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February 2008 Newsletter

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Any one remember the old Luna Park Days?? They used to give you a tin badge if you were able to “escape” from the Mirror Maze. I think it read “I survived the Mirror Maze”. Well I am going to write a letter to the Tamworth Chamber of Commerce suggesting a similar badge be struck and presented to attendees of the Tamworth Festival.

I had the opportunity of selling in the wonderful Southgate Inn Hotel, something I had done previously 3 years ago and then there was a great vibe. Then the place was buzzing. There was a constant throng of people and a fun feel about the whole thing. That had vanished this time around. The impression I get was that this was a widespread phenomenon over the entire city. Naturally, the Chamber of Commerce was giving it the “biggest and best” ever treatment but what I saw was something in decline and where attending had become a task for both artists and attendees alike. The Chamber of Commerce and the Council must take some of the blame for this; someone should read them the story about killing the goose that raised the golden egg.

Some one also said the notion of it being a country music festival had vanished with many acts being rock oriented. Perhaps there is a need to get back to the basics. Maybe it was the floods in Queensland or the much “cooler than normal” Tamworth weather. It just struck me as being something else. Maybe I am wrong.

The Southgate is a great place to star gaze as well. She walked into Southgate like she was walking on to a yacht; had she been wearing a hat it would be strategically dipped below one eye and I think her dress was apricot. I had met her on several occasions and had supported her when others were asking the question “who?” Maybe I took that my own ability (never to forget someone or something) for granted but when I said a friendly “G’day, how are things?”, I would have expected more than a “G’day Matey.” Can you believe it? “G’day matey!!” Now that may have been okay for Robert Newton when he was practising to be Long John Silver but, to be honest, Jim lad, it just isn’t good enough for a bright young star.

A smooth-pated self-promoting bloke of extremely questionable talent proved himself to be the master of the glib response whilst in contrast it was a pleasure to meet and talk with Greg Champion, who has a genuine touch totally different from the preceding gentleman. It was also good to meet Gleny Rae Virus, who has a cd I would recommend. There is a great track, “Redneck Romance”, which I hope is not just a song but a clever parody of a Sara Storer song. I will say it is and add a very clever to the mix.

Personally I believe anyone associated with a young star should enrol them in the June Dally Watkins School of Deportment. What worried me were a number of singers with talent but with a total and absolute inability to conduct themselves in public. One in particular has a great voice but has absolutely no idea how to conduct herself with anything resembling decorum, in fact it is the exact opposite, and that is a shame. So don’t dismiss the idea. It is a good one.

Perhaps our local stars should also take a lesson from the professionalism of the likes of Becky Hobbs and Kacey Jones who performed to standing room only crowds at the Family Hotel. Funny, warm and classy. Two great ladies.

It was great catching up with some mates from Tasmania and Warren and it was a wonderful experience to stay with the Bizant family at Werris Creek. The half hour drive each way was a great time for reflection and was extremely enjoyable. Thanks again to Joan Douglas for allowing me to set up at the Southgate. If you are ever in Tamworth I’d recommend that you have a meal there. It and all the hotels in the Douglas chain are a credit to them.

We will be undertaking a slight change of direction in the near future and closing our Parramatta store after some 19 years. It will probably be within the next 3 months. As many are aware the nature of the music has changed. Overheads have risen whilst in-store traffic has not. At the same time we will be continuing with and expanding our mail order and newsletter business. Mail order business is strong, and of those attending the store most would be happy to get a better service as is going to be provided. Those who currently buy from our newsletters (either mail out or emailed) will be pleased to know they will be receiving more information than they have been getting. Thus it is important that many of those who have been getting newsletters realise that in order to send out more newsletters it will be necessary to act on the ones that are sent (such as this one!) and make an occasional purchase in order to “lock-it-in-eddie” and receive the next. We hope you appreciate this.

2007 Albums of the Year

1. Ron Williams - Texas Style $30
2. T Jae Christian – Vanishing Breed $30
3. Patty Booker – Fire & Brimstone (a few on special @ $22)
4. Justin Trevino – Take One as Needed For Pain $30
5. Tom T Hall – Sings Miss Dixie & Tom T $32
5. Bobby Flores – Neon Lights $32 (tie)

Porter Wagoner & Dolly Parton – “Always,Always/ Two of a Kind” 2on1 $28 An offshoot of the Collector’s Choice label, American Beat have shown a great willingness to release some classic country albums. Firstly we had John Anderson’s 1 & 2 and now this pair of albums from 1969 & 1971 respectively. It isn’t as though there is a lot of Porter & Dolly out there, in fact to the contrary, but what marks this as special is that the songs, in general, do not appear on the hits compilations that have been issued. In fact only one of the 22 songs contained herein (“Your Love”) appears on the “20 Greatest Hits” cd listed below. “Milwaukee, Here I Come” was a hit for George & Tammy and was also covered on John Prine’s “In Spite of Ourselves” album. “I Don’t Believe You’ve Met My Baby” has been a country classic since it was recorded by the Louvin Brothers and just about every man and his dog since, but Porter and Dolly’s version ranks with the best. Porter is said to have been attracted to Dolly by the quality of her song writing (well someone said it!) and her 8 songs and two co-writes show he may have been right! “Malena” is so much like “Jeannie’s Afraid of the Dark” you almost wonder if she used the same tune. It is bound to be one that a lot of people will go straight to. “The House Where Love Lives” is a classic through & through. “Oh,The Pain of Loving You” is a conflict song, one of the staples of this country music sub-genre. So this gets 10 out of 10 and instils a desire that another similar volume will be out soon.

Jesse Dayton & Brennen Leigh “Holdin’ Our Own, and other Country Gold Duets” $30 So we have just had Porter and Dolly and now we have Jesse and Brennen. This is so good that had someone said it was Dale (Watson) and Heather (Myles) I would have believed them. That’s the kind of feel this album has. The songs are uniformly excellent and the 7 originals fit in so well with the covers that I would defy most to pick them. Raised in Beaumont Texas, it is only appropriate that Jesse (and Brenenn) should pay homage to George and Tammy and do so nicely with Bobby (do you mind if I just call you Bob) Braddock’s “Something to Brag About” and George’s own “Take Me”. Brennen’s opening vocal on “Take Me” shows her to be the equal of any female vocalist going round today and Riley Osbourne’s piano work on these two in particular is right out of the Billy Sherrill book. The classic cheating song “Back Street Affair” is given a great reading and Jesse’s voice has a similar timbre to that of George Jones on this and several other tracks. “Something Somebody Said” offers a romped up bluegrass arrangement with some stinging dobro from one Brian Thomas. Some may have listened to some of Jesse’s previous albums which had a Waylon-ish outlaw feel about them. They weren’t bad, but this is great!

Emmylou Harris & co “Concert for Manglerdesh” 2cds $40

Phil "The Mangler" Kaufman is best known as the man who stole Gram Parsons' body. He was also Emmylou Harris' road manager and a member of a tightly knit group. Back in 1996 he was diagnosed with prostate cancer and a group of his friends got together to do a show for his benefit. He was able to get the treatment for the cancer and is still kicking today. This is the "Concert for Manglerdesh" ...great name. This is a very limited edition version. The covers are handmade at the legendary Hatch Print Works in Nashville on heavy painted cardboard and are each a little different. It may be released later on but these are the only copies you will get now and the only ones that will have the Hatch Print cover. As you may guess are strictly limited...Phil initially intended making them for those who helped him and the participants and only sold the ones left over copies of which we have.....first come first served. *********Includes one of Phil's wonderfully wacky business cards**********Not sold in any store. Well, we know one!
CD # 1
1. Intro: Austin Church
2. Delevantes - Driving At Night
3. Rodney Crowell - Say You Love Me
4. Rodney Crowell - Heartbroke
5. Pat McLaughlin - Daddy's Little Pumpkin
6. Guy Clark - Out in the Parking Lot
7. John Prine - Ain't Hurtin' Nobody
8. John Prine - The Way the World Goes Round
9. Thanks from Phil Kaufman
10. Nanci Griffith - From a Distance
11. Nanci Griffith – Well Alright
12. Barry & Holly Tashian - Hey Heart
13. Steve Earle - Can't Remember If I Said Goodbye
14. Steve Earle - Never Gonna Let You Go
1. Bob Woodruff - Out of the Blue
2. BR549 - Big Mouthe Blues
3. Riders in the Sky - Cowboy Medley
4. Sweethearts of the Rodeo - So Sad
5. Trisha Yearwood - Love is Forever
6. Trisha Yearwood - Wild Horses
7. Vince Gill - Worlds Apart
8. Marty Stuart - You Ain't Goin' Nowhere
9. Marty Stuart - Rock & Roll Star
10. Sam Bush - What You Don't Know
11. Emmylou Harris - Wheels
12. Emmylou Harris - Luxury Liner
13. Emmylou Harris - Wheels (Finale)

Ronny Elliott – “Jalopypaint” $28 Ronny has a small but select following. These fans no doubt ask themselves why Ronny is not a big success and to please those people Ronny has recorded a track called “Secrets of Success” in which he attempts to analyse his total lack thereof! Those familiar with Ronny will appreciate the very concept. Already some of our hammer and sickle carrying friends are suggesting that “Red Rumour Blues” should become the national anthem; just not sure what country they want to adapt it. “Brothels in China” shows that Ronny is certainly a man of the world. “When the Showbands Played Coleraine” is one of the wonderful musical history tracks that have almost become synonymous with Ronny. As an added bonus we get a further interview with Ed Brown. Ed’s previous reminiscences about Chuck Berry will have some people champing at the bit. As Ed himself would say, “There is one or two”.

Bill Anderson – “Whisperin’ Bluegrass” cd + dvd $35 Nice 16 track cd produced by Steve Ivey and featuring multi instrumentalist Andy Leftwich and accompanied by a dvd which features a documentary on Bill plus guests and behind the scene at the Grand Ol Opry. Bill talks fondly of his association with Roy Acuff who he affectionately refers to as Mr Roy. Bill covers a mix of secular and gospel material on the cd. He wrote most of the former including “Cold Hard Facts of Life.” Bet most people didn’t know that. Duets include those with Vince Gill, Dolly Parton, Jon Randall ,Jan Howard and Willie Nelson on the excellent “The Lord Knows I’m Drinking”. Incidentally I reckon if you morphed Malcolm Turnbull and Paul McCartney you’d have an exact likeness of Bill Anderson. Though most would also say Bill would be the most sincere, genuine and likeable of the three.

Preacher Jack – “Picture from Life’s Other Side” $32 Second album over a 30 year plus career is actually culled from 2 sessions in 1992 and 1996 and it is a pretty seamless affair. There doesn’t appear to be much difference to his performance over the years. He plays barrelhouse boogie piano and sings in a style and with a bravado which is sometimes reminiscent of Jerry Lee. His piano playing is more reminiscent of Fats Domino and he does a great cover of “Blueberry Hill”. The 1996 session was on what would have been Hank Williams’ 73rd birthday and appropriately Jack does several Hank Williams songs, including an especially fine version of the Luke the Drifter favourite “too Many Parties and Too Many Pals”. He also is adept at gospel as he is at honky tonk. “3,000 Barrooms Later” shows Jack has been around and then some. Captivating listening.

W.C. Edgar – “Alcohol of Fame” $30 Every now and again an independent cd comes along which is so good you wonder how the artist isn’t a star of the highest proportion. Vocally W C has a voice which reminds of Merle Haggard’s son, Marty and that is very good. He is also a steel guitarist who toured with the likes of Alan Jackson, surprisingly the aforementioned Marty Haggard….could this be a ruse and it is in fact Marty doing the vocals????? Well that is my conspiracy theory of the month, even if I would be wrong. He is an exceptional writer and has written all 12 songs without a collaborator. “You Never Had Forever In Mind” is a great a-grade lyric about the one sided end of a relationship. “Alcohol of Fame”, is different to the song of a few years ago but every bit as good. “Mirrors Don’t Lie” (not the Gene Watson song) features the equally fine voiced Darryl Singletary. Just to prove he could write 3 songs with the same title as a well known song he does an excellent “Close Up the Honky Tonks”, a full bore honky tonk number. Several tracks have a rodeo theme and “Vegas” couples the rodeo theme with the break up of a relationship. “Barrels and Bottles” is an upbeat number about a guy who goes to watch his girl in the barrel races whilst he himself prefers the barrels. “Texas Rain” is another breakup song with a great conversational style and a few nice organ runs. You could never accuse W C of having great romantic success. One or two tracks have a Charlie Daniels style “if it ain’t ain’t” style lyric but the vocals are so good you will overlook this. Knock me down with a feather….WC is touring Australia and will be playing Sydney in June and Melbourne end of May. Great album.

