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Sad News

It has certainly been a hard month for country music. On March 25th the great Buck Owens died after a fairly lengthy illness. On the same day the Queen of country music songwriters, Cindy Walker also passed away. Responsible for the great "You Don't Know Me" she also was responsible for many other country hits which crossed over to the pop field such as "Sugar Moon", "I Don't Care", "Cherokee Maiden" and many many more. The same day we also lost a great friend in Noel Murphy, a true character and an avid country music fan of the highest order. Noel had done it tough but never let things interfere with his love of country music, the Kerry Gaelic Football Club or the South Sydney Rabbitohs. It is somewhat ironic that Noel recently returned from the USA where he fulfilled a long held ambition of seeing Buck Owens in Bakersfield. If you hear me call the Hag, "Merrill" Haggard it is with due deference to Noel's Irish brogue.

Since then we have learnt that the lovely Bonnie Owens has also passed away. That poses a rather interesting question. Bonnie was married to two members of the Country Music Hall of Fame in
Buck Owens and then Merle Haggard. BUT, that is not a unique event in country music and has happened once before. First to give the answer gets a prize. Proving it never rains but pours, Gordon Terry, the great fiddler also recently passed away after a long battle with emphysema. Those who have seen any of the Town Hall Party dvds will no doubt wonder why he never became a star of the highest order. He seemingly had it all. Movie star looks, wonderful personality, great deep singing voice, & tremendous versatility on both fiddle and just goes on.

About the Newsletters

We send out 5-6 newsletters a year giving a run down on the latest releases of note in the world of country music. We also include a large selection of cds from our bargain bin. Ours is a unique perspective. We actually focus more on the music that most people are not familiar with. Some country music fans are not really fans at all, so it is hard to convince them to take a chance on something they are not familiar with. BUT let me assure you what we have is in every way better to what is played on CMT or some radio station which doesn't even back announce what they play. If you need any guidance with anything please do not hesitate to ask.

Latest Arrivals

Calamity & Main - "Honky Tonk Heaven" $30 I like "witty", in the sense of not taking oneself too seriously. Thus, this cd is right on the mark for me, with comparisons to the likes of Cornell Hurd, Red Meat (fellow Northern Californian band) and Confederate Railroad coming to mind. They take their name from the streets in which they perceive their life's path to be taking them...avoiding all the red lights and stop signs along the way. "Daddy Drank His Vodka" his hero George Jones has some great lyrics...."he must have thought those songs were like some kind of script old George Jones sung especially for him, with those hard luck songs hitting close to home". Most songs are group originals with 3 lead vocalists to boot, though GP Willie Hendricks is certainly more on the passable side of things. The other two do the bulk of the vocals (11 of 14) and are just grand. The 12 original songs are also the high points of the cd. "Honky Tonk Heaven" is very Buck-ish and lists all the things they are hoping to find in the after-life.
Top drawer stuff all the way. Nice twin guitars, steel and occasional fiddles and piano compliment the songs.

Sunny Sweeney - "Heartbreaker's Hall of Fame" $30 Independent female artists are rare. For every Amber Digby, Marti Brom or Miss Leslie, we'd have 10 who have the only claim to fame that they have paid to appear on a Gary Bradshaw compilation, in itself a recommendation to avoid at all costs. Thankfully Sunny is well up with the former three indie stars. Vocally she reminds of another fine artist in Elizabeth Cook and she has the added advantage of being able to pick quality covers to compliment her fine originals, though a new version of the song so associated with Lacy J Dalton, "16th Avenue", is probably out of place here, even though a fine version. Tasmania's own Audrey Auld's clever "Next Big Nothing" is given a fine read by Sunny. Hopefully it will be the start of some other Audrey covers. Jim Lauderdale contributes a couple of songs as well as providing duet vocals on "Lavender Blue". Her own tunes, although only 3 in number, are top drawer.

James Hand - "The Truth Will Set You Free" $32 This is the 4th cd James has produced and hard is at may be to believe in every way his best. I say hard to believe as the previous albums have been in our best of the year lists on every occasion and have been among the best independents we have ever had. This is still very much an independent even though it has been put out through Rounder Records. Produced by the impressive team of Lloyd Maines and Ray Benson every single thing about this album is superb. If anything would qualify as a James Hand standard it would be either "Baby, Baby Don't Tell Me That" or "In the Corner at the Table By the Jukebox" but both versions outshine his previous versions. The former almost has a rockabilly feel to it with some great guitar licks from the fabulous Redd Volkaert. There are enough new songs for even the shrewdest buyer. The notes make comparisons to Hank Williams which is probably a little unfair to James, as it would be the similarly style of the great Norman Wade. No mention of Norm in the notes...but then what would you expect. My mate, Russell, had the pleasure of seeing James in Austin and you'll be pleased to know he is the epitome of the old-styled yes-sir, yes-ma'am school of etiquette. From the opening "Banks of the Brazos" to the concluding "When You Stopped Loving Me, So Did I" this is as fine as country music gets. Any time; any era; anywhere!

Cornell Hurd Band - "Texas By Night" $30 Seems like only yesterday we had "Cruel & Unusual Punishment" arrive on our doorstep and now 8 or so albums later we have the latest in the continuing series of excellence from this Austin based legend. Cornell has remained fresh as he holds down a full time job (in the computer field) and has a weekly tenure at Jovitas, so things are always interesting. For starters Cornell has some of the very best Texas based musicians in his band. Paul Skelton on guitar, Howard Kalish on fiddle and Scott Walls on steel guitar are as good as you could get. The 16 songs are a mix of originals and well chosen covers. Red Simpson's "Black Smoke A Blowin' Over 18 Wheels" is a fine example of the trucking genre. Cornell's own songs are eternally witty. "If You Play With My Mind (You're Gonna Get Your Hands Dirty)", "You Only Kiss Me When We Say Goodbye" and "We're Not Married Anymore" are just 3 examples, obviously written with he oft-mentioned "miserable ex-wife" in mind. The fabulous Rosetta Tharpe provides the song, "There Are Strange Things Happening Everyday" and it is given a boogie-gospel reading of the highest order. T Jarrod Bonta is a fine young piano pounder given free rein on that track. Frankie Miller still sounds in great voice on the classic Joe Maphis song "Dim Lights, Thick Smoke". Always great value, always strong songs (16 of 'em). Has a strong following and the disciples will not be disappointed.

Hank Williams III - "Straight to Hell" 2cd $32 How anything is going to beat this as album of the year is beyond me. Hank has obviously missed a generation. This, his 3rd album is his best and then some. It starts with a straight version of the Louvin Brothers classic, "Satan Is Real" which segues (via a totally demonic laugh) into "Straight to Hell" apologies...he is a bad boy. "My worn out boots are taking me uptown and I'm looking for trouble and I want to get loud". He talks about his bootlegging uncle teaching him his bad ways. "Thrown Out of the Bar" talks about his exploits with the likes of David Allan Coe, George Jones & kid Rock. The refrain is so darn catchy, "I've been beat up bad, I've been kicked around, I've been thrown out of every bar in this darn town". "Things You Do to Me" continues the theme of drunken mayhem.
Mention should be made here of the fine musicianship. BR549 multi-instrumentalist Donnie Herron is tops on fiddle and the great Randy Kohrs plays super dobro throughout. Joe Buck slaps bass like his life depends on it. "D Ray White" sounds like a backwoods ballad; Herron plays clawhammer banjo on that one. "Low Down" offers a similar styled song in which Hank actually questions his honky tonk life. Don't think for a minute though that he intends to change things. "Pills I Took" is a catchy little ditty, as politically incorrect as you could get. "Crazed Country Rebel" & "Dick in Dixie" are certainly not ones you'd play for the local minister. "My Drinkin' Problem" is from the pen of Randy Howard, who wrote "I Don't Know" on Hank's first album. One thing for sure is that you feel sure this is the actual life that Hank leads. It is probably a miracle he has reached his mid thirties. The second disc has two tracks only. "Louisiana Stripes" is a murder ballad, very traditional again. The second is a hidden 42 minute track which you'll probably play once and wonder for the majority of it whether it was worth the effort. It is a mish mash of random noises (yes it supposed to sound like that!), sound effects, song snippets, slowed down voices etc. If you like it you are doing good; as a hidden track it works well. Please note Hank's language is also something the Archbishop of Canterbury would not approve of, but that is Hank. Everyone from the country purist to the way out rockabilly fan seems to love this album and rightly so. Prudes should avoid it at all costs. The rest should love it!

Dale Watson - "Whiskey or God" $32 Finally on US release after having been released in Holland under the title "Heeah!!". Yes, I too think the US title is better. This is right up there with his Hightone work and in the post Merle Haggard traditionalist style there is none better than Dale Watson. It is also safe to say he is has a fan base consisting of people of all ages. "Whiskey or God" finds him questioning which will provide salvation to him, and has a great line about either "bending his elbow" or "bending his knees". As in all classic country songs the singer never really answers the question but rather leaves it up to the listener to decide. "It Hurts So Good" is a clever bit of word play typical of the finest country music writing, and a great country shuffle. "I Wish I Was Crazy Again" would have been great for Johnny Paycheck in his prime. "Tequila & Teardrops" has a nice mariachi flavour. Now on the Palo Duro label out of Tennessee and supposedly forsaking a musical career to drive trucks (will believe it when I see it) Dale is still the King. The 14 tracks contained here are right up to his Hightone recordings.

Uncle Dave Macon - Volume 2: Classic Cuts 1924-1938 $70 Second set on JSP label includes 81 tracks from Dave, 5 solo Sam McGhee tracks and 14 from the McGhee Brothers. All tracks are from the legendary Joe Bussard's collection...what a character he is. No doubt most people would have seen the documentary about Joe.

Sam Baker -"Mercy" $30 One time Sam may have been called a new Dylan; one time he may have been talked of as being the next big thing. Today things have changed a little. He is purely and simply a Texas songwriter and one of the best. His voice is unusual in that you could almost imagine him doing George Jones style material but he is a folky and a darn fine one. His vocal strengths are matched by the strength of the songs which incidentally all have a single word title, not that it matters. It seems many of the songs (like that of the excellent Georgian John Williamson) come from true life experiences, including being injured when rebels blew up a train he was travelling on in Peru. That tale is told in the song, "Steel". Guest vocalists include Jesse Colter and Joy Lynn White. Some of his songs read like a script for a western movie. "Truale" may have the catchiest refrain of any song I've heard in the last year. A superb album of true Americana music.

Merle Haggard - A Tribute to the Best Damn Fiddle Player in the World (or My Tribute to Bob Wills/ It's All in the Movies 2 on 1 $34 Latest in BGO's cd reissue programme of Haggard's classic Capitol albums from 1970 & 1976 respectively. He taught himself how to play fiddle for the former and is joined by Wills' former Playboys Johnny Gimble and Joe Holley along with Gordon Terry and the versatile Tiny Moore as fiddle players on the album. Tiny is also responsible for playing stinging electric mandolin (which actually sounds like electric guitar) on both albums and later went on to be a touring member of the Strangers (along with Gordon Terry). I really like the darting trumpet of original Playboy Alex Brashear which hits like Ali's jab throughout the album. The latter album also sees him covering a Wills song with the bluesy "Cotton Patch Blues" featuring the aforementioned Tiny Moore's electric mandolin. Haggard wrote 7 of the 11 tracks on the second album.

Others in the series:

I'm a Lonesome Fugitive/ Mama Tried
My Love Affair With Trains/ Roots of My Raising
Hag/ Let Me Tell You About a Song
Legend of Bonnie & Clyde/ Pride in What I Am
Someday We'll Look Back/ I Love Dixie Blues
Just Between the Two Of Us/ Fightin' Side Of Me
Presents His 30th Album/ A Working Man Can't Get Nowhere Today
A Portrait of Merle Haggard/ Keep Movin' On
It's Not Love But It's Not BA/ If We Make It Through December

Hillbilly Idol - "Lights of Town" $30 One of the things I can't comprehend about the so called alternate-country movement is the apparent desire of the artist to confuse and bamboozle the potential buyer. For start Hillbilly Idol are a group, not an individual with a huge ego as the name would suggest. Secondly they are very good, with a traditional country approach that embraces everything from stringband, through bluegrass to western swing & honky tonk. The transition is seamless too. They are all unknowns as far as I am concerned. Paul Kovac on guitar & banjo, Al Moss on steel guitar, and some guitar and Bill Watson on upright bass. They are accompanied by a fiddler, drummer and occasional accordionist. Every review I have read on them has been favourable and unlike a lot of so-called alt-country acts it is because they are good, not for an apparent desire for the reviewer to appear cool...the only logic for favourable reviews for the painfully ordinary but (who knows why) incredibly hip Neko Case & co. It is a sad reflection when great music such as this is buried in a sub-category usually reserved for the musically inane.

