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It's human nature have a certain contempt for certain things in the community. You wouldn't be normal if you didn't feel a little contempt for the banks and the petrol companies. Well I personally reserve my scorn for the newspapers. Interest rates went up a quarter of one percent...a four-hundredth if you like and to most people this would have been like water off a duck's back until the papers started reminding everyone how bad things were. I don't think people even thought things were tough until the papers told them. I don't believe most people had anything but an air of positivism until the newspapers told them they had to be all doomy & gloomy and unfortunately most dutifully obeyed. Newspapers like people to be despondent. Happy people don't buy newspapers so the idea is to flood them with tales of woe and watch the sales go up. Sales of newspapers that is, but precious little else. So as I send you this latest offering I would sincerely ask you to consider what you see and don't be "affeared". How rosey things are does not depend on what the newspapers say.

I have put as much into this newsletter as I could. I have cut down on some of the reviews so as to be able to include a greater listing of our bargain bin cds. There is something for everybody. As always I call it as it is. I have no interest in promoting something I personally think is a load of rubbish. I have always relied on the adage that quality sells itself and that is what is offered. There are some absolute beauties here and if you are unsure of something please do not hesitate to ask.

Amber Digby - "Here Come the Teardrops" $32 Never have so many cheating moments been captured on an album since the late Mel Street was at this peak. But Amber is both protagonist and victim (something that was seemingly foreign to the great Mel) so on that basis this may be the greatest "cheating" album in the history of country music. She pleads with her cheating spouse to picture how he's feel if the shoes were on the other foot ("If You Were Me"). It doesn't come any better than a duet with Justin Trevino on an old George Jones track, "Flame in My Heart". Well, maybe it does! "Another Man Loved Me Last Night"was written by Loretta Lynn, although the best known version was by Norma Jean. She lists all the tell tale cheating signs but as in every great cheating song any regret is superficial.

Coupled with cheating is the song of jealousy, represented superbly here on Johnny Bush's "Jealously Insane". Hugh Moffatt is generally associated with the sensitive love song but his first charting success was a classic song of break up and regret, "Just in Case" which reached all the way to number 2 for Ronnie Milsap. Amber nails it perfectly. The originals by Guyanne McCall (daughter of Darrell & Mona McCall), all fit seamlessly in with the mix of well chosen originals and mostly obscure covers being just about perfect. The band is simply breathtaking. Dave Biller on lead guitar, the peerless Dickey Overby on steel, Bobby Flores on fiddle, Jake Hooker on bass and Justin Trevino on rhythm guitar. They called the old session pickers at RCA Studio One, the "A" Team. You'd be doing them do disservice at all by referring to this as the "A+" team. "If Anyone Ought to Know" is a Merle Haggard song, adapted perfectly by Amber.

I rated Amber's last, "Music from the Honky Tonks" as arguably the greatest female artist album in country music history. A lot of you agreed. With this gem I'd have to say it was one of the two greatest albums in country music history.

Just as a bonus we have the last remaining copies of "Music from the Honky Tonks" for only $25. It is now deleted and it may be a couple of years before it is re-pressed. If you don't have it, don't miss it. Both albums are that good!

Chip Taylor - "Unglrious Hallelujah And Red Red Rose & Other Songs of Love & Destruction" 2cds $35 "Laid back" doesn't begin to describe this. Laid back, folky, or is that folksie, but entrancing and fascinating to boot as Chip, on his own, performs songs that don't quite fit in with his liason with Carrie Rodriguez, even though she does contribute some nice backing vocals. It is almost a "Living Room Tapes" #2 with political commentary, rivetting tales, love and tragedy all here. It's probably a long way from "Chip Taylor's Last Chance", but then again it may not be that far away at all.

Sean Reefer And the Resin Valley Boys - Texas Hill Country $32 Sean & co-horts take the notion of "stone country" quite literally and brilliantly also. Comparisons to Hank III and Wayne the Train Hancock will be made and quite understandable as Sean sounds much like those two gentlemen and it is impossible to imagine anyone who is a fan of those two who wouldn't embrace this with open arms in a squirrel's blink. They are in many ways more musically sophisticated. Former Hank III fiddler, Jason Ellsworth, is given a lot more liberty than when with his former employee and the results are outstanding. He darts in and out with his various runs always leaving the audience wanting more. Shawn Supra on slap bass was a one time member of Wayne the Train's touring band. His solo on the opener, "The Other Side" sets the tone for things to come. They have just been voted Houston's best country act for the second year running. The material is mainly original and includes a couple of Bob Wills' style instrumentals, which gives steel player Dan Johnson a chance to really shine. Don't be put off by the notion of a gang of pot-smoking western swingers because we love the album and to be honest there is not one Hank III fan who wouldn't kill for this.
Tracks: The Other Side/ Bowl of Schwag/ Whiskey Bottle/ Texas Hill Country/ Diggin' in the Dirt/ Big Green Freight/ Swamp Booger Boogie/ When My Mama Told Me / Do It All Wrong/ Light It Don't Hide It/ Reefer Blues/ Green Todel # 1 (Sweet Hydro).

Jake Hooker - Faded Lights $32 Jake Hooker, like Justin Trevino, has been heavily influenced by Ray Price as have an earlier generation of artists such as Darrell McCall, Ray Pennington, Johnny Bush and Curtis Potter. They are able to keep things fresh with an excellence and exuberance which loses nothing in comparison to the originals. This features 12 songs of which only 2 are originals. The covers are generally well chosen and a great version of the Dolly Parton classic, "Put it Off Until Tomorrow" features Amber Digby as Jake's duet partner. What a match! "I'm Barely Hangin' On To Me" was a Little Darlin' hit for Johnny Paycheck and Jake nails it perfectly. His own "Does She Know" is a nice ballad which is a refreshing contrast to the shuffles which so effectively comprise the bulk of this album. Incidentally, top marks for a great album cover. A real classic!

A Prairie Home Companion Soundtrack cd/dvd $35 This is a new movie based on the real life Prairie Home Companion radio show and its host, Garrison Keillor, who plays the host in the movie and in essence plays a character similar to himself. A raconteur without peer Garrison Keillor is able to prattle on (in a totally charming and engaging manner) about all thing Minnesotan and life in general. The fim is the latest from Robert Altman and as with is "magnum opus", Nashville, he uses actors with good singing skills interspersed with real singers for a wonderful soundtrack. All songs have a down home, bluegrass-folky flavour. Meryl Streep and Woody Harrelson prove themselves to be excellent vocalists and lose nothing in comparison to "real" singers Robin & Linda Williams. There are 25 songs on the cd (including some hot instrumentals featuring the band led by Pat Donohue on guitar, Peter Ostroushko on mandolin and the ultra enthusiastic Richard Dworsky on piano). There are 10 more, all different to the cd, on the dvd of which the highlight is the wonderfully ribald "I Used to Work In Chicago" featuring Woody Harrelson, who is so good that you will wish he record a full album. Incidentally the movie is apparently about an attempt to close down the radio show and the cast intending to go out with a bang. Hopefully it will get to the theatres in Australia; if not you know where you can get the dvd of the movie when it is released in the USA in October.

Run C & W - Into the Twangy First Century / Run C & W $34 Both albums, long deleted and bringing big bucks in the collector's market, on a single cd. Both feature the distinctive vocals of the Amazing Rhythm Aces lead vocalist, Russell Smith and other members include Bernie Leadon & Jim Photoglo. Also new notes by respected US music journalist Bruce Eder.

Becky Hobbs - Best of the Beckaroo Part One $32 21 tracks from the fabulous piano pounding Becky Hobbs. Of the 21 tracks only 2 are not written or co-written by Becky. They are the John D Loudermilk classic "Talk Back Trembling Lips" (covered by both Johnny Tillotson & Ernie Ashworth) and the obscure "Hottest Ex in Texas". Becky's songs are of the highest order and include many honky tonk greats such as "Jones on the Jukebox", "The Boots I Came to Town In" and "In the Yellow Pages Under Blue" but also include some nice ballads of which "Angels Among Us" was a big hit for Alabama. Great package. Her album "All Keyed Up", of which 6 tracks are included, is one of the greatest ever country albums.

Jackson Taylor Band - "Live Locked & Loaded at Longhorns Saloon" $32 Raunchy a la kentucky Headhunters and a fine singer and writer as well. A generous 19 tracks and a parental advisory label as well!!

Bill Haley - "Haley's Juke Box" $28 Reissue of Haley's Warner Brothers album in which he goes back and interprets some classic country songs. All are given a fine Haley reading and you can see why this has been given classic status. Tracks: Singing the Blues/ Candy Kisses/ No Letter Today/ This is the Thanks I Get/ Bouquet of Roses/ There's a New Moon Over My Shoulder/ Cold, Cold Heart/ The Wild Side of Life/ Any Time/ Afraid/ I Don't Hurt Anymore/ Detour.

Van Morrison - "Pay the Devil" Limited edition cd + dvd $35 The latest cd by Van Morrison is his "Almost Blue" so to speak and was featured on a CMT (USA) special, "One Night in Nashville". The songs he performed live on that special are included here as a bonus dvd. Asleep at the Wheel's Cindy Cashdollar is a standout.

York Brothers - "The King & Deluxe Acetate Series" (Ace UK) $34
24 track compilation by Leslie & George York. Their most famous numbers, not surprisingly, have a similar feel to label mates ,the Delmore Brothers.

The PovertyNeck Hillbillies $32 cd/dvd Seems many fringe artists are putting out a dvd as a bonus on the earliest lot of cds that they release. Such was the case with the the last Aaron Watson album where the dvd copies disappeared in a flash. These are in the raunchy country vein of the likes of Gibson-Miller Band and even Kentucky Headhunters. The dvd would indicate a strong stage act and the songs are not bad; don't know whether it is an attempt to get the eye of the potential buyer but a lot of the songs have a title which you would think you were familiar with but in fact all are group originals (eg "She Rides Wild Horses"/ "One Night in New Orleans"/ "The Hillbilly Way"). dvd is 2 hours!

Bill Anderson - "Definitive Collection" $32 This is a series out on Universal USA which are excellent introductions to an artist and in the case of Bill, the only cd in print of his original Decca/MCA recordings. All have a generous amount of tracks 20-25, fine sound and good notes. This starts out with his oft-covered "Tip of My Fingers" and runs through his hits "Po' Folks", "Mama Sang a Song", "Still", the upbeat "Wild Weekend" (nice steel). Production by the legendary Owen Bradley shows a style which has certainly not been beaten.
Other recent releases in this series include cds by:
*Tom T Hall
*Brenda Lee
*Steve Earle
*Kathy Mattea
*Oak Ridge Boys. This is particularly good as there has never been a definitive hits package on the Oak Ridge Boys. When they moved to MCA they became mainstream success stories when they recorded non religious songs but maintained the harmonies that had been their trademark. 24 tracks including personal favourites "Thank God For Kids" (featuring William Lee Golden on Lead vocals...and whilst Duane Allen is listed as lead vocalist all members contribute leads), "Bobbie Sue" and the great Rodney Crowell Song, "Leaving Lousianna in the Broad Daylight".

