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February 2005 Newsletter

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Tamworth 2005

It was the second visit for me and this time I had the privilege of setting up a stall at the Southgate Inn, an excellent hotel with great facilities that cater well for the patrons and performers alike. And if there were better steaks in town they'd be very grand indeed.

I am pleased to say I had a very positive response with the overwhelming impression being that what I had to offer was both different and better in every way to the run of the mill product that was on offer elsewhere. What it means in actuality is that the others basically only had the cds & dvds that were released in Australia and were in effect available anywhere. As always we are decidedly and of course favourably different.

There were some good and bad shows at the Southgate. Highlight was a songwriter's showcase featuring the great Japanese Cowboy, Hank Sasaki, a treat in itself but even better when he was followed by Eric Bogle, an engaging and witty performer who showed the Festival was more than just straight country music. Regrettably, I had to stay with my stock so viewing opportunities were limited to the room directly in front of my stand. There were many and varied reports regarding the concerts to die for, with nearly everyone having a different opinion. There was Bill & Audrey at The Pub, Alby Pool at various venues, Texas Rose somewhere out of town, Mark Lucas at Joe McGuire's, Andy Baylor at the Southgate and so on. In effect, planning seems to be the optimum word. Those who took that little while to sit down and plan where they were going were generally the happiest.

As can be expected many artists are lovely down to earth people whilst others probably have a little too highly inflated opinion of their own talent. In the former category Felicity Urquhart continues to prove herself the greatest possible advertisement for her hometown whilst in the latter category a couple with a fairly high profile proved themselves bland predictable performers with little savvy as to what is good. That conclusion was drawn by their reaction or rather non reaction to the likes of the lovely Katy Moffatt doing her superb version of "You Don't Know Me" followed by the Hugh and Katy version of the classic "I Don't Believe You've Met My Baby". An overblown artist from the sub continent proved similarly non receptive to the Keith Whitley gem "Between and Old Memory and Me" to such an extent that in terms of the great Roxy Gordon track "Indians" it can be firmly asserted that he wasn't one!! (BTW…any one with a copy of Roxy Gordon doing “Indians” please contact me.)

The general impression amongst the locals was that the format adopted for this year's festival was an abject failure, and at the same time there was a collective sigh of relief that things would again be as they were in past years. There are still problems that haunt the Festival. One is basically the cheapskate element who seemingly don't want to spend any money at all. A classic case was related to me by a seasoned Tamworth goer who told of a woman who had staked out the front row at one of the Festival's free shows for her entourage and then proceeded to knit for the duration of the show, occasionally looking up, possibly to glare at the artist for making her drop a stitch. At the same time her party sipped from their water bottles as they nibbled on their homemade sandwiches. Pretty scary. This is a commercial venture after all. It isn't a contest to find the biggest skin flint. Maybe the hotels could at least look at introducing a policy that patrons only be allowed into the venue by a voucher obtained after they had purchased one drink at the bar. Believe me this is not a lot to ask. It is very hot and regular drinks, not necessarily of an alcoholic nature, are an absolute must.

There are many things I daren't talk about; a brief comment about the unfortunate Kasey photograph would only serve to remove this from the realms of being a family publication, though I do hope someone got their rear end well and truly kicked for something that no doubt caused a bit of embarrassment. And there are still those who appear to have no affinity whatsoever for country music. After all I was asked for Daniel O'Donnell's "Christmas Album". “Country” music for people who don’t like country music? Wonder if they knew what I meant when I said I'd left it right next to the Scooter Lee box set. By any stretch though the Festival is great and I hope to be back doing the same next year.

2004 Albums of the Year

1)Amber Digby - "Music from the Honky Tonks" $32. Harping back to what I was saying a couple of newsletters ago the conservatism of some people is beyond me. I went out on a limb and said this was the best album by a female artist I had had since I opened this store in March 1989. I have sold a stack and was pleased that many of those who heard it at Tamworth were quick to grab a copy. Yet there are those who would look past it because they didn't see it on CMC. All I can say start worrying if you did. This is superb by any standard and if you didn't like it there would be something seriously wrong. Like a young Loretta Lynn, she is just one amazing artist. Furthermore I have never heard better interplay between steel and fiddle than on this album. Dickey Overby & Bobby Flores take a bow as well.