Gary Bennett - "Human Condition" $30 BR549 were always going to have problems involving the occasional clash of egos and that eventually saw Gary Bennett leaving. You may see the usual "to pursue new things" but to be honest a lot of this album would fit on a BR549 album albeit not as frantic as his former group. The great Lloyd Green guests on pedal steel.

Rascal Flatts - "Me & the Gang" $32 All new album by the phenomenally successful trio; number one on the pop and country charts. I won't even attempt to offer my opinion.

Aaron Watson - "San Angelo" $32 cd + dvd This must be about the 5th album for Aaron, and the first studio album since his excellent "Honky Tonk Kid". Co-produced with Asleep at the Wheel's Ray Benson, this is right up there with his previous work. The album is a mix of originals and covers, of which the best is a mighty version of Willie's "I'm a Memory". He is one artist who would be enjoyed by the CMT watchers as well as the hard core fans. Recommended and great value to boot.

dvd Grand Ole Opry Comes to Carnegie Hall $35 (all regions) Carnegie Hall has been the site of several Grand Ole Opry performances over the years and whilst it hasn't changed the face of the Opry certainly has. This is a beautifully filmed show from late 2005 with Vince Gill, Trace Adkins, Ricky Skaggs, Brad Paisley, Martina McBride, Alison Krauss and Alan Jackson representing the newer brigade and Little Jimmy Dickens, Charley Pride and Bill Anderson representing the older brigade. Vince Gill makes a great compere and his performance on the song from the fabulous "The Key" is as good as it gets. The highlight, even better than that (hard as it may be to believe) is Alison Krauss' version of the Hank Cochran song so associated with Patsy Cline, "She's Got You". She does it virtually unaccompanied. You can't get better than this. Brad Paisley does a fine version of his excellent song, "Alcohol" as well as a duet with Bill Anderson on "Too Country". Bill then does the intro of Paisley duetting with Alison Krauss on a track he penned with Jon Randall, "Whiskey Lullaby". I love Bill's voice. I am not the biggest dvd fan but this bears repeated viewings.

DVD Bill Anderson - "40 Years of Hits Live" $35 (all regions)
Has to be good. It celebrates 40 years of Bill's membership to the Grand Ole Opry and shows Bill as an extremely engaging, personable entertainer with the word "entertainer" deserving to be stressed. It includes 14 tracks featuring unique perspectives of his big hits such as "Wild Weekend", "Po' Folks" (always remember asking the sweet young thing in the "Po' Folks" Restaurant in California had Bill ever been there, to which she so succinctly replied, Huh??", "Tips of My Fingers", "Still", "I Love You Drops etc". Nice one Bill!

DVD WillieNelson - "Some Enchanted Evening" $20 all regions Nice show from 1989 has Willie doing some favourites and some songs from his "What a Wonderful World" album. Roger Miller joins Willie for a duet on "Old Friends", previously a trio wit hRay Price. Other songs include standards "South of the Border", "To Each His Own" plus "Always on my Mind" (in which Willie introduces co-writer Johnny Christopher), "When I Dream" (Willie introduces writer Sandy Mason...has there even been a better version than that of Jack Clement?) plus some hits such as "City Of New Orleans" and a solo version of "Pancho & Lefty".

Mark Knopfler/ Emmylou Harris - "All the Roadrunning" $32 as always we carry the US pressing, so you get the best sound and presentation; the local is okay but doesn't include the attractive slip case of the US Version. This is more of the post "Wrecking Ball" style of Emmylou with some folkish & bluegrass touches. Leads are mainly taken by Knopfler with Emmylou on harmony, though the results are reversed on tracks such as "Rollin' On".
The only complaint is that there is not a lot of variance in the pace of the tracks. Plodding is a word I would possibly use to describe the whole project. I would even query whether it stands up overall. The fact that a track was being played on the John Laws' Show means it will enjoy success; whether that success is warranted is another thing. "Red Staggerwing" is possibly my personal favourite. A true duet with the pair trading verses it is somewhat of a departure from the rest of the album. Personally I'd rather have "Roses in the Snow" or "Neck & Neck", the excellent duet album Mark made with Chet Atkins.

" From Boppin' Hillbilly to Red Hot Rockbilly" Proper box 4cds plus 68 page booklet $50 Now in a thinner box (much preferable and more attractive IMHO) and even better value. Each cd is themed:
**Hillbilly Fever
**Hot Guitar
**Cattin' Around
**Rockin' & Rollin'.
118 tracks including 6 Elvis' Sun tracks plus early rockabilly style offerings from Marty Robbins, Faron Young, Marvin Rainwater, Little Jimmy Dickens, Rose Maddox etc, obscure artists such as Lonnie Barron, Lee Bell, Barney Burcham etc. Only thing I don't like is the totally inane Farmer Boys, but then again you could imagine someone liking them best of all....just not me!

Michael Shane Borden & the Diesel Kings "The Modern Sounds" $32 This is the real thing; twangy trucking songs of the type that may have been done by Red Simpson in his hey-day with a little more Commander Cody twang thrown in for good measure. Dale Watson helps out on the great "Honky tonk Time Machine". Some of Austin's best musicians participate including Dave Biller on lead, Ricky Davis on steel and Billy Dee (Donahue) on bass. Michael Shane has a good voice. "Truckstop Confessions" is top opening number...a real pedal to the metal job. "Jacksboro Highway" seems like the ready made theme for a movie. "Daisy Red Ryder' may be the only ever song to a b.b. gun. Semi spoken, it is just another example of the variety on this album. It is quite a contrast to an almost Kentucky Headhunters style version of "What's the Matter With the Mill." "Heartbreak 101" is an easy rollin' shuffle. "Alcohol of Fame" may be the third song of that title but is a Borden original. "Paradise Ranch" is a Wylie & Wild West style western themed song. The concluding "The Fifth" is a classic drinkin' song. This is a gem; indie country at its finest.

Toby Keith - "White Trash With Money" $32 Toby Keith has had
unprecedented success with a mix of upbeat & ballad material. I
really don't like much of his work at all so treat as information.
For those who do, 12 new songs on his own label.

Jarrod Birmingham - "No Apologies" $32 Very much influenced by the likes of Waylon Jennings/ Hank Jnr early 80s rocking outlaw style coupled with a roadhouse Billy Joe Shaver style. All the songs are of the highest quality. He speaks of his heroes; Haggard & Hank are mentioned here and there. Several songs feature co-writes with the excellent Brian Rung. "Where'd You Go Country Music" is something close to my own heart....the demise of country music in the Nashville mainstream brand of (in name only) "country music". He is also fine on ballads such as "Restless Kind". "Best I Can" is about his filling the role of an outlaw a la Waylon. Powerful song but melodic just the same. "Walk Away" is about the breakdown in a relationship. It doesn't matter who is right or wrong. "Burnin' My Candle" is very powerful lifestyle song. Very atypical to the material co-writer Brian Rung records. "I Don't Live in Dallas" is about big city living. "Sad Country Song" makes liberal reference to some classic songs and borrows a line or two, here and there. "Holdin' On" is a fine semi spoken song about a real cowboy. Nice conclusion to a great album. Like Jackson Taylor Band, Jarrod Birmingham is unashamedly steeped in the traditions of country music whilst at the same time not being afraid to let it rip.

Shooter Jennings - "Electric Rodeo" $28 Waylon Jnr (his birth name...but Shooter to all & sundry) has rocked up things a little more than last time even. The opening title track is like a southern rock version of Led Zeppelin's "Whole Lotta Love". It is amazing how much like Waylon he is on "Some Rowdy Women"; he certainly isn't the type you'd want dating your daughter. "The Song Is Slipping Away" is great. Easily the most traditionally country styled (both musically & lyrically) it features a great chorus..kind of Kinky Friedman meets David Allan Coe. Robbie Turner, Waylon's last steel guitarist contributes some tasty licks. He could be a cell-mate for Hank III given young Shelton's predilection with everything he shouldn't have anything to do with! Though Shelton certainly would have to be at his worst to rival Shooter's "Hair of the Dog". Raunchy but worthwhile; just don't expect too much country...too much traditional country anyway.

Wanda Jackson - "I Remember Elvis" $32 Wanda's previous album "Heart Trouble" was somewhat of a gem, showing her to be in fine voice and with the likes of the Cramps providing powerful backing it stood up to her best work. This album mainly features Elvis Sun & early RCA material but also a couple of spoken pieces in which Wanda talks about the King and also a top song "I Wore Elvis' Ring" about the brief period in which Elvis dated Wanda. Notes by Elvis Costello are well compiled and there are some rare photos too. 16 tracks in all.

James Talley - "Got No Bread, No Milk, No Money But We Sure Got a Whole Lot of Love $32 2cd 30th Anniversary of an album that originally appeared on Capitol Records. It was released as a cd on Bear Family but those are well & truly deleted. In fact James in not one of Bear Family's friends having been quite vocal in condemning them for not giving him any royalty payments during the 3-4 album tenure he had with them. Mind you one of those albums, "Road to Torreon" may have had the most pretentious packaging of any album in the history of country music. Themed around the poverty and exploitation of Mexican workers it was accompanied by a 108 page 12"x 12" book. This album stands up very well. Nothing indicates it would be 30 years old. It includes a bonus cd containing a 55 minute radio special made by Capitol Records when the album was originally released. Talley is from Oklahoma and comes across as a latter day Woody Guthrie (his Guthrie Tribute album is more than worthwhile as are all his recent albums). Set in post Vietnam USA the album deserves the attention it just didn't get when it was first released. "Give Him Another Bottle" is a tale about the down & out. At least giving him another bottle would at least help him ease his mind. He is a blue collar singer of the highest ilk. Maybe he didn't have the profile of Steve Earle, but he certainly comes from much the same place.

Mike Dekle - "Tunesmith" $32 As I stated last time Mike is able to write a great song to bring a tear to the eye of the most stone-hearted without at any time being overly sentimental or maudlin. His "Nobody's Child" has a theme similar to that of the original song of the same name but with a happy ending. Joe Nichols has had the sense to record Dekle songs as the feature on his previous 3 albums and all have been standouts. Maybe that is why Joe is such a classy young act. "Size Matters" is the standout on "Joe Nichols III" and is a Mike Dekle song. He captures everyday emotions better than just about anyone. Mike has an excellent voice with its own distinctive twang being original and appealing. 14 songs, many co-written with Byron Hill.

Jeff Bates - "Leave the light On" $30 Was worried about this ever getting a release date as it had been pushed back at least twice. Not to worry, it's here. Bates has a fine voice with a similar timbre to that of Conway Twitty; in fact he sometimes sounds uncannily like Conway. The choice of "Rub it In" as a second track is possibly the only quibble of note re track selection. "No Shame" is a nice ballad with some excellent organ and fiddle passages. "Hands on Man" is a disposable ditty. The ballads are certainly the meat of the album. "One Second Chance" is a nice ballad with some tasty mandolin licks. The singer appeals to be given a second chance after having been a wayward youth so to speak. He has done his time and wants a chance at getting that job or supporting his child. "Mama Was a Lot Like Jesus" is reminiscent of "Daddy Never Had a Chance in Hell", the great song by the Roger Springer Band. Overall a fine second album. Brilliant voice. Only 2 duds out of 12 songs. Why was it so long in coming?

Bellamy Brothers - "The Lost Tracks" $32 Not really, but a collection of hard to find tracks, of which "Hillbilly Hell" from "Rebels Without a Clue" is an absolute gem. The full list is:
Slippin' Away/ They Could Put Me in Jail/ Spiders & Snakes/ Livin' in the West/ Inside of My Guitar/ Lovin' On/ Don't Give a Rip/ She Don't Know She's Perfect/ Crossfire/ Satin Sheets/ Let's Fall in Love Again/ When the Music Meant Everything/ Hillbilly Hell/ Let's Rodeo/ Too Much is Not Enough.

