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December 2008 Newsletter

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Thanks to all those who have supported us over the years. We may be the last vestige for true country music. So please read on. Apart from our new releases we have a stack of bargains & deletions.
LP records?? Trying to find anyone who is still into vinyl as I have a stack to sell. All great including a dozen Mel Street lps and 40 or so Porter Wagoner!!

Don’t forget the first newsletter of 2009 will have our year’s best cds in it. Naturally there will be a few from this newsletter which will come into calculations and certainly these from our last couple of newsletters will be knocking at the door. These are in alphabetical order.
*Tony Booth – Is That All There Is
*Peter Cooper – Mission Door
*Claude Diamond – On the Loose
*Amber Digby – Passion Pride & What Might Have Been.
*Fayssoux - Early
*James Intveld – Have Faith
*Jamey Johnson – That Lonesome Song
*Patty Loveless – Sleepless Nights
*Miss Leslie – Between the Whiskey & the Wine
*Songs of the Year (Randy Travis does “Chiselled In Stone”, George Jones does “Murder on Music Row” etc)
**Leona Williams – New Patches

Hank Williams III – “Damn Right Rebel Proud” $32 This is Hank 3’s 4th Curb country cd and he continues the fine quality of the first 3. He hates what is referred to as mainstream country and if I were to meet him I would congratulate him that his views paralleled mine 100%. I mean what right have the record companies got to call someone such as Taylor Swift a country artist. They are just faceless politically correct symbols of inanity but that (with exceptions you can count on the finger of one hand of a bad butcher) is what 2008 Nashville is all about. I think Hank is parodying a lot of this. I mean if his lifestyle were really exactly as he sings he would make Courtney Love seem like Mother Theresa. Hank is damn funny. Despite its crudeness the opening “The Grand Ole Opry (Ain’t So Grand)” is darn right laugh out loud funny. Great acoustic and electric interplay from Randy Kohrs and Johnny Hiland for starters. Joe Buck, formerly of punk rockabilly group “The Shack Shakers” is tremendous throughout on slap bass and forms a tight rhythm section with Shawn McWilliams on drums. “Wild & Free” has some serious great picking with Marty Stuart on mandolin & electric guitar and former BR549 multi-instrumentalist Donnie Herron on fiddle. Andy Gibson plays the staple of many swing bands, the stand up steel guitar (Aussies will remember it as a feature of the Dancehall Racketeers). “I Wish I Knew” is Hank’s version of a love song and a darn good one to boot though an apologist he is certainly not. “Candidate for Suicide” may be seen on two levels. It may be Hank winking at us or it may be true. I suspect it is more of the former with Hank reiterating what people have said to him. You could just imagine what some of the conservative elements think of him. Tracks 8 & 9 veer away from the country. Country fans (and I don’t mean members of the Jimmy Wayne fan club) will love this album bar these 2 tracks. “Stoned and Alone” has a similar theme and comes from a similar stance to “Candidate for Suicide’. “PFF” is a breakneck rebel stance song that may be a little too wild for some. The album concludes with probably the two straightest songs on the cd. “3 Shades of Black’ is just Hank 3 and his guitar. The bluegrassy “Workin’ Man” is a genuine classic. As good as it gets. The hackneyed theme is given new life. Brilliant. This album comes with an “Explicit lyrics” warning as Hank likes to drop a few “words”. This worries the Americans. A four letter word means a lot. Bankrupting the world’s economies is acceptable provided the language is okay. If you do a radio show you may like to buy a “clean” version which edits out the swear words. Mind you statistics prove the explicit outsells the clean by a factor of 50 to 1. BUT, if the swearing worries you then the clean version is ok.

Also, for those wanting a great gift or whatever, Hank’s first 3 cds (the third “Straight to hell” being a double) come packaged in a very attractive tin for the ridiculous price of $40. We have a few.

“Always Lift Him Up – A Tribute to Blind Alfred Reed” $32 This was missed. It was a late 2007 release to commemorate Blind Alfred’s inauguration into the West Virginian Hall of Fame. There are 19 tracks on this cd and represents all bar one of the songs Blind Alfred himself recorded. Why the compilers would choose to leave “The Wreck of the Virginian” off this is anyone’s guess, but I am not gonna be one of them. This is, to my way of thinking, one of the very the best ever country tribute albums and there have been some great ones. The most famous Reed song is no doubt “How Can a Poor Man Stand Such Times and Live” and has been covered by the likes of Ry Cooder & even Bruce Springsteen. The song still has a lot of relevance today and some pundits have even called it one of the first protest songs. It is delivered with just the right amount of irony by the very talented Tim O’Brien. A lot of Alfred’s songs were to do with conservatism and as such have a cute quaintness about them. “Why Do You Bob Your Hair, Girls” is seen as direct disobedience to God, who will congratulate those girls with long hair as they enter through the pearly gates. We are told that to get to heaven, “money loving Christians” must unload, not play euchre, smoke cigarettes etc. Brilliantly sung by Larry Groce (yes, he of the novelty hit “Junkfood Junkie”) it echoes similar theme to “Money Cravin’ Folks” and “There’ll Be No Distinction There”. The latter is an acapella trio performance by the Bare Bones; no doubt Alfie would approve the fact they never spent too much on instruments! Alfred was also able to tell a mean story. “Explosion in the Fairmount Mines” (featuring John Lilly) sees a father fortunately take heed of his young daughter’s advice “not to go down to the mines today” as something bad was going to happen, and blow me down she was right! Charlie McCoy is of course country music’s foremost harmonica player but proves himself a great singer on “Fate of Chris Lively and Wife”…lively no more after having driven the wagon on the track just as the east bound came along. A rather jaunty song with a rather tragic ending. All performances are great. Mandolinist Johnny Staats sounds more like Arlo Guthrie than Arlo Guthrie. Ray Benson lends his distinctive voice to the humorous “Black & Blue Blues’ about the man who took a “grumbler for his wife”. He can’t win as he cops it from his wife and his mother in law. Other artists include Tim’s sister Molly O’Brien, Little Jimmy Dickens (on the hilarious “Woman’s Been After Man Ever Since”), Connie Smith, Kathy Mattea plus several I have never previously hear of but are nonetheless excellent. It seems given his stance that money is the root of evil, Alfred must have died happy as it seems it was in abject poverty with rumours suggesting he died of starvation. No doubt he would have shortly after been welcomed by St Peter!
Incidentally, my grandfather’s name was Alfred Reid (spelt differently) and I only found out last Christmas that as a youngish
police officer it was he who pulled De Groot off his horse and arrested him after disturbing the opening of Sydney Harbour Bridge. I do believe Blind Alfred would have approved.

Chris Sprague “18 Wheelin’ Truck Drivin’ Songs” $30 Genuine truck driving albums are rare and this compatriot of Deke Dickerson has made a beauty with 18 tracks (plus a hidden 19th track). The whole album covers all gamut of truckin’ styles with a couple of great extras chucked in for good measures. One of these is an adaptation of the Coasters’ “Charlie Brown” here named “Trucker Brown”. “Speeding Truck” is a great instrumental featuring Chris’ brother (fellow Sprague brother Frank) doing a demonstrably good Joe Maphis impression. The longer it goes the faster he gets. There’s truckin’ lingo (“That’s a Big 10-4”), truckin’ double entendre (“Let’s Get Drunk & Truck”…which has an opening very reminiscent of the Dick Curless classic “Truckstop”) plus the themes echoed by the great truck driving singers in Dave Dudley and Del Reeves. There is also a certain Commander Cody feel about it and if you like any of the artists mentioned herein you will like this too. Most of the tracks are originals with a few selected covers including Red Simpson’s “Runaway Truck” and Jerry Reed’s “East Bound and Down”. The trucking songs are a unique sub-set of country songs with an element of danger (“Pray For Your Daddy, He’s a Trucker”), excitement (“Diesel on My Tail”), flaunting the law (“Overloaded Diiesel”) and of course the relationship between the driver and the truck is given human qualities (“This Old truck”). Bring it on!!

Amber Foxx – “Hi Fi Party” $30 Amber is one of the west coast’s best female rockabilly acts. I would rate her with the brilliant Josie Kreuzer (who seems to have disappeared at least as far as recording goes) and infinitely better than the somewhat overrated Kim Lenz. Amber has a great voice and the material is pretty good with band member Brian “Shorty” Poole’s (ex Dave & Deke Combo) “Take a Chance” showing off her wonderful warble to full effect and guitarist Tom Almanzar’s “Mars Needs a Woman” having a wonderful unique riff and a call & response vocal. Normally I don’t like rockabilly songs that explore the flying saucer angle but this may be the best ever. The west coast rockabilly scene is superb and incorporates more hillbilly influences than other US locales may do. The guitar duo of Almanzar on electric and Shorty on double neck non-pedal steel guitar works very well. Amber has listed among her influences as Janis Martin & Ella Mae Morse but never lets her work become imitative and is truly great in her own right.

Charlie Craig “The Hitmaker” $28 Singing songwriters generally fall in the category best shown by Paul Overstreet and Dean Dillon who made some great albums but had a kind of laid back reedy voice which to use the old adage was nothing to write home about but had style. On the other hand there are those songwriters such as the late Max D Barnes and Whitey Shafer who have great voices in their own right. Max D co-wrote a lot with Vern Gosdin and lo and behold was similar to Vern as was Whitey to the great Lefty Frizzell. Charlie is definitely in that category as well. His voice has elements of Lefty and Charley Pride. He is that good. His biggest successes as a writer have been Alan Jackson’s “Wanted” (a great stripped down version appearing here which is even better than that of Jackson). Similarly he does a wonderful job on “Between an Old Memory & Me”, a Keith Whitley favourite, and “Following the Feeling” which was a hit for Moe Bandy. “Lay Me Down a Truck Driving Man” is something that would have fitted very comfortably on the previous album. He has that wonderful country voice with a real tear in it. All the songs are of the highest calibre. The two most stringent critics, The Swedish Cowboy and the Rascal from Warren both give it their double thumbs up, the latter even proclaiming album of the year!!

Hank Williams “The Unreleased Recordings” 3cd box set $90 First of the Hank Williams Grand Ol Opry performances sponsored by and known as “Mother’s Best Flour Shows”. He did a lot of songs that he never recorded. These were done on 16” acetate records which were played over the air as though the shows were being done live. They were stored after playing in the Country Music Foundation in Nashville. They were almost thrown out during a clean up at the CMF (in its old premises in the basement of the old Country Music Hall of Fame there was simply not enough room to store everything). Bob Pinson, who basically was curator of the CMF as well as being a country music scholar of the highest order saw that was not done. Over the years they were the subject of much legal wrangling as obviously unreleased Hank Williams’ recordings simply don’t come along every day. The ruling finally came out that rights to issue this lay with Hank Williams jnr and Jett Williams, his half sister from a secret relationship. And this is what we now have. Because of the pristine conditions under which the transcription discs were stored the sound quality is actually superior to the MGM recordings which are “rough” (if you are being kind). He covers Ernest Tubb, Bailes Brothers and even “On Top of Old Smokey”. The very nice 40 page book includes a song by song run down of the 54 tracks. One of the real old songs “The Blind Child’s Prayer” dated from 1894. Hank proved to be a song historian as well as an interpreter. Surely a must for anyone who considers themselves a Hank Williams’ fan.

Joey & Rory “The Life of a Song” $30 New on Sugar Hill are this fine husband and wife duo who won a CMT contest for duos, called “Can You Duet”…suffice to say they can and then some. Rory Feek
is the main writer and harmony singer behind his wife Joey Martin. She is great vocalist, perhaps a little Paulette Carlsonish in places but together they are dynamite. As much as I love the Woodys, Joey & Rory win because of the sheer power of Joey’s vocals. They are also equally adept at uptempo songs and ballads. But, the concept of uptempo is within the acoustic framework that they use on the whole album. “Play The Song”, the opener has a nice rockabilly feel about it. It is followed by a lovely tribute to Emmylou Harris, “Sweet Emmylou” and lo and behold it was co-written by Catherine Britt but was not covered on her album. A case of the fish that John West rejected being better than the fish he accepted. “Tonight Cowboy You’re Mine” has a western flavour, whilst “Cheater Cheater” may be the rockinest acoustic song you will ever hear and features an absloutely incendiary dobro solo from the great Rob Ickes of Blue Highway. It has some wonderfully bitchy lines about “where’d you meet that no good white trash ho’”. Brilliant. A little political incorrectness. There may be hope yet. “Rodeo” is another “cheating” song of sorts in which the gal has to compete not with another woman but the lure of the rodeo. Great melody. It is at this point you probably start to think what a wonderful recording. The instrumentation is full and sounds like the group is playing in the room. Sugar Hill has long been a label renowned for the quality of their recordings. Even by their lofty standards this is mesmerizing. As a producer Carl Jackson is one of the best and the sound of this cd is superb and then some. “Tune of a Twenty Dollar Bill” was on Shawn Camp’s “Lucky Silver Dollar” and is a fine piece with nostalgic lyrics. Great guitar assumably by Carl Jackson and fiddle from Aubrey Haynie. They even do an acoustic cover of Lynyrd Skynyrd favourite “Freebird” and breathe life into it. Sparsest backing of guitar, dobro and fiddle open the song before the rhythm section joins in and the song builds slowly to its climax. Like hearing it for the first time. Ickes plays a wonderfully sad dobro before electric guitar leads out. “Boots’ is ostensibly about well boots but represents the story of a relationship with the boots symbolising the bond. “To Say Goodbye” is a two part sad song about a 9-11 incident contrasted with an elderly man looking after his mentally ill wife. The tie in line is they just want to say goodbye. It has none of the tackiness a Martina McBride Nashville song would have and that is why it succeeds so well. “The Life of a Song” also gives human qualities to a song. Not one weak moment on the entire album and right in line for album of the year countdown. Believe it. Joey is one hell of a vocalist, Rory one hell of a harmony singer and Carl Jackson a producer supreme.