Nice Boys from New York – “Hotel Breton Hall” $30 Sometimes you have to wonder why a great duo (that the Nice Boys from New York are) would carry a name that would be more in keeping with attendants at a gay Manhattan bath house. Nice Boys from New York are Kevin Trainor on vocals (nice deep voice) and songwriter/guitarist Andrew Morse. It is far from mainstream but is decidedly country and very good, in spite of the not overly clever name. “The Ballad of Julia Hill” could be from Tom T Hall’s story telling period as it tells of a one woman protest against the felling of an ancient redwood tree. Father Gallagher definitely approves. “Picking Up the Pieces” is very much in the style of Merle Haggard. The vocalist even adapts a Haggard style quaver for this song. The album is laid back and friendly. You could also imagine Don Williams licking his lips over a few of the songs here. 16 quality songs and an hour playing time make for good value. Nice instrumentation, nice songs and great vocals….it is just the name is a worry.

Willie Nelson & Don Cherry “It’s Magic” $32 Willie & Don had a previous album, “Augusta”, the title track being about the home of US Masters Golf, something close to the heart of both but especially Cherry who became a professional golfer after a singing career, mainly on Monument which yielded quite a few hits, most notably the excellent “Band of Gold”. Collectors Choice has an excellent cd featuring these works. This new album is a nice mix of standards plus a Mickey Newbury and a couple of lesser known songs.

Anne Murray – “Duets” $32 Subtitled “Friends & Legends” this album features Anne singing 17 songs with dueting females, many of whom are fellow Canadians. It starts,however, with a duet with Martina McBride on one of Anne’s biggest hits in “Danny’s Song” as well as an overdubbed version of “I Just Fall in Love Again” with Dusty Springfield. Other guests include Shania Twain, Shelby Lynne, Emmylou Harris, Amy Grant, Indigo Girls, kd Lang, Olivia Newton John, Carole King etc.

Rhonda Vincent – “Good Thing Going” $30 The glamorous Queen of Bluegrass returns with another album destined to again win her a myriad of awards. You can almost guarantee that if Playboy do a bluegrass edition Ms Vincent will be the first participant. Her glam gown is certainly a departure from the comfy frock that she wore on her wonderful Rebel label albums. She is seemingly trying to spread her mainstream roots a little more and “The Water is Wide” is performed as a duet with Keith Urban. She does a nice job on Jimmy Martin’s “Hit Parade of Love” and her own songs are of a high standard. “I Give All My Love to You” is performed as a duet with Russell Moore of the group IIIrd Tyme Out. Everyone can’t like stilettos!!! Rhonda and her mortgage on the IBMA female artist of the year has been broken by the decidedly down home Dale Ann Bradley. Check out Dale Ann. She has a similar voice to Alison Krauss but with her own nice nuances. Both ladies are indeed stars.

Allison Moorer – “Mockingbird”$30 An album of mainly covers, one of which is not “Mockingbird” (sorry J. O’K fans…this is the Allison original). Whereas Martina McBride chose country standards this is certainly not the case with this album as most are of a fairly obscure nature, with the exceptions of “Big Yellow Taxi” and “Ring of Fire”. We have Nina Simone’s “I Want a Little Sugar in My Bowl”, sister Shelby Lynne’s “She Knows Where She Goes”, Julie Miller’s “Orphan Train” and even Jessi Colter’s “I’m Looking For Blue Eyes”. Generally very nice.

Sky Kings – From Out of the Blue Rhino Handmade $32Usually the limited edition Rhino Handmade cds are a lot pricier but we were able to get a few of these gems at normal prices. The Sky Kings is a wonderful country rock album and is the equal of anything by the likes of the Eagles, Poco etc. Not surprisingly the Sky Kings have a great pedigree, consisting of Bill Lloyd (Foster & Lloyd), John Cowan (New Grass Revival) and Rusty Young (Poco) all of whom contribute lead and harmony vocals with Rusty being a prominent instrumentalist as well on steel and lap steel guitars. Guests include Sam Bush, Al Kooper , Leon Russell, and Patrick Simmons of Doobie Brothers fame who actually had John Cowan as a bass playing member of the Doobie Brothers at the time. What is surprising is that all 24 tracks bar a couple of singles are previously unreleased. Tracks 1-10 were from a Warner Brothers album that never saw the light of day and in an age when most of the major label releases should be put straight into land fill this is inexcusable. This is what I refer to as a stopper. I play and get asked who it is. All songs bar the opener “Picture Perfect” are by group members. 20 page booklet is excellent and John Cowan’s liner notes are a hoot.

Chip Taylor & Carrie Rodriguez- “Live from the Ruhr Triennale” $32 Nice live album which was a change from Carrie’s rather awful solo debut of 2007. This has a very nice feel with some witty dialog thrown in. Includes versions of Chip’s big ones “The Real Thing”, “Wild Thing” and “Angel of the Morning”. Around 70 minutes playing time. Hopefully they may get back together for a new studio album.

The Gin Palace Jesters – “Roadhouse Riot …and Other Songs With Words” $32 Great indie album of hillbilly music which is reminiscent of BR549, with the main vocalist being a tad like Hank III in places. “Ol’ Webb’s Bullhorn Pontiac” is a tremendous upbeat song which combines elements of “Phantom 309” with the mystical appearance of Webb Pierce’s famous car. The opening Duane Eddy style guitar on this track is a killer. While most of the tracks are originals they do two covers which breathe freshness into both. The Louvin Brothers’ “Are You Missing Me” has an intriguing guitar and steel interplay and a fine duet vocal between Dave Sisson and fiddler Kate Schadegg, who is classically trained but shows great savvy throughout. The other cover is an exceptional slow version of Buck’s “Second Fiddle”(which features some excellent fiddling). Steel guitarist Gabriel Stutz is also a standout throughout. “Roadhouse Riot” starts with a lick from “Your Cheatin’ Heart” and the story line is about the guy who decides he’ll shoot out the jukebox (which of course is playing “Your Cheatin’ Heart). “Reflections Don’t Lie” is the singer’s reflection on meeting an old friend who had fallen on tough times. “Alison Rose” offers a nice contrast as it features rhythm guitarist Ken Mottet on vocals. A great little ditty. The album concludes with “Last One’s Left Waltz” another duet between guitarist and fiddler. 14 tracks. Top drawer all the way. Brilliant cover too!

Papa Top’s West Coast Turnaround “Greatest His:Volume II” $32This could be a new sub genre, the truckin’ murder song. They certainly exhibit more than a passing Dick Curless influence on the opening “Gear Jam”. “Country Death Song” has a Morricone feel about it as the protagonist leaves his girl lying dead and then goes across country to escape his destiny. “!0 Cents a Dance” features female vocalist Faith Wallace and is a nice slowie. “Murder One” is a tale about the vengeance of a man who murders his wife’s lover, justifying his act “stealing’s a crime and that man stole my everything”. It features a deliciously ironic vocal delivery by Chris Davies. Faith again takes the lead again on “18-Wheelin’ Man” which also has a humorous touch. Is it the truck or something else she is singing about?? “Daddy Drinks (Because You Cry)” redefines the classic country weepie as a mother seemingly attempts to explain to her child why his father drinks. Sadly (yeah), it is the last words she says as the wicked man at the centre of the explanation does his evil work on her. Great vocal interplay and great spoken refrain. Red Sovine lives!! I love it and so will you. “Hey Waiter” is a classic Buck Owen’s style drinkin song. Twin guitar interplay and with a vocal duet a la Buck and Don Rich this is as good as anything the Derailers have done. So early in the year and already I’m thinking album of the year!!

Dan Roberts “Beyond the Brand” $32 Dan is a western artist who fits nicely along side the likes of Don Edwards and Red Steagall. His claim to fame is a co-write on the Garth Brooks hit “Beaches of Cheyenne”, but is fine vocalist in his own right. He does an excellent version of Chris Wall’s “Rodeo Wind”, taken at a less frantic pace to that of the original. Indeed his vocals are a little reminiscent of Chris Wall in places, with a little George Strait mixed in. Pete Wade on Grady Martin style guitar is excellent on “Ride Safe”. Most of the songs are original and all have an easy going style. Suffice to say if you like any of the other artists I have mentioned here you will like this! No worries.

Dibbs Preston “& The Detonators” $30 is more rockabilly than the two artists before Dan Roberts and is reminiscent of Brian Setzer in places and that is certainly a compliment, especially on “Working Dog Boogie” which could be straight off one of the Setzer big band albums (without the big band…). There certainly is more of a country bent though as evidenced by fine covers of Johnny Horton’s “I’m Coming Home” and Buck’s “Under Your Spell Again”. 6 original songs and 6 covers. “Bottle and Glass” is a great drinking song, a plea to the bartender…how country can you get??

Price Porter – “Last Call for Heartaches” $30 Price is a steel guitar player and vocalist and his son, Django, is an excellent guitarist (with a name like that did you think he’d play spoons??). Price is also a great vocalist, a little reminiscent of one of our favourites in Darrell McCall and you can bet the Swedish Cowboy will have palpitations half way through this as it is virtually all shuffles and superbly played and sung. “Cheat On Me Now” is a call to a partner to cheat one more time so he’ll have no excuse to walk out. If you love the likes of Darrell McCall, Johnny Bush, Justin Trevino etc. you will love this.

Tom Pacheco – “Thirteen Stones: Bare Bones IV” $32 Tom Pacheco has long been a favourite of the Cosmic Cowboy and myself but we’d be the first to admit that he is uneven. At the same time we would also say that when Tom hits the mark he is in a class of his own. “The Reckoning” is as good as it gets, a tale about the birds of the world gaining revenge on man for all the cruelty and wrongs man had inflicted on them. Anyone who knows Pacheco (who incidentally is pronounced Pa-Cheeko-o and not Pa-checko as we had wrongly thought) will be itching to hear this. “Ain’t New Orleans Anymore” is a wonderful graphic account of a man at the mercy of Hurricane Katrina. “Memorial Day” is about the ghost of a soldier killed in Iraq attending a ceremony at Arlington. There are 4-5 others of this ilk. For fans of the likes of Tom Russell, Dylan, Robert Earl Keen etc Pacheco is more than worth a try.

A Richer Tradition: Country Blues & String Band Music 1923-1942 $60 This 100 tracker is going to be a joy for fans of old timey music. It is all pretty obscure stuff such as Nashville Washboard Band “Arkansas Traveler”, James Coles’ String Band “I Got a Gal” etc. Another excellent box from JSP Records.

Grady Martin – Roughneck Blues 1949-1956 $32 32 tracks that feature the talents of the man who is arguably the greatest session guitarist of all time. It includes some tracks with his own Slewfoot Five but mainly concentrates on other artists which range from boogie blues piano player Cecil Gant, through Johnny Horton, Johnny Burnette, Brenda Lee to obscure artists such as Dottie Dillard, Al Terry, Danny Dill etc. Excellent notes and some great pictures including one of Hank Williams without hat!

Chet Atkins & Merle Travis “Atkins/Travis Traveling Show” RCA Japan $30 A Japan only issue of a classic album, originally released on lp in 1974. The two great guitarists interact brilliantly and are miked so that Chet is in one speaker and Merle in the other. “Down South Blues” is a great opener in which both reminiscent about their early days. “Mutual Admiration Society” features some great banter as does “Is Anything Better Than This”. There are some duet versions of Travis Standards “Nine Pound Hammer” and “Cannonball Rag”. Chet recorded several of these duet albums and this is arguably the best. Japanese remastering is superb. These go quickly when we have them.

James Burton – “The Guitar Sound of James Burton” A&M Japan $34 24 bit remaster The album James made with Ralph Mooney is well known and this one is certainly obscure by comparison; it has only ever appeared on cd in Japan. Produced by Felton Jarvis the album has 2 Burton originals among its 12 tracks (“Rock & Raunch”/”Long Peach”) as well as covers of some 50s hits (“Mistery Train” {sic}, “Fools Rush In”, “Susie-Q”) as well as some instrumental covers of contemporary hits of the times of this release (1971), including “Polk Salad Annie” and “Delta Lady”.

Jerry Byrd – “The Shores of Waikiki” Japan only release $34 This is a limited edition reissue of the King of the Hawaiian Steel Guitar’s 1960 Mercury album with superb sound. It is in the mini lp format with the cover replicating the original lp. Jerry’s albums are literally like hen’s teeth. Tracks: “Paradise Isle”, “Kaimana Hula”, “My Isle of Golden Dreams”, “Pagan Love Song”, “Hula Blues”, “Little Lani Jo”, “Hilo March”, “Hawaiian Sunset”, “Makalupa”, “Maui Chimes”, Kaulana O Hilo”, “I Regret to Say Aloha”.


