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Thanks to all who took the time to read the June newsletter. This one comes so close on the tail of the June one that both will be able to be referred to concurrently. It was good to receive such a response and I am pleased to say that the best selling albums reflect that people do have great taste.


  • 1 CD $2
  • 2CDs $3
  • 3/4 CDs $6

Thanks to all who took the time to read the June newsletter. This one comes so close on the tail of the June one that both will be able to be referred to concurrently. It was good to receive such a response and I am pleased to say that the best selling albums reflect that people do have great taste.


1) James Intveld – Have Faith $28
2) Peter Cooper – Mission Door $28
3) Fayssoux – Early $28
4) Leland Martin – I’ll Pick the Guitar $28
5) Songs of the Year $32 (with George Jones ‘Murder on Music Row”
6) Steve Young – Tales Around the Horseshoe Bend $28
7) Darrell McCall – Lilydale
8) Tony Booth – Is That All There Is to a Honky Tonk
9) Kathy Mattea – Coal
10)Allen Frizell – A Little Bit of lefty Left in Me

Miss Leslie – “Between the Whiskey & the Wine” $28 Okay we all love Miss Leslie’s previous albums. What if were to tell you this was infinitely better than either? What if I were to tell you this is better than Amber Digby’s albums and then some? Well fact is this is as good as you will ever likely get from any female singer anywhere…anytime. Since her last album Leslie has changed partners, with Amber Digby, would you believe. Amber’s partner, steel man Ricky Davis is now with Leslie and Randy Lindley, Lesley’s former husband is now Amber’s beau. Apparently all are still friends, but obviously there have been moments. What makes this so special (for starters) is that Leslie is responsible for each of the 13 songs and what a fine job she has done. No co-writes even and every one has instant honky tonk classic about it. Leslie has obviously had a hard time with the changing relationship and it is reflected in the songs. There is great variety. “I’m Done With the Leaving” is as good a shuffle as you’d ever hear. This is followed by the wonderful title song, a ballad of the highest quality. It was listening to this track that something struck me right between the eyes. Here was a gal singing with all the soul and spirit (no pun intended) of George Jones. You could almost imagine George recording every song as they run (which would also give him his best ever album).
I always cited Bobbie Cryner singing “The One I Love the Most” as the only example of a female singing like George Jones. Well Miss Leslie has now joined the great Bobbie and it is not just in the isolation of one song. Miss Leslie is also a major instrumentalist and her fiddle work is excellent throughout. The production qualities are as good as you’d ever hear. Ricky Davis has gone up in the world of steel guitar players, but again he didn’t feel the same about Dale Watson as he does about Miss Leslie (we hope not anyway). “I’ll Stand in Line” is a great western swing ditty replete with some Hank Thompson style steel flourishes from Ricky. Every song is of the highest calibre; I know I said that already but there is 13 of them and the album is certainly not stacked at the start as some are. “Pretty Girl” and the relationship ender “I’ll Walk Out” are followed by the swing flavoured “Honky Tonk Hangover” and the closing “Love Will Find You”, which is obviously about her relationship with Ricky Davis and a classic country weeper to boot. I love it and so will anyone who is remotely a fan of real country music.

Mark Chesnutt – “Rollin’ With the Flow” $28 A new album by the greatest country singer to emerge in the last 20 years is always something to look forward to and moments on this stand well alongside his best work. The “A” team backs Mark throughout with Brent Mason on electric guitar, Eddie Bayer on drums, Paul Franklin on steel etc. The material is patchy though so I would rate it only in the middle of Mark’s output. The opener “Things To Do in Wichita” is fine as is his wonderful cover of the Charlie Rich title song. “Going On Later On” is a radio friendly throwaway. “Live to Be 100” is a witty number about “living to be a hundred by giving up everything that makes you want to live that long”. “When I Get This Close to You” has a glorious arrangement straight out of the RCA Nashville sound era. “Come on In the Whiskey’s Fine”, starts as a low down almost Tony Joe White flavoured number in which Mark’s voice shows great style but quickly degenerates in the chorus. Verses 10 Chorus 2. “Woman” is okay whilst “Man in the Mirror” is wonderful and confirms Mark’s status as a singer of the ages. “Long Way to Go’ is a top autobiographical number in which Waylon himself warns Mark of the perils of life on the road. A single acoustic guitar leads into “She Never Got Me Over You” and is joined by a sad fiddle; it may be the album’s best and is the last of 13 songs. It is a mixed bag but still a worthy addition to the collection. Artists like Mark Chesnutt don’t come along every day.

Everly Brothers –“Stories We Could Tell” / “Pass the Chicken & Listen” $32 Sister Suzie, brother John, Martin Luther and yes Phil & Don…the Everly Brothers with their RCA country albums on the one cd. These albums are great and the covers take on a new meaning when handled by the Everlys. “Breakdown” is a totally different song with the wonderful harmonies in place of Kristofferson’s croak. “Green River” (not the CCCR song) is an Everly Brothers original about the wilderness of Kentucky, an oft mentioned area in songs by Merle Travis & John Prine. “Up in Mabel’s Room” features Phil’s distinct voice taking the lead. “I’m Tired of Singing My Songs in Vegas” is a pre-cursor to their famed break up a few years later and has some great steel guitar from Buddy Emmons, for many years a member of their touring band as well. “Stories We Could Tell” is a great John Sebastian song and along with the gentle “Brand New Tennessee Waltz” is a fitting conclusion to the first album. The second album has no Everly originals but has excellent covers including what may be a defining version of Mickey Newbury’s “Sweet memories”. Prine’s “Paradise” is given a great reading. John Prine and the Everly Brothers had a similar upbringing, and this is the perfect song for them. They had their greatest success with songs by the Bryants and fittingly conclude with “Rocky Top”. In my opinion these albums are their best country efforts.

P F Sloan “Here’s Where I Belong: Best of the Dunhill Years 1965-67” $32 Ace Uk have just issued this 27 track cd featuring the prime work of Phil Sloan who was responsible for “Eve of Destruction”, a huge hit for Barry McGuire, and “Take me For What I’m Worth” which was covered by the Searchers as well hits for Jan & Dean and Grassroots. His own recordings have a folk rock flavour that holds up well. Thankfully this features the mono release of the original album which had a ridiculous mix. He still lives and performs around the Los Angeles area.

Johnny Berry – And the Outliers “Shoot! Darn! Yeah” $28 Not to be confused with John Berry, Johnny Berry (who doesn’t do a song called “Chuck B Goode” but maybe should) is a honky tonker with a good style. This is in very limited supply.

Jill King “Somebody New” $30 Follow up to her debut “Jillbilly” and has 14 tracks guaranteed to please fans of Danni Leigh, Heather Myles & co.

Matthews Southern Comfort – “Later the Same Year” $32 BGO reissue expanded to 15 tracks. Ian Matthews had his start in Fairport Convention and even though they are thought of as the quintessential English folk group they started out doing a lot of American country rock covers courtesy of the influence of Matthews. This is similarly flavoured and was originally issued on MCA in 1970.

Rosie Flores – “Rosie Flores” $25 Rosie’s debut back in 1987 was produced by Pete Anderson and so similarities to Dwight Yoakam were no doubt made. This still is her best for mine and includes a big hand from James Intveld, the talented West Coast country come rockabilly artist whose latest album “ Have Faith” is a must for all who like good music. It was at one time reissued by Rounder as “Honky Tonk reprise” but that is now deleted. “Blue Side of town” was later recorded by Patty Loveless but Rosie’s version is hard to beat. “God May Forgive You But I Won’t” has some great Harlan Howard lyrics whilst there is a great Tex-Mex flavour on “Midnight to Moonlight” (again that man Intveld). One of the best female albums of the late 80s.
Just a reminder “James Intveld – Have Faith” $28..a beauty!

Tommy Garrett – “50 Guitars Go South of the Border” 3 cds $40 Appropriately entitled Volume 1 Volume 2 and Volume 3.

Jimmy Durante – “Songs for Sunday” $20 Hard to believe but the Schnozzola’s gospel album is highly sought by collectors and whilst some may say (including Jimmy!) “Everybody’s tryin’ to get into the act!” that is not the case and this is actually darn good, He does 10 songs in his inimitable fashion. “Beyond the Sunset”, “In the Garden” and “Peace in the Valley” are the ones most widely associated with the country genre.

Deke Dickerson ‘King of the Whole wide World” $30 15 new tracks from the man formerly half of the Dave & Deke combo. Known for his adventurous Joe Maphis guitar style and a rockabilly style with a hillbilly bent. Lots of good natued Junior Brown style humour especially on songs such as “Misshapen Hillbilly Gal”.

