leslie                                     High Maintenance $20 top female singer

Travis, Randy                                   Trail of Memories 2cds Anthology on

Rhino. Lovely deluxe package with 44 tracks $30. Now out of print.

Trooper, Greg                                  The Williamsburg Affair $20

Tubb ,Ernest                                     Family Bible $18

Tubb, Ernest                                     Classic Country Favourites $18 1 hr+

Tubb, Justin                                      Pepper Hot Baby $20 (Bear Family)

Tucker, Tanya                                  My Turn $20

Turner, Josh                                     Long Black Train $18

Turner, Josh                                     Everything Is Fine $18

Two Tons of Steel                            Not That Lucky $20

Tyler, T Texas                                  Boppin’ Hillbilly Series $20

Tyson, Ian                                         Old Corrals & sagebrush $20 (Bear)

Van Shelton, Ricky                          Loving proof $20

Van Zandt, Townes                         Drama Falls Like Teardrops $20 2cd

                                                            36 tracks; all his classics.

Van Zandt, Townes                         Live at the Old Quarter 2cds $20 His best

Vassar, Phil                                      Travelling Circus $18

Vaughan, Carl                                   Six feet deep in the Heart of Texas $18

Wagoner, Porter                             Soul of a Convict/ Cold Hard facts of Life

                                                            Great 2 on 1 with bonus tracks $20

Wagoner/Parton                             Essential $18

Wagoneers                                  Stout & High $20

Wagoneers                                   Good Fortune $20

                                                            1st & 2nd from 1988& 1989 by this great

                                                            Texas group featuring Monte Warden.

                                                            If you like the Mavericks up tempo stuff

                                                            You will love these.

Walker, Jerry Jeff                           Best of the Vanguard Years $18

Wariner, Steve                                 My Tribute to Chet Atkins $20

Watson, Aaron                                 Live: Deep in the Heart of Texas $20

                                                            Cd + dvd

Watson ,Dale                                    Blessed or Damned $20

Watson ,Dale                                    I Hate These Songs $20

Watson ,Dale                                    Truckin’ Sessions 2cd $22

Watson ,Dale                                    Truckin’ Sessions $18

Watson ,Dale                                    People I’ve met, Places I’ve Been $18

Watson ,Dale                                    Every Song I Write IS For You $15

Watson ,Doc                                     Southbound $20

Watson, Gene                                  Jesus Is All I Need $20

Watson, Gene                                  Reflections/ Should I Come Home $22

Watson, Gene                                  Then & Now $20

Watson, Gene                                  Because You Believed in Me/ Beautiful

                                                            Country $22

Watson, Gene                                  Then & Now $20

Watson, Gene                                  Taste of the Truth $20

Wayne, Dallas                                  I’m Your Biggest Fan $18

Wayne, Jimmy                                 Sara Smile $18

Weems, Shayne                               Perfect Place $20

Weller, Freddy                                 Very Best $20

West, Shelley                                   Very Best $20 (all original recordings)

West, Speedy/Jimmy Bryant       Stratosphere Boogie $20

West, Speedy/Jimmy Bryant       Swingin’ on the Strings $20

White, Howard                                 Western Swing $18 (Bear Family)

White, James M                               Broken Spoke Legend $18 w. Alvin Crow

Whiting, Margaret/Jimmy Wakely Till We meet Again $20 32 tks

Whitley, Keith                                  Greatest Hits $20 Only place for the

                                                            duet with Lorrie Morgan “Till a Tear

                                                            Becomes a Rose” & the song to Lorrie,

                                                            “Tell Lorrie I Love Her”.

Whitley, Keith                                  Essential $20 This is the only place you

                                                            will find his album “Hard act to Follow”

                                                            which is reproduced in its entirety here.

Whitley, Keith                                  Don’t Close Your Eyes $20

Whitley, Keith                                  Wherever You Are Tonight $15

                                                            One of the greatest vocalists ever with a

                                                            deep expressive baritone. Get all his

                                                            albums; he is that good.

Whitman, Slim                                  Legends of country Music 3cd UK$22
Williams, Don                                   Definitive Collection $18

Williams, Hank                                 I Saw the Light $18 (gospel)

Williams, Hank Jnr                          Essential $18 18 of his MGM tracks & it

                                                            includes some from his “Luke the Drifter

                                                            Junior” album eg “Custody” a weepie!

Williams, Hank Jnr                          127 Rose Avenue $18

Williams, Hank III                           Damn Right Rebel proud $18

Yates, Billy                                        Billy Yates $20

Yates, Billy                                        If I Could Go Back $20

Yates, Billy                                        Bill’s Barber shop 420

Yoakam, Dwight                              Guitars Cadillacs 2cds deluxe version

                                                            w. 1 cd unissued tks $22 Very nice!

York Brothers                                  Detroit in the 40s and 50s $20


Various Artists

Caught in the Webb             Tribute to Webb Pierce 21 tks $20

Common Thread                              Songs of the Eagles $18

Crazy Heart                                      Soundtrack $18 (potentially Academy

                                                            Award winner for Jeff Bridges)

Detroit in the 50s                            Boppin Hillbilly Series 29 tks $18

Happy Birthday Buck                      A Texas Salute to Buck Ownes $20 From

                                                            David Ball’s opening “Made in Japan”                                                                 through to a 1995 recording of Buck at

                                                            Track 22 this is all grand)

High Steppin Daddy                        Boppin Hillbilly Series 30 tracks $18

Hillbilly Jive With a Boogie Beat Boppin’ Hillbilly 30 tracks $20

Hillside Records Country song roundup $20 one of 2009’s absolute best

Keep Your Faith                               A Tribute to Doug Sahm $18

Man of Somebody’s Dreams         A Tribute to Chris Gaffney $18

Mean Mamas & Do Right Daddies: Rough & Rowdy Hillbillies of the 30s                                                     $22 inc. Bill Nettles/ Cliff Carlisle/

                                                            Walter Hurdt etc 29 tracks.

Not Fade Away:Remembering Buddy Holly $20 inc. Mavericks, Suzy

                                                            Bogguss, Steve Earle, Nitty gritty DB

Pearls in the Snow:             Tribute to Kinky Friedman $20 Ace!

Should Have Been Hits                   Little Darlin’ Sound $18 All stable mates                                                            of the great Johnny Paycheck , some that

                                                            you recognise and some that you’ve

                                                            hardly even heard of!

Songs of Couch & Consulation   35 tracks a la Dorothy Shay style about

                                                            going nuts. Maybe I shouldn’t have

                                                            paid such close attention!

Songs of John D Loudermilk          Volume One $20 A Canetoad comp.

                                                            with 31 tracks written by John D, incl.

                                                            his most famous, “Tobacco Road” (done

                                                            her by Johnny Duncan) and “The Lament

                                                            of the Cherokee Indian” which is given

                                                            its original title “The Pale Faced Indian’

                                                            in this version by Marvin Rainwater.

                                                            As a bonus Canetoad had Loudermilk sign

                                                            a few booklets of which this is one. Other

                                                            artists include Bob Luman, Mark Dinning,

                                                            Little Jimmy Dickens, The Browns etc.

Trailblazers                                      Vintage Australian Hillbilly Music 57-59

                                                            w. hawking Bros, George Mack, etc 31tks

Tribute to Tradition                         $20 great selection with Dixie Chicks

                                                            Rockin’ “Stand By Your Man” to Colin

                                                            Raye’s superb “Cold Cold Heart”.

Tulare Dust                                       Tribute to merle Haggard $20 Just

                                                            look at the lineup: Dwight, Lucinda,

                                                            Iris Dement, Tom Russell, BJ Shaver,

                                                            Dave Alvin, Katy Moffatt, R E keen etc

Unbroken Circle                               Musical Heritage of the Carter Family $18

                                                            Prine/Cash/Jones/Willie/ Skaggs etc etc


Bluegrass CDs

Auldridge, Mike                                Treasures Untold $20 great dobro player

                                                            & fine vocalist too.

Berline, Byron                                  Fiddle & a Song $20 guests include Vince

                                                            Gill, Bill Monroe, Earl Scruggs etc. Great!

Blake, Norman & Nancy                 While Passing along This Way $20

Blake, Norman & Nancy                 Far away Down on a Georgia Farm $20

Blue Rose                                          Blue Rose $20 gal bluegrass supergroup

Camp, Shawn                                   Live at the Station Inn $18 Super artist.

Cox Family                                        Beyond the City $20

Cox Family                                        Everybody’s Reaching Out for Someone


Cox Family                                        Just When We’re Thinking It’s Over $20

Crowe Brothers                               Brothers n Harmony $18

Crowe, J D & New South                Live in Japan $20 Keith Whitley on vocals

Dailey & Vincent                              Sing the Statler Brothers $20

Dry Branch Fire Squad                   Echoes of the Mountain $18

Earle, Steve                                      Train a Comin’ $20 (his 1st & best b.g. cd)

Front Porch String Band                Front Porch String Band $18 Claire Lynch

                                                            Fabulous group…before going solo

Gram Parsons Notebook               First Whippoorwill $20 A fabulous line up                                                          inc. Carl Jackson, Jim Lauderdale, The

                                                            Woodys, Ricky Skaggs. Tashians etc.

Haden, Charlie                                 And Friends: Rambling Boy $20 again,

                                                            Loaded with guests including Vince Gill,

                                                            Dan Tyminiski, Skaggs, Rosanne Cash but

                                                            none better than his daughter Petra.

Jackson, Carl/John Starling          Spring Training (with the Nash Ramblers

                                                            Who include Sam Bush and Randy “aka

                                                            Jon Randall” Stewart). Guest vocalist is

                                                            Miss Emmylou!! $20

Jackson, Carl                                    Songs of the South  $18

Johnson Mountain Boys                 At the Old Schoolhouse $18

Jones, Diana                                     Better Times Will Come $18

Kaukonen, Jorma                            River of Time $20

Krauss, Alison                                  Son Long So Wrong $18

Krauss, Alison                                  Lonely Runs Both Way $18

Louvin, Charlie                                 Live in Holland $20 with Charles

                                                            Whitstein they recreate some Louvin

                                                            Brothers classics.

Lynch, Claire                         Love Light $18

Lynch, Claire                         New Day $18

Lynch, Claire                         Whatcha Gonna Do 418

McCoury, Del                                    Livin’ on the Mountain $20

McCoury, Del                                    My Dixie Home $20

McCoury, Del                                    By Request $20

McCoury, Del                                    Cold Hard Facts $20

McCoury, Del                                    Blue Side of Town $20

McCutcheon, John                           Untold 2cds $22

Miller, Polk                                        And His Old South Quartette $20

Monroe, Bill                                       Live at Mechanics Hall $20

Monroe, Bill                                       Definitive Collection $20  22tks

Morrissey, Bill                                  The essential Collection $18

O’Connell, Maura                             Naked  $18 (w. Jerry Douglas)

Red Fox Chasers                              1928-31: I’m Going Down to North

                                                            Carolina $20

Rice, Tony                                         The Bluegrass Guitar Collection $18

Ringer, Jim                                        Band of Jesse James: Best $18

Run C & W                                         2 on 1 $20 (Russell Smith on vocals)

Seldom Scene                                   Scenechronised $18

Sizemore, Charlie                            Gravel Road $18

Skaggs, Ricky                                   Songs of Bill Monroe (aka Old Mon) $20

Skaggs, Ricky                                   Ancient Tones $20

Skaggs, Ricky                                   Life Is a Journey $18

Skaggs, Ricky                                   Bluegrass Rules $20

Skaggs, Ricky                                   w. Whites Salt of the Earth $20

Skaggs, Ricky                                   Solo:Songs My Dad Loved $20 Ricky

                                                            plays and overdubs all instruments.

Stanley Brothers                             On Radio 420

Stanley Brothers                             Essential Gospel Masters $20

Stanley, Ralph                                  Classic Bluegrass $20

Stanley, Ralph                                  Clinch Mountain Country $35 2cds 36 tks

                                                            w. guests including George Jones, Patty

                                                            Loveless, Dwight, Skaggs, Dylan, Gillian

                                                            Welch, Rhonda Vincent, Vern Gosdin etc

                                                            Truly a great OOP item

Starling, John                                   Slidin’ Home $18

Steep Canyon Rangers                   Deep in the Shade $18

Sullivan, Jerry & Tammy                Tomorrow $20 Great gospel prod. by

                                                            Marty Stuart.

Tashian, Barry & Holly                   Long Story Short $18

Vincent, Rhonda                              A Dream Come True 420

Vincent, Rhonda                              My Blue Tears $20

Vincent, Rhonda                              Trouble Free $20

Vincent, Rhonda                              Ragin’ Live ! $20

Vincent, Rhonda                              Back Home Again $20

Vincent, Rhonda                              Bound for Gloryland $20

Vincent, Rhonda                              New Dreams & Sunshine $20

Weissberg, Eric                               Rural Free Delivery $20

White, Clarence                               Flatpick $20

Whites                                               Greatest Hits $20

Whitley/Skaggs                               Second Generation Bluegrass $18

Williams, Robin & Linda                  Buena Vista $20      




These are mostly one offs and virtually all impossible to get.


