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I apologise this newsletter has been a while in coming but frankly the loss of a very good friend has set me back more than a little. Any one who had been to my store may have met my good mate, Charlie Evans. Certainly if you had been in a few times you would have. Charlie was a mate almost from the day I opened. We bypassed the preamble and he became a trusted friend and ally from the word go. Sadly, Charlie passed away in August after what was in effect not a short illness. He was as close to being the quintessential Aussie as anyone you could meet, with only the best qualities filtering through. There were simply no bad qualities in Charlie. We bounced things off each other and we laughed. We crapped on and we were philosophical. And we never had a harsh word for each other in all the time I knew him. He was always an inspiration to me. He was a little like the knight in Monty Python’s Holy Grail. You know the one; he loses an arm, then another but says it was “only a flesh wound”. Charlie was like that. He suffered a lot of pain and illness in the time I knew him but he would always say “I’m okay”. You knew deep down that wasn’t the case and that is the hard bit. You still half expect a phone call or a visit but you know it isn’t going to happen. But Charlie would not want anyone to feel sad in any way. A 2 hour visit I had with him when he was in hospital is something I will treasure forever. Simply put there was none better and I really do believe he wore shorts “because I wore out all the knees in my trousers by praying too much”. Well, maybe I don’t but it could very well have been. His family are in my thoughts. I was truly blessed to have a friend such as Charlie Evans. Enough said. Thank you.

Now, on with the newsletter. There are many gems. O, yeah!!

Amber Digby – Passion, Pride & What Might Have Been $30
The greatest independent female vocalist of all time has returned with her third album, again produced by the great Justin Trevino and featuring her interpretations of some wonderful songs. No pseudo political correctness, Amber is the honky tonk girl full on, lying drinking and cheating her way through an album that will stand up with the classics and even passes her first two efforts which are of course enshrined in the Yesterday & Today Records Hall of Fame. She has a new band led by her new husband, Randy “Bobo” Lindley (don’t you wish you were called “Bobo”) and shows she is the consummate vocalist with interpretations of songs of the likes of Wynn Stewart, Loretta Lynn and Ronnie Milsap, who contributes the liner notes. Something that has let her previous albums down a tad has been the unimaginative album covers. This is easily the best. Superb in fact. Glad to see they have worked hard on this important presentation aspect. Lots of info too. Tracks:
How You Drink The Wine
Love Is The Foundation
I Can't Get Used To Being Lonely
Deep As Your Pocket
She Didn't Color Daddy
One Kiss Away From Loneliness
Soakin' Wet
Let Me Be The Judge
Bring Your Love Back To Me
Take Me Back Again
You Snap Your Fingers (And I'm Back In Your Hands)
We're The Kind Of People (That Make The Jukebox Play)
And yes folks, it may even outdo Miss Leslie as Album of the Year.
For those who don’t already have them we also have the first two:
**Music from the Honky Tonks $30
**Here Come the Teardrops $30
It is hard to imagine anyone having just one Amber Digby album.

Patty Loveless – “Sleepless Nights” $30 Subtitled, “The Traditional Country Soul of Patty Loveless” this cd confirms what we already know and that Patty is the consummate female country singer of her age. She has presented us with her interpretations of 14 country standards which don’t merely mimic the originals. The title track was revamped by Gram Parsons in the 70s and Patty combines with Vince Gill to offer a superb soaring version which takes the song to new heights. She has also enlisted the aid of Aussie Jedd Hughes, a member of her touring band, for a great take on a song George Jones recorded with Gene Pitney, “That’s All It took”.
Her producer husband, Emory Gordy, has assembled a fine bunch of musicians to back her including legends Harold Bradley on guitar and Hargus “Pig” Robbins on piano. She does a wonderful version of Dolly Parton’s “The Pain of Loving You”, and holds back not one bit on the emotion. That is what I love about Patty..her sheer emotion. She puts all into each and every song she sings. Her love of the music of George Jones is shown to great effect on “Color of the Blues” and the song written by Dickey Lee, “She Thinks I Still Care”, which was the subject of a wonderful Pinkard & Bowden parody in “She Thinks I Steal Cars”. It is great to here a female version of the Carl & Pearl Butler smash “Don’t Let Me Cross Over” as it is a take on a hit for Conway Twitty “Next in Line”. She could literally sing the phone book! A must!!

Heads Hands & Feet “Old Soldiers Never Die” $20 Reissue of a very popular UK group who were often compared to The
Band. Like The Band they had a number of lead vocalists; although the majority were handled by Tony Colton they often traded lines in the songs most notably on the opening “Jack of All Trades”. Chas Hodges (vocalist number 2) went on to form Chas & Dave (he sings in his natural voice here, though personally I found something likeable about Chas & Dave) whilst Albert Lee (vocalist number 3 and guitar wiz extraordinaire) went on to do a number of things which included being a member of Emmylou Harris’ “Hot Band”. This includes the original version of his most famous song “Country Boy” (which of course was a hit for Ricky Skaggs) and features a fine vocal by Albert and of course some of his famed guitar picking. “Just Another Ambush” has similar themes to The Band’s classic second album. In addition a couple of lush ballads especially “Soft word Sunday Morning” are particularly effective. Reissued on the excellent Wounded Bird label.

Bill Green – “Dang These Texas Honky tonks” $30
The Swedish Cowboy may be the world’s greatest collector of independent honky tonk music. He has a genuine set of Texas bullhorns set up over his music system which is in his bar which has all the accoutrements such as Johnny Walker bottles, peanuts in the shell and of course a bowl of salted Baltic herrings (I did say a Swedish bar). And on the player which is attuned so as to not play anything which does not contain at least 3 shuffles has been this great Bill Green cd.
You would almost define the style with the exciting “Under a Neon Halo” being just about the perfect opener. Only thing Mrs Cowboy has not seen him for over a week and when she attempted to have him come out for the evening smorgasbord she was greeted with a rather abrupt “just one more time”. It finally took a bowl of his favourite “giftas” dessert, with extra cream, to lure him out. Even then he went by the computer to punch out a message that this was a “real Texas country music album”. I must say I love this album almost as much as the Swedish cowboy….I guess I do love it as much but perhaps with a different degree in showing it. Bill Green runs BGM Records which also boasts the great Tex-Mex artist Billy Mata. I guess you could say Bill was schooled in the classic Ray price/Johnny Bush school. As far as I know this is only the second album he has ever had. Every Texas group must have a fiddle player and steel guitarist better than any Nashville player. That is certainly the case with Richard Helsley and Kenny Groham respectively. “Dang These Texas Honky Tonks” from another under-recorded Texas artist in David Price paints an exact picture of that wonderful establishment. Price also contributes “Unsung Hero of the Honky Tonks” about the guy who hasn’t made it big but hasn’t given up hope. “Texas Greats” from one of his earlier sessions is added as a bonus and sounds totally in place even though it was recorded back in 1976 and makes a reference to the likes of Johnny Bush and the great Darrell McCall, Red Steagall, Charlie Walker (who sadly has just passed away) etc. We just hope there is not such a gap between this and the next album.

Emmylou Harris – “Last Date” $28 Back in print again but who knows how long for. One of the best live country albums ever and it captures her at her peak. Barry Tashian is the perfect foil for Emmylou and fits comfortably into the Gram Parsons role. It is served up with 2 bonus tracks. Her position as an outstanding vocalist is shown at its best on the title track which was originally by Floyd Cramer but featured words by Conway Twitty. She is the consummate female country balladeer. She shows her interpretive ability with a cover of Springsteen’s “Racing in the Streets” (as she did later with several off Nebraska). Unlike a lot of live albums she steers clear of rehashing already recorded material.

Don Imus’s Friends “The Imus Ranch Record” $28 Imus is an American shock jock a la Howard Stern, who also happens to have an affinity with country music. Best I guess just to tell you what’s on it. The Little Richard sings Mel Tillis is very good.
1. Patty Loveless – Silver Springs (Stevie Nicks song)
2. Delbert McClinton – Lay Down Sally
3. Lucinda Williams – Mamas Don’t let Your Babies etc. good!!
4. Levon Helm – You Better Move On
5. Raul Malo – Life Has Its Little Ups and Downs ****
6. Little Richard – I Ain’t Never
7. Randy Travis – I Don’t See You in My Eyes Anymore
8. Big & Rich – Fight for the Right to Party
9. Willie Nelson – What a Difference a Day Makes
10.Dwight Yoakam – Give Back the Key to My Heart
11.Bekka Bramlett – What Happened
12.John Hiatt – Welfare Music
13.Vince Gill – Satisfied Mind
****Raul Malo should do a Charlie Rich tribute album!!

Ray Sanders “Sings Texas Dance Hall Style”
Curtis Potter “Sings Willie Nelson”
Ray Sanders “Sings Country”
Curtis Potter with Ray Sanders & Darrell McCall “Texas Dance Hall Music”
4 cds from the revitalised Hillside Records.
This is mainly classic 70s country.

Ray Sanders in particular on the “Sings Texas Dance Hall Style” has a style not much dissimilar to the previous Bill Green album. And the musicians read like a veritable who’s who, Lloyd Green on steel, Pig Robbins on piano, Bob Moore on bass and the recently deceased Buddy Harmon on drums. 14 tracks include only one you would term familiar (“My Special Angel”) and the rest are a mix of originals, including the opening “Shuffle Me Back to Texas” as well as songs by the likes of “Beer Drinking Music”, by Red Steagall, which was a hit for Ray and songs by the likes of Billy Mize, Nat Stuckey and Jerry Chestnut (“Another Place Another Time” …which was also recorded by Jerry Lee Lewis). Great stuff all the way. A little bit of 70s style on the cover when the body shirt was in vogue. But you don’t play the covers!! The music says it all.

The Curtis Potter “Sings Willie Nelson’ album is seemingly previously unreleased material. Nice, but a little too much reliance on the common Willie tracks, though a new version of “Hello Walls” is performed as a duet.

“Texas Dance Hall Music” is not culled from other performances but was an actual album and all participants trade vocals. Sanders has a tenor voice so he is probably the standout. Honestly if there was a quartet album of Darrell, Curtis, Johnny Bush and Ray Price (maybe with a guest vocal appearance by Ray Pennington) we’d be scratching our heads till the cows came home as to who was who. Presented in paper sleeve format.

Ray Sanders “Country” is a class covers album (and also features a wonderfully outdated 70s cover). His version of the song associated with David Houston, “Almost Persuaded” is at least as good. “It’s Such a Pretty World Today” was a hit for, but not written by Wynn Stewart. All good stuff.

George Jones – “Burn Your Playhouse Down: The Unreleased Duets” $30 George is seen holding a lighted cigarette on the album cover, which seems a rather strange thing in today’s market. Almost like a Blue Note jazz cover of the 50s. In essence there is one fairly new track and that is the one George does with his and Tammy’s daughter, Georgette. The resemblance to her mother is scary. Whether she will be recorded more is anyone’s guess but in the famous daughter stakes she is certainly better than Lisa Marie Presley (but then again that wouldn’t be hard). The album is mainly the work of Brian Ahern, who produced the “Bradley Barn Sessions” album in 1994 and 7 of the 12 songs are unissued tracks from that session of which the personal favourite is the album’s title song with Keith Richards, who should, as I have said many times before, make a complete country album. The tracks from this session are all fine and feature Leon Russell (“Window Up Above” which he also performed on his “Hank Wilson’s Back” album), Mark Chesnutt, Mark Knopfler, Marty Stuart, Ricky Skaggs and Vince Gill. The earliest track dates from 1977 and features a nice duet with Tammy (“Lovin’ You, Lovin’ Me”). “Rockin’ Years” with Dolly Parton has previously been released as a duet with Ricky Van Shelton and it wouldn’t surprise if it were the same backing track used here. I didn’t think it much of a track when done with Ricky Van and still don’t think it anything to write home about. “I Always Get It Right With You” features Shelby Lynne and being from 1988 must have been one of her first ever recordings. Similarly “Tavern Choir” with Jim Lauderdale must have represented one of his first recordings. Everybody loves a duets album and when George is the main participant you simply can’t go wrong.