Bobby Flores - "Direct from Blanco County" $32 Bobby stands at the fore front of Texas music. He is a member of the Texas A team on fiddle and his interplay with steel man Dickey Overby is just without parallel. Yet Bobby seems destined to remain a local act, seemingly a staple in Blanco Texas and there to stay. With a couple of exceptions the covers are not too familiar but on the familiar ones he is able to give them new life. I've always thought Jerry Chesnut's "Four in the Morning" as the prettiest melody I've ever heard and its status as a delightful waltz is enhanced even further. He hits the mark on most tracks which are heavy on the swing side of things, with some honky tonk touches. The early Johnny Paycheck track "Meanest Jukebox in Town" highlights the latter.

Pat Waters - "Right Where I Belong" $32 Like Zona Jones Waters captures the traditionalised mainstream sound of the likes of George Strait, Alan Jackson, Joe Nichols etc about as well as could be, so well you could almost ask why the situations aren't reversed. There is a nice Texas aspect to it including some great honky tonk especially "Texas Tears & Mexican Beers".

Bubba Cox - "Romance" $32 Apart from a couple of soppy lovesongs this is the real deal and would appeal to Ray price fans. He also plays the fiddle so a traditional flavoured waltz such as "Blue Bonnet Waltz" should appeal.

Floyd Flowers - "Guitars, Heartaches & Honky Tonk Nights' $32 No spring chicken but obviously a fan of George Jones and even does a fine version of the George Jones song, "I'm Not Ready Yet". 12 songs in all and most have that cry in your beer flavour we all know & love. Some nice steel & fiddle interplay. Tracks: My Own Damn Man / Fool for Love/ I Don't Believe in Me Without You/ Guitars, Heartaches & Honky Tonk Nights/ Thin Ice/ Being the Life of the Party/ She's Got It/ She's Already Gone/ Somewhere in the Blues/ They're Only Paper Roses/ I'm Not Ready Yet/ I'm Looking for a Shoulder to Cry on.

Sammy Kershaw - "Honky tonk Boots" $32 Conspicuous in his absence over the last few years as he continues his marriage to Lorrie Morgan. His first cd was very traditional, with an obvious debt to George Jones and every subsequent release had a bit less country content until the end he ended up a little like Joe Diffie covering an endless lot of mindless ditties. Mostly the songs here are of a fine standard the exception being the idiotic "Cataloupes on Mars" which is about as mindless a song as the aforementioned Joe Diffie lowlights, "Bigger Than the Beatles" and "Third Rock from the Sun". Thankfully that is the exception rather than the rule. On the other hand songs such as "The Battle" and a cover of Mel McDaniel's "Baby's Got Her BlueJeans On" will have you welcoming him back with open arms.

Dave Alvin - "West of the West" $32 Dave gives his personal interpretations of 13 songs we generally would all know, but does them in a manner that is different to the original so much so that on some it may take you a while to work out what the song is. John Stewart's "Californi Bloodlines" is a fine opener and quite faithful to the original. Jackson Browne's "Redneck Friend" becomes a spoken blues. "Kern River" has some wonderfully lonesome Greg Leisz steel guitar to set the tone for the song. "Here in California", from the late Kate Wolf, is personalised by Alvin to great effect. It is a shame we don't hear more covers of her songs. "Between the Cracks" is an original Alvin collaboration with Tom Russell with some nice Tex Mex touches. Another great and sadly departed songwriter, Jim Ringer (departed for self inflicted lifestyle reasons) is featured with the track "Tramps & Hawkers" possibly the best on the album. Two pop classics, "Don't Look Know" (CCR) and "Surfer Girl" are given different but effective interpretations. Thank goodness for the likes of Tom Russell and Dave Alvin.


* Hank Williams Jnr - "That's How They Do It in Dixie" $32 New compilation which features 2 new tracks, "That's How They Do It in Dixie" and "Stirrin' It Up".
* Rounders - "Honytonkabilly" $30 Good Texas Derailers style honky tonk with a hint of rockabilly.
* Lucille Starr - "The French Song" $34 back in limited quantities. Expanded 17 tracker; none are on the Collectors Choice cd.
* Julie Roberts - "Men & Mascara" $32 A real novelty , looks great and has acceptable sound.
* Wreckers - Stand Still Look Pretty $32 Features Michelle Branch and whilst the cover may suggest something incrediby horrible the album is surprisingly laid back & tasteful.
* Steve Earle - Live in Montreux $30 cd $35 dvd (due soon..not out yet). The unplugged troubadour...get the best & worst on one disc.
*Ray Wylie Hubbard - "Snake Farm" $32 produced by Gurf Morlix and certainly a take no prisoners full on approach.
* Robert Earl Keen - "Live at the Ryman" $32 He calls it the greatest show he ever gave...and whilst he may be exagerrating a little it is pretty decent. A couple of jams kick things along as few have done in the Ryman.
*Big Sandy - "Turntable Matinee" $32 One of the best group vocalists of all time, Robert "Big Sandy" Willimas also is a fine writer who composed the majority of tracks. There is a little rockabilly, some Buck-ish touches (guitarist Ashley Klingman is obviously a big Roy Nichols' fan) and even a ballad or two.
* Raul Malo - "You're On'y Lonely" $32 Long way removed from the Mavericks and very laid back even to the extent it may be considered a kind of "Stardust" but with songs of a later era. J D Souther's title track never did anything for me but his version of Harry Nilsson's "Moonbeam" which is transformed into a gentle waltz is just great.
* Waylon Jennings - "Sings Hank Williams" $30 Reissue of "Ol Waylon Sings Ol Hank" with an additional track called "Waylon Speaks". The album has never been released on a major label before this though Y & T customers would no doubt have it.
* Chris Knight - "Enough Rope' $32 A little more on the rockier side of things but then again his self titled debut was a little like Steve Earle's earlier work albeit a few years on so this is a similar period on from Steve's similarly styled work.

* Rodney Atkins - "If You're Going through Hell" $30 Second album doing remarkably well on the charts.

* Trent Willmon - A little More Livin' " $30 Second album which shows that when the material is good he is right up there with the best.

*Trace Adkins - "Dangerous Man" $32 As always the strong voice is his best asset and it really shines on the ballad "Words get in the Way". Fans of his previous work with its pop influnced country will not be disappointed.

* Audrey Auld Mezera - "Lost Men & Angry Girls" $30 Audrey has a gift for writing and the track "Bolinas" (from which the album title is a line) is a fine opening. Throughout she is given fine support from Bill Chambers, James Gilliard and Rod McCormack. "Buck Hungry" is not about Bakersfield's finest citizen but rather the chase for the almighty dollar. Just in so haven't had a chance to play it fully. Certainly folky on quite a few tracks.

*Fred Eaglesmith "Millys Cafe" $32 Has a small but loyal following and it does include a new song about "Mrs Hank Williams.

* Steve Holy - Grand new Girlfriend $30 (long time coming)
* Royal Wade Kimes - Strikin' Matches $32 Brnad new album

DVD "Gram Parsons - Fallen Angel" $35 This enjoyed a run in some of the "arty" type cinemas around Sydney and it presents an interesting picture of a troubled artist. I must have watched this half a dozen times now and it reveals new insights into Gram and his co-horts alike. Chris Hillman comes across as quite conservative in his outlook and Emmylou shows a caring side which hints at but in the end avoids the issue of whether they were "more than friends". Gram (incidentally mostly pronounced as "Graham") was a seriously flawed character and as someone so succinctly puts it..."had he not died then he'd still be dead now". Such is his irresponsible character that Keith Richards even expresses surprise at his excesses. That in itself would command a call to Mr Ripley. Hillman is most upset at Parsons for turning up drunk to the funeral of Clarence White, when the great guitarist had just been killed by a drunken driver whilst loading his van. Phil "The Mangler" Kauffman comes across as an extremely warped though well-intentioned individual and his botched attempt at cremating Parsons' body in the desert is shocking to say the least. There is little live footage of Parsons, perhaps enhancing the "Hank Williams" style tragedy of his life. At a bit under 2 hours this is well worth a view.

dvd Lubbock Lights Limited Edition $45 Back in Stock. This runs around an hour and a half and features performances and interviews by musicians from the West Texas town of Lubbock, which we are told "is a nice place to live but you wouldn't want to visit." Some of the musicians we see and hear include the Flatlanders (both individually & collectively and back then & now), Terry Allen, Tommy X Hancock, Legendary Stardust Cowboy, Lloyd Maines etc. Again this has stood up well to multiple viewings and it also had a run in the art-house cinemas around Sydney.

dvd Bluegrass Country Soul $35 This 1 1/2 hour dvd features some of the greatest performers in their hey day in a legendary concert in North Carolina. Included are 26 performnces from the likes of Del McCoury, Lilly Brothers, J D Crowe, Jimmy Martin, Country Gentlemen, Earl Scruggs, Osborne Brothers etc. Even Roy Acuff appears to present his signature "Wabash Cannonball". There are a couple of hokey period pieces such as "One Tin Soldier" (from the Billy Jack movie) performed by the Bluegrass Alliance but in the overall scheme these have a certain unmistakeable charm. Scruggs leads some of the other banjo players through "Foggy Mountain Breakdown", given renewed status with its appearance in the "Bonnie & Clyde" movie.

Due Soon

Please...if you see anything you fancy here let us know. We get the US releases as they happen. You only get charged when the albums are sent. If you need further information don't hesitate to ask.
* Pat Green - Cannonball
* Grascals - Long List of Heartaches
* Shooter Jennings - Live at Irving Plaza
* Jim Lauderdale - Bluegrass
* Jim Lauderdale - Country Super Hits! Vol 1 Yes, two all new Lauderdale albums.
* Darryl Worley - Here & Now
* Alan Jackson - Like a Red Rose (produced by Alison Krauss)
* Chris Young - Chris Young
* Wayne the Train Hancock - Tulsa
* Dierks Bentley - Long Trip Alone
* Kelly Willis & Bruce Robison - Happy Holidays
* Pam Tillis - Mandolin Rain
* Jason Allen - Live at Gruehne Hall
* Bill Kirchen - Hammer of the Honky tonk Gods
* Kenny Chesney - Live Those Songs Again
*Hillbilly Hot Rod & Automobile Songs (Jasmine UK)
* Frank Ifield - Yodelling Cowboy Years (Jasmine UK)
* Hank Williams Tribute (Jasmine UK)
* Mark Chesnutt - Heard it in a Love Song
* Kinky Friedman - Why the Hell Not


Next lot are due out early September.