Axton, Hoyt                                      Spin of the Wheel (DPI).  Perhaps his

                                                last album and one of the best with 9

                                                            originals, 2 covers of his mother’s

                                                            songs (inc. a great version of “Heart-

                                                            Break Hotel”) + 3 other covers $25

Austin, Chad                                     All My Dreams $25 It some times happens that a record company sends out some  advance copies of an album and yet never releases the thing. This is from 1999 and is  very good on the Asylum/Elektra label.

Barker, Aaron                                  w. Curtis Wayne “Straight from Horse’s

                                                            Mouth” $22 BSI label. Both

                                                            are famed songwriters as well as

                                                            great singers. 12 tracks inc. the 2 big

                                                Barker tracks “Baby Blue” and “Love

                                                Without End Amen” plus the Curtis

                                                            Wayne monsters “Love Bug” and “Next

                                                            In Line” (both co-writes with Wayne

                                                Kemp). Also includes co-writes with

                                                Dean Dillon & Whitey Shafer. 10/10!!

Barnes, Max D                                   Max D Barnes was one of Nashville's              greatest songwriters and often co-wrote

with the likes of Vern Gosdin. Whether by     coincidence or design he is vocally reminiscent   of Vern. This is just about impossible to find and this copy is as new, absolute pristine condition. 15 tracks. $45 Almost impossible to get a copy.

Bellamy Brothers                            Rebels Without a Clue $30. This is their

                                                            gem from 1988 with superb songs with a

                                                            theme of nostalgia. They sing about “The

                                                            Andy Griffith Show”, reflecting on their

                                                            youth in the title song and “Fountain of

                                                            Middle Age” and the great story of “The


Bogguss, Suzy/Chet Atkins           Simpatico Liberty (1994) $25 A classic with great interplay especially on “Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word” and the delightful “Two Shades of Blue”. It has a great down home feel esp. when Chet & Suzy share a duet. Equally loved by Chet & Suzy fans.

Larry Boone                                      Swingin’ Doors Sawdust Floors $30

                                                            Down That River Road $35

                                                            One Way to Go $25

First 2 on Mercury & last on Columbia. First is very muchGeorge Strait style with original versionof “Beyond the Blue Neon”. Second has

“Everybody Wants to Be Hank Williams”

a classic and the 3rd has a great ballad selection, “It wouldn’t Kill Me” was covered by others But Larry is best. All great esp. if you like Strait & Ricky Van!

Browne, Jann                                   It Only Hurts When I Laugh $25

                                                            Perky west coast gal who had 2 albums

                                                            on Curb which are both superb. This

                                                1991 features great covers & Browne

                                                            originals. If you like Heather Myles then

                                                Jann is a must. They go quickly.

Cartwright, Lionel               Lionel Carwright $28 Classic album from

1989 which saw Lionel line up against Clint Black & Garth Brooks as best new artist of the Year. Superb w. Paul Overstreet song “Like  Father Like Son”.

Cash, Tommy                              25th Anniversary Album $30 Features

George Jones, Connie Smith, Tom T Hall and Tommy’s brother…now what’s his name again??

Conlee, John                                Fellow Travellers $30 His 1989 16th  Ave

                                                            label album is a classic but the label

                                                            went belly up, so a real rarity.                                       

Cryner, Bobbie                                 Bobbie Cryner $35  Until Miss Leslie’s 2008 album of the year this was the only time I had heard a  gal sing like George Jones. This is the best ever female country  album released during my years in business. Dwight duets “I Don’t Care”. If you get it and don’t love it send it back & I will eat it. Traditionally sound as well as being relevant to modern country.

Dalton, Lacy J                                   Crazy Love $30 Lacy’s gem has a great

Version  classic as the title song but the highlight was unquestionably “Little Boy Blue” a superb ballad written about her son. Goose bumps!

Delray, Martin                                   What Kind of Man $30 1992 Atlantic

Now a professional tennis coach. The fact   that country music could think they could let this wonderful vocalist walk away is nuts is scary. Check out Hugh Moffatt’s “Life of a Minor Poet” for a rare   appearance. Wonderful.

Ford, Tennessee Ernie                   Capitol Collectors Series $35

                                                            This series is simply the best offering

                                                            by all the artists who are featured

                                                            on it. This 29 track Ernie cd features

                                                            all the country boogies, the big hits

                                                (“Sixteen Tons” “River of No Return”

                                                            “Mule Train” etc) plus some great duets

                                                            w. Kay Starr, Ella Mae Morse etc and the

                                                            gospel “His Hands”. Brilliant variety.

Freberg, Stan                                   Capitol Collectors Series $35 We will try &include all in this series where possible. The best Freberg compilation includes his classic takes on “A Dear John Letter” (including that great line “Make it more country…a little more husky on the Ferlin”). 21 super tracks.

Frickie, Janie                         Labor of Love $28

                                                            After Midnight $25

            Her 3 albums where she adapted the

                                                phoenetic spelling of her real name

                                                            “Fricke” were her best. “Labor of Love”

                                                            saw her include songs  from Steve Earle

                                                            & Katy Moffatt & is not to be missed.

Gosdin, Vern                                       Alone $35 The album that followed the epic“Chiselled in Stone” may be one of the saddest albums about a deteriorating relationship since Willie’s epic “Phases & Stages”. Wundabar!!

Gosdin, Vern                                     Nickels Dimes & Love $25 Great album with the highlight being the duet with Janie Frickie on “Two Good People (With a Love Gone Bad)” No-one sings of heartache better than Vern!!

Grand, Gil                                          Famous Last Words $25 (never released)

Haggard, Merle                                Capitol Collectors Series Simply the best single cd anthology of Haggard’s best work with all the classics and more $25 Best sound.

Haggard, Merle                                Chill Factor  $38 long out of print 1987 gem from Merle. 9 songs written by Merle plus one each from Whitey Shafer & Hank Cochran. Can’t get much better than that.

Hardwick, Billy Jnr                          Too Country $28 Only album and a true

                                                            gem. With a voice a tad like Dean Dillon

                                                he wrote 8 of the 10 songs and all have

                                                            instant classic. Whenever I played this

                                                someone bought it. It is that good.

Harris, Emmylou                             Last Date. The out of print issue on                                                                    Eminent label of Emmy’s peak period live

                                                            album with Barry Tashian on harmony &

                                                            & duet vocal. These have 2 unissued

                                                            tracks on them. Nice slipcase on 1 of the

                                                            two copies we have. $35 with slip jacket                                                          & $30 without.

Hobbs, Becky                                   All Keyed Up $30 Wrote every song on

                                                            the album in which “Jones on the

                                                            Jukebox” (a co-write with Mack Vickery

                                                            and Don Goodman) is the classic all time

                                                            female honky tonk track.

Honeys                                              Capitol Collectors Series $40 This is the group which features Brian Wilson’s future wife  Marilyn Rovell and is produced by Brian Wilson who uses his Spector influence to produce a Ronettes’ style. “Raindrops” is a superb take on

the Spector sounds and includes great original songs and select covers. Very rare!!

House, James                                   James House $30

House, James                                   Hard Times for an Honest Man $38

                                                            Two gems from 1989 & 1990 which

                                                            indicate a great singer & songwriter.

                                                            Both very collectible.

Husky, Ferlin                                    Capitol Collectors Series $35 See the

                                                comments for Merle Haggard & Ernie

                                                Ford. This 20 tracker has the hits

                                                            “Gone”, “A Fallen Star” & “Wings of a

                                                Dove”. Superb sound & notes too.

Jenkins                                              Greetings from Sebastapool cd + dvd

$30 . It was due to be released  2004 but some  reason was inexplicably dropped from the release schedule, which is hard to fathom given the dubious quality of 99% of the country music that comes out of Nashville today....well they call it country so it must be. The production is first class with that great producer/artist Rodney Crowell at the helm. The Jenkins are a mother and 2 daughters... yes a bit like the Judds with an extra one chucked in for good measure. The mum is Nancy and the daughters Kacie & Brodie.  The sound is a little bluegrass with great harmonies. It is inexplicable that this didn't get released. Crazy. This official advance release is a stunning package. It is in the form of a postcard booklet with six postcards within a bound cover.

Jones, David                                     Bridges $35 Truly fabulous independent album from 1994 on Lanor Records which has an  an outlaw feel and brilliantly crafted honky  tonk songs such as “The Tears OutWeigh theWhiskey”. Would be loved by Shaver fans.

Jones, David Lynn               Hard Times on Easy Street $35 Not to be

confused with the previous guy. He has a

Springsteen “Nebraska” style almost & his superb “Living in the Promiseland” was the title of one of Willie’s best albums.

Jones, George                                  You Oughta Be Here With Me $38 In

                                                            the overall scheme of things George

                                                            has not made a lot of albums where

                                                            every song is superb. To the contrary

                                                            many albums are riddled with hokey

                                                            novelties. Not this one though. From

                                                            1990 I would rate it the strongest

                                                            overall selection of songs George has

                                                            ever had on one album. The title track

                                                            was from Roger Miller’s superb “Big

                                                River’ whilst “I Sleep Just Like a Baby”

                                                is the closest it gets to a novelty but

                                                            clever wordplay overrides. 10/10

Jones, George                      Friends in High Places $30 Duet album

                                                            with all songs recorded specifically.

                                                            Includes Ricky Van Shelton,

                                                            Vern Gosdin, Randy Travis, Ricky

                                                            Skaggs etc but the highlight is probably

                                                            his duet with Shelby Lynne on the Paul

                                                Overstreet song “If I Could Bottle This

                                                Up”. She could have been anything..

Jones, George                                  Live at Dancetown USA $45 Amazing

                                                  album superbly recorded which was

                                                            on Ace UK label but has been deleted

                                                            10 years or so, 26 tracks and over an

                                                            an hour running time and in great

                                                            stereo sound. Like the Ernest Tubb

                                                            below (also from 1965!) this is amazing

                                                and George runs through things he has

                                                written (“Window Up Above”/ “Ragged

                                                            But Right”/ “Accidentally on Purpose”)

                                                            as well as songs by Dickey Lee (“She

                                                            Thinks I Still Care”) Harlan Howard,

                                                            Melba Montgomery etc. Although not a

                                                            regular “Jones boy” Buddy Emmons

                                                joins the band for this set. Also Don

                                                            Adams (not Max Smart!) acts as the

                                                            leader of the Jones’ Boys & duets with

                                                George on Melba Montgomery’s “We

                                                            Must Have Been Out Of Our Mind” as

                                                            well as a couple of his own leads.

                                                Just remembered the classic Jones’ line

                                                            “We’re gonna take a short liquor-

                                                            mission I mean intermission”!!

Kane, Keiran                                       Find My Way Home $30  rare post

                                                            O’Kanes pre Kane-Welch album.

Kemp, Wayne                                   One Song at a Time $30 A rare album by this great honky tonk songwriter & singer inc. “The Fireman” and “Don’t Send Me No Angels”.

Logan, Josh                                       Somebody Paints the Wall $48

                                                            Superb 1988 Curb album. He embodies

                                                the spirit of the wondrous Mel Street.

                                                            Amazingly good album.

McCarters                                         The Gift $40  Wonderful debut inc. great

                                                            Carl Jackson & Jennifer McCarter track

                                                            “Letter from Home”.

McCarter, Jennifer/McCarters      Better Be Home Soon $25 equally as good but first is very very hard to get. Jennifer McCarter was given top billing on the second but the harmonies are the same & slight bluegrass tinged songs are ace!

McDaniel, Mel                                   Rockabilly Boy $35 1989 Capitol gem

                                                            with some superb tracks inc. “Reverend

                                                            Luther & The Madam” and “You Can’t

                                                Play the Blues in an Air Conditioned

                                                            Room”, a huge personal favourite.

McEntire, Reba                                 Oklahoma Girl 2cds $38 Nicely presented

                                                            in a slip case with 40 Mercury tracks.

                                                            How good was she then when she still

                                                            had a surname. Fabulous & hard to get.

McQuaig, Scott                                 Scott McQuaig $25 Again an album with

                                                Jimmy Bowen hallmark and superb as

                                                            you may expect. Where did he go??

                                                            Dave Loggins “My Friend the Bottle” is

                                                            a classic honky tonk song. .

Moffatt, Katy                                    Greatest Show on Earth $28 Our #1 all

                                                            time folk country album. Lots of jointly

                                                            written songs with Tom Russell & a

                                                            super circus themed cover BUT Ringling

                                                            Bros circus objected & so this version                                                               had to be withdrawn. It was released as

                                                            “Evangeline Hotel” which we have for

                                                            $20 but this is the one to get.

Morse, Ella Mae                                Capitol Collectors Series $35 21 tracks

                                                with a big band R & B flavour but also

                                                            country. Best ever “Cow Cow Boogie”

Nelson, Willie                                   A Horse Called Music $38

Nelson, Willie                                   Born for Trouble $38 Late 80s gems long

                                                            deleted & featuring great songs by the

                                                            likes of Beth Nielsen Chapman (the super

                                                            “Nothing I Can Do About It Now”) the

                                                            poetically named Chester Lester & more.

Newbury, Mickey                             Lulled By the Moonlight $30 A 90s album of all new material.

O’Kanes                                             Tired of the Running $35  Second

                                                            album from Keiran Kane & Jamie

                                                            O’Hara is also hardest to get. Blind

                                                            accordionist Jay Spell is superb.

O’Kanes                                             Imagine That $25 Third and final cd      

                                                from 1990.

