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Unfortunately there has been a slight postage increase, brought about by our friends at Australia Post. 1 cd $2/ 2 cds $3/ 3-4 cds $6.50 We will send registered or express as requested.

New and just in.

Hillside Records Country Song Roundup $30  This is new recordings on the Hillside label with special guest and musical director in Justin Trevino. Justin is still on the Heart of Texas label and his 4 songs (of a very generous 21). I can’t say I have heard Kenny Seratt before but that is mainly through lack of material available more so than anything else but lo & behold if he doesn’t sound like Lefty, which is particularly weird on “Hank & Lefty Raised My Country Soul”!! He appears on 5 songs and none are less than sensational. What a voice!! Jerry Inman is also fine on three tracks. He was once voted  the CMA’s Best Newcomer of the Year. Well he is close to the best on this. The remaining songs feature Curtis Potter, Darrell McCall and Ray Sanders in various trios, duos and solo spots. These are different to the “Texas Dance Hall Music” cd. Curtis Potter, who recorded a duet album on step One with Willie Nelson, is a superb Ray price style vocalist (as if I had to actually tell Y & T regulars)

and is grand on “January, April & Me”. A must have cd and one where everyone will agree there are 21 gems. All are only on this cd!!

DVD Heart of Texas Records Proudly Present Ernest Tubb Record Shops Midnight Jamboree $35 After the Grand Ol Opry would finish many of the cast would make the short walk across Broadway (the Nashville Broadway that is) to the original Ernest Tubb Record Shop where a small stage was set up in the rear and they would do an encore if you like which was broadcast to radio. The shows still continue but are now at the Ernest Tubb Records Store in Music Valley Way rather than the original store. Occasionally the show will go on tour and this is how this dvd originates. Recorded in Brady, Texas in March 2009, this dvd offers 2 hours of some of the absolute gentry of country music, particularly the Yesterday & Today Records variety. There is Justin Trevino and Amber Digby (both together & alone), Darrell McCall (what a charismatic guy), Leona Williams, James Hand, Heather Myles, Frankie Miller, Big Bill Lister, Ferlin Husky etc. Then there are great contributions by the likes of Kimberley Murray, Rance Norton, Robert Mizzell (had one album by him a fair while back) and Mona McCall!! The band is under the direction of Justin Trevino. Just watch how Justin plays bass guitar. You would think you could go out and buy one and play with a similar level of dexterity; he just makes it looks so darn easy!! The band also features the brilliant Dickey Overby on steel guitar and there are few if any better. There is a bonus interview with David McCormick who has been the owner of the ET Record Stores (and hence owner of Midnight Jamboree) for a long time. A very sad legacy of the final years of the great Justin Tubb (after whom Justin Trevino is named). Seeing Justin Trevino and Amber Digby perform “How’s the World Treating You” is just mesmerising.

Other Recent dvds (3 of ‘em….they are just not releasing them)

DVD Jason Aldean – Wide Open Live and More $28 90 minutes of one of the bright new artists.  Recorded live in Tennessee.

DVD Old Crow Medicine Show – Live at the Orange Peel & Tennessee Theatre $25  70 minutes including quite a few tracks not on their cds.

1.Hard To Love
2.Down Home Girl
3.Trials & Troubles
4.I Hear Them All
5.Wheeling Breakdown
6.Raise A Ruckus
8.Mary's Kitchen
9.Alabama High-Test
10.Reuben's Train
11.Hard To Tell
13.Next Go 'Round
14.Tennessee Pusher
15.Sally Ann
16.Wagon Wheel
17.Tell It To Me
18.Fall On My Knees
19.Tell It To Me (Reprise)
20.CC Rider
21. Shack #9

DVD + CD Sugarland Live on the Inside (only sold at Walmart stores in USA. NOT available elsewhere . The cd is an album of covers of such things as b52s “Love shack” plus other pop covers. The DVD has 16 tracks and over one hour of hits from their previous albums

Joey Allcorn “All Alone Again” $30 This is the second cd by Joey and is right up to the quality of the previous “50 Years Too Late” which rated very highly in our 2006 Best of List. That album featured an appearance by Hank Williams III and indeed comparisons are apt between he and Joey. Joey is probably a slightly lower register but leaves Hank III for dead as far as backing goes. The backing on this is even an improvement on the first. The opening track “Honky Tonk Ramblin’ Man” is just a knockout. It features Chris Casello on guitar and steel guitar and he sounds like a one man Jimmy Bryant and Speedy West. He is joined by Hank Singer on fiddle and in places Chris Scruggs (son of Randy Scruggs & Gail Davies & a BR549 member) on guitar and the great Don Helms on steel guitar, in what is possibly his last recording. And just for good measure Lloyd Green drops in to lend a hand. “Lonesome, Lovesick Man” is classic. The songs are such a high quality that during our recent first ever garage sale (that was the special news from our last newsletter… it was basically by invitation and we will be having another prior Christmas. If you would like an invitation please let me know) we sold out of our first shipment. That was 15 copies and whilst it may be a tad short of a gold record it still is pretty good to sell straight off the bat to people listening to it for the first time. Truly, everyone wanted it and that is no surprise, as it is that good. All the material is of the highest standard. “Have At It Darlin’” is a great driving song. “Honky Tonk Hell” is the place where Joey sees as his final place for him and his ilk. Great references to the songs of Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Ernest Tubb etc. Lloyd Green punctuates ever line with a mini solo. Uncompromisingly full on country throughout. Every song has a classic feel that you have to remind yourself all 13 have a 2009 copyright and are all Joey Allcorn originals. “Waiting by the Railroad Track” reminds a little of “Orange Blossom Special”. You can see the train!! For a change of pace he even manages a Hank style yodel on the “All Alone Again”, the album’s concluding track. Album of the year? Well I give it ten out of ten and would even add half a star on to that due his facial resemblance to Curly of the Three Stooges. A must have for all.

We have a handful of his earlier “50 Years Too Late” for $30. There are no more once these go.

Leon Russell – “Best of Hank Wilson” $30 Hank Wilson is Leon’s country alter ego. The first album, “Hank Wilson’s Back” was on Asylum Records back in the early 70s and was as important as the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band’s “Will the Circle Be Unbroken” in introducing real country music to a new audience. The songs that were on that original album have been re-recorded by Leon for this venture.  There are also 3 songs that are additions to his Hank Wilson album set list, they being “San Antonio Rose”, “You Win Again’ and “Ballad of Jed Clampett”.  There were 4 Hank Wilson cds altogether with the final one being the mid 90s “Rhythm and Bluegrass” which featured New Grass revival. I would suggest that even if you had all 4 you would be such a Leon nutter that you would want this for the bonus tracks and new recordings. “He Stopped Loving Her Today” is given a great reading and features Willie Nelson and whilst the album is pure country an exception is “Sixteen Tons” which owes a lot to Ray Charles. 22 tracks and well over an hour has Pete the Quaker rubbing his hands in great value joy. Leon is such a fine interpretative singer that it leaves you wanting more!

Johnny Paycheck “Nowhere to Run: The Little Darln’ Years 1966-1970” $28 Johnny Paycheck was a self destructive, troublemaking nutter who in his very brief heyday (but represented in everything on this cd) was the greatest hard country singer ever and even made the likes of George Jones seem like a picture of sobriety in comparison. During the period of these recordings Paycheck was a touring member of George Jones’ band, “The Jones Boys” and featured on some Jones’ recordings. Under the auspices of Aubrey Mayhew and backed by some of the greatest country musicians in Lloyd Green, Pete Wade,  Jerry Smith and Buddy Spicer. Paycheck’s recordings had a rawness that was his trademark. 8 of the songs on this album are previously unreleased and “Pint of No Return” has some classic wordplay. The cd “Real Mr Heartache: The little Darlin’ Years” was issued on the Country Music Foundation label and had classics such as “(Pardon Me) I’ve Got Someone to Kill” and “He’s In a Hurry (To Get Home to My Wife” which were brilliant. Paycheck never tried to play the straight man. He was always erratic, even when recording for the Epic label in the 70s and 80s. But the honky tonk lifestyle and that of a self professed bad man found it way into songs with scary realism when Johnny Paycheck sang them. The 29 tracks on this include previously unissued gems and things that have not been on cd before such as “I’m a Coward”, “Don’t Tell My Wife”, “I’ve Got Wine on My Mind”, “Problem Solving Doctor”, “There’s No Easy way to Die”, “If I’m Gonna Sink (I Might As Well Go to the Bottom”) etc etc. Paycheck didn’t just sing them he lived them too and then some. Not surprisingly there are not the quantity of recordings of a Jones but what there is is equal to (at least) anything the great man ever released. This is simply a must have cd, every single one of the 29 tracks!!

Sonny Burgess “Have You Got a Song That I Like” $30  The 3rd cd from “young” Sonny Burgess, as distinct from the Sun recording artist of the same name and it is every bit his best (but mind you there are a few inklings he may not be as young as previously thought). What is interesting is that he has opted to record other people’s songs. In the words of the Swedish cowboy, the first track< “Beer-i-cide”  is “a killer up tempo drinking song”. The album however has a lot more reflective songs. The next song, “The Request” is cowritten by Dave Gibson (ex Gibson Miller Band) and has a great storyline. This like a couple of other songs on the album reminds of the style of Doug Supernaw, that great but “Johnny Paycheck crazy” artist of the mid to late 90s. Thankfully Sonny will not be “Committed to Parkview” as was our Doug, notably on the excellent “Every Now and Then”, written by the Cosmic Cowboy’s favourite Bobby Pinson. All in all an excellent album. High on the songs and no ditties. Before Nashville abandoned all vestiges of real country music this would have been a chart topper!!

This next review is courtesy of the Swedish Cowboy, a man of (generally consummate) good taste, and by him as the first batch went in a thrice and will be a week before I get more. Also, another purchaser the rascal from Warren, enthusiastically texted me to say it was potentially AOTY!!

That is “Album of the Year”. So courtesy of the S.C.

Weldon Henson “Tryin’ To Get By” $30  Hillbilly renegade Records 4329: This guy knows what he is doing. A real surprise! Only originals written by the singer! Ricky Davis on steel and generally excellent backing, but fiddle on only one track! Somewhere between Dale Watson and Dwight Yoakam or maybe between George Highfill and Moot Davis! A slight rock or rockabilly attitude! Really good modern country true to tradition!

Ed Bruce “The Tennessean/Cowboys and Dreamers” $34

Charlie Louvin “Less & Less & I Don’t Love You Anymore” $34

Gene Watson “Reflections/Should I Come Home” $34

Faron Young “Here’s Faron Young/Occasional Wife” $34

A series of excellent releases on the Hux label out of England. The Ed Bruce material is just so hard to get and as a singer there is none better. Not too shabby in the writer department either. His “When I Die Just Let Me Go to Texas” was recorded by Tanya Tucker as “Texas (When I Die”). I love Ed’s decidedly non western cowboy persona. Both albums are gems with the latter including “The Man Who Turned My Mama On”. It is surprising he had not many hits. He is so darn good.

The Charlie Louvin cd includes his first two post Louvins album with the hits “I Don’t Love You Anymore” and “Less & Less”, the latter written by Roger Miller. The album also includes some great covers in “Once a Day” and “Just Between the Two Of Us”. The second album featured a couple of Ed Bruce songs including the title track plus contributions from fine writers such as the highly underappreciated Justin Tubb. “You Finally Said Something Good” is as honky tonky as Charlie gets!

The first album on the Gene Watson cd was one of his most successful with 3 top tens (with “Farewell Party” being about the definitive Gene Watson track) whilst the second has two top tens including the fabulous word play of “Nothing Sure Looked Good on You”. Suffice to say, Gene Watson is an absolute favourite among Yesterday & Today customers, and indeed owner!!

Faron Young’s Mercury albums are impossible to get and apart from one fairly shoddy sounding cd his entire Mercury output is basically confined to scant hits collections. The first is full of great songs from the likes of Wayne Kemp and Jerry Chesnut (who wrote his biggest hit, the wonderful “Four in the Morning”, as pretty a melody as ever written).  Kemp wrote the hit “I Just Came to Get My Baby” and Chesnut “So Afraid”. There is also the excellent b-side “Missing You Was All I Did Today”. The second album had big hits with the title song and “If I Ever Fall in Love With a Honky Tonk Girl”. Like I said this stuff is just not available anywhere!!

Shane Worley “Mister Purified Country” $30  One of the greatest singers you would ever hear. A little like Mel McDaniel if any comparison is needed but decidedly his own man. The open “Two Beers Ago” was written for Vern Gosdin, but sadly just before Vern passed away from the after effects of a series of strokes. You could almost imagine it as an outtake of “Chiselled in Stone”. In the overall scheme of independent releases it is not just an artist that stands out but more so producer and musician and songwriter, Mike Headrick. He has written 3 songs of which “Sweet Revenge” is a classic.  He also was featured on that great cd by Lawrence Reynolds and no doubt pushed “Them Old Hank Williams Songs” toward Shane and what an inspired choice in doing so. Similarly the Mike Headrick song “The Right to be Wrong” was recorded by Leo Nelson (see our rarities) bin, though with a quicker tempo. What more can I say except the material and performances are of the highest order. Again this would have been a chart topper if the majors were still concerned with country music. But then again I feel selfish sometimes.

Lucas Hudgins “The World Left Is Mine” $30 His previous album was fine but had a cover rivalling the first cover  from Amber Digby’s debut album as one of the worst we have ever had. Thankfully Amber’s folks saw fit the reissue it with a cover befitting its greatness. Simply put you couldn’t see anything but a blur which on closer inspection was a barroom scene. Thankfully that has been fixed and then some. The Texas shuffle is alive and then some. Credit must partially go to David Biller who acts as producer. He of course is one of the best guitar players in Texas, and is featured on the best albums of Wayne the Train Hancock and Dale Watson. He released some great guitar albums with Jeremy Wakefield (Biller and Wakefield) and was a star on “Travis County Pickin’”. H e proves himself adept on steel guitar as well. “Your Heart Just Slipped My Mind” is a classic cheatin’ song and is prefaced by the line “When your ring slipped off my finger”. Great stuff. “More Whine” intersperses “whine” with the other “wine”. “the Man Who makes Her Cry” sounds like a song youd expect on a Vernon Oxford album but lo & behold you get a song which would have been right at home with the great Waylon Jennings. Uncanny in its Waylonish sound!! Great album and full marks this time as the cover is a knock up of one of those great late 50s Capitol label albums.

Leland Martin “Truckers for Troops” $30 This guy looks uncannily like Trace Adkins, a great singer who has recorded some of the blandest and limpest songs we have ever heard. Leland is the opposite there!! This is the second truckin’ album he has cut though there are 9 new songs with 3 favourites from previous albums to round it out to 12. “Truckers for the Troops” is about a guy who is on foreign duty, presumably Afghanistan or Iraq, and the hardships of doing so. “Grumpy Ol’ Truckdrivers” is a pedal to the metal romp done as a duet with “Uncle R” who is seemingly not otherwise identified but it is a great track. “The Purple Bag” is unusual; he has hung the bag his liquor used to come in to his rear view mirror. Quite a moving story. “It holds all my memories, the good ones and the bad”. A very nice song. “That Ol’ Truck” is about a truck passed from a father to a son. “When Haggard Sings ‘The Fightin’ Side of Me’” is a patriotic number. “The Long Rider” is about the loneliness of the long distance truck driver. “400 Horses and Eighteen Wheels” is a downhome tale of a trucker who enjoys his craft. This guy has a loyal and deserved following.

David Frizzell & Shelley West “Very Best” $28 The daughter of Dottie West was married to Alan Frizzell who also played in their band. When Shelley and Alan got into marital troubles the duet fell by the wayside. The huge hit “You’re the Reason God Made Oklahoma” plus other top tens such as “Texas State of Mind” and “Another Honky Tonk Night Down on Broadway” saw them as  one of country music’s most popular acts. This collects 16 Viva  songs in all on the excellent Varese label.

DVD Flatt & Scruggs – Best of the Flatt & Scruggs TV Show Vol 7

DVD Flatt & Scruggs – Best of the Flatt & Scruggs TV Show Vol 8

The charismatic Lester is the perfect compare and there is a good natured down home feel about them. Guest on the Vol 7 is Kentucky Slim. There is also a special feature explaining how they were able to get the deteriorated film restored to produce these excellent quality dvds.  As always they include a gospel number here and there.

Orville Dollar “Traditional Sounds of Norville Dollar Now” $30 Norville is a true veteran with a vocal style a tad like George Jones, particularly in the phrasing. Like Shane Worley it is on the excellent Country Discovery label, which is the baby of Mike Headrick, who also contributes 8 of the songs found here along with 1 from Bobby Atkins and 2 from Lawrence Reynolds, including the great “Haggard & Jones”. Who can pick the subtle lyrical change he makes?? Great honky tonk.

Tanya Tucker “My Turn” $30 Brand New album from Tanya features her interpretations of country classics but of course with the appropriate Tanya sassiness you know it is gonna be good. Even more so that is is produced by Pete Anderson. Guests include Flaco Jimenez on “Is Anybody Going to San Antone”, Jo-el Sonnier on “Big Big Love” and Rhonda Vincent who is the perfect foil for Tanya on the Eddy Arnold/Cindy Walker classic “You Don’t Know me”. Notes are by well know author Colin Escott

Liz Talley – “More Than Satisfied” $30 The conception that female indie releases don’t usually measure up to their male counterparts has been blown away again. Dottie Jack is firmly entrenched as Album of the Year favourite and Liz is knocking firmly at the door. “Bump Bounce Boogie” is a great swing opener, highly reminiscent of Carolyn Martin with the “Timejumpers”. Then bang straight onto the second which is a duet with Tony Booth on “What We Don’t Have”, a classic “George/Tammy” style song from Billy Yates and Jerry Salley. Not a writer herself (apparently) she has some great songs from Melba Montgomery, Becky Hobbs and Leona Williams (2 from each in fact). “One Man’s Angel” is a great cheatin’ song with a great set of lines (“one man’s angel, another man’s fool”.) An obscure Lacy J Dalton “You Can’t Take the Texas Out of Me” is another little swing number. So 2 swing numbers, some great cheating songs, a classic duet. A must for this year’s top 10 or higher. Then there is the witty cajun flavoured “Johnny Getting Out of Jail Barbeque”. This is great.

