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As this is going to be one of the longest newsletters I have ever put out you get spared the pre-news rant; space considerations being what they are. Try something new. Recommendations have nothing to do with anything other than introducing a new artist to someone who may be inclined to only go for the "CMT" brigade. Believe it or not the best country music never makes it to CMT.

Postage: 1 cd $2/ 2 cds $3/ 3-4 cds $5 Zone rates apply after this.
1 dvd $4 2/3 dvds $5 Registered or express on request.

dvd Bob Wills - "Still Swingin' 100th Anniversary Special Edition
2dvds $40 Now, if this isn't great value I don't know what is. A massive 5 and a bit hours. It includes the Asleep at the Wheel/ Red Steagall documentary featuring extensive interviews with just about all the ex-Playboys who were alive at the time, including Eldon Shamblin who acted as road manager as well as rhythm guitarist during Bob's peak period. Then there are all the Bob Wills' Telescription films featuring guests such as the Queen of the Yodellers, Carolina Cotten. Then there are all the famous swing tunes for which Bob and the Playboys are so famous. It is apparent that Bob was a wonderfully charismatic stage performer who loved the limelight. He has an almost Mohammed Ali "I am the greatest" aura about him. Not to be missed. I still haven't gone all the way though the second dvd.....the first one is just so good.

dvd Tom Russell - "Hearts on the Line"$35 This excellent dvd combines interviews with live performances. All full songs including 6 that aren't on his albums plus 9 Russell tributes. He is accompanied by the excellent Andrew Hardin on acoustic guitar and harmony vocals. The setting is a spectacular rail journey through Canada which Russell undertook during 2004. Also features brief appearances by the Hot Club of Cowtown and Kristi Rose. Tom is an excellent live performer who is captured at his best on this dvd.

Hank Cochran - "Heart of Hank Cochran" $28
One of Nashville's greatest ever songwriters and an excellent performer who first gained fame as one of the Cochran Brothers (with Eddie relation). This cd collects the 12 songs on his 1968 Monument album and adds 3 songs.

Billy Dee When the Vow Breaks $32 Second cd from Billy Dee is a total gem; even better than his first. Billy is also a member of Dale Watson's band (on bass guitar) and not only looks a little like, but also sounds a little like, the great Dallas Wayne, indeed a (well deserved) compliment. This is top drawer honky tonk music superbly played and sung. Check out the band for starters: Red Volkaert on lead guitar, Ricky Davis (Dale Watson) on steel, Floyd Domino on piano, Jason Roberts (Asleep at the Wheel on fiddle) etc. But it is the songs that get me. "Paper Sack" is the best...better make that arguably the best as every one's a winner baby. "Paper Sack" is special and reminds of "Bottle, Bottle" a classic where an inanimate object is given human qualities. In this case we get a lively shuffle in which he keeps his gal's memory "right here in this paper sack" and every night he takes a sip or two to bring it back. There is also the marital mayhem classic "When the Vow Breaks". This album is as politically incorrect as you can get. Power to the people. Twelve of the 13 songs are Billy Dee (Donahue) originals with the exception being the Mack Vickery/Wayne Kemp (via Johnny Paycheck) classic "Only Hell My Mama Raised". Classic stuff indeed.

Kinky Friedman - Mayhem Aforethought $30 Recorded during Kinky's Californian tour in 1973 at a San Francisco radio station with a group that includes Billy Swan as one of its members. As we would expect we get a lot of Kinky's irreverent humour at his best and some of the versions are significantly different than we'd expect. All songs are by Kinky except Red River Dave's "Amelia Earhardt's Last Flight" and Billy Swan's "Lover Please" (written for Clyde McPhatter when Billy was only 16). There are 14 songs and over an hour's playing time. Worth it for the patter if nothing else, though the high standard of the recording and performances are very rewarding.

Butch Hancock - Diamond Hill $32 Reissue of Butch's 1980 album with production by Butch & Lloyd Maines, then a member of the Maines' Brothers band. Maines has obviously beefed up the sound and this is probably the least folky of Butch's albums but also possibly his most Dylanesque as well. Butch is a strange character when it comes to issuing his own albums. They come & go with regularity and at the moment it seems he is starting a new release campaign. Also available at this time are "West Texas Waltzes & Dust Blown Tractor Tunes" and the latter release "You Coulda Walked Around the World", which sounded remarkably similar in style (to "West Texas Waltzes").

Chris Hillman - Other Side $32 Latest from Chris features a couple of reprises from his time with the Byrds and Manassis as well as some new songs which are folky styled but show Chris is still a major force. Since the demise of the Desert Rose Band, Chris has interspersed a solo career with a duet career with ex Dillards member, Herb Pederson, most notably the exceptional "Bakersfield Bound". This new album features Herb on harmony vocals as well as Sally Van Meter on dobro, Skip Edwards on accordion and ex DRB member Bill Bryson on bass. The album opens with a version of "Eight Miles High" with some spooky fiddle and psychedelic dobro. Sally Van Meter (ex "Blue Rose") may be by default the best female dobro player around but she can hold her own in any company. Chris sticks to his first instrument, the mandolin throughout. Several songs have a religious flavour about them. Nice stuff.

Hoyle Brothers - "Back to the Door" $32 They aren't really brothers and they come from the unlikely centre of Chicago but they capture the essence of honky tonk music extremely well. The non country sounding Jacques Judy has an excellent voice whilst musically Brian Wilkie on steel guitar is an absolute standout. They mostly sing originals mostly written by lead vocalist Judy but do an excellent cover of Eddie Noack's ode to excess drinking, "Relief is Just a A Swallow Away". "Trucker's Life is an excellent new truckin' song, as is "Truck Attack" whilst the album concludes with a fine steel guitar based instrumental.

Kentucky Headhunters - Big Boss Man $30. They aren't still around? The answer is yes they are and indeed are still making f sounds not dissimilar to when they were at their prime. No originals this time just down south jukin' versions of well known mainly country songs. An insipid version of "Like a Rolling Stone" is the only failure whilst the biggest successes are probably "Walkin' After Midnight" (a very groovy version), a bluesy "Made In Japan", and a pedal to the metal version of the Beatles' "I'm Down". Are they still of any relevance? I won't even attempt to answer that.

Anthology Series These were out a few years back and the label folded. It has now been reactivated and the first lot of releases made available once more. All have over 20 tracks and are well compiled. Thus far we have:
1) Lacy J Dalton $32 (includes "Working Class Man"!)
2) Charly McClain $40 2cds
3) Dave & Sugar $32
4) Sweethearts of the Rodeo $32
5) Tanya & LaCosta Tucker $32

Candye Kane - White Trash Girl $32 Classic cover. Former "art house" movie star is witty, bluesy and raunchy; looks are not deceiving. She has wide appeal with a great live act that is not for the faint of heart. More on the bluesy side this outing.

Jerry Reed - Live $30 Brand new live album with an emphasis on vocal work though he lets rip with some of his trademark guitar.

Gene Watson - Then & Now $32 First ever self produced album and on Koch Records this time round. He is complimented by some
top dollar musicians including Pig Robbins on piano and Hoot Hester on fiddle. It is good to see he has brought Bobby All, from his days on Step One, to do some tasty things on acoustic guitar. If you needed some reminder of his vocal prowess go to "I Didn't Think of You at All", a song by Texan Roger Brown. He also reprises a few songs from his albums including a new version of the great "Back in the Fire". 13 tracks in all.

Billy Yates - "Harmony Man" $32 I actually had the pleasure of meeting Billy in the early 90s. He was working on an album for Curb Records. It never came out. He later worked on an album for Sony Nashville; it never came out either, even though it was completed and sounded darn good. Adam Harvey had a hit with the Yates song, "The House That Jack Built" and his version was very close to the unreleased Billy version. He had one album out on the Almo label. Darn fine stuff too, with his superb version of "Choices" and the pitifully sad "Flowers". Highly praised and deservedly so, but something else happened. The label went out of business. So Billy took the next step and set up MOD (my own damn) label. He sells his cds, tours England quite regularly and writes great songs, many of which find their way onto major label albums. Nice work, if you can get it! This new cd collects 13 new Yates tracks and as always it is right up there. Love songs, honky tonkers and a little quirkiness here and there make for another winner from Billy.

Billy Keeble - The Real Me $32 It gives me extreme comfort that many will be excited over this release. Texan Billy Keeble is that demi-God (no relation to Demi Moore)..the truly independent artist who keeps alive the traditions of great country music. He is not going to win a Brad Pitt look-a-like contest but a George Jones fan is going to find him a joy to listen to. Produced by another great indie talent in Curt Ryle this is probably Billy's 5th album (one a Christmas album) and is right up there with his best. This is two step & shuffle time. "When She Does Me Right (She Does Me Wrong)" features some tasty Glen Duncan fiddle. That song and two others are by Chuck Cusimano. "Please Sing Silver Wings Again" is an ode to the Haggard song and concerns the impending departure of his beloved. "Appearing at a Honky Tonk Near You" has some classic genre specific references. He does an admirable take on the Haggard song "If I'd Left It Up to You" and the last of 13 songs is duet with the fabulous Leona Williams on "I'm So Afraid of Losing You". To me one of the incongruities of life is that there are those out there who lament they can't find "real country music" anymore yet wouldn't take a chance on Billy Keeble. I'd only say they mustn't be real fans. To the real fans this is as good as it is ever gonna get.

Bobby Flores - Too Many Rivers $32 This is the 3rd album Bobby has had out in his own right but he is starting to become the fiddler for all seasons with his stellar work on Amber Digby's superb album plus the likes of Jake Hooker, Curtis Potter, etc. He also plays guitar on this album and is more than adept. A little swing and some Texas dancehall music are typical of his style. The album is full of covers which are well chosen as they are not the ones we usually hear. As an example he opens with Justin Tubb's excellent "Big Shoes". If ever there was an artist and writer who deserved greater recognition it is certainly Justin Tubb.

Dugg Collins - Looking Back -1969 / 1977 $25/$30 Obviously spelling is not one of Dugg's best points (or his parents I suppose) but making good traditional style George Joneish country music is certainly a lot stronger. There is a certain shortness about these; 7 tracks on first and 10 on the second but it is classic Texas honky Tonk. We can expect more. Great version of "Little Ole Wine Drinker Me".

Texas Swing Kings - The Texas Swing Kings are on the Air$32 "Live Set" is a bit of an Austin institution and over the years we have had some gems released on cd including the debut albums of Wayne"The Train" Hancock and the Derailers. There are 13 tracks featuring the fiddling skills of Howard Kalish, the mandolin of Paul Glasse, and twin guitar sounds of Gary Hartman & Mike Landschoot. As such the album is probably closer to that of Hot Club of Cowtown and anyone who likes that group will be tickled with this. They do not just do the best known Western swing tracks either and that's what keeps it interesting (Australia's Feral Swing Katz please take note!). A couple of Grapelli style instrumentals keep things rolling nicely.

Wendy Waldman - Love Has Got Me $25
Gypsy Symphony$25
Wendy Waldman $25
The Main Refrain $25
Strange Company $25
These Collectors Choice reissues of Wendy's Warner Brothers recordings mark the first time they have been on cd. Perhaps best remembered in country circles as producer of Suzy Bogguss' wonderful "Somewhere Between" album, Wendy had a style which was probably closest to Linda Ronstadt at the time, though she certainly had a little Maria Muldaur in her as well and perhaps a touch of Rickie Lee Jones & Emmylou Harris. She was also responsible the songs as well. Rolling Stone magazine called her the "Female Singer Songwriter of the Year". She is not country per se but nowadays would be classified as Americana.

Marti Brom - "Sings Heartache Numbers" $32 Whereas her prior albums have been mainly rockabilly styled, this is very much a country album with the songs each having a number in their title, hence the album title. Track One is "One Way Ticket to the Blues"; track 2, "Alone at a Table for Two" etcetera through to track 13; "Thirteen Steps Away". Produced by the great Justin Trevino, this album features most of the fine pickers who made last years's award winning "Here's to the Honky Tonk"(Amber Digby) so memorable. The interplay between steel man Dickey Overby and fiddler Bobby Flores continues to set standards we wouldn't believe were possible in 2005. Levi Mullen, a fabulous singer and guitarist is another fine band member. Not a dud track. The full track listing is:
One Way Ticket to the Blues /Alone a a Table for Two /Three Hearts Later/Four Walls/ Five Fingers to Spare/ Whiskey Six Years Old/ Seven Lonely Days/ Eight Weeks in a Barroom/
Apartment #9/ Ten MinutesTill Heartaches/ A-11/ The Twelfth of Never/ Thirteen Steps Away. Strong Album of Year Contender.