2)Jack Clement - "Guess Things Happen That Way" $32. Anyone who doesn't embrace this album from both a performance level and from its historical perspective should be taken out and shot. No trial, no appeal....well metaphorically speaking anyway. Jack's second album is as charming as the first. It is laidback and delightful. Johnny Cash contributes two duet vocal performances and they should bring goose bumps. Jack's mellow voice is somewhat like that of Burl Ives, perhaps a little fuller. An absolute and total joy.

3)Woodys - "Telluride to Tennessee" $32 Wonderful Everly Brothers' inspired harmonies with a set of great songs that could have easily been taken straight off a Gram Parsons' album, had the Woodys not written them. Guests include Chris Hillman. This gem is on the Swiss Rocade label.

4)Darrell McCall - "Old Memories and Wine" $32 With a vocal style reminiscent of his old boss Ray Price and an ability to pick the best songs this is just a total delight. As with Amber's album the interplay between Dickey Overby and Bobby Flores is breathtaking. As an added treat, Darrell's wife, Mona, contributes a couple of excellent songs including the popular "French Song".

5)"Unbroken Circle - The Musical Heritage of the Carter Family $22/$32 (we have a few left at $22) The historical context of this album can't be overlooked. It featured the very last recording of Johnny Cash, recorded a month prior to his passing. It also has some delightful guests such as Emmylou Harris who is joined by the wonderful Peasall Sisters (from "O!Brother/ Down from the Mountain" fame). BUT the star performance belongs to A. P. Carter's children, Joe & Janette Carter, both around the 80-ish mark. Amazing.

6) Justin Trevino - "Too Many Heartaches" $32 Mostly originals this time around with only 3 covers; but Justin has such a unique savvy of the Texas honky tonk music style that it is hard to tell which are covers and which are originals, so seamless is the transition. Named after the extremely underrated Justin Tubb, he does terrific duets with Mona McCall (a solo Mona album must be just around the corner) on the Justin Tubb song "Five Minutes of the Latest Blues" and with Norma Jean on another JT song, "Love Is No Excuse". Now, a full tribute to Justin by Justin would be worth its weight in gold.

7)"Touch My Heart - Johnny Paycheck" $32 2004 may be the year of the Tribute. Apart from the Carter Family Tribute we also had this and a tribute to Stephen Foster. All are pretty darn grand. The Dallas Wayne track, "I Did the Right Thing" may be the standout but everything is just darn good. Mind you, the material mainly from his Little Darlin' label recordings is just about impossible to go past.

8)Billy Yates - "Anywhere But Nashville" $32 Fourth album by Billy and third on his own label after having an album on CBS cancelled in the interim. Hard to believe as Billy is not only a vocalist of the highest order but also one of Nashville's absolute best writers. The title track is about the predictable decline of Nashville music. "All By My Lonesome" is terrific two stepper whilst "The Best Thing in the World" is a mournful ballad, so appropriate for George Jones. There are 16 tracks on this gem. We also have his other equally desirable indie albums:
***"If I Could Go Back"
***"Country". Don't miss them, whatever you do!

9)Mark Chesnutt - "Savin' the Honky Tonks"$33 Hard to believe that this is being considered a comeback album. I mean one of the best vocalists in the history of country music should never have had to come back from anything. BUT, there is nothing to account for the directionless approach that has seen the likes of Mark Chesnutt shunted off major labels and be replaced by faceless pop singers with neither Mark's talent or star quality. The cover is modelled on Waylon's "Honky Tonk Heroes" album and that is what is delivered. Full on honky tonk music. Texas songwriter, Kevin Fowler, contributes 3 songs which suit Mark down to the ground.

10)Ed Burleson - "Cold Hard Truth" $32 This is a classic case of the music being the master as apparently there are more than a few who would stand in line to give Ed a whipping and then some. But I don't think well balanced means having a chip on both shoulders. 14 classic honky tonk songs.