Michael Martin Murphey “Cowboy Christmas Gift Set” $28
Back for this year’s lot of Christmas releases is this cd/dvd set. The dvd is the knockout here as it features a selection of excellent performances (27 in all) from Texas, Oklahoma & Missouri which could be played all year round. A lot of the shows and songs have a Christmas theme which avoids the standard Christmas songs. Many are Murphey originals which are themed around the Christmas period. The cd presents mainly traditional Christmas songs recorded in an acoustic setting, none of which are repeated on the dvd. Again the dvd is a knockout.

Jason Allen “The Twilight Zone” $30 This contains what in my opinion is the best ever country interpretation of a very non country song and that is his wondrous version of the Stevie Wonder classic (but certainly not in the eyes of Nick Hornby) “I Just Called to say I Love You” which is magically transformed into a loping swing number which is just brilliant. “He’s Still Dancing With Her’ is a nice bit of nostalgia which would be the perfect vehicle for Mark Chesnutt. “Jenny Lee” is a duet with Deryl Dodd. “I Can’t Let Go” has a Buddy Holly feel about it. The great Bobby Flores adds some excellent fiddle touches throughout. Great variety. A couple of songs have a Roy Orbison feel and “Dance With Me Baby” is a full on swing number replete with horns. But the country take on Stevie Wonder is a touch of pure genius.

Jason Byrd – Just a Southern Thang $30. Excellent album all the way. Firstly he has the seal of approval from George Jones himself (and is currently George’s opening act) and what’s more the album is produced by the great Billy Sherrill, who certainly needs something out of the ordinary nowadays to get behind the board. The voice is excellent, a tad Mark Chesnutt, a tad Ricky Van Shelton and Tracy Byrd…little bits here and there. Most of the tracks are co-writes with Jim “Chattahoochee” McBride and Jerry Salley who has of course quite an Australia connection and wrote the song recorded by Catherine Britt & Elton John, which should have been a huge hit. However Jason is a great writer himself and his two solo “writes”, “The Checkout Line” and the glorious ballad “You Were There” are among the best songs on the album. But of the 11 songs I would personally only rate the opener “Lovin’ in the Country” as being below par. But how that changes; “How Quickly They Forget” has instant classic written all over it. Great drawling vocal and perfect accompaniment, with a-teamers such as Stev Gibson and Mark Casstevens on guitar, Mike Johnson on steel and Hoot Hester and Joe Spivey on fiddle. Word is that Jason has been signed to Mercury Nashville, which we would hope is true. There may be hope for them yet!!

Bobby Dale – “Something We Can’t Stop $30 Looking a little like Michael Douglas (how good is the movie “Falling Down??!!) Bobby Dale is the real deal. He reminds of the likes of Norman Wade (but Bobby is a better singer) in that the songs are wonderfully drawling Texas honky tonk classics. Laid back classics… all written by the man himself. “Brunette” is a bit of a change of pace and has some nice piano, which would seem to be by Steve Maynard who plays on half the album (and the great Pig Robbins on the other half). Hargus (“Pig” to his friends) shines on “Talking to you Picture”, a plea to all that is seemingly left of a relationship. Classic stuff. A true classic of crying in your beer country music. The Swedish cowboy is walking round in circles. How could there be so many good things at once. Not one track would be a chance on country radio and a finer recommendation I could not give.

Dr Hook and the Medicine Show “Dr Hook & Medicine Show”/ “Sloppy Seconds”/”Belly Up” $38 3 albums remastered on a double cd set from BGO UK. This is of course mainly Shel Silverstein songs. Shel was responsible for all bar one on the first album, wrote all on the second and 7 of 11 on the 3rd (which are not surprisingly the best songs, especially the great ditty “The Wonderful Soup Stone”, which was also recorded by Bobby Bare). Nicely presented in a slip case which features all three album covers. If you chucked in the album “Bankrupt”, which has basically the final Silverstein-Hook contributions I reckon you’d have all the Dr Hook you would ever need.

Chris Knight “Heart of Stone” $25 He has come a long way from his debut self titled Steve Earle styled album. This is pretty raunchy and Chris almost goes into Delbert McClinton style territory in several places. Certainly a departure from his folkier “Trailer Tapes” cd but then again not everybody goes for the harder edge.

Cathy Dale “I Believe in Me” $25 This has a very traditional style and comparisons have been made to the late Sammi Smith. 14 songs recorded for the Broadland label in Nashville in the 90s but apparently unissued till now. It seems the owner is one Mr Roy G Ownby and all I can say Roy, where you been. This stuff is all outstanding and reminiscent of the works of Bob Grady, long held in esteem as an indie producer supreme. Roy, known as Jack to all his friends (which makes sense) is the author of the biography of Hank Snow.

George Hamilton IV – “Songs of Faith & Inspiration” $25 18 track gospel with most being written by the aforementioned Roy G “Jack” Ownby. And the good thing is all have quality. The thing about gospel albums and Christmas albums too is that many tend to cover the songs that everyone else does. I mean how many versions of “Peace in the Valley” and “Amazing Grace’ do you need? The songs here tells stories and are extremely well put together. “Forty One Dollars” is a good old fashioned tear-jerker. “I’ve Never Seen an Armored Car Following a Hearse” is simple downhome logic but what a title! “The Golden Rule” has a more standard style gospel message with a twist. Ultra catchy melody. Every song is a keeper. And the “Ambassador of Country Music’ has never sounded better. If you have any interest in quality country gospel music this is for you.

Mitch Snow – Every Night You Make My Day $25
Mitch Snow – Let Me Be Everything to You $28
Two 21 track cds from a bloke we have never heard of and every track a winner. These have been run by the two harshest critics I have ever encountered. First is the Swedish Cowboy who will review a cd and tell you the artist hit a dud note 2minutes 25seconds into track 5. He said “Unbelievable! This is the second 21 track CD by this artist issued in 2008! As far as I can see all the songs are originals, and they are all happy go lucky nice real country songs. There are no rock drummers or pop guitarists in sight. This is just as good as his earlier album. At 21 trax and 63 minutes of music this is great value for money”. The other is my good mate Russell who simply said “Magic”. A slight correction to the cowboy’s review, most of the songs are by the aforementioned Roy G “Jack” Ownby. Despite Jack authoring the Hank Snow biography I can’t find reference to Mitch being related to Hank, as you’d expect to find in any bio notes, although reference is made to his father, Jim, so you never know. Vocally he reminds a little of Marty Haggard with a Frizzell style nuance or two. There is great variety and his voice is a pure country instrument. Songs are of the highest calibre. On the first cd “Tequila Bay” has a Tex Mex feel. “Love Might be the Death of Me” would be the ideal instrument for the likes of George Strait though it would be hard to improve on the version here. “Where Are You Spending Your Nights These Days” has a great play on words. The second cd is equally as good. “George Jones Will You Sing My Song” is a plea to the great man to sing his song in the hope his gal will hear it and return. “She’s Ugly” is a very politically incorrect ditty. “When in Texas” is a call to follow the local traditions when in Texas. I would suggest a true country music fan would love both.

Leona Williams – “New Patches” $30 Justin Trevino again joins forces with the still lovely Leona to produce another gem. The Texas “A” team is there; Jake Hooker on bass, Dicky Overby on steel guitar, T Jarrod Bonta on piano and a couple of relative newbies in Billy Johnson on lead guitar and Drew Covington on fiddle. Liner notes by George Jones describe her as “the greatest female country singer who has ever stepped up to a microphone”. No false modesty and why should there be. She also writes and interestingly “He’s Just On my Mind Again” has been written by Leona, Justin and Leona’s talented son Ron Williams. It reminds very much of “He Thinks I Still Care”. “Old George” is a tribute to George Jones and was written by Leona’s late husband Dave “Is Anybody Going to San Antone” Kirby. With such good originals it is hard to reconcile her recording “I Can’t Help It If I’m Still in love With You”, but that aside the songs are uniformly excellent (not that “I Can’t Help It” isn’t, it is just that we have hear it a few times already! And 6 songs written or co-written by Leona are of such a standard you would suggest she needs no outside songs.

**Leona’s other new album “Leona Williams Sings Haggard” $30

David Frizzell – This is Our Time cd/dvd $30This will be in next week or so. Participants (all duetting with David) are:
1. Wedding Dress for Sale (Crystal Gayle)
2. Nobody’s Darling But Mine (Jeannie Seely)
3. Something ‘bout You (Lacy J Dalton)
4. Could It Be We Fell in Love Tonight (Helen Cornelius)
5. Why Wasn’t It Me (Amy Clawson)
6. Warm Spanish Wine (Johnny Rodriguez)
7. If You Got the Money etc (Merle Haggard)
8. Long Black Veil (Gene Watson)
9. Music, Where Did It Come from (Joe Stampley)
10.Got to Get to Louisiana (T Graham Brown)
11.Cowboy Hat (Bobby Bare)
12.You Can’t Love Her (Johnny Lee)
13.Three Minutes (Allen Frizzell)
14.Ordinary Joe (Jimmy Fortune…ex Statler Brothers)
15.Reckless Wind (John Cowan)
In addition all feature on the track This Is Our Time. Looks good.

Bottom Dwellers – “Think I Need a Drink” $28 Californian country is often an overlooked thing which is a shame. The Bottom Dwellers are a great honky tonk group with a nice sound. They have something unusual as they have a slap bassist who does Fred Maddox double slap style runs throughout but they have no rockabilly influences except maybe on “Albacore” though the tex mex flavoured “Paso Robles’ is also a little that way inclined. “Cheesy Chips” is a Morricone flavoured ditty (replete with whistling and a musical saw courtesy of Bob Armstrong of R Crumb and Cheap Suit Serenaders fame….he also played on the soundtrack of “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” an is also featured on “Wet Suit”). Lots of variety with even a bluegrass feel on “Uncle Jesus”.

Earl Brewer – “Standing Up for Country’ $30 Great name for a honky tonker and explores the great themes, jukeboxes, George Jones and imbibing. “Bottom of the Bottle” is not the Porter Wagoner song but is great nonetheless…a few Haggard nuances noticeable on this. A classic. It appears the songs are all original and certainly those with a honky tonk theme are the best. Personally I find it a tad boring when a song tries to deal with “how country” the singer is but apart from a couple of such inclusions it is top drawer.

Josh Brown – “Josh Brown” $28 If it were the early nineties Josh would have been a major label artist. He owes a little to George Strait, especially on “Lot of Things Love Can Do” and “Tequila Tonight” and would suggest a must for Strait fans, though “She Drove me to Drinking” may be a perhaps too politically incorrect title for 2008 Strait.

