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It has been a while between drinks but all has been pretty good on this end. Had my first overseas buying trip in nearly 9 years and actually got to Nashville this time round. Let me say it was just wonderful. Music City USA is a great place. The people are friendly and there is a down home quality. The Country Music Hall of Fame has so much class. There is currently a Hank Williams exhibit but the whole place is just brilliant. Nothing hokey just brilliant fun all the way. Then I was lucky enough to be able to see the “Always Patsy Cline” show at the Ryman Auditorium. What a building!! It is hard to believe that there was a time in the 70s it was going to be demolished. Starring Mandy Barnett in the title role and the hilarious Tere Myers it is rivetting. Mandy is so good as Patsy that for the show’s duration she ceased to exist. That was Patsy Cline on stage or so it seemed. Every subtle movement and vocal inflection was how you would have imagined Patsy. And Mandy like Patsy is all woman!! The other highlight was seeing Hugh Moffatt in the round at the Bluebird Café. The Bluebird has the word SHH!! plastered around and as strange as it may seem everybody there actually does listen. What next! That is something a lot of people in Australia would not believe.


Post 1 cd $2/2cds $3/3-4 cds $6


Tennessee Ernie Ford “6000 Sunset Boulevard” $32

One of my very favourite ever cds is the “Capitol Collectors Tennessee Ernie Ford”. I love it for many reasons; firstly there is Tennessee Ernie’s amazing voice. Deep and mellow with a wonderful ability to make even the most mundane song exciting. Then there is the seemingly infinite variety of the material. Country boogies though broadway shows, all given his distinctive treatment. No one has ever been groovier than Tennessee Ernie. The massive hit “Sixteen Tons” is based around Ern’s finger snapping arrangement which lifts it to a new direction. In an appearance on Ernie’s tv show of the 50s, Ernie had a great conversation with Merle Travis, the author of the great song. Said Ern, “I was going nowhere till that song came along”. Replied Merle, “That song was going nowhere till you found you”. Merle of course was being typically humble but Ernie single-handedly took it to a new dimension.  We do have  a couple (see rarities section below) but they will go quickly.

This cd comes on the back of a new book written by Ernie’s eldest son which reveals throughout his career Ernie was a deeply troubled chronic alcoholic; a man who had the public face of good-natured joviality (you’d almost say Dick Clark was a grouch by comparison) but was different to what we imagined. Even harder to imagine after listening to this brilliant cd which on first playing was elevated to a position equal with the Capitol Collectors Series cd. These were recorded for radio shows, similar if you like to the Hank Williams ones. But there was an amazing looseness that even Hank could not emulate. Every one of the musicians is a star but initial praise must go to Billy Strange on rhythm guitar and George Bruns on bass. They lay down a rhythm which is unrelenting and lets the soloists take their turn without the songs missing a beat. Stars of this outing are Speedy West on steel guitar and even more so Billy Liebert on accordion and occasional piano. Liebert is everywhere and he seemingly doesn’t play the same solo twice. West is similarly entrancing and it is hard to believe there is only one steel guitar playing. Joining them is Harold Hensley on fiddle and on “Sophisticated Swing” he plays a clarinet that is right out there.

The notion of variety is something that never had any limits when Ern was at the mike. Here he does country covers such as “Won’t You Ride in my Little Red Wagon”, songs from Broadway shows such as Pajama Game (many may know the Pointer Sisters version of “Steam Heat” which Ernie prforms here), and old vaudeville numbers such as “Nobody(When life seems full of clouds an' rain and I am filled with naught but pain,who soothes my thumpin' bumpin' brain ? Nobody). There are a few instrumentals and even a couple of quartet & trio  vocals (Liebert, Strange, West & Hensley). Ernie’s version of “Georgia on My Mind” instantly is elevated to that of Ray Charles and Willie Nelson; maybe Willie had this set in mind when he recorded his “Stardust” album. There are 23 tracks and many are quite short but I could not imagine anyone not loving this and then some. Tennessee Ernie, assuming that is his stage persona (compared to Ernest Jennings Ford…his off stage persona) may be the most consummate entertainer in any genre of music. Incidentally the recording quality of this could not be equalled if it was done today.

**Boyd, Jimmy and his Playmates with Frankie Laine, Rosemary

Clooney & Gayla peevey  30 tracks from his early period $32

**Bush, Johnny – Lillie’s White Lies $30 What a singer and what a title song. Many know I consider Martin Delray’s version of the title song as perhaps the greatest song deserving of a number one hit never to be even released to radio. Damn!! But Johnny almost gets there. Well, I played it 3 times in a row before I got to the second track so I guess he does get there. The song selection is just great. “One Shot at a Time”, from indie hero Curt Ryle is classic honky tonk. “You’re Turning Down the Flame” is a great song written by Johnny himself (in cahoots with Lee Emerson who had the ignominy of being shot by Sergeant Barry Sadler, who served a whole month in the clink despite being convicted of his manslaughter). “Mind Breakin’ Blues” is another great Bush song. 15 tracks in all and produced by Justin Trevino. The album was recorded in both Nashville and in Justin’s Brady, Texas studio….the Nashville sessions feature Don Helms on steel guitar, assumably  on the 2 Hank Williams songs featured on the album. One of Johnny’s best but as with Martin Delray I still think it should be spelt “Lily’s White Lies”. But I’m not going to lose any sleep over it.

**Richie Furay Band – “Alive” Late 2008 release 2cds $35 which includes a great Buffalo Springfield medley as well as some great new versions of Poco songs (Furay was a founding member of both). This has been a return to the country rock style which he does so well. He had been taking a hiatus of sorts from that style; he has recorded 2 religious album but these recordings show why he has a place in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

**Wayne “The Train”  “Viper of melody’ $30 The great Wayne the Train Hancock’s fabulous new Bloodshot label cd is as always with “The Professor” Lloyd Maines as producer. This is recorded live in the studio with his current touring band and they are all superb. Anthony Locke (called in as “Tony” when he does his great solos) is a steel guitar player of the highest order. Infinitely interesting with solos that are seemingly all different. Slap bassist Huckleberry Johnson gives a hound dog of a performance (get it!) and “Throwin’ Away My Money” has a wonderful solo which could be right out of the Maddox Brothers and Rose, whilst lead guitarist Izak “Izzy” Zaidman can be jazzy or bluesy depending on the mood. Wayne The Train is as always on his game. “Working at Working” is not an entirely new song but could be aimed right at today’s troubled times. Mind you this could almost be lifted straight off a Hank Williams’ album but Wayne even manages a Jimmie Rodgers’ flourish at the end. “Freight Train Boogie” isn’t the Delmore Brothers song but a new Wayne the Train composition which more than stands up to the original. I hope he comes to Australia again. His Sydney show of a few years ago was equal to the best offered by Dale Watson and that is a recommendation and a half!!

**Joni Harms  – That’s Faith (Gospel) $30 Joni’s all new gospel album. It is a mix of originals and mainly traditional covers. “Joseph Built the Cradle” is a great Joni original with some fine dobro playing by Pat Severs. Dolly Parton’s “God’s Coloring Book” is made Joni’s own. For the uninitiated Joni sings in a style reminiscent of a female Michael Martin. She uses a similar band with Hoot Hester on fiddle. “The Place Where I Worship” invokes the spirit of the Sons of the Pioneers, who of course did an early version of this classic. Dispense with the thankfully short opener (38 seconds) and you have a great album. Nice cover.

**Cornell Hurd Band “American Shadows: The Songs of Moon Mullican” $30   Our Austin hero with 18 songs (always great value) associated with the great Aubrey “Moon” Mullican, who played a mean piano (he was perhaps the main influence of Jerry Lee Lewis) Floyd Domino and Miss Debbie are great guests on piano; T Jarrod Bonta is also featured. Guests include Justin Trevino (“Jole Blon”) and Bill Kirchen on the blokey front and Chris O’Connell & Maryanne Price on the chickey front. The best remembered songs are all here in great CHB renditions, notably “I’ll Sail My Ship Alone”, the oft-covered “Cherokee Boogie” and “Pipeliner’s Blues”. They also feature some rarer songs such as “A Million Regrets” and “Heartless Lover”. Sadly this will be the last album to feature Cornell’s guitarist supreme, Paul Skelton.

**Dottie Jack – With Every Heartbeat $30 Over the years an underlying fact of the many many great independent cds we have carried is that most have been by men. There have been the occasional fine female album but that has seemingly changed for the better in recent times. Erin Hay, a resurgent Leona Williams, the sensational Amber Digby, the wondrous Miss Leslie (who has the honour of 2008 album of the year for “Between the whiskey and the Wine”..don’t miss it) and now Dottie Jack. Dotty has a sound which is firmly rooted in classic country of the 60s a la Connie Smith, Norma Jean, Jeannie Seely and co. It is hard to listen to this and think it is contemporary despite the great recording. The production is superb but pays more than a nod to yesterday. “Once a Day”, is given a slightly more uptempo version than we may be used to but is just grand, especially when Amber Digby joins in on harmony. “Two Separate Bar Stools” is  first class honky tonk…almost a Patsy Cline feel to this one. Maybe it is just a testament to how well Dottie sells a song. Of a similar feel is Warner Mack’s “Talkin to the Wall”. Jim Loessberg is certainly a great producer as well as being superb on steel guitar and bass (though probably not at the same time). Mind you he has some good men to work with in Bobby Flores, Jake Hooker and Dave Biller. A wonderful 5 star album. Amber and Leslie had better watch out. Just superb.

 **Josh Logan – I Am What I Am $30 great new cd from the man who carries the spirit of the great Mel Street. He had a major label album many years ago, “Somebody Paints the Wall”, which falls in the ultra rare classics category. Josh knows how to read a lyric and “This Thing Called Recession” is a great ditty but Josh is the consummate balladeer as evidenced by his superb take on “I Would Have Loved You All Night Long”, which has appeared on albums by both Keith Whitley & Ron Williams but Josh nails it better than either. If I had to make a criticism of this album it would be too much reliance on the songs of producer Del Gray; he does 5 and they are the weakest on the album, though Josh is such a great vocalist many would not notice. I’d say only 2 of those 5 are rank and the opener “I Am What I Am” is one.  Best track is “Change My Mind” a great song co-written by the wonderful Jamey Johnson. A wonderful singer with some wonderful moments but somebody please introduce him to Justin Trevino.

**Joey Martin– “Strong Enough to Cry” $30 This is going to be in very short supply. It is a pre “Joey & Rory” album by Joey (Martin) and is produced by Rory. It was actually going to be released in 2005 on Giantslayer Records but the company folded before it was released and a few were pressed. This is what we have now. “Like a Rodeo” is a duet with Paul Overstreet (though harmonies by would be a more appropriate tag) and the title song may even be better (hard to believe) than anything on Joey & Rory. Her versatility is shown with a lovely reading of the traditional “Old Paint”  Supply of this is extremely uncertain so do not dally. Of course we still have supplies of the Joey & Rory album just in case someone hasn’t got this gem. “Joey & Rory – The Life of a Song” $30. Two essential albums.

**Willie Nelson– Willie & the Wheel (with Asleep at the Wheel) $30

I like this yet I have reservations. Just to illustrate, Bear Family have issued 2 very comprehensive Bob Wills collection and Collectors Choice have issued what I consider the best in “The Tiffany Transcriptions” set. Add up the songs and I reckon it would be at least 400. Yet most Wills’ tributes have the same damn core songs. Why has no one ever done “Drop Us Off at Bob’s Place Driver” which is one of the catchiest good time songs ever? Now, Willie & the Wheel is not just Bob Wills songs but there are versions of “Right & Wrong” and “Bring It On Down to My Place” and also Hank Penny’s “Won’t You Ride in My Little Red Wagon” should also be put out to pasture as should “Shame on You”. So this cd is maybe not all it should be, but there are some great moments nonetheless. They do things very jazzily and the package is beautiful to behold. There is also a deluxe version for $40 which includes movie style placards for the group plus an additional track.

**Joe Paul Nichols – The Price is Right: My Tribute to Ray Price $30 Joe Paul, not to be confused with just plain old Joe Nichols, has produced around 20 albums all of which are very very good. He has cut some classic gospel but this time pays homage to Ray Price, and is ably abetted by the great Texas musicians in Dicky Overby on steel guitar, Jake Hooker on bass, Floyd Domino on piano and Bobby Flores on fiddle. Time to salivate and rightly so. In addition, the album is  superbly produced by the great Justin Trevino. Joe Paul concentrates on Ray’s shuffle songs and of note is his superb version of two Price originals in “Your Old Love Letters” and “Twenty Fourth Hour”. Generally he sticks to lesser known songs though his version of “Heartaches by the Number” is still nice to hear. Look out for a forthcoming biography on Price by Ray Waddell, who says Price’s health is due to the fact he never smoked…..

cigarettes that is!

