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Our walk in store is no more but that is about all that has changed. It was a frantic last couple of weeks and it was great to see so many special friends and supporters during that period. Fear not though, we will be continuing and expanding our mail order business. It will mean greater coverage and greater frequency of newsletters, which I can appreciate, is the only means many have of finding out about the wonderful music we carry. You can reach us 7 days a week. If I am out there is an answering machine and I will get back to you with the greatest of speed. This newsletter is largely devoted to sale items. BUT, there are some wonderful new releases and you can guarantee some of these will feature in the year end lists.

Postage rates will be same as before but read on and see how you can get free postage if you make any Bear Family order this month. Regular


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1 DVD $2
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Fayssoux – “Early” $28 Emmylou Harris fans, and there are one or two, may recognise the name as when she was married to prominent bluegrass/country man John Starling she was featured on several Emmylou Harris albums, most notably “Quarter Moon in a Ten Cent Town” where she even sang a duet with Emmy on “Green Rolling Hills”. She dropped out of the music biz as her marriage to Starling broke up and was rediscovered by accident by Nashville Writer and fellow Red Beet Records artis, Peter Cooper, who also does a fine job as producer. To say this album is spectacular doesn’t do it justice; to say it is up there with Kimmie Rhodes “West Texas Heaven”, Emmylou’s own “Roses in the Snow” and Iris Dement’s wondrous “Infamous Angel” does. It is that good. As well as Emmylou singing harmony we hear the voices of Sheryl and Sharon White, David Ball and Joy Lynn White. “The Blackest Crow” is so wonderfully beautiful with exquisite harmonies from Cooper and about 2/3 of the way through Emmy joins in and lifts it to another level. The saddest steel lines from the great Lloyd Green are a delight. Green shines throughout and on Fayssoux’x own “Early” he is prominent on dobro, something you may not normally associate with the great Nashville session man. “Save It, Save It’ has a country rock feel and is sung as a duet with Peter Cooper. Another great steel solo from Lloyd Green. Back to the folkier stuff on “I Know It’s Over” also written by Fayssoux and that harmony with Emmylou…what is that in mine eye…a tear I believe. Crowell’s “California Earthquake” is given a tender reading. “Amen Children” is given an upbeat bluegrass rendition and prominently features Ricky Skaggs on mandolin and the Whites. “Bugler” is about a dog and was previously done on the Byrds “Farther Along” album, “Walking Home in the Rain” is a top Paul Craft song previously done by Charlie Sizemore with Lloyd Green again taking a prominent role. The other songs are all right up there. This album should have happened years ago. Thank God it is here with us now.

Peter Cooper “Mission Door” $28 Another case of why has it taken so long to get this album out. Cooper is an artist to be reckoned with. For comparison sake he sounds like a countrier Jackson Browne with a style similar to Radney Foster’s earlier albums with a touch of Rodney Crowell for good measure. He wrote 10 of the 12 songs on this with the others coming from Texas songwriter Eric Taylor. “Wine” (which I dedicate to my good mate The Cosmic Cowboy) is all about what wine “doesn’t” do for the singer. “Take Care” is about Townes Van Zandt and has some witty lines you could imagine Townes’ saying. The title comes from the message Townes’ left when he autographed an album for a young Peter Cooper….the only thing Townes himself didn’t do. Eric Taylor’s “Mission Door” features Taylor’s ex wife Nanci Griffith on the 2nd verse, Todd Snider on the 3rd verse and Fayssoux on the 4th verse (after Lloyd Green’s delightful dobro solo). They all harmonise on the final chorus. Goose Bump stuff. “They Hate Me” is jointly driven by Bill Lloyd’s guitar and Jason Ringenberg’s harmonica. “715 (For Hank Aaron)” is equal parts sport and racism with the reaction of people to Aaron breaking Babe Ruth’s record. Great line about Babe Ruth not doing “performance enhancing drugs” but “performance restricting drugs”. “Andalusia” is about a town in Alabama where Hank Williams once lived. “Thin Wild Mercury” is a collaboration with Todd Snider, and features only Cooper on acoustic and Lloyd Green on steel guitar and is all about Phil Ochs. “Phil Ochs feel through the cracks: Judas went electric and never looked back” A stunning album. If you like any of the artists I’ve mentioned in this (and you can chuck in John Prine to the mix) you will love this album.

Allen Frizzell “A Little Bit of Lefty Left in Me” $30 Allen is Lefty’s younger brother and a talent in his own right and with a voice stunningly similar to his older brother. Allen was married to Shelley West having been lead guitarist in Dotty West’s band (Dotty was Shelley’s mother). Shelley recorded with Allen’s older brother David and when she and Allen divorced that relationship also dissolved. He did one Lefty Tribute album in the 80s and only one other album before his 2007 gospel album. That other album “Piece of My Heart” is due to be released some time in 2008. Trust me it is spectacularly good. This Lefty tribute is also fine and even though a lot of the songs are familiar Allen does enough with them to make them that little bit different. The album features Pig Robbins on piano and Sonny Garrish on steel as well as Allen’s lead guitar and superb vocals. The title track is one of those goose bump inducing things that is an absolute knock out. The album ends with the Lefty gospel song “We Crucified Our Jesus” and like all good things leaves us wanting more. David Frizzell joins Allen on “I Never Go Around Mirrors”.

Kathy Mattea “Coal” $28 Another delight. The inspiration behind this was the Sago mine disaster in 2006 in which 12 miners lost their lives. This was in Kathy’s home state of West Virginia. Comparisons are bound to be made with Patty Loveless’ career album “Mountain Soul” which also dealt with aspects of coal mining but not as fully as on this album They both do great renditions of Darrell Scott’s “I’ll Never Leave Harlan Alive” and both versions co-exist wonderfully well. If there has ever been a better song about coal mining than Merle Travis’s “Dark as a Dungeon” I have not heard it. Kathy has us hanging on every word and the conversational style of the song fits her to a t. Backing is first class throughout and credit must go to producer Marty Stuart who keeps things just right and allows Kathy’s voice to shine through. Marty and Stuart Duncan both make strong musical contributions. She covers the works of Jean Ritchie and Hazel Dickens whose song “Black Lung’ about the scourge of coal miners may be the most powerful song here. I subscribe to the theory that all great country singing by a female is folk based and I have every reason to put this forward as a classic example. She has come a long way from being a Country Music Association Female Vocalist of the year but this album is just so riveting, intense, dark and yes beautiful I don’t think she’d trade it for 10 of those awards. I always though Kathy was a fabulous folkie and this proves it.

Chime Bells: Best of country Yodel Volume 3 $32 Jasmine UK. Compiler Paul Hazell lived in Australia during the 80s and early 90s and gained a great appreciation of early Australian country music. It is not surprising then that there is quite a few Australian artists featured in the generous 27 tracks. Rather obscure artists such as George Payne stand along side the likes of Reg Lindsay and Canadian artists such as Donn Reynolds and Alberta Slim. There are some great female yodellers too including one time Bob Wills’ member Carolina Cotton and the great Patsy Montana. Very well put together and a must for yodel fans.

Leland Martin – “I’ll Pick the Guitar, You Drive the Truck” $28 Third album by Leland had me holding my breath waiting for the first track to begin. You see his debut “Simply Traditional” was one of the best independent country albums we have ever carried. It hade an Alan Jackson meets John Anderson feel and was right up there with the classic and brilliant songs of both artists with the title track perhaps being one of the best 5 independent tracks of all time. The second album, simply called “Leland Martin” was an overly radio friendly outing that failed in every area in which the debut succeeded. I am pleased to advise this album is everything the second was not and may even be better than the first, which is hard to believe. The album has a loose truck driving theme about it…not so much as being a Dave Dudley style but more so involving itself with truck driving themes in the way someone such as Red Steagall may have. “Royal Purple Peterbilt” is very much in the John Anderson mould. “Renegade Joe’ is about a truck driver’s dog. “Theodore’s Thoughts” sounds like it could be by our pal Dale Watson. “Shake a Truckdriver’s Hand” is all about the general support given to the armed forces. “I’ll Pick the Guitar, You Drive the Truck” is a Moe/Joe style song with the great Moe Bandy collaborating (he also sings on “Wild Bill”)and very well I might add. But the absolute knock out is “Carry On” a song so wonderful that I couldn’t believe how well written it was and how poignant Leland’s delivery was. The trucking connection concerns a critically injured truck driver being brought into hospital and knowing that he will not make it. In the same hospital is a drastically ill woman who is waiting for the transplant that may save her life. You may guess the rest but it is so fabulously written and brilliantly sung that I would defy anyone not to be moved by it. “Thank God for the Satellite Radio” is an encapsulated history of the truck driving song. “Today Ain’t Your Day” is a bluesy witty little ditty about being down on your luck. 14 tracks and a keeper in every sense of the word. And yes I’d say as good as “Simply Traditional’ was this is simply better.

Steve Young – “Stories Round the Horseshoe Bend” $28 This is probably the album that all Steve Young fans have been waiting for; a solo Steve Young performance in which Steve does what he does best, sing and play and introduce each song in a manner that makes its appreciation reach a new level. I heard a rumour that “Seven Bridges Road” was about the bridges that took someone to Hank Williams’ grave but apart from saying that it was about Montgomery Alabama he doesn’t mention Hank…”the song is famous”, he tells us, “I’m not but the song is”…some of the great self deprecating snippets Steve presents us with. He declares his second most famous song to be “Lonesome On’ry and Mean”. It was a song about reforming. Something he didn’t real think Waylon realised. Throughout the intros he liberally makes mention of the likes of Townes Van Zandt. He does a great version of Peter Lafarge’s “Coyote. His “White Trash Song” is introduced as a true story about some cousins of his not to put them down but to lift them up. 27 tracks in total, well make that 15 songs and 12 introductions. Just like being there. He also does other covers such as a great bluesy version of John D Loudermilk’s “Tobacco Road”. Tell you if Steve came to Australia I’d be first in line for tickets. And I reckon there’d be a lot of folks behind me.

Tony Booth “Is All There Is to a Honky Tonk” $28 Tony had the original hit with “Key’s in the Mail box” and recorded several albums on Capitol Records which encapsulated the great themes of country music such as “barstools and cheap California red wine” a line from the title song. He also spent a bit of time with the great Buck Owens (he does a nice version of Buck’s “Sweethearts in Heaven”). A good looking stylish bloke Tony spent much of the time between that initial ouput and this great album as bandleader with Gene Watson. What better place to make a new album than on Heart of Texas Records, the home of Justin Trevino who puts his indelible stamp on this album. There is a new fiddler instead of Bobby Flores in Reggie Rueffler but he loses nothing in comparison and steel guitarist Johnny Cox is a fantastic foil. Vocally Tony is almost a match for Darrell McCall and believe me they don’t come any better than that. “Cold Brown Bottle” is a classic drinking song…it’s all about escapism and that is what is at the heart of all great country music. As with all Justin Trevino albums there is a great mix of shuffles and heartfelt ballads. Of the latter none is better than “Losing You Just Dawned On Me”; Tony wraps his voice around the vocals whilst the saddest steel guitar plays in the background. Brilliant stuff. The Swedish Cowboy has already worn out 3 copies of this album. I keep telling him he isn’t supposed to take them in the sauna but he doesn’t care. I am glad Tony has found Texas..they suit each other to a t. This version of “Keys in the Mailbox” is he best I’ve ever heard. Tony’s voice soars and the fiddles wail. Absolute perfection!

Kimmie Rhodes – “Walls Fall Down” $30It isn’t “West Texas heaven” but it does have its moments, even if the best ones are covers and one of those is the Beatles “Fool on the Hill” and the other Townes’ oft covered “If I Needed You”. Rodney Crowell’s “Sex & Gasoline”, a summation of everything wrong with the world and is nicely handled but Kimmie’s own songs are pleasant but not earth shattering.

Heart of Texas Country Reissues

  1. Hank Thompson – “Treasures: Unreleased 1950s Recordings by Hank Thompson & the Brazos Valley Boys” $28 Sad that Hank passed away before he could complete a new album that he was recording under the auspices of Justin Trevino for Heart of Texas Records. What a deal that would have been. Nonetheless this is pretty special. 20 unissued tracks recorded by Hank in his home studio when he was at his peak. Most are seeing the light of day for the first time and are of the highest standards. Maybe they were filed away and forgotten until someone searched through Hank’s archives. Band members included singer/songwriter Billy Gray, steel guitarists Bobby White and Pee Wee Whitewing and fiddler Curly Lewis. Apart from Hank originals there is a great version of the Ted Daffan classic “Born to Lose’
  2. Cowboy Slim Rinehardt – King of Texas Border Radio $28 He was one of the first true singing cowboys and broadcast over Border Radio in Texas. Patsy Montana got her start singing on the Cowboy Slim show. It was a case of missed opportunities. Ernest Tubb wanted him to sign with Victor and he could have had a recording contract with Decca had he been willing to change his surname to something less German sounding. A member of the Texas Country Music Hall of Fame he died in an auto accident aged only 37. This is the first cd to feature his music and has 26 tracks recorded in the 40s from the paean to being down trodden in “I Had But Fifty cents” to rarely heard western songs . A must for western music fans
  3. Darrell McCall – Lilydale $28 previously only available on cd as part of the Bear Family box set this is a classic album which was recorded for Columbia and featured a great duet with Willie nelson on the title cut and Darrell does a wonderful version of the Willie classic “Sad Songs & waltzes”. And he rivals Gene Watson even with his take on “Dreams of a Dreamer”

Old Faithful: Songs from the Saddle Jasmine UK $32 Another comp. by ex Aussie resident Paul Hazell and there is also a liberal Aussie selection with tracks by Tex Morton, Buddy Williams and June Holms along with classics such as Elton Britt’s “Pinto Pal”, Roy Rogers’ “A Cowboy Needs a Horse” and Carson Robison’s “There’s a Bridal Hanging on the Wall” 27 tracks in all.

Bobby Bare – “Singing in the Kitchen”$28 Omni Includes Bobby’s “kids” album (for kids of all ages) plus his gospel album “This I Believe” plus some rare 45s and album tracks which round things out at 28 tracks. All but one of the songs (“Scarlet Ribbons”) on the “Singin’ in the Kitchen” were by Shel Silverstein.

Shel Silverstein – Inside Folk $30
Shel Silverstein – Boy Named Sue and Other Country Songs $30
Speaking of Shel 2 album reissues the former with 17 tracks and the latter with 12. he does the Johnny Cash recorded “25 Minutes to Go” along with the “Unicorn” and the wacky “It Does Not Pay to Be Hip” on the first and the title cut along with “Pathetic Way Of Getting Over Me” and “Comi
n’ After Jinny” on the second.

Songs of the Year $32 Another cd only released in the CrackerBarrel stores in the USA (where Enid tells me she had a great apple pandowdy, something for which I will have to take her word). The album is sensational and even if 10 of the tracks were absolute crap (which they aren’t) it would be worth it for 2 tracks alone: Randy Travis’ interpretation of the Vern Gosdin classic “Chiselled in Stone” is wonderful. It shows Randy has one of the best ever voices in country music. Only he would have the temerity to cover something so associated with “The Voice”. Second is Dierks Bentley and George Jones cover of “Murder & Music Row”. George is certainly not what he was as a vocalist and as the Cosmic Cowboy suggested poking knitting needles in each ear would be less painful than listening to Dierks Bentley it works spectacularly well. George is down right hilarious on this track. Third highlight is Trace Adkins wonderful take on “Help Me Make it Though the Night”. A great guy with a voice like his deserves something like this and not “Honky Tonk A donk” (or whatever that monstrosity is called). The remaining tracks are:
Willie Nelson & Jack Ingram “Dang Me”
Wreckers “Strawberry Wine”
Trisha Yearwood “Back Hoem Again” (very nice too)
Jo Dee Messina “When I Call Your Name”
Lonestar “City of New Orleans”
Jypsi “Stranger in My House”
Jamie O’Neal & Michael McDonald “I Still believe in You”
Blake Shelton ‘The Gambler”
Deanna Carter & Heart “Go Rest High on That Mountain”

James Intveld – “Have Faith’ $28 It seems as though he has been around forever but this is only James Intveld’s 3rd album and indeed the wait has been worthwhile. James has wide appeal; he is revered by rockabilly fans and yet he is not really a rockabilly. Similarly he is well received by fans of traditional country music but he doesn’t really fit in there either. Despite having been based in Southern California throughout his career he has recently moved to Nashville for some recording and has added a little polish without removing the rough edges. The opener “Pretty World’ (a Wynn Stewart cover) is a great shuffle and features The Jordanaires on backing vocals as well as nice steel and fiddle interplay. It struck me listening to this that James is very much like another artist who is not heard enough in Stacey Dean Campbell. James is a great fan of Rick Nelson and was once a member of his band. Sadly his brother was killed in the plane crash that took Rick’s life. He has collaborated well on his Nashville trip “Let’s get Started” is a a co-write with Kostas and is similarly jaunty. “A Woman’s Touch” (co-write with Gary Nicholson) is a moody ballad. James really has a style of his own. Highly recommended and personally I think his best thus far.

Hayes Carll – “Trouble in Mind” $22 I have always liked Hayes Carll as he has a sense of humour and you get the impression he doesn’t take himself too seriously (in a John Prine kind of way). “Drunken Poet’s Dream” and “Bad Liver and a Broken Heart”, “Knockin’ Over Whiskey” are classic songs of excess. His ability to cover a range of materials is shown on the nice Darrell Scott ballad “Willing to Love Again”. Good Texas fare.

Dale Watson – “Help Your Lord” $30 Very limited edition Dale gospel cd. Nice sound but Spartan packaging. All are original except the opening “Runnin’ for Jesus” which along with “Alone, Alone Alone has an old fashioned foot stomping flavour. “Hey There Sinner” has a trombone solo something I dig and then some. Suffice to say it is Dale, you need nothing more than that.

Due in next week:
**Rosie Flores – Rosie Flores $20 Rosie’s WB debut is on cd for first time even though some tracks were on a Rounder cd.. Now deleted. Easily her best work with guests Wanda Jackson & Carl Perkins.
**Browns – All the Hits $25 New Collectors Choice titles. Jim Ed and his sisters. Naturally includes “Three Bells” but also earlier hits such as “Looking back to See”
**Gene Clark – “Silverado- Live & Unreleased” $25 Collectors Choice

New from Bear Family

*Billy Don Burns – “The Berlin Tapes” $32 Distributed by Bear Family this is a result of the solo tour the slightly wacky Billy Don made to Germany, and features just him and his guitar and a mix of new and old songs of which the spectacular “Outlaws at the Cross” is as good as you are ever going to hear. Comparisons can be made to the likes of Waylon and David Allan Coe, though someone once said to me that where Coe stretches the truth (just a tad mind you) Billy Don actually constricts it. He is a wild and crazy guy but his German mentor has harnessed him to produce what may be his best work. He is a true outlaw and the lyrics, which are included, will make you shake your head. A must for fans of the mentioned artists and the likes of Billy Joe Shaver, Willie Nelson etc.

Juke Joint Boogie: Country and Rockabilly Classics. $15 Bear Family have prepared a sampler to serve as both a bible and an almanac (where did I borrow that phrase from) for their vast volume of work. Strictly limited this 33 track cd is a mere $15 (which even includes postage…see details below). Here the likes of Johnny Seay, Ben Hewitt, Eddie Cletro, Sanford Clark, Glen Glenn, Nita Rita & Ruby (feat. Anita Carter), Rusty York etc. Even includes some previously unissued material. How can anyone pass it by.

Snatch It and Grab It: R & B Classics $15Second of 3 samplers Bear Family are releasing in 2008 (with the 3rd …to feature Country, Bluegrass and Instrumental classics down for November). This features a variety of artists including the raunchy Julia Lee and Nellie Lutcher along with the likes of The Platters, Louis Jordan, The Prisonaires, Smiley Lewis, Mickey & Sylvia, King Curtis (no Fifield…not the wrestler), early Little Richard etc. Again $15 and as a lot of customers have a broad based area of interest something a lot will not pass up. Again 33 tracks. Get both samplers and get a postage credit as well.

Mack Vickery – “Live at Alabama Women’s Prison” $32 Mack Vickery is a famous songwriter responsible for such things as “The Fireman” (George Strait), “Ten With a Two” (Willie Nelson), “Jones on the Jukebox” (Becky Hobbs) etc. This is just about his only album and has been rated as having one of the best or worst album covers of all time. I rate it as the former of course. It is a spectacularly macho style reminiscent of Jerry Lee Lewis and includes the most politically incorrect track of all time in “Meat Man”which is included here as a rare bonus. Pity they don’t include a poster of the cover with it!

Buck Owens “Act Naturally – The Buck Owens Recordings 1953-1964” 5cd + 84 page hard cover book. $210 159 tracks (around 6 ½ hours). One of Buck Owens’ last requests was to have Bear Family chronicle his career and this will be the first in a series of box sets. It also features the very creation of the Bakersfield sound so entrenched in the music of Merle Haggard, Wynn Stewart, Red Simpson and even Dwight Yoakam. It includes the hits and even though many have been out before they will sound better on a Bear Family release. It includes 2 previously unissued performances as well as 12 alternate takes. It starts with his early session work and solo recordings such as “Hot Dog” which was also the title track of his comeback album. The set will also include some studio talk with legendary Capitol records producer Ken Nelson (who recently passed away). Also includes his great duets with Rose Maddox. Will be very popular.