**Wood Newton – Just for the Love of It $28 Great singer but best known for his writing. In the writing category his “Lily’s White Lies” is Number one (with daylight second) of songs that should have been hits (for Martin Delray). This has12 songs and have been trying to get it for ages. He produces the following album for Leona Williams. The recordings date from the 90s but like all good things you sometimes have to wait. 12 songs in a conversational lyrical style that is reminiscent of other great songwriters in Paul Overstreet and Mike Dekle.

**Leona Williams – Sings Merle Haggard $28 At first look one may have said this was a little predictable but Leona keeps things a little different and hence fresh; not that Hag’s songs would be anything but fresh…you just don’t want anyone singing them like he does because in essence they are hard to improve on. Leona, in true humble style actually includes a couple of songs she wrote and were recorded by her ex husband. “You Take me For Granted” certainly has a biographical tone as does “Some Days When Things are Good”. She is joined by some great musos including Pig Robbins and Charlie McCoy…the elite of the elite. She does a couple of effective gender switches notably on “Working Girl Blues”. The lovey dovey picture of Leona and Merle was certainly not typical of their marriage but Leona has apparently reconciled with Haggard in a strictly plutonic way. One of the best ever female vocals who should have enjoyed much more mainstream success.

**Randy Travis – “Around the Bend” $28 Randy’s first all new non religious album in quite a while finds him In peak vocal form with long time with long time producer Kyle Lehning at the helm. You Didn’t Have a Good Time” is about as good an anti honky tonk song a la Ken Holloway/ Bruce Haynes as you’d hear. He does a great version o f Dylan’s “Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright” which starts out sounding like it is (namesake) Merle Travis picking the
intro and then segues into a wild dobro passage. Production is A+++. The songs are excellent and Randy has never been in better voice. Great.

**Claude Diamond – “On the Loose” $30 Third album from the great folky flavoured country artist which even surpasses “Highway of Life” which was our album of the year a couple of years back. Claude was always very grateful for my review and has kept in touch. He even send me an early copy of the album which I picked up around 8.30 am on the way to getting petrol; by the time I got through the first track I already had my first great line, “Heart & soul couldn’t hold what money could buy”. From the song ‘I’d Rather Have My Memories” the song concludes with a great concept in that he’d rather have her memories than her. A terrific Waylonesque opening leads to pretty swift paced track. By the time I got back I had too many great lines to remember. “Second Hand Soul”, like several tracks has a bluesy folky feel and is no doubt autobiographic about giving his coal mining ways up to follow a musical career (or dancing with the devil as Claude puts it). The pretty darn funny “Blues Don’t Live in Honolulu” reminds of the Mel McDaniel song “You Can’t play the Blues in an Air-conditioned Room”. “The blues don’t live near the ocean or chow down in sushi bars”, “the blues don’t stir a Starbuck or live on rolex time”. Of course he lets us know where the blues do live; Louisiana, Chicago and Mississippi of course where blues live. You have to notice that the instrumentation is a little more adventurous with main muso J David Leonard contributing some nice keyboards. “River of Songs” has a nice fiddle line on a very John Prine-ish track. Claude may not be as well known and may not have the catalogue of Prine but he is every bit as good. “If your road leads to Nashville you need to know they keep the doors locked on Music Row”. “No Pink Cadillac” has a semi rockabilly feel about a bum rap for taking a pink Cadillac. Some nice harmonica on a funny track. “Easier than Mine” is a wish passed on to a young Claude and is a line he too passes on. “Baby’s Last Word” has a continuing theme about staying out of trouble and that is a continuing theme in Claude’s songs; something he doesn’t or hasn’t always succeeded in doing. “Sweaty Limbs & Tangled Sheets” is a pretty self explanatory title for a great cheating song. “He Knows About Me” is Claude’s version of a gospel song and like most of his songs is a little bit different to what me may be used to: “I may be small but he knows about me”. Great artist, third great album. Miss Leslie look out. Love it!. And yes he gets better as we go along. 11 winnners!

Ricky Skaggs – “The High Notes” $32 An exclusive to Crackerbarrel Stores in USA (yes where Enid had her apple pan dowdy) and not available outside USA. Ricky has done new bluegrass style interpretations of 12 tracks that were hits when he was a star of mainstream country. The new interpretations work wonderfully well. Ricky has a lasting and fresh quality. These sound brand new and refreshing…because they are!!
1. Crying My Heart Out Over You
2. Heartbroke
3. Highway 40 Blues
4. I Wouldn’t Change You If I Could
5. You’ve Got A Lover
6. Cajun Moon
7. Honey (Open That Door)
8. Cat’s In The Cradle
9. Uncle Pen
10. Country Boy
11. Lovin’ Only Me
12. Somebody's Prayin’

The Golden Age of American Popular Music: The Folk Hits $32 The series on Ace has been very popular over the years and this features the likes of The Rooftop Singers (“Walk Right In”), Highwaymen (“Michael (Row the Boat Ashore)”, Serendipity Singers (“Don’t Let the Rain Come Down”), Pete Seeger (Little Boxes) etc 28 tracks.

The Browns “The Complete Hits” $25 21 tracks include early numbers such as the early “Looking Back to See” through the smash “Three Bells” and classics such as “Scarlet Ribbons” etc

Alan Price “O Lucky Man” $20
Alan Price “Between Today & yesterday” $20
Two classics in the singer songwriter style by the talented Brit. The first was from the movie of the same name in which Price
kept popping up doing cameos whilst the second was a themed album side one about “Yesterday” and side two about “Today”. “The Jarrow Song” reached the lower part of the charts and with the success the likes of Nick Lowe has had over the years, Alan Price is a logical progression.

Charlie Feathers – Wild Side of Life: Rare & Unissued Recordings 1
Charlie Feathers – Honky Tonk Kind:Rare & Unissued Recordings 2
Charlie Feathers – Long Time Ago: Rare & Unissued Recordings 3
3 volumes by the man who crossed from hillbilly to rockabilly and back again. This contains unissued Sun demos plus singles he recorded in the 80s for his own Feathers label. 18/17/18 tracks with interview. $30 each

Moe Bandy – Songs My Mama Sang $28 2008 gospel album with good singing but a rather predictable set of songs even if he gets the title of “Wonderful Time Up There” (aka as “Gospel Boogie”) a tad wrong.

Sugarland – Love on the Inside $32 We are only handling the deluxe fan edition which has better packaging and 17 tracks as distinct from the standard 12 tracker. Not a bad mix for mainstream country cd.

??Merle Haggard – “From the King to the Barroom”?? Impressive looking compilation of Hag’s MCA material. 24 tracks but shipment has gone astray. Dealing with both US, Germany & Japan is a pleasure. Dealing with UK?? A nightmare, so bear with me and hopefully will be in when you get this.

Back in Stock

“The Best of Broadsides 1962-1988’ $80 This massive 5 cd set from Smithsonian Folkways should be a must for anyone remotely interested in the political or protest song. 89 tracks include Blind Boy Grunt (the alias used so Bob Dylan could record for labels other than Columbia) doing the “Ballad of Donald White” and Janis Ian (who was promoted as Blind Girl Grunt) doing the moving “Shady Acres”. There are well known singers such as tom Paxton, Pete Seeger and Phil Ochs but some lesser know artists such as Matt McGinn and Jim Page being just great. The cds are housed in a bound book with each song being written about in detail with lyrics. Grammy winner and well deserved too.

Due Soon

**Jamey Johnson – “That Lonesome Song” $28 Brilliant artist whose previous work, “The Dollar” showed that major labels still have a role to play. This is an early August release and has 14 songs. One destined to please is “Between Jennings and Jones” and has him analysing his style and yes, that’s where you find his cds in the “J”s between Jennings and Jones. Does a fine cover of “Dreaming My Dreams” and on a couple of tracks even sounds a bit like Tony Joe White.

**George Jones – “The Unreleased Duets” $30 late August but will be highly sought as it includes among other things George singing with his daughter Georgette (Tammy & George’s daughter)

**Keith Anderson – “C’mon” $30 (2nd album)
**Heidi Newfield – What Am I Waiting For $30 (Trick Pony lead singer now solo)
**Chris Knight – Heart of Stone $30

**Rodney Crowell “Sex & Gasoline” $30
** Patty Loveless “Sleepless Nights” $30 Patty’s album of covers. Now on new Nashvilel label and not Epic.

