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November 2007 Newsletter

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The year ends and there are so many great releases herein that I’d almost declare it the best newsletter I’ve had. It may very well be the last as well, but as I used to say in my previous career “nothing is certain on the waterfront” and nothing is certain here as well. It has been just shy of 19 years and it doesn’t get easier. It is like the old adage “between a rock and a hard place” in that there have never been a better lot of artists than there are now: Dale Watson, Justin Trevino, Amber Digby, Ron Williams etc yet the major label music scene is, for a lack of a better word stuffed. Yet some people are impossible to convince. Some people refuse to take anything but the CMT route. It wouldn’t matter if I said Ron Williams’ is the best cd I have had this year and is right up there with the best ever of Mark Chesnutt, Keith Whitley and co. If you watch CMT and enjoy it then I will sell you a share in the Sydney Harbour Bridge. If you watch it and question its merit we have the answers for you. Please read on.

Ron Williams – “Texas Style” $32 If anything beats this as album of the year I will be very surprised. This is Ron’s second cd and whilst the first was superb on the ballads it suffered on the up-tempo songs as they sounded contrived and “radio friendly” (in other words paper thin throwaways). This, on the other hand is a rare album where there is not one weak moment. For the uninitiated, Ron is the son of Leona Williams and has had the advantage of being positively influenced by two step fathers in Merle Haggard and the great songwriter, Dave Kirby. Indeed the latter’s influence is such that Ron has contributed 3 top songs. There are only 2 songs bound to fall into the overly familiar category in “Playboy” and “Somewhere Between”. The latter is performed as a duet with mother Leona and may be the best version yet. That is also in part due to the input of Justin Trevino, who gets my award as the single most talented person in country music today. Justin keeps things as tight as they can be with the great Bobby Flores on fiddle and Johnny Cox on steel providing great interplay with the lead guitar of Dave Biller and Ron Huckaby on piano. The rhythm section of Justin on bass and Jim Loessberg on drums should be taken as a template for every country music album to be recorded in the future. None of the repulsive Lonnie Wilson style bashings that murder Nashville recordings. The album opens with “I Would Have Loved You All Night Long”, which was previously recorded by Doug Supernaw and as good as that was, Ron manages to do a better job. Even a Whitey Shafer song “Where Are All the Girls I Used to Cheat With”, which is a classic on the Keith Whitley “Sad Songs & Waltzes album loses nothing in comparison. Ron’s voice is a little like Whitley’s but with its own subtle nuances. “There’s One on Every Jukebox” in town is a great new Brian Burns songs whilst “This Time We’re Gonna Make It” is by Justin Trevino and Darrell McCall’s daughter, Guyanne, which is performed as duet with Ron’s sister Cathy Lee. Ron’s own “The Best Man” stands up with anything on the album. He is the best man at a wedding with the bride being the love of his life. Conversational in style, it just doesn’t get any better. Superb phrasing, great chorus, perfect accompaniment. Amazing album. An amazing voice and a superb collection of songs.

Justin Trevino – “Take One as Needed for Pain” $30 Great man himself! Just when you commit yourself something else comes along and almost makes you wish you’d been a bit more reserved. Justin has given us so many benchmark albums both as a producer and a performer that there should be a place for him in the Hall of Fame. Only trouble is it used to be possible to give him a call. Yes, he even talks to me. But now it is just about impossible to get him; he is in so much demand. Yet he remains totally unassuming, down to earth, funny (self deprecating humour and all), a great human being even if he never played or sang another note. This time he has a couple of special guests. “Whispering” Bill Anderson joins Justin for a top version of his “I’ll Go Down Swinging” but the other guest will excite those in the loop even more. It is none other than the great Heather Myles who joins Justin on “This Time We’re Going to Make It” (which as you can see from the above is also a song on Ron Williams’ album). Both are superb. If there had ever been an area in which we could have criticised Justin in the past it may have been that he did a few covers too many at the expense of his own material. It seems he has found a great partner in Guyanne McCall and has also used a number of fine songs by Chuck Cusimano who is a long time associate of the other fine indie artist, Billy Keeble. The title track is a great honky tonker…a hip flask remedy for pain! “Where Do You Take a Broken Heart” with spoken intro and all was covered by Moe Bandy. Two classics in a row with the Trevino name being on them both.

“Josh Turner – Live at the Ryman” $32 Like Haggard’s “working Man’s Journey” this was only released in the CrackerBarrel stores in the USA and is not sold elsewhere…well we know one place!! Josh and his band recorded this at the traditional home of country music in April, 2007 and he does a fine selection of songs from his first two albums highlighted by “Way Down South” and “Long Black Train” in which his almost too deep to be true voice is well to the fore. An amazing instrument!! In addition he chooses to tackle a selection of standards. “Lord Have Mercy on a Country Boy” was one of the early big ones for Don Williams whilst “Silver Wings” and (yes!) “He Stopped Loving Her Today” need no explanation. Mind you he is simply not playing the country jukebox; he adds his own nuances and very successfully so. 14 tracks in all concluding with an extended version of his big hit “Long Black Train”. His new one will be in when you get this.

Jerry Kilgore – “Loaded & Empty” $32 Another case of a long time between drinks but this is an amazing second album, infinitely better than his not bad debut “Love Trip”. It is the pure honky tonk stylings that make this so darn good. Amazingly Lonnie Wilson is on drums and I still like it. No expense has been saved in making this album Production is first class but avoids the excesses of a major label release. “Hag” is a tribute to the great man and Jerry sounds remarkably like him in parts, or at least gets the subtlety of his vocal nuances down pat. “Let’s Talk About Us” was previously recorded by its author, the talented Shawn Camp. The opener, “What’s it Take to Get a Drink in Here” is sublime, and reinforces the themes followed by proponents of true country music. “Shore Thing” and “Longest Stretch of Highway” are all about getting away from it. The latter would be admirably suited to Merle Haggard. Bound to be in the top ten for all who hear it.12 songs and not even one resembling anything but a keeper.

Tom T Hall – “We All Got Together And….”/ “The Storytller” $32 The second album basically made Tom T’s name in Australia with the Top 10 hit “Old Dogs, Children and Watermelon Wine” bringing him to the attention of many who may not have previously noticed him. You’d have to say he probably was at his peak around this time. The former album features gems such as “Turn It On, Turn it One, Turn it On” and the pitifully sad “She Gave Her Heart to Jethro”. He marries tradition with his own writing on “More About John Henry” and does a wonderful interpretation of the Billy Joe Shaver song, “Willy the Wandering Gypsy & Me”. Other highlights include “Pamela Brown” (I guess you could say he owed it all to her!). Not to be missed.

Tom T Hall – “Sings Miss Dixie & Tom T” $32 A welcome album and emphasising the storyteller aspect with series of particularly effective songs, none more so than the poignant “A Hero in Harlan” all about a man returning from the war…the Gulf war. I’d defy anyone not to be touched by this matter of fact tale. Brilliant. Life in Kentucky is featured in most songs; seems Tom T doesn’t travel much anymore. “One of Those Days (When I Miss Lester Flatt)” and “Jimmy Martin’s Life Story” (with vocal contribution from the late legend) are pretty self explanatory. Sonya Isaacs appears throughout on backing vocals and you can’t help but wonder when she is going to have another album release. Just read the back of the booklet where Miss Dixie states “Hero in Harlan” is the best song they had ever written. I for one will not disagree but the entire 12 stand up well. Tom’s vocals wobble a bit here and there but it adds to the charm.

Randy Howard – “The Best of Randy Howard” $32
Randy Howard – “Live” $30
This is the Randy Howard who we’d describe as the Outlaw as distinct from the fiddling Randy Howard who sadly passed away a few years ago from cancer. This Randy has deep voice and the tracks on the former cd are compiled from 4 albums: ”All American Redneck”/ “Macon Music”/ “The Randy Howard Album”/ “Now and Then”. At 22 tracks it also represents great value as it is all thriller, and no filler. His “I Don’t Know” is a classic Outlaw shock value song and interestingly in hindsight is a little lyrically incorrect given that Randy expresses a desire to “get in Linda Ronstadt’s pants” but as we are told in the Johnny Cash Show dvd Ms Ronstadt didn’t wear any and blimey you can’t get in what there ain’t none of!! Hank III recorded his version of “I Don’t Know” on his He is equally adept at ballads and “God Don’t Live in Nashville Tennessee” is a prime example. His interpretive skills are such that he even provides an original version of “Ring of Fire”. 12 originals and 10 well chosen covers. Highly recommended. Great voice!
The Live album finds him still in fine fettle and apart from a new version of “I Don’t Know” which still finds him trying to do the impossible, the rest are all different to what is offered on the “Best” though he has become a tad Coe-ish in the interim especially on tracks such as “If You See Kay” which is funny in spite its total lack of subtlety.

Jack Clement – “Shakespeare Was a Big George Jones Fan:Cowboy Jack Clement’s Home Movies” dvd $35 This is a semi-documentary about the greatest behind the scenes man in country music. This falls in the must see category. Apart from the movie which clocks in around an hour we also get the documentary with Jack offering his personal commentary. The movie features many previously unseen glimpses of the likes of Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Charlie Pride, all of whom were produced by Jack who had the effect of lifting their careers to new heights. There are rare performances by Jack and the whole thing is held together by his quirky commentary. The role of the Cowboy Arms Hotel and Recording Studio in the history of country music can not be understated. There are extras as well. If you have any interest in any of the artists mentioned above this is tremendous. Great stories and performances! Bet you didn’t know Jack was once married to Jessi Colter’s sister! A great man. A great dvd.