Henson Cargill “On the Road: The Mega Years Plus” $28  Second collection on the great Omni label which postdates his “Skip a Rope” period by ¾ years. His voice has taken on a slightly deeper tone. “1932” is a classic Great Depression tale, of a family making its way to California from the Dustbowl. No happiness here baby! Mother dies just as they cross the State line and Dad takes his life. The final line is chilling “Life was hell for us in 1932”. Powerful!! “Oklahoma Hell” is another similar tale. A moral tale in 3 ½ minutes. Black gold….Texas tea (maybe that should be Oklahoma tea??). Red Stegall’s “Picking White Cotton” is a bluesy number. “Pencil Walks on The Wall” is in one sense the story of Jim and his growing up, from when he was a boy through growing up stages but then Jim gets called up…you can guess the rest…that’s all that is left…the pencil marks on the wall. 26 tracks and of those 3-4 covers may be the only ones that don’t measure up. A consummate story teller who likes to add a little morality here and there. Great.

Leslie Thom – High Maintenance $30 Another fine lady singer who is making a total lie out of the fact that up until recenty female indies have not measured up. “I’ll Take the Fifth’ is  great honky tonker from Becky Hobbs. Fiddles by Bobby Flores and production by Bill Green!! “I Love Texas More Than You” is a swing duet with Ray Benson, wittily sung by Leslie. Two more Becky Hobbs songs keep things rolling along nicely.

 But she shows she can handle a ballad as well with “What Do I Do With Me Now”, a nice waltz. Yes, I ma going to have to change my way of thinking and then some!!

Rick Shea “Shelter Valley Blues” $28  Californian who has been greatly influenced by Merle Haggard, more so in emulating the style rather than the voice, which is very good. There are songs that you would swear were Hags, but are not. “Shelter Valley Blues” has a similar structure to some of Hag’s 80s Epic recordings.  Guests include Heather Myles and a couple of the members of Los Lobos who feature on the great Tex Mex track “Sweet Little Pocha”. Shea was on the 3rd edition of “Town South of Bakersfield” which we have liberally quoted as a guide to all things great in country music.

Al Perkins Big Dog 3 $25 They get there name from the Hank Williams’ classic “Move It on Over”, notably the line “Move over little dog, the big dog’s moving in”.  Al Perkins has worked with a lot of  west coast country rock acts including Gram Parsons, Stephen stills Manassas and was a member of Emmylou’s Nash Ramblers. His former boss lends a hand on “You and Me” and it is interesting that former Sweetheart of the Rodeo vocalist, Kristine Arnold, makes a comeback and is featured on “Born to Believe” and “She Came Along”. Last I heard she was working in a clothing store with her sister (and fellow “Sweetheart”) Janis Gill. There is a variety of styles even though you’d classify this as a country rock album…though 2 songs do rock.  Other vocal guests include Brigitte DeMeyer who has made her name singing bluegrass tinged folk in Europe

Due Very Soon (end August early-mid September)

This first one is very exciting but it will be a mainstream release so I won’t be getting it, but “John Fogerty – Blue Ridge Rangers Ride Again” will certainly be on my own shopping list, though I would not suffer the rubbish that are locally made cds…better get a couple after all!!

**Gene Watson – A Taste of the Truth $30 New album on Shanachie

If he isn’t everybody’s favourite vocalist he must run a close second!!

**Billy Yates – Bill’s Barber Shop $30 quite prolific and great writer. Have heard an advance and it is one of his best. He was a barber before making it in the music industry, so consider it to be biographical to a certain extent. A great singer as well as writer.

**James Hand – Shadow on the Ground $30 We had better not award that Album of the Year just yet as methinks that place may be meant for James, one of the greatest honky tonk singers ever, a co-hort of Dale Watson and much more. An all new James Hand album is a major event at Yesterday & Today Records.


 1. Don't Want Me too
 2. Mona Lisa
 3. Just a Heart
 4. The Parakeet
 5. Floor to Crawl
 6. What Little I Got Left
 7. The Pain of Loving You
 8. Ain't A Goin'
 9. Midnight Run
 10. Leavin' for Good
 11. Don't Depend on Me
 12. Men Like Me Can Fly

**Ricky Skaggs “Solo (Songs My Dad Loved”)  $30


1.Foggy River
2  What Is A Home Without Love
3  Colonel Prentiss
4  City That Lies Foursquare 
5  Little Maggie
6  Sinner You'd Better Get Ready
7  Pickin' In Caroline
8  I Had But 50 Cents
9  Green Pastures In The Sky
10  Calloway
11  This World Is Not My Home
12  Branded Wherever I Go
13  God Holds The Future In His Hands

**Guy Clark – “Some Days the Song Writes You” $30 First new album in quite a while.

 1. Somedays You Write The Song
 2. The Guitar
 3. Hemingway's Whiskey
 4. Coat, The
 5. All She Wants Is You
 6. If I Needed You
 7. Hollywood
 8. Eamon
 9. Wrong Side Of The Tracks
 10. One Way Ticket Down
 11. Maybe I Can Paint Over That

**Nitty Gritty Dirt Band “Speed of Life’ $30

 1. Tulsa Sounds Like Trouble To Me
 2. Brand New Heartache
 3. The Resurrection
 4. Somethin' Dangerous
 5. Goin Up The Country
 6. Jimmy Martin
 7. Lost In The Pines
 8. Speed Of Life
 9. Amazing Love
 10. Stuck In The Middle
 11. Earthquake
 12. Tryin' To Try
 13. Good To Be Alive

**Patty Loveless “Mountain Soul II” $30 What can we say. The first is her best and one of the greatest ever albums by a female. To say this would eagerly awaited is an understatement. Guests include Emmylou Harris, Carl Jackson, Vince Gill and  Al Perkins. Backing musicians include the great Randy Kohrs. A must have!!

1. Busted 
2. Fools Thin Air 
3. A Handful Of Dust 
4. Half Over You 
5. Prisoner's Tears 
6. Working on a Building 
7. Friends in Gloryland 
8. [We Are All] Children of Abraham 
9. Big Chance 
10. When the Last Curtain Falls 
11. Blue Memories 
12. You Burned the Bridge 
13. Bramble and the Rose  
14. Feelings of Love

**Larry Gatlin & the Gatlin Brothers – “Pilgrimage” $30 The Gatlins won me with their overwhelmingly immodest intro many years ago on the “Bill Monroe & Friends” album which went something like “We would charge a lot of people a lot of money just to walk across the street but we would do it all for free for you”…now I thought that was nice and I also think this will be a big album as it will feature “Johnny Cash Is Dead & His House Burned down” which may be this year’s answer to “Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes”.  Incidentally “Pilgrim” was J R Cash’s nickname for Larry….wonder what John Wayne called him??

**Sam Baker – Cotton $30 His too previous albums have been great; in the folky country Bob Dylanesque style if you like.


 1. Dixie
 2. Cotton
 3. Moon
 4. Mennonite
 5. Signs
 6. Palestine II
 7. Who's Gonna Be Your Man
 8. Say the Right Words
 9. Angel Hair
 10. Not Another Mary
 11. Palestine I
 12. Bridal Chest
 13. Snow

**Chris Knight – Trailer II (unplugged is his best style!!)

 1.Old Man
 2. It Ain't Easy Being Me  
 3. Highway Junkie
 4. Summer Of '75
 5. Bring The Harvest Home  
 6. I'll Be There
 7. Send A Boat
 8. The River's Own
 9. Love And A .45
 10. Speeding Train
 11. Blame Me
 12. Till My Leaving's Through

**Aaron Watson “Live Deep in the Heart of Texas” cd + dvd $32 Great young Texas singer.

**Two Tons of Steel “Not that Lucky” $30 Great group from Austin who are like a slightly more rockabilly version of the Derailers. Great sound & honky tonk style

   1. Hold Over Me 
   2. Not that Lucky   
   3. Run To You 
   4. Long Road to Heaven  
   5. Wanna Dance With You    
   6. Comin' For You    
   7. Crying Eyes    
   8. Bottom of the Bottle   
   9. Without Your Love    
 10. Alcohol and Pills

These other great cds are in stock now:

**Wendell Adkins    - Honky Tonkin’ Texas Style $30. Only cd of the shameless but excellent Waylon influenced artist.

**John Anderson – Bigger Hands $30 2009 on Country Crossing label.

Great traditional style vocalist still cuts it!! James Stroud produced.

**Eddy Arnold – Memorial Best Of $38 Japan issue with 25 superbly remastered songs. Simply put Japan makes world’s best cds.

**Chet Atkins Japanese remasters

-      Discover Japan $35

-      Me and Chet/Me And Jerry (w. Jerry Reed) $35

-      Atkins Travis Travelling Show $35

-      Picks on the Beatles $35

-      Solo Flights $35

-      RCA Days of Chet Atkins: Nashville Jump 2cds $48

**Hoyt Axton – My Griffin Is Gone expanded 24 track version with 8 tracks being previously unreleased & 4 others on cd for first time.

**Delia Bell – Delia Bell $28 WB cd produced by and featuring Emmylou!!

**Tony Booth – “Is This All There Is” Wonderful Ray Price style $30 Tops

**Jann Browne – Buckin’ Around: a Tribute to Buck Owens $30 back in!

**Johnny Bush – “Lillie’s White Lies” $30 a must have album which features as title song one of the greatest country songs ever. Bush is singing as well as ever & this is produced by Justin Trevino. A must!

**Scotty Campbell – Smokin’ & Drinkin’ $20 +++Special. 13 fabulous

tracks by Canadian honky tonker, Great barroom honky tonk with a bit of


**Henson Cargill – A Very well Travelled Man $28 Features his Monument label recordings inc. “Skip a Rope” 27 tracks.

**Anita Carter – “Songbird” 28 tracks including ones not in the Bear Family box set. “The greatest female country singer of all” J R Cash.

**Amber Digby – Passion Pride & What Might Have Been” $30 Texas gal

who leaves the Nashville bimbettes floundering. Only Patty Loveless can hold her own wit hamber.

**Dixons – “Still Your Fool” $30 Dwight style twangy on the Cow Island label.

**Norville Dollar – Through the Years With $30 Great traditional style singer for George Jones/Vernon Oxford fans.

**Richie Furay – “Heartbeat of Love” $35 ultra deluxe book bound cover.  Comeback to the country rock style he is famous for after spending several years recording only gospel music.

**Bobby Flores – Eleven Roses $30 a true Texas Great.

**Tennessee Ernie Ford – 6000 Sunset Boulevard $32 A positively amazing album of 22 unreleased tracks from his daily radio show in the 50s. The sound is of ‘as recorded yesterday’ quality and the material is first class with backing including the great Speedy West. The reissue album of the year and it wouldn’t matter what else came out.

**Pam Gadd – Benefit of the Doubt $30 In essence a reunion of sorts of the great Wild Rose!

**Tompall & Glaser Brothers – Lovin’ Her Was Easier/ After All These Years 2 on 1 $25

**Lorne Greene – The Man $28 28 tracks and the only cd in print. Great sound and “Ringo” is just one of the many great story songs.

**Arty Hill – Bar of Gold $30

**Arty Hill – Back on the Rail $30 Upbeat honky tonk Cow Island label

**Hoyle Brothers – Don’t Leave Yet $30 Great shuffles & truck stop honky tonk all the way.

**Dotty Jack – With Every Heartbeat $30 As good as Amber Digby and As good as Miss Leslie, both previous “Album of the Year Winners” which should tell you where this is headed. Just superb and then some.

**Dotty Jack – I Can See Texas From Here $30

**Dotty Jack – Texan in a Stetson $30  her 2 earlier albums

**George Jones – The Grand Tour $20

**George Jones/ Tammy “Golden Ring” special $18

**George Jones/Tammy “ We Go Together/Let’s Build a World Together”

special $20

**Josie Kreuzer – Hot Rod Girl $30 great female rockabilly!

**Lil Mo & the monicats “ On the Moon $30 from Ella Mae Morse srtle to rockabilly.

**Josh Logan – “I Am What I Am” $30 Merle Street inspired artist.

**Joey Martin – “Strong Enough to Cry”  Earlier out of print and very hard to find album from the “Joey & Rory” gal. Great songs

**Miss Leslie Between the Whiskey & the Wine $30 2008 Album of the Year and one of the greatest albums by a female ever!!

**Dee Mullins – The Continuing Story $28 27 tracks Even though his most remembered song is the Harper Valley PTA answer song “The Continuing Story Of Harper Valley PTA” he was a hard country singer of the finest ilk who could have been another George Jones

** Joe Paul Nichols  “The Price Is Right: My Tribute to Ray Price” $30 a

member of the Y & T indie Hall of Fame Includes some quite rare covers.

David Peterson “Comin’ on strong” $30 Great country from a man with a bluegrass background. 18 tracks, all of which are good.

**John Prine “Great Days Anthology” $45 Rhino’s great 2cd set 40 tracks in remastered sound. Superbly compiled.  Selections up to and including “The Missing Years”

**Kimmie Rhodes & Willie Nelson – “Picture in a Frame” $30 Wonderful

album of duets with non better than the title song by Tom Waits

**Daryle Singletary – Rockin’ in the Country $30 latest by one of the best of the new breed. Good songs and a voice to die for.

**Porter Wagoner -  “Cold Hard Facts of Life/ Soul of  a Convict” $28 2 of his classic themed RCA albums on 1 cd.

**Porter Wagoner “The Rubber Room” $28 When it comes to quirky there is none quirkier. 29 classic examples by King of Quirkdom.

**Dale Watson – Truckin’ Sessions II $30

** Dallas Wayne – “I’ll Take the Fifth” $30 we love these 2 guys!!

** Hank Williams – The Unreleased Gospel Keepsakes $30

** Billy Yates – Favourites $30 21 classic tracks from all his albums with a bonus of a duet with George Jones on the neo classic “Choices” which Billy so wonderfully wrote


Plantation Gold 2cds 58 tracks $35 from the Plantation label including the huge hit “Harper Valley PTA” by Jeannie C Riley. Amazing array including superstars and big names such as Webb Pierce and Jeannie C Riley, rather obscure but still known artists such Little David Wilkins, Lawton Williams, James O’Gwynn, through to relative unknowns such as

Tokyo Matsu (one of the first Branson performers as well as a fine proponent of Japanese country) and Rod Hart (yes “C B Savage”), through totally unknown artists (and these are the best in many ways) such as Trooper Jim Foster and Margaret Lewis (who does a bizarre answer to “Honey’ which she sings from the beyond. A fabulous set, and hard as it may seem many of the tracks are previously unreleased. BUT

that guy who always bugged me for “Groovy Grubworm” still hasn’t called ,even though I answer the phone with expectation.

Bear Family

**Johnny Burnette Trio – Rockabilly Boogie $32

**Link Davis – Big Mamou $35

**Little Jimmy Dickens – Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight $32

**George Hamilton IV – To You & Yours $32

**George Jones – She Thinks I Still Care: The United Artists Years $210

5cds + book 150 tracks…how good!

**Leon McAuliffe – Tulsa Straight Ahead $32

**Ken Maynard – Sings the Lone Star Trail $32 Hollywood’s first singing cowboy. Huge booklet.

**Amos Milburn – Rocks $35

**Gene Pitney & George Jones 31 tracks not on the Jones box sets $32

**Connie Smith – “Born to sing” 4 cds + book $150

**Hank Snow – The Goldrush is Over $32 Great

**Hank Thompson – A Six Pack to Go $32

**Merle Travis – Folksongs of the Hills/Songs from the Coalmines $32

**Hank Williams – Rockin’ Chair Money his uptempo songs $32  33tks

**Leona Williams & Merle Haggard “Old Loves never Die” $32 28 tracks


**GonnaShake This Shack Tonight  20 tracks $32


These will be in around first week in September. Please order early to avoid missing out.

This is a very exciting one:

Sons of the Pioneers and Roy Rogers (King of the Cowboys) Complete Recordings 1934 to 1943 6 cd + 160 page book $240 182 tracks which collect all the STUDIO recordings of both the Original Sons of the Pioneers and then when he went solo the recordings of Roy Rogers. Clocks in around 8 ½ hours. Of the 182 songs 52 are previously unissued recordings. All the original Sons of the Pioneers classics are here including “Tumbling Tumbleweeds”Roving Cowboy” “Cool Water” along with all the Farr Brothers classic instrumentals. Roy’s first solo turn was “Cowboy Night Herd Song” and includes the other gems such as “Black Sheep Blues” and “Hadie Brown” (what a yodeller!) and even has some early Christmas songs. They co-existed for quite a while but over the years the sheer power and magic of these original recordings could not be emulated. Each song is written about by Doug Green of Riders in the Sky, one of the foremost western song authorities. Spectacularly necessary and 10 years in the making.

Johnny Horton – “Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight: Take Me Like I Am” $32  33 tracks which are only available in the Johnny Horton box set. The previously issued “Rockin’ Rollin; Johnny Horton” singlecd is not duplicated in any way.  It also is a great way to get a single cd of Horton rarities. Includes a previously unissued rockin’ version of “Candy Jones”. Best known track is probably “First Train Heading South”.

Pat Boone – Rocks $35  34 tracks which may have a bit more roll on them than rock but they are uptempo and often include covers of some of the best black R & B of the day which didn’t get played on commercial radio. Such tracks include “At My Front Door”, “Money Honey” a seemingly out of place “Fat Man” plus a cover of Roy Brown’s “Good Rockin; Tonight” and “Havin’ Fun spo Dee O Dee” (his image didn’t allow the “Drinkin’ Wine” bit).

Justin Tubb “Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight: Pepper Hot Baby” $32 should be much more highly represented in the reissue stakes. One of the greatest songwriters Nashville had to offer. He had a big hit with Goldie Hill on “Looking Back to see” and there are 4 duets with Goldie. There is also a duet with Roger Miller on “Mine Is a Lonely Life”. Roger and Justin co-wrote “Walking Talking Cryin’ Barely Beatin Broken Heart” which was a hit for Johnny Wright and then a big hit for Highway 101 in the early 90s. There are 32 tracks. His RCA albums are some of the best country music ever recorded; I do hope Bear Family release them down the track but for now this is a good start.

Freddie King “Taking Care of Business 1956-1973” 7cd + 104 page hardcover book $270 Called the Texas cannonball he was one of the greatest blues guitarists and Eric Clapton said “Of all the people I’ve played with he was the most stimulating”. His song “Hideaway” was recorded by both Clapton and Stevie Ray Vaughan.  168 tracks 9 hours plus playing time. His final recordings were on Leon Russell’s Shelter Records.

Louie & the Lovers “Complete Recordings” $32  A Tex mex obscurity which was produced by Doug Sahm and Tom Dowd of Atlantic Records fame. Lou Ortega then spent time after the demise of the group playing with Sam in various versions of the sir Douglas Quintet.

Sweet Soul Music Series

This is part of the deluxe series in which Bear Family presents the Soul Hits of a particular year and analyses them with a whopping 96pg book.