June Carter Cash - "Keep on the Sunnyside:Her Life in Music" 2cds $45 This is an attractive package, presented in an embossed autograph book style and with extensive notes by Holly George Warren. This cd covers parts of her entire career. In her early days she was portrayed as comedienne on the Grand Ol Opry, often working with the likes of Homer & Jethro as well as performing with the extended Carter Family and her sisters Anita and Helen. She was also married to Carl Smith (their daughter is the somewhat rebellious Carlene Carter). From this period is the fabulous "JukeBox Blues" which almost has a rockabilly feel about it (Ma Kettle meets Janis Martin) as well as an excellent duet with Carl on "Love Oh Crazy Love". As a career retrospective it works well though I think a full cd of her work with the Carter Sisters would be certainly welcome. They could have put more than 40 tracks on this set but I guess it leaves you wishing for more, which is pretty much all you can ask for.

Kevin Blake Willard - First Ten Years $30 Californian who has some nice tracks on this album. Close in style to the likes of Rick Shea who typify the LA sound.

Vicky Vann - Dream Catcher $30 This is one of those independent albums that has me shaking my head. The cover gives no indication of the content and looking at it you would almost think you were viewing the album of some diva of minimalist talent. Actually she has a different voice, which is strong and suits the varied material which gets stronger as you get through the album. Vocally she is a little like Dolly meets LeeAnn Womack with an added huskiness. "White Lies & Picket Fences" would have been an ideal song for Reba in her "Whoever's in New England" days. Regrettably the notes do not give musician credits as they are pretty darn tight. She covers a lot of different styles and is excellent on the shuffle "You Must Think My Heart Had Swinging Doors". This is major label quality. Pity about the cover.

Mike Bella - Lost in the Shuffle $32 4th album from a Nashville artist with a very strong following. Strange thing about Mike is that every album has a different appearance. I just hope he doesn't mug me at any time as I don't think I'd be able to rceognise him. The title track is from Monty Holmes, "Love Lives On" by Roger Springer and apart from 2 other songs of recent vintage most of the rest are well chosen, not overly familiar covers including a great gospel song "When Jesus Calls His Children In" (by Buck Owens & Red Simpson).

Miss Leslie - "Honky Tonk Revival" $32 Miss Leslie (& Her Juke Jointers) are the best female honky tonkers in years and so good is this group you'd think the opener, "I'll Be Gone Tonight" was straight off a long lost Charline Arthur album. Leslie has a great voice with a similar timbre to the likes Bobbie Cryner and Connie Smith for lack of a better comparison. There is a seamless mix of originals and covers; I guarantee the only way to differentiate is to look at the credits. Most of the originals are written by one Jake Jenkins as co-writes with Miss Leslie (Lindley). Ray Lindley (brother or husband?) is responsible for an instrumental, 'Bobo's Boogie", which is as good as any you'd ever hear by the Buckaroos or Strangers. Also the covers are well chosen, most having a certain obscurity inbuilt in them. The hitherto unheard of, but fabulous, Damian O'Grady contributes some terrific piano throughout whilst Leslie herself is pretty darn good on fiddle. 7 originals and 6 covers. I believe I've found the album of the year. Maybe that will get her to crack a smile. Amber Digby in 2004 and Miss Leslie in 2005! "So you've never seen the inside of a it everything you'd expect it to be" And more!!!

Durwood Haddock - I Remember Jenny Lou Carson $32 Durwood is a great character. Resides in Telephone, Texas. He has written many songs over the years but his biggest success came with the standard "There She Goes" (or "There He Goes", whoever you've heard doing it). Whilst the fabulous Cindy Walker will always be the queen of country songwriters Jenny Lou Carson could certainly run with her a fair way down the straight. Durwood has a gentle style and plays all instruments on this. The songs are all classics: "Jealous Heart", "Let Me Go Lover", "I'll Trade All of My Tomorrows", "Don't Rob Another Man's Castle" etc 12 in all.

Wayne Horsburgh - "Can You Hear Those Pioneers" $32 New album from Aussie yodeller is released on the Jasmine label out of the UK. As always his yodelling workouts such as "Rockinover River" grab the attention. 20 tracks including pop standards, cowboy classics and a few oddities.

Jackson Taylor Band - "Easy Lovin' Stranger" $30 Not only does the Cosmic Cowboy reckon Jackson Taylor is the best thing since sliced bread he is prepared to throw in English Muffins, focacia and croutons to cover all bases. Sounding like a younger version of Billy Joe Shaver but with a style somewhat reminiscent of Waylon with decidedly honky tonk bunch of songs this is true Texas barroom music. Original songs such as "Whiskey", "Tear Me Down" and the title track merge well with covers of Willie Nelson and Hank Williams Jnr. He's a productive little devil also, this being probably his 6th album in 5 years. "Outlaw" is a fine compilation of his first 3 albums ($32), for those that may have missed out on the way.

Kevin Johnson - "The Best" $32 How good are Australian record companies! There are no Kevin Johnson albums available in Australia, despite he being one of the best we have ever had with quite a few hits to boot. This is on Repertoire from Germany with a healthy 78minutes + playing time and 20 tracks. Some of his best known tracks are missing but it is still fine value.

Anne Murray - "All of Me" 2cds $45 Cd one is new recordings of pop standards including "Dream a Little Dream of Me", "Twilight Time", "My Buddy" etc and cd two collects 16 of her greatest hits.

Sons of Pioneers - "My Saddle Pals & I" $55 Proper Box set. 4 cds & 100 tracks. New, slightly smaller box is much more attractive package than previous Proper boxes. Includes several of the delightful Farr Brothers instrumentals.

Chris Wall (back in stock)
Any Saturday Night In Texas $28
Cowboy Nation $28
Honky Tonk Heart $28
No Sweat $28
Just Another Place $32
We also still have a few copies of "Tainted Angel" @ $20 in our bargain bin. The best singer-songwriter from Texas since Jerry Jeff Walker, who has had great success covering many of Chris' fine songs including "I Feel Like Hank Williams Tonight" as well as the much loved :Trashy Women". Grab the lot!!!

Bill Anderson - Way I Feel $32 New album from Bill, which will not go down as one of his best. There are 2 duets: "Chip Chip" (with Rustie Blue) and "Whiskey Lullaby" (with someone called "Kenzie"), which was a recent hit for the combo of Brad Paisley and Alison Krauss. For fans only.

McCoury, Del - Company We Keep $32 Brand new album from the man who must be the new King of Bluegrass following Jimmy Martin's recent parting. "Never Grow Up Boy" is a nice autobiographical piece. His hot band includes sons Ronny & Rob on mandolin & banjo respectively along with fiddler Jason Carter.

Jeannie Kendall - All the Girls I Am $32 Despite a slightly worrying cover this is a pretty good follow up to her self titled album though overall I believe the more bluegrass leanings on the earlier album are more the real Jeannie. There are some slightly smooth touches but nothing to worry about. jeannie is in fine voice and her distinctive vibrato shines through particularly effectively on "Your Picture, Your Pillow & Me" and "Shouldn't Still Shake Me Like You Do", probably closest to the earlier album.

Billy Walker - "Columbia Hits" $32 Excellent 20 tracker from Koch features his classics such as "Charlie's Shoes", "Funny How Time Slips Away", "Cross the Brazos at Waco" etc. The Tall Texan often sounded similar to Marty Robbins and in many ways may have been overshadowed, but he had a great ability to select good material. "Down to My Last Cigarette" also shows him to be a fine writer.

Adam Carroll - "Far Away" $30 An unadorned folksy offering and first album in at least 3 years. Instrumentally this sometimes sounds like early Dylan. "Rice Birds" sounds so much like a Townes Van Zandt song I had to check the credits which reveals it is an original Adam Carroll song. Only complaint is a trivial one. Adam announces the name of each song before performing it. At least you know what you are listening to I suppose. All lyrics are included in the cd booklet and Terri Hendrix & Ray Wylie Hubbard add vocal assists.

Brian Setzer - Volume 1 Rockabilly Tribute to Sun Records $32 Brian Setzer, former Stray Cat rolls through 23 classic songs which will be forever associated with the Sun archives. "Real Wild Child" was also one of Johnny O'Keefe's first songs. There are a number of obscurities as well as some of the well known Sun songs.

George Strait - Somewhere Down in Texas $30 I stopped seriously listening to George Strait somewhere toward the end of the 90s when his albums just became too smooth. I always believe his late 80s and early 90s work was his best. Too much radio friendly fodder for the masses, no western swing, nothing much changed here. There are moments; "High Tone Woman" is a fine upbeat number co-written by Leslie Satcher & Tim Ryan (check out his excellent "Tried True & Tested"), but if you analyse it closely you will see there are 2 second solos galore but all within a too safe framework. "Good News Bad News", a duet with Lee Ann Womack is just laborious listening but is almost exciting compared to the next song "Oh, What a Perfect Day". Even a song called "Texas" has the excitement of a fresh cow pat. Help! "Ready for the End of the World" is worse. Do yourself a favour; if you don't have it get "Beyond the Blue Neon", one of the best (& exciting) country cds ever. A strong long black please.....

This Is Your Life $80 3 dvd set. Nostalgia kick #1 This is the US edition of the show as hosted by Ralph Edwards, who tends to be a little over the top on some of the early shows, but gets better as we roll along. A full list of guests is as follows. The shows date from the early 50s through to the 70s. To be honest this is one of the most rivetting dvds I have ever watched. Every show is good but I will confess to watching the Roy Rogers' episode as least 10 times and being moved on each occasion. This show from 1953 even includes a reunion with the original Sons of the Pioneers plus Pat Brady and Lloyd Perryman (but minus the then reclusive Bob Nolan). If you can watch this episode with a dry eye you are better than I am; but I'd seriously suggest you'd have some serious problems.
1) Roy Rogers 2) Johnny Cash 3) Laurel & Hardy 4) Milton Berle
5) Jayne Mansfield 6) Bobby Darin 7) Shirley Jones8) Duke Kahanemoku 9) Admiral Fuqua (commander of USS Arizona)
10)Karen & Richard Carpenter 11)Hanna Bloch Kohner (Holocaust survivor) 12)Vincent Price 13)Boris Karloff 14)Bette Davis
15)Jesse Owens 16)Betty White (of Golden Girls)17)Lou Costello (very good & moving) 18)Dick Clark

Best of the Mickey Mouse Club $28 Nostalgia kick #2 113 minutes of Annette, Cubby, Bobby, Lonnie etc. Amicably led by Jimmy Dodd, this runs through all parts of the show that for many of us was the first thing we'd turn our familie's first ever television set to when we arrived home from school....maybe before we even went to school.

Mickey Gilley - Live from the Mickey Gilley Theatre cd+dvd $33 very good package with Gilley being in excellent form. He takes pleasure in taking the mickey (now that is appropriate) out of his famous cousins Jerry Lee Lewis and Jimmy Swaggert. He looks darn good too and in this 2004 concert looks little different to what he did in his hey day. Some of the show may be a tad smooth; well it is Branson and not the Broken Spoke but that is a minor criticism. He is in very fine form indeed. He is backed by a very fine band. It includes a good selection of hits as well as new songs. Can't help wondering if he has had a nip or a tuck...

98.1 KVET Genuine Austin Gospel Music $32 A long 22 track cd produced to benefit a children's hospital in Texas. What makes this cd a bit different from most gospel albums is the number of original recordings and also the scope of the participants, eg Roger Creager ("I Signed on For More"), Monte Warden ("Two Boards, Three Nails"), Jason Allen ("Meet Me Up There"), Jack Ingram ("Don't Cry for Me"), Mike McClure ("Hung Down Head"),
Jason Boland ("Can't Figure How") as well as Ricky Calmbach, Pauline Reese, Doug Moreland etc.

Calvin Russell - "Man in Full" cd + dvd $38 17 track cd + over an hour of live performances & clips on the dvd. Calvin is a West Texas artist who is an instituion in Europe, has had many albums released in France, owns a nightclub in Switzerland and has a Swiss wife. A troubled youth, some time in a Mexican jail and a chance meeting with a honcho from French label New Rose saw his career begin in earnest. He is sure to please the fans of the likes of Jimmy LaFave, Butch Hancock, Joe Ely etc and the dvd proves him to be an excellent live performer. His craggy looks, reminiscent of Tom Waits or Freddy Krueger, his strong voice and fine songs make for excellent listening.