11) Junior Brown - "Down Home Chrome" $33 More fabulous Texas honky tonk music. Some great tongue in cheek songs tinged by Junior's fabulous humour. As always a superb rhythm section allows Junior to do his things. A couple of excellent horn based swing tracks are a real bonus. The great Hargus "Pig" Robbins lends a hand on piano. Two long blues tracks conclude things.

12) Loretta Lynn - "Van Lear Rose" $20 (special) Unlike the incredibly overrated (I would say just plain tragic) "Wrecking Ball" Loretta retains all the positives that have made her such a unique artist whilst at the same time adding a little extra courtesy of White Stripes' front man Jack White.

13) Elizabeth Cook - "This Side of the Moon" $32. Third album sandwiching her one major label release "Hey Y'all" which should have done a lot better. Nice country voice and an exceptional writer.

14) Cherry Bombs - "Notorious Cherry Bombs" $32 Rodney Crowell and Vince Gill together in a group that had its beginnings when both were in some of Emmy's early Hot Band combinations. The semi-ironic thing about this is that the humorous songs are typical of the many great independent albums we carry YET you don't see those on CMC. You can lead some people to water but you can't make them drink.

15) Beautiful Dreamer - Stephen Foster Tribute $32 The Stephen Foster story is something else. An out and out racist who died with a few dollars in his pocket but arguably America's greatest ever songwriter (personally I'd go for Hoagy Carmichael). A great lot of variety with everyone from BR549 to Raul Malo.

16) Irene Kelley - "Thunderbird" $32 Nashville's greatest female writer of our time and an excellent interpretive singer as well.

17) Tom Russell - "Indians, Cowboys, Horses & Dogs" $32 You have to love someone who covers "Rosemary, Lily & the Jack of Hearts" and manages to make it his own. Well I do anyway!

18)Ron Williams - "Natural Thing" $32 The son of Leona Williams which makes him one time step son of Merle Haggard (can't be all bad). Obviously Haggard was a big influence and on the ballads Ron just shines.

19) Curtis Potter - "Them Old Honky Tonks" $32 Top shelf honky tonk singer backed by the greatest steel guitarist in Buddy Emmons. Another singer influenced by the great Ray Price, and that is not altogether a bad thing.

20) Ricky Calmbach - "A Step in the Right Direction" $32 Texas dancehall music, reminiscent of the early style of George Strait (back when he was a true embodiment of the spirit of Bob Wills). Enthusiastic and traditional.

Best dvds
1) Nitty Gritty Dirt Band & Friends - "Will the Circle Be Unbroken: Farther Along" $35 This is a dvd in three parts. Part one is an excellent documentary on the making of the "Will the Circle Be Unbroken Vol 3" album. Sad to see Johnny Cash. Part Two is a concert featuring the songs from the album with the likes of Iris Dement, Del McCoury etc and Part Three is a collection of outtakes, clips etc.

2)Merle Haggard - "Ol Country Singer: Live at Billy Bobs 2004" $40 an wonderful concert. Hag is backed by some superb musicians including Scott Joss on fiddle and harmonies and Freddy Powers on guitar & harmonies. Janie Fricke contributes a couple of top duets. 21 tracks plus an interview with the man himself. NOTE: this is a region one dvd and will only play on a multi region player.

3) Willie Nelson & Friends - "Outlaws & Angels" $38 Willie's friends include Lucinda Williams, Bob Dylan, Toby Keith, the Killer Jerry Lee Lewis (did someone give him a botched eye job. Looks psychotic but maybe that is normal) and the best of all Keith Richards who is superb on "We Had It All". If only he'd make a country album.

Most of the Top 20 could be switched in position depending on what day they were picked. There were a couple of lower order changes made as I type.