Jimmie Skinner – “One Dead Man Ago: Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight” $32 The “Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight” series features uptempo country songs and this cd features Jimmie Skinner’s Capitol, Decca and Mercury recordings. Includes his biggest chart hit “I Found My Girl in The USA” and 33 other tracks. His style is distinctly country honky tonk and like perhaps his closest counterpart in Ernest Tubb opened a series of specialist music stores. This is the first single cd of his vintage 50s honky tonk classics.

Lefty Frizzell – “Steppin’ Out – Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight” $32 A whopping 35 tracks that focus on the uptempo songs of one of the most influential country vocalists of all time. Includes the answer song “If You Can Spare the Time (I Won’t Miss the Money)” and as an added bonus has a very early track by his brother, David Frizzell. With production by Don Law and great studio musicians such as Grady Martin this is a hard to beat single cd compilation.

Rockin’ And Boppin’ in the Desert: Arizona Rockabilly Vol 2 $35 Digipak presentation with 44 page booklet this 30 tracker features a mix of well known and obscure artists. Everyone from Rex Allen through Waylon Jennings to one time Cricket Niki Sullivan are included.

Sleepy LaBeef – “Rocks” $35 digipak The human jukebox, so called because of his ability to play any tune requested by his audience, is featured on 35 tracks dating from the 50s through the early seventies. The labels include Starday, Dixie, Columbia and Sun. All rock with a bluesy rockabilly sound such as on “Baby Let’s Play House”, “Tore Up”, “I Found Out” and many more.

Screamin’ Jay Hawkins “Rocks” $35 digipak. One of the first to use stage props which explored horror movie themes and is said to have influenced Alice Cooper and Kiss….after all he emerged from a coffin to begin his stage show. As a rocker he was remembered for the spectacular “I Put a Spell on You”, which he also wrote but had many great songs. “Frenzy” was included in the x-Files. Believe it or not he was said to have left behind at least 75 offspring. The cd has a lot of rare tracks which have not previously appeared on cd. This is a continuing series and all are nicely packaged with big booklets. This Jay Hawkins book has a 64 page booklet and certainly will show a lot of the visual side of his act. Other artists who have been thus favoured in this series are:
**Bobby Darin
**Fats Domino
**Connie Francis
**Glen Glenn
**Bill Haley
**Roy Hall
**Dale Hawkins
**Ronnie Hawkins (obviously an advantage if your name is Hawkins!!)
**Wanda Jackson XXXXXXX
**Sonny James
**Buddy Knox
**Jerry Lee Lewis
**Ricky Nelson
**Roy Orbison
**Carl Perkins
**Jack Scott XXXXXXX
**Conway Twitty
**Rusty York
XXXXXXX indicates a “Ballads” cd also exists for this artist. Also $35 each.

Sweet Soul Music 1961-65 This is a continuation of the “Blowin’ the Fuse” series which covered the years 1945-1960. Basically the series could be considered collections of hits by mainly black artists. This is a slightly more expensive series at $38 each but every cd has a 70-80 page booklet, around 80 minutes playing time plus spectacular sound and packaging. As always Bear Family sound quality exceed all else on the market. 1961 has such things as Shirelles (“Will You Love me Tomorrow”), Roy Hamilton (“You Can Have Her”), Bobby Lewis (“Tossin’ and Turnin’”), Chris Kenner (“I Like it Like That”), Lee Dorsey (“Ya Ya”) etc
1962 includes Gene Chandler “Duke of Earl”, Drifters (“Up on the Roof”), Cookies (“Chains”), Clyde McPhatter (“Lover Please”), Arthur Alexander (“You Better Move On” etc
1963 includes Ruby and the Romantics (“Our Day Will Come”), Chiffons (“He’s So Fine”, Doris Troy (“Just One Look”), Miracles (“You Really Got a Hold on Me”), Rufus Thomas (“Walking the Dog” etc
1964 includes Betty Everett (“Shoop Shoop Song”), Mary Wells (“My Guy”), Don Covay (“Mercy Mercy”), DixieCups(“Chapel of Love”), Otis Redding (“Security”) etc
1965 includes Ad Libs (“Boy From New York City”), Wilson Pickett (“In the Midnight Hour”), James Brown (“Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag”), Temptations (“My Girl”) etc

Other June releases include:
**Rufus Thomas “Sun Years Plus” 29 tracks $35 Includes Mama Thornton’s original “Hound Dog” to which Rufus replied with “Bear Cat”.
**John Buck and the Blazers “Chi Chi” 19 tracks $32 an alias of Barry DeVorzon who also recorded as Barry and The Tamerlaines.
**The Cues “Why” 28 tracks $32 Includes original version of “Burn That Candle” a hit for Bill Haley and the Comets.
**Big Al Sears “Sear-iously” $32 Wailing R & B saxophone. 25 tracks and over (yes over) 80 minutes
**Jimmy McCracklin “The Mercury Recordings 1958-1960” $32 Well known as a bluesman McCracklin also graduated to playing rock & roll.

Let Me Be Your Sidetrack: The Influence of Jimmie Rodgers” 6 cd + huge booklet. $160 The new mini box looks a good move by Bear Family. This is getting issued to correspond with the 75th anniversary of Jimmie’s death and Bear Family have gathered together 153 tracks over 6 cds. It even includes a smattering of Australian artists such as Tex Morton (“Dreaming With Tears in My Eyes”), Hawking Brothers (“Old Pal of My Heart”) plus Rick and Thel Carey, Buddy Williams etc. It even includes a Jimmie Rodgers Tribute album which came out on CBS in the early 90s and is of course now deleted. I love David Ball’s version of “Miss the Mississippi” and Bob Dylan’s “My Blue Eyed Janes.
This was delayed from last time. All who have ordered it already don not have to re-order. For Jimmie Rodgers fans it is an absolute must however and you would be advised NOT to miss it.

Also popular last time was:
**Porter Wagoner – “The Cold Hard Facts of Life” $100 3cds + large booklet
Contains in their entirety Porter’s six concept/theme albums of the late60s and early 70s. These are what Porter is best remembered for. The albums in order:
1. Confessions Of A Broken Man
2. Soul of a Convict
3. The Cold Hard Facts of Life
4. The Bottom of the Bottle
5. Carroll County Accident
6. Down in the Alley: Skid Row Joe
These songs are the perfect vignettes of life as seen by Porter. Bear’s publicity notes are worth producing. “Features a rogue’s gallery of murderers, philanderers (what would be a country song without them), depressives, deat-row inmates, unrepentant barflies, panhandling winos, and other losers.” In other words all our favourite types of people. Whilst some of his biggest hits are to be found in these albums (“Green Green Grass of Home”, “Carroll County Accident” to name 2), these are the exception rather than the rule. In general we have songs such as: I Relived My Life Today/ The First Mrs Jones/ Hundred Dollar Funeral/ Bottle Bottle/ The Town Drunk etc. 70 tracks in all and I for one will not be going to beddy byes until I sample each and every one of them. Positively and amazingly essential in every single sense of the word. Brilliant concept. Don’t you love Porter’s narrations??? There are of course a liberal sprinkling herein

Bear Family Special

Many will be familiar with the Bear Family label. It is unquestionably the finest re-issue label in the world with a standard of excellence that others can only hope to reach. Original master tapes are used and booklets that are included are a work of art in themselves. As a special offer any one buying a Bear Family cd or box set will not have to pay postage on any item. FREE POSTAGE on all Bear Family items including box sets. If you order other non Bear Family items then the postage total will be reduced by the amount that would have been applicable on the Bear Family cd. We import direct from Bear Family and our next order will correspond with the release of the above. It is imperative you get your orders in asap.

Orders must be in by Monday 23rd June and will be about a one week delivery time.

A brief word on pricing. Bear Family charge the same for every cd in a set. Thus a 2cd set is twice as expensive as a single cd. On some of the early boxes they didn’t charge extra for the 12”x12” book. They also charge double or triple for the hard cover book. I can’t tell you why the difference..just they are well worth it.

Acuff,Roy King Of Country Music 2cd 57 tracks $60
Adams, Charlie Cattin’ Around 30 tracks $32
Allen, Rex Voice of the West 16 tracks $32
Arnold, Eddy Cattle Call/Thereby Hangs a Tale 25 tracks $32
great sound inc. best ever “Tennessee Stud”).
Arthur, Charline Welcome to the Club 32 tracks $32 Imagine
Patsy Cline with a more upbeat bent.
Bailes Brothers Oh So Many Years 28 tracks $32
Ballew, Michael I Love Texas 22 Tracks $32
Daddy Don’t Live in Heaven 11 tracks $32
You Better Hold On 13 tracks $32
Live at Gruehne Hall 19 tracks $32
Terrific Texas artist, a tad reminiscent of that
other great Texan Chris Wall. Writes most of them.
Bare, Bobby Lullabys Legends & Lies 14 tracks $32
Barnes, Benny Poor Man’s Riches:Complete 50s recordings
33 tracks $32
Barnett, Bobby American Heroes & western legends 27 tracks plus
A massive 68 page booklet $32
Blake, Tommy Koolit – The Sun Years & More 29 tracks $32
Bond, Eddie Rockin’ Daddy2cds 51 tracks from Mercury $60
Bond, Johnny Put me to Bed 30 Columbia tracks $32
Brown, Hylo 1954-60 2cds 46 tracks $60
Bruce, Ed Puzzles 29 early tracks $32
Burnette, Johnny Rockabilly Boogie 28 tracks $32 rockabilly classic.
Butler, Carl A Blue Million Tears 28 tracks $32
Butler, Carl I Wouldn’t Change You If I Could 30 tracks $32
Early recordings with the Webster Brothers.
Butler, Carl/Pearl Crying My Heart Out Over You 12 tracks $32
Carlisles Busy Body Boogie 34 tracks! $32
Carman, Jenks Hillbilly Hula 20 tracks $32
Carman, Jenks The Old Guitar & Me 32 tracks $32
Carman, Jenks Cow-Punk 32 tracks $32 a very distinct style!!
Carter, Anita Ring of Fire 26 tracks $32
Carter, Sara Sara & Maybelle Carter 24 tracks $32 (2 on 1)
Carter, Wilf Dynamite Trail 30 tracks $32
Chappel, Leon Automatic Mama 26 tracks $32
Choates, Harry Devil in the Bayou:Goldstar Recordings 57 tracks
from pioneer of cajun music. Digipak has a 112 page
book. 2cds $60
Cletro, Eddie Flying Saucer Boogie 26 tracks $32
Cline,Patsy Stop Look & Listen 31 uptempo tracks 44pgbook $32
Coe, David Allan Mysterious Rhinestone Cowboy/Once Upon a Rhyme
Coe, David Allan Longhaired Redneck/Rides Again
Coe, David Allan Tattoo/Family Album
Coe, David Allan Human Emotions/Spectrum VII
Coe, David Allan Compass Point/I’ve Got Something to Say
Coe, David Allan Invictus Means Unconquered/Tennessee Whiskey
Coe, David Allan Rough Rider/DAC plus
Coe, David Allan Castles in the Sand/Hello in There plus
Coe, David Allan Just Divorced/Darlin’ Darlin’ plus
Coe, David Allan Unchained/ Son of the South plus
Coe, David Allan A Matter of Life & Death plus
21 Coe albums over 11 cds each $32. When he was
good he was as good as any and when he was bad he
was still better than most!!
Copas, Cowboy Settin’ Flat on Ready 34 tracks 40pg book $32
Dean, Jimmy Big Bad John 26 tracks $32
Dickens, Jimmy I’m Little But I’m Loud 31 tracks $32 Little Jimmy!
Dolan, Jimmy Jukebox Boogie 31 tracks $32
Duncan, Tommy Texas Moon 26 tracks $32 Bob Wills super vocalist
Duncan, Tommy Beneath a Neon Star in a Honky Tonk 28 tracks $32
Eanes, Jim and the Shenandoah Valley Boys 31 tracks $32
Flatt, Lester Live at Vanderbilt w. Bill Monroe 26 tracks $32
Foley, Red Sugarfoot Rag 30 tracks $32
Gibson, Don Legend in my Time 26 tRCA tracks $32
Glaser, Tompall The Rogue 22 tracks $32
Glaser, Tompall The Outlaw 21 tracks $32
Glaser, Tompall My Notorious Youth 23 tracks $32
Glaser, Tompall Another Log on the Fire 24 tracks $32
Guitar, Bonnie Dark Moon 29 tracks $32 Popular cd
Guthrie, Jack Oklahoma Hills 29 tracks $32
Guthrie, Jack Milk Cow Blues 30 tracks $32
Guthrie, Jack When the world Has Turned You Down 22 track $32
Haggard, Merle Same Train a Different Time 29 tracks $32 Jimmie
Rodgers Tribute is also on “Hag” box set.
Hall, Tom T Ballad of Forty Dollars/Homecoming 23 tracks $32
I Witness Life/ 100 Children 22 tracks $32
Tom T’s 1+2 & 3+4 albums as 2 on 1 cds.
Hart. Freddie Juke Joint Boogie 34 tracks $32 early recordings.
Hawkins,Hawkshaw Car Hoppin’ Mama 33 tks 36 pg book $32
Heap, Jimmy Release Me 30 tracks $32
Helms, Bobby Fraulein: The Classic Years 2cds 62 tracks $60
Hogsed, Roy Cocaine Blues 33 tracks $32 Capitol label
Horton, Johnny Rockin’ Rollin 20 tracks $32
Ingle, Red Tim-Tayshun 28 tracks $32
Jennings, Waylon Restless Kid Live at JDS 27 tracks $32
Johnny & Jack For Old Times Sake 32 tracks $32
King, Bob Songs That Tell a Story 30 tracks $32
King, Bob And the Country Kings 26 tracks $32
Canadian artist.
King, Sid Gonna shake This Shack Tonight 29 tracks $32
Loudermilk, John D Sittin’ in the Balcony 23 tracks rock & roll $32
Loudermilk, John D Blue Train 26 tracks mainly pop $32
Loudermilk, John D It’s My Time 24 tracks quite folky $32
McAuliffe, Leon Take Off and More 26 tracks $32
Miller, Ned From a Jack to a King 31 tracks $32 V.popular.
Monroe, Bill Two Days at Newport 17 tracks $32
Moore, Merrill E Boogie My Blues Away 2cd 44 tracks $60
Newman, JimmyC Bop a Hula 2cds 47 tracks $60
O’Day, Molly Cumberland Mountain Folks 2cd 36 tracks $60
O’Quin, Gene Boogie Woogie fever 30 tracks $32 Just like
Wayne the Train Hancock…truly.
Paycheck, Johnny Shakin’ the Blues 29 tracks $32 precedes the
Little Darlin’ recordings but jus tas good!
Payne, Leon I Love You Because 30 tracks $32
Pullens, Leroy I’m a Nut $32
Rainwater, Marvin Whole Lotta Woman 26 tracks $32
Robbins, Marty Island woman 25 tracks $32
Robbins, Marty Hawaii’s Calling Me 28 track 4cd + book
Robbins, Marty Rockin’ Rollin’ Robbins 19 track $32
Robbins, Marty Story of My Life 16 tracks $32
Robbins, Marty Ruby Ann: Rockin’ Rollin 3 $32 20 track
Shaver, Billy Joe Honky tonk heroes 25 tracks $32 His
Capricorn albums on a single cd.
Snow, Hank Wanderin’ On the Best of yodelling Ranger 25 tcks
Snow, Hank Tales of the Yukon 8 tracks $32 narrations
Stanley Brothers 1949-52 24 tracks $32
Stanley Brothers 1953-58 & 1959 49 track 2cds $60
Tubb, Ernest Thirty Days 30 tracks $32
Van Dyke, Leroy The Auctioneer 15 tcks $32 Dot label
Van Dyke, Leroy Walk on By 30 tracks Mercury $32