Heybale - "Live from 1-A" $25 Scant packaging but fine content. This loose Texas bar band consists of Red Volkaert, Earl Poole Ball and Gary Claxton who all share lead vocals. They are supported by Kevin Smith on slap bass, Tom Lewis on drums and the late Jim Murphy on steel. Lots of musicwhich gives them space to work out. Red Volkaert is an amazing guitarist and is given full room.

dvd Chris Isaak - "Soundstage Live" $35 I saw Chris Isaak perform at the 2005 Rugby League Grand Final pre-entertainment and it was some of the best 30 seconds of the night. Mind you it was raining quite heavily at the time necessitaing a truncated version of the entertainment but Isaak had a certain presence about him that was in your face. A certain air of Elvis style arrogance makes for good viewing. His first ever dvd.

Other Recent Arrivals

1) New Grass Revival - Grass Roots:The Best of 2cds $40
2)Carter Sisters with Mother Maybelle & Chet Atkins $32 radio transcription.
3) Eliza Gilkyson - Paradise Hotel" $32 Several tracks have religious overtones.
4) JoDee Messina "Delicious Surprise" $32
5) Asylum Street Spankers - Strawberry: Bootleg Series #1 $30
6) Chip Taylor & Carrie Rodriguez "Red Dog Sun" $32
7) Flatt & Scruggs - Foggy Mountain Gospel 2cds $40

Bear Family News

**That'll Flat Git It Vol 22 $32
**That'll Flat Git It Vol 25 $32
These 2 cds both feature the hitherto unrepresented CBS rockabillies (unrepresented to Bear Family anyway). Some of these are on the US sets "Ain't I'm a Dog" and "Whistlebait" but these have more tracks on them and of course have Bear Family packaging. These 2 cds closely replicate a series of 3 lps that were issued on CBS/UK in the early 80s, in fact I can only see one or two tracks different. These 2 thirty trackers are superb. A lot of the CBS country artists put out rockabilly tracks and it is amazing how raw some of them were. Most notable country artists were Marty Robbins, Johnny Horton and Little Jimmy Dickens but they were more than matched by Jimmy Murphy ("Sixteen Tons Rock & Roll"), Bobby Lord ("No more, No more, No More"), songwriter Wayne Walker ("BoBo Ska Diddle Daddle") Maddox Brothers & Rose (the unequalled "Ugly & Slouchy" & "Death of Rock & Roll" etc). This is really rocabilly from a hillbilly perspective. 60 tracks over 2 cds that are as good as you could ever hear.

**Kinky Friedman - "They Ain't Making Jews Like Jesus Anymore" $35 deluxe digipak. Two Kinky albums on the one cd...."Kinky Friedman" (source of the title track) and "Lone Star from El Paso". The latter includes the rather tragic "Men's Room L.A." (with divine intervention from Ringo Starr). It also includes a song written but not recorded by Bob Dtlan in "Catfish" (about US baseballer Catfish Hunter). Lots of notes and photographs.

**Bob Wills - "Faded Love 1947-1973" 13 cds+dvd+136 page hard cover book. $500 Expensive set but Bear Family boxes are not for everyone. Still the cds clock in at 15 1/2 hours so again it certainly isn't chintzy. It includes his MGM recordings and subsequent recordings for Decca, Liberty, Longhorn & Kapp. There are some unissued gems though that will really excite. These consist of unissued recordings from the "For the Last Time" sessions, where guests were Merle Haggard and the Strangers. There was also a 1971 reunion session between Bob Wills & the Playboys" which featured Merle Haggard and the 20 tracks from this session are completely unissued. Includes the Bob Pinson discography. Bob was the chief researcher at the Country Music Foundation and was acknowledged as the number one Wills authority. I was fortunate enough to meet Bob & he indicated there was likely to be a Tiffany Transcriptions box which will dwarf the two already out!!!

**Johnnie & Jack - "And the Tennessee Mountain Boys" 6cds + book $210 As far as I'm aware this is the first Bear Family set that has been reissued. Johnnie Wright & Jack Anglin(both rugged & unrugged) were known for their wide ranging and often eccentric song choices, distinctive harmonies and great backing musicians such as Eddie Hill, Shot Jackson, Paul Warren and the likes of Benny Martin & Howdy Forrester on fiddle. Jack's brother Jim was writer of many of the songs they recorded. "Hank Williams Will Live Forever", arguably the best ever Hank Tribute song was in fact written by the Anglins and Johnnie Wright. Tragically the duo broke up only when Jack was killed when en route to Patsy Cline's funeral. There is a single cd out on Johnnie & Jack but as those who already have the box will attest, the big set is the only one!

Atomic Platter - Cold War Music from the Golden Age of Homeland Security 5 cds/dvd + 200 page book Now, doesn't Missy Higgins have a lot to worry about! Sure to be astronomically popular with 100 vintage Cold War songs plus a bunch of public service annoucements from the likes of Bob Hope, Groucho Marx, Mitzy Gaynor etc. The dvd consists of 9 bizarre civil defence anti Communism short films from the 50s and 60s. This one needs to be ordered!!

Due Soon (a lot will be in when you get this)

Wendell Adkins - Honky Tonkin' Texas Style $32 First ever cd from the man who sounded more like Waylon than Waylon but still had enough to stamp his own brand on things.

Charlie Louvin - And Friends $32 Reissue of the 50th Anniversary album which includes the sensational duet with Willie Nelson on "This Darn Pen" Other guests include Waylon. Charlie's last great album.

Jimmie Dale Gilmore - Come on Back $30 The oldies album from Jimmie Dale featuring songs from the likes of Ray Price, Johnny Cash, Hank Snow & Ernest Tubb all given the Jimmie Dale treatement.

David Allan Coe - "Penitentiary Blues" $32 Lps of this earliest Coe album have been known to change hands for $200 and above, so this first time cd release is likely to be highly sought especially since the vinyl used in many of the original lps had a quality that was roughly akin to road tar. Apart from the 10 tracks, all dealing with aspects of prison life the cd includes "How to Pull Time (and Parole)", a 20 page pamphlet written by Coe himself and a new essay by country historian, Colin Escott. With his sensational cd/dvd package, "The Sound and Mind of David Allan Coe", he is in line for artist of the year. The cover is going to feature a limited edition digipak replicating the original lp. Will also feature a new hand written introduction by Coe himself...gee, he'll get tired. "David Allan is what ever bubblegum Nashville country artist only dreams about being": Kid Rock

Dennis Locorriere - "Live in Concert" $35 DVD Doctor Hook were about the best live act I've ever seen; at least when they were in their heyday doing the best interpretations of the great songs of Shel Silverstein. It didn't matter if they were doing the pseudo tragic numbers such as "Sylvia's Mother" or "Cookie & Lila", or the brilliant comedy numbers such as "Cover of the Rolling Stone" or "The Millionaire". They were just superb. But regreattably they changed. Out went the Silverstein songs and in came the likes of "When You're in Love With a Beautiful Woman" and a horrible version of "Walk Right In". As the lead singer on most of their songs we are in effect getting a 2 hour Dr Hook dvd. Also includes interviews with Locorriere.

Eddy Arnold - "Sings the Hits" $35 DVD Eddy sings the hits from the early TV show, Eddy Arnold Time.

Chris Ledoux - "Anthology Vol 1" $32 20 tracker featuring a good selection of his hits including the previously unreleased track "Airborne Cowboy".

Hanna-McEuen - "Hanna McEuen " $28 Consider this an off shoot of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band with the sons of Jeff Hanna & John McEuen, Jaime & Jonathan respectively making their debut, although their appearance on "Will the Circle Be Unbroken Vol 3" was considered to be one of the highlights of both the cd and dvd.

Rodney Crowell - The Outsider $32 Follow up to the oustanding albums "Houston Kid" and "Fate's Right Hand" . Guests include Emmylou Harris who duets with Crowell on Bob Dylan's "Shelter from the Storm" , and the good news is they are considering a fully fledged duet album. Other guests include John Prine and Buddy & Julie Miller.

Trick Pony - R.I.D.E. $32 Long awaited 3rd album featuring 14 tracks. Comparisons to the likes of Highway 101 and Dwight Yoakam are quite appropriate. Incidentally the title is an abbreviation of Rebellious Individuals Delivering Entertainment. Sure to be popular.

Brooks & Dunn - Hillbilly Deluxe $30 Guests include Vince Gil land Sheryl Crow who are featured on a song by Rodney Crowell's cousin, Larry Willoughby, "Building Bridges". First time a B & D albums has been produced by Tony Brown.

Marty Stuart - Soul's Chapel (gospel) $32

Todd Snider - Best 1994-1998 $32 Features 17 tracks culled from his now deleted MCA albums plus a previously unreleased version of "Margaretaville". Best known perhaps for his tongue in cheek version of "Alright Guy".

Patty Loveless - Dreamin' My Dreams $32 Patty's last two albums "Mountain Soul" and "On Your Way Home" have been arguably her best yet with a return to traditional styled music. Will contain 14 tracks( 2 of them hidden). I look forward to her version of the best song ever to come from Steve Earle in "My Old Friend the Blues". Dwight Yoakam joins Patty on the old Delaney & Bonnie hit "Never Ending Song of Love". Incidentally Deight fans should look out for a cameo in the new comedy "Wedding Crashers".

DVD "American Experience: The Carter Family- Will the Circle Be Unbroken" $38 Features the PBS special. Not to be missed.


Please pre-order any of the titles that follow. Any of these that are preordered with any cd/dvd already out will be sent POST FREE.
1)Cory Morrow - Nothing Left to Hide
2)Dean Miller -Platinum (long awaited second album)Dean wrote 11 of the 12 songs. Dean is of course son of one of Nashville's greatest writers in the late Roger Miller.
3)Lonestar - Coming Home
4)Billy Joe Shaver - The Real Deal
5)Brad Paisley Time Well Wasted
6)Delbert McClinton - Cost of Living
7)Neal McCoy - That's Life
8)Michael Martin Murphey - Storm Over the Rangelands: Cowboy Songs Vol 5
9)Country Gospel Favourites 32 track collection from the Capitol
Records archives; features the best known artists from the label.
10)Les Paul & Friends - "American Made World Played" $32 Mainly for the rockers but since Les is still going strong at 90 years old it certainly will be something special.
11)Sawyer Brown - Mission Temple Fireworks Stand
12)Tanya Tucker- Live at Billy Bobs $40 dvd One of the best and sassiest live performers you could ever hope to see and this should be an absolute knockout. As all of the Billy Bobs dvds include in depth interviews with the artists it will be intriguing to hear what Tanya has to say.
13)Hank Williams III - Straight to Hell
14)Trisha Yearwood - Jasper County
15)Jerry Douglas - The Best Kept Secret $32with guest vocalists Alisom Krauss and John Fogerty
16)J D Sumner & the Stamps - Treasury of Memories. You ain't heard nothing till you heard J D do "Old Man Death" in his deepest bass voice.
17)Jon Randall - Walking Among the Living
18)Roseanne Cash expanded reissues: Seven Year Ache/ Interiors/ King's Record Shop
19)Clint Black - Drinking Songs & Other Logic
20)Bobby Bare - The Moon Was Blue First new album in 20 years from Bobby (not counting "Old Dogs" of course)is a collection of American standards and covers of his favorite songs.
21)Terri Clark - Life Goes On. Indications are this will be the most country tinged album since her self titled debut.
22) George Jones - "Hits I Missed and One I Didn't". Includes a duet with Dolly Parton on Hank Jnr's "Blues Man"
23) Peasall Sisters - "Home to You". Absolutely steal the show on the "Down from the Mountain" dvd.
24) Ron Sexsmith & Don Kerr - Destination unknown
25)Aaron Lines - "Waitin' on the Wonderful"
26)***SPOTLIGHT*** Katy Moffatt - "Up Close & Personal". Having seen Katy work an audience superbly when accompanied just by her own guitar I'd have to say this may be her best album yet. Tiny, with a huge voice and great skills on guitar.
27)Junior Brown - The Austin Experience. First live album from Junior, now on the Telarc label.
28)Gretchen Wilson - All Jacked Up. Second album which will have a duet with Merle Haggard on the interestingly titled "Politically Incorrect".
29)Tom Russell - Raw Vision 1984-1994
30) The Band - "A Musical History" 5cd + dvd
31) Cowboy Copas - "Signed Sealed & Delivered: The Essential Masters"
32) The Highwaymen - "The Road Goes on Forever -10th Anniversary Collection" cd+dvd. Is it that long since the THIRD Highwaymen album?!??!! Music soothes the savage beast. In a previous life I worked in the shipping industry and there was one captain I didn't see eye to eye. Don't know how it came up even but I was soon making him a tape of the first Highwaymen album. Needless to say Captain Mulcahy & I got on quite famously after that.
33) Creedence Clearwater Revival - "Live at Albert Hall" DVD.
34) Martina McBride - Timeless
35) Darden Smith - "Field of Crows"
36) Cledus T Judd - "Boogitty Boogitty: Tribute to Ray Stevens"
37) Cherryholmes - Cherryholmes ...bluegrass family album from group who currently back Rhonda Vincent.
38)Billy D Hunter - Country Souvenir
39)Leland Martin - "Leland Martin" $28 (includes great version of "Don't Forget to Remember" plus a nice duet w. Chalee Tennison.
40)John Williamson - Whiskey & The Highway . NOT THAT ONE. This is the brilliant Georgian singersongwriter, who made our top 10 with his first album. Great tales. A folky honky tonker.
Catherine Britt ?????? Destined to be 2006 (we hope)

Bear Family Reductions

I have a few excess Bear sets to requirements. All are still sealed. The normal retail price is in brackets:
Bonanza Lorne Greene & co 4cds $110 ($150)
Carter, Wilf Montana Slim 4cds $110 ($150)
Carter, Wilf Cowboy Songs 8 cds $180 ($270))
Gibson, Don 1966-69 4cds $110 ($150)
Jackson, Wanda Tears Will Be the Chaser for the Wine. (her
Capitol country albums) 8 cds $180 ($270)
Snow, Hank Singing Ranger V.1 4cds
one as traded @ $65 ($125)
Snow, Hank Yodelling Ranger 5 cds one as traded @ $90 ($180)

A Few Books

All are hard cover unless noted(p.b. = paper back). As far as postage goes be aware most books will attract a higher rate simply because they are so heavy.....a limiting factor in us not stocking more. There are some good ones and some are "one only" copies.