It has been and will be a very productive few months for the great German label. Believe it or not we are finally going to get the long promised Porter Wagoner set which will feature his 6 classic theme-based RCA albums.
Here is a run down:
In Now
**Buddy Knox Rocks $35 Digipak presenation. 31 tracks which also feature some songs by Buddy’s sideman and future record producer Jimmy Bowen.
**Benny Barnes – Poor Man’s Riches $32 Complete Starday recordings 33 tracks
**Tibby Edwards – Play It Cool Man, Play It Cool: Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight $32 34 tracks Mercury/D/Jin/Todd labels. Rockabilly pioneer.

**George Jones – She Thinks I Still Care:The Complete United Artists Recordings 1962-1964 5 cd + book $210 150 tracks including all his great duets with the fabulous Melba Montgomery. Dickey Lee’s title song was one of George’s biggest hits but he is also a writer to be reckoned with and in addition features songs by Nashville’s greatest writers: Harlan Howard, Justin Tubb, Hank Cochran, Jack Clement etc And of course the cover of this great box features George at his glorious crew-cut red suited best.

**Howard Crockett – “Out of Bounds: The Johnny Horton Connection” $32 36 tracks!! Wrote “Honky Tonk Man”, “Ole Slew Foot”, “Whispering Pines” etc.
**Leroy Pullens - I’m a Nut $32 27 tracks. This is as close as you are going to get to Roger Miller without being Roger Miller, especially the title song.
**Hank Snow – “Tales of the Yukon” $32 Robert Service poems beautifully narrated
**Charlie Monroe – I’m Old Kentucky Bound 4cd + book $180 110 tracks featuring the complete solo recordings of Bill Monroe’s often overlooked brother.
**American Folk & Country Festival 2cd + huge hard cover book $120 Like an earlier version of “Down From the Mountain” and featuring Stanley Brothers, New Lost City Ramblers, the delightful Cousin Emmy (now over 100 & still going strong), Roscoe Holcome etc
**Country Style USA dvds $35 each Each 3 hours plus;great quality
Volume One: Jim Reeves/Little Jimmy Dickens/ Anita Carter/ Wilburn Brothers/ Webb Pierce/ Minnie Pearl/ Jean Shepard/ Hawkshaw Hawkins/ Ray Price/ Marty Robbins/George Morgan/ Carl Smith etc
Volume Two: Ray Price/ Lonzo & Oscar/ Hank Snow/ Flatt & Scruggs/ Johnny Cash/ Skeeter Davis/ Benny Martin/Pee wee King/ Bobby Lord/ Justin Tubb/ Jim Reeves/ Roy Acuff etc
Volume Three:Eddy Arnold/ Chet Atkins/ Ferlin Husky/ Mac Wiseman/ George Morgan/ Don Gibson/ Carl Amith/ Carl Butler/ Browns/ Carter sisters etc
Volume Four: Faron Young/ Darrell McCall/ Billy Walker/ Billy Grammer/ Patsy Cline/ Roy Drusky/ Johnny Seay etc

**Jim Ford – Point of No Return $35 digipak presentation. 16 previously unissued tracks.
**Rick Nelson – “For You: The Decca Years 1963-1969” 6cds + 140 page hard cover book $270 171 tracks. The second Rick box set which will be followed by a third featuring his singer-songwriter work of the 70s. This shows his transition from teen idol to a more mature performer and includes his landmark country albums: “Country Fever” and “Bright Lights & Country Music’ in best remastered presentation. Later discs in this set include covers of many singer songwriters best works including those of Randy Newman, Tim Hardin, Bob Dylan, etc.

**Ronnie Hawkins – Rocks $35 digipak presentation with 32 tracks. His group, the Hawks, went on to become The Band.

**That’ll Flat Git It Volume 26: The Four Star Label $32 30 tracks This landmark series features the best of the best original rockabilly. Star of this volume is Sammy Masters with great versions of “Pink Cadillac”, “Some Like It Hot”, “Flat Foot” etc and also includes offerings from future country star Carl Belew as well as the original version of “Hot Rod Lincoln” as performed by its writer, Charlie Ryan. We also get Arkie Shipley’s “Hot Rod Race 1 & 2”which were the
inspiration for “Hot Rod Lincoln”.

Hank Thompson:A Six Pack to Go: Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight $32 Sad that the great man passed away just before Christmas. This collects his uptempo songs and has 33 tracks in all. Some really rip such as his versions of ‘Deep Elem Blues” and “Rovin Gambler”. It features 7 songs from one of the greatest albums in country music history in his “Songs for Rounders”. His band, The Brazos Valley Boys, were as tight as they come but could also rock out when required. The Bear Family box set on Hank is now out of print (great to know it sold so well) but this is a fine representation of his work.

Webb Pierce – “High Geared Daddy: Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight” $32 32 tracks Often controversial this set of his uptempo recordings covers his stints with the Four Star, Pacemaker and (mainly) Decca label. It features early hits such as the title song and “Heebie Jeebie Blue” plus his close to rockabilly recordings such as “Teenage Boogie” and “Why Baby Why”. He was elected to the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2001.

**Frankie Miller – “Blackland Farmer:The Complete Starday Recordings and More” 3cds plus 100 page book. $100 This new smaller presentation is very well done. Previously Bear have issued his Columbia & Four Star recordings which preceded those on this set. His transition from somewhat of a Hank Williams sound to a more stylistic approach on these recordings. This features 96 tracks for 3 ½ hours playing. It includes over 20 previously unissued tracks. This set also includes some of his fine gospel recordings. One of the best of the Texas honky tonk artists of the 50s and 60s.

**Merle Haggard – “Hag- The Capitol Recordings 1968- 1976” 6cds + hard cover book. Third Merle Haggard box set and I have a confession to make; I didn’t order enough so there will be a small wait. Basically the interest for this set extends beyond that of the normal Merle Haggard fan as it includes the entire Strangers’ albums which were mainly instrumental and extremely influential to the playing of some of Australia’s top guitarists at least 2 of whom bought this set. It includes his live albums and tribute albums as well as previously unissued tracks. Among the live albums are “Land of Many Churches” (which features Maybelle and the Carter Sisters) and “Okie from Muskogee: Live in Muskogee Oklahoma”, which was one of his biggest selling albums. This features 168 tracks and nearly 7 ½ hours playing time.
We do still have stocks of the late 2007 release

**Hag – “The Studio Recordings 1968-1976” 6 cds + book $240 If there is a single package that gives a better presentation of the magic of Merle Haggard I haven’t seen it. We also have in stock:

**Bonnie Owens- “Queen of the Coast’ 4cd + book $180 with her Capitol (and more) recordings which have a healthy Haggard participation.

**Hawkshaw Hawkins” – Hawk 1953-1961 $100 3cd + book This was one of the first Bear Family sets to go out of print and is only back in print as Bear Family found a supply of the books that they didn’t know they had. This is his RCA recordings which are less well known than his King and Starday Recordings. Contains 63 tracks.


Please let us know if there are any you are interested in before the release. We deal directly with Bear Family and they are great to deal with but some titles are more popular than others (as evidenced with the latest Merle Haggard box) so we would really appreciate if you could let us know if anything grabs you. Payment is not required until such time the order is here which at this time will be the end of March which is the predicted availability date from Bear Family.

**Porter Wagoner – “The Cold Hard Facts of Life” $100 3cds + large booklet
Contains in their entirety Porter’s six concept/theme albums of the late60s and early 70s. These are what Porter is best remembered for. The albums in order:
1. Confessions Of A Broken Man
2. Soul of a Convict
3. The Cold Hard Facts of Life
4. The Bottom of the Bottle
5. Carroll County Accident
6. Down in the Alley: Skid Row Joe
These songs are the perfect vignettes of life as seen by Porter. Bear’s publicity notes are worth producing. “Features a rogue’s gallery of murderers, philanderers (what would be a country song without them), depressives, deat-row inmates, unrepentant barflies, panhandling winos, and other losers.” In other words all our favourite types of people. Whilst some of his biggest hits are to be found in these albums (“Green Green Grass of Home”, “Carroll County Accident” to name 2), these are the exception rather than the rule. In general we have songs such as: I Relived My Life Today/ The First Mrs Jones/ Hundred Dollar Funeral/ Bottle Bottle/ The Town Drunk etc. 70 tracks in all and I for one will not be going to beddy byes until I sample each and every one of them. Positively and amazingly essential in every single sense of the word. Briliant concept. Don’t you love Porter’s narrations??? There are of course a liberal sprinkling herein.

**Hayden Thompson – The Sun Years Plus” $32 Includes previously unissued Sun label recordings. 35 tracks in all. Considered to be perhaps the greatest Sun artist not to make it to the top in the music world. Includes such rockabilly greats as “Love My Baby” and “Rockabilly girl”

**Phil Phillips – “Sea of Love” $32 Features the title song plus 24 others in a Louisiana swamp music style.

**Bobby Darin – Rocks $35 Digipak presentation in this great series. 36 tracks. It includes his Atlantic label smashes “Splish Splash”, “Early in the Morning”, “Queen of the Hop”, and somewhat less rocking “Muliplication” and “Dream Lover” and also includes some previously unissued alternate takes.

**Let Me Be Your Sidetrack: The Influence of Jimmie Rodgers” 6 cd + huge booklet. $160 The new mini box looks a good move by Bear Family. This is getting issued to correspond with the 75th anniversary of Jimmie’s death and Bear Family have gathered together 153 tracks over 6 cds. It even includes a smattering of Australian artists such as Tex Morton (“Dreaming With Tears in My Eyes”), Hawking Brothers (“Old Pal of My Heart”) plus Rick and Thel Carey, Buddy Williams etc. It even includes a Jimmie Rodgers Tribute album which came out on CBS in the early 90s and is of course now deleted. I love David Ball’s version of “Miss the Mississippi” and Bob Dylan’s “My Blue Eyed Janes.

**Patsy Cline - Stop Look & Listen: Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight $32
**Cowboy Copas - “Settin’ Flat on Ready: Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight. $32 (34 tracks)
**Hawkshaw Hawkins – “Car Hoppin’ Daddy: Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight $32 (33 tracks)
These 3 in the “Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight” series are being introduced on the 45th anniversary of the plane crash which took their lives.
The sets include unissued recordings and even though a lot of the Patsy tracks were featured on her box set this is both guaranteed to sound better and to have tracks not present on the box. The Copas cd features mostly King tracks but also some from a short stint with Dot Records. All other cds covering some of this material are now deleted and the same applies with the Hawkshaw cd. There is only a couple of tracks from the above mentioned box set.

**That’ll Flat Git It Vol 26: Rockabilly and Rock N Roll from the Vaults of Atlantic Records $32 Interesting selection as it includes very early tracks from David Gates who later rose to prominence as singer/songwriter in the pop group “Bread”. It also features Bill Haley’s Comets recording as the Kingsmen. Teddy Redell does the original version of “Judy” a song later recorded by Elvis Presley plus Sonny West’s original version of the Buddy Holly Smash “Rave On”. 29 tracks in all and as we always say ‘have a musical day’…no wait that’s someone else…we say this is a great series and if you have any interest in rockabilly music at all it is essential.

Bear Family Recommendations

It is very hard to pick favourites but when you look at it Bear have produced box sets of many artists who are widely available on other labels but also have sets on artists who are virtually not represented outside the Bear Family catalogue. So 5 sets of that ilk which I would wholeheartedly recommend are:
1)Vernon Oxford – I Love to Sing $180 Bit of a Hank sound but great songs; Harlan Howard, the greatest country songwriter of all helped him out.
2)Browns - Three Bells $270 I cannot believe the sound quality of this set. RCA Studios in Nashville must be the greatest recording studio ever. Jim Ed and his sisters Maxine and Bonnie had great harmonies, and brilliant material.
3)Louvin Brothers – Close Harmony $270 Appropriate title. Brilliant songs and recordings. Equally adept at religious and secular material.
4)Connie Smith – Born to Sing $150 Her RCA classics
5)Rose Maddox – The One Rose $150 The most versatile vocalist in country music history.