**David Peterson – “Comin’ on Strong” $30 A graduate from bluegrass (but this is a non bluegrass album) where some of the best voices have come; he still performs in that vein where he is backed by his group 1946 who maintain the spirit of that music form a la Bill Monroe from that era. This is his first country album and a gem. 18 tracks and that rascal from Warren reckons it could be album of the year before the 2nd track had finished. For starters there are 3 excellent steel guitarists in Buddy Emmons, John Hughey (one of his last ever sessions) and Paul Franklin. Peterson has a traditional voice but the production reminds of Vince Gill’s classic “The Key” if that had been made in the 60s; modern but with a liberal nod to the classic Nashville sound. The title cut was from Little David Wilkins, who I guess would have fitted in shape wise with Mr Peterson.  “Come Back to Me” is an emotional ballad in which his voice is heard at its expressive best. 18 tracks of mainly well chosen covers but he concludes with is own “Neck Ties”.  Not to be missed. Superb.

**Ruthie & the Wranglers “Americana Express”  $30 Ruthie’s first album in a while…ditto for the Wranglers I guess! Certainly Ruthie doesn’t let ego get in the way and lets other band members take lead vocals here and there. “In the Tank” features bassist Greg Hardin and Ruthie with the song coming like a cross between “Six Days on the Road” and one from the Rocky Horror Show. “I Got a Rocket in My Pocket” is full on rockabilly. The orininator, Jimmie Lodgson, (who recorded both in his own name and that of Jimmy Lloyd) is a cousin of Ruthie. Nice piano solo from band member Bill Starks. “If I Could Turn Back Time” is not the Cher song (that is a relief as I have yet to hear a Dianne Warren song I like), but ain’t much to write home about just the same. Not as frantic as some of her previous releases with the more typical rockabilly songs being the best, though “All the Honky Tonks Are Closing Down” is darn fine.

**Dale Watson – The truckin’ Sessions Vol 2” $30 Our hero is back with a follow up to his late 90s album. 14 new tracks. He’s a little greyer and I do believe even a little better. His touring band plays on this album but better still is augmented by the wonderful Red Volkaert who is great on guitar (as is Dale himself as anyone who has seen him live would attest).

Dale has revisited several tracks (from his Hightone albums) and the updated versions are just grand but the new songs are great. Volkaert is a great addition on guitar and Don Raby on fiddle is superb as well. “Hero” is about the bane of truck drivers everywhere; the driver who jumps in front of the truck, not realising the time it takes them to stop. The hero “Drops it in low, but for their sake not mine”. “10-4” is a great (mainly) instrumental track. “Drag ‘N Fly”. “I Got to Drive” is about the joys of truck driving. A hero…a true star!!

**Gene Watson – Reflections/Should I Come Home 2on 1 $34 Two of his early Capitol albums on cd for the first time.

**Dallas Wayne – I’ll take the Fifth $30 New cd 13 tracker which sees some re-recordings of some of the tracks he recorded originally in Finland but then with a rock band. This is now real real country and includes a duet with the very talented Sunny Sweeney. Dallas nails a ballad as good as George Jones in his hey day. All the songs are originals as well, though they are so crafted many will be surprised. His original Finnish recordings (he moved there for work commitments of his wife) were fine but the Finnish musicians didn’t really appreciate the subleties of country music and this has been remedied here. The opener, “All Dressed Up(With No Place to Go)” is a new one which is driven by the fiddle of Bobby Flores, the piano of Joel Guzman and the the steel of Tommy Detamore, who also produced the album. “Not a Dry Eye in the House” was recorded on one of his more recent Hightone albums but this version is better. It is slowed slightly to the previous version and Detamore’s steel guitar plaing is superb. “I’ll Take the Fifth” is classic honky tonk and a great play on words as you would probably gather. One of the finest of the “Finnish” years is “I Never Did Like Planes” one of 4 co-writes with Robbie Fulks. As always great word play. “God Only Knows” (certainly not the Beach Boys song) is a classic country shuffle.

So many great albums by our all time heroes!! How great it is!!

**Hank Williams– The Unreleased Recordings Gospel Keepsakes $30 Second in the Mothers Best Flour series. Note: some of these are on the first box set and some aren’t. This cd does gather them (the gospel songs that is) together in a very nice package though and there are new notes.  Also to answer a common question, there is no sign of a second box as yet.

** Yates, Billy – Favourites $30  21 track hits package with a new duet version of the song he wrote, “Choices”, with its hitmaker, George Jones.

Pam Gadd “Benefit of Doubt” $30 New cd of Pam Gadd is very special in that it is a virtual reunion of “Wild Rose” that wonderful all girl group which made but 3 albums on Capitol Records. All were uniformly excellent I might add. Since then Pam has operated in the bluegrass field, in a similar way to the likes of Rhonda Vincent and Alecia Nugent as well as being the duet partner of Porter Wagoner; a very nice tribute “Farewell Wagonmaster” concludes this cd. She is great when duetting with Marty Raybon (ex Shenandoah) on a terrific version of the Loretta & Conway classic “After the Fire Is Gone”. She reprises two Wild Rose numbers and is joined by Wanda Vick and Nancy Gardner of Wild Rose.

Other guests include Dale Ann Bradley, Bryan Sutton and Dolly Parton. Currently touring in Europe, these are in essence the last of this title available until such time as she does a repress. Everything she has done has been of the highest quality and this is arguably her best yet.!

**GeorgeJones “A Picture of Me (Without You)/Nothing Ever Hurt Me (Half As Bad as Losing You”.  $28 New two-fer on Collector’s Choice stable mate label “American Beat”, after being out of print for a near a decade after a short release on Razor and Tie label. The first was George’s Epic label debut and features some of the saddest songs he had ever recorded on one album. When singing of failed romances no one comes close to the Possum. Also, the song quality on this set is very high. “Second Handed Flowers” is a great Tom T Hall story song. The final track is a Peanut Montgomery composition. Peanut is the man that legend tells us had a shot fired at him (from point blank range) by George, who thankfully missed. The second album on this disc is the second cd George had Billy Sherrill as producer. Considering it was done by a teenage Tanya Tucker a year prior to George doing it, “What’s Your Mama’s Name” must be considered a rather unusual choice. He mustn’t have scared Peanut too much as he contributes 3 songs all up including “My Loving Wife” whilst “Wine , You’ve Used Me Long Enough” may be a hint of things to come as a man loses his woman to the thing she can’t compete with, alcohol. “What My Woman Can’t Do” written by George, Billy Sherrill and Peanut Montgomery may be the best track on the album and that is amongst a bunch of great songs. 2 of his best ever.

Also by George on American Beat:

**George Jones & Tammy Wynette “We Go Together/Let’s Build a World Together” 2 on 1 $25  Great version of “Something to Brag About”

**George Jones & Tammy Wynette “Golden Ring” $20

**George Jones  “The Grand Tour” $20 in which George does a couple of songs in memory of his friend Mel Street.

Great new label COW ISLAND. Lots of classy hillbilly come rockabilly come honky tonk on a label out of Boston.

**Dixons – Still Your Fool $30 This would please all fans of Dwight Yoakam’s early days. Most of the songs are by Jeffro Mowrer, the lead vocalist. “Still Your Fool” is a classic. Jeffro’s great vocal is augmented by some great steel guitar from Gerald Menke who is particularly strong throughout. Many of the songs sound like country classics but in essence 2 only are of vintage nature with a drawling version of Ernest tubb’s “Thanks a Lot” just shading Wayne Walker’s “I’ve Got a New Heartache”.


**Arty Hill & the Long Gone Daddys – Bar of Gold $30 The influence of Buck Owens can never be underestimated and the uptempo songs show that Arty is a huge Buck fan. The thing that sticks out though is the sheer quality of the songs all of which are group originals. “Hall of Fame of Nothing” is a ballad by a guy who sees himself as the ultimate loser. The title track is a honky tonk tour de force which is right out if the Buck school with great harmonies a la the Buckaroos. Drummer Jack O’Dell has a strange voice but is great on his own two songs especially the witty “I Might Have Been a Lawyer (But I Couldn’t Pass the Bar)”, which has some great word play. “Don’t Take It Out on Tina” is the ultimate in catchy. Great backbeat. “Hankin’ Around” has some semi Hank Williams references.

**Arty Hill & the Long Gone Daddys – Back on the Rail $30 Latest from this great singer.  There have been a few personnel changes but the material and performances are as strong as ever. “I Left Highland Town” shows another another rside as it is a nice acoustic ballad but Arty generally rips and doesit so well. Carries the personal endorsement of Jason Ringenberg.

**L’il Mo & Monicats – On the Moon $30 On first listen comparisons may be made to Rosie Flores but I honestly believe Monica Passin is better in every way. Apparently she has a regular New York City gig and often plays with Lenny Kaye.  There is great variety on this with the opener “I Could Get Used To This” being near rockabilly as is “Rockin’ Chair on the Moon”, an early Bill Haley song followed by a sparse ballad “The Boy Who Loves the Blues” and a tex-Mex ditty “Dance Crazed”. “Why Don’t You Live With Me” is a slow blues with jazzy overtones. “I Really Love (To Really Love You”) has a poppy Mamas and Papas feel (almost). “I’ve Got a New Heartache”  and “He’s a Handful” both have a great upbeat country arrangement. “Dreamy” sounds like Rickie Lee Jones with some seductive acoustic guitar from Hank Bones. Lots of variety. Nice production. And certainly an attractive package with very a very nicely air-brushed cover.

**Starline Rhythm Boys – Live at Charlies (superb) $30 This is one of the great live country albums and hard as it may seem is up there with Cornell Hurd’s “Live at the Broken Spoke.”. It is that good. There is also great value with the cd running it at just under 75 minutes. They mainly stick to covers in this live show but the group originals (mainly by slap bassist Billy Bratcher and guitarist Al Lemery fit in brilliantly (notably “Drunk Tank”), as do modern country songs such as Mike Henderson’s “One Foot in the Honky Tonk”.  High Noon’s guitarist Sean Mencher is excellent on “Dark Hollow”. I always thought them better than the Derailers when the Derailers had Tony Villenueva. As I have always said the test of a live album is whether you wish you were there and the answer here is decidedly in the affirmative.

Back in

**Josie Kreuzer – “Hot Rod Girl” $30 Of all the female rockabilly cds this stands as the best and hard as it may seem to those unfamiliar with this statuesque lady, she is better than Marti Brom! Josie sings in a spirit of the likes of Wanda Jackson and Janis Martin but also writes songs that are of high calibre. She wrote 10 of the 12 tracks and the covers would really be obscurities to most people (“Ain’t Got a Thing” and “You’re Doing Me Right”). Josie is the real deal. If you don’t have it already, don’t miss out this time around.

**Jann Browne  – Buckin’ Around: ATribute to the Legendary Buck Owens $30 Back in stock. Jann has returned to the strengths of her first 2 Curb albums which are both classics. Great selection which doesn’t stick to all the predictable tracks. In addition she has a great bunch of backing musicians notably Jay Dee Manness on steel guitar and Scott Joss on fiddle. The harmonies show they really did their homework. Jann had 2 great early 90s albums on Curb which are both out of print. They fit in so well with this gem.

**Dale Watson – “One More Once More” $32 (his swing album) Released only in Holland. Dale is the consummate vocalist. Whether a standard such as “It Happened in Monterey” or a country track, Dale shows he is also the crooner we always thought he was.

**Songs of the Year $30 Classic songs with different artists doing new versions eg Randy Travis’ delightful “Chiseled in Stone’

** Cowboy Slim Rinehardt– King of Border Radio $30 Classic vintage performances from this early cowboy singer who became know across much of the states with the powerful Mexican border radio singnal beaming across much the country (as was done with the Carter Family). Standards, both pop and country, are given fine renditions though the traditional cowboy tunes are where Slim really shines. But I bet he wouldn’t do a song called “Return of the Gay Cabellero” if the album was made today. 24 tracks plus his opening and closing radio theme.


  1. Wendel Adkins “Honky Tonkin’ Texas Style” $30 A must for Waylon fans
  2. Moe Bandy “Songs My Mama Sang” 2008 gospel album $30
  3. Delia Bell “Delia Bell” $28 Featuring & produced by Emmylou.
  4. Mark Chesnutt “Doing My Country Thing” $30. Pre Decca
  5. Dead! The Grim Reaper’s Greatest Hits $32 UK comp 24 tracks of songs of murder, mayhem, and self inflicted pain which sadly only result in one thing. First legal appearance on cd of Jack Kittel’s “Psycho” and Ferlin Husky’s “The Drunken Driver”. How great!!
  6. Norville Dollar “Through the Years”. Great traditional style.
  7. Amber Foxx “Hi Fi Party” $30 excellent west coast rockabilly.
  8. Tom T Hall “We All Got together And/The Storyteller” $34
  9. Tom T Hall “In Search of a Song/The Rhymer & Other Five & Dimers” $34  Two excellent UK 2 albums on 1 cd.
  10. Dave Loggins “Apprentice in a Musical Workshop” $30
  11. Dave Loggins “David Loggins” $28
  12. Dave Loggins “Country Suite” $28
  13. Dave Loggins ‘One Way Ticket to Paradise” $28
  14. John Mceuen “John McEuen” $28 “Reno & Me” Tops.
  15. Eric Weissberg & Deliverance “Rural Free Delivery”  $28
  16. Kimmie Rhodes & Willie Nelson “Picture in a Frame” $28 Great album of all duets. The title song by Tom Waits has a superb melody.
  17. Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs “Tv Shows” Vol 7 & 8 DVDS $35 each.