29 scorching Soul Classics 1966 $38 79 minutes

30 Scorching Soul Classics 1967 $38 over 80 minutes.

29 Scorching Soul Classics 1968 $38 79 minutes +

28 Scorching Soul Classics 1969 $38 over 80 minutes

24 Scorching Soul Classics 1970 $38 over 85!! Minutes.

The thing about this series is that Bear Family have ensured they have the original version in the best quality sound.

Rarities There are many one off items. They are all out of print and generally unavailable anywhere so please if just sending for them either list alternates or call first to reserve them.

Axton, Hoyt                          Spin of the Wheel (DPI).  Perhaps his

                                                last album and one of the best with 9

                                                originals, 2 covers of his mother’s

                                                songs (inc. a great version of “Heart-

                                                Break Hotel”) + 3 other covers $28

Austin, Chad                         All My Dreams $25 It some times happens

                                                that a record company sends out some

                                                advance copies of an album and yet never      

                                                releases the thing. This is from 1999 and is

                                                very good on the Asylum/Elektra label.

                                                Other artists on this list who are in the same

                                                boat are Radney Foster, Michelle Poe &

                                                Jeff Thompson all of them musts.

Barker, Aaron                      w. Curtis Wayne “Straight from Horse’s

                                                Mouth” (2 copies) $22 BSI label. Both

                                                are famed songwriters as well as

                                                great singers. 12 tracks inc. the 2 big

                                                Barker tracks “Baby Blue” and “Love

                                                Without End Amen” plus the Curtis

                                                Wayne monsters “Love Bug” and “Next

                                                In Line” (both co-writes with Wayne

                                                Kemp). Also includes co-writes with

                                                Dean Dillon & Whitey Shafer. 10/10!!

Bogguss, Suzy/Chet Atkins           Simpatico Liberty (1994) $35 A classic with great interplay especially on “Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word” and the delightful “Two Shades of Blue”. It has a great down home feel esp. when Chet & Suzy share a duet.

Larry Boone                          Swingin’ Doors Sawdust Floors $30

                                                Down That River Road $35

                                                One Way to Go $25

First 2 on Mercury & last on Columbia. First is very muchGeorge Strait style with original versionof “Beyond the Blue Neon”. Second has

                                                “Everybody Wants to Be Hank Williams”

a classic and the 3rd has a great ballad selection, “It wouldn’t Kill Me” was covered by others But Larry is best. All great esp. if you like Strait & Ricky Van Shelton.

Browne, Jann                       It Only Hurts When I Laugh $35

                                                Perky west coast gal who had 2 albums

                                                on Curb which are both superb. This

                                                1991 features great covers & Browne

                                                originals. If you like Heather Myles then

                                                Jann is a must. They go quickly.

Cash, Tommy                       25th Anniversary Album $35 1990 gem with

                                                guests including Johnny Cash (on 2 songs incl.

                                                1 on which George Jones also appears) and Mr

                                                George Jones is also on the highly pertinent

                                                “Hank & George & Lefty & Me”. Connie Smith

                                                duets on “We’ve Got Love”.

Conlee, John                         Blue Highway  $28 16 track comp. of

                                                MCA material which largely avoids

                                                the hits.

                                                Fellow Travellers $30 16 Avenue label

                                                went bust so this was around for about

                                                5 minutes. Highlight the wonderful

                                                “Hopelessly Yours

Cryner, Bobbie                     Bobbie Cryner $35  Until Miss Leslie’s 2008 album of the year this was the only time I had heard a  gal sing like George Jones. This is

                                                the best ever female country

                                                album released during my years in

                                                business. Dwight duets “I Don’t Care”.

Dalton, Lacy J                       Survivor  $45 an amazing album; easily

                                                her best & that is saying something given

                                                the overall quality. Her version of Guy

                                                Clark’s “Old Friends” ranks as one of the

                                                best recordings ever!!! “Hard Luck Ace”

                                                manages to tie Waylon Jennings with

                                                Janis Joplin.

Dalton, Lacy J                       Crazy Love $30 Lacy’s follow up to the above

                                                gem had a great version of Van Morrison’s

                                                classic as the title song but the highlight was

                                                unquestionably “Little Boy Blue” a superb

                                                ballad written about her son. Goose bumps!

Davis, Joey                           Love Songs Waltz’s (sic) True Stories & Lies

                                                $35 Rated an all time indie top 10 with 17

                                                superb tracks. From 1989. Pure honky tonk &

                                                gem after gem.

Delray, Martin                      What Kind of Man $30 1992 Atlantic

                                                Now a professional tennis coach. The fact that

                                                country music could think they could let this

wonderful vocalist walk away is nuts is scary. Check out Hugh Moffatt’s “Life of a Minor Poet” for a rare appearance. Wonderful.

Emmons, Buddy                   Steel Guitar Jazz $30 Originally released on

                                                Mercury in 1968 and a limited cd reissue OOP

Ethel & the Shameless Hussies Born to Burn 1988 $25

                                                Another Jimmy Bowen production from

                                                1988 featuring the fabulous Kasey

                                                Jones who came steamin’ & a rollin’

                                                down under in 2008. Sassy female

                                                honky tonk with lots of wit esp. on

                                                tracks such as “One Night Stan”.

Ford, Tennessee Ernie       Capitol Collectors Series $35

                                                This series is simply the best offering

                                                by all the artists who are featured

                                                on it. This 29 track Ernie cd features

                                                all the country boogies, the big hits

                                                (“Sixteen Tons” “River of No Return”

                                                “Mule Train” etc) plus some great duets

                                                w. Kay Starr, Ella Mae Morse etc and the

                                                gospel “His Hands”. Brilliant variety.

Freberg, Stan                       Capitol Collectors Series $35 We will try &

                                                include all in this series where possible. The

                                                best Freberg compilation includes his classic

                                                takes on “A Dear John Letter” (including that

                                                great line “Make it more country…a little more

                                                husky on the ferlin”). 21 super tracks.

Frickie, Janie                        After Midnight $25

                                                Labor of Love $28 Her

                                                3 albums where she adapted the

                                                phoenetic spelling of her real name

                                                “Fricke” were her best. “Labor of Love”

                                                saw her include songs  from Steve Earle

                                                & Katy Moffatt & is not to be missed.

George, Sonny                     Truckin’ Country $30 14 original songs

                                                from a great deep voiced artist in a

                                                similar style to his classic live album

                                                (“Inside Tennessee State Women’s

                                                Prison”). A great cd.

Greene, Jack                                    The Jolly Greene Giant $38 Issued on Edsel but

                                                deleted 10 years, it is the only cd of his original

                                                Decca & MCA recordings (Any others are not

                                                original but re-recordings). 20 tracks inc. 3 w.

                                                Jeannie Seely.

Haggard, Merle                    Capitol Collectors Series Simply the best single cd anthology of Haggard’s best work with all the classics and more $25 Best sound.

Haggard, Merle                    5:01 Blues $351989 cd long out of print. Includes the great Hag/Freddie Powers co-write “Wouldn’t That Be Something” and a cover of the song made famous by Don Gibson, “Sea of Heartbreak”

Hall, Tom T                            Songs from Sopchoppy $25 Tom’s comeback to

                                                Mercury including the classic “Shoes & Dress That Alice Wore” which is simply one of his finest ever efforts.

Hardwick, Billy Jnr              Too Country $30 Only album and a true

                                                gem. With a voice a tad like Dean Dillon

                                                he wrote 8 of the 10 songs and all have

                                                instant classic. Whenever I played this

                                                someone bought it. It is that good.

Harris, Emmylou                 Last Date $35 This is the deleted reissue on

                                                Eminent with a nice slip jacket (a sleeve that

                                                goes over the jewel case) plus it has the rare

                                                bonus tracks “Another Pot of Tea” & “Maybe


Hobbs, Becky                       All Keyed Up $30 Wrote every song on

                                                the album in which “Jones on the

                                                Jukebox” (a co-write with Mack Vickery

                                                and Don Goodman) is the classic all time

                                                female honky tonk track.

Honeys                                  Capitol Collectors Series $40 This is the group

                                                which features Brian Wilson’s future wife

                                                Marilyn Rovell and is produced by Brian Wilson

                                                who uses his Spector influence to produce a

                                                Ronettes’ style. “Raindrops” is a superb take on

                                                the Spector sounds and includes great original

                                                songs and select covers. Very rare!!

House, James                       James House $30 (1989)

                                                Hard Times for an Honest Man$30 1990

                                                Mainly original songs. Both top notch.

Husky, Ferlin                        Capitol Collectors Series $35 See the

                                                comments for Merle Haggard & Ernie

                                                Ford. This 20 tracker has the hits

                                                “Gone”, “A Fallen Star” & “Wings of a

                                                Dove”. Superb sound & notes too.

Jansen, Frank                       My Way or the Highway$28 Second great cd Sold a stack but gone now apart from this.

Jones, George                      You Oughta Be Here With Me $35 In

                                                the overall scheme of things George

                                                has not made a lot of albums where

                                                every song is superb. To the contrary

                                                many albums are riddled with hokey

                                                novelties. Not this one though. From

                                                1990 I would rate it the strongest

                                                overall selection of songs George has

                                                ever had on one album. The title track

                                                was from Roger Miller’s superb “Big

                                                River’ whilst “I Sleep Just Like a Baby”

                                                is the closest it gets to a novelty but

                                                clever wordplay overrides. 10/10

Jones, George                      Friends in High Places $30 Duet album

                                                with all songs recorded specifically.

                                                Includes Ricky Van Shelton,

                                                Vern Gosdin, Randy Travis, Ricky

                                                Skaggs etc but the highlight is probably

                                                his duet with Shelby Lynne on the Paul

                                                Overstreet song “If I Could Bottle This

                                                Up”. She could have been anything..

Jones, George                      Live at Dancetown USA $55 Amazing

                                                album superbly recorded which was

                                                on Ace UK label but has been deleted

                                                10 years or so, 26 tracks and over an

                                                an hour running time and in great

                                                stereo sound. Like the Ernest Tubb

                                                below (also from 1965!) this is amazing

                                                and George runs through things he has

                                                written (“Window Up Above”/ “Ragged

                                                But Right”/ “Accidentally on Purpose”)

                                                as well as songs by Dickey Lee (“She

                                                Thinks I Still Care”) Harlan Howard,

                                                Melba Montgomery etc. Although not a

                                                regular “Jones boy” Buddy Emmons

                                                joins the band for this set. Also Don

                                                Adams (not Max Smart!) acts as the

                                                leader of the Jones’ Boys & duets with

                                                George on Melba Montgomery’s “We

                                                Must Have Been Out Of Our Mind” as

                                                well as a couple of his own leads.

                                                Just remembered the classic Jones’ line

                                                “We’re gonna take a short liquor-

                                                mission I mean intermission”!!

Kane, Keiran                         Find My Way Home $35  rare post

                                                O’Kanes pre Kane-Welch album.

Kemp, Wayne                       One Song at a Time $35 A rare album by this

                                                great honky tonk songwriter & singer inc.

                                                “The Fireman” and “Don’t Send Me No Angels”.

Logan, Josh                           Somebody Paints the Wall $55

                                                Superb 1988 Curb album. He embodies

                                                the spirit of the wondrous Mel Street.

                                                Amazingly good album.

Louvin, Charlie                     50 Years of Making Music $30 Early 90s

                                                album with superb guests including

                                                Waylon, Charlie Daniels, Tanya Tucker,

                                                Melba Montgomery, George Jones etc

                                                but the best is Willie on “This Darn        

                                                Pen” and most people agree it is one

                                                of the very best duets Willie ever did.

Lyda, Jacob                           Here We Go Again $30

                                                Amazing fresh faced vocalist and this

                                                album from Bob Grady Records

                                                capture the honky tonk style superbly.

                                                Indie wiz Mike Headrick produced.

McCarters                             The Gift $40  Wonderful debut inc. great

                                                Carl Jackson & Jennifer McCarter track

                                                “Letter from Home”.

McCarter, Jennifer  & McCarters Better Be Home Soon $25

                                                equally as good but the

                                                first is very very hard to get. Jennifer

                                                McCarter was given top billing on the

                                                second but the harmonies are the same

                                                & slight bluegrass tinged songs are ace!

McDaniel, Mel                       Rockabilly Boy $35 1989 Capitol gem

                                                with some superb tracks inc. “Reverend

                                                Luther & The Madam” and “You Can’t

                                                Play the Blues in an Air Conditioned

                                                Room”, a huge personal favourite.

McEntire, Reba                     Oklahoma Girl $40 2cds with booklet 40 Mercury tracks when she was a real country artist. Great selection.

McQuaig, Scott                     Scott McQuaig $30 Again an album with

                                                Jimmy Bowen hallmark and superb as

                                                you may expect. Where did he go??

                                                Dave Loggins “My Friend the Bottle” is

                                                a classic honky tonk song.

Mandrell, Barbara              The Key’s in the Mailbox $25  Sweet

                                                Jiminy!! Superb Jimmy Bowen production

                                                job from 1991 w. Harlan Howard title song.

 Moffatt, katy                       The Greatest Show on Earth $28

                                                This was the original issue  but was

                                                Withdrawn when Ringling Brothers

                                                Claimed ownership of the title. It is

                                                The best folk country album we have

                                                ever had; Katy & Tom Russell have

                                                never done a true duet album but

                                                this is a worthy substitute!!

Moffatt, Katy                        Midnight Radio $25 Out of print on

                                                defunct Watermelon label. Almost on par

                                                With the previous

Montgomery, Melba             And Norma Jean: First Ladies of

                                                Country. A compilation not duets. 12 by

                                                Norma Jean and 10 by Melba inc. the

                                                amazing “No Charge” $28 (2 copies)

Morse, Ella Mae                    Capitol Collectors Series $35 21 tracks

                                                with a big band R & B flavour but also

                                                country. Best ever “Cow Cow Boogie”

Nelson, Leo                           Under Neon Lights $55 Want to know my

                                                all time favourite independent, yeah not

                                                one of but the top spot?? This is it. Great

                                                album produced by Bob Grady with assist

                                                from the great Mike Headrick. 12 great tracks

                                                with a duet with Bill Arwood on the title track.

Nelson, Leo                           Heavy for You $35 An earlier but not as good as

                                                the previous, but IMO nothing is!!

Nelson, Willie                       A Horse Called Music $35 1990

                                                Born for Trouble $35 two great Willie

albums which are both out of print. The

2nd has no songs written by Willie but features

classics from likes of Hank Cochran, Beth

Nielsen Chapman & Mack Vickery.

O’Kanes                                 O’Kanes $40 Their stunning debut with classics

                                                “Oh Darlin’” and the bluegrass like romp “Oh

                                                Lonesome You”. Long long deleted.

O’Kanes                                 Tired of the Running $38  Second

                                                album from Keiran Kane & Jamie

                                                O’Hara is also hardest to get. Blind

                                                accordionist Jay Spell is superb.

O’Kanes                                 Imagine That $25 Third and final cd      

                                                from 1990.

Owens, Buck                        Hot Dog $35

                                                Kickin’ In $35 Buck Owens comeback albums

                                                both of which are out of print and very hard to

                                                find at all.

Parker, Billy                         And Friends $38 OOP Bear Family oop which

                                                Had 2 lps worth on a single cd. The first is a

                                                duet album called “Something Old Something

                                                New” whilst the latter featured Billy alone on

                                                “The Last Country Song”. On the former he is

                                                joined by Cal Smith, Webb Pierce, Darrell McCall

                                                Jack Greene and more.

Pennington, Ray + Buddy Emmons “Swinging from the 40s Through the

                                                80s” OOP $35 Step One release which was

                                                originally a 2lp set. Pennington is a great Ray

                                                price style vocalist. 22 tracks.

Poe, Michelle                        Just One of the Boys $30.  Hard to

                                                believe this perky blonde’s album

                                                was never released.

Price, Ray                             Sometimes a Rose $25 His last CBS

                                                album highlighted by the superb

                                                “Not a Dry Eye in the House”

Randall, Jon                          Cold Coffee Morning $45 never released & a top

                                                album with a duet with then wife, Lorrie

                                                Morgan “Knowing You’re There” plus “Reno &

                                                Me” with not just Willie in cahoots but Emmylou

                                                as well!! A true and exceedingly rare item as

                                                only a few advances were ever released.

Rausch, Leon                        Close to You: A 20 Song Salute to

                                                the Music of Cindy Walker. Although

                                                known as arguably Bob Wills best

                                                post Tommy Duncan vocalist this also

                                                has more than western swing. What a

                                                superb bunch of songs too. $25

Ritter, Tex                             Capitol Collectors Series $38 Tex actually

                                                toured here in the very early 70s and Laurie

                                                Allen told me of Tex’s rather unusual way of

                                                snorting when he spoke. Sadly Tex passed on

                                                not long after the tour. This cd is the best ever

                                                individual cd with his hits “High Noon” (it was

                                                he who was featured in the movie), the classic

                                                “Blood on the Saddle” and his great version of

                                                “Deck of Cards” and “Hillbilly Heaven”. There is

                                                also the hard to find “Just Beyond the Moon”.

                                                25 tracks in all. Superb sound.

Robertson, Kathy                Hillbilly Down: To Roy Nichols With

                                                Love $30. Rather eccentric West Coast

                                                singer who has assembled a superb

                                                bunch including James Intveld, Rick

                                                Shea, Katy Moffatt & MerleHaggard!!

Rodriguez, Johnny              Gracias! $40 Fabulous album on Capitol.

                                                Released late 80s  and included his last

                                                charting single, “I Didn’t Every Chance That I


Sahm, Doug                          SDQ 98 $55 A blink & you will miss it

                                                gem as the record company went out

                                                of business shortly after release. It is

                                                right up there with his “Return of

                                                Wayne Douglas” cd and he keeps it

                                                pretty much country all the way. Great

                                                version Tom Russell’s “St Olav’s Gate”

                                                & “Ballad of Davy Crockett” Includes his

                                                great colleague Augie Meyers.

Sahm, Doug                          Return of Wayne Douglas $30 what a

                                                gem…what a man. His last.

Sandefur, Brandon              Brandon Sandefur $35 Another of the

                                                classic independents we have carried with

                                                classic honky tonk such as “Hell Just Froze”.

Schneider, John                   You Ain’t Seen the Last of me $35

                                                As we say, looks like a pretty boy &

                                                sings with the best of them. Jimmy

                                                Bowen produced.

Sears, Dawn                         What a woman Wants to Hear $20

                                                1991 gem. Great tracks all. Went on to

                                                be Vince Gill’s touring support.

Seekers                                 Capitol Collectors Series $30. I wonder how

                                                an Australian folk pop group could have the

                                                absolute best selection of their work on a US

                                                out of print compilation BUT IT IS TRUE! Best

                                                selection and sound and the notes even tell

                                                how Bruce Woodley came to write “Red Rubber

                                                Ball” with Paul Simon.