They include quite a few cds with a Johnny Cash connection. Just as a general comment I acn't believe how the record companies out here have prostituted Cash's memory. When you see something appearing in Big W or Target at a price less than you can buy it you have to ask yourself do the mindless twerps that run the companies out here have any perception at all on how to do things? I sincerely doubt it. Must say I agree with the little bit in a recent Bear Family promotional release which points out that they were reissuing albums when Cash's stocks were lowest and nobody cared and were also releasing their career defining box sets when nobody else was touching him. I'd be peeved too. Anyway back to the Bear Family releases.

Glen Sherley - Live at Vacaville California $32 Cash first made contact with Sherley in Folsom Prison and recorded his "Greystone Chapel" with success. When Shirley was released Cash helped organise a recording contract on the Mega label. For whatever reason they went back into prison to record it and it has been somewhat of an underground classic. "F B I Top 10" & "If a Prison Yard Could Talk" are obviously products of his past. Sadly he couldn't adapt to life on the outside and committed suicide. This is his legacy.

Johnny Seay - "Blue Moon of Kentucky" $32 the logic was that Johnny Seay should be encouraged to sing like a slightly older deep voiced singer named Johhny Cash. Get it Johnny Seay... Johnny C... Johnny Cash. So I guess what Wendel Adkins was to Waylon, Johnny Seay was to Johnny Cash. 27 tracks.

Deep Roots of Johnny Cash $35 Deluxe Bear Family digipak presentation. The 24 tracks are original or earlier versions of songs covered by Cash and influenced his career to a great degree.

Various: Eat to the Beat:The Dirtiest of the Dirty Blues$38 This is the same style packaging as the wonderful "Blowing the Fuse" series and this has a 92 page booklet giving full details of the artists and songs which comprise this volume. Of the 28 songs some have more of a double entendre feel whilst others are out & out smut. 28 tracks with a playing time of just under 80 minutes.

Eddie Cletro - Flying Saucer Boogie $32 26 tracks of vintage hillbilly and rockabilly from an artist who, if he had been a little better know may have been called obscure. 16 tracks are in his own right whilst the other 10 feature lead vocals by Eddie Dean (2 tracks), the fabulous Rose Maddox (4 tracks) and Canadian yodeller, Donn Reynolds on the remaining 4.

That'll Flat Git It Vol 23 $32
That'll Flat Git It Vol 24 $32
Two more volumes in this great series both feature more from the vaults of CBS records & Roulette respectively. Vol 23 highlights are the 4 great Jaycee Hill tracks including "Bump!" and the first time cd appearance of two Jimmy Boyd tracks both of which are superb. I may be one of the only two people in the country hanging out for a Jimmy Boyd cd (though I have yet to meet the other one). For the uninitiated Jimmy was a sometimes duet parter with Frankie Laine and when barely if even in his teens had one of the biggest selling Christmas records ever in "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus" which despite his youth was not nauseating in the slightest. I also think he did "Dennis the Menace" with Rosemary Clooney. A few years on and he recorded "Crazy Mixed Up Blues" and "Rockin' Down the Mississippi". He also had a part in the tv show "Bachelor Father" as "Niece Kelley's" boyfriend, Howard. Always thought he had a great personality.

Volume 24 has a massive 36 tracks including early songs by the likes of Jo-Ann Campbell, Mack Vickery, Johnny Rivers, Jimmy Bowen, Roc Larue, Skee Brothers etc etc. A much loved series.

Bob Luman - "Let's Think About Living- His Recordings 1955-67"
$210 4cds 117 tracks. + hard cover book Incuded are all his early Abbott ,Imperial, Capitol and Warner Brothers Recordings and some very obscure ealy singles. This is his rockabilly and rock and roll recordings and features such classics as "Red Cadillac & a Black Moustache", "Red Hot" and the title song in best ever sound quality.

Late October/early November

* Pat Boone - The Sixties 1960-62 6cd + hard cover book $270
* Jack Scott - Rocks $35
* Gene Vincent - The Ballads $35 (nice twist)
* Nat King Cole - L O V E: Complete Capitol Recordings 1960-64
11 cds + hard cover book. Est. $420 Second in the series.
* Maddox Brothers & Rose - Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight Ugly & Slouchy. This is the series of rockin' hillbilly tracks which don't quite fit in the "rocks" category but nonetheless move like you know what. $32
* Faron Young - Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight Hi-Tone Poppa
Pre Capitol recordings.
* One More Record Please $35 This is a deluxe rockabilly digipak collection but as the track listing is not as yet available I'm not quite sure what is going to be on it.
* Roger Miller - A Man Like Me: The Early Years of Roger Miller $32
Again, content to be advised but it is obviously going to have a lot of tracks on cd for the first time.
* Johnny Paycheck Aka Donny Young Shaking the Blues $32. Wow! Early Paycheck cds are to be treasured. Can't wait to hear it.
* Mac Wiseman - On Susan's Floor 4cds + book Approx $180
Second box set of the popular singer.

Collector's Choice

Collector's Choice have become the foremost re-issuer of classic long deleted albums as well as doing excellent compilations. All reissues have the original covers plus newly written (& excellent notes). Typically compilations have around 25 tracks.

Amazing Rhythm Aces - Stacked Deck/Too Stuffed to Jump $25
Amazing Rhythm Aces - Toucan Do It To Burnin' the Ballroom
Down $25 (both two-fers)
Amazing Rhythm Aces - Amazing Rhythm Aces $20
Anderson, Lynn - Greatest Hits $25
Arnold, Eddy - Cattle Call $20
Austin, Gene - Singer & Songwriter $18
Autry, Gene - At the Melody Ranch $18
Beau Brummels - Bradley's Barn $20 (country rock classic)
Beau Brummels - Triangle $20
Blakley, Ronee - Ronee Blakley $20
Blakley, Ronee - Welcome $20
Blue, David - David Blue $20
Brennan, Walter - Old Rivers/Christmas $25 two fer
Britt, Elton - RCA Years $25
Brothers Four - Brothers Four/ B.M.O.C. $25
Brothers Four - In Person/ Cross Country Concert $25
Brothers Four - Sing of Our Times/ The Honey Wind Blues $25
Brothers Four - Rally Round/Roamin' With $25 4 x 2-fers
Bud & Travis - Best $25
Carradine, Keith - Keith Carradine/Lost & Found 2fer $25
Charles River Valley Boys - Beatle Country $18
Cherry, Don - Best of Columbia & Monument $25
Clooney, Rosemary - Country Rose $25
Dean, Jimmy - Complete Columbia Hits & More $25
Dillards - Copperfields $20
Dillards - Wheatstraw Suite $20
Dion & the Belmonts - Complete Hits 2cds $40
Donovan - From a Flower to a Garden
Duncan, Johnny - It Couldn't Have Been Better $25
Edwards, Jonathan - Honky Tonk Stardust Cowboy $20
Edwards, Jonathan - Have a Good Time for Me $20
Elliott, Ramblin' Jack - Young Brigham $20
Elliott, Ramblin' Jack - Bull Durham Sacks $20
Evans, Dale - Sweetheart of the West $18
Even Dozen Jug Band - Even Dozen Jug Band $20
Everly Brothers - Sing Great Country Hits $18
Everly Brothers - Roots $18
Fahey, John - Of Rivers & Religion $20
Fahey, John - After the Ball $20
Flint, Shelby - Sings Folk/ Cast Your Fate to the Wind 2cds $35
Gibson & Camp - At the Gate of Horn $20
Glaser, Tompall & Glaser Bros - Best Of $25
Glaser, Tompall & Glaser Bros - Lovin' Her was Easier/ After All
These Years $25 2-fer
Great Speckled Bird - Great Speckled Bird $18 (Ian & Sylvia)
Guard, Dave - Dave Guard & the Whiskey Hill Singers $20
Harris, Phil - Southern Comfort $18
Hearts & Flowers - Complete Hearts & Flowers 2cds $35 classic
country rock. Right up with Byrds, Burritos etc.
Henske, Judy - Death Defying $20
Henske, Judy - High Flying Bird $20
Hesnke, Judy - Judy Henske $20
Hoosier Hot Shots - Definitive 2cds $30
Hoosier Hot Shots - Having Fun With $18
Houston, David - Best of $25
Husky, Ferlin - Country Music Is Here to Stay: Simon Crum $25
Jackson, Stonewall - Best $25
James, Joni - 100 Strings & Joni $25
James, Joni - 100 Strings in Hollywood/ On Broadway $30 2cd
James, Joni - 100 Voice, 100 strings & Joni $25
James, Joni - At Carnegie Hall $25
James, Joni - Italianisme/Folk Songs By Joni $25
James, Joni - Joni Sings Sweet/ Bossa Nova $25
James, Joni - Like 3 O'clock/ After Hours $25
James, Joni - My Favourite Things/ Sings $25
James, Joni - Platinum & Gold 2cds (42 tracks) $45
James, Joni - Put on a Happy Face/ I Feel $25
James, Joni - Something For Everyone/ I'm Your Girl $25
(all specially licensed from Joni)
James, Sonny - Columbia & Monument Hits $25
Kim, Andy - How'd We Ever Get This Way 2 fer $25
Kim, Andy - Baby I Love You/ Andy Kim $25
Kingston Trio......10 different twofers $25 ea.
Lane, Christy - Greatest Country Hits $25
Limeliters - Limeliters $20
Limeliters - Slightly Fabulous/ Sing Out $25
Limeliters - Our Men in San Francisco/ London Concert 2cd $35
Louvin, Charlie - Greatest Hits $25
Martin, Dean - Country Style/Dean Tex Martin $25
Martin, Dean - Gentle on My Mind/ Take a Lot of Pride $25
Martin, Dean - Hits Again/ Houston $25
McGuffey Lane - Let the Hard Times/ Day By $25 country rock
McGuffey Lane - McGuffey Lane/ Aqua Dream $25 2 fers
Miller, Mitch 50 All American Favourites 2cds $35
Mitchell, Guy - Definitive 2cds $40
Mitchell, Chad Trio - Singing Our Mind/Reflecting $25
Mitchell, Chad Trio - Slightly Irreverent/Typical American Boys$25
Mitchell, Chad Trio - That's the Way It's Gonna Be 2fer (with John
Denver) $25
Mitchell, Chad Trio - Alive (with John Denver) $20
Modern Folk Quartet - Modern Folk Quartet $18
Modern Folk Quartet - Changes $18
Montana, Patsy - Best $25
Neil, Fred - Many Sides of 2cds $40
Noonan, Steve - Steve Noonan $18 (kinda Jackson Browne-ish)
O'Keefe, Danny - Danny O'Keefe $20
Rogers, Roy - King of the Singing Cowboys $18
Rowans - Sibling Rivalry/Jubilation 2fer $25
Rowans - Rowans $20
Rush, Merilee - Angel of the Morning:Best $25
Sadler, S.Sgt Barry - Ballad of the Green Berets $25
Sahm, Doug - Groover's Paradise $20
Sahm, Doug - Doug Sahm & Band $20
Sahm, Doug - Texas Tornado $20
Silverstein, Shel - Freakin' at the Freaker's Ball $25
Smith, Carl - Sixties Hits of Carl Smith $25
Spoelstra, Mark - 5 & 20 Questions $18
Spoelstra, Mark - State of Mind $18
Starr, Kay - Definitive on Capitol 2cds $40
Starr, Kay - RCA Years $25
Starr, Lucille - Side By Side/Lonely Street 2 fer $25 Exceptional
Stewart, John - Sunstorm $20
Stewart, John - Lonesome Picker Rides Again $20
Swan, Billy - Greatest Hits $25
Tillis, Mel - Best of the Columbia Years $25
Tillman, Floyd - Best of Floyd Tillman $25
Vaughn, Billy - Summer Place/ Sundowners $25
Vaughn, Billy - Looking for a Star / Swingin' Safari $25
Vaughn, Billy - Sail Along Sil'vry Moon/ Blue Hawaii $25
Wainwright III , Loudon - Album I $20
Wainwright III, Loudon - Album II $20
Walker, Jerry Jeff - Five Years Gone $18
Weller, Freddy - Very Best $25
Willing, Foye/Riders of Purple Sage - Sagebrush $25
Young, Faron - Complete Capitol Hits 2cds $35