Also I was asked to give a run down of the “Rocks” series. All artists thus far are as follows. Each cd is a splendid digipak presentation with 30 or so tracks, big booklets and great sound. Cds are $35.Artists in the series thus far are:
1. Fats Domino
2. Connie Francis
3. Glen Glenn
4. Bill Haley
5. Roy Hall
6. Dale Hawkins
7. Ronnie Hawkins
8. Wanda Jackson
9. Sonny James
10. Buddy Knox (with Jimmy Bowen)
11. Jerry Lee Lewis
12. Ricky Nelson
13. Roy Orbison
14. Carl Perkins
15. Jack Scott
16. Conway Twitty
17. Rusty York
Dvd “Second Fiddle to a Steel Guitar” $35 Country music movies are usually held together by a thinnish plot but feature classic artists compensating for any storyline shortfalls. This one is no exception and at just under 2 hours has more in it than most including George Hamilton IV/ Dottie West/ Billy Walker/ Faron Young/ Sonny James/ Little Jimmy Dickens/ Homer & Jethro/ Lefty Frizzell(!!)/ Webb Pierce/ Bill Monroe/ Carl and Pearl Butler/ Connie Smith etc. This is perhaps the best of the Country Music based movies due to the great performances. Filmed in Nashville in brilliant colour in 1965 the movie also features the great Leo Gorcey.
Dvd Payday $35 This is what is referred to as an underground classic, and in most cases a film thus referenced is better off being buried. Not so here. Had this come out now, the star, the delightfully named Rip Torn would have been up for and favourite for an Oscar. Rip, who is a cousin of Sissy Spacek, is IMO better as honky tonk singer Maury Dann than Joaquin Phoenix was as Johnny Cash. Over the years several claims have been made as to whom the film is based on. (Perhaps the title is a thinly veiled indicator that Johnny Paycheck may have been that person??) Anyway, this movie has it all and Rip Torn is a fine singer of the Shel Silverstein songs which are featured throughout the movie. He is into booze, drugs, groupies, a little graft and corruption and of course has a family he largely ignores. There is a delightfully wacky moment when he forgets his kid’s birthday by a mere four months. Remember this is a region 1 dvd, but most players do play them nowadays. The honky tonk scenes with Rip really milking the Shel Silverstein songs are very real. Shel’s songs alone would be worth the price of admission!!
Other Dvds (Most players will play region 1 dvds and most music dvds are not zoned anyway, but if you have any worries let us know). This is a sampling of the music dvds we carry. Suffice to say they are in general NOT released in Australia.
Cowboy Jack Clement Shakespeare Was a Big George Jones Fan $35 (lots of Cash/Jennings and Prine etc rare footage)

Coe, David Allan Live at Billy Bobs $35 Long dvd and classic performances galore. The long interview extra is not to be missed. The Cosmic Cowboy says Coe invents his own truths and then believes them all! I tend to think he is right. The opener “Heaven Only Knows” has Coe strumming an electric guitar (only instrument) and features a rambling soap opera style tale. Brilliant. Warning!! A few 4 letter words.

Dr Hook And the Medicine Show – Live $25 The original group recorded before they started doing wimpy songs like “Walk Right In” and “When You’re In Love With a Beautiful Woman” (yuck). This is all the Shel Silverstein greats such as “Sylvia’s Mother”, “Freakin’ at the Freakers Ball”, “Cover of the Rolling Stone” plus a great Ray Sawyer rockabilly number for the 50s.

Flatt & Scruggs “Best of TV Shows” Volumes 1-4 $35 each Each featuring 2 full shows with great remastering. The performances are classics and Flatt is the consummate compere. Each show features a gospel number and the guests include a very young Ricky Skaggs and Randy Scruggs. Great stuff.

Steve Forbert – “From the World Café – Live in Philadelphia” $35 Solo performance of an hour duration (plus interview). It features excerpts from all stages of Forbert’s career including his early hit single, “Romeo’s Tune”.

Eliza Gilkyson – “Live from Austin Texas”$30 The Austin City Limits dvds are outstanding with great 5.1 surround sound and excellent picture quality. This 2001 performance featuring daughter of legendary Terry Gilkyson consists of mainly original songs plus a great cover of Dylan’s “Love Minus Zero/No Limit”.

Steve Goodman – “Live from Austin City Limits” $30 Charismatic and tragic, two appropriate words to describe Goodman who battled cancer for years, sending himself up on songs such as “A Dying Cub Fan’s Last Request”. Can be programmed to just play the 22 songs or can also play the tributes interspersed between the songs. Includes of course his monster composition “City of New Orleans” as well as “This Hotel Room”, “Banana Republic”, “Souvenirs” etc.

Grand Ol Opry At Carnegie Hall $30 Great setting and performances. Compered by Vince Gill the show features Trace Adkins, Trisha Yearwood, Charley Pride, Ricky Skaggs (who enjoyed the pre-show buffet bar), Alison Krauss (dynamic on the oft-covered Hank Cochran song “She’s Got You” which was of course so associated with Patsy Cline),Brad Paisley, Bill Anderson, Martina McBride, Alan Jackson etc.
Vince is superb on the classic from “The Key”, viz “If You Ever Have Forever in Mind”.

Patty Griffin – “Live from the Artists Den” $30 Includes former Faces man Ian McLaghlan on keyboards and on some tracks a string backing.

Alan Jackson – “Precious Memories: Live at the Ryman” $40 This is a Canada only release and we have just obtained new stocks. Dealing with Canada is pretty night-marish so get in quick. It has excellent live performances of his gospel album as well as additional songs not on the album. A total of 14 full songs are interspersed with behind the scenes footage and interviews.

Larger Than Life:A Celebration of Steve Goodman & His Music $30 The line up says it all..Arlo Guthrie/ Iris Dement/ John Prine/ Todd Snider etc. Recorded in 1997 and released very end of 2007. Includes interviews with participants with the Emmylou one being particularly moving.

Dennis Locorriere – “Alone With the Voice of Dr Hook” $30 On stage for over 2 hours Dennis shows himself to be a charismatic compere and of course does a lot of Shel Silverstein songs including some nice obscurities such as “The Ballad of Lucy Jordan” and “The Wonderful Soup Stone”. 24 songs plus extras. Dennis is a great vocalist and a wild guitarist. Strings fly everywhere when he plays.

Reba McEntire “ Video Gold Vol 1”/ “Video Gold 2” $30 each 18 songs on each. Volume 1 contains the classic duet with Linda Davis, “Does he Love You”, as well as “If I See Him” with Brooks and Dunn and what is still to many her best song “Whoever’s in New England”. Volume 2 includes “The Heart Won’t Lie” (with Vince Gill) and the poignant “For My Broken Heart”

Barbara Mandrell – “Best of the Barbara Mandrell &Sisters Show” 2dvds $45 Over 3 hours. Guests are many and include Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton, John Schneider, Glen Campbell, Marty Robbins etc.

Nelson/Haggard/Price – “Last of the Breed” $38 Different performances from the 2cd disc version. This very long dvd features just under 2 hours of performances plus interviews (which are a real hoot). Ray Price sings as well as ever, Hag shows he has lost nothing and Willie even does a couple of great new songs. 10 out of 10 for most people.

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band & Friends “ Will the Circle Be Unbroken: Farther Along” $30 Based around the Circle III album this dvd has an excellent concert performance of the album featuring Jimmy Martin, Alison Krauss, Del McCoury, Vince Gill, Iris Dement etc. There is also a lengthy documentary and additional songs from the concert.

Buck Owen – Live From Austin $30 1988 show which was recorded around the time of Buck’s comeback album, “Hot Dog” and features him in top form and includes a duet with Dwight Yoakam on “Under Your Spell Again” which is just great.
“Pure Country/Honeysuckle Rose” $28 Double feature disc featuring the George Strait movie and the Willie Nelson movie. Both clock in around 2 hours time. As “Honeysuckle Rose” has Slim Pickens as part of the cast I’d have to give it the vote to spin first.

Doug Sahm – “Live from Austin” $30
Sir Douglas Quintet – “Live from Austin” $30
Texas Tornadoes – “Live From Austin” $30 3 amazing dvds each featuring the talents of the mighty Doug Sahm. The Texas Tornadoes dvd with Sahm, Freddy Fender, Augie Meyers and the wonderful Flaco Jiminez is the best music dvd I have ever seen.

Ricky Skaggs – “Soldiers at the Cross” $25 Only dvd of Skaggs this features live gospel performances from his album of the same name as well as guest stars the Whites and Jerry & Tammy Sullivan. His award winning band Kentucky Thunder show what it is all about!!

***Chris Smither “One More Night” $30*** Brand new release featuring both solo and band performances from throughout his career. An hour and a half plus extras.

***Todd Snider – “The Devil You Know”$35*** Late 2007 release with 17 tracks consisting of live performances, music videos and live rehearsals. Added bonus is a short film “Come to East Nashville”. Snider is a humorous and charismatic live performer. Full listing:
1. If Tomorrow Never Comes (live at Grimey's)
2. Looking For A Job (music video)
3. Just Like Old Times (live rehearsal)
4. Carla (live rehearsal)
5. You Got Away With It (A Tale Of Two Fraternity Brothers) (music video)
6. The Highland Street Incident (unreleased video)
7. Thin Wild Mercury (live at Grimey's)
8. The Devil You Know (live rehearsal)
9. Unbreakable (unreleased video)
10. All That Matters (live at Grimey's)
11. Happy New Year / All That Matters (Reprise) (live at Grimey's)
12. Alright Guy (music video)
13. I Believe You (music video)
14. Play A Train Song (live rehearsal)
15. Anywhere (live rehearsal)
16. Looking For A Job (live rehearsal)
17. You Got Away With It (A Tale Of Two Fraternity Brothers) (bonus live rehearsal)
18. Come To East Nashville (Short Film)……..Recommended!!

Vision Shared: A Tribute to Woody Guthrie & Leadbelly $25 Very popular dvd which has a documentary coupled with great performances. Personal favourites are Emmylou’s “Hobos Lullaby” and “Deportee”, Willie’s “Goodnight Irene” and Bruce Springsteen’s “ I Ain’t Got Home”.

Dale Watson – “Live at Newland” $40 Back in stock, Dale’s Holland only release. This album features his current version of the Lonestars who toured here with him in 2007. It features 26 songs and clocks in at over 90 minutes. Dale’s favourites are all here; “Real Country Song (Mr D J)”/ “Nashville Rash”/ “Whiskey or God” etc etc. He also does some fine covers such as “Made in Japan” and “I Take a Lot of Pride in What I Am”. As well as being one of the best ever vocalists he shows he lacks nothing as far as his guitar skills go on numbers such as “Luther”, his tribute to Luther Perkins, the original Tennessee Two guitarist. Excellent sound and well filmed. A must!

Gillian Welch – “The Revelator Collection” $28 12 performances which show Ms Welch and duet partner David Rawlings to be extremely charismatic live performers. Recorded in RCA Studio, at Cat’s Cradle in North Carolina and Bijou Theater in Knoxville. Acoustic music at its very best.

Hank Williams – “The Show He Never Gave” $30 Most people can’t come to grips with the fact that there are only about 5 minutes of Hank Williams live footage in existence (from the Kate Smith Show). What we have here is a stage show about the last day in the life of Hank Williams. The star, Sneezy Waters, becomes Hank Williams. You believe you are actually watching Hank, such are the nuances and peculiarities he has captured. He captures the fragile nature of Hank’s personlisty just about perfectly. He also performs 23 songs. DVD clocks in at 86 minutes and is in the must see category.