Lyle Lovett – It’s Not Big It’s Large cd + dvd $35 Brand new album from Lyle Lovett’ big band featuring 12 new songs plus an hour or more dvd, which comes packaged in an attractive triple fold cover. The core band features regular Lovett alumni Dean Parks on guitar, Matt Rollings on keyboards and Paul Franklin on steel. The breakneck “South Texas Girl” features Guy Clark on vocal and guitar.

Doug Sahm – “Live from Austin” $30 dvd This is the 3rd dvd in this great series to feature Doug, but in chronological order is first dating from November 1975 when he was branching out on his own. Latter dvds in this series include a 1980s reunion with the Sir Douglas Quintet (which includes an unplugged section)and a 1990s concert with the Texas Tornados which everyone knows gets my pick as one of the greatest music dvds of all time. This features some selections from the Doug Sahm and Band album which was his first big solo breakthrough and as such the performance encompasses a mix of country and blues. One of our very very favourite artists.

Billy Joe Shaver – “Storyteller:Live at the Bluebird Café 1992” $30
Billy Joe Shaver – “Everybody’s Brother” $32
Two (2), count ‘em, Billy Joe Shaver cds with the first featuring an unplugged performance of many of his greatest hits with elaborate accompaniment from the late Eddy Shaver. You naturally get “Georgia on a Fast Train” but also the wonderful “Black Rose”, “Willy the Wondering Gypsy & Me”, “Live Forever” etc. Eddy’s guitar playing is truly inspirational.
The new album includes guests and features a core band of Jamie Hartford on electric guitar, Pat McLaughlin on Acoustic, Randy Scruggs on Acoustic and Tony Harrell on keyboards. The material on this is gospel based and as always Billy Joe likes to reprise a previous song, this time “You Can’t Beat Jesus Christ” which features, in what must have been one of his last performances, the great Johnny Cash. Other guests include Kris Kristofferson, Marty Stuart and Tanya Tucker.

Dvd Nelson/Haggard/Ray Price – “Last of the Breed” $38.
This rates as one of the best country music dvds of all time. Firstly it is significantly different to the cd. It starts with Ray Price performing 8 numbers and to be honest if there has ever been a mellower voice in any genre of music I haven’t heard it. 81 years old but as good as ever. You can tell he has been around; the Cosmic Cowboy swears he sees him go into the TAB in Parramatta every day. Highlight of these 8 tracks is probably “Release Me”, which Ray informs us was recorded in the year BH, which he explains means before Humperdinck! For the uninitiated “Release Me” was Englebert’s first big hit. We are then given a selection form Alseep at the Wheel with Haggard joining in on vocals and fiddle on the Bob Wills’ classic “Take Me Back to Tulsa”. Haggard is as intense as ever but sounds great. He is joined by Willie for a series of duets. The whole ensemble joins together on two Floyd Tillman classics, “I Gotta Have My Baby Back” and “”I’ll Keep on Lovin’ You”. We then get the Willie performances highlighted by a couple of hilarious (and excellent) new songs in “Superman” and “You Don’t Think I’m Funny Anymore”. In the middle we get Ray Price performing the wonderful “Night Life”. The band is a mix of Willie’s band (notably Mickey Raphael), Haggard’s band (notably Scott Joss on fiddle), plus Ray Price’s Cherokee Cowboys and Asleep at the Wheel. Top stuff. But that is only the beginning of it. There is an extensive interview of the 3 conducted by Ray Benson ( of Asleep at the Wheel) which is as hilarious as it is rivetting. Then we have Willie giving us a personally guided tour of his tour bus. The concert goes for around 2 hours, the interview must be around an hour long. Superbly recorded as well, both visually and sound wise. Couldn’t be better.

Alan Jackson – “Precious Memories – Live at the Ryman” $42 dvd The only Alan Jackson concert performance and released only in Canada. In includes additional tracks to that featured on his “Precious Memories” album, as well as live performances of all the tracks on his gospel album. Also includes many interviews. Also superbly recorded. You will not find it elsewhere.

Emmylou Harris – “Songbird: Rare Tracks & Forgotten Gems” 4cd+dvd $110
This is a very impressive set and even the most dedicated Emmylou fan who has everything will be lining up. The set consists of 2 hardcover books inside a cloth bound slipcase. One contains the 4 cds & dvd whilst the other is a magnificent 200 page book in which Emmy has a very big input. “I’ve selected not ‘greatest hits’, but personal favourites from the solo works that- with a few exceptions- have never appeared on any other compilations, but were important gems in the string of pearls that each album strives to become.” It is a weighty set; almost feels like they have included half a brick.

The 78 cd tracks have never sounded better. They start with an outtake from the “Gliding Bird” album, “Clocks”, and what a gem it is. Nashville journalist, Peter Cooper, gives a page run down of each track. Even though the Emmylou catalogue was remastered the versions here sound better than anything I have heard. The albums “Thirteen” and “Evangeline” have never been on cd and the selections here, especially Springsteen’s “My Father’s House” just ring with brilliant goose bump quality. There are in all 13 previously unissued tracks including several from the Trio sessions. The dvd offers 10 selections including “Together Again” which features James Burton and “Making Believe” which features Albert Lee on guitar and harmony. It concludes with her recording a message for her pet cause, Animal Rescue, something myself and Fergus the Wonder Cat fully support.

Personally I find it very interesting that this collection by and large steers clear of the “Wrecking Ball” style which I believe is for the gullible who think a few misguided reviewers are actually informed and know what they are talking about. The Cosmic Cowboy and myself know it is a case of “The Emperor’s New Clothes”.

Rhino Records have been setting standards of excellence in the USA since the seventies and they have even set themselves something to try and emulate with this sublime box set.

Buck Owens – “The Warner Brothers Recordings” 2cd limited edition Rhino Handmade $65 It was a long time coming but is now here and there will be no more as it is practically sold out and several places in US have it listed for more than this but in US dollars!! Buck’s transition to Warner co-incided with the tragic death of his right hand man, Don Rich and also gave him a new direction with him recording several pop covers, but of course Buck Owens’ style. The album title said it all…”Buck ‘Em” and was recorded with Nashville session players including Pig Robbins, Fred Carter, Pete Drake and Johnny Gimble. He followed up with the album “Our Old Mansion” but a third album never eventuated even though there were some excellent singles, most notably “Play Together Again Again”, a wonderful duet with Emmylou Harris which paid homage to the earlier Buckaroos sound. Some of the tracks highlighted Buck’s return as a songwriter, most notably “I Don’t Want to Live in San Francisco”. This is well presented in a hard bound book style cover which is very attractive. It is a case of blink and its gone. 40 tracks.

Moot Davis – “Already Moved On” $30 Pete Anderson was the long time producer of Dwight Yoakam and was responsible for much of that Dwight sound. Into the picture comes Moot Davis and he is able to step into some big shoes so to speak with Pete reviving that great twangy Dwight sound. Most of the songs are Davis/ Anderson co-writes and have carried on the neo-Bakersfield sound to perfection. It may not be that original but it is good. “Talkin’ “bout Lonely” would have been a chart hit for Dwight in the late 80s. “I’m the Only Hell My Mama Ever Raised” a hit for Johnny Paycheck, is the only song which Moot had no part in writing. “It Ain’t Right” has a nice Tex-Mex flavour with some tasty accordion from Michael Murphy…the new Skip Edwards so to speak. “Foreclosures and Repossessions” makes some great word plays. I love the Pete Anderson scowl on the back of the album cover! Any guess who that is reserved for?????????

Sam Baker – “Pretty World” $30 As far as we know the only one in this newsletter to survive a terrorist attack and consequently we get a few songs dealing in one way on another with his life and death experiences. A lot of songs have a Dylanish feel to them. Backing is mostly acoustic, a tad reminiscent of that in Kimmie Rhodes “West Texas Heaven”. His story songs are all fresh. “Odessa” features an uncredited intro of Stephen Foster’s “Hard Times Come Again No More” assumably by Britt Savage who sounds a little like Carrie Rodriguez. A great story about a man who made his money out of oil and always had enough to pay off lawyers of everyone he crossed along the way. There is also a touch of Prine on tracks such as “Boxes”. If you like any one the artists mentioned herein you’d like this.

Sara Evans – “The Early Years” $32 First things first. This is subject to a number of disputes and its long term availability is definitely shaky. Our good friend Dale Watson can be a pedantic as you know what and when the Cosmic Cowboy casually mentioned how much he liked Sara Evans’ “first” album, “Three Chords and the Truth” Dale was quick as a flash to say it wasn’t her first. Well, it was the first released anyway. Dale was no doubt referring to this album. Interesting that all songs were written by Sara with her brother Matt Evans co-writing “Saying Goodbye”. Some of the tracks have a bluegrass feel and some show a Patsy Cline influence, most on “Her Comes That Old Heartache”. There may not be quite the polish of her RCA output but there certainly is the spirit and you’d choose this a thousand times over her recent releases with their pop excesses and overdone-in-the-solarium-style covers. 12 tracks which measure up well to her best work, and an added plus is her songwriting skills.