Merle Haggard - "Unforgettable" $33 Back where it started, album wise at least, on Capitol Records. Released in the USA the week before Christmas and typically no Australian release planned. This is in effect Merle's "Stardust" (in that it is a standards album definitely comparable with Willie's legendary album). Produced by Freddy Powers it shows little evidence of Hag still not being at the very top of his game. Several tracks have a slightly jazzy flavour thanks to Clint Strong's electric guitar and the arrangements work particularly well. It includes several of my favourite songs; "Gypsy" was probably first done by the InkSpots and Cindy Walker's "Going Away Party". There are two newer songs: "What Love Can Do" and Freddy Powers' "Still Missing You" both of which fit in comfortably. It may not be quite “Stardust” but it will do for now.
On the Haggard front BGO continues to issue his Capital albums on a 2 for 1 basis. Just out is:
**It's Not Love But It's Not Bad/ If We Make It Through December $34
Due soon:
Portrait of Merle Haggard/ Keep Movin' On $34
Others in the Series:
I'm a Lonesome Fugitive/Mama Tried $34
My Love Affair With Trains/ Roots of My Raising $34
Legend of Bonnie & Clyde/Pride In What I Am $34
Hag/Let Me Tell You About a Song $34
Just Between the two of Us/Fightin' Side of me $34
Someday We'll Look Back/ I Love Dixie Blues $34
Presents His 30th Album/A Working Man Can't get Nowhere $34

Andy Baylor, Michel Rose, Rob Souter, Sam Lemann and Peter Howell - "Tumbleweeds and Cocktails" $28 An album of country instrumentals 14 tracks and nearly one hour playing time featuring some of Australia's best country musicians, with Sam being well known in jazz circles as well. Michel Rose and Rob Souter are both Sydney based with their steel guitar and drum skills generally being recognised as the best Australian country music has to offer. The versatile Andy Baylor is a former member of the Dancehall Racketeers and currently has his "Cajun Combo". This is excellently recorded. "I'm an Old Cowhand" takes its arrangement from jazz saxophonist Sonny Rollins with Sam playing some extremely tasty guitar lines. Several pieces were performed Bob Wills whilst probably the least known track, "That's the Hawaiian in Me" features Michel on some extremely tasty dobro playing. There are some excellent notes in the 16 page booklet. A thorough lesson on how to do things properly.

David Ball - "Freewheeler" $32 Has now gone the full on independent bit but has maintained his amiable style and this is another total gem. Again produced by the talented Wood Newton, who is known in Yesterday and Today Records annals as writer of "Lily's White Lies", and as a writer contributes 4 songs here, including the clever honky tonker, "Too Much Blood in My Alcohol Level". There is a lot of variety with the opener "Louisiana Melody" having a distinctly cajun flavour whilst "Desert Luau" is a jazzy swing number. "Mr Teardrop" has a 50's feel. "Yours Truly Blue" would be ready made for George Strait, an artist David has a resemblance to vocally, but suffers none of the overly radio friendly style that has marred Strait's late 90s and beyond works. He is seemingly at home with all sub-styles and this is up there with "Thinkin' Problem", "Amigo" and "Starlight Lounge".

Shane Worley - "Feelin' Haggard" $32 I always get him confused with Darryl Worley...some kind of dyslexia even, but Shane is in my opinion the superior artist. This time round he gives us a Merle Haggard tribute album which, in the main, features lesser known tracks such as the excellent Hank Cochran penned "Loneliness Is Eating Me Alive" and Hag's own song "My House of Memories". Produced by and featuring the exceptional Mike Headrick on guitar & steel guitar.

Brian Rung - "Late for the Show" $32 Brian Rung and the Ladders? That is not his group but don't you think it should be?? He is an excellent songwriter with a style that sees him as somewhat a Texas Bob Dylan. Another Texan, Adam Carroll, has a similar style and hopefully we will have something new from him in the near future, as well. 10 originals.

Billy Don Burns - "Heroes, Friends & Other Troubled Souls" $32 Modern outlaw who probably stretches the truth a bit a la David Allan Coe but at the same time manages to be nothing less than interesting and at times absolutely dynamite. He has enjoyed a close friendship with the great Hank Cochran who features as a writing collaborator on 3 tracks including the opener "Mississippi", a duet with the equally outlawish Tanya Tucker. "Patsy" is a tribute to Patsy Cline and this version features the Kingpin outlaw, Willie Nelson. A song which will raise the hairs on your deserves to be heard by all. He reprises "Haggard & Hank" from an earlier album and on a similar theme of waste (I think his own!) we get "Keith Whitley Blue". 14 tracks in all. For fans of Waylon and the like.