Arnold, Eddy Tennessee Plowboy 5cd + book $180 Complete
Recordings 1944-1950
Atkins, Chet Galloping Guitar:The Early Years 4cd+book $150
116 tracks.
Mr Guitar – Complete Recordings 1955-1960 7cds +
112 pg hard cover book. 214 tracks $270
Autry, Gene That Silver Haired Daddy of Mine 9 cds + 100 pg
hardcover book. Complete recordings from 1929-
33. 225 tracks $360
Bare, Bobby All American Boy 4cd + book 127 tracks $150
Blackwood Bros Rock-a-My Soul 5cd + 80 page hard cover book
149 tracks. $210
Blue Sky Boys The Sunny Side of Life 5 cd + 76 page hard cover
book. 123 tracks. Superb presentation $210
Bonanza Bonanza 4cd + book 93 tracks Has all of Lorne
Greene’s solo recordings plus2 cast albums plus
Pernell Roberts’ solo album + more!!
Browns The Three Bells 8cd + book 259 tracks. $270 I have
said it before but will say again the sound of this set recorded in RCA Nashville studios is as good as you
could ever hear. Not a dud track either.
Bruner, Cliff And His Texas Wanderers 5cds + book $180 His
complete recordings 1937-1950. Includes guitar
legend Bob Dunn plus Moon Mullican who is the
vocalist on “Truck Driver’s Blues” Western swing!
Burnette, Johnny Complete Recordings 1955-1964 289 tracks 9cd +
116 page hardcover book $360
Carter Family In the Shadow of Clinch Mountain 307 tracks
plus massive 220 page hard cover book with many
previously unseen photos. There are a lot of Carter
Family cds but this is the best $420. A work of art.
Carter, Anita Appalachian Angel 1950-1972 & 1996 7cds + 76 page
hardcover book. $300 173 tracks
Carter, Wilf Cowboy Songs 186 tracks from the 30s. 8 cds +
book. $270
Carter, Wilf A Prairie Legend 100 tracks from 40s 4 cds + book
Cash, Johnny Come Along & Ride This Train 105 tracks $120
4cds + book. 7 concept albums.
Cash, Johnny The Man in Black Vol 1 138 tracks 5 cds + book
$150 Complete Sun + early Columbia
Cash, Johnny Man in Black Vol 2 134 tracks 5 cds + book
$150 1959-1962
Cash, Johnny Man in Black Vol 3 152 tracks 1963-69 6cds + book \ $210
Clifton, Bill Around the World to Poor Valley 231 tracks 8cd + 100
page hard cover book $300. Bluegrass.
Cooper, Wilma Lee Big Midnight Special 4cds + book $180 Wilma & her
husband Stoney’s complete 1947-1964 recordings.
Curless, Dick A Tombstone Every Mile 190 tracks 7cds + book
$240. Deep voiced king of the truckers
Curless, Dick Hard Hard Travelling Man 97 tracks + book $150
Dickens, Jimmy Country Boy 105 tracks + book $150
Dickens, Jimmy Out Behind the Barn 101 tracks + book $150
Flatt & Scruggs 1948-1959 112 tracks 4cds + book $120
Flatt & Scruggs 1959-1963 129 tracks 5 cds + book $180
Flatt & Scruggs 1964-1969 Plus! 169 tracks 6cds + book $210
Flatt, Lester Flatt on Victor Plus 148 tracks + book $210
Foley, Red Old Shep 1933-1950 164 tracks + 96 page hard
cover book $270
Frizzell, Lefty Life’s Like Poetry 12 cd + 152 page book 330 tracks $390
Gibson, Don Singer Songwriter 1949-1960 4cds 122 tracks $120
Gibson, Don Singer Songwriter 1960-1966 4cds 123 tracks $150
Gibson, Don Singer Songwriter 1966-1969 4cds 112 tracks $150
Haggard, Merle Untamed Hawk 5cd + book $180 133 tracks
Haggard, Merle The Studio Recordings 1968-1976 166 tracks $240
6cd + 140 page hard cover book. One of the best box
sets from arguably the greatest country artist of all
time. As good on the covers as his great originals.
Haggard, Merle Hag – The Capitol Recordings 1968-76 6cd + 120
page hard cover book $240. Subtitled Concepts, Live
and Strangers this has all the instrumental albums of
the Strangers plus live albums such as “Land of
Many Churches”.
Hamilton, George IV To You and Yours 6cd + 88 p hard cover book
179 tracks $240 His pop ABC and country RCA
label recordings.
Horton, Johnny The Early Years 110 tracks $150
Horton, Johnny 1956-1960 123 tracks $150 The latter is one of the
most popular box sets we have ever had with all his
big hits. The earlier one shows a slightly different
artist. The same 124 page book appears in both.
Ives, Burl A Little Bitty Tear $180 144 tracks 5 cd + book.
A very high quality set with Burl being given free rein
to the songs of Nashville’s best such as Harlan
Howard and Hank Cochran.
Jackson, Stonewall Waterloo 4cd + hard cover book 124 track $180
Jackson, Wanda Right or Wrong 4 cd + book 124 track $150 Decca
and Capitol recordings up to 1962 many of which
were in a rockabilly/rock and roll style
Jackson, Wanda Tears Will Be the Chaser for the Wine 8 cd + book
219 tracks $270. This we call the Capitol country box
and the other the rock and roll box even though the
2nd does contain some rock & roll and the 1st country.
James, Sonny Young Love 147 tracks 6 cds + hard cover book $240
Jennings, Waylon Destiny’s Child 169 tracks 6cd + hard cover book$240
Jennings, Waylon Six Strings Away 147 tracks 6cd + hard cover book
$240. Shows some of early Waylon to be quite folky &
goes on the second to his more familiar style.
Jim & Jesse Bluegrass And More 136 tracks 5cd+book $180
Johnny & jack And Tennessee Mtn Boys 180 track 6cd+book $210
Jones, George She Thinks I Still Care: The Complete United Artist
recordings 1962-1964 150 tracks $210 Includes the
fabulous duets with Melba Montgomery.
King, Claude Wolverton Mountain 133 tracks 5cd + book $180
King, Pee Wee And His Golden West Cowboys 6cds + book 152
Tracks. Pee Wee’s own brand of western swing.
Kingston Trio The Guard Years 1958-1961 240 tracks 10 cd +
108 page hard cover book $360
Kingston Trio The Stewart Years 1961- 1966 285 tracks 10 cd + 104
page hard cover book. $360
Dave Guard as lead on first; John Stewart on 2nd
Lewis, Jerry Lee Classic Sun Recordings 247 tracks 8 cd + book $240
Lewis, Jerry Lee Locust Years 167 tracks 8cd + book $270
Lewis, Jerry Lee Mercury Smashes 10cd + book $360 223 tracks
Locklin, Hank Send Me the Pillow 3cd + book $120 66 tracks 48-54
Locklin, Hank Please Help me I’m Falling 4cd + book $150 123 track
Luman, Bob Let’s Think About Living: His Recordings 1955-67 117
tracks 4cd + hard cover book $210 more R&R
Luman, Bob 1968-77 145 tracks 5cd + book $180 more country
Macon, Uncle Dave Keep My Skillet Good & Greasy 9cd+dvd+176 page
hard cover book 256 tracks .
Maddox Bros & Rose The Most Colourful Hillbilly Band in America 96
Tracks 4 cd + book. Great.
Maddox, Rose The One Rose 112 tracks 4cd + book $150 the most
versatile female country vocalist of all time.
Martin, Jimmy And His Sunny Mountain Boys 5cds + book 146
tracks of great bluegrass & country $180
McCall, Darrell The Real McCall 143 tracks 5 cds + book $180 The
prime recordings of this great Ray Price influenced
McDonald, Skeets Don’t Let the Stars get in Your Eyes 144 tracks 5cd +
book $180
Monroe, Bill Blue Moon of Kentucky 1936-1949 6cd + hardcover
Book 176 tracks. Includes the original recordings
with his brother Charlie plus early Flatt & Scruggs
prior to going on their own. $270
Monroe, Bill 1950-58 109 tracks 4cd + book $120
Monroe, Bill 1959-69 120 tracks 4cd + book $120
Monroe, Bill 1970-79 105 tracks 4cd + book $150
Monroe, Bill Far Across the Blue water:In Germany 1975 and
1989 94 tracks 4cd + dvd + book $210
Monroe, Bill 1981-1994: My Last Days on Earth 89 tracks
4cd + hard cover book $180
Monroe, Charlie I’m Old Kentucky Bound 1938-1960 110 tracks
4cd + hard cover book $180
Morgan, George Candy Kisses 201 tracks 8cd + book $270
Nelson, Willie It’s Been Rough & Rocky Travellin’ 7 7tracks 3 cds + hard cover book $150
Nelson, Willie Nashville was the Roughest 219 tracks 8 cd +
hard cover book $300
Osborne Brothers 1956-1960 114 tracks 4cd + book $150
Osborne Brothers 1968-1974 109 tracks 4cd + book $150
Owens, Bonnie Queen of the Coast 103 tracks 4 cds + hard
cover book. $180
Oxford, Vernon Keeper of the Flame 5cd + book 142 track $180
Perkins, Carl Classic 136 tracks 5cd + book $150
Pierce, Webb 1951-58 113 tracks 4cd + book $120
Price, Ray The Honky tonk Years 1950-66 10 cds + hard
cover book 266 tracks $360
Rainwater, Marvin Classic Recordings 120 tracks 4cds + book $150
Reeves, Jim Welcome to My World 16 cds + book 447 tracks $500-
Ritter, Tex Blood on the Saddle 110 tracks 4cd + book $150
Ritter, Tex Have I Stayed away too Long 111tks 4cd+book $150
Ritter, Tex High Noon 108 tracks 4cd + book $150
Robbins, Marty 1951-58 151 tracks 5 cd + book $150
Robbins, Marty 1960-66 102 tracks 4 cd + book $150
Robbins, Marty Under Western Skies 97 tracks 4cd + book/ $150
The complete western recordings also inc. lyrics!
Rodgers, Jimmie The Singing Brakeman 6cd + book 145 tracks $210
The book has many previously unseen pictures.
Shepard, Jean Melody Ranch Girl 151 tracks 5 cd + book $180
Smith, Carl Satisfaction Guaranteed 143 tracks 5 cd + book $180
Smith, Connie Born to Sing 127 tracks 4 cds + book $150
Snow, Hank Yodelling Ranger 5cd + book 101 tracks $180
Snow, Hank Singing Ranger Volume 1 105 4cd + book $120
Snow, Hank Singing Ranger Volume 2 112 4cd + book $180
Snow, Hank Singing Ranger Volume 3 327 tcks 12 cd + book $390
Snow, Hank Singing Ranger Volume 4 219 tracks 9cd $300
Snow, Hank Thesaurus Collection 5cds + book 140 tracks $150
Sons of Pioneers Songs of the Prairie 151 tracks 5cd + book $180
Sons of Pioneers Memories of the Range 121 tracks 4cd + book $150
Sons of Pioneers wagons West 114 tracks 4cds + book $150
Stewart, Wynn Wishful Thinking 281 tracks 10 cd + book $330
Travis, merle Guitar Rags & a Too Fast Past 145 track 5cds + book $180
Tubb, Ernest walking the floor Over You 208 tracks 8 cd + bk $270
Tubb, Ernest Let’s Say Goodbye Like we Said hello 5cds 113
tracks 5cd + book $180
Tubb, Ernest Yellow Rose of Texas 150 tracks 6 cd + book $180
Tubb, Ernest Waltz Across Texas 6cds + book 177 track $210
Tubb, Ernest Another Story 179 Track 6cds + book $210
Twitty, Conway The Rock & Roll Years 8cd + book 202 tcks $270
Wagoner, Porter Thin Man from west Plains 112 tracks 4cd + book
Walker, Billy Cross the Brazos at Waco 157 tracks 6cd + book
Walker, Charlie Pick Me Up on Your Way Down 5cds + book 154
tracks $180
Weavers Goodnight Irene 1949-53 11 tracks 4cd+dvd+ hard
cover book $210
Wells, Kitty Queen of Country Music 114 tracks 4cd + book $150
West, Speedy Flamin’ Guitars 113 tracks 4cd + book
with Jimmy Bryant
Wills, Bob San Antonio Rose 11 cds+ dvd+ 168 hard cover book
297 tracks $450
Wills, Bob Faded Love 13 cds + dvd 394 tracks+ 136 pg
hard cover book $510
Wiseman, Mac On Susan’s Floor 114 tracks 4cd + hard cover book $180

$5 Cds

Many of these are one only copies and some may appear in other sections. What that means is we had a few extras so put them out real cheap to cull a bit of stock. It is imperative that you order these first if you are doing a mail order. They will go very quickly and even if listing alternates it still may not be any good. Thanks

Adams, Jay Boy The Shoe Box *
Alabama southern Star
Alger, Pat Seeds
Allen, Jason something I dreamed
Band of Heathens band of Heathens
Barton, Taylor Vapor
Bennett, Gary Human Condition (ex BR549)
Blaker, Clay Rumor Town
Blundell, James I shall be Released:Best
Boxcar Willie Boxcar Willie
Brokop, Lisa Lisa Brokop (autographed)
Brooks, Garth Beyond the Season
Brown, Marty High & Dry
Brown, Marty Cryin’, Lovin’ and leavin’ **
Brown, Marty WildKentucky Skies
Burch. Paul Fool for Love
Bryndle Bryndle (Wendy Waldman, Andrew Gold)
Campbell, Glen Galveston
Campbell, Kate Mounments
Campbell, Stacy Hurt City
Cargill, Acie Oklahoma Roots (son of Henson)
Carpenter, MaryChapin Stones in the Road
Carpenter, MAryChapin Place in the World
Carroll, Jason Michael Waitin in the Country *
Cartwright, Lionel Chasin’ the Sun
Cash, Johnny The Fabulous (first Columbia album)
Cash, June Carter Ring of Fire:The Best Of
Chatwell, J R Jammmin With (western swing legend)
Collins Kids Introducing Larry & Lorrie
Conley, Earl Thomas Best
Conway, Lee Country Classics 2cds
Cook, Elizabeth Hey Y’All *
Corrigan, Candace The Love I’m In
Cunningham, Austin Wher I Come From
Cyrus, Billy Ray Home at Last
Cyrus, Billy Ray It Won’t be the Last *
Dead Ringer Band Living in the Circle
Dead Ringer Band Home Fires
Dennen, Brett So much More
Denver, John Different Fires
Dodd, Deryl One Ride in Vegas
Domino Kings Life and 20
Dowd, Johnny Wrong Side of Memphis
Dowd, Johnny Temporary Shelter
Drake, Dusty Dusty Drake *
Ellis, Darryl & Don No Sir
England, Tyler Highways & DanceHalls
Engvall, Bill 15 Degrees Off cool
Ex-Husbands All Gussied Up
Farmer Jason Rockin’ in the Forest (Jason Ringeneberg)
Farmer Jason A Day at the Farm
Gayle, Crystal Country Legends
Gilmore, Jimmie Dale One Endless Night ******
Hanley, Mick All I Remember
Hargrove,Linda One Woman’s Life
Hayes, Wade Old Enough to Know better
Haynes, Bruce Love at First Sight
Hearne, Bill & Bonnie Diamonds in the Rough
Hoekstra, Doug Blooming Roses
Hollisters Sweet Inspiration
Huckaby, Rick Call Me Huck
Ingram, Jack Extra volts *
Jeffreys, Gina The Flame
Jeffreys, Gina Angel
Jeffreys, Gina Somebody’s Daughter
Joss, Scott Souvenirs (ex Dwight’s band)
Last Train Home Last Good Kiss
Lansdowne, Jerry Travel Light (step One)
Ledoux, Chris Rodeo Songs Old & New
Ledoux, Chris Radio & Rodeo Hits
Lee, Johnny Greatest Hits *
Lee, Robin Best Of
Lee, Robin Black Velvet
McCarver, Cody Peace, Love and CoonDawgs
M’Carver, Kimberley Breathe the Moonlight
McGhee, Wes Border Guitars
McGhee, Wes Heartache Avenue
McKay Brothers Cold beer & Hot Tamales
Mellons, Ken Ken melons
Miller, Roger The World
Mowrey, Dude Dude Mowrey
Newcomer, Carrie TheGeography of Light
Oak Ridge Boys Front Row Seats
O’Hara, Jamie Rise Above It
Parks, John Andrew John Andrew Parks
Parnell, Lee Roy We All get Lucky Sometimes
Parton, Dolly Diamond Series: 16 Top Tracks
Paul, ellis American Jukebox Fables
Petterson, Ed New Punk Blues
Poovey, Groovy Joe The Late Great Me
Prestwood, Hugh All the Way On (Nashville writer)
Pride, Charley RCA Country Legends
Ranger Doug Songs of the Sage
Raybon Brothers Raybon Brothers (Marty Raybon) *
Reeves, Ronna The More I Learn
Remingtons Aim for the Heart (country rock)
Remingtons Blue Frontier
Restless Heart RCA Country Legends
Riders in the Sky New Trails
Rio Rocko Rio Rocko
Robinella & CC Band Solace for the Lonely *
Rogers, Randy Just a Matter of Time $5
Rugg, Hal Steels the Hits of Loretta Lynn
Rung, Brian Brian Rung (Texas Bob Dylan) **
Russell, Kate Kicking Down the Door
Seay, Johnny The Good Years 1958-1999)
Ryan, Tim Tried, True & Tested (warner Western)
Seskin, Steve Live 2cd (wrote “Life’s a Dance”
Smith, Darden Darden Smith
Sons of Champlin Hip L’il Dreams
Star Room Boys Why Do Lonely Women Want to Break etc.
Star Room Boys This World Just Won’t Leave Me Alone
Steagall, Red Love of the West
Sturr, Jimmy Let’s Polka Around
Sublette,Ned Cowboy Rhumba
Thomson, Cyndi My World
Tobin, Karen Carolina Smokey Moon **
Walser, Don Here’s to Country Music *
Walser, Don Texas Top Hand Wrights
Wangford, Hank Best Foot Forward *
Westerberg, Paul Open Season
Whitman, Slim 20 Golden Greats
Williams, Don Best of Don Williams & Charley Pride 2cd
Willis, Kelly What I Deserve
Wills, Mark Loving Every Minute
Womack, LeeAnn Theer’s More Where That Came From *Womack, Tommy Theer I Said It
Woody, Michael Michael Woody (of the Woodys)
Wrights Down This Road (w. Alan Jackson)
Wylie & the Wild West Hooves of Horses
Wylie & the Wild West Paradise


*13 Ways to live:Red House label collection of Texas Songwriters
*Between Goodlettesville & Murfreesboro (all No Depression style)
*Cold Mountain Soundtrack
*Fox & Hound 2 (with Reba/Yearwood etc…songs only on this)
*Give Us Your Poor: New Recordings to End Homelessness (inc. Springsteen, Jewel, Bonnie Raitt etc…only on this album)
*Hit tunes of 1985-86: 17 tracks. Polydor label
* Kid Pan Alley 18 tracks inc. new recordings by Delbert McClinton etc *
*Maverick Soundtrack
*Rockin’ at the Barn Vol 2
There’s a Star Spangled Banner waving Somewhere (Bear Family)
TransAmerica Soundtrack:Has some nice Old Crow Medicine Show etc


Adams, Cleveand Live at the Ragged Edge $10
Allen, Red Lonesome & Blue:Complete County $15
Angel Band With Roots & Wings $10 (Appleseed)
Arnold, Jimmy Riding With Ol Mosby $10
Auldridge/Bennett Blue Lonesome Wind $10 (Mike Auldridge)
Bailey Brothers Take Me Back to H appy Valley $10
Bearfoot Follow Me $10
Bell, Delia/Bill Grant Dreaming $15 “Jack & Lucy’ is 11/10!
Berline, Byron Dad’s Favourites $10
Berrier, Barry First Time With feeling $10 Tops.
Almost Haggard in style.
Blake, Norman/Nancy Back Home in Sulphur Springs $15
Blake, Norman/Nancy Morning Glory Ramblers $15
Blake, Norman be Ready Boys $15 (w. Rich O’Brien)
Blue Highway Wondrous Love $10
Blue Highway Through the Window of a Train $22
Blue Ridge Getting Ready $10
Blue Sky Boys On Radio Vol 4 $15
Bonham, Glen Glen Bonham $15 (like George Jones!)
Bowman, Ronnie It’s Getting Better All the time $10
Bowman, Ronnie Starting Over $10
Bowman, Ronnie The Man I’m Trying to Be $10 recommmended
To those who like a fine vocalist with a blue-
Grass-ish backing.
Boys from Indiana Good Time Blues $10
Bradley, Dale Ann Old Southern Porches $10
Brown, Hylo Thirty Pieces of Silver $10
Camp, Shawn Live at the Station Inn $15
Carter, Joe & Janet Last of Their Kind $15
Charles River Valley BoysBeatle Country $10
Chatham County Line IV $10
Clements, Vassar Livin’ With the blues $15
Country Gentlemen let the Light Shine Down $15
Country Gentlemen Souvenirs $15
Country Gentlemen 25 Years $15
Country Gentlemen Calling My Children Back Home $15
Crowe, J D Lefty’s Old Guitar $15
Crowe, J D Flashback
Crowe, J D Coem on Down to My World $15
Dailey & Vincent Dailey & Vincent $15
Dead Men’s Hollow Live at the kennedy Center $10
Dixie Beeliners Ripe $18
Douglas, Jerry Lookout for Hope 415
Emerson, Bill Sweet Dixie Band $10
Flatt & Scruggs Father’s Table Grace $10
Flatt & Scruggs You Can Feel It In Your Soul$15
Gadd, Pam The Long Road $15 (ex Wild Rose)
Gadd, Pam Time of Our Lives $15 (with Marty Stuart)
Gordons Family Bible $15 (brilliant family bluegrass
Group with Noah Gordon guesting)
Grascals Long List of Heartaches $10
Grier, David Live at the Linda $20
Harrell, Bill and Friends $10 inc Josh Graves/Del Mccoury
Harrell, Michael Reno Drive $15 wArlo Guthrie style of sorts. A+
Harrell, Michael Reno the River $15
Harrell, Michael Reno Grit & Wit $15 2cds
High Windy A Greater Storm $18 (Nice harmonies)
Howard, Randy I Rest My Case $10 (late fiddle wiz)
Hull, Sierra Secrets $10 (mandolin wiz)
Ickes, Rob What It is $15
Infamous Strinbusters Infamous stringbusters Sugar Hill $18
Jackson, Carl Spring Training (w.John Starling) $15
Jarrell/Jenkins/Cockerham Down to the Cider Mill $15 (County)
Jarrell/Jenkins/Cockerham More Old Time Music $15 (County)
Jim & Jesse 1952-1955 $20 (Bear Family)
Jim & Jesse Story $18 CMH 28 tracks!1
Kaukonen, Jorma Blue Country Heart $15
Kaukonen, Jorma Stars in my Crown $15
Kentucky Colonels Feat. Roland & Clarence White $15 BGO Uk
King, James Thirty Years of Farming $15 (great voice)
King Wilkie Low Country Suite $15
Kohrs, Randy I’m Torn $10
Krauss, Alison Now That I’ve Found You: A Collection $15
Lawson, Doyle More Behind the Picture Than the Wall $15
Lawson, Doyle Help is on the Way $20
Lawson, Doyle best of the Sugar Hill Years $15
Lawson, Doyle He Lives in Me $10
Lawson, Doyle Heavenly Treasures $10
Lawson, Doyle You Got to Dig a Little Deeper $10
Leadbetter, Phil Philibuster $15 (dobro wiz)
Lewis, Laurie And Her Bluegrass Pals $10
Loose Acoustic Trio Sorrow be Gone $18
Lynch, Claire Silver & Gold $10
McCoury, Del High, Lonesome & Blue $15
Martin, Jimmy Don’t Cry To Me $10
Mills, Jim Hide Head Blues $10 (banjo)
Monroe, Bill Live from mountain Stage $10
Monroe Crossing Live from Silver Dollar City $18
Murphey, Jimmy Electricity $15 (Sugar Hill)
Newton, Mark Living a Dream $10
Nashville B’grass Band Unleashed $10
Nashville B’grass Band Twenty Year Blues $10
Newton, Mark Follow Me Back to the Fold $10 (duets)
Newton, Mark No Boundaries $10
Newton, Mark Hillbilly Hemingway $15
Nugent, Alecia Alecia Nugent $15 (little like Patty Loveless)
O’Brien, Rich Seasons, Roads & Faces (swing) $10
O’Brien,Tim Chameleon $20
O’Brien,Tim When No One’s Around $10
O’Connor, Mark New Nashville Cats $10 (swing)
O’Connor, Mark Thirty Year Retrospective 2cds $20
O’Connor, Mark In Full Swing $15 (swing)
Osborne Brothers Class of 96 $10
Osborne Brothers Our Favourite Hymns $10
Osborne Brothers When the Roses Bloom in Dixieland $10
Parton, Dolly Haloes & Horns $10
Parton, Dolly Little Sparrow $15
Peasall Sisters Home to You $15 from O Brother! A+
Pederson, Herb Lonesome feeling $15
Reams/Hensley Barons of Bluegrass $10
Red Stick Ramblers Made in the Shade $10
Reno/Smiley Together Again $15
Reno/Smiley Classic Bluegrass on King $18 (OOP 24tcks)
Rice, Larry Clouds Over Carolina $15
Rice, Tony Guitar $15
Rice, Tony Cold on the Shoulder $15 tops!
Rice/Rice/Hillman/Pederson Out of the Woodwork $15
Rice/Rice/Hillman/Pederson Running Wild $15
Rooney, Jim Farewell to the Tracks $15 (great guests)
Rowen, Peter Druha Trava $10
Scott, Darrell Invisible Man $10
Seckler, Curly That Old Book of Mine $15
Shaw, Amanda Pretty Runs Out $10
Shifflett, Karl Worries on My Mind $10
Skaggs, Ricky Honoring the Fathers of Bluegrass $22
Skinner, Jimmy Sings Bluegrass $10
Smith, Kenny/Amanda Tell Someone $10
Smith, Kenny/Amanda House Down the Block $10
Smith, Valerie Wash Your Troubles Away $15
Smith, Valerie Patchwork Heart $10
Smith, Valerie Turtle Wings $10
Sparks, Larry Classic Bluegrass $15
Sparks, Larry 40 $15 (duets inc. Vince Gill/Alison Krauss)
Sparks, Larry Last Suit You Wear $15
Sparks, Larry Old Church Yard $15
Stanley, Ralph I’ll Answer the Call $15 (rebel)
Stanley, Ralph Short Life of Trouble (Rebel) $15
Stanley, Ralph Distant Land to Roam:Carter Family Songs $15
Stanley, Ralph Great High Mountain $15
Staats, Johnny Wires & Wood $15 (mandolin)
Steep Canyon Rangers Lovin’ Pretty Women $5
Stephenson, Larry Life Stories $10
Stephenson, Larry Two Hearts on the Borderline $10
Sullivan, Jerry & Tammy Tomorrow $15 (exc. Bluegrass gospel)
Sweethearts of Rodeo Beautiful Lies (Sugar Hill) $10
Tyminski, Dan Carry Me Across the Mountain $15
Ulisse, Donna When I Look Back $15
Vincent, Rhonda Beautiful Star $10
Vincent, Rhonda A Dream Come True $15
Vincent, Rhonda My Blue Tears $15
Vincent, Rhonda Timeless and True love $15
Walker, Bradley Highway of Dreams $15
Waller, Charlie Songs of the American Spirit $10
Washburn, Abigail Song of Traveling Daughter $10
Watkins, Sean Blinkers On $10
White, Roland Trying to Get to You (Sugar Hill) $10
Whitley/Skaggs Second Generation Bluegrass $15
Whitstein Brothers Sing Gospel Songs of Louvin Bros $10
Williams, Paul Where No One Stands Alone $10 (gospel)
Williams, Robin & Linda In Company of Strangers $10
Williams, Robin & Linda Sugar for Sugar $10
Wiseman, Mac Bluegrass Favourites
V.A. 20 Best of Bluegrass Gospel $10
Best of Bluegrass $18 Great comp on Mercury 22 tracks and is the best primer possible. Also includes rarities such as the original “Fuedin’ Banjo” by Arthur Smith & Don Reno $20
Big Mon $15 Ricky Skaggs & Friends tribute to Bill Monroe inc. Dwight Yoakam, John Fogerty, Patty Loveless, Whites, Travis Tritt etc.
Cool Blue & Lonesome $10 (Sugar Hill)
Dark Holler – Old Love Songs & Ballads cd + dvd Old timey $15
Down Home Saturdya Night $15 (smithsonian Folkways)
More About Jesus -20 tracks $10
Nashville Mandolin 30 Mandolin Classics $10
Nashville harmonicas 30 Harmonica Classics $10
Nashville Dobros 30 Dobro Classics $10 (all King recs)
Prestige Folklore Years 23 tracks inc. Charles River Valley Boys $15
Red White & Bluegrass $10 CMH


Acuff, Roy Greatest Gospel Hits $10
Carson, Martha Gospel Truth $10
Conlee, John Turn Your eyes Upon Jesus $20
Crowe, J D The Model Church $15 (w. Doyle Lawson)
Dean, Jimmy Inspirational Songs $10
Flatt & Scruggs You Can Feel It in your Soul $15
Greene, Jack 20 Greatest Gospel Hits
Haggard, Merle What a Friend We Have in Jesus $10
Jubilation What Ya Gonna Do $10 (w. Bruce Haynes)
Louvin Brothers 20 Greatest Gospel Hits $18
Lynn, Christie Sings (with Porter & Dolly) $10
Nichols, Joe Paul AHill Called Calvary $20
Nelsonl, Willie Gospel favourites $10 (“Family Bible album)
Price, Ray Faith $15
Robbins, Marty What God Has Done $15
Stuart, Marty Soul’s Chapel $15
Walker, Clint Inspiration $15…yes Cheyenne sings gospel.