I don’t want to get you too excited but I am trying to get these. I would add that the likelihood of them being around long is remote. They are handled by one of Mickey’s family members and in essence they have inherited many of his traits. Say no more.
** Mickey Newbury DVD $42 Expensive but 147 minutes and features Mickey along with another guitarist running through all his well known songs.
**Mickey Newbury – Blue to This Day $32
**Mickey Newbury – A Long Road Home $32
**Mickey Newbury – It Might as Well Be the Moon 2cds $35
**Mickey Newbury – Live in England $32
**Mickey Newbury – Lulled by the Moonlight $32
**Mickey Newbury – Stories from the Silver Moon Café $32
**Mickey Newbury – Winter Winds $32
**Mickey Newbury – Collectors Box $160 8cd set which is just about out of print. Consists of:
1. Looks Like Rain
2. Frisco Mabel Joy
3. Heaven Help the Child
4. Live at Montezuma Hall
5. I Came to Hear the Music
6. Lovers
7. Rusty Tracks/ His Eye is on the Sparrow (2 on 1)
8. The Sailor/After All these Years
Has been newly remastered with albums being in replicas of the original covers. This is easily the best deal.

Rarities: Very hard to find classics

Browne, Jann Tell Me Why $40 First album on Curb
is long out of print & includes guests in
Emmylou Harris, Wanda Jackson & Iris
Dalton, Lacy J Survivor $40 Her brilliant 1989 album
which is her best & features the superb
“Old Friends” with just Lacy & acoustic
guitar. Jimmy Bowen produced.
Douglas, Jerry Plant Early $25 MCA Masters Series.
Dunn, Holly Blue Rose of Texas $22 Possibly her
best from 1989
Ford, Tennessee Ern “Ernie Sings & Glen Picks” $35 This
has just Ern on vocals and Glen on guitar (and occasional vocal) plus
upright bass. This is the full reissue
with notes & very difficult to get.
Freberg, Stan Capitol Collectors Series $30 21 tcks
& like all in this series top sound & best
representation of an artist’s work.
Frickie, Janie After Midnight $28
Frickie, Janie Labor of Love $30 Janie’s best work
Was on the albums where she changed
her name to Frickie (with an “i”). The
2nd Steve Earle & Katy Moffatt covers.
Gosdin, Vern Alone $35 The album following
“Chiselled in Stone” was Vern’s most
personal all about a marital breakup.
An album of perfect ballad singing.
Haggard, Marty Borders & Boundaries $25
Haggard, Merle Capitol Collectors Series $25 The best
single cd of Haggard’s work.
Hardwick, Billy Jnr Too Country $28 Only album was not
around long. Highly rated gem.
Jones/Montgomery ‘Vintage Collections” $60 this OOP gem is the only place you will get these apart
from a Bear Family box set.
Kane, Keiran Find My Way Home $40 post O’Kanes and pre Dead reckoning. Very hard to get. ss
Lynne, Shelby Soft Talk $25
Lynne, Shelby Tough All Over $25 two early Epic cds.
McCarters The Gift $40 First of only 2 albums by
3 sisters. Great harmonies.
McDaniel, Mel Rockabilly Boy $35 A 1989 classic.
McEntire, Reba Oklahoma Girl $40 2cds 40 of Reba’s
Mercury tracks. OOP and nice package.
McQuaig, Scott Scott McQuaig $30 1989 In vain of George Strait; great honky tonk songs

Montgomery, Melba w. Norma Jean “First Ladies of country”
$32 10 of melba’s tracks not on the above album and includes her piece of
Harlan Howard fluff “No Charge”plus
12 Norma Jean tracks not on other cds.
Mowrey, Dude Honky tonk $35 First of only 2 cds. This
1991 album is best with Jimmy Bowen as producer & a fine song selection.
Newbury, Mickey Ina New Age $35
Newbury, Mickey A Long Road Home $35 His stuff is
Like hen’s teeth BUT good news is we
Hope to have his dvd soon.
Pinkard & Bowden “Gettin’ Stupid” $45 This is a very hard
to get 22 tracker of their best songs inc
“Arab Alabama” & “Libyan on a Jet
Plane”, “She Thinks I Steal Cars” etc.
Poe, Michelle “Just One of the Boys” $50 This is an
album which never made it to the street
but should have. 12 tracks produced by
James Stroud & Don Cook.
Price, Ray Sometimes a Rose $28 One of his last
CBS albums inc. “Not a Dry Eye in the House”. Brilliant voice.
Red Hot & Country $28 17 V.A. tracks not on the artists own
albums with highlights inc. “Goodbye
Comes Hard to Me” by Mark Chesnutt
Johnny Cash (Dylan’s “Forever Young”)
& Carl Perkins, Duane Eddy & The
Mavericks on a 6 minute + “Matchbox”!
Seely, Jeannie Greatest Hits on Monument $25
Shaver, Billy Joe Salt of the Earth $28 OOP & great
Smith, Russell This Little Town $38 Very hard to get
& very country solo album by the voice
of the Amazing Rhythm Aces.
Stuart, Marty The Pilgrim $30 Another classic which is
OOP. The only duet of George & Emmylou!
Thompson, Jeff Jeff Thompson $50 This was going to
be the first release on Arista country
but for whatever reason was never
released. Includes a superb version of
the ballad “Greatest Man I never Knew”
which was recorded before Reba. A few
uptempo tracks have a rockabilly feel.
Van Shelton, Ricky Making Plans $28 The independent cd
that was originally sold only in Walmart
& then had a limited run on Vanguard.
Wagoneers Stout & High $40 First of 2 albums only
Monty warden on vocals; a must for
fans of the Derailers & Mavericks.
Watson, Dale Cheatin’ Heart Attack $35 ss
Watson, Dale Blessed or Damned $30 The sad news
is that the great Hightone label has
folded and even sadder is that these
gems by everybody’s favourite honky
tonker are out of print (as are many
Tom Russell cds) . Only one of each.


An advance is the first release of a cd sent out to press and radio. Generally it will not have the full graphics…pretty pictures etc of the final release but often will be greatly in advance of the actual release. It is not unusual that the actual release gets canned. If it is a future release I will indicate the date. Most of these are 1 copy only.

Anderson, Keith C’Mon $8
Boxmasters The Boxmasters 2cds $12 Billy Bob
Thornton’s new group is just great. One
Cd is originals and second covers,
Carter, Carlene Stronger $8
Cash, Johnny Best of TV Shows 2DVDS now deleted out
here $18
Costello, Elvis This Years Model 2cds pic. Cover $10
Country Way Vol 1 Compilation from Songwriter magazine.
22 tracks $8
Edwards, Kathleen Asking for Flowers $10 pic. cover
Ellis, Tinsley Moment of Truth $5 pic. cover
Evans, Sara GH $5
Giant Sand Provisions $8
Griggs, Andy The Good Life $8
Harris, Emmylou All I Intended to Be $8
Helm, Levon Dirt Farmer $5
Hood, Adam Different Groove $8
Hiatt, John Same Old Man $5
Howard, Rebecca Lyn No Rules $18 full cover almost
Johnson, Jamey That Lonesome Song $15
Jones, George
Jypsi Jypsi $10 pic. Cover Arista country. Ok!!
King, Carole Tapestry 2cds expanded edition $10
Lauderdale, Jim Bluegrass Diaries $5
Lavette, Bettye The Scene of the Crime $8 w Drive By
Lawson, Doyle More Behind Picture Than the Wall $5.
Little Big Town A Place to Land $10 pic. cover.
Louvin, Charlie Charlie Louvin $5
Lucas, Lauren The Carolina Kind $8
McMurtry, James Just Us Kids $8
Mattea, Kathy Coal $8
Merrit, tift Another Country $10 pic. Cover
Montgomery John M. Time Flies $15 (sep release)
Morrow, Cory Vagrants & Kings $8
Paisley, Dan The Moon Over Mine $10 Rounder b/g
Pic. Cover (with Southern Grass)
Parton, Dolly Jolene $5
Prairie Home Comp. Soundtrack. Pic cover $5
Redding, Otis Otis Blue/Otis Redding Sings Soul
Rhino exp. 2cd edition $12
Roadhammers Blood Sweat & Steel $15 pic cover
Rocker, lee Black Cat Bone $8 pic. cover
Rounder Bluegrass Sampler 2008 16 track $10
Rowan, Peter Quartet (w. Tony Rice) $8
Sizemore,Charlie Good News $12 pic. Cover
Skaggs, Ricky Salt of Earth $8 pic cover with Whites
Sly & Family Stone A Whole New Thing $5
Sly & Family Stone Life $5
Sly & Family Stone Small Talk $5
Smart Choice Sampler 18 track Americana comp. $8
Songs for Worship 16 track Time Life gospel comp $8
All compilations are super for anyone
who does a radio show.
Strait, George Troubadour $8
Taylor, Otis Recapturing the Banjo $10
Trischka, Tony Double Banjo Bluegrass $8
Vincent, Rhonda Good Thing Going $12 digipak + pic.
Wainwright,Loudon Recovery $8
Yoakam, Dwight Tomorrow’s Sounds Today $5 Did I ever
tell you about the gal who always asked
for Dwiggit Yockham??
Protest Songs (Smith. Folkways) 23 tracks pic. Cover $15

Two Ultimate Bargains

Bear Family is the best reissue label in the world and they do issue a lot of unusual and obscure stuff. A lot of people are reluctant to try some of these artists but believe me it is like eating blue vein cheese for the first time; once you get over the initial hurdle you will be hooked. So for the princely sum of only $15 you get the choice of two samplers each with 33 tracks. Buy both for $30. They are Bear Family!
Juke Joint Boogie: Country & Rockabilly Classics $15
Includes artists such as Charline Arthur/ Johnny Seay/ Glen Glenn/ Jack Guthrie/ Jimmy Work/ Roy Hall/ Eddie Cletro/ Orval Prophet/ Jimmie Skinner/ Sanford Clark etc.