No doubt one of the greatest TV shows of all time is the Beverly

Hillbillies and lo & behold who were on the other day but none

other than Lester & Earl with Jethro playing the role of Mr

Starmaker and directing “Mrs Flatt”, a lady with very Jane Mansfield like curves. Hilarious stuff. The continuing Flaft And Scruggs TV DVDS are great with many special guests and Lester Flatt is the consummate host.

Country Joe McDonald

On my recent  US trip I called by to see Country Joe and pick up some of the cds he has put out on his own label in the last couple or so years. He is rather a serious camper, which was a little bit different to what I expected but the cds are real good.

**War War War Live!! $28 This is a new version of his classic Vanguard album which featured the poems of Robert W Service set to Joe’s music. Robert W Service was a Canadian poet who many will know provided the material for Hank Snow’s “Songs of the Yukon” album. This is better. The songs are haunting and varied (Hank Snow’s album was perhaps a little one paced).  Country Joe has always been identified with war, especially the Vietnam variety and that war was at its height when the original of this album came out in 1971. It featured Joe adding music to Canadian Service's book of poetry "Rhymes of a Red Cross Man", written after he had experienced the horrors of war whilst serving as an ambulanceman in France during World War I. Joe has not just done a straight presentation of the poems. "Foreword" is the only actually fully spoken song, and it is given a very dark arrangement. "Young Fellow My Lad" is given a jaunty accompaniment by Joe which defies the message contained therein. Similarly "The Twins" about two brothers John & James is about the treachery of war. Every song is nothing less than great but at the top of the pile is "Jean Desprez". Although a few seconds shy of ten minutes it is one of the most rivetting performances you could ever heard. Joe's narrative is superb. You hang on every word. Joe had tried unsuccessfully to get the masters from Vanguard records so did this new recording which is faithful to the original. By the way Joe has terrific diction so nothing is lost on this album.

** The Vietnam Experience $20 Joe was the leader of Country Joe & the Fish, a 60s San Francisco based group who had an anti Vietnam theme to many of their songs. This reprises some of them, including the famed “I feel Like I’m Fixing to Die Rag” as well as new songs such as “Agent Orange Song’ which has a hard hitting message. There is also a new version of his great “Kiss My Ass”, which was and probably still is part of Joe’s great live show. Other songs include “Secret Agent”, “Vietnam Veteran Still Alive” and “Vietnam Never Again” There are 10 songs plus 2 instrumentals which serve as the soundtrack to an unmade movie. The first is long but very engrossing.

** $20 Limited edition numbered 20 tracker with both vocals and instrumental tracks. Joe is a great acoustic guitarist. All new songs and an interesting cover of Haggard’s “Rainbow Stew”. Joe is a folky despite the name. A great bargain. On the war front is “Charlie Don’t Surf”, which I guess is an ode to the complacency that a lot of Americans felt in fighting the Vietnam war. Some of Joe’s acoustic guitar and harmonica work reminds of Bob Dylan.

**The Borderline London 2cds $28 His complete stage show. Some great anecdotes but be warned he likes to drop the magic word a bit. Performs songs from his solo career and from that of Country Joe & the Fish. Some of the Country Joe & the Fish tunes work really well. “Here I Go Again” has a great melody. The spoken introductions are rivetting.

Due Soon

**Hoyle Brothers – Don’t Leave yet $30 Excellent honky tonk group’s 3rd album.

**Daryle Singletary – Rockin’ in the Country $30 superb vocalist and the first new album in a few years.

**Rhonda Vincent – Destination Life $30

**Waylon Jennings “Waylon Jennings Sings Hank Williams” $30 Out of print for years. A must for fans of both men.

**Nanci Griffith – Loving Kind $30 New album will please fans of her earlier work.

**Hank Williams Jnr “27 Rose Avenue” $30 First in a while!!

**Joey Allcorn – All Alone Again $30 new indie cd. The first was a gem and a must for fans of HankIII

Bear Family News and New Releases

Two George Jones are better than one!!!

The first George Jones Musicor box was delayed as they had to go and reprint the book that accompanies it. Good news is that Vol 2 is due beginning of June so we will be combining this with our current order to get both Musicor boxes in the one order. Furthermore the book is now a soft cover not a hard cover so it means it is $30 less than we first thought. So the two new George Jones boxes are:

George Jones **Walk Through This World With Me 5 cds + book $180 MUSICOR BOX #1

This first of two Musicor label boxes. This features 142 songs plus 2 sessions as George, the producers and the musicians run though various takes of “Love Bug”, “Along Came You” and “I Made Her That Way”. What makes these sets so great is many fold but initially most have not been on cd before. There are 12 duets with the fabulous Melba Montgomery, one of the best vocalists in country music history and to many sadly unknown. There are ballads, uptempo numbers, gospel, great covers and originals. George was of course more of a writer then than he was in later times and was able to supplement his own efforts with the best Nashville written material. Classic  songs abound such as “Even the Bad Times Are Good”, “My Favorite Lies”, of course the title song and variants such as a country cover of the Eddie Fontaine rockabilly classic “Nothing Shakin’ But the leaves on the Trees”. Includes 10 previously unreleased songs. Quality musicians such as Bob Moore and Lloyd Green provide superb backing. Not to be missed.

George Jones**Good Year for the Roses 4cds + book $150. MUSICOR BOX #2

The second box is named after perhaps the second best song George ever recorded (assuming every one would go for “He Stopped Loving Her Today” as number one). This has 131 tracks including 20 previously unreleased songs. It includes duets with Johnny Paycheck (“Your Angel Steps Out of Heaven”), some with Brenda Carter (including the original version of “Milwaukee Here I Come” which was covered by John Prine on “In Spite of Ourselves” ) and the first 6 recordings with Tammy Wynette. It includes track after track of classics such as  “Even the Loser Likes to Dream”, great word plays such a “I Don’t Have Sense Enough (to Come in Out of the Pain”), a surprising number of covers of songs associated with other country greats (“Saginaw Michigan”, “Hello Darlin” and “even “Okie from Muskogee”) plus tales of lost love and the barroom (“Heartaches or Hangovers”, “Divorce or Destroy” etc). George may have had more success in a few more years from these but these are as fine a bunch of recordings that he ever did and whilst I may be going against popular opinion I may even suggest the title song as his finest ever recording. Regardless these 2 box sets are absolute must haves!!

We always say that Bear Family box sets represent great value for money. To get the best George Jones at around a dollar a track is tantamount to theft!!

His Musicor duet recordings with Gene Pitney are not in these box sets. They are on the cd “George Jones & Gene Pitney” BCD 15790 for $32.

Also by George on Bear Family.

“She Thinks I Still Care: The Complete United Artists Recordings” 5cds + book $210 Also includes fabulous duets with Melba Montgomery.

**Davis, Link –Big mamou $35 Classic cajun flavoured rock & roll & rockabilly. 64 page booklet. Famed for the classic “Big Mamou” he was on a number of different labels and this cd features recordings from Okeh (Columbia) and Starday. Includes 7 previously unissued tracks.

**McAuliffe, Leon – Tulsa Straight Ahead $32 31 tracks from the former Bob Wills man and great artist (both vocal & instrumentalist) in his own right!! Includes the great McAuliffe favourite “The Three Bears”. It includes 4 previously unreleased tracks, one of which is a version of perhaps his signature tune “Take It Away Leon”, or certainly the one named after Wills’ famous catchcry.

**Maynard, ken – The Lonestar Trail $32 the first singing movie cowboy. Only 8 tracks but a whopping booklet makes it a must have package. In fact the booklet is 80 pages long. Some of the photo inclusions are remarkable. There is an early school report which shows he only had one day absent (and no days “tardy”) but it also indicates he was poor at music but then again was excellent at USA History. The amazing thing is that 5 of the tracks are previously unreleased. Running time is under 26 minutes and whilst Red Pete may not approve he would no doubt give a thumbs up that the authors refer to Bob Dylan’s “Basement Tapes”. Many great items of memorabilia are reproduced in the booklet.

**Shit Happens $38…All the songs of bad luck and misery, Tear jerkers to beat all tear jerkers.

**Songs of Love loss & Longing $35 …a companion volume! Features songs about the love that lingers but only on a one sided way…or so it seems. “Just Get Over it!!!” are certainly words the proponents here don’t understand.

**Wagoner, Porter – Cold Hard Facts of Life $100 6 lps worth on 3 cds all his classic themed album such as “Soul of a Convict” and “Confessions of a Broken Man”.

**Williams, Hank – “Rockin Chair Money” $32 Beautifully presented package of Hank’s up tempo pre rock and roll rock & rollers!! These are all the original recordings apart from a version of “Roly Poly” which features an overdub by musicians who include Grady Martin and Floyd Cramer and 6 other Williams’ demos which were subsequently overdubbed and are also included here including a version of Hank Thompson’s “Swing Wide Your Gate of Love” and Jimmy Work’s “Tennessee Border”. Great 43 page booklet (the  44th attaches it to the digipak cover,)

**Jimmy Dell “Cool It Baby” $32 Famed in rockabilly circles for the fabulous “I’ve Got a Dollar” he is also remembered as a partner of Duane Eddy and the very first Duane Eddy single (with Jimmy), “Soda Fountain Girl” is included here. 10 of the 20 tracks mark their first ever issue on this. Al Casey is featured on some of the tracks on this cd.

**Charlie Rich – “Rocks” $35 Great continuing series and this looks at Charlie’s Sun, Smash & RCA rockers, something decidedly different to his Epic recordings of the 70s. 31 tracks and 75 minutes playing time. Gems include “Mohair Sam”, “Charlie’s Boogie”, of course “Lonely Weekends”, “Rebound”, “Big Boss Man” etc. Some show an inkling of what he did on “Pictures & Paintings” the fabulous album recorded right at the end of his career.

**Amos Milburn Rocks $35 31 tracks and over 80 minutes from late 40s to 1957. A must for fans of the likes of Fats Domino,

**Frankie Lymon & Teenagers Rocks $35 33 tracks 75 minutes.

** Piano Red (aka Dr Feelgood) Rocks 33 tracks and 78 minutes.

**George Hamilton IV – “The Drugstore’s Rockin’ : To You and Yours”

$32 32 tracks. Before he appeared in the movie “Hooteanny” singing “Abilene” George was promoted as a teen idol and had some great rockabilly tracks with none better than “Everybody’s Body” an out and out classic of the genre, but he also featured many tales of angst such as “Why Don’t They Understand” and the fabulous “Rose & a Baby Ruth”, which I only found out years after first hearing it was a famous  US candy bar. This also includes his early pop country classics such as the aforementioned “Abilene” and “You Nearly Lose Your Mind”. It is not surprising given the writer credits that George reminds a lot of John D Loudermilk, and believe me that is good. This is great for those who don’t want the large Bear Family box.

**Billy the Kid Emerson “Red Hot”  $32 33 tracks and over 80 minutes recording. The title track was a hit for Billy Lee Riley and Bob Luman among others but Sun owner Sam Phillips always had a soft spot for the originator. Includes recordings from Sun Vee Jay and Chess labels.


These are a while down the track but will include:

**Sons of Pioneers Way Out there 6cds + 160 page book

**Justin Tubb – Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight

**Johnny Horton – Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight

**Pat Boone – Rocks

**5 more in the Sweet Soul Music series 1966-70 inc.

Omni Records

A great little label with some great cds. Most have not been on cd before. In the near future they will be doing a Johnny Paycheck “Little Darlin’” compilation which I am told will largely avoid the tracks which are on the landmark “Real Mr Heartache” album on CMF….now deleted and which sells  for a lot more than I have on the 1 solitary copy ( in  rarities). It is said to be going to include some rather rare archival material released by

label owner Aubrey Mayhew in the days before his death in March.

**Lorne Greene “The Man” $28 More tracks and a better selection than the long deleted Razor & Tie album. Includes the classic hit “Ringo” as well as 27 other tracks. Lorne, a Canadian, had a voice ideally suited to presenting this material, which is mainly spoken but with occasional lapses into actual song. “An Old Tin Cup (And a Battered Old Coffee Pot)”

is an ode to a miner who failed in his quest to find the gold that would put him on easy street. The tracks “I’m a Gun’ and “Gunslinger’s Prayer” are self explanatory but works of art when Lorne wraps his tonsils around them.

 **Tommy Cash “Rise & Shine/Six White Horses” $28 Contains 2 full albums plus 8 songs from the concept album, “The American way of Life”. 30 tracks in all. “Six White Horses” is a tribute to the Kennedys and Martin Luther King. Includes songs about drug addiction (“Carried Away”), the plight of the working man (“Rise & Shine”) and domestic violence (“The Honest Truth”). Don’t sell Tommy short as he is a great artist in his own right.

**Dee Mullins “The Continuing Story” $28 The “Continuing Story of the Harper Valley PTA” was his sole charting hit which was recorded for Shelby Singleton’s Plantation Records label. The 27 tracks consist of his one album plus singles. His style was a tad reminiscent of George Jones but anyone on Shelby Singelton’s label was going to struggle for recognition. This is the cd that may change all that.