Wells, Kitty Dust on the Bible $15
Whitman, Slim How Great Thou Art $10
Williams, Hank I Saw the Light $15
Wiseman, Mac Sings Gospel 1 $15
Wiseman, Mac Sings Gospel 2 $15

Advances (these are the entire cd but have abbreviated or no graphics. Some never get released)

Anderson, Keith C’Mon $8 new cd
Bates, Jeff Jeff Bates $8 new indie release
Blue Highway Through the Window of a Train $12 (pic cover)
Boxmasters Boxmasters 2cds $12 (Billy bob Thornton)
Carter, Carlene Stronger $8
Davis, Moot Already Moved On $5 (w. Pete Anderson)
Eady, Jason Wild Eyed Serenade$8 (Wayward Apostles)
Ellis, Tinsley Moment of Truth $5 (pic cover)
Evans, Sara Greatest Hits $5
Griggs, Andy The Good Life $8
Hood, Adam A Different Groove $8 (w. Pete Anderson)
Lawson, Doyle More Behind the Picture than the wall $5
Lewis, Lauren The Carolina Kind $8
Merrit, Tift Another Country $10 pic. cover
Parton, Dolly Jolene $5
Rocker, Lee Black Cat Bone $8 (pic cover)
Shaw, Amanda Pretty Runs Out (Rounder) $8
Sly & Family Stone A Whole New Thing (rock) $3
Sly & Family Stone Life (rock) $3
Sly & Family Stone Small Talk $3
Songs For Worship 16 major label artists performing gospel. The
songs avoid the usual standards. $8
Spartz, Doug The One Who’s leavin’ 20 tck $8
Stacey, Phil Phil Stacey $8
Sweeney, Sunny Heartbreaker’s Hall of Fame $8 pic. sleeve
Travis, Randy Round the Bend $20 This is due out end of
July. It also features a short dvd. The album is
superb and is his first straight country album
in a while, as distinct from the straight gospel
he has been recording; mind you “You Didn’t
Have a Good Time” is about as good an anti
honky tonk song a la Ken Holloway/ Bruce
Haynes as you’d hear. He does a great version
Of “Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright” which starts
Out sounding like it is Merle Travis picking the
intro and then segues into a wild dobro
passage. Producction by Kyle Lehning is A+++.
Tyminski, Dan Wheels $12 (picture cover)
Van Zant My Kind of country $5
Vincent, Rhonda Good Thing Going $12 (picture cover)

Full cds

Prices reflect at least 25-45% drop and apply to stock on hand only .
HINT: There are some really great independents here. Most are $15. Especially fine if I have a brief comment after them.