Shafer, Whitey                     I Never Go Around Mirrors $30

Shafer, Whitey                     So Good So Long $30

                                                Classic songwriter is also a classic

                                                Lefty style vocalist. The former includes

                                                his versions of “Does Fort Worth Ever Cross

                                                Your Mind” (and the title song) whilst the latter

                                                has perhaps even a better selection with

                                                original version of “All My Ex’s Live in Texas”,                                                 “That’s the Way Love Goes” and the superb

                                                “Heaven Was a Drink of Wine” for starters!!

Shaver, Billy Joe                  “Old Five & Dimers Like me” $30

Salt of the Earth $30 One of his best and his

                                                first, both out of print on cd.

Shearer, Charlie                  Breakin’ Out $30 another classic indie with

                                                Curt Ryle adding great support on the songs

                                                & instrumentation.

Simpson, Red                       Best Country & Western Truck Drivin’                                                                Singer $30 Wordy title but 20 classic

                                                out of print Capitol tracks including

                                                “I’m a Truck” & “Highway Patrol”. Not

                                                much diff ’tween Red & Junior Brown.

Smith, Russell                      This Little Town $35 Solo album from the

                                                voice of the Amazing Rhythm Aces. Great


Spinks, Kelly             Thank God for Cowboys $35 Superb Texas

                                                fiddler and vocalist.

Staley, Karen                       Wildest Dreams $22  Half a surprise as

                                                half produced by Jimmy Bowne and half

                                                by Tony Brown. Includes the upbeat

                                                “He Thinks He’s James Dean”

Springfield, Bobby Lee       All Fired Up $35 An absolute rip

                                                snorter. Crazed man who apparently

                                                got arrested for climbing over the

                                                White House fence in order to visit the

                                                President, presumably Ronny Regan. But

                                                his honky tonk style which includes the

                                                original “Hank Drank” is grand. Also

                                                includes a brilliant version of Eddy

                                                Arnold’s “What’s He Doing in My World”

                                                with intro by Eddy hisself!!

Stone, Hank                          In a Texas Honky Tonk $30 Great Glen Sutton                                     title song & 12 gems more including a duet

                                                with Johnny Bush.

Thompson, Hank                 Capitol Collectors Series $30 Again the

                                                best sounding and best selection. 20 tracks

                                                include his gems “Wild Side of Life” with a

                                                nice bit of studio talk added in for good

                                                measure plus other gems such as “Six Pack to

                                                Go”, “Blackboard of My Heart’ etc. 20 in all.

Thompson, Jeff                    Jeff Thompson $50 This was going to

                                                be the first Arista country cd even

                                                before Alan Jackson’s “Here in the Real

                                                World” but it was never released which

                                                is hard to believe. Great voice and

                                                songs of which “The Greatest Man I

                                                Never Knew” precedes Reba’s by

                                                several years and absolutely kills it

                                                dead. Semi rockabilly feel on several of

                                                the uptempo songs. Great all the way.

Thompson, J W                    Songs for Real People $45  We speak of the

                                                truly great independents. This is decidedly

                                                one of them. “Jesus Loves Cowboys” is just 1 of

                                                16 gems. Darn witty too and J W’s great deep

                                                drawl is seemingly the product of a few honky

                                                tonks….where you could imagine the

                                                crowd were kep back by wire.

Marsha Thornton                 Maybe the Moon Will Shine Tonight $30

                                                Excellent 2nd cd & better than the self

                                                titled first (which goes for nearly twice

                                                as much mainly due to its Patsy Cline

                                                stylings). Less Patsy & more Marsha!

Wagoneers                           Stout & High $28

Wagoneers                           Good Fortune $28

                                                1st & 2nd from 1988& 1989 by this great

                                                Texas group featuring Monte Warden.

                                                If you like the Mavericks up tempo stuff

                                                You will love these.

Whitley, Keith                      I Wonder Do You Think Of Me $35

                                                He had the world at his feet with a

                                                voice as good as anyone has ever had

                                                but a blood alcohol reading of .470 saw

him die as this album was completed. Still a landmark cd with honky tonk songs galore which were sadly not just part of the guise. If you fail to be moved by “Tennessee

                                                Courage” when you consider his history

                                                then there is something wrong.

Wild Rose                              Straight & Narrow $28

                                                Fantastic upbeat all gal group with Pam

                                                Gadd on lead vocals & Wanda Vick on

                                                guitar & just about everything else.

                                                Kind of a bluegrass supergroup playing

                                                hard core country….superbly.

Williams, Tex                        Vintage Collection  $35  20 tracks and

                                                includes what was Capitol Records first

                                                million seller (any genre) in “Smoke

                                                Smoke Smoke That Cigarette. Includes

                                                The Western Caravan many of whom

                                                had a co-existence with Spade Cooley.

Young, Steve                        Solo/Live. $30 1991 release on the defunct

                                                Watermelon label. Very hard to get.

Various artists

Are You From Dixie Great Country Brother Teams of the 30s

                                                $30 Superb compilation on RCA with sound that

                                                could have been recorded yesterday. Features

                                                the Monroe Brothers (Bill & Charlie), the

                                                Delmores, Blue Sky Boys, Dxon Bros etc.

Beverly Hillbillies s/t           The movie was only just. I mean how

                                                could anyone emulate TV’s funniest

                                                character, Max Baer Jnr’s Jethro Bodine

                                                or even come close for that matter. But

                                                the soundtrack was & still is a ripper

                                                with new artists (1993 vintage) doing

                                                classic country songs. Joe Diffie’s

                                                “White Lightning” and Lorrie Morgan’s

                                                “Crying Time” are just two of the best.

                                                Mind you I thought Erika Eleniak was

                                                terrific as Elly-Mae. $25

Mamas Hungry Eyes           A Tribute to Merle Haggard $25 OOP

                                                Major label tribute is grand. Clint Black sounds

                                                more like Merle than Merle on “I Take a Lot of

                                                Pride in What I Am” and it may seem like

                                                heresy but I reckon Vince Gill’s “Farmer’s       

                                                Daughter” is possibly better even than Merle’s.

                                                Also has Emmylou, Alan Jackson, Lorrie Morgan

                                                Randy Travis. John Anderson, Willie etc!!

Red Hot + Country              A benefit album for victims of Aids sees a bunch

                                                of great artists performing some true classics.

                                                Johnny Cash is superb on Dylan’s “Forever

                                                Young” whilst Mark Chesnutt shows himself to

                                                be the best new singer of his era on the Tommy

                                                Collins (via Merle Haggard) song “Goodbye

                                                Comes Hard to Me”. Highlight however is the

                                                Mavericks with Duane Eddy & Carl Perkins on


Rig Rock Deluxe                   A Musical Salute to the American Truckdriver

                                                $28. 16 tracks with Buck Owens (“Will There

                                                Be Big Rigs in Heaven”), Junior Brown & Red

                                                Simpson together (Nitro Express), Shaver

                                                (Mother Trucker) Kay Adams with BR549(Mama

                                                Was a Rock) 16 gems!!

Classic Country Artists

Bare, Bobby                          20 Greatest Hits $15

Bare, Bobby                          Singin’ In the Kitchen/This I Believe + bonus

                                                2 on 1. One of his most popular albums plus

                                                his gospel album + bonus tracks. 28 songs!$20

Butler, Carl & Pearl Family Affair $20 15 tracks + 4 tracks of

Brown, Milton & brownies Daddy of Western Swing 4cds $30

                                                Johnny & Jonie Mosby (Koch reissue)

Davis, Skeeter                     Pop Hits Collection Vol 2 $20 (Taragon)

Husky, Ferlin                        Vintage Collection $20 (20 tracks)

Husky, Ferlin                        Complete Simon Crum: Country Music Is Here

                                                Stay $20  21 humorous tracks.

James, Sonny                       Complete Monument & Columbia Hits $20 22tks

James, Sonny                       Capitol Collectors Series $20  

Jones, Grandpa                    28 Greatest Hits $20 (King)

Louvin, Charlie                     Greatest Hits $20 (Capitol) Collectors Choice

Louvin Brothers                   Capitol Country Music Classics $25 great

                                                UK 28 tracker….all the gooduns. Rare now!

Louvin Brothers                   A Tribute to Delmore Brothers $18 (Capitol)

Louvin Brothers                   Ir a& Charlie $10 (Gusto reissue Capitiol)

Lynn, Loretta                        Very Best of Loretta Lynn $18 24 track UK

Mack, Warner                      The Bridge Washed Out: 20 Country Hits $20

Maddox, Rose                       This Is (w. Vern Williams Band) $15

Maddox, Rose                       That’ll Learn Ya Durn Ya $15 (30 tracks UK)

Miller, Roger                         Classics $20 (Varese)

Murphy, Jimmy                    Southern Roots – legendary Starday REM

                                                Sessions $20 Ace UK OOP

Norma Jean                          I Guess That Comes From Being Poor $20

                                                30 fantastic RCA tracks (Omni)

Price, Ray                             Classic Songs of $20 18 OOP Step One (Varese)

Rich, Charlie                         Essential 2cds $25 36 tracks from Sun label

                                                through Mercury to Epic & a couple from his top                                             “Pictures & Paintings” album.

Robbins, Marty                     The Drifter $18 (Great Adventure Songs of the


Rodgers, Jimmie                  Essential $20 (great series with best sound)

Sadler, Sergeant Barry      Ballad of Green Berets $20 + bonus track. A+

Snow, Hank                          Top Singles 1950-1974 2cds $28 44 tk UK OOP

Sovine, Red                           Best: 20 Greatest Hits $20

Thompson, Hank                 Country Music Hall of Fame $20 16 MCA tracks.

                                                Includes hits “Smoky the Bar” “On Top in Can

                                                Or In the Bottle” etc. Not on any other cd.

Tillman, Floyd                       Best $20 (Collectors Choice) 24 tcks

Tillman, Floyd                       Crazy Cajun recordings $20 26 tks

Tillman, Floyd                       The Influence $20 14 duets with George Jones,

                                                Hank Thompson, Willie, Connie Smith etcil

Wagoner/Parton                 Essential Porter & Dolly $20 great series

Walker, Billy                         Columbia Hits $20

Walker, Charlie                    Greatest Honky Tonk Hits $20

Wallace, Jerry                      Best $20 (Varese) 16 tracks.

Weller, Freddy                     Very Best $18 22 tks Collectors Choice!

West/Bryant                        Stratosphere Boogie: The Faming Guitars

                                                16 Capitol gems on Razor & Tie $20

West/Bryant                        Swingin’ on the Strings Vol 2 $20 second

                                                great Capitol Collection. 20 tks

Whitman, Slim                      Legends of country Music 3cds $25 UK

Williams, Hank                     Beyond the Sunset $20 (complete Luke the


Williams, Hank                     Long Gone Daddy $18 (40 track UK comp)

Williams, Hank                     Hillbilly Hero 4cds $30

Williams, Hank                     Legends of Country $25 3cd UK 60tks.

Williams, Hank                     Legend of Hank Williams 2cd $25 Sammy

                                                Kershaw reads Colin Escott’s award winning

                                                book with songs included. 2 ½ hours. Tops!!

Wiseman, Mac                      Tis Sweet to be remembered. Complete

                                                Recordings 1951-1964 Bear Family 6 cd + hard

                                                Cover book $145 (not $240). This is in as new

                                                condition. 164 tracks Capitol & Dot labels.

Great Country Cds

Aldean, Jason                       Wide Open $20

Anderson, John                    John Anderson $20 (first WB album)

Anderson, John                    Easy Money $15

Asleep at the Wheel            Remembers the Alamo $18

Asleep at the Wheel            Ride With Bob $18

Ball, David                             Thinkin’ Problem $18

Ball, David                             Starlight Lounge $18

Barmby,Shane                     Let’s Talk About Us $18

Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash ……..see Mark Stuart below.

Bogguss, Suzy                      Somewhere Between $20 +++++Y&TATC++++

                                                I have had requests of late to select the best

                                                albums released during the period I have been

                                                in business. Criteria is they must be an original

                                                album (no compilation) where every song is

                                                great, so look for this abbreviation of

                                                Yesterday & Today All Time Classic!!

Bogguss, Suzy                      Swing $20

Brooks, Garth                      No Fences $18 (1st & 2nd album on 1 cd)

Burnett, T Bone                   T Bone Burnett $20 +++++Y&TATC+++++
                                                Basically T Bone with Jerry Douglas. OOP

                                                OOP means Out of print.

Byrds                                     Sweethearts of the Rodeo $18 Expanded         

                                                version with Gram Parsons.

Carrington, Rodney El Nini Loco $18

Cartwright, Lionel               Miles & Years $20 OOP indie release.

Cash, Johnny                        American V $20

Cash, Johnny                        At Folsom $10 (expanded)

Cash,  Johnny                       America cd + 90minute dvd $18

Cash, Johnny                        Definitive $18 Great 19 track Mercury comp.  

                                                Inc. the classic “Night Hank Williams Came to

                                                Town”. His Mercury period was very good.

Chesney, Kenny                   Greatest Hits Vol 2 $20

Chesnutt, Mark                    Too Cold at Home $20 +++++Y&TATC+++++

                                                Best new voice & every song a classic. Even inc.

                                                original “Friends in Low Places”. A must!

Clark, Guy                             Best of the Sugar Hill Years $20

Clark, Guy                             Cold Dog Soup $20

Cochran, Tammy                 30 Something & Single $20

Coe, David Allan                   Nothing Sacred $15

Coe, David Allan                   Underground $15

Collie, Mark                           Hardin County Line $20 His debut is superb.

Confederate Railroad         Confederate Railroad $20 ++++Y&TATC++++

                                                Has it all. Great humour plus wonderfully

                                                insightful songs such as “She Never Cried”, I

                                                mean there could not be anyone more callous

                                                if they never cried when Old Yeller died!!

Confederate Railroad         Very Best $18

Cryner, Bobbie                     Girl of Your Dreams $18

Cunningham, Austin            Made to Last $18 (2009)

Dillon, Dean                          Out of Your Ever Lovin’ Mind $18

Duncan, Johnny                   It Couldn’t Have Been Any Better 23 GH $20

                                                Inc. 5 duets with the great Janie Fricke.

Dunn, Holly                           Blue Rose of Texas $18 Lovely album & Imo

                                                her best apart from v.Rare “Across Rio Grande”

Edwards, Don                       Saddle Songs 2cds 31 tracks $20. Best singer

                                                of Western Songs since Marty Robbins

Edwards, Don                       Best of Don Edwards $18 (WB)

Edwards, Don                       Goin’ Back to Texas $18 (WB)

Edwards, Don                       Last of the Troubadours $22 2cds 32 tcks

Edwards, Don                       Moonlight & Skies $18

Edwards, Don                       Kin to the Wind $18 (Marty Robbins tribute)

Ely, Joe                                  Best $20 20 MCA tracks

Everly Brothers                   Stories We Could tell/ Pass the Chicken &

                                                Listen 2 o n1 RCA label country $20

Fender, Freddy                    La Musica De Baldemar Huerta $18 his last

                                                album with 10 Spanish + 2 English. Great!!

Flatlanders                            Hills & Valleys $20

Flores, Rosie             Rosie Flores $20 WB debut album. Her best.

Forester Sisters                   Greatest Hits $18 WB

Foster, Radney & Confessions  Revival (new 2009) $18

Frizzell, David                       16 Super Hits $15

Gill, Vince                              The Key $20 ++++Y&TATC++++ Vince

                                                replicates  the classic Nashville sound with

                                                stunning results. Inc. a duet with the equally                                      grand Patty Loveless. A must in any collection.

Gosdin, Vern                         Truly Great Hits $15

Gosdin, Vern                         Till the End $18 (inc. Emmylou)

Gosdin, Vern                         Chiseled in Stone $20 ++++Y&TATC++++

                                                There has simply never been a better country

                                                album released in the cd era. Peerless!!!

Griffith, jeff                          If It Ain’t One Thing It’s Another $18

Griffith, Nanci                      MCA Years A Retrospective $20

Griffith, Nanci                      Other Voices Other Rooms $20

Haggard, Merle                    Workin’ Man’s Journey $20

Haggard, Merle                    Big City (expanded) $20

Haggard, Merle                    From the King to the Barrooms $22 24 tk MCA

                                                UK compilation.

Haggard, Merle                    20 Hits Volume 2 $15 (some nice rarer stuff)

Hall, Tom T                            Sings Miss Dixie $20

Harris, Emmylou                 All I Intended to Be $20

Harris/Ronstadt/Parton   Trio $18

Harris, Emmylou                 Pieces of the Sky (expanded0 $20)

Harris, Emmylou                 Quarter Moon in a Ten cent Town (exp $20)

Harris, Emmylou                 Bluebird $22 (OOP) Contains the greatest

                                                female country vocal ever recorded in Emmylou

                                                doing John Hiatt’s “Icy Blue Heart” Stunning.

Harris, Emmylou                 Roses in the Snow (expanded) $20 her best!!!

Harris, Emmylou                 Elite Hotel (expanded) $20

Helm, Levon                          Electric Dirt $20 US pressing

Hillman, Chris                       Like a Hurricane $18

Hobbs, becky                       Best of the Beckaroo Pt 1 $20

Jackson, Alan                       Greatest Hits Collection $20

Jackson, Alan                       Greatest Hits Volume II $20

Jackson, carl                        Nashville Country $18 (w. Emmylou)

Jennings, Waylon                Right for the Time $20 Although one of his      

                                                last it is decidedly one of his best!

Jennings, Waylon                Essential $18

Jennings, Waylon                Never Say Die Live 2cd + adv. Dvd $20

Jennings, Waylon                Too Dumb fo NYC Too Ugly for LA $18

Jones, George                      The Grand Tour $20

Jones, George                      Burn Your Playhouse Down $20

Jones, George                      It Don’t Get Any Better Than This $18

Jones, George                      Hits I Missed & One I Didn’t $18

Jones, George                      The Rock $18

Jones, George                      The Bradley Barn Sessions $18

Larson, Nicolette                 All Dressed Up & No Place to Go $15

Lauderdale, Jim                   Planet of Love $18 (WB) his first album.

Ledoux, Chris                       20 Originals: the Early Years $20

Lewis, Jerry                          Killer Rocks On/Boogie Woogie Country Man

                                                2 on 1 UK cd realease.

Lewis, Jerry Lee                  Rockin’ My Life Away $20 (20 WB country tcks)

Lewis, Jerry Lee                  Last Man Standing (bound book cover

Loveless, Patty                    Definitive Collection (MCA) $20

Loveless, Patty                    Classics (Epic) $18

Loveless, Patty                    On Your Way Home cd + dvd $20

Loveless, Patty                    Mountain Soul $20 ++++Y&TAC++++

McDaniel, Mel                       Reloaded, Tried True & new $20 includes

                                                “Plastic Girl”.