Red Kilby - "Keepin' It Real" $32 Rustic Arkie Blue style honky tonk with an absolutely superb batch of musicians helping him out. Redd Volkaert plays lead guitar and steel guitar is shared between Ralph Mooney, Lloyd Green, Jerry Brightman and the fabulous Dickey Overby. Not a bad bunch, eh? His own "That Bakersfield Sound" captures the essence of the Buck Owens sound just about perfectly and segues nicely into "When She Does Me Right She Does You Wrong". Most of the songs are well chosen covers and it is great to know that there is till a market for this truly great country music.

Interstate Cowboy " Ranch Dance Ruckus" $32 14 tracks that vary from full on hillbilly/rockabilly on the opener "Bride of a Trucker", with a slap bass solo even and some dynamite steel guitar breaks though to a fiddle reel or two ("Draggin' the Bow" and "Redwing"). Tim Champlin is the leader and does most of the writing. It appears they come from Colorado...maybe they are the Colorado version of the Cornell Hurd Band. Certainly the liner notes and presentation are similar. "Dashboard Hula Doll" has (not surprisingly) an Hawaiian influence. Definitely an eclectic album. Top shelf!

The Skeeters - "Easy for the Takin' " $32 Almost has a Wendell Adkins-ish Waylon style about it...with a vocalist and writer by the name of Bert Newton (no not that Bert Newton!) being responsible for 10 of the album's 14 tracks. There are also two Billy Joe Shaver covers in "Alabama Love Song" and "Mother Trucker" plus a song from Russell Smith and Stephen Bruton. Excellently presented in a handsome digi-pak with all lyrics being reproduced in the accompanying booklet. "Jester of Life" is scary in its resemblance to Waylon. That could be the only criticism. Funny, I;ve never heard anyone try to sing in a James Blundell style.

Willie Nelson - "The Anthology" $33 cd+dvd. Now the cd is okay, generally featuring the Proper label demos that been around before BUT the dvd is something else featuring 2 complete programmes, each worth the price on its own. There are two shows, "Nashville Superstar" and "The Great Outlaw Valentine Concert", both individually and collectively top dollar.

Ricky Calmbach - "A Step in the Right Direction" $32 Even better than his previous "Texas Standard Time" album. Ricky also reminds of the style George Strait used to play in around the time of his great albums "Beyond the Blue Neon", "Chill of an Early Fall" and "Livin' It Up". Mainly well crafted originals there being only 2 covers; "Honky Tonk Stardust Cowboy" and Peter Rowan's "Dance Time In Texas. The rest are all written by Ricky who does a great job of replicating the Texas dance hall/ honky tonk sound.

John Conlee - "Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus" $33 First gospel albun by Conlee featuring 15 tracks that are well chosen in that they are not the overly familiar standbys. Still singing as well as ever despite being a Branson regular these days.

Porter Wagoner - "22 Grand Old Gospel" 2004 $32 All new recordings and plenty of them to boot. As testimony to Porter's still great vocal skills a letter from Dolly Parton is produced as part of the notes. Follows up his excellent duet with Pam Gadd, $25. "Trouble in the Amen Corner" is an excellent example that when it comes to a country narration Porter has few if any peers.

Tommy Cash - "A Musical Tribute- My Brother Johnny Cash" $32 The last part of the title is probably unnecessary, but the question on most people's lips will be is the album worthwhile and the answer is decidedly yes. The track which really does the trick is "Man in Black" which is sung in 3rd person and takes on a whole new meaning("You wonder why he always dressed in black"). Possibly the most effective tracks are two that were associated with JR's "American Recordings" in "Flesh & Blood' and "Hurt" which are given heartfelt and I must say a much more tuneful performance by Tommy. 15 tracks in all. ****Johnny Cash fans….we stock the US version of JR Cash’s albums and “American IV” now comes with a separate dvd for the song “Hurt”. As critical as I have been about these, this is amazing.