Durwood Haddock “I Done the Boogie Too Long” $28 Durwood is a bit of a one man band who plays all the fiddles, guitars, drums etc but we assume not all at once. Nice conversational stuff a la Arkey Blue, especially reminiscent on “Newest Thing in Nightlife”. All songs by Durwood except a version of “Burning Bridges” and a brassed up version (a la “Ring of Fire”) of “Wabash Cannonball”. “Soft & Warm” has also been covered by Vernon Oxford. Anyone from Telephone, Texas is alright by me.

Geary Hanley “Nashville”. $28 Rather amateurish package but content is fine. Looking like the ultimate pretty boy this is great honky tonk. The music dates from the 80s where his entries into the charts were reserved for the lower portions thereof. His style is reminiscent of Moe Bandy in places. “That’s a Lot of Lovin’ for $1.69” ages the album as that is the price he pays for the six pack which is incidentally sold by the lady with whom he has his little fling. “Go Ahead and Love Her, I Did” is also very reminiscent and like all songs on the album was written by one Peter Richardson. 16 tracks all of which have that indefinable quality that is classic honky tonk music.

Johnston, Kevin Best of $30 someone asked me about this and I apologise for not remembering who. This is a German release of 20 tracks and 78 minute duration. Some of the songs will be known but many won’t as it avoids some of the songs that were played on radio here. One of our best.

Luke McDaniel is Jeff Daniels – Mississippi Honky Tonk Rockabilly Man $32 It wasn’t unusual for artists to have “2 names” so to speak. One would be their actual name and the other would be the one they would employ when they recorded that “devil’s music” otherwise known as rock and roll. Jimmy Lodgson recorded as Jimmy Lloyd (Bear Family release), George Jones was “Thumper Jones” and Buck Owens was Corky Jones. Similarly Luke McDaniel who recorded for labels such as King and Trumpet (where he recorded among other things a tribute to Hank Williams) used the alias Jeff Daniels and cut a number of rockabilly sides, two of which (“Switch Blade Sam” and “Daddy-O Rock”…how Mynard G Krebbes-ish is that??) are considered among the greatest rockabilly sides ever cut. “Both” even did some recordings for Sun Records. So this whopping 34 tracker includes Luke McDaniel’s hillbilly offerings and Jeff Daniels rockabilly. Luke McDaniel’s material always hinted at rockabilly (“Whoa Boy”) and as Jeff Daniels he took it one step further. 4 Luke McDaniel tracks are previously unissued.

Darrell McCall – “Lily Dale” $30 A reissue of Darrell’s classic CBS album which featured classics after classic and also a classic duet with Willie Nelson on the title song, which was a rare ballad for its originator Bob Wills. It also includes the version of “Dreams of a Dreamer’ which is right up there with the latter Gene Watson version. Great singer and a true classic album which is only otherwise available on the lengthy Bear Family box set.

Mickey Newbury
Unfortunately we never received the dvd…maybe later. Shall we say (politely) the family distribution is a tad unreliable. We do have copies of:
**Lulled by the Moonlight $32
**Live in England $32
**It Might As Well be the Moon $35 (2cds).

Jerry Wallace “Best Of Jerry Wallace Country” $30. The first collection to focus on his country recordings. For good measure it includes his pop hit, “In the Misty Moonlight” and 15 other tracks, of which the biggest hit was “If You Leave Me Tonight I’ll Cry” a country number one which was from a Rod Serling televison series. A smooth countrypolitan artist he also had big hits with “Do You Know What It’s Like to Be Lonesome” and “Don’t Give Up On Me”. Jerry passed away recently as did that great Texas honky tonker, Charlie Walker (“Greatest Honky Tonk Hits” $30) and before that the Tall Texan Billy Walker (“Columbia Hits” $30)

Earl Scruggs Revue “Anniversary Special Volume 1 & 2” $32 BGO issue of the albums which celebrated Earl’s 25th Anniversary with CBS. After the success of “Will the Circle be Unbroken” it was decided to promote Earl to a younger audience so joining with sons, Gary, Randy & Steve, he went the country rock way and produced some excellent albums a la Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. The Anniversary albums featured an array of guests including Joan Baez, Johnny Cash, Roger MCGuinn etc and was produced by Bob Dylan’s producer Bob Johnston. The results were very good and were helped by the wide range of the material from Loudon Wainwright III’s “Swimming Song’ through to Pointer Sisters excellent “Fairytale” as well as group originals. Certainly Earl’s longer hair was a bit removed from the usual but the outcome was worth it, and the albums were certainly an influence on the newgrass movement.

Golden Ages of American Rock & Roll Folk Hits $32 28 track UK cd with Rooftop Singers through Kingston Trio, through Serendipity Singers and of course Pete Seeger’s “Little Boxes”.

Springfields – “On an Island Of Dreams” 2 cds 47 track on RPM (UK) featuring all albums and singles of the English folk pop group which of course included Dusty Springfield. Many people recorded it but no one did “Silver Threads & Golden Needles” better.

Ricky Skaggs –“The High Notes” $32 This is only available in the Crackerbarrel store in the USA as is the excellent “Songs of the Year” cd. Ricky was a bluegrass prodigy who appeared as a little white haired boy on the Flatt & Scruggs show and became a staple in the bluegrass field, recording and performing in a number of areas. In the 80s he began to perform mainstream country, similarly to the way the Oak Ridge Boys broke out of the gospel field. They both maintained their influences but met with great success. Skaggs had a swag of hits and now he has gone back to re-do 12 of them in a mainstream bluegrass style including his cover of Albert Lee’s “Country Boy”, which allows for some excellent picking. Rodney Crowell’s “Heartbroke” employs a drummer but the breakneck dobro takes the place of steel guitar. “Honey, Let me Open the Door” is little different to the country version except for the bluegrass harmonies. “Cat’s in the Cradle” is given a textured treatment and is obviously a labour of love as it was the least successful chart hit for Ricky, who is busier than ever with his own label (Skaggs Family) and other projects to keep him busy. He didn’t have to change much to go back to the bluegrass versions but they certainly do sound fresh.

Danny O’Keefe – “In Time” $30 New 2008 album featuring 12 new recordings. The First Time/ Maybe next Time/ Siamese Friends/ Alone in the Dark/ When You Come Back Down/ Missing Me/ (We’re All) Strangers Here/ Unspoken/ Back in Time/ Sleep (Anywhere on Earth You Are)/Last Call/ Bedtime Story.

Jim Stringer and the AM Band – Triskaidekaphilia $28 The title means “love of the number 13” and there are 13 tracks. Stringer is of course a Texas guitar wiz who is mostly renowned for his driving rockabilly/hillbilly style. This covers a much greater range than we thought may be possible with waltzes, shuffles, ballads and instrumentals of which “Rebel Rouser” was also the first song he ever performed in public.

Hank Thompson – “Treasures – Unreleased 50 s recordings by Hank Thompson & the Brazos Valley Boys” 28 Back in stock is this excellent 20 track cd that was largely recorded in Hank’s home studio. Nice sound and great performances. All bar a few tracks are Hank originals.

DVD Marty Robbins – Legendary Performances $30 Put out by the Country Music Hall of Fame and featuring 15 songs plus extras, one being his induction into the Hall of Fame and the other being a lengthy interview which is very good. Marty was an extremely charismatic and vibrant type who looked well. I say that as he passed away December 1982 less than 2 months after his Hall of Fame induction.
DVDTammy Wynette – Legendary Performances $30 Also has 15 songs including 4 duets with George Jones, including the classic “Golden Ring”. Extras include an interview, Hall of Fame induction and her wedding to George Richey.

DVDJohnny Cash – Christmas Special 1976 $30
Johnny Cash – Christmas Special 1977 $30 ‘
**Due soon are the 1978 & 1979 Christmas Special versions of the Johnny Cash TV show.**
76 has Roy Clark, Tommy Cash, Barbara Mandrell and Merle Travis among its guest whilst 77 has the Statlers and the other artists who were on the Class of 55 project with Johnny, Carl Perkins, Roy Orbison and Jerry Lee Lewis.

Also new:
DVD Conway Twitty – Live $30 issued by the family and consisting of 15 songs recorded in 1992

Don’t think I have been tardy in the dvd stakes; there simply hasn’t been any.

Hank Williams III Collector’s edition $35 3cds in tin pack. His 3 albums in entirety except the second disc of “Straight to Hell” and believe me that is no great loss.

Petty Booka – “Tokyo Bluegrass Honeys” $32 Petty & sister Booka are back but there is more than bluegrass on this. They do the definite version of the only decent Grateful Dead song, “Friend of the Devil” as well as covers of Mungo jerry’s “In the Summertime”, Richard Thompson’s “I Want to See the Bright Light Tonight” plus “Lost in Supermarket” by the Clash and close with the best version since Mrs Miller of “Down Town”. What an album!! The best 2 ukulele playing Japanese sisters living in Hawaii (where do you think the ukulele came from)

Latest releases Extra specials Bargain prices

This section was brought about by necessity. Galston Country Music Festival is an annual event held on the outskirts of Sydney. It is a great festival. BUT, it always seems to rain on the day and this year was no exception. It was an appalling day (incidentally sandwiched between two absolutely magnificent spring days). Having taken a stall and naturally taken the liberty of bringing additional stock in anticipation of some commerce I was rather disappointed.

***I am on the lookout for some festivals/shows/markets around the place to set up occasionally. It doesn’t have to be in Sydney so if anyone could make some suggestions I would be pleased***

Anderson, Keith C’Mon $10
Bentley, Dierks Greatest: Every Mile a Memory $15
Chambers, Kasey And Shane Nicholson $10
Chesnutt, Mark Rollin’ With the Flow $20
Cooper, Peter Mission Door $20 (with Fayssoux,
Nanci Griffith, Todd Snider) Def.
Album of year candidate.
Dickerson, Deke King of the Whole Wide World $20
Everly Brothers Pass the Chicken & Listen/ Stories
We Could Tell 2x RCA country albums
on 1 cd $25 ArcadiaUK
Newfield, Heidi What Am I waiting For $15 Excellent
Trick Pony vocalist now solo.
Lady Antebellum Lady Antebellum $15 (inc. Linda
Davis’ daughter)
Lost Trailers Holler Back $10
Montgomery Gentry Back When I Knew It All $10
Shawanda, Crystal Dawn of a New Day $10
Sugarland Love on the Inside:Deluxe Fan Edition
17 tracks $20
Travis, Randy Around the Bend $20
Vassar, Phil Prayer of a Common Man $10
Wayne, Jimmy Do You Believe me Now $10


Bad Livers Hog on the Highway $10
Bellville Outfit Wanderin’ $18
Bing Bang Boys I’m Feelin' Good $18 Mark Rubin
Of Bad Livers
Blue Highway Through the Window of Train $20
Bradley, Dale Ann Send the Angels $20 (gospel)
Bradley, Dale Ann Catch Tomorrow $20
Breiding, Tom Unbroken Circle: Songs of the
West Virginia Coalfields $18 A1!
Browns Ferry Four 16 Greatest Hits $18
Browns Ferry Four 16 Sacred Songs Vol 2 $18
Cadillac Sky Gravity’s Our Enemy $18 (Skaggs
Family label 2008)
Camp, Shawn/Billy Burnette Bluegrass Elvises $20
Chasin’ Steel Fresh Runs & Tight Lines $18
Cherryholmes III $20 Great family group
Reminiscent of Cox Family.
Chiavola, Kathy ` Somehow $20
Churchmen I’ll Be Long Gone $18 b.grass
Clark, Roy/Buck Trent Banjo Bandits $18
Clements, Vassar Full Circle $20 (w. friends)
Cleveland, Michael Leavin Town $18 (w.Flamekeeper)
Cornell, Kristina It’s a Girl Thing $18
Crowe, J D TheModel Church $20
Crowe, J D Lefty’s Old Guitar $20
Dailey & Vincent Dailey & Vincennt $18
Darby & Tarlton On the Banks of a Lonely River$20
Davis, David/warrior Boys Troubled Times $20
Douglas, Jerry Glide $22
Freakwater End Time $18
Garcia/Grisman jerry Garcia & David Grisman $20
Glaze, Susie Green Kentucky Blues $20 w.
Laurie Lewis,Herb Pederson
Grascals Keep on Walkin’ $20
Graves, Josh Graves Situation $20 w.sons
Graves, Josh Sultan of Slide $20
Greencards Weather & Water $10