Shawn Camp - "Fireball" $32 Follow up to his bluegrass album recorded live att he Station Inn. Hard to believe that Shawn has only ever had one major label release. This is much like that major label release style wise with an emphasis on mid to uptempo tracks, wit ha hint of bluegrass thrown in, especially on "Would You Go With Me" and "Just as Dead Today". He wouldn't lack a quid as he has written big hits for everyone from Garth Brooks to Patty Loveless. "Just as Dead Today" is a witty little piece of philosophising. As always of the highest standard.

Justin Trevino - "Before You Say Amen" $30. Justin's 2005 visit to these shores will rate as one of the highlights of our 17 year+ history. The fact the promoter was a well-intentioned idiot who ended up cheating the great man (and Amber Digby) of their appearance money and merchandise will rate as one of the low points. What makes this album so special is that there are some far from usual selections and Justin even manages to turn a couple into a shuffle. But what would you expect with the great Dicky Overbey on steel and Bobby Flores on fiddle. Justin is the consummate musician. His voice is the finest instrument in the band. His talents as a singer, producer and writer are almost impossible to beat. A 10/10 again. Tracks: Heart That Will Never Break Again/ Where We'll Never Grow Old/ Where the Roses Never Fade/ When They''ll Ring those Golden Bells/ I Saw a Man/ In the Garden/ If I Could Hear My Mother pray Again/ The Old Rugged Cross/ Family Bible/ Crumbs from the Table/ Life's Railway to Heaven/ Remind Me Dear Lord (a wonderful duet with Darrell McCall's wife Mona, who was also featured on Darrell's ast album and deserves to be heard more)/ How Great thou Art/ Before You Say Amen. The best there is!

Tom Russell - Love & Fear $32 More like it; certainly a 1000% percent preferable album to "Hotwalker", an album which I still do not get in the slightest. He always likes to throw in a boxing metaphor or two and "Pugilist at 59" is one of his finest efforts. "Stealing Electricity" is about the lengths people must go to for survival. "Beautiful Trouble" is something all blokes of my vintage (and that of Fifield!) can relate to. The underrated Gretchen Peters (as a singer anyway...her success as a writer is there for all to see) does a duet with tom on "Ash Wednesday". I still prefer the likes of "Rose of San Joaquin" & "Long Way Round" but this ain't far behind.

Lee Roy Parnell - "Back to the Well" $32 Now on Universal after stints at Arista and an ill fated Vanguard album, where they tried to (unsuccessfully it seems) promote him as more a blues artist. He has always been a country artist; his brother Rob Roy (yes that's right) is the blues man. He still has a blues tinge to some tracks, but now reunited with original producer Tim DuBois there seems to be more of a country edge. And can't anyone wit ha daughter relate to "Daddies & Daughters".

Bruce Robison - "Eleven Stories" $32 Now that Bruce has been able to earn a dollar or two (or three or four) with the proceeds from songs recorded by the Dixie Chicks, Tim McGraw and others it seems he is able to record in a more West Texas friendly style. His wife Kelly Willis lends an able hand throughout.

Jamey Johnson - "The Dollar" $30 time for a bit of a re-cap. This is the voice to kill for in 2006. Not a bad track on the album. See our full review in the February newsletter, but don't pass it up, whatever you do.

Mike Clifford - "The Heartbreak Grill & Bar" $30 The previous album was well received by all and is a great example of why more people need to listen to independent country albums. We cherry pick them for you. You don't have to risk anything. If it isn't good I throw them out. This is right up there with the first. 11 tracks in all: Heartbreak Grill & Bar/ Not Getting Caught/ My Heart's Got a Mind of Its Own/ That Used to BE Me/ It's All Texas Music to Me/ Hand Me Down Love/ Boomerang/ Family Reunion/ Lightning in the Bottle/ Lonesome Boulevard/ Something Deep Within Me.

Reeves, Jim UK 2 on 1 series $28 each
There has been a shortage of Jim Reeves' material. I mean you can get 27 different hits collections which are virtually all the same, but apart from that you have to step up to a Bear Family box set. These remedy that to some extent. The first is the one
most requested: Talkin' To Your Heart/ Touch of Velvet
The International/ Good 'N Country
Up Through the Years/Distant Drums
He'll Have to Go/ Tall Tales & Short tempers
Moonlight & Roses/ The Jim Reeves Way
Girls I Have Know/ The Intimate

Ray Stevens Box Set $38 u 3 cds 51 tracks. Not the original versions of the hits but later Curb songs such as "The Pirate Song' are right up there with his best.

Tompall Glaser (recap)
My Notorious Youth: Hillbilly Central #1 $32
Another Log on the Fire: Hillbilly Central #2 $32
Bear Family releases of Tompall's classic MGM recordings. Not much duplication with the excellent Collector's Choice cd. 23 & 24 tracks respectively.

Alecia Nugent - "A Little Girl...a Big For Lane" $32 produced by the under-rated Carl Jackson, this is her second album and a fine effort. 13 tracks with guest appearances from Rebecca Lynn Howard & Alison Krauss.

DVDThe Head Cat _ Live from the Sunset Strip $35 Rockabilly from a club owned by Slim Jim Phantom, formerly from the Stray Cats.

DVD Leo Kottke - Home& Away Revisited $35 16 tracks plus doco. Goes for 106 minutes

DVD Deke's Guitar Festival Vol 2 $38 With Deke Dickerson, Nokie Edwards (of Ventures), Jeremy Wakefield and the left handed maniac of maniacs Dick Dale.

DVD Townes Van Zandt - Be Here to Love Me $48 Award winning documentary, over 100 minutes.

DVDMamas & Papas - California Dreamin' $35 90 minutes of songs with a bit of documentary thrown in.

Sonny Burgess - Stronger $30 Second album from the young Texan as distinct from the Sun rockabilly artist of the same name. Not a writer but a rather an interpreter. His version of the latter-day classic "Jesus & Bartenders" is the best yet.

Red Simpson - Bard of Bakersfield $32 15 tracks. The production is lousy and the packaging stinks but the content makes up for it. It includes tributes to Buck and Hag. 15 tracks in all.

Bill Haley - Ultimate Collection 2cds $40 UK collection 42 tracks. Quite an unusual collection. Thankfully includes "Joey's Song" which should have been on the Bear Family "Rocks!" set. For the uninitiated "Joey's Song" was shamelessly ripped off by Horst Jankowski who snitched if for "Walk In the Black Forest". Shame! Shame! Shame!

Hillbilly Bop, Boogie & the Honky Tonk Blues Volume 2 1951-1953
(Jasmine) $35 48 tracks lots of rarities. A fitting companion to the new Proper Box set

DVD Sir Douglas Quintet - Live from Austin $35 Latest in the series of excellent Austin City Limits performances. This is from 1982 and features Doug Sahm and Augie Meyers who went on to form the Texas Tornados. The Texas Tornados DVD in this series is the best musical dvd I have ever seen. This is not far behind. Doug and Augie trade vocals and the style ranges from straight country to straight blues and everything in between. The programme that airs on the Austin City Limits Tv show is only half hour long but is culled from the full 90 minute performance which is featured here. 90 minutes! Great sound and picture quality. 17 tracks including Doug's great country version of "Is Anybody Going to San Anytone".

DVD Willie Nelson - Live from Austin $35 Glorious quality. Willie's stage show changes little over the years but this one features Willie doing a couple of duets with a rather foxy Shelby Lynne. Let's hope he was thinking of the lyrics. Around an hour on this one. Willie was having a great guitar night, this night!
NOTE: Kris Kristofferson Live from Austin due early June.

TV & Movie DVDS

The musical ones are all mentioned in our newsletter but we are also selling quite a selection of box sets on classic tv shows. Here is a sampling. As always we warn most are region 1 so you will need a multi region compatible player for them to work. Most of the players sold now are compatible but it won't say so in the manual. And please remember the term "Multifunction" does not mean multi region.

**Alfred Hitchcock Presents Season One $80
**Benny Hill - Complete & Unadulterated 1/2/3/4 $80 each About 8 1/2 -9 hrs each.
**Beverly Hillbillies Volume 1/2 $70. Note these are from the estate of Paul Hennig, the creator. They also feature the theme song. 4 discs in each.
**Dinosaurs Seasons 1 & 2 $80 (2 seasons in the one set)
**Dragnet 1967 Season One $80
**Green Acres Seasons 1/2/3 $55 each
**Gunsmoke 50th Anniversary Collection 6cds $120 Many Extras.
**Have Gun Will Travel Seasons 1/2/3 $90
**Hogan's Heroes Seasons 1/2/3 $80 each
**Honeymooners Classic 39 Episodes $90
**Kolchak: The Night Stalker 1974-75 20 episodes $80
**Leave it to Beaver Seasons 1/2 $80
**Mike Hammer Private Eye $80 (with Stacy Keach)
**Mister Ed Seasons 1/2 $55 each
**Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom Featuring Marlin Perkins $30
**Rockford Files Season One $80
**This Is Your Life Ultimate Collection $80 18 complete shows. Roy Rogers. Lou Costello, Milton Berle Johnny Cash.. all great!!
**Superman Seasons 1/2 $80 (with George Reeves!) None better.
**Time Tunnel Season 1 $80
**Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea Season 1 Pt 1 $80
**Waltons Season 3 $80
**Wanted Dead or Alive Season One $80 (with Steve McQueen)
**Wyatt Earp The Life & Legend $70 (withHigh O'Brian) 680 minutes!! From Ellsworth to Tombstone)

Due Soon (most will be around $80 mark)

Big Valley Season One (May)
Cheyenne Season One (June)
Columbo Season 5 (June)
F Troop Season One (June)
Perry Mason Season One (July)
Rawhide Season One !!! (July) This will be a big one
Rockford Files Season Two (June)
Sgt Bilko Season One (may) inc. bonus Phil Silvers Show
Superman Seasons 3 & 4 (June) George Reeves!!!!!
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea Season I Part 2 (July)
Walker Texas Ranger Season One (June)
Wild Wild Wild West Season One (June) Robert Conrad

**If there is anything you have wondered about please let us know. As with cds most things do not get released out here

Due Soon (May except where noted)

**Johnny Cash - Personal File** 2cds $45 American V is pencilled in for end of June, beginning of July. This is a 70s version of that so to speak. All tracks previously unreleased.
1. The Letter Edged In Black
2. There's A Mother Always Waiting At Home
3. The Engineer's Dying Child
4. My Mother Was A Lady
5. The Winding Stream
6. Far Away Places
7. Galway Bay
8. When I Stop Dreaming
9. Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes
10. I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen
11. Missouri Waltz
12. Louisiana Man
13. Paradise
14. I Don't Believe You Wanted to Leave
15. Jim, I Wore A Tie Today
16. Saginaw, Michigan
17. When It's Springtime In Alaska (It's Forty Below)
18. Girl In Saskatoon
19. The Cremation Of Sam McGee
20. Tiger Whitehead
21. It's All Over
22. A Fast Song
23. Virgie
24. I Wanted So
25. It Takes One To Know Me

1. Seal It In My Heart And Mind
2. Wildwood In The Pines
3. Who At My Door Is Standing
4. Have Thine Own Way Lord
5. Lights Of Magdala
6. If Jesus Ever Loved A Woman
7. The Lily Of The Valley
8. Have A Drink Of Water
9. The Way Worn Traveler
10. Look Unto The East
11. Matthew 24 (Is Knocking At The Door)
12. The House Is Falling Down
13. One Of These Days I'm Gonna Sit Down And Talk To Paul
14. What On Earth (Will You Do For Heaven's Sake)
15. My Children Walk In The Truth
16. No Earthly Good
17. Sanctified
18. Lord, Lord, Lord
19. What Is Man
20. Over The Next Hill (We'll Be Home)
21. A Half A Mile A Day
22. Farther Along
23. Life's Railway To Heaven
24. In The Sweet Bye And Bye

T Bone Burnett - True False Indentity: Twenty Twenty the Essential T Bone Burnett. $32

Dixie Chicks - Taking the Long Way $3

Dave Alvin - West of the West $32 (june)

Derailers - Soldiers of Love $32 Will be interesting to see what direction they take since the departure of their main vocalist, Tony Villanueva. (june)

Rhonda Vincent - All American Bluegrass Girl $32 Follow up to her live album.