Ray Scott – “Crazy Like Me’ $30 Ray Scott has one previous album which had one of the best outlaw style country songs you would ever hear in “My Kind of Music”. Only thing the rest of the album was not much to write home about. This on the other hand is uniformly superb. He has maintained the outlaw stance and has a similar delivery to Waylon in places. “Poor Folks” is a great ballad about a couple who aspire to the simple things in life. “I wonder what the poor folks are doing tonight” says it all. They don’t need material things to know they have it all. “Sometimes the Bottle Hits Ya Back” is a very Randy Howard style outlaw romp. “Workin’ My way Back Home” has a very Waylon-like delivery. It is good to see this style of music again following on Jamey Johnson’s superb “That Lonesome Song”. This is a fine album and Ray Scott has the wit and style to be a major player in that select field of real country music.

Emmylou Harris “Last Date” $28 was back in print for a while on Eminent label which went belly up. This is up there with the very best live albums of all time and not just country music. The Hot Band at the time was driven by Barry Tashian, a superior musician who toured America as opening act for the Beatles in Barry & the Remains, a great American pop act of the mid 60s. Barry was able to provide the Gram Parsons style duets which elevated this album even further. It is goosebump stuff on “We’ll sweep Out the Ashes.” Apart from the songs which reprised her Parsons’ years the songs were all new and covered a wide range of material. She opens with a great driving version of Hank Snow’s “I’m Movin’ On”. It is followed by “It’s Not Love But It’s Not Bad”, a Hank Cochran/Glen Martin co-write which was the title song from one of Merle Haggard’s great Capitol albums. “Restless” is a Carl Perkins rocker and “Racing in the Street’ was one of several Bruce Springtsteen songs she has so wonderfully covered. She follows with the Neil Young song “Long May You Run” does a few country rock Burrito Brothers classics and concludes with a great vocal version of the Floyd Cramer title song….and then a Buck Owens medley to finish. A great album by anyone’s standards and then some. One of Emmy’s best. Don’t miss out this time.

Eddy Arnold “Memorial Best Of” $40 RCA Japan The price is high because the Yen is strong but this is a superb compilation any way you look at it and has 25 tracks plus Japanese mastering to make it even more attractive. The tracks tell it all: I Really Don’t want to Know/ Bouquet of Roses/ Anytime/ A Heart Full of Love/ Molly Darling/ It’s a Sin/ Just a Little Lovin’ Will Go a Long Way/ Don’t Rob another Man’s Castle/ That’s How Much I Love You/ What’s He Doin’ in My World/ I’ll Hold You In My Heart/ Just Call Me Lonesome/ You Don’t Know Me/ The Tip of My Fingers/ I Love You Because/ Release ,e/ Tennessee Waltz/ It’s Such a pretty World Today/ Welcome to My World/ the Last Word in Lonesome Is Me/ Turn the World Around/ I want to Go With You/ Then You Can tell me Goodbye/ Make the Wold Go Away/ I Really Don’t Want to Know.

Mel Street “20 Super Hits” $28 Well this is a real surprise! Knowing Gusto’s penchant for recycling material it was a really pleasant surprise and a half to find this album features 20 entirely different tracks to what was on the “20 Greatest Hits” package and as such is as welcome as a win in powerball. Mel recorded for a number of different labels and so any compilation is going to be a little difficult. This concentrates on more straight country material in contrast to the 20 Greatest Hits which mainly highlighted his peerless cheating songs. Fear not Mel is the consummate singer. A real stylist. As good as George Jones and able to bring life to even mundane songs. But tracks such as “Fingerprints’ are quality all the way. The Cajun flavoured “Moonshine Man” is a none too subtle rewrite of “revenooer Man” with a little “White Lighning” thrown in for good measure. “I Can’t Dance” was a Tom T Hall song many of us first heard done by Gram Parsons. “I Need Somebody Bad” is classic country. A must have cd by an artist who is not revered as much as he should be. He is equal to the best ever.

Tom Russell – “Veteran’s Day: The Tom Russell Anthology” $50 Extensive 2 cd collection which would be ideal for someone who doesn’t have a lot of Tom Russell but wants to take the first step. Not a true Anthology in one sense as it is heavier on the tracks from Hightone label. Half a cd of material from his Philo label albums is not enough. Mind you the classics such as “Navajo Rug” (which he co-wrote with Ian Tyson), “Haley’s Comet” (about the sad & pathetic demise of Bill Haley) and the classic tale of greed & the cock fighting rooster “Gallo Del Cielo” the version here is the duet with Ian Tyson. For some reason the compilers include a track with Barrence Whitfield but totally ignore any of Tom’s collaborations with the brilliant Katy Moffatt, and there were many. That is like turning off the Melbourne Cup to watch a Kempsey maiden. Tom’s collaborations with Dave Alvin are featured on the second disc and the highlight is “California Snow”, one of the most poignant tales you could ever hear. ‘The Death of Jimmy Martin” is something very close to home, the deterioration of country music to the non-existent stage. Lots of songs and considering Tom’s songs tend to be on the longish side 37 tracks is great value. Just wish I knew why Katy Moffatt doesn’t even rate a mention.

Dan Penn “Junkyard Junky” $30 Nothing to do with the Ken Mellons’ song and indeed this is a very personal laid back a la Nick Lowe-ish tale about his hometown of Molloy Alabama and the many actual junkyards that he used to spend time in, in his formative years.. The title track is a fine opener. It is followed by “Is a Bluebird Blue” ,a song Dan “penned” (wanted to say that) for Conway Twitty but Dan’s own version lopes along beautifully. “Way Back” is another beautifully laid back piece which features the keyboards of Bobby Emmons. Again comparison to Nick Lowe of recent times and that is indeed a compliment. “Midnight Rainbow” features Carson Whitsett on all instruments and this album is dedicated to his memory. It has a quietly religious feel. “Smoke Filled Room” is more typical of the southern inspired soul that Dan Penn is known for but is an exception more than anything on this album. “You Must Know’ has the biggest compliment of musicians but continues the delightful laid back feel of the album. A truly nice album and it gets better with every play. Soulful country nostalgia. Wundabar!!

George Hamilton IV “Songs of Inspiration & Faith” $25 If you lined up a hundred gospel albums you’d find that half probably were all covers, 40 % had a mix of covers with a few originals chucked in whilst 10 % were actually nearly all original. This 18 tracker by George is all original and there are some great songs. No guessing what “I’ve Never Seen an Armored Car Folllowing a Hearse” is about. “It Ain’t That Way” is a duet with the lovely Connie Smith. This disc also includes brilliant pickers such as Buddy Emmons, Pig Robbins, Rob Hajacos, Aubrey Hayney etc, though the number of musicians listed suggest it was recorded over a longish period. Not to worry though it comes together very well.

Mike Cowan “Easy Chair” $30 Not Laughing Len’s brother (well they are pronounced the same) but a young Texan with a very nice sound and obviously schooled in the Texas shuffle way of doing things with many of the Texas A team providing the backing. Ronnie Huckaby on piano, Bobby Flores on fiddle, and Tommy Detamore on guitar and steel provide the backing and he is given vocal assistance by Amber Digby. All bar 3 of the songs are written by Cowan and it is Texas honky tonk at its best. “A Vegas Story” is a little different, the story of a guy who tries to put life behind him and make his fortune in Vegas. No happy endings I’m afraid. “Head Over Heels” sounds like something from George Strait’s “Beyond the Blue Neon” period. “Motel With No Phone” features a classic country vocal and is the last attempt at reviving a relationship. “Too Much Time in a Honky Tonk” is a jaunty romp.“Talkin’ To Her Memory Again” is a classic shuffle. Great album.

Bobby Flores – “Eleven Roses” $30 One of the very favourite artists we sell is the great Texas fiddler and vocalist Bobby Flores. He sings with an easy style and can make any song his own. The Darrell McCall title song was one of Hank Williams Jnr’s biggest hits but Bobby makes it his own. We get to hear a little cajun on “Cajun Baby” and a couple of classic covers of Charlie Walker’s “I Go Anywhere” and then Louvin Brothers (via Carl Smith) “Are You Teasing Me”. He toured with Ray Price for a while and pays tribute to his former mentor and manages to breathe new life into “Danny Boy”. The Tex mex flavoured “La Golondrina” lets Bobby show off his prowess on the fiddle and contrasts his playing with Catie Offerman & R J Smith. His many fans will not be disappointed.

Leland Martin “The Early Years” $30 One of the great independent artists, and these songs precede his classic “Simply Traditional” album, one of the best recent independent releases. This will be in when you get this. I have heard a rough take and it measures up with his best. Tracks: 1. I Need A Little Good Luck Bad 2.Last Whiskey Trip 3. Silent Love 4.Tell Ol' Rover To Move On Over 5.If You Only Knew Jesus 6. Stupid Little Cupid 7 Dreams Still Come True 8. Fairytales 9. Our Little Boy 10. Home Is Where The Honky Tonk Is 11.Who Am I To Say 12. Think Before You Drink. Those who have his cds will need this believe me.

Will Ryan & the Cactus County Cowboys “ Rhythm Rides the Range” $28 Shortish but wonderfully jazzy western swing (with the emphasis on western) with even a bit of scat singing thrown in for good measure. The sound is a tad reminiscent of a jazzier Riders in the sky. 11 tracks. And holy Tom Mix…what a great album cover.

Conway Twitty – “Greatest Hits Live” DVD $30 This was finally released at the end of November. Recorded in 1992 just before his sudden death this shows Conway was still right at the very top of his game. 16 songs (plus a reprise of his theme song, “It’s Only Make believe”)

Merle Haggard – “Live Austin City Limits 1978”DVD $30 This is Merle’s debut on the Austin City Limits show from 1978. An earlier release in this series actually featured a show a decade after this. Hag’s touring band at this time was probably its best featuring the great Roy Nichols plus Ronnie Reno and Bonnie Owens on vocals and the fabulous Gordon Terry on fiddle. There were also the likes of ex Bob Wills man Tiny Moore on fiddle & electric mandolin. Thus Hag features quite a few fiddle tunes where he trades licks admirably with the brilliant Terry. The song selection is also great with lesser known but superb Haggard songs such as “Farmer’s Daughter”. 14 songs in all with some great instrumental breaks being a real feature. As always the visuals and audios are 1st class.

Waylon Jennings – “Live at Austin City Limits 1984” DVD $30 Like the Hag dvd this features a considerably earlier show with the Outlaw bit being very much in vogue, though the highlight is Waylon’s defining version of “Dreaming My Dreams with You”. Also has 14 tracks and when Waylon sings “I’ve Always Been Crazy” you tend to believe him.

Heather Myles – “Live at Newland Netherlands” $40 Rounder Europe put out a brilliant dvd of Dale Watson and lo & behold we now have a companion dvd featuring the great Heather Myles, an artist we have had nothing less than the greatest respect for since her debut cd “Just Like Old Times”. This cd has 21 tracks so is great value. Heather receives great support from Brantley Kearns who played fiddle and did backing vocals on Dwight Yoakam’s first few albums…(that was he on “Guitars Cadillacs etc) He proves himself to be an excellent band mate for Heather and even has the luxury of a lead vocal on the Bob Wills’ tune “Brain Cloudy Blues”. As with Dale it seems strange to say Heather runs though her “hits” as damnit she never has had any but long time Y & T readers will know we revere her like no other and whether rockin’ out (“Cadillac Cowboy”) or singing the fantastic “Rum & Rodeo” there is none better and we can only hope the album of duets with Dale Watson is going to be sooner rather than later. She is the consummate female honky tonker of our age.

Merle Haggard – Legendary Performances DVD $30 The series is put out through the excellent Shout Factory and has 15 tracks that feature Haggard performances from such shows as Billy Walker’s Country Carnival and The Porter Wagoner Show. All manner of Haggard hits are presented including “Okie from Muskogee” (1970), “Mama Tried” (1968), “Daddy Frank” (1972) and the latest track “That’s the Way Love Goes” from 1983. In addition there is a bonus interview which Haggard does in cahoots with Leona Williams.
Other volumes in this series with a similar programme layout are
**“Marty Robbins – Legendary Performances” …great interview in this one should make it on that basis alone a must for Marty fans.
**“Tammy Wynette – Legendary Performances”.