Daly, Jackie Tammy Wynette: A Daughter Recalls $18
Eliot, Marc To The Limit: Untold Story of the Eagles$25
Frizzell, Lefty The Honky Tonk Life of Country Music's
Greatest Singer $28 Only a few copies.
Deleted. He wasn't always that likeable!
Haggard, Merle My House of Memories- For the Record $25
Haslam, Gerald Workin' Man Blues: Country Music in
California $35 Hard to imagine a better
book. Covers Rose Maddox, Hag, Buck,
Wynn Stewart etc. Really knows subject!
Judd, Naomi Love Can Build A Bridge $25
Kemp, Mark Dixie Lullaby $25 All about Southern Rock
Lynyrd Skynyrd, Allman Brothers etc etc.
Lee, Brenda Little Miss Dynamite:The Life & Times of
Brenda Lee $28
Lomax, John III Red Desert Sky: The Amazing Adventures
of the Chambers Family p.b $18 signed by
Lynn, Loretta Still Woman Enough $20
Morgan, Lorrie Forever Yours, Faithfully $25 Pulls no
punches re her relationship with Keith
Whitley. Includes 4 track cd
Sgammato, Jo The Garth Brooks Story $18
Streissguth, Michael Eddy Arnold: Pioneer of the Nashville
Sound $30 Fabulous book. Well written &
Warner, Jay Just Walkin' in the Rain $25 True story of
Johnny Bragg & the Prisonaires.
Zimmer, Dave 4 Way Street: Crosby Stills Nash & Young
Reader pb. $25 Great anthology of articles
over the years & interviews, reviews etc.

Collector's Choice

Always on sale. A great US label, akin somewhat to Bear Family. Always the original tapes.

Amazing Rhythm Aces Stacked Deck/Too Stuffed Jump $25
Amazing Rhythm Aces Toucan Do It/ Burning Ballroom $25
Anderson, Lynn Greatest Hits $25 (all the GH albums
have 20-25 tracks)
Beau Brummels Bradley's Barn $20 (country rock)
Brennan, Walter Old Rivers/ Christmas 2on1 $25
Britt, Elton RCA Years $25
Brothers Four Brothers Four/BMOC $25
Brothers Four In Person/Cross Country $25
Brothers Four Sing Our Times/Honeywind Blows$25
Canova, Judy Ozark Nightingale $20
Cooley, Spade Spadedoodlin' $22
Dean, Jimmy Complete Columbia Hits & More $25
Duncan, Johnny It Couldn't Have Been Any Better $25
Elliott, Ramblin' Jack Bull Durham $20
Elliott, Ramblin' Jack Young Brigham $20
Evans, Dale Sweethearts of the West $20
Everly Brothers It's Everly Time $22
Everly Brothers A Date With $22
Everly Brothers Everly Brothers Now $22
Everly Brothers Instant Party $22
Everly Brothers Sing Great Country Hits $22
Everly Brothers Gone, Gone, Gone $22
Everly Brothers Rock 'n Soul $22
Everly Brothers Beat 'n Soul $22
Everly Brothers In Our Image $22
Everly Brothers Two Yanks in England $22
Everly Brothers The Sound of the Everly Brothers $22
Everly Brothers The Everly Brothers Sing $22
Everly Brothers Roots $22
Everly Brothers The Everly Brothers Show $22
Everly Brothers The New Album $22
Flint, Shelby Sings Folk/ Shelby Flint/ Cast
Your Fate to Wind 2cds $35
Gibson/Camp At the Gates of Horn $22
Glaser, Tompall & Glasers Best of $25 *Personal favourite
Hoosier Hot Shots Definitive 2cds $35
Houston, David Best $25
Husky, Ferlin Definitive Simon Crum $25
Jackson, Stonewall The Best $25
James, Sonny Columbia & Monument Hits $25
Lane, Christy Greatest Country Hits $25
Louvin, Charlie Greatest Hits $25
Mitchell Trio Alive (with John Denver) $20
Montana, Patsy Best $25
Rogers, Roy King of the Cowboys $20
Rowans Sibling Rivalry/Jubilation $25 2 on 1
Rush, Merrilee Angel of the Morning $25
Sadler, Sergeant Barry Ballad of the Green Berets $25
Sahm, Doug Groover's Paradise $22
Shea, Dorothy Park Avenue Hillbillies & West End
Cowboys $25 ....a dollar a track.
Silverstein, Shel Freakin' at the Freakers Ball $25
Smith, Carl Sixties Hits of Carl Smith $25
Starr, Lucille Side by Side/Lonely Street $25 One
on her own & one with Bob Regan.
Swan, Billy Greatest Hits $25
Tillis, Mel Columbia Hits $25
Tillman, Floyd Best $25
Tubb, Ernest Definitive Hits 2cds $35
V.A. Cowboy Crooners Sing Songs of the West 2cds $35
Weller, Freddy Very Best $25
Young, Faron Complete Capitol Hits 2cds $35

There are also extensive catalogue of 2 on 1 releases from Kingston Trio, Chad Mitchell Trio (inc. ones with John Denver), New Christy Minstrels, Joni James etc. In fact all the Collectors Choice catalogue is available at maximum $25 for single cds & $35 for doubles. If interested please let me know.


If you are looking for something but have been unable to find it then please let us know. We have great contacts. If we know what you are after we will let you know when we get it.

Alvin, Dave Songs of Dave Alvin 77-99 $35 2cds (from Bug Puublishing)
Bogguss, Suzy Simpatico (with Chet Atkins) $35
Browne, Jann It Only Hurts When I Laugh $25
Cryner, Bobbie Bobbie Cryner $25
Delray, Martin What Kind of Man $25
Dunn, Holly Across the Rio Grande $25
Jenkins Postcards from Sebastapol $30 never released cd + dvd
Kennedy, Ray Guitar Man $25
McCarter, Jennifer Better Be Home Soon $30 with the McCarters $30
Nelson, Willie In the Jailhouse Now/Brand on my Heart $28 (deleted)
Prine, John Songs of $35 2cds (from his publishers)
Randall, Jon Cold Coffee Morning $35 (never released)
Rhodes, Kimmie West Texas Heaven $25
Rich, Charlie Pictures & Paintings $25
Thompson, Hank Capitol Collectors Series $25
Wakely, Jimmy Vintage Collection $28
Watson, Gene Back in the Fire $45
Whitley, Keith Tribute Album $25
Williams, Tex Vintage Collection $28
Yates, Billy Billy Yates $25


Please remember some titles are very limited. If sending cheque or money order please list altrenates.
Dykes, Doyle Gitarre 2000 (fingerpicker)
Memphis Boys Memphis Boys (Reggie Young & friends)


Blue Highway Marbletown $20
Bonham, Glen Glen Bonham $20 ****Native American
who sings a la George Jones. Features
both Robb Ickes & Randy Kohrs****
Bradley, Dale Ann Send the Angels $20
Bush, Sam King of My World
Carter, Jason On the Move
Chapmans Simple Man ****Excellent song choices
inc. knockout version of Mike Dekle's
"The photograph". Dad + 3 sons.
Charles River Valley Boys Beatle Country ....last copies
Chatham County Line Route 23
Chatham County Line Chatham County Line
Chiavola, Kathy Labor of Love
Chiavola, Kathy The Harvest
Clements, Vassar Full Circle $20 (with many Guests)
Clements, Vassar Vassar's Jazz
Clements/Grapelli Together at Last $20
Clements, Vassar Livin' With the Blues $20
Cordle, Larry Murder on Music Road
Cordle, Larry Bluegrass Tribute to Lynyrd Skynyrd
Crowe, Josh Sincerely
Darrow, Chris Chris Darrow/Under My Own Disguise
Davies, Gail Live at Station Inn $22 A++
Davis, Brad This World Ain't No Child
Dillard, Doug Heartbreak Hotel 2 on 1
Dry Branch Fire Squad Live Newbury Port Firehouse 2cds $22
Earle, Steve The Mountain $20 (with Del McCoury)
Flatt & Scruggs Don't Get Above Your Raisin' $20
Flatt & Scruggs Mercury Years $20
Flatt, Lester RCA Country Legends
Flatt, Lester Essential (with Nashville Grass)
Fleck, Bela UFO Tofu
Fleck, Bela And the Flecktones
Fleck, Bela Three Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
Fleck, Bela Outbound
Fleck, Bela Left Of Cool
Fleck, Bela Tales from the Acoustic Planet
Fleck, Bela Flight of the Cosmic Hippo
Flynn, Pat Request (with Stuart Duncan/Fleck/Ickes)
Gadd, Pam The Long Road $20
Gadd, Pam Time of Our Lives $20
Gordons Family Bible $20
Gordons End of a Long Hard Day $20
Grascals Grascals
Ickes, Rob Big time $20
Jackson/Starling Spring Training $20
Johnson Mountain Boys Live at the Birchmore
Jim & Jesse First Sounds:The Capitol Years
Jones, Chris A Few Words:Best of the Originals
King, James The Bluegrass Storyteller $20
Krauss, Alison Live 2cds $22
Krauss, Alison Now That I've Found You $20
Krauss, Alison Lonely Runs Both Ways $20
Krauss, Alison Now That I Found You $20
Krauss, Alison New Favorite $20
Krauss, Alison So Long So Wrong $20
Krauss, Alison Forget About It $20
Lane, Shawn All for Today
Larkins Love I Think
Lauderdale/Stanley I Feel Like Singing Today (Jim & Ralph)
Lauderdale/Stanley Lost in the Lonesome Pines $20
Lawson, Doyle You Gotta Dig a Little Deeper
Leadbetter, Phil Slide Effects $20
Lewis, Laurie Seeing Things
Lewis, Laurie And Hger Bluegrass Pals
Lewis, Laurie Earth & Sky
Lewis, Laurie True Stories
Lewis, Laurie Singin' My Troubles Away
McEuen/Ibbitson Stories & Songs (Nitty Gritty Dirt Band)
McKenzie, Kate Let them Talk
McKenzie, Kate Age of Innocence
McReynolds/Whitstein A Tribute to Brother Duets (Jesse & Chas.)
McReynolds, Jesse New Horizons
Marshall/Thile Into the Cauldron (Mike & Chris)
Martin, Benny The Big Tiger Roars Again
Martin, Benny Big Tiger Roars Again Pt 2
Martin, Jimmy Don't Cry to Me
Martin, Jimmy King of Bluegrass
Martin, Jimmy Songs of a Freeborn Man
Moore, Nancy Local Flowers
Moore,Tiny/Jethro Burns Back to Back 2cds $25
Mountain Heart Force of Nature
Murphy, Jimmy Electricity $20
Nashville B'grass Band Twenty Year Blues
Nickel Creek This Side
Nixon, Michelle What More Should I Say
Northern Lights Harp & Hammer Dulcimer
Nugent, Alicia Alicia Nugent $20
O'Brien, Tim Two Journeys
O'Connor, Mark Thirty Year Retrospective 2cds $25
Old & in the Way Old & In the Way $20
Open Road Lucky Drive
Open Road In the Life
Osborne Brothers Collection:20 All time Favorites $20
Parton, Dolly The Grass is Blue $20
Parton, Dolly Little Sparrow $20
Parton, Dolly Haloes & Horns $20
Reno & Smiley Definitive 50s Masters $22
Reams/Hensley Barons of Bluegrass
Scott, Darrell Live in NYC (with Danny Thompson) $20
Scott, Darrell Family Tree
Scottsville Squirel Barkers BlueGrass Favorites (Chris Hillman)
Scruggs, Earl Classic Bluegrass Live 1959-1966 $20
Scruggs, Earl Essential 2cds $28
Scruggs, Earl His Family & Friends cd/dvd $22
Sizemore, Charlie In my View $20
Skaggs, Ricky Bluegrass Rules $22
Skaggs, Ricky BIG MON (Skaggs & Friends) $20
Skaggs, Ricky Ancient Tones $20
Skaggs, Ricky History of the Future $20
Smith, Kenny/Amanda Always Never Enough
Smith, Kenny/Amanda House Down the Block
Smith, Valerie Angel Wings
Smith, Valerie Patchwork Heart
Smith, Valerie No Summer Storm
Sparks, Larry 40 (with guests)
Sparks, Larry Special Delivery
Stanley, Ralph Great High Mountain $20
Stanley, Ralph Shine On $20 (latest 2005 album)
Stanley, Ralph Clinch Mountain Sweethearts $22
Stanley, Ralph Live at McCabe's Guitar Shop $20
Stanley, Ralph Over the Sunset Hill
Stanley, Ralph Very Best
Stanley, Ralph Cry from the Cross $20
Stanley, Ralph I'll Answer the Call $20
Stanley, Ralph Echoes of the Stanley Brothers $20
Stanley, Ralph Ralph Stanley (2003 T Bone Burnett prod.)
Stanley, Ralph 50th Anniversary Collection $20
Stanley, Ralph II Carrying On
Stanley Brothers I'll Meet You In Church on Sunday Morning
Stanley Brothers Comp. Rich-R-Tone Earliest Recordings $20
Stanley Brothers Essential Masters $20 (Varese)
Stanley Brothers Shadows of the Past $20
Stanley Brothers I'll Meet You in Church on Sunday)
Starling, John Waiting on a Southern Train
Stephenson, Larry Webco Classics
Stephenson, Larry Clinch Mountain Mystery
Stephenson, Larry Two Hearts on the Borderline
Stephenson, Larry On Fire
Thiele, Chris Deceiver
IIIrd Time Out Live at the Mac
IIIrd Time Out Back to the Mac
Merlefest Live: 15th Anniversary $20
Prestige Folklore Years Charles River Valley Boys/Keith & Rooney
Telluride Bluegrass Festival: 30th Anniversary
Tribute to Jimmy Martin: The King of Bluegrass (Koch)
Tribute to John Hartford: Live from Mountain Stage $20