Rockie Lynne - Rockie Lynne $30 2006 new hunk on the block.

Bill Anderson - Definitive Collection $32 Due June. At last a comprehensive cd (expect around 25 tracks) of his prime Decca recordings . Whispering Bill may be just about the most sincere deliverer of a poignant song ever!

Red Foley - Hillbilly Fever $50 Next in line from the fine folks at Proper Records. As an alternate to the expensive Bear Family set this will be well received. It won't be quite as good but it will do the job.

Blaine Larson - Loving You Tonight $32 (June)

Trent Willmon - A Little More Living $32

Ray Wyllie Hubbard - Snake Farm $32

Julie Roberts - Men & Mascara $32

Bear Family News

Just In
Jerry Lee Lewis - Rocks! $35 Like all in this series, the package is a deluxe digipak, with 40 page notes. Also includes a whopping 33 tracks with a mix of Sun & Mercury recordings. Some unusual selections contrast with the predictable ones (though in the best sound ever!). How many cds have "Don't Boogie Woogie When You Say Your prayers Tonight" on them. Other artists in the series include: Connie Francis
Bill Haley
Glen Glenn
Roy Hall
Wanda Jackson
Sonny James
Carl Perkins
Conway Twitty
Rusty York

Roy Orbison - Roy Rocks $35 Sun, Monument and RCA tracks (30 in all running at over 70 minutes) with a 36 page booklet in deluxe digipak. Whilst some definitely do "rock", "easy rolling" may be more applicable to others!

Perry Como - "Jukebox Baby" $32 talk about easy rollin'!! this is the first ever collection of Perry's uptempo late 40's mainly 50's /early 60s recordings and boy are they good. Some were massive hits ("Don't Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes"/"Hot Diggity"/ "Catch a Falling Star"/ "Magic Moments" etc) whilst some are pretty darn obscure. 30 tracks and 77 minutes+ playing time.

Pee Wee King - "Blue Suede Shoes: GonnaShake This Shack Tonight" $32 This cd also concentrates on the uptempo side of things with driving uptempo blues, hillbilly boogie, a little western swing and rocking country being to the fore. Has 30 tracks and a tad under 73 minutes playing time. Whilst their boogies are superb special mention must be made of their versions of things such as "Woodchopper's Ball", "Steel Guitar Rag", the title song(!) and Pee Wee's own "Rag Mop".

Red Foley - "Sugarfoot Rag: Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight" $32
Another excellent value 30 track 79+minute Bear Family cd. His 1950 recording, "Chattanooga Shoe Shine Boy" was a massive hit and may have even been an influence arrangement-wise of Ernie Ford's "Sixteen Tons". The cd includes a previously unreleased track with piano playing Cecil Gant.

Nat King Cole - "Stardust: The Complete Capitol Recordings 1955-1959" $420 298 tracks 13 1/2 hours! 208 page hardcover book. First of two Nat King Cole collections. Nothing sounds as good as a Bear Family cd even when put out by the original company. As always Bear Family fully license the recordings and only use the finest engineers to remaster them!

Gene Autry - "That Silver Haired Daddy of Mine" $360 9 cds plus 100 page hardcover book. Over 11 1/2 hours with 225 of Autry's early Columbia recordings where he emulated Jimmie Rodgers. The set includes many songs that have never been on cd as well as more than 20 songs that were never issued previously at all!

Due June:
**Everly Brothers - "Chained to a Memory"8cds+dvd+Hard cover book. Includes 50 previously unreleased recordings!! Expect to be around $360-$390. Contains the remaining Warner Brothers plus RCA recordings. The Dvd will have many rarities including a complete Archie Bleyer Show from 1959

**Ray Peterson - Tel lLAura I Love Her $35 Classic digipak presentation with 44 page book and 31 tracks. This is the first ever comprehensive Peterson cd. ...that hasn't been a bootleg that is!

**Bud Isaacs - Bud's Bounce $32 25 steel guitar instrumentals Bud recorded for RCA between 1954 & 1956 including the classic "Bud's Bounce"

**Red Foley - Old Shep The Red Foley Recordings 1933-1950 $270
6 cds plus 12x12 hard cover book. 164 tracks including the classic duets with Ernest Tubb. What a contrast in voices that was!!

**Malcolm Yelvington - "It's Me Baby: The Sun Years Plus" 28 tracks 32 page book. $32. Greatly anticipated. His rockabilly style had a pinch of hillbilly. Let's be fair. He didn't have the looks but he had the style.

**Ernie Chaffin - "Laughin' & Jokin' :The Sun Years" 28 tracks including interview $32

Rarities None of these are currently in print and we have only one of most of them so please ring first if interested.
Bogguss, Suzy & Chet Atkins Simpatico $35
Brooks, Garth The Hits $35
Browne, Jann Tell Me Why $25
Browne, Jann It Only Hurts When I Laugh $25
Cartwright, Lionel Lionel Cartwright $28
Delray, Martin What Kind of Man $25
Goldens Rush for Gold 425
Gosdin, Vern Alone $28
Grand, Gil Famous Last Words $20
Haggard, Merle His Greatest & Best $25
Haggard, Marty Borders & Boundaries $25
James, Sonny Capitol Collectors Series $25
Nelson, Willie Peace in the Valley $35
Newbury, Mickey Best $25
Newbury, Mickey Live In England $30
O'Kanes Imagine That $30
Pride, Charley Songs of Pride $28
Randall, Jon Cold Coffee Morning $35
RED HOT & COUNTRY Various $25
Rogers, Roy Tribute $25 digipak
Thornton, Marsha Maybe the Moon Will Shine $30
Watson, Gene At Last $25
Whitley, Keith I Wonder Do You Think ofMe28
Whitley, Keith Tribute Album $25
Williams, Hank Jnr Living Proof: The MGM Years
3cds 82 tracks box set $100.
Just about impossible to get.
The best of his MGM years.
The Bargain Bin
Acuff, Roy Gospel According To .....18 fire &
brimstone Hickory label gospel tracks.
Allan, Gary Used Heart for Sale
Allan, Gary Tough All Over (latest album)
Allan, Gary Smoke Rings in the Dark 0.
Allan, Gary See If I Care
Allen, Jason Wouldn't It Be Nice fine young Texas
honky tonker on the reactivated "D" label
Guests include fiddle legend Bobby Flores.
Alexander, Jessi Honeysuckle Sweet $10
Anderson, Bill The Way I Feel Latest inc. "Whiskey
Lullaby". All songs written by Bill.
Asleep at the Wheel Wheel Keeps Rollin'
Asleep at the Wheel Ride With Bob $20 Second,and best Wills'
Tribute. Guests inc. Dwight, Haggard etc.
Asleep at the Wheel Very Best $22 17 tracks from first 5
Capitol albums. On defunct See for Miles
label from UK. Great selection.
Austin, Michael Lee Labor Pains (Texas indpendent)

Backsliders Throwin' Rocks at the Moon (US Southern
rock influenced group. Prod. Pete Anderson
Ball, David Thinkin' Problem $20
Ball, David Starlite Lounge $20
Ball, David Play
Ball, David Amigo $20
Ball, David Freewheeler $20 A truly fabulous artist
who covers honky tonk with a little swing
just about better than anyone. "Play" is
patchy, the rest score full marks.
Ballew, Michael No Pain $20 18 tracks 63 minutes
Ballew, Michael Rodeo Cool $20 18 tracks 58 minutes.
Texan who sings them & writes them. A big
Bandy, Moe Greatest Hits (Curb recordings inc "Till
I'm Too Old To Die Young", "Many
Mansions", "Back in my Roarain' 20s etc".
Bare, Bobby Essential $20 Excellent RCA compilation.
20 tracks & superb sound.
Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash Mile Markers (latest album)
Beach Boys Stars & Stripes (with Lorrie Morgan, Junior
Brown, Willie, Toby Keith, R V Shelton etc)
Beausoleil Gitane Cajun (Foremost cajun group)
Black, Clint Killin' Time (Strange album in many ways,
as not only is it one of the best albums of
the last 20 year it is the only one of
Clint Black's albums, out of about 12 or
more that is worth owning)
Bogguss, Suzy Aces
Bogguss, Suzy Nobody Loves Nobody Gets Hurt
Bogguss, Suzy Suzy Bogguss (inc. duet "Love is Blind" w.
T Graham Brown)
Bogguss, Suzy Something Up My Sleeve
Bogguss, Suzy Moment of Truth
Bogguss, Suzy Swing $20 (with great Ray Benson duet)
(Wonderful clear voice)
Boland, Jason Pearl Snaps (w. his group The Stragglers)
Boland, Jason Somewhere in the Middle $20 His latest
produced by Lloyd Maines.
Bonham, Glen Glen Bonham $20 Native American who
nails it 100%. George Jones-ish voice &
absolutely peerless backing. BOTH Randy
Kohrs and Rob Ickes on dobro, Pat Flynn
on guitar & Aubrey Haney on fiddle etc.
Bonson, Joe Love Train Top voice. Backed by his group
Coffee Run this is almost a definitive
country meets bluegrass mix.
Boone, Larry One Way to Go $20 (great!)
Boone, Larry Swingin' Doors Sawdust Floors $20 Inc. his
original version (he wrote it) of the George
Strait smash "Beyond the Blue Neon"
Boxcar Willie King of the Freight Train (inc. the fabulous
"Song of Songs", a duet with Willie)
BR549 BR549 (the telephone cover)
Brennan, Walter Old Shep (same as the lbum "Dutchman's
Gold". Includes "Life Gets Tee-jus")
Brennan, Walter Old Rivers/Twas the Night Before
Christmas 2 on 1. $25 Collectors Choice.
21 tracks.
Brooks & Dunn Greatest Hits II $20
Brooks & Dunn Steers & Stripes
Brown, Junior 12 Shades of Brown $20
Brown, Junior Guit With It $20
Brown, Junior Semi Crazy $20
Brown, Junior Long Walk Back $20
Brown, Marty Here's to the Honky Tonks
Brown, Marty High & Dry
Brown, Marty Cryin' Lovin' & leavin'
Brown, Marty Wild Kentucky Skies One of the modern
Hank Williams' influenced singers who
treads similar ground to the likes of Hank III & Wayne Hancock but with more
passionate ballads. First listed on Hightone
others on MCA prod. by Richard Bennett.
Brown, T. Graham Wine Into Water Big Ballads are his forte.
Similar deep voice to Travis Tritt.
Burleson, Ed The Cold Hard Truth $20 14 tracks of
exceptional modern Texas honky tonk. The
title track is not the George Jones' cover
but a fine Burleson original. Produced by
Texas legend, Tommy Alverson.
Burnett, T Bone T Bone Burnett (one of our all time
favourites which is basically T Bone &
Jerry Douglas on dobro. Minimalist other
accompaniment. 2 Douglas instrumentals
Burns, Brian Angels & Outlaws $20 As Texas as you can
get. Inc. duet with Terry Allen. 15 tracks.
Burrito Deluxe The Whole Enchilada (Flying Burrito Bros.
offshoot with Garth Hudson, Sneaky Pete
& excellent vocalist Carlton Moody)