Snatch It & Grab It: Rhythm & Blues Classics $15 This is obviously more for the rock and rollers but artists like Smiley Lewis, Piano Red, Orioles etc are just screaming to be tried. 33 tracks!

An Emmylou Harris Precis
I have heard some strange things about Emmy’s recent album “All I Intended To Be” but personally I had a mild disappointment. Mind you I thought the trio of songs starting with the one about the Wildwood Flower, followed by “Old Five & Dimers Like Me” and Haggard’s “Kern River” were as good as it gets and certainly a thousand times better than the “Wrecking Ball” style albums whose appeal is beyond my comprehension. So I thought I’d give a brief rundown.

The Best “Roses in the Snow” $20 This was a departure with Emmy adapting the most country approach she had up until the time of this album with a heavy imput from the likes of Ricky Skaggs and the Whites. Skaggs duet with Harris on the Louvin Brothers’ classic “You’re Learning” is breathtaking. They go for it and nail it perfectly. That is what makes this so great, the sheer passion that the participants show. Bluegrass greats Tony Rice and Jerry Douglas offer fine support as does the great Albert Lee who mainly sticks to mandolin and only opts for electric guitar on a couple of tracks. She covers the Carter Family and Ralph Stanley with great aplomb. Rock magazine “Rolling Stone” voted it one their albums of the year and Emmy won a CMA award for her vocal performance. Her rendition of “The Boxer”, the most contemporary song on the album has some nice rustic bits with Bryan Bowers on autoharp being quite prominent. An enduring classic of the highest order, with 2 bonus tracks added to the original.

The Underappreciated “Bluebird” $20 Richard Bennett is a Nashville guitarist and sometime producer. When he takes the producer’s reins sit up and take notice. Steve Earle’s classic “Guitar Town” is a Bennett production as is Marty Stuart’s great “Hillbilly Rock”. All three were recorded around the same time so it is hard to work out why Bennett didn’t appear as producer on every second album in the early 90s. The highlight (and greatest vocal of Emmylou’s career) is her version of John Hiatt’s “Icy Blue Heart”. It builds slowly as first Bennett’s guitar, then Bonnie Raitt’s slide and Keiran Kane’s mandolin join Emmy. Her vocal is mixed well forward. The song builds with “He Stopped Loving Her Today” intensity. Emmylou’s voice soars and I know my good mate, the Cosmic Cowboy takes great pleasure in conducting along. Yes, it is a peculiar trait but he enjoys it and at the end is like Arthur Fiedler swatting flies at an Australian mid summer outback barbeque. The song almost ends too quickly; a “Hey Jude” style fade would seem to have been in order. Her vocals are superb throughout. “Lonely Street” is delightful and her version of Johnny Cash’s “I Still Miss Someone” adds a new dimension to this hoary chestnut. Her songwriting grew under the guidance of her then husband, Paul Kennerley, and “A River for Him” is one of her finest efforts. But “Icy Blue Heart” needs to be played loud and often. Goosebump stuff all the way.

The Rest

*Angel Band $20 Her gospel album with some great counter singing on upbeat numbers such as “We Shall Rise” with Carl Jackson, Emory Gordy and Vince Gill offering great support. Instrumentally a great album too with Mark O’Connor playing an active role. Full marks for not covering the songs every body else does.
*Blue Kentucky Girl $20 Another traditionally styled album with some great covers especially Rodney Crowell’s “Even Cowgirls Get the Blues” plus a reprise of the Gram Parsons’ classic, “Hickory wind”.
*Cowgirl’s Prayer $20 Co-produced by Bennett and featuring a mix of songs from contemporary writers. Her version of Leonard Cohen’s “Ballad of a Runaway Horse” is stunning. Again she shows writing prowess on “Prayer in Open D”. She does a nice cover of “You Don’t Know Me” a hit for Eddy Arnold. Her pre-Wrecking Ball album.
*Duets $20 Some unusual ones such as “Loving You feeling Again” with Roy Orbison plus “Star of Bethlehem” witt Neil Young.
*Elite Hotel $20 Her first Warner Brothers album includes great covers of Rodney Crowell’s “Till I Gain control Again” and the Flying Burritos “Sin City” and “Wheels”. She also does a nice cover of the Beatles “Her There and everywhere”. Two additions appear on the expanded version; the Louvin’s “You’re Running Wild” is performed as a duet with Rodney Crowell.
*Luxury Liner $20 Again some traditional and contemporary covers. The Carter Family classic “Hello Stranger’ is handled beautifully with Nicolette Larson in support. A real eclectic album too with a cover of Chuck Berry’s “You Never Can Tell” followed by the Louvin’s “When I Stop Dreaming”.
*Pieces of the Sky $20 A beautiful selection of songs including the best ever Paul McCartney song, ‘For No One”. Extra bonus tracks are “Hank & Lefty” and “Carolina Cottonfields”
*Quarter Moon in a Ten Cent Town $20 The highlight may be her duet with Fayssoux Starling on “Green Rolling Hills” but this is a great album any way you look at it. She does great covers of 2 Jesse Winchester songs and 2 Rodney Crowell songs. Bonus tracks include a nice duet with the talented Barry Tashian.

John Prine on Atlantic
**John Prine $20 I remember buying this for the first time. Ashwoods were a Sydney landmark from the 30s to the 90s when they moved out of their original premises and changed hands. It was love at first listen. It includes his great songs “Hello in There” (with the saddest of lines…”Old people just grow lonesome waiting for someone to say ..hello in there…hello”), “Sam Stone” (about the military hero who could not adjust), “Six O’clock News” (with the saddest of endings), the strange relationship featured in “Donald & Lydia” and the tribute to his Muehlenberg county roots in “Paradise”. “Flashback Blues” was covered by John Laws who named an album “Rocks in My Pocket and Dirt in My Shoes” after a line from this song. Has there ever been a better debut album?It is essential.

**Diamonds in the Rough $20 The one standard from the second, “Souvenirs” but a lot of great songs none better than “Billy the Bum” (he lived by the thumb and sang of a hobo’s delight) and “Late John Garfield Blues”. A lot more country oriented than his first and concludes with an accapella version of the Carter Family title song

**Sweet Revenge $20 A little looser than the previous two but rich in Prine standards such as “Christmas in Prison” (with its witty “we had turkeys and pistols carved out of wood” line) and the nostalgic good time “Grandpa Was a Carpenter”. True to his Kentucky roots he concludes with a cover of Merle Travis’ “Nine Pound Hammer”. His ability as a storyteller is shown to the fullest in “The Accident” which in someone else’s hands may have been a trite throwaway


(may be only one copy of each) I will try and explain the concept herein. A lot of people seem to find it hard to grasp this but basically what you are getting is the entire store as it would have been had you walked through the door. If you want a cd and you are not just charging a credit card it is imperative that you reserve the cd.