Back In

**Dale Watson – “One More Once More” $32 Dale’s swing album with both western swing and pop covered…well the pop songs are turned into country swing by our hero. Only released in Netherlands.
**Michael Martin Murphey – “The Cowboy Christmas Gift Set” $25
This is the ideal Christmas gift with a cd + dvd. 13 Christmas songs are on the cd and they are a mix of standards and originals. The dvd is even better. It is an entire show and you would almost have to say it has a Christmas theme more than being a Christmas dvd per se. There are quite a few horse tales and even a version of the pop smash he had back in the days he was simply Michael Murphey, namely “Wildfire”. Basically you have to go 20 songs in before you come to the album’s one and only standard in “Joy to the World”. There are 27 selections on this cd and even if your name was Ebenezer Scrooge you would like this. Personally I love the original “Cowboy Christmas Ball” and the non Christmas song, the fabulous “Cowboy Logic”.
**Dale Watson – “Help Your Lord” his gospel 2008 cd.
**Ricky Skaggs – “The High Notes” $32 Only available in the Crackerbarrel stores. Bluegrass style new recordings of his Columbia country hits of the 80s.
**Ray Sanders – Texas Dance Hall Music $30 for Ray Price and Johnny Bush fans
**Danny O’Keefe “ In Time” $30 Brand new album
**Jim Stringer & the AM Band – triskaidekaphilia $30
**Billy Yates – “That’s Why I Ran”
**Price Porter – Last Call for Heartaches

Due Soon

**Perley Curtis – Perley Curtis …I just love this guy’s name. the album is due soon and features the wonderful Erin Hay; previously Perley had been a major contributor to Erin’s cds. He has a nice voice in his own right. $30
**Geary Hanley – The Comeback Trail $30 Wonderful Haggard inspired vocalist who had some chart action in the 70s and early 80s
**Len Snow 80 Proof $30 (2nd album)
**Scotty Campbell “Smokin’ & Drinkin’ “ Second album by slightly eccentric Canadian. His first “Damned If I Recall” happened too many moons ago and perfectly blended rockabilly & honky tonk so as to appeal to fans of both styles. This will be great.
**Paul Parr “Sainst & Sinners” 2nd album
**Stan Martin “Love Ain’t That Tough” 2nd full length album


My guarantee is that anything over $22 is an out of print nearly impossible to find gem. There is none better. There have been none better. They have that quality I loved as both a fan & a retailer. When you play them People bought them. They are the epitome of great country music.
**Wesley Dennis – “Country to the Core” Second cd of Wesley’s was around for about 1 ½ minutes. 12 songs

**Josh Logan – “Somebody Paints the Wall” Brilliant Mel Street inspired vocalist. Great songs.

**Mario Martin – Keep it On the Country Side (was only 17 when released with a voice a tad reminiscent of Ricky Van Shelton). James Stroud producer.

**Doug Sahm - SDQ 98 Label went bust and this is one of his best, right up there with “Return of Wayne Douglas”.

Jones, George Wine Colored Roses
McCarters The Gift (brilliant debut. Very rare)
Miller, Roger Best volume One: Country Tunesmith
What a gem! Long deleted 21 tracker
profiles Roger the writer with his
original versions of songs known by
versions done by others. Here are the
Miller versions of “When Two Worlds
Collide”, “Tall Tall Trees”, “Invitation
To the Blues”, “Half a Mind”, “Husbands
& Wives”, “Old Toy Trains” etc
Owens, Buck Act Naturally (with Ringo & Crying Time
With Emmylou) Hard to get comeback.
***Schneider, John Take the Long Way Home (Truly sensational album which includes special guests Waylon & Johnny Cash on Harlan Howard’s “Better Class of Losers” but all songs are super. “Broken Promise Land’ was also done by Mark Chesnutt but Schneider is better. The absolute highlight is “The Auction” so filled with angst you will get goosebumps…”They sold everything but the flowers on mama’s grave!!”. A pretty boy who sings with a deep voice which is as good as anybody.

Jean Shepard – Honky Tonk Heroine CMF 24 tracker of the brilliant Capitol label vocalist. Why do all the best ones get deleted??
Thornton, Marsha Marsha Thornton her classic Owen
Bradley debut with the original version of
“A Bottle of Wine & Patsy Cline”
Anderson, Bill Greatest Hits Volume 2 (Varese)
Atkins, Chet/Jerry Reed Sneakin’ Around
Bond, Johnny Very Best (“Hot Rod Lincoln” 2
versions & 17 tracks
Boone, Larry Down That River Road. Great voice,
writer & handsome but mainly known for
others covering his material. This, his 3rd
Mercury label cd may be his best with
“Everybody Wants To Be Hank Williams’ (But Nobody Wants to Die)” a cracker!
Dalton, Lacy Crazy Love (the version of the Van
Morrison title track is superb but
“Little Boy Blue” is an out and out
classic. Probably her 2nd best album
just shaded by “Survivor”)
Davis, Joey Love Songs, Waltz’s (sic) True Stories & Lies. A truly great indie.
Ford, Tennessee Ernie Capitol Collectors Series (the best cd
Great sound & content)
Hand, James Shadows Where Magic Was (1st)
Jansen, Frank Lolene
Kane, keiran Find My Way Home (rare WB album)
Logan, Josh Something Strange (Bob Grady)`
McEntire, Reba Oklahoma Girl 2cds 40 track collection of
her Mercury recordings which predate
her MCA recordings are are generally
stone country all the way. Pity she went
the pop route as this is so good.!!
Martin, Sonny I’ve Always Been Country
Nice indie but highlighted by the
saddest song ever recorded “Rock a
Bye Baby” Makes “Teddy Bear” seem
like a Jimmy Sturr polka!
McDaniel, Mel Rockabilly Boy (what an album which
features “You Can’t Play the Blues in an
Air Conditioned Room”)
McDaniel, Mel Now You’re Talkin’
McDaniel, Mel Country Pride
Miller, Roger Best Volume two: King of the Road
Companion to Volume one (see in $40)
and this 20 tracker features mainly hits
but also hard to get tracks such as
“Hoppy’s Gone” & Roger’s versions of
“Me & Bobby McGee” & “Little Green
Nelson, Willie Born For trouble
Newbury, Mickey In a New Age
O’Kanes Tired of the Running (Their second &
every way their best. Longer songs allow
for instrumental breaks. Blind accordion
man Jay Spell is the perfect foil for
keirna & Jamie.)
Paycheck, Johnny The Difference in Me (Playback)
Sweet, Ron Ten in Tennessee (“I Play Haggard” indie Hall of Fame song!
Whitley, Keith I Wonder Do You Think of Me A+++
Williams, Tex Vintage Collection (all Capitol label)

Arwood, Bill Collectors Series Volume I
Arwood, Bill I Want More
Axton, Hoyt Spin of the Wheel (1990)
Bandy, Moe Picture in a Frame
Bandy, Moe Many Mansions (just about impossible
to get album on Curb)
Boone, Larry Swingin Doors, Sawdust Floors Great
2nd Mercury album includes his version of
the song he wrote and is the title song of
George Strait’s magnum opus “Beyond
The Blue Neon”
Browne, Jann It Only Hurts when I Laugh
Brown, Roger Rodeo Boogie (first class Texas
singer/writer. Shuffes & swing)
Christian, T J Marriage on the Rocks
Conlee, John Fellow Travellers
Conlee, John Blue Highway (16 tck)
Cryner, Bobbie Bobbie Cryner (as good as it gets)
Includes a duet with Dwight and
as great as that is it is not in the best
half dozen on the album.
Curless, Dick Drag Em off the Interstate Sock
It to Em Hits Of. His Tower & Capitol
hits. King of the truckin’ song.
Delray, Martin Get Rhythm (w. Johnny Cash)
Delray, Martin What Kind of Man
Dion & the Belmonts Complete 2cds Collectors Choice
Downing, Big Al Greatest Hits Vol. 1 (very limited
At the time even & includes his
Monster “Mr Jones” and the
answer “Mr Jones: Final Chapter”)
Feathers, Charlie Get With It: Essential Recordings 54-69
2cds 42 tracks (sun/King/Meteor/more)
Fricke, Janie Labor of Love includes versions of
Katy Moffat’s “Walking on the Moon”
& Steve Earle’s “My Old Friend Blues”
Gaddis, Ron Chip Off the Old Block (George Jones
Bandleader & ex husband of Lorrie
Morgan both of whom appear herein)
Gosdin, Vern Alone (totally crying in your beer
angst- filled)
House, James Hard Times for an Honest Man
Husky, Ferlin Capitol Collectors Series ( a gem
of a series)
Johnson, Don Ain’t Nothing Like a Jukebox
On Hawk Records includes
Benny Berry on vocals.
Jones, George 50 Years of Hits3cds
Lauderdale, Jim Planet of Love (his debut on WB)
Lyda, Jacob Three Times the Charm
Lyda, Jacob Here We Go Again (bob Grady gems)
Morse, Ella Mae Capitol Collectors Series
Oxford, Vernon 100% Country
Parsons, Gram Anthology 2cds Rhino + book
Parton, Dolly/Porter Sweet Harmony (20 tck)
Pennington/Emmons Goin’ Out Swingin’
Potter, Curtis Walkin’ on New Grass
Robertson, Kathy To Roy Nichols With Love First of 2
great cds from Kathy & friends who
include Albert lee, Skip Edwards,
Bonnie Owens & the great James
Intveld who duets on the Buck Owens
track “I’ll Take a Chance” & takes the
lead on the Haggard gem “Let Your
Conscience Be Your Guide”.
Robertson, Kathy Hillbilly Down:To Roy Nichols With Love 2 (14 tck Inc. Merle Haggard, Ric Shea, James Intveld & Pete Anderson on guitar. Kathy was on legendary “Town South of Bakersfield” cd & is
great on the Red Simpson track “Fairy Tales & Wedding Rings”. Haggard is on “Daddy” with Red Volkaert & The Strangers. All A++
Ryle, Curt Your Old Used to Be One of the truly
great indie artists. Pure honky tonk
a la Norman Wade (but Curt is a
better singer.)
Shafer, Whitey I Never Go Around Mirrors
Shafer, Whitey So Good So Long
Schneider, John You Ain’t Seen the Last of Me
What a singer!
Schneider, John A Memory Like You
Springfield, Bobby All Fired Up rockabilly feel!
Thompson, Hank Country Music Hall of Fame (his
MCA recordings. Hard to get)
Thornton, Marsha Maybe the Moon Will shine Tonight
Trevino, Justin Loud Music & Strong Wine
Trevino, Justin Texas Honky Tonk (debut)
Tsoy, Kim Pure Country (amazing album. The
guy is Korean but unlike our friend
Hank Sasaki has no accent & sounds
a little like Ricky Van Shelton.
Wade, Norman For a Minute There
Wagoner, Porter In Person (deleted..his stage show
Feat. Norma Jean circa 1964)
Wagoneers Stout & High
Wagoneers Good Fortune
Wall, Chris Tainted Angel
Wall, Chris Just Another Place (all out of print)
Texas Outlaw music at its best)
Wall, Chris No Sweat
Watson, Gene The Good Old Days
Watson, Gene Jesus Is All I Need
West, Speedy/Jimmy Bryant For the Last Time (Step One)
Whiting, Margaret Capitol Collectors Series
Whitley, Keith Kentucky Bluebird
Wills, Bob Anthology 2cds Rhino OOP
Worley, Shane Rosie on a Roll (slightly cannib- alistic title by a true indie star)

(Bear Family)
Glenn, Glen Rocks
Hall, Roy Rocks
Hawkins, Dale Rocks
Nelson, Ricky Rocks
Perkins, Carl Rocks
Scott, Jack Rocks
(Non Bear- Family)
Barker, Aaron/Curtis Wayne Straight from the Horse’s Mouth
2 great songwriters perform their
many hits.
Bellamy Brothers Rebels Without a Clue (their classic)
Bice, Steve Sixty Minutes of Sin (Vocally a lot
like Tompall Glaser)
Blue, Arkey Theres Still Country Music inTexas
Blue, Arkey Best (20 tracker)
Booker, Patty I Don’t Need All That 1999 debut
Burns, Brian Highways Heartches & Honky Tonks
only the first ones had the expanded
booklet with lyrics, notes etc .
Campbell, Scotty Damned If I Recall (the perfect
Honky tonk meets rockabilly
Collins, Dugg Sounds Like Texas (inc. J. Bush)
Crow, Alvin Honky Tonk Trail/ Broken Spoke
Legend (2 on 1)
Dallas, Jimmy Drinking Champagne (lots of steel
indie. Classic stuff)
Dean, Lonnie/Will Taylor Texas Honky Tonk Shuffles
Edwards, Stoney Best:Poor Folks Stick Together
Inc. “Hank & Lefty Raised My
Country Soul”. Like Merle.
George, Sonny Truckin’ Country
Haggard, merle Capitol Collectors Series Simply put
te best single Haggard cd on the market.
Haggard/Brumley I’ll Fly Away (Great duet gospel)
Hardwick, Billy Jnr Too Country
Hassler, Tim Wanted (includes the Cosmic Cowboy
all time classic about a lady of the
night….”Destiny”. Outlawish! A+
Jenkins, Jody Under a Texas Moon
Jennings, Waylon The Essential 2cds 42 tracks
Keeble, Billy The Real Me
Louvin, Charlie 50 Years of Makin’ Music Brilliant cd on
Playback label includes duets with
Waylon & Willie, Melba Montgomery,
George Jones etc but the highlight is
“This Darn Pen” which is jus twith
Willie and is a song to kill for!!
Louvin Brothers Satan is Real best album cover ever!!
McCall, Darrell Old Memories & Wine
Mccarters Better Be Home Soon (2nd & last album)
Maddox, Rose Sings Bluegrass (with Bill Monroe)
Mandrell, Barbara Keys in the Mailbox
Nelson, Willie Stardust expanded 2cd Legacy edition
Nelson, Willie Willie & Family Live 2cds
Newbury, Mickey Frisco Mabel Joy
Nichols, Joe Paul The Old Country Church
Nichols, Joe Paul Sing Sing Sing
Nichols, Joe Paul Just a Closer Walk With Thee
Paycheck, Johnny Survivor …last album & brilliant too.
Price, Ray Sometimes a Rose (“Not a Dry Eye in
The House” is one of his best)
Price, Ray Legendary Country 25 tcks Time Life
Rabbitt, Eddie Jersey Boy
Rabbitt, Eddie Radio Romance
Reynolds, Lawrence He Comes from Alabama
Roberts, Jason Texas Fiddle Man (from Asleep at
The Wheel) who actually plays Bob
Wills in an Austin stage show. Inc. a
brilliant version of the Johnny Gimble
track “Fiddlin’ Around” inc the great
man himself
Robertson, Kathy At the Cantina guests including Bonnie Owens and Leona Williams who feature on “Leona”. Also has Chris Gaffney & Katy Moffatt & Rosie Flores & Big Sandy.
Robertson, Kathy True Confessions of a Girl Singer
Guests inc. haggard, Dave alvin etc.
Rodgers, Jimmie Sweeter Than Wine:Very Best 57-62
26 tracks from the “Honeycomb” man
Sears, Dawn What a Woman Wants to Hear (WB)
Sears, Dawn Dawn Sears (OOP 2002 indie cd)
Smith, Jack Can’t Help Myself. All originals & hard
to believe only album. Excellent semi
rockabilly with rodeo themes. Bill
Kirchen guests but to be honest is a
mile better than any of Bills cds.
Staley, Karen Wildest Dreams
Thompson, Hank Capitol Collectors Series Simply put
this is the best single series by a
major label. Includes gems such
as “Blackboard of My Heart’ 20 tracks.
Tubb, Ernest Live 1965 long deleted gem on Rhino
features Cal Smith & Jack Greene in
the Troubadours. Tubb is at his peak!
Watson, Dale Cheating Heart Attack
Watson, Dale Blessed or Damned
Watson, Dale I Hate These Songs
(due to closure of Hightone these
are all out of print. Consistently the
best artist since 1995.)
Worley, Shane What’s Goin’ On
Truckin’ On 52 Songs 2cds Starday.