McEntire, Reb                       50 Greatest Hits 3cd in a great leather look

                                                Box $35 Very nice packaging

Martin, Leland                      Simply Traditional $18

Martin, Leland                      I’ll Pick the Guitar…420
Mattea, Kathy                      Coal $20

Mensy, Tim                           This Ol Heart $18

Moffatt, Katy                        Evangeline Hotel $18 the reissue of “The

                                                Greatest Show on Earth” which is the

                                                greatest female folky album ever!

Morgan, Lorrie                     I Finally Found Someone $18 (with Sammy


Morrell, Tom                         Let’s Ride With Bob & Tommy; How the West                                      was Swung Vol 2 & 3 $20 w. Time Warp Top


Morrell, Tom                         On The Money: How The West Was Swung

                                                Vol VIII $20 with Time Warp Top Hands

Morrell, Tom                         Relaxin’: How the West Was Swung XV $20

                                                And yes it is with Time Warp Top Hands

Morrison, Van                       Pay the Devil $18 15 straight country.

Murphey, Michael Martin  Cowboy Christmas Ball cd + dvd $18 the 2hr


Myles, Heather                    Highways & Honky Tonks $20 Includes a duet

                                                with Haggard on “No One is Gonna Love you

                                                Better” +++++YATATC++++

Nelson, Willie                       Just One Love $22++++YATC++++ On the defunct JusticeLabel & includes duets with Kimmie Rhodes & Grandpa Jones. Also inc. Grady Martin.

Nelson, Willie                       Red Headed Stranger $20 expanded

Nelson, Wilie                        45 original Tracks 2cds UK OOP Liberty

                                                Recordings. $25

Nelson, Willie                       Naked Willie $18 2009 collection of RCA

                                                tracks stripped back to just Willie & guitar. The

                                                dribbling dimwits who run the record company

                                                in Australia released it here as “Willie Stripped”

                                                Why? Because they are dribbling dimwits!!

Nelson, Willie                       Nite Life: Greatest Hits & Rare Tracks 1959-71


Nelson, Willie/ Wynton Marsalis Two Men With the Blues $18 Rocks!!

Nelson, Willie                       Willie & Family Live!1 2cds $25

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band         Will the Circle Be Unbroken III 2cds $25

Notorious Cherry Bombs   Notorious Cherry Bomns $20 (Vince Gill w.

                                                Rodney Crowell) Contains the classic “It’s

                                                Hard to Kiss the Lips at Night That Chew Your

                                                Ass Out All Day Long”. Gotta love that!!

Orbison, Roy             Sings Don Gibson/Hank Williams the Orbison

                                                Way  2 on 1 $22

Overstreet, Paul                  Songwriter’s Project Vol 1 $20 12 tracks that

                                                sees the writer singing his versions of the

                                                hits he wrote including “When You Say

                                                Nothing At All”, “On the Other Hand”, “Forever

                                                & ever Amen”. Also some new songs.

Paisley, Brad                        American Saturday Night $20 1 only

Parsons, Gram                     Anthology 2cds Rhino with nice book & slip

                                                Jacket $28 46 tracks

Penn, Dan                             Junkyard Junky $20 Nice & laid back a la Nick


Perry, Keith                          Keith Perry $18 (a lot like Keith Whitley)

Peterson, Michael               In Black $20 2009 indie release with great

                                                tracks such as “Marriage is the leading Cause

                                                of Divorce” (great title).

Prairie Oyster                      Everybody Knows $20 Superb Canadian group

                                                which has a very Dwightish sound. Apart from

                                                group originals has a darn fine version of the

                                                Carl Belew classic “Am I That Easy to Forget”.

Prairie Oyster                      Blue Plate Special $18

Prine, John                            John Prine $20 (his debut is one of the greatest

                                                ever but because it is outside the tenure of our

                                                business we can only tell you it is a must)

Prine, John                            In Spite of Ourselves ++++YATATC++++ Prine

                                                plus female duet partners $20 inc Iris Dement

Prine, John                            The Missing Years $20

Prine, John                            Souvenirs $20 (re-recordings of early the great

                                                material on his debut & early albums)

Rabbitt, Eddie                       Jersey Boy    $18 Great early 90s Capitol album

Rabbitt, Eddie                       Ten Rounds $18    ditto!

Reed, Jerry                           Essential $18 20 tracker on RCA Top series.

Richman, Jonathan             Jonathan goes Country 420

Riders in the Sky                 Great Big Western Howdy $18 inc “Palindrome”

                                                w. Johnny Western (also Marty Stuart on cd)

Roberts, Dan                        Viva La Cowboy $18

Roberts, Dan                        Beyond the Brand $18 Western + swing.

Robison, Bruce                     His Greatest $18

Run C & W                             Into The Twangy First Century/ Row Vs wade

                                                $22 Russell Smith 2lps on 1 cd

Russell, Johnny                    Acting Naturally $20

Sahm, Doug                          And Band $20 Atlantic reissue with Flaco/Dylan

Scott, Ray                             Crazy Like Me 418

Shaver                                   Earth Rolls On $20

Shaver                                   Unshaven: Live at Smith’s Bar $20

Shaver                                   Highway of Life $20

Shaver                                   Tramp on Your Street $20

Skaggs, Ricky                       Solid Ground/Life is a Journey 2on1 $20

Skaggs, Ricky                       Family & Friends $18

Skaggs, Ricky                       My Fathers’s Son $20

Sky Kings                              Out of the Ble $20 (ex Poco, Foster & Lloyd)

Stegall, Red                          Here We go Again $20

Stevens, Ray                        Best (Rhino 20 tracker) $20

Stewart, Gary                      Essential $20 Great series

Strait, George                      Beyond the Blue Neon ++++Y&TRATC+++ $18

                                                Strait is one of the greatest vocalists and

                                                performers ever, reduced to singing maudlin

                                                radio friendly crap. This was back then when

                                                the excitement bubbled over. Ever song 10/10.

Stuart, Mark                         And Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash: bend in Road

                                                $18 Great 2009 cd if you like Kentucky

                                                Headhunters & similar. Note Mark not Marty!!

Stuart, Marty                        The Pilgrim $20  A great concept cd which has

                                                the only ever George Jones+Emmylou duet!!

Swan, Billy                            Greatest Hits (Collectors Choice) $20

Talley, James                       Got No Bread No Milk No Honey etc

                                                30th Anniversary ed. 2cds $22

Taylor, Chip                          This Side of the Big River $18

Texas Tornados                   Best $18

Texas Tornados                   Zone of Our Own $18

Tippin, Aaron                        In Overdrive $20 (great 2009 truckin’ album)

Tractors                                Trade Union $18

Travis, Randy                       Round the Bend $18

Travis, Randy                       Storms of Life $15

Travis, Randy                       Always & Forever $15

Travis, Randy                       Heroes & Friends $15

Tyson, Ian                             Cowboyography $20

Tyson, Ian                             Old Corrals & Sagebrush $20 (Bear Family)

Tyson, Ian                             Yellowhead to Yellowstone $20

Urquhart, Felicity                Landing Lights $15

Van Shelton, Ricky              Wild eyed Dream $18

Van Shelton, Ricky              Loving Proof $18

Van Shelton, Ricky              RVS III $18

Vincent, Rick                        A Wanted Man $18 (brilliant California only cd)
Watson, Gene                      The Good Ole Days $20 (Step One rare)

Whitley, Keith                      Wherever You Are Tonight $18 (last album                                                      featuring “Buck” + “Daddy Loved Trains”.

Whitley, Keith                      Sad Songs & Waltzes $20

Williams, Don                       Definitive Collection $20 25 hits.

Williams, Hank Jnr              127 Rose Avenue $20

Williams, Holly                     Here With Me $15 (Hank III half-sis)

Yates, Billy                            Billy Yates $20

Yoakam, Dwight                  Buenos Noches from a Lonely Room $15

Yoakam,  Dwight                 [email protected]  $18

Yoakam, Dwight                  Last Chance for a Thousand Years $15

                                                (‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love”)


Capitol Country Classics 1970 $18 UK 26 tracker and a great selection

                                                w. many rarities inc. “Ain’t Life Hell” by

                                                Hank Cochran & Willie & Don Schlitz original

                                                version of “The Gambler”.

Caught in the Webb Tribute to Webb Pierce $20 Dale Watson,

                                                George Jones, Willie, Dwight, Emmylou etc 21tk

Country Guitar Thunder  16 duets by Merle Travis (right speaker) &

                                                Joe Maphis (left speaker) Just Great!!!

Elko! Cowboy Gathering    2cds songs and poetry with Baxter Black, Don                                                Edwards, Ian Tyson, Red Stegall etc.

Essential Guide to Country Music  3cds 49 tracks $20 nice package

Hixville                                   We’ll Have a Time Yes-siree $18 25 hillbilly gem

                                                where unknown equals great.

Horse Whisperer                 Soundtrack $15 A must.

Keep Your Soul                    A Tribute to Doug Sahm $20 2009 release with

                                                Dave Alvin, Flaco, Terry Allen, Delbert etc.

Pearls in the Snow              Kinky Friedman Tribute $20 with Willie ,Dwight,                                             Tompall Glaser, Lee Roy Parnelll, Tom Waits ++

Should Have been Hits       Little Darlin’ label compilation $18 20 tracks

Songs of the Year                Crackerbarrel Stores present new recordings of

                                                CMA “Songs of the Year” with the highlight

                                                being a superb take by Randy Travis on Vern

                                                Gosdin’s “Chiselled in Stone”, hard to believe

                                    `          anyone would have the guts to attempt it but

                                                Randy pulls it off brilliantly!! Trace Adkins

                                                “Sunday Morning Coming Down” and George

                                                Jones “Murder on Music Row” also rate

                                                Special mention but all are good!!

Trailblazers                          Vintage Australian Hillbilly Music 1957-59 $18

                                                31 tracks on Cane Toad

Tulare Dust                           Tribute to Merle Haggard $20 Superb cd with

                                                Dwight, Dave Alvin, Tom Russell, Katy Moffatt,

                                                Steve Young, Lucinda, Iris Dement, Joe Ely Etc,

Wild West Soundtrack        This was the soundtrack from a ten hour tv

                                                special from 1993 under the direction of John

                                                McEuen with great selection only on this

                                                album with Michael Martin Murphy, Don

                                                Edwards, Red Stegall plus a couple of surprises

                                                that if I told you how good till I was red in the

                                                face you wouldn’t believe me. These are Gary

                                                Morris on “Shenandoah” and Crystal Gayle on

                                                “Barbara Allen”. Both stunning. Many short

                                                vocal & instrumental tks. 45 in all!! $18

Winning Hand                       Brenda/Dolly/Kris/Willie $20 Originally a 2lp

                                                set. They do solos and duets of which Dolly &

                                                Kris’ “Ping Pong” is annoyingly good!!

Honky Tonk Classics Without a word of doubt these are gems which keep up the image of all the good things to do with country music, lying, cheating, etc. This stuff wouldn’t get played on CMT and you’d be worried if it did. Do yourself a favour and get at least one from this section. The more unknown the better, and the more you are destined to say there is still great music.

Andrews, Slick                     Lets Beer It Up $20 (w. the Wild Hare


Banford, Kevin                     King of the Thrift Store Cowboys $20

Bell, Knut & Bluecollars      Honkahillarockabilly $20 Classic

Bella, Mike                            Lost in the Shuffle $18

Big Sandy & Flyrite Boys    Feelin’ Kinda Lucky $18

Blue Line Riders                   Blue Line Riders $18

Blue, Arkey                           There’s Still Country Music in Texas $20

Booker, Patty                       Fire & Brimstone $20

Bright, Jeff & Sunshine Boys  She’s a Nail in My Heart $20

Buck, Gary                            Western Swing & Country $20 (Canadian)

Burleson, Ed                         My Perfect World $20

Burleson, Ed                         Cold Hard Truth $20

Burns, Brian                         Highways, Heartaches & Honky Tonks $20

Bush, Johnny                        Talk to My Heart $20

Bush, Johnny                        Lost Highway Saloon $20

Bush, Johnny                        Sings Bob Wills $18

Buttercup                              Evil for You $20

Campbell, Scotty                 Smokin’ & Drinkin’ $20

Campbell, Scotty                 Damned If I recall $20

Cargill, Bobby G                   Ordinary Man $20

Cowan, Mike                         Easy Chair $20

Crow, Alvin                            Texas Classic $20

Dean, Lonnie & Will Taylor Texas Honky Tonk Shuffles $20

Edgar, WC                             Alcohol of Fame $20

Evans, John                           Biggest Fool in Town $18

Flores, Rosie & Ray Campi A Little Bit of Heartache $20

Gordon, Robert & Chris spedding It’s Now Or never (rockabilly)20

Haddock, Durwood             I Done the Boogie Too long $18

Haddock, Durwood             Honky Tonk Crazy $18

Hancock, Wayne                 That’s What Daddy Wants $20

Hancock, wayne                  Wild Free & Reckless $20

Hand, James                         Evil Things $20

Hanley, geary                      The Comeback Trail $20

Harris, D B                            Can I Recall These Flowers?? $20

Harris, Kevin                        Where Am I Going $20

Hatchet                                  Honky Tonk Nighttime Man $20

Hayden, Rodney                  The Real Thing $18

Hayden, Rodney                  Down the Road $18

Hobart, Rex & Misery Boys Empty House $18

Hollister, Doug                     There Is a time $20

Howard, Randy                    Best $20 (inc., “Redneck”)

Hoyle Brothers                    Back to the Door $20

Hoyle Brothers                    One More Drawer $20

Hunter, Billy D                    Inside Out $20

Hunter, Billy D                      Country Souvenirs $20

Hurd, Cornell                        Texas Fruit Shack    $20

Hurd, Cornell                        Cool & Unusual Punishment $20

Hurd, Cornell                        At Large $20

Hurd, Cornell                        Song of South Austin $20

Hurd, Cornell                        Live at Jovitas $20

                                                All time favourite artist all infused

                                                With great humour & great guests such

                                                as Johnny Bush, Justin Trevino etc.

James, Frank                        All Over Again $20

James, Winston & Drugstore Cowboys Hotter Than the Flame $20

Jansen, Frank                       Lolene $20

Joy, Homer                           Soemday It’ll Be Country $18

Keeble, Billy                          The Real Me $20

Keeble, Billy                          Unchained Country $20

Keeble, Billy                          Keepin’ It Country $20  great artist!!

Kimmel, Dan                         These Four Walls $18

McCall, Darrell                      Old Memories & Wine $20

Manders, Mark David & Nuevo Tejas People & Places $20

Marshall, Llayne                  One Down One Left $20

Martin, Glynn                        Moving On with $20

Martin, Glynn                        Taking a Ride on Real Country $20

Martin, Roger                       Live Back from the dead $18

Martin, Stan                          Cigarettes & Cheap Whiskey $20

Martin, Stan              Love Ain’t That Tough $18

Martin, Tony                         I’ll Meet You in Texas $20

Miller, Darnell                       Timeless $20           

Miller, Darnell                       Certified Country $20

Miller, Frankie                      The Family Man $20

Miss Leslie                             Between Whiskey & Wine $20 (only 1 at this)

Moody, Clint                          Back to the basics $20

Nichols, Joe Paul                 Too Much Texas in Me $20

Nichols, Joe Paul                 #20 $20

Olsen, Troy                           Living in Your world $20

Papa Tops West Coast Turnaround Greatest Hits Vol II $20

Parker, Billy                         Swingin’ With Bob $18

Parr, Paul                              Saints & Sinners $18

Passin, Monica                     Little Mo & the monicats $20

Paul, Billy                              Texas Rose $20 (Bear)

Powers, Freddy                   Silver Eagle $20 for Haggard fans

Preacher jack                      Pictures from lifes Other Side

Preston, Dibbs                     And Detonators $18 (a la Setzer)

Quantrell, Rooster              And Border Raiders $20 20tracks

Ranch Girls                           Hillbilly Harmony $20 (w. Ragtime Wranglers)

Reefer, Sean                                    And Resin Valley Boys $20 (for Hank III fans)

Reynolds, Lawrence           He Comes from Alabama $20 +++Y&TATC+++

Richards, Dan                       Heartbreak U $18

Rich, Randy & the poor Boys  The Way You Came $18

Roddy, ted                            Tear Time $20

St Germain, Ray                  There’s No Love Like Our Love $18

Sanders, Ray                        Sings Texas Dance Hall Style $20

Snow, Mitch                          Ballads, Blues & Texas Treats $18

Sprague, Chris                     Diesel Made for Two $20 truckin’ songs

Stancil, Rick                          Rick Stancil $20 contains one of the

                                                all time greats, “Damn Good Drinkin’ song”

Stone, Hank                          San Antone $20

Street, Mel                            20 Greatest Hits $20

Stuckey, Nat                         Pop a Top $20 great voice a la Waylon

Vaughan, Carl                       Six feet Deep in the Heart of Texas $20

Wall, Chris                             Just Another place $20

Watson, Dale                        Blessed or Damned $20 ++++Y&TATC+++

Watson, Dale                        I Hate These Songs $20 ++++Y&TATC+++

Watson, Dale                        Truckin’ Sessions $20

Watson, Dale                        People I’ve Known, Places I’ve Seen $20

Watson, Dale                        Live in London $20

Watson, Dale                        Every Song I Write is For You $18

                                                ALL TIME FAVOURITE ARTIST!!

Wayne, Dallas                      Here I Am in Dallas $18

Wayne, Dallas                      Big Thinkin’

Wayne, Dallas                      I’m Your Biggest Fan $20 (digipak)$18 reg.

Weems, Shayne                   The perfect Place $20

Williams, Hank III               Damn Right, Rebel Proud $20

Williamson, John                 John Williamson $18 Georgia artist who

                                                invented a new genre honky tonk folk.