Acosta, Kenny Full Moon on Blues Street $18
Acuff, Roy Good news According to Roy $18 gospel
Adkins, Trace GH Vol 2 $18
Aiken, Mike Hula Girl Highway $15
Alexander, Arthur Lonely Just Like Me:Final Chapter $20
Allan, Gary Smoke Rings in the Dark $18
Allen, Charlie That Was Then This Was Now $18 good
indie artist. Reminiscent slightly less rocky
Travis Tritt. Well produced.
Allen, Rex Voice of the West $22 (Bear)
Allen, Rex Jnr Today’s Generation $20
Allen, Terry Human Remains $20 (Sugar Hill)
Alverson, Tommy Country to the Bone $20
Alvin, Dave Out in California Live $20
Amazing Rhythm Aces Ride Again $18
Anderson, Bill Whispering bluegrass cd + dvd $25
Anderson, Bobby Country Like It Used to be $15
Anderson, John Easy Money $18 (one of his best fr 2007)
Anderson, Keith Three Chord Country etc $10
Asleep at the Wheel Ride With Bob $20 2nd Wills Tribute was
By far the best with Yoakam, Haggard,
Chesnutt, Dixie Chicks and 17 tracks. ss
Bad Livers Hogs on the Highway $10
Bailey Bros Take Me Back to Happy Valley $15
Ball, David Starlight Lounge OOP $20
Bandy, Moe The Hits Vol 1 $18
Bandy, Moe The Hits Vol 2 $18 new recordings
Bare, Bobby Lullabys Legends & Lies 2cds ss $28 Has
Bonus cd of hard to get CBS songs
Barnes, benny Poor Man’s Riches $22 (Bear Family)
Barnett, Mandy I’ve Got a Righ to Cry $10 ss
Bates, Jeff Leave the Light On $15
Bates, Jeff Jeff
Beck Guero $18 cd+ dvd bound book version. Ss
With 52 page book.
Bell, Glenna Road Les Travelled ($18 feat. Johnny Bush)
Bellamy Brothers Number One Hits $18
Bellamy Brothers Jesus is Coming $18 gospel
Benoit, Tab Power of the Ponchetrain $18
Bentley, Dierks Greatest Hits: Every Mile a Memory $18
Berry, Heather Before Bluegrass $15 features new old
timey style songs by Dixie & Tom T Hall.
Bibb, Eric Home to Me $18
Bibb, Eric Natural Light $18
Birmingham, Jarrod Stages $20 ss Great Outlaw stuff.
Blake, Norman/Nancy The Morning Glory Ramblers $18
Block, Rory Country Blues Guitar $20 ss with Stefan
Blue Highway Through the Window of a Train $20
Bogguss, Suzy Sweet Danger $18
Bogguss, Suzy Somewhere Between $20
Bogguss, Suzy Swing! $20
Bonneville, Ray Going by Feel $18 Red House
Borzilova, Natasha Cheap Escape $18 (Nashville singer
tad like of Mary Chapin Carpenter.
Boxmasters The Boxmasters 2cd box $25 see advances
Bradley, Dale Ann East Kentucky Morning $18
Bramlett, Bonnie Beautiful $18 ss
Brazos Valley Boys 60th Anniversary $20
Breiding, Tom The Unbroken Circle $18 Songs of the
West Virgina Coalfields. Excellent acoustic
Concept album. 9 original songs
Bridges Limits of the Sky
Brock, Big george Live at Seventy Five $18 blues harp
Brooks & Dunn Cowboy Town $18
Brooks & Dunn Steers & Stripes $18
Brown, Junior Long Walk Back $15
Brown, Junior Guit With It $15
Brown, Junior Semi Crazy $15
Brown, Junior Mixed Bag $18
Brown, Marty Cryin’ Lovin’ and Leavin’ $10
Brown, Milton Daddy of Western Swing 4cds $35
Brown, Roy Best: Good Rockin’ Tonight $25 Rhino OOP
Browns Complete Hits $25 Collectors choice. A++
Bruce, Ed This Old Hat $18
Burch, Paul Fool for Love $10
Burke, Solomon Soul of the Blues $20 Ss
Burleson, ed Cold Hard Truth $18
Butler, Henry Pianola Live $18 New Orleans.
Byrd, Jon Byrd’s Auto Parts $18 great indie cd
Cagle, Chris My Life’s Been a Country Song $20 2008
Cale, JJ Rewind $20 ss (Time Life 14 tcks)
Camp, Shawn Bluegrass Elvises $20 (w. Billy Burnette)
Features Aubrey Hayney.
Carillo, Frank & Bandoleros: Someday $18
Carlisle, Bill Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight $22(Bear)
Carroll, Adam Lookin’ Out the Screen Door $20 Great
Folk style Texas artist. Prod. Lloyd Maines
Carter, Carlene Stronger $20
Cash, Johnny The Outtakes $40 3cd Bear Family box with 100 page book. Note: One track (out of 100) will stick on most players. The
Normal price is $100
Cash, Johnny American Recordings $15
Cash, Johnny American ReordingS VOL 5 $18
Cassar-Daly, Troy Brighter Day 2cd ltd ed.version OOP $20
Cassidy, Eva Method Actor $18
Caswell, Alan Caswell Sings Caswell $20
Cephas & Wiggins Richmond Blues $20
Cherryholmes II-Black & White $18 bluegrass family
Chesney, Kenny Greatest Hits $20
Chesney, Kenny Just Who I Am $18
Clark, Sanford Shades $22 (Bear)
Clark, Terri GH $18
Clement, Jack Guess Things Happen that Way $18 10/10
Cochran,Hank w. Billy Don Burns Legend & Outlaw $20
“Patsy” about the Patsy is a mindboggler.
Cocker, Joe Hymn for My Soul $18
Colter,Jesse Out of the Ashes $20
Conlee, John Classics $20
Cook, Elizabeth Balls $20 ss her latest & best
Cook, Elizabeth This Side of the Moon $10
Cooke, Sam The Man & His Music $25 OOP 28 tcks
Cordle, Larry Took Down 7 Put Up $20
Cordle/Jackson/salley Lonesome Café $20 ss
Costello, Sean Sean Costello $18 blues guitar wiz.
Costello, Sean We Can Get Together $18 ]
Crowe, J D My Home Ain’t in the Hall of Fame $20
w. Keith Whitley on vocals.
Daley & Vincent Daley & Vincent $18 Rounder 2008
Davis, Skeeter RCA Country Legends $18
Davis, David Troubled Times $20 (Rebel)
Davis, Stephanie Staphanie Davis ss $10
Deep Organ Trio Deep Blue Bruise $18
Derailers Full Western Dress $18
Digby, Amber Music From the Honky tonks $22
Digby, Amber Here Come the Teardrops $22
Doe, John A Year in the Wilderness ss $18
Doucet, Michael From Now On $20 2008 19 Tcks on
Smithsonian Folkways
Dykes, Omar Kent On the Jimmy Reed Highway $20 w.
Jimmie Vaughan
Eaglesmith, Fred 50 Odd Dollars $20
Earle, Justin Townes The Good Life $18
Earle, Steve Guitar Town (2002 expanded) $18
A must have album. His best by far. ss
Earle, Steve Revolution Starts Now $18
Earle, steve Train a Comin’ $20 (unplugged)
Earle/Clarl/Van Zandt Together at the Bluebird Café $20
Earle, Steve El Corazon $20 (Christmas in Washington)
Eaves, Jimmy & jenny Listening to the Bluebird Sing $20
Edwards, Tex Pardon Me I’ve Got Someone To Kill $18
Ely, Joe Best $20 s20 tracks
Ely, Joe Live Cactus $20 w. Joel Guzman
Ely, Joe Musta Notta Gotta Lotta $20 new reissue
Evans, Dave Best of Vetco Years $18 (banjo) 15 tcks
Evans, Sara Three Chords & Truth $20 (stunning)
Evans, Sara No Place That Far $20
Flatlanders Now Again $18
Fleck, Bela Perpetual Motion $10
Fogerty,John Blue Moon Swamp $15
Foley, Sue Love Comin’ Down $18
Fowler, Kevin Bring it On $20
Franklin, Aretha Laughing on the Outside/ Electrifying $22
Franklin, Aretha Yeah!!!/Running Out of Fools $22
Franklin, Aretha Take It Like You Give It/Soul Sister $22
Frizzell, Allan I’m Just a Nobody $20 gospel 2007
Fulks, Robbie South Mouth $18
Gaines, Greta Whiskey Thoughts (w. Raul Malo & Willie)
Gaudreau, Jimmy 2:10 Train (ex Ch3sapeake) $18
Gauthier, Mary Mercy Now $20 ss
Gauthier, Mary Drag Queens in Limousines $20
Gauthier, Mary Filth & Fire $20
Gauthier, Mary Between Daylight & Dark $20
Gayle, Crystal Sing Hogey Carmichael $10 Tops
Geils/Robillatd/Beaudon New Guitar Summit $20
Gibson, Don Legend in my Time $22 (Bear)
Gilkyson, Eliza Beautiful World $20
Gosdin, Vern Till the end $20 Vern’s first solo album
(post Gosdin Brothers) and the title has
Emmylou on duet vocal. Coll. Choice.
Grascals Keep on Walkin’ $20
Green, Grant Iron City $18 jazz guitar/organ/bass
Greenleaf, Diunna Cotton Field to Coffee House 2cds $20
Gregg, Ricky Lynn Get a Little Closer $22 His OOP 2nd and
Infinitely best in a Haggardish style.
Griffin, Patty 1000 Kisses $18
Griffith, Nanci Dust Bowl Symphony $18
Grisman, Dave Dawg’s Groove $20
Hall, Tom T Sings Miss Dixie & Tom T $20 ss
Hamilton, George IV Heritage & Legacy; 50th Anniversary $20
Hancock, Wayne Tulsa $20
Hancock, Wayne Thunderstorms & Neon Signs $22 (original
Deja Disc label)
Hancock, wayne That’s What Daddy Wants $20
Hancock, Wayne Wild Free & Reckless $20
Hancock, Wayne A Town Blues $20
Hanson, Jennifer Thankful $20 (new 2008) 2nd cd.
Hard Hat Dave And the Honky Tonk Knights $20 We rate this as one of the best ever indies It is a bit
like the wonderful 1st Confederate Railroad.
Harris, Emmylou Wrecking Ball $10
Harris, Emmylou Songs of the West $15
Harris, Kim & Reggie Underground Railroad & Civil Rights
Freedom Songs 2 $20 inc. Guy Davis.
Hayden, Rodney Living the Good Life $18
Haynes, Bruce Love at First Sight $10 anti honky tonk
Heartbeats Spinning World $18 (Green Linnet)
Helm, Levon Dirt Farmer $18
Hem Funnel Cloud ss $20
Hensley, Tim Long Monday $18 (w. Rob Ickes/A.Hayney)
Heybale Last Country Album $20
Hiatt, John Best $15
Hill, Byron Ramblings $20 ss great songwriter who
Collaborates with and is reminiscent of the
equally talented Mike Dekle.
Hobart, Rex Forvever Always Ends $18
Hobbs, Becky From Oklahoma With Love ss $18
Hot Club of cowtown Continental Stomp $18
Hough, Julianne Julianne Hough $18
Hubbard, Ray Wylie Dangerous Spirits $18
Hubbard, Ray Wylie Snake Farm $18
Hull, Sierra Secrets $18
Hungrytown Hungrytown $18 (old timey appeal)
Hutchison, meg Come Up Full $20 (Red House)
I See Hawks in LA Hallowed Ground $20 a la Burritos
Insley, Dave West Texas Wine $18
Interstate Cowboy There’s a Road $10
Jackson, Alan Good Time $20 (excellent latest cd)
Jackson, Alan Under the Influence $18
Jackson, Bullmoose Introduction $15 26 tracks..ribald!
Jackson, Carl Songs of the South $20
Jayhawks Rainy Day Music $18 ss
Jefferson, Blind Lemon Best (Yazoo) $20
Jewel Perfectly Clear $18 (Jewel goes country)
Jennings, Shooter Put the O Back in Country $18
Jennings, Shooter The Wolf $18
Jimmy & Johnny If You Don’t Somebody Else Will $22 (Bear)
Johnnie & Jack For Old Times Sake $22 (Bear)
Johns, Sara Big Love in a Small Town $20 Reminds of
Heather Myles & Danni Leigh. A++ cd.
Jones, George It Don’t Get Any Better Than This $20
Jones & Leva Light Enough To Find My Way $18
Jones & Leva Journey Home $18 2 cds on Rounder both
Appalachian style old timey. Original songs.
JR & the Roadkill Choir Bring a Shovel $18
Judds Reunion 2cds $25 Great performances with a mix of Wynonna’s solo hits and the Judds
with wonderfully gushy dialogue! A must. Well Ashley is an actress after all. Superb
Keith, Ben Christmas at the Ranch $18 (steel guitar)