$22 (Bear Family)
Arnold, eddy Cattle Call/Thereby Hangs a Tale
Ballew, Michael Live at Gruehne Hall
Bruce, Ed Puzzles
Burnette, Johnny Rock & Roll Trio
Carlisle, Bill Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight
Casey, Al A Man for All Seasons
Cash, Johnny Travelling Cash
Cash, Johnny I Walk the Line/ Big Fauss Little Hausey
Chaffin, Ernie Laughin’ & Jokin’
Clark, Sanford The Fool
Clark, Sanford Shades
Coe, David Allan Unchained/Son of the South
Coe, David Allan A Matter of Life & Death Plus
Coe, David Allan Just divorced/ Darlin’ Darlin’
Coe, David Allan Castles in the Sand/ Hello in There
Crazy Otto The Medleys
Dobkins, Carl Jnr My Heart Is an Open Book
Eanes, Jim And the Shenandoah Valley boys
Fairburn, Werly Everybody’s Rockin’
Farmer Boys Flash Crash & Thunder
Ford, Tennessee Ernie 16 Tons
Gibson, Don Legend in my Time
Glaser, Tompall The Rogue
Glaser, Tompall The Outlaw
Gordon, Robert Is Red Hot
Guitar, Bonnie Dark Moon
Guthrie, Jack Oklahoma Hills
Guy, Charles Lee A Prisoner’s Dream
Hall, Tom T 100 Children/I Witness Life
Hart, Freddie Juke Joint Boogie
Hawkins, Hawkshaw Car Hoppin’ mama
Hill, Eddie The Hot Guitar
Heap, Jimmy and the Melody Masters
Horton, Johnny Rockin’ Rollin’
Jennings, Waylon Restless Kid: Live at JDs
Johnny & Jack For Old Times Sake
Lee, Jimmy Knockin’ on Your Front Door
Lodgson, Jimmie I Got a Rocket in My Pocket
Lolita Seemann (Sailor) mainly German
MccRacklin, Jimmy The Mercury Recordings
Miller, Roger King of the Road
Orbison, Roy/Sonny James RCA Recordings (not duets)
Paul, Billy Texas Rose
Scott, Jack On Groove
Self, Mack Sun Years Plus: Easy to Love
Smith, Warren Call of the Wild
Tyson, Ian Old Corrals & sagebrush
Western Johnny Gunfight at OK Corral
And the Answer Is Vol. 1 2 volumes of the original &
And the Answer Is Vol 2 the answer song.

$22 (non Bear Family)
Alvin, Dave Best of the Hightone Years 18 tracks
Anderson,Bill Definitive
Ballew, Michael Yesterday’s Wind
Bare, Bobby The Columbia Year’s” Bare’s Picks
Big & Rich Super Galactic Fan Pak #2 (2008) cd+dvd
Boxmasters Boxmasters (Billy Bob Thornton is great
“Bad Santa” is a classic and this 2cd set
features originals on disc 1 and covers on
disc 2 including a couple of Mike Nesmith
songs & a decidedly UnBeatles-esque “I
Wanna Hold Your Hand”
Brennan, Walter Old Rivers/Twas Night Before Christmas
Bresh, Thom Wires to the Wood (21 tracks by son
of Merle Travis)
Brom, Marty Snake Ranch
Buck, Gary Western Swing & Country
Cargill, Henson All American Cowboy
Cash, Johnny At Folsom Prison 2cd expanded 51 tks
Cash, Johnny Johnny Cash’s America cd + dvd (90 min + extra 20) 5 unissued tracks on cd
Casello, Chris Done Moved On (15 tracks) Hot
hillbilly pickin’ & singin’
Christian, T J Put me Down Easy Lord (gospel)
Christian, T J The Vanishing Breed (T Jae is an out
and out indie superstar & by jove he
previously did “He Stopped Lovin’ her
Today” & lost nothing in comparison to George & this time does “The Grand Tour” and nails it!!! Hat’s off!!
Clark, Gene Silverado Live & Unreleased 1975
Crow, Alvin Texas Classic
Davies, Gail Pretty words (1989 MCA) nice
Dickens, Little Jimmy I’m Little But I’m Loud 22 tcks
Downing, Big Al Back to My Roots
Duncan, Johnny Again (15 tracks from 90s)
Everly Brothers Stories We Could Tell/ Pass the Chicken
& Listen (2 x RCA country albums)
Flatt & Scruggs At Carnegie Hall 77minutes!
Frizzell, Lefty The Best (Rhino out of print)
Henderson, Homer Greatest Flops & Golden Filler.
Jackson, Stonewall Best 24 tcks
James. Sonny Complete Columbia & Monument 22tcks
Kim, Andy Baby I Love You/ Andy Kim
Lane, Cristy Greatest Country Hits 20 tcks
Lewis, Jerry lee Rockin’ My Life away (Ultra rare
Elektra label tracks)
Louvin, Charlie Greatest Hits (Capitol rec. 20 tcks)
McEntire, Reba ` Reba’s # 1’s (33 tracks 2 cds)
Maddox Bros & Rose On the Air Volume 1
Maddox Bros & Rose Volume 2
McDaniels, Luke Is Jeff Daniels (34 tracks) hillbilly &
Nelson, Rick Bright Lights & Country fever 2 on 1
Nelson, Ricky Rockin’ With Ricky (Ace UK) 32 tcks
Overstreet, Tommy 20 Classic Songs
Smith, Carl 60s Hits (24 tracks)
Roddy, Ted Tearjoint Troubadours Brilliant
honky tonk cd in the style of his
offerings on “Wandering Eyes”. His
gem. For Dale Watson fans
Russell, Tom Songs of the West
Russell, Tom Rose of San Joaquin
Russell, Tom Long Way Around
Sasaki, Hank Songs from My Heart
Silverstein, Shel Freakin’ at Freakers Ball (expanded)
Sovine, Red 20 All Time GH
St Clair, Randy Allen Beer Drinkin’, Belly Rubbin’ Lyin’
Cheatin’ Songs .Includes a great
Jones’ Tribute “A Man I Call Jones”
Trevino, Justin Scene of the Crying
Wilson, Tim Songs for the Musically Disturbed.
Collects the songs of Tim Wilson who
normally mixes bad standup with
brilliant songs.
Worley, Shane Shotgun House
Young, Robyn Written Reflection (Faron’s son) “The
Singing Sheriff” is great song about

Abernathy, Mac Different Situations
Aldridge,Darin /Brooke Justice I’ll Go With You (Pinecastle)
Alverson, Tommy Heroes & Friends
Anderson, John John Anderson 1 (his 1st WB album)
Anderson, John John Anderson 2 (his 2nd WB album)
Anthony, Rayburn No Relief in Sight
Asleep at the Wheel Remember the Alamo
Atkins, Chet Tennessee Guitar Man
Baker, Sam Pretty World
Bandy, Moe Honky Tonk Amnesia: Best
Bandy, Moe Once More
Bare, Bobby Best Of (21 tck Razor & Tie)
Bare, Bobby 20 Greatest Hits
Bare, Bobby Singin’ in the Kitchen (2 on 1)
Bare, Bobby 500 Miles fr. Home/Detroit City 2on1
Bell, Knut Honkahillarockabilly (dyslexic’s
Bellamy Bros 25 Year Collection 2 cds
Bellew, Carl Hits Plus Ones I’ve Written
Bogguss, Suzy Swing!
Bogguss, Suzy Somewhere Between (amazing debut)
Boland, Jason & Stragglers Comal County Blue
Booker, Patty Fire & Brimstone
Boone, Larry One Way to Go (includes songs
Larry wrote for Jones & Strait.)
Borden, Michael Shane And the Diesel Kings
Boxmasters Christmas Cheer (Billy Bob Thornton’s
Christmas album is not a cd of “Bad
Santa” but mixes fine originals “My
Dreams of Christmas” is a great original
about his dysfunctional family and “Slower than Christmas”is about a less
than happy family reunion +some covers.
Brazos Valleys Boys 60th Anniversary
Britt, Elton Ridin’ With 23 tracks
Brom, Marti Heartache Numbers
Bromberg, David Demon in Disguise
Bromberg, David Try Me One More Time
Bromberg, David Quartet: Live NYC 1982 (2008)
Brown, Greg Further In
Browne, Jann Count Me In
Brown, Josh Josh Brown (nice 2008 indie)
Bryant, Cody Big Dose of Country (only album by
Fine Californian country artist)
Browns Family Bible 32 gospel tracks
Buck, Gary Western Swing & Country (fine Canadian artist but in a Texas style!
16 tracks
Burleson, Ed Cold Hard Truth
Burnett, T Bone T Bone Burnett (w. jerry Douglas) As
mentioned a great album with IMO
the best sample of Jerry Douglas.
Burnette, Johnny Dreamin’/Johnny Burnette 2 on 1
Burrito Deluxe The Whole enchilada
Burns, Brian Angels & Outlaws
Bush, Johnny Talk to My Heart
Bush. Johnny Lost Highway Saloon
Butler, Carl & Pearl A Family Affair (14 tracks Carl & Pearl
+ 5 Johnyy & Jonie Mosby)
Butler, Larry Only the Dead are Free (with Willie)
Campbell, Kate Save the day (2008) w. Prine, Nanci G.
Cannon, Melanie And the Wheels Turn (2008)
Carter, Carlene Stronger (2008 album)
Cartwright, Lionel Miles & Years
Charles, Ray Modern Sounds in Country & Western
(Rhino) expanded version of classic.
Cherryholmes III: Don’t believe (excellent family
group reminiscent of the Cox Family but better instrumentally)
Chesney, Kenny Lucky Old Sun (2008)
Chesnutt, Mark Savin’ the honky Tonk (great cover
parodies Waylon’s “Honky Tonk Heroes”)
Clark, Guy Cold Dog Soup
Clark, Guy The Dark
Clark, Guy Dublin Blues
Clark, Guy Best of the Sugar Hill Years
Clark, Roy Greatest Hits (originals)
Cochran, Hank Desperate Men (w. Billy Don Burns)
Cochran, Hank The Heart of: Monument sessions
Collie, Mark Hardin County Line (top debut)
Confederate Railroad Confederate Railroad (a must one of
a few where every song is superb)
Cordle, Larry Murder on Music Row! Ace bluegrass
crossing to country.
Cordle/Jackson/Salley Lonesome Café (amazing cover art)
Cox Family Beyond the City
Creager, Roger Here It Is
Daughters of Bluegrass Bluegrass Bouquet A collection of tracks
recorded specifically for this project with
Dale ann Bradley, Valerie Smith. Beth
Stevens, Michelle Nixon, Jeanette
Williams etc of whom Sonya Isaacs is
decidedly cutest!
Davis, Skeeter Here’s the Answer
Davis, Skeeter Pop Hits Collection Volume 2
Dayton, Jesse/Brennen Leigh Holdin’ Our Own (great duets)
Dee, Billy When The Vow Breaks
Dekle, Mike Fine Tuned
Derailers Guaranteed to Satisfy (2008)
Diamond, Claude Highway of Life
Dickerson, Deke King of the Whole Wide World (2008)!
Douglas, Jerry Best Kept Secret
Douglas, Jerry Glide (2008)
Dr John City That care Forgot (New Orleans that
Is…Willie & eric Clapton guest)
Drusky, Roy Greatest Hits 1 & 2
Duncan, Johnny It Couldn’t have been Any Better (GH
Inc. duets with Janie Fricke)
Edgar, W C Alcohol of Fame
Edwards, Don Saddle Songs 2cds
Ely, Joe The Best (MCA 20 tracker)
Ewing, Skip Greatest Hits
Feathers, Charlie Honky Tonk Kind
Feathers, Charlie Long time Ago
Feathers, Charlie Wild Side of Life
3 albums of rarities each 18 tcks
Feller, Dick Centaur of Attention
Fleck, Bela Jingle All the way (banjo wiz 2008)
Flores, Rosie Rosie Flores (her stunning debut
with guests wanda Jackson & carl
Flores, Rosie Rockabilly Filly
Flores, Rosie/Ray Campi A Little Bit of Heartache
Flying Burrito Brothers Dim Lights Thick Smoke
Friedman, Kinky Pearls in the Snow
Friedman, Kinky Sold American (30th Anniv. Ed)
Frizzell, Allen I’m Just a Nobody (gospel)
Gauthier, Mary Between Daylight & Dark
Gauthier, Mary Drag Queens in Limousines
Gauthier, Mary Filth & Fire
Gibson, Nate And Gashouse Gang (hillbilly) A+
Gilmore, Jimmie Dale Come on Back
Glaser, Tompall Lovin’ Her Was Easier/ After All These
Gordon, Robert It’s Now or Never (w. Chris Spedding)
Gosdin, Vern The Gospel Album
Gosdin, Vern Nickels, Dimes & Love
Gosdin, Vern 10 Years of GH Newly Recorded
Gosdin, Vern Chiselled in Stone
Gosdin, Vern Till the end
Gray, Damon Looking for Trouble
Green, Lloyd Mr Nashville Sound
Gregg, Ricky Lynn Get a Little Closer (great real country)
Griffith, Jeff If It Ain’t One Thing It’s Another
Guthrie, Woody Ramblin’ Round 40 tracks 2cds
Haddock, Durwood Honky tonk Crazy
Haddock, Durwood Texas Honky Tonk Blues
Haggard, Merle working Man’s Journey (only
available from Cracker Barrel stores
6 rerecordings + 6 new songs)
Haggard, Merle Unforgettable
Haley, Bill Haley’s Jukebox (all country)
Hall, Dwane Just Keeping Country Country
Hancock, Wayne Swing Time
Hancock, Wayne That’sWhat Daddy Wants
Hancock, Wayne A Town Blues
Hand, James The Truth Will Set You Free
Hand, James Evil Things
Hard Hat Dave Honky Tonk Knights (one of our
faves..tad Confed. Railroad)
Harris, D B Can I Return These Flowers
Harris, Emmylou Roses in the Snow (her best)
Harris, Emmylou Elite Hotel
Harris, Emmylou Quarter moon in a Ten cent town
Previous Emmys have extra tracks
Harris, Emmylou Angel Band (Gospel)
Harris, Emmylou Duets
Harris, Emmylou All I Intended To be (2008)
Harris, Kevin More Than Money
Hatchet Honky Tonk Night Time Man
Hay, Erin The Circle
Hay, Erin Honky Tonk Heaven (male indie
gems come along regularly but
there are very few females in the
“Indie Hall of Fame”. Erin is 1 of ‘em)
Hayden, Rodney The Real Thing
Haynes, Bruce Bruce Haynes
Haynes, Bruce Heavenly High
Haynes, Bruce Sure Don’t Feel Like Home
Hensley, Trey Looking At my future
Hensley, Trey Looking At my future
Hess, Kenny Welcome to Lonesome vg+ Canadian
Hess, Kenny Back to Reality
Highway 101 GreatestHits
Hobbs,Becky From Oklahoma With Love
Holloway, Ken Ken Holloway
Holloway, ken He Who Made the Rain
4 brilliant albums by the artists we deem ANTI honky tonk singers. Ken Holloway & Bruce Haynes that is.They are promoted as Christian country but don’t believe it. Instead of doing everything in the present tense they do it in the past tense. They used to go get drunk…they used to chase women etc. They just don’t do it now. Anti honky tonk. A select but wonderful area of country music.
Hot Club of Cowtown Best Of Hightone Years (20 tracks)
Houser, Randy Anything Goes Jamey Johnson &
Mr Houser may be the last vestiges of
true major label country. “Lie’ is a
***Highlght barroom tale so politically incorrect you
want to cheer!! Mark Wright is a top