Audrey Auld Mezera - "Texas" $28 Firstly the cover painting of a coiled rattler ready to strike is one of the most attractive I have even seen. It was one of the highlights of the Tamworth trip catching up with Audrey who has been a great ally for many years prior even to her first recordings. The recording was done in Kimmie Rhodes studios and is produced by Gabe Rhodes. I have to thank Audrey for introducing me to Mary Gauthier (she too doesn't quite know how Mary gets the pronunciation) and we are given a wonderful version of the powerful "Karla Faye", highlighted by stunning lap steel from Bill Chambers and fiddle from Carrie Rodriguez (don't forget the live Carrie/ Chip Taylor album @ $22).
I'd even rate this a better version than the original Gauthier version. "My Father" is deeply personal with almost a religious ambiguity to it. "Song for Harlan" is a tribute to the Irving Berlin of country music (surely I don't have to elaborate). "Ball and Chain" has a traditional feel. "Hole in My Life" is so sad. "Woody" is about the influence of Woody Guthrie on her music. "Missing Mez" is about her husband Dan Mezera. It could almost be the plot for a Hollywood movie...."When Audrey Met Mez". It is one of those things where fate plays such an imponderable part in our lives. Thanks Audrey for relating the full story. 11 tracks in all and her best solo outting yet. "One Eye" is a concluding track featuring a duet with Bill Chambers. His new album is eagerly awaited.

Blaze Foley - "Oval Room" $30 17 tracks from the late Texas singer-songwriter who was murdered shortly after these were recorded. For fans of Townes Van Zandt and Texas singer songwriters in general.

Kimmie Rhodes - "Windblown" $32 Beautifully presented new album which is more like her classic "West Texas Heaven" album. This is a cross border tale in two acts. Guests includes Lloyd Maines and Richard Bowden (the Texsa one) and Kimmie's son, Gabe Rhodes takes on the production duties. We also have Kimmie's duet album with Willie Nelson, "Picture in a Frame" $32.

David Frizzell - "Greatest Hits" $30
David Frizzell - "Confidentially" $33
Two new releases from Lefty's younger brother, the latter just in so have been able to have only a cursory play and he still sounds very good. The former is all his original hits including the smashes "You're the Reason God Made Oklahoma" (with Shelley West) and the hilarious "I'm Gonna Hire a Wino to Decorate Our Home" 12 tracks in all.

Mike Headrick - " Steels on Wheels" $30 15 track steel guitar album featuring Mike playing the songs of Gram Parsons and Chris Hillman. As we've said literally scores of times one of the most talented indie producers and pickers we could ever think of.

Slim Whitman - "A Time for Love/ A Travellin' Man" $34 Latest 2 on 1 album release from BGO in the Uk.

Ronny Elliott - "Valentine Roadkill" $28 Possibly the most original and talented artist in the entire world. From the Tampa area in Florida, Ronny has a style and substance of his own. It is hard to define but think a deep voice a little like Johnny Cash with parts Springsteen, Lou Reed etc. On the edges of country for sure but I can state emphatically any one who has a Ronny album can't stop at one and in fact most people get the set. By the way we have the others at $20, an absolute pittance for such a work of art. Highlights? Well to pick highlights is just about impossible but I'd have to nominate "Mr Edison's Electric Chair" and the hidden track on which Ronny speaks with someone "special" is just a hoot. By the way a hidden track is almost obligatory on a Ronny album. This is his most stylish package yet. A very attractive digipak.
These are $20: Loco Siempre (an early group with Ronny)
Ronny's solos Ronny Elliott & The Nationals $20
A Postcard from Jack $20
My Nerves Are bad Tonight $20
Poisonville $20
Magneto $20
Hep $20

Rattlesnake Annie - "Tribute to Willie Nelson" $33 Hard to get but always worthwhile. As a special treat (this is all new recordings) we get a bonus of "Long Black Limousine", the duo Willie did with Annie on her major label album in the 80s. As I have mentioned to many, of all the duets that Willie has done over the years I would rate this as being the very best. that is not one of the best either.

Nanci Griffith - "Hearts in Mind" $32
Nanci Griffith - "One Fair Summer Evening" dvd $30 Brand new album from Nanci Griffith finds her returning to the style around "Last of the the True Believers" / "Lone Star State of Mind" which she has somewhat abandoned on her later albums. Guests include Jimmy Buffett and Mac McAnnally. The dvd features all the tracks that were on the vhs video plus a few that weren't. We also have the double cd "Complete MCA Recordings" (which was when she was at her peak) which now goes for a bargain priced $40.