Hassler, Carrie & Hard Rain CHHR2 $18
Hensley, Tim Long Monday $18
High Windy A Greater Storm $18
Howell, Steve My Mind Gets to Ramblin’ $18 Similar
territory to Jorma Kaukonen
Johnson Mountain Boys At the Schoolhouse $20
Jones, Clay Mountain Tradition $18 (of
Mountain Heart)
Jones, Grandpa Mountain Dew $18
King,James Gardens in the Sky: The Bluegrass
Gospel Of $20
Krauss, Alison Raising Sand $20 w. Robert Plant
Lauderdale, Jim with Ralph Stanley Feel Like
Singing Today $18
Lawson, doyle Help is on the Way $18
Lewis, Laurie & Right Hands Live $20
Longview Deep in the Mountains $20
Louvin, Charlie Live in Holland $20 (Strictly
Bluegrass label. Charlie sings with
Charles Whitstein to re-create the
Louvin Bros sound)
Louvin Brothers Satan is Real $20 none better
Lynch, Claire Love Light $20
Lynch, Claire Crowd Favorites $18
McEuen, John & L A String Wizards Round Trip
$18 expanded 20 track version.
Martin, Jimmy Big Jam Session $18 w. J D Crowe
Martin, Jimmy King of Bluegrass V 4
Nashville Mandolins 30 Classics $18
Nashville Dobros 30 Classics $18
Nashville Harmonicas 30 Classics $18
Nashville Fiddles 30 Classics $18
Nashville Guitars 30 Classics $18
Noonan, Carol As Tears Go by $20 (folk)
Old & In the Way Breakdown $20
Paisley, Danny & Southern Grass Room Over
Mine $18
Punch Brothers Punch $20 new Chris Thile
Ratcliff, Brett Cold Icy Mountain $18
Red Stick Ramblers Made in the Shade $18
Rice, Tony Nightflyer: the Singer Songwriter Collection $20 (Rounder)
Rice, Tony Cold on the Shoulder $20
Rowan & Rice Quartet $20 (peter & tony resp.)
Rowan & Rice Were You There For Me $20
Scruggs, Earl The Essential 2 cds $28
Seldom Scene Scenchronized $20
Shaw, Amanda Pretty Runs Out $18
Sizemore, Charlie Gravel Road $18
Skaggs, Ricky Instrumentals $20
Skaggs, Ricky Songs of Bill Monroe $20 (same as
“Big Mon”)
Smith, Kenny & Amanda Live & Learn $20
Smith, Valerie & Becky Buller Here’s aLittle Song $18
Sorrels, Rosalie Strangers in Another Country: Songs
Of Bruce “Utah” Phillips $20
Stanley Brothers Essential Gospel Masters $20
Stanley Brothers An Evenin Long Ago $20
Stanley, Ralph II This One is Two $20
Steeldrivers The Steeldrivers $18
Stevens, Beth Strong enough $18 (Pinecastle)
Stringbean Old Time Banjo Pickin’ & Singin’
IIIrd Tyme out Round Three at the Mac $20
IIIrd Tyme Out Erase the Miles $18
IIIrd Tyme Out Footprints: A Collection $18
Union Springs Next Train headed South $18
Vallillo, Chris Abraham Lincoln in Song $20 nice
Vincent, Rhonda Good Thing Going $20
Vincent, Rhonda A Dream Come True $20 (rebel)
Walker, Bradley Highway of Dreams $20
Williams, Robin & Linda Radio Songs $20
Williams, Robin & Linda Buena Vista $20
Zonn, Andrea Love Goes On $20


**30 Gospel Classics $18 All instrumental by Nashville dobros, pianos, fiddles etc
**Bluegrass Spectacular: 30 Original Tracks $20 70 minutes
**Christmas Grass with 3 Fox Drive ,Larry Sparks etc. $10
**Country Bluegrass Homecoming Vol 1 $20 with Bill Gaither, Ralph Stanley, Doyle Lawson etc 20 tracks
**Country Bluegrass Homecoming Vol 2$20 20 tracks featuring Bill Gaither, Rhonda Vincent, Isaacs, Vince Gill etc Gospel.