Jake Hooker – “The Outsider” $32 Okay, we’ve nominated an indie Hall of Fame for the old yappers…if we had one for the younger brigade then Jake Hooker, along with Justin Trevino would be the first inductees. Jake is prolific, as is Justin, and both have been highly influenced by Ray Price and have taken those influences on board without ever appearing to copy the originator. Similarly they have surrounded themselves with musicians who are every bit as good as anyone in the past and who have also absorbed many influences without every becoming clichéd. Jake and Justin also employ similar band members. Dicky Overbey is as good as anyone anytime anywhere on steel guitar and Bobby Flores can play fiddle and sing in any number of styles. And then Jake himself is wonderful on both string and electric bass. The songs are a mix of originals and covers. As his career has progressed Jake has taken on less predictable covers and his albums are all the better for it. His Lefty cover, “Honky Tonk Stardust Cowboy” is still that far removed from the inherent predictability that has ruined many albums over the years. There is some lovely Spanish style guitar on “I Lie”, presumably courtesy of Bobby Flores. “How Can I Get You Out of My Heart” is an A.L. Owens shuffle previously recorded by Moe Bandy. “Bury the Bottle With Me” is a classic boozing song written by Dick Curless as the singer requests the bottle be buried with him as that was what put him there. 12 songs in all and a nouveau classic album cover to match the great music.

Japan Exclusives

Chet Atkins & Merle Travis – “The Atkins Travis Travelling Show” $30 Released on lp in 1974 and only ever on cd in Japan which means the quality is better than you would get on any similar US or Australian release (wouldn’t be hard in the case of the latter). It includes some wonderful interplay between the two protagonists notably on “Is Anything Better Than This” and “Mutual Admiration Society”. Chet plays in the left speaker and Merle in the right. It was the only time the two greatest guitarists in country music history recorded together. It is more than just an historical document though and sounds as fresh as ever!
James Burton – “The Guitar Sounds of James Burton” $34 Originally on A&M records this is one of only two albums James made in his own right; the other being a duet album with steel guitarist Ralph Mooney. This was released on A & M label and the cover featured James standing on a freeway overpass nearby the A & M studios. Produced by Felton Jarvis, the 12 tracks have never sounded better and have been remastered in using Japan 24 bit technology.
Chet Atkins – Discover Japan $32 “During 1965 I toured the major cities of Japan with Skeeter Davis, The Browns and Hank Locklin. It was a memorable visit and I enjoyed meeting and visiting with the people. My only regret was that I had not the time to learn any of the traditional Japanese melodies. With the help of the fine people at RCA I have now fulfilled that goal by learning and recording the songs in this album. I sincerely hope you will enjoy and appreciate my rendition of them”. …from the liner notes…a rare album only available in Japan!!
Jerry Byrd – “The Shores of Waikiki” $34 Glorious presentation of ultra rare 1960 album in the Hawaiian steel style. Presented in mini lp style cover which replicates exactly the original lp package on Mercury Records.
Jimmy Bryant – “Country Cabin Jazz” $34
Speedy West – “Guitar Spectacular” $34 Two more great mini lp style packages which replicate the original Capitol lps. Interesting that Jimmy is backed by Speedy but Speedy’s backing is listed as Billy Strange/ Billy Liebert/ Roy Lanham/ Red Wootten & earl Palmer.

Bill Haley – “From Western Swing to Rock” 4cd $55 Excellent 94 track collection that features Haley’s transition from a member of the Four Aces of Swing (which included some of Haley’s yodelling) through to his best known rock & roll. It includes a selection from offshoots such as the Jodimars, The Jaguars and Reno Browne and Her Buckaroos. The set includes the pre rock and roll “rock & roll” of “Rock This Joint”. Naturally all the big ones are there such as “Rock Around the Clock”, “Razzle dazzle”, “Rock-A-Beatin’ Boogie”, “See You Later Alligator” etc. Bill was so much more than “Rock Around the Clock”

Carter Family – “Country Folk” 4cds $55 There could not be a better starting point for a Carter Family Collection than here, with 103 tracks plus 44 page book all in a groovy little box. You will find the classics “Wabash Cannonball”, “Jimmie Brown the Newsboy”, “Wildwood Flower”, “Keep on the Sunnyside”, “Single Girl Married Girl” etc. Truly, if you don’t have a Carter Family cd and the Bear Family magnum opus is a little too much this is the way to go.

Rock N Skiffle box 4cds $55 Includes a 40 page book. 100 tracks concentrating on the skiffle sounds of the late 50s. Lots of obscurities as well as a few Lonnie Donegan and co. The set also focuses on artists who evolved from the skiffle movement but played rock & roll such as Don Lang and Tommy Steele.

Waylon Jennings & the Waymore Blues Band – “Never Say Die: The Final Concert” 2cd + dvd $50 Waylon passed on in February 2002 and this concert at the Ryman Auditorium recorded 2 years earlier was his final hurrah as far as major concerts went anyway. A few offhand remarks which most probably thought were throwaways have a sad ring true quality about them given the hindsight this albums’ release provides. Waylon remains seated, something he began in his time with the Highwaymen, but is as powerful as ever as far as his presence and performance is concerned. His charisma is mind-boggling. Guests include Jessi Colter, who performs both solo and in duet with Waylon. Other guests include John Anderson, Montgomery and Travis Tritt, who obviously enjoys a close relationship with Waylon. A shortened version of this concert appeared on cd for a while but this is the whole deal. 2 hours of classic Waylon. Also includes interviews with the likes of Willie Nelson, Chet Atkins, Kris Kristofferson etc. “Goin’ Down Rockin’” has a kind of ominous message, again in hindsight. The big band works wonders and Waylon’s voice positively soars on classics such as “Amanda” and “Waymore’s Blues”. Not to be missed!! The Ryman Auditorium is the perfect backdrop.

John Anderson
a) I Just Came Home to Count the Memories $20
b) All the People Are Talking $20
c) Eye of a Hurricane $20
d) Tokyo Oklahoma $20
e) Countrified $20
These are Collectors Choice releases with great remastered sound and new notes by Colin Escott. These Warner Brothers albums join John Anderson 1/John Anderson 2 and Wild and Blue ($30) on cd (3 different labels). The Collector’s Choice releases include such classics as “Would You Catch a Falling Star”, “Black Sheep”, “She Sure Got Away with My Heart”, “Honky Tonk Crowd” etc and represent some of the finest hard country music ever to grace an album. Truly he was the lead in for the likes of Randy Travis and Ricky Van Shelton and as fine as they were they never out-did the great John David Anderson. Don’t miss them. They will be in second week November.
As an extra special we will also have
**John Anderson $22
**John Anderson 2 $22
Truly essential reissues…..John Anderson’s Warner lps now on cd.

Ed Sanders – “Sanders Truckstop” $20
Ed Sanders – “BeerCans on the Moon” $20
Was the leader of a group called the Fugs who specialised in material designed to shock but always harboured a country music love with a style along the lines of Kinky Friedman. The first includes such random choices as “Jimmy Joe the Hippybilly Boy”, “They’re Cutting My Coffin at the Sawmill”, “Homesick Blues ‘etc whilst the latter 1973 release included such quirky offerings as “Universal Rent Strike Rag”, “Priestess” etc. Critics were certainly not unanimous in their praise of Mr Sanders.

T Jae Christian – “The Vanishing Breed” $32
T Jae Christian – “Put Me Down Easy Lord” $32
T Jae defines all we like about independent country music and then some. You overlook the “no spring chicken Grecian enhanced looks” and concentrate on the wonderfully rich voice and superior songs. T Jae is best shown as a writer on the wonderful “Yes, There is Life After Beth” which is a top song apart from the great play on words. And he certainly is part of the vanishing breed as he indicates in the wonderful opening song of the same name. He also has on this (and previous albums) had the temerity to cover a well known George Jones song and on this album nails “The Grand Tour”. Believe it he is all class.
The second release is a gospel album with a fine selection of songs that avoids the usual instead concentrating on fine original songs which are extremely well chosen. What has happened to the great anti-honky tonk singer Ken Holloway? T Jae does a sublime job on “I Don’t Care Where You Dig That Hole”. Highlights are 4 songs by Mike Manuel, brilliantly interpreted by T Jae…Teej to his mates. One of the all time great indie artists. Maybe we should start an indies Hall of Fame. T Jae would be a foundation member. Off the top of the head there would be:
**Benny Berry
**Norman Wade
**Billy Keeble
**T Jae Christian
**Arkey Blue …five initial nominees in the Yesterday & Today Records Indie Hall of Fame. All are special artists of the highest calibre.

Billy Keeble – “Sings Wynn Stewart” $32 On the cusp of indie immortality is producer Curt Ryle who is skilled as the finest surgeon when it comes to getting the best out of an artist. He is also adept on any number of instruments and although the great Ralph Mooney plays steel on some tracks, Curt more than holds his own. Billy is a fine vocalist and doesn’t just do straight covers of the most well known Stewart songs, sticking more with songs that Stewart has performed but not necessarily written. “After the Storm” is performed as a duet with Wren Stewart Tidwell, Wynn’s daughter.