Owens, Buck                                    Hot Dog $35

Kickin’ In $35 Buck Owens comeback albums both of which are out of print and very hard to

                                                            find at all.

Price, Ray                                         Sometimes a Rose $28 Wonderful album

                                                            Of early 90s which proves that if there is

                                                            anything smoother than Ray Price’s voice

                                                            then it has never been found. “There’s

                                                            Not a Dry Eye in the House” is amazing.

Randall, Jon                                      Cold Coffee Morning $30 Couple of small

                                                            marks on inner side of front paperwork but perfect otherwise. The thing that is strange is that Jon Randall has had 3 cds released, none of which was within a country mile of this gem which never made it to the street. He had a history as well. As Randy Stewart (full name Jon Randall Stewart) he was a member of Emmylou Harris' Nash Ramblers and was a talented vocalist and instrumentalist and even had a bigger profile in that he was married to Lorrie Morgan. Who wasn't you might say, but the duet on "Knowing You're There" is just great. Nonetheless the creme de la creme of this fine album is "Reno & Me", a great track which had been recorded by Waylon Jennings, but even Waylon's version was no match for the Jon Randall version. Joined by Willie Nelson, it is not an exaggeration to say it is one of Willie's best ever duets (and boy aren't there a few to choose from!). It gets better. During the chorus they are joined by the angelic Emmylou Harris.

Rhodes, Kimmie                               West Texas Heavens $30 Hard to believe this gem is out of print. Beautiful production & great duets with Waylon, Willie & Townes Van Zandt

Robertson, Kathy                            Hillbilly Down: To Roy Nichols With

                                                Love $30. Rather eccentric West Coast

                                                            singer who has assembled a superb

                                                            bunch including James Intveld, Rick

                                                Shea, Katy Moffatt & MerleHaggard!!

Schneider, John                               You Ain’t Seen the Last of me $30

                                                            As we say, looks like a pretty boy &

                                                            sings with the best of them. Jimmy

                                                Bowen produced.

Shafer, Whitey                                 So Good So Long $40

                                                Classic songwriter is also a classic

Lefty style vocalist. 15 tracks o n this. Includes his versions of “Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind” plus “I Never Go Round Mirrors”, the original version of “All My Ex’s Live in Texas”, “That’s the Way Love Goes” and the superb “Heaven Was a Drink of Wine” for starters!!

Shaver, Billy Joe                              “Salt of the Earth” $30 One of his best

                                                            & out of print on cd.

Shearer, Charlie                              Breakin’ Out $28 One of the best ever

                                                            Indie albums featuring the great Curt

                                                            Ryle & Mike Headrick.

Smith, Russell                                  This Little Town $35 Solo album from the

voice of the Amazing Rhythm Aces. Great


Spinks, Kelly                                     Thank God for Cowboys $30 OOP Texas fiddler who is an equally fine songwriter.

Springfield, Bobby Lee                   All Fired Up $35 An absolute rip

                                                snorter. Crazed man who apparently

                                                got arrested for climbing over the

                                                            White House fence in order to visit the

                                                            President, presumably Ronny Regan. But

                                                            his honky tonk style which includes the

                                                            original “Hank Drank” is grand. Also

                                                            includes a brilliant version of Eddy

                                                            Arnold’s “What’s He Doing in My World”

                                                with intro by Eddy hisself!!

Thompson, Hank                 Capitol Collectors Series $30 Again the

best sounding and best selection. 20 tracks include his gems “Wild Side of Life” with nice bit of studio talk added in for good measure plus other gems such as “Six Pack to Go”, “Blackboard of My Heart’ etc. 20 in all.

Thornton, Marsha                             Marsha Thornton $40    

Highly desired debut produced by Patsy Cline producer Owen Bradley. Includes the stunning “A Bottle of wine & Patsy Cline”.                 

Thornton, Marsha                            Maybe the Moon Will Shine Tonight $30

Excellent 2nd cd & less Patsy & more Marsha!

Tanya Tucker                                   Fire to Fire Radio Special 1 hr hosted by

Charlie Chase $20

Tanya Tucker                                   The Tanya Tucker Story Radio Special

                                                            1 hr $25 (Ron Huntsman Entertainment)

Whitley, Keith                                  I Wonder Do You Think Of Me $35

                                                            He had the world at his feet with a

                                                voice as good as anyone has ever had

                                                but a blood alcohol reading of .470 saw

him die as this album was completed. Still a landmark cd with honky tonk songs galore which were sadly not just part of the guise. If you fail to be moved by “Tennessee Courage” when you consider his history  then there is something wrong.

Whitley, Keith                                  Tribute Album $28 Also has previously

                                                unissued recordings as well as a great

bunch of artists from Alan Jackson to Mark Chesnutt.

.Wild Rose                                         Straight & Narrow $25

                                                            Listen to Your Heart $28

                                                            Fantastic upbeat all gal group with Pam

                                                Gadd on lead vocals & Wanda Vick on

                                                            guitar & just about everything else.

                                                            Kind of a bluegrass supergroup playing

                                                            hard core country….superbly.

Young, Steve                             Solo/Live. $25 1991 release on the 

                                                   Watermelon label. Very hard to get.

Various artists


Beverly Hillbillies s/t           The movie was only just. I mean how

                                                could anyone emulate TV’s funniest

                                                character, Max Baer Jnr’s Jethro Bodine

                                                or even come close for that matter. But

                                                the soundtrack was & still is a ripper

                                                with new artists (1993 vintage) doing

                                                classic country songs. Joe Diffie’s

                                                “White Lightning” and Lorrie Morgan’s

                                                “Crying Time” are just two of the best.

                                                Mind you I thought Erika Eleniak was

                                                terrific as Elly-Mae. $25

Mamas Hungry Eyes                        A Tribute to Merle Haggard $25 OOP

Major label tribute is grand. Clint Black is

more like Merle than Merle on “I Take a Lot of Pride in What I Am” and it may seem like

heresy but I reckon Vince Gill’s “Farmer’s Daughter” is possibly better even than Merle’s.Also has Emmylou, Alan Jackson, Lorrie Morgan, Randy Travis. John Anderson, Willie etc!!

Rig Rock Deluxe                   A Musical Salute to the American Truckdriver

$25. 16 tracks with Buck Owens (“Will There  Be Big Rigs in Heaven”), Junior Brown & Red Simpson together(Mother Trucker) Kay Adams with BR549(Mama

                                                Was a Rock) 16 gems!!


$5 CDS  These are strictly on a first come first served basis. Please do not just send a cheque in anticipation that all will still be available. There are many quality titles herein.


Adams, Jay Boy                               The Shoe Box

Allen, Jeff                                          Raised on Getting By

Allen, Rex Jnr                                   Very Best Of (WB)

Anderson, John                                Greatest Hits (WB)

Anderson, John                                John Anderson (1st album)

Anderson, John                                All the People are Talking

Asleep at the Wheel                        Tribute to Music of Bob Wills

Asleep at the Wheel                        Ride With Bob

Baillie & Boys                                   Lovin’ Every Minute

Ball, David                                         Amigo (“Ridin’ w. Private Malone”)

Ball, Marcia                                       Gatorrhythms

Bandy, Moe                                       Souvenirs

Barnhill, Joe                                      Joe Barnhill

Brockett, Jamie                               Remember the Wind & Rain

Brooks, Garth                                  Fresh Horses

Brooks, Garth                                  In Pieces

Brooks, Garth                                  Ropin’ the Wind

Brooks, Garth                                  No Fences

Brown, Marty                                   Cryin’ Lovvin’ Leavin’

Burrito Deluxe                                 Disciples of the Truth

Burrito Deluxe                                 The whole Enchilada

Byrd, Jon                                           Byrd’s Auto Parts

Chapin-Carpenter, Mary                State of the Heart

Chapin-Carpenter, Mary                Come On Come On

Chapin-Carpenter, Mary                Time Sex Love

Chapin-Carpenter, Mary                Stones in the Road

Chapin-Carpenter, Mary                Between Here & Gone

Chapin-Carpenter, Mary                Shooting Straight in the Dark

Chapin-Carpenter, Mary                Party Doll & Other Favorites

Chapin-Carpenter, Mary                The Calling

Chapin-Carpenter, Mary                A Place in the World

Carrington, Rodney             Make it Christmas

Carter, Carlene                                Little Acts of Treason

Cash, Johnny                                    A Boy Named Sue & Other Story Songs

Cash, Johnny                                    The Definitive Collection

Cash, Johnny                                    Carrying on With June Carter

Cash, Rosanne                                 The Wheel]

Cash, Rosanne                                 10 Song Demo (Capitol label)

Cash, Rosanne                                 Interiors

Cash, Rosanne                                 Black Cadillac

Cash, Rosanne                                 Seven Year Ache

Cash, Rosanne                                 Super Hits

Cash, Rosanne                                 Second to None

Cash, Rosanne                                 Rules of Travel

Cash, Rosanne                                 Retrospective:1979-1989

Charles, Ray                                     SuperHits (reissue of “Friendship”)

Clark, Guy                                         Old Number One/Texas Cookin’

Clark, Terri                                       Greatest Hits

Clark, Terri                                       Pain to Kill

Clark, Terri                                       How I Feel

Coe, David Allan                               Rebel Meets Rebel

Coe, David Allan                               Super Hits

Coe, David Allan                               Greatest Hits

Coe, David Allan                               Super Hits 2

Coe, David Allan                               Would You Lay With Me (18tks)

Coe, David Allan                               Headed for the Country

Crickets                                             Too Much Monday Morning

Dalton, Lacy J                                   Chained to the Wind

Darling, Sarah                                  Sarah Darling

Dead Ringer Band                           Home Fires

Dennis, Wesley                                Wesley Dennis

Dixie Chicks                                      Wide Open Spaces

Dixie Chicks                                      Fly

Dixie Chicks                                      Home

Domino Kings                                   Life & 20

Downing, Big Al                                One of a Kind

Dusty, Slim                                       Dinki Di Aussies

Dusty, Slim                                       To a Mate: Remembers Mack Cormack

Dusty, Slim                                       G’Day G’Day

Dusty, Slim                                       Neon City

Dusty, Slim                                       Natural High

Dusty, Slim                                       Heritage Album

Dusty, Slim                                       Sings Stan Coster

Dusty, Slim                                       West of Winton

Dusty, Slim                                       Dusty Tracks

Dusty, Slim                                       To Whom it May Concern

Dusty, Slim                                       Sings Joy Mckean

Dusty, Slim                                       Family: Live Across Australia

Everett, Mark                                   Guardians of the Grain

Fender, Freddy                                Collection

Floyd, Charlie                                   Charlie’s Nite Life

Gayle, Crystal                                  Heart & Soul: Songs of Hogey

Gayle, Crystal                                  Favorites

Glasmire, Mark Wayne                  Life Goes On

Goldens                                             Rush for Gold

Gregg, Ricky Lynn                           Get a Little Closer

Greenwood, lee                               Best

Gorman, Skip                                   A Greener Prairie

Haggard, Merle                                1996

Haggard, Merle                                Blue Jungle

Highwaymen                                    2

Hall, Dwayne                                    Keeping Country Country

Harvey, Adam                                  Cowboy Dreams

Highway 101                                    Highway 101

Holmes, Monty                                 All I Ever wanted

Husky, Ferlin                                    Ferlin Husky (1st generation label)

Jackson, Alan                                   Drive

Jackson, Alan                                   A Lot About Livin’

Jackson, Alan                                   Don’t Rock the Jukebox

Jackson, Alan                                   High Mileage

Jackson, Alan                                   Everything I Love

Jackson, Alan                                   What I Do

Jackson, Alan                                   Who I Am

Jackson, Alan                                   When Somebody Loves You

Jackson, Nathan Lee                      Complicated Hearts

James, Sonny                                   American Originals

James, Sonny                                   Young Love (Capitol classics)

Jennings, Waylon                            No Regrets

Jennings, Waylon                            Greatest Hist

Jones, George                                  Still the Same Ol me

Joss, Scott                                        Souvenirs

Jubilation                                           What Ya Gonna Do (Bruce Haynes)

Keith, Toby                                       Toby keith

Kristofferson/Coolidge                  Natural High

Lane, Cristy                                      Greatest Country Hits

Lansdowne, Jerry                           Travel Light

Lauderdale, Jim                               Planet of Love

Lawrence, Tracy                             Tracy Lawrence

Lawrence, Tracy                             Strong

Lee, Brenda                                      Brenda Lee (WB)

Lee, Robin                                         Best Of

Leigh, Danni                                      29 Nights

Leigh, Danni                                      Divide & Conquer

Leigh, Danni                                      A Shot of Whiskey & a Prayer

Lewis, jerry  Lee                              Platinum Collection (all country)

Loveless, Patty                                Honky Tonk Angel

McDonald, Country Joe                  Thank the Nurse

McDowell, Ronnie                            Unchained Melody (great duets)

McKennitt, Loreena             The Visit       

McKennitt, Loreena             Parallel Dreams

McKennitt, Loreena             Elemental

McKennitt, Loreena             The Mask & the Mirror

McNeil, Hannah                                Hannah McNeil

Marshall Tucker Band                     Love Songs

Moffatt, Katy                                    Hearts Gone Wild

Moffatt, Katy                                    Child Bride

Moffatt, Katy                                    Sleepless Nights (w. Kate Brislin)