Worley, Shane                     On a Roll $20

Worley, Shane                     Shotgun House $20

Worley, Shane                     What’s Goin’ On $20

Bear Family label

Ballew. Michael                    Live at Gruehne Hall $20

Burnette, Johnny Trio        Rockabilly Boogie $20

Butler, Carl                           I Wouldn’t Change You If I Could $20

Butler, Carl                           A Blue Million Tears $20

Cash, Johnny                        Travelling Cash $18

Cash, Johnny                        I Walk the Line/Little Fauss Big Halsy $20

Chaffin, Ernie                       Laughin’ and Jokin’ $20

Clark, Sanford                      Shades $20

Coe, David Allan                   A Matter of Life & Death $22

Coe, David Allan                   Human Emotions/Spectre VII $22

Coe, David Allan                   Castles in Sand/Hello In There $22

Coe, David Allan                   Compass Point/I Got Something to Say $22

Domino, Fats                        Rocks $25

Endsley, Melvin                    I Like Your Kind of Love $20

Fairburn, Werly                   Everybody’s Rockin’ $20

Farmer Boys                         Flas, Crash & Thunder $20

Glaser, Tompall                   The Rogue $20

Glen, Glenn                           Rocks $25

Gordon, Robert                    Is Red Hot! $20

Guthrie, Jack                        Oklahoma Hills $22

Guy, Charles Lee III           Prisoners Dream $20

Haley, Bill                              Rocks $22

Hawkins, Dale                      Rocks $25

Heap, Jimmy                        Release Me $20

Hill, Eddie                              Hot Guitar $20

Jim & jesse                           1952-1955 $20

Johnnie & Jack                     For Old Time’s Sake $22

Lee, Jimmy                           Knocking On Your Front Door $20

Logsdon, Jimmie                  I Got a Rocket in My Pocket $20

Miller, Frankie                      Sugar Coated Daddy $20

Orbison, Roy/Sonny James RCA Sessions $20 (not duets)

Paul, Billy                              Texas Rose $20

Pine, Hal Lone & Betty Cody On the Trail of the Lonesome Pine $20

Pullens, Leroy                      I’m a Nut $20

Robbins, Marty                     Rockin’ Rollin $20

Roberts, Kenny                    Jumpin’ & Yodelin’ $20

Scott, Jack                            On Groove $20

Self, Mack                             Easy to Love: Sun Years Plus $20

Snow, Hank                          Wanderin’ On:Best of Yodellin’ Ranger $22

Sprague, Carl t                     Cowtrails, Longhorns & Tight Saddles $18\

Story, Carl                             Lonesome Hearted Blues $20

White, Howard                     Western Swing $20

Williams, Hank                     Songwriter to Legend $20

Yelvington, Malcolm            It’s Me Baby: Sun Years Plus $20


Jole Blon:23 Artists One Theme  $25 (72 page book)


Blake, Norman                     Slow Train Through Georgia $20

Blake, Norman                     old Ties $20

Cordle, Larry                        Murder on Music Row $18

Eanes, Jim                             Complete Starday 2cd 35 songs $25

Earle, Steve                          Train a Comin’ $20

Country gentlemen             Live in Japan $20

Flatt & Scruggs                    You Can Feel it in Your Soul $18

Grisman, David                    Dawgnation $20

Grisman, David                    Life of Sorrow $20

Jackson, Carl                        Songs of the South $18

Johnson Mountain Boys     At Old Schoolhouse $18

Lynch, Claire             Whatcha Gonna Do. Advance with

                                                Picture cover $12

McCoury, Del                        Blue Side of Town $20

McCoury, Del                        Cold Hard Facts $20

McCoury, Del                        By Request $20

O’Connor, Mark                    20 year Retrospectivce 2cds $18

Old & In the Gray                Old & in the Gray $20

Osborne Brothers               Bluegrass Collection CMH 24tks $20

Osborne Br/Mac Wiseman Essential Bluegrass CMH $20 24tks

Reid, Lou  &Carolina            My Own Set of Rules $20 2009

Rice, Tony                             Sings Gordon Lightfoot $20

Rice/Rice/Hillman/Pederson Out of the Woodwork $20

Rice/Rice/Hillman/Pederson Running Wild $20

Rickman, Brandon               You man Old soul $18 (lead vocalist &

                                                guitarist for Lonesome River Band)

Sisk, Junior                           Blue Side of the Blue ridge $18

Skaggs, Ricky + friends     Songs of Bill Monroe $20 same

                                                As “Big Mon”

Sutton, Bryan                       And Friends Almost Live $20

Tashian, Barry & Holly       Long Short story $20

Weissberg, Eric & deliverance Rural Free Delivery $20

Whitley/Skaggs                   Second Generation bluegrass $18

Williams, Robin & Linda      Buena Vista $20


Bluegrass Spectacular       30 trcaks $15

Country Bluegrass Homecoming Bill Gaither & friends with

                                                Marty Stuart, George Jones, Vince Gill

                                                Vol 1 20 tks $20

                                                Vol 2 20 tks $20

Essential Bluegrass anthology 2cds 50 tks $18 a must!!

Fifties (& some etc)

Adderley, Cannonball         In Chicago $15

Anka, Paul                             30th Anniversary Colelction (Rhino) $20

Armstrong, Louis                 Louis & the Angels $10

Aznavour, Charles               She:Best of $10

Belafonte, Harry                 Essential 2cds 37 tks Great sound $20

Bland, Billy                            Let the Little Girl Dance $20 25 tks

Brown, Clifford & Max Roach   At Basin Street $10

Brown, Joe                            On Stage $15

Cain, Ryan & Chaotics         Cell block Blues (Wild Hare label) $15

Coasters                                Very Best $18 (Rhino)

Cochran, Eddie                     12 of his Biggest Hits/Never to be Forgotten

                                                $18 2 albums on 1 cd

Cole, Nat King                       Complete After Midnight $10

Damone, Vic                         Very Best 20 tks $10

Davis, Sammy Jnr               Salutes the Stars of the London Palladium $10

Dion                                        Complete Dion & Belmonts 2cds 51tks $28

Diddley, Bo                           Essential $15

Douglas, Mike                       The Men in My Little Girl’s Life 18tks $18

Emerson, Billy the Kid        Red Hot $20 (Bear Family) 33tks

Fields, Gracie                       Sing as we go $5 (Biggest Aspidistra in world)

Four Aces                              Greatest Hits MCA/Decca  $15

Haley, Bill                              Rock The Joint $20 (Rollercoaster UK)

Hawkins, Ronnie                  Best of (Rhino) $18

Higham, Darrel                    And Barnshakers: High Class Baby $18

James, Joni                           Like 3 O’colck in the Morning/After Hours $20

James, Joni                           Platinum & Gold 2cds 41 tks $28

James, Joni                           Latest & Greatest Hits $20

Jones, Spike                         Strictly for Music Lovers 4cds $30

Lanza, Mario                         My Song My Love 2cd Collection $18 38 tks

Lee, Brenda                          Anthology 2cds 40 tracks Nice pkg $28

Lee, Brenda                          Queen of Rock & Roll Ace UK  28 tks $22

Lehrer, Tom                          Songs & More songs (Rhino) $15

Lehrer, Tom                          That Was the Year That Was $15 (Rhino)

Lewis, Jerry                          Capitol Collectors Series $20

Little Richard                        The Explosive $15 (BGO UK)

McCracklin, Jimmy              The Mercury Recordings (Bear) $20

McDaniels. Luke                   Missisippi Honky Tonk Rockabilly Man $20

Martin, Dean                         Hits Again/ Houston 2 on 1 $18

Martin, Dean             Happiness Is/  Welcome to My World 2on1 $18

Mightful Handful                  Vol 1 $18 (Scotty Moore with Billy Swan on

                                                on vocals + Bob Moore, Boots Randolph etc

Moms & Dads                       Best Of $10 (MCA Canada)

Moore,David                         Hillbilly Stroll $20 2009 Wild Hare label

Nelson, Ricky                       More songs by Ricky/Rick is 21 $18

Nelson, Ricky                       Legendary Masters 29 tks $18

Orbison, Roy             Crying $15 expanded original album

Orbison, Roy             Lonely & Blue $15 expanded

Orbison,Roy                          In Dreams $15 expanded

Perkins, Carl                         Up Through the Years $20 (Bear)

Platters                                 Best Selection 25 tks Great sound $20

Platters                                 All Time GH $15 18 US tracks

Presley, Elvis                        From Elvis in Memphis 2cds 2009 exp. $22

Sedaka, Neil                         All Time Greatest Hits $10

Sedaka, Neil                         Laughter in Rain 1974-80 Best $15

Sinatra, Frank                      Capitol Collectors Series $15

Starr, Kay                             RCA Years $18 20 tracks

Starr, Kay                             Blue Starr RCA  Japan ltd ed. $20

Thompson, Sue                    Golden Classics  18 tks $20

Turner, Sammy                    Very Best: Lavender Blue $20

Twitty, Conway                    The Rock & Roll Collection 21 tks $18

Valens, Richie                       Story (Rhino) $15

Vaughan, Billy                      Best Selection 5cds Japan pressing $58

Wayne, Bobby                      Hot rod Motorcycles $10

Whiting, Margaret/ Jimmy Wakely Til We Meet Again 32 tks $20

Winter, Mark                        Go away Little Girl 2cd sUK $28 56tks

Various artists

Doo Wah Diddy                    Words & Music by Ellie Greenwich/ Jeff Barry

                                                Ace UK cd  24 tracks. $22

Down Memory Lane            Vol 1 2cds $20 30 tracks. A very eclectic series

                                                Now OOP.30 tks inc. many rarities. Inc. “Bibbidi

                                                Bobbidi Boo” by Jo Stafford/Gordon Macrae/ “I

                                                Can’t Get Started”b y Bunny Berrigan/ Ames

                                                Bros etc

Down Memory Lane            Vol 2 2cds $20 40 tks OOP Inc. Don Cherry “14

                                                Karat Gold” and Phil Harris “Deck of Cards”.

Down Memory Lane            Vol 3 2cd 40 tks OOP $20 Al Hibbler “Unchained

                                                Melody”/ Teresa Brewer “Till I waltz Again” etc

Down Memory Lane            Vol 4 $18 1 cd  27 tks all good inc. Charles

                                                Boyer “Where Does Love Go” Frank Hyde’s ace

                                                “Danny Boy” Don Cherry “Love Is Just Around

                                                THE Corner”, Bobby Edwards etc.

Down Memory Lane            Volume 5 2cds 40 tks OOP $20 Nino Rossi “Il

                                                Silenzio”, Donnie Brooks “Mission Bell” etc

Down Memory Lane            Volume 6 2cds 40 tks inc. Julie Rogers “The

                                                Wedding”/ “Time” Craig Douglas etc

Down Memory Lane            Vol 2 2cds 40 tks $20 OOP Mel Torme “Cast

                                                Your Fate to the wind”/ Arthur Lyman “Yellow

                                                Bird”/ Tony Martin “Walk Hand in Hand” etc

Fabulous 50s Crooners       Sing Their Hard to Find Hits $20 23 tracks with

                                                Don Cornell/ Rusty Draper/ Mitchell Torok etc

Golden age of American Popular Music: The jazz Hits Ace UK $22 28 tks

                                                Inc. “Take Five” “Desafinado” “In Crowd” etc

Hawaiian Music 100            5cd japan only compilation a real mixed bag

                                                With everyone from Johnny Douglas, through

                                                Ray Kane, Los Indios etc. Great sound. Some

                                                Pop & some very authentic island sound.

                                                100 tks $50


Andersen, Eric                     Violets of Dawn $20 (Vanguard Best)$20 74min

Campbell, Dick                     Blue Winds Only Kno $5

Clancy Brothers/Tom Makem Complete Carnegie Hall 2cd exp. $25 47 tks

Collins, Shirley                     No Roses $15 (w. Albion County Band)

Cockburn, Bruce                  Charity of Night $15

Elliott, Ramblin’ Jack          I Stand Alone $18

Fairport Convention            Across the decades2cds $18

Fairport Convention            Over the Next Hill $10

Gibson, Bob                          Uptown Saturday Night $18

Gibson, Bob                          Living legend Years $18

Gibson & Camp                     Homemade Music $18

Greene, Marlin                     Tiptoe Past the Dragon $10

Guthrie, Woody                   Ramblin’ Round 2cd 40 tks Best!! $20

Hardin, Tim                           Hang On to a Dream 2cds  verve OOP $28

Ian, Janis                              Society’s Child: The Verve Recordings 2cds

                                                OOP. Her great protest songs inc. title +

                                                “New Christ Cardiac Hero”, “Shady Acres”,

                                                “42nd Street Psycho Blues” “What Do You

                                                Think of the Dead” OOP Hard top find $48

Lightfoot, Gordon                United Artist Collection 2cds $20 49 tks

Loggins, Dave                       Country Suite $20

Loggins, Dave                       David Loggins $20

Loggins, Dave                       One Way ticket to Paradise $20

Loggins, Dave                       Apprentice in a Musical Workshop $20

McDonald, Country Joe numbered ltd ed

                                                20 tracks protest (“Charlie Don’t Surf”)

                                                some nice acoustic instrumentals $15

McDonald, Country Joe      Thinking of Woody Guthrie OOP $18

McDonald, Country Joe      War War War  $18 Poems of Robert W Service

                                                set to music. War songs which are anti-war

                                                Brilliant & rivetting!!!

McDonald, Country Joe      The Vietnam Experience $15

O’Connell, Maura                 Naked With Friends $18

Paxton, Tom                         Outward Bound $18

Paxton, Tom                         Things I Notice Now $18

Paxton, Tom                         6  $18

Paxton, Tom                         Ain’t that News $18

Paxton, Tom                         Best of Vanguard Years $18

Renbourn, John                    Live in America $10

Reynolds, Malvina               Malvina Reynolds $18

Reynolds, Malvina               Sings the truth $20

Seeger, Pete                                    at 89 $15  Grammy winner

Seeger, Pete                                    Favourite American Ballads 4 $18

Seeger, Pete                                    Favourite American Ballads 5  $18

Seeger, Pete                        If I Had a Song: Songs of 18

Seeger, Pete                        We Shall Overcome: Complete Carnegie Hall

                                                2cds 40 tracks  $25 Absolutely superb!

Sloan. P  F                             Here’s Where I Belong Best of Dunhill Years

                                                $22 Ace Uk inc. original “Eve of Destruction”

Sons of Champlin                 Hip L’il Dreams  $5

Stewart, Al                            1966 to 1970 2cds 31 tracks $18

Van Zandt, Townes             Live at the Old Quarter $20 2cds his best

Wainwright, Loudon           Album 1 $15

Wainwright, Loudon           T Shirt/Final WExam 2cds $25


Modern Folk $10 (Devandra Banhart, Sufjan Stevens etc 20 tks)

Alternate Country Style

Baker, Sam                           Pretty World $18

Bromberg, David                 Try Me One More Time $20

Bromberg, David                 Sideman Serenade $20

Bromberg, David                 Demon in Disguise $20

Brown, Greg                         Covenant $20

Brown, Greg                         The Evening Call $20

Calexico                                 Garden Ruin $18

Eaglesmith, Fred                 Tinderbox $18

Gauthier, Mary                     Drag Queens in Limousines $18

Gauthier, Mary                     Filth & Fire $18

Gauthier, Mary                     Between Daylight & dark $18

Hicks, Dan & Hot Licks       Beatin’ the Heat $18

Kaplansky, Lucy                  Over the Hills $20

Kaplansky, Lucy                  Every Single Day $20

Kaplansky, Lucy                  Flesh & Bone $20

Kelley, Irene                        Thunderbird $20

Kaplansky, Lucy                  The Tide

Kelley, Irene                        Simple Path $20

Moorer, Alison                      Alabama Song $18

Moorer, Alison                      Show cd + dvd $20

O’Keefe, Danny                    In Time $18 (2009)

Old 97s                                   Blame it on Gravity $18

Olson, Mark & Gary Louris Ready for the Flood $18

Rhythm Angels                     Girls Like us (Celeste Krenz/Rebecca Folsom)

                                                $18 nice.

Ringer, Jim                            Band of Jesse James: Best

Routh, Jack Wesley            Another season $18 (was in

                                                Johnny Cash’s band & at one time was

                                                Carlene Carter’s husband. Will appeal to

                                                Fans of Kristofferson)

Russell, Tom                         Modern Art $20

Russell, Tom                         Man From God Knows Where $20

Russell, Tom                         Box of Visions $20

Russell, Tom                         Songs of the west $20

Russell, Tom                         The Long Way Round $20

Snider, Todd                         Near Truths & Hotel Rooms $20

Uncle Tupelo             No Depression $18

Van Zandt, Townes             Best $15

Van Zandt, Townes             Drama Falls Like Teardrops 2cds $20

Van Zandt, Townes             Live & Obscure $15

Gospel ($18 unless noted)

Bellamy Brothers                Jesus Is All I Need (w. “Old Hippy III”)

Browns                                  Family Bible $20 32 tracks!!!

Cash, Johnny                        Ultimate Gospel $20

Cooper, Wilma Lee + Stoney Walking My Lord Up Calvary’s Hill

Dement, Iris                         Lifeline $20

Durante, Jimmy                   Songs for Sunday $15

Flatt & Scruggs                    Father’s Table Grace

Frizzell, Allen                        Classic Hymns Unplugged

Gosdin, Vern                         The Gospel Album

Louvin, Charlie                     Steps to Heaven

Louvin Bros                           20 Greatest Gospel Hits

Monroe, Bill                           The Gospel Spirit

Nelson, Willie                       How Great Thou Art (largely acoustic)

Nelson, Willie                       Gospel Favourites

Nichols, Joe Paul                 Just a Closer Walk With Thee $20

Parton, Dolly                        I Believe ($15) Same cover & selection                                                             as “Golden Streets of Glory”

Perry, Keith                          Inspirational Favorites (like Keith Whitley)

Robbins, Marty                     What God Has Done $10

Stanley Brothers                 Essential Gospel Masters

Stuckey, Nat/Connie Smith  God Will

Wagoner, Porter                 Gospel 2006 (with Pam Gadd)

Wagoner, Porter                 Gospel 2007 (with Willie & Pam Gadd)

Wagoner, Porter                 Gospel 2008 2cds

Wagoner, Porter                 Grand Old Gospel (w. Blackwood Bros)

Wagoner, Porter                 More Gran Old Gospel ( w. Blackwood Bros)

Watson, Gene                      Jesus Is All I Need $20                  

Williams, Hank                     I Saw the Light


Baker, Mickey                      Blues & Jazz Guitar $15

Beausoleil                             Alligator Purse $20

Bishop, elvin             The Blues Roll On 415

Blue, Barbara                       Live Vol 1 $10

Blue, Barbara                       Live Vol 2 $10

Blue, Sugar                           Blue Blazes $18

Blue, Sugar                           In Your Eyes $18

Boyes, Fiona                         Live from Bluesville $15

Brozman, Bob                      Post Industrial Blues $20

Chenier, C J                           Desperate Kingdom of Love $15

Costello, Sean                      We Can get together $15

Ford, T-Model                       Jack Daniel Time $15

Delta Highway                     The Devil Had a woman $10

Earl, Ronnie                          & Broadcaster Peace of Mind $15

Edwards, Honeyboy           Roamin’ & Ramblin’ $15

Fabulous Thunderbirds      Powerful Stuff $10

Foley, Sue                             Big City Blues $10

Foley, Sue                             Ten Days in November $10

Foley, Sue                             Walk in the Sun $10

Gov’t Mule                             Holy Haunted House 2cds $25

Gov’t Mule                             Live at Roseland Ballroom $18

Gov’t Mule                             Mule on Easy Street $18

Gov’t Mule                             Dose $18

Haddix, Travis Moonchild Daylight at Midnight $15

Holmstrom, Rick L.A.          Lookout! $18

Homemade Jamz Bluesband Pay Me No Mind $10

James, Chris & Patrick Rynn Stop & Think about It $10

James, Samuel                     Songs Famed for sorrow & Joy $20

                                                Acoustic blues. A la Son House.