Levon Helm – “Dirt Farmer” $30 Levon was the “American” in the Band and was responsible for a lot of their songs about the frontier times of America. The first two Band albums, “Music from Big Pink” and even more so “The Band” are considered classics. Once the Band disbanded (unintentional pun!) Levon mainly recorded R & B material and briefly touched on the more country styled material of the Band. He also played in a number most notably as a strange little preacher in “Fire Down Below”. So this new album is going to be a delight to fans of the Band and Americana as it is themed accordingly. A mix of traditional and a few originals only by the likes of Emmylou’s ex Paul Kennerley, Steve Earle & Buddy Miller (the male Neko Case??...n.c.) Nice stuff. Tracks: False Hearted Lover Blues/ Poor Old Dirt Farmer/ The Mountain/ Little Birds/ The Girl Left Behind/ Calvary/ Anna Lee/ Got Me a Woman/ A Train Robbery/ Single Girl Married Girl/ Blind Child/ Wide River to Cross/ Feelin’ Good.

Travis Tritt – The Storm $32 New album…new label. A mix of rocking outlaw Hank Jnr style country coupled with his famous big ballads. Think you’d have to put a bit of a “worry” note against “I Wanna Feel Too much”, by Diane Warren, who I reckon should be given a post in Outer Mongolia with a never to return label, but rest is pretty usual fare and the songs by Travis himself are among the highlights, notably “Doesn’t the Good Outweigh the Bad”. Nothing really new, but he does old as consistently well as anyone.

Mona McCall – “Memories Love a Melody” $30 Mona is the wife of Darrell McCall, the great Texan and one of Yesterday & Today Records favourite sons. The old adage of “There but for the grace of God” go I could certainly apply to Mona. She gave up a promising career to raise her family. Previously she had been an integral part of the Carol Lee Singers who were the mainstay of the Grand Ol Opry. Her friend, Connie Smith, to whom we could most compare Mona offers a heartfelt and fitting tribute to Mona in the notes. Production is by Justin Trevino and the A Team provide the backing. That is the “new A team” but one of the “original A team” in Bob Moore comes along to lend a hand. Bob is certainly in illustrious company with Bobby Flores, Jake Hooker, Dicky Overby and Levi Mullen. Justin Tubb’s “Five Minutes of the Latest Blues” is performed as a duet with Justin Trevino. Mona and Darrell’s daughter, Guyanne is rapidly gaining a reputation as a songwriter and her collaboration with Justin Trevino has contributed some of the album’s best moments in “At Least I Get to Hold Your Memory Near” and “The Girl Behind the Frown” whilst her selection of covers is to be applauded, notably “Memory Number One” and a great version of “The Deepening Snow”. It is interesting and maybe a little disappointing that the great Darrell McCall doesn’t appear on this album and having had the pleasure of meeting this gentleman I would suggest he just wanted to give Mona her rightful dues.

Dvd Flatt & Scruggs Show Volume 3 $35
Dvd Flatt & Scruggs Show Volume 4 $35 The sheer excellence of Volumes 1 & 2 would almost certainly put this on many people’s must have lists. Taken from television tapes these each present 2 complete episodes of the Flatt & Scruggs Show as they happened. As such there is a mix of secular and gospel recordings and an excellent cross section of guests. Volume 3 even has a guest appearance by 7 year old Ricky Skaggs picking Foggy Mountain Special on mandolin and singing “Ruby are You Mad”. Volume 4 features a very young Randy Scruggs playing “Wildwood Flower” on autoharp as well as a live appearance by Hylo Brown.

Dvd Buck Owens – “Live at Austin City Limits” $30 First dvd from the great man recorded during his early 90s comeback tour, October 1988. Includes a very special appearance from Dwight Yoakam on “Under Your Spell Again”.
Dvd Eliza Gilkyson – “Live at Austin City Limits” $30 Daughter of folk legend Terry Gilkyson, Eliza is featured here in a 2001 performance and features some songs from her release of the time, “Hard Times in Babylon” as well as a nice cover of Dylan’s “Love Minus Zero/No Limit”.

Roger Wallace – “It’s About Time” $30 13 new songs 4th album from Roger. He looks a tad wasted on the cover, maybe he is living in “My Little Corner of Honky Tonk Hell”, the wonderful opener. He is full of self-deprecating humour on tracks such as “If It Wasn’t for Me”. “Smoke ‘Em If You Got ‘Em” is about Texas dance clubs and it does refer to their anti-smoking laws, again tongue in cheek humour. “I Want That Water” is Roger’s take on an Oak Ridge Boys’ style gospel song. “Alone at Last” is a great showcase for Roger’s vocals with minimal backing from pianist T Jarrod Bonta with an occasional strum from Roger’s acoustic. “Frantic” features appropriate frantic fiddle from Erik Hokkanen and probably is a comment on Roger’s own lifestyle. “All by My Lonesome”, a D B Harris/Roger Wallace features a great vocal and some stylish steel guitar from Jim Stringer. “Prodigal Daughter Favorite Son” is written with the great Dallas Wayne. Unadorned backing is a feature of the production and as with our favourite Wayne the Train Hancock doesn’t use drums….well Wayne may occasionally. The albums’ concluding track, “The Confession”, is the only track not written by Roger and is unusual due its spoken nature and religious overtones; certainly not what you’d expect…”if you want to help me Jesus turn this water into wine”. Brilliant album and I reckon it may be his best yet.

Merle Haggard – The Bluegrass Sessions $30 A reunion of sorts with Ronnie Reno, son of the legendary Don Reno, and a member of Merle Haggard’s Strangers for a good many years, before reverting back to the bluegrass arena. This session features vocal arrangements by Carl Jackson and an excellent lineup of bluegrass all stars including the incomparable Rob Ickes on dobro, Aubrey Haynie on fiddle and Carl Jackson on acoustic guitar and vocals. 12 songs in all with favourites such as “Mama’s Hungry Eyes” (which features a vocal assist from Alison Krauss) and “”Holding Things Together” taking on new dimensions when given the bluegrass treatment.
We also have a limited supply of Haggard’s “Workin Man’s Journey”, available only in the Crackerbarrel chain of stores in the USA.

Jackson Taylor – “Dark Days” $30 Productive Texan country rocker who appears to have been paying even a couple more visits to the tattooist and defines all that is good about country rock with a Creedence meets Kentucky Headhunters style that is both appealing and continually interesting. He wrote all the songs bar Billy Joe Shaver’s “Honky Tonk Heroes” and if ever a song defined Jackson it is that one. Whilst he rocks out he has maintained good melodies and as I always say “have a musical day”…no that’s not what I say..I say, if it doesn’t have melody it has nothing. Bound to be liked by Hank III fans.

Donna Ulisse – “When I Look Back” $30 Donna’s first album on Atlantic was an early nineties classic and it has been a long time between drinks for her. This album is easy gospel bluegrass based and fairly reminiscent and every bit as good as Rhonda Vincent. Donna also wrote all the songs on the cd and is backed by some of the finest musicians around including the great Randy Kohrs on dobro and Andy Leftwich on fiddle and mandolin. Her true voice is well to the fore and she still looks as cute as ever. Some of the songs have a stronger religious feel than others. 14 in all. Let’s hope the next one will be here sooner.

Lucille Starr – “The French Song” expanded edition $30 Very very popular album, now at a lower price. It is only released in Canada and is sometimes in short supply. We import it direct from Canada. You will not get it elsewhere. Apart from the huge hit “French Song” and a couple of Edith Piaf covers there are fine versions of songs in both English and French. Of the latter a version of “Sukiyaki” in French is both unusual and haunting. 17 tracks in all and none are replicated on the Collectors Choice cd “Lonely Street”.

Mike Rodgers the Honky Tonk Hitman – “Shake That Twang” $30 His previous was fine all the way on the ballads and uptempo numbers and this is a tad disappointing in that the uptempo numbers have somewhat of a throwaway quality; in that sense a little like Ron William’s first. Nonetheless songs such as “Your Lonely Ends With Me” are as good as you are going to get.

Tim Nichols – “Where the Good Life Is” $30 One of the most successful writers in Nashville with a line of top tens to his credit. He offers his own version of some of these hits on this cd. “Brotherly Love” has been recorded many times, probably the most memorable version being by Keith Whitley and Earl Thomas Conley. “Live Like You Were Dying” was a hit for Tim McGraw. “See Jane Run” has a clever lyric based on the old reading primer adapted to a failing relationship. “Heads Carolina, Tails California” was a hit for the Rugby League Ray Price double Jodee Messina. “Vidalia” was a hit for Sammy Kershaw. So you can see he has written for a real cross-section. This is a fresh album given the versions by Nichols are often a little different to the charting versions. He has a fine voice and you get fine interpretations all the way.

Aaron Barker – “Lifelines” $30 Another writer offering interpretations of songs he has written and were hits for (mainly) George Strait, though “Not Enough Hours in the Night” was a hit for the now (sadly) crazed Doug Supernaw.