Carpenter, Mary-Chapin ** most titles in bargain bin
Carter Family Country Music Hall of Fame 16 tracks
from post Victor period includes "Hello
Stranger" and "Dixie Darling" A++
Carter, Carlene Hindsight 20/20 $20
Carter, Carlene I Fell in Love
Carter, Carlene Little Love Letters
Carter, Carlene Little Acts of Treason
Cash, Rosanne Interiors (expanded version 4 new tracks)
Cash, Rosanne Seven Year Ache (exp. 2 new tracks)
Cash. Rosanne King's Record Shop (Exp. 3 new tracks)
Cash, Rosanne Very Best (16 track expanded version)
Cash, Rosanne The Country Side
Chatwell, J R Jammin' with J R (inc. Willie)
Chesney, Kenny When the Sun Goes Down $20
Chesney, Kenny Be As You Are $20
Chesney, Kenny In My Wildest Dreams $20
Chesney, Kenny The Road & the Radio $20
Chesnutt, Mark What a Way to Live
Chesnutt, Mark Thank God For Believers
Chesnutt, Mark I Don't Want to Miss a Thing
Chesnutt, Mark Wings
Chesnutt, Mark Longnecks & Short Stories
Chesnutt, Mark Too Cold at Home $20
Chesnutt, Mark Almost Goodbye (The best pure countrty
voice of the last 20 years)
Clark, Guy Dublin Blues
Clark, Terri How I Feel
Clark, Terri Pain to Kill $20
Clark, Terri Fearless
Clark, Terri Terri Clark
Clark, Terri Just the Same
Clark, Terri Life Goes On (latest)
Clement, Cowboy Jack Guess Things Happen That Way $20 inc.
last two recordings with Johnny Cash.
Cochran, Hank Livin' for a Song $20 Great songs
from one of Nashville's finest writers)
Coe, David Allan Country & Western (could this be the
definitive version of "Strawberry Roan"?
I'd say same for "Red Wing" but then I am
biased. Cowboy songs Coe style!!)
Coe, David Allan Recommended for Airplay $20 (title was
derived from new lyrics given to his XXX
rated radio friendly)
Conlee,John Best (includes some hard to get tracks
from his post MCA albums such as "Fellow
Travellers". 'River of Time" etc)
Cook, Elizabeth Hey Y'all .....her major label album.
Cook, Elizabeth This Side of the Moon (her post major
label independent)
Copas, Cowboy Tragic Tales of Love & Life 13 tracks
Crowell, Rodney Life is Messy
Crowell, Rodney Jewel of the South
Crowell, Rodney Fate's Right Hand $20
Crowell, Rodney Houston Kid $20
Cryner, Bobbie Girl of Your Dreams good!
Cyrus, Billy Ray It Won't Be the Last $10

Davis, Orville Barnburner ...not a bad indie from a guy
who has certainly been around the block.
Dead Ringer Band Homefires $15
Delbert & Glen Subject to Change (Delbert McClinton &
Glen Clark)
Dement, Iris My Life $20
Diamond Rio Greatest Hits
Dickerson, Deke Rhythm, Rhyme, Truth
Dickerson, Deke More Million Sellers (hillbilly to rockabilly)
Diffie, Joe Tougher Than Nails (latest)
Diffie, Joe A Thousand Winding Roads
Domino Kings Life & 20 14 great tracks. Reminiscent
of Mavericks & Derailers.
Eakes, Bobbie Something Beautiful $22 cd + dvd for
fans of the soapies!
Earle, Steve The Hard Way $20
Earle, Steve The Mountain $20 (w. Del Mccoury)
Earle, Steve Train A-Comin' $20
Edwards, Don Songs of the Trail
Edwards, Don Going Back To Texas
Edwards, Don Last of the Troubadours 2cds $28 Excellent
collection. The best cowboy singer since
Marty Robbins in his prime. Believe it!
Edwards, Stoney Best:Poor Folks Stick Together $20 Last
copies. 20 track retrospective from the
man who was vocally reminiscent of Merle
Haggard & Lefty Frizzell. Classic.
Elliott, Ramblin Jack The Long Ride
England, Tyler Highways & Dance Halls This was a real
surprise. Despite being produced by Garth
it was full on country with excellent songs.
Evans, Dale Sweetheart of the West
Evans, Sara Real Fine Place $20
Evans, Sara Restless
Fairchild, Shelley Ride $10
Faucett, Dawnett Taking My Time Like a countrier version
of Reba when Reba was country. Step One.
Fender/Jiminez Dos Amigos $20 Freddy & Flaco are just
superb on this traditional offering. Flaco is
the greatest and most versatile Tex-Mex
musician ever!
Flores, Rosie Rockabilly Filly $20
Foster, Radney This World We Live In $20 Brand new
2006 release on Dualtone is a fine followup
to his Unplugged effort from last year. This new
album features Waddy Wachtel on guitar and Kim
Richey on vocals.
Friedman, Kinky Mayhem Aforethought $20 65 minutes!
Gatlin, Larry Sings Family Gospel Favourites .. with the
great harmonies of the Gatlin Brothers.
Gill, Vince The Key $20 Perfection in every way.
Classic songs, arrangements, everything.
Gimble, Johnny Case of the Gimbles ...jazzy
Goodman, Steve Words You Can Dance To
Gosdin, Vern Chiselled in Stone $20 As fine a vocalist
as George Jones at his best but George
never made an album as good as this. You
almost need a review scale. 5 out of 5 or
10 out of 10 is still not enough for this gem
Gregory, Clinton Music & Me
Gregory, Clinton If It Weren't for Country Music
Gregory, Clinton Freeborn Man
Gregory, Clinton Master of Illusion
Gregory, Clinton Clinton Gregory
In an overview of his career Nashville's
harshest critic, Robert Oermann said:
"There is no justice. If there were, Clinton
Gregory would be playing on a level
playing field with Doug Stone, Mark
Chesnutt, Randy Travis and the rest of his
country music peers. At his best he brings
Vern Gosdin to mind". First 4 are from the
great indies label, Step One. Last from
Mercury. First 2 Step One are essential.
Griffith, Nanci From a Distance: Very Best of the MCA
Years $22 22 tracks.
Griffith, Nanci Other Voices/Other Rooms $20
Hacienda Brothers Hacienda Brothers Chris Gaffney & Dave
Gonzalez. Very rootsy!
Haggard, Merle 1994
Haggard, Merle 1996
Haggard, Merle Roots Volume 1 $20
Haggard, Merle Blue Jungle
Haggard, Merle What a Friend We Have in Jesus (retitle of
"Songs for the Mama Who Tried")
Haggard, Merle If I Could Only Fly $20
Haggard, Merle I'm a Lonesome Fugitive/ Branded Man$22
Haggard, Merle Strangers/Swinging Doors $22
Haggard, Merle Sing Me Back Home/ Legend of Bonnie &
Clyde $22
Haggard, Merle Hag/Someday We'll Look Back $22
Hanna-McEuen Hanna McEuen Jamie & Jonathan, sons of
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band alumni remind of
Foster & Lloyd at their very best. Nice.
Harris, Emmylou Singin' With Emmylou 1
Harris, Emmylou Singin' With Emmylou 2 Both feature a
collection of her best duets.
Harris, Emmylou Spyboy $20
Harris, Emmylou Wrecking Ball $20 ...yuppie delight
Harris, Emmylou Cowgirl's Prayer
Hay, Erin The Circle $20 very few left 'cause all who
hear it buy it. No exceptions.
Hayden, Rodney Living the Good Life Excellent Texan!
Hazlewood, Lee Poet Fool or Bum/Back on the Street Again
$22 Two albums (from'71 & '73) on the
one cd.
Henderson, Mike Country Music Made Me Do It Dwightish!
Herndon, Ray Livin' the Dream fine indie includes super
version of "Lovin' Her Was Easier" w. Jessi
Colter. Also duets Sonya Isaacs, Jon
Randall, Lyle Lovett, Clint Black.
Highwaymen Road Goes on Forever $20 (expanded)
Hillma, Chris Like a Hurricane $20 Jerry Douglas guests
Hillman/Pederson Way Out West $22
Hubbard, Ray Wylie Lost Train of Thought
Hubbard, Ray Wylie Eternal & Lowdown $20
Ingram, Jack Live Wherever You Are $20
Ingram, Jack Live at Adairs $20
Jackson, Alan Drive $20
*Note...we have most of his in bargain
bin. Most are more than recommended.
Jackson, Wanda Heart Trouble $20
Jennings, Shooter Put the O Back in Country $20
Jennings, Waylon Too Dumb for New York City
Jennings, Waylon Hangin' Tough
Jennings, Waylon The Eagle $20
Jones, George High-Tech Redneck
Jones, George I Lived to Tell It All
Jones, George Anniversary: Ten Years of Hits $20
Jones, George Together Again (with Tammy)
Jones, George One (with Tammy)
Jones, George If Don't Get Any Better Than This $20
Jones, George Walls Can Fall
Jones, George The Rock:Stone Cold Country
Jones, George And Along Came Jones
Jones, George Bradley Barn Sessions
Jones, George Cold Hard Truth $20
Jones, George Definitive Collection 1955-1962 $20
Jones, Zona Harleys & Horses $20 Excellent indie
Judds Love Can Build a Bridge
Judds Greatest Hits
Judds Greatest Hits Vol 2
Judds Wynonna & Naomi
Judds Reunion Live $28 2cds. Bring the Kleenex.
This features Wynonna's solo hits too.
Judds Why Not Me
Judds Rockin' With the Rhythm
Kane, Keiran Dead Reckoning
Kaukonen, Jorma Blue Country Heart $22
Keeble, Billy The Real Me $22 As real as it gets
Kendall, Jeannie Jeannie Kendall $20
Kendalls Best Of Country Gospel $20
Kennedy, Ray What a Way to Live
Kennedy, Ray Guitar Man $20 **hard to get. Features
"No Way Jose"
Kentucky Headhunters Soul (latest)
Kershaw, Sammy The Definitive Collection $20
Kershaw, Sammy Hits Chapter One
King, Claude Very Best $20 All original CBS recordings.
King, Jill Jillbilly $20 With the risk of sounding
repetitive there are relatively few great
female independent cds when compared
to the blokes. Jill is one of the best. Think
Becky Hobbs & Danni Leigh for comparison
Lots of fine up-tempo songs. Great sound.
Kirchen, Bill Have Guitar Will Travel
Kirchen, Bill Raise a Ruckus
Knight, Chris Pretty Good Guy
Knight, Chris Jealous Kind
Lambert, Miranda Kerosene Fine major label release.
Larry The Cable Guy The Right to Bare Arms ....funniest of the
redneck comedians
Lawrence, Tracy Then & Now:The Hits Collection 17 tracks!
Ledoux, Chris Anthology Volume 1 $20 20 tracks
Ledoux, Chris 20 Originals: The Early Years $20 Ace!
Ledoux, Chris Best
Lee, Albert That's All Right Mama $20 The picker's
picker. This has a stack of his countriest
tracks. Great stuff. Nice package.
Leigh, Danni 29 Nights ....a female Dwight!!
Little Big Town The Road to Here
Lonestar Coming Home (latest)
Lonestar Lonely Grill
Lonestar Let's Be Us Again
Louvin, Charlie 50 Years of Making Music $20 Duets album
which is tops. "This Darn Pen" is arguably
the best ever Willie Nelson duet, whilst
"Country Boy's Dream" has the unusual
coupling of Waylon & George Jones.
Louvin Brothers Keep You Eyes on Jesus
Louvin Brothers Sing & Play Their Current Hits
Louvin Brothers Country Love Ballads
Loveless, Patty Mountain Soul $20 Gem of gems!
Loveless, Patty On Your Way Home $22 cd + dvd (great)
Loveless, Patty Honky Tonk Angel ** Note we have most
of Patty's albums in the bargain bin.
Loveless, Patty Bluegrass & White Snow
Lovett, Lyle I Love Everybody **others also
Lynn, Loretta Peace in the Valley
Lynn, Loretta Hymns
Lynn, Loretta Van Lear Rose $20
Lynn, Loretta Sings Patsy Cline's Favorites
Lynn, Loretta Definitive Collection $22 25 tracks
Lynn, Loretta All Time Gospel Favourites $20
Lynne, Shelby Epic Recordings
Lynne, Shelby Temptation