Ackles, David Five And Dime $15
Adams, Ryan Easy Tiger $15
Albert, Christine TexaFrance Encore! $10
Allan, Gary Tough All Over $10
Allen, Terry Amerasia $10
Allen, Terry Smokin’ the dummy/Bloodlines $15 2on 1
Amazing Rhythm Aces Stacked Deck/Too Stuffed to Jump $18
Amazing Rhythm Aces Toucan Do It to/Burning Ballroom $18
Anderson, Bill The Way I feel $10
Anderson, Bill Whisperin’ Bluegrass cd+dvd $25
Anderson, Bill Definitive Collection $20
Anderson, Bobby Country Like It Used to be $10
Anderson, John Countrified $15 (Collectors Choice)
Anderson, John 2 (Collectors choice WB reissues)
Anderson, John John Anderson $15
Anderson, John Eye of a Hurricane
Anderson, John All of the People Are Talkin’ $15
Anderson, John Greatest Hits $10
Andrews, Slick Let’s Beer it Up $15 Fabulous 50s style
Annita What Good’ll DoMe $15 (rockabilly)
Arnold, Jason with Friends Like these (w. Stepsiders) $15
Arthur, Charlene welcome to the Club $22 (Bear)
Asleep at Wheel Western Standard Time $10
Asleep at Wheel Ride With Bob $20 great western swing
Autry, gene With His Little Darlin’ Mary lee $10
Autry, gene Year Round Cowboy $10
Azar, Steve Indianola $18
Baillie & the Boys Lights of Home $10 lovely clear voice)
Baillie & the Boys Turn the tide $10
Baker, Sam Pretty World $20
Ball, David Starlight Lounge $15
Ball, David Amigo $15
Bandy, Moe Hank Williams You Wrote My Life/ Cowboys
Ain’t Supposed To Cry $22 2on 1
Banford, Kevin King of the Thrift Store Cowboys $15 top indie
Bare, Bobby 20 Greatest Hits $18
Bare, Bobby Lullabies, Legends & Lies $22 (Bear) All
Shel Silverstein songs
Barmby,Shane Let’s Talk About Us $15 shades of Jerry lee
Barnett, Many Platinum $15 (her both albums on 1 cd)
Barnhill, Joe Joe Barnhill $18…very rare..shades of Strait.
Bates, Jeff Leave the Light On $10
Beau Brummels Beau Brummels $15
Beau Brummels Bradley’s Barn $15
Belew, Carl Hits Plus Ones I’ve Written $20
Bell, Knut Honkahillarockabilly $15 title says it all!
Bella, mike Lost in the Shuffle $15 Top indie.
Big & Rich Between Raising Hell & Amazing Grace $15
Bingham, Ryan Mescalito $15
Black, Clint Greatest Hits $10
Black, Clint Killin’ Time $10
Blakley, Ronee s/t $15
Blazy, kent Have Guitar Will Travel $10
Blanchard/ Morgan Weird scenes $15 (Jack & Misty)
Blue, Arkey Best of $22 Bandera Texas King!!
Blue, Arkey Texas Dance Hall Music $20
Blue Line Riders Blue Line Riders $18 (r-a-b appeal)
Bogguss, Suzy Somewhere Between $15
Bogguss, Suzy Swing $15
Boland, Jason Bourbon legend $10 (as good as Texas
Hony tonk w. Outlaw overtones as you’d get)
Bond, Johnny Put Me to Bed $20 (Bear Family)
Bonson, Joe/Coffee Run Love Train $10 (c top country w. bluegrass)
Booker, Patty Fire & Brimstone $15
Borden, Michael Shane Modern Sounds $15 (top indie)
Boxcar Willie King of the Freight train $10 Inc. 2 duets Willie!
Boyd, Bobby The Honky Tonk Tree $15 w. Willie Nelson
BR549 BR549 $10 (telephone cover)
Brennan, Walter Old Shep $10
Brine, Mark American Bleak House $10
Bromberg, David Demon in Disguise $20 his best!
Brooks & Dunn Greatest Hits $15 (ltd leather look cover)
Brooks & Dunn Cowboy Town $20
Brown, Junior Guit With It $15
Brown, Junior Long Walk Back $15
Brown, Junior Semi Crazy $15
Brown, Tanya Rae Meet the Mrs $10 (Mrs Jnr Brown that is)
Brown, T Graham Wine Into Water $10
Brown, Milton Daddy of Western Swing 4cd Proper $35
Browne, Jann Count Me In $15
Bruce, Ed This Old AHt $15
Burgess, Sonny Stronger $10 Great Texas honky tonk
Burleson, Ed Count Me In $15 A+ honky tonk
Burnett, T Bone T Bone Burnett $10 w. jerry Douglas)
Burns, Billy Don Heroes, Friends & Other Troubled Souls $15
Burns, Brian Highways, Heartaches & Honky tonks $20
Superb indie artist from Texas.
Burns, Brian Border Radio $20
Burns, Brian Heavy Weather $20
Burns, Brian Angels & Outlaws $20
Bush, Johnny cashmere Gardens Mud $15
Bush, Johnny Green Snakes $10
Butler, Carl & Pearl Family Affair $18
Butler, Carl & Pearl Crying My Heart Out Over You $22 (Bear)
Butler, Carl A Blue Million Tears $22 (Bear)
Buttercup Evil for You $18 (nice indie r-a-b style)
Byrd, Jon Byrd’s Auto Parts $15
Byrd, Tracy Definitive Collection $15
Byrd, Tracy Greatest Hits $10 (BMG)
Cactus Brothers Cactus Brothers $15
Calamity & Main Honky Tonk Heaven $18 (includes “Daddy
Drank His Vodka Like his hero George Jones)
Camp, Shawn Lucky Silver Dollar $15
Camp, Shawn Fireball $10
Campi, Ray The memory Lingers On (Bear) $18
Campbell, Glen Reunited w. Jimmy Webb $10
Campbell, Glen Walkin’ in the Sun $10
Campbell, Kate For the Living of These Days $10
Cannon, Melanie Melanie Cannon $10
Carey, Rick & Thel regal Zonophone 3cd $18
Cargill, Bobby C Ordinary Man $18
Cargill, Henson A Very Well Travelled Man $15
Cari Lee & Saddle-Ites Brought to You Via $15
Carll, Hayes Little Rock $10
Carlson, Paulette Love Goes On $10
Carlson, Paulette It’s About Time $10
Carolina Cotton Yodelling Blonde Bombshell Vol 1 $20
Carpenter, MaryChapin Party Doll & Other Favourites $10
Carroll, Adam Looking Out the Screen Door $15
Spectacularly good singer/songwriter who
Would appeal to Prine/Eaglesmith fans.
Carroll, Adam Live $15
Carroll, Adam far Away Blues $15
Carter Family On Border Radio Vol 1 $15
Carter Family Country Music Hall of Fame $15
Carter family Can the Circle Be Unbroken 2cd $15 comp.
Carter family Can the Circle Be Unbroken $10 (Columbia)
Carter Family Worried man Blues $10
Carter, Anita Ring of Fire $22 (Bear)
Carter, Carlene Stronger $20
Carter, Joe & Janette Carter Family Favourites $18 (Bear Family)
Cartwright, Lionel Miles & Years $15
Casello, Chrs Done Moved On $20 Hillarockabilly which is
Heavily influenced by Wets & Bryant.
Cash, Johnny Ultimate Gospel $15
Cash, Johnny At San Quentin $10
Cash, Johnny Sings Ballads of the true West $10
Cash, Johnny Silver $10
Cash. Johnny At San Quentin $10
Cash, Johnny Hymns $10
Cash, Johnny Travelling Cash (Bear Family) $20
Cash, Johnny Bitter Tears $18
Cash, Johnny A Boy Named Sue & Other Story songs $10
Cash, Johnny I Walk the Line/Little Fauss & Big Halsy $22
2 0n 1 Bear Family
Cash, Johnny Best of Johnny Cash TV Show $10
Cason, Buzz Hats Off to Hank $10
Chambers, Bill Sleeping With the Blues $15
Chance, Jeff The Jeff Chance Album $10
Chance, Jeff Back Again $20
Charles, Ray Just Between Us $10
Charles, Ray Friendship exp. $18 Duets album
Charles, Ray Modern Sounds in Country & Western $18
Chas & Dave One Fing n Anuvver $15
Chesney, Kenny Be As You Are $10
Chesney, Kenny Just Who I Am: Poets & Pirates $18
Chesney, Kenny Road & the Radio $10
Chesnutt, Mark Greatest Hits $10
Chesnutt, Mark Hear it in a Love Song $20
Chesnutt, Mark Almost Goodbye $10
Chesnutt, Mark Too Cold at Home $15 One of Yesterday &
Today Records all time Top 10.
Chesnutt, Mark Longnecks & Short Stories $10
Chesnutt, Mark What a Way to Live 410
Chesnutt, Mark Wings $10
Chesnutt, Mark Thank God For Believers $10
Chieftains Tears of Stone $15
Christian, T j The VanishingBreed $20
Chrysler, Eugene Hillbilly Shakespeare $15 (hilla-rockailly)
Clark, Guy Cold Dog Soup $15
Clark, Guy The Dark $15
Clement,Cowboy Jack Guess Things Happen That Way $15 (inc.
J Cash’s very last vocal) A++
Cline, Patsy Definitive $15
Cline,Patsy/Jim Reeves Remembering $10 (inc. arranged duet)
Cochran, Hank Living for a Song $15
Cochran, Hank Heart Of:THE Monument Sessions $20
Cochran, Tammy Where I Am $10
Coe, David Allan Nothing Sacred $10
Coe, David Allan Underground Album $10 (These are Coe’s 2
r-rated albums. Be warned they are very rude;
filthy even!) Buy both for $18
Coe, David Allan Human Emotions/ Spectrum VII $22 (Bear)
Colder, ben Eskimos, Mean Old Queens and Little Bitty
Steers 14 originals and 14 Colder takes on
Them eg Rex Allen – “Don’t Go Near the
Indians” followed by “Don’t Go Near the
Eskimos” $25 Bear Family digipak
Collie, mark Hardin County Line $10
Collins, Tommy The Capitol Collection $10
Comeaux, Ami Moving Out $10
Confederate Railroad s/t $15 (another Y & T all time top 10)
Confederate Railroad Where & When $10
Confederate Railroad GH $10
Conlee, John Country Heart $15
Conlee, John Classics $20
Conley, Earl Thomas Essential $10
Connors, Graeme This is Life $15
Connors, Graeme A Delicate Balance $15
Connors, Graeme South of These Days $15
Connors, Graeme Tropicali $15
Connors, Graeme One of the Family $15
Cook, Elizabeth Balls $20
Cooley, Spade Spadella $10
Copas, Cowboy Settin’ Flat on Ready $22 (Bear) 34 tracks
Cramer, Floyd Essential $20
Crickets Too Much Monday Morning $15 (w. Nanci G)
Crockett, Howard Out of Bound $18 (Bear family)
Crow, Alvin Pure Country 2on1 $22
Crowell, Rodney Platinum Collection $15 (UK19track)
Crowell, Rodney Greatest Hits $10
Crowell, Rodney Life is Messy $10
Crowell, Rodney Keys to the Highway $10
Crowell, Rodney The Houston Kid $15
Crowell, Rodney Rodney Crowell $10 (reissue s/t cd)
Crowell, Rodney Fates Right Hand $15
Cryner, Bobbie Girl of your dreams $15
Curless, Dick Travelling through $15
Dalhart, Vernon Best of the Best $15
Dalton, Lacy J Best $15 (w. Black Coffee)
Dalton, Lacy j Lacy J $15
Daniel, Davis Fighting Fire With Fire $15
Daniel, Davis Davis Daniel $10
Daniels, Charlie Decade of Hits $10
Daniels, Charlie Simple Man $15
Daniels, Charlie Essential $15 cd + dvd
Daniels, Charlei Fire on the Mountain $10
Davis, Mac Very Best & More $15 (Hard to be Humble)
Davis, Skeeter The Essential $10
Davis, Skeeter The Pop Hits Collection Vol 2 $20
Davis, Moot Moot Davis $15 (Pete Anderson Prod)
Davis, Moot Already Moved On $20 Very much in style of Dwight w. Pete Anderson at helm. V good too.
Dayton, Jesse/Brennen Leigh Holdin’ Our Own $22 Great traditional
duets. A classic. New songs sound like old!
Dead Ringer Band Very Best So Far $10
Deal, Kevin The lawless $10
Dean, Lonnie Texas Honky Tonk Shuffles $15
Delevante, Bob Columbus & the Colossal Mistake $10
Dennis, Wesley Wesley Dennis $10
Denver, John Rocky Mountains Collection $15
Denver, John Greatest Hits $10
Derailers Under the influence of Buck $15
Diamond, Claude Highway of Life 420
Dickens, Little Jimmy I’m Little But I’m Loud $22 22tcks
Dillard & Clark Fantastc Expedition/ through the Morning
Through the Night $22 2on1
Dillingham, Craig Almost Yesterday $10 A+Indie
Dillon, Dean Hot, Country & Single $10
Dodd, Deryl Live at Billy Bobs $10
Downing, big al One of a Kind $15
Driftwood, Jimmy Voice of the people $18
Drusky, Roy Greatest Hits 1 & 2 $18
Dunn, Holly Milestones $10
Duncan, Johnny It couldn’t Have Been Any Better $18 (23 track)
Eaglesmith, Fred Dusty $15
Eaglesmith, Fred Lipstick Lies & gasoline $15
Earle, Steve Just an American Boy 2cds version $30
Edgar, W C Alcohol of Fame $20 Tops!!
Edwards, Don Kin to the Wind:memories of Marty Robbins$15
Edwards, Don Goin’ Back To Texas $10
Edwards, Don Saddle Songs 2cds $18
Edwards, Don My Hero Gene Autry: A Tribute $15
Edwards.Don Moonlight & Skies $18
Edwards, Stoney Stoney Edwards/She’s My Rock $25
Eleven Hundred Springs Country Jam $18
Elliott, Ramblin’ Jack Young Brigham $15
Elliott, Ramblin’ Jack Bull Durham Sacks & Railroad Tracks $15
Elliott, Ronny Hep $15
Elliott, Ronny And the Nationals $15
Elliott, Ronny Magneto $15
Ely, Joe Live Cactus (with Joel Guzman) $20
Endsley, Melvin I Like your Kind of Love $22 (Bear) 29 tracks
Evans, Sara The Early Years $15 (v.good)
Evans, Sara No place that Far $15
Evans, Sara Greatest Hits $20
Ewing, Skip A Healin’ Fire $15
Farmer Boys Flash/Crack Thunder (Bear) $18
Farris, Amy Anyway $10
Fawcett, Dawnett Taking My Time $15 (Step One) v.nice
Felicity New Shadow $10
Fender, Freddy Collection $10
FiveChinese Brothers Stone Soup $10
Flatlanders More a Legend Than a Band $15
Flatlanders Now Again $10
Flores, Bobby Just for the Record $15
Flores, Rosie/Ray Campi A Little Bit Of Heartache $15
Flowers, Danny Forbidden Fruit & vegetables $10
Flowers, Floyd I Ain’t Much But I’m Al lI Got $15 A+indie
Flying Burrito Brothers Last of the Red Hot Burritos $18
Flynnville Train Flynnville Train $18
Ford, Jim Point of No Return $20 (Bear)
Ford, Tennessee Ernie Songs of the Civil War (Bear Family) $22
Ford, Tennessee Ernie Rock City Boogie $10 30 tracks
Foster & Lloyd Faster & Louder $15 (Radney & Bill)
Foster & Lloyd Essential $15
Foster & Lloyd Version of the truth $15
Fowler, Kevin Bring it On $15
Fowler, Kevin Loose, Loud & Crazy $15
Francis, Connie/Hank Jnr Sing Great Country Favourites $22 (Bear)
Fricke,Janie/Dalton,Lacy Pure country 10 of each $15
Friedman, Kinky Sold American 30th Aniiversary Ed $20
Friedman, Kinky Under the Double Ego $20
Fritsch, Todd Sawdust $15
Frizzell, David 16 Super Hits $15
Fulks, Robbie Revenge 2cds $18
Fulks, Robbie Very Best $15
Gantry, Chris Next time I Play Carnegie Hall $15
Geezinslaws Blah Blah Blah $10
Germino, Mark Rank & File $10
Gibson, Don A Legend in My Time $22 (Bear) 26 tracks
Gibson, Nate All the Way Home $15 Great hillabilly (that’s
Hillbilly & rockabilly)
Gibson Brothers iron & Diamonds $10
Gilkyson, Eliza Your Town Tonight $15
Gilkyson, Eliza Hard Times in Babylon $10
Gilkyson, Eliza Legends of Rainmaker $10
Gill, Vince The key $15
Gill, Vince High Lonesome Sound $10
Gill, Vince I Still Believe In You $10
Gilmore, Jimmie Dale Spinning round the Sun $15
Gimble, Johnny Case of the Gimbles $15 (swing)
Glaser, Tompall Lovin’ Her Was Easier/After All these Yrs $18
Glaser, Tompall The Rogue (Bear Family) $18
Glaser, Tompall The Outlaw (Bear) $22
Glaser, Tompall My Notorious Youth $22 (Bear)
Glaser, Tompall Another Log on the Fire $22 (Bear)
Golden Smog Blood on the Slacks $10
Gosdin, Vern If You’re Gonna Do Me Wrong $10
Gosdin, Vern Chiselled in Stone $15
Gosdin, Vern Truly Great Hits $15
Gracin, Josh We Weren’t Crazy $15
Greene, Jack Best of the Best
Griffin, Patty Live From Artists Den DVD $15
Griffith, Jeff If It Ain’t One Thing It’s Another $15 (top indie)
Griffith, Nanci Other Voices Other Rooms $15
Griffith, Nanci Winter Marquee $15
Griffith, Nanci Dust Bowl Symphony
Guthrie, Woody Ramblin Around $15 2cds (40 trcaks)
Guthrie, Woody Tribute to $22 (Carnegie Hall 1968/70) with
Dylan/Joan Baez, Judy Collins, Pete Seeger etc
Haggard, Merle 1996 $10
Haggard, Merle 1994 $10
Haggard, Merle Roots Vol 1 $15
Haggard, Merle Blue Jungle
Haggard, Merle Like never Before $15
Haggard, Noel One Lifetime $15
Haggard, Merle Back to the Barrooms $10
Haggard, Merle Servin’ 190 proof
Haggard, Merle That’s the Way Love Goes $10
Haggard, merle Rainbow Stew Live $10
Haggard, Merle Vintage Collection $15
Haggard, Merle Someday We’ll Look Back/ I Love Dixie
Blues 2 on 1 BGO UK $22
Haggard, Merle The Bluegrass Sessions $20
Haggard, Merle Working Man’s Journey $20
Haggard, merle Going Where the Lonely Goes/ That’s
The Way Love Goes 2 on 1 $22
Haggard, Merle/Jones Taste of Yesterday’s Wine $15
Hall, Tom T Magnificent MusicMachine $15
Hall, Tom T 100 Children/ I Witness Life $22 (Bear)
Hall, Tom T We All Got Together And/ The Storyteller $25
Hall, Tom t Essential $18 20 tracks
Hall, Tom T Sings Miss Dixie $20
Hancock, Butch Own the Way Over There $15
Hancock, Butch War & peace $15
Hancock, Butch Own & Own $15
Hand, James The Truth Will Set You Free $15
Hand, James Evil Things $20
Hard Hat Dave And the Honky Tonk Knights $15
Harris, Emmylou Wrecking Ball $15
Harris, Emmylou & Friends Concert for Manglerdesh 2cds $28
Harris, Emmylou Songbird: Rare Tracks & Forgotten Gems
4CD + DVD+ huge book. Brilliant is the only
way to describe it. $80 ($30 off regular but 1
only at this price)
Harris/Parton/Ronstadt Trio $15
Harris, Kevin Where Am I Going $15
Harvey, Adam Workin’ Overtime $15
Harvey, Adam Cowboy Dreams $10
Hawkins, Hawkshaw Car Hoppin’ Mama $22 (Bear) 33 tracks
Hay, Erin The Circle $15
Hayden, Rodney Down the Road $15
Hazlewood, Lee Poet Fool Bum/Back on the Street again $15
Hearne, Bill (solo) Heartaches & Honky tonks $18
Hendrix, Terri The Spiritual Kind $10
Herndon, Ray Living the Dream $10 (inc Kristofferson)
Hiatt, John Same Old Man $20
Hicks, Dan Return to Hicksville $15 (Best)
Highfill, George The Music Began in Bakersfield $15
Highway 101 Highway 101 $15
Hill, Byron Best of First Twenty Years 2cds $10
Hill, eddie Hot Guitar $22 (bear)
Hillbilly idol Hillbilly Idol $10
Hillbilly idol 3: Lights of Town $10
Hillman, Chris Like a Hurricane $15
Hobart, Rex Your Favourite Fool $15 (w.Misery Boys)
Hobbs, Becky Best of the Beckaroo Pt 1 $20
Holly, Doyle Together Again $15 (with Buck)
Homer & Jethro Song Butchers:Weird World Of $20
Honky Tonk Confidential Road Kill Stew $15
Honky Tonk Disciples Kicking Up Dust $15
Hooker, Jake The Outsider $22
Hooker, Jake Faded Lights $22
Horsburgh, Wayne Can You Hear Those Pioneers $15
House, Tom Jesus Doesn’t Live Here Anymore $15
Houston, David Best $18 (24 track Coll. Choice)
Howard, Randy Live $15
Howard, Randy Best Of $20 22 tracks
Hoyle Brothers One More Draw $15
Hoyle Brothers Back to the Door $15
Hubbard, Ray Wylie Crusades of Restless Knights $15
Hubbard, Ray Wylie Lost Train of Thought $10
Hudgins, Lucas Honky Tonk Illusion $15
Hunter, Billy D Inside Out $15
Hunter, Billy D Country Souvenirs $15
Hurd, Cornell At Large $15
Hurd, Cornell Live at the Broken Spoke $20 Classic
Hurd, Cornell Live at Jovitas $20
Hurd, Cornell Cool & Unusual Punishment $15
Husky, Ferlin Country Music Is Here to Stay $15 (s. Crum)
Hyatt, Walter Some Unfinished Business $15
Hyland, Brian Country Meets Folk/ Here’s to Our Love $22
Ian, Janis Hunger $10
Insiders Live at the Finish Line $15
Insley, Dave West Texas Wine $10
Interstate Cowboy There’s a Road $18
Jackson, Alan Good Time $20
Jackson, Alan Under the Influence $15
Jackson, Alan 16 Biggest Hits $15
Jackson, Carl Nashville Country $15 Feat. Emmylou!
Jackson, Stonewall Best $18 (24 tracks Collectors choice)
Jackson, Wanda Very Best of the Country Years (Ace) $25
James, Elana Elana James $10 from Hot Club Cow Town
James, Frank All Over Again $15
James, Sonny Complete Columbia & Monument Hits $18
James, Sonny Capitol Collectors Series $18 (20 track)
Jenkins, Jody Under a Texas Moon $15
Jennings, Shooter Put the O Back in Country $10
Jennings, Shooter The Wolf $15
Jennings, Tommy Hey Waylon! Eagle’s Last Flight $20
Jennings, Waylon Clovis to Phoenix:The Early Years $22 (Bear)
Jennings, Waylon Waylon & willie $10 (with Willie!)
Jennings, Waylon WWII $10 (also with Willie)
Jennings, Waylon Take It to the Limit $15 (with Willie!!)
Jennings, Waylon Clean Shirt $15 (w. guess who???)
Jennings, Waylon The Essential 2cds $20
Jennings, Waylon Hangin’ Tough $10
Jennings, Waylon Right for the Time $15
Jennings, Waylon The Restless Kid:Live at JDS $22 (Bear)
Jennings, Waylon Sings Hank Williams $20 OOP
Jennings, Waylon Are You Ready for the Country/What Goes
Round Comes Around 2 on 1 UK $20
Jennings, Waylon The eagle $15
Jennings, Waylon Too Dumb for NY city etc $15
Jennings, Waylon Ultimate $15
Johnson, Jamey The Dollar $15 the last great major label
Jones, George Defintive Collection 1955-1962 $15
Jones, George Still the Same Old me $15
Jones, George Hits I Missed & One I Didn’t $15 (A+)
Jones, George Best of Millenium Collection $10 (early)
Jones, George Golden Ring (w. Tammy) $15
Jones, George And Along Came Jones $10
Jones, George Anniversary: Ten Years of Hits $15
Jones, George She Thinks I Still Care $10
Jones, George It Don’t Get Any Better Than This $15
Jones, George Cold Hard Truth $15
Jones, George I Am What I Am $10 (20 track comp.)
Jones, George The Rock $10
Jones, George Musicor Hits 1965-71 $15
Jones, George I Lived to Tell it All $10
Jones, George God’s Country cd+dvd $22
Jones, Norah Not too Late $10
Jones, Zona Harleys & Horses $10
Jo’s House Band Sinner’s Brunch $15
Joy, Homer Someday It’ll Be Country $18 (wrote “Streets of
Bakersfield” & does duet with buck)
JR & the Roadkill Choir Bring a Shovel $18
Judd, Cledus T Boogity, Boogity $10 (with guests inc.V Gill)
Judds Greatest Hits Vol 2 $10
Judds Love Can Build A Bridge $10
Judds Wynonna & Naomi $10
Judds Heartland $10
Judds River of Time $10
Kamp, Ted Russell Divisadero $10 (from Shooter’s band)
Kane, Keiran Dead Reckoning $10
Kane, Keiran Six Months No Sun $10
Keeble, Billy The Real Me $15
Keen, Robert Earl Party never Ends (best of Sugar Hill yrs) $15
Keith, Toby How Do You Like me Now $10-
Keith, Toby Blue Moon $10
Keith, Toby Unleashed $15
Keith, Toby White Trash With Money $15
Keith, Toby Greatest Hits Vol 1 $15
Keith, Toby Greatest Hits Vol 2 $15
Kelley, Irene Simple Truth $15
kendall, Jeannie Jeannie Kendall $15 (of Kendalls)
Kendalls, The Best of Country Gospel $15 (21 tracks)
Kentucky Headhunters Pickin’ on Nashville $10
Kernaghan, Lee Electric Rodeo $10
Kershaw, Sammy Definitive $15
Kilgore, Jerry Loaded & Empty $18
Kim, Andy Baby I Love You/Andy Kim $18 (2 on 1)
Kimes, Royal Wade A Dying Breed $10
King, Jill Jillbilly $15 (shades of Danni Leigh)
Knight, Chris Trailer Tapes $15
Knight, jeff Easy Street $10
Kohrs, Randy Now It’s Empty $18 (2003 Album of Year!!)
Koller, Fred No Song Left to Sell $15 (all written with the
Great Shel Silverstein)
Kostas X’s in Moderation $15
Kristofferson, Kris Third World Warrior $10
Kristofferson, Kris Broken Freedom Song $10
Kristofferson, Kris Kristofferson (1st exp) $18
Kristofferson, Kris Silver Tongued Devil And I $18
Lady Antebellum Lady Antebellum $15
Lafarge, peter Songs of the Cowboys/Iron Mountain &
Other Songs $22 (Bear) 2 on 1
Lafarge, Peter As Long as the grass Shall Grow/ On the
Warpath $22 2 on 1. The latter is where JR cash
found his “Bitter Tears” songs inc. “Ira Hayes”
LaFave, Jimmy Blue Nightfall $10
Lambert, Miranda Crazy Ex Girlfriend $20
Landsborough, Charlie Still Can’t Say Goodbye $10
Lane, Christy Greatest Country Hits $18 (20 tracks)
Lang, K D Truly Western Experience $15 (Canada only)
Lauderdale, Jim Country Super Hits Vol 1 $15
Lawrence, Eddy Going to Water $10
Lawrence, Eddy Inside My Secret Pocket $10
Lawrence, Eddy Guitars, Guns & Groceries $10
Lawrence, Eddy Locals $10
Lawrence, Tracy Very Best $15 21 tracks
Laws, The Ride it Out $15 (lot like the Woodys)
Ledoux, Chris Western Tunesemith/He Rides the Wild
Horses $15 (2 on 1)
Ledoux, Chris Songbook of the American West/ Sing Me a
Song Mr Rodeo Man $15 2 on 1
Ledoux, Chris Cowboys Ain’t Supposed to Cry/ Paint me
Back Home in Wyoming $15 (2 on 1)
Ledoux, Chris 20 Originals:The Early Years $15
Ledoux, Chris Whatcha Gonna Do With a Cowboy/ Under
This Old Hat $15 (2 on 1)
Ledoux, Chris Whatcha Gonna Do With a Cowboy $10 (Garth)
Ledoux, Chris Cowboys Ain’t Easy to Love/ Paint Me Back
Home in Wyoming $15 (2 on 1)
Ledoux, Chris Songs of rodeo & Country/ Life as a Rodeo
Man $15 (2 on 1)
Ledoux, Chris Old Cowboy Heroes $10
Leigh, Danni 29 Nights $15 (closest to a female Dwight)
Lewis, Jerry Lee Platinum Collection $15 20 track UK
Collection of his Elektra country tracks.
This is the only cd to feature them at all.
Lewis, Jerry Lee The Killer rocks On/ Boogie Woogie Country
Man $20 (BGO UK 2 on 1)
Lewis, Jerry Lee Pretty Much Country $22 (Ace)
Lewis, Jerry Lee Millenium Collection $10 (Mercury tracks)
Lewis, Jerry Lee Sings Country MusicHall of Fame 1&2 $22
Lewis, Jerry Lee Killer country $18
Lewis, Jerry Lee Definitive $20
Lewis, Jerry Lee Country Songs for City Folks/Memphis Beat$22
Little Big Town A Place to Land $15
Lodgson, Jimmy Got a Rocket in My Pocket $22 (Bear)
Logan, Josh Cartereville Kentucky Boy $20 a la Mel Street!
Los Super 7 Heard it on the X $15 (Ely/Crowell/Malo etc)
Loudermilk, John D The Open Mind Of $15 (27 tracks)
Louvin, Charlie Greatest Hits $18 (post Louvin 20 track)
Louvin, Charlie Live at Shake-It Records $15 (rec. May 2007)
Louvin Brothers 20 All Time Greatest Hits $18
Loveless, Patty Honky Tonk Angel $10
Loveless, Patty Trouble With the Truth $10
Loveless, Patty Mountain Soul $15 (a classic)
Loveless, Patty On Your Way Home $15 cd+dvd
Loveless, Patty Only What I Feel $10
Loveless, Patty Long Stretch of Lonesome $10
Loveless, Patty when Fallen Angels Fly $10
Lovett, Lyle Anthology Vol 1 Cowboy Man $15
Lovett, Lyle I Love Everybody $15
Lovett, Ruby Ruby Lovett $10
Lowe, Nick Dig My Mood $15
Lowe, Nick At My Age $20
Lynn, Loretta Still Country $15 (w. bonus dvd)
Lynn, Loretta Still Country $10 (no dvd)
Lynn, Loretta Country Music Hall Of Fame $10
Lynn, Loretta Van Lear Rose $15
McBride, Martin Timeless $15
McCall, Darrell Essential $20
McCoy, Charlie Harpin’ the Blues $18
McDaniel, Mel Reloaded $15 (inc “Plastic doll”)
McDaniel, Mel Best Of (cd + dvd) $15
McEntire, Reba If You See Him 2cd version $15
McEntire, Reba It’s Your Call $10
McEntire, Reba Have I Got a Deal for You $10
McEntire, Reba Sweet Sixteen $10
McEntire, Reba Room to Breathe $10
McEntire, Reba What Am I Gonna Do About You $10
McEntire, Reba So Good Together $10
McEntire, Reba Duets $20
McLean, Don Playing Favourites $15
Mclean, Don Sings Marty Robbins $10
McLean, Don Starry Starry Night 2 cd w. Nanci Griffith $15
McMurtry, James Just Us kids $15
McMurtry, James Childish Things $10
Maddox, Rose Moon is Rising $10 (w. John Jorgensen)
Maddox, Rose This Is $15
Maddox, Rose Beautiful Bouquet $15
Maphis, Joe Fire on the Strings $10
Martin, Glynn Uncle Sam, Mr Jukebox & My Ex Wife $15
Martin, Leland Simply Traditional $15
Martin, Leland Leland Martin $15
Mata, Billy Domino Effect $15
Maultsky, Chuck Best and Worst (Chuck wagon & Wheels) $15
Mavericks What a Crying Shame $10
Mavericks Music for All Occasions $10
Mavericks Trampoline $10
Mavericks Live In Canada $18
Meisner, Randy One More Song/ Randy Meisner $22 2 on 1
Mellons, Ken Best $10 (…new recordings bar 1)
Mellons, Ken Sweet $20 (rare)
Meyers, Augie My main Squeeze $10
Mezera, Audrey Auld Texas $15
Milller, Frankie The Family Man $15
Miller, Frankie Sugar Coated Baby $22
Miller, Frankie Blackland Farmer 3cds Bear $75
Miller, Julie Broken Things $10
Miller, Ned From a Jack to a King $22
Miller, Roger King of the Road (Bear) RCA+Mercury $22
Mize, Billy Make it Rain $15
Mensy, Tim This Old Heart $15
Moffatt, Hugh Loving You $18
Moffatt, Hugh Life of a Minor Poet $18 w.Martin Delray
Moffatt, Katy Cowboy Girl $15
Moffatt, Katy Angel Town $10
Moffatt, Katy Sleepless Nights $15 (w. Kate Brislin)
Moffatt, Katy Walkin’ on the moon $10
Moffatt, Katy Loose Diamond $10
Molly & the Heymakers Self Titled $15
Montgomery, Melba Golden Moments $10
Montgomery-Gentry Something to be Proud Of: Best $15
Moody, Clint Back to the Basics $15
Moorer, Allison The Definitive $15
Moorter, Allison Alabama Song $10
Morgan, Lorrie Leave the Light On $10
Morrell,Tom Let’s Take a Ride With Bob & Tommy $15
Morrell, Tom Relaxin’ $15