Starline Rhythm Boys “Red’s Place” $32 Third album from the rockabilly/hillbilly styled group from Vermont with a hefty 16 tracks that actually sound as though they could be off the first BR549 album (to give a point of comparison). Of course the title track and others such as “Drunk Tank” enforce the honky tonk themes of traditional country music. “The Old Filling Station” and “A Memory of Fred” offer a couple of fine nostalgic offerings that fit in well. Very nicely packaged for an independent release.

Billy Mize – Make it Rain $28 A long time California based artist who as a teenager appeared on Town Hall Party and over the years developed a strong allegiance with Merle Haggard as well as being a successful songwriter with “Who Will Buy the Wine” by Charlie Walker perhaps being his most successful. 5 songs of the 22 (yes 22!) find him backed by the Strangers. His recordings are well entrenched in the Bakersfield sound of which he had an intricate part in establishing. This retrospective finds a fine vocalist with there certainly being a little more than a touch of Merle Haggard influence.

Red Meat – “We Never Close” $30 First in a while for the San Francisco based group with a great vocalist in Smelley Kelley. You have to admire their humour. Jill Olson and Scott Young also contribute vocals, even though Smelley is the pun intended. Guests include producer Dave Alvin and brilliant southern Californian artist Rick Shea.

Patty Booker – “Fire & Brimstone” $32 Patty is a real firecracker who fits nicely along with Heather Myles, Danni Leigh and co. She certainly isn’t politically correct and the double barrel shotgun she is holding over her bountiful bosom is heard to effect on the opening track, “The Hell I’ve Been Through” and is the means she escapes from that hell. She collaborates with Rick Shea on that track and has co-written 3 others with the other great Californian Jann Browne (for anyone who missed it we still have copies of her top Buck Owens Tribute album). “Please Don’t Lie to Me” finds her forgiving her spouse for any sin bar the unpardonable lie. Interesting to note the disclaimer: “Neither Patty Booker nor Tres Pescadores Records advocate the use of weapons or violence to settle disputes of any nature.” Another graduate from the “Town South of Bakersfield” series…she was on Volume Three along with Dale Watson and Wylie (of Wild West) fame.

Bill Hearne’s Roadhouse Review “Heartaches & Honky Tonks” $32 Sadly Bonnie Hearne is now in poor health but Bill is till recording. This latest offering is good, but covers. Bill has the voice to do them some new justice but it is perhaps a shame there isn’t more original recordings. Still only 3-4 of the 14 songs would fall into the overly familiar category and that is a plus. Songs such as “Mel Tillis’ “Old Faithful”, and relatively new songs such as Slaid Cleaves’ “Road Too Long” and Peter Rowan’s “Come Back to Old Santa Fe” are the pick.

Thom Shepherd – “Could Be Worse” $30 Thom wrote the big hit for David Ball “Riding With Private Malone”, a wonderful song with a complicated story beautifully presented. This cd presents 14 of his songs including the duet with Stephanie Bentley, “Choose Me or Lose Me”. He reminds of Paul Overstreet and Mike Dekle with his whimsical good time tales such as “Little Hope Baptist Church” and “A Few Words About Mobile Homes”. “Bye George” is more traditionally styled. Like Overstreet and Dekle he is the possessor a tuneful voice. Will have more of his albums in soon.

Ryan Bingham – Mescalito $30 Intense Steve Earle styled country folk tales of the working man and his blues. Similar to the first Chris Knight album in style.

Nate Gibson and the Gashouse Gang – “All the Way Home” $30 The cover faithfully replicates a Starday label cover of the 50s and features a mix of original (8) and covers (also 8), which were mainly original Starday releases. Nate has a distinct humour and works within a rockabilly/hillbilly framework which is in keeping with the style of the cover. Of the covers the Wayne Raney track “We Need a Whole Lot More of Jesus (And a Lot less Rock & Roll) is a wonderful piece of hillbilly nostalgia. “Who Shot Willie” was by Arthur Guitar Boogie Smith. “Wal-mart Wino” is typical of his own writing. Those who have previously listened to Eugene Chrysler would get a kick out of this.

Slick Andrews & the Wild Hare Millionaires – “Let’s Beer it Up” $30
Slick looks like he raided the Hawkshaw Hawkins scrapbook with his tilted hat and pencil thin moustache. He is more in the BR549 school with a mix of rockabilly style songs such as the title track and the equally great “Shot Down in Flames” as well as downhome country treasures such as “Queen of the Honky Tonk” and “Three Old Friends”, which have a special tongue in cheekness about them. Liner notes by Marti Brom. Top shelf.

These will be in when you get this:

**Gary Allan – Living Hard

**Brian Burns – Highways,Heartaches & Honkytonks $30 (just reissued; his glorious first album which still sounds as good as it did the day it came out. As fine as any Chris Wall, Jerry Jeff etc.

**Karen Dalton – “Cotton Eyed Joe” $55 2cds + dvd. The cds are from live performances circa 1962 and the dvd is from live performances circa 1970.

**Shooter Jennings – Wolf $25

**Alison Krauss & Robert Plant – Raising Sand $30 ….the angel and the Led Zeppelin man.

**Josh Turner – Everything is Fine $30. What a voice!!!

**Hank Williams – Collected 3cds $38 75 themed tracks with great cover, a rather surreal painting of Hank.

**dvd Patty Griffin – “Live from the Artists’s Den” $30 Backed by Stones/Faces keyboard wiz, Ian McLagan and a small string session Patty performs favourites from past albums as well as selections from her latest “Children Running Through”.

**Gene Watson – “In a Perfect World” $30 Gene has been on one or two labels over the years and this new one on Shanachie features some wonderful duets notably “This Side of the Door” with the equally wonderful Mark Chesnutt, “Today I Started Loving You Again” (with Lee Ann Womack” and what may be the best, “A Good Place to Turn Around” with the fabulous Connie Smith. Other partners include Vince Gill and Rhonda Vincent. He may be a little more grizzled but the voice is as potent as ever.


DVD Steve Goodman Tribute. Larger Than Life: A Musical Celebration. Historic evening in 1997 featuring a fabulous line up including Iris Dement, John Prine, Arlo Guthrie, Lyle Lovett, Jackson Browne, Todd Snider etc.

Bear Family Update

Here is an unsolicited comment from a very good customer: “Actually, you're very good with getting these Bear sets - in many cases you beat US distributors/sellers, judging by comments I've received via internet lists”.

Fact is we deal directly with Bear Family and receive prime service from them. I have had people try and do things their way and fall on their face. I had one bloke tell me he could beat my price by $30 for a box set and proceeded to order from the other source. He received a nasty shock when he found the $5 standard postage fee offered did not apply to box sets and ended up paying around $50 more than what I was charging. In addition he had to wait 3 weeks to receive the box and it had suffered some damage during transit. The fact is Bear Family boxes are heavy and sometimes weigh more than 2-3 kgs. They are expensive but they are literally the Rolls Royce of cds as far as quality goes. You will find we are more than competitive as far as price goes.

George Jones – She Thinks I Still Care – The Complete United Artists Records 1962-64 5 cd + book $210

Unquestionably the most enduring artist in country music, this box compiles every surviving United Artist recording and also includes 6 previously unreleased tracks. It also includes his sensational duets with the wonderful Melba Montgomery….all 22 of them. Despite his latter association with Tammy Wynette, George goes on record to declare these his best work with a female singer. Includes original albums: “New Favorites” / “Sings Hits of His Country Cousins”/ “Homecoming in Heaven”/ “Sings Hank Williams”/ “Sings Bob Wills”/ “I Wish Tonight Would Never End” / “Bluegrass Hootenanny” (with Melba)/ “What’s in Our Hearts”/ “Race Is On” etc etc!! 150 tracks in all and of course it goes without saying that it is in superior Bear quality sound. It doesn’t matter what you may already have; this will be better. Not to be missed by anyone who even remotely considers himself a George Jones fan!!. These will be released 1st week November.

Charlie Monroe – I’m Old Kentucky Bound – His Recordings 1938-1956 4 cd + large hard cover book $180

This is the story of Charlie Monroe after his split from younger brother Bill Monroe, obviously not wishing to tow the line for Bill’s lifelong “do it my way or no way” attitude. Features 110 tracks including all recorded for RCA and Decca. A fourth disc includes live performances from 1955-56 recorded by Mike Seeger at the New River Ranch, all of which are previously unissued. Also includes 7 previously unissued studio sides.

Benny Barnes – “Poor Man’s Riches: The Complete 1950s Recordings” $32 A massive 33 tracks, accompanied by a 48 page booklet. It includes singles for Starday/Mercury/Dixie/ Faith and D labels. He was a boy hood Beaumont Texas friend of George Jones and gained recognition on the Louisiana Hayride. His style ranged from rockabilly to honky tonk and his rockabilly tracks are highly sought by collectors. Hs mentor, H W “Pappy” Daily said of him “I Thought Benny was a fine singer. He was a great artists with a fine stage act. I could never understand why he didn’t make it big”.

Tibby Edwards – “Play it Cool Man, Play it Cool; Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight” $32 Includes all his Mercury rockabilly sides along with singles for the D/ Jin and Todd labels. Has a massive 34 tracks and greatly expands an lp released by Bear Family in 1985. The “Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight” series sits nicely alongside Bear’s “That’ll Flat Git It” rockabilly series. The “Gonna Shake” concentrates on artists who did a lot of uptempo material which often was close to rockabilly. They don’t get much closer than the music contained herein.