Classic CDS

(none of these albums are in print. We have great contacts so if there is something you are looking for we may be able to come up with a copy. Many of these are one copy only so here is the opportunity you may not get again. A lot of the artists are no longer recording…a real shame. If you would like one of these albums you will need to reserve it if you are sending a cheque or money order.)
Atkins, Chet/Jerry Reed Sneakin’ Around Columbia (1992) $35
Barnhill, Joe Joe Barnhill Capitol (1990) $25 Fine vocalist
Much reminiscent of George Strait.
Beverly Hillbillies Soundtrack RCA (1993) $25 Great soundtrack
Featuring classic country songs done by the
Likes of Joe Diffie, Ricky Van Shelton etc
Bogguss, Suzy/Chet Atkins Simpatico Liberty (1994) $40 A classic with
great interplay especially on “Sorry Seems to
Be the Hardest Word” and the delightful “Two
Shades of Blue”. It has a delightful down home
feel especially when Chet & Suzy share a duet.
Boone, Larry Down That River Road Mercury (1990) $35
Good looking and with a great deep voice he
should have had greater success as an artist
but could retire on songwriting proceeds. This,
his 3rd and final Mercury album is highlighted
by the great song “Everybody Wants to Be
Hank Williams (But Nobody Wants to Die)”.
Browne, Jann Tell Me Why Curb (1990) $35
Browne, Jann It Only Hurts When I Laugh Curb (1991) $35
Delightfully smoky voice reminiscent of
Emmylou on the ballads but equally adept at
the upbeat numbers. Great guests.
Cartwright, Lionel Lionel Cartwright MCA (1989) $25 1989 had 3
artists making their debuts and each were
nominated for CMA new artist. Lionel lost zero
in comparison to Garth Brooks & Clint Black &
his debut is every bit as good. He wrote all bar
the superb Overstreet/Schlitz song “Like
Father Like Son”. Includes Paul Franklin, Mark
O’Connor and Matt Rollings. A++
Cryner, Bobbie Bobbie Cryner Sony (1993) $38 Okay, it is a
big call but this is the best album by a female
we have ever had. She sings in a voice a little
like Melba Montgomery and is the only female
artist who we have heard capture George
Jones phrasing and delivery (“The One I Love
the Most”). She wrote most of the songs and
all are super. Production by Carl Jackson is as
good as it gets. Includes a great duet with
Dwight Yoakam on “I Don’t Care”
Dalton, Lacy J Survivor MCA/Universal 1989 $40
Dalton, Lacy J Lacy J Capitol (1990) $30
Dalton, Lacy J Crazy Love Capitol (1991) $35
Dalton, Lacy J Chains on the Wind Liberty (1992) $30
Dalton, Lacy J & friends Wild Horse Crossing Let ‘em Run 1999 $25
One of the greatest female vocalists of all time
with a voice reminiscent of Bonnie Raitt but
much better. “Survivor” is her masterpiece &
her version of the Guy Clark song “Old
Friends” with solo acoustic guitar by Billy Joe
Walker Jnr is in our opinion the greatest vocal
performance by a female country artist since
Patsy was at her peak. It also includes “Hard
Luck Ace” with reminiscences of both Janis
Joplin & Waylon Jennings. Superb Jimmy
Bowen production. “Crazy Love” includes
the amazing “Little Boy Blue”, which she also
Delray, Martin Get Rhythm Atlantic (1990) $45 (US sells $100+)
Delray, Martin What Kind of Man Atlantic (1992) $35
The debut album featured Johnny Cash on the
title song but the best offering “Lily’s White
Lies” is as good a country song as was ever
Written. The second album was almost as
Emmons, Buddy It’s All in the Swing (w. Ray Pennington) Step
One (1994) $30 Great swing album.
Ethel & Shameless Hussies Born to Burn MCA (1988) $38 One of the
first country albums released on cd has
the delightful Kacey Jones as “Ethel
Beaverton” on lead vocals.
Four Preps Capitol Collectors Series Capitol (1989) $25
The best reissue series ever and now all o.o.p.
Frickie, Janie After Midnight Columbia (1987) $25
Frickie, Janie Saddle the Wind Columbia (1988) $30
Frickie, Janie Labor of Love Columbia (1989) $30
Her albums when she adapted the phonetic
spelling of her name (as distinct from her real
name “Fricke”) were her best. The latter two
in particular saw her branch out with superb
versions of Katy Moffatt’s “Walking on the
Moon” and arguably best ever version of the
Steve Earle classic “My Old Friend the Blues”,
both on “Labor of Love” but “Saddle” is just
as good with swing on “Sugar Moon” & a top
version of “Healing Hands of Time”.
Goldens Rush for Gold Capitol (1990) $25
Perfect pop country album by the sons of
William Lee Golden of Oak Ridge Boys.
Haggard, Marty Borders & Boundaries Critique/BMG (1996)
$25. No guessing whose son he is. The
song “Amnesia” was almost a hit,
Haggard, Merle Capitol Collectors Series Capitol (1990)$25
See comment for Four Preps.
Hardwick, Billy Jnr Too Country JRS/BMG (1992) $30 100%
success rate when I play this…someone will
always buy one but they are now like hen’s
teeth. He walked into the record company
office and talked himself into a contract. His
voice reminds greatly of Dean Dillon & covers
Dean’s “You Sure Got This Old Redneck
Feeling Blue”. Great Larry Butler prod.
Hobbs, Becky All Keyed Up $40 Becky was amazed I had a
copy. “You can’t get it anywhere in the States!”
House, James James House MCA (1989) $35
House, James Hard Times for an Honest Man MCA (1990) $35
His 2 MCA albums are both superb.
Husky, Ferlin Capitol Collectors Series $35 His stuff is
hard to get and this classic collection has been
out of print for at least 10 years. Includes
“Gone”, “Wings of a Dove”, “The Waltz You
Saved For Me” etc. 20 tracks.
Jones, George You Oughta Be Here With Me Epic (1990) $35
George’s last CBS album was one of his best
with superb ballads dominating.
Journeymen Capitol Collectors Series Capitol (1992) $28
Papa John Phillips & Scott McKenzie.
Lauderdale, Jim Planet of Love WB/Reprise (1991) $35 Very
Hard to find debut album.
Lewis, Jerry Capitol Collectors Series Capitol (1990) $25
Yes, the funnyman! Includes “Sunday Drivin’”
McEntire, Reba Oklahoma Girl 2cds Mercury (1994) $40 Her
Mercury albums (preMCA) go for huge bucks
& this lengthy 2cd collection, which is also
out of print collects the best. Nice package
with booklet & slipcase.
McQuaig, Scott Scott McQuaig MCA (1989) $28 One album
only…how could it be?? “My Friend the
Bottle” is as good a drinking song as was
ever recorded. Close in style to George Strait
and just as good.
Mama’s Hungry Eyes Merle Haggard Tribute Arista (1994) $25
Vince Gill’s “Farmer’s Daughter” is worth
the price alone.
Martin, Mario Keep it On the Country Side DPI (1991) $38
Produced by James Stroud and backed by
the best pickers it is hard to imagine a better
debut. “Another Brick in the Wall”, “Take it to
a Honky Tonk”, the shuffle “Wasted Time
Wasted Tears” are just some of the gems.
Vocally similar to the likes of Ricky Van
Shelton…yet he was only 17!! Where is he
What did he do??
Mensy, Tim Stone By Stone CBS (1990) $28 Prod. By
Bob Montgomery (“Chiselled in Stone”) the
album has a great feel and top songs. Great\ writer and guitarist too.
Morse, Ella Mae Capitol Collectors Series Capitol (1992) $38
The Bear Family box is now out of print but
this has all you’d need. Superb selection with
A couple of tracks feat. Jimmy Bryant.
O’Kanes Imagine That Columbia (1990) $25 As close
to stealing as you could get. Third of only 3 albums by Jamie O’Hara and Kieran Kane,
collectively “The O’Kanes”. Wonderful
Everly Bros style harmonies & top songs.
Owens, Buck Hot Dog Capitol (1988) $45 His comeback
album. Just about impossible to get.
Paycheck, Johnny Survivor Outman Records (2001) $28 Last
album was originally released in 90s & was
reissued in 2001. Now o.o.p. It shows him in
fine form though “Old Pay Ain’t Checked Out Yet” is obviously a look to the future and “I
Can’t Quit Drinking” is probably why!
Rabbitt, Eddie Jersey Boy Capitol (1990) $28
Rabbitt, Eddie Ten Rounds Capitol (1991) $28
Last two major label albums were as good as
He had done. “Ten Rounds” includes great
song after song with “You Look like an Angel”,
“I’ll Get Along Without You” and “Sorry That I
Am Sorry Again” being the pick. “Jersey Boy”
Included his last hit the great “On Second
Red Hot & Country Mercury (1994) $25 The Mavericks with
Carl Perkins & Duane Eddy on “Matchbox”.
Rich, Charlie Pictures & Paintings Sire/WB (1992) $35
Charlie’s final album was a cabaret jazz
delight…but he was always that way..
Ritter, Tex Capitol Collectors Series Capitol (1992) $38
The crazy thing about this series is that they
are all deleted but everyone was the best
sample of an artist’s work. Take this one for
example; it has them all. “Deck of Cards”, “I
Dreamed of a Hillbilly Heaven”, “Big Rock
Candy Mountain”, “Just Beyond the Moon”
the wondrous “Blood on the Saddle”, “Rye
Whiskey”, “High Noon” 25 in all. No other
compilation has even come close.
Sahm, Doug SDQ 98 $50 Doug’s album on Watermelon
was around for about 5 minutes as the label
went out of business. This was very much in
the style of his “Return of Wayne Douglas”
album and an absolute classic, with songs
ranging from the Cajun flavoured “Louis Riel”
to a great cover of Tom Russell’s “St Olav’s
Gate” to a surprisingly straight version of
“The Ballad of Davy Crockett” and “Get a Life”
which sounds like it is a Texas Tornados
outtake. Almost impossible to find.
Sears, Dawn What a Woman Wants to Hear WB (1990) $28
Classic debut album, and is landbreaking in
that many tracks were later recorded by
others. Barry Beckett produced.
Shaver, Billy Joe Salt of the Earth $30 Totally deleted
Smith, Russell This Little Town Epic (1989) $40 Solo album
by the lead vocalist of the Amazing Rhythm
Aces, with Steve Buckingham production. One
of his most country offerings. Features Mark
O’Connor & Paul Franklin.
Springfield, Bobby Lee All Fired Up! Epic (1987) $35 Crazy country
artist who has the legacy of this great album,
the highlights being a duet with Eddy Arnold on “What’s He Doing In My World” and “Hank Drank” which like the rest of are
Bobby Lee Springfield songs. “Opry Time” &
“Chain Gang” have a rockabilly feel. Last thing
we heard “Bobby Lee climbed over the White
House fence…he was gonna darn visit him the
President.” He then shaved his head & moved
To Canada.
Sweethearts of Rodeo Sweethearts of Rodeo CBS (1986) $25
Classic debut album.
Thornton, Marsha Marsha Thornton MCA (1990) $40
Thornton, Marsha Maybe the Moon Will Shine Tonight (1991 MCA)
$35 Hard to believe this great singer with
a style reminiscent of Patsy Cline has only ever
had 2 albums, both superb. The first has the
original version of “A Bottle of Wine & Patsy
Cline” and was produced by Owen Bradley.
The second features Albert Lee, Ray Flacke & Jerry Douglas with production by Steve Fishell
and is equally necessary.
Tubb, Ernest Live 1965 Rhino (1989) $35 Deleted album
which shows ET and Texas Troubadours (with
Jack Greene & Cal Smith (who does vocals on
Justin Tubb’s superb “Lonesome 77-203”)
among their members. Over 20 tracks and
wonderful sound.
Wagoneers Good Fortune A&M 1989 $35 Like a pre-
cursor of the Derailers. Monte Warden on
lead vocals.
Wall,Chris No Sweat Ryko (1991) $30 Out of print.
Superb Texas artist which features the
classic “I’m Not Drinking Anymore”.
Watson, Gene At Last WB (1991) $25 Second WB album
and great to boot. We have been able to
acquire a few so take advantage of this
Whiting, Margaret Capitol Collectors Series Capitol (1990) $35
See comments for previous.
Whitley, Keith I Wonder Do You Think of Me RCA (1989) $40
Whitley, Keith Kentucky Bluebird RCA (1991) $40
Whitley, Keith Tribute Album RCA/BNA (1994) $28
Consummate country vocalist and these
are all out of print. The Tribute album has
unissued Whitley songs but the highlight is
Mark Chenutt’s superb version of “I Never
Go Around Mirrors”.
Wild Rose Breakin’ New Ground Capitol (1989) $25
Wild Rose Straight & Narrow Capitol (1990) $25
Wild Rose Listen to Your Heart Capitol (1991) $28
Three excellent albums by an all gal group
with Pam Gadd on lead vocals and multi
instrumentalist Wanda Vick providing top
backing. Their style was uptempo & would
be loved by fans of Dixie Chicks & Heather
Willis, Kelly Well Travelled Love MCA (1990) $35 Her
debut and best album.