Moffatt, Katy                                    Angel Town

Molly & the Heymakers                  Molly & the Heymakers (Great)

Murphey, Michael Martin               Cowboy Songs III

Murphey, Michael Martin               Cowboy Songs V

Murphy, David Lee                          We Can’t All Be angels

Myles, Heather                                Sweet Talk & Good Lies

Nelson, Willie /Waylon                  Clean Shirt

Nelson, Willie /Waylon                  Take it to the limit

Nelson, Willie                                   Songbird

Nelson, Willie                                   Spirit

Nelson, Willie                                   RCA Country Legends

Nelson, Bobbie                                 Auudiobiography

Newfield, Heidi                                What Am I Waiting For

Newman, Jimmy C                          Cajun Country Classics

Nichols, Tim                                      Where the Good Life Is

Norris, Keith                                     Deuce

Owen, Jake                                       Easy Does It

Owen, Randy                                    One on One

Pachecho, Tom                                There Was a Time

Palmer, Keith                                   Keith Palmer

Parks, John Andrew                       John Andrew Parks

Parton, Dolly                                    Hungry Again

Pine Valley Cosmonauts                Salute Majesty of Bob Wills

Poovey, Groovey Joe                      Little Darlin’ Years

Powell, Bodie                                   And the Borderline Band

Powers, Freddy                               And Bill McDavid

Rabbitt, Eddie                                   Ten Rounds

Raven Eddy                                       Temporary Sanity

Raybon Brothers                             Raybon Brothers (Marty Raybon)

Raye, Collin                                       Direct Hits

Reed, Jerry                                       Let’s Git It On

Reed, Jerry                                       Guitar Man

Restless Heart                                 RCA Country Legends

Rimes, LeeAnn                                 LeeAnn Rimes (all country standards)

Sands, Crystal                                  The Hard Times

Sawyer Brown                                 Café on the Corner

Schulyer, Thom                                Prayer of a Desperate man

Schneider, Melinda                          Hits & Rarities (22tks)

Seals, Brady                                     Play time

Shenandoah                                      15 Favorites

Shenandoah                                      Long Time Comin’

Snow, Hank                                      RCA Country Legends

Stacy, Phil                                         Phil Stacy

Steagall, Red                                    Born to This Land

Steagall, Red                                    Dear Mama I’m a Cowboy

Steagall, Red                                    Love of the West

Stone, Doug                                      Doug Stone

Stone, Doug                                      From the Heart

Strait, George                                  Chill of an Early Fall

Strait, George                                  Holding My Own

Strait, George                                  Latest Straitest Greatest Hits

Strait, George                                  Always Never the Same

Strait, George                                  Lead On

Strait, George                                  Honkytonkville

Strait, George                                  Greatest Hits

Strait, George                                  Greatest Hits Vol 2

Strait, George                                  Blue Clear Sky

Strait, George                                  Strait from the Heart

Sumner, J D                                      Treasury of memories

Sweethearts of Rodeo                   Sisters          

Sweethearts of Rodeo                   Buffalo Zone

Talley, James                                   Touchstones

Talley, James                                   Journey

Thomson, Cyndi                               My World

Tillis, Pam                                         Thunder & Roses

Tillis, Pam                                         Sweetheart’s Dance

Tillis, Pam                                         Homeward Looking Angel

Tillis, Pam                                         Its All Relative: Tillis Sings Tillis

Tillis, Pam                                         All of This Love

Tillis, Pam                                         Every time

Tillis, Pam                                         Put Yourself in my Place

Tobin, Karen                                     Carolina Smokey Moon

Travis, Randy                                   This Is Me

Tucker, Tanya                                  Can’t Run From Yourself

Tucker, Tanya                                  Complicated

Tucker, Tanya                                  Love Songs

Tucker, Tanya                                  What Do I Do With me

Tucker, Tanya                                  Tennessee Woman

Tucker, Tanya                                  Country Classics

Tucker, Tanya                                  Best of Tanya Tucker (Capitol)

Tucker, Tanya                                  Best of (MCA)

Tucker, Tanya                                  Love Me Like You Used To

Tucker, Tanya                                  Greatest Hits Encore (Capitol)

Tucker, Tanya                                  Fire to Fire

Tucker, Tanya                                  Soon

Tucker, Tanya                                  Tanya

Twain, Shania                                   Come on Over (Tour ed. 2cds)

Watson, BB                                       Light at the Ends of the Tunnel

Wayne, Dallas                                  Here I Am in Dallas

Wayne, Dallas                                  Big Thinkin’

White, Joy                                         Between Midnight & Hindsight

White, Joy Lynn                               Wild Love

Whitley, Keith                                  LA to Miami

Williams, Hank Jnr                          And Friends

Williams, Hank Jnr                          Pure Hank

Williams, Hank Jnr                          High Notes

Williams, Hank Jnr                          Habits Old & New

Williams, Hank Jnr                          AKA Wham Bam Sam

Williams, Hank                                 Long Gone daddy 2cds

Willis, Kelly                                       Kelly Willis

Wright, Curtis                                   Curtis Wright

Wrights                                              The Wrights


Austin MusicVolume 6

Elko!                                                   2cds A Cowboy Gathering

Imus Ranch Record

I’ve Always Been Crazy: Waylon Tribute

John Laws Country Colelction V 5

Little Delta Church.

Music of the Year  1966

My Old Man                                       A Steve Goodman Tribute

Pine Valley Cosmonauts                Executioner’s Last Song

Points West: New Horizons in country Music (Hightone)

Rhythm Country & Bluesz

Signatures                                        A Songwriter’s Album

Signatures II                                    A Songwriter’s Album        


 $5 Bluegrass

Belleville Outfit                                Time to Stand

Darrow, Chris                                   Under My Own Disguise

Graves, Josh                                     Sultan of Slide

Howell, Steve                                   My Mind Gets to Rambling

Hull, Sierra                                        Secrets

Newfound Road                               Same Old Place

Noonan, Carol                                  As Tears Go By

O’Connor, Mark                                New Nashville Cats

Osbourne, Bobby                             Bluegrass & Beyond

Scott, Darrell                                    Modern Hymns

Seckler, Curly                                   That Old Book of Mine

Smith, Valerie                                  Turtle wings

Sparks, Larry                                   40

Sparks, Larry                                   The Old Church Yard

Sutton, Bryan                                   Not too Far from the Tree

Trischka, Tony                                 Hill Country

Walker, Bradley                              Highway of Dreams

Waller, Charlie                                 Songs of the American Spirit

Wiseman, Mac                                  First Recorded Live Concert

Wiseman, Mac                                  Volume 2

Woodys                                             Teadrops & Diamonds


Boy Named Blue: CMH tribute to Goo Goo Dolls

Cold Mountain soundtrack

Down from the Mountain soundtrack

Irish Pirate Ballads

Nashville Sputnick

2008 Bluegrass Showcase


$5 Alternate

5 Chinese Brothers                         Stone Soup

Allen, Terry                                       Human remains

Bishop, Bonnie                                 Things I Know

Borges, sarah                                  The Stars Are Out

Brace, Eric & Peter Cooper           You Don’t Have to Like Them Both

Burns, Billy Don                               Heroes, Friends & Other Troubled Souls

Campbell, Dick                                 Blue Winds Only Know

Cantrell, Laura                                 Humming by the Flowered Vine

Carll, Hayes                                      Trouble in Mind

Crooked Still                                     Still Crooked

Cunningham, Austin                        Where I Come From

Deadstring Brothers                       Sao Paulo

Duhks                                                 Fast Paced World

Gattis, Keith                                     Big City Blues

Greene, Marlin                                 Tiptoe Past the Dragon

Koller, Fred                                       No Song Left To Sell

Lawrence, Eddy                               Eddy Lawrence

Miller, Dean                                      Platinum

Mosser, Jonell                                  Trust Yourself

Nice Boys From New York Hotel Bretton Hall

Paul, Ellis                                           Essentials 2cds

Paul, Ellis                                           American Jukebox Fables

Rhythm Angels                                 Girls Like Us

Sexsmith, Ron                                  Other Songs

Six Mile Grove                                  Steel Mule

Stuart, Mark & Bastard Sons        Bend in the Road

Subdudes                                          Flower Petals

Wilson, Larry Jon                            1965 Records                                                                                                                                              

$10 Cds or 3 for $25

Great selection here, including some all time classics.

Albrigsten, Steinar                          Bound to Wander

Atkins, Chet                                      Essential

Axton, Hoyt                                      My Griffin is Gone expanded

Baker, Sam                                       Pretty Words

Barmby, Shane                                Let’s Talk About Us

Black, Clint                                        Killin’ Time

Bogguss, Suzy                                  Swing

BR549                                                Live from Roberts

BR549                                                Big Backyard Beat Show

BR549                                                BR549 (telephone cover)

BR549                                                Coast to Coast Live

BR549                                                Tangled in the Pines

Breese, Rob/Doug Rowe               Hometown Lights

Breese, Rob/ Doug Rowe              Anytime Now

Britt, Catherine                                Too Far Gone

Brooks & Dunn                                 Greatest Hits Collection

Burke, Solomon                               Nashville

Camp, Shawn                                   Fireball

Camp, Shawn                                   Lucky Silver Dollar

Carter, Carlene                                Hindsight 20/20

Cash, Johnny                                    America (cd + dvd)

Cash, Johnny                                    Folsom prison (expanded)

Cash, Johnny                                    Fabulous (first CBS album)

Cash, Johnny                                    American Recordings

Cash, Johnny                                    American II Unchained

Cash, Johnny                                    American III: Solitary Man

Cash, Johnny                                    American IV: The Man Comes Around

Cash, Johnny                                    Hymns By

Cash, Johnny                                    Gospel Collection

Cash, Johnny                                    Classic Cash:Hall of Fame Series

Cash, Johnny                                    Orange Blossom Special

Cash, Johnny                                    Roads Less Travelled: Rare & Unreleased

Cash, Johnny                                    America

Cash, Johnny                                    Ride This Train

Cash, Rosanne                                 Right or Wrong/seven Year Ache 2 on1

Chesney, Kenny                               GH Vol 2

Coe, David Allan                               Country & Western

Coe, David Allan                               Truckin’ Outlaw

Coe, David Allan                               Lonesome Fugitive

Cooper, Wilma Lee & Stoney        Walkin’ My Lord Up Calvary Hill

Cryner, Bobbie                                 Girl of My Dreams (Has sticker on cover)

Deshannon, Jackie                          You Know me

Diffie, Joe                                          Greatest Hits

Dillon, Dean                                      Hot Country & single

Dixie Chicks                                      Home Tour edition cd + dvd

Duff, Mary                                         Introducing

Duff, Mary                                         Silver & Gold

Duff, Mary                                         Winning Ways

Duff, Mary                                         Very Best Of

Duff, Mary                                         Favorites

Duff, Mary                                         Just Lovin’ You

Duff, Mary                                         Shades of Blue

Duff, Mary                                         Very Best Vol II

Dusty, Slim                                       Australiana

Dusty, Slim                                       A Time to Remember

Dusty, Slim                                       Looking Forward Looking Back

Dusty, Slim                                       Essentially Australian

Dusty, Slim                                       A Piece of Australia

Dusty, Slim                                       Slim Dusty Sings Stan Coster

Dusty, Slim                                       91 Over 50

Dusty, Slim                                       Columbia Lane the Last Sessions

Dusty, Slim                                       Country way of Life

Dusty, Slim                                       Slim Dusty

Dusty, Slim                                       99

Dusty, Slim                                       Ringer from the Top end

Dusty, Slim/Anne Kirkpatrick      Travellin’ Still Always Will

Earle, Steve                                      Exit O

Earle, Steve                                      Sidetracks

Earle, Steve                                      El Corazon

Earle, Steve                                      Copperhead Road

Earle, Steve                                      Essential

Earle, Steve                                      I Feel Alright

Edwards, Don                                   Songs of the Trail

Edwards, Don                                   West of Yesterday

Fawcett, Dawnett                           Taking My Time (Step one)

Fender, Freddy                                Las Musica De Baldemar Huerta

Fowler, Kevin                                   Loose Loud & Crazy

Gill, Vince                                          High Lonesome Sound

Griffith, Jeff                                      If It’s Not One Thing Its Another

Griffith, Nanci                                  An Introuction (Great UK 14tks)

Griffith, Nanci                                  Other Voices Other Rooms

Haggard, Merle                                Big City (Australian pressing)

Haggard, Marty                               Borders & Boundaries

Harms, Joni                                      Cowgirl Dreams

Harms, Joni                                      After All

Hearne, Bill & Bonnie                      Diamonds in the Rough

Highwaymen                                    Road Goes on Forever

Hillman, Chris                                   Like a Hurricane

Honky Tonk Heroes                        wayon/Willie/Shaver/Kristofferson

Horton, Johnny                                Spectacular (expanded)

Ingram, jack                                    Big Dreams & High Hopes

Jackson, Alan                                   Here in the Real World

Jackson, Carl                                    Nashville Country (w. Emmylou)

Jennings, Waylon                            Essential (RCA)

Jennings, Waylon                            Waylon Live

Jennings, Waylon                            Closing in on the Fire

Jones, George                                  The Gospel Collection 2cds

Judd, Cletus T                                   Polyrically Correct

Keith, Toby                                       Boomtown

Kershaw, Rusty & Doug                 Best

Larsen, Blaine                                  Rockin’ You Tonight

Lawrence, Tracy                             The Rock

Loggins, Dave                                   David Loggins

Loggins, Dave                                   One Way Ticket to Paradise

Loggins, Dave                                   Apprentice in a MusicalWorkshop

Loggins, Dave                                   Country Suite

Louvin Brothers                               Ira & Charlie

Loveless, Patty                                On Your Way Home cd + dvd

McClinton, Delbert                           Nothing Personal

McDonald, Country Joe                  War War War Live Wonderful

                                                            interpretations of the poems of Robert

                                                            W Service set in Europe WWI.