Hank Snow – “Tales of the Yukon” $32 Robert W Service born 1876 died 1959 and known as the bard of the Yukon was responsible for some of the most moving and rivetting poetry ever written. Hank Snow’s album of Service’s poetry is one of his most requested and previously you could only obtain it on the $390 “Singing Ranger Volume 3” box set. This includes an expansive 36 page book. “The Cremation of Sam McGee” is the classic interpretation of all of Service’s poems. If anyone has a cd of the Country Joe McDonald interpretation of Service’s poems (“War, War, War”) and wish to dispose of it at a good price, I’m your man.

Hank Snow – “Snow on Christmas” $35 Deluxe digipak version of Hank’s complete Christmas recordings (21 in total) with a 32 page booklet. His “Reindeer Boogie” must rank in everyone’s top 10 Christmas favourites.

Leroy Pullins – “I’m a Nut” $32 27 tracks over an hour…all his Kapp recordings and more. Fact is that nobody has ever possibly made a recording to so closely resemble another artist as his “I’m a Nut” which is as close to Roger Miller as you could get. The reality is that despite the excellence of most of his recordings Leroy was just a tad too much of an imitator to succeed. He does have an excellent output though with Tom T Hall style story songs often tinged with a darkness and quirkiness that gives them a lasting quality. Mind you, if a Roger Miller fan you would be well advised not to miss this.

Howard Crockett – “Out of Bounds: The Johnny Horton Connection” $32 A massive 36 tracks clocking in at an impossible (almost) 81 minutes. The title refers to the fact he wrote some of Johnny Horton’s most enduring hits including “Honky Tonk Man” / “Johnny Reb”, “Sugar Coated Baby” etc. He also owed a vocal debt to the likes of Johnny Cash and this includes his output for Dot/Hamilton, Manco and Smash labels.

Buddy Knox & Jimmy Bowen “Rock” $35 Continuing series of uniform excellence packaged in distinctive digipak with expanded notes (here 52 page booklet). Whilst Bowen was the mainstay it was Bowen who achieved long-lasting success as producers as diverse as Frank Sinatra and George Strait. The Roulette recordings are some of the best examples of rock and roll ever recorded and “Party Doll” is an all time classic. Also includes “Rockhouse”, “Hula Love” and the Jimmy Bowen classic “I’m Stickin ‘With You”. 31 tracks altogether and another top series from Bear Family.

American Folk and Country Music Festival 2 cds + 76 page hard cover book $120 The notes from Bear Family compare this event to the likes of “O!Brother Where Art Thou” and “Down from the Mountain” and includes folk archivists such as the New Lost City Ramblers and Roscoe Holcomb through Cajun music of Cyp Landrenau’s Cajun Band and the country music of Cousin Emmy and the Stanley Brothers. 41 tracks all up.

DVDS “Country Style USA”
Bear Family dvds are all $35 each and this new series may be the most sought after and best country music available on dvd. This has been available from time to time but never as thoroughly as here; nor with the quality provided by Bear Family. Each show consisted of 15 minutes and each dvd contains 13 shows so work it out you get 3 ¼ hours worth of the best there is. They are in black & white in “recorded yesterday” quality.

Artists featured on each dvd is as follows:

“Country Style USA” Season 1 Jim Reeves/ June Webb/ Little Jimmy Dickens/ Anita Carter/ Faron Young/ Ernest Tubb/ Wilburn Brothers/ Webb Pierce/ Jean Shepard/ Hawkshaw Hawkins/ Ray Price/ Marty Robbins/ George Morgan/ Carl Smith/ Mimi Roman/ Goldie Hill/ Red Sovine/ Roy Acuff/ Ferlin Husky etc etc etc also includes the ubiquitous Jimmie Riddle who has entered folklore as the universal euphemism for going to take a bathroom break.

“Country Style USA Season 2” Ray Price/ Lonzo & Oscar/ Hank Snow/ Flatt & Scruggs/ Skeeter Davis/ Hawkshaw Hawkins/ Benny Martin/ Pee Wee King/ Bobby Lord/ Justin Tubb etc etc

“Country Style USA Season 3” Eddy Arnold/ Chet Atkins/ Wilburn Brothers/ Ray Price/ Mac Wiseman/ Skeeter Davis/ Mimi Roman/ George Morgan/ Don Gibson/ Carl Butler/ Jordanaires/ Faron Young/ The Browns/ Floyd Tillman/ Carter Family/ Del Wood/ Hank Snow etc etc

“Country Style USA Season 4” Faron Young/Billy Walker/ Billy Grammer/ Patsy Cline/ Roy Drusky/ Jimmy C Newman/ Buck Owens/ etc but overwhelmingly Faron Young

Over 3 hours each dvd for $35 each!!!!!!!!


Merle Haggard – “The Studio Recordings 1968-1976” 6 cd + large hardcover book $240 166 tracks and a shade under 8 hours music. Follows Bear’s previous “Untamed Hawk” box set and has over 20 unissued recordings among its number. An outtake photograph from the “Working Man Can’t Get Nowhere Today” album is the perfect adornment for this great box. What hits home about this album is how uniformly great it was and still is. Apart from the well known tracks the classics such as “I Die Ten Thousand Times A Day”, “Shelleys’ Winter Love”, “Honky Tonk Nightime Man” etc are seemingly endless. He has thoroughly deserved status as one of the greats of country music and this box may even show him to be the best of all time.

Bonnie Owens – “Queen of the Coast” 4 cds + large hardcover book $180 103 tracks and over 4 hours and the first ever collection of Bonnie’s works. She co-wrote the wonderful “Today I Started Loving You Again”. Contains the entire “Just Between the Two of Us” album (with Merle Haggard) as well as her solo albums which all command a pretty penny in the collector’s market. Includes early duets with Fuzzy Owen and latter gospel recordings which were issued on the Capitol label. The book does not hold back in talking about the rather unusual relationship she had with Merle Haggard. Despite the musical virtue Haggard comes across as a somewhat less than desirable life partner…the ultimate bastard in many respects, but by the same token no one has ever shown such untold loyalty to a person as that Bonnie showed to Merle.

Fats Domino – “Rocks” $35 Another deluxe entry into this great series. There is a lot of Fats out there but none better. 33 tracks.

Dale Hawkins – “Rocks” $35 35 tracks and 79 minutes. Of course it contains the classic “Susie Q” but also includes pre-Ricky Nelson James Burton on guitar followed by the equally legendary Roy Buchanan. Also includes the great rockabilly of “Boogie Woogie Country Girl”.

Eddie Hill – “The Hot Guitar:Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight” $32 34 songs which feature one hot guitarist after another with Chet Atkins and Hank Garland doping their thing with Eddie. His guitar playing fits in well with the likes of Jimmy Bryant & Speedy West.

Cousin Emmy – And Her Kinfolks 1939-1947 $35 Deluxe digipak just under 80 minutes by a lady who may possibly be defined as Minnie Pearl with musical talent. Not afraid to send herself up and at the same time dexterous on any number of instruments. Top stuff. Old timey flavoured country music at its best.

ALL $18 unless noted.