Howlin’ Wolf Rockin’ the Blues Live Germany ’64 A++
Hoyle brothers Back to the Door
Hoyle Brothers One More Draw (great indie honky tonk)
Hull, Sierra Secrets
Hunter, Billy D Country Souvenirs
Hunter, Billy D Headed for the High Country (some
true country fans of long standing
rate Billy Hunter above all others)
Hurd, Cornell band Cool & Unusual Punishment
Hurd, Cornell band Live at Jovita’s
Hurd, Cornell band Texas Fruit Shack
Hurd, Cornell band Song Of South Austin
Hurd, Cornell band Live at the Broken Spoke
Hurd, Cornell Band At Large
Husky, ferlin Vintage Collection
Hyland, Brian Country Meets Folk/ Here’s To Our
Love 2 on 1
Intveld, James Somewhere Down the Road
James, Sonny Capitol Collector’s Series
Jennings, Waylon Right for the Time …one of his
Last but also one of his v. best
Jennings, Waylon The Eagle
Jennings, Waylon The Ultimate 22 tracks
Jewell, Buddy Tales of the new west
Johns, Sarah Big Love in a Small Town ( Close to Nashville’s only female country star)
Johnson, Jamey The Dollar (Nashville 2008’s only
maor label classic country artist)
Jones, George Burn Your Playhouse Down (2 only)
Jones, George Hits I Missed & One I Didn’t
Keith, Tony That Don’t Me a Bad Guy
Kelley, Irene Simple Path (one of top 5 female
Singert songwriter albums ever)
Kelley, Irene Thunderbird
Ketchum, Hal Father Time (2008)
Kilgore, Jerry Loaded & Empty (one of our top 10 ’07)
Kimmel, Dan These Four Walls (nice George Strait
Syle. Lot of rodeo themes)
King, B B One KindFaor (2008)
King, James Gardens in the Sky: Bluegrass Gospel Of
Knopfler, Mark/ Emmylou All the Roadrunning
Kohrs, Randy Crack in My Armour (debut 3D cover)
Krenz, Celeste My Mother & me (nice sound with Robby
Turner on dobro, Larry Franklin fiddle)
Kreuzer, Josie Hot Rod Gal
Kristofferson, Kris Kristofefrson (expanded remastered)
Laibman, David Adventures in Ragtime fingerstyle guitar
Lewis, Jerry Lee Pretty Much Country (Ace UK)
Lewis, Jerry lee Definitive Collection 24 tracks
Lewis, Jerry lee Killer Rocks on/ Boogie Woogie Country
Lewis, Jerry Lee Last Man Standing (hard cover book ltd)
Lewis/Scruggs/Long Lifetimes (2cds) Earl’s last??
Logan, Josh Cartersville Kentucky Country Boy
Louvin, Ira & Charlie` Tribute to Delmore Brothers (Capitol)
Louvin Brothers 20 Greatest Gospel Hits
Loveless, Patty Mountain Soul (a must!!)
Loveless, Patty Bluegrass & White Snow (Christmas)
Loveless, Patty On Your Way Home (cd + dvd)
Lowe, Nick At My Age
Lynch, Claire Crowd Favourites (14 tracks)
McCoury, Del Moneyland 16 tracks which also inc.
Emmylou duetting with Crowell on
“Mama’s Hungry Eyes” plus snippets
of Roosevelt speeches all to do with the
battle to survive….
Manchaca, Carl That Song
Manchaca, Carl Carl Manchaca
Manders, Mark David People & Places
Mandrell, Barbara No Nonsense
Marshall, Llayne One Down One Left
Martin, Glynn Uncle Sam, Mr Jukebox & My Ex Wife
Great indie artist v. Don Williams-ish
Martin, Jimmy You Don’t Know My Mind (Rounder)
Martin, Roger Live Back from the Dead
Martin, Stan Cigarettes & Cheap Whiskey
Mata, Billy Made in Texas
Mattea, Kathy Coal (in vein of Patty Loveless’ “Mountain Soul”
Miller, Buddy Best of the Hightone Years (16 tcks)
Miller, Frankie Family Man
Miller, Roger Classics 18 tracks (Varese)
Mofaftt, Hugh Loving You (a gem w. “Jack & Lucy”)
Moffatt, Katy Cowboy Girl
Montgomery, John Michael Time Flies (brand new 2008)
Moore, Scotty & friends The Mighty Handful (w. Billy Swan,
Bob Moore, Buddy Spicher etc)
Morris, Lamar Walls of Memories
Myles, Heather Just Like old Times (her first)
Myles, Heather Highways & Honky Tonks (duet w. Hag)
Myles, Heather Live at Newlands (2008) 18 track
Nelson, Willie Just One Love (one of his best)
Nelson, Willie Red Headed Stranger (expanded)
Nichols, Joe Real Things
Nichols, Joe paul Route 3 Gloryland
Nichols, Joe Paul The Way It was
Nichols, Joe paul Too Much Texas in Me
Nichols, Joe paul #20
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band will the Circle Be Unbroken 3 2cds
Nunn, Gary P Greatest Hits Vol 2
Old Crow Medicine Show Tennessee Pusher
Olsen, Troy Living in Your World
Overstreet, Paul A Songwriter’s Project Vol.1
Paisley, Brad Play (2008)
Papa Top’s West Coast T’round Greatest Hits Volume II (truckin’)
Parton, Dolly All I Can Do/New Harvest (2 on 1)
Passin, Lil Mo & Monicats Hearts in My Dream (like the
Rockabilly side of Rosie Flores)
Paxton, Tom Best of vanguard Years (25 tracks)
Paycheck, Johnny Soul & edge Of
Perry, Keith Keith perry (Lot like K. Whitley)
Perry, Keith Inspirational Favourites (gospel)
Peters, Gretchen Northern Lights (2008)
Powell, Bodie And the Borderline Band
Powers, Freddy Silver Eagle
Prairie Oyster Blue Plate Special
Prairie Oyster Everybody Knows
Prine, John John Prine 10/10 w. “Hello in There”
Prine, John Souvenirs
Prine, John The Missing Years
Rabbitt, Eddie Ten Rounds
Ratcliff, Brett Cold Icy Mountain (Kentucky Arts
Council through June Appal)
Reed, Jerry Hot & Mighty/Lord Mr Ford 2 on 1
Reefer, Sean And the Resin Valley Boys: Texas Hill
Country. Great. Like Hank III.
Rice, Tony Nightflyer: Singer Songwriter Collection
Richards, Dan Heartbreak U (great indie from 1993
with the great Hal Rugg on steel &
Pig Robbins on piano)
Robbins, Marty Very Best 2cd 30 tracks
Roberts, Dan Viva La Cowboy (Cowboy songs with
a little western swing. A tad like
David Ball and that ain’t bad at all!!)
Rodgers, Mike Honky Tonk Hitman
Roy, Danny Blame Me (Bob Grady Records) from 1996 great Mike Headrick production.
All originals bar one by Bob Grady.
Rowan, Peter/Don Edwards High Lonesome Cowboy
Russell, Tom Cowboy Real
Saddler, Barry Ballad of the Green Berets
Sahm, Doug Return of Wayne Douglas (Doug’s
last ever album may have been best)
Schlegel, Becky Country Ballads Nice indie a little
like Claire Lynch. Wonderful crisp
Schlegel, Becky For All the World to see her bluegrass
Cd with great guests inc. Randy Kohrs
Scott, Darrell Modern Hymns (2008) Appleseed label
Shaver, Billy Joe Everybody’s Brother (duets)
Shea, Ric Shaky Ground
Shipp, Paco One in a Million (harmonica blues man
Does country with Rob Ickes, Andy
Leftwich, Ray Flacke, Jamie Hartford
Sizemore, Charlie In My View
Skaggs, Ricky Honoring the Fathers of Bluegrass
Skaggs, Ricky Instrumentals
Skaggs, Ricky Salt of the Earth (with The Whites)
Smith, Connie The Essential
Sousley, Rick Patsy proof Great indie album but
title tribute to Patsy Cline will amaze.
Stancil, Rick Rick Stancil (inc. classic “Damn Good
Drinkin’ Song’ which is a DGDS)
Stanley, Ralph Mountain Preacher’s Child
Stanley, Ralph My All & All
Stanley, Ralph Pray for the Boys
Starline Rhythm Boys Honky Tonk Livin’
Statler Brothers Music Memories & You
Steagall, Red Here we Go Again
Stone, B Jeff Greatest Hits 22 tracks
Stoneman, Scotty Live in La w. Kentucky Colonels
IIIrd Tyme Out Footprints: a Collection
Thompson, Hank Hank World 23track transcriptions
Tillis, Mel The Memory Maker (Mercury)
Travis, Merle 24 Greatest Hits
Travis, Randy Round the Bend (superb 2008 album)
Trevino, Justin Travelling Singin’ Man
Trevino, Justin Too Many Heartaches
Trischka, Tony Hill Country first time on cd. With
Jerry Douglas, Mark O’Connor, Bela +
Turner, Josh Long Black Train
Turner, Josh Everything Is Fine
Twangbangers 26 Days on the Road (Red Volkaert etc)
Twitty, Conway 25 Number Ones
Tyminski, Dan Wheels
Ulisse, Donna when I Look Back (bluegrass)
Van Shelton, Ricky Making Plans (his indie album which
Was only available Wal Mart)
Van Zandt, Townes Live at McCabes
Vaughan, Carl Six Feet Deep in the Heart Of Texas
Vaughan, Carl Yours Forever Texas honky tonk &
dance hall. Ray Price influence shines
Vincent, Rhonda All American Bluegrass Girl
Vincent, Rhonda Timeless & True Love (Rebel records)
Wagoner/Parton Essential Porter & Dolly
Wagoner, Porter Greatest Hits (on Pair) inc. some
real gems 20 tracks
Wagoner, Porter Grand Old Gospel 2004 2cds
Wagoner, Porter the Rubber Room
Walker, Jimmy Whiskey Blues (honky tonk gem)
Wallace, Jerry Primrose Lane: Very Best (24 tracks)
Walser, Don Archive Series Vol. 2
Watson, Dale Whiskey & God
Watson, Dale People I’ve Known Places I’ve Been
Watson, Dale Best of the Hightone Years
Watson, Dale Dreamland (look ma no Grecian)
Watson, Gene From the heart
Watson, Gene Then & Now
Watson, gene Sings
Wayne, Bobby Ballad of the Appaloosa western
abum with nice rockabilly feel.
West/Bryant Stratosphere Boogie Flaming Guitars
White, Wade Hangin’ Around (the shuffle “Doin’
What Comes Natural To a Fool” is
just one of many gems.)
Whitley, Keith Greatest Hits “Tell Lorrie I Love Her”
Whitley/Skaggs Second Generation Bluegrass
Willett, Slim Boppin’ Hillbilly Series (30 tcks)
Williams, Don The Journey (new 2008 album)
Williams, Hank Jnr Living proof (cd #3 of box w.24 MGM
Williams, Robin & linda Buena Vista (2008) Red House
Williams, Ron Texas Style (our 2007 album of year)
Williamson, John The Whiskey & the Highway (great
Georgian invented honky tonk folk)
Wiseman, Mac Bluegrass Favorites
Womack, LeeAnn Call Me Crazy (LeeAnn You are Crazy well she did ask!)
Worley, Shane Feelin’ Haggard
Yoakam, Dwight Population Me
**Essential Bluegrass Anthology 2cds 50 tracks and not the usual tracks either. An absolute must. Includes real rarities such as “L C Smith “Radio Boogie” & Molly O’Day “Tramp on Your Street”.
**Imus Ranch Record Great cds with Vince Gill (Satisfied Mind), “Patty
Loveless (Silver Springs), Dwight, Willie, Malo, Lucnda etc
**Stephan Grossman’s Blues Guitar Workshop with Sam Mitchell, Davey Graham, Tom paley etc
**Stephan Grossman’s Womwn’s Guitar workshop with Wendy Grossman, Gil lBurns, Janet Smith
**Tulare Dust: A Tribute to Merle Haggard (with Dwight, Tom Russell Billy Joe Shaver, Lucinda, Iris, Steve Young, Katy Moffatt etc)
**Winning Hand: Kristofferson, Dolly, Willie, Brenda Lee. Duets & solos. All recordings peculiar to this album. Over 1 hr duration.
**Veteran’s Tribute: These Colors Won’t Run With Bobby Bare/ Moe / Charley pride/ Johnny Paycheck. (All songs are peculiar to this album)