McEntire, Reba                                 Keep on Loving You

McEntire, Reba                                 Heart to Heart

Martin, Roger                                   Live

Martin, Stan                                      Love Ain’t That Tough

Martin, Stan                                      Cigarettes & Cheap Whiskey

Miller, Roger                                     Best (23 tks)

Mosser, Jonell                                  Trust Yourself

Nelson, Willie                                   Gospel favourites (AKA Family Bible)

Nelson, Willie                                   Nite Life: Greatest Hits & rare Tracks

Nesmith, Mike                                  Listen to the Band 22 tracks

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band                     Twenty Years of Dirt

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band                     More Great Dirt

Notorious Cherry     Bombs            Notorious Cherry Bombs (Rod & Vince)

O’Donnell, Daniel/ Mary Duff       Timeless

O’Keefe, Danny                                In Time

Owens, Buck                                    Story Volume 1

Owens, Buck                                    Story Volume 2

Owens, Buck                                    Story Volume 3

Parker, Billy                                     Swingin ‘with Bob  (wills)

Parr, Paul                                          Saints & Sinners

Perkins, Al                                        Al Perkins Big Dog

Perry, Keith                                      Keith Perry (like K. Whitley)

Prairie Oyster                                  Only One Moon

Prairie Oyster                                  Blue Plate Special

Prairie Oyster                                  Everybody Knows

Raye, Collin                                       Extremes

Robbins, Marty                                 What God Has Done

Robbins, Marty                                 16 Biggest Hits

Ronstadt, Linda                                hasten Down the Wind

Ronstadt, Linda                                Prisoner in Disguise

Russell, Tom                                     The Man From God Knows Where

Russell, Tom                                     The Long Way Around

Ryan, Rob                                          Highway Man

St Germain, ray                               There’s No Love Like Our Love

Shaver, Billy Joe                              Billy & the kid

Shea, Rick                                         Shelter Valley Blues

Skaggs, Ricky                                   16 Biggest Hits

Snider, Todd                                     Songs from the daily Planet

Snow, Mitch                                      Ballads Blues & Texas Treats

Steagall, Red                                    Wagon Tracks

Stuckey, Nat                                     Pop a Top

Taylor, Chip                                      This Side of the Big River

Tempchin, Jack                                Songs (wrote “Peaceful Easy feelin’)

Texas tornados                                Best

Thompson, Hank                             Seven Decades

Tillis, Pam                                         Greatest Hits

Travis, Randy                                   Always & Forever

Travis, Randy                                   Storms of Life

Travis, Randy                                   Full Circle

Tritt, Travis                                       Greatest Hits from the Beginning

Tritt, Travis                                       The Lovin’ Side

Tritt, Travis                                       The Rockin’ Side

Tritt, Travis                                       Country Club

Tucker, Tanya                                  Collection (MCA 14 tracks)

Tucker, Tanya                                  Collection (20 tks)

Tucker, Tanya                                  20 Greatest Hits (Capitol USA)

Tucker, Tanya                                  Hits (22 tks)

Tucker, Tanya                                  Greatest Hits 1990-1992

Vincent, Rick                                    A wanted Man

Wagoner, Porter                             Grand Old Gospel (w. Blackwood Bros)

Wagoner, Porter                             More Grand  Old Gospel (“ “)

Wagoner, Porter                             Gospel 2007

Wagoner, Porter                             Gospel 2008  2cds

Wagoner, Porter                             Gospel 2006

Yoakam, Dwight                     (unplugged)

Young, Faron                                    The Radio Shows Vol 1

Young, Faron                                    The Radio Shows Vol 2

Young, Faron                                    The Radio Shows Vol 3



Bluegrass $10 or 3/$25

Blaylock, Audie                                And Redline

Blue Sky Boys                                  On radio Volume 1

Brown, Alison                                   The Company You Keep

Cowan, John                                     8,745  Feet: Live at Telluride (w. Bela

                                                            Fleck, Randy Kohrs etc)

Crowe,  J D                                        Lefty’s Old Guitar

Daughters of Bluegrass                 Bluegrass Bouquet

Gadd, Pam                                        Long Road

Gold Heart                                        My Sisters & Me

Grisman, David                                Life of Sorrow

Grisman, David                                Dawgnation

Hayseed Dixie                                  No Covers

Lewis, Alurie                         True Stories

Lonesome River Band                     No Turning Back

Monroe Crossing                              Heartache & Stone

Reid, Lou & Carolina                        My Own Set of Rules

Rice/Rice/Hillman/Pederson       Out of the Woodwork

Rice/Rice/Hillman/Pederson       Running Wild

Rickman, Brandon                           Young Man, Old Soul

Scott, Barry                                      In God’s Time

Sisk, Junior                                       Blue Side of the Blue Ridge

Wood, Steve                                     And Johnson Creek Drifters

                                                            (ex Whiteliners)

Zonn, Andrea                                    Love Goes On


Cattle Call                                          Early Cowboy Music & Its Roots

Country Bluegrass Homecoming Vol 1

Country Bluegrass Homecoming Vol 2 (Bill gaither & Friends)

Essential Bluegrass Anthology 2cds

Horse Whisperer                             Soundtrack



**Charlie Daniels & Friends Live from Nashville: Preachin’, Prayin’ , Singin’ (includes Whites, Mac Wiseman, earl Scruggs, Del McCoury)


**Trent Willmon Live $20 (recorded at Gilleys)

The good life
So am I
Dixie rose deluxe
Ropin pen
Pony town
Cold beer and a fishin pole
Little set of horns
Wishing well
On again
Back when I knew it all
Louisiana rain
Devil went down to Texas

**Heart of Texas “Ernest Tubb Midnight jamboree” Includes Justin Trevino/ Leona Williams/ Ferlin Husky/ Heather Myles/ James Hand/ Frankie Miller, Darrell McCall, Amber Digby!) $20

**Suzy Bogguss: One Sweet Night $18

**Johnny Cash; Live at Montreux $10

**Flatlanders: Live from Austin $15

**Gillian Welch: revelatory Collection $15

**Merle Haggard: Live from Austin Texas 1978 $18

**Grand Ol Opry At Carnegie Hall $18 (great)

**Tom Petty & Heartbreakers: Runnin’ Down a Dream 4dvds $28

**ZZ Top – Live from Texas $15

**Brozman, Bob – Live in germany $15

**Willie Nelson – Special (with Ray Charles) $15

**Alison Krauss: Live from the Tracking Room $15

**Jason Aldean _ Wide Open Live & More $15


Proper Box sets

Out of UK. All $35 4 cds plus nice book in attractive box. Good sound. The subtitle of each cd in the set is shown.

1) Bluegrass Bonanza 119 tracks

            a)String Band Roots 1927-38

            b)Monroe Legacy  (Bill/Charlie & Brothers)

            c)Early Bluegrass 1944-50 Including Stanley Bros

             Flatt& Scruggs, Delmores

            d) Classic Bluegrass 1946-50

2) Carter Family Country Fold 103 tracks . The perfect intro

            a)Keep on the Sunny Side

            b)Worried Man Blues

            c)My Dixie Darling

            d)My Homes across the Blueridge Mountain.

3) Red Foley Hillbilly Fever 100 tracks

            a)Smoke on the Water
            b)Tennessee Saturday Night

            c)Chattanooga Shoeshine Boy

            d) Hearts of Stone

4) Bill Haley From Western Swing to R-O-C-K 94 tracks.

            Also includes some of Bill’s superb yodelling which

            he  learnt from Kenny Roberts.

            a)Rocket 88 (brilliant yodelling by Bill)

            b)Rock the Joint

            c)Rock Around the Clock

            d) Don’t Knock the Rock.

5) Hittin’ on All Six: History of the Jazz Guitar 94 tracks

            a)Early Masters

            b)Charlie Christain revolution

            c)Charlie’s Children

            d)New Guitar Concepts

6) Spike Jones Thank You Music Lovers 95 tracks No

            subtitles per cd but all brilliant. Includes favourites such as

            “William Tell Overture” (aka Beetlebaum race call) plus some

            great obscurities such as his superb take on “Old McDonald Had a

            Farm”) There is some country flavoured tracks of course with Red

            Ingle on vocals.


7) Squeeze: The Jazz & Swing Accordion Story 101 tracks

            a)Accordion Joe

            b)Squeezin’ the Blues

            c)Rebop Continental

            d)Lesson in Bop

8) Steelin’ It: The Steel Guitar Story 100 tracks

            a) Slidin’ on the Frets (Hawaiian)

            b) Steel Guitar Stomp (Swing)

            c) Steeling the Blues

            d) Steelin’ the Wood

Featuring great steel guitar players from Sol hoopii, Roy Smeck, Speedy west, Buddy Emmons. Whilst there are a lot of instrumentals most tracks are vocals featuring the contributions of these fine steel guitar players and many more. Great notes.

9) Stompin’ singers & Western Swingers: More From the Golden Years of Western Swing 100 tracks

Great cd with the known, the little known and the WTFAT?

10)Pig iron, Washboards, Freight trains & Kazoos: The Uk Skiffle Boom 1954-1957 120 tracks 4 cds Acrobat label. $35 Lots of rarities as well as well known artists.


Other Box Sets (includes different styles of music)


**Bluegrass: Can’t You Hear Me Calling, 4cd 26 x15 cm hard box 109 tracks $55 as new. Spectacular selection and great book by Billy Altman and complete discography for all the tracks. Has both the superstars and the super rare. Superb presentation.


**British Invasion 4cd box 80 tracks $15 not all are original recordings but the artists are great and not the usual ones that seem to find their way into these compilations.


**Johnny Cash – At Folsom Prison Sealed box 26 x 15 cm hard cardboard box. Again I will say things released in Australia come with substandard packaging. This came in a standard jewel case. This US edition is brilliantly presented with 2cds + dvd and a large 40 page book. $40


**Patsy Cline The Collection $40 The contents are as new but the largely white matte  30 x 16 cm box is a little dirty, still the contents are beyond reproach. 4 cds 102 tracks in stunning sound and a glorious 64 page book. Just wonderful


**Cream Those Were the Days as new 4cd 26 x 15 cm box. The rock supergroup of Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker and Jack Bruce. 48 page book 63 tracks. Two cds of studio and 2 of live performances $45


**Dick Curless “A Tombstone Every Mile”  $150 7 cds + book. Absolutely as new Bear Family 12 x 12 “ box. The first of two honouring the Baron, the wonderfully deep voiced Curless so associated with (but not exclusively) with that wonderful country standby, the truckin’ song. 181 tracks. A good one.


**Elvis 75: Good Rockin’ Tonight $65 New 2009 sealed box which JBHI FI is selling for $109 and others for more. 100 essential tracks to mark the 75 anniversary of Elvis’ birth. 26 x 15 cm hard cardboard box.


**Family “Old Songs New Songs” sealed 4 cd set. 26 x 14 cm box with book. Includes bonus 5th cd. English rock group featuring Roger Chapman. $50


**Narvel Felts “Limited Club edition Volume 1” 2cds  44 tracks in 25 x 14 cm box, which is probably unnecessary but looks good. $28


**From Where I Stand: The Black Experience in Country Music $55 Unusually styled 20 x 13 cm box designed to resemble a book. 60 tracks which dates from early stringbands and early stars such as Deford Bailey through to Charley Pride, Linda Martell, Big Al Downing and the best of all in Stoney Edwards. Sometracks have a certain poetic licence but it is very nice. 60 page book with sections by Claudia Perry, Bill Ivey and Bill Malone among others. As new.


**Jimi Hendrix 4cds as new 56 tracks all previously unreleased. Nice velvet style box 29 x 15 cm box. 80 page book. $50 One of rock’s iconic figures, ironically preceding Janis Joplin and Billie Holiday, a sad reflection on their tragic demises.


**Billie Holiday “Lady Day the Complete Columbia Recordings” 10 cd

box $160

This is a wonderful set in great shape. It features a leather look cover with matte photo of Billie Holiday. It resembles an old fashioned style album for housing 78s. Dimensions of the box are 31cm x 27cm x 2.25cm. It opens to a pocket on the left with 120 pg book approx. 29 x 25 cm with a) Alphabetical song index b) Essay by Gary Giddins, a columnist with Village Voice  c) Essay by Farah Jasmine riffin, a professor in African-American studies at Columbia University d) Discography e) Track by track commentary by Michael Brooks (which is honest and quite funny to boot..."Oh dear! Billie is very doleful and slow-motion here as if she's stuck in the mud wearing an oversize pair of rainboats".