Morrow, Cory Live 2cds $18 (1=acoustic,1=electric)
Morton, Tex Regal Zonophone Collection 2cds $10
Mullen, Levi Hard Core Honky tonk $15
Murphey, Michael Martin Cowboy Songs $15 (superb)
Murphey, Michael Martin Ultimate Collection $15 (21 tracks)
Murphey, Michael Martin Cowboy Songs 4 $10
Murphey, Michael Martin Cowboy Songs III $10
Murphey, Michael Martin Land of Enchantment $15
Murphy, Jimmy Legendary Starday-REM Sessions $18
Murray, Anne Duets $20
Murray, Anne Anne Murray $15 oop 1996 album
Murray, Anne You Will $10
Murray, Anne Croonin’ $15
Myles, Heather Highways & Honky tonks $15 inc M.Haggard
Myles, Heather Sweet Talk & Good Lies $15
Nagatani, Charlie Sings Country Gold $20 (a classic of sorts with a Japanese country singer recording standards
And includes Emmylou on “Wild Side of Life”)
Naked Trucker/T-Bones Live at the Troubadour $5
Nashville Brass Play Nashville Sound $10
Nelson, Bobbie Audiobiography $15
Nelson, Rick Bright Lights & Country Music/ Country Fever 2 on 1 (Ace) 425
Nelson, Tracy Mother Earth presets Tracy Nelson Country 10
Nelson, Willie Spirit $15
Nelson, Willie Songbird $10
Nelson, Willie Just One Love $20 feat. Kimmie Rhodes
Nelson, Willie Run That By Me One More Time $10wRay Price
Nelson, Willie San Antonio Rose $15 exp. With Ray Price
Nelson, Willie Half Nelson $10
Nelson, Willie The Sound in your Mind $10
Nelson, Willie The Offenders:Can’t Get the Hell Out etc $10
Nelson, Willie Singin’ With Willie $10 (duets)
Nelson, Willie Rainbow Connection $10
Nelson, Willie Red Headed Strange exp. $15
Nelson, Willie And Family Live 2cds $20
Nelson, Willie Biography $10
Nelson, Willie Nite Life: Greatest Hits & Rare Tracks $10
Nelson, Willie Tougher Than Leather $10
Nelson, Willie Milk Cow Blues $10
Nelson, Willie RCA Country Legends $10
Nelson, Willie Six Hours at Pedernales $15 w. Curtis Potter
Nelson, Willie Sound in Your Mind $10
Nelson, Willie One Hell of a Ride $60 Brand new 4cd 100
Track collection which starts with Willie’s 1st
ever recording of “When I Sang My Last
Hillbilly Song” and ends with a terrific new
Recording of the same song.
Nelson, Willie Teatro $10
Nelson, Willie Pretty Paper $10
Nelson, Willie Complete Liberty Recordings $25 2cds 45 trk.
Nelson, Willie Country Favorites Willie Nelson Style $10
Nelson, Willie Always on My Mind $10
Nelson, Willie Last of the Breed 2cd w.Hag & Price $15
Nesmith, Michael Hits Just Keep on Coming $15
Nice Boys fr. New York Hotel Bretton Hall $15
Nichols, Joe Early Years cd + dvd $15
Nichols, Joe Revelation $15
Nichols, Joe III $15
Nichols, Joe Real Things $20
Nichols, Joe Man With a Memory $15
Nichols, Tim Where the Good Life is $15
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Dirt Silver & Gold 3lp on 2cds $30
Nix, Jody Play Me Something I Can Swing To $15
Norma Jean I Guess That Comes fRom being Poor $15
O’Brien, Rich Southwestern Souvenirs
O’Hara, Jamie Rise Above It (of O’Kanes)
O’Kanes Imagine That $18
Oak Ridge Boys Definitive $15 (24 track)
Old 97s Hit By a Train: Best Of $15 (18 tracks,Rhino)
Olsen, Troy Living in Your World $15
Osborne, Joan Pretty Little Stranger $10
Overstreet, Paul Heroes $10
Overstreet, Paul Love is Strong $10
Overstreet, Paul A Songwriters Project Vol 1 $20
Owen, Jim Sings with Friends & Heroes $15 (22 trcaks)
Owen, Rebecca Rebecca Owen $15
Owens, Buck Very best Volume 1 $15 (Rhino)
Owens, Buck Very Best Volume 2 $15 (Rhino)
Owens, Buck Open Up Your Heart $15
Owens, Buck The Warner Brothers Recordings 2 cds $50
Ltd ed. Near end of run (reg $65)
Oxford, Vernon Sings Gospel, Country & Bluegrass $20
Oxford, Vernon Keeper of the Flame 5cd+book $120 (Bear)
Paisley, Brad Who needs Pictures $15
Paisley, Brad Part II $15
Papa Tops West Coast Turnaround GH Vol II $22 Top hillarockabilly
With a truckin’ bent. Lots of wit.
Parnell, Lee Roy Hits & Highways Ahead $10
Parton, Dolly something Special $10
Parton, Dolly Jolene $10
Parton, Dolly Slow Dancing With the Moon $10
Parton, Dolly Haloes & Horns $15
Parton, Dolly Live and well 2cds $10
Parton, Dolly Eagle when She Flies $10
Parton, Dolly Those Were the Days $10
Parton, Dolly All I Can Do/ New Harvest $15 (2on1)
Parton, Dolly RCA Country Legends $10
Parton, Dolly White Limozeen $10
Passin, Monica And the Monicats $15 (exc. Rockabilly style)
Paul, Ellis Essential 2cd $10
Paycheck, Johnny Shakin’ the Blues $22 (Bear)
Pedesron, Herb Lonesome Feeling $10
Perkins, Al Triple Play $15 (steel guitar)
Perry, Keith Keith Perry $15 (lot like Keith Whitley)
Peters, Hal And His String Dusters $15
Pierce, Webb High Geared Daddy $22 (Bear) 32 tracks
Pine, Hal Lone On the trail of the Lonesome Pine $18 (Bear)
Pine Valley Cosmonauts Executioner’s Last Songs $15 (Bloodshot)
Pinson, Bobby I Mean Businees $15
Pinson, Bobby Songs for Somebody $15
Posse, The Justice is Coming $15
Potter, Curtis And National Swing Band of Texas $15
Potter, Curtis Down in Texas Today $15
Powers, Freddy Country Jazz Singer $15 (inc. many he
Wrote for Merle Haggard who he tours with)
Powers, Freddy Rogers & Hammerhead $15
Prairie Oyster Everybody Knows $15
Preacher Jack Picture’s from Life’s Other Side $20
Price, Ray Collection cd + dvd $20
Price, Ray Night Life $18
Pride, Charley 30 Years of Pride $15 (30 tracks)
Prine, John The Missing Years $15
Pullins, Leroy I’m a Nut $22 (Bear)
Quantrell, Rooster And the Border Raiders $15
Ranch Girls Hillbilly Harmony $15
Ranch Girls Can You Hear It $15
Raney, Wayne That Real Hot Boogie Boy $18
Rascal Flatts Rascal Flatts $10
Rascal Flats Still Feels Good $20
Rasmussen, Ole Sleep Eyed John $18 (Bear) w.swing
Raye, Collin Extremes $10
Raye, Collin Best:Direct Hits $10
Red Meat We Never Close $18
Reefer, Sean And The resin Valley Boys $20 (like Hank III)
Reeves, Jim Up Through the Years/Distnat Drums $15 2on1
Reynolds, Lawrence He Comes from Alabama $25 Voted by the Wiz
Of Warren as One of the top 5 country music
Indie cds of all time and I’d agree!
Reynolds, malvina 24 track on Omni $15
Rich, Charlie Boss Man/Very Special Love Songs 2on1 $15
Riders in the Sky Davy Crockett, King of Wild Frontier $10
Riders in the Sky Cowboy Way $10
Riders in the Sky Public Cowboy # 1 Tribute to Gene Autry $10
Riders in the Sky Harmony Ranch $10
Ringer, Jim Best: Band of Jesse James $15
Rizdales Radio Country $15
Robbins, Marty Essential 2cds $18
Roberts, Dan Beyond the Brand $20
Roberts, Kenny Jumpion & Yodellin’ $22 (Bear) 29 tcks
Robertson, Jack Honky Tonk Daze 410
Robison, Charlie Step Right Up $15
Robison, Charlie Good Times $10
Rodgers, jimmie Essential $15
Rodgers, Jimmie RCA Country Legends $10
Rodgers, Mike Honky Tonk Hitman $15
Run C & W Into Twangy First/Row V Wade 2 on 1 $22
Rush. Melanie Angel of the morning $18
Russell, Leon Signature Songs $15 rerecordings of classics
Russell, Leon Legend in my Time: Hank Wilson V 3 $20
Russell, Tom Indians, Cowboys, Horses & Dogs $22
Russell, tom Long Way Aroound $18
Russell, Tom Box of Visions $18
Russell, tom Modern Art $22
Ruthie & the wranglers Lifes Savings $10
Sadler, Barry Ballad of the Green Beret $18
Sahm, Doug The Return of Wayne Douglas $20
Sanders, ed Beer Cans on the Highway $15
Sandesr. Ed Sandesr Truckstop $15
Scott, Drew Long Way back to San Antone $1`5
Seely, Jeannie Lifes Highway $10
Seiter, Leon Nashville Memories $18
Sexsmith, Ron Other Songs $15
Sexsmith, Ron Ron Sexsmith $10
Sexsmith, Ron Retriever $15
Shaver, Billy Joe Billy & the Kid $10
Shaver, Billy Joe Earth Rolls On $15
Shaw, Victoria Bring on the Love $10 (2008)
Shelton, Blake Pure BS $15
Shelton, Blake Barn & Grill $15
Sherley, Glen Live at Vacaville California (Bear) $22
Silveira That Boy Ain’t Right $10
Silverstein, Shel Freakin’ at the Freakers Ball $18
Silverstein, Shel Great Conch Train Robbery $15
Simpson, red The Bard of Bakersfield $15
Singletary, Daryle Daryle Singletary $10
Sires, jerry You’re Gonna Be Cold $10
Skaggs, Ricky Solid Ground $10
Skaggs, Ricky Family & Friends $10
Skeeters Easy for the Takin’ $15
Skinner, Jimmy 22 GH $10
Sky Kings From Out of the Blue $22 Ltd edition Rhino
Handmade. Brilliant country rock. 24 tracks
John Cowan/Billy Lloyd/Rusty Young
Smith, Arthur Here Come sthe Boogie Man $15
Smith, Carl The Essential $18
Smith, Carl Sixties Hits 24trck $18
Smith, Connie Essential $20
Smith, Connie Live at Branson $10
Smith, Russell Sunday Best $15z
Smith, Sammi Best $18
Smith, Shadric And the Billy Buffalo Band $15
Smither, Chris Don’t It Drag On $10
Snow, Hank Tales of the Yukon $22(Bear)
Snow, Hank The Yodelling Ranger $22 (Canadian Rec.)
Southern Culture Skids Liquored Up and Lacquered Down $15
Sovine, Red 20AllTime Gh $18
Sovine, Red Classic Songs of Hank Williams $15
Sprague, Carl T Cowtrails, Longhorns etc $18(Bear)
Stacey, Phil Phil Stacey $18
Starline Rhythm Boys Honky Tonk Livin’ $20
Starr, Lucille The French Song $22
Starr, Lucille Lonely Street/Side by Side $18 Coll. Choice
Starr, Ringo Beaucoups of Blues $10
Statler Bros Complete Lester Roadhog Moran $10
Steagall, Red Lone Star Beer & Bob Wills Music/ To All Our
Cowboy Friends 2 on 1 $22
Stevens, Ray Best (Rhino) 20 tracks $20
Stevens, ray #1 With a Bullet $10
Stevens, Ray Box Set 3cds $25
Stewart, Gary Live at Billy Bobs $10
Stone, B Jeff GH $15
Stone, Doug Doug Stone $10
Stone, Doug From the Heart $10
Stone, Doug More Love $10
Stone, Doug The Long Way $15
Stone, Hank San Antone $20
Storm, Warren Crazy Cajun Recordings $10
Story, Carl Lonesome Heated Blues $22 (Bear)
Strait, George Troubadour $20
Strait, George Latest Straitest Greatest $15
Strait, George Right or Wrong $10
Strait, George Living it Up $10
Strait, George Holding My Own $10
Strait, George Beyond the Blue Neon $10
Strait, George #7
Strait, George Something Special $10
Strait, George Road Les Travelled $10
Strait, George Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind $10
Strait, George If You Ain’t Living $10
Strait, George Very best Volume 2 $10
Strait, George GH Vol 2 $10
Strait, George Pure Country $10
Strait, George One Step at a Time $10
Strait, George Chill of an Early Fall $10
Strait, George Ocean Front Property $10
Street, mel 20 Greatest Hits $18 …no better.
Stuart, Marty Compadres: An Anthology of Duets $18
Stuart, Marty Live at the Ryman $15
Stuuckey, Dave Get a Load of This $10 Texas hillarockabilly
Stuckey, Nat Best of the Best $20
Sturr, Jimmy Greatest Hits of Polka $10
Sturr, Jimmy Polka in Paradise $10
Sugarland Twice the Speed of Life $15
Supernaw,Doug Fadin’ Renegade $15
Supernaw,Doug You Still Got Me $10
Supernaw,Doug Red & the Rio Grande $10
Swan, Billy GH $18 (Coll Choice 20 tcks)
Sweeney, Sunny Heartbreakers Hall of Fame $15
Talley, James Touchstones $15
Tall, Tom/Ginny Wright Are You Mine $18 (Bear)
Talley, James Woody Guthrie & Songs of Oklahoma $15
Tashian, Barry & Holly Trust in Me $20 (First album from 1988!)Superb
Tashian, Barry & Holly Live in Holland $20
Taylor, Chip Chip Taylor’s Unglorious Hallaelujah 2cd$22
Taylor, Chip Live (with Carrie Rodriguez) $20
Taylor, Chip Trouble With Humans $20 (w. Carrie R.)
Taylor, Jackson Hollow Eyed and Wasted $15
Tennessee Rounders Her We Go $15
Texas Tornados Best $15
Texas Tornados Texas Tornados $15
Texas Tornados Zone of Our Own $10
Thompson, Hank Six Pack to Go $22 (Bear)
Thompson, Hank The Instrumentals $15
Thompson, Hank Seven Decades $10
Thornton, Billy Bob Hobo $15
Tillis, Mel Southern Rain $15
Tillsi, Mel Your Body Is an Outlaw $15
Tillis, Mel Me And Pepper $15
Tillis, Mel Best of the Columbia Year $18 (coll.choice)
Tillis, Pam Rhinestoned $18
Tillis, Pam It’s All Relative:Tillsi Sings Tillis $10
Toliver, Tony Tony Toliver $15 (inc duet with Haggard)
Toliver, Tony Half Saint Half Sinner $10
Tillman, Floyd Crazy Cajun Recordings $15 26 tcks
Tillman, Floyd The influence $18 tribute with Jones/hag etc
Tillman, Floyd Best $18 (Collectors Choice 24tcks)
Tomblin, Lucky Red Hot From Blue rock cd/dvd $20 Red Volk.
Travis, Merle Guitar Retrospective $20
Travis, Randy Old 8 x 10 $10
Travis, Randy Always and Forever $10
Travis, Randy Full Circle $10
Travis, Randy Platinum Collection $15 (UK 20 tracker)
Travis, Randy This is me $10
Travis, Randy Rise & Shine $15
Travis, Randy High Lonesome $10
Travis, Randy You & You Alone $10
Travis, Randy Passing through $15
Travis, Randy Greatest Hits Vol 1 $15 “An Old Pair of Shoes”
Trigwell, Phil Boogie Woogie Cowboy $15 hillarockabilly
Tritt, Travis Very Best $15 Rhino 20 tracks.
Tritt, Travis It’s All About to Change $10
Tritt, Travis My Honky tonk History $10
Tritt, Travis Strong Enough $10
Tritt, Travis Trouble $10
Tritt, Travis Christmas $10
Trooper, Greg Make It Through This World $15
Tubb, Ernest Thirty Days $22 (Bear)
Tubb, Justin 24 Big Ones $15
Tubb, Justin What’s Wrong with way we’re Doing It Now $20
Tubb, Justin/Ernest Tubb Just You & me Daddy $22 (20 tracks)
Tucker, Tanya The Definitive Collection $15
Tucker, Tanya 16 Biggest Hits $10
Tucker, Tanya Strong Enough to bend $10
Turner, Josh Live at the Ryman $22
Twitty, Conway 25 Number Ones $15
Twitty, Conway 20 Classics $20 (later recordings of hits)
Twitty, Conway 16 Biggest Hits $10
Twitty, Conway Crazy Dreams $10
Twitty, Conway Even Now $10
Twitty, Conway The # 1 Hits Collection 2cds 33 tracks $20
Twitty, Conway Don’t Call Him a Cowboy $15 inc. “The Note”
Two Dollar Pistols Hands Up $10
Tyson, Ian Eighteen Inches of Rain $10
Ulisse, Donna Trouble at the Door $10
Uncle Tupelo Anodyne $15 expanded 17 track ed.
Underwood, Carrie Carnival Ride $10
Van Dyke, Leroy The Auctioneer $22 (Bear)
Van Dyke, Leroy Walk on By $22 (bear)
Van Shelton, Ricky Wild Eyed Dream $10
Van Shelton, Ricky III $15
Van Shelton, Ricky Love & Honor $10
Van Shelton, Ricky Loving Proof $15
Van Shelton, Ricky Bridge I Didn’t Burn $10
Van Shelton, Ricky Backroads $15
Van Zandt, Townes Best $15 17 tracks
Van Zandt, Townes Drama Falls Like Teardrops 2cds $20 36 track
Van Zandt, Townes Live at the Old Quarter 2cds $22 his best
Vassar, Phil Prayer of a Common Man $18
Vaughan, Carl Six Feet Deep in the Heart Of Texas $15
Vincent, Rick A Wanted Man $15 As good as any cd!
Wagoner/Parton Always Always/ Two of a Kind $20
Wagoner, Porter The Cold Hard Facts of Life 3cds $75 (Bear)
Wagoner, Porter Best I’ve Ever Seen $15
Wagoner, Porter 20 All time Greatest Hits $15
Wagoner, Porter Best of Grand Old Gospel 2008 2cds $20
Wagoner, Porter Gospel 2007 $18
Walker, Billy 20 Greatest Cowboy Hits $10
Walker, Billy Columbia Years $22 20 tracks
Walker, Charlie Greatest Honky Tonk Hits $20
Walker, Clay The Platinum Collection $15 20 tck UK!
Walker, Clay Greatest Hits $10
Walker, Jerry Jeff Best of Vanguard Years $15
Wall, Chris Just Another Place $15
Wallace, Roger Hillbilly Heights $10
Wallace, Roger The Lowdown $10
Watson, Aaron San Angelo $15
Watson, B B Light at the end of the Tunnel $10
Watson, B B Delta Dream
Watson, Dale From Cradle to the Grave $20
Watson, Doc Docabilly $15
Watson, Gene Best (Curb) $10
Watson, Gene In a Perfect World 418
Watson, gene Little by Little $10
Wayne, Dallas Here I Am in Dallas $15
Wayne, Dallas Big Thinkin’ $15
Webb, Jerry If Eyes Could Talk $10
Webb, Jerry Red Lips & Honky tonks $15
Weems, Shayne The perfect Place $15
Weller, Freddy Very Best $18 2tck Collectors Choice
West, Speedy/J.Bryant Stratosphere Boogie: Flaming Guitars $22
West, Speedy/J.Bryant Swinin’ on the Strings 422
West, Dottie The Essential $15
Whiskeytown Faithless Street $15
White, James M Broken Spoke Legend $15
White, Joy Between Midnight & Hindsight $10
White, Joy Lynn On Her Own $15
White, Joy Lynn The Lucky Few $15
White, Joy Lynn Wild Love $10
Whitley, Keith RCA Country Legends $10
Whitley, Keith Whereever You Are Tonight $10
Whitley, Keith LA to Miami $15
Whitley, Keith Sad Songs & Waltzes $15
Whitman, Hog Not Sold in Stores $10
Wicks, Chuck Starting Now $10
Wilburn Brothers The Hits of the Wilburn Brothers $15
Wilder, Webb About Time $10
Wilkins, Walt Diamonds in the sun $10
Willard, Jess Honky Tonk Hardwood Floor $18 (Bear)
Williams, Buddy Regal Zonophone Collection 3cds $18
Williams, Don My Heart to You $10
Williams, Don Borrowed Tales $15
Williams, Don Definitive $15
Williams, Don Prime Cuts $10
Williams, Hank Legend of 2cds with narration by
Sammy Kershaw+ rare tracks $22
Williams, Hank Hillbilly Hero 4cd Proper $35
Williams, Hank Rare demos from First to Last CMF $22
Williams, Hank Songwriter to legend $18 (Bear Family)
Williams, Hank III Risin’ Outlaw $15
Williams, Hank III Lovesick, Broke & Driftin’ $15
Williams, Hank Jnr Pure Hank $10
Williams, Hank Jnr Five-O $10
Williams, Hank Jnr The Pressure is On $10
Williams, Hank Jnr The New South $10
Williams, Hank Jnr High Notes $10
Williams, Hank Jnr Rowdy $10
Williams, Hank Jnr Early Years Part 2 $10
Williams, Hank Jnr Lone Wolf $10
Williams, Hank Jnr America, The Way I See It $10
Williams, Hank Jnr Almeira Club $15]
Williams, Hank Jnr Songs of Bocephus: A Tribute
Williams, Hank Jnr Wild Streak $10
Williams, Hank Jnr And Friends $10
Williams, Hank Jnr One Night Stands $10
Williams, Hank Jnr Men With Broken Hearts $15 w. Hank/HankIII
Williams, Jett You Are on My Lonely Mind $15
Williams, Jett I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry $15
Williams, Leona San Quentin’s First Lady $15
Williams, Lucinda Car Wheels on a Gravel Rd 2cd ed. $20
Williams, Ron Texas Style $20 (2007 album of the year)
Willis, Kelly Bang Bang $15
Willis, Kelly One More Time: The MCA Recordings $15
Willis, Kelly Kelly Willis $15
Wills, Mark Definitive Collection $15
Wilmon, Trent Broken In $20
Winchester, Jesse Third Down 110 to Go $15
Wiseman, Mac Teenage Hangout (Bear) $22
Womack, Lee Ann There’s More Where That Came From $10
Woodys, The The Woodys $15
Woodys, The Teardrops & Diamonds $15
Worley, Shane Shotgun House $15
Worley, Shane What’s Goin’ On $15
Wreckers Live from NY City cd+dvd $18
Wright, Curtis Curtis Wright $10 A+
Wright, John Lincoln That Old Mill $10
Wynette, Tammy Anniversary: Twenty Yrs of hits $10
Wynette, Tammy The Essential $10
Yates, Billy Billy Yates $15 (with “Choices”/”Flowers’)
Yates, Lorri Can’t Stop the girl
Yearwood, Trisha Heaven Heartache & Power of Love $20
Yoakam, Dwight Dwight’s used Records $15
Yoakam, Dwight Blame the Vain $15
Yoakam, dwight This Time $15
Yoakam, dwight Buenous Noches From a Lonely Room $10
Yoakam, Dwight Platinum Collection exc. UK 19 tcks $15
Yoakam, Dwight Just Lookin’ for a Hit $15 fr
Yoakam, Dwight Hillbilly Deluxe $10
Yoakam, dwight Guitars Cadillacs etc $10
Yoakam, dwight Population Me $15
Young, faron Country Songs for City Folks (30 track
Mercury comp. $20)
Young, Neil Neil Young $15
Young, Neil Old Ways (with Waylon)
Young, Steve Primal Young $15


* Anchored in Love: Tribute to June Carter Cash…really nice and diverse to with Loretta Lynn, Elvis Costello, Billy Joe Shaver, Emmylou
*Appalachians: Soundtrack to TV Series $10 22 tracks
*Avalon Blues: Tribute to Mississippi John Hurt $15 inc. Lucinda, Steve Earle, Gillian Welch, John Hiatt etc 15 tracks Vanguard
*Beautiful Dreamer: Songs of Stephen Foster $15 18 tracks inc. Raul Malo, Alison Krauss, John Prine, David Bal letc Superb.
*Boots to Fill: A Tribute to Gene Autry $20 with Vince Gill, John Anderson, Connie Smith, Pam Tillis, Ian Tyson etc
*Bottle Let me Down: A children’s album supposedly on Bloodshot with Rosie Flores, Robbie Fulks, Cornell Hurd, Kelly Hogan etc 26 tcks $10
*Broken Bridges Soundtrack (Toby Keith) $18
*Capitol Country Classics 1940s UK 26 tracks $18 OOP
*Capitol Country Classics 1970s UK 26 tracks $18 OOP
*Common Thread: Songs of the Eagles $10