Alternate Country (Incorporating female folky types)

Featured artists
**Dixie Kitchen $20
**Drag Queens in Limousines $20 **
**Filth & Fire $20 ** equal best albums.

*I play him all the time and invariably get asked who I am playing.
**Loco Siempre $20 (his group before becoming a solo artist)
**Ronny Elliott & the Nationals $20
**My Nerves Are Bad Tonight $20
**A Postcard from Jack $20
**Poisonville $20
**Magneto $20
**Hep $20
**Valentine Roadkill $20

Auld, Audrey Losing Faith
Blue Rodeo GreatestHits
Borges, Sarah Silver City
Campbell, Kate Sing Me Out
Campbell, Kate Songs from the Levee
Campbell, Kate The Portable $20
Chapman, Beth N. Hymns
Chapman, Beth N. Look
Charles, Bobby Secrets of the Heart
Corrigan, Candace The Love I'm In (nice one)
Craig, Cathryn Porch Songs
Deal, Kevin Kiss on the Breeze
Deal, Kevin The Lawless
Donovan, Barb Angelina
Earle, Stacey Simply Gearle
Earle, Stacey Never Gonna Let You Go 2cds $20
Escovedo, Alejandro Those That Fall Behind $20 18 tracks put
out by his publishing company. Some say
a flowery name....others the Godfather of
the alternate country movement.
Farris, Amy Anyway
Forbert, Steve Rock While I Can Rock: Geffen Years $20
Freund, Tom Copper Moon
Fulks, Robbie Very Best $20
Fulks, Robbie Georgia Hard $20
Fulks, Robbie 13 Hillbilly Giants
Gilkyson, Eliza Eliza Through the Looking Glass
Guthrie, Sarah Lee Exploration (wit hJohnny Irion)
Hearts & Flowers Now is the Time for (2 on 1)
Hendrix, Terri The Art of Removing Wallpaper
Hendrix, Terri Live
Hiatt, John Master of Disaster $20
Hiatt, John Crossing Muddy Waters
Hiatt, John Perfectly Good Guitar
Hinojosa, Tish A Heart Wide Open $20
Hinojosa, Tish Best of Watermelon Years 1991-1992 $20
Hinojosa, Tish Best of Live $20
Hinojosa, Tish Homeland
Hinojosa, Tish Sign of Truth
Ian, Janis Unreleased $20
Ian, Janis Unreleased 2 $20
Ian, Janis Unreleased 3 Societys Child $20
Koller, Fred Songs from the Night Before $20
Koller, Fred No Song Left to Sell $20
Koller, Fred Where the Fast Lane Ends $20
LaFave, Jimmy Blue Nighfall $20
Lowe, Nick Impossible Bird
Moore, Nancy These Are Real (Texas lady)
Olney, David Roses
Olney, David The Wheel
Olney, David Omar's Blues
Paul, Ellis American Jukebox Fables
Peters, Gretchen Gretchen Peters
Previn, Dory In Search of Mythical Kings (UA Years) $20
Russell, Calvin Rebel Radio $20
Russell, Calvin Sam $20
Welch, Gillian Time, The revelator $20
Welch, Gillian Hell among the Yearlings $20
Welch, Gillian Revival $20
Welch, Gillian Soul Journey $20
Zonn, Andrea Love Goes On

A Few $10 cds

(or 3/$25 Also inc. temp. reduced $10 cds in $18+ section )

Alexander, Jesse Honeysuckle Sweet
Andrews, Jessica Now
Berry, John Greatest Hits
Cantrell, Laura When The Roses Bloom Again
Canyon, George One Good Friend
Carter, Deana Story of My Life
Cartwright, Lionel I Watched It on the Radio
Cartwright, Lionel Chasin' The Sun
Daniels, Charlie Songs from the Longleaf Pines
Dennis, Wesley Wesley Dennis
Gattis, Keith Keith Gattis
Hayes, Wade Old Enough to Know Better
Hubbard, Ray Wylie Eternal Lowdown
Ian, Janis Breaking Silence
Ingram, Jack Electricity
Keen, Robert Earl Gravitational Forces
McCoy, Jason Honky tonk Sonatas
Metsa, Paul Texas in the Twilight
Miller, Buddy Cruel Moon
O'Connell, Maura Don't I Know
Prairie Oyster Blue plate Special
Raye, Collin Extremes
Roberts, Julie Julie Roberts
Rogers, Randy Rollercoaster
Rooney, Jim My Own Ignorant Way (famed producer..prine..Dement etc)
Sarstedt, Peter Very Best: Where Do You go To My Lovely
Sears, Dawn Nothing But Good
Sheppard, T G Timeless
Smith, Anthony If That Ain't Country
Tres Chicas Tres Chicas (Caitlin Cary & Co)
Vaughan, Stevie Ray Bug Songwriter Series (blues-boogie) 14 tracks,
Watson, dale Every Song I Write Is for You
Wilkinsons Nothing But Love
Willmon, Trent Trent Willmon (great cd)
Wilson, Gretchen Here for the Party
VA: Livin' Lovin & Losin' Tribute to the Louvin Brothers (superb)
Patriotic Country
Playing for Change Soundtrack
Totally Country Vol 4

All cds $18

unless otherwise noted.