Keith, Ben To a Wild Rose $18 (Neil Young’s band)
Keith, Toby Big Dog Daddy $20
Kilgore, Jerry Loaded & Empty $20
King, James Gardens in the Sky: Bluegrass Gospel $20
Knight, Chris Trailer Tapes $18.
Kohrs, Randy Now It’s Empty $22 OOP ss. Whilst Randy
is principally thought of as a bluegrass
artist this is prime honky tonk & our 2003
Album of the Year. Ss. A must.
Krauss, Alison New Favorite ss $20
Krauss, Alison w. Robert Plant Raising Sand $20
Krauss, Alison Now That I Found You: A Collection $20
Lambert, Miranda Crazy Ex-Girlfriend $18
Lauderdale, Jim The Bluegrass Diaries $20
Lauderdale, Jim Honey Songs (w. Dream Players) $20
Lee, Bryan Katrina Was Her Name $18 (blues)
Leigh, Danni 29 Nights $18 ss the female Dwight
Levine, Duke Beneath the Blue $18 ss
Lewis, Laurie And the Righthands Live $20
Lewis, Zane Zane Lewis $18
Little Willie John Very Best $20
Longview Keep in the Mountains $20
Loose Acoustic Trio Sorrow be Gone $10
Los StraitJackets Velvet Touch Of $10
Loudermilk, John D Blue Train $22 (Bear)
Loveless. Patty Mountain Soul $20 Her career album.
Lovett, Lyle Anthology Vol 1 $20 ss
Lovett, Lyle My Baby Don’t Tolerate ss $18
McBride, Martina Waking Up Laughing $18
McKee, Maria Late December $18
Mcclure, Mike Did 7 $18
McBride, Martina Timeless $18
McClain, Antsy Trailercana (Trailer Pk Troubadours) $18
McCoury, Del The Family $20
McCoury, Del Del & the Boys $20
McCoy, Neal Very Best $18 20 tracker on Rhino.
Mckee, Maria Late December $18
McLean, Don Sings Marty Robins $18
Malo, Raul You’re Only Lonely $15
Malo, Raul Marshmallow World $15 (Christmas)
Marshall Tucker Band Nex Adventure $18
Mattea, Kathy A Collection of Hits $15
Mavericks Super Colossal Smash Hits: Best Of Ss $18
Mavericks What a Crying Shame $15
Mavericks Trampoline $10
Merritt, Tift Tambourine ss $18
Merritt, Tift Bramble Rose $18
Messina, JoDee Greatest Hits $18
Messina, JoDee Delicious Surprise $18
Miller, Buddy Cruel Moon $10
Miller, Buddy Poison Love $10
Miller, Dean Platinum $15
Miller, Julie Broken Things $15
Miller, Roger The World Of $5
Monroe Crossing Live from Silver Dollar City $18 (top shelf)
Montgomery Gentry Back When I Knew It All $15
Montgomery Gentry Some People Change $10
Morrison, Van Pay the Devil $18 his country cd
Morrison, Van Pay the Devil + dvd $25 OOP
Morrison, Van Keep it Simple $15
Mountain Heart Roads That Never end $18
Murphey, Michael Martin Cowboy songs 5 $20
Murphy, Ralph Ralph Murphy $10
Musselwhite, Charlie Delta Hardware $10
Myles, heather Sweet Talk & Good Lies $20
Myles, Heather Highways & Honky tonks $20
Nelson, Bobbie An Audiobiography $18
Nelson, Willie Hell of a Ride $58 4cd box with new version
oF “When I Sang My Last Hillbilly Song” Lots
of tracks.
Nelson, Willie Spirit $18
Nelson, Willie Just One Love $22 indie and one of his
best. Kimmie Rhodes on 2 tracks.
Nelson, Willie Last of the Breed $22 (w.Hag/Price)
Nichols, Joe Real Things $20
Nicholson, Jon Lil sump’m Sump’m $15 blues
Notorious Cherry Bombs Notorious Cherry Bombs ss $20 w. special
Slip case cover. V. Gill + R Crowell Tops.3
O’Brien, Tim Chameleon $20
Osmonds Crazy Horses/The Plan $25 2 on 1
Crazy Horses waaaaaaah waaaaaaaaaah !!
A wonderful track. Closet fan of the highest
Owen, Jim & Friends Sings with Heroes & Friends $18 22 tracker
By the artist who put out a Hank Williams
Album n the 70s. Inc Tommy Cash, Tillis etc
Paisley, Danny & Southern Grass: Room Over Mine $18
Excellent new cd on Rounder label.
Parson, Gram Live at the Avalon Ballroom 1969 2cds $22
Parton, Dolly Backwoods Barbie $18
Parton, Stella Appalachian Blues $15
Paxton, Tom Best of Vanguard Years $20 25 tracks
Paycheck,Johnny She’s All I Got $18 ss
Paycheck, Johnny Complete Gospel Sessions $20
Peasall Sisters Home to You $18 ex O Brother
Perkins, Pinetop & Friends $18 (blues)
Pickerel, Mark Cody’s Dream $15
Pirates of Mississippi Heaven and a Dixie Night $20 new album
Price, Ray The Essential $18 (1cd)
Price, Ray Essential 2cds $28
Prine, John Souvenirs $20
Proclaimers Life with You $18 (2008)
Pullens, Leroy I’m a Nut (Bear) $22
Punch Brothers Punch (Chris Thile) ss $20
Rascal Flatts Still feels Good $20
Reckless Kelly Recovery $18
Red Stick Ramblers Made in the Shade $18
Reed, Dean The Red Elvis $15 (Bear)
Reeves, Jim RCA Country Legends $10
Rhodes, Kimmie Walls fall Down $20
Rich, Charlie Essential 2cds $28
Richards, Jamie No Regrets $18 top indie on D label
Rio Rocko Rio Rocko $10
Robison, Bruce The New world $20
Robison, Bruce It Came from San Antone $18
Rogers, Randy Just a Matter of time $10
Rowan/Rice Quartet $20 (gee TonyRice looks crook)
Russell, Kate Kicking Down the Door $10
Russell, Tom Indians, Cowboys, Horses etc $20
Sadler, Sammy Heart Shaped Like Texas $18
Sansone, Johnny Poor Man’s Paradise $18
Saunders,Pharoah Karma $15 (Impulse Jazz)
Schlegal, Becky For All the World to See $20 Nice!
Acoustic bluegrassy.
Scruggs, Earl Essential 2cds $25
Seeger, Mike Early Southern Guitar Sounds $20
Seeger, Pete American Favourite Ballads 1 $20 Rounder
Seeger, Pete American Favourite Ballads 2 $20 Rounder
Seeger, Pete American Favourite Ballads 3 $20 Rounder
Seeger, Pete American Favourite Ballads 4 $20 Rounder
Seeger, Pete American Favourite Ballads 5 $20 Rounder
Seldom Scene Scene-Chronized $20
Shaver, Billy Joe Everybody’s Brother $20
Shelton, Blake Barn & Grill $20 Great.
Shelton, Blake Pure BS deluxe edition 14 track expanded
edition with nice slip case $18
Shepherd, Ashton Sounds So Good $18
Simon & Garfunkel Live 1969 ss $20 (2008 release) digipak
Singletary, Daryle That’s Why I Sing This Way $20
Sisk, Junior Blue Side of the Blue Ridge $18
Sizemore, Charlie Good News $20 Whitley style bluegrass.
Skaggs, Ricky & Friends Songs of Bill Monroe $20 ss (same as Big
Skaggs, Ricky & Kentucky Thunder: Instrumentals $20
Skaggs, Ricky/Whites Salt of the Earth ss $20
Smith, Russell Midnight Communion $18 (w. Amazing
Rhythm Aces)
Snider, Todd ongs for the Daily Planet $18 Great debut!
Snider, Todd Live! Near Truths & Hoel Rooms $20
Stacey, Phil Phil Stacey $15 (2008 Lyric Street)
Stairwell Sisters Get Off Your Money $20 Great cd with a
Female Old Crow Medicine Show style. All
Great musos from California. Lloyd Maines
Takes the producer’s reins
Stanley, Ralph Great High Mountain $15
Stanley, Ralph Live at McCabes Guitar Shop $20
Stanley Brothers An Evening Long Ago $20
Stanley Brothers Essential Gospel Masters ss $20 (King/SD)
Staines, Bill Old Dogs
Starling, John Slidin Home $20
Steagall, Red Here We Go Again $20 with guests.
Steeldrivers Steeldrivers $18 (Rounder)
Steep Canyon Rangers Lovin’ Pretty Women $18
Stone, Doug My Turn (2007 album) $20
Strait, George It Just Comes Natural ss $15
Strait, george Troubadour $20
Strait, George 22 More Hits $20
Strait, George Greatest Hits $10
Sugar Ray & Bluetones My Life My Friends My Music $20 blues harp
Sumner, J D & Stamps Treasury of memories $18 ss
Sylvia Greatest Hits $15
IIIrd Tyme Out Round III at the Mac $20 ss
IIIrd Tyme Out Footprints: A IIIrd Tyme Out Collection $18
Taylor, Chip w. Carrie Rodriguez “Live from the Ruhr
Triennale $18 Great performances of Chip Classics “Real Thing”/”Wild Thing” etc
Near 70 minutes.
Taylor, Chip w. Carrie Rodriguez Let’s Leave This Town
$18 Great.
Taylor, Chip w. Carrie Rodriguez Trouble W. Humans$18
Taylor, Chip w. Carrie Rodriguez Red Dog Tracks $18
Tillis, Mel Me & Pepper $15
Tillis, Mel Your Body Is an Outlaw $15
Tillis, Pam Rhinestoned $18
Tillis, Pam GH $15
Tillis, Pam It’s All Relative $10
Travis, Merle Guitar retrospective $20 20 tracks
Travis, Randy Rise & Shine ss $18
Travis, Randy You & You Alone $10
Trevino, Justin Take One as Needed for Pain $20
Trischka, Tony Double Banjo Bluegrass Spectacular $18
Tritt, Travis The Storm $18
Turner, Josh Long Black Train $20 ss
Tyson, Ian Songs from the Gravel Road $15
Twisters After the Storm $18 Blues…from Canada
Ulisse, Donna When I Look Back $20 (blues)
Vallilo, Chris Abraham Lincoln in Song $20 Fine indie
Folkish/bluegrass style with 13 songs
about & associated with Honest Abe.
Vincent, Rhonda Good thing Going $20
Vincent, Rhonda Storm Still Rages $20
Wagoner, Porter w. Pam Gadd Something to Brag About $18
Wagoner, Porter Best I’ve Ever Been $18
Wainwright, Loudon III Last Man on Earth $20
Wallace, Roger Hillbilly Heights $15
Wallace, Roger That Kind of Lonely $18
Watermelon Slim & Workers The Wheel Man $18
Watson, Aaron Angels & Outlaws $20
Watson, Dale Truckin’ Sessions $18
Watson, Dale People I Know Places I’ve Been $20
Watson, Doc Trouble in Mind: The Country Blues
Collection $20 ss Sugar Hill
Watson, Doc Guitar Instrumental Collection $20
Watson, Gene In a Perfect World $20
Wayne, Dallas Big Thinkin’ $20 OOP
Wayne, Dallas Here I Am in Dallas $20 Roalty!!
Weiss, Chuck E Extremely Cool $18
Weiss, Chuck E Old Souls & Wolf Tickets $18
Welch, Gillian Soul Journey $20 ss
Wells, Kitty Forever Young ss $18 Kitty sings Dylan &
And more.
West, Dottie Country Legends $18
Weston, John So Doggone Blue $18 Blues harp
White, Joy Lynn Wild Love $10 Great cd; upbeat & superb.
Whites, The Lifetime in the Making $20
Whitley, Keith Sad Songs & Waltzes $20
Whitley/Skaggs Second Generation Bluegrass $20 Great cd from the young Ricky & Keith who both
Have wonderfully dated cowlick hair styles with Ricky’s going left & Keith’s right
Wigler, Matt Thirteen $18 blues keyboard wiz. No vocals
Williams, Hank III Straight to Hell 2cds $20
Williams, Lucinda Car Wheels on a Gravel Road $10
Williams, Robin & Linda Radio Songs $20
Williams, Ron Texas Style $20 (2007 album of year)
Williams, Shari I’m Here to Stay $18 Blues
Willis, Kelly Translated from Love $18
Willmon,Trent A Little More Livin’ $10
Wilmon, Trent Broken In $20
Woodys Teardrops & Diamonds $20
Wright, Curtis Curtis Wright $18 1992 Liberty label gem
Yates, Billy Country $20
Yearwood, Trisha Heaven, Heartache etc $20
Yelvington, Malcolm It’s Me baby $22 (Bear)
Zonn, Andrea Love Goes On $18 (Compass) Top folky
Bluegrass and the last one in the
Alphabetical barrel