Ainslie, Scott Thunder’s Mouth (guitar)
Allen, Jason Twilight Zone
Allen, Terry Smokin’ the Dummy/Bloodlines
Andrews, Slick Let’s Beer It Up (hillbilly/rockabilly)
Anderson, John Anthology (2 cds) Brilliant.
Arnold, Jimmy Southern Soul
Ashworth, Ernie Greatest Hits
Ball, David Starlight Lounge
Ball, David Freewheeler
Ball, David Amigo
Bandy, Moe Crazy Cajun Recordings
Banford, Kevin King of the Thrift Store Cowboys
Barmby, Shane Let’s Talk About Us (reminiscent of
Jerry Lee. Former rodeo rider with
rodeo themes.
Barnett, Mandy Platinum Collection 2on 1
Beau Brummels Bradley’s Barn (country rock classic)
Beau Brummels Triangle (ditto)
Beau Brummels Beau Brummels (ditto encore)
Bellamy Brothers Jesus is Coming
Bellamy Brothers Sons of Beaches
Benson, Kristin Scott Second Season (banjo) Pinecastle
Berg, Matreca Lying to the moon (inc. the brilliant
“Alice Through the looking Glass”
Berrier, Barry First Time With Feeling
Big & Rich Super Galctic Fun Pak cd+dvd
Birmingham, Jarod Stages
Bittersweets Goodnight San Francisco (Compass)
Black, Clint Killin’ Time a classic!
Boxcar Willie Hey Man
Bradley, Dale Ann East Kentucky Morning
Bradley, Dale ann Cumberland River Dreams
Breiding, Tom Songs of the West Virginia Coalfields
Brooks & Dunn Greatest Hits (leather style cover)
Brown, Alison Best of Vanguard Years (17 tracks)
Brown, T Graham Déjà vu All Over Again (Best)
Bruce, Ed This Old Hat
Burleson, ed My Perfect World
Burns, Billy Don Heroes, Friends & Other Troubled souls
Butler, Carl & Pearl Don’t Let Me Cross Over A+++A++
A total must have with Carl’s impassioned vocals and a classic
selection of cheating songs.
Byrds Sweetheart of Rodeo (expanded)
Camp, Shawn Lucky Silver Dollar
Cargill, Henson A Very Well Travelled Man (27 tracks)
Cari Lee And Saddle-ites (rockabilly)
Carlson, Paulette Love Goes On
Carter Family Can the Circle Be Unbroken
Cash, Johnny The Gospel Collection
Cash, Johnny A Boy Named Sue & Other Story Song
Cash, Johnny Water from the Wells of Home
Cash, Johnny Silver
Cash, J/June Carter Carryin’ On With
Cash/Nelson VH1 Storytellers
Chambers, Bill Sleeping With the Blues (one of the
greatest Australian artis cds)
Chance, Jeff Walk Softly on the Bridges
Chatham County Line IV (yep Roc) bluegrass
Chesnutt, Mark Too Cold At Home
Chesnutt, Mark Rollin’ With the Flow (2008)
Chesnutt, Mark Greatest Hits
Chinnock,Billy Badlands (for Springsteen fans)
Chrome Daddies Who’s Your Daddy
Clark, Roy/Buck Trent Banjo Bandits
Clark, Terri Greatest Hits
Clement, Jack Guess Things Happen That Way
(gem of gems Hallelujah!! Only his
2nd ever album & pure magic. It is
also the very last recording to feature
Johnny Cash. Not one of the last but
the very last & Cash is magic)
Cleveland, Michael Leavin’ Town (2008 Rounder) fiddle wiz!
Cline, Patsy Definitive 22 tracks
Coe, David Allan Nothing Sacred
Coe, David Allan Underground (his X-rated cds. Only 2 of
each left.
Cooper, Wilma Lee Walking My Lord Up Calvary Hill
Crowell, Rodney The Houston Kid…great themed album
Curless, Dick Travelling through
Currington, Billy Little Bit Of everything (2008) 3rd album
Dalton, Lacy Chains on the Wind (a steal at twice
the price. Don’t miss out)
Dalton, Lacy j Best (with “Black Coffee”)
Daniels, Charlie Essential Super Hits (cd + dvd)
Davis, Mac Very Best & More (w. Hard to be Humble)
Davis, Skeeter Essential
Davis, Skeeter RCA Country legends
Dean, Eddie Best of the Shasta Masters
Dennis, Wesley Wesley Dennis
Derailers Jackpot
Diffie, Joe A Thousand Windings Roads A++
(great songs a great album make. He
is a great singer too often let down
by idiotic novelty songs. NOT here!)
Dilks, Johnny And Visitacion Boys (wayne Trainish)
Dillon, Dean Out of Your Ever Lovin’ Mind
Dillon, Dean Hot Country & Single
Durante,Jimmy Songs for Sunday (gospel0
Eaglesmith, Fred Lipstick, Lies & gasoline
Earle, Steve El Corazon
Earle, Steve The revolution Starts Here
Edwards, Don Goin’ Back to Texas
Edwards, Don Moonlight & Skies
Edwards, Don My Hero Gene Autry
Edwards, Tex & out on Parole Pardon Me I’ve Got Someone
To Kill
Ely, Joe Happy Songs of Rattlesnake Gulch
Ely, Joe Settle for Love
Ely, Joe/Joel Guzman Cactus
Evans, John Biggest Fool in Town
Evans, Sara Three Chords & The Truth
Evans, sara Greatest Hits
Flatt & Scruggs Complete Mercury Recordings 28tck
Flying Burrito Brothers Songs of the Golden west
Ford, Tennessee Ernie Rock City Boogie (30 tcks)
Fowler, Kevin Loose Loud & Crazy
Fowler, Kevin High on the hog
Frizzell, David 16 Super Hits
Gaffney, Chris Loser’s Paradise
Geezinslaws Blah, Blah, Blah
Geezinslaws Wish I had a Job To Shove
Gill, Vince The Key (one of the top 5 country cds
of last 20 years. Perfect all round)
Gilley, Mickey Ten Years of Hits
Gimble, Johnny Still Fiddlin’ Around
Glaser, Tompall Best of Tompall & Glaser Bros
Gosdin, Vern Truly Great Hits Of
Green, Lloyd Little Darlin’ Sound Of
Haggard, Marty Borders & Boundaries
Haggard, merle Serving 190 proof
Haggard, Merle Back to the Barrooms
Haggard, Merle What a Friend We Have in Jesus
Haggard, Noel One Lifetime
Haggard, Merle Like Never Before
Haggard, Merle Taste of Yesterday’s Wine (w. Geo.Jones)
Haggard, Merle Rainbow Stew Live
Haggard, Merle 1994
Haggard, Merle 1996
Haggard, Merle Blue Jungle
Hart, Freddie Easy Lovin’/My Hang Up Is You
Hartford, John RCA Country Legends
Hawkins, Ronnie & Hawks Best (Rhino)
Hammond, john Push Comes to Shove
Hayden, Rodney Down The Road
Hayden, Rodney Living the Good Life
Heads, Hands & feet Old Soldiers Never Die (albert lee)
Hicks, Dan & Hot Licks Blue thumb Years 1971-73
Highway 101 Highway 101 (debut)
Hillman, Chris Like a Hurricane
Holmes, Monty All I ever Wanted
Horton, Johnny 16 Biggest Hits
Hot Club of Cowtown Ghost Train
Hot Club of Cowtown Continental Stomp (live)
Husky, Ferlin Absolutely the Best
Intveld, James Have Faith
Jackson, Alan Honky Tonk Christmas
Jackson, Alan Greatest Hits Collection
Jackson, Alan Under the Influence
Jackson, Alan Here in the Real World
Jackson, Carl Nashville Country
Jennings, Waylon Too Dumb for New York City
Jennings, Waylon Essential
Jennings, Waylon the Ramblin’ man
Jennings, Waylon Dreaming My Dreams
Jennings, Waylon This Time
Jennings, Waylon Clean Shirt (with Willie)
Jennings, Waylon Take it to the Limit (with Willie)
Jennings, Waylon never Say Die Live
Jim & jesse First Sounds: The Capitol Years
Jiminez, Flaco Squeeze Box King
Jones, George I Lived to Tell It All
Jones, George Definitive Collection 1965-72
Jones, George Still the Same Old me
Jones, George/Tammy Golden Ring
Jones, Grandpa Country Music hall of Fame
Kane, Candye Knockout
Kane, Candye Swango
Kane, Candye Diva La Grande
Kane, Welch & Kaplin Kane, Welch & Kaplin
Keith, ben Christmas at the Ranch
Kendall, jeannie jeannie Kendal l(Rounder)
Knight, Chris Heart OF Stone
Larsen, Blaine Rockin’ You tonight
Lauderdale, J/Stanley,R I Feel Like Singing Today
Lawson, Doyle Help is on the Way
Ledoux, Chris Western Tunesmith/ He Rides Wild Horse
Ledoux, Chris Cowboys Ain’t Easy/ Paint Me Back
Ledoux, Chris Used To Want to be/ $30 Cowboy
Ledoux, Chris Whatcha Gonan Do/ Under This Old Hat
Ledoux, Chris Songbook American west/ Sing Me Back
Ledoux, Chris 20 originals The early Years
Lewis, Jerry lee Platinum Collection
Louvin, Charlie Charlie Louvin (duet)
Louvin Brothers Tragic Songs of Life
Lovett, Lyle My Baby Don’t tolerate
Lovett, Lyle Anthology Vol 1: Cowboy Man
Low, eddie Turning Back the Clock
Lynn, Loretta Country Music Hall Of Fame
Lynne, Shelby Tough All Over
McBride, Martina Timeless
McBride, Martin Live in Concert cd + dvd (20 songs)
McCoy, Charlie harpin’ the Blues
Mack, warner Bridge Washed Out 20 GH
Maddox, Rose This Is (with Vern Williams Band)
Maddox Bros & Rose Introduction (30 tracks)
Maphis, Joe Fire on the Strings
Martin, Leland Simply Traditional
Martin, Leland Leland Martin
Matchbox Rockabilly Dyanmos Vol 2
Maultsby, Chuck And His Old Band (Best of Chuck
Wagon & the Wheels)
Mellons, Ken Where Forever Begins
Mills, Big John Honky Tonks & Neon Lights
Moffatt, Hugh Life of a Minor poet (inc duet with
Martin Delray “Old Days”)
Moffatt, Katy Evangeline Hotel
Morrow, Cory The Man That I’ve Been
Morrow, Cory Band Cory Morrow Band
Mountain Heart Road That Never Ends: Live (bluegrass)
Murphy, Jimmy Electricity (Suagr Hill classic)
Murphey, Michael Martin Cowboy Songs
Murphey, Michael Martin Cowboy Songs III
Murphey, Michael Martin Cowboy Songs 5
Murray, Ann Duets: Friends & Legends 17 tcks
Myles, Heather Seet Talk & Good Lies (duet Dwight)
Needle & Thread Pert Near Sandstone (bluegrass)
Nelson, Willie How Great Thou Art
Nelson, Willie Run That By Me One More Time (R. Price)
Nelson, Willie Pretty Paper (Christmas)
New Coon Creek Girls Everything You Do
Norma Jean I Guess That Comes from being Poor
Norris, Keith Deuce
Notorious Cherry Bombs s/t (Vince Gill & Rodney Crowell)
O’Connor, Mark New Nashville Cats
O’Kanes Imagine That
Oak Ridge Boys Definitive
Osborne, Sonny The Early Recordings Vol 1 1952-3
Osborne, Sonny The Early Recordings Vol 2 1952-3
Osborne, Sonny The Early Recordings Vol 3 1952-3)
Owens, Buck Very Best Vol 1
Owens, Buck Very Best Vol 2
Owens, Buck Open Up Your heart
Paisley, Danny The room Over Mine (bluegrass)
Paisley, Brad Time Well wasted
Parton, Dolly I Believe (reissue “Golden Streets of
Glory”…gospel album on RCA)
Pederson, Herb Lonesome feeling)
Powell, Bodie Turn Up the Jukebox
Price, Ray Essential 1951-1962
Pride, Charley There’s a Little Bit of Hank in me
Ranch Girls Can You Hear It
Rattlesnake Annie Sings Willie Nelson
Reed, Jerry The Essential
Reed, Otis Turn the Page
Reeves, Del Greatest Hits (razor & tie)
Rice, Tony Cold on the Shoulder
Rich, Randy & Poor Boys The Way You Came (hilla/rockabilly)
Ricochet One in a Million (2008) new!!
Ringer, Jim Best (great compilation of tragic
alcoholic…a tad like Don Williams but
better and he wrote great songs)
Rooney, Jim Brand New Tennessee Waltz/ Ready
For the Times to Get Better 2 on1
Russell, Leon Hank wilson’s Back
Scott, Ray My Kind of Music
Shaw, Amanda Pretty Runs Out
Shelton, Blake Barn & Grill
Shelton, Blake Startin’ Fires
Shelton, Blake Pure BS (deluxe edition)
Shepard, Jean 15 Gospel Hits (w. Tommy
Seeger, Pete At 89 Pete & friends actually. His
singing is still good and the between
songs reminiscences are fantastic.
Skaggs, Ricky Family & Friends
Skaggs, Ricky Kentucky Thunder
Skaggs, Ricky Solid Ground
Smith, Carl Essential 1950-56
Sonny, Weldon, Hal Steel Guitars of the Grand Ol Opry
Spears, Billie Jo Best (Razor & Tie)
Stafford, Jean Finest Collection
Stanley, Ralph II This One is II
Stampley, Joe Best (Varese 18 tracks)
Stampley, Joe His Greatest Hits (20 tcks) Razor&Tie
Starling, John slidin’ Home
Stone, Doug Doug Stone (with “I’d Be Better off in
A Pine Box”…what a song)
Strait, George Latest Straitest Greatest Hits
Street, mel Greatest Hits (1992 edition )
Stringbean Old Time Banjo Pickin & Singin’
Swift, Taylor Fearless (in the words of the great
Chubby Checker…how low can you go)
Sylvia Where in the World (2002 indie)
Taylor, Chip Seven Days oin May
Taylor, James Covers (2008…US packaging)
Taylor, Todd 3-Five-N (banjoman)
Texas Sapphires Roadhouse Gems
Thompson, Hank Seven Decades
Tillis, Mel Best
Travis, merle Very Best of the Shasta Masters
Trischka, Tony Double Banjo Bluegrass spectacular
Tritt, Travis It’s All About to Change (his best)
Tritt, Travis The Lovin Side (Ballads) 16 tracks
Tucker, Tanya 20 Greatest Hits
Twitty, Conway Silver Anniversary Collection (25 tck)
Van Shelton, Ricky Love & Honor
Van Shelton, Ricky Wild Eyed Dream
Van Shelton, Ricky Loving proof
Van Shelton, Ricky III
Wagoner, Porter Best of Grad Old Gospel 2008
Wagoner, Porter Gospel 2006
Watson, Dale Every Song I Write Is For You
Watson, Dale Truckin’ Sessions
Watson, gene At Last (WB out of print…. a steal)
Wayne, Bobby Hot Rod Motorcycles (rockabilly)
Wayne, Dallas ` I’m Your Biggest Fan
Wayne, Dallas Big Thinkin’
Wayne, Dallas Here I Am in Dallas
Wells, Kitty Country Music Hall of Fame
White River Rodeo Preacher (Bruce Haynes)
Whitley, Keith Wherever You are Tonight
Wilburn Brothers Retrospective
Williams, Hank Long Gone Daddy 2cds 40 tracks
Williams, Hank Jnr And Friends….first outlaw style
album & still one of his best
Williams, Paul What a Journey (bluegrass gospel)
Williamson, John John Williamson (from Georgia USA)
Wiseman, Mac 1ST Recorded Live in Concert
Wiseman, Mac Volume Two
Wiseman, Mac 15 of my Grandma’s favourites
Wiseman, Mac New Traditions Volume One
Wiseman, Mac Sings Gospel Volume One
Wiseman, Mac Sings Gospel Volume Two
Wiseman, Mac 15 of My Gospel Favorites
Wiseman, Mac Just Because
Wiseman, Mac Letter Edged in Black
Wiseman, Mac Sings at the Toronto Horseshoe Club
Yates, Billy Billy Yates (with Flowers
Young, Neil Everybody Knows This is Nowhere
30 Gospel Classic s (Instrumentals)
Hickory Records Story Vol. 1
Nashville Dobros 30 Dobro Classic
Wacky Favorites 2cds novelty songs…some country 4 tracks
Wandering Eyes:Songs of Forbidden Love (Dale Watson etc)