Music DVDs

* All Star Bluegrass Celebration $38 (excellent)
* America - Live at the Ventura Theater with Andrew Gold and Stephen Bishop $28
* Anderson, Bill - 40 Years of Hits Live $35
* Asleep at the Wheel - Live at Billy Bobs $38
* Beach Boys - An Amercan Band/ Brian Wilson - I Just Wasn't Made for These Times $28 double feature
* Bellamy Brothers - 25 Year Collection $35
* Berry, Chuck Hail Hail Rock & Roll 2dvd $50
* Blue Collar Comedy Tours $28
* Blue Collar Comedy Tour Rides Again $28
* Blue Collar Comedy Tour: One for the Road $40
* Bruce, Lenny - Performance $30
* Buffett, Jimmy - Live at Wrigley Field 2dvds $48 brand new Buffett dvd. 2 hrs 45 minutes
* Cale, J J - To Tulsa & Back on Tour $35 170 minutes
* Carter Family: Will the Circle Be Unbroken $35 Wonderful PBS documetary. Hit the repeat button please!
* Chieftains - Down the Old Plank Road $30
* Chieftains - An Irish Evening $35
* Clower, Jerry - Clower Power $25
* Coal Miners Daughter 25th Anniversary Edition $35 lots extras
* Coe, David Allan - Live at Billy Bobs $38
* Collins, Judy - An American Girl in Concert $30
* Croce, Jim - Live $35 16 tracks lots of extras
* Crossroads Movie $28 Ry Cooder soundtrack.
* Deville, Willy - Live in the Lowlands $35
* Doobie Brothers - Rockin' Down the Highway $35 110 mins.
* Down from the Mountain $30
* Dr Hook - Live! $25 (before they went wimpy & soulful)
* Eaglesmith, Fred - The Small Beers Tour $35
* Earle, Steve - Just an American Boy $35
* Foxworthy, Jeff - You Might Be A Rednck/Check Your neck $35
* Friedman, Kinky - Proud to Be an Asshole from El Paso $35
* Gallagher, Rory - Live at Montreux $48 2dvds 274 mins. Blues!
* Goodman, Steve - Live from Austin City Limits $35
* Gordon, Robert/ Chris spedding - Rockin' the Paradiso $35 28 tracks or same dvd with cd for $40
* Grand Ol Opry at Carnegie Hall $35 (hosted by Vince Gill. Great!)
* Great Balls of Fire $28 The movie about Jerry lee Lewis
* Griffith, Nanci Winter Marquee $40
* Grisman, David Quartet - Classic Dawg $35
* Haggard, Merle - Live at Billy Bobs $38
* Hammond, John - New Morning: THE Paris Concert $35 Blues.
* Heartworn Highways $35 150 minutes Classic performances by Steve Earle, Guy Clark, Rodney Crowell, David Allan Coe & more.
* Hell on Wheels $25
* Hellecasters - Live: Raw in Germany $40
* Highwaymen - On the Road Again $35
* Hillbillys in a Haunted House $25
* Hootenanny: A rockabilly/psychobilly festival $35
* Hot Tuna: Live at the Fillmore
* Jan & Dean - One Last Ride $35
* Jennings, Waylon - America $25
* Jennings, Waylon - Renegade. Outlaw. Legend. bio + live show
Goes nearly 2 hours $35
* Kingston Trio - Kingston Trio $35
* Kottke, Leo - Home & Away Revisited $35
* Las Vegas Hillbillys Movie $25 Jayne Mansfield & a whole bunch of country stars including Ferlin Husky, Connie Smith, Roy Drusky
* Lawson, Doyle - Treasures $35
* Little Feat And Friends - Burgers & Paradise Live in jamaica $38
* Live in Austin $35 each from Austin City Limits. All are characterised by great sound and visuals
- Johnny Cash
- Flatlanders
- Merle Haggard
- Waylon Jennings
- Kris Kristofferson
- Delbert McClinton
- Willie Nelson
- Billy Joe Shaver
- Sir Douglas Quintet (with Alvin Crow sitting in)
- Son Volt
- Texas Tornados (all time favourite music dvd)
- Tony Joe White
- Dwight Yoakam
* Locorriere, Dennis - Alone with the Voice of Dr Hook $35
* Loggins & Messina - Sittin' in Again at the Santa Barbara Bowl Live $35 Excellent reunion performance plus bonus 6 tracks from "Midnight Special" (1973) 146 mins.
* Lynn, Loretta - Honky Tonk Girl $35
* Lynn, Loretta - Songs of Inspiration $35
* Lynyrd Skynyrd - Freebird/ Tribute Tour $35 double 200 mins.
* McCoy, Neal - Live! $35
* McEntire, Reba in "South Pacific" performed at Carnegie Hall$38
* Mama & Papa - California Dreamn' $35
* Mavericks - Live in Austin $35 (lower price)
* Morgan, Lorrie - The Color of Roses $28
* Murray, Anne - An Intimate Evening With $28
* Nelson, Ricky - Sings $38 Documentary plus 20 tracks from the Ozzie & Harriet Show.
* Nelson, Willie - Songs for Tsunami Relief $35
* Nelson, Willie - Some Enchanted Evening $20
* Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - Will the Circle Be Unbroken III $35 Has a documentary on its making, including interviews with Johnny Cash plus a complete live concert and more.
* Old Grey Whistle Test Vol1 1/2/3 $48 each. Around 2 1/2 hours each. Classic rock and pop performers 1971-1987
* Original Amateur Hour $48 2dvds 282 minutes
* Pierce, Webb - Greatest Hits $35
* Pure Country/ Honeysuckle Rose $35 This is the first time on dvd for Honeysuckle Rose and you get Pure Country chucked in.
* Raye, Collin - Live at Billy Bobs $38
* Reeves, Jim - The Story of a Legend $35 97 minutes including 17 full length songs
* Return to Sin City: A Tribute to Gram Parsons $38 Exceptional live show with Dwight, Steve Earle, Keith Richards(A+), Lucinda,
Raul Malo, Jay Farrar, Jim Lauderdale etc
* Road to Nashville $25
* Robbins, Marty - Music Anthology $35 24 songs
* Russell, Leon Song for You $38
* Sainte-Marie, Buffy - Up Where We Belong $35
* Scruggs/ Watson/ Skaggs - Three Pickers $40
* Search for Robert Johnson $20
* Sha Na Na - In Performance $28
* Skaggs, Ricky - Soldier of the Cross $25
* Statler Brothers - Farewell Concert $35
* Statler Brothers - A Fourth of July Celebration $28
* Stevens ,Ray - Complete Comedy Video Collection 2dvds $38
* Stills, Stephen & Manassas - Live $25
* Stoned $35 The movie about the life & death of Brian Jones
* Strait, George - Live from the Astrodome $40
* Strat Pack: Live in Concert $38 155 minutes all the Telecaster greats in concert. Albert Lee, Hank B Marvin, Joe Walsh etc.
* Thing Called Love Movie $28
* Three Dog Night - Live with the Tennessee Symphony Orc $35
* Travis, Randy - Worship & Faith $35 (great show)
* Travis, Randy - Forever & Ever $25
* Tritt, Travis - Live & Kickin' $35 (90 minutes live)
* Tritt, Travis - A Celebration $25
* Tritt, Travis - Greatest Hits $25
* Trout, Walter - The Concert $35 165 mins. gitar legend
* Trower, Robin - Living Out of Time Live $38 Guitar legend
* 25 Years of Improv Comedy $35
* Tucker, Tanya - Live at Billy Bobs $38
* Two Tons of Steel - Live from Gruehne Hall $35 Great rockabilly & honky tonk from great Texas group. Seems it is a very hot place & anyone wishing to get a few fashion tips will be disappointed as the women in the audience are mostly scantily clad. I am not one.
* Van Zandt, Townes - Be here to Love me $48 Award Winning movie that was featured during Sydney Film Festival.
* Vincent, Rhonda - Ragin' Live $40 Bluegrass & stilletoes
* Vision Shared: A Tribute to Woody Guthrie & Leadbelly $25 (great cast including Willie, Emmylou, Arlo Guthrie, Springsteen)
* Walker, Jerry Jeff - One & One $48 ( has lots of tracks)
* Welch ,Gillian - The revelator Collection $30
* White, Tony Joe - In Concert $35
* Williams, Hank - The Show He Never Game $30 (Sneezy Waters as Hank. Ed Morris: "Captures Williams vulnerabilty & vulgarity without reducing him to a caricature of either trait" 23 songs)
* Williams, Hank - Honky Tonky Blues $35
* Williams, Hank Jnr - Full Access $20
* Wynette. Tammy - In Concert $35
* Yoakam, Dwight - Just Looking for a Hit $25
* Yoakam, Dwight - Pieces of Time
* Yoakam, Dwight - Painted Hero $28 ONLY movie in which Dwight has the lead role. He plays a rodeo clown. 105 mins.