Next is a fascinating double sided sheet called "To Billie With Love" in which a whole bunch of singers give their thoughts. Etta James gives possibly the most compact tribute "A great woman, very cool, and the hippest thing I ever knew".  Generally not a shabby lot of dedicaters either, though you'd have to say Diana Ross was conspicuous in her absence. I personally think Diana Ross was a poor choice to play Billie Holiday; you may agree or disagree, so there are no quibbles from me.

Finally, there are 10 discs which are all in as new condition except disc 9 which has the very lightest mark not affecting anything. These are in 10 individual inserts

All in all the box is in as new condition with the only exceptions being a)light mark on disc 9 b)slight ring mark on the sleeve holding disc 1 and 6. This is possibly going to be on even a newly opened one with the book being a deep purple cover fronting directly on to these. A very slight mark on page one of the book. This is the fine tooth comb treatment. Overall it is decidedly as new. Brilliant!

**Janis Joplin “Janis” as new 26 x 16cm hard cardboard fold out style box with similarly sized 48 page book. Lots of unissued songs including an alternate “Me & Bobby McGee”. Great box. $40 3cds 49 tks.


**Kingston Trio  “The Capitol Years” This Capitol Us box set has 4 cds in a 4 cd jewel case with slip jacket and 48 page book by Bill Bush (I guess that is like George W without the George). Has an interesting table of charting albums and singles. Surprisingly they only had one number 1 single, yes “Tom Dooley”, one of the biggest hits of 1958, but their albums did spectacularly well and over 1959 & 1960 they had a number one album (4 different lps) for 45 weeks!! $50


**Let Freedom Sing: The Music of the Civil Rights Movement. Has gouge mark on bar code but otherwise as new. 3cd 58 tracks 26 x 15 cm hard box on Time Life. Notes by Colin Escott which gives a track by track run down; especially interesting on “The Death of Emmett Till” which is sung by the Ramparts (who are in actuality Scatman Crothers, who always seemed to play the amiable black guy and did so in two Jack Nicholson classics “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” and “The Shining”). This concerned itself with the injustice behind the lynching of a 14 year old in Mississippi and 2 men were acquitted by an all white jury in 67 minutes, prolonged because of a drink break. Harrowing stuff. In fact, read the notes and you will be constantly shaking your head in disbelief. $50


**Gordon Lightfoot “Songbook” 15 x 13 x 6 cm hard cardboard box containing 4 jewel case cds + 60 page fully bound book. 88 tracks by one of Canada’s most popular exports.  Beautifully packaged as new $60


**Reba McEntire 50 Greatest Hits sealed 3cds in a spectacular leather like (very leather like) embossed box. $35


**National Lampoon “The Classic” 4cds in foldout 14 x 19cm box. Best from the comedy troupe where John Belushi and Chevy Chase got their starts. Some is uproariously funny (their song parodies are brilliant) whilst the standup part is a mixed bag. $30


**Willie Nelson: A Classic & Unrealeased Collection as new 3cds $48 Rhino 30cm x 16cm box with 36 page book(by Rich Kienzle)  and discography of all the tracks which date from 1957 and feature an entirely unreleased album of Hank Williams songs. It includes outtakes from his Atlantic years as well as an unissued live concert with “Bloody Merry Morning/Take Me Back to Tulsa” as wild as anything you have ever heard. No doubt Willie had a substantial herbal intake before he took the stage that night.


**Buck Owens: “Collection 1959-1990” Rhino 30 cm x 16 cm x 4 cm box. As new $55 62 tracks plus beautiful largely in colour 76 page book.


**Dolly Parton “Dolly” $58 sealed 4cd 26 x 15cm hardcover box. 99 tracks plus great book. Includes 7 previously unissued tracks.


**Charley Patton “Screaming & Hollering the Blues” $170 The

standard for box sets measurement is generally the Bear Family box set. The theme that comes out in reviews of this is that it is even better than Bear Family. This set has the following features. It weighs in at around 3 kgs.

  1. Green cloth bound outer box which holds (2)
  2. Inner album simulated leather style package designed to resemble an old fashioned 78 album. This in turn holds the rest (3) to (14) hereunder.
  3. Inner pocket holding pocket book size (19.5cm x 12 cm x 112 pg) biography and discussion by John Fahey. This fronts dedication to the late John Fahey 1939-2001.
  4. "Masked Marvel Screams and Hollers: Does Anybody hear? An Introduction to Charley Patton" by Dick Spottswood
  5. "Charley Patton: the Conscience of the Delta" by David Evans
  6. "The Worlds of Charley Patton" by Edward Komara
  7. "Charley Reconsidered Thirty Five Years On" by John Fahey.
  8. Track listing
  9. Song Notes and Transcriptions by Dick Spottswood (fascinating that "Howlin' Wolf" the greatest is referred to throughout as "The" Howlin' Wolf.
  10. Appendix (written and compiled by Edward Komara)
  11. Credits list   #s 4-10 take us though to page 128.
  12. Next are 11 pages of stickers, 6 per page representing original 78rpm labels. I am not sure what you are supposed to do with them!??!?!
  13. 6 pages of record company advertisements (one of these is shown at picture #4 along with the John Fahey book (#3 abbove)
  14. 7 cds which are brilliantly shown to represent 10" records.

**Pentangle: The Time Has Come 1967-1973 as new 65 track collection from the traditional UK folk group whose main members are Bert Jansch and John Renbourn with the flawless voice of Jackie McShee on vocals; the other 2 sing as well of course.  4cds plus 56 page book. $60


**Respect: A Century of Women in Music $70 Stunning velvet covered 5 cd box with 80 page book written by the best female writers in the rock and pop world. It encompasses all styles and is beautifully presented. 114 tracks. Holy Emily Pankhurst! Holy Gary Pankhurst! This is just great. 21 x 26 cm velvet covered box.


**Roxy Music “The Thrill of It All” 4cds as new $48 26 x 15 cm hardcover style box plus large colour booklet. Featured Brian Ferry. 71 tracks.


** Sony Music/ Tree Publishing presents Volume 1 The Country Collection” This 15 x 26 cm hard box is in as new condition and has 6 cds with 120 or so tracks. Has a real cross section. This box was a promotional item put out by Tree Publishing. The book has a kind of pitching it to you feel with descritions of the songs and recommendations to record them $40 Exceptional value


**George Strait “Strait Out of the Box” 4cds + book 72 tracks. As new 30 x 16 cm box with book. This dates from 1995 which was almost a pivotal year for George as his recordings got safer and safer and blander and blander in every subsequent year, so much so that I have not attempted to listen to any of his recent stuff. This is the prime period Strait. As you will note I rate his “Beyond the Blue Neon” as one of the greatest country albums which it is and this box serves as a stunning reminder of how good George Strait was. $55


**Tanya Tucker “tanya Tucker” 58 tracks over 4 cd in 30 x 15 cm fold out style hard box. 48 page colour book with lots of info, some you may not want to share. $45


**Waylon: Nashville Rebel Beautifully presented black embossed box 26 x 15 cm hard cover with spectacular similarly sized 140 page book with an amazing bunch of essays from the likes of Shooter Jennings, lenny Kaye, Jessi Colter and the main section by Rich Kienzle 92 tracks. $65

As new.


**Waylon: Only Daddy That’ll walk the Line 2cds $25 30 x 15 cm box with 40 tracks and 20 pg book. The contents are as new and the box has a few marks. A great set if you want the basic best of Waylon.


** Hank Williams III – Collector’s Edition $35 His first 3 albums (4cds in total) in a very attractive 15 x 15 x 3 cm tin. Great deal if you don’t have any and a spectacularly necessary one IMO


Rock & Roll

The figure in brackets is the number of tracks and * indicates Out of print. If you randomly see OOP somewhere that also means out of print.


Bennett, Boyd                      Tennessee Rock & Roll $18 (24) Charly *

Bond, Eddie                           Rockin’ Daddy 2cd $38 (51) Bear Family

Boone, Pat                            Pat’s Great Hits   $18 (21) MCA *

Brooks, Donnie                    Greatest Hits 1958-196 $18 34 tks 8 pg

                                                book includes “Doll House”, “Memphis”

                                                & the biggest “Mission Bell’

Burnette, Johnny                 That’ the Way I Feel $22 (32) Rockstar

Burnette, Johnny Trio        Best $20 Japan pressing of perhaps the

                                                Greatest rockabilly album of them all.

Burnette, Johhny/Dorsey  Burnette Brothers $22 (33) Rockstar *

Burnette, Johnny                 Best $20 (20) Liberty UK *

Carroll, Johnny                     Rock Baby Rock It $20 (33) Bear Family

Carroll, Johnny                     The Story Of (incl rare demos) $20 (32)

                                                Big Beat *

Chester, Johnny                   The rock & Roll Years 1961-66 2 cds $18

Clay, Joe                                Ducktail $20 (11) Bear Family

Clifford, Joe                          More Than Just Baby Sittin’ $20 (28)

                                                Sparkletone  (complete recordings)

Cochran, Eddie/ Gene Vincent Rock & Roll Memories $20 (40)

                                                Rockstar * TV performances & interviews

                                                from 1960 UK tour.

Cochran, Eddie/Gene Vincent Town Hall Party TV Shows $20 (26)

                                                Rockstar *

Dawson, Ronnie                   Rockin’ Bones $30 2cd (34) Crystal Clear *

Dion & Belmonts                  Complete $28 (51) Collectors Choice 2cd

Domino, Fats                        Swings $20 (24) EMI France * nice pkg.

Domino, Fats                        Rocks Bear Family $22  33 tks

Emerson, Billy the Kid        Red Hot!! $20 (Bear)…My gal is red hot!!

Esquerita                               Sock it to Me Baby $20 (13) Bear Family

Fairburn, Werly                   Everybody’s Rockin $20 (29) Bear Family

                                                Rockabilly and country. Great voice.

Feathers, Charlie                 Rockabilly $20 (28) Zuzazz/Bear Family

Feathers, Charlie                 Uh Huh Honey $20 (28) Norton

Feathers, Charlie                 Gone Gone Gone $18 (24) Charly

Feathers, Charlie                 Wild Wild Party $20 (31) Southern *

Feathers, Charlie                 Charlie Feathers $20 (14) Elektra US *

Feathers, Charlie                 Honky Tonk Man $20 (14) New Rose

Feathers, Charlie                 Tip Top Daddy $20 (23) Norton

Feathers, Charlie                 Wild Side Of Life $18 (16) Norton

Feathers, Charlie                 Honky Tonk Kind $18 (17) Norton

Feathers, Charlie                 Long Time Ago $18 (18) Norton

                                                3 volumes of rare & unissued Feathers.

Felts, Narvel                         Best of Narvel Felts 1973-79 $20 (28)

                                                Bear Family. Mainly country hits.

Felts, Narvel                         Did You Tell Me $20 (34) Bear Family

Felts, Narvel                         Memphis Days $20 (26) Bear Family

Felts, Narvel/Jerry Mercer More Radio Rockabillies $20 (25)

                                                Rock Star * This is great stuff.

Glenn, Glen                           Rocks $20 Bear 25 tks

Gordon, Robert                    Is Red Hot $20 (25) Bear Family

Gordon, Robert                    Black Slacks $20 (25) Bear Family

Gordon, Robert                    Lost Album Plus $20 (21) Bear Family

Griffin, Buck                         Let’s Elope Baby $20 (28) Bear Family

Haley, Bill                              Rock the Joint! $18

Haley, Bill                              Ultimate Collection 2cds 42 tks tops $25

Hawkins, Dale                      O Suzy Q $15 (20) MCA *

Hawkins, Dale                      Rocks (Bear Family) 34 tks $20

Hawkins, Dale                      Fool’s Paradise $20 (14) Beveric *

Isle, Jimmy                           High School Rock & Roll 57-63 $20 (24)

                                                Star Club *

Knox, Buddy                         Party Doll $20 (32) Rock Star

Labeef, Sleepy                     Tomorrow Never Comes $18 (14)MC 2001

Labeef, Sleepy                     Rocks (Bear family) $22 35 tks

Lewis, Jerry Lee                  Studio Outtakes 1956-58 $20 (25) Hawk*

Luman, Bob                           Let’s Think About Livin $22 (17) Castle*

Luman, Bob                           Livin’ Lovin’ sounds $22 (16) Castle *

Luman, Bob                           Loretta $18 (16) magnum

                                                All 3 are Hickory recordings & no overlap.

Lyman, Frankie                    Rocks $22 Bear Family 33 tks

Martin, Janis                         The Female Elvis $22 (30) Bear

Noland, Terry                       Hyptonized $20 (28) Bear

O’Keefe, Johnny                  Love Songs & Ballads $20 (28) Festival *

                                                Inc. “Be Careful of Stones That You Throw”

O’Keefe, Johnny                  Birth of Australian Rock & Roll $40 (75)           

                                                Festival * (typical that there is only

                                                A 2cd JOK in print!)

Orbison, Roy & Sonny James RCA Sessions $15 (Bear) not duets/

Perkins, Carl                         Rocks Bear Family $20 31 tks

Platters                                 Best Selection (Japan press) 25 tks $20

Presley, Elvis                        From Elvis in Memphis $18 2cds exp &

                                                remastered nice package.