BARGAIN BIN All are $18 unless noted.This time round we will be focussing more on cds in our bargain bin and expanding on a few that may have been missed over the years.
Amazing Rhythm Aces Stacked Deck/Too Stuffed to Jump $25 2on 1
Inc. “Third Rate Romance”, “End is Not in
Sight”, “Typical American Boy” 22 tracks.
Amazing Rhythm Aces Toucan Do It Too/Burning the Ballroom Down $25
2 on 1. 3rd & 4th albums. Russell Smith vocals.
Anderson, John Anthology 2cds (great re-recordings)
Anderson, John Easy Money $20 (latest)
Anderson, John John Anderson $20
Anderson, John John Anderson 2 $20
Anderson, John Eye of a Hurricane $20
Anderson, John Tokyo Oklahoma $20
Anderson, John I Just Came Home to Count the Memories$20
Anderson, John Countrified $20
Anderson, John All the People Are Talking $20
Classic Warner Brothers catalogue now on cd
Great sound and new notes for each. Great voice,
Baillie, Kathie Love’s Funny That Way Latest album by the
Lady from Baillie & the Boys. Lovely voice.
Ball, David Amigo$20 Arguably his best & that is saying a
lot. Has the big hit “Driving With Private
Malone” plus more traditional Texas fare in
the title track, “Texas Echo” and the ace “She
Always Talked About Mexico”.
Ball, David Starlight Lounge $20
Ball, David Freewheeler $20
Ballew, Michael Rodeo Cool $20 18 track comp. Texas great!
Barnett, Mandy Mandy Barnett What a voice. “Rainy Days” has
One of the greatest vocals you’d ever hear.
Beau Brummels Bradley’s Barn $20
Beau Brummels Triangle $20
Beau Brummels Beau Brummels $20 3 country rock classics.
Bella, Mike Lost in the Shuffle $20 Excellent indie artist
somewhat in 80’s George Strait mould, which
is just great. Touring supposedly 2008.
Berrier, Barry First Time With Feeling This should have been
in the bluegrass section but it may have been
missed there. Barry is with bluegrass group
“Lost & Found” but this is as much country. He
has a great Whitley style voice which he wraps
beautifully around songs such as “These
Lonely Hands”, a hit for Conway Twitty and
Written by Lamar Morris who also wrote “She’s
Holding These Lonely Hands of Mine; tracks 6
& 4 respectively. Great pickers include Aubrey
Haynie, Rob Ickes, Dan Tyminski etc!
Bogguss, Suzy Sweet Danger $20 Fine 2007 release
Bogguss, Suzy Live at the Café Milano $20
Boland, Jason Bourbon Legend $15 Made 2006 album of the year
lists and is one of best honky tonk outlaw albums
you could ever hear.
Booker, Patty Fire & Brimstone $22 (a 2007 top 5 cd)
Boone, Larry Larry Boone $20 His final album from 1993!
BR5-49 BR5-49 The famous telephone album cover &
their best album with great covers such as
“Cherokee Boogie” and great originals such as
“Little Ramona Gone Hillbilly Nuts”!
Brennan, Walter Old Shep (formerly “Dutchman’s Gold” album)
Brennan, Walter Old Rivers/ Twas the Night Before Christmas $25
2 on 1 with his classics “Old Rivers” & “Old Rivers
Trunk”, “Farmer & the Lord”, “Pickin’ Time” etc
Britt, Elton The RCA Years $25 23 track comp. incl. “There’s
A Star Spangled Banner Waving Somewhere” plus
many of his trademark yodels.
Britt, Elton Country Music’s Yodelling Cowboy Crooner 28
tracks on Jasmine label.
Brooks & Dunn Brand New Man First albums are often the
best and certainly applies here.
Brooks & Dunn Cowboy Man $20
Brown, Junior 12 Shades of Brown $20 Inc. “My Baby Don’t
Dance to Nothing But Ernest Tubb”
Brown, Junior Guit With It $20 inc. “Highway Patrol”
Brown, Junior Semi Crazy $20 inc “I Hung It Up”
Brown, Junior Mixed Bag $20 (inc. “Guitar Man”)
Brown, Junior Junior High
Brown, T Graham Wine Into Water Title track a gem!
Brown, T Graham Déjà vu All Over Again $20 16 track comp. of
his now deleted Capitol output. Inc. “She Couldn’t Love Me Anymore”, “Tell it Like it Used to Be”
Bruce, Ed This Old Hat $20 One of the best voices in
Country music. This 90s indie is as good as he
has ever done and that is something.
Burgess, Sonny Stronger Fine honky tonk but also has best
version of the superb “Jesus & Bartenders”
Burleson, Ed Cold Hard Truth $20 Texas honky tonk gem(14
Tracks) “All Bucked Up” is Buck Owens tribute
Burrito Deluxe Disciples of the Truth $20 Final recordings of Sneaky Pete Kleinow.
Bush, Johnny Kashmere Gardens Mud $20 guests inc. Dale
Watson, Willie Nelson, Floyd Tillman etc
Byrd, Tracy Definitive Collection $20
Byrd, Tracy Greatest Hits
Camp, Shawn Fireball
Carpenter, Mary Chapin The Calling
Carpenter, Mary Chapin Party Doll & Other Favourites
Carter Family Country Music hall of Fame
Carter Family Sunshine in the Shadows 2cds $20
Cash, Johnny At San Quentin (expanded)
Cash, Johnny At Folsom Prison (expanded)
Cash, Johnny Best of the Johnny Cash TV Shows (cd)
Cash, June Carter Ring of Fire: The Best
Cash, June Carter Wildwood Flower
Cherry, Don Best of Columbia & Monument $25 20 tracks
Chesney, Kenny Be As You Are $20
Chesney, Kenny Just Who I Am $20
Chesnutt, Mark Too Cold at Home $20 Rivalling Vern Gosdin’s
“Chiselled in Stone” as the best cd we have
ever had. The title track features as fine a vocal as ever recorded. “Broken Promise Land” is in
a similar vein whilst the concluding “Hey You
There in the Mirror” and “Danger at the Door”
are superb upbeat numbers. His version of
“Friends in Low Places” is even tasty!!
Chesnutt, Mark Thank God for Believers
Chesnutt, Mark Almost Goodbye
Clement, Jack Guess Things Happen That Way $20 Hard to believe it is only his 2nd album. Wonderful
voice & includes the last 2 songs Johnny Cash sang on. 10/10 and more.
Cline, Patsy Definitive Collection $20
Cochran, Tammy Where I Am …..2nd album
Coe, David Allan Nothing Sacred $20
Coe, David Allan Underground Album $20 Coe’s 2 r-rated albums
are definitely “not suitable for airplay”. Hard to get
now and only a few. Outrageous yes! Good tunes.
Coe, David Allan 20 Road Music Hits $25 his truckin’ album
Coffey, Kelley Walk On Long awaited 2nd album. 12 tracks
Commander Cody Too much Fun: The Best Of 15 tracks inc. “Hot
Rod Lincoln”, “Mama Hated Diesels” “Lost in the
Ozone” & the wicked “Everybody’s Doin’ It”
Confederate Railroad Greatest Hits “Trashy Women”, “Jesus & Mama”
“Elvis & Andy”, “Queen of Memphis” etc
Conlee, John Best
Cook, Elizabeth This Side of the Moon Album prior to “Balls”
Crowell, Rodney Platinum Collection $20 19 track UK comp. of
his WB albums including great tracks such as
“Leaving Louisina”, “VoilaAnAmerican Dream”
Crowell, Rodney Collection
Crowell, Rodney Houston Kid $20
Crowell, Rodney Life is Messy
Crowell, Rodney Rodney Crowell
Crowell, Rodney Keys to the Highway
Crowell, Rodney Jewel of the South\
Crowell, Rodney Fates Right Hand
Crowell, Rodney Diamonds & Dirt
Curless, Dick Passing Through $20 The Baron’s last album.
Dalton/Fricke Pure Country $20 2cds 1 of Lacy J, 1 of Janie.
Dalton, Lacy J The Best $20 (Capitol label inc. “Black Coffee”
Daniels, Charlie Deuces (duets with Vince Gill, Travis Tritt etc)
Davis, Mac Very Best And More $20 inc.
Dean, Jimmy Complete Columbia Hits & More $25 24 tracks inc.
“Big Bad John”, “Little Black Book” plus some
narrations such as “To A Sleeping Beauty”
Dement, Iris Infamous Angel $20
Diffie, Joe A Thousand Winding Roads Again testimony
That 1st albums are often best. Includes classic
after classic. “If the Devil Danced in Empty
Pockets”, “Almost Home” “If You Want Me Too”
Dillon, Dean Hot Country & Single $20 Great writer who
has so many hits for others it is not funny is
a top vocalist as well. “When Hell Freezes
Over” is as good as you’d hear.
Dodd, Deryl Stronger Proof
Dodd, Deryl One Ride in Vegas
Dodd, Deryl Pearl Snaps
Dodd, Deryl Full Circle
Drusky, Roy Greatest Hits 1 & 2 $25 23 tracks from smooth
voiced singer. Only collection in print!
Duncan Johnny It Couldn’t Have Been Any Better $25 23 track inc
5 duets with Janie Fricke inc #1 “Thinkin’ of a
Rendezvous” plus 2 solo number ones.
Earle, Steve Guitar Town His defining moment & one of the
best albums of late 80s with Richard Bennett
superb on guitar and great songs inc. the
original of “My Old Friend the Blues”, one of the
greatest country songs ever written.
Edwards, Don Saddle Songs 2cds $25
Edwards, Don Kin to the Wind $20 (Marty Robbins tribute)
Edwards, Don Going Back to Texas
Edwards, Don Last of the Troubadours 2cds $25
Edwards, Don My Hero Gene Autry
Edwards, Don Moonlight & Skies $20 (last album)
As far as Western flavoured vocalists go Don is
As good as anyone including Marty Robbins.
Elliott, Ramblin’ Jack Bull Durham Sacks $20
Elliott, Ramblin’ Jack Young Brigham $20 2 x Reprise label reissues
Ewing, Skip Naturally $20 (great singer & writer)
Faucett, Dawnett Taking My Time $20 (Step One) only lbum A+
Ford, Tennessee Ernie Rocky City Boogie 30 upbeat tracks
Foster & Lloyd Foster & Lloyd $20 Radney Foster/Bill Lloyd
Foster & Lloyd Faster & Louder $20
Foster & Lloyd Version of the Truth $20
Foster & Lloyd Essential $20
Frizzell, David 16 Super Hits All new recordings inc. “Gonna
Hire a Wino”…what a song.
Gill, Vince The Key $20 A trifecta with Mark Chesnutt & Vern
Gosdin as the best country album in our history.
Gilmore, Jimmie Dale Spinning Around the Sun $20 inc. duet Lucinda
Glaser, Tompall Best of Tompall & Glaser Brothers $25 24 tracks &
not one bad one amongst them. He wrote “Streets
of Baltimore” with Harlan Howard & his version is
arguably best. Also did many great Shel Silverstein
Glaser, Tompall The Rogue $25 22 track Bear Family release. No
repeats with previous.
Glaser, Tompall Lovin’ Her Was Easier/ After All These Years $25
Two albums with his brothers on 1 cd.
Gosdin, Vern Chiselled in Stone $20 Great ballads, great
uptempo numbers, perfect production, songs
as good as you’d ever hear, written by Vern, Hank
Cochran & Dean Dillon…and THE VOICE. Best ever
country album. George Jones style but George has never had an album nearly as good as this gem.
Greene, Jack 20 All Time Greatest Hits $25 (w. Jeannie Seely)
Guthrie, Woody Ramblin’ Around 2cds $20 40 tracks
Haggard, Merle 1994 (Hag is the artist we have sold most)
Haggard, Merle 1996
Haggard, Merle Back to the Barrooms
Haggard, Merle Blue Jungle
Haggard, Merle Bluegrass Album $22 (his quick)
Haggard, Merle Chicago Wind $20
Haggard, Merle Hag’s Christmas
Haggard, Merle If I Could Only Fly $20
Haggard, Merle Like Never Before $20
Haggard, Merle Rainbow Stew Live at Anaheim Stadium
Haggard, Merle Roots Volume One $20
Haggard, Merle Serving 190 Proof
Haggard, Merle Taste of Yesterday’s Wine $22 (w. George Jones)
Haggard, Merle Vintage Collection
Hancock, Butch War & Peace $20
Hand, James The Truth Will Set You Free $20
Harris, Emmylou Roses in the Snow $20 Her wonderful bluegrass tinged album & easily her best
Harris, Emmylou Live at the Ryman $20
Harris, Emmylou Wrecking Ball $20
Harris/Parton/Ronstadt Trio $20
Harris/Parton/Ronstadt Trio II $20
Hayden, Rodney Down the Road $20 Great Texas honky tonk
Herndon, Ray Livin’ the Dream Great voice & features duets
w. Clint Blck, Jessi Colter, Lyle Lovett etc
Highway 101 Greatest Hits $20
Highway 101 Highway 101 #2
Hobart, Rex Your Favourite Fool (with the Misery Boys!)
Houston, David Best $25 24 tracks original recordings
Hubbard, Ray Wylie Lost Train of Thought
Ian & Sylvia Lovin’ Sound/ Full Circle $25 2 albums on 1 cd
Jackson, Alan 16 Biggest Hits
Jackson, Alan Don’t rock the Jukebox
Jackson, Alan Drive
Jackson, Alan Everything I Love
Jackson, Alan Here in the real World
Jackson, Alan High Mileage
Jackson, Alan Lot About Livin’ & A Little About Love
Jackson,Alan Under the Influence $20
Jackson,Alan Who I Am
Jackson, Stonewall Best of Stonewall Jackson $25 24 tracks including
“Waterloo” & “BJ the DJ” 10 country top 10s.
Jennings, Waylon Clean Shirt $20 (with Willie)
Jennings, Waylon Eagle $20
Jennings, Waylon Hanging Tough
Jennings, Waylon Too Dumb for New York City Too Ugly for LA $20
Jennings, Waylon Right for the Time $22
Jennings, Waylon Take it to the Limit $20 (with Willie)
Jennings, Waylon WWII (with Willie)
Johns, Sarah Big Love in a Small Town $20 A real surprise in
It’s a major label release a la Heather Myles!!
Jones, George And Along Came
Jones, George Anniversary: Ten Years of Hits $20
Jones, George Bradley Barn Sessions
Jones, George Cold Hard Truth $20
Jones, George Definitive Collection $20
Jones, George Golden Ring $20 (with Tammy)
Jones, George Grand Tour $20
Jones, George High Tech Redneck
Jones, George Hits I Missed (And One I Didn’t) $20
Jones, George It Don’t Get Any Better Than This $20
Jones, George Still the Same Old Me $20
Jones, George Walls Can Fall
Jones, Zona Harleys & Horses
Keith, Toby Big Dog Daddy $20
Keith, Toby Blue Moon
Keith, Toby Greatest Hits Volume 1 $20
Keith, Toby Greatest Hits Volume 2 $20
Keith, Toby Honky Tonk University $20
Keith, Toby How Do You Like Me Now