*Country & West Coast:Birth of country Rock $22 24 tck Ace UK comp
*Down From the Mountain $10
*Down at the Sea Hotel $15 Interesting covers featuring John Gorka, Eliza Gilkyson, Lucy Kaplansky, Wailin’ Jennys etc covering songs by
Tom Waits, Jesse Winchester, Greg Brown etc
*Endless Highway: Music of the Band $15
*Friends And Lovers: Songs Of Bread $10 (alt country tribute)
*Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight (Bear family) 30 tracks $20
*Greetings from Tennessee (Bear Family)25 tracks About Tennesee $15
*Guys of the Big D Jamboree 30 tracks rarities $18
*Hellbent: Insurgent Country Volume 2 (Bloodshot) $10
*Hixville:We’ll Have aTime Jasmine 25 tracks $15
*Honky Tonkin’ Rhythm 1950s Country Boppers 2cds 54 tracks $25
*Horse Whisperer Soundtrack $10
*Livin’ Lovin’ Losin’:Songs of the Louvin Brothers $15 Emmylou with Rodney Crowell, Patty Loveless w.Jon Randall 10/10!!
*Lonesome, On’ry & Mean:Waylon Tribute inc Guy Clark/Jnr Brown $10
*Mad Dogs & Okies $10 16 tracks inc. Gill/ Taj Mahal/JJ Cale/Clapton etc
*Making Singles, Drinking Doubles $10 18 tcks from Bloodshot
*My Old Man: A Tribute to Steve Goodman $10
*Outlaw Country: very Best of 20 tracker: Quite a bit if southern rock interspersed with the more predictable artists but really good!
*Should Have been Hits $15 Little Darlin’ Recordings in Paycheck mould.
*She Was Country When Country Wasn’t Cool: Barbara Mandrell Tribute w. top Lineup. $10
*Songcatcher Soundtrack $15 w. Iris Dement/Emmylou/Patty/Gillian etc
*Traveller s/t Inc. Mandy Barnett, Jimmie Dale Gilmore, Cox Family all doing standards; none of the songs are on their own album 18tcks $15
*Unbroken Circle:Musical Heritage of the Carter Family $15 inc. Emmylou Cash/ Prine/ George Jones/Willie/Del McCoury etc 15 tracks
*Viva Terlingua:Songs of Luckenbach Texas $10
*Wandering Eyes: Tales of Forbidden Love $15 inc. Dale Watson!!
*When I Was a Cowboy Vol 2:Early Songs of the American West $15 Yazoo label….all 23 songs from 1920s and 1930s
*Worried Blues: Complete Commercial Output of Frank Hutchison & Kelly Harrell 4cd JSP Uk $35
*You All Come! East Texas Honky Tonk (Jasmine) 25 tcks $15


Anderson, Eric Memory of the Future $10
Au go Go Singers They Call US Au GoGo $15 Early Stephen stills
Black, Mary Babes in the wood $10
Blue, David Stories $15
Bogle, Eric Gift of Years: Very Best $15
Brockett, Jamie Remember the Wind & the Rain $10
Bromberg, David Try Me One More Time $18
Brothers Four Sing of Our Time/Honey Wind Blows $18 2 on 1
Cassidy, Eva Method Actor $20
Chieftains The Wide World Over:40th Anniversary Collection $15
Clancy, Donal Close to Home $15
Collins, Judy Forever:An Anthology 2cds $25
Collins, Judy Hard Times For Lovers $10
Collins, Judy True Stories & Other Dreams $10
Donovan Cosmic Wheels $10
Fairport Conv. Across the Decades 2cds $15 Career retrospective
Farina, Richard&Mimi Complete Vanguard Recordings 3cds $28
Farina, Richard&Mimi Best (1cd 20 tracks) $15
Gibson, Bob Where I’m Bound $10
Gray, David White Ladder $10
Hinton, Sam Library of Congress Recordings 1947 $15 (Bear)
Ian & Sylvia Lovin’ Sound/Full circle 2on1 $18
Jenkins, Ella Sharing Cultures $10
Kingston Trio Live Santa Monica April 21 1961 $18 25 tracks
Lightfoot, Gordon Cold on the Shoulder $15
Lightfoot, Gordon Sunday Concert $10
McCAslin, Mary Broken promises $10
McGarrigles Matapedia $10
McGarrigles Heartbeats Accelerating $10
Mitchell Trio That’s the Way It’s Gonna Be/ Violets of Dawn $18
2 on 1 with John Denver
Modern Folk Quartet self titled $10 (Collectors choice)
Mostly Autumn Very Best So Far 2cds $18
Neil, Fred Fred Neil $10
Noonan, Steve Steve Noonan $10 Elektra Classic on Coll. Choice
Paxton, Tom Wearing the Time $10
Previn, dory We’re Children of Coincidence & HArpo Marx $15
Previn. Dory Dory Previn $15
Rice, Damien 9 $15
Sill, Judee The Asylum Years 2cds $25
Sorrels, Rosemary Last Go Round $10
Sorrels, Rosemary Borderline Heart $1o
Spriguns Revel Weird & Wild $15
Thompson, Richard You, Me us 2cds $20
Thompson, Richard Amnesia $15
Thompson, Richard Mock Tudor $15
Travelers Three Self titled $10 Collectors Choice
Wainwright,Loudon Volume One $15
I Am the Resurrection:Tribute to John Fahey $10
New Folk Routes Revola $18 (great UK folk comp.)

$5 Folk

Bogle, Eric Singing the Spirit Home #1
Bogle, Eric Singing the Spirit Home #5
Bogle, Eric Singing the Spirit Home #3
Bogle, Eric Singing the Spirit Home #4
Bogle, eric Endangered Species
Campbell, Dick Blue Winds Only Know
Cassidys Singing From Memory
Cowan, Andy 10.30 Thursdays
Elders Racing the Tide
Gooding, Cynthia Sings Spanish, Mexican & Turkish Folk Songs
Johnathon,Michael And Folk Boy Orchestra Live
Roach, Archie Sensual Being
Von Schmidt,Eric Living on the Trail
White, josh Jnr Live

Fifties (and a few etcetera)

Anderson, Leroy Best Of $20 (20 track)
Anka, Paul 30 All Time Greatest Hits $22 (Rhino)
Anthony, Ray Collectors Series $15
Astronauts Competition Coupe/Surfin With $22 (Bear)
Avalon, Frankie 25 All Time GH $20
Aznavour, Charles 20 Great Songs in English $18
Baker, Lavern Soul On Fire:The Best $18
Baxter, Les Baxter’s Best $15
Bell, Freddie & BellBoys Rockin’ is Our Business $22 (Bear)
Big Bopper Helloooo Baby! Best $20 (19 tck)
Blasters Trouble Bound $10
Bonds, Gary U S Very Best $18
Boyd, Jimmy Best of Jimmy Boyd $20
Brewer, Teresa Teenage Dance Party (Bear) $22
Brooks , Hadda Jump Back Honey: Complete Okeh $15
Brothers Four Greatest Hits $18
Brown, Ruth Rockin’ in Rhythm: Best $20 23 tracks
Burnette, Johnny Rock & Roll Trio $22 (Bear)
Cadillacs Best Of $18
Calloway, Cab Zah Zuh Jazz $10 25 tracks!
Campi, Ray With Friends in Texas $10
Cannon, Freddy Palisades Park:Very Best $22
Carmichael, Hoagy The Star Dust Man $10
Casey, Al Man For All seasons $22 (Bear) 32 tcks
Chaffin, Ernie Laughin’ & Jokin’: The Sun Years $22 (bear)
Charles,Ray Ray Charles 22 tck Time Life $15
Chordettes 25 All Time Greatest Hits $20
Chrome Daddies Who’s Your Daddy $10
Clark, Sanford The Fool $22 (bear Family)
Coasters Very Best $18
Cochran, Eddie 12 of his Biggest/Never to Be Forgotten $15
Cole, Nat King Try Not to Cry 18 track $10 (not the usual hits)
Cole, Nat King After Midnight (complete) $10
Cribbins, Bernard Very Best $20 (30 tracks)
Crothers, Scatman I Want to Rock & Roll $22 (24tck)
Damone, Vic Very Best $18 20 track
Dana, Vic Complete Hits $22 (Eric label)
Darin, Bobby Splish Splash:Best Vol 1 $18
Darin, Bobby Mack the Knife: Best Vol 2 $18
Darin, Bobby Aces Back to Back cd + dvd $28
Davis, Sammy As Long As he Needs me $10 Coll. Choice
Davis, Sammy Salutes Stars of London Palladium $10
Davis, Sammy The Capitol Years $10
Dawson, Ronnie Just Rockin’ & Rollin’ $10
Diamonds Collection $20(25 tracks)
Dickerson, Deke More Million sellers $10
Dickerson, Deke Rhythm Rhyme Truth $10
Diddley, Bo Definitive $20
Diddley, Bo The essential $18
Dion & Belmonts Complete 2cds 51 tracks $25
Dobkins, Carl Jnr My Heart is an Open Book $22 (Bear)
Dodd, Ken Happiness: Very Best $15
Domino, Fats Rocks (Bear) $25
Elgart, Les & Larry Bandstand Boogie $10
Fairburn, Werly Everybody’s Rockin’ (Bear) $22
Feathers, Charlie Rockabilly $22 (Bear Family)
Firecracker Jazz Band Explodes $5
Ford, Tennessee Ernie Sixteen Tons (Bear) $22
Four Aces Best of the Four Aces $20
Four Aces Greatest Hits $18
Four Lads Singles Collection $22 (28 tcks)
Four Lads Greatest Hits 3cds 40 tracks $28
Four Preps Collectors Series (20 tracks) $20
Freberg, Stan Very Best $20
Garland, Judy At Carnegie Hall 2cd $25
Gary, John The Essential $10
Glenn, Glen Rocks $25 (Bear(
Godfrey, Arthur Best of the old Redhead $18 (Coll. Choice)
Gordon, Robert Is Red Hot $22 (Bear) 25 tcks
Gordon/ Spedding It’s Now or Never $20
Haley, Bill Rock The Joint! $18 (23 Essex tracks)
Haley, Bill From Western Swing to Rock $35 4cd Proper
Haley, Bill Rocks (Bear Family) $25
Haley, Bill Ultimate Collection 2cd 42 tracks $28
Hall, Roy Rocks $25 (Bear)
Hawkins, Dale Rocks $25 (Bear)
Hawkins, Ronnie Best of $18
Higham, Darrell High Class Baby $18
Hirt, Al All Time GH $18
Horton, Johnny Rockin’ Rollin’ $22 (Bear)
Howlin’ Wolf Memphis Days Vol 1 $22 (Bear)
James, Joni Platinum & Gold:The MGM Years 2cd $30
James, Joni Like 3 O’clock in the Morning/After Hours $20
James, Joni Put on a Happy Face/ I Feel a Song Coming On
Collector Choice 24 tracks $22
James, Joni Swings Sweet/ Bossa Nova Style $22
James, Joni Latest & Greatest Hits $20 (Taragon)
Jones, Spike Strictly for Music Lovers 4cd Proper $35
Jordan, Louis Let the Good Times roll 26 tcks $15
Kaempfert, Bert Very Best $22
Kidd, Johnny &Pirates 25 Greatest Hits $15
Lanza, Mario My Song My Love: A Classic Coll. 2cd $18
Lawrence, Steve Songs By $20
Lazy Ike &the Daredevils Someday $15
Lee, Brenda The Anthology 1956-1980 2cds $30 40 tcks
Lee, Peggy Things Are Swingin’/ Jump for joy $15
Lehrer, Tom Songs & More Songs $18 (28 tracks) Rhino
Lettermen Capitol Collectors Series $15
Lewis, Jerry Lee Complete London Sessions 2cds ltd ed. $28
Little Richard The Explosive (BGO UK) $10
Little Willie John Very Best $20
Lolita Seemann (Bear) $22
London, Julie The Magic Of $10 20 track
London, Julie Calendar Girl/ Your Number Please $15
London, Julie Julie/ Love on the Rocks $15
London, Julie Around Midnight $10
Lymon, Frankie & Teenagers Very Best $15
McPhatter, Clyde Deep Sea Ball: Best (Atlantic) $15
Martin, Dean Happiness Is/Welcome to My World $18 2on1
Martin,Dean Hits Again/Houston $18 2 on 1
Martin, Janis The Female Elvis (Bear) $22
Miller, Mrs Wild Cool & Swingin’ $18 Wow!!
Mitchell, Guy Heartaches by the Number $22 (Bear)
Moms & Dads Best $15 (inc. Ranger’s Waltz)
Montez, Chris The Hits $18
Moore, Scotty/D J Fontana All the Kings Men $18with guests.Tops!
Naylor, Jerry Tribute to the Rockabilly Legends $5
Nelson, Ricky Rocks $25 (Bear)
Nelson, Ricky More Songs By Ricky/Rick is 21 $18 (BGO)
Nelson, Ricky Legendary Masters $15 20 tcks
Nelson, Ricky Rockin’ With Ricky (Ace) $22
Nervous Norvus Stone Age Woo $22 (inc. Transfusion)
Newhart, Bob Behind the Button Down Mind $10
Newton, Wayne Collectors Series $10
Orbison, Roy Sun Years $22 (Bear)
Orbison/James RCA Sessions $20 (Bear)7xRoy 12xSonny
Orlando, Tony Halfway to Paradise: Epic Masters $22
James, Joni The Collection $20
James, Joni Mercury Years Volume 1 $18
Peabody, Lester The Johnny Bonanza Show $22
Perkins, Carl Rocks $25 (Bear)
Perkins, Carl Up Through the Years $22 (Bear)
Perkins, Carl Essentila Sun Collection 2cds $20
Phillips, Phil Sea of Love $25 (Bear)
Platters Al lTiemGreatest Hits $15
Preston, Dibbs And Detonators $18 (very Setzet-esque)
Ray, Johnny Cry (Bear) $22 30 tracks
Ray, Johnnie Hysteria! The Singles Collection 3cd $45
Reed, Dean The Red Elvis $18 (Bear)
Rich, Randy & Poor BoysThe Way you Came (Rhythm Bomb) $18
Robbins, Marty Rockin’ Rollin’ (Bear) $22
Robinson, Sugar Chile 1949-52 $15 Sensational boogie woogie
Piano player. 24 great tracks
Sakamoto, Kyu Memorial Best $20 (20 tracks inc Sukiyaki)
Santo & Johnny Santo & Johnny 2cds $25 originals. Nice.
Scott, Jack Rocks $25 (Bear)
Scott, Jack Very Best $20 (US 23 tracker)
Scott, Linda Complete Hits $22
Sedaka, Neil All Time GH $10
Self, Mack Easy to Love: Sun Years Plus $22
Setzer, Brian Dig That Crazy Christmas $18
Shay, Dorothy Park Avenue Hillbillies $18 25 tracks
Shearing, George Burnished Brass/Satin Brass $15
Sherman, Alan The Best Of (Rhino) $18
Simmons, gene Drinkin’ Wine $22 (Bear)
Simon/Garfunkel As Tom & Jerry 19 tracks $18
Sinatra, Frank My Way: The Best 2cds $15
Stafford, Jo Collectors Series $15
Starr, Kay RCA Years $18 (Collectors Choice)
Starr, Kay Collectors Series $15
Sumac, Yma Collection $15 >>>Tim the Carpenter note!!
Thompson, Sue Very Best $20
Thompson, Sue Suzie: Anthology 1961-65 $22
Thornton, Big Mama HoundDog: Peacock Recordings $18
Troup, Bobby Sings Johnny Mercer $10
Troup, Bobby The Distinctive Style $15
Turner, Sammy Very Best $20 (inc. “Raincoat on the River!”)
Valens, Richie Story $15
Vaughn, Billy Sail Along SilvryMoon/ Blue Hawaii $20
Vaughn, Billy Look for a Star/ Swingin’ Safari $20
Vincent, gene Capitol Collectors Series $18
Walker, T Bone Blues $18
Wallace, Ruth Boobs: Greatest Hits $22
Warwick, Dionne Here Where There Is Love $10 Coll.
Webb, Jack Just the Tracks Ma’am $20 Rhino Handmade
An unusual but engaging cd from Mr Dragnet!
Weedon, Bert Very Best $10
Whiting/Wakely Till We Meet Again $20 (32 tracks)
Young, Victor Cinema Rhapsodies $18


Blowing the Fuse 29 R & B Classics 1953 (Bear) $25 80 page book
Fabulous Fifties Crooners Sing Their Hard to Find Hits $20 (Eric)
Gypsy Jazz 4cd Properbox $35 …much more than Django & Stephane
Hard to Find 45s Vol 10 1960-65 $22 (excellent sound on this series from Eric 24 tracks)
Night Train To Nashville Vol 2 2cds $15
Rock ‘n Skiffle:Brit Beat Beginnings $35 4cd Properbox
That’ll Flat Git It Vol 1 (RCA) Bear $22
That’ll Flat Git It Vol 3 (RCA) Bear $22
What They Did Before Rock & Roll $15 (20 tracks pre R & R “R & R”)

Classic Rock/Rock Classics etc

Aphrodites Child 666 2cds $28 (Vangelis * Demis Roussos)
Argent Argent $15 remastered ed.
Bad Company Anthology 2cds $20
Badfinger Badfinger $10
Barrett, Syd Barrett $20 (Japanese pressing!) bonus tcks
Barrett, Syd Opel $20 (Japanese pressing!) bonus cuts
Beach Boys Pet Sounds $10 (stereo & mono versions)
Bee Gees Horizon 2cd 2006 remaster $25
Blunstone, Colin Ennismore/Journey 2 on 1 $22
Bonzo Dog DooDah Band Gorilla $10
Buckley, Tim Goodbye & Hello $10
Butterfield, Paul Live 2 on 1 $22
Cale, J J Rewind:The Unreleased Recordings $18
Canned Heat Future Blues $20 (Last with Blind Owl)
Chaplin, Blonidie Blondie Chaplin $18
Clark, Gene No Other $18 (remastered/expanded)
Clarke, Allan (Hollies) Headroom/Allan Clarke/I’ve Got Time $25 2cds
Crowbar Bad Manors $20
Diamond, Neil Rainbow $15 A great album in which he covers
Leonard Cohen, Randy newman, Joni Mitchell,
etc& does an amazing “If You Go Away”.
Dimeola/McLaughlin Friday Night in San Francisco $18 (+De Lucia)
Easybeats Friends $18 (22 tracks)
Franks, Michael Passionfruit $15
Gates, David First $18
Gates, David Falling in Love Again $18
Goffin, Gerry Back Room Blood $18 (inc. Bob Dylan)
Goose Creek Symphony Goose is Loose 2cds Live $25
Greatest Show on Earth Horizons $18
Hardin & York world’s Smallest Big Band $18
Hollies Special Collection 3cds EMI UK 60 tracks $30
Many hard to get plus hits inc. “Too Young to Be Married” which never appears anywhere!
I,m Not There Soundtrack Great 2cd $20
Jefferson Starship Blows Against tHe Empire $18
King Biscuit Boy Badly Bent:Best Of $20 (Canadian)
King Crimson In the Court of the Crimson King $18
Klaatu Sir Army Suite/Endangered Species 2on1 $22
Klaatu Sun Set 1973-1981 2cd Canada only 41 tck $35
Knack Get the Knack/But the Little Girls Understand
2 albums on the 1 $18
Lee, Arthur Vindicator $22
Lemon Pipers Green Tambourine: The Best $18
Lighthouse Sunny Days Again: The Best Of $18
Love DeCapo $15
Love Forever Changes 2001 Remaster $15
Love ` The Definitive Rock Collection 2cds $18
Love Forever Changes 2008 Rhin0 Remaster 2cds
$30 includes previously unissued tracks.
Lovin’ Spoonful Summer in the City:French EP Collection
All the hits (in English) 40 tracks $30` 2cds
McIlwaine, Ellen The Real/Everybody Needs It 2on1 $22
McLauchlan, Murray Greatest Hits $20
Medley, Bill Damn Near Righteous cd + dvd $20 Like
a tuneful Tom Waits. Nice.
Mountain Twin Peaks $15
Murphy, Elliott Notes from the Underground $25 (2008)
Murphy, Elliott Lost Generation/Night Lights 2cd+ $25
Nelson, Rick Garden Party $10
Phillips, John Wolfking of LA $22 (with Mississippi)
Price, Alan Metropolitan Man $15
Question Mark And Mysterians Best 1966-67 $18
Rutles The Rutles $18 (20 track on Rhino)
Ryan, Barry Sings Paul Ryan $20 25tcks inc “Eloise”.
Sahm, Doug and Band $18 Classic!!
Sedaka, neil Laughter in the Rain: Best 1974-1980 $18
Sir Douglas Quintet Texas Tornado $15 (Coll. Choice)
Stampeders Steamin’ $10
Stooges Fun House 2cd exp edition $22
Tiny Tim Live at Royal Albert Hall $25 Rhino H’made
Valente, dino Dino Valente $15
Van Leer, Thijs Introspection/Introspection 2 (Focus) $20
Vega, Suzanne Beauty & Crime $10
Velvet Opera Ride a Hustlers Dream $15
Wainwright, Loudon T-Shirt/Final Exam 2 cds $30
Waldman, Wendy Wendy Waldman $10
Warnes, Jennifer Jennifer $22 (2 early albums of folky material on single cd. Nice interpretations Dylan etc)
Webb, Jimmy Land’s End $15 Collectors Choice
Webb, Jimmy Mirage $15 Collectors Choice Reissue
Webb, Jimmy Suspending Disbelief $15 C.Choice reissue
Webb, Jimmy And So On $ $15
Webb, Jimmy Words & Music $18 (superb debut)
Wilson, Brian Presents Smile Deluxe ed. $15
Withers, Bill Live at Carnegie Hal l$15
Young, Neil Everybody Knows This Is Nowehere $15
Young, Neil Hawks & Doves $15 mini lp style cover
Neil Young American Stars & Bars $15 mini lp style cover


Dynamite: The Best of Glam Rock Repertoire 2cds 43 track $20
My Mind Goes High”Psychedelic Pop Nuggets from the WEA Vaults”$22
Cole, Nat King Try Not to Cry 18 track $10 (not the usual hits)
Nipper’s Greatest Hits 70s 20 tracks $15 OOP Series, very good.