**Pete Seeger “Rainbow Race/Now/Young Vs Old” 2cds $35 3 albums plus rare 45s, one of which is an unissued version of “I Feel Like I’m Fixing to Die Rag” . Many of the songs have an anti war sentiment such as “Uncle Ho”. There is also his tremendously witty paean to aging “Get Up and Go” (“Up every morning I dust off my wits, open the paper and read the obits….if I’m not there I know I’m not dead so I eat a good breakfast and go back to bed”…….”I huff to the store and puff my way back but never you laugh I don’t mind at all I’d rather be huffing than not puff at all”.

**Plantation Gold – The Mad Genius of Shelby Singelton Jnr and Plantation Records” 2cds 58 tracks $35 For years I had a guy ring me up and want Harlow Willcox’s “Groovy Grubworm”. What? (you say). It was kind of a Bill Black’s Combo style instrumental, inane but at the same time annoyingly memorable. Anyone with that persistence has probably been arrested by now but if not there is someone who will be ecstatic that “Groovy Grubworm” is (believe it or not) finally on cd. It seems almost an unintentional accident that “Harper Valley PTA” by Jeannie C Riley, the huge crossover was a number one hit on both the Billboard pop and country charts. Without a doubt a country song (the next time it was achieved by a female was Dolly Parton’s “9 to 5” , which is decidedly pop). It also saw a swag of cover songs, surprisingly on the same label including “Harper Valley CIA” and the above mentioned Dee Mullins cover. But there were some tracks on the label and consequently cd which are just grand albeit a tad left of centre. Tokyo Matsu, a Japanese female vocalist who ended up at Branson may have been the first Japanese artist to record on an American label. She proves herself on a great version of “Mum & Dad’s Waltz” though the compiler should have included the superb “Diggy Liggy Lo”.  But that is a minor criticism. There are rare tracks by Lawton Williams (composer of “Fraulein” & “Geisha Girl”…maybe the latter was written with a young Tokyo Matsu in mind??). Many of the tracks have a novelty edge such as Rod Hart’s great “C B Savage” or “Hello I’m Johnny Credit” by Johnny Credit. Then there are a handful of tracks by “Little” David Wilkins (who certainly wasn’t…little that is). There is the delightfully named “Four on the Floor and a Fifth Under the Seat’ by Trooper Jim Foster and who can forget T Tommy Cutrer who was announcer at the Grand Ol Opry with his narration about “The school Bus”. You can almost guess what is gonna transpire. There are also contributions by Webb Pierce, Teresa Brewer, and many others with great performances which belie their less than “footnote” status. How can this cd not be loved? I ask you!

**Anita Carter “Songbird” $28 28 tracks including songs with the latter day Carter Family (which included Carlene) plus duets with Waylon Jennings, Hank Snow and Johnny Cash who was quoted as saying she was the  greatest female country singer. It was her wonderful voice featured on many Cash recordings; it just soared. No duplication with “Ring of Fire” her cd on Bear Family and even if you have the Bear Family box set most of these tracks are not on it.


**Biff Rose – Biff Rose $28 Said to be a major influence on David Bowie a la “Hunky Dory” and “Ziggy Stardust” period

**Porter Wagoner ‘ “The Cold Hard Facts of Life/Soul of a Convict”. Though both are on the 3 cds Bear Family box this is augmented by 4 singles not on the Bear set and there are those who would find $28 for this much more favourable than a $100 for the Bear Family set despite its amazing quality.

**Hoyt Axton ‘My Griffin is Gone” $28 Greatly expanded version of the popular singer songwriter’s 1969 album including 8 previously unreleased tracks. 24 tracks in all.

**John D Loudermilk “The Open Mind of John D Loudermilk” $28 27 tracks of his best singer songwriter material.

**Porter Wagoner “The Rubber Room” $28 Superb collection of his most eccentric material.

**Henson Cargill A Very Well Travelled Man” $28 Includes the huge hit “Skip a Rope” and a stack more.

Sale Section Many are 1 only items so please do not dally.

Box Sets

Blue Sky Boys                      The Sunny Side of Life 5cd + 80 page hard cover book on Bear Family. As new

                                                maybe played once. Normally $210, this

                                                one is only $150. The equal in influence

                                                and main influence of Louvin Brothers.

Boots, Buckles & Spurs  3cds 50 tracks in long book style box put out by Sony to celebrate 50 years of the National Finals Rodeo. Thus all tracks have a rodeo or cowboy theme. There are some rarities such as Hag’s “An American Cowboy” and David Allan Coe’s version of “Ride ‘em Cowboy”. $35.

Brooks, Garth                      The Limited Series $40 ss has

                                                Sevens/ Scarecrow/Double Live/ The

                                                Lost Sessions/All Access dvd  1 only

 Brown, Milton                      Daddy of Western Swing 4cd Proper

                                                $30 102 tracks

Can’t You Hear Me Calling

                                                Bluegrass: 80 Years of American Music.

                                                4cds 109 tracks Sony music. Very nice

                                                set which starts with Gid Tanner & the

                                                Skillet Lickers and Charlie Poole & goes

                                                to the likes of Mark O’Connor & Ricky

                                                Skaggs. There is a liberal selection from                                                           the greats such as Flatt & Scruggs,

                                                Stanley Brothers, Bill Monroe etc plus

                                                Osborne Bros, Molly O’Day etc. $60

                                                Includes 60 page book.

Cash, Johnny                        At Folsom Prison 2cds + dvd $40

                                                This is a proper box set. Long style

                                                box with large 40 page book. It has

                                                been released in regular jewel box

                                                in Australia. This is the real deal!!

Cash, Johnny                        Original Album Classics 5cd $40

                                                UK release of his early Columbia

                                                Albums in mini lp style covers. Has

                                                Fabulous/Hymns/Songs of Our Soil/

                                                Ride This Train/Orange Blossom Special

Cash, Johnny                        Come Along & Ride This Train 4cd +                                                                    book on Bear Family. SS(still sealed)

                                                Normally $125. One only $100. The

                                                equivalent of 8 lps most only on cd in

                                                this box set.

Fire/Fury Records Story Long style box on Capricorn label.

                                                Has 51 tracks on 2 cds and 16 page                                                                    book. Artists include Elmore James,

                                                Wilbert Harrison,original “Kansas City”,

                                                Titus Turner, Buster Brown, King Curtis

                                                Plus a bunch of unknown (to me) such                                                  as Dr Horse, Wild Jimmy Spruill etc.$40

Jennings, Waylon    Collectors Edition 3cds in Collectors tin


Jewel/Paula Story  Long Style box on Capricorn 43 tracks &

                                                About 145 minutes and includes some

                                                unreleased Lightnin’ Hopkins plus

                                                Frank Frost, John Lee Hooker etc $40

Jones, George                      Collectors Edition 3cd in tin $25

Jones, Spike                         Strictly for Music Lovers 4cds 95 track


Judds                                      Judds Collection 3 cds in bound book

                                                Style box. One of the spokes is broken                                                              so one cd tends to come loose. All in

                                                great shape apart from that. 35 page

                                                book. Nice denim style box. Approx 55

                                                tracks. $48

Let Me Be Your Sidetrack: The Influence Of Jimmie Rodgers

                                                Bear Family 6 cds 159 tracks of all the

                                                Cover versions. Also a 188 page book.

                                                One only $100 SS(normally $160)

Orbison, Roy             The Definitive 107 songs on 4cds in

                                                long style box with 96 page book. Have

2 copies. One as new $50. Includes Monument, MGM etc. Nice linen bound box. Quite a few previously unissued tracks.

Rock & Skiffle                       4cds 100 tracks Skiffle & early UK style

                                                Rock & Roll. $35

Williams, Hank                     The Unreleased Recordings SS 3cds box

                                                + book. A must $60. The famous            

                                                Mother’s Best Flour shows. Has score

                                                Mark on bar code. 54 tracks. Time/Life.

                                                Licensed from the Estate of Hank.

Williams, Hank                     Hillbilly Hero 4cds 80 tracks + 6 full

                                                Health & Happiness Shows $35

Williams, Hank Jnr  Bocephus Box 3cds 70 tracks WB

                                                in long style box with 20 page book $50

Williams, Hank III   Collectors Edition. His first 3 albums in

                                                A collectors tin. 4cds in all (“Lovesick,

                                                Broke & Driftin’”, “Risin’ Outlaw” &

                                                “Straight to Hell” which is 2cd $30

Wills, Bob                              Tiffany Transcriptions. New remasters

                                                On Collectors Choice. The best Wills

                                                by far. 150 tracks 10cds + booklet.

                                                Normally $210 now $140. A blinkin’

                                                must. I was asked a rather strange

                                                question the other day and that was

                                                what is best value the $30 Milton

                                                Brown or this. I said they were both

                                                great value & exceptional but if pushed

                                                this is the best value in the whole  list!


There are some great titles here and they are only one of each. Many are out of print. I have indicated weight in brackets after each book. All new or as new.

“Bill Monroe Reader: Edited by Tom Ewing” 301 pages hardback 750 grams. $35 A series of collected articles by everyone from John Hartford to Newsweek magazine. Small text, lots of content.

“Bluegrass Reader” edited Thomas Goldsmith Hardcover 356 pages (650 grams) This is a collection of 64 stories on bluegrass from scholars such as Neil Rosenberg to performers such as Marty Stuart. It covers all the greats and each article is work in itself. $35

“Can’t You Hear Me Calling: The Life of Bill Monroe, Father of Bluegrass” by Richard D Smith hard cover 366 pages 655 grams. A must have book for fans of bluegrass music. $35

“Complete Beatles Chronicle” Mark Lewisohn  very large size 370 page hard cover book…well over a kg…probably closer to 2. $40. For starters the pictures are superb, I certainly have not seen a lot of them before. The book traces the day to day activities from1957 to the end of their lives as the Beatles in the early 70s. The detail in the latter years is truly amazing. Fascinating to the ‘nth’ degree. There are reproductions of many recording notes by George Martin and inter office EMI memos.

“Country Music Humorists and Comedians” Loyal Jones Large hardcover 430 pg. 1kg+. A very comprehensive coverage of those who employed humour as a large part of their act. Such  greats as Lonzo & Oscar, Stringbean, Grandpa Jones, Rod Brasfield, Archie Campbell and even artists such as Statler Brothers and Jim Stafford. $40 Many bios are unique to this great book.

“Gone Country: Portraits of country Music’s New Stars” Basically a lot of the newer artists taken in poses you wouldn’t see. I must admit thinking of Tanya Tucker’s pix… holy crap where did she get them!! Good thing it avoids the artists any self respecting fan would hate. 208 page large size hard cover $18 900grams There is a fascinating picture of a masked (a la Orion) Hank Williams III.

“Hayloft Gang:The Story of the National Barn Dance” Edited by Chad Berry 220 pages paperback 460 grams. The National  Barn Dance was Chicago’s answer to the Grand ol Opry. Broadcasting from WLS Chicago it reached large areas of the US. Artists included Rex Allen, Red Foley, Patsy Montans, The Hoosier Hot shots, Bradley Kincaid, Gene Autry etc $25

“Joel Whitburn’s Top Country Singles 5th Edition 1944-2001” A Billboard publication. 595 pages hardback well over 1 kg. Book is as new but 2 loose pages (a Barbara Mandrell stalker perhaps…both pages are here just loose…otherwise the book is as new). The comprehensive artist by artist guide covering all charting Billboard singles. Top 5 charting artists are Eddy Arnold/George Jones/Johnny Cash/Conway Twitty and Merle Haggard whilst it may surprise some that Bryan White is 218….10,218 would seem more appropriate. The appendices give a great run down on such things as the all time #1 hits (#1 being Hank Snow’s “I’m Moving On” with “Sixteen Tons” being a lowly 49th….it was a bigger pop hit!!

$40. A great book.

“Johnny Cash: The Life of an American Icon” by Stephen Miller. There have been a lot of works on Cash and this is no doubt the best 406 pages hard cover, which is no longer available and this is new. 900 grams. Very comprehensive with emphasis on both the music and the lifestyle of perhaps country music’s greatest ever star. Others have maybe had more influence but nobody had such enduring star quality (maybe because they didn’t live that long!!). Amazon have this listed at US$70 so this is a bargain at $40.

“Legends of the Chelsea Hotel” Ed Hamilton Subtitled “Living With artists and outlaws in New York’s Rebel Mecca” paperback 321 pages315 grams. Sid & Nancy, The Ramones, Dylan,  Kerouac etc. $12 

“Live Fast Love Hard: the Faron Young Story” by Diane Diekman. Hardcover 260 pages 630 grams $28 A great insight into one of the wild men of country music from his early days through success, through to his tragic self inflicted demise and then elevation to the Hall of Fame.     