McBride, Martina Emotion
McBride, Martina The Time Has Come
McBride, Martina Greatest Hits $20
McBride, Martina Wild Angels
McBride, Martina The Way That I Am
McCarter, Jennifer Better Be Home Soon $20 Second album
by the delightful sisters. Great harmonies &
exceptional playing with Paul Franklin well
to the fore. The backing is largely acoustic.
An unqualified 10/10.
McClinton, Delbert One of the Fortunate Few
McClinton, Delbert Nothing Personal $20
McClinton, Delbert Ultimate Collection $20
McCoy, Charlie Out on a Limb (Step One) Harmonica.
McDaniel, Mel Greatest Hits (Capitol)
McEntire, Reba Whoever's in New England.... **we have a
stack of Reba in bargain bin.
McGraw, Tim Tim McGraw
McGraw, Tim And Dancehall Doctors $20
McGraw, Tim A Place in the Sun
McGraw, Tim Set the Circus Down
McGraw, Tim Live Like You Were Dying
Maddox, Rose The Moon is Rising (with John Jorgensen)
Long deleted gem from one of the all time
great vocalists.
Martin, Leland Simply Traditional $18
Mattea, Kathy Collection of Hits $20
Mattea, Kathy Right Out of Nowhere ...2005 release.
Mavericks Music for All Occasions
Mavericks What a Crying Shame
Mavericks From Hell to Paradise
Mellons, Ken Best Of $20 Only album on Curb so the
title is a bit of a misnomer but is a darn
fine album from a great singer, who is like
a younger Vern that is good.
Miller, Darnell Certified Country
Miller, Dean Platinum. Patchy album but with some
killer tracks. "Music Executive" is as good
as it gets. Roger would have loved it.
Moffatt, Katy Angel Town
Moffatt, Katy Hearts Gone Wild
Moffatt, Katy Evangeline Hotel $20
Moffatt, Katy Walkin' on the Moon
Moffatt, Katy Child Bride $20
Montgomery Gentry You Do Your Thing $20
Montgomery Gentry Tattoos & Scars $20
Montgomery Gentry Carrying On $20
Montgomery, John M Very Best $20
Montgomery, John M Love Songs
Montgomery, John M Letters from Home $20
Moorer, Alison The Hardest Part
Moorer, Alison Alabama Song $20
Moorer, Alison Miss Fortune
Morgan, Craig I Love It
Morgan, Craig My Kind of Livin'
Morgan, Lorrie Leave the Light On
Morgan, Lorrie Something in Red
Morgan, Lorrie My Heart
Morgan, Lorrie Watch Me
Morgan, Lorrie Show Me How if she's need instruction
Morgan, Lorrie Shakin' Things Up
Morgan, Lorrie War Paint
Morgan, Lorrie To Get to You: Greatest Hits
Morgan, Lorrie Greatest Hits
Morgan, Lorrie I Finally Found Someone (w. S.Kershaw)
Myles, Heather Sweet Talk & Good Lies
Myles, Heather Highways & Honk Tonks $20
Nelson, Rick Rick Sings Nelson/Rudy the Fifth $22
Nelson, Willie Farther Along: The Gospel Collection $20
Nelson, Willie Countryman .....his reggae collection...
10 years in the making!
Nelson, Willie Across the Borderline (with many guest
Nelson, Willie Country Favourites Willie Nelson Style.
Reissue of early Liberty album in which
Willie does his early interpretation of
country standards eg "Fraulein" 12 in all.
Nelson, Willie Crazy:The Demo Sessions
Nelson, Willie Essential RCA Recordings:Great songs.
Nesmith, Mike And the Hits Just Keep on Comin' $20 Top
album by the man from the Monkees. Has
him on acoustic and Red Rhodes on steel.
Includes his song "Different Drum".
Nelson, Willie Gospel Favourites formerly "Family Bible"
Nelson, Willie Greatest Hits & Some That Will Be
Nelson, Willie Great Divide
Nelson, Willie Healing Hands of Time
Nelson, Willie Honeysuckle Rose
Nelson, Willie How Great Thou Art
Nelson, Willie Just One Love $22
Nelson, Willie Me & the Drummer
Nelson, Willie Milk Cow Blues
Nelson, Willie Musical Anthology
Nelson, Willie Offenders Reunion
Nelson, Willie Phases & Stages
Nelson, Willie Run That By me One More Time
Nelson, Willie Shotgun Willie
Nelson, Willie Songs
Nelson, Willie Sound in Your Mind
Nelson, Willie Spirit $20
Nelson, Willie 6 Hours in Pedernales (w.Curtis Potter)
Nelson, Willie Stardust $20 (remastered)
Nelson, Willie Take it to the Limits (w. Waylon)
Nelson, Willie Teatro
Nichols, Joe Man With a Memory $20
Nichols, Joe Revelation $20
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Will the Circle Be Unbroken II $20
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Stars & Stripes Forever
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Welcome to Woody Creek.
Notorious Cherry bombs Notorious Cherry Bombs $20 The key
members are Vince Gill and Rodney Crowell
and the sum of their efforts often
surpasses the brilliance of their solo work
& not just on the brilliant "It's Hard to Kiss
the Lips That Chew Your Ass Out All Day
Long"..."Oklahoma Dust" and the Gill-Max
D Barnes co-write, "Heart of a Jealous
Man" are as good as it gets.

O'Hara, Jamie Rise Above It $20 (last copies) ex O'Kanes
O'Hara, Jamie Beautiful Obsession $20
Overstreet, Paul Love is Strong
Overstreet, Paul Heroes $20
Oxford, Vernon The Gospel Truth $20 Superb gospel album from one of the truest country vocalists.
Parnell, LeeRoy Back to the Well $22
Parsons, Gram Sacred Hearts & Fallen Angels 2cds $28
From International Submarine Band, to
Byrds to tragic solo artist. Great sound
from Rhino.
Parton, Dolly Bluegrass Album
Parton, Dolly Essential Vol 1
Parton, Dolly Essential Vol 2
Parton, Dolly Essential 2cds $28
Parton, Dolly Grass is Blue
Parton, Dolly Haloes & Horns
Parton, Dolly Heartsongs
Parton, Dolly HonkyTonk Angel (w. Kitty & Loretta)
Parton, Dolly Hungry Again
Parton, Dolly Just Because I'm a Woman (expanded)
Parton, Dolly Little Sparrow
Parton, Dolly Live & Well 2cds
Parton, Dolly RCA Country Legends
Parton, Dolly Something Special
Parton, Dolly Those Were the Days
Parton, Dolly Ultimate
Parton, Dolly White LimozeenParton, Dolly
Paycheck, Johnny Real Mr Heartache: The Little Darlin' Years
$22 (CMF) Could be the best country
reisssue ever...come to think of it, it is!!
Paycheck, Johnny Soul & Edge $20
Payne, Waylon The Drifter (Jerry Lee in "Walk the Line")
Pederson, Herb Southwest (excellent 1976 album)
Perry, Keith Keith Perry ...excellent vocalist who looks
& sounds like the late great Keith Whitley.
Pierce, Webb King of the Honky Tonks (CMF) $20
PineValley Cosmon'ts Salute majesty of Bob Wills $20
PineValley Cosmon'ts Executioners Last Song
Pinmonkey Big Shiny Cars $20
Poco Bareback Sky (latest)
Prairie Oyster Everybody Knows $20
Prairie Oyster Different Kind of fire $20
Prairie Oyster Blue Plate Special $20 Excellent Canadian
group's best 3 albums. Lotsa twang!
Price, Ray 16 Biggest Hits $20
Price, Ray Time
Price, Ray Faith (gospel)
Prine, John Great Days Anthology 2cds $28 Even if you
have most of Prine's albums this is a must
as it takes the good tracks off the crap
albums, and let's face it he had a couple.
The sound is superb. Brilliant in fact and
with superb notes outlining the details of
each song. Simply put, the best compilation
of an artist's work you could get.
Prine, John In Spite of Ourselves $20 (duets)
Prine, John Aimless Love $20
Rabbitt, Eddie Jersey Boy exc. album with hit "On
Second Thought".
Randall, Jon Walking Among the Living
Rascal Flatts Feels Like Today
Raye, Collin Extremes (great; his best)
Raye, Collin Fearless (pre CBS recordings from his
pre Sony music days.
Reed, Jerry Live, Still !
Reed, Jerry Pickin'
Reno, Jamie All American Music (inc. duets with Suzy
Bogguss, Charley Pride etc.
Riders in Sky Davy Crockett: King of the Wild Frontier
Robbins, Marty What God Has Done Gospel
Robertson, Jack Honky Tonk Daze (great honky tonk album
on Step One with Buddy Emmons, Brent
Mason, Rob Hajacos etc. Ray Pennington
productions are always first class)
Robison, Bruce Country Sunshine
Rogers, Kenny Water & Bridges $20
Rodgers, Mike Honky Tonk Hitman $ indie from
resident at legendary Tootsie's.
Rogers,Roy King of the Cowboys $20 Coll.Choice.
Ronstadt/Harris Western Wall Sessions Linda & Emmylou
Rowan,Peter High Lonesome Cowboy $20 (w. the great
Don Edwards. Backing includes Tony Rice)
Rush, Merrilee Angel of the Morning $20 (w. Turnabouts)
Russell, Tom Box of Visions $20
Russell, Tom The Man from God Knows Where $20
Ruthie & Wranglers Life's Savings
Ruthie & Wranglers Wrangler City
Ryan, Tim Tried, True & Tested Michael Martin
Murphey style cowboy songs. Top drawer.
Sadler, Ssgt Barry Ballads of the Green Berets $25
Schneider, John Greatest Hits
Sahm, Doug Texas Rock for Country Rollers $22 Nothing
beats the chugging boogie of "You Can't
Hide a Redneck" or the country groove of
"Country groove"
Scott, Ray My Kind of Music $20
Sears, Dawn Nothin' But Good Cracking good album on
Decca. Not a bad song.
Seely, Jeannie Life's Highway (with the Posturepedics)
SheDaisy Fortune Tellers' Melody $20 no comment.
Silverstein, Shel Freakin' at the Freaker's Ball $25
Singletary, Daryle All Because Of You
Singletary, Daryle Ain't It the Truth (Great voice & songs)
Singletary, Daryle That's Why I Sing This Way $20 Covers
Skaggs, Ricky Solid Ground
Skaggs, Ricky Highways & Heartaches
Skeeters Easy for the Takin' $20 Excellent Waylon-i
-ish Outlaw style album. Excellent songs
Skinner, Jimmy 22 Greatest Hits
Smith, Carl Sixties Hits $25
Snider, Todd That Was Me 1994 -1998 18 tracks from
his deleted MCA Albums. Sovine, Red 20 Greatest All_Time Gospel Hits
Sovine, Red Perfect Match: Classic Songs of Hank
Springer, Roger Band Roger Springer Band $20 'Daddy Never
Has a chance in Hell" is only one of the
great tracks on this deleted gem.
Starr, Ringo Beaucoups of Blues Hard to believe Ringo did a country album let alone one this
good. Produced by Pete Drake & recorded
with the best of Nashville studio men.
Statler Brothers Home
Stewart, Wynn Very Best (with Jan Howard) $20
Stone, Doug Doug Stone
Strait, George We have virtually all at $18....a couple $20
Stuart, Marty Souls Chapel $20 2005 Gospel album
Stuart, Marty Badlands:Ballads of the Lakota Indians
Stuart, Marty Hillbilly Rock 2 different but top albums
Sumner, J D & Stamps Treasury of Memories w."OldMan death"
Supernaw, Doug Deep Thoughts From a Shallow Mind
Supernaw, Doug Red & The Rio Grande $20
Supernaw, Doug Fadin' Renegade $20
Supernaw, Doug You Still Got Me $20 All worthwhile and
all deleted! For fans of the likes of Keith
Whitely, George Jones & Gene Watson
Sylvia RCA Country Legends
Tall,Tom/Ginny Wright Are You Mine $22 (Bear Family
Talley, James Touchstones $20
Tashian, Barry & Holly At Home $20
Tassi, Madonna Man of My Dreams
Taylor, Chip Hit Man (Chip does all the songs he wrote
inc. "Wild Thing" & "Angel of the Morning")
Texas Tornados Hanging On By a Thread $20
Thompson, Hank And Friends $20
Thompson, Hank Signature Series
Thompson, Hank My Personal Favourites $20 2005 release
is as it says, Hank doing songs he has
never done before. "That's What I Like
About the South" is particularly good
whilst as a bonus we get 3 tracks recorded
1952 on Grand Ol Opry with intro. by Hank
Wiilams & some humorous banter by the 2.
Tillis, Mel Best of the Columbia Yrs $25 (Coll.Choice)
Tillis, Pam It's All Relative: Tillis Sings Tillis Easily
the best album of Pam's career featuring
songs of her dad, Mel Tillis. Excellent
production by Pam herself. Includes a duet
with Ray Benson("Honey Open the Door")
Tillman, Floyd Crazy Cajun Recordings $20 26 tcks.
Tobin, Karen Carolina Smokey Moon Very good album
prod. by Keith Steagall. Lots of dobro and
quite traditional. A little Emmylou-ish.
Tractors Tractors (first & best)
Travis, Randy Rise & Shine $20
Travis, Randy Passing Through $20
Travis, Randy Worship & Faith $22
Travis, Randy Inspirational Journey
Travis, Randy A Man Ain't Made of Stone
Travis, Randy No Holdin' Back
Travis, Randy Greatest Hits Volume One
Travis, Randy Always & Forever
Travis, Randy Heroes & Friends $20
Travis, Randy You & You Alone
Travis, Randy This Is Me
Travis, Randy Old 8 x 10
Travis, Randy Always & Forever $20
Trevino, Rick In my Dreams
Trick Pony On a Mission
Trick Pony R.I.D.E.
Tritt, Travis Country Club
Tritt, Travis Strong Enough
Tritt, Travis It's All About to Change
Tritt, Travis TROUBLE
Tritt, Travis Greatest Hits from the beginning $20
Tritt, Travis The Restless Kind
Tritt, Travis No More Looking Over My Shoulder
Tritt, Travis The Lovin' Side
Tritt, Travis My Honky Tonk History
Tucker, Tanya 16 Biggest Hits
Turner, Josh Long Black Train
Twain, Shania Up! (inc. Green Country & red pop version)
Twitty/Lynn 20 Greatest Hits $20
Two Tons of Steel Vegas Excellent Texas group with some
rockabilly roots. produced by Lloyd Maines.
Tyson, Ian Old Corrals & Sagebrush $20
Urquahart, Felicity My Life $20
Van Shelton, Ricky Wild Eyed Dream (gem!gem!gem!)
Van Shelton, Ricky Making Plans $20
Van Zandt, Townes Rear View Mirror $20
Vincent, Rhonda Written in the Stars
Vincent, Rick Wanted Man $20 Excellent album from
west coast artist which, like Suzy Bogguss'
first was produced by Wendy Waldman
Wagoner, Porter Essential $20
Wagoner/Parton Essential $20
Walker, Jerry Jeff Five Years Gone
Wallace, Roger The Lowdown
Wallace, Roger Hillbilly Heights $20
Walser, Don Here's to Country Music $20
Walser, Don Texas Top Hand $20 (in extremely poor
shape at the moment with little time left)
Wangford, Hank Best Foot Forward
Watson, B B Light at the End of the Tunnel (early 90s honky tonker includes the classic "Hank
Drank" plus the great "Good Intentions".
Watson, Doc Tradition $20 (24 tracks)
Watson, Gene Greatest Hits (Capitol)
Watson, Gene Best (MCA Recordings)
Watson, Gene Sings $20
Watson, Gene From the Heart 420
Wayne, Dallas I'm Your Biggest Fan $20
Wayne, Dallas Here I Am in Dallas $20
Wayne, Dallas Big thinkin' $20
Webb, Jerry If Eyes Could Talk Texas indie. Good.
Welch, Kevin Kevin Welch
Wells, Kitty Country Music Hall of Fame
West, Dottie Absolutely the Best
White, Joy Between Midnight & Hindsight
White, Joy Lynn Wild Love (two absolute crackers)
Whitley, Keith L.A. to Miami $20
Whitley, Keith Sad Songs & waltzes $20
Whitley, Keith Don't Close Your Eyes $20
Whitley, Dwight Brotherly Love (Trevor Chappell) $20
Wilburn Brothers Trouble's Back in Town:The Hits $20 (now
deleted cd from UK with 18 hits including
duets with Webb Pierce & Ernest Tubb)
Williams, Hank Jnr all Warner Brothers cds $18
Williams, Hank Jnr And Friends $18 His landmark album & the
last for Polygram.
Williams, Hank III Lovesick, Broke & Driftin' $20
Williams, Hank III Rising Outlaw $20
Willis, Kelly Easy
Willis, Kelly What I Deserve
Willis, Kelly Kelly Willis $20
Willis, Kelly Bang Bang $20 Latter two from her MCA
days. Former two on Ryko are more singer
songwriter, latter more straight country.
Wilson, Gretchen All Jacked Up Better by far that her over
hyped debut. In fact Heather Myles good!
Womack, LeeAnn There's More Where That Came From $20
We have a few with a bonus single not on
the full cd.....a couple of bucks more.
Womack, LeeAnn SomeThings I Know
Womack, LeeAnn I Hope You Dance
Woodys Telluride to Tennessee $20 Excellent
husband & wife duo with Gram Parsons
style songs & superb Everly style harmony.
Woody, Michael Listen to Me $20 Solo album which sees
Michael similar to Rodney Crowell style.
Wright, Chely Single White Female
Wright, Chely Let Me In
Wright, Chely Metropolitan Hotel $20
Wright, Chely right in the Middle of It $20 (w. Alligator
Wright, Curtis Curtis Wright Excellent singer & writer.
Reminds of Doug Stone with a touch of
Vince Gill in the vocal stakes.
Wylie & Wild West Way Out West
Wylie & Wild West Total Yodel
Wylie & Wild West Hooves of the Horses
Wylie & Wild West Paradise One of the best modern day
cowboy singers, Wylie Gustafson is also a
fine yodeller. Genuine Monana cowboy too!
Wynonna Scenes from a Lifetime 2cds 27 tracks.