a)Avalon Blues: Tribute to Missisippi John Hurt $18
aa)Country Sings Disney 2008 $18
b)Eat to the Beat $25 (Bear Family) all dirty blues songs!
c)Horse Whisperer Soundtrack $15
d)Mystery Train Soundtrack $15
e)Nod to Bob: An Artists Tribute to Bob Dylan $20
f)Poet: Tribute to Townes Van Zandt $18
g)Wandering Eyes: Tales of Forbidden Love $20
h)Wisdom of the Wood:Contemporary Acoustic Music $10
i)Woman’s Heart $18
j)Woman’s Heart 2 $18
1)Blue Collar Comedy Tour:The next generation cd+dvd $10
2)Classic Canadian Songs From Smithsonian Folkways $20
3)Down from the Mountain $15 ss
4)Down Home Saturday Night $18 Smithsonian Folkways; blues,
Country & folk
5)Gloryland: 30 Bluegrass Gospel Classic Time Life 2cds $25
6)How Great Thou Art: Gospel Favourites from the Grand Ol Opry with Trace Adkins, Sara evans, Brad Paisley, Vince Gill $18
7)Jazz the Best:Blue 2cds one vocal one instrumental Japan $18
8)Livin’ Lovin’ Losin’ : A Tribute to the louvin Bros $20 with great
Slipcase cover
9)Modern Folk: 20 track compilation $18
10)Our Side of Town: A Red House Records 25th Anniversary Collection $18 17 tracks
11)Preston Story Volume 1 29 tracks from legendary Melbourne label $18
12)Song Links: A Celebration of English Traditional Songs and Their Australia Variants 2cds $25 Beautifully presented bound book style with 76 page book. 34 tracks…a folkie’s must.
13) TULARE DUST: a Merle Haggard Tribute $20 This great Hightone label release is everything tribute albums should be and more. It firstly has a perfect array of singer-songwriters who themselves know how to interpret plus it doesn’t have the songs very one knows. Best way is to probably list the tracks:
a.Tulare Dust / They're Tearin' The Labor Camps Down - Tom Russell
b.Big City - Iris DeMent
c.Working Man Can't Get Nowhere Today, A - Peter Case
d.Holding Things Together - Dwight Yoakam
e.Daddy Frank - Robert Earl Keen/The Sunshine Boys
f.White Line Fever - Joe Ely
g.My Own Kind of Hat - Rosie Flores
h.Shopping For Dresses - Steve Young
i.Silver Wings - Marshall Crenshaw
j.Irma Jackson - Barrence Whitfield
kYou Don't Have Very Far to Go - Lucinda Williams
l.amblin' Fever - Billy Joe Shaver
mI Can't Be Myself - Katy Moffatt
nI Can't Hold Myself in Line - John Doe
o Krn River - Dave Alvin
14Very Best of Outlaw Country $18 20 tracks
16)Worried Blues The Complete Commercial Output of Frank Hutchison and Kelly Harrell 4cd box (JSP) $40