Adkins, Trace Greatest Hits Vol 1
Adkins Trace Songs About Me $20
Alabama 20 # 1 Hits: Absolute Anthology
Allan, Gary It Would Be You
Allan, Gary See If I Care $20
Allen, Jason Wouldn't It Be Nice
Allen, Terry Juarez
Allen, Terry Salivation $20
Allen, Terry Silent Majority $22
Alvin, Dave Public Domain
Alvin, Dave Out in California
Anderson, John Anthology 2cds ****Fantastic 30 tracks.
Anderson, Keith Three Chord Country & American R & R
Anderson, Lynn The Bluegrass Sessions cd/dvd
Asleep at the Wheel Still Swingin' 3cd box $48
Asleep at the Wheel The Wheel Keeps On Rollin'
Autry, Gene The Essential 2cds $28
Autry, Gene An Introduction $20 27 tracks
Bad Bob Bad to the Bow
Bad Bob And His Good Friends
Ball, David Thinkin' Problem $20
Ball, David Amigo $20
Ball, David Play $20
Ball, David Freewheeler $20
Ball, David Starlite Lounge $20
Ball, Marcia Live! Down the Road $20
Ballew, Michael Rodeo Cool $20
Ballew, Michael No Pain $20
Bandy, Moe Greatest Hits (Curb)
Barnett, Mandy Many Barnett $20
Barnett, Mandy I've Got a Right to Cry $20
Beach Boys Stars & Stripes (the country duets album)
Bekka & Billy Bekka & Billy
Bel Airs Got Love
Bell, Knut Honkahillarockabilly ****Title says it all $20
Bentley, Dierks Dierks Bentley $20
Big Sandy Swingin' West
Big Sandy Presents the Fly-rite Boys
Blaker, Clay Welcome to the Wasteland
Blaker, Clay Rumor Town
Bogguss, Suzy Something Up My Sleeve
Bogguss, Suzy Suzy Bogguss
Bogguss, Suzy Aces
Bogguss, Suzy Moment of Truth (Reissue)
Bogguss, Suzy Somewhere Between $20
Boland, Jason Pearl Snaps
Boland, Jason Live at Billy Bobs $20
Boland, Jason Somewhere in the Middle $20 2004 release
Bonson, Joe Love Train (inc. "Jesus & Bartenders")
Bosworth, Libbi Libbiville
Bosworth, Libbi Outskirts of You
BR549 BR549 (phone cover album)
BR549 Tangled in the Pines
Brennan, Walter Old Shep
Brooks & Dunn Greatest Hits Collection II
Brown, Junior Semi Crazy $20
Brown, Junior 12 Shades of Brown $20
Brown, Junior Guit With It $20
Brown, Junior Greatest Hits $20 (no new tracks)
Brown, Junior Long Walk Back $20
Brown, Junior Mixed Bag $20
Brown, Marty High & Dry *********$10 to 31/8/05
Brown, Marty Cryin', Lovin' & Leavin'
Brown, Marty Wild Kentucky Skies ********$10 to 31/8/05
Brown, Marty Here's to the Honky Tonks
Brown, T Graham The Next Big Thing ****"Wine Into Water"
Bruce, Ed ThisOld Hat ****13 great tracks.
Buffett, Jimmy License to Chill $20
Buffett, Jimmy Meet Me in Margaritaville $30 2cds
Buffett, Jimmy You Had to Be There $30 2cds
Burleson, Ed The Cold Hard Truth $20 ***a true gem
Burnett, T Bone Self Titled (basically T Bone/Jerry Douglas)
Burns, Billy Don Heroes, Friends & Other Troubled Soul
Burns, Billy Don Train Called Lonesome
Burns, Brian Eagle & the Snake
Burton, Charlie Rustic Fixer Upper $20 ****Great, quirky
Butler/Mosby Family Affair $20
Byrd, Tracy Greatest Hits $20 (1999 18 tracks)
Byrd, Tracy Greatest Hits (2005 inc. 2 new tracks)
Campbell, Stacy Dean Ashes of an Old Love $20
Campbell, Stacy Dean Cottonwood
Capps, Brian Walk Through Walls (ex Domino Kings)
Carlson, Paulette Love Goes On $20
Carpenter, MaryC'pin State of the Heart
Carpenter, MaryC'pin Come on Come On
Carpenter, MaryC-pin Stones in the Road
Carpenter, MaryC-pin Party Doll & Other Favorites $20
Carpenter, MaryC-pin Between Here & Gone
Carter, Carlene I Fell in Love
Carter, Carlene Little Love Letters
Carter, Carlene Hindsight 20/20 $20
Carter, Carlene Little Acts of Treason
Carter Family RCA Country Legends
Carter Family An Introduction $20 (25 tracks)
Carter-Cash, June Wildwood Flower $20
Carter-Cash, June Press On
Cash, Johnny Songs of Our Soil
Cash, Johnny Water From the Wells of Home
Cash, Johnny Raged Old Flag
Cash, Johnny America
Cash, Johnny Carryin' On With June Carter
Cash, Johnny Cash Sings Cash
Cash, Johnny Live Recordings from Louisianna H'Ride$20
Cash, Johnny 16 Biggest Hits Vol II
Cash, Johnny Original Best Of (20 tracks CBS)
Cash, Johnny Mystery of Life
Cash, Johnny All Aboard the Blue Train
Cash, Johnny The Songs That Made Him Famous
Cash, Johnny Ride This Train
Cash, Johnny Now Ther3 Was a Song
Cash, Johnny Original Sun Sound
Cash, Johnny Songs of Our Soil
Cash, Johnny Hymns
Cash, Johnny Bitter Tears
Cash, Johnny Greatest
Cash, Johnny Unchained $20
Cash, Johnny Silver $20
Cash, Johnny Now Here's
Cash, Johnny Fabulous
Cash. Johnny Life
Cash, Johnny Live at Madison Square Garden $22
Cash, Johnny A Boy Named Sue & Other Story Songs
Cash, Johnny American III Solitary Man $20
Cash, Johnny Orange Blossom Special
Cash, Johnny TRIBUTE: Kindred Spirits
Cash, Rosanne Country Years
Charles, Ray Super Hits (his duets album "Friendship")
Chatwell, J R Jammin' with J R & Friends
Chesney, Kenny Be As You Are $20
Chesney, Kenny No Shoes, No Shirt & No Problems $20
Chesnutt, Mark Too Cold at Home $20
Chesnutt, Mark Wings
Chesnutt, Mark Almost Goodbye
Chesnutt, Mark Mark Chesnutt
Chesnutt, Mark What a Way to Live
Chesnutt, Mark I Don't Want to Miss a Thing
Chesnutt, Mark Longnecks & Short Stories
Chesnutt, Mark Thank God For Believers
Clark, Guy Dublin Blues $20
Clark, Terri Pain to Kill $20
Clark, Terri Terri Clark
Clark, Terri Fearless
Clement, Cowboy Jack Guess Things Happened That Way $20 a++
Cochran, Hank Living for a Song $20
Coe, David Allan Underground $22
Coffey, Kellie When You Lie Next to Me
Collie, Mark Hardin County Line
Collie, Mark Tennessee Plates
Collie, Mark Born & Raised in Black & White
Comeaux, Amie Moving Out
Commander Cody We've Got a Live One Here $22
Conlee, John Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus $20
Conlee, John Rose Coloured Glasses
Cook, Elizabeth This Side of the Moon $20 ****3rd album+
Cotter, Brad Patient Man
Cox, Ronny Acoustic Electricity
Creager, Roger Live Across Texas $20
Creager, Roger Long Way to Mexico
Crowell, Rodney Houston Kid $20
Crowell, Rodney Fate's Right Hand $20
Crowell, Rodney Jewel of the South
Crowell, Rodney Life Is Messy
Crowell, Rodney Keys to the Highway
Cryner, Bobbie Girl of Your Dreams
Currington, Billy Billy Currington
Cyrus, Billy Ray The Other Side ******$10 till 31/8/05
Dalton, Lacy j Last Wild Place $22
Daniels, Charlie The Roots Remain box set 3cds $48
Dave & Deke Combo Hollywood BarnDance $22
Davis, Mac Will Write Songs for Food
Dead Ringer Band HomeFires
Dean, Billy Let Them Be Little
Dement, Iris The Way I Should $20
Dement. Iris My Life $20
Denver, John Definitive All Time Greatest Hits (+bonuscd
Denver, John Back Home Again (remastered/expanded)
Denver, John All Aboard
Denver, John Greatest Hits (remastered & expanded)
Denver, John Rhymes & Reasons (remast./exp)
Denver, John Different Directions
Denver, John One World
Denver, John Dreamland Express
Denver, John J D
Derailers Full Western Dress $20
Derailers Reverb Deluxe $20
Derailers Jackpot $20
Desert Rose Band Greatest Hits
Desert Rose Band True Love
Desert Rose Band Pages of Love
Dickerson, Deke Rhythm, Rhyme & Truth
Dickerson, Deke More Million Sellers
Diffie, Joe A Thousand Winding Roads
Diffie, Joe Essential
Diffie, Joe Tougher Than Nails $20
Dillard & Clark Fantastic Expedition $20
Dillingham, Craig Almost Yesterday A+++ Shuffles & more
Dillon, Dean Out of Your Ever Lovin' Mind $20
Dodd, Deryl Pearl Snaps
Dodd, Deryl Stronger Proof
Domino Kings Life & 20
Dunn, Holly Blue Rose of Texas $20
Dunn, Holly Getting it Dunn
Dunn, Holly Milestones
Eakes, Bobbie Something Beautiful cd+dvd $20
Earle, Steve Transecndental Blues
Earle, Steve Live from Austin
Earle, Steve The Mountain $20
Edwards, Don The Bard & the Balladeer(w.Waddy Mitchell
Edwards, Don High Lonesome Cowboy$20 (w.PeterRowan
Edwards, Don Saddle Songs 2cds $28
Edwards, Don Best $20
Edwards, Don A Prairie Portrait (w.Waddy Mitchell) $20
Edwards, Don Last of the Troubadours 2cds $28
Edwards, Don Kin to the Wind $20
Edwards, Don Going Back to Texas
Edwards, Don Songs of the Trail
Edwards, Don West of Yesterday $20 If you are not familiar
He is the best western singer since Marty Robbins.
Edwards, Stoney Poor Folks Stick Together:The Best Of A++
Elam, Katrina Katrina Elam
Eleven Hundred Springs Bandwagon
Elliott, Ramblin' Jack The Long Ride
Ely. Joe Twistin' in the Wind
Ely, Joe Streets of Sin $20
Ely, Joe Letter to Laredo
England, Tyler Highways & Dance Halls
Erika Jo Erika Jo
Evans, Sara Restless
Fairchild, Shelley Ride
Fargo, Donna Millenium Collection
Fender, Freddy The Crazy Cajun Recordings box 3cds $45
Flying Burrito Bros Songs of the Golden West
Foley, Red Country Music Hall of Fame
Forbert, Steve Any Old Time: Songs of Jimmie Rodgers
Ford, Tennessee Ern Rock City Boogie:An Introduction $20
Ford, Tennessee Ern Masters 1949-1976 3cds box set $50
Forester Sisters Sunday Meeting (gospel)
Forester Sisters Greatest Gospel Hits $20 (20 tracks)
Forty 5 South Too much, Too Fast
Forty Twenty Sober & Stupid
Fowler, Kevin Loose Loud & Crazy $20
Fowler, Kevin High on the Hog $20
Fricke, Janie Bluegrass Sessions cd + dvd $20
Frizzell, David Greatest Hits $20 (Inc. Gonna Hire a Wino)
Frizzell, David Confidentially
Frizzell, Lefty The Ultimate Collection (23 tracks)
Frizzell, Lefty An Introduction $20 (29 tracks)
Gaffney, Chris Loser's Paradise
Gatlin, Larry Sing Family Gospel Favourites (w.Gatlins)
Gayle, Crystal Heart & Soul: Songs of Hoagy Carmichael
Gibson, Bob Sings Shel Silverstein
Gill, Vince Pocket Full of Gold
Gill, Vince The Key $20
Gill, Vince Next Big Thing
Goldsboro, Bobby Absolutely the Best
Greenwood, Lee A Perfect 10 ( all duets with females)
Gregory, Clinton Master of Illusion $20
Gregory, Clinton If It Weren't for Country Music $20
Gregory, Clinton Freeborn Man $20
Gregory, Clinton Clinton Gregory
Griffith, Andy American Originals (very funny)
Griffith, Nanci Other Voices Too $20
Griffith, Nanci Other Voices Other rooms $20
Griffith, Nanci Hearts in Mind
Griffith, Nanci From a Distance: The Very Best $22
Griggs. Andy You Won't Ever Be Lonely
Griggs, Andy This I Gotta See
Guthrie, Woody Ultimate 2cds 51 trcks $28
Hacienda Brothers Hacienda Brothers (Chris Gaffney)
Haggard, Merle It's All in the Game (deleted)
Haggard, Merle 1994
Haggard, Merle Unforgettable $20
Haggard, Merle 1996
Haggard, Merle The Way I Am
Haggard, Merle Rainbow Stew Live
Haggard, Merle Blue Jungle
Haggard, Merle Serving 190 Proof
Haggard, Merle Strangers/Swinging Doors $20 2 on1
Hagagrd, Merle If I Could Only Fly $20
Haggard, Merle Love Songs (CBS)
Haggard, Merle Like Never Before $20
Haggard, Merle Two Old Friends (w. Albert Brumley Jnr)
Haggard, Merle Cabin in the Hills (last two gospel)
Hancock, Wayne That's What Daddy Wants $20
Hancock, Wayne Best Of $22
Hancock, Wayne Wild Free & Reckless $20
Harling, Keith Write it In Stone
Harms, Joni After All
Harms, Joni Cowgirl Dreams $20
Harms. Joni Let's Put the Western Back in Country $22
Harris, Emmylou Brand New Dance $20
Harris, Emmylou Wrecking Ball $22
Harris, Emmylou Trio II (with Linda & Dolly)
Hayden, Rodney Living the Good Life $20
Hazlewood, Lee Poet, Fool or Bum/Back on Street $20
Heatherly, Eric The Lowest East Side of Life
Hellecasters Essential $20
Henderson, Mike Country Music Made Me Do It
Holloway, Ken The Ordinary $20 (classic anti honkytonk)
Horton, Steven Wayne Steven Wayne Horton
Hot Apple Pie Hot Apple Pie (Brady Seals latest)
Hubbard, Ray Wylie Loco Gringos Lament
Hubbard, Tray Wylie Growl
Hubbard, Ray Wylie Lost Train of Thought $20
Interstate Cowboy Ranch Dance Ruckus r-a-b/swing/h.tonk!
Jackson, Alan Don't Rock the Jukebox
Jackson, Alan Here in the Real World
Jackson, Alan Drive
Jackson, Alan Everything I Love
Jackson, Alan Who I Am
Jackson, Alan A Lot About Living and a Little About Love
Jackson, Carl Spring Training $20 (with John Starling)
Jackson, Stonewall Mighty Stonewall Jackson Sings
Jackson, Wanda Heart Trouble $20 Great! wih Dave Alvin.
James, Sonny 200 Years/In Prison in Person 2on1 $20
Jennings, Shooter Put the O back in Country
Jennings, Waylon Take it to the Limit (with Willie)
Jennings, Waylon Right for the Time (arguably his best)$20
Jennings, Waylon The RCA Years $30 2cds + book (no box)
Jennings, Waylon Ol Waylon Sings Ol Hank $22
Jennings, Waylon Cowboys,Sisters, Rascals & Dirt $20
Jennings, Waylon Clean Shirt (with Willie)
Jennings, Waylon The Eagle
Jennings, Waylon Hanging Tough
Jennings, Waylon Too Dumb for New York:Too Ugly for L.A.
Jennings, Waylon Lonesome,On'ry & Mean TRIBUTE
Jewell, Buddy Times Like These
Jiminez, Flaco Flaco Jiminez
Jones, George I lIved to Tell it All
Jones, George High Tech Redneck
Jones, George Still the Same Old Me
Jones, George Bradley Barn Sessions
Jones, George StoneCold Country
Jones, Kacey Men are Some of My Favorite People
Jones, Zona Harleys & Horses $20
Jordanaires Believe 2cds+dvd $28 Gospel
Joss, Scott Souvenirs
Judds Greatest Hits Vol 1
Judds Greatest Hits Vol 2
Judds River of Time
Judds Rockin' With the Rhythm
Judds Heartland
Judds Why Not Me
Judds Wynonna & Naomi
Keen, Robert Earl Party Never Ends (Best of Sugar Hill years)
keen, Robert Earl Farm Fresh Onions
Keen, Robert Earl Live from Austin
Keen, Robert Earl No 2 Diner Live
Keen, Robert Earl Walking Distance
Keith, Toby Greatest Hits Vol 1 $20
Keith, Toby Greatest Hits Vol 2 $20
Kelly, Irene Simple Path $20
Kendall, Jeannie Jeannie Kendall $20
Kendalls Best of Country Gospel $20
Kentucky Headhunters Pickin' on Nashville
Kentucky Headhunters Electric Barnyard
Kimes, Royal Wade Hanging Round the Moon
Kimes, Royal Wade A Dyin' Breed
Kimes, Royal Wade Cowboy Cool $20
King, Jill JillBilly $20 (Heather myles fans love it)
Kirchen, Bill Have Love Will Travel
Knight, Chris The Jealous Kind
Knight, Chris A Pretty Good Guy
Knight, Jeff Easy Street
Lambert, Miranda Kerosene $20
Larson, Blane Off to Join the World
Ledoux, Chris 20 Greatest Hits of the Early Years $20
Lee, Albert Heartbreak Hill
Lighfoot, Gordon United Artists Collection 2cds $25
Locklin, Hank Generations in Song $20
Lonestar I'm Already There
Louvin Brothers Sing & Play Their Current Hits
Louvin Brothers Country Love Ballads
Louvin Brothers Keep Your Eyes on Jesus
Louvin Brothers A Tribute to the Delmore Brothers
Louvin Brothers 20 All Time Greatest Hits $20
Louvin Brothers Encore
Louvin Brothers My Baby's Gone
Louvin Brothers Nearer My God to Thee
Louvin Brothers Ira & Charlie
Louvin Brothers Two Different Worlds
Louvin Brothers Thank God For My Christian Home
Louvin Brothers Signature Series
Louvin Brothers 20 Greatest Gospel Hits $20
Louvin Brothers Tragic Songs of Life
Loveless, Patty Greatest Hits
Loveless, Patty Strong Love
Loveless, Patty On Your Way Home $22
Loveless, Patty Long Stretch of Lonesome
Loveless, Patty Mountain Soul $20
Lynn, Loretta Sings Patsy Cline
Lynn, Loretta Still Country
Lynn, Loretta You Ain't Woman Enough
Lynn, Loretta Hymns
Lynn, Loretta Peace in the Valley
Lynne, Shelby Tough All Over
Lynne, Shelby Temptation
Lynne, Shelby Soft Talk
Lynne, Shelby Best of the Epic Years (UK)
Lynne, Shelby Epic Recordings (USA)
Lynns The Lynnds
McCall, C W Best
McClain, Charly Pure Country
Mcclinton, Delbert Nothing Personal
Mcclinton, Delbert Honky Tonk & Blues
McClinton, Delbert One of the Fortunate Few
McClinton, Delbert Room to Breathe
McClinton, Delbert Let the Good Times Roll
McCoy, Neal Greatest Hits
McDaniel, Mel Signature Series
McDowell, Ronnie Great Gospel Songs
McEntire, Reba If You See Him
McEntire, Reba Whoever's in New England (her best)
McEntire, Reba Room to Breathe
McEntire, Reba Sweet Sixteen
McEntire, Reba So Good Together