“Lonesome Cowgirls and Honky Tonk Angels: The Women of Barn Dance Radio” by Kristine McCusker. Paperback 181 pages. (345 grams) Features in depth studies of Linda Parker/ Girls of the Golden West/ Lily May Ledford/ Minnie Pearl/ Rose Lee Maphis. $15                                                                                                                                                                                                           

“Music of Bill Monroe” Neil V Rosenberg & Charles K Wolfe. 350 page large size hard Well over 1kg. $40 A complete discography with copious notes about the 1000 plus songs recorded by Bill Monroe. Love the remarks about the intros on the “Bill Monroe & Friends” album….”Some sound genuine and sincere whilst others are full of obsequious Music Row gush”….and that is why we love them so much.

A must have book for many.

“My House of Memories: For the Record” by Tom Carter. The definitive Merle Haggard bio leaves no stone unturned. Covers his misspent youth, his addictions and of course his music. Hardback (600 grams) 260 pages. $28

“Ragged But Right: The Life & Times of George Jones” by Dolly Carlisle. Hardback (650 grams) 250 pages long out of print. Pithy story and lots of rare photographs….you should check out the hairdo on George in the pic. Taken at his taping of Hollywood Squares. $28

“Sing it Pretty: Bess Lomax Hawes: A Memoir” A memebre of America’s first family of folk music, she is the sister of Alan Lomax and daughter of John Lomax. Unlike her brother & father she also made her musical mark as a member of the Almanac Singers. Great discussion on classic American folk music.182 page paperback 380 grams $15

“Sing me Back Home:Love Death and Country Music” by Dana Jennings. 257 page hardback405 grams $25 “The obsessions of America as a whole: drinking and Cheating, God & Death, envy of the new neighbours and yearning for home” (and not the crap Martina McBride & Kenny Chesney sing about….the previous statement was from the author, whilst this was from yours truly”)

“Trace Adkins: A Personal Stand” 245 pages hardcover.  380 grams. A surprisingly funny and frank book. Funny in the extreme are his coverage of his performance at a soccer function and scary is his survival after one of his wives shot him through the heart. $15

“Working Girl Blues: the Life & Music of Hazel Dickens” by Bill C Malone with Hazel Dickens. Paperback 105 pages

245 grams. $10

DVDS Virtually no country genre bluegrass dvds have been released.

**Brozman, Bob – Live in Germany $20

**Cash, Johnny – Christmas Special 1976 $12

**Cash, Johnny – Christmas Special 1977 $12

**Cash, Johnny – Live at Montreux $10

**Country Style USA Season 2 (Bear) $20 3 ½ hrs!! includes Hank Snow, Johnny Cash, Ray Price, Flatt & Scruggs, Faron Young, Pee wee King etc

**Grand Ol Opry At Carnegie Hall $18

**Haggard, Merle – legendary performances $18

**Haggard, Merle – Live Austin City Limits (1985) $20

**Haggard, Merle – Live Austin City Limits (1978) $18

**Jennings, Waylon – Live at Austin city Limits (1984) $18

**Jones, Norah – Live Austin City Limits (2007) $10

**Krauss, Alison      - Live from the Tracking room $18

**Last of the Breed Willie Nelson/Merle Haggard/Ray Price $20

1 hour 53 minutes live plus interviews etc.

**Locorriere, Dennis – Live in Concert 2 hrs $20

**Luman, Bob- At Town hall Party (Bear) $20

**McEntire, Reba – Video Gold 1 $18

**McEntire, Reba    - Video Gold 2 $18 18 songs each volume.

**McClinton, Delbert – Live at Austin City Limits (1982) $18

**Milsap, Ronnie – Live 90 minutes $20

**Sheppard, T G – Partners in Rhyme 2dvds + cd Duets $22

**Tritt, Travis – Celebration:A Musical Tribute to the Spirit of the American veteran $18

**Tritt, Travis – Live & Kickin’ $18

**Welch, Gillian – Revelator Collection $15

** Wynette, tammy – Legendary performances $18

**Flatlanders – Live Austin City Limits $15

**Tom Petty & Heartbreakers “Runnin’ Down a Dream” box 3dvds + cd + book + movie card reproductions. First 2 dvds are the Peter Bogdanovich movie 4hrs directors cut with Jackson Browen, Jeff Lynne etc  and the third the 30th Anniversary Concert from Florida. 6 hours dvd plus 9 trcak rare & unreleased cd. $38

**Vincent, Rhonda – Ragin Live $22

**Wilco Live: Ashes of American Flags $18 Wilco’s First Long form concert film with performances from Tipitina’s New Orleans, Cain’s Ballroom in Oklahoma etc. Sealed

Advances (promo copy cds with none or only some graphics) **indicates

Picture cover

Blue Highway                                   Through the Window of a Train $8**

Boxmasters                                      Modbilly 2cds $8

Buckwheat Zydeco                         Lay Your Burden Down $8 **

Church, Eric                                      Carolina $8

Clevland, Ashley                              God Don’t never Change $8

Dailey & Vincent                              Brothers from Different Mothers $5

Greencards                                       Fascination $8

Joey & Rory                                      Life of a Song $8

Keith, Toby                                       That Don’t Make Me a Bad Guy **$15

                                                            Great promo package.

Krauss, Alison                                  A Hundred Miles of More $10 DVD

Malo, Raul                                         Lucky One **$10

Martin, Steve                                    The Crow **$8
Miller, Buddy  & Julie                      Written in Chalk $8

Milsap, Ronnie                                  Then Sing My Soul 2cds ** $12

New Found road                              Same Old Place $5

Paisley, Dan                                     The Room Over Mine **$8

Road Hammers                                Blood Sweat & Steel **$10 Jason McCoy

Scaggs, Boz                                      Speak Low **$8

Skaggs, Ricky                                   Live at Charleston Music hall ** $8

Travis, Randy                                   Round the bend** cd + dvd $15


Bellamy Brothers                            Rebels Without a Clue $28 Their best!

Beverly Hillbillies soundtrack     $25

Bogguss, Suzy/Chet Atkins           Simpatico $35 just wonderful.

Boone, Larry                                                One Way to go $25

Boone, larry                                     Swinging Doors & Sawdust Floors $35

Brown, Jim Ed/Helen Cornelius Anthology  $25 20 tracks

Cash, Tommy                                   25th anniversary Album $30 with J R Cash

                                                            George Jones, Tom T Hall, Connie Smith

Conlee, John                                     Fellow Travellers $35

Conlee, John                                     Blue Highway $30

Cryner, Bobbie                                 Bobbie Cryner $40 None better.

Dalton, Lacy J                                   Survivor $40 As fine a female album

                                                            as we have ever had and easily her best.

                                                            Guy Clark’s “Old Friends” is amazing.

Davies, Gail                                       Pretty Words $20

Davis, Jimmie                                   Country Music Hall of Fame $30

Delray, martin                                 What Kind of Man $30

Dunn, Holly                                       Across the Rio Grande $35 A gem on                                                                  MTM. Out of print since 80s when

                                                            label went belly up. Her best.

Edwards, Stoney                             Just for Old Times Sake $60 rare indie

Ethel & the Shameless Hussies    Born to Burn $30 feat. Kacey Jones

Ford, Tennessee Ernie                   Capitol Collectors Series $35 Just superb

                                                            Great sound and 29 tracks.

Fricke, Janie                                     Labor of Love $22

Fricke, Janie                                     After Midnight $25

Gosdin, Vern                                     Alone $35 Followed “Chiselled in Stone”

                                                            And nearly as good. Maybe the

                                                            cryingest album ever made.

Greene, jack                                     The Jolly Green Giant $30 ss

                                                            Out of print 20 tracker on Edsel

Haggard, Merle                                His Greatest & best $28 15 track

                                                            MCA album. Long OOP

Haggard, Merle                                Capitol Collectors Series $25 The

                                                            best single cd of his work.

Haggard, Merle                                Chill Factor $30

Hall, Tom T                                        Songs from Sop Choppy $25

Harris, Emmylou                             Last Date $35

Harris, Emmylou                             Cimarron $40 These are the 2 reissues

                                                            On Eminent which went belly up. Whilst

                                                            “last Date” has subsequently been

                                                            reissued that didn’t have the 2extra tks

                                                            that this one does nor the delightful slip

                                                            jacket. “Cimarron” also has bonus trk &

                                                            slip jacket.

House, James                                   James House $35

House, James                                   Hard Times for an Honest Man $35

                                                            2 gems on MCA.

Husky, Ferlin                                    Capitol Collectors Series $35. As always

                                                            this series is the best representation of

                                                            an artist. This is great sound & 20 tracks.

Jenkins                                              The Jenkins cd+dvd $35. This was never

                                                            Issued. Mother & 2 daughetrs and nearly

                                                            all original material. Reminds of

                                                            McCarters, Sweethearts of Rodeo, Judds

                                                            Etc….the best of all those artists. This is

                                                            the very special promotional package in

                                                            a postcard format booklet. Rare as.

Jones, George/Melba Montgomery Vintage Collection $50 George’s

                                                            best duet partner. 20 tracks.

Jones, George                                  You Oughta be Here With Me $35 I have

                                                            probably been one of the biggest critics

of George’s CBS albums. They always seemed too much filler & novelty songs.

On the other hand this is all great. The title song is by Roger Miller from the “Big River”. The closest to a novelty is “Sleep Just Like a Baby” ( I wake up every hour & I Cry”) but that is clever word play and not dopeyness.

Jones, George                                  Live at Dancetown USA $45 On Ace UK

                                                            Long out of print.                                                                                                   

Kane, Keiran                                     Find My Way Home $30 Atlantic

Kemp, Wayne                                   One Song at a Time $30 Great writer &

                                                            singer of honky tonk songs. Begins with

                                                            the smash “The Fireman”.

Lauderdale, Jim                               Planet of Love $22 OOP WB debut

Louvin, Charlie                                 50 Years of Making Music $30 with

                                                            guests Waylon & Willie (I rate the

                                                            duet on “This Darn Pen” to maybe

                                                            be the best of Willie’s career), Tanya

                                                            Tucker, George Jones etc.

Lyda, Jacob                                       Here We Go Again $28 Great indie

McCarters                                         Better be Home Soon $25

McDaniel, Mel                                   Rockabilly Boy $35 A gem!!

McEntire, Reba                                 Oklahoma Girl 2cds Mercury label 40

                                                            Tracks. $35 Tops!!

McQuaig, scott                                 Scott McQuaig $28 one album only

Mensy, Tim                                       Stone By Stone $25 OOP 1990 gem

Moffatt, Katy                                    Greatest Show on Earth $25 Original

                                                            issue & title of “Evangeline Hotel”.                                                                     Was withdrawn after protest of copyright

                                                            infringement by Barnum & bailey.

Montgomery, Melba & Norma Jean $28 10 melba & 12 Norma jean tracks

                                                            with the Melba including “No Charge”

Morse, Ella Mae                                Capitol Collectors Series $35

Mowrey, Dude                                  Honky Tonk $30

Nelson, Willie                                   Born for Trouble $38

Nelson, Willie                                   The promiseland $30

Newbury, Mickey                            Ina a new Age $35

O’kanes                                             Tired of the Running” $40 Their out of

                                                            Print 2nd & best album with amazing

                                                            instrumental work by Jay Spell,

Paycheck, Johnny                           The Real Mr Heartache $60 The CMF

                                                            Collection of his Little Darlin’ label

                                                            recordings are as good as it gets.

                                                            As good as Jones and maybe then some.

Paycheck, Johnny                           Survivor $28 Great indie cd

Poe, Michelle                                    Just One of the Boys $30 Great Album

                                                            which never saw a release. Tops

Price, Ray                                         sometimes a Rose $25

Rabbitt, Eddie                                   Radio Romance $22

Rabbitt, Eddie                                   Jersey Boy $22

Rausch, Leon                                    Close to You $28

Rhodes, Kimmie                               West Texas Heaven $35 This may be the

                                                            best female country folk album ever and

                                                            that is really something. Includes duets                                                            Willie, Waylon & Townes Van Zandt. Hard

                                                            to believe totally out of print.

Ritter, Tex                                         Capitol Collectors Series $38 Has the

                                                            tracks you want to hears such as his

                                                            “Deck of Cards” plus “Blood on the

                                                            Saddle” & the latter hit “Just Beyond the

                                                            Moon”, 25 tracks and superb sound.

Robertson, Kathy                            Hillbilly down: To Roy Nichols with Love

                                                            Vol II $30 with guests includes james

                                                            Intveld & Rick Shea.

Sahm, Doug                                      SDQ 98 $48 on the defunct Watermelon

                                                            label. This & next are Doug’s best

Sahm, Doug                                      Return of Wayne Douglas $30 Just a gem

                                                            Fro mstart to finish. Out of print.

Sandefur, Brandon                          Brandon Sandefur $30 great indie cd.

Schneider, John                               You Ain’t Seen the Last of me $30

Seals, Dan                                         Rage On $25 Another recent departee.

Seely, Jeannie                                  Greatest Hits on Monument $28

Shafer, Sanger D                             So Good So Long $28

Shafer, Whitey                                 I Neve rGo Round Mirrors $30

Shaver, Billy Joe                              Restless Wind 1973-1988 $30

Simpson, red                                    Best of the Country Music Truck Driving S

                                                            Singer $30

Springfield, Bobby lee                    All Fired Up $30

Stewart, Wynn                                 The Very Best Of $30 18 tks OOP Varese

Thompson, hank                              Capitol collectors Series $28

Thompson, Jeff                                Jeff Thompson $40 Great album

                                                            Supposed to be first on arista but was

                                                            not  released/

Thornton, Marsha                            Maybe the Moon Will Shine $30

Tubb, Ernest                                     Live 1965 $30 A gem…lots of tracks &

                                                            they couldn’t get the sound any better if

                                                            they did it today even.