DVD Box sets

* Adventures of Superman Seasons 3-4 $80 (in glorious colour)
* Alfred Hitchcock Presents Season 1 $80
* Amazing Stories Season One $90 (Steven Spielberg)
* Beverly Hillbillies Ultimate Collection Vol. 1 & 2 $60 ea (from personal tapes of producer Paul Hennig.) Accept no substitute!
* Big Valley Season One $80
* Cheyenne Season One $80
* Columbo Season 5 $80
* Combat $70 (6 sets in all)
* Dragnet 67 $80
* Family Affair $80
* F Troop Season One $80
* Green Acres 1/2/3 $55 ea.
* Gunsmoke 50th Anniversary Pack Seasons 1/2 $120
* Happy Days Season One $80
* Have Gun Will Travel 1/2/3 $90 ea.
* Hazel Season One $80 (Shirley Booth)
* Hogan's Heroes Season 4 $80
* Honeymooners Original 39 Episodes $90
* Honeymooners in Colour $70 (mid sixties revival)
* Incredible Hulk Season One $80 (with 3 D cover)
* Invisible Man 1/2 $70
* Kolchak Night Stalker $80 (Darren McGavin)
* Leave it to Beaver Seasons 1/2 $90 (Jerry Mathers)
* Life & Times of Wyatt Earp $70 (Hugh O'Brien)
* Mister Ed 1/2 $55 ea.
* Night Gallery $100
* North & South Complete $120 (Patrick Swayzee)
* Perry Mason Season One $80 (Raymond Burr!)
* Rawhide Season One $90 (just under 20 hours!)
* Rockford Files Season 1/2 $80
* Sergeant Preston of the Yukon $80 (in colour!)
* Sergeant Bilko $80
* That Girl $80
* Wanted Dead or Alive $80 (Steve McQueen)
* Wild Wild West Season One $90
* Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea 1/2 $80

Due Soon

* Daniel Boone Season 1 & 2
* Mission Impossible Season One Complete
* Simon & Simon Season 1

This is only a sampling. If there are other favourites you'd be interested just let us know and we'll let you know if there is anything available.

Remember these are Region One so you will need a multi-region capable player. Most of the players of the last year are multi-region as are ALL the budget players $50-$80.


All Cds $18 unless noted.
** after a listing means we have other cds in the bargain bin by that artist. Please feel free to enquire.
Acuff, Roy Great Train Songs
Acuff, Roy Good News According To **
Allan, Gary Tough All Over $15
Allan, Gary Smoke Rings in the Dark
Allan, Gary It Would Be You
Allan, Gary Used Heart For Sale
Anderson, Bill Way I Feel
Anderson, Bill Fine Wine
Anderson, Bill Best
Anderson, Bill A Lot of Things Different
Anderson, John Anthology 2cds $25
Anderson, John Greatest Hits **
Asleep at the Wheel Ride With Bob $20
Asleep at the Wheel Tribute to Music of Bob Wills $20
Asleep at the Wheel Very Best $22 (Capitol recordings! A+) **
Atkins, Chet Essential $20 (great RCA collection)
Atkins, Chet Day the Finger Pickers Ruled the World (w.
Tommy Emmanuel...Chet's last)
Atkins, Chet Almost Alone **
Ball, David Thinkin' Problem $20
Ball, David Starlite Lounge $20
Ball, David Play
Ball, David Amigo $20
Ball, David Freewheeler
Ballew, Michael No Pain $20
Ballew, Michael Rodeo Cool $20 Terrific Texas artist.
Bare, Bobby Essential $20 20 RCA tracks; great sound.
Barnett, Mandy Mandy Barnett $20 What an artist! Great
singer, with Patsy Cline influence.
Barnett, Mandy I've Got a Right to Cry $20
Bates, Jeff Leave the Light On $20 (reminds of
Conway Twitty)
Bennett, Gary Human Condition (ex BR549)
Berg, Matreca Speed of Grace
Berg, Matreca Lying to the moon
Berg, Matreca Sunday Morning to Saturday Night
Big & Rich Horse of a Different Colour **
Big Sandy/Flyrite Boys Swingin' West **
Bogguss, Suzy Nobody Loves Nobody Gets Hurt
Bogguss, Suzy Aces
Bogguss, Suzy Somewhere Between $20
Bogguss, Suzy Simpatico (with Chet Atkins) $35
Bogguss, Suzy Give Me Some Wheels
Bogguss, Suzy Swing $20
Bogguss, Suzy Moment of Truth
Bogguss, Suzy Suzy Bogguss
Bogguss, Suzy Something Up My Sleeve
Boland, Jason Somewhere in the Middle
Bonson, Joe Love Train (w. Coffee Run)
Boone, Larry One Way to Go $25
BR549 BR549 **
Brooks, Garth Limited Edition Box $55 The only place you
will get the dvd of Garth as well as "Lost
Sessions" cd + book + 4 other cds. Outer
box may have small mark. All factory
sealed. Normally $110 **
Brown, Junior Long Walk Back $20
Brown, Junior Semi Crazy $20
Brown, Junior 12 Shades of Brown $20
Brown, Junior Guit With It $20
Brown, Junior Mixed Bag $20
Brown, Marty High & Dry (very Hank-influenced)
Brown, Marty Wild Kentucky Skies
Brown, Marty Cryin', Lovin' & leavin'
Brown, Marty Here's to the Honky tonks (Hightone)
Brown, Shannon Corn Fed
Brown, T Graham Wine Into Water
Brown, T Graham Next Right Thing $20
Burgess, Sonny Stronger $20 (the young Texan) 2nd cd
Burnett, T Bone T Bone Burnett (Jerry Douglas shines!)