McEntire, Reba Read My Mind
McEntire, Reba For My Broken Heart
McGraw, Tim And the Dancehall Doctors $20
McGraw, Tim All I want
McGraw, Tim Live Like You were Dying $20
McLean, Don Starry Starry Night 2cds $20 w.NanciG'th
McLean, Don Sings Marty Robbins
Martin, Leland Simply Traditional (money back g'tee!)
Martinez, John Arthur Lone Starry Night
Mattea. Kathy A Collection of Hits
Mavericks From Hell to Paradise
Mavericks What a Crying Shame
Mavericks Super Colossal Smash Hits
Mavericks Live In Austin
Mavericks Trampoline
Mavericks Mavericks (1st album)
Mavericks Music for All Occasions
Messina, JoDee Greatest Hits
Meyers, Augie Alive & Well at Lake Taco (Texas Tornado)
Meyers, Augie Finally in Lights
Meyers, Augie My Main Squeeze
Middleton, Georgia Unchanged
Miller, Buddy & Julie Buddy & Julie Miller
Miller, Buddy & Julie Love Snuck Up
Milsap, Ronnie Just for a Thrill
Moffatt, Hugh Troubadour $22
Moffatt, Katy Child Bride $20
Moffatt, Katy Walkin' on the Moon
Moffatt, Katy Angel Town
Moffatt, Katy Loose Diamond
Moffatt, Katy Evangeline Hotel
Moffatt, Katy Greatest Show on Earth $25 (original)
Moffatt, Hugh & Katy Dance Me Outside $20
Molly & the Heymakers Molly & the Heymakers $20
Montgomery Gentry You Do Your Thing
Montgomery Gentry Carrying On $20
Montgomery Gentry Tattoos & Scars $20
Moorer, Alison The Duel
Moorer, Alison Miss Fortune
Moorer, Alison Alabama Song $20
Moorer, Alison Show cd+dvd $20
Moorer, Alison Hardest Part
Moreno, Frankie We'll Bring the Honky Tonk Home to You
Morgan,Craig I Love
Morgan, Craig My Kind of Livin' $20
Morgan, Lorrie I Finally Found Someone (w.Sam Kers'w)
Morgan, Lorrie War Paint
Morgan, Lorrie Shakin' Things Up
Morgan, Lorrie Watch Me (...anytime)
Morgan, Lorrie My Heart
Morgan, Lorrie Greatest Hits:To Get to You
Morgan, Lorrie Show Me How
Morgan, Lorrie Greatest Hits
Morgan, Lorrie Something in Red
Morgan, Lorrie Leave the Light On
Myles, Heather Sweet Talk & Good Lies
Myles, Heather Rum & Rodeo
Nelson, Willie Essential
Nelson, Willie It Always Will Be
Nelson, Willie Stars &Stripes
Nelson, Willie Early Years (Liberty)2cd + autograph$30
Nelson, Willie Willie & Family Live $25 2cds remastered
Nelson, Willie Brand on Yr Heart/In Jailhouse $25 del.
Nelson, Willie Six Hours in Pedernales (w. Curtis Potter)
Nelson, Willie Great Divide
Nelson, Willie Greatest Hits & Some That Wil lBe
Nelson, Willie Tougher Than Leather (remastered)
Nelson, Willie 16 Biggest Hits
Nelson, Willie Night &Day (instrumental album)
Nelson, Willie Songs
Nelson, Willie Gospel Favourites (formerly Family Bible)
Nelson, Willie And Then I Wrote
Nelson, Willie Crazy:The Demo Sessions
Nelson, Willie Me & the Drummer
Nelson, Willie Phases & Stages
Nelson, Willie Teatro
Nelson, Willie Songs for Tsunami Relief
Nelson, Willie Just One Love $22 (deleted gem)
Nelson, Willie Rainbow Connection
Nelson, Willie How Great Thou Art (gospel)
Nelson, Willie Take it to the Limit (with Waylon)
Nelson, Willie To Lefty From Willie (remastered)
Nesmith, Mike Pretty Much Your Standard Ranch Stash
Nesmith, Mike The Hits Just Keep on Coming $20 Great!
Nichols, Joe Joe Nichols
Nichols, Joe Revelation
Nichols, Joe Man With a Memory
Nichols, Joe Paul #20
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Stars & Stripes Forever 2 on 1
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Acoustic
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Welcome to Woody Creek
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Dirt on the Strings (instrumentals)
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Will the Circle Be Unbroken #2 $20
Norris, Keith Deuce $20
Notorious Cherry Bombs Notorious Cherry Bombs $20
O'Hara, Jamie Rise Above It
O'Neal, Jamie Brave
Otto, James Days of Our Lives
Overstreet, Paul A Songwriter's Project Vol 1 $20
Overstreet, Paul Love is Strong
Owens, Buck Very Best Vol 1 $20
Owens, Buck Very Best Vol 2 $20
Pacheco, Tom There Was a Time $20
Pacheco, Tom Tales of the Red Lake $20
Pacheco, Tom Woodstock Winter $20
Paige, Allison Do You Ever
Paisley, Brad Part II
Palmer, Keith Keith Palmer
Parton, Dolly Ultimate
Parton, Dolly RCA Country Legends
Parton, Dolly Something Special
Parton, Dolly Heartbreaker
Parton, Dolly Hungry Again
Parton, Dolly Live & Well 2cds
Parton/Linda/Emmy Trio
Parton, Dolly Just Because I'm a Woman (reissue)
Parton/Wynette/Lynn Honky tonk Angels $20
Paxton, Tom Best $20 (26 tracks)
Paycheck, Johnny The Real Mr Heartache $22
Paycheck, Johnny The Gospel Truth $20
Paycheck, Johnny On His Way (Little Darlin' label)
Pierce, Webb An Introduction 28 tracks $20
Pinson, Bobby Man Like me $20
Pirates of Mississippi Best
Plunkert, Bob Something Called Happiness
Posse Justice is Coming $20
Powers, Freddy My Great Escape $20
Prairie Oyster Different Kind of Fire $20
Prairie Oyster Everybody Knows $20
Prairie Oyster Blue Plate Special
Presley, Elvis Loving You $22 (remastered/expanded)
Presley, Elvis Elvis $22 (remastered/Expanded)
Presley, Elvis Elvis Presley $22 (remastered/expanded)
Presley, Elvis Love Elvis $20 24 tracks
Presley, Elvis Ultimate Gospel $20
Price, Ray Time (A+++)
Pride, Charley There's a Little Bit of Hank in Me $20
Pride, Charley Anthology 2cds $28
Prine, John Missing Years $20
Prine, John German Afternoons $20
Prine, John Storm Windows $20
Prine, John Aimless Love $20
Prine, John Diamond in the Rough $20
Prine, John Lost Dogs & Mixed Blessings $20
Prine, John John Prine $20
Prine, John In Spite of It All $20
Prine, John Common Sense $20
Prine, John Sweet Revenge $20
Proctor, Rachel Where I Belong
Rascal Flatts Feels Like Today $20
Rascal Flatts Live cd + dvd $22
Rattlesnake Annie Sings Willie Nelson $20
Raven, Eddy 20 Favorites
Reed, Jerry Live
Reed, Jerry RCA Country Legends
Reed, Jerry Pickin'
Reckless Kelly Wicked Twisted Road
Reckless Kelly Under the Table and Above the Sun
Richards, Jamie Between These Lines
Riders in the Sky SilverJubilee 2cds $25
Riders in the Sky Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier
Riley, Jeannie C Very Best
Riley, Jeannie C Sings the Gospel $20
Robbins, Marty Lifetime of Songs $20 2 lp on1 cd
Robbins, Marty What God Has Done
Robbins, Marty Love Songs
Robbins, Marty Lost & Found
Rodgers, Jimmie Sweeter than Wine $22 Pop one 26 tracks
Run C & W Into the Twangy First Century $25
Russell, Tom The Long Way Around $20
Russell, Tom Heart on a Sleeve $20
Russell, Tom The Man From God Knows Where $20
Russell, Tom Early Years (with Patricia Hardin)
Russell, Tom Songs of the West $20
Ryan, Tim Tried,True & Tested (Warner Western)
Ryle, Curt Your Old Used to Be $20
Sahm, Doug Return of Wayne Douglas $22 A beauty!
Sahm, Doug Texas Rock for Country Rollers $22
Sahm, Doug Best of the Atlantic Session
Seals, Dan Rage On $22
Shafer, Whitey So Good For So Long $22
Shaver, Billy Joe Tribute to $20
Shelton, Blake Blake Shelton
Singletary, Daryle That's Why I Sing This Way $20 covers!A+
Singletary, Daryle Now & Again
Singletary, Daryle Ain't it the Truth (brilliant)
Singletary, Daryle All Because of You
Singletary, Daryle Daryle Singletary
Skaggs, Ricky Highways & Heartaches
Skinner, Jimmy 22 Greatest Hits $20
Smith, Carl Legendary $20 20 tracks
Sonnier, Jo-El LA Sessions
Sons of San Joaquin Gospel Trails $20
Sons of San Joaquin 15 Year Retrospective $20
Sovine, Red Sings Hank Williams $20 (act. Luke Drifter)
Springer, Roger Roger Springer Band $20 Ace!!
Starr, Ringo Beaucoups of Blues
Stockton, Shane Stories I Could Tell (good)
Stone, Doug From the Heart
Stone, Doug More Love
Stone, Doug I Thought it Was You
Stone, John Meet John Stone (Tootsies performer)
Strait, George #7
Strait, George Strait Country
Strait, George Very Best Vol 2
Strait, George Greatest Hits Vol 2
Strait, George One Step at a Time
Strait, George Blue Clear Sky
Strait, George Something Special
Strait, George Right or Wrong
Strait, George Chill of an Early Fall
Strait, George Ten Strait Hits
Strait, George Greatest Hits
Strait, George Honkytonkville
Strait, George If You Ain't Lovin' You Ain't Livin'
Strait, George Road Less Travelled
Strait, George For Last Time Live from Astrodome
Strait, George Lead On
Strait, George Holding My Own
Strait, George Beyond the Blue Neon (his best by far)
Stuart. Marty Marty Stuart Hit Pack
Stuart, Marty Hillbilly Rock
Stuart, Marty The Pilgrim (wow duet Emmylou & George)
Stuart, Marty Country Music
Supernaw, Doug Red & The Rio Grande $20
Supernaw, Doug Deep Thoughts from a Shallow Mind
Supernaw, Doug You Still Got Me $20
Supernaw, Doug Fadin' renegade $20
Sylvia Journey $20-
Talley, James Woody Guthrie/My Oklahoma Home $20
Talley, James Touchstones
Tassi, Madonna Man of My Dreams
Taylor, Chip The Living Room Tapes
Taylor, Chip Hit Man (only recorded version Wild Thing)
Taylor, Chip Seven Days In May
Taylor, Chip London Bootleg Sessions 2cds $22
Taylor/Rodriguez Angel of the Morning (Chip & Carrie)
Taylor/Rodriguez The Trouble With Humans $20
Texas Tornados Texas Tornados $20
Texas Tornados Hangin' On By a Thread $20
Texas Tornados Zone of Our Own $20
Texas Tornados Best $20
Thompson, Hank Signature Series
Thompson, Hank Seven Decades
Tillis, Pam RCA Country Legends
Tillis, Pam It's All Relative:Tillis Sings Tillis! A gem.A+
Tillman, Floyd The Influence $22
Tillman, Floyd Crazy Cajun Recordings $20
Tippin, Aaron You Got to Stand for Something
Tippin, Aaron RCA Country Legends
Tippin, Aaron Read Between the Lines
Tobin, Karen Carolina Smokey Moon
Toliver, Tony Tony Toliver $20 (inc. duet with Haggard)
Tractors Tractors
Travis/Maphis Country Guitar Giants $22 (30 tracks)
Travis, Randy Passing Through $20
Travis, Randy Full Circle
Travis, Randy Old 8 x 10 $20
Travis, Randy This is Me $20
Travis, Randy Man Ain't Made of Stone
Travis, Randy You & You Alone
Travis, Randy Greatest Hits Vol 1
Travis, Randy No Holdin' Back $20
Travis, Randy Always & Forever $20
Travis, Randy An Old Time Christmas
Trevino, Rick In My Dreams
Trick Pony Trick Pony
Trick Pony On a Mission
Tritt, Travis Strong Enough
Tritt, Travis Country Club
Tritt, Travis Greatest Hits from the Beginning $20
Tritt, Travis Down the Road $20
Tritt, Travis TROUBLE
Tritt, Travis It's All About to Change
Tritt, Travis My Honky Tonk History
Tubb, Ernest 40 Great Country Duets 2cds $28
Tucker, Tanya Greatest Hits
Tucker, Tanya Can't Run from Yourself
Tucker, Tanya What Do I Do With Me
Tucker, Tanya Soon
Tucker, Tanya Tanya
Tucker, Tanya Greatest Hits 1990-1992
Turner, Josh Long Black Train
Twain, Shania Up! (green & Red versions 2cds)
Twitty, Conway # 1 Hits Collection 2cds $25
Twitty/Lynn 20 Greatest Hits $20
Two Tons of Steel Vegas
Two Tons of Steel Transparent
Tyson, Ian Songs from the Gravel Road ******$10 till 31/8/05
Ulisse, Donna Trouble at the Door (A++)
Urban, Keith Be Here ******$10 till 31/8/05
Urban ,Keith Golden Road
Van Shelton, Ricky Wild Eyed Dream
Van Shelton, Ricky Love & Honor
Van Shelton, Ricky Don't Overlook Salvation
Van Shelton, Ricky Loving Proof
Van Shelton, Ricky RVS III
Van Zandt, Townes Texas Rain $20
Van Zandt, Townes Best $20
Van Zant Get Right With the Man $20
Vassar, Phil Shaken Not Stirred
Vincent, Rhonda Trouble Free
Vincent, Rick A Wanted Man $20
Volkaert, Redd For the Ladies
Wagoner, Porter Something to Brag About (with Pam Gadd)
Wagoner, Porter Unplugged
Wagoner, Porter 22 Grand Ol Gospel 2004
Wagoner, Porter More Grand Old Gospel $20 (w.Blackwoods
Walker, Clay A Few Questions
Wall, Chris Tainted Angel $20
Wallace, Roger The Lowdown
Wallace, Roger Hillbilly Heights
Walser, Don I'll Hold You in My Heart $20
Walser, Don Rolling Stone from Texas $20
Walser, Don Texas Top Hand $20
Walser, Don Here's to Country Music $20
Walser, Don Dare to Dream $20
Walser, Don Down at the Sky View Driveinn
Watson, Aaron Live at the Texas Hall of Fame $20
Watson, B B Light at the End of the Tunnel
Watson, B B Delta Dream
Watson, Doc Country Blues Collection
Watson, Doc & Merle Lonesome Road
Watson, Doc & Richard Third Generation Blues $20
Watson, Gene Sings $20
Watson, Gene Best
Watson, Gene Greatest Hits
Watson, Gene From the Heart $20
Watson, gene Little by Little
Watson, Gene The Gospel Side
Wayne, Dallas I'm Your Biggest Fan $20
Welch, Kevin Kevin Welch
Welch, Kevin Beneath My Wheels
Welch, Kevin The Millionaire
Wells, Kitty Country MusicHall of Fame
White, Bryan Greatest Hits
White, Joy Between Midnight & Hindsight
White, Lari Green Eyed Soul
Whitley, Keith Don't Close Your Eyes $20
Whitley, Keith L.A. To Miami $20
Wilburn Brothers Trouble's Back in Town:The Hits of $20
Williams, Don Flatlands $20
Williams, Don Definitive Collection $20
Williams, Don Borrowed Tales $20
williams, Don An Evening With:Best of Live
Williams, Don Volume One & Volume Two $22
Williams, Don My Heart to You
Williams, Hank Rare Demos First to Last (CMF) $20
Williams, Hank Final Sessions $20 30 tracks
Williams, Hank Tribute:Timeless
Williams, Hank Jnr AKA Wham Bam Sam
Williams, Hank Jnr Almeria Club
Williams, Hank Jnr American the Way I See It
Williams, Hank Jnr And Friends
Williams, Hank Jnr Born to Boogie
Williams, Hank Jnr Early Years Part One
Williams, Hank Jnr Early Years Part Two
Williams, Hank Jnr Family Tradition
Williams, Hank Jnr Five-O
Williams, Hank Jnr Greatest Hits Vol III
Williams, Hank Jnr Habits Old and New
Williams, Hank Jnr Hog Wild
Williams, Hank Jnr I'm One of You $20
Williams, Hank Jnr Lone Wolf
Williams, Hank Jnr Major Moves
Williams, Hank Jnr Man of Steel
Williams, Hank Jnr Maverick
Williams, Hank Jnr Montana Cafe
Williams, Hank Jnr New South
Williams, Hank Jnr One Night Stands
Williams, Hank Jnr Out of left Field
Williams, Hank Jnr Pressure Is On
Williams, Hank Jnr Pure Hank
Williams, Hank Jnr Rowdy
Williams, Hank Jnr Stormy
Williams, Hank Jnr Strong Stuff
Williams, Hank Jnr Tribute to My Father
Williams, Hank Jnr Whiskey Bent & Hell Bound
Williams, Hank Jnr Wild Streak
Williams, Hank Jnr 20 Hits $20
Williams, Hank III Risin' Outlaw $20
Williams, Hank III Wild Free & Reckless $20
Williams, Hank I/II/III Three Hanks:Men With Broken Hearts $20
Williams, Holly The Ones We Never Knew (Hank-ess)
Williamson, John John Williamson (talented American)
Willis, Kelly Bang Bang $20
Willis, Kelly Easy $20
Wills, Bob Encore 3cds box $50 or $45 (sl dent box)
Wills, Bob Boot Heel Drag:The MGM Years $30 2cds
Wills, Bob Ultimate Collection
Wilson, Gretchen Here for the Party $25 cd+dvd Limited ed.
Womack, LeeAnn LeeAnn Womack
Womack, LeeAnn I Hope You Dance
Womack, LeeAnn Greatest Hits $20
womack, LeeAnn SomeThings I Know
Woodys Telluride to Tennessee $22
Woodys Teardrops & Diamonds $20
Worley, Darryl Darryl Worley
Worley, Darryl I Miss My Friend
Worley, Darryl Have You Forgotten
Worley, Shane Feelin' Haggard $20
Wright, Chely Metropolitan Hotel $20
Wright, Chely Wright in the Middle of It $20
Wright, Chely Let Me In
Wright, Chely Woman in the Moon $20
Wright, Curtis Curtis Wright
Wrights Down the Road $20
Wylie & Wild West Paradise
Wylie & Wild West Way Out West
Wylie & Wild West Total Yodel
Wylie & Wild West Ridin' the High Line
Wylie & Wild West Hooves of Horses
Yoakam, Dwight Gone
Yoakam, Dwight This Time
Yoakam, Dwight Dwight Live!
Yoakam, Dwight There Was a Way
Yoakam,. Dwight Under the Covers
Yoakam, Dwight A Long Way Home
Yoakam, Dwight South of Heaven West of Hell S/track $20
Yoakam, Dwight Tomorrow's Sounds Today
Yoakam, Dwight Population Me
Yoakam, Dwight Dwight's Used Records
Yoakam, Dwight Just Looking for a Hit
Young, Faron Live Fast Love Hard Die Young $22 CMF