Yates, Billy Billy Yates $20 Glorious debut on the
defunct Almo label. Includes his version of
"Choices", a hit for George Jones and the
ultra sad "Flowers".
Yoakam, Dwight Gone
Yoakam, Dwight Tomorrow's Sounds Today
Yoakam, Dwight Buenos Noches From a Lonely Room
Yoakam, Dwight Hillbilly Deluxe
Yoakam, Dwight Under the Covers
Yoakam, Dwight South Of Heaven West of Hell
Yoakam, Dwight This Time (with the glorious ballad trilogy
including "Try Not to Look So Pretty")
Yoakam, Dwight A Long time Gone
Young, Faron Complete Capitol Hits 2cds $35 Coll. Choice
label. 41 tracks. Great sound.

Various Artists

98.1 KVET Genuine Austin Gospel Music $20 Massive 22 tracks featuring latter generation Texas artists such as Pauline reese, Roger Creager, Jason Boland, Ricky Calmbach, Jamie Richards.
Appalachians:Companion to the Public Televison Series $20 22 tracks featuring vintage and modern artists.
Beverly Hillbillies Soundtrack $20 Classic songs done in great style by new artists and only on this cd. Ricky Van Shelton's "If You've Got the Money, I've Got the Time", Doug Supernaw's "Together Again" and Joe Diffie's "White Lightnin'" all great.
Bristol Sssions 2cds $28 last copies!! Ralph Peer's classic 1927 field recordings were the first organised country music project and featured first recordings of both the Carter Family & JimmieRodgers and 21 additional artists.
Cold Mountain Soundtrack Unashamed rip off of the "O Brother Where Art Thou" soundtrack but good to boot.
Dark Holler: Old Love Songs & Ballads $22 On Smithsonian and a must for old timey fans with a 26 track cd PLUS a dvd "The End of an Old Song" featuring Dillard Chandler
Earl Scruggs & Friends Earl Scruggs & Friends Elton John, John Fogerty, Dwigh tYoakam, Vince Gill etc all join the Banjo Man.
Elko: A Cowboy Gathering $25 2 cds from the 20th Annual Elko Festival featuring songs, story & poetry from a whole bunch of artsists as wide ranging as Tom Russell, Michael Martin Murphey, Ian Tyson, Waddie Mitchell, Red Steagall etc.
Folkways:A Vision Shared, a Tribute to Woody Guthrie &
For a Decade of Sin 2cds $25 42 tracks to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Bloodshot Records. As always Bloodshot compilations tend to be a little uneven but with the duet of Wayne Hancock & Hank Williams III on "Juke Joint Jumping" you have all the reason you need to get it.
Friends & Lovers:Songs of Bread an alt-country tribute to Bread which is surprisingly good & not weird in the slightest.
Get Hot or Go Home: Vintage RCA Rockabilly 56-59 (CMF) $22 33 tracks from the RCA archives featuring Joe Clay, Ric Cartey, Janis Martin, Early David Houston, Gordon Terry (who sadly died late April...if ever there was an unfulfilled talent it was he) etc.
Leadbelly $20 No longer available and all worthwhile though "Philadelphia Lawyer" by Willie and "Hobo's Lullaby" by Emmylou Harris are hard to beat on any album at any time or place.
Greetings from Tennessee $22 On Bear Family offshoot And More Bear, this features 25 tracks about the Volunteer State including Pee Wee King's legendary "Tennessee Waltz" , plus Rex Allen's "Tennessee Tears", Bobby Bare's "Long Way to Tennessee" etc.
Greetings from Hawaii $22 also on And More Bears 25 tracks about Hawaii including the atypical Hank Snow track "Hula Rock"
Hellbent- Insurgent Country Volume 2. Bloodshot records 17 tracks including Waco Bros, Robbie Fulks, Old 97s, Cornell Hurd.
Horse Whisperer Soundtrack. One of the best featuring exclusive tracks from George Strait, Dwight Yoakam, Emmylou Harris, Gillian Welch, Steve Earle & the original of Allison Moorer's "Soft Place to Fall".
Kindred Spirits:A Tribute to the Songs Of Johnny Cash $20 14 track tribute produced by & featuring Marty Stuart but also Bob Dylan, Dwight, Bob Dylan, Steve Earle & even Little Richard.
Mad Dogs & Oakies Compiled by former Joe Cocker sideman Jamie Oldaker, this features 16 tracks not found on other albums. The contributors include Willie Nelson, Vince Gill, Ray Benson, J J Cale, the legendary Willis Alan Ramsay and Bonnie Bramlett
Mama's Hungry Eyes: Tribute to Merle Haggard $20 This is the major label tribute to Merle. The cd below. 'Tulare Dust" is the independent tribute. Both are equally fine. The highlights are Clint Black's eerily Haggard-like vocal on "Take a Lot of Pride in What I Am", Vince Gill's superb version of one of my personal favourite Haggard songs in "Farmer's Daughter" plus the REAL Emmylou Harris showing her best form on the title track. 13 tracks in all. A great selection of artists also includes Randy Travis, Radney Foster, a duet of John Anderson & Marty Stuart plus a great version of "Tonight the Bottle Let me Down" by Brooks & Dunn.
Maverick Soundtrack Had lots of cameos in the movie and those artists are mainly those featured here: Waylon, Hal Ketchum, Carlene Carter, Clint Black, Tracy Lawrence etc. Only on this cd!
Should Have Been Hits 20 tracks that were on the Little Darlin' label and so features stablemates of Johnny Paycheck when at his peak. Best known are Dugg Collins, Tommy Dee and Hoot Hester. I know, you'd hate to find out who the lesser known ones are! Have no fear the likes of Leb Brenson ("Everything You Touch Turns to Hurt") and Jackie Frazier ("Jukebox Charlie") are pretty decent!
Ten in Texas 10 known and lesser known Texas artists doing songs of other Texans. Thus we have "Lone Star Beer & Bob Wills Music" (by Gary P Nunn) and The Grand Tour (by Dale Watson and a mighty pretty version to boot). All songs only on this cd.
Town South of Bakersfield I & II $20 2 albums on the one & basically an assemblage of artists who got a start playing at the famed California honky tonk, the Palomino Club. Includes first recordings of the likes of Lucinda Williams, Rosie Flores, Katy Moffatt, Jim Lauderdale, George Highfill, Jann Browne etc. One of the best compilations ever....that ain't gonna change.
Tribute to Tradition $20 All tracks exclusive to this and damn fine to boot. Best are Dixie Chicks "Stand By Your Man", Collin Raye's "Cold, Cold Heart", Alison Krauus' "Three Bells", Rick Trevino's "City Lights" and Randy Travis "Mama Tried".