Keith, Toby Pull My Chain $20
Keith, Toby Shock’n Y’all $20
Keith, Toby Toby Keith
Keith, Toby Unleashed $20
Keith, Toby White Trash With Money $20
Kendall, Jeannie Jeannie Kendall $20 (inc. duet with Alan Jackson)
Kennedy, Ray What a Way to Go
Kennedy, Ray Guitar Man (No Way Jose)
Kershaw, Sammy Definitive Collection $20
Kershaw, Sammy Honky Tonk Boots $20
Kimes, Royal Wade Dyin’ Breed $20 Western album)
King, Jill Jillbilly (a la Danni Leigh & Heather Myles)
Knight, Jeff Easy Street
Knight, Jeff They’ve Been TAlkin’ About Me
Lambert, Miranda Crazy Ex Girlfiend $20
Lang, k d A Truly Western Experience $20 (debut album only
Released in Canada)
Lansdowne, Jerry Travel Light (Step One label)
Lauderdale, Jim Country Super Hits Vol 1 $20
Lawrence, Tracy Very Best
Ledoux, Chris Whatcha Gonna Do With a Cowboy/ Under This Old
Hat $20 2 albums on 1
Ledoux, Chris Songbook of the American West /Sing Me a Song
Mr Rodeo Man $20 2 albums on 1
Ledoux, Chris Cowboys Ain’t Supposed to Cry / Paint Me Back
Home in Wyoming 2albums on 1 $20
Ledoux, Chris Songs of Rodeo & Country/ Life as a Rodeo Man
2 albums on 1 $20
Ledoux, Chris Western Tunesmith/ He Rides Wild Horses $20
Ledoux, Chris Used to Want to Be a Cowboy / Thirty Dollar
Cowboy 2 albums on 1 $20
Lee, Johnny Greatest Hits Contains the top 5 pop hit “Lookin’
For Love plus “Hey Bartender”, “One in a Million”
Lewis, Jerry Lee Platinum Collection $20 Excellent UK comp.
Which features his Elektra label country which
Is not available elsewhere. Inc. “39 & Holding”,
“I Wish I Was Eighteen Again”, “Rockin’ My
Life Away”, “It Was the Whiskey Talkin’” etc.
Lonestar Mountain $10
Lonestar 16 Biggest Hits
Lonestar Let’s Be Us Again $10
Louvin, Charlie Greatest Hits $25 20 post Louvin Brothers hits
Including “See the Big Man Cry” plus 3 duets
With the fabulous Melba Montgomery
Louvin Brothers 20 All Time Greatest Hits $25
Loveless, Patty Dreamin’ My Dreams $20 (her latest)
Loveless, Patty Honky Tonk Angel How good was this!! “Don’t
Toss Us Away”, “Chains”, “Timber I’m Falling in
Love”, “Blue Side of Town”.
Loveless, Patty Long Stretch of Lonesome
Loveless, Patty Mountain Soul $20 …Patty is one of those rare
artists whose entire output is worthwhile.
Loveless, Patty On Your Way $20 cd+dvd
Loveless, Patty Only What I Feel
Loveless, Patty Patty Loveless
Loveless, Patty Strong Heart
Loveless, Patty Trouble With the Truth
Lynn, Loretta VanLear Rose
Lynn, Loretta Still Country $22 (w. dvd) $15 (no dvd)
McBride, Martina Timeless $20 22 fabulous covers
McBride, Martina Waking Up Laughing $20 Her latest
McCarters Better Be Home Soon $20 An absolute gem with the
3 McCarter sisters providing great harmonies & an
exquisite version of the Crowded House title song.
McCoy, Jason Honky Tonk Sonatas (Canada’s top male vocalist)
McDowell, Ronnie Unchained Melody ….over the years one of the
Most popular albums we have ever had due to the
great duets with Conway Twitty, Jack Scott, Bobby
Vinton, Wayne Newton (really rocks) and the great “Never Too Old to Rock & Roll” with Jerry Lee!!
McEntire, Reba Duets $20
McEntire, Reba Have I Got a Deal For You
McEntire, Reba If You See Him 2cd version $20
McEntire, Reba I’ll Be
McEntire, Reba It’s Your Call
McEntire, Reba Last One to Know
McEntire, Reba My Kind of Country
McEntire, Reba Reba
McEntire, Reba Room to Breathe
McEntire, Reba So Good Together
McEntire, Reba Sweet Sixteen
McEntire, Reba What Am I Gonna Do About You
McEntire, Reba Whoever’s in New England
Maddox,Rose This Is (w. Vern Williams) $20
Maddox, Rose Moon is Rising $20 with John Jorgensen of the
Desert Rose Band.
Maphis, Joe Fire on the Strings $20
Martin, Leland Simply Traditional
Martin, Leland Leland Martin $20
Moffatt, Hugh Loving You $20 inc. his “Old Flames Can’t Hold a
Candle to You” (with Kathy Mattea) plus “Jack &
Lucy” with his gorgeous sister Katy.
Moffatt, Katy Cowboy Girl $20 15 western flavoured tracks by the
fabulously underrated artist…We love her!!
Moody, Clint Back to the Basics $20 …as the Cosmic Cowboy
says “too many baked dinners but as good as you
can get real country music”. I concur!!
Montgomery Gentry Something To Be Proud Of:Best 199-2005 $20
Moorer, Allison Alabama Song
Moorer, Allison Definitive Collection $20
Moorer, Allison Show cd + dvd $15
Myles, Heather Highways & Honky Tonks $20 (inc. duet w Hag)
Myles, Heather Sweet Talk & Good Lies $20 inc. duet w, Dwight
Nelson, Willie Always on my mind
Nelson, Willie Country Favourites Willie Nelson Style
Nelson, Willie Essential (RCA)
Nelson, Willie Half Nelson
Nelson, Willie Just One Love $22 (inc. duets w Kimmie Rhodes)
Nelson, Willie Last of the Breed $20 2cds w. Hag/Ray Price
Nelson, Willie Milk Cow Blues
Nelson, Willie Musical Anthology
Nelson, Willie Nite Life:Greatest Hits & Rare Tracks $20
Nelson, Willie Offenders Reunion $20
Nelson, Willie One for the Road $20 (w. Leon Russell)
Nelson, Willie Phases & Stages
Nelson, Willie Pretty Paper
Nelson, Willie Rainbow Connection
Nelson, Willie RCA Country Legend
Nelson, Willie Red Headed Stranger $20 (expanded)
Nelson, Willie Run That By Me One More Time (w. Ray Price)
Nelson, Willie Six Hours in Pedernales
Nelson, Willie Smokin’ at the Paridiso Amsterdam $20
Nelson, Willie Songbird
Nelson, Willie Sound in Your Mind
Nelson, Willie Spirit $20
Nelson, Willie Stardust $20 (expanded)
Nelson, Willie Teatro
Nelson, Willie To Lefty From Willie
Nelson, Willie Tougher Than Leather
Nelson, Willie Willie & Family Live 2cds $25
Nelson, Willie Willie’s Greatest Hits &Some That Will Be
Nelson, Willie You Don’t Know Me:Songs of Cindy Walker $20
Nelson/Jennings WWII
Nichols, Joe III $20
Nichols, Joe Revelation $20
Nichols, Joe Real Things $20 (best major label release in 2007)
Norma Jean I Guess That Comes from Being Poor $20 30 tracks
2 ½ albums on 1 cd. Many say Porter’s best vocal
O’Hara, Jamie Rise Above It (ex O’Kanes)
Oak Ridge Boys Definitive Collection $20
Overstreet, Paul Love is Strong (“Still Out There Swinging’”)
Overstreet, Paul Heroes (“Billy Can’t Read
Owens, Buck Very Best Volume 1 $20
Owens, Buck Very Best Volume 2 $20 16 tracks ea! Original!
Paisley, Brad 5th Gear $20
Parton, Dolly My Tennessee Mountain Home (exp)
Parton, Dolly Coat of Many Colours (exp)
Parton, Dolly Jolene (exp)
Parton, Dolly Just Because I’m a Woman (exp)
Parton/Lynne/Wynette Honky tonk Angels $20
Perry, Keith Keith Perry $20 exc. Album on Curb. Fine songs
and vocally very similar to Keith Whitley
Pirates of Mississippi Heaven & a Dixie Night $20 (new album)
Powers, Freddy with Bill McDavid $20
Prairie Oyster Everybody Knows $20 If Dwight was a group he
Would sound exactly like this.
Pride, Charley There’s a Little Bit of Hank in Me $20 His
Deleted & very hard to get Hank Williams album
Prine, John John Prine $20 Essential and has some of his best
known songs in “Hello in There”/ “Sam Stone”/
“Donald & Lydia”/ “Angel from Montgomery” etc
Prine, John Diamonds in the Rough $20 his 2nd album
Prine, John Sweet Revenge $20 his 3rd
Rattlesnake Annie Sings Willie Nelson $20 Includes the wonderful
Duet with Willie on “Long Black Limousine”
Reed, Jerry Better Things in Life/Cooking $25
Reed, Jerry Hot & Mighty/Lord Mr ford $25
Reed, Jerry Smell the Flowers/ Jerry Reed $25
His stuff is hard to get & each of these
2 albums on 1 cds are now deleted.
Riders in the Sky Public Cowboy # 1:Tribute to Gene Autry
Ringer, Jim The Band of Jesse James $20 Country music’s
greatest artists are always plagued by tragedy &
even lesser known but just as great artists such
as Jim Ringer have that special pathetic quality
about their lifestyle. His wonderful voice fuelled
by all things bad and 17 great songs many written
by Jim& featuring Mary McCaslin. Just superb. His
version of “Saginaw Michigan” beats Lefty even!
Robbins, Marty Number 1 Cowboy $25 20 of Marty’s
Western songs which includes the hard to
find “Cowboy in a Continental Suit”, the
rivetting “Mr Shorty”, “El Paso” and “El Paso
City”. All great Marty songs.
Roberts, Julia Men & Mascara
Robison, Charlie Good Times great Lloyd Maines production
Ronstadt, Linda Platinum Collection $20 16 Elektra tracks.
Rowan, Peter High Lonesome Cowboy $20 w. Don Edwards
Rugg, Hal Steels the Hits of Loretta Lynn $20
Rush, Merrilee Angel of the Morning $25 21 tracks. Originals
Russell, Leon Legend in my Time: Hank Wilson Vol III $20
Sadler, Sergeant Barry Ballads of the Green Berets $25 Includes bonus
Track of “The A Team” plus title track of course!!
Sahm, Doug Doug Sahm & Band $20
Sahm, Doug Texas Tornado $20
Sanders, Ed Sanders Truckstop $20
Sanders, Ed Beer Cans on the Moon
Seals, Dan In a Quiet Room (unplugged hits cd)
Shelton, Blake Pure BS
Shelton, Blake Blake Shelton’s Bar & Grill $20
Silverstein, Shel Freakin’ at the Freakers Ball $25 expanded version
Inc. “Front Row Seat to Hear Ole Johnny Sing”
Skaggs, Ricky Solid Ground
Skinner, Jimmie 22 Greatest Hits
Smith, Carl Sixties Hits $25 24 tracks including “Ten
Thousand Drums”/ “Deep Water”/ “Take My
Ring Off Your Finger” etc
Sovine, Red 20 All Time Greatest Hits $25 Yeah, they are all here, Teddy Bear/Little Rosa/ Giddy-Up-Go/
Little Joe/Phantom 309/Roses for Mama etc
Starr, Lucille Side by Side/Lonely Street $25 2 on 1 which
Is just superb.
Starr, Ringo Beaucoups of Blues ( feat. Pete Drake)
Stone, Doug Doug Stone
Stone, Doug From the Heart
Stones, Doug The First Christmas
Strait, George Beyond the Blue Neon One of those rare cds
with not one bad track and easily George’s
best album. Includes the huge hit “What’s
Going on in Your World” plus genuine swing
on “Angel Angelina”, brilliant ballads such
as the title song and much more) 10/10!!!
Strait, George 22 More Hits $20
Street, Mel – 20 Greatest Hits $25 Mel should have been a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame and be revered the same way we revere George Jones and Johnny Cash. No-one comes close to Mel when it comes to singing a cheating song. Even George Jones pales in comparison. This cd has been revamped from a previous issue and one of two less than essential songs (a cover of “Rub It In”) has been replaced by the brilliant “Rodeo Bum”. But it is “Borrowed Angel”, “You Make Me Feel More Like a Man”, “Lovin’ on Back Streets”, “Forbidden Angel”, “This Ain’t Just Another Lust Affair”, “The Devil in Your Kisses, The Angel in Your Eyes” etc that are unmatched by anyone. George Strait did a very good version of “I Met a Friend of Yours Today” but it pales when compared with Mel’s original. Sadly he took his life at age 45. But what a legacy!! A totally essential cd.
Stuart, Marty Let There Be Country
Sweeney, Sunny Heartbreakers Hall of Fame $20
Taylor, Chip This Side of the Big River $20
Taylor, Jackson Hollow Eyed & Wasted $20
Texas Tornados Best $20
Texas Tornados Texas Tornados $20
Texas Tornados Zone of Our Own
Tillis, Mel Best of the Columbia Years $25 24 tracks with a
pop country leaning, but very good!!!
Tillis, mel Me & Pepper $20
Tillis, Mel Southern Rain $20
Tillis, Mel Your Body Is an Outlaw $20
3 of Mel’ s Elektra albums on cd for the first time.
One of his finest periods actually saw him record
Some songs which would appear on Randy Travis’
wonderful “Storms of Life” were first recoded by
Tillis, Pam Rhinestoned
Tillis, Pam It’s All Relative: Tillis Sings Tillis (Pam sings Mel)
Tillman, Floyd Best $25 24 tracker “Cold War With You”/ “Slipping Around”/ “Driving Nails in my Coffin”
Travis, Randy Platinum Collection $20 Great 20 track comp.
If you only need 1 Randy cd this is it.
Travis, Randy Heroes & Friends $20
Travis, Randy Full Circle
Tritt, Travis My Honky tonk History
Tritt, Travis Very Best $20 (2007 20 tracker)
Tubb, Justin 24 Big Ones $22 personally the most
underrated artist in Country Music History
This is a bit of a mish mash but the tracks
Are unavailable elsewhere and show him to be equally adept at covers & originals.
Twitty, Conway Conway & Lorette Definitive Collection $20 24tcks
Twitty, Conway Southern Comfort $20 (reissue with “Slow Hand”)
Twitty, Conway Don’t Call Him a Cowboy $20 His anti Urban
Cowboy album features the much covered
original version of “The Note”
Ulisse, Donna Trouble at Your Door Returned from out of the
blue with a 2007 bluegrass album but this 1992
Atlantic album was just superb.
Underwood, Carrie Carnival Ride
Van Shelton, Ricky Wild Eyed Dream
Van Shelton, Ricky Loving Proof $20
Van Shelton, Ricky RVS III
Van Shelton, Ricky Bridge I Didn’t Burn $20
Van Shelton, Ricky Backroads
Van Shelton, Ricky Love & Honor
Van Zandt, Townes Drama Falls Like Teardrops 2cds $25 36
retrospective including his classics “If I
Needed You”, “Pancho & Lefty” “White
Freight Liner Blues” etc
Van Zandt, Townes Texas Rain $20 (duets)