Presley, Elvis                        Elvis 75 $15 25 tk cd nice digipak

Sands, Tommy                     Man like wow 1957-1963 33 tks $18

Scott, Jack                            On Groove $20 (20) Bear Family

Scott, Jack                            Capitol Collectors Series $35 (23) Capitol*

                                                Great things like “What in the World’s

                                                Come Over You”. Wonderful series.

Self, Mack                             Sun Years Plus $20 (Bear Family) 31 tks

Simon & Garfunkel              Early $20 (27) Dee Jay All songs rec. as

                                                Tom & Jerry & Simon as Jerry Landis.

Starr, Andy                           Did Them Squeaky Shoes $20 (27) Bear

Stevens, Shakin’                  The Epic Years $18 (25) Sony UK *

Stevens, Shakin’                  There are Two Kinds of Music $18

Tillotson, Johnny                 All His Early Hits $22 (30) Ace Uk 5stars!

Trammell, Bobby lee          You Mostest Girl $18 (25) Bear Family

Valens, Richie                       Story $18 (19) Del Fi

Vee, Bobby                           I Remember Buddy Holly $20 (22) Liberty*

Vee, Bobby                           EP Collection $20 (22) See for Miles *

Vincent, Gene                       Rebel Heart $15 (28) Magnum rarities

                                                Rebel Heart 2 $15 (29) Ditto

                                                Rebel Heart 4 $15 (21) Ditto

                                                Rebel Heart 5 $15 (25) Ditto

                                                Rebel Heart 6 $15 (19) Ditto

                                                Note: Vol 1 inc. performances with

                                                Commander Cody & 5 with Sounds


Williams, Larry                    Best (Ace UK) $20   (22)


*Bear Essentials                  27 stars salute Bear Family’s 25th

                                                Anniversary.  $22 (27 tracks) * Was ltd

                                                release in 2000. All tracks have the word

                                                Bear in the title & most only on this cd. A

                                                mix of country, rockabilly & rock & roll.

*Everyday is a Holly Day $20(29) New Rose  Lots of styles

*Hazy Memories Vol 1 32 hard to find hits $18 Although early 60s these

have a distinctive 50s feel. Includes Dorsey Burnette (“Big rock Candy Mountain”) Joe Dowell (“Little Red Rented Rowboat”) James Gilreath (“Little Band of Gold”) Teresa Brewer (“Ballad of Lover’s Hill”). Lots of gems.

*Hazy Memories Vol 2 29 hard to find hits with a humorous edge including Jack Clement (“My Voice Keeps Changing”) Mike Sarne (“Come Outside”) Bernard Cribbens (“Right Said Fred”). Great series.

* Rebels Without a Cause Movie & Television Actors of the late 50s and early 60s sing pop music. 33 tks 28pp book. Includes Robert Conrad, Annette, Dwayne Hickman, Tab Hunter, Connie Stevens, Patty Duke, Walter Brennan, Jayne Mansfield, Gail Davis.

Specialty Rock & Roll $20 (20) Ace UK


Rockabilly Collections

I will try and give a breakdown of these, in 25 words or less of course. It will be same as above price/tracks/label and * if OOP.


1.Bayou Rockabilly Cats  $22 (26) Ace UK Rootsy swamp rockabilly as it evolved out of hillbilly music.

2. Capitol Rockabilly Party Vol. 1 $20 (31) Disky (EMI) Holland *

3. Capitol Rockabilly Party Vol. 2 $20 (30) Ditto *

    Fabulous compilations with notes and great sound. So

    much more than on the Bear Family TFGI v3 and that has tracks

    not on these.

4 .CBS Rockabilly Classics Vol 1 “sold”(30) Big Beat

5. CBS Rockabilly Classics Vol 2 “sold” (30) Big Beat

    These have big duplication with 7/8/

6. Columbia Rockabilly Volume 1 $20 (25) Ace UK

7. Columbia Rockabilly Volume 2 $20 (25) Ace UK

    Replicate 2 US releases “Whistle Bait” & “Ain’t I’m a Dog”

8. Dateless Night $20 (30) Buffalo Bop These are an ongoing series with some having themes. This doesn’t appear to but has a

very early Doug Sahm track.

9. Dixie Boppin’ Country Billies “sold” (30) Dixie rare hillbilly boppers.

10. Fernwood Rock & Roll $18 (35) stomper Time * Includes some

     knowns (Ace Cannons) some semi knowns (Bill Rice/ Thomas Wayne, who was Thomas wayne Perkins brother of Luther Perkins and of course some unknowns. Good notes,

11. Fernwood Rockabilly $18 (35) Stomper Time * Another godo volume.

12. Get With the Beat: The Mar-Vel masters “sold”  (27) Ryko * Fabulous  hillbilly boogies licensed for cd from the equally fabulous Cowboy Carl Records.  Great sound with great cross section of artists including Jack Brandshaw, Bobby Sisco, Harry Carter.

13. Hobo Bop $22 (30) Buffalo Bop…the themed ones are the best in this series and this is concerned with hobos and jumping on freight trains. Great themes and songs none better than Curley Money’s “Ho Bo” which to aficionados is not that unknown.

14. Honey Doll $22 (30) Buffalo Bop. …themed again with all female rockabillies. Includes early Jackie DeShannon.

15. Hot Rockin’ From Tennessee: The Jaxon Records Recording Company $18 (27) Quite a few well known artists, well compared to some of these. Artists include Ramsey Kearney, Carl Mann, Eddie Starr.

16. I Dreamed I was Elvis $22 (32) Buffalo Bop 31 tracks feature Elvis sounding vocalists most of which are very good. Plus the title track is a great hillbilly song about Elvis.

17. Memphis Rockabillies, Hillbillies & Honky Tonkers $18 (38)

Stomper Time * Includes Eddie Bond, Ray Scott, good notes.

18. Memphis Rockabillies, Hillbillies & Honky Tonkers V 3 $18 (34)

Stomper time * Features Rebel and rebel ace label recordings with many featuring Shelby smith. Who? Well he is one of the knowns!1

19. Memphis Rockabillies, Hillbillies & Honky Tonkers V 4 $18 (36) Stomper Time * Includes Charlie Feathers , Lloyd Arnold, Eddie Bond

20. Memphis Rockabillies, Hillbillies & Honky Tonkers V5 Glo lite records $18 (36) Stomper Time * Includes Malcolm Yelvington, Marcos Van Story

20a) Preston Story Volume 1 $15

20b) Preston Story Volume 2 $15

20c) Preston Story Volume 4 $15

3 volumes featuring the Melbourne label noted for its excellent rockabilly along with western swing, boogie etc. Includes the legendary Dancehall

Racketeers (w. all 3 Baylor Brothers), The Wildcats & Roadsters, Rockin’ Bandits. Each has near 70 minutes and around 30 tks.

21. Red Hot Rockabilly Part 1 $20 (30) Disky EMI Holland * This is a great collection featuring Imperial label tracks which again fits nicely alongside the Bear Family Imperial set. This is great.

22. Red Hot Rockabillly Part 2 $20 (31) Disky EMI Holland * Good mix of well known artists from Imperial and includes a great fe,ale rockabilly in Laura Lea Perkins with 3 great tracks.

23. Restless Doll $20 (30) Buffalo Bop….another good volume with all female rockabillies.

23a)Rockin’ Is Our Business! $15 another Australian rockabilly collection from the Piranha Bros label ferat. The Eddys, Bopcats, Zarsoff Bros, Layabouts etc 27 tracks 74 minutes.

24. Teen Town $18 (30) Buffalo Bop Teenage angst!

25. That’ll Flat Git It Vol. 1 RCA $22 (31)

26. That’ll Flat Git It Vol. 2 Decca $22 (30)

27. That’ll Flat Git It Vol. 3 Capitol $22 (30)

28. That’ll Flat Git It Vol. 5 Dot $22 (31)

29. That’ll Flat Git It Vol. 6 Decca $22 (30)

30. That’ll Flat Git It Vol. 8Abbott/Fabor $22 (32)

31. That’ll Flat Git It Vol. 9 Decca $20 (30)

32. That’ll Flat Git It Vol.10 Chess $22 (31)

33. That’ll Flat Git It Vol.11 Mercury $22 (30)

34. That’ll Flat Git It Vol.12 Imperial $22 (30)

35. That’ll Flat Git It Vol.13 ABC $22 (30)

36. That’ll Flat Git It Vol.14 Sun $20 (31)

37. That’ll Flat Git It Vol.15 Lin/Kliff  $20 (26)

38. That’ll Flat Git It Vol.16 Sun $20 (31)

39. That’ll Flat Git It Vol.17 Sun $20 (34)

40. That’ll Flat Git It Vol.18 Sarg $20 (30)

41. That’ll Flat Git It Vol.19 D/D’Art $20 (32)

42. That’ll Flat Git It Vol.20 Event $20 (37)

43. That’ll Flat Git It Vol.21 Atlantic $20 (29)

44. That’ll Flat Git It Vol.22 Columbia $22 (30)

45. That’ll Flat Git It Vol.23 Columbia $22 (30)

46. That’ll Flat Git It Vol.24 Roulette $22 (36)

47. That’ll Flat Git It Vol. 25 Columbia $22 (30)

48. That’ll Flat Git It Vol. 26 Four Star  $22 (30)

Bear family’s crown jewel rockabilly series. All with track by track notes, thick thick booklets and peerless sound. Vol 4 was a bit of an unusual one, being a small label (nothing to do with the Aussie label).

49. Them Rockabilly Cats $20 (26) Ace UK Excellent cross label selection.

50. Wa Chicka Nocka $22 (31) Buffalo Bop One of the best if not the best in the series with all having an Indian Theme. There is “Calcutta Bop”, “Taj Mahal Boogie” etc….What??? No just funnin’!! These are not related to those Indians!! These are great tracks about the Native American Indians. The Tommy Holmes title cut is great but best is Sammy Masters wonderful “Rockin’ Red Wing”.

51. Wail Man Wail $20 Sundazed/Hollowbody (20). Includes some rare Wynn Stewart, Ralph Mooney etc.

52. Wild Men Ride Wild Guitars $20 (20) Companion to the previous including rare Joe maphis, early Big Al Downing etc.


Instrumental or largely instrumental

A lot of these are out of print.

Atkins, Chet/Merle Travis             Atkins/Travis Travelling Show $28

                                                            Japan press. 2009 remaster. RCA(11)

Atkins, Chet                                      Discover Japan $25 Japan press 2009

                                                            Remaster. Rca (13)

Atlantics                                            Flight of the Surf Guitar $18 (17)

                                                            Autographed. IDKTCW!!

Atlantics                                            Flight of the Surf Guitar $15 (all the

                                                            Backing tracks) (18)

Atlantics                                            Complete CBS Recordings 2cds $30 OP

Atlantics                                            Complete CBS Recordings Vol 1 $15

Atlantics                                            Complete CBS Recordings Vol 2 $15

Atlantics                                            Featuring Johnny Rebb on vocals $15

Austin, Sil                                          Best Selection $25 Best recording of

                                                            A tenor saxophone I have heard.(25)

                                                            Universal Japan.

Bill Blacks Combo                            with Willie Mitchell Band $18 (16 of

                                                            Each) Hi/ Demon label UK

Cannon, Ace                                      Tuff Sax/Moanin’ Sax $20 (2on1)

                                                            Hi/demon UK (24)

Denvermen                                       Let’s Go Surfside $15 (31)

Fireballs                                             The Fireballs/Fireball Country $20

                                                             (12) Calf Creek Records

Fireballs                                             Original Norman Petty Masters $20

                                                            Ace Uk (25)

Fireballs                                             Best of the Fireballs’ Vocals (feat.

                                                            Jimmy Gilmer) $22 (30)

Fireballs                                             Fireballs/ Vaquero (2on1) Ace UK

                                                            (24) $20

Fireballs                                             Torquay/Campusology (2 on1) Ace

                                                            UK (24) $20

Humphreys, Kim                              Guitars Get Wet/Surfin’ Guitar

                                                            2cds Vogue 36 tracks $20 slip case

Johnny & Hurricanes                      Big Sound 24 tks (Teldec) $18     

                                                            Actually from masters! Good.

Marvin. Hank                                    And Shadows Play Andrew Lloyd

                                                            Weber $20  (16)  Polygram

Marvin, Hank                                    Best of Hank B & the Shadows $20

                                                            Polygram (24)

Marvin, Hank                                    Into the Light $20 (Polydor) (16)

Marvin. Hank                                    Plays Live $20 with special guest           

                                                            Cliff Richard. Polygram (21)

Marvin. Hank                                    Hank Plays Holly $20 Polygram (17)

Nelson, Sandy                                  Rock & Roll Drum Beat $22 Ace UK


Shadows                                            Collection $20 2cd EMI (40) *

Shadows                                            Listen to the Shadows EMI $20 (22)

Shadows                                            At Their Very Best $20 1989 Polydor

                                                            Re-recordings of their GH (20)

Shadows                                            String of Hits  $18 EMI (12)

Shadows                                            Steppin’ To the Shadows $20 J & B

                                                            (16) OOP!!