Country Cds

Acuff,Roy Hand Clapping Gospel Songs $18
Allen, Rex Jnr Riding High $20
Alvin, Dave Out in California $15
Alvin, Dave Romeo’s escape $15 (first solo)
Anderson, Bill 20 Greatest Hits $18
Anderson, John Easy Money $15
Asleep at the Wheel Remembering the Alamo $20
Asleep at the Wheel Ride With Bob $20
Baker, Sam Pretty World $20
Ball, David Amigo $15
Bandy, Moe Hank Williams Wrote My Life/ Cowboys
Ain’t Supposed to Cry $22
Barnett, Mandy Platinum $20 (her only 2 albums on
1 cd)
Bare, Bobby Singing in the Kitchen/Gospel $20
Bates, Jeff Jeff Bates $20 (2008)
Bates, jeff Leave the Light On $15
Bellamy Brothers Number One Hits
Blue Line Riders Self titled $20 rockabilly
Boland, Jason Comal County Blue $20
Booker,Patty Fire & Brimstone $22
Borden, Michael Shane And Diesel Kings $20
Boxmasters Boxmasters 2cds $25 Billy Bob
Thornton. 1 cd originals + 1 covers.
Boxcar Willie King of the Freight Train $18 MCA
album feat. 2 duets with Willie.
Brazos Valley Boys 60th Anniversary $20
Bromberg, David Demon is Disguise $20
Brennan, Walter Old Rivers + $25
Bromberg, David Try Me One More Time $20
Brown, Greg Further In $20
Brown, T Graham Déjà vu All Over Again: Best 16 $18
Bruce, Ed This Old hat $20
Burnett, T Bone T Bone Burnett $20 basically just T
Bone on acoustic & Jerry Douglas on
Dobro $20 out of print.
Burns, Billy Don Heroes, Friends & Other Troubled
Souls $20
Burns, Brian Highways, Heartaches and Honky
Tonks $20
Burns, Brian Heavy weather $20
Bush, Johnny Lost Highwat Saloon $20
Buttercup Evil for You $20 rockabilly.
Campbell, Glen Trouble in Mind $18
Campbell, Kate Save the Day $20
Carll. Hayes Trouble in Mind $20
Cari Lee & Saddleites Brought to You By $15
Carter Family Country Music Hall of Fame $15
Carter Family Can the Circle Be Unbroken $15
Carter, Carlene Stronger $20
Cale, J J Rewind: Unrelased Recordings $15
Campbell, Glen Meet Glen Campbell $18 (2008)
Carlisle, Bill Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight $20
Cash, Johnny Silver $15
Cash, Johnny Bitter Tears $18
Cash, Johnny Cash American V $18
Cash, Johnny/June Carter 16 Biggest Hits $15
Cash, Johnny Ultimate Gospel $20
Cash, Johnny Travelling Cash $20 (Bear Family)
Cash, Johnny Little Fauss Big Hausy $20 (Bear)
Chambers, Bill Frozen Ground $15
Charles, Ray Super Hits $15 A reissue of his
duet album “Friendship.
Charles, Ray Modern Sounds in Country & Western
Chesnutt, Mark Longnecks & Short Stories $15 fabulous 2nd album. Inc. “Old
Chesnutt, Mark Greatest Hits $18
Chesnutt, Mark Thank God For Believers $15
Chesnutt, mark Almost Goodbye
Chesnutt, Mark What a Way to Live
Clark, Gene Silverado $25 Previously unissued live album on Collectors Choice
Clark, Guy The Dark $20
Clark, Roy Absolutely Best $15 (Capitol)
Clark, Sanford shades (Bear Family) $20
Clark, Terri Greatest Hits $20
Clement, Jack Guess Things Happen That Way $18
Cochran,Hank/ BillyDon Burns Desperate men $20
Coe, David Allan Nothing Sacred $15
Coe, David Allan Underground Album $15
Coe, David Allan Human Emotions/Spectum VII $22
Coe, David Allan Mysterious Rhinestone Cowboy/
Once Upon a Rhyme $22 (last 2 Bear)
Confederate Railroad Confederate Railroad $20 classic \
Cook, Elizabeth Balls $15
Cook, Elizabeth This Side of the moon $15
Cook, Elizabeth Elizabeth Cook $20 (1st album.)
Creager, Roger Here It is $20
Crowell, Rodney Houston Kid $20
Crowell, Rodney Diamonds & Dirt $15
Crowell, Rodney The Platinum Collection $20 19 tcks
Dalton, Lacy j Best $18 (Black Coffee)
Daniels, Charlie Essential Super Hits cd+dvd $18
Davis, Mac Very Best & More $15 (for Charlie)
Davis, Moot Already Moved On $15
Davis, Moot Moot Davis $15 (Pete Anderson)
Davis, Skeeter The Essential $20
Davis, Skeeter Pop Hits Collection Volume 2 $20
Davis, Skeeter RCA Country Legends $15
Dayton, Jesse/Brennen Leigh Holdin’ Our Own $20
Dennis, Wesley Wesley dennis $15
Derailers Jackpot $18 arguably their best!
Dilks, Johny And Visitation Boys $18 Like Wayne
The Train
Dillon, Dean Hot Country & Single $15
Dillon, Dean Out of Your Ever Lovin Mind $20
Duncan, Johnny I t Couldn’t Have Been Any Better $25
Eaglesmith, Fred Lipstick, Lies & Gasoline $15
Earle, Steve Revolution Starts here $15
Earle, Steve El Corazon $15
Earle, Steve Train a Comin’; $18
Earle, Steve Live w. Guy Clark and Townes $18
Earle, Justin Townes the Good Life $15
Edgar, W C alcohol of Fae $20
Edwards, Don Moonlight & Skies $20
Edwards, Don Going Back to Texas $18
Edwards, Don Kin to the Wind $20 (Marty Robbins
Tribute album)
Edwards, Don Saddle Songs 2cds $25
Edwards, Kathleen Asking for Flowers $15
Eleven Hundred Springs Country Jam $18 Texas honky tonk!!
Ely, Joe Best $20
Ely, Joe Settle for Love $18 Best of hightone.
Ely, Joe/Joel Guzman Live Cactus $18
Evans, Sara the Early Year $18
Evans, Sara Greatest Hits $20
Evans, Sara No place That Far $18
Fawcett, Dawnett Taking My Time $18 Great cd on
Step One label. Reminiscent of
Reba’s early true country albums.
Feathers, Charlie Get With It 2cds 1954-69 Beautiful
Package 42 tracks + 48 pg book $30
Friedman, Kinky Sold American expanded $20
Friedman, Kinky Last Of jewish Cowboys: Best 420
Frizzell, allen I’m Just a Nobody $20 (gospel)
Flores, Rosie Rosie Flores $20
Gauthier, Mary Filth and Fire $20
Gauthier, Mary Mercy Now $20
Gauthier, Mary Drag Queens in Limousines $20
Gibson, Don A Legend in My Time $22 (Bear)
Gibson, Nate Sing all the Way Home $18
Gill, Vince The key $20
Gill, Vince These Days 4cd box $50
Gill, Vince High Lonesome Sound $15
Gilley, Mickey Live from Mickey Gilley Theatre $20
Full cd + dvd
Glaser, Tompall The Rogue $22 (bear)
Glaser, Tompall The Outlaw $22 (Bear)
Golden, Chris Center Stage $20 (of the “Goldens”)
Gosdin, Vern Till the End $20 with Emmylou.
Gosdin, vern Chiselled in Stone $20 Simply put the
Best country cd ever.
Gosdin, vern Out of My Heart$18
Haggard, Merle Like never Before $18
Haggard, Merle Rainbow Stew Live $18
Haggard, Merle Back to the barrooms $18
Haggard/Jones Taste of Yesterday’s Wine $20 OOP
Haggard, merle Serving 190 proof $18
Haggard, Merle That’s the Way Love Goes $18
Haggard, merle Strangers/Swinging Doors 2on1 $22
Haggard, Merle Tribute to Best Damn Fiddle Player/
It’s All in the Movies 2 on 1 $25
Haggard, Merle Bluegrass Album $20
Haggard, Merle Just Between the Two of Us/ The
Fightin’ Side of Me $25 2on1
Haggard, merle Presents His 30th Album / A Working
Man Can’t get Nowhere $25 2on1
Haggard, Merle It’s Not Love But It’s Not Bad/ If We Make it through December $25 2 on 1
Haggard, Merle Legend of Bonnie & Clyde/ Pride in
What I Am 2 on 1 $25
Haggard, Merle I’m a Lonesome Fugitive/ Mama
$25 2 on 1
Haggard, Merle Train Whistle Blues $20 (train songs)
Haggard, Merle Portrait of/Keep Moving On $25 2/1
Haggard, Merle Hag/Someday We’ll Look Back $22
Haggard, Merle My Love Affair With Trains/ Roots of
My raising $25 2 0n 1
Haggard, Noel One Lifetime $20
Hall, Tom T Songs of Miss Dixie & Tom T $22
Hampton,RW/Rich O’Brien Oklahoma: A Centennial Journey in
Story & Song $20 33tracks 70min
Hancock, Wayne That’s What Daddy Wants $20
Hancock, Wayne Thunderstorms & Neon Signs $20
Haggard, wayne A Town Blues $20
Hand, James The Truth Will Set You Free $20
Hand, James Evil Things $20
Harris, Emmylou Angel Band $20 (gospel)
Harris, Emmylou Pieces of the Sky $20 expanded
Harris, Emmylou Roses in the Snow $20 expanded
As essential as air!! Truly.
Harris, Emmylou Qtr Moon in a Ten Cent Town $20exp.
Harris, Emmylou Blue Kentucky Girl $20 exp.
Harris, Emmylou Elite Hotel $20 expanded
Harris, Emmylou Luxury Liner $20 expanded
Harris, Emmylou Bluebird $20
Harris, Emmylou Trio (with Dolly & Linda) $20
Hawkins, Hawkshaw Car Hoppin’ Mama (Bear) $22
Hayden, Rodney Living the good Life $20
Hayden, Rodney Down the Road $20
Hicks, Dan Best of Dan Hicks & Hot Licks $18
Highway 101 Highway 101 $18
Hill,Brenn What a Man’s Got to Do $20
Hill, eddie Hot Guitar (Bear) $22
Hobart, Rex & Misery Boys Your Favorite Fool $15
Hobart, Rex & Misery Boys Forever Always Ends $15
Hobbs, Becky From Oklahoma With Love $15
Hobbs, Becky Best of the Beckaroo $20
Homer & Jethro Weird World $25
Hot Club of Cowtown Best $20
Hot club of Cowtown Continental Stomp $18
Houston, David Best $25
Howard, Randy Best 22 …the Outlaw singer as
In “I might get drunk & rob a bank”
Hoyle Brothers Back to the Door $18
Hoyle Brothers One More Draw $18 great honky tonk
Hurd, Cornell Cool & Unusual Punishment $20
Hurd, Cornell At Large $20
Hurd, Cornell Live at Jovitas $20
Husky, Ferlin Absolutely the Best $15
Jackson, Alan Greatest Hits 2 $20
Jackson, Alan Under the Influence $15
Jackson, Stonewall Best $25
Jackson, Wanda Very Best of the Country Years $25 (Ace)
Jennings, Waylon Hangin’ Tough $15
Jennings/Nelson WWII $15
Jennings/Nelson Take it to the Limit $20
Jennings/Nelson Clean Shirt $20
Jennings, Waylon The Eagle $20
Jennings, Waylon Too Dumb for NY City $20
Jennings, Waylon Ultimate $20
Jennings, Waylon Clovis to Phoenix (Bear) $22
Jennings, Waylon Right for the time $20
Jennings, Waylon Essential 2cds $28
Jennings, Waylon Are You Ready for the Country/ What
Goes Around Comes Around $22 2 on 1
Johnnie & Jack For Old Time’s sake $22 (Bear)
Johns, Sara Big Love in a Small Town $20
Johnson, Jamey The Dollar $20
Jones, George Hits I Missed & One I Didn’t $15
Jones, George Still the Same Ole me $18
Jones, george And Along Comes Jones $15
Jones, George Definitive Collection $15
Jones, George It Don’t get Any Better Than This $20
Jones, George Cold Hard Truth $18
Jones, George She Thinks I Still Care $15
Jones, George I Am What I Am (compilation) $15
Jones, George Anniversary: Ten Years of hits $20
Jones, George Bradley Barn Session $18
Judds Reunion:Live 2cds $15
Kane, Candye Diva la Grande $18
Kane, Candye Knockout $18
Keen, Robert Earl Party never Ends: Best of Sugar Hill
Years $18
Keith, Toby Unleashed $15
Keith, Toby How Do You Like me Now $15
Keith, Toby Blue Moon $15
Kentucky Headhunters Pickin’ on Nashville $18
Kelley, Irene Simple Path $20 Superb
Kendall, jeannie Jeannie Kendall $18
Kilgore,Jerry Loaded & Empty $18
King, Jill Jillbilly $15
Knight, Chris Trailer Tapes $18
Kristofferson, Kris Kristofferson $20 expanded
Kristofferson, Kris Silver Tongued Devil & I $18
Laine, Christy Greatest Country Hits $25
Lambert, Miranda Crazy Ex Girlfriend $15
Larson, Blaine Rockin’ You Tonight $18
Lauderdale, Jim Country Super Hits Vol 1$15
Lawrence, Tracy Best $15 20 tracks
Ledoux, Chris Early Years 20 Originals $18
Ledoux, Chris Western Tunesmith/ He Rides Wild
Horses 2 on 1 $20
Ledoux, Chris Cowboys Ain’t Easy to Love/ Paint Me
Back Home in Wyoming $20
Ledoux, Chris Used to Want to be a Cowboy/ Thirty
Dollar Cowboy $20
Ledoux, Chris Whatcha Gonna Do with a Cowboy/
Under This Old Hat $20
Ledoux, Chris Songbook of the American West/
Sing Me Back Home Mr RodeoMan$20
Ledoux, Chris Classic cd+dvd $25
Lewis, Jerry lee Complete London Sessions 2cds ltd
Expanded $28
Lewis, Jerry lee Last Man Standing dlx edition $18
Lewis, Jerry Lee Country Songs for City Folks/
Memphis Beat $20 2 on 1
Lewis, Jerry lee Pretty much Country (Ace UK) $20
Lewis, Jerry lee Platinum Collection $20 His Elektra
Country sides inc “39 & Holding”
Lewis, Jerry lee Killer Rocks On/ Boogie Woogie
Country Man $20 2 on 1
Logan, Josh Cartersville Kentucky Country Boy$20
Louvin,Charlie Charlie Louvin $18 W.George Jones,
Tom T Hall, Marty Stuart etc,
Louvin, Charlie Greatest Hits $25
Louvin Brothers 20 Greatest Gospel Hits $20
Loveless, Patty Honky Tonk Angel $15
Loveless, Patty Mountain Soul $20
Loveless, Patty On the Way Home $20 cd + dvd
Lovett, Lyle Anthology Volume 1:Cowboy Man $15
Lovett, Lyle My Baby Don’t Tolerate $15
Lowe, Nick At My Age $18
Lucky Tomblin Band Red Hot From Blue Rock cd+dvd $22;
Lynne, Shelby Tough All Over $15
Lynne, Shelby Soft Talk $15
McBride, Martina Live in Concert cd+ 15 tck dvd $22
McBride, Martina Timeless $18
McBride, Martina Waking Up Laughing $15
McCAll, Darell Essential $20
McCoy, Charlie Haroin’ the Blues $18
McCoy, Neal Very Best $15 20 tracks Rhino label
McDaniel, Mel Best cd + dvd $18
McEntire, Reba Duets $20
McTell, Ralph Songs of $20 with guests Richard
Thompson plus simon Nicol etc
Maddox, Rose This Is $18
Malo, Raul MarshmallowWorld $18
Martin, Glynn Uncle am, Mr Jukebox My Ex Wife$20
Martin, Leland Simply Traditional $18
Martin, Leland Leland Martin
Mata, Billy Domino Effect $20 great Texas indie.
Matchbox Rockabilly Dynamoes $18
Mavericks From Hell to Paradise $15
Mavericks Music for all Occasions $15
Messina, Jo Dee Greatest Hits $18
Miller, Frankie The family Man $20
Miller, Frankie Blackland Farmer: The Complete Starday
Recordings And More $70 (normally
$100 ON Bear Family) 3 cds
Mize, Billy Make It Rain $20
Moffatt, Hugh Loving You $20
Moffatt, Hugh Life of a Minor Poet $20
Moffatt, Katy Loose Diamond $18
Moffatt, Katy Angel Town $18
Molly & the Heymakers Molly & The Heymakers $20 (w. great
Version of Mountain of Love)
Moore. Scotty Presents the Mighty Handful $20
Murphey, Michael Cowboy Songs $20
Murphey, Michael Martin Heartland Cowboy: Cowboy Songs V
Myles, Heather Highways & Honky Tonks $20
(inc. duet with Merle haggard)
Myles, Heather Sweet Talk & Good Lies $20
Nelson, Ricky Garden Party $18
Nelson, Willie Yesterday’s Wine $18 reissue.
Willie’s first great concept album.
Nelson, Willie Red Headed Stranger $20
Nelson, Willie Spirit $20
Nelson, Willie Just One Love $20
Nelson, Willie willie & Family Live $25 2cds
Nelson, Willie Stardust (expanded) 2008 $25 2cd
Nelson, Willie Always on My Mind $15
Nelson, Willie Run that By Me (w. Ray Price) $18
Nelson, Bobbie Autobiography $18 Willie’s sister
Nesmith, Michael Pretty Much Your Standard Ranch
Stash. Nice Cindy Walker song. $20
Nichols, Joe Many With a Memory $18
Nichols, Joe Early Years cd + dvd $18
Nichols, Joe Revelation $18
Nichols, Joe III $18
Nichols, Joe Real Things $20
Norma Jean I Guess I’m Tired from being Poor$18
Notorious Cherry Bombs Notorious Cherry Bombs $20
O’Hara, Jamie Rise Above It $15
O’Kanes Imagine That $20
Oak Ridge Boys Definitive $20
Overstreet, Paul Songwriters Project vol 1 $20
Owens, Buck Very Best Vol 1 $20
Owens, Buck Very best Vol 2 $20
Owens, Buck Open Up Your Heart $20
Owens, Buck The Warner Brothers Recordings $50 ltd
1 only left.
Oxford, Vernon Sings Gospel Country & Bluegrass $22
Pahanui, Cyril 6 & 12 string slack key Guitar $18
Paisley, Brad Who Needs Pictures $18
Paisley, Brad 5th Gear $20
Paisley, Brad Part II $20
Parton, Dolly All I Can do/New Harvest 2 on 1$20
Paxton, Tom Best of Vanguard Years $20 25 tracks
Paycheck, Johnny She’s All I Got $18
Pederson, herb Lonesome feeling $18
Perkins, Carl Essential Sun Collection2cds $20
Perry, Keith Inspirational favourite $20 Great
voice a la Keith Whitley,
Peters, Gretchen Burnt Toast & Offerings $20
Pickerel, Mark & His Praying Hands Cody’s Dream $15 (Bloodshot)
Pirates of the Mississippi Heaven and a Dixie Night $18
Prairie Oyster Everybody Knows $20
Prairie Oyster Blue Plate Special $20
Prairie Rose Wranglers Full Gallop $20
Prairie Rose Wranglers Were You There $20 (gospel)
Prairie Rose Wranglers Deep in the saddle $20
Prairie Rose Wranglers On the Trail $20 very good indie
Western group. Appeal to fans of
Don Edwards & MMMurphey
Preston, Dibbs And the detonators $20 (setzer-ish)
Price, Ray The Essential 2cds $28
Price, Ray Essential (1 cd)$18
Prine, John Missing Years $20
Prine, John Souvenirs $20
Prine, John John Prine $20
Pullens, Leroy I’m a Nut $22 (Bear)
Raney, Wayne That Real Hot Boogie Boy $20
Rich, Charlie Essential 2cds $28
Riders in the Sky Public Cowboy # 1 Salute to
Gene Autry $15
Robbins, Marty Song of Robbins $18 Reissue of a classic Marty Robbins album.
Robbins, Marty 16 Biggest Hits $15
Robbins, Marty What God Has Done $20
Robison, Bruce The new world $18 his new album
Robison, Bruce It Came from San Antonio $18
Robison, Charlie Step Right Up $18
Robison, Charlie Good Times $18
Rodgers, Jimmie Essential $18
Rogers, Mike Honky Tonk Hit Man $20
Run C & W (Russell Smith) Into Twangy First/Row Vs Wade $22
Russell, Leon Hank Wilsons Back Vol III $20
Russell, tom Hotwalker $15
Russell, Tom Man From God Knows Where $20
Russell, Tom Long Way Round $20
Russell, Tom Box of Visions $20
Sadler, Barry Ballad of the Green berets + $25
Sahm, Doug Doug Sahm $ Band $20
Sahm, Doug Texas Tornado $20
Salley, Jerry New Songs Old Friends $18
Guests include Vince Gill/ Ricky
Skaggs/Jamey Johnson etc.
Band includes Bryan Sutton & Randy Kohrs. Even signed!!
Schulyer, Tom Prayer of a Common Man $18
Seals, Dan On Arrival $15
Seals, Dan Ina Quit Room $15
Seeger, Pete American Favorite Ballads v1 $20
Seeger, Pete American Favorite Ballads v2 $20
Seeger, Pete American Favorite Ballads v3 $20
Seeger, Pete American Favorite Ballads v4 $20
Seeger, Pete American Favorite Ballads v5 $20
Shaver, Billy Joe Tramp on Your Street $22
Sherley, Glen Live at Vacaville $22 (bear)
Silverstein, Shel Freakin’ at the Freaker’s Ball $25
Snider, Todd Near Truths & Hotel Rooms $20
Sky Kings Out of the Blue $25 Superb country
Rock album featuring ex members of
Poco, Foster & Lloyd etc.
Smith, Carl 60s Hits of $25
Smith, Connie Born to Sing $110 Bear Family 4cds +
Book ……normally $50
Sovine, Red 20 All time GH $25
Starr, Lucille The French Song $22 Canada only
Starr, Lucille Lonely Street/Side By Side $25
Steagall, Red Here We Go Again $20
Steagall, Red Lonestar Beer/To All My Cowboy $22
Stevens, Ray Best (Rhino) $22 20 tracks
Stone, Doug My Turn (2007) $15
Stone, Doug Doug Stone $18 (his 1st)
Strait, George Troubadour $20 …Question. How
come Americans always drop the “u”
but include it in “Troubadour”??
Strait, George Beyond the Blue Neon $18 his best
Strait, George Does Fort Worth ever Cross Your $18
Strait, George Pure Country $18
Strait, George Latest Straitest Hits $20
Strait, george #7
Strait, George Right or Wrong $15
Strait, George Chill of an Early Fall $18
Strait, George 22 More hits $20
Strait, George If You Ain’t Lovin’ You Ain’t Livin’ $18
Strait, George It Just Comes Natural $18
Street, Mel 20 Greatest Hits $25 Essential. As
good as the best George Jones.
Street, Mel 20 Super Hits $25 Different to the
“20 Greatest Hits”
Stuckey, Nat/Connie Smith God Will $20
Swan, Billy Greatest Hits $20
Taylor, Chip/Carrie Rodriguez Let’s Leave this Town $18
Taylor, Chip/Carrie rodriguez The Trouble With Humans $18
Taylor, Chip/Carrie rodriguez Red Dog Tracks $18
Taylor, Chip/Carrie rodriguez Live from Ruhr $18
Taylor, Chip Unglorious hallaelujah 2cd $18
Texas Tornados Best $20
Texas Tornados Zone of Our Own $20
Texas Tornados Texas Tornados $20
Thompson, Hank Thumbpickin’ & Singin’ (feat.
Merle Travis) 28 tracks $18
Tillis, Mel Your Body Is an Outlaw $18
Tillis, Mel me & pepper $18
Tillis, Mel Southern Rain $18
Tillis, Mel Hitsides 1970-80 $20
Tillis, Pam Rhinestoned $18
Tillis, Pam Just in time for Christmas $18
Travis, Randy Platinum Collection $20
Tritt, Travis The Storm $18
Tritt, Travis Very best $18
Tubb, Ernest Family Bible $18
Tubb, Justin 24 Big Ones $18
Tucker, Tanya Definitive Collection $20
Van Shelton, Ricky Backroads $18
Van Shelton, Ricky Wild Eyed Dream $18
Van Shelton, Ricky Loving Proof $20
Van Shelton, Ricky RVS III $20
Van Shelton, Ricky Bridge I Didn’t Burn $18
Van Zandt, Townes Drama Falls Like Teardrops 2cds $25
Wagoner, Porter Duets $20 all songs only available on
This cd with Pam Gadd, Dolly etc
Wagoner, Porter Best of Grand old Gospel ’08 2cd $20
Wagoner, Porter Gospel 2007 $18
Wagoner, Porter Something to Brag About $18 duets
Wagoner, Porter The Best I’ve Been $15
Wagoner/Parton Always Always, Two of a Kind $20
Walker,Clay The Platinum Collection $18
Walker, Jerry Jeff Best of Vanguard Years $18
Watson, Aaron Angels & Outlaws $20
Watson, Dale Truckin’ Sessions $18
Watson, Dale People I’ve Know Places I’ve been 20
Watson, Dale Christmas Time in Texas $20
Watson, Doc Guitar Instrumental Coll. 64-98 $20
Watson, Doc Country Blues Collection 64-98 $20
Watson, Doc Docabilly $18
Watson, Gene In a Perfect World $20
Watson, Gene At Last $20
Watson, Gene Then & Now $20
Wayne, Dallas Here I AM in Dallas $18
Wayne, Dallas Big thinkin’ $18
Wells, Kitty Dust on the Bible (90s recording) $15
Whitley, Keith Sad Songs & Waltzes $20
Whitley, Keith LA to Miami $18
Whitley, Keith Wherever You are Tonight $18
Williams, Hank Jnr and Friends $18
Williams, Hank III Lovesick Broke & Driftin’ $20
Williams, Hank III Risin’ Outlaw $20
Williams Ron Texas style $22 2007 Album of Year
Wilmon, Trent Broken In $18
Woodys Teardrops & Diamonds $20
Yearwood, Trisha Heaven ,Heartache,Power of Love$20
Yelvngton, Malcolm It’s Me Baby $22 (Bear)
Yoakam, Dwight Platinum Collection $20
Yoakam, Dwight This Time $20
Yoakam, Dwight Guitars Cadillacs $15
Yoakam, Dwight Dwight’s used Records $18