Camp, Shawn Shawn Camp
Camp, Shawn Live at Station Inn $20 (bluegrass) **
Campbell, Stacy Dean Lonesome Wins Again $10 **
Campi, Ray with Friends in Texas
Carpenter, Mary-C Stones in the Road
Carpenter, Mary-C Between Here & Gone
Carpenter, Mary-C Party Doll & Other Favourites $20]
Carpenter, Mary-C State of the Heart
Carpenter, Mary-C Place in the World
Carpenter, Mary-C Hometown Girl
Carpenter, Mary-C Shooting Straight in the Dark $20
Carter Family Country Music Hall of Fame **
Carter, Carlene Hindsight 20/20
Carter, Carlene Little Love Letters
Carter, Carlene Little Acts of Treason
Carter, Carlene I Fell in Love
Cash, Johnny Live at Madison Square $20 In many ways
better than his two prison albums. In fact
the complete package show is superb.
Cash, Johnny American V: A Hundred Highways $20
Cash, Johnny Silver $20
Cash, Johnny Ragged Old Flag
Cash, Johnny Sings Ballads of the True West $20 2on1
Cash, Johnny Life (story songs & more)
Cash, Johnny Boy Named Sue & Other Story Songs
Cash, Johnny Now There Was a Song
Cash, Johnny Bitter Tears
Cash, Johnny Live Recordings from Louisiana Hayride
Cash, Johnny Fabulous
Cash, Johnny American IV: Man Comes Around (with dvd
of "Hurt") $25 **
Cash, Johnny America $10
Cash, Rosanne Country Side
Cash, Rosanne Very Best
Cash, Rosanne, Seven Year Ache **
Chatwell, J R Jammin' With J R & Friends (inc. Willie)
Chesney, Kenny All I Need To Know $20
Chesney, Kenny Be As You Are $20
Chesney, Kenny When the Sun Goes Down $20
Chesney, Kenny Greatest Hits $20
Chesney, Kenny I Will Stand $20
Chesney, Kenny In My Wildest Dreams $20
Chesnutt, Mark Too Cold at Home $20 (one of best ever)
Chesnutt, Mark Almost Goodbye
Chesnutt, Mark What a Way to Live
Chesnutt, Mark Longnecks & Short Stories
Chesnutt, Mark Wings
Chesnutt, Mark Thank God for Believers
Chesnutt, Mark I Don't Want to Miss a Thing
Church, Eric Sinners Like Me $20
Clark, Terri Terri Clark
Clark, Terri Life Goes On
Clark, Terri Fearless
Clark, Terri Greatest Hits $20
Clark, Terri Just the Same
Clark, Terri How I Feel
Clement, Jack Guess Things Happen That Way $20
Cochran, Hank Living for a Song
Cochran, Hank Desperate Men (with billy Don Burns) $20
Coe, David Allan Recommended for Airplay **
Collins, Tommy Capitol Collection
Colter, Jesse Out of the Ashes $20
Comeaux, Amie Moving Out
Confederate Railroad Confederate Railroad $20 classic **
Conlee, John Best
Cook, Elizabeth This Side of the Moon
Cook, Elizabeth Hey Y'all
Crowell, Rodney Fate's Right Hand $20
Crowell, Rodney Life is Messy **
Cryner, Bobbie Girl of Your Dreams
Currington, Billy Doin' Something Right $20
Dalton, Lacy J Best (Capitol) $20 ...w. Black Coffee
Dead Ringer Band Home Fires $15
Dean, Lonnie Hot Texas Shuffles $20 w. Will Taylor
Dekle, Mike Tunesmith $20 **
Dekle, Mike Sketches $20 (superb singer/songwriter)
Delbert & Glen Delbert & Glen
Delbert & Glen Subject to Change
Dement, Iris My Life $20 **
Dennis, Wesley Wesley Dennis
Derailers Full Western Dress $20
Derailers Soldiers of Love $20
Derailers Reverb Deluxe $20
Derailers Jackpot $20
Derailers Genuine
Denver, John Rhymes & Reasons **
Diamond Rio Greatest Hits Vol II
Diffie, Joe Tougher Than Nails **
Dillon, Dean Out of Your Ever Lovin' Mind **
Dixie Chicks Taking the Long Way $20 **
Dodd, Deryl Full Circle $20 (2006 new release) **
Domino Kings Life & 20 **
Drake, Dusty Dusty Drake $20
Dunn, Holly Blue Rose of Texas $22 **
Eakes, Bobbi Something Beautiful $20 inc. dvd
Earle, Steve Exit O
Earle, Steve Copeprhead Road
Earle, Steve The Mountain $20 (w. del McCoury)
Earle, Steve Train a Comin' $20
Earle, Steve Hard Way $20 **
Edwards, Don Moonlight & Skies $20 (2006) **
Edwards, Stoney Poor Folks Stick Together (like Hag/lefty)
Elliott, Rambin' Jack Long Ride
England, Tyler Highways & Dance Halls
Evans, Sara Restless
Evans, Sara Real Fine Place
Evans, Sara Three Chords & the Truth $20
Evans, Sara No Place That Far
Faithfull, Marianne Faithless (inc. "Dreamin' My Dreams")
Flying Burrito Bros. Gilded Palace of Sin/Burrito Deluxe $20 **
Flores, Rosie Rockabilly Filly $20 **
Forbert, Steve Any Old Time:Songs of Jimmie Rodgers
Foster, Radney The World We Live In
Gill, Vince The Key $20 **
Gordon, Noah I Need a Break $10 (great voice)
Gosdin, Vern Chiselled in Stone $20 (best country cd)
Gosdin, Vern Ten Years of Greatest Hits
Gosdin, Vern Out of My Heart
Gosdin, Vern Nickels, Dimes & Love $20
Green, Pat Lucky Ones
Greene, Jack Highway to the Sky (gospel)
Gregory, Clinton Music and Me $15
Gregory, Clinton If It Weren't for Country Music etc $15
Gregory, Clinton Master of Illusion $15
Gregory, Clinton Freeborn Man $15
Gregory, Clinton Clinton Gregory
Griffith, Nanci Other Voices Other Rooms $20
Griffith, Nanci Other Voices Too $20
Griffith, Nanci MCA Years $20
Griffith, Nanci From a Distance: Very Best $22
Griffith, Nanci Dust Bowl Symphonies $20 **
Griggs, Andy This I Gotta See
Guitar, Bonnie Dark Moon $22 (Bear Family)
Haggard, Merle Unforgettable $20
Haggard, Merle Sing Me Back Home/Bonnie & Clyde 2on1
Haggard, Merle Live from Austin
Haggard, Merle Back to the Barrooms (Just back in print.
Much sought MCA Album & one of his best)
Haggard, Merle 1996
Haggard, Merle 1994
Haggard, Merle Rainbow Stew Live from Anaheim
Haggard, Merle Serving 190 Proof
Haggard, Merle What a Friend We Have in Jesus **
Hanna McEuen Hanna McEuen $10
Harms, Joni Cowgirl Dreams
Harms, Joni After All
Harms, Joni Let's Put the Western Back in Country $20
Harris, Emmylou Brand New Dance
Harris, Emmylou Bluebird
Harris, Emmylou Red Dirt Girl
Harris, Emmylou Wrecking Ball $20
Harris, Emmylou Trio II (w. Dolly & Linda) **
Hay, Erin The Circle $20 Great indie artist.
Hayden, Rodney Living the Good Life $10
Hazelwood, Lee Poet Fool on Bum 2 on 1 $22
Henderson, Michael Country Music Made Me Do It
Highway 101 Bing Bang Boom **
Highwaymen Road Goes on Forever $10
Horton, Steven Wayne Steven Wayne Horton
Hubbard, Ray Wylie Eternal & Lowdown **
Ifield, Frank Sings Country & Classics
Ingram, Jack Live Wherever You Are **
Jackson, Alan Precious Memories $20
Jackson, Alan Everything I Love $20
Jackson, Alan Who I Am $20
Jackson, Alan What I Do $20
Jackson, Alan Don't Knock the Jukebox
Jackson, Alan Under the Influence $20
Jackson, Alan Drive
Jackson, Alan A Lot About Livin' **
Jackson, Wanda I Remember Elvis $20 (2006) **
James, Sonny 200 Years/ In Prison in Person $20
James, Sonny Signature Series
Jennings, Shooter Put the O Back in Country
Jennings, Shooter Electric Rodeo
Jennings, Waylon Hangin' Tough
Jennings, Waylon The Eagle $20
Jennings, Waylon Too Dumb for New York City
Jennings, Waylon Cowboys, Sisters etc **
Johnnie & Jack Best $20
Johnson, Jamey The Dollar $20 (excellent & lucky artist)
Jones, George Bradleys Barn (duets inc. Keit hRichards)
Jones, George Cold Hard Truth $20
Jones, George Anniversary 10 Years of Hits $20
Jones, George Walls Can Fall
Jones, George Definitive 1955-62 $20
Jones, George Rock: Stone Cold Country 2001
Jones, George And Along Came Jones
Jones, George I lIved to Tell it All $20
Jones, George One (with Wynette Pugh)
Jones, George It Don't Get Any Better Than This
Jones, George HighTech Redneck **
Jones, Kacey Sings Mickey Newbury
Jones, Zona Harleys & Horses $20 reminds early Strait.
Judds Greatest Hits
Judds Greatest Hits Vol 2
Judds Reunion Live 2cds $25
Judds Love Can Build a Bridge
Judds Wynonna & Naomi
Judds River of Time
Judds Rockin' With the Rhythm
Kane, Keiran 11/12/13 (with Kevin Welch)
Kane, Keiran Lost John Dean $20 (with kevin Welch)
Kane, Keiran You Can't Save everybody $20 (w.K.Welch)
Kane, Keiran Dead Reckoning
Kane, Keiran Blue Chair
Kelley, Irene Simple Path (superb singer/writer)
Kendalls Best of Country Gospel 20 tracks $20
Kendall, Jeannie Jeannie Kendall $20
Kennedy, Ray Guitar Man $20
Kershaw, Sammy Definitive Collection $20
Kershaw, Sammy Hits Chapter One
King, Jill Jillbilly $20 (for Heather Myles fans!)
Kirchen, Bill Have Love Will Travel $10
Knight, Chris A Pretty Good Guy
Knight, Chris Jealous Kind
Knight, Chris Chris Knight
Kristofferson, Kris This Old Road **
Larsen, Blaine Rockin' You Tonight $20
Larsen, Blaine Off to Join the World
Ledoux, Chris 20 Originals of the Early Years $20 **
Lee, Albert That's All Right Mama: The Country Fever &
Black Claw Sessions $20 27 tracks !!
Leigh, Danni 29 Nights $20 (& every one a gem)
Lewis, Linda Gail Boogie Woogie Country Girl $20
Lonestar Coming Home **
Louvin, Charlie And Friends
Louvin Bros Country Love Ballads
Louvin Bros Keep Your Eyes on Jesus **
Loveless, Patty Dreaming My Dreams $20
Loveless, Patty Mountain Soul $20
Loveless, Patty On Your Way Home $22 (cd + dvd) **
Lovett, Lyle My Baby Don't Tolerate $20
Lovett, Lyle Road to Ensenada
Lovett , Lyle I Love Everybody
Lovett, Lyle Anthology:Cowboy Man $20
Lucky Tomblin Band Honky Tonk Mood $20 (Texas honky tonk)
Lynn, Loretta Van Lear Rose **
Lynne, Rocky Rocky Lynne
Lynne, Shelby Epic Recordings **
McBride, Martina Timeless $22
McBride, Martina Martina
McBride, Martina Way I Am **
McCarter, Jennifer Better Be Home Soon $20 (billed diff. but
the McCarters 2nd album is indescribably
essential & a steal at this $$)
Mcclinton, Delbert Nothing Personal $20 **
McCoy, Charlie Fastest Harp in the South
McCoy, Charlie Out on a Limb (harmonica virtuoso)
McDaniel, Mel Signature Series
McDowell, Ronnie Unchained Melody **
McEntire, Reba #1's $22 2cds
McEntire, Reba Whoever's in New England
McEntire, Reba Sweet Sixteen **
McGraw, Tim Greatest Hits Vol 2 $20
McGraw, Tim And the Dance Hall Doctors $20
McGraw, Tim Greatest Hits $20
McGraw, Tim All I Want
McGraw, Tim Tim McGraw
McGraw, Tim Set This Circus Down **
Marshall Tucker Band Where a Country Boy Belongs $28 2cds
Martin, Leland Simply Traditional
Mattea, Kathy Right Out of Nowhere
Mattea, Kathy Collection of Hits
Mattea, Kathy Love Travels $10
Mavericks What a Crying Shame
Mavericks From Hell to Paradise
Mavericks Music for All Occasions
Mellons, Ken Best (no tracks from other albums)
Mellons, Ken Ken Mellons $10
Mellons, Ken Where Forever Begins $10 (Gosdinish)
Miller, Dean Platinum $10
Milsap, Ronnie My Life (2006)
Moffatt, Katy Evangeline Hotel $20
Moffatt, Katy Loose Diamond
Moffatt, Katy Angel Town
Moffatt, Katy Child Bride $20 **
Molly & Heymakers Molly & the Heymakers $20
Montgomery Gentry You Do Your Thing $20
Montgomery Gentry Tattoos & Scars $20
Montgomery Gentry Carry it On $20
Montgomery Gentry Best 199-2005 $20
Moorer, Alison Alabama Song $20
Moorer, Alison Definitive Collection $20 **
Morgan, Craig My Kind of Livin'
Morgan, Craig I Love It
Morgan, Lorrie Something in Red
Morgan, Lorrie Leave the Light On **
Murphey, Michael M. Cowboy Songs 1/3/4 ($18 ea) **
Myles, Heather Highways & Honky Tonks $20 **
Nelson, Rick Rick Sings Nelson/Rudy the Fifth
Nelson, Willie Country Man (digipak)
Nelson, Willie Just One Love $22 (one of his very best)
Nelson, Willie Farther Along
Nelson, Willie Gospel Favourites (aka Family Bible)
Nelson, Willie Greatest Hits & Some That Will Be
Nelson, Willie How Great Thou Art (acoustic gospel)
Nelson, Willie Me & the Drummer
Nelson, Willie Healing Hands of Time
Nelson, Willie Teatro
Nelson, Willie Six Hours in Pedernales (w. Curtis Potter)
Nelson, Willie Memories of Hank Williams $20 (w. Larry
Nelson, Willie Stardust **
Nichols, Joe Man With a Memory $20
Nichols, Joe Revelation $20
Nichols, Joe III $20
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Welcome to Woody Creek
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Will the Circle Be Unbroken 2 $20
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Symphonium Dream **
Nix, Jody Play Me Something I Can Swing To $20
Notorious Ch. Bombs Notorious Cherry Bombs $20
O'Connell, Maura Don't I Know $10
O'Neill, Michael Who's Bad Now
Overstreet, Paul Love is Strong
Overstreet, Paul Heroes (great artist)
Oxford, Vernon Gospel Truth $20
Owen, Jake Starting With Me $20
Owens, Shane Let's Get It On
Pacheco, Tom Ther Was a Song
Paisley, Brad Time Well Wasted $20
Paisley, Brad Who Needs Pictures $20 **
Parnell, LeeRoy Back to the Well $20 (2006)
Parton, Dolly Essential
Parton, Dolly Honky Tonk Angels $20 ** (many **)
Paycheck, Johnny Soul & Edge $20 (Great Epic comp.)
Peck, Danielle Danielle Peck
Perkins, Carl Go Cat Go (with guests)
Pierce, Webb King of the Honky Tonk $20 (CMF)
Prairie Oyster Different Kind of Fire $20
Prairie Oyster Blue Plate Special **
Price, Ray Time
Price, Ray Faith
Rascal Flatts Me & My Gang $20 **
Redman, Rodney Rodney Redman $10
Reed, Jerry Live **
Rich, Charlie Set Me Free/Fabulous $22
Rich, Charlie Boss Man/Very Special Love Song $22
2 excellent 2 fers from this great singer.
Rich, John Underneath the Same Moon (Big & Rich)
Robertson, Jack Honky Tonk Daze
Robinella & CC Band Solace for the Lonely
Robison, Bruce Eleven Stories **
Robison, Charlie Life of the Party **
Rodgers, Jimmie Essential $20
Rogers, Kenny Water & Bridges (2006) **
Scott, Ray My Kind of Music $20 (Outlaw sound)
Seely, Jeannie Life's Highway $20
SheDaisy Fortuneteller's Melody
Shelton, Blake Bar & Grill $20 **
Singletary, Daryl Ain't it the Truth
Singletary, Daryl Self titled
Singletary, Daryl All Because of You
Skaggs, Ricky My Father's Son
Skaggs, Ricky Solid Ground **
Skeeters Easy for the Takin' $20 (great Waylonish)
Skinner, Jimmy 22 Greatest Hits
Smith/White/Fairchild Lover Never Fails $20
Snider, Todd That Was Me 1994-1998 $20
Sovine, Red 2O All Time Gospel Greats **
Statler Brothers Home **
Stevens, Ray Box Set 3cds $28 **
Stone, Doug Doug Stone **
Strait, George Beyond the Blue Neon (his best. a must)
Strait, George Blue Clear Sky
Strait, George Chill of an Early Fall
Strait, George Something Special
Strait, George Pure Country $20
Strait, George George Strait
Strait, George Somewhere Down in Texas $20
Strait, George Holding My Own
Strait, George Latest Straitest Greatest Hits $20
Strait, George Livin' it Up
Strait, George Something Special
Strait, George For the Last Time **
Stuart, Marty Pilgrim
Stuart, Marty Soul's Chapel
Stuart, Marty Badlands
Stuart, Marty Live at the Ryman $20 (bluegrassy) **
Stuckey, Nat God Will (with Connie Smith) $20
Sugarland Twice the Speed of Life $20
Sumner, J D Treasury of Memories $15
Supernaw, Doug Red & the Rio Grande $20
Supernaw, Doug Deep Thoughts for a Shallow Mind
Supernaw, Doug You Still Got Me $20
Supernaw, Doug Fadin' Renegade $20
Sweeney, Sunny Heartbreaker's Hall of Fame $20 Superb
new vocalist. A little like Elizabeth Cook.
Sylvia RCA Country Legends
Talley, James Touchstones
Talley, James Got No Bread, Got No Money etc 2cds $22
Tashian, Barry/Holly At Home $20 ** Great harmony duet. He
was in Emmylou's hot band.
Tassi, Mad Donna Man of My Dreams (could be Madonna?)
Taylor, Chip Hit Man
Taylor, Chip The Living Room Tapes
Taylor, Chip Let's Leave This Town $20 (w. Carrie R)
Thompson, Hank And Friends $20
Thompson, Hank Signature Series
Thompson, Hank My Personal Favorites
Tillis, Pam It's All Relative:Tillis Sings Tillis 10/10!
Tobin, Karen Carolina Smokey Moon (tops)
Tractors Tractors (old favourite)
Travis, Randy No Holdin' Back
Travis, Randy Old 8 x 10
Travis, Randy Full circle
Travis, Randy A Man Ain't Made of Stone
Travis, Randy Inspirational Journey
Travis, Randy Rise & Shine $20
Travis, Randy Worship & Faith $20
Travis, Randy Heroes & Friends $20 (duets)
Travis, Randy You & You Alone
Travis, Randy This is Me
Travis, Randy Passing Through $20
Travis, Randy An Old Time Christmas $20
Travis, Randy High Lonesome **
Trevino, Rick In my Dreams **
Tritt, Travis My Honky tonk History $20
Tritt, Travis TROUBLE
Tritt, Travis The Lovin' Side
Tritt, Travis Strong enough
Tritt, Travis It's All About to Change
Tritt, Travis The Restless Kind
Tritt, Travis Greatest Hits fRom the Beginning $20
Trick Pony R.I.D.E. $10 **
Tucker, Tanya Greatest Hits 1990-92
Tucker, Tanya What Do I Do With Me
Tucker, Tanya 16 Biggest Hits **
Turner, Josh Long Black Train
Turner, Josh Your Man (2006)
Twain, Shania Up! 2cds inc. "green" country version
Twain, Shania Greatest Hits
Twitty, Conway 25 Number Ones $20 **
Two Tons of Steel Vegas Top Texas group...a little rockabilly
Underwood, Carrie Some Hearts $20
Urquhart, Felicity My Life $10
Vann, Vicki Dream Catcher
Van Shelton, Ricky Wild Eyed Dream
Van Shelton, Ricky Loving Proof
Van Shelton, Ricky Sings Christmas
Van Shelton, Ricky Don't Overlook Salvation (gospel)
Van Shelton, Ricky Fried green Tomatoes
Van Shelton, Ricky Backroads
Van Shelton, Ricky Making Plans $20
Van Shelton, Ricky A Bridge I Didn't Burn
Van Zandt, Townes Texas Rain $20 duets
Van Zandt, Townes Best $20
Various Cold Mountain Soundtrack
Various Creole Bred: Tribute to Creole & Zydeco
Various Dark Holler cd/dvd old timey $22
Various Earl Scruggs & Friends
Various For a Decade of Sin: 11 Years of Bloodshot
Records 2cds $25 42 tracks
Various Genuine Austin Gospel Music $20 22tcks
Various Greetings from Tennessee $22 (Bear Fam.)
Various Horse Whisperer Soundtrack
Various Mad Dogs & Okies
Various Mama's Hungry Eyes: Hag. Tribute $20
Various My Old Man: Tribute to Steve Goodman
Various Not Fade Away: Tribute to Buddy Holly $20
Various Rig Rock Jukebox
Various Ten in Texas
Various Texas Unplugged
Various Voice of the Spirit: Gospel of the South
Vassar, Phil Greatest Hits $10
Vincent, Rhonda Trouble Free **
Vincent, Rick A Wanted Man $20 (grand cd. Californian
produced by the talented Wendy Waldman)
Walker, Jerry Jeff Gonzo Stew
Walker, Jerry jeff Five Years Gone **
Wallace, Roger Hillbilly Heights $20
Wallace, Roger The Lowdown $20 (Texas honky tonker)
Walser,Don Texas Top Hand $20 Pavarotti of Plains!
Walser, Don Here's to Country Music $20
Walser, Don Down at the Sky-Vue Drive-In $20
Wangford, Hank Best Foot Forward (UK's best)
Wangford, Hank wake Up Dead
Watson, Dale Whiskey or God $20
Watson, Doc Tradition $20 24 tracks ** (lots)
Watson, Gene From the Heart $20
Watson, Gene Sings $20
Watson, Gene Best
Watson, Gene Unchartered Mind 420
Wayne, Dallas I'm Your Biggest Fan $20 **
Webb, Jerry If Eyes Could Talk (nice indie)
welch, Kevin Kevin Welch
Welch, Kevin Western Beat
Welch, Kevin Millionaire **
Wells, Kitty Country Music Hall of Fame
Wells, Kitty Forever Young
White, Joy Between Midnight & Hindsight
White, Joy Lynn Wild Love **
Whitley, Keith L A To Miami $20
Whitley, Keith Sad Songs & Waltzes
Whitley, Keith Wherever You Are Tonight
Whitley, Dwight Brotherly Love $20
Wilburn Bros. Troubles Back in Town $20 (UK best 18tks)
Williams, Hank Proper Introduction 30 tracks $20 **
Williams, Hank Jr Greatest Hits Vol 3 $20
Williams, Hank Jr And Friends ** (many, many)
Williams, Hank III Risin' Outlaw $20
Williams, Hank III Lovesick, Broke & Driftin' $20
Willis, Kelly Kelly Willis $20
Willis, Kelly Bang Bang $20
Willis, Kelly Easy
Willis, Kelly What I Deserve
Womack, LeeAnn I Hope You Dance **
Woodruff, Bob Dreams & saturday Night
Woodys Woodys $20 Wonderful harmonies
Woodys Telluride to Tennessee $20 with tinge of
Woodys Teardrops & Diamons $20 bluegrass
Woody, Michael Listen to Me $20 (solo album by a Woody! Quite Rodney Crowellish in spots. Ace!)
Wreckers Stand Still Look Pretty $20
Wright, Chely Woman in the Moon $20
Wright, Chely Right in The Middle of It $20
Wright, Chely Metropolitan Hotel
Wright, Chely Let Me In **
Wright, Curtis Curtis Wright (fine singer/writer)
Wyatts The Wyatts (a little like but not quite as
much as Jason & Scorchers)
Wylie & Wild West Hooves of Horses
Wylie & Wild West Total Yodel
Wylie & Wild West Paradise
Wylie & Wild West Way Out West
Yates, Billy Billy Yates $20 (includes "Choices")
Yates, Billy Country $20
Yates, Billy If I Could Go Back $20 **
Yoakam, Dwight This Time
Yoakam, Dwight Under the Covers
Yoakam, Dwight Hillbilly Deluxe **