Jones, J W                             Blueslisted $15

King, B B                                One Kind Favor $15

Landreth, Sonny                  Levee Town 2cd version $20

Los Straitjackets                 Further Adventures $10

Lost Bayou Ramblers         Vremillionaire $15

Lucky, Steve & Rhumba Bums Some Like It Hot $15

Mandeville, Liz                      Red Top $15

Mannish Boys                       Lowdown Feelin’ $10

Mitchell, Sam                        Bottleneck & Slide Guitar $18

Moreland & Arbuckle          1861 $18 (great blues boogie!!)

Neville, Cyril                         Brand new Blues $15  

Reed, Jimmy                         At Carnegie Hall $20 23tks classic!!

Rishell, Paul/Annie Raines A Night in woodstock $18

Rogers, Roy                          And Norton Buffalo $18

Rogers, Roy                          Pleasure & Pain $20

Sicilia, Gina                           Hey Sugar $15

Stubbs, Matthew                 Soul Bender $18

Thackery, Jimmy & Drivers Inside Tracks $18

Watermelon Slim                 No Paid Holidays $20

Wilson, Kim                           Smokin’ Joint $20

Wilson, Kim                           Lookin’ for Trouble $20

Wilson, Michelle                   So emotional $10


Blues Guitar Workshop $18 (duck Baker/Davy Graham etc)

Booze & the Blues               22 tks Sony Legacy $18

$10 Cds. Mix and match any $10 cd in any section to get any 3 cds and it is $25. $10 for one or 3/$25

Anderson, John                    All the People are Talking

Anderson, John                    Greatest Hits (WB)

Alseep at Wheel                   Tribute to Music of Bob Wills

Atkins, Rodney                     It’s America

Barnett, Mandy                    The Platinum Collection

Barnhill, Joe                          Joe Barnhill

Bentley, Dierks                    Feel the Fire

Bellamy Brothers                Sons of Beaches

Big & Rich                              Super Galactic Fun Pak 2  cd+dvd

Birmingham, Jarod             Stages

Blue Sky Boys                      On Radio Volume One

Boland, Jason                       Comal County Blue

BR549                                    BR549 (telephone cover0

Brown, Josh                          Josh Brown

Browne, Jann                       Count Me In

Bruce, Ed                               This Old Hat

Burrito Deluxe                     Disciples of the Truth

Burrito Deluxe                     Whole enchilada

Burns, Billy Don                   Heroes, Friends & Other Troubled Souls

Byrd, tracy                           Tracy byrd

Camp, Shawn                       Lucky Silver Dollar

Cargill, Acie                           Oklahoma Roots

Cash, Johnny                        Water from the Wells of Home

Carlson, Paulette                 Love Goes on

Carpenter, Mary Chapin     Come On Come On

Crickets                                 Too Much Monday Morning

Cari Lee & saddleites          Brought to You By Saddle-ite

Carter Family                       Can the Circle Be Unbroken’

Carter, Carlene                    I Fell in Love

Carter, Carlene                    Stronger

Clement, Jack                       Guess Things happen That Way

Cooley, Spade                      Spadells

Cramer, Floyd                      RCA Country Legends

Dalton, Lacy J                      Chains on the Wind

Davis, Skeeter                     RCA Country Legends

Daniels, Charlie                    Simple Man

Dekle, Mike                           Fine Tuned

Evans, Sara                           No Place That Far

Evans, Sara                           Greatest Hits

Ewing, Skip                           Naturally

Ewing, Skip                           A Healin’ Fire

Ex Husbands             Al lGussied Up

Flores, Rosie             Dance Hall Dreams

Flying Burrito Brothers      Sons of Golden West

Ford, Tennessee Ernie       Introduction

Foster & Lloyd                      Faster & Louder

Gill, Vince                              All I Can Be

Goldens                                 The Goldens +++

Gregg, Ricky Lynn               Get a Little Closer

Haggard, Marty                   Borders & Boundaries

Haggard. Merle                    back to the Barrooms

Haggard. Merle                    Rainbow Stew

Haggard. Merle                    1996

Haggard. Merle                    1994

Haggard. Merle                    Blue Jungle

Haggard. Merle                    Like Never Before

Haggard. Merle                    Serving 190 proof

Hall, Dwayne                        keeping Country, Country

Highway 101                        Bing Bang Boom

Highway 101                        Highway 101

Hill, Brenn                             What a Man’s Got to Do

Hot Club of Cowtown          Best

Husky, Ferlin                        Ferlin Husky

Jackson, Alan                       Under the Influence

Jackson, Alan                       Here in the Real World

Jackson, Stonewall             Little Darlin Years

James, Sonny                       Young Love

Jennings, Waylon                Hangin’ Tough

Jennings, Waylon                Waylon Forever

Jewell, Buddy                       Tales of the New West

Jiminez, Flaco                       Flaco Jiminez

Jones, George                      Definitive Collection 1955-62

Jones, George                      Hits I Missed & One I Didn’t

Jones, George                      One (with Tammy Wynette)

Judds                                      Reunion Live 2cds

Kane, Welch & Kaplin         self tit;ed

Keith, Toby                           Honky Tonk University

Kostas                                    Xs in moderation

Lady Antebellum                  Lady Antebellum

Lane, Cristy                          Greatest Country Hits

Loveless, Patty                    Trouble With the Truth

Loveless, Patty                    Up Against My Heart

McBride, Martina                 Shine

McEntire, Reba                     Sweet Sixteen\

McEntire, Reba                     What Am I Gonna Do About You

McEntire, Reb                       Whoever’s in new england

Meyers, Augie                      My Main Squeeze

Moffatt, Hugh & katy          Dance Me Outside

Moffatt, Katy                        Hearts Gone Wild

Moffatt, Katy                        Child Bride

Moffatt Hugh                        Life of a Minor Post (inc duet with

                                                Martin Delray)

Morrow, Cory                       Cory Morrow Band

Murphey, Michael Martin   Cowboy Songs III

Murray, anne                        Duets:Friends & Legends

Nagatani, Charlei                 Sings Country Gold (inc. Emmylou)

Nelson, Willie                       Spirit

Nelson, Willie                       Sound in Your Mind

Nelson, Willie                       Country Favorites Willie Nelson Style

Nichols, Tim                          Where the Good Life Is

Norris, Keith                         Deuce

Oak Ridge Boys                    Definitive Collection

Owens, Buck                        Very best Volume 1

Owen, Jake                           Easy Does It

Palmer, keith                       Keith Palmer

Parton, Dolly                        Bluegrass Barbie

Powell, Bodie                       Turn up the Jukebox

Powers, Freddy                   & Bill McDavid

Preston, Leroy                     Country Pedigree

Robbins, Marty                     16 Biggest Hits

Rush. Merilee                       Angel of the Morning

Scott, Drew                          Long Way to San antone

Shaver, Billy Joe                  Everybody’s Brother

Singletary, Daryle               That’s Why I Sing This Way

Smith, Russell                      Sunday Best

Smith, Shadric                      And the Billy Buffalo Band

Spears, Billie Jo                   Best (Razor & Tie)

Stone, B  Jeff                        Greatest Hits

Stone, Doug                          Doug Stone

Stone, Doug                          From the Heart

Strait, George                      Chill of an Early Fall

Strait, George                      Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind

Strait, George                      One Step at a Time

Strait, George                      Ocean Front Property

Strait, George                      Holding My Own

Strait, George                      Something special

Strait, George                      Troubadour

Strait, George                      Latest Straitest Greatest Hits

Sweethearts of Rodeo       Sisters

Sweethearts of Rodeo       Buffalo Zone

Sweethearts of Rodeo       One Time One Night

Supernaw, Doug                  You Still Got Me

Supernaw, Doug                  FAdin’ renegade

Supernaw, Doug                  Deep Thoughts from a Shallow Mind

Talley, James                       Touchstones

Talley, James                       Woody Guthrie & My Songs of Oklahoma

Talley, James                       Journey

Thompson, Hank                 Seven Decades

Travis, Randy                       Heroes & Friends

Travis, Randy                       Full circle

Tubb, Ernest                         Classic Country Favorites

Twitty, Conway                    Lost in the Feeling

Van Shelton, Ricky Backroads

Van Zandt, Townes             Best

Wagoner, Porter                 Best I’ve Ever Been

Walser, Don                          Archive Series Vol 2

West, Dottie                         RCA Country Legends

White, James M                   Broken Spoke Legend

Whitley, Keith                      LA to Miami

Whitley, Keith                      Wherever You Are Tonight

Williams, Hank Jnr              And Friends

Willis, Kelly                           One More Time:The MCA Recordings

Womack, Lee Ann               Call Me Crazy

Williamns, Hank III            Rising Outlaw

Womack, Lee Ann               There’s More Where That Came From

Wynonna                               Sing Chapter 1

Young, Big Bob                     Hard Way to Make a Dollar


Anchored in Love:                Tribute to June Carter

Common Thread                  Tribute to Eagles

Endless Highway                 Tribute to the Band

For a Life of Sin                    Bloodshot Records compilation

Greetings From Tennessee (Bear Family) 25 songs about Tennnesee

Guys of the Big D Jamboree 30 tracks inc. rare lefty

Hell Bent                                Insurgent Country Bloodshot Compilation

Hickory Records Story      

Horse Whisperer                 Soundtrack

Imus Ranch Record            Great album of covers      

Livin’ Lovin Losin’                 Songs of the Louvin Brothers

Nashville Sputnick               Jack Blancahed, Misty Morgan & Friends

Mt Old Man                            Tribute to Steve Goodman

Pine Valley Cosmonauts    Executioners Last Songs

Pine Valley Cosmonauts    Saluet Music of Bob EWills

Por Vida 2cd Tribute           To Alejandro Escovedo

Signatures                            A Songwriter’s album

Signatures    II                     A Songwriter’s album

Wandering Eyes                  Songs of Forbidden Love

$5 cds. As you can appreciate many will go quickly so even if you are used to sending off a cheque we would ask that you please call or email first. Thanks.

Adams, Jay Boy                   The Shoe Box

Allen, Lance                          Right About Now

Anderson, Bill                       20 Greatest Hits (rerecordings on his label)

Anderson, John                    Greatest Hits (BNA)

Anderson, Keith                   C’Mon

Armstrong, Tom                  Sings Heart Songs

Baillie & Boys                       The Lights of Home

Baillie & Boys                       Lovin’ Every Minute

Ball, David                             Amigo

Barnett, Mandy                    Mandy Barnett

Blakley, Ronee                     Ronee Blakley

Boxcar Willie                        King of the Freight Train (2 duets w. Willie)

Bowden, Richard                 Rising Over Texas (of Pinkard & Bowden)

Brody, Dean                         Dean Brody

Brooks & Dunn                     Cowboy Town

Brown, Marty                       Cryin’ Lovin Leavin’

Brown, Marty                       Wild Kentucky Skies

Brown, Tanya Rae               Meet the Mrs (Junior Brown)

Bum Steers                           Bum Steers

Byrd, Tracy                           I’m From the Country

Camp, Shawn                       Shawn Camp

Campi, Ray                            With Friends in Texas

Carroll, Jason Michael        Growing Up IS Getting Old

Carroll,  Jason Michael       Waiting in the Country

Carson, Martha                    The Gospel Trutrh

Cash, Johnny                        A Boy Named Sue & other Story Songs

Chambers, Bill                      Sleeping With the Blues

Chance, Jeff                          Walk Softly on the Bridges

Chance, Jeff                          The jeff Chance Album

Charles, Ray                         Super Hits (reissue of “Friendship”)

Chatwell, J  R                        Jammin’ With JR & Friends

Chesnutt, Mark                    Longnecks & Short Stories

Chesnutt, Mark                    Almost Goodbye

Clark, Mickey                        Winding Highways

Clark, terri                            Greatest Hits

Cochran, Anita                     Back to You

Comeaux, Amie                    Moving Out

Connors, Stompin’ Tom      Bud the spud (Canada’s Slim Dusty)

Cryner, Bobbie                     Girl of Your Dreams (promo sticker on cover)

Currington, Billy                   Little Bit of Everything

Cyrus, Billy Ray                    It Won’t be the Last

Daniel, Davis                        Davis Daniel

Davis, Moot                           Already Moved On (Pete Anderson prod)

Davis, Moot                           Moot Davis

Davis, Stephanie                  Stephanie Davis

Dead Ringer Band               Home Fires

Dean, Billy                             Greatest Hits

Dennis, Wesley                    Wesley Dennis

Denver, John                        Greatest Hits (expanded)

Dillingham, Craig                 Almost Yesterday

Dillon, Dean                          Hot Country & Single

Domino Kings                       Life & 20

Downing, Big Al                    One of a Kind

Edwards, Don                       My Hero Gene Autry

Emilio                                     Life is Good

Enga, Darl                             Left for Dead (honky tonk)

Flores, Rosie             Speed of Sound

Floyd, Charlie                       Charlie’s Nite Life

Gibson Miller Band              Red White & Blue Collar

Gleason, Earl                        The Drovers

Golden, Chris                        Centerstage (of The Goldens)

Gray, Claude                         Best of Best

Griffith, Andy                       American Originals (comedy & songs)

Haggard, Noel                      One Lifetime

Hearne, Bill & Bonnie          Diamonds in the Rough

Herndon, Ray                       Livin’ the Dream

Highwaymen                        Highwaymen 2

Hoffman, Billy                      Al lI wanted Was You

Holmes, Monty                     All I Ever Wanted

Holloway, Ken                      ken Holloway

Honky Tonk Disciples         Kickin’ Up Dust

Jackson, Alan                       A Lot About Livin’ & a Little About Love

Jackson, Alan                       High Mileage

Jackson, Alan                       When Somebody Loves You

Jackson, Alan                       Honky Tonk Christmas

James, Brett                         Brett James

Jennings, Shooter               The Wolf

Jo’s House Band                  Sinners Brunch. Great honky tonk

Jones, George                      And Along Came Jones

Jones, George                      Millenium Collection

Jones, George                      I Am What I am (20 track)

Jones, George                      Cold Hard Truth

Jones, George                      Still the Same old me

Jones, George                      Collection

Jones, George                      20 Greatest Hits

Joss, Scott                            Souvebiurs

Jubilation                               What Ya Gonna Do (Bruce Haynes)

Kentucky Headhunters      Pickin’ on Nashville

Knight, jeff                            They’ve Been Talkin’ About me

Lansdowne, Jerry               Travel Light (Step One)

Lane, Cristy                          One Day at a Time

Lee, Robin                             Best

Ledoux, Chris                       Whatcha Gonna Do With a Cowboy

Lee, Johnny                          Greatest Hits

Leigh, Danni                          29 Nights (the female Dwight)

LeYear, Darcy                      Darcy LeYear & Wolverines

Lewis, Jerry  Lee                  Millennium Collection

Lewis, Jerry  Lee                  Platinum Collection (Uk 20 country Ace!!)

Lewis, Jerry  lee                   Chantilly Lace (country)

Lost Trailers                         Holler Back

Lovett, Lyle                           And His Large Band

Lovett, Ruby                         Ruby Lovett

Lynn, Loretta                        Van Lear Rose

Lynne, Shelby                       Soft Talk

Lynne, Shelby                       Tough All Over

Marshall Tucker Band         Love Songs

McBride, Martina                 Timeless

McBride, Martina                 The Time has Come

McCalister, Don                    Brand New ways

McGraw, Tim                        Tim McGraw

McGraw, Tim                        Greatest Hits 3

Matt, Jim                               All My Wild Oats (Pete Anderson)

Matthews Wright & King    Power of Love

Mavericks                              Mavericks (1st album)

Mavericks                              From Hell to Paradise

Moffatt, Katy                        Angel Town

Moffatt, Katy                        Loose Diamond

Moffatt, Katy                        w. Kate Brislin Sleepless Nights

Molly & Heymakers             Molly & Heymakers (with “Mountain of Love”)

Montgomery, John Mich.    John Michael Montgomery

Montgomery, John Mich.    Time Flies

Montgomery, John Mich.    What I Do the Best

Montgomery Gentry           Back When I knew It All

Morgan Craig                        That’s Why

Morgan, Lorrie                     Leave the Light On

Morgan, Lorrie                     Something in Red

Morgan, Lorrie                     My Heart

Morgan, Lorrie                     Watch Me

Mowrey, Dude                      Dude Mowrey

Murphey, Michael Martin   Cowboy Songs 5

Myles, Heather                    Sweet Talk & good Lies

Nelson, Bobbie                     Audiobiography

Nelson, Rick                          Garden Party

Nelson, Willie/Waylon       Take it to the Limit

Nelson, Willie/Waylon       Clean Shirt

Nelson, Willie                       Always on My Mind (expanded)

Nelson, Willie                       Teatro

Newfield, heidi                     What Am I Waiting For

Nichols, Joe                          Revelation

O’Brien, Rich             Southwestern Souvenirs

Overstreet, Paul                  Life is Strong

Owen, Randy                        One on One

Parks, John Andrew           John Andrew Parks

Parton, Dolly                        New Harvest First gathering/ All I Can Do

Parton, Dolly                        Something Special

Poovey, Groovy Joe            Late Great Me (little Darlin’)

Powell, Bodie                       And Borderline Band

Prairie Rose Wranglers     On the Trail

Prairie Rose Wranglers     Full Gallop

Pride, Charley                      There’s a Little Bit of Hank in Me

Randolph, Robert                Colorblind (blues)

Ranger Doug                        Songs of the Sage

Reeves, Jim                          Up Through the years/Distant Drums 2on1

Reed, Dean                           The red Elvis (Bear Family)

Remingtons                          Aim for the Heart

Remingtons                          Blue Frontier (fine country rock)

Restless Heart                     RCA Country Legends

Restless Heart                     Big Iron Horses

Riders in the Sky                 Cowboy Way

Riders in the Sky                 Centennial Salute to Music of Gene Autry

Robinella & CC Band            Solace for the Lonely

Rascal Flatts                         Still Feels Good

Robbins, Marty                     Song of Robbins

Robertson, Jack                   Honky tonk daze (Step One)

Rodgers, Jimmie                  RCA Country legends

Ryan, Tim                              Tim Ryan

Schuyler, Thom                    Prayer of a Desperate Man

Sadler, Sammy                    Heart Shaped Liked Texas (tad unusual?)