Adams, Jay Boy The Shoe Box
Allcorn, Joey – “50 Years Too Late” $20 Fabulous Hank Williams style with great, mainly original songs. Hank III appropriately guests.
Anderson, John – Easy Money Has great ballads such as “Willie’s Guitar” in which he compares the hole in his heart with the hole in Willie’s guitar and the great honky tonk rocker “Brown Liquor”.
Anderson, John – Anthology $18 2cds 30 tracks. A must
Atkins, Chet/Les Paul – Chester & Lester $20 expanded & remastered
Atkins, Chet – The Essential 2cds $28 40 tracks
Atkins, Rodney – If You’re Going through Hell
Bella, Mike – Lost in the Shuffle $20 In the George Strait 80s style and one of the most respected indie artists.
Bellamy Brothers – Jesus is Coming. Includes a fantastic addition to the “Old Hippy” series with “Old Hippy III (Saved)” Gospel cd
Big & Rich – Between Raisin Hel land Amazing Grace
Bogguss, Suzy – “Live at Café Milano” $20 On her own label, an excellent unplugged live show with some great anecdotes & performances.
Bogguss, Suzy – “Sweet Danger” $20 Brand new 2007 album finds her in superb voice and with mainly self written material and a nice surprise in the Chicago hit, “If You Leave Me Now”, which shows her skills to the fullest as she makes it sound earnest and non wimpy! Beautiful.
Brown, Junior Twelve Shades of Brown $20
Brown, Junior Guit With It $20
Brown, Junior Long Walk Back $20
Brown, Junior Semi Crazy $20
Brown, Junior Mixed Bag $20
Bryan, Luke – “I’ll Stay Me” New major label artist, produced by Jeff Stevens (of Jeff Stevens & the Bullets fame)
Burgess, Sonny Stronger Excellent young artist not to be confused with Sun rockabilly. Great selection of songs, none better than the Larry Cordle gem “Jesus & Bartenders”.
Burleson, Ed TheCold Hard Truth $20 Another great young honky tonker who featured in our 2004 albums of the year with this very gem.
Burnett, T Bone T Bone Burnett (actually T Bone and Jerry Douglas. It is in fact the very best album to get if you want something reflecting Jerry’s best work.
Camp, Shawn Fireball One of Nashville’s finest young writers who can hold his own in any company on the vocals front.
Cannon, Melanie – Melanie Cannon (daughter of the legendary Buddy Cannon)
Carlson, Paulette Love Goes On $20 (ex Highway 101)
Carpenter, Mary Chapin The Calling 2007 album of the classic female folky-country vocalist and writer.
Carter Family The Original Carter Family from 1936 Radio Transcripts $10 (Old Homestead label) 16 tracks
Carter, Carlene I Fell in Love (like a female Dwight)
Cash, Johnny The Ultimate Gospel Collection $20 (24 tracks)
Cash, Johnny Ride This Train
Cash, June Carter Wildwood Flower
Cash, June Carter Church in the Wildwood:A Treasury of Appalachian Gospel
Cash, June Carter Ring of Fire: The Best of June Carter Cash
Chesney, Kenny Just Who I Am:Poets & Pirates $22. We’ll have to ask Renee Zelwigger all about it.
Chesney, Kenny When the Sun Goes Down $20
Chesney, Kenny Be As You Are $20
Chrysler,Eugene Hillbilly Shakespeare $20
Clark, Guy Workbench Songs $20 (wonderful 2006 album)
Cline, Patsy The Definitive Collection $20
Cochran, Tammy Where I Am
Coe, David Allan Nothing Sacred $25 (definitely not for airplay)
Coffey,Kellie Walk On $20
Confederate Railroad Confederate Railroad $20
Confederate Railroad Cheap Thrills $20
Conlee, John The Best (Curb)
Conlee, John Classics $22 (includes 3 new songs…22 songs all up)
Cook, Elizabeth Hey Y’all $15
Cook, Elizabeth This Side of the Moon
Crowell, Rodney The Houston Kid $20
Crowell, Rodney Fate’s Right Hand $20
Curless, Dick Travelling Through $20 Wonderful final album on Rounder.
Cyrus,Billy Ray Home at Last $20
Daniel, Davis Fighting Fire With Fire
Dement, Iris Infamous Angel $20
Dennis, Wesley Wesley Dennis (produced by Kyle Lehning) Great voice.
Denver, John The Essential 2cds 36 tracks for only $18
Diffie, Joe A Thousand Winding Roads a 10/10 classic.
Dillon, Dean Hot Country & Single $20
Dodd, Deryl Pearl Snaps
Edwards, Don Goin Back to Texas
Edwards, Don My Hero Gene Autry $20
Edwards, Don Kin to the Wind: Memories of Marty Robbins $20
Edwards, Don A Prairie Portrait (with Waddie Mitchell)
Edwards, Don Saddle Songs 2cds $25
Edwards, Don Last of the Troubadours $25 Unquestionably the greatest western style vocalist of his time and on par with the great Marty Robbins. Don can do it all, captivate and tell the most intricate story in the most rivetting and mesmerising manner. Simply brilliant.
Fender, Freddy Greatest hits: The Collection
Ford, Tennessee Ernie Rock City Boogie Fabulous 30 tracker which concentrates on his peerless country boogie songs.
Foster & Lloyd Faster & Louder $20 (great country rock)
Fowler, Kevin Loose Loud & Crazy $20 (includes duet with Mark Chesnutt & also “Don’t Touch My Willie”)
Frizzell, Alan I’m Just a Nobody $20 Youngest brother of Lefty and probably closer to Lefty vocally than anyone. This is all new mainly original gospel recordings.
Frizzell, David 16 Super Hits
Gill, Vince The Key (without doubt an all time top 10 album and length of the straight best Vince Gill album)
Gosdin, Vern – Chiselled in Stone $20 They call Vern “The Voice” and he was at his peak right here with a collection of the finest songs with Hank Cochran, Dean Dillon and of course Vern himself contributing. The title track deservedly won “Song of the Year”. I don’t even have to think when asked what is the best country cd of all time. This is it.
Gosdin, Vern Out of My Heart
Gosdin, Vern Truly Great Hits $20 (includes lengthy interview which would be great for radio play)
Griffith, Nanci Other Voices Other Rooms $20
Griffith, Nanci Other Voices Too: A Trip Back to Bountiful $20
Haggard, Marty Borders & Boundaries $25 Wonderful album from Merle’s oldest son with a gospel feel on many tracks. Top songs; top voice.
Haggard, Merle Chicago Wind $20
Haggard, Merle Like Never Before $20
Haggard, Merle Roots Volume 1 $20
Haggard, Merle What a Friend We Have in Jesus
Haggard, Merle Serving 190 Proof
Haggard, Merle 1994
Haggard, Merle 1996
Haggard, Merle Blue Jungle
Haggard, Merle Rainbow Stew Live at Anaheim Stadium
Haggard, Merle Back to the Barrooms
Haggard, Merle A Taste of Yesterday’s Wine (with George Jones) $20 Now deleted. Get it while you can.
Haggard, Noel One Lifetime $20
Halfway to Hazard Halfway to Hazard $10
Hancock, Butch War & Peace $20 Latest album from the Texas Bob Dylan (and member of the Flatlanders of course!)
Hand, James The Truth Will Set You Free $20 Wonderful artist who is superb even in the best company…well he did a UK tour with Dale Watson after all!
Harris, Emmylou At the Ryman $20
Hay, Erin The Circle $20 One of the best independent albums by a female ever. A hair’s breadth behind Amber Digby.
Hayden, Rodney Down the Road $20 (2007)
Haynes, Bruce Love at First Sight $15 Along with Ken Holloway, the king of the anti honky tonk song…you know the go…used to lie, cheat, drink, womanise etc etc.
Heartland I Loved Her First
Hillman, Chris Like a Hurricane $20
Horton, Steven Wayne Steven Wayne Horton …great album with some rockabilly tinged tracks including a definitive version of John Hiatt’s “Tennessee Plates” .
Insiders Me & My Heart & Shoes $20
Jackson, Alan 16 Biggest Hits
Jackson, Alan Drive
Jackson, Alan Who I Am
Jackson, Alan A Lot About Living, A Little About Love
Jackson, Alan Honky Tonk Christmas $20
Jackson, Alan Like Red on a Rose $20
Jackson, Alan Don’t Rock the Jukebox
Jackson, Alan Under the Influence $20
Jackson, Alan High Mileage
Jackson, Alan Everything I Love
Jackson, Alan Here in the Real World
Jackson, Carl Nashville Country $20 (with Emmylou/Melba Montgomery)
Jennings, Waylon Hangin’ Tough
Jennings, Waylon The Eagle $20
Jennings,Waylon Ultimate $20
Jennings, Waylon Clean Shirt $20 (with Willie)
Jo’s House Band Sinners Brunch
Johns, Sarah Big Love in a Small Town $20 (new on major label) pant!!
Jones, George “Hits I Missed (and One I Didn’t)” $20 George has never recorded such a fine collection of songs and the production is first class. His warmth shines over the few shortcomings his voice is starting to exhibit, but this will rate as one of his best ever albums.
Jones, George Still the Same Old Me $20 (deleted)
Jones, George High Tech Redneck
Jones, George Bradley Barn Sessions
Jones, George Millenium Collectgion
Jones, George I Lived to Tell It All $20
Jones, George Cold Hard Truth $20
Jones, George I Am What I Am (note: 20 track compilation)
Jones, George Definitive Collection 1955-1962 $20
Jones, George Anniversary:TenYears of Hits $20
Jones, George And Along Came Jones
Jones, George It Don’t Get Any Better Than This $20
Jones, George One (with Tammy Wynette)
Jones, Zona Harleys and Horses $20 George Strait 80s style!!!
Judd, CledusT Boogity Boogity (A Tribute to the comic genius of Ray Stevens) with guests including Vince Gill, Joe Diffie etc
Judds Greatest Hits Volume One
JuddsGreatest Hits Volume Two
Judds Heartland
Keillor, Garrison When I Get Home $20 An hour of gospel from The Prairie Home Companion host and friends.
Kelley, Irene Simple Path $20 (outstanding singer/songwriter who wrote Alan Jackson’s hit “A Little Bluer Than That” $20
Kendall, Jeannie Jeannie Kendall $20
Kendalls Best of Country Gospel $20 (21 tracks)
Lambert, Miranda Kerosene $20
Lambert, Miranda Crazy Ex Girlfriend $20
Lang, K D A Truly Western Experience $20
Lawrence, Tracy Very Best $20 (2007 20 tracker on Rhino)
Laws Ride it Out $20 (highly reminiscent of the Woodys)
Ledoux, Chris Used to Want to Be a Cowboy/Thirty Dollar Cowboy $20
Ledoux, Chris Western country/Cowboys Ain’t Easy to Love $20
Ledoux, Chris Whatcha Gonna DoWith a Cowboy/Under This Old Hat$20
Ledoux, Chris Songs of Rodeo & Country/ Life as a Rodeo Man $20
Ledoux, Chris Used to Want to Be A Cowboy/ Thirty Dolar Cowboy $20
Ledoux, Chris Western Tunesmith/He Rides the Wild Horses $20
Ledoux, Chris Cowboy
Ledoux, Chris After the Storm
Ledoux, Chris Radio & Rodeo Hits
Ledoux, Chris Sing Me a Song Mr Rodeo Man
Ledoux, Chris Rodeo Songs Old & New
Ledoux, Chris Haywire
Ledoux, Chris One Road Man
Ledoux, Chris Under This Old Hat
Ledoux, Chris Western Underground
Lee, Johnny Greatest Hits
Lonesome Spurs Lonesome Spurs (White Stripes of country music!)
Lonestar Mountains
Los Super 7 Heard it on the X $20 Raul Malo/Freddy Fender/Joe Ely/Rick Trevino/ Delbert McClinton/ Rodney Crowell etc
Loveless, Patty Trouble With the Truth
Loveless, Patty When Fallen Angels Fly
Loveless, Patty Strong Heart
Loveless, Patty Honky Tonk Angel
Loveless, Patty Only What I Feel
Loveless, Patty Dreamin’ My Dreams $20
Loveless, Patty Mountain Soul $20 (sensational…if you don’t have this you have nothing!)
Loveless, Patty On Your Way Home $20 cd + dvd
Loveless, Patty Definitive Collection $20
Loveless, Patty On Down the Line
Loveless, Patty Greatest Hits (MCA)
McBride, Martina Waking Up Laughing $20
McCarter, Jennifer & The McCarters Better Be Home Soon $20 One of only two albums from 3 sisters. Highlight is their superb version of the Crowded House title track.
McClinton, Delbert The Definitive Collection $20
McDowell, Ronnie Unchained Melody (duets)
McEntire, Reba – Duets $20 Her brand new release
McKenna, Lori Unglamorous
Moffatt, Hugh Loving You $20 writer of “Old Flames” An all time great cd
Moorer, Alison Alison Moorer Show cd + dvd
Moorer, Alison Alabama Song
Nelson, Willie Rainbow Connection
Nelson, Willie The Sound in Your Mind
Nelson, Willie Texas in My Soul
Nelson, Willie Country Favorites Willie Nelson Style
Nelson, Willie Greatest Hits & Some That Will Be
Nelson, Willie The Essential (RCA)
Nelson, Willie Nite Life:Greatest Hits & Rare Track (Rhino) $20
Nelson, Willie Me & The Drummer
Nelson, Willie Run That By Me One More Time (with Ray Price)
Nelson, Willie Teatro
Nelson, Willie Spirit $20
Nelson, Willie Just One Love $22 (inc. duets with Kimmie Rhodes)
Nelson, Willie Stardust $20
Nelson, Willie Willie & Family Live 2cds $28
Nelson, Willie Always on My Mind
Nelson, Willie Reunion with the Offenders
Nelson, Willie Tougher Than Leather
Nelson, Willie You Don’t Know Me:Songs of Cindy Walker $20
Nelson, Willie Tougher Than Leather
Nichols, Joe Many With a Memory $20
Nichols, Joe Revelation $20
Nichols, Joe III $20
Nichols, Joe Real Things $22
Norma Jean Guess That Comes from Being Poor $20 30 tracks
Notorious Cherry Bombs s/t $20 (Vince Gill/Rodney Crowell)
Oak Ridge Boys Definitive Collection 24 tracks $20
Overstreet, Paul Love is Strong
Overstreet, Paul Heroes
Owens, Buck – Very Best Volume 1 $20
Owens, Buck – Very Best Volume 2 $20
Palmer, Keith Keith Palmer
Parton, Dolly Coat of Many Colours
Parton, Dolly Jolene
Parton, Dolly My Tennessee Mountain Home
Pirates of the Mississippi “Dixie Night” $20 2007 release.
Prairie Oyster Everybody Knows $20
Prairie Oyster Blue Plate Special $20
Price, Ray Essential 20 tracks
Prine, John John Prine $20 his debut with “Hello in There”/”Sam Stone”
Prine, John Diamonds in the Rough $20 (his second)
Prine, John Sweet Revenge $20 (his third)
Riders in the Sky Public Cowboy #1: A Centennial Tribute to Gene Autry
Ringer, Jim Band of Jesse James $20 Classic album now deleted. Imagine an alcohol enriched voice a la Nat King Cole singing pure country music. A+++
Robbins, Marty What God Has Done $20 gospel
Robison, Bruce It Came from San Antonio $20
Robison, Charlie God Times
Rowan Peter/Don Edwards High Lonesome Cowboy $20
Russell, Tom The Long Way Round $20 (with Iris Dement & Katy Moffatt)
Shelton, Blake Pure BS
Smith, Connie/Barbara Fairchild/ Sharon White Love Never Fails $20
Snow, Hank I’m Movin’ On 28 tracks
Sovine, Red 20 Greatest All-Tine Gospel Hits
Starr, Ringo Beaucoups of Blues His Nashville Country album w. Pete Drake
Statler Brothers Definitive Collection $20
Steagall, Red Here We Go Again $20
Strait, George Beyond the Blue Neon (undisputedly his best)
Strait, George Latest Greatest Straitest Hist $20 (inc. Murder on Music Row)
Talley, James Touchstones $20
Texas Tornados Very Best $20
Tillis, Pam Its All relative:Tillis Sings Tillis ….Pam sings Mel. Tops!!
Tomblin, Lucky Red Hot From Blue Rock $22 cd+dvd
Travis, Randy Heroes & Friends $20 (duets)
Travis, Randy Rise & Shine $20
Travis, Randy An Old Time Christmas $20
Tritt, Travis Very Best (Rhino) $20
Tritt, Travis My Honky Tonk History
Tritt, Travis Strong Enough
Ulisse, Donna Trouble at My Door
Van Shelton, Ricky Wild Eyed Dream $20
Van Shelton, Ricky Loving Proof $20
Van Shelton, Ricky III $20
Van Shelton, Ricky Don’t Overlook Salvation $20
Van Shelton, Ricky Backroads $20
Van Shelton, Ricky A Bridge I Didn’t Burn $20
Various Get Hot or Go Home: Vinatge RCA Rockabilly 56-59 33tcks $22
Various Horse Whisperer Soundtrack
Various Lonesome ‘Onry & Mean: a Tribute to Waylon Jennings
Various She Was Country When Country Wasn’t Cool: Barbara Madrell Tribute
Various Tribute to Tradition $20 (Dixie Chicks/Randy Travis etc)
Various Unbroken Circle:Carter Family Tribute $20
Watson, Gene Sings $20
Watson, Gene At Last $30 *****Ultra rare Warner Bros Album
Watson, Gene Little by Little
Wayne, Dallas Big Thinkin’ $20
Wayne, Dallas I’m Your Biggest Fan $20 Right up there as one of the best. If you don’t like Dallas we don’t like you!
Whitley, Dwight Brotherly Love $10
Whitley, Keith Sad Songs & Waltzes $20
Whitley, Keith Wherever You Are Tonight
Whitley, Keith Don’t Close Your Eyes $22
Whitley, Keith Tribute $25
Whitley, Keith LA to Miami $25
Whitley, Keith I Wonder Do You Think of Me $40*****Ultra rare & fabulous!
Wilson, Gretchen One of the Boys
Womack, Lee Ann Lee Ann Womack
Womack, Lee Ann There’s More Where That Came From
Williams, Lucinda Car Wheels on a Gravel Road $28 2cd expanded version
Wrights Down the Road
Yearwood,Trisha – Greatest Hits $15 Has 17 tracks including some previously unreleased
Yoakam, Dwight Guitars Cadillacs
Yoakam, Dwight Under the Covers
Yoakam, Dwight This Time
Yoakam, Dwight Blame the Vain
Yoakam, Dwight Population me
Yoakam, Dwight Dwight’s Used Records
Yoakam, Dwight Just Looking for a Hit
Young,Steve Primal Young
Young, Neil Neil Young $20 (solo debut)