Campbell, Glen Legacy 4cds Capitol 80 tcks $50
Cline, Patsy Collection 4cds 104 tcks $45
Hawkins, Hawkshaw Hawk $60 Bear Family 3cds
Jennings, Waylon Only Daddy That’ll Walk the Line 2cd
40 tracks. $30
Nelson, Willie The Early Years: Complete Liberty
Recordings & More 2cds 61 tcks $35
Pierce, webb Wondering Boy 4 cd + book BUT no
Box. $70 (Bear Family 114 tracks)
Robbins, Marty Under Western Skies $98 (all his
Western songs)
Tucker, Tanya 4cds 58 tracks nice book $55
*Garth Brooks Limited Series #1 $60 First 6 albums + bonus tracks + book slight damage to box but contents fine
**Garth Brooks Limited Series #2 Albums Sevens/Scarecrow/Double Live/ Lost Sessions + All Access dvd $55 all sealed new.
**Folk Years: Time life 8 cds + book $80
**Tom T Hall – Storyteller, Poet, Philospopher 2cds 50 tracks $38
Buck Owens The Collection 1959-1990 (Rhino) $50
VASony Music Publishing 6cds over120 tracks $48

$10cds (3 for $25)

There is not an unlimited supply. If you pick at least 3 cds odd ones (in this case not divisible by 3) are $8.50 each. So 4 cds will be $25+$8.50
= $33.50. As always these are first in first served. Don’t procrastinate as these will move very quickly
52 Pick Up Saturday Rich & Sunday Poor
Allan, Gary Used Heart for Sale
Allan, Gary Tough All Over
Alvin, Dave Out in California
Alvin, Dave Romeo’s Escape
Anderson, Bill 20 Greatest Hits
Anderson, John All of the people Are Talkin’
Anderson, John Countrified
Anderson, John Easy Money
Anderson, John Eye of a Hurricane
Anderson, John Anthology
Anderson, Keith C’Mon
Arnold, Jason & Stepsiders Wit hFriends Like These
Asleep at Wheel Tribute to Music of Bob Wills
Asleep at Wheel Ride With Bob
Autry, gene And His Little Darlin’ Mary Lee 17tcks
Baillie & Boys Loving Every Minute
Ball, David Play
Barnett, Mandy Mandy Barnett
Bates, jeff Jeff Bates
Bates, Jeff Leave the Light On
Bellamy Brothers Best of the best
Bellamy Brothers Number One Hits
Bentley, Dierks Greatest Hits:Every Mile a Memory
Big & Rich Between Raising Hell & Amazing Grace
Bill & Audrey Lookin’ Back to See
Black, clint Greatest Hits
Black, Clint Ultimate
Blakley, Ronee Ronee Blakley
Blue Collar Comedy The next Generation cd+ full dvd
Boland, Jason Bourbon legend
Bonham, Glen Glen Bonham
Bottle Rockets Zoysia
BR549 BR549 (telephone album)
Brewer, Gann Gann Brewer (good Dylanny stuff)
Brooks & Dunn Brand New Man
Brooks & Dunn Tightrope
Brooks & Dunn Hard Workin’ Man
Brooks & Dunn Cowboy Town
Brown, Junior Semi Crazy
Brown, Roger And Swing City
Brown, T Graham Next Right Thing
Brown, Tanya Rae Meet the Mrs (Mrs Junior)
Bum Steers Bum Steers
Burgess, Sonny When in Texas
Byrd, Jon Byrd’s Auto Parts
Byrd, Tracy Tracy Byrd
Byrd, Tracy I’m From the Country
Byrd, Tracy Big Love
Byrd, Tracy Love Lessons
Cale, J J Rewind (2007 on Time Life)
Camp, Shawn Shawn Camp
Campbell, Glen Meet Glen Campbell (his 2008 album)
Campbell, Stacy Dean Hurt City
Carroll, adam Lookin’ Out the screen Door
Carter Family My Clinch Mountain Home
Carter, Carlene Little Acts of Treason
Carter, Carlene Hindsight 20/20
Case, Neko Fox Confessor Brings the Flood
Cash, Johnny American Recordings
Cash, Johnny Unchained
Cash/Carter 16 Biggest Hits (John & June)
Chambers, Kasey & S. Nicholson Rattlin’ Bones
Charles, Ray Ray Charles (actually 22 track comp. of
his C & W albums 1& 2
Charles, Ray Just Between Us
Charles, Ray Super Hits straight reissue “Friendship”
Chesney, Kenny Me & You
Chesney, Kenny I Will Stand
Chesney, Kenny All I Need to Know
Chesney, Kenny In my Wildest Dreams
Chesney, Kenny The Road & The Radio
Chesney, Kenny Just Who I Am: Poets & Pirates
Chesney, Kenny Be As You Are
Chesnutt, Mark Thank God for Believers
Chesnutt, Mark Mark Chesnutt
Chesnutt, Mark What a Way to Live
Chesnutt, Mark Wings
Chesnutt, Mark Almost Goodbye
Chesnutt, Mark Longnecks & Short Stories
Chrome Daddies Who’s Your Daddy (rockabilly)
Clark, Terri Terri Clark
Claypool, Phillip Circus Leaving Town
Cochran, Tammy Where I Am
Coffey, Kellie Walk On
Connors, Graeme Best Till Now
Connors, Graeme The Return
Cook, Elizabeth Balls
Crowell, Rodney Diamonds & Dirt
Crowell, Rodney Collection
Daniel, Davis Davis Daniel
Dawson, Ronnie Just Rockin’ & Rollin’
Delevante, Bob Columbus & the Colossal Mistake
Dennis, Wesley Wesley Dennis
Denver, John Definitive All Time Hits 2cds
Diamond Rio Greatest Hits
Dickerson, Deke More Million Sellers
Dickerson, Deke Rhythm Rhyme & truth
Dillingham, Craig Almost Yesterday (A+++)
Duncan, Johnny Classic Country
Dunn, Holly Milestones (Greatest)
Edwards, Kathleen Asking for Flowers
Emilio Life is Good
Evans, Sara The Early Years
Evans, Sara No Place That far
Farris, Amy Anyway (Yep Roc)
Faucett, Dawnett Taking My Time (a gem on Step One)
Flatlanders Now Again
Floyd, Eddie Eddie Loves You
Fritsch, Todd Todd Fritsch
Fritsch, Todd Sawdust
Gary, John Very Best (pop singer)
Gatlin, Larry & Gatlion Bros Your Ticket To
Gattis, Keith Keith Gattis
Germino, Mark rank & File (unplugged)
Giant Sand Provisions
Gilkyson, Eliza Hard Times In Babylon
Gilkyson, Eliza Your Town Tonight
Golden Smog Blood on the Slacks
Gracin, Josh We Weren’t Crazy
Gray, Damon Looking for Trouble
Greene, Jack Best of Best
Griffin, Patty 1000 Kisses
Griffith, Andy American Originals
Haggard, Merle Motorcycle Cowboy: Live at Billy bobs
Hammond, John Push Comes to Shove
Hancock, Butch War & peace
Hancock, Butch Own &Own
Hancock, Butch Own the Way Over here
Hancock, Butch Eats Away the Night
Hanna-McEuen Hanna McEuen (Nitty Gritty sons)
Harms, Joni After All
Harms, Joni Cowgirl Dreams
Harris, Emmylou Wrecking Ball
Harris, Emmylou Songs of the West
Harris, Emmylou Roses in Snow (note Australian pressing)
Harris, Kim & Reggie Underground Railway &Civil Rights Songs
Haynes, Bruce Love at First Sight (anti honky tonk king)
Hearne, Bill & Bonnie Diamonds in the Rough
Hensley, Tim Long Monday (nice bluegrass cd with
guests inc. Vince gill, Patty Loveless)
Herndon, ray Living the Dream (Kristofferson guests)
Hill, Byron Best of First 20 Years 2 cds
Hillbilly Idol Hillbilly Idol (great)
Hillbilly Idol 3: Lights of Town
Hobart, Rex/Misery Boys Your Favorite fool
Hobart, Rex/Misery Boys Forever Always Ends
Hoffman, Billy Billy hoffman
Holmes, Monty All I Ever Wanted
Horton, Johnny 16 Biggest Hits
Hudgins, Lucas Honky Tonk Illusion
House, Tom Jesus Doesn’t Live Here Anymore
I See Hawks in LA Hallowed Ground (like Burritos)
Insley, Dave West Texas Wine
Jackson, Alan When Somebody Loves You
Jackson, Alan High Mileage
Jackson, Alan Everything I Love
Jackson, Alan Drive
Jackson, Alan Who I Am
Jackson, Alan What I Do
Jackson, Alan Don’t Rock the Jukebox
Jackson, Alan A Lot About Livin’ *
Jackson, Alan What I Do
James, Sonny Young Love (16 trk)
James, Sonny Young Love (21 trks)
James, Winston Hotter Than the Flame
Jennings, Shooter The Wolf
Jennings, Shooter Put the O Back in Country
Jones, Zona Harleys & Horses
Joss, Scott Souvenirs
Judds Wynonna & Naomi
Judds River of Time
Judds Heartland
Judds Love Can Build a Bridge
Judds Reunion 2cds Great!
Kamp, Ted Russell Divisadero
Kane, Keiran Dead Reckoning
Kane, Keiran Six months No Sun
Kane, Keiran The Blue Chair
Keith, Ben To A Wild Rose (Neil Young’s band)
Keith, Toby Greatest Hits
Keith, Toby Unleashed
Ketchum, Hal Past the Point of Rescue
Kimes, Royal Wade Hangin’ Round the Moon
Kimes, Royal Wade A Dyin’ Breed
King, Jill Jillbilly
Knight, jeff Easy Street
Knight, Jeff They’ve Been Talkin’ About me
Kohrs, Randy Old Photograph
Koller, Fred No Songs Left to Sell
Kristofferson, Kris Third World Warrior
Kristofferson, Kris Broken Freedom song
Lady Antebellum Lady Antebellum
Lawrence, Eddy Locals
Lawrence, Tracy Very Best (21 tcks)
Laws Ride it Out (like Woodys!!Great!!)
Ledoux, Chris 20 Greatest Hits
Ledoux, Chris old Cowboy heroes
Ledoux, Chris Whatcha Gonna Do With a Cowboy
Little Joe Tu Amigo (2 duets w. Willie inc)
LAGQs Los Angeles Guitar Quartet (acoustic)
Lambert, Miranda Crazy Ex Girlfriend
Leigh, Danni 29 Nights (the female Dwight!!)
Little Joe Tu Amigo 9inc 2 great Willie duets)
Loveless, Patty Honky Tonk Angel
Loveless, Patty Greatest Hits
Loveless, Patty Trouble With the truth
Lovett, Lyle Pontiac
Lovett, Lyle And His Large Band
Lovett, Lyle I Love Everybody
Lovett, Ruby Ruby Lovett
Lowe, Frank Sings Ray Price All Time GH
Lynn, Loretta Van Lear Rose
Lynn, Loretta Still Country
Lynne, Shelby Tough All Over
Lynne, Shelby Soft Talk
McBride, Martina Waking Up Laughing