Shadows                                            Dreamtime $18 Polygram (14) OOP

Tomsco, George                              Tex Mex Fireball (of fireballs) Ace

                                                            Uk $20 (30)

Ventures                                           Collection $18 Castle UK (27)

Ventures                                           The Original $18 Disky/EMI Holland

                                                            $18 (20)

Wray, Link                                        Walkin’ With Link $15 Sony US (20)

Wray, Link                                        Walking Down a Street Called Love

                                                            $18 Visionary Live in London &

                                                            Manchester 1996 (18)

Wray, Link                                        Apache/Wild Side of City Lights $20

                                                            Ace UK 2 on 1 (21)

Wray, Link                                        Rumble Best $15 Rhino (20)

Wray, Link                                        Missing Links Vol 1 $15 Norton (21)

Wray, Link                                        Missing Links Vol 2 $15 Norton (22)

Wray, Link                                        Missing Links Vol 3 $15 Norton (21)

Wray, Link                                        Missing Links Vol 4 $15 Norton (17)

Wray, Link                                        Barbed Wire $15 Ace Uk (13)

Wray, Link                                        Shadowman $15 (Ace UK) (12)



W & G Instrumental Story             35 tracks $15 77 minutes.



Allusions                                            Anthology 1966-1968 $15 21 tks 51min

Bobby & Laurie                                I Belong with You $15 26 tks

Bobby & Laurie                                with other Fabulous Australian

                                                            Performers of the Seventies 23 tks

                                                            74 minutes. The Cosmic Cowboy & I

                                                            miss the Silver Bodgie greatly!

Clark, Gene                                      No Other $18 expanded & remastered.

DeShannon                                       Best (Rhino) $18

Greenwich. Ellie                               Ellie Greenwich 2 albums on 1 cd where

                                                            She sings all the songs she wrote such as

                                                            “Chapel of Love”, “And Then He Kissed

                                                            Me”, “Be My Baby”, “River Deep

                                                            Mountain High” etc. 75 minutes $15

Lovin’ spoonful                                 Summer in the City (Best) 2cds 40 tk $25

Missing Links                                    Driving You Insane: Complete $18

MPD Limited                                     The Legendary Go Recordings $15 16tks

Revell, Digger                                   And the Denvermen $15 32 tks inc.

                                                            “My Little Rocker’s Turned Surfie”.

                                                            Talented but must be a total crap wit

                                                            as he was let out of the hoosegow for

                                                            growing marijuana & then was back in

                                                            trouble for doing the same thing. I know

                                                            the silver bodgie wasn’t impressed when

                                                            asked if he would appear at a benefit. He

                                                            said “They give benefits for stupidity”? 

                                                            Incidentally the Revell company put out

                                                            a famous kid’s toy, the Revell Digger and

                                                            this was reversed to give the name.

Sinatra, nancy                                  Lightning’s Girl 1965-1971 26 tks over 75

                                                            Min. $18 inc duets with Lee Hazelwood &

                                                            all her solo hits

Steppenwolf                                     Born to Be Wild Retrospective 2cds $25

Taman Shud                                      Live in Concert July 2 1972 $15



**Australian Beat Music Scene 1965-1967  The Go & Scope label 31 tks 70 min.  The Melbourne recording scene was so different to that in Sydney, It includes Bobby & Laurie, Henchmen, Billy Adams etc

**Go!! Going!! Gone 1965-1967 $15 74 minutes rare stuff.

**Punkville! A non Melbourne collection including Billy Thorpe & Aztecs,

Vince Maloney Sect and Brisbane’s Purple Hearts featuring Lobby Loyde.

**Very Very Very Best of 70s Disco $25 2cds 34 tracks. All originals.



Baez, Joan                                        How Sweet the Sound $15 Includes

                                                            Recordings from late 50s to 2009!!

McDonald, Country Joe                  Thinking of Woody Guthrie $18 Classic

                                                            Out of print recorded in Nashville.

Mclean, Don                                      For the Memories 2cds $20 His 2 albums

                                                            recorded in Nashville with The


Sainte-Marie , Buffy                        It’s My Way $15 her debut with

                                                            “Universal Soldier”.

Sainte-Marie , Buffy                        Running for the Drum $15 2008 album

Sainte-Marie, Buffy             Native North American Child $15

Stewart, John                                   Best of John Stewart: Turning Music Into

                                                            Gold $18 22 tks His second coming after                                                           being the lead singer in post Dave Guard

                                                            Kingston Trio this time with backing from

                                                            Fleetwood Mac.

Stewart, John                                   Punch the Big Guy $15

Wainwright, Loudon III                 Social Studies $20

Wainwright, Loudon III                 Strange Weirdos $18



**Hawaiian Music 100 Japanese compilation of 100 Hawaiian songs with traditional Hawaiian artists such as a bunch of Pahinuis, orchestral interpretations such as Los Indios and henry Mancini, Hawaiian pop by Japanese Hawaiians, rock & roll artists doing hawaain such as elvis, Belafonte, Chet Atkins, Floyd Cramer $35 5 cds!!


**Treasures Left Behind: Remembering Kate Wolf $20 with a great cast to pay tribute to the classic folkie who died in 1986. Includes w Emmylou Harris, Peter Rowan, John Gorka, Dave Alvin etc.


Blues (inc. cajun etc)

Beausoleil                                         Hot Chilli Mama  (Arhoolie) $20

Berry, Chuck                                                Live at the Fillmore $15 (yes blues!)

Butterfield, Paul                              Elektra Years Anthology 2cds Well over

                                                            2 hours. $25

Chenier, Clifton                                King of Zydeco Live at Montreux $20

                                                            68 mins on Arhoolie

Chenier, Clifton                                Louisiana Blues & Zydeco $20 64 min.

Hooker, John Lee                            Ultimate Collection 2cds Rhino $25
James, Etta                                       Essential:original Chess Masters 2cd $25

James, Etta                                       Life, Love & the Blues $20

McCracklin, Jimmy                          Mercury recordings (Bear) $20

Tharpe, Sister Rosetta                   Live in 1960 $18

Walker,, T Bon                                 Complete Imperial 1950-54 $20 2cds

Webster, Katie                                 I Know That’s Right: Solo & With Hot

                                                            Links $20 (arhoolie 71 mins!)

Winter, Johnny                                Woodstock Experience 2c d $20

Various                                              Genuine Houserockin’ Music $18

Various                                              Louisina Cajun Music special $20

                                                            On the Swallow label.



All are in new or as new condition. HC means hard cover. SB means soft.


30 Years on the Road with Gene Autry:My Recollections $35  By Johnny Bond HC Published after Autry’s death by Bond’s daughter as her father didn’t want to portray Autry in a negative light when still alive.


All Hopped Up and Ready to Go: Music from the Streets of New York 1927-1977  SC 453 pp Covers all music but has perhaps the biggest on the Greenwich Village folk movement and the folk movement in general as well as the origins of black music in Harlem etc. $15


An Epic Life: Willie Nelson Joe Nick Patoski 567 pp HC Stunning biography. Great photos and a bunch of stuff you haven’t  previously read. Gives a great musical as well as personal perspective. $30


Behind the Grand Ol Opry Curtain: Tales of Romance and Tragedy $30 Great 416 HC book by Robert Oermann, arguably the best of the Nashville writers. Not quite Nashville Babylon but a hard to put down item. I do have a copy myself.


Born Country: Randy Owen with Allen Rucker HC 275 pp $15 the story of Alabama’s  lead vocalist. Nice bits about trying to get that first break.


Good Natured Riot: The Birth of the Grand Ol Opry Charles k Wolfe HC 312 pages. The late Charles Wolfe was not only one of the greatest authorities on early country music he was able to write about it in an always interesting manner with great anecdotes. As such he stands alone in this field. Great book. $30


Hayloft Gang: Story of the National Barn Dance  edited by Chad Berry SB

215 pp lots of photos. Chicago’s National Barn Dance was the main competition for the Grand Ol Opry under the auspices of John Lair. $15


Heartaches by the Number: Country Music’s 500 Greatest Singles SB 295pp large book. David Cantwell & Bill Friskics-Warren.  A great read even if it does not rate the songs as you may expect. Lots of anecdotes and information. And of course it invokes a double “how dare they”! response with why did they put that in or how could they leave that out. Still a great read. $30


Historic Photos of the Opry: Ryman Auditorium 1974 Jim McGuire 190 pp HC coffee table style book. Great photos and info. Forward by Garrison Keillor and  Marty Stuart. $25


Honky Tonk Heroes & Hillbilly Angels  by Laura Levine HC $10 rather thin book with caricatures of a bunch of artists from Hank Williams to Kitty wells. Personally I would suggest finding your favourite and getting a couple of frames. Would be a nice item for your shelves.


Guitar Towns: Journey to the Crossroads of Rock & Roll HC $18 Covers a bunch of musical centres outside the usual New York, Nashville, Chicago and La. Includes New Orleans, Jackson (Mississippi), Bakersfield, Muscle Shoals, Cincinatti etc. Again covers a variety of styles with of course country being to the fore


He Is I Say: Neil Diamond  HC 203 pp $15 David Wild.


Little Miss Dynamite: The Life and Times of Brenda Lee HC Robert Oermann 302 pp Brenda’s book is written first person style with ghosting by Oermann, one of Nashville’s best scribes and Julie Clay. Lots of anecdotes about the people she met who ultimately influenced her singing and performing styles. $18


Man of Constant Sorrow: My Life and Times Dr Ralph Stanley with Eddie Dean 452pp released end 2009. A great book from the perspective of the greatest living bluegrass artist. $35


Jimmie Rodgers: The Life and Times of America’s Blue Yodeller SB 460 pp

Great definitive bio on the first great country music artist. One of the best country music books ever written. Superb text and anecdotes and some wonderful photographs. $25


King of the Cowboys and Queen of the West: Roy Rogers & Dale Evans Raymond E White HB 530pp This is a real encyclopaedia about Roy & Dale and deals with their recording careers, movie careers and televison careers with a discography, filmography and I guess you’d have to say teeveeography. Large size hardcover book would be a must for all fans. Great detail and no stone is left unturned $35


Music of Bill Monroe : Neil Rosenberg & Charles K Wolfe HC A complete discography 350 pages. This is a large book. The sessions are written about in depth and then discography details are aso given in depth. Of that “Bill Monroe & Friends” album I have often referred to with the lengthy spoken introductions they say “Some between Monroe and John Hartford and Monroe and Ricky Skaggs sound genuine and sincere whilst others are full of obsequious Nashville gush.” Hell, that’s why I love it!!

Great book, $30


Nashville Portraits Jim McGuire HC Great coffee table book with portraits and tributes by a bunch of  people they have influenced. You look at a 20 year old Steve Earle and wonder where he went wrong. Some of McGuire’s photographs graced the covers of albums. They are all pretty good. Nice bluegrass perspective on a lot of the photos. $25 142 pp                                                                                                  

Old Roots & New Routes Pamela Fox & Barbara Ching SB $15 Any book that has a chapter on Neko Case (a footnote is too much) comes across as a wank and a half, as the Queen Mother once said. Generally the so called alt country is as bad as the Nashville variety and is guided by the old Emperor’s New Clothes syndrome in that no one is game to say it is crap for fear of being labelled as uncool. The Cosmic Cowboy & myself make no such reservation, but if you want to get a perspective on the rationale of the alt country movement then this is for you. 281pp


Public Cowboy Number 1: The Life and Times of Gene Autry SB 406pp

Holly George-warren’s book gives a warts and all account of Gene Autry. Nice anecdotes and yes he did ride side saddle with Gail “Annie Oakley’ Davis. Also has a discography of Autry’s recording sessions. $25


River of No Return: Tennessee Ernie Ford and the Woman he Loved  255pp HC by Jeffrey Buckner Ford (Ern’s eldest son) This is a real warts & all book about the seemingly always jovial Ern which indicates he wasn’t and carried many demons including being a chronic alcoholic. But it also delves into the part he played in recording history and I bet you didn’t know that one of the 50s biggest songs in any style of music was sent out as a b-side (“Sixteen Tons” of course). $30


Rough Mix: The Jimmy Bowen story  HC $18 Great book about Bowen formerly as a performer and then as a producer and head of Liberty when Garth Brooks was on the label. Makes great reading and you should pump your fists ever times Bowen disses Brooks. Wundabar!!


Shot in the Dark:Making Records in Nashville 1945-1955 Martin Hawkins HC. Stunning coffee table style book with lots of text and great pictures. The title is pretty self explanatory and whilst the emphasis is of course on country music a lot of other styles are covered. US publisher’s price is US$65. This is  must at $35. Absolutely wonderful.


Statler Brothers Random Memories by Don & Harold Reid $30 HC 288 pgs


Tammy Wynette “Tragic Country Music Queen” $35 Brand new 448 HC biography.


Those Grand Ole Opry Country Music Stars David Liverett 245pp PB Liverett gives a page by page ru down on the artist’s career as well as illustrating each entry. Not essential by any means but interesting as he features a lot of artists you never see written about except in passing eg Gordon Terry, the man who I would nominate #1 in the list of “How could he have not been a huge star”. $12


Waiting for a Train: Jimmie Rodgers’s America edited by Mary Davis and Warren Zanes SB A great collection of essays about the man and his times. Writers include Bob Dylan, biographer Nolan Porterfield, the always interesting Nick Tosches, Bill Malone, Charles Wolfe and many more. 299pp $25


Who Says You Can’t Cook It All  Alan Jackson Yes, a Jackson family cookbook. About 100 pg SB If a Jackson fan you may just want it. $8



So that’s all for this time folks. Hope you can fine something to your liking.





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