Slightly weirder, folkier or whatever

Auld, Audrey Losing Faith
Auld, Audrey Texas $20
Bryndle Bryndle $20 (Wonderful harmonies from
Karla Bonoff, Kenny Edwards, Andrew Gold
& the fabulous Wendy Waldman.
Chapman, Marshall Mellowicious (brand new album)
Denny, Sandy Rendezvous $20
Dowd, Johnny Wrong Side of Memphis
Eaglesmith, Fred Dusty $20
Elliott, Ronny Magneto $20
Elliott, Ronny Valentine Roadkill $20
Elliott, Ronny Poisonville $20
Elliott, Ronny My Nerves are Bad Tonight $20
Elliott, Ronny Postcard from Jack $20
Elliott, Ronny Hep $20
Elliott, Ronny Loco Siempre $20
Elliott, Ronny Ronny Elliott & The Nationals $20 The
most literate singer songwriter of the
modern era who is largely unknown both
in and out of his homestate of Florida. A
voice reminiscent of Johnny Cash meets
Lou Reed and Leonard Cohen and with a
wonderful cynical humour.
Escovedo, Alejandro Those That Fall Between 18 tracker from
"No Depression" magazine's "Artist of the
Decade", which was deserved more by the
previous entry.
Fulks, Robbie Georgia Hard 2005 album. 15 tracks
Fulks, Robbie Very Best $20 "Parallel Bars" is agem
Gauthier, Mary Dixie Kitchen
Gauthier, Mary Drag Queens in Limousines
Gauthier, Mary Filth & Fire
Mary's dark tales see's her as the T S Elliott of her times. Brilliant!
Germino, Mark Rank & File Mark's "Rex Bob Lowenstein"
is possibly the best ever track about the
music industry, about a late night dj who
dares be different. He is also a fine story-
teller and this is his unplugged album. All
songs have a great twist none better than
on "Felix Tucker's Biggest Lie".
Hargrove, Linda One Woman's Life $20
Hearts & Flowers Now is the Time/ Of Horses, Kids etc $20
22 tracks from 2 albums by a formative
country rock group which included Bernie
Hendrix, Terri The Art of removing Wallpaper
Hendrix, Terri Live
Hillbilly Idol Hillbilly Idol Actually a trio of bluegrass
and country traditionalists. Pretty good.
Hinojosa, Tish A Heart Wide Open
Ian, Janis Society's Child:Unreleased Volume 3 $20
Koller, Fred The Night Before $20
Koller, Fred Songs from the Living Fred $20 Can't sing
to save his soul but fine writer who wrote a
lot with Shel Silverstein (even sings a lot
liek Shel)
Lafave, Jimmy Blue Nightfall $20
Lowe, Nick The Impossible Bird
Lowe, Nick Dig My Mood $20 Nicks' trilogy of folk
styled country with a little soul are just
brilliant. "Man That I've Become" , "True
Love Travels Down a Gravel Road", The
Beats in Me" etc are as good as it gets.
M'Carver, Kimberly Breathe the Moonlight
M'Carver, Kimberly Cross the Danger Line
McGhee, Wes Border Guitars $20
McGhee, Wes Heartache Avenue:Classic Recordings78-92
Previn, Dory In Search of Mythical Kings:The U.A.Years Excellent UK compilation of 21 tracks includes "Mary C Brown & the Hollywood Sign", "20 Mile Zone", "Yada Yada Lascala", "Stone for Bessie Smith", "Mythical Kings & Iguanas" etc. I know she's a folky but so what!
Olney, David Omar's Blues
Olney, David Illegal Cargo $22
Olney, David The Wheel
Owen, Gwil Magnetic Heaven (nashville songwriter
with tracks on a lot of bloodshot comps.)
Ringenberg, Jason Empire Builders
Smith, Darden Field of crows

Few Bluegrass-y things

Blake, Norm/Nancy Back Home in Sulphur Springs $20 Strict
duet setting superbly recorded. The finest
proponents of old time country music.
Bowman, Ronnie It's Getting Better All the Time Wonderful
singer who could have had a career similar
to Ricky Skaggs in the 80s in that he has
strong country leanings. Fine writer too &
delightfully recorded. Andy Hall is great on
dobro. Wyatt Rice is fine on guitar.
Bush, Sam King of My World Mandolin man who must
have worms...the bastard never keeps still.
Clements, Vassar Livin' With the Blues $20 Fine album which
was sadly his last. Is joined by lots of blues
artists inc. Bob Brozman, Charlie
Musselwhite, Roy Rogers (slide man) etc/
Clements, Vassar Full Circle $20 with guests inc. Ricky
(bet that is a surprise), Peter Rowan, Jim & Jesse, plus Nitty Gritty Dirt Banders.
Flatt & Scruggs Foggy Mountain Gospel 2cds with 52 tracks
compiled from their Columbia recordings. A
lot of tthe tracks were only on singles.
Flatt & Scruggs Don't Get Above Your Raising $20 perfect
15 track intro to their peak Columbia work.
Flynn, Pat Request Fine guitar picker & vocalist
Gadd, Pam The Long Road $20 (Fine vocalist right up there with Rhonda Vincent & co. Former
member of the group "Wild Rose")
Grapelli/Clements Together at Last A natural progression
given Vassar was a little jazzy so why not
with the jazziest of them all. Nice steel
from Doug Jernigan/guitar Davis Causey.
Grascals Grascals ...modern bluegrass with leanings
to country on a few tracks. Terry Eldredge
is one of the finest bluegrass vocalists. He
does a wonderful job on "Lonely Street".
Gray, J T It's About Time ...owner of Station Inn
Nashville's bluegrass hangout, famed for
both the talent and darkness...hope he can
now spring for a few lights. Good cd!
Greencards Weather & Water $20
Howard, Randy I Rest My Case Champion fiddler who
succumbed to cancer, sadly before this was
released. Guests include Jerry Douglas,
Brian Sutton etc. Vocals by Don Rigsby & Carl Jackson.
King Wilkie Broke (new traditionalist)
Krauss, Alison Lonely Runs Both Ways $20
Krauss, Alison I've Got That Old feeling $20
Krauss, Alison So Long So Wrong $20
Krauss, Alison Now That I've Found You:The Collection$20
Krauss, Alison Forget About It $20
Krauss, Alison New Favorite $20
Lane, Shawn All for Today Jerry Douglas & Rob Ickes!!
Lauderdale, Jim Lost in the Lonesome Pines $20 w. Ralph
Stanley....with the Clinch Mountain Boys
Lauderdale, Jim I Feel Like Singing Today (as per previous)
Lewis, Laurie Seeing Things
McEuen, John Roundtrip Live in LA Now expanded to 20
tracks. Inc. Jonathan McEuen on assists.
McReynolds,Jesse A Tribute to Brother Duets (w. Charles
Whitstein). With both losing their "other"
brother this was a natural union.
McReynolds, Jesse New Horizons Mandolin picking and
surviving brother from Jim & Jesse.
Martin, Benny Big Tiger Roars Again
Martin, Benny Big tiger Roars Again Part II. Both are a
fine legacy for the fiddler & vocalist. His
very deep and almost tuneful voice is in
contrast to guests such as Alison Krauss,
Crystal Gayle, Ricky Skaggs etc. Good!
May, Tim Find My Way Back Guitar picker!
NashvilleBluegrassBand Twenty Year Blues Veteran group with
core members Stuart Duncan & Pat Enright.
A couple of nice gospel harmony songs.
Nickel Creek Why Should the Fire Die $20
O'Connor, Mark New Nashville Cats
O'Connor, Mark Thirty Year retrospective 2cds $25 with
Chris Thile:mandolin, Brian Sutton:guitar
O'Connor, Mark Fanfare for the Volunteer
O'Connor, Mark Appalachia Waltz (Edgar Meyer/Yo YoMa)
Open Road Lucky Drive (Rounder)
Peterson, David Howling Blue Winds (with 1946) Right in
the Bill Monroe 1946 style. Done very well.
Reams/Hensley Barons of Bluegrass (James & Walter)
Reno/Smiley Talk of the Town 24 track Starday $22
Reno/Smiley 16 Greatest Gospel Hits
Rigsby, Don The Midnight Call (Sugar Hill) great vocals.
Scott, Wayne This Weary Way (Darrell Scott's dad) Great cd
with guests including Tim O'Brien & Guy Clark.
Scruggs, Earl I Saw the Light (post Lester Flatt)
Sewell, Keith Love Is a Journey
Skaggs, Ricky History of the Future $20
Skaggs, Ricky Live at the Charleston Music Hall $20
Smith, Kenny/Amanda Always Never Enough
Smith, Valerie Patchwork Heart
Smith, Valerie Turtle Wings fine true voice.
Stanley, Ralph Great High Mountain (Rebel) 14 tracks
Stanley, Ralph Echoes of Stanley Bros (24 tracks)
Stanley, Ralph Over the Sunset Hill
Stanley, Ralph Cry from the Cross $20 (with Skaggs &
Whitley...he's the one in the horn rims)
Stanley, Ralph Clinch Mountain Sweethearts $22
Stanley, Ralph I'll Answer the Call $20
Stanley, Ralph Live at McCabe's Guitar Shop $20
Stanley, Ralph Ralph Stanley (T Bone Burnett prod.)
Stanley, Ralph Very best
Stanley, Ralph 50th Anniversary Collection 25 tracks
Stanley, Ralph Shine On $20 (latest on Rebel)
Stanley, Ralph II Carrying On
Stanley Brothers An Evening Long Ago $20
Stanley Brothers I'll Meet You in Church Sunday Morning
Stanley Brothers Essential Gospel Masters $20 (18 tracks)
Stanley Brothers Angel Band: Classic Mercury
Stanley Brothers Earliest recordings 1947-1952 $20
Stanley Brothers 16 Greatest Hits
Sullivan,Jerry/Tammy Joyful Noise (CMF) delightful driving
bluegrass gospel. Marty Stuart mandolin.
3 Fox Drive Listen to the Music
Vincent, Rhonda One Step Ahead $20
White, Roland Trying to get to You (former mandolin
man with Nashville Bluegrass Band as well
as brother of the legendary Clarence)
Wildfire Roll of the Chains

Bluegrass Hits $15 Twenty track sampler

30 Dobro Classics Nashville Dobros
O Mickey Where Art Thou ....bluegrass album of Disney songs with great pickers including Randy Kohrs, Aubrey Haynie & former
session guitarist Mark Casstevens. Vocal guests include Collin Raye, Elizabeth Cook etc. There are some break-neck instrumentals.

Books (hardcover unless noted)

Johnny Cash - The Autobiography $25
Steve Earle - Hardcore Troubadour:The Life & Near-Death of Steve Earle $28
George Jones - Why Baby Why $20 (soft cover)
Willie Nelson - The Facts of Life& Other Dirty Jokes $25
Roy Orbison - Only the Lonely:The Roy Orbison Story (10th Anniversary Special Edition) $25 (soft cover)



Review courtesy Terry the K. I had this played over the phone to me from Texas & I concur fully!!

FRANKIE MILLER - Family Man $32
The new Frankie Miller cd is one of the best cd's released for a long time. Here we have the chance to hear a cd that is 100% country from one of the legends of country music..I first heard of Frankie through Starday records in the 60's and he was spoken about in the same breath as Hank Williams....Sadly he turned his back on the music business to spend his time with his lovely wife Ann and their two daughters...He worked for a local car company where he was the service manager...In the 90's through some music friends and some fans (me included) we got him interested in music again and now we can't keep him away for it...still only in his early seventies he still has the VOICE that is so familar to country music lovers...This cd "Family Man" traces back to a lot of his hit records on the Starday label.."Blackland Farmer" & :Family Man" were two of his biggest hits..."Just Two Lips Away" is a great duet with the multi-talented Leona Williams..there are two great T T Hall songs "Old Side Of Town" & "I Flew Over Our House Last Night".. and Tom's brother Hillman wrote another track "Don't Tell Ruby Where I'm At" which is close to being my favourite song on the cd..There are fourteen great songs on the cd and being produced by the great Justin Trevino the sound and quality are "Out Of This World"  which also is a track on the cd..This cd is a must for all us country nuts 10 out of 10 on this one

All the best

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