Anchored in Love Tribute to June Carter $18 Great
w. Loretta Lynn, Patty Loveless, Brad
Paisley, Emmylou, Shaver etc.
Beer For My Horses Soundtrack 2008 $18 Toby Keith
Juke Joint Boogie $15 Sensational 33 track sampler from
Bear Family.
Livin’ Lovin’ Losin Songs of the Louvin Brothers $20
Nod to Bob Red House label Tribute to Dylan $20
Tulare Dust OOP Hightone Tribute to Haggard $20
Dave Alvin/Iris Dement/Katy Moffatt
Lucinda/ Dwight/ Tom Russell etc.
Winning Hand Willie Nelson/Kristofferson/
Brenda Lee/Dolly Parton $25 2lps
on 1 cd now deleted. Features solo
and duet vocals. Dolly & Kris’
“Ping Pong” is idiotic but you will
not be able to get it out of your
mind. 20 tracks and over 60 min.
The songs are only on this cd.

Mixed Bag

Baldry, Long John Let the Heartaches Begin: the Pye
Anthology 2cds $25
Chinnock, Bill Badlands $20 Asbury Park!
Jan & Dean Complete Liberty Singles 2cds $25 42tks
Jefferson Starship Tree of Liberty $20 (Sing Dylan, Seeger,
Guthrie, Lennon, Ochs, Marley etc)
Price, Alan O Lucky Man $15
Price, Alan Between Today & Yesterday $15
Price, Alan Metropolitan Man $15
Verlaine, Tom Words from the Front $20
Verlaine, Tom Dreamtime $20 Coll. Choice.