Wagoneers                                       Stout & High $30

Wagoneers                                       Good Fortune $30

West, speedy & Jimmy Bryant     Last recordings $30

Whitley, Keith                                  Kentucky Bluebird $35

Whitley, keith                                   I Wonder Do You think of Me $35 a gem

Whitley, Keith                                  Tribute $28

Wild Rose                                          Straight & Narrow $28

Williams, Tex                                    Vintage collection $30 All his great

                                                            Capitol recordings including the labels

                                                            1st million seller in “Smoke! Smoke!

                                                            Smoke! That Cigarette”.

Young, Steve                                    Solo Live $28 on OOP Watermelon cd


Are You from Dixie:Great Country Brother teams of the thirties $30

Blue Sky boys, Delmores, Allen Brothers, Monroe Bros etc 18 tks

Rig Rock deluxe :A Musical Salute to the American Truckdriver. $25 with

Buck, Junior Brown, Steve Earle, Kay Adams, Bill Kirchen etc.

Alternate Country CDS

Allen, Terry                                       Juarez $18

Allen, Terry                                       Pedal Steal $18

Allen, Terry                                       Lubbock on Everything $25 SS gem!

Biram, scott H                                  Something’s Wrong/Lost Forever $18

Bottle Rockets                                 Brand new Year $18

Brace, Eric & peter Cooper           You Don’t Have to Like Both of Them $10

Bromberg, David                             Sideman Serenade $20

Brown, Greg                                     Yellow dog $20

(Aka Mr iris Dement                       The Evening Call $20

A great artist with a                       Down in There $20

big output of quality songs            Honey in the Lion’s Head 420

These all still sealed.)                    Slant 6 Mind $20

                                                             One Night $20

                                                            The Live One

                                                            Milk of the Moon $20

                                                            Over & Under $20

                                                            44 & 66 $20

Brown, Greg                                     Covenant $20

Calexico                                             Garden Ruin $20

Doe, John & Sadies                         Country Club $18

Eaglesmith, Fred                             Tinderbox $20

Earle, Justin Townes                      Midnight at the movies $18

Easton, Tim                                       Porcupine $18

Gibbs, Otis                                        Grandpa walked a Picket Line $18

Griffin, Patty                                    A Kiss in Time $20 cd + dvd

Griffin, Patty                                    Living With Ghosts $18

Halford, Jeffrey & healers            Broken Chord $18

Hearne, Bill                                       Heartaches & Honky Tonks $20

Hogan, Kelly                                     & Pine Valley Cosmonauts: beneath the

                                                            Country Underdog $15

Jayhawks                                          Sound of Lies $18 SS

Kane/Welch/Kaplin                        Kane Welch Kaplin $18

Kaplansky, Lucy                              Flesh & Bone $20 SS

Kaplansky, Lucy                              Over the Hills $20 SS

Kaplansky, Lucy                              The Tide $20 SS

Kaplansky, Lucy                              Every Single Day $20 SS

Keen, Robery Earl jnr                     Wester Textures $22 SS a gem

Krenz, Celeste & Rebecca Folsom Girls Like us $18

Lambchop                                         The Decline of C & W Civilization $18

Lee, Phil                                             So Long It’s Been Good to Know You $18

Merritt, Tift                                       Tambourine $10

Miller, Buddy & Julie                       Written in Chalk $15 This is truly a great

                                                            cd cover. Naturally the US cover goes to

                                                            great lengths & this succeeds. Lovely

                                                            leather like textures. Will have you

                                                            wondering if it really is leather. Guests

                                                            inc. Emmylou & Patty Griffin

Morris, R B & Regulars                   Knoxville Sessions $18

Peyroux, madeleine                       Half the perfect World $10

Russell, Tom                                     Modern Art $20

Sexsmith, Ron                                  Other Songs $10

Sexsmith, Ron                                  Ron Sexsmith $10

Taylor, Chip/Carrie Rodriguez     Red Dog Tracks $18

Uncle Tupelo                         No Depression $20 SS 


Undone: A Musicfest Tributre to Robert Earl Keen 2cds with

                        Likes of Cory Morrow, Jason Boland, Doug Moreland                         and Robert Earl Keen hisself! $20

Country CDs

Aldean, Jason                                   Wide Open $20

Allan, Gary                                        Greatest Hits $15

Anderson, John                                Easy Money $10

Arnold, Eddy                                     Essential $18

Asleep at Wheel                               Tribute to Music of Bob Wills $18

Asleep at Wheel                               Tribute to Music of Bob Wills $18

                                                            Same but theDance mix version.

Atkins, Chet                                      Tennessee Guitar Man $18

Atkins, Chet                                      Essential $18

Atkins, Rodney                                 It’s America $15

Autry, Gene                                      20 Greatest Movie Hits $18

Bagby, Larry                                                Player with a Heart $18

Ball, David                                         Thinking Problem $18

Ballew, Michael                                Daddy Don’t Live in Heaven $20

                                                            Bear Family

Bare, Bobby                                      20 Greatest Hits $18

Barnett, Mandy                                Mandy Barnett $10

Barnett, Mandy                                Platinum Collection $18 20 tks

Bentley, Dierks                                feel That Fire $18

Berg, Matreca                                  Lying to the moon $18

Big & Rich                                          Super Galactic 2 cd + dvd $18

Big Sandy & Fly Rite Boys              Feelin’ Kinda Lucky $20 SS

Bogguss, Suzy                                  Somewhere Between $20

Boland, Jason                                   Comal County Blue $18

Boxmasters                                      Modbilly 2cds $20 Latest from

                                                            Billy Bob Thornton 1 cd of

                                                            Originals & one classic covers.

                                                            His most country & best yet.

Bowden, Richard                             Rising Over Texas $18 (Pinkard &)

Boyd, Bill                                           Saturday Night Rag 1934-36$18

                                                            16 tracks

Brannon, Janie                                 Honky Tonk Memories $20

Bright, Jeff                                        She’s a Nail in My Heart $20 exc.

                                                            Indie. Hillbilly/rockabilly

Brody, Dean                                     Dean Brody $20

Brooks, Garth                                  The Hits $25

Brooks, Garth                                  No Fences $18 (2 on 1 edition)

Brooks, Garth                                  Ropin’ the Wind $10

Brooks, Garth                                  The Chase $10

Brooks, Garth                                  Fresh Horses $10

Brooks, Garth                                  In Pieces $10

Brown, Jim Ed & Browns               Essential $20

Browne, Jann                                   Count Me In $15

Burrito Deluxe                                 Whole Enchilada $18

Burrito Deluxe                                 Disciples of the Truth $15

Burrito Deluxe                                 Disciples of the Truth $20 cd +

                                                            dvd expanded version.

Bush, Johnny                                    Sings Bob Wills $20

Bush, Johnny                                    Lost Highway Saloon $20

Byrd, Jason                                       Just a Southern Thing $20

Carswell, Neil                                   Keep You Guessing $18

Carpenter, Mary-Chapin                State of the Heart $18 This is a

                                                            great cd with “This Shirt”

Carpenter, Mary-Chapin                Come On Come On $18 (I feel


Carpenter, Mary-Chapin                Shooting Staright in Dark $18

                                                            (Down at the Twist & Shout)

Carroll, Jason Michael                    Growing Up is getting Old $18

Carter Family                                   Can the Circle Be unbroken $15

Cash, Johnny                                    The Definitive $18 19 Mercury

                                                            trax. Excellent.

Chambers, Bill                                  Sleeping With the Blues $10

Church, Eric                                      Carolina $18

Clark, Mickey                                    Winding Highways $10

Colter, Jessi                                      Out of the Ashes $20

Conlee, John                                     Best $18

Connors, Stompin’ Tom                  Bud the Spud $18

Cook, Elizabeth                                Balls $18

Cooper, Peter                                   Easy Chair $20

Craig, Charlie                                    The Hitmaker $20

Cramer, Floyd                                  RCA Country legends $15

Cramer, Floyd                                  Essential $20

Crowell, Rodney                              The Collection $10

Crowell, Rodney                              Fates Right Hand $15

Cryner, Bobbie                                 Girl of Your Dreams $10 (with

                                                            Promo sticker)

Cryner, Bobbi                                   Girl of Your Dreams $18

Curless, Dick                                    Travelling through $18

Dale, Cathy                                       I Believe in me $20

Darling, sarah                                  Every Monday Morning

Davies,Gail                                        Live and Unplugeed at the Station

                                                            Inn $20

Dee, Ruby                                         &Snakehandlers Miles from Home

                                                            $22 Great west coast rockabilly

Dement, Iris                                     the Way I Should $20

Dennis, Wesley                                Wesley Dennis $15

Digby, Amber                                   Passion, Pride & What Might Have

                                                            Been $20

Ducas, George                                 George Ducas $15

Edwards, Don                                   Best  $18

Emmons, Buddy                               Steel Guitar Jazz $28 out of print

Fender, Freddy                                La Musica de Baldemar Huerta $20

Firefall                                               Greatest Hits (Rhino) $20

Flores, Rosie                         Speed of Sound $10

Flores, Rosie                         Dance Hall Dreams $20

Flying Burrito Bros                          Last of Red Hot Burritos $20

Ford, Tennessee Ernie                   Vintage Collections $18

Foster, Radney                                Del Rio Texas 1959 $18

Friedman, Kinky                              From one Good American to

                                                            Another r$20

Gattis Bones                                     Gattis Bones $18 (Keith Gattis)

Gibson, Don                                      RCA Country legends $15

Gibson, Don                                      Rockin’ Rollin’ (Bear) $25

Gill, Vince                                          Souvenirs $15

Gill, Vince                                          I Still believe in You $10

Golden, Chris                                    Centerstage $15 (of Goldens)

Goodman, Steve                              Best of Asylum Years #1 $18

Goodman, Steve                              Best of Asylum Years #2 $18

Goose Crk Symphony                     Oso Special $15

Green, Pat                                        What I’m For $15

Griffith, Nanci                                  Complete MCA Studio recordings

                                                            2cds $28

Griffith, Nanci                                  The MCA Years A Retrospective


Griffith, Nanci                                  Other Voices Other Rooms $20

Haddock, Durwood                         I Done the Boogie Too Long $18

Haggard, merle                               From the King to the Barroom $22

                                                            24 track UK MCA compilation

Haggard, Merle                                Anthology 1963-1977 2cds Razor

                                                            & Tie OOP $30

Hall, Tom T                                        Sings Miss Dixie & Tom T $22

Hancock, wayne                              Wild Free & reckless $20

Hancock, wayne                              Tulsa $20

Hancock, Wayne                             That’s What Daddy wants $20

Hanley, geary                                  The Comeback Trail $20

Hanley, geary                                  Nashville $20

Hard Hat Dave                                 And Honky tonk knight $18 A+++

Hardwick, Billy Jnr                          To oCountry $25 a gem

Henson, Weldon                              Trying to get by $18

Heybale                                             Last Country Album $20

                                                            (inc. Redd Volkaert)

Hicks, Dan     & Hot Licks                Beatin’ the Heat $18

Highway 101                                    Bing Bang Boom $18

Highway 101                                    Highway 101 $18

Hill, Byron                                         Ramblings $20 Superb.

                                                            Great voice & songs many

Hill, Byron                                         Stay A While $20

                                                            cowritten with Mike Dekle.