Blake, Norman & Nancy The Morning Glory Ramblers $20
Bradley, Dale Old Southern Porches $10 (similar to Alison Krauss)
Flynn, John Two Wolves $10
Gadd, Pam The Long Way $20 (ex Wild Rose)
Goins Brothers He Showed Me the Way $10
Greencards Viridian
Howard, Clint & Doc Watson Favorites $10
King Wilkie Low Country Suite
Kohrs, Randy I’m Torn
Lawson, Doyle More Behind the Picture Than The Wall $20
Lewis/Scruggs/Long Lifetime $20 2cds
Lynch, Claire Silver & Gold $15
McCall, Dwight Never Say Never Again $10
McCoury, Del High Lonesome & Blue $20
McCoury, Ronnie Little Mo’ McCoury $20
Rice, Tony Cold on the Shoulder $20
Rice/Rice/Hillman/ Pederson Out of the Woodwork $20
Rice/Rice/Hillman/Pederson Running Wild 420
Seldom Scene Different Roads
Sizemore, Charlie Good News $20
Skaggs, Ricky/Bruce Hornsby Ricky Skaggs & Bruce Hornsby
Starling, John Slidin’ Home
Whitstine Brothers Sing Songs of the Louvins $10

One for the Road
Jimmie Dale Gilmore – One Endless Night $5 (Rounder) Full album!!

All the best!!

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