$10 cds

Acuff, roy Good News According to
Acuff, Roy Greatest Gospel Songs
Adams, Ryan Easy Tiger
Adkins, trace Greatest Hits Volume II
Albert, Morris Feelings
Allan, Gary See If I care
Allan, Gary Living Hard
Allen, Charlie That Was Then This Is Now. Upbeat rocky
Allen, Terry Human Remains
Allen, Terry Salivation
Allen, Terry Amerasia
Amazing Rhythm Aces Ride Again
Anderson, John Greatest Hits WB
Anderson, John Nobody’s Got It All
Anderson, Keith Three Chord Country
Baillie & the Boys Lovin’ Every Minute
Barnett, Mandy Mandy Barnett
Barnett, Mandy I’ve Got a Right to Cry
Bell, Glenna Road less Travelled (with Willie
& Johnny Bush)
Big & Rich Between Raising Hell & Amazing
Bingham, Ryan Mescalito
Black, Clint Ultimate 20 tracker
Black, Clint Greatest Hits
Black, Mary Babes in the Wood
Blaker, Clay Rumor town
Blazy, Kent Have Guitar Will Travel
Bonson, Joe And Coffee Run
Bottle Rockets Zoysia
BR549 BR549 (telephone cover)
Bramlett, Bonnie Beautiful
Brine, Mark American Bleak House
Brooks & Dunn Cowboy Town
Brooks & Dunn Steers & Stripes
Brooks & Dunn Brand new Man
Brooks & Dunn Hard Workin’ Man
Brown, Jason Livin’ Off the Land
Brown, Junior Long Walk back
Brown, Junior Semi Crazy
Brown, Junior Mixed Bag
Brown, Junior Guit With It
Brown, Marty Cryin’ Lovin’ Leavin’
Brown, Tanya Rae Meet the Mrs
Brown, T Graham Wine Into Water
Burgess ,Sonny When in Texas
Byrd, Jon Byrd’s Auto Parts
Cagle, Chris My Life’s Been a Country Song
Carillo, Frank & Bandoleros Someday
Carlson, Paulette Love Goes on
Carpenter, Mary Chapin Party Doll & Other favourites
Carpenter, Mary Chapin The Essential
Carroll, Adam Looking Out the Screen Door
Carter Family My Clinch Mountain Home
Case, Neko Fox Confessor Brings the Flood
Cash, Johnny American Recordings (first one)
Cassar Daly, Troy Brighter Day 2cd version
Caswell, Alan Caswell Sings Caswell
Chesney, Kenny The Road & the radio
Chesney, Kenny Be As You Are
Chesney, Kenny Just Who I Ma:Poets & Pirates
Cochran, Tammy Where I Am
Covington, Bucky Bucky Covington
Crowell, Rodney Rodney Crowell
Crowell, Rodney Fates Right Hand
Davis, Stephanie Stephanie davis
Dickerson, Deke More Million Sellers
Dickerson, deke Rhythm Rhyme & Truth
Doe, John A Year in the Wilderness
Edwards, Tex Pardon Me I’ve Got Someone to Kill
Fardon, Don Gone Country (Indian Reservation)
Five Chinese Brothers Let’s Kill Saturday Night
Flatlanders Now Again
Flatlanders wheels of fortune
Fogerty, John Blue moon swamp
Foster & Lloyd Faster & Louder
Freakwater Springtime
Freakwater end Time
Fritsch, Todd Sawdust
Gaines, Greta Whiskey things
Gayle, Crystal Heart & Soul of hogey Carmichael
Giant Sand provisions
Gilkyson, Eliza Hard Times in Babylon
Gilkyson, Eliza Your Town Tonight
Gosdin, Vern If you’re Gonna Do me Wrong
Griffin, Patty 1000 Kisses
Griffith, Andy American Originals songs + comedy
Haggard, merle 1994
Haggard. Merle 1996
Haggard Merle Blue Jungle
Halcombe, Drew Passenger Seat
Hancock, Butch Eats Away the night
Harris, Emmylou Wrecking Ball
Haynes, Bruce Love at First Sight
Hearne, Bill & Bonnie Diamonds in the rough
Heartbeats Spinning World (Green Linnet)
Honky Tonk Disciples Kicking Up Dust
Hooker, John lee Chill Out
Hough, Julianne Julianne Hough
Hubbard, Ray wylie Snake Farm
Hubbard, Ray Wylie Dangerous Spirits
Hubbard, Ray Wylie Crusades of the Restless Knights
Hutchinson, Meg Come Up Full (Red House)
Hyatt, Walter some Unfinished Business
I See Hawks in LA Hallowed Ground
Insley, Dave West Texas Wine
Interstate Cowboy There’s a Road
Jackson, Alan Don’t Rock the jukebox
Jackson, Alan High Mileage
Jackson, Alan A Lot About livin and aLittle etc
Jayhawks Rainy Day Music
Jennings, Shooter The Wolf
Jennings, Shooter Put the O Back in Country
Jennings, Wayon & Jessi Colter; All American
Jewel Perfectly Clear
Judds River Of Time
Judds Heartland
Judds Love Can Build a Bridge
Judds Greatest Hits Volume 2
Kane, Keiran The Blue chair
Kane, Keiran Dead Reckoning
Kane, Keiran Six Months No Sun
Keith, ben Christmas at the Ranch
Keith, Ben To a Wild Rose
Steel guitarist with Neil Young.
Keith, Toby New & Number Ones
Leigh, Danni 29 Nights
Los Super Seven Los Super Seven
Los Super Seven Heard it on the X)
Loveless, Patty Trouble With the Truth
Lynn, Loretta Van Lear Rose
McClain, Antsie And Trailer Pk Troubadours
McClure, Mike Did 7
McDowell, Ronnie Unchained melody
McEntire, Reba Room to Breathe
McEntire, Reba Have I Got a Deal for You
McEntire, Reba So Good Together
McEntire, Reba It’s Your Call
McEntire, Reba If You See Him
McEntire, Reba What Am I Gonna Do About You
Marshall Tucker Band Next Adventure
Maultsby, Chuck And His Old Band (Chuck Wagon &
The Wheels)
Mavericks Mavericks (their first cd)
Mavericks Trampoline
Mavericks What a Crying Shame
Mercer, LeRoy The Real Leroy mercer (comedy)
Merritt, Tift Tambourine
Merritt, Tift Bramble Rose
Messina, Jo Dee Delicious Surprise
Mezera, Audrey Auld Texas
Miller, Buddy Cruel Moon
Miller, Buddy Poison Love
Miller, Dean Platinum
Miller, Julie Broken Things
Montgomery Gentry Some People Change
Moorer, Alison Definitive Collection
Morgan, Lorrie My Heart
Morgan, Lorrie Leave the Light On
Morgan, Lorie Watch Me
Morrell, Tom How the West Was Swung Vol XV
Morrison, Van Pay the Devil
Morrison, Van Keep it Simple
Musselwhite, Charlie Delta Hardware
Nelson, Paula Lucky 13 (Willie’s daughter)
Nelson, Willie Moment of Forever
Parnell, Lee Roy Hits & Higways Ahead
Parton, Dolly White Limozeen
Parton, Dolly Jolene
Parton, Stella Appalachian Blues
Pinson, Bobby Songs for Somebody
Pinson, Bobby I Mean Business
Poozies Changed Days Same Roots
Rascal Flatts Still Feels Good
Raye, Collin Extremes
Reckless Kelly Bulletproof
Reed, Dean Red Elvis (Bear Family)
Reeves, Jim RCA Country legends
Richards, Jamie No Regrets
Sadler, Sammy Heart Shaped Like Texas
Setzer, Brian Vavoom
Setzer, Brian Dirty Boogie
Shepard, Jean And Tommy Overstreet sing Gospel. Not duets.
Skaggs, Ricky Solid Ground
Southern Culture on Skids Girl Fight
Stacy, Phil Phil Stacy
Stone, Doug From the Heart
Stone, Doug More Love
Stone, Doug The Long Way
Strait, George Something special
Strait, George Holding My Own
Strait, George One Step at a Time
Strait, George Greatest Hits
Strait, George Road Less Travelled
Sumner, J D Treasury of memories
Supernaw, Doug You still Got Me
Supernaw, Doug Fadin’ renegade
Tillis, Pam It’s All Relative
Travis, Randy You & You Alone
Travis, Randy Old 8 x 10
Travis, Randy This is Me
Tritt, Travis Strong Enough
Tritt, Travis My Honky Tonk History
Tyson, Ian Songs From the Gravel Road
Wainwright, Loudon Last Man on Earth
Weiss, Chuck E Old Souls & Wolf Tickets
Weiss, Chuck E Extremely Cool
Welch, Kevin & the Flood Live Down Here on Earth
White, Joy Lynn On Her Own
White, Joy Lynn Wild Love
White, Joy Between Midnight & Hind sight
Wilder, Webb About time
Williams, Hank Jnr Out of Left Field
Williams, Hank Jnr Maverick
Williams, Hank Jnr Lone Wolf
Williams, Hank Jnr One Night Stands
Williams, Jett You Are on My Lonely Mind
Williams, Lucinda Car Wheels on a Gravel Road
Willmon, Trent A Little More Livin’
Womack, Lee Ann There’s More Where That Came From
Wyatt, Shane The Last Cowboy
Wynonna Her Story 2cds