Hinojosa, Tish                                  Best of Live $18

Hinjosa, Tish                         Destiny’s Gate $18

Hollister, Doug                                 There is a Time $20

Hunter, Billy D                                  Inside Out $20

Husky, ferlin                                     First Generation $18

Intveld, James                                 Have Faith $20

Jackson, Wanda                              Rockin’ (Bear) $25

Jackson, Wanda                              Ballads of (Bear) $25

Jackson, Wanda                              Very Best of Country Yrs (Ace UK)


Jennings, Shooter                           Bad Magick: $10

Jennings, Shooter                           Electric Rodeo $5

Jennings, Shooter                           The wolf $5

Jiminez, Flaco                                   Flaco Jiminez $15

Joey & Rory                                      The Life of a Song $20 (1 only)

Johnson, Jamey                               That Lonesome Song $20

Jones, George                                  Burn Your Playhouse Down $15

Jones/Wynette                                One $15

Jones, Kacey                                    Donald Trump’s Hair $18 (also

                                                            Inc “whatever Happened to

                                                            Kenny Rogers Face”.) 15 in all

Keith, Toby                                       Greatest Hits Volume 1 $18

Keith, Toby                                       35 Biggest Hits $28 2cds\

Kentucky Headhunters                  Electric Barnyard $18

Knight, Chris                         Heart of Stone $10

Lady Antebellum                              Lady Antebellum $18

Lawrence, Tracy                             The Rock 2009 gospel !$20

Lee, Brenda                                      Queen of Rock & Roll $25

                                                            Ace Uk 28 tracks

Leigh, danni                                      29 Nights $10

Little Willies                                      Little Willies $10

Louvin, Charlie                                 Sings Murder Ballads & Disaster

                                                            Songs $20

Loveless, Patty                                Bluegrass & White Snow $18

Loveless, Patty                                On Your way Home cd+dvd $18

McBride, Martina                             Shine $20

McBride, martina                             Timeless $10

McCall, Darrell                                  Lilydale $20

McCalister, Don Jnr             Brand new Ways $18

McClinton, Delbert                           The Definitive $20

McCoy, neal                                      Greatest Hits $5

McCue, Annie                                    Koala Motel $2

McDaniel, Luke                                 Is jeff Daniels $20 hillbilly & r-a-b

McDaniel, mel                                   Reloaded $20 inc. “Plastic Girl”

McDonald, Skeets                            Heart Breakin’ Mama (Bear) $22

Mcentire, Reba                                 50 Greatest Hits 3cds in a leather

                                                            Look box…you will sniff it to

                                                            See…it looks that good $40

Mcentire, Reba                                 Duets $20

Mcentire, Reba                                 What Am I Gonna Do About You


Mcentire, Reba                                 Live $18

Mcentire, Reba                                 Last One to Know $15

Mcentire, Reba                                 Just a Little love $15

Mcentire, Reba                                 My Kind of Country $15

Mcentire, Reba                                 For My Broken Heart $10

Mcentire, Reba                                 Sweet Sixteen $10

Malo, Raul                                         Lucky One $20

Marshall Tucker Band                     Love Songs $15

Martin, Leland                                  I’ll Pick the Guitar $20 A++

Martin, Leland                                  The early Years $20

Martin, Stan                                      Love Ain’t That Tough $20

Masters, Ronnie                               A Country Afternoon $20

Mattea, Kathy                                  Coal $20

Maynard, Jimmy                              Jimmy Maynard $18

Miller, Darnell                                   Timeless $20

Miller, Darnell                                   Certified Country $18

Milsap, Ronnie                                  Then Sings My Soul 24 Favourite

                                                            Hymns & Gospel Songs 2cds $22

Moffatt, Hugh                                   Life of a Minor Poet $20 Inc.

                                                            a duet with Martin Delray.

Moffatt, Hugh & Katy                      Dance me Outside $20

Moffatt, Katy                                    Child Bride $20

Moffatt, Katy                                    Up Close & Personal $20

Moffatt, Katy                                    Hearts Gone Wild $15

Molly & haymakers                         Molly & Heymakers $10 great!!

Montana, Patsy                                The Cowboy’s sweetheart $18

Moorer , Alison                                 Alabama Song $15

Morgan, Lorrie                                 Leave the Light On $15

Morgan, Lorrie                                 Something in Red $15

Morgan, Lorrie & Sammy Kershaw I finally Found Someone

                                                            $18…heard some good Lorrie

                                                            Morgan tales.

Morrison, Van/ Linda Gail You Win Again $20 country duets

Murphey, Michael Martin               Cowboy Christmas Ball cd+dvd $20

                                                            Dvd is certainly not strictly Christmas

Murphy, David lee                           We Can’t All be Angels $10

Murray, Kimberley                          Once Upon a Time in a Honky Tonk $20

Myles, Heather                                Live in Newland $20

Nelson, Ricky                                   Ricky Rocks (Bear) $25

Nelson, Willie                                   Naked Willie $18. Great new cd of

                                                            Old RCA recordings stripped of all

                                                            the excesses. When out some of

                                                            willie’s best work was lost in the

                                                            arrangements. This stripped down

                                                            version works well.

Nelson/Marsalis                              Two Men With the Blues $20 Ace!!

Nelson, Willie                                   Country Favorites Willie Nelson

                                                            Style $18

Nesmith, Michael                             16 Original Classics $20

Newton, Wood                                 Just for the Love of It $20

Nichols, Joe                                      Revelation $5

O’kanes                                             The Only Years $20

O’Kanes                                             Imagine That $20

O’keefe, Danny                                In Time $18 (2008 cd)

Orion                                                  The Best:The Man Who Would

                                                            Be King $20

Osmond, Marie                                 Who’s Sorry Now/This is the Way

                                                            That I feel  2on 1 $22

Osmond, Marie                                 Paper Roses/ In My Little Corner

                                                            Of the World $22 2 on 1

Overstreet, Paul                              A Songwriter’s Project Vol 1 $20

Overstreet, Paul                              Love is Strong $10

Owen, Jake                                       Easy Does It $18

Owen, Randy                                    One on One $10

Paisley, Brad                                    play $10

Parr, Paul                                          Saints & Sinners $20

Parton, Dolly                                    Backwards Barbie $18 3 extra songs

Parton, stella                                   Testimony $20

Paul, les/Mary Ford                        Best of Capitol Masters $18

Penn, Dan                                         Junkyard Junky $20

Perfect Stranger                             You Have the Right to Remain

                                                            Silent $18. Great…we need them!!

Perry, keith                                      Inspirational Favourites $20

                                                            Gospel Keith Whitley style

Peters, Vanessa                              Sweetheart Keep Your Chin Up$15

Peterson, Michael                           In Black $20

Price, Ray                                         Essential 2cds $28

Price, Ray                                         revival of Old time Singing $28

                                                            OOP Gospel on Step One

Pride, Charley                                  Pride & Joy:Gospel $18

Pride, Charley                                  Ultimate Hits Collection $18 2cd

Prine, John                                        John Prine Christmas $15

Prine, John                                        In Spite of Ourselves $20

Prine, John                                        The Missing Years $20

Prine, John                                        Fair & Square $20

Prine, John                                        Standard Songs for Average People $20

                                                            With Mac Wiseman 

Prine, John                                        Fair & Square $20

Rabbitt, Eddie                                   Jersey Boy $18

Reeves, Jim                                      Legends of Country Music 3cds $25 Great

                                                            Sounding and presented UK compilation

                                                            With 60 tracks.

Reynolds, Lawrence                       He Comes From Alabama $20                  

                                                            One of the best indies we have ever

                                                            had and many may remove the

                                                            “one of” from that assessment.

Richman, Jonathan                         Jonathan Goes Country $20

Robbins, Marty                                 Rockin’ Rolllin’ (Bear) $22

Robison, Bruce                                 Wrapped $5

Robison, Charlie                               Beautiful Day $20 (2009)

Royal, Billy Joe                                 The Royal Treatment $15

Russell, Johnny                                Acting Naturally $20

Russell, Johnny                                Almost Live $20

Sanders, Ray                                    Texas Dance Hall Music $20

Sanders, Ray                                    Country $20

Scott, Jack                                        Rocks (Bear) $25

Scott, Ray                                         Crazy Like me $20

Sears, Dawn                                     What a Woman Wants to Hear $20

Shepherd, Thom                              Turning Point $20

Skaggs, Ricky                                   Solid Ground/Life is a Journey $20

Smith, Connie                                   Essential $20

Snow, Hank                                      Wandering On: Best of Yodelling Ranger

                                                            $22 (Bear)

Snow, Hank                                      South of the Border (Bear) $25

Snow, Hank                                      On the Tracks $25 (Bear)

Snow, Len                                         80 Proof $20

Snow, Mitch                                      Ballads Blues & Texas Treats $20 superb

Snow, Mitch                                      Let Me be Everything to You $20 Great!!

Sovine, Red                                       Greatest Hits (Varese) $20

Sprague, Chris                                 Diesel Made for Two $20 (great truckin’

                                                            album by a Deke Dickerson co-hort)

Stewart, Gary                                  Essential $20

Street, Mel                                        20 Super Hits $20 As good as it gets.

Stuart, Marty                                    Country Music cd + dvd (rare) $22

Stuart, Marty                                    The Pilgrim $20

Sublette, Ned                                   Cowboy Rhumba $5

Sweethearts of the Rodeo            Buffalo Zone $18

Sweethearts of the Rodeo            Sisters $18

Sweethearts of the Rodeo            One Time One Night $20

Swift, Taylor                                     Taylor Swift $20 deluxe cd + dvd

                                                            + 3D cover

Tailgate South                                  Tailgate South $18

Taylor-Good, karen                        Song Guru $18

Texas Troubadours                         The Instrumentals (Bear) $22

Thompson, Hank                             A Six Pack to Go $18

Thompson, Hank                             Country Music Hall of Fame $20

Thompson, Hank                             Treasures $20

Time Jumpers                                  Jumpin’ Time 2cds $20

Tippin, Aaron                                    In Overdrive $20 Great new cd

                                                            of all truckin’ songs.

Travis, Randy                                   Heroes & Friends $18

Travis, Randy                                   Full Circle $10

Tritt, Travis                                       It’s All About to Change $10

Tucker, Tanya                                  what Do I Do With Me $10

Turner, Josh                                     Live at the Ryman $22 A+++

                                                            Includes great Haggard cover

Turner, Josh                                     Long Black Train $20 outstanding.

Twitty, Conway                                Lost in the feeling $10

Tyson, Ian                                         Yellowhead to Yellowstone & Other

                                                            Love Stories $20 (latest)

Tyson, Ian                                         Old Corrals & Sagebrush $20 (Bear)

Van Shelton, Ricky                          Making Plans $20

Van Shelton, Ricky                          Loving proof $20

Van Shelton, Ricky              III $18

Van Zandt, Townes                         Best $18

Van zandt, Townes                         Live & Obscure $18

Volkaert, Redd                                 For the ladies $18

Volkaert, Redd                                 Reddhead $20

Volkaert, Redd                                 Telewhacker $18

Wagoner, Porter                             Best Gran Ol Opry Gospel 2008

                                                            2 cds $18

Walker, jerry jeff                            Ultimate Colllection $20

Walker, Jerry Jeff                           Gypsy Songman $18

Wallace, Jerry                                  Best $20

Walser, Don                                      Texas Tophand $15

Watson, Dale`                                 Live in London England $20

Watson, Dale                                    Blessed or Damned $20

Watson, Dale                                    I hate These songs $20

Watson, dale                                    Dreamland $20

Watson, Dale                                    Whiskey or God $20

Watson, Dale                                    Every Song I Write is For you


Watson, Dale                                    From the Cradle to the Grave $20

Weiss, Larry                                     Cuts & Scratches $18

Watson, gene                                   In a perfect World $20

West, Dottie                                     RCA Country legends $18

West, Sleepy/Jimmy Bryant        Statosphere Boogie $20

Wheeler, Onie                                  Onie’s Bop     $22

Whitman, Slim                                  Legends of Country Music 3cds $25 Great

                                                            Sounding and presented UK compilation

                                                            With 60 tracks.

Williams, Hank                                 Legends of Country Music 3cds $25 Great

                                                            Sounding and presented UK compilation

                                                            With 60 tracks.

Williams, Hank III                           Damn Right Rebel Proud $20

Williams, Leona                               New Patches $20

Willis, Kelly                                       Well Travelled Love $20

Wills, Bob                                          Radio Days $18

Womack, Lee Ann                           Call Me Crazy $18

Wynonna                                           Sing Chapter One $18 new cd

Yates, Billy                                        Billy Yates $20

Yates, Billy                                        Country $20

Yoakam, Dwight                              [email protected]  $18

Young, Big Bob                                 Hard way to Make a Dollar $18

Young, Steve                                    Stories Around the Horseshoe bend $20

                                                            Live with fascinating intros & anecdotes.

Youngers                                           Heritage $18


Always Lift Him Up: A Tribute to Blind Alfred Reed $20

**superb with Kathy Mattea, Connie Smith etc

Beautiful Dreamer: The Songs of Stephen Foster $20

Caught in the Webb             $20

Country’s 20 Classic Gospel Songs of the Century $20

Honky Tonkin’ Rhythm 2cds of 50s country boppers 54 tks $25

I Ain’t Gonna Work Tomorrow: Songs of the Carter Family $18

Keep Your Soul                                A Tribute to Doug Sahm $20

She was Country When Country Wasn’t Cool $10

Song of America: 3cd 50 tracker which covers or attempts to cover key periods in American History $35 Lots of graet artists including Suzy Bogguss/BR549/mavericks with Thad Cockrell (well mostly great), Martha Wainwright/Tim O’Brien/Janis Ian/ Jim Lauderdale etc. Look it up under “31 Tigers Records”

Touch My Heart                               Johnny paycheck Tribute $20


Auldridge, Mike                                Treasures Untold $20

Bellville Outfit                                   Time to Stand $18

Blake, Norman                                 Old Ties $20

Boone Creek (Skaggs)                   One Way Track $18

Country gentlemen                         Live in Japan $20

Cordle, Larry                                    Murder on Music Row $18

Cordle, Larry                                    Against the Grain $20

Dailey & Vincent                              Brothers from Different Mothers $18

Darby & Tarlton                               On the Banks of a Lonely River $18

Friessen, Casey                               OOG

Dry Branch Fire Squad                   Echoes of the Mountains $20 A++

Earle, Steve/Del McCoury             The Mountain $20

Flatt & Scruggs                                Foggy Mountain Jubilee $20

Fleck, Bela                                        Throw Down Your Heart $20

Furtado, Tony                                   Live Gypsy $18

Garrett, Jeremy                              I Am a Stranger $18

Grisman, David                                Life of Sorrow $20

Grisman, David                                Dawg Tales: Tribute to $20

Grisman, David                                Dawgnation $20

Haden, Charlie                                 Family & Friends $20 Ace++

Hedge, Christopher w. Grisman   Atrocious Saint $18

Kohrs, Randy                                    A Crack in My Armour $20

Krauss, Alison                                  A Hundred Miles or More $20

Krauss, Alison                                  A Hundred Miles or More Radio Special

                                                            1 hour radio special $25

Lawson, Doyle                                 Lonely Street $18

Lewis, Alurie                         Live $20

Lynch, Claire                         Friends for a Lifetime $18

McCoury, Del                                    The Cold Hard Facts $20

Mccoury, del                                     A deeper Shade of blue $20

Mccoury, Del                                    Blue Side of Town $20

Molsky, Bruce                                  Soon Be Time $18

Monroe, Bill                                       The Gospel Spirit $20 16 tks

Murphey, Michael Martin               Bluegrass Buckaroo $20

Newfound Road                               Same Old Place $18 Rounder!!!