Acosta, Kenny Full Moon on Blues Street $18
Alexander, Arthur Final Chapter $20
Benoit, Tab Power of the Ponceartrain $20
Bibb, Eric Natural Light $15
Bibb, Eric Home to Me $20
Brennan, Dennis Engagement $10
Brock, Big George Live at Seventy Five $18
Burke, Solomon Nashville $15
Costello, Sean We Can Get Together $18
Costello, Sean Sean Costello $18
Cotton, James Baby Don’t You Tear My Clothes $10
Courtney, Tomcat Downsville Blues $18
Deep Blue OrganTrio Deep Blue Bruise $20
Dickinson, James Luther Killers from Space 418
Drummer, Johnny Rockin’ in the Juke Joint $10
Dykes, Omar Kent On the Jimmy Reed H’way $20 w. J Vaughan
Foley, Sue Love Comin Down $18
Freeman, Isaac And The Bleubloods $10
Gomes, Anthony Live $20
Green, Grant Iron city $18 guitar/organ/bass
Greenleaf, Diunna Cotton Field to Coffee House 2cds $22
Hooker, John Lee Serves You Right to Suffer $10
Hooker, John lee Chill Out $10
Hooker, John Lee Jealous $10
Hooker, John Lee Burning Hell $10
Hooker, John lee With the Groundhogs $10
Howlin’ Wolf Real Folk Blues $10
Huttlinger, Pete Things are Looking Up $10
Indigenous Chasing the Sun $18
Johnson, Jimmy Every Road Ends Somewhere$10
Jones, JW Blues Band Bogart’s Bounce $10
King, B B The Blues (Ace UK) $20 original Crown label lp plus 6 bonus tracks
LAGQs Guitar Heroes $10
Leadbelly Definitive 3cd box $25 nice package
Lee, Bryan Katrina Was her Name $18
McClain, Mighty Sam Sweet Dreams $15
Memphis Slim Broken Soul Blues $10
Musselwhite, Charlie Delta Hardware $10
Nathan & Zydeco ChaChas Hang it High, Hang it Low $10
Nix, Don And Friends:Going Down $10
Paschall Brothers On the right Road Now $10
Phelps, Kelly Joe Sky Like a BrokenClock $15
Potvin, Roxanne the Way it Feel $10
Reddick, Paul Best of
Riley, Steve Dominos $10
Rishell, Paul Swear to Tell the truth $10
Rishell, Paul Blues on a Holiday $10
Robillard,Duke/Herb Ellis More Conversations in Swing Guitar $15
Rush, Otis Live & in Concert $10
Sansone, Johnny Poor Man’s Paradise $18
Shepherd, Kenny Wayne 10 Days Out: Blues from the Backroads
Cd + full dvd $22
Sicilia, Gina Allow Me to Confess $10
Siegel Schwall Band Complete Vanguard 3cds $30
Simone, Nina Forbidden Fruit/Sings Ellington/ Folksy
3 albums on 2cds $20
Smith, Bessie Woman’s Trouble Blues $18
Smith, Jimmy Dot Com Blues $15
Sugar Ray & Bluetones My Life My Friends My Music $20
Thackery, Jimmy Solid Ice $10
Thomas, Irma Walk Around Heaven: New Orleans Gospel $10
Thomas, Irma Story of My Life $10
Twisters After the Storm $18
Vito, Rick Band Box Boogie $10
Walker, Joe Louis In the Morning $10
Walker, Philip Going Back Home $10
Watermelon Slim & the Workers The Wheel Man $18
Welch, Monster Mike Just Like It Is $18
Weston, John So Blue So Doggone Blues $18
Whitley, Chris/Jeff Lang Dislocation Blues $15
Wigler, Mark Mark Wigler $18 (with Deana Bogart)
Williams, Sharrie I’m Her to Stay $18
Woods, Mitch Big Easy Boogie cd + dvd $10
Woods, Mitch Solid Gold Cadillac $10
Bullet Records: Nashville Blue Treasures 2cds 56 tracks $25
Gospel Live from Mountain Stage $10
Rural Blues Vol 3:Down Home Stomp (BGO UK) $10
Soul Summit $10


American Folk Blues Festival 1962-1966 $25
American Folk Blues Festival 1962-1966 Vol 2 $25
Atlantic Records The House That Ahmet Built 115minutes $25
Block, Rory Guitar Artistry $25 100 minutes/18 songs
Blue Collar Comedy Tour (all 3 movies in box set) $28 3 dvds
Brooks, Garth The Entertainer 5cds $40
Brozman, Bob Live in Germany 122 minutes $25
Byrd, Tracy Millenium Collection $5
Carman, Jenks TexAtTown Hall Party (Bear Family) $25
Chicago Blues Reunion cd+dvd $20
Clement, Jack Shakespeare Was a Big George Jones Fan $25
Country Style USA Volume 4 (Bear Family) $25
Doobie Brothers Rockin’ Down the Highway 110 minutes $25 tops!
Down from the Mountain $20
Dr Hook Live (all Shel Silverstein songs) $15
Flatt & Scruggs Best of TV Show Vol 6 $28
Flatt & Scruggs Best of TV Show Vol 5 $28
Flatt & Scruggs Best of TV Show Vol 3 $22
Flatt & Scruggs Best of TV Show Vol 4 $22
Garcia/Grisman Grateful Dawg $20
Gibb, Robin Live $20
Gilkyson, Eliza Live from Austin $20
Gordon, Robert With Chris Spedding Rockin Paradisio $20
Grapelli, Stephane Live in San Francisco $20
Guthrie, Woody This Machine Kills Fascists $20
Haggard, Merle Live at Billy Bobs $28
Haley, Bill Birmingham Odeon 1979 $15
Happy Rovin’ Cowboy 28 tracks of the Singing Cowboys $28
Harding, John Wesley Live 2005 $10
Harlem Roots The Big Bands $20
Hawkins, Ernie Guitar Artistry $20
Hee Haw 10th Anniversary Celebration $25
Ian, Janis Janismania 2004 2dvds 4hrs $28
Jackson, Alan Precious Memories: Live at the Ryman $30
Jansch, Bert Fresh as a Sweet Sunday Morning $25
Jennings, Waylon Live from Austin $20
Jennings, Waylon America $15
Jones, George Same Ole Me $20
Lampanelli, Lisa Dirty girl: Queen of mean Live $10
Last Train Home Live at Iota $15
Locorriere, Dennis The Voice of Dr Hook Live 120 minutes $20
Lovett, Lyle Best of Live $20
Luman, Bob At Town Hall Party (Bear Family) $25
McCartney, Paul The McCartney Years 3dvd (Rhino) 406 minutes $35
McClinton, Delbert Live from Austin City Limits $20
McDonald, Country Joe Turned Up & Turned On $20
McEntire, Reba Video Gold I $20
McEntire, Reba Video Gold II $20
Matthews, Dave Live at Radio City $15
Memphis Slim Live at Ronnie Scotts $20
Morgan, Lorrie The Color of Roses $20
Naked Trucker And T-Bones Live at Troubadour $15
Nelson, Willie With Leon Russell $15
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Will the Circle be Unbroken III $20
Owens, Buck Liveat Austin City Limits $20
Painted Hero a movie starring Dwight Yoakam $15
Prine, John Sessions at West 54th w w. Iris Dement $30
Prine, John Live on Soundstge 1980 $25
Ramones Its Alive 1974-1996 Rhio 240 mins $28
Robbins, Marty At Town Hall Party $25
Ronstadt, Linda Canciones De Mi Padre $25
Rundgren, Todd Live in San Francisco $18
Sahm, Doug Live at Austin City Limits $20
Second Fiddle to aSteel Guitar $28
Smither, Chris One More Night $20
Time Jumpers Jumpin Time $30
Tritt, Travis celebration $18
Tritt, Travis Graetest Hits from the beginning $18
Trout, Walter In Concert $25
Vision Shared:A Tribute to Woody Guthrie & leadbelly 20
War Live in England 1980 $20
Waters, Muddy Live $20
Watson, Dale Live at Newland 2 hrs $30
Watson, Doc Rare Performances 1963-81 $25
Welch, Gillian The Revelator Collection $20
Willaims, Hank The Show He never Gave $25
Yoakam, Dwight Just Looking For a Hit $15

Classic Hard to Find cds

These are the reduced sale prices. These cds are some of the best we have had and are all out of print. Many are 1 copy only and it is strictly first come first served. All are out of print.
1)Barnhill, Joe – Joe Barnhill Capitol 1990 $20
2)Beverly Hillbillies Soundtrack 1993 RCA $20
3)Bogguss, Suzy & Chet Atkins – Sympatico Liberty 1994 $30
4)Browne, Jann – Tell Me Why 1990 Curb $35
5)Browne, Jann – It Only Hurts When I Laugh 1991 Curb $30
6)Campbell, Stacy Dean – Ashes of an Old Love Paladin 1999 $28
7)Cryner, Bobbie – Bobbie Cryner 1993 Epic $35 …the only female singer to sing like George Jones. If it isn’t everyone’s favourite album by a female since 1989 it is certainly in their top 5
8)Nat King Cole – Capitol Collectors Series Capitol 1990 $20 we like to chuck a few classic of this ilk in and the Capitol Collectors Series is one of the best ever as far as selections and presentation go.
9)Dalton, Lacy J – Crazy Love 1991 Capitol $30 inc. “Little Boy Blue”
10)Dalton, Lacy J – Lacy J 1990 Capitol $25
11)Dalton, Lacy J – Chains on the Wind 1992 Liberty $25
12)Delray, Martin – Get Rhythm 1990 Atlantic $40 inc. J R Cash on title
13)Delray, Martin – What Kind of Man 1992 Atlantic $30 2nd of only 2!
14)Ethel & Shameless Hussies – Born to Burn 1988 MCA $35 Kacey Jones toured here 2008. Very rare on cd.
15)Ewing, Skip – Homegrown Love Libert 1993 $20
16)Frickie, Janie – Labor of Love 1989 CBS $30 when she changed to “Frickie” with the extra “I” she made her best two albums and with covers of Steve Earle and Katy Moffatt it is very contemporary.
17)Goldens – Rush for Gold Capitol 1990 $18 as good as pop country gets. As excellent as Elton John’s “Tumbleweed Connection”.
18)Grand Funk Railroad – Capitol Collectors Series $20 1991 Capitol
Again a bit of an off the list one but the best single cd ever of them
19)Haggard, Marty – Borders & Boundaries 1996 BMG $22 Only cd ever by Merle’s talented son. Great voice & semi religious overtones throughout.
20)Haggard, Merle – Capitol Collectors Series 1990 Capitol $25 Simply put this brilliant out of print compilation is the best Merle haggard cd on the market.
20A)Merle Haggard – Amber Waves of Grain $120 Not a typo. This is just about impossible to find. It was on the market for a very short time.
20B)Merle Haggard – Friend in California $70 as rare and like the preceding in absolute pristine condition.
21)Hardwick, Billy Jnr Too Country BMG 1992 $25 One album and one only. This one had 100% success rate. Wish I had 100 copies. Everyone who ever heard it bought it and most would ask had he any other albums. On that basis it is spectacularly successful.
22)House, James – James House 1989 MCA $30
23)Kane, Keiran – Find My Way Home 1993 Atlantic $35 Between the O’Kanes and Dead Reckoning label…very hard to find and arguably his best. Emmylou Harris guests and is great on “Greener Pastures”.
24)Lewis, Jerry – Capitol Collectors Series 1990 Capitol. “Sunday Driving”
25)McEntire, Reba – Oklahoma Girl 2cds 1994 Polygram 40 tracks of her out of print Mercury sides. This cd too out of print. $35
26)McCarters – The Gift 1987 WB Spectacularly delightful sister trio which includes a top version of Hugh Moffatt’s “Loving You” and the Carl Jackson & Jennifer McCarter co-write “A Letter from Home”. $40. Rare!
27)Jennifer McCarter & the McCarters – “Better Be Home Soon” 1990 Wb Same as before but Jennifer gets more billing. Their spectacular acoustic country cover of Crowded House cover song is beautiful. $20
28)Mandrell, Barbara – Keys in the Mailbox 1991 Capitol $20
29)Mandrell, Barbara – Morning Sun 1990 Capitol $25 includes a great version of “Crazy Arms” with Ray Price.
30)Mensy, Tim – “Stone By Stone” 1990 CBS Great singer, writer and one of Nashville’s most in demand session guitarists. $25
31)Miller, Roger – Country Tunesmith: Best of Roger Miller Volume One
1991 Polygram $40. This 21 track out of print gem features all songs written by Roger but in many cases associated with others eg “Tall Tall trees”/ “Invitation to the Blues”/ “Half a Mind”/ “When Two Worlds Collide”/ “Don’t We All Have the Right”/ “The Last Word in Lonesome is Me”/ “Husbands & Wives”. Even the “King of the Road” box set did not have all these gems on it.
32)Moffatt, Katy – Greatest Show on Earth 1993 Philo $28 One of the best 3 female folky albums we have ever had. It was re-issued as “Evangeline Hotel” when Ringling Brothers Circus objected to the title but this original package is just a must.
33)Montgomery, Melba – Signature Series 2003 EMI Special products $25 Out of print already and only 14 tracks but what a 14 tracks, 5 duets with George Jones inc. “Let’s Invite them Over”, 5 duets with Charlie Louvin plus 4 solo tracks including the great “Hall of Shame”
34) Morse, Ella Mae – Capitol Collectors Series 1992 Capitol $30 Great singer who was more known for her band work but had a country approach and even recorded a bit with Speedy West & Jimmy Bryant.
35) Owens, Buck – Hot Dog 1988 Capitol $35 His comeback album includes Dwight Yoakam on “Under Your Spell Again”
36)Paycheck, Johnny – Survivor 2001 Bo Wil Fitting final independent album recorded early – mid 90s “I Can’t Quit Drinking” has an uneasy truth about it. $25
37)Price, Ray - Sometimes a Rose 1992 Sony $25 Includes the brilliant Bob McDill song “There’s Not a Dry Eye in the House”
38)Rabbitt, Eddie – Ten Rounds 1991 Capitol $25 Great album
39)Red Hot & Country 17 tracker on Mercury 1994 which includes artists singing songs unique to this album. Of prime interest would be Johnny Cash’s take on Dylan’s “Forever Young” and his appearance with Brooks & Dunn on “Folsom Prison Blues”. Also Carl Perkins with the Mavericks & Duane Eddy on “Matchbox” is hard to beat. Even so Mark Chesnutt’s take on the Tommy Collins written “Goodbye Comes Hard to Me” is the out and out best track.
40)Rich, Charlie – “Pictures and Paintings” 1992 Sire Charlie’s jazziest album much recorded as piano/bass/drums trio, Superb $28
41)Rig Rock Deluxe 1996 Upstart/Diesel Only is a great 16 track truck driving tribute and features all songs peculiar to this album including “Nitro Express” with Red Simpson & Junior Brown, “Will There Be Big Rigs in Heaven” by Buck Owens and “Mama Was a Rock” by Kay Adams with BR549 not to mention Kelly Willis on the Lowell George track “Truckstop Girl” $25 now out of print
42)Sahm, Doug “SDQ 98” Watermelon Records 1998 $50 Label went bust and album disappeared quickly. Equal to his epic “return of Wayne Douglas” and features originals as well as a suprerb version of Tom Russell’s “St Olav’s gate”
43)Sears, Dawn – “What a Woman Wants to Hear” 1991 WB Great country album which mixes standards and contemporary songsall tops. $25
44)Shafer, Sanger D “Whitey” – So Good for So Long 1997 Sancor Out of print cd featuring all songs written by Whitey (and sung in a very Lefty like voice) Inc. “All My Ex’s Live in Texas”, “Heaven Was a Drink of Wine”, “Birmingham Turnaround” etc $35
45)Shaver (Billy Joe) Tramp on Your Street $25 BMG 1993
46)Sinatra, Frank – Capitol Collectors Series $20 Again…best selection of an artist’s work.
47)Smith, Russell – This Little Town CBS 1989 $35 Excellent cd from the lead vocalist of the Amazing Rhythm Aces…inc. Paul Franklin & Mark O’Connor among the personnel.
48)Sonnier, Jo-El – The Complete Mercury Sessions & More 1992 Polygram $35 Although best known as a Cajun man he also shows he is a consummate honky tonk vocalist. “Cheatin’ Turns Her On” is as good as anything Moe Bandy ever recorded.
49)Springfield, Bobby Lee – “All Fired Up” 1987 CBS $28 Includes “Hank Drank” and intro by Eddy Arnold on “What’s He Doing in my World”
50)Staley, Karen – Wildest Dreams 1989 MCA Great album by singer songwriter highlighted by the upbeat “He Thinks He’s James Dean”.
51)Stuart, Marty – The Pilgrim MCA 1999 His concept album is deleted. Where else are you going to hear a duet between George Jones & Emmylou Harris?? $28
52)Sweethearts of the Rodeo – Sweethearts of the Rodeo 1986 CBS $25
53)Thornton, Marsha – Maybe The Moon Will Shine tonight 1991 MCA $30
54)Tyler, T Texas – Best 1998 Collectors Choice but long out of print. 18 tracks including the only place you get what is considered the original “Deck of Cards”. Very rare. $40
55)Tubb, Ernest – Live 65 $30 Rhino 1989 You reckon this doesn’t half kick ass! Great recording with great range of songs. 20 in all.
56)Wagoneers – “Stout & High: A & M 1989 $30
57)Wall, Chris – No Sweat 1991 Tried & True $30 Out of Print
58)Watson,Gene – At Last 1991 WB $20
59)Watson, Gene – “Back in the Fire” 1989 WB $60. Spectacularly fine cd and even though he has been remarkably consistent (and still is) in a 35 year plus career this is his magnum opus!!
60)Whitley, Keith – I Wonder Do You Think of Me 1989 RCA $35
61)Whitely, Keith – Tribute (Jackson/Chesnutt etc & Whitley too) 1994 BMG $22
62)Whiting, Margaret – Capitol Collectors series $28 1990 Capitol
63)Wild Rose – Breaking New Ground 1990 Capitol Great all gal group with Pam Gadd on lead $25. Really great instrumentalists also includes Wanda Vick.
64)Wild Rose – Listen to Your Hear 1991 Capitol $28 Hard to get
65)Williams, Tex – Vintage Collection Series 1996 Capitol 20 Vintage Western Swing tracks $35

Memorabilia Items

These are one of each and anyone who visited our store may have seen them on the wall. They are sold with the greatest reluctance but frankly I just don’t have anywhere to put them except inside some dark cupboard. Posters will be sent in a poster tube. All are in excellent shape. Believe me they’d be on my wall if they could!

1)Alvin, Dave Public Domain 18”x 23” very attractive poster laminated. Features country guitar picker on one side and Black dude with gun and dressed in amazing woollen chaps on the other $18
2)Baseball: American Negro Leagues 14” x 22” Chicago American Giants vs New Orleans eagles Laminated Hatch Print Company. $15
3)Bear Family Plaque “Official Bear Family Dealer” Heavy metal plate 20” long x 12” wide $60
4)Friedman, Kinky Elect “Richard Kinky Friedman” May 1986 Autographed “To Steve See You in Hell Kinky Friedman 16/4/94” 14”x 22” laminated. $50
5)Hancock, Wayne Poster laminated. “That’s What Daddy Wants” 18”x24” $25
6)His Masters Voice Heavy Metal plate plaque Approx 10”x7” suitable for hanging. Features nice Nipper image. This is a porcelain coated sign and again is very heavy metal plaque. $50
7)Jazz posters x 2 Hatch Print Co laminated Duke Ellington 11” x 17” & Cab Calloway 13” x 20 ‘ $18 all up for both
Mix, Tom 14” x 11” Lobby card reproduction in colour $10
8)Parton, Dolly Hatch Print poster 14” x 22” laminated repro. Of 1970 Grand Ol Opry Poster $15
9)Rogers, Roy 26” wide x 39” high x 3 posters. These are absolutely beautiful. Can’t begin to describe how beautiful. They are vintage art style for Roy Rogers film festival and there was a different poster each year. 1 & 2 are laminated whilst 3 is not but would suggest laminating is the way to go as they would cost a fortune to frame and look fantastic the way they are. They are no longer available in any way shape or form Bear in mind laminating costs and this is very reasonable believe me. Plus approx. 28 x 17 poster for Roy Rogers Tribute album fro mearly 90s. Features a very nice pic of very young Roy. Not laminated. All 4 $180 and will include post in that.
10) Set of 3 tin advertisement reproductions:

  1. Hoppys Favorite Bond Bread 14 x11
  2. Roy Rogers/Dale Evans Watches 16x12
  3. Roy Rogers Dale Evans Chow Wagon Lunch box 16x12 $40 for set

11) 11’ diameter Columbia Records sign as per HMV sign above $50

Thank you for looking. Please have a very close peruse as we believe there is something for everybody.



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