Cash, Johnny Christmas special 1976 $22
Cash, Johnny Christmas Special 1977 $22
Cash,Johnny Gospel Music Of $20
Green, Peter Splinter Group lIve in Concert $15
Hiatt, John Live from Austin City Limits ss $18
Honeydripper: A Film by John Sayles $8 (advance)
Hooker, John Lee Rare Performances 1960-1984 $20 ss on Rounder label. Both acoustic & electric.
Keen, Robert Earl No 2 Live (Koch) $15
Ken Russell In Search of the English Folk Song $18
Compiled by famous director with Fairport.
Donovan, etc
Los Straitjackets In Concert $18
Lovett, Lyle Soundstage $15 (w. Randy Newman)
Nelson, Willie Last of the Breed $22 w.Price/Haggard
Paul, les Chasing Sounds $25
Setzer, Brian Christmas Extravaganza $15 with the
Orchestra. Play All year round $15


George-Warren, Holly Public Cowboy No 1:Life & Times of Gene
Autry hc 406 pages $35 Scandal point;
Gene had it off with Gale (Annie Oakley)
Hamilton, Marybeth In Search of the Blues $15 pb
Jennings, Dana Sing Me Back Home: Love Death & Country
Music hc $22
McCusker, Kristine Lonesome Cowgirls & Honky Tonk Angels
Women of Barn Dance Radio $18 pb
Rotolo, Suze A Freewheelin’ Time: a Memoir of
Greenwich Village in the Sixties $22 hc
She was the gal on the Dylan album
“Freewheelin’” & is a natch for Bob Fans

One only rarities list.

These are some of the choicest and best titles we have ever carried. The out of print ones may be a little more expensive but are gems. This is strictly first in first served.
Blue, Arkey True Blue $25
Blue, Arkey Sings Twenty Nine Years $25
Boggs, Dock Sings Country Blues $30
60 page bound book.
Burton, Charlie Rustic Fixer Upper $25
Campbell, Scotty Damned If I Recall $30
Canadian honky tonker
Caught in the Webb Tribute to Webb Pierce $30
OOP and a classic. Emmylou,
G.Jones, Dwight etc 21 tracks
Cook, Elizabeth Elizabeth Cook. Indie debut $25
Curless, Dick The Drag Em off the Interstate
Sock It To ‘Em Hits $40
Dekle, Mike Sketches $25
Dekle, Mike Fine Tuned $25
Delray, Martin Get Rhythm $35 Superb!
Delray, Martin What Kind of Man $30
Dickens, Little Jimmy I’m Little But I’m Lou $30 OOP
Edwards, Stoney Poor folks Stick Together:Best $30
Enga, Darl Left for Dead $28
Hand, James Evil Things $30
Hand, James Live from the Saxon Pub $30
Happy Birthday Buck Another Great OOP Tribute with
David Ball, Derailers, Cornell Hurd
Etc 22 tracks inc. 2 from Buck1
Hatchet Honky Tonk Nightime Man $28
Hooker, Jake You Had a Call $30
Jansen, Frank You’re a Phone Call That I Need to
Make $35 OOP on Bob Grady label
Jole Blon 26 tracker on Bear w.72 pg book
Jones, George Hits Then til Now 3cd Time Life $60
60 tracks box set. Nice book
Keeble, Billy Unchained Country $28
Lewis, Jerry Lee Last Man Standing $25 deluxe
Cover book style.
McCall, Darrell Pictures Can’t Talk Back $30 w. guest Johnny Paycheck
Martin, Glynn Moving On With $30
Martin, Glynn Take a Ride on Real Country $30
Martin, Glynn Uncle Sam, Mr Jukebox and My Ex
Wife $28
Morris, Lamar Walls of Memories$30
Mullen, Levi Singer Without a Song $25
Owens, Buck Collection 1959-90 3cds Rhino
Now OOP $60
Paul, Billy Texas Rose $22 Bear
Pennington, Ray w. Buddy Emmons: Swingin’ Our
Way 20 tracker of jazzy western swing $30
Planet Rockers 26 Classic tracks $28 (w. Sonny
Powers, Freddy Silver Eagle $25 2000 OOP
Price, Ray Heart of Country Music $48 His
best album ever from the defunct
Step One label. Ray covers 20 standards in an unplugged setting All great but his version of “Is Anybody Going to San Antone” is
The highlight!
Rainwater, Marvin Whole Lotta Woman $30 (Bear)
Has the withdrawn cover! Great. Rausch, Leon Close to You $28 20 tracks from ex Wills vocalist.
Robertson, Kathy True Confessions of a Girl Country Singer $30 guest Merle haggard
Ryle, Curt You Old Used to Be $30
Shafer, Sanger D “Whitey” So Good for So Long $35
Shafer, Whitey I Never Go Around Mirrors $40
Shearer, Charlie Breakin’ Out $28
Snow, Mitch Every Night You make My Day $30
21 tck. Sounds like Marty Haggard.
Sousley, Rick Patsy Proof $28
Spinks, Kelly Thank God for Cowboys $30
Spinks, Kelly Kelly Spinks $30 Texas honky tonk singer & fiddler.
Stuckey, Nat Pop a Top $30 16 track indie
Talley, James Journey $25
Two Tons of Steel King of a One Horse Town $28
Wade, Norman For a Minute There $35
Watson, Dale` Cheatin’ Heart Attack $35
Watson, Dale Blessed or Damned $30
Watson, Dale I Hate These songs $30
Hightone has gone bust and hence
These essential cds are OOP
Weems, Shayne The Perfect Place $25
West, Speedy/Jimmy Bryant For the Last Time $30 OOP
Williamson, John John Williamson $25 NO, not him
but a brilliant folky honky tonker.
Worley, Shane Shotgun House $35
Worley, Shane On a Roll $30
Worley, Shane Feelin’ Haggard $30
Worley, Shane What’s Going On $30 One of the
best indie artists of all time.

As always if you don’t see it please ask.

All the best




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