Sawyer Brown                     café on the Corner

Seals, Dan                             In A Quiet Room

Shelton, Blake                      Startin’ Fires

Shelton, Blake                      Barn & Grill  A++

Shenandoah                          15 Favorites (marty Raybon)

Shenandoah                          Long Time Comin’

Singletary, Daryle               Daryle Singletary

Singletary, Daryle               Ain’t it the truth

Singletray, Daryle               All Because of You

Sire, Jerry                             You’re Gonna be Cold

Stacey, Phil                           Phil Stacey

Steagall, Keith                      passages

Stone, Doug                          My Turn

Strait, George                      GH Vol 2

Sumner, J D                          Treasury of memories

Sweeney, Sunny                  Heartbreakers Hall of Fame

Sweethearts of Rodeo       Beautiful Lies

Tailgate South                      Don’t Fix It

Taylor-Good, Karen            Song Guru    

Thomson, Cyndi                   My World

Tillis, Mel                               Southern Rain

Tillis, Mel                               Your Body Is an Outlaw

Tillis, Mel                               Me & Pepper

Tillis, Pam                             It’s All Relative

Tippin. Aaron                        Tool Box

Tippin, Aaron                        Essential

Tippin, Aaron                        Greatest Hits and Then Some

Tobin, Karen                         Carolina Smokey Moon

Travis, merle                        Very Best of Shasta Masters

Travius, Randy                     This Is me

Travis, Randy                       Rise & Shine

Travis, Randy                       Greatest Hits Vol 1

Travis, Randy                       Passing Through

Tucker, Tanya                      Strong Enough to Bend

Tyson, Ian                             Eighteen Inches of Rain

Vallilo, Chris                          Abraham Lincoln in Song

Vassar, Phil                          Prayer of a Common Man

Walker, Clay                         Clay Walker

Wallace, Roger                    The Lowdown

Wallace, Roger                    Hillbilly Heights

Walser, Don                          Texas TopHand

Walser, Don                          Here’s to Country Music

Watson ,BB                           Light at the End of the Tunnel

Watson, gene                       At Last

Wayne, Jimmy                     Do You believe Me Now

Weiss, Larry                         Cuts & Scratches

Wells, Kitty                           Dust on the bible (King)

White, Joy                             Between Midnight & Hindsight

White, Joy Lynn                   Wild Love

White River                           Rodeo Preacher (Bruce Haynes)

Williams, Don                       Borrowed Tales

Williams, Don                       True Love

Williams, Don                       My Heart to You

Williams, Hank                     Great Hits of

Williams, Hank Jnr              American the Way I See It

Willis, Kelly                           Bang Bang

Willis, Kelly                           Kelly Willis

Willis, Kelly                           Easy

Wreckers                              Way Back Home  cd + dvd

Womack., Lee Ann              Lee Ann Womack

Womack. Lee Ann               SomeThings I Know

Wright, Curtis                       Curtis Wright

Wrights                                  Down the Road

Wynette, Tammy                Without walls

Wynette, Tammy                The Essential

Yoakam, Dwight                  This Time

Yoakam, Dwight                  Guitars Cadillacs


Billy The Early Years Soundtrack

Blue Collar Comedy the Next generation cd + dvd

Cold Mountain Soundtrack

Friends & Lovers Songs of Bread

Funniest Roasts of the Century (r-rated)

Gospel Live from Mountain Stage

Juke Box Boogie (Bear Family)  33 tracks

Lonesome Onry & mean: Tribute to Waylon Jennings

Maverick Soundtrack

There’s a Star Sangled Banner Waving Somewhere (Bear)

Wisdom of the Wood:Contemporary Acoustic Music

Woman’s Guitar Workshop

Bluegrass $5

Bailey Brothers                                Take Me Back to Happy Valley

Belleville Outfit                                Time to Stand

Bonham, Glen                                   Glen Bonham great!!

Borges, Sarah                                  Stars Are Out

Brown’s Ferry Four                         Sixteen Sacred Songs

Carter, Janette & Joe                     Last of Their kind

Cherryholmes                                  III Don’t Believe

Churchmen                                       I’ll Be Long Gone

Davis, David                                      Troubled Times

High Windy                                       A Greater Storm

Howell, Steve                                   My Mind Gets to Ramblin’

King, James                                      Gardens in the Sky: Bluegrass Gospel

Lawson, Doyle                                 Help IS on the way

Martin, Jimmy                                  King of Bluegrass

Newfound Road                               Same Old Place

Noonan, Carol                                  As Tears Go By

O’Connor, Mark                                New Nashville Cats

Osborne Brothers                           Our Favourite Hymns

Paisley, Danny & Southern Grass Room Over Mine

Parton, Dolly                                    Haloes & Horns

Peasall Sisters                                 Home to You

Reno & Smiley                                  Together Again

Rice, Tony                                         Guitar

Rowan, Peter & Druha Trava        New Freedom Road

Schlegel, Becky                               For  All the World to see (nice)

Scott, Darrell                                    Modern Hymn

Seckler, Curly                                   That Old Book of Mine

Skinner, Jimmie                               Sings Bluegrass

Smith, Valerie                                  Turtle Wings

Staats, Johnny                                 Johnny Staats Project (mandolin)

Steep Canyon Rangers                   Livin’ Pretty Women

Stephenson, Larry                          Life’s Stories

IIIrd Tyme Out                                Footprints: A Collection

Trischka, Tony                                 Hill Country

White, Roland                                   Tryin to Get to You

Wiseman, Mac                                  New Tradition Vol 1

Wiseman, Mac                                  1st Recorded live Concert

Wiseman, Mac                                  Volume Two

Wiseman, Mac                                  Sings Gospel Volume 1

Wiseman, Mac                                  Sings Gospel Volume 2


2008 Bluegrass Artist                     Compilation

Appalachians                                    Soundtrack

Down from the Mountain               Soundtrack

Irish Pirate Ballads             (Folkways)

Nashville Mandolins                        30 Mandolin Classicc

Alternate Country Style $5

5 Chinese Brothers                         Stone Soup

5 Chinese Brothers                         Let’s Kill Saturday Night

Allen, Terry                                       Juarez

Bingham, Ryan                                 Mescalito

Biram, Scott                                     Something’s Wrong: Lost Forever

Bottle Rockets                                 Brand new Year

Brace, Eric & Peter Cooper           You Don’t Have to Like us Both

                                                            Peter Cooper is great!!

Bryndle                                              Bryndle (Karla Bonoff/Wendy Waldman)

Burch, Paul                                       Fool for Love

Carroll, Adam                                   Lookin’ out the Screen Door

Carroll, Adam                                   Far Away Blues

Cunningham, Austin                        Where I Come From

Doe, John & sadies                          Country Club

Dowd, Johnny                                  Temporary Shelter

Dowd, Johnny                                  Wrong Side of Memphis

Edwards, Kathleen                          Asking for Flowers

Edwards, Tex                                   Pardon me I’ve Got someone to Kill

Farmer Jason (Ringenberg)          Rockin’ in the forest

Farmer Jason (Ringenberg)          A Day at the Farm

Gattis, Keith                                     Big City Blues

Harris, Emmylou                             Wrecking Ball

Gilmore, Jimmie Dale                     One Endless night

Griffin, Patty                                    Living With Ghosts

HEM                                                    Funnel Cloud

Hogan, Kelly                                     And Pine Valley Cosmonauts

I See Hawks in LA                           Hallowed Ground

Jayhawks                                          Rainy Day Music

Jayhawkd                                          Sound of Lies

Kamp, Ted Russell                           Divisadero

Koller, Fred                                       No Song Left to Sell

Lambchop                                         Decline of C & W Civilisation 2cds

Lawrence, Eddy                               Locals

McClain, Antsy                                  Trailercana (Trailer Park Troubadours)

McGhee, Wes                                   Border Guitars

McKee, Maria                                    Late December

Miller, Dean                                      Platinum

Nelson, Tracy                                   Mother Earth Presents

Noonan, Steve                                  Steve Noonan

Paul, ellis                                           Essentials 2cds

Paul, Ellis                                           Jukebox Fables

Peters, Vanessa                              Sweetheart, Keep Your Chin Up

Robison, Bruce                                 New world

Robison, Charlie                               Good Time

Rung, Brian                                       Brian Rung

Russell, Tom                                     Hotwalker

Sexsmith, Ron                                  Ron Sexsmith

Sexsmith, Ron                                  Other Songs

Shaw, Victoria                                  Bring on the Love

Smith, Darden                                  Darden Smith

Smither, Chris                                  Don’t Drag it on

Smither, Chris                                  Train Home

Southern Culture on Skids self titled

Star Room Boys                               The World Just Won’t Leave you alone

Sublette, ned                                    Cowboy Rumba (like Lyle Lovett)

Thornton, Billy Bob                         Hobo

Uncle Tupelo                         Anodyne

Waco Brothers                                 Waco Exoress: Live & Knockin’

Whiskeytown                                   Faithless Street

Williams, Lucinda                            Car Wheels on a Gravel Road

Wright, John Lincoln                       This Old mill

Non Country $5

Jaime Brockett                    Remember the Wind & Rain

Glazer, Tom                          Honk-Hiss-Tweet G

Carnes, kim                          To Love Somebody

Cole, Nat King                       Try Not to Cry

Davis, Jnr sammy                As Long as She Needs Me

Davis, Jnr Sammy               The Capitol Years

LA Guitar Quartet                Guitar Heroes

Musselwhite, Charlie          Delta Hardware

Setzer, Brian                        Dirty Boogie

Vega, Suzanne                     Beauty & Crime

Wilson, Brian                        Smile deluxe version


Music of the Year 1966 20 tracker all originals & good!!

$10 cds 3 for $25 …any section ok.

Bluegrass $10 (3 for $25) cds

Aldridge, Darin/Brooke Justice I’ll Go with You

Berrier, Barry                      First Time with Feeling

Charles River Valley Boys Beatles Country

Crowe, J D                             Lefty’s Old Guitar

Crowe, J D                             The Model Church

Dailey & Vincent                  Brothers from Different Mothers

Darby & Tarlton                   On the Banks of a Lonely River

Garrett, Jeremy                  I Am a Stranger

Gordons                                 end of a Long Hard Day

Graves, Josh                         Sultan of Slide

King, James                          Thirty years of Farming

Kohrs, Randy                        A Crack in my Armour

Krauss, Alison                      New favourite

Krauss, Alison                      Now That I’ve Found you: A collection

Lawson,. Doyle                    Lonely Street

Lawson, Doyle                     Best of the Sugar Hill Years

Lynch, Claire             Friends for a Lifetime

Newton, Mark                      Hillbilly Hemingway

Osborne, Bobby                   Bluegrass & beyond

Pandolfi, Chris                      Looking Glass (Sugar hill banjo)

Parmley, David                    three Silver Dollarsd

Rice, Tony                             Cold on the Shoulder

Rice, Tony                             Night Flyer Collection

Sparks, Larry                       40

Sparks, Larry                       Classic Bluegrass

Sparks, Larry                       The Old Church road

Stanley Brothers                 Hymns & Sacred Songs

Sutton, Bryan                       Not too Far from the Tree

IIIrd Tyme out                     Erase the Miles

Walker, Bradley                  Highway of Dreams

Watkins, Sara                      Sara Watkins

Wiseman, Mac                      Bluegrass Favorites

Woodys                                 Teardrops or Diamonds

Zonn, Andrea                        Love Goes On

Alternate style country $10 (3 for $25) cds

Allen, Terry                           Human Remains

Allen, Terry                           Smokin’ the dummy/Human Remains

Burns, Billy   Don                 Heroes Friends & Other Troubled Souls

Earle, Steve                          Just An American Boy 2cd version

Ely, Joe/Joel Guzman         Cactus!

Nice Boys from New York Hotel Bretton Hall   great despite name!!



Band of Light                        Total Union $15

Bee Gees                               1st 2cds Rhino great digipak $22

Bee Gees                               Horizontal  $22 (as per previous)

Bee Gees                               Idea $22 (as previous) Okay, we know

                                                they are English but they started here!!

Masters Apprentices          Fully Qualified:Choicest Cuts $10

Morris, Russell                     Greatest Hits $5


REM                                        Around the Sun $15 Box set with 14 posters

U2                                           No Line on the Horizon $10 (US pressing)

Progressive Rock

Atomic Rooster                    Heavy Soul  2cds $18

Brown, Arthur                      Crazy World of $15

Camel                                     Rain Dances $15

Camel                                     Moonmadness $10

Children of One                    Children of One $18

Czar                                        Czar $20

Dies Irae                               Formula 3 $18

Garden of Jane delawney Trees $18

Gentle Giant                         Gentle Giant $15

Hardin & York                      World’s Smallest big band $15

High Tide                               Sea Shanties $15

High Tide                               High Tide $15

Il Balleto de Bronzo            Vs $18

Jobson, eddie                       Theme of Secrets $20

Locanda delle Fate              Homo Homini Lupus $20

Locanda Delle Fate              Forse le Luccioli $20

Marillion                                 Singles Collection $10

Nice                                        Essential Colelction 2cds $18

Plastic Cloud             Plastic Cloud $18

Sugar Creek                          Please tell a Friend $18


Cries from the Midnight Circus: Ladbroke Grove 1964-78 2cds $22

Fairtales Can Come True:US popsike fro mlate 60s $18

Heavy Dose of Lyte Psych 25 tks 77 minutes $20

Prog Is Not a Four Letter Word 15 tks $18

Progressive Rock: Rock Legends Live  9 long tracks $15
Progressivamente: Live & unreleased and alternative tracks from

                                                Italian progressive era 1973-2003 $20

Soft Rock/Songwriter

Crosby & Nash                     Crosby & Nash (1st) $18

Gates, David                         David Gates $15

Gates, David                         Fallling In Love Again $15

Gates, David                         Goodbye Girl $15

Mason, Dave & Cass Elliott  self titled $18

Nash, Graham                      Songs for Beginners $20 2 disc 2009 version

Nichols, Roger                      Small Circle of Friends $18

Phillips, Shawn                     Shawn $10

Stills, Stephen                      Manassas $20

Webb,Jimmy                        Letters $10

Webb, Jimmy                       Land’s End $10

Webb, Jimmy                       Suspending Disbelief $10

Webb, Jimmy                       Archive + Live 2cds $18

UK Rock

Bonzo Dog Band                  Gorilla $15

Burdon, Eric & war              Black Man’s Burdon 2cd $20

Clements, Rod                      Odd Man Out $10 (ex Lindisfarne)

Cocker, Joe                           Essential $10

Costello, Elvis                       When I was Cruel $5

Culture Club                          Colours by Numbers $2

Heads Hands Feet               Old Soldiers Never Die $10

Hollies                                    Distant Light $15 (Long Cool Woman)

Howe, Steve                         Portraits of Bob Dylan $15

John, Elton                            Cotton Fields: 16 legendary Covers from

                                                1969/70 as sung by Elton John $15

Moody Blues                         Ballads $18 17 tracks

Morrison, Van                       Moondance $10 Japan pressing

Morrison, Van                       Astral weeks $10 Japan pressing

Morrison, Van                       Live at Hollywood Bowl $18 (US press)

Peddlers                                Suite London $10

Stevens, Cat                         Teaser & Firecat $5

Stewart, Rod                        Definitive US press 2cds $15

Stewart, Rod                        A Night on the Town 2cd US rem. $22

Stewart, Rod                        Atlantic Crossing 2cd US remaster $22

T Rex                                      Greatest Hits 2cds Japan press $28

Uriah Heep                            Demons & Wizards $15

Wingfield, Pete                    18 With a Bullet


All Things Mod                      Castle 18 tcks $18

Beat Scene                            25 tracks Decca UK $18

Freakbeat Scene                 25 tracks Decca Uk $18

Insane Times                       25 British Psychedelic Artyfacts from

                                                the EMI Vaults $18

Mod Scene                             25 tracks Decca UK $18

US Rock

Beach Boys                           Pet Sounds (mono & stereo) $8

Beach Boys                           Surfs Up/Sunflower 2 on 1 $8

Beau Brummels                   Bradley’s Barn $15

Beau Brummels                   Beau Brummels $15

Boston                                   Boston $15 US remastered digipak

Buckley, Tim                         Goodbye & Hello $5

Byrds                                     Byrds $18 (reunion of original group)

Chicago                                  Chicago Transit Authority $18 US remastered

Chicago                                  Chicago $18 Us remastered

Chinnock, Billy                     Badlands $10

Cooper, Alice                        School’s Out $10 (US press)

Dylan, Bob                            New Morning $15 (Japan pressing)

Dylan, Bob                            Basement Tapes $25 2cds US remaster digipak

Dylan, Bob                            Before the Flood $25 2cds US remaster digipak

Geils, j Band                         House Party 2cds Rhino OOP $28 anthology

Goose Creek Symphony     Goose Is Loose 2cds $10

Grateful Dead                      To Terrapin: Hartford ’77 3 cds Rhino HDCD $28

Little Feat & Friends            Join the Band $18

Love                                        Forever Changes 2cds Rhino expanded $20

Love                                        Love Story 2cds Rhino OOP $28 anthology

Lovin’ Spoonful                     French EP Collection 2cds digipak $20

Meatloaf                                Bat Out of Hell $8 (US pressing)

Meatloaf                                Bat Out of Hell 2 $8 (US pressing)

Pretenders                           Get Close $8 expanded deluxe version

Pretenders                           Learning to Crawl $8 expanded deluxe version

Sir Douglas Band                 Texas Tornado $10

Spirit                                      The Archive:An Introduction $15

Young, Neil                           Neil Young $15

Young, Neil                           Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere $10

Young, Neil                           Greatest Hits $5

Young, Neil                           Live at Massey Hall, 1971 US press $15


Never Never Land               83 Texan Nuggets from International Artists

                                                Records 1965-1970 3cd box garage bands. $35

Miscellaneous stuff

Chas & Dave                         One Fing n Anuvver $10

Connolly, Billy                       Pick of $8 (has his version of DIVORCE)

Kraal, Diana                          Quiet Nights US press $10

Morrissey                              You Have Killed me $1-

Stylistics                                Can’t Give You Anything But My Love $10

Tiny Tim                                 God Bless Tiny Tim $20


Nippers Greatest Hits        70s $15

Zabriskie Point                     Soundtrack 2cd expanded $22 Rhino Grateful

                                                Dead, Pink Floyd, etc

Well, that just sneaks in at the end of the page. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.


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