Nugent, Alicia                                   Hillbilly Goddess $20

O’Brien, Tim                                      Chameleon $18

Old & In the Gray                            Old & in the Gray $20

Osborne, Bobby                               Bluegrass & Beyond $18

Parmley, David                                Three Silver Dollars (+continental divide)

Scruggs, Earl                                    With Family & Friends $20 (Ryman 2008)

Seldom Scene                                   15th anniversary $22 (w. Emmylou etc)

Stanley Brothers                             Hymns & Sacred Songs $18

Stanley Brothers                             An Evening Long ago $18

Stanley Brothers                             Essential Gospel Masters $18

Stanley, Ralph                                  I’ll Answer the call $15

Stanley, Ralph                                  Pray for the Boys $15

Stanley, Ralph                                  Short Life of Trouble $15

Stanley, Ralph                                  Mountain Preacher’s Child $15

Story, Carl                                         Lonesome Hearted Blues $20 (Bear)

Sutton, Bryan                                   Not Too Far from the Tree $18

IIIrd Tyme Out                                Erase the Miles $18

IIIRd Tyme Out                               Round III at the Mac $20

Trischka, Tony                                 New Deal $18

Trischka, Tony                                 Hill Country $18

Tyminski, Dan                                  Carry Me Across $18

Ulisse, Donna                                   When I Look back $20

Vincent, Rhonda                              All American Bluegrass Girl $20

Vincent, Rhonda                              Back Home Again $20

Vincent, Rhonda                              My Blue Tears $20

Vincent, Rhonda                              Storm Stll Rages $20

Watkins, sara                                   Sara Watkins $18 (Nickel Creek)

Whites                                               Give a Little Back $20

Whitley/Skaggs                               Second Generation Bluegrass $20

Wilders                                              On the Wings of a Dove $20

Wilders                                              Throw Down $20

Wilders                                              Spring a Leak $20

                                                            Fabulous indie group who play a

                                                            great uptempo old timey bluegrass

                                                            Comparisons to Old Crow Medicine

                                                            Show..they really are good.

Williams, Robin & Linda                  Visions of Love $18


Classic Bluegrass Vol 2 $20 (Smithsonian Folkways)

Classic Old time Fiddle $20      “                    “

Country Bluegrass Homecoming Vol 1 20 tks $20 (Bill Gaither & friends)

Country Bluegrass Homecoming Vol 2 20 tks  $20  “      “             “

Virginia Roots: The 1929 Richmond Sessions 2cds 48 page book

33 tracks $28


Andersen, Eric                                 Violets of Dawn: Best of Vanguard $20

Bragg, Billy                                       The Internationale cd + dvd $15

Campbell, Dick                                 Blue Winds Only Know $15 A+

Cockburn, Bruce                              The Charity of Night $18

Collins, Judy                                      Forver an Athology 2cds 35 tracks $25

Elliott, Ramblin’                                I Stand Alone $20

Gibson, Bob                                      The Perfect High $20 *

Gibson, Bob                                      Uptown Saturday Night $18

Gibson, Bob                                      The Living Legend Years $18

Gibson, Bob                                      Funky in the Country $18

Gibson, Bob/Hamilton Camp        Homemade Music $18

Released as limited editions through the late singer’s Bob Gibson’s legacy label. Great songs and performances. Gibson has many collaborations with and covers of Shel Silverstein. All good. Between 3-7

Silverstein songs per album. * is the one with 7. Great stuff.

Gorka, John                                      Old Futures Gone $20

Hanly,Mick                                        All I remember $10

Mclauchlan, Murray                        Greatest Hits $15 (Canadian)

Renbourn, John                                Live in America $18

Reynolds, Malvina                           Sings the truth $2029 tracks

Rush, Tom                                         Blues, Songs & Ballads $20 23 songs

                                                            78 minutes originally on Fantasy label

Rush, Tom                                         What I Know $20 Great 2009 album on                                                 Appleseed which shows Tom is still in

                                                            great voice and has excellent guests in

                                                            Emmylou, Nancy Griffith etc.

Seeger, Pete                                                American Favorite Ballads box set,

                                                            139 tracks and 5 cds (each with its

                                                            own booklet) $65

Seeger, Pete                                                We Shall Overcome: The Historic

                                                            Carnegie Hall Concert June 8 1963.

                                                            2cds 40 tracks inc. rare Dylan songs such

                                                            as “Who Killed Davey Moore”. Great

                                                            anecdotes and spoken intros complement

                                                            his great vocals.

Seeger, Pete                                                At 89 $20 Grammy winner and he shows

                                                            his rivetting stage presence is still there.

Various/Pete Seeger                     Songs of Pete Seeger Vol 2 $20

                                                            With (apart from Pete) Steve Earle, Arlo                                                          Guthrie, Kate & Anna McGarrigle, Eric

                                                            Andersen etc 16 tracks

Snow, Michael                                  Never Say No to a Jar $18

Sons of Champlin                             Hip L’il Dreams $10

Stewart, Al                                        To Whom it May Concern $20 2cds

Wainwright, Loudon III                 Album I $15

Weavers                                            Best of Vanguard Years $20

Wolf, Kate                                         Looking Back at You $18

Wolf, kate                                         Poet’s Heart $18

Yarbrough, Glenn                            Yarbrough Country/ let me Choose Life

                                                            2 on 1 $20


Classic Maritime Music       Folkways 32 tracks 20

Irish Pirate Ballads & Other Songs of the Sea (Folkways) $20


Beausoleil                                         Alligator Purse (Yep Roc) $18

Bibb, Eric                                           Get Onboard (Telarc) $20

Bishop, Elvin                         Blues Rolls On (Delta Groove) $20

Blue, Barbara                                   Live Volume 1 $18

Blue, Barbara                                   Live Volume 2 $18 (Blue prod.)

Blue, Sugar                                       Blue Blazes (Alligator) $18

Blue, Sugar                                       In Your Eyes $18

Boyes, Fiona                                     Live from Bluesville $18 (Vizztone

                                                            w Mookie Brill/Rich Delgrosso)

Brozman, Bob                                  Post Industrial Blues $20 (Ruf)

Chenier, C J                                       Desperate Kingdom of Love $18

                                                            (World Village)

Costello, Sean                                  We Can Get Together $20

Del Junco, Carlos                             Steady Movin’ $20 (NorthernB)

Delta Highway                                 The Devil Had a Woman (OLM)$18

Earl, Ronnie                                      Surrounded By Love (Hep) $18

Earl, Ronnie                                      Peace of Mind (Hep) $18

Edwards, Honeyboy                       Roamin’ & Ramblin’ (Earwig) $20

Fabulous Thunderbirds                  Powerful Stuff (Epic) $10

Foley, Sue                                         Ten Days inNovember (Shanachie)

Foley, Sue                                         Walk in the sun (antones)

Foley, Sue                                         Big City Blues (Antones)

Foley, Sue                                         Change (Ruf) all Sue Foleys $18

Ford, T Model                                    Jack Daniel Time (Mudpuppy) $20

Geils, J Band                                     Anthology:House Party 2 cds

                                                            Rhino $35 Out of print

Gov’t Mule                                         Holy Haunted House 2cd $25

Gov’t Mule                                         Live Roseland Ballroom $20

Gov’t Mule                                         Dose $20

Gov’t Mule                                         Mule on Easy Street $20

Gray, Henry                                      Plays Chicago Blues $18(Hightone

Gross, Dave                                      Crawling the Walls (Vizztone) $20

Haddix, Travis Moonchild               Daylight at Midnight (earwig) $20

Haynes, Warren                              Live at Bonnaroo (ATO) $20

Healey, jeff                                       Mess of Blues (Ruf) $20

Holmstrom, Rick                              Lookout (Hep) $18

Homemade Jamz Blues Band       Pay me No Mind (Northern) $20

James, Chris & Patrick Rynn         Stop & Think About It $20 EarW

James, Samuel                                 Songs Famed for Sorrow & Joy

                                                            (Northern) $20

Jones, J W                                         Blueslisted (Northern Blues) $20

Kaukonen, Jorma                            River of Time (Red House) $20

Los Straitjackets                             Further Adventures (yepRoc) $18

Lost Bayou Ramblers                     Vermilionaire (Bayou Perdu) $20

Lucky, Steve                                     Some Like it Hot (Rumpus) $20

Mandeville, Liz                                  Red Top (Earwig) $20

Mannish Boys                                   Lowdown Feelin’ (Delta Groove)20

Moreland & Arbuckle                      1861 (Northern Blues) $18

Morgan, Mike & Crawl                    Stronger Every Day (Severn) $18

Moss, Nick                                         Live at Chans $20                     

Neville, Cyril                                     Brand New Blues (MC) $20

Nighthawks                                      American Landscape $20 PowerH.

Piazza, Rod                                       Blues in the Dark (Hepcat) $18

Reed, Jimmy                                     At Carnegie Hall (Shout) $20

Rishell, Paul/Annie Raines            A Night in Woodstock $18

Rogers, Roy/Norton Buffalo         R & B (Blind Pig) $20

Rogers, Roy                                      Pleasure & Pain $20

Sicilia, Gina                                       Hey Sugar $20

Smith, Willie Big Eyes                     Born in Arkansas (Big Eye) $20

Stubbs,Matthew                              Soul Bender (Vizztone) $20

Thackery,Jimmy                              Inside Tracks (Telarc) $20

Watermelon Slim                             No Paid Holidays $20

Wilson, Kim                                       Smokin’ Joint            (MC) $20

Wilson, Kim                                       Lookin’ for Trouble (MC) $20

Willson, Michelle                              So emotional (Bulleseye) $18

These 2 have no back slick only cd + booklet

Roomful of Blues – Raison’ a ruckus $10

Rock & Pop Stuff

Beach Boys                           Pet Sounds Mono + stereo $10

Beach Boys                           Sunflower/Surfs Up

Brown, Joe                            On Stage $15

Buckley, Tim                         Goodbye & Hello $8

Cadillacs                                Rocks (Bear) $25

Costello, Elvis                       When I Was Cruel $8

Francis, Connie                    Rocks (Bear)

Gentle Giant                         Gentle Giant $18

Greene, Marlin                     Tiptoe Past the Dragon $18

Haley, Bill                              Rocks (Bear) $25

Krall, Diana                           Quiet Nights $15

Lehrer, Tom                          That Was the Year That was $18

Love                                        Forever Changes 2cds Rhino $20

Love                                        Love Story 2cds Rhino OOP $35

Lovin Spoonful                      French EP & Sp Collection 2cds 40 tks $28

Marillion                                 Singles Collection $15

Nice, The                               Essential Collection 2cds $20

Peddlers                                Suite London $15

Phillips, Shawn                     Shawn $15

Pretenders                           Get Close $15 mini lp cd style cover + bonus tks

Pretenders                           Learning to Crawl $15 (as per previous cd)

Price, Alan                            Between Today & Yesterday $15

REM                                        Around the Sun deluxe edition with 14 colour

                                                posters $18

Sloan, P F                              Here’s Where I Belong: The Dunhill Years $25

                                                27 tks incl original “eve of Destruction”

Spirit                                      The Archive:An Introduction $18

U2                                           No line on the Horizon $15

Vartan, Sylvie                       Irresistiblement 1965-1968 $18

Wainwright, Loudon III     T Shirt/Final Exam 2cds $25

Walsh, Joe                            Look What I Did $28 2cds

Webb, Jimmy                       Land’s End $10

Webb, Jimmy                       Letters $10

Webb, Jimmy                       Suspending Disbelief $10

Wingfield, Pete                    18 With a Bullet: The Island Recordings $15

Wray, Link                            Law of the jungle $18


Golden Age of American Popular Music Vol 2 (Ace UK) $25 28 tks                                                                                          

Golden Age of American Popular Music Jazz Hits (Ace UK) $25 28 tks

That’s it for now folks. I will have a very exciting announcement in a couple of weeks at least as far as those in Sydney and close environs are concerned so stay tuned.

All the best

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