Anchored in Love: A Tribute to June Carter Cash $20 Great & then some.
Loretta Lynn’s version of “Wildwood Flower”
May be the best ever, and Bill yBob Thornton with
the delightful Peasall Sisters is a hoot!! Natch, the
likes of Emmylou & Patty Loveless etc are also A+
Appalachians 22 track featuring new versions interspersed
with old classics.
Dressed in Black: Johnny Cash Tribute $20 Great lineup Dale Watson/ Rodney Crowell/ Raul Malo/ Hank III etc
Horse Whisperer Emmylou/Iris Dement/ Strait/Dwight etc
Lonesome, On’ry & Mean: Waylon Tribute Jack Clement/ Junior Brown/ Dave
Alvin, Robert Earl Keen etc.
She Was Country WhenCountr yWasn’t Cool: Tribute to Barbara Mandrell
Unbroken Circle Musical Tribute to Carter Family $20 Worth it
For the Joe & Janette Carter track alone & as
A bonus you get everyone from John Prine to
Emmylou Harris
Wandering Eyes: Tales of forbidden Love $20 with Dale Watson, Kelly Willis etc
paying homage to the cheating song!!

Vincent, Rick A Wanted Man $20 Only album and a gem!
A California artist & produced by the
great Wendy Waldman this is uniformly
grand but “Ain’t Been a Train Around Here
In Years” is great. Sparsest piano opening &
brilliant vocal. One of my favourites.
Wagoner/Parton 20 Greatest Hits of Porter & Dolly $25 As
Mentioned, only one duplication with the
new re-issue and includes the great “Silver
Sandals”, “Jeannie’s Afraid of the Dark” etc
Wagoner, Porter 20 All Time Greatest Hits $20 These are new
versions of his hits. Fine stuff!1
Watson, gene In a Perfect World $22 (2007)
Walker, Clay Platinum Collection $20 Exc. Uk 20 tracker
Wayne, Dallas Here I Am In Dallas $20
Webb, Jerry Red Lips & Honky Tonks $20 See the Cosmic
Cowboy’s remarks for Clyde Moody!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Weller, Freddy Very Best $25 22 tracks. Not as well known as
he should be. Had some great songs such as
“The Hillbilly Singer”, with its great closing line
“The Bullet didn’t kill him but I Know he’d never
cheat again”. All are great. “Ballad of Paul Revere &
The Raiders” is a great biographical (and country)
song about his time as a member of this group.
White, Joy Lynn Wild Love
White, Joy Between Midnight & Hindsight
White, Joy Lynn The Lucky Few $20 (Lucky Dog label)
Whitley, Keith Don’t Close Your Eyes
Whitley, Keith LA to Miami $20
Whitley, Keith Sad Songs & Waltzes $20
Whitley, Keith Wherever You Are Tonight
Whitley, Keith Essential $20 Has his album “Hard Act to Follow”
in its entirety.
What a tragedy? Dead in 1989 with a blood alcohol reading of .49. What a voice. What a stylist?? Why
Is it so???
Wicks, Chuck Starting Now $20 New artist doing very well with
“Stealing Cinderella”.
Williams, Don The Definitive Collection $20
Williams, Don Prime Cuts $20
Williams, Hank Beyond the Sunset $20 the entire 16 Luke The
Drifter tracks. Can’t beat “The Funeral”
Williams, Hank Long Gone Daddy $20 2cds 40 tracks
Williams, Hank III Risin’ Outlaw $20
Williams, Hank III Lovesick Broke & Drifting $20
Williams, Hank I/II/III Men With Broken Hearts $20 (credited to the Three
Hanks) Magic diddling sees 12 “Tear in My Beer”
style duets.
Williams, Jett You Are On My Lonely Mind $20
Willis, Kelly Bang Bang $20
Wilson, Gretchen One of the Boys $20
Womack, Lee Ann There’s More Where That Came From Her best
Wreckers Live from New York City cd + dvd $25 dvd goes
For over an hour.
Wright, Curtis Curtis Wright. Another what happened to album.
Though Curtis is a bit easier as he appears on
Any number of albums as a backing vocalist &
also has had any number of his songs recorded
But this is his one solo album though he made
duet album with Robert Ellis Orrall,.
Wrights Down the Road. Alan Jackson’s cousins are
Very good & country & AJ himself lends his
Tonsils to the album.
Yearwood, Trisha Heaven, Heartache and The Power of Love$20
Patsy’s latest is surprisingly strong. Almost
reminiscent of Wynonna in places.
Yoakam, Dwight This Time $20 Again the best album from a
great artist, due to the perfect mix of up tempo
songs and arguably the 3 greatest ballads
Dwight has recoded in “Home for Sale”, “Try
Not to Look So Pretty” and “Two Doors Down” which offer a different side to “Fast as You” &
“Pocket of a Clown”. What an album!!
Yoakam, Dwight Platinum Collection $20 Uk comp. 19 tracks
which doesn’t include all the regular tracks.
Yoakam, Dwight Dwight’s used Records $20
Yoakam, Dwight Blame the Vain $20
Yoakam, Dwight Guitars, Cadillacs
Yoakam, Dwight Dwight Live
Yoakam, Dwight Population Me $20

Gospel Cds

Acuff, Roy Greatest Gospel Songs
Arnold, Eddy Tells the Gospel Truth
Bellamy Brothers Jesus is Coming (inc. “Old Hippy III”)
Browns Family Bible $25 This is a greatly expanded version
Of a cd which appeared on the now defunct Step One
Label. It contains a massive 32 tracks, and has a
good mix of standard and unusual tracks.
Carson, Martha The Gospel Truth $20
Carter, June Church in the Wildwood (inc. Johnny Cash & Joe
& Janette Carter)
Crowe, J D The Model Church $20 (w. Doyle Lawson)
Flatt, Lester Gospel $20
Flatt & Scruggs You Can Feel it In Your Soul $20
Frizzell, Alan I’m Just a Nobody $20 (Lefyt’s vocal clone l’il bro)
Gosdin, Vern The Gospel Album $20
Green, Jack 20 Greatest Gospel Hits $25 (none of the usual either)
Haggard, Merle Two Old Friends (with Albert Brumley Jnr) $22
Haggard, Merle What a Friend We Have in Jesus (formerly known as
“Songs for the Mother Who Tried”)
Lee, Brenda Gospel Duets With Treasured Friends $15 advance.
With Dolly/Emmylou/Vince/George Jones etc.
Louvin Brothers 20 Greatest Gospel Hits $25
Lynn, Christie Sings Country/Gospel/Bluegrass (w. Porter)
Lynn, Loretta Hymns
Lynn, Loretta Peace in the Valley
Maddox, Jimmy Boogie Woogie Gospel $20
Maddox, Rose Beautiful Bouquet $20 (w. Vern Williams)
Nelson, Willie Gospel Favorites (formerly “Family Bible”)
Price, Ray Faith
Robbins, Marty What God Has Done $20 (short supply now)
Sovine, Red 20 All Time Gospel Hits $20
Stuart, Marty Soul’s Gospel $20
Travis, Randy Worship & Faith
Tubb, Ernest Family Bible
Van Shelton,Ricky Don’t Overlook Salvation
Various: How Great Thou Art: Gospel Favorites from the
Grand Ol Opry 2008 $20
Southern Meets Soul $20 Jordanaires etc
Voice of the Spirit: Gospel of the South
2006 John Carter Cash production w. Vince Gill,
Rodney Crowell, Del McCoury, Connie Smith etc
Vincent, Rhonda Bound for Gloryland (Rebel label) $20 includes a
Couple of non gospel numbers. 12 tracks in all.
Walker, Clint Inspiration $20
Wells, Kitty Family Bible $20 (original 1959 Decca album)
Whitman, Slim How Great Thou Art
Williams, Hank I Saw the Light
Wiseman, Mac Sings Gospel Vol 1 $20
Wiseman, Mac Sings Gospel Vol 2 $20

Bluegrass Cds

Bell, Delia & Bill Grant Dreaming $20 (includes “Jack & Lucy”)
Blake, Norman & Nancy The Morning Glory Ramblers $20
Blake, Norman & Nancy Back Home in Sulphur Springs $20
Blake, Norman & Nancy Shacktown Road $20 (with Tut Taylor)
Blake, Norman/Rich O’BrienBe Ready Boys $20
Bradley, Dale Ann Old Southern Porches (IBMA female vocalist 2007)
Carter, Janette & Joe Last of Their Kind (AP Carter’s offspring now
both departed. Joe’s “Stern Old Bachelor” is A+++
Clements, Vassar Vassar’s Jazz $20
Country Gentlemen Souvenirs $20
Crowe, J D Flashback $20
Dailey & Vincent Dailey & Vincent $20
Dillards Pickin’ & Fiddlin’/ Back Porch Bluegrass $25 31 tks
Flatt & Scruggs Foggy Mountain Banjo $20 classic reissue
Flatt & Scruggs Strictly Instrumental $20 (with Doc Watson)
Gadd, Pam The Long Road $20 Vocalist from “Wild Rose”
Grascals Long List of Heartaches $20
Kaukonen, Jorma Blue Country Heart $20 (w. Bush/Douglas/Fleck)
Kentucky Colonels Kentucky Colonels $20
McCoury, Del High, Lonesome & Blue $20
O’Connor, Mark Thirty Year Retrospective 2cds $28
O’Connor, Mark New Nashville Cats
Peasall Sisters Home to You (great sister harmony act from
Down from the Mountain, they have matured
since then & are delightful)
Reno & Smiley Together Again $20
Rice, Tony Cold on the Shoulder $20
Rice, Rice, Hillman, Pederson Out of the Woodwork $20
Seldom Scene Act 3 $20
Spark, Larry 40 (great duets)
Vincent, Rhonda A Dream Come True $20
Vincent, Rhonda Timeless of True $20
Walker, Bradley Highway of Dreams $20
Whitley/Skaggs Second Generation $20 (Keith & Ricky)


Thanks for reading. Hope to hear from you soon

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