Anger, Darol/Mike Marshall The Duo
Auldridge, Mike Dobro/ Blues & Bluegrass $22
Blind Corn Liquor Pickers Anywhere Else
Blue Highway Marbletown
Bonham, Glen Glen Bonham $20 Amazing. George Jones style voice & sublime bunch of
pickers inc. Rob Ickes & Randy Kohrs
Bowman, Ronnie It's Gettin' Better All the Time
Bush, Sam Laps in Seven **
Charles River Valley Boys Beatles Country
Clements, Vassar Livin' With the Blues $20
Clements, Vassar Full Circle $20 (with guests)
Clements, Vassar Vassar's Jazz $20
Cowan, John New Tattoo
Crowe, Josh Sincerely
Driessen, Casy 3D (2006 fiddle...Sugar Hill)
Evans, Dave Pretty Green Hills (2006 banjo)
Flatt, Lester Essential (CMH) 20 tracks. post F & S
Flatt & Scruggs Foggy Mountain Gospel $28 2cds
Flynn, John Two Wolves (2006 guitar)
Gadd, Pam Long Road $20
Gadd ,Pam The Time of Our Lives $22
Grascals Grascals
Gray, J T It's About Time
Holt, Tony & Wildwood Boys Daylight's Burnin' (2006 Rebel)
King Wilkie Broke
Kohrs, Randy A Crack in My Armour $20
Kohrs, Randy I'm Torn (dobro A++VocalsA++)
Krauss, Alison Forget About It $20
Krauss, Alison New Favorite $20 **
Lauderdale/Stanley I Feel Like Singing Today
Lawson, Doyle He Lives in Me $20 (2006)
Lewis, Laurie Seeing Things **
Mccoury, Del The Family $20 **
McCutcheon, John Mightier Than the Sword $20
McEuen, John Round Trip Live in LA (great patter)
McGee, Sam & Kirk Live 1955-67 $25
McReynolds/Whitstein A Tribute to the Brother Duets
McReynolds, Jesse New Horizons
Martin, Benny Big Tiger Rides Again
Martin, Benny Big Tiger Rides Again Part 2
May, Tim Find My Way Back (guitar)
Murphy, Jimmy Electricity $20 (classic)
Nashville Bluegrass Band Twenty Year Blues **
Nickel Creek Why Should the Fire Die
Northern Lights Harp & Hammer Dulcimer
Nothin' Fancy Album #7 (2006)
Nugent, Alecia A Little Girl a Big Four Lane $20
O'Brien, Tim Rock in My Shoe ** (Tim & Molly)
O'Connor, Mark New Nashville Cats **
Open Road Lucky Drive
Osborne, Bobby Try a Little Kindness (Rounder 2006)
Parton, Dolly Little Sparrow
Parton, Dolly The Grass Is Blue
Parton, Dolly Haloes & Horns (3 gems)
Peasall Sisters Home to You $20
Peterson, David & 1946 In the Mountaintops to Roam
Peterson, David & 1946 The Howling Blue Winds (v.g. artist)
Reams/Hensley Barons of Bluegrass
Reno & Smiley Together Again (1971 last rec.) $20
Reno & Smiley Talk of the Town (King 24tr.) $22
Reno & Smiley 16 Greatest Gospel Hits
Rigsby, Don The Midnight Call
Roberts, Danny Mandolin Orchard
Schatz, Mark Steppin' in The Boiler House (banjo)
Scott, Darrell The Invisible Man (2006)
Sewell, Keith Love is a Journey (Skaggs Family)
Skaggs, Ricky Ancient tones $20
Skaggs, Ricky History of the Future $20
Skaggs, Ricky Live at the Charleston Music Hall $20
Skaggs, Ricky Big Mon:Tribute to Bill Monroe $20
Smith, John Break me Open (guitar) Guests inc.
Tim O'Brien, Darrell Scott etc
Smith, Kenny & Amanda House Down the Block
Smith, Kenny & Amanda Always Never Enough
Smith, Valerie Turtle Wings
Smith, Valerie Patchwork Heart
Stanley, Ralph Cry From The Cross $20 (Skaggs &
a young horn-rimmed Keith Whitley)
Stanley, Ralph Echoes of Stanley Bros $20 (same as
previous but Keith has no specs)
Stanley, Ralph Clinch Mountain Sweethearts $22
Stanley, Ralph I'll Answer the Call $20
Stanley, Ralph Over the Sunset Hill **
Stanley, Ralph Shine On
Stanley, Ralph A Distant Land to Roam $22 (2006)
Stanley, Ralph II Carrying On
Stanley Brothers Complete Rich-R-tone 47-52 $20
Stanley Brothers I'll Meet You in Church Sunday
Stanley Brothers Essential Gospel Masters $20
Stanley Brothers 16 Greatest Hits
Starling, John Waitin' on a Southern Train
Steep Canyon Rangers One Dime at a Time
Strength in Numbers Telluride Sessions
Sullivan, Jerry & Tammy A Joyful Noise
Sutton, Bryan Not Too Far from The Tree $20 2006
Sweethearts of Rodeo Beautiful Lies (Sugar Hill)
VanCleve, Jim No Apologies (2006) fiddle
Various Bluegrass Hits (Rounder) 20 track
Various Sail Away: Songs of Randy Newman
Various Tribute to Jimmy Martin
Vincent, Rhonda One Step Ahead $20 **
Watkins, Sean Blinders on (2006) from Nickel Creek
Wildfire Rattle of the Chains
Williams, Robin & Linda In the Company of Strangers **
Yonder Mountain String band self titled