**Blue Collar Comedy Tour: Next Generation cd + dvd
**Country Sings Disney 2008 Tim Mcgraw/rascal Flatts/ Krauss/ Paisley/Martina McBride etc 15 tracks.
**Down from the Mountain Soundtrack.
**Essential Southern Rock 2cds
**Horse whisperer Soundtrack
**Mystery Train Soundtrack
**Our Side of Town A Red House Records 25th Anniv. Collection
**Outlaw Country: The Very Best
Anderson, Bill Greatest Hits 18 track on Varese $35
Long deleted. This is the best single
representation of Bill’s work and has
the hard to get original“Golden Guitar”.
Anderson, John Wild & Blue $28 now out of print again
this is WB original of his best album.
Atkins, Chet & Jerry Reed – Sneakin’ Around $35 Recently
deceased Jerry Reed’s last album with
Chet. Incidentally Jerry died on the
same day as the great Killer Kowalski.
Jerry reprises his famous song “The
Claw” and of course Killer was famed
for “The Claw Hold”. Ironic ain’t it?
Are You From Dixie Great Country Brother Teams of the 30s
$32 superb RCA compilation 18 tracks 20 pg book. Includes Delmores, Allen
Brothers, Monroes, Blue Sky Boys etc
Ball, David David Ball $30 was recorded prior to
“Thinking problem” but never released
which is a bit hard to fathom as it has
a similar feel; bit of honky tonk, swing
etc. and all of a high standard.
Barker, Aaron & Curtis Wayne “Straight from the
Horse’s Mouth” $35. Still sealed 1998
long out of print gem by two great
songwriters. Highly recommended,
Bellamy Brothers Rebels Without a Clue $30 Their best
with the superb title song, “Andy
Griffith show” “The Courthouse” etc
Best Of Bluegrass: Preachin’, Prayin & Singin’ $30 Great compilation on Mercury which is of course deleted. Features selection from Osbornes, Louvins and Stanleys but the highlight has to be Lowel lBlanchard’s “Jesus Hits Like The Atom Bomb”!!
Boone, Larry One Way to Go $25 Great singer &
writer, this has many ballads.
Boone, Larry Swingin’ Doors, Sawdust Floors $35
Second solo album & his best.
Browne, Jann It Only Hurts When I Laugh $30 Her
second on Curb features Albert Lee on
lead guitar and Buddy Emmons on steel
as well as Duane Eddy on 2 tracks.
Campbell, Stacy Dean Ashes of an Old Love $25 Hard to get
Caught in the Webb Tribute to Webb Pierce featuring a
who’s who. 21 tracks OOP $28
Cryner, Bobbie Bobbie Cryner $35 The debut of the
Great Bobbie Cryner is simply as good
as it gets.
Dalton, Lacy J Survivor $40 features her superb
version of Guy Clark’s “Old Friends” as
well as the great “Hard Luck Ace”
which mentions Waylon Jennings and
Janis Joplin. Her best and that is really
Dalton, Lacy J Crazy Love $35 Includes the delightful
“Little Boy Blue”.
Dalton, Lacy J Lacy J $30 Hard to get Capitol album.
Dalton, Lacy J Chains on the Wind 1992 Capitol album
produced by Jimmy Bowen. A steal $20
Dunn, Holly Blue Rose of Texas $22 Holly’s first WB
album contains a mix of upbeat songs
“Are You Ever Gonna LoveMe”,
“There Goes My Heart Again” as well as
delightful ballads such as “If I’d Never
Loved You”
Ethel & Shameless Hussies – Born to Run $35 (Kacey Jones)
Ford, Ernie Ernie Sings & Glen Picks (with Glen
Campbell) $35. This featured just Glen
& Ern and a bass guitarist. A fine
collection of songs none better than
Don Gibson’s “Legend in My Time”.
Ford, Tennessee Ern Capitol Collector’s Series $35 have said
it on many occasions this series was the best representation of an artist’s
work and as most are deleted it is a
case of grab them when you can. Has
29 tracks including one of the biggest
hits of the 50s in “Sixteen Tons” as well
as his self-penned “Shotgun Boogie”
but also includes duets with Kay Starr,
Ella Mae Morse & even Betty Hutton as
well as hard to find gems “River of No
Return” & the best “Davy Crockett”.
Freberg, Stan Capitol Collectors Series $35 21 tracks
of his mostly vocal tracks as well as the
“Dear John & Marsha” in which he
implores the singer to make it more
authentic…a little more husky in the
ferlin….well I love it!
Frickie, Janie Labor of Love $30 Janie interprets the
like of Steve Earle (his best ever song
“My old Friend the Blues”) and Katy
Moffatt (“Walkin’ on the Moon”)
Frickie, Janie After Midnight $30 Her best albums are
ironically the ones where she is billed
as Janie “Frickie” (from Fricke).
Gosdin, Vern Alone $35 ballad driven follow up to
“Chiselled in Stone” and almost as
good. “Chiselled’ had more variety but
this more cry in your beer ballads.
Haggard,Merle Capitol Collectors Series $28 The single
best representation of his work.
Haggard, Marty Borders & Boundaries $25 Only ever
album from Merle’s # 1 son. Some
religious overtones & A+ singing.
Hardwick, Billy Jnr Too Country $30 This one sells and
sells. He had one album & then
seemingly vanished.
Hobbs, Becky All Keyed Up $35 her absolute gem with
all songs written by Becky including the
superb “Jones on the Jukebox”
House, James James House $30. Great MCA debut
Husky, Ferlin Capitol Collectors Series $35 The best
cd of Ferlin & of course deleted.
Jansen, Frank You’re a Phone Call I Need to Make $30
Great album on the Bob Grady label.
Sold heaps but now unavailable.
Jones, George Friends in High Places $30
Jones, George You Oughtta be Here With Me $30 Two
of the last albums he recorded for Epic
were also 2 of his best ever. The first, a
duets album featured Randy Travis,
Buck Owens, and Ricky Van Shelton
but the highlights are his duet with
Vern Gosdin on “All That We’ve Got
Left” and “If I Could Bottle This Up”
With Shelby Lynne. The second has arguably the best selection of songs
George ever assembled on one album &
the Roger Miller title song may be best.
Jones, George Wine Coloured Roses $60 very hard to
Get on cd. Great duet with Patti Page
On “You Never Looked That Godo When
You Were Mine”.
Jones, George Live at Dancetown USA $60 Great
1965 show with superb sound. 26 track
cd with Buddy Emmons on steel guitar.
Kane, Keiran Find My Way Home $38 The hard to find
Atlantic album recorded after the
O’Kanes split and before he formed the
Dead Reckoning label.
Logan, Josh Somebody Paints the wall $70 Yeah, it
is expensive but worth it. He is so
uncannily like Mel Street and even
includes a couple of Mel’s songs.!
McCall, Darrell A Way to Survive $30 Out of print &
features a duet with wife Mona and the
great Buddy Emmons on steel. One of
the best by one of the best.
McCarters The Gift $40 Great harmony singing
sister trio
McCarters Better be Home Soon $25
McQuaig, Scott Scott McQuaig $30 Excellent George
Strait inspired album
Mamas Hungry Eyes Tribute to Merle haggard $30 Major
Label tribute with Jackson, Black,
Randy Travis, Vince Gill etc .Grand!
Mensy, Tim Stone By Stone $30 Great singer with
deep voice as well as being a top
guitar player & writer, where he enjoys much success.
Miller, Roger Volume One:Country Tunesmith $38
Not many of his own hits but mainly the
songs he wrote for others such as “Tall
Tall trees”, Invitation to the Blues”,
“When Two Worlds Collide” 21 tracks
Moffatt, Katy Greatest Show on Earth $28 The rare
original cover of one of the greatest
female country-folk albums ever.
Montgomery, Melba And Norma Jean First Ladies of country
Music. 10 tracks by Melba and 12 by
Norma Jean, not on her Omni cd. The
Melba tracks include the Harlan Howard
Classic “No Charge”. Norma tracks also include the Harlan Howard gem “God
May Forgive You But I Won’t”
Mowrey, Dude Honky tonk $35 Whilst he made one
more album this gem was never beaten
& made you wonder what happened??
Nelson, Willie Born for Trouble $40
Nelson, Willie The Promiseland $30
Newbury, Mickey In a New Age $35
Owens, Buck Act Naturally $45
Paycheck, Johnny Survivor $30 His last album and very
good indeed with Johnny at his evil
honky tonk best.
Pennington, Ray/B Emmons Swinging Our Way $38
Poe, Michelle Just One of the Boys $45 Produced by
James Stoud. 12 fine songs never rel.
Ragged But Right Great Country String Bands of the 30s
$30 Great RCA release with Riley
Puckett, Gid Tanner, Prairie Ramblers
JE Mainer etc. Wonderful sound.
Rig Rock Deluxe A Musical Salute to the American Truck
Driver $28 with Buck Owens, Junior
Brown, Red Simpson, Steve Earle etc
Rodriguez, Johnny Gracias $60 Capitol label!
Sahm, Doug SDQ 98 $60 Doug’s second best album
disappeared when Watermelon went
belly up soon afters its release.
Sahm, Doug Return of Wayne Douglas $35 Out of
Print and what a pity. Great from go to
Whoa. “There Goes Another One” defines
Nashville Country as well as anyone could.
Scott, Jack Capitol Collectors Series $35. Again this
series represents his best work.
Seals, Dan Rage On $25 The title track is the best
Thing he ever did but the rest of the
album is not shabby either.
Sears, Dawn What a Woman Wants to Hear $28
1991 release. Great vocalist who was
first to record several songs on this
which later became hits for others.
Seely, jeannie Greatest Hits on Monument $28
Shafer, Sanger D Whitey So Good for So Long $40
Shafer, Sanger D Whitey I Never Go around Mirrors $45
Simpson, Red The Best of $35 Excellent 20 tracker of
His original Capitol material…you got it
now deleted.
Springfield, Bobby Lee All Fired Up $30 Inc. “Hank Drank”
Staley, Karen Wildest Dreams $28 1989 MCA album
feat. “He Thinks He’s James Dean”.
Thompson, jeff Jeff Thompson $50 Was going to be the
first album for Arista country but never
came out. More’s the pity as he had a
top deep voice and good songs
including pre-Reba “Greatest Man I
Never Knew”.
Thornton, Marsha Maybe the Moon Will shine Tonight $35
Tubb, Ernest Live 1965 $35 (Rhino) Long deleted &
a real shame as the sound is fabulous.
Troubadours include Cal Smith & Jack
Wagoneers Stout & High $38 with Monty Warden
Wagoneers Good Fortune $38
West, Speedy & Jimmy Bryant “For the Last time” $30
Whitley, Keith I Wonder Do You Think Of Me $35 The
album that he released just before he
died. Superb and as good as “Storms of
Life”, “Killin’ Time’ etc. Pity he had a bit
Too much of the subject matter of the
Vern Gosdin song “Tennessee Courage”
Whitley, Keith Tribute Album $28
Wild Rose Breaking New Ground $28 Debut album on Capitol by all gal group which has at
its centre Pam Gadd & Wanda Vick who
are bluegrass performers of note.
Wild Rose Straight & Narrow $28 2nd cd
Wild Rose Listen to Your Heart $30 3rd and very
hard to get.
Worley, Shane On a Roll $30
Worley, Shane Feelin’ haggard $30
Worley, Shane What’s Goin’ On $30 One of the best
ever indie artists. All produced by the
great Mike Headrick.


DUE SOON ….end of October

Be the first one on your block to have the boy brought home in a box…or words to that effect.

Hank Williams III – Damn Right Rebel Proud $32
1. Grand Ole Opry  2. Wild & Free  3. Me & My Friends 
4. Six Pack of Beer  5. I Wish I Knew  6. If You Can't Help Your Own  7. Candidate for Suicide  8. H8 Line  9. Long Hauls and Close Calls  10. Stoned & Alone  11. P.F. F  12. 3 Shades of Black  13. Workin' Man 

Bear Family News

Pretty quite on the Bear Family front; probably a world wide music trend. These are down to be here in a couple of weeks.
Again there will be no increase despite the Aussie dollars big falls against the Euro in the last month. Please order asap to make sure you get your fill!!

Texas Troubadours – “Instrumentals” $32 Whopping 36 tracks plus 4 Buddy Emmons tracks where he was backed by the boys. Includes Leon Rhodes on guitar.

Carl Mann – “Carl Rocks” $35 Great series. 35 tracks plus deluxe digipak presentation. Includes “Mona Lisa” and many other hits mainly on the Sun label.
Last releases in the series include Screamin’ Jay Hawkins & Sleepy LaBeef

Bob Luman – “Bob Rocks” $35 There are no decent single cds of Bob Luman’s rockabilly/rock & roll recordings till now and this has36 tracks from Liberty & Capitol including “Red Hot”, “Red Cadillac & a Black Mustache” etc. Even a couple of previously unissued tracks. Hot guitar James Burton or Roy Buchanan.

Johnny Burnette –“Johnny Rocks’ $35 36 tracks inc. solo & best of the Rockabilly Trio. All remastered especially for this. 11 rare tracks are included. His Liberty tracks never sound better.

Skeets McDonald – “Heart Brakin’ Mama- Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight” $32 Skeets cut some sizzling rockabillystuff notably the title track and “You Oughtta See Grandma RocK” as well as big hits like the upbeat “Don’t Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes”. 33 tks including unissued “Southland Boogie”.

Country Boys Dream $15 The third sampler for the year with “33 flashes from the archives of oblivion” A must at the price and a great picture of one man band Cousin Emmy on cover.

Hank Snow Reissues.
All have a mass of tracks and follow a theme. German caricature genius Reinhard Kleist who illustrated the fabulously politically incorrectly titled compilation “Shit Happens” though we like to say “Excrement Happens”. Unless you have all the Bear Family Snow box sets you will need this especially as Volume 3 ($390) is the source for may on these. All special digipaks.
1)Snow on the Tracks $35 32 railroad theme songs (sadly a
bit late for Charlie)
2)Snow Under Western Skies $35 (31 western themed)
3)Snow in Hawaii $35 (28 Hawaiian themed..great cover)
4)Snow South of the Border $35 (33 spanish themed)

Thanks for reading. Hope to hear from you.

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