Various Artists

*Amazing Grace 3 A Country salute to Gospel
*America's Music:The Roots of Country
*Apaplachians:Companion to the Television Series $20 (22 bluegrass, alternate & old timey tracks. Good version of "Electricity" by Paul Burch...a one time surprise
*Beautiful:Tribute to Gordon Lightfoot
*Beverly Hillbillies Soundtrack $25
*Bristol Sessions 2cds $28
*Can't You Hear Me CAlling:Bluegrass 80 years of American Music 4cds box set $58 Columbia Legacy
*Caught in the Webb:Tribute to the Legendary Webb Pierce $20
*Common Thread:Songs of the Eagles
*Concerts for a Landmine Free World
*Country:The American Tradition $20 2cds 51 tracks CBS good
*Creole Bred: A Tribute to Creole & Zydeco
*Down from the Mountain
*Dressed in Black: A Tribute to Johnn yCAsh $20
*Earl Scruggs & Friends
*Elko:A Cowboys Gathering 2cds $25 Excellent set...very long. Songs, Stories and a bit of Cowboy poetry.
*Falling From Grace Soundtrack
*Hard Headed Woman: A Celebration of Wanda Jackson $20 (with Neko Case/ Wayne Hancock /Robbie Fulks/ Candye Kane etc)
*Horse Whisperer Soundtrack Absolutely one of the best.
*Kindred Spirits: A Tribute o the Songs of Johnny Cash
*Nashville Star: The Finalists
*Nashville Star" 2005 Finalists
*O Brother Where Art Thou $20 (US digipak)
*Pearls in the Snow: Songs of Kinky Friedman $20 Ace!!
*Poet: A Tribute to Townes Van Zandt $20
*Touch My Heart: Johnny Paycheck Tribute $20 (with Neko case/ Dallas Wayne/George Jones/ Hank III/ Dave Alvin/BillYates)
*Town South of Bakersfield $20 ****80s recordings not available
elsewhere Lucinda/ Katy Moffatt/ Lauderdale etc 20 tracks A++
*Travis County Pickin': Texas Guitar Tribute to Merle Travis
*Tribute to Tradition $20
*Tulare Dust:A Songwriter's Tribute to Merle Haggard (with Billy Joe Shaver/Dwight/Lucinda/Tom Russell/Katy Moffatt etc A+++)
*Unbroken Circle:Musical Heritage of the Carter Family $20
*Waylon Jennings: The Red River Tribute 2cds $25
*Western Swing And Country Jazz 4cds $45 JSP

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