Alternate (including female folky types)

Bishop, Bonnie Soft to the Touch
Bryndle Karla Bonoff/Kenny Edwards/ Andrew
Gold/ Wendy Waldman $20
Campbell, Kate Blues & Diamentions $20 **
Case, Peter Who's Gonna Go Your Crooked Mile?
Chapman, Marshall Mellowicious!
Cheevers, Bob From Texas to Tennessee
Cunningham, Austin Where I Come From (15 tracks)
Dowd, Johnny Wrong Side of memphis **
Eaglesmith, Fred Dusty $20
Elliott, Ronny Loco Siempre
Elliott, Ronny Ronny Elliott & the Nationals $20
Elliott, Ronny My nerves Are Bad Tonight $20
Elliott, Ronny Postcard from Jack $20
Elliott, Ronny Magneto $20
Elliott, Ronny Poisonville $20
Elliott, Ronny Hep $20
Elliott, Ronny Valentine Roadkill $20
Escovedo, Alejandro Those That Fall Between (comp. 18 tcks)
Fulks, Robbie Georgia Hard **
Gauthier, Mary Dixie Kitchen $20
Gauthier, Mary Filth & Fire $20
Gauthier, Mary Drag Queens in Limousines $20
Germino, Mark Rank & File $20 (unplugged)
Hargrove, Linda One Woman's Life $20
Hendrix, Terri The Art of removing Wallpaper **
Hillbilly Idol Hillbilly Idol **
Hinojosa, Tish Retrospective $20 **
Koller, Fred Where the Fast Lane Ends $20
Koller, Fred Songs from the Night before $20
Koller, Fred No Song Left to Sell $20
LaFave, Jimmy Blue Nightfall $20
Lowe, Nick Dig My Mood $20
Lowe, Nick Impossible Bird
Lowe, Nick The Convincer $20
M'Carver, Kimberly Cross the Danger Line
M'Carver, Kimberly Breathe the Moonlight
McGarrigle, Kate/Anna Matapedia $20 **
McGhee, Wes Heartache Avenue $20
McGhee, Wes Border Guitars $20
Mullins, Shawn 9th Ward Pickin' Parlor (2006 Vanguard)
Previn, Dory In Search of Mythical Kings (the UA Years)
$20 Fabulous UK compilation 21 tracks**
Rung, Brian Brian Rung (texas Dylan)
Truckstop Preachers Texas preachers
Wilcox, David Vista
Wolf, Kate An Evening In Austin $20

Box sets

(all sealed or as new) 1 only of each. All long box style.
All have booklets/books.
Alabama Livin' Lovin' Rockin' Rollin' $48 3cds 51 trk
Cash, Johnny Essential 1955-83 $55 3cds 75 tracks
Cline, Patsy Collection $50 4cds 104 tracks
Darby & Tarlton and Chris Bouchillon (JSP) 4cds 88 tracks $50 (from Joe Bussard collection)
Delmore Brothers Classic Cuts 1933-1941 (JSP) $50 87 trcks
Fogelberg, Dan Portrait: the Music of 4cds $60 62 trcks
Foley, Red Hillbilly Fever $40 (Proper) 4cds 100trks
Francis, Connie White Socks, Pink Lipstick & Stupid Cupid
Connie Francis in the 50s (Bear Family) 5cds + book. $110 12 x 12 box
Ives, Burl A Little Bitty Tear (Bear Family) 5 cds 144 tracks. 12x12 box
Jennings, Waylon RCA Years: Only Daddy That'll Walk the Line 2cds $45 (rare!) 40 tracks
Jones, George Essential: Spirit of Country $38 2cds 44 trk
Judds Collection 1983-1990 3 cds 44 tracks $48
Lynn, Loretta Honky Tonk Girl: The Loretta Lynn Collection 3cds $70 70 tracks
Macon, Uncle Dave Classic Sides 1924-1938 (JSP) 4cds 100 tracks $50
Macon, Uncle Dave Vol. 2 Clasic Cuts 1924-1938 (JSP) 4cds 100 tracks $50
Memphis Jug Band With Gus Cannon's Jug Stompers 4cds (JSP) 98 tracks $50
Miller, Roger King of the Road $70 3cds 70 tracks
Nelson, Rick Legacy $80 4cds 100 tracks. Superb!
Parton, Dolly RCA Years 1967-1986 $28 2cds 30 tracks
Poole, Charlie You Ain't Talking To Me 72 tracks $70
Deluxe cigar box presentation
Reeves, Jim Welcome to My World $28 2cds 30 tracks
Stanley Brothers Early Starday King Recordings 1958-1961 $70 4cds 109 tracks
Strait, George Strait Out of the Box $48 4cds 72 tracks
Twitty, Conway Collection 4cds 89 tracks $80
Various 50 Years of Country Music from Mercury $50 3cds 73 tracks. Early cd has ultra rare
tracks from likes of Robert Lunn.
Various Atlantic Rhythm & Blues 1947-74 203 trks $110 8 cds + superb book.
Various Blazing Bluegrass (Proper) 4cds 103 trk $40
Various Early Country Radio (JSP) 4cds $50 100+
Various Roots Music: An American Journey $40 4cds 68 tracks. Compact size box
Various Rounder 25th Anniversary Box 9cds $40 2cds each blues/folk/bluegrass/cajun + bonus 23 track cd. 9 cds in all.
Various Sounds Like Jimmie Rodgers (JSP) 4cds $50 100 tracks
Various Worried Blues (JSP) $50 4cds 99 tracks complete commercial output of Frank Hurchison & Kelly Harrell.
Williams, Hank Jr Living Proof 1963-1975 MGM Recordings $100 Ultra rare 82 tracks
Wynette, Tammy Tears of Fire $58 3cds 67 tracks

So that's it folks. Stay tuned for the next newsletter. What will be the album of the year? Amber Digby, Hank III, James Hand or something out of left field. You'll have to wait & see!
All the best

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