McCaslin, Mary Broken promises
McCoy, Neal Where Forever Begins
McCoy, Neal The Very Best
McDowell, Ronnie Unchained melody
McEntire, Reba Best of Mercury Years
McEntire, Reba So Good Together
McEntire, Reba What Am I Gonna Do About You
McEntire, Reba If You See Him
McEntire, Reba It’s Your Call
McEntire, Reba Room to Breathe
McEntire, Reba Have I Got a Deal
McEuen, John String Wizards II
McKee, Maria Late December
McMurtry, James Childish Things
Maddox, rose The Moon Is Rising
Marshall Tucker band Next Adventure
Matt, jim All My Wild Oats (w. Pete Anderson)
Mavericks The Mavericks (debut)
Mavericks Music For All occasions
Mavericks From hell to Paradise
Mavericks Trampoline
Mavericks What a Crying Shame
Merritt, Tift Tambourine
Messina, Jo Dee Greatest Hits
Miller, Buddy Poison Love
Miller, Buddy Cruel Moon
Miller, Dean Platinum
Miller, Julie Broken Things
Miller, Roger World Of (18 tracks0
Moffatt, Katy Loose Diamond
Moffatt, Katy/Kate Brislin Sleepless Nights
Molly & Heymakers Molly & Heymakers (“Mountain of Love”)
Montgomery, John Michael John Michael Montgomery
Montgomery, John Michael What I Do The Best
Moorer, Alison Alabama Song
Morgan, Craig That’s Why
Morgan, Lorrie Watch me
Morgan, Lorrie My Heart
Morgan, Lorrie Leave the Light On
Morrison, Van Keep it Simple
Morrow, Cory Double Exposure 2cds
Musselwhite, Charlie Delta Hardware
Nelson, Bobbie Autobiography
Nelson, Willie Spirit
Nelson, Willie Tougher Than Leather
Nelson, Willie Always on My Mind
Nelson, Willie 38 Timeless Classics
Nelson, Willie The Offenders
Nelson, Willie Yesterday’s Wine (a classic)
Nelson, Willie Stardust
Nelson, Willie Teatro
Newfield, Heidi (trick Pony) What Am I Waiting For
Newton, Wayne Capitol Collectors Series
Nichols, Joe Man With a Memory
Nichols, Joe III
Nichols, Joe Revelation
Nichols, Joe Early Years
Noonan, Steve Steve Noonan
Norwood, Daron Daron Norwood
Oh Susanna Oh Susanna
Old 97s Best:Hit By a Train
Otto, James Sunset Man
Owen, Randy One on One solo album from Alabama
Paisley, Brad 5th Gear
Paisley, Brad Who Needs Pictures
Paisley, Brad Time Well Wasted
Paisley, Brad Part II
Palmer, Keith Keith Palmer
Parnell, Lee Roy Hits & Highways Ahead
Parton, Dolly Something special
Parton, Dolly Jolene
Parton, Dolly Slow Dancing With the Moon
Parton, Dolly Eagle When she Flies
Parton, Dolly Those Were the Day
Parton, Dolly Live & Well (2cds)
Pirates of Mississippi Heaven & a Dixie Night
Preston, Leroy Country Pedigree
Pride, Charley Essential
Pride, Charley 30 Years of pride 2cds
Peters, Gretchen Burnt Toast & Offerings
Rascal Flatts Still feels Good
Rascal Flatts Greatest Hits Volume 1
Raven, Eddy Best Of
Raven, Eddy Greatest Hits
Raye, Collin All I Can Be
Raye, Collin Best of: Direct Hits
Reed, Dean The Red Elvis (Bear Family)
Reeves, Jim RCA Country Legends
Riders in Sky Public Cowboy Number 1 (Autry)
Riders in the Sky Cowboy Way
Riders in the Sky Present Davy Crockett King of the Wild
Robertson, Jack Honky Tonk Daze (Step One with the
great Buddy Emmons on steel)
Robison, Bruce The New World
Robison, Bruce It Came from San Antonio
Robison, Charlie Good Times
Rogers, Kenny 50 Years (Crackerbarrel exclusive)
Rucker, Darius Learn to Live
Seals, Dan In a Quiet Room
Seals, Dan On Arrival
Setzer, Brian Dirty Boogie
Setzer, Brian Vavoom!
Sexsmith, Ron Ro nSexsmith
Sexsmith, Ron Other Songs
Shaver, Billy Joe Billy & the Kid
Shawanda, Crystal Dawn of a New Day
Skaggs, Ricky Life is a Journey
Skaggs, Ricky Solid Ground
Skinner, Jimmy 22 Greatest Hits
Smither, Chris Train Home
Smith, Russell And Amazing Rhythm Aces: Midnight Communion
Southern Culture on the Skids Self titled
Stone, Doug My Turn
Stone, Doug In a Different Light
Stone, Doug From the Heart
Storm, Warren King of the dance Halls: Crazy Cajun
Strait, George Something Special
Strait, George Pure Country
Strait, George Chill of an Early Fall
Strait, George Greatest Hits
Strait, George Holding My Own
Strait, George Very Best Volume 2
Strait, George One Step at a Time
Strait, George Greatest Hits Volume 2
Strait, George If You Ain’t Lovin’ You ain’t Livin’
Strait, George Strait Country
Strait, George Does Fort Worth ever Cross YourMind
Strait, George Easy Come Easy Go
Strait, George Carrying Your Love for Me
Strait, George Ocean Front Property
Strait, George Lead On
Strait, George #7
Strait, George Right or Wrong
Stringer, Jim And the Austin MusicBand: Swang!
Stuart, Marty Soul’s Chapel
Stuart, Marty Tempted
Sugarland Love on the Inside: Deluxe edition
Supernaw, Doug Red & Rio Grande
Supernaw, Doug Fadin’ Renegade
Supernaw, Doug You Still Got me
Sweeney, Sunny Heartbreaker’s Hall of Fame (A+++)
Taylor, James Covers (2008)
Tillis, Pam It’s All Relative (Songs of Mel Tillis)
Tillis, Pam Greatest Hits
Tillman, Floyd Inducted Into Hall of fAme 1984
Tippin, Aaron You Got to Stand for Something
Travis, Randy Storms of Life
Travis, Randy High Lonesome
Travis, randy Full Circle
Travis, Randy This Is Me
Travis, Randy Always & Forever
Travis, Randy Greatest Hits Vol 1
Travis, Randy Passing through
Travis, Randy Old 8 x 10
Travis, Randy You & You Alone
Travis, Randy Rise & Shine
Travis, Randy Wind in the Wire
Tritt, Travis TROUBLE
Tritt, Travis My Honky Tonk History
Tritt, Travis Strong Enough
Trooper, Greg Make It through This World
Tucker, Tanya Strong Enough to Bend
Tucker, Tanya 20 Greatest Hits (Capitol)
Twitty, Conway 16 Greatest Hits (Columbia)
Uncle Tupelo Anodyne
Underwood, Carrie Carnival Ride
Van Shelton, Ricky Love & Honor
Verlaine, Tom Dreamtime
Verlaine, Tom Words from the Front
Waldman, Wendy Wendy Waldman
Walker, Clay Clay Walker
Wallace, Roger The Lowdown
Wallace, Roger Hillbilly Heights
Watson, B B Light at the End of the Tunnel
Waylon & Willie Clean Shirt
Weiss, Chuck E Old Souls & Wolf Tickets
Weiss, chuck E Extremely Cool
Welch, Kevin & Flood Live Down Here on Earth
Whiskeytown Faithless Street
White, Joy Between Midnight & Hindsight
White, Joy Lynn Wild Love (Lynn acquired 2nd album)
White, Joy Lynn On Her Own
White, Joy Lynn The Lucky Few
Williams, Don Borrowed Tales
Williams, Don True Love
Williams, Lucinda Car wheels on a Gravel Road
Willis, Kelly Kelly Willis
Willis, Kelly Bang Bang
Willmon, Trent A Little More Livin’
Womack, Lee Ann Lee Ann Womack
Wood Brothers Wood Bros (“Alcohol of Fame”)
Wreckers Live in Concert cd + dvd
Wynette, Tammy Without Walls
Wynette, Tammy 16 Biggest Hits
Wynonna Her Story 2cds
Yoakam, Dwight There Was a Way
**The Appalachians
**Billy the Early Years This is soundtrack of a new movie which features
Brooks & Dunn, Alan Jackson, Brad Paisley, Josh Turner, Sierra Hull etc
**Country Sings Disney
**Down From the Mountain
**Down Home Saturday Night (Smithsonian Folkway)
**Friends and Lovers Songs of Bread
**Greatest Cowboy Songs:Warner Western Instrumentals
**Horse Whisperer Soundtrack
**I am the Resurrection: John Fahey Tribute
**Juke Joint Boogie (essential Bear Family 30 tracker)
**Kindred spirit: A Tribute to the Music of Johnny Cash
**Lonesome ‘Onry & mean: A Tribute to Waylon Jennings
**Livin’ Lovin’ & Losin – Songs of the louvin Brothers (great)
**Our Side of Town: A Red House 25th Anniversary
**Signatures I (Don Schlitz/Bob McDill/Mike Reid/ Rhonda Kye Fleming/Mark Wright (songwriters sing)
**Signatures II (Matreca Berg/Peter McCann/Robert Byrne/ Bill & Sharon Rice/ Harlan Howard!!)
**Very Best of Outlaw Country (20 tracks)
**Viva Terlingua: Songs of Luckenbach Texas
**Wisdom of the Wood (Contemporary Acoustic Music)


Atkins, Chet - A Tribute to $18
Brooks, Garth – The Entertainer 5cds sealed in tin $48
Johnny Cash Christmas Show 1978 $22
Johnny Cash Christmas Show 1979 $22
Cash, Johnny – Concert Behind prison Walls $15
Cash, Johnny – Live Montreux 1994 $15
Chieftains – Down the old Plank Road $20
Cline, Patsy –Sweet dreams still $15
Collins, Albert – Live at Montreux $15
Dixie Chicks – Live Top of the World $15
Earle, Steve - Live at Montreux $15
Earle, Steve - Live Austin City Limits $18
Flatlanders – Live fro mAustin 415
Flatt & Scruggs TV Show Vol 4 $20
Jones, George – Same Old me $20
Krauss, Alison – Live From the Tracking Room $22
Norah Jones – Live Austin City Limits $18
Krauss, Alison – Live From the Tracking Room $22
Leland Martin – Greatest Video Hits $18
Tillman, Floyd – I Am Music (live from 1984 wLeon McAuliffe $25)
Time Jumpers – Jumpin Time 2 hour + $28
Two Tons of Steel – Live from Gruehne Hall cd + dvd $22


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