Cornell Hurd Band - "Fanmail from The Lost Planet" $32
Cornell Hurd Band are the musical equivalent of fibre because they are always regular leaving us suitably pleased when they have been through our…….cd players. I hope at some time in the future we get a Cornell Hurd dvd. His regular gigs at Jovitas must be something to behold. As always a mix of Cornell’s own songs, covers from western swing, honky tonk and jump blues and even a bit of a spaghetti western music. They have the humour we like. Have only heard the advance; the cd will be here when you get this and the (increasing number of) Cornell Hurd fans will not be disappointed.

Iris Dement - Lifeline $32
Iris is a rather quaint lady to put it mildly. She has made what is basically a full on gospel album but has gone out of her way to say the songs are not about religion and she is herself an “agnostic Christian” (slightly impossible perhaps). What is certain is she has a distinct style based on her Pentacostal upbringing and there can be no doubt her style, regardless of the theme is distinct and engaging. She has been going through a period of writer’s block and has only written one song for this album. The rest are a mix of well known and largely unfamiliar hymns, religious folk songs etc. What is for sure is that it is great to have her back with producer Jim Rooney, someone who can bring out the best in a folk country singer of Iris’ ilk.

Briefly. All will be in when you get this if not already:
**Tracy Byrd – Greatest Hits including two new songs: “Johnny Cash” and “revenge of a Middle Age Woman”
**LeeAnn Womack- “There’s More Where That Came From”

** Fred Eaglesmith - "Dusty" $32
** Neko Case - "The Tigers Have Spoken" $32
** Randy Travis - "Passing Through" $33 Impeccably produced as always by Kyle Lehning
**Kenny Chesney - Be As You Are $32

**Johnny Paycheck - On His Way $30 second issue from the Little Darlin' label. Has songs that aren't on either the first volume or the fabulous "Real
Mr Heartache" cd on CMF.

**Doug Sahm - "Groover's Paradise" $28 First US issue of the album that featured the Creedence Clearwater Revival rhythm section of Doug Clifford and Stu Cook. Our eclectic friend does the usual mix of Mexican, Texican, country and blues..all with his own unique style & humour.

**Gail Davies - The Songwriter Sessions 2cds $40
**Ray Wylie Hubbard – Delirium Tremelo $32

**Tiny Moore/Jethro Burns – Back to Back 2cds $40 On Acoustic disc this is the expanded version of the 1979 mandolin spectacular. Tiny was of course a great member of Bob Wills Playboys (and later a Stranger with Merle Haggard) and played a lot of electric mandolin which I seem to recall Bob Wills called the “biggest little instrument in the world”. Jethro was part of Homer & Jethro, later backed Steve Goodman and was a consummate musician of the highest order. Pretty jazzy rather than bluegrass.
**Crosby, Stills & Nash dvd – Long Time Comin’ $38 3rd CSN dvd so far
**Johnny Cash & Roscoe Holcombe – Rainbow Quest DVD $35 120 minute dvd from Pete Seeger’s Rainbow Quest tv show of the 60s
**Stanley Brothers – Rainbow Quesy 120 minutes $35 same as previous. Only recorded concert of the Stanley Brothers. Carter passed away not long after this was shot.


We are stocking more and more dvds, both musical and non musical. I mean who can resist 5 ..that’s right 5! Separate remastered Hopalong Cassidy dvds each with 3 movies for $25 each!! There is also the Warner Gangsters box set with 6 classic movies including “White Heat” and “Angels with Dirty Faces” both featuring the unparalled Jimmy Cagney. At $120 it ain’t cheap but its beautiful!! May have to find an unsellable shop soiled one!! We are in the process of getting a list of non musical dvds together. If interested please let us know. Remember most US dvds are region 1. YOU WILL NEED A MULTI REGION PLAYER*********

DVD List (A sampling of music dvds we have)

**Asleep at the Wheel - Live at Billy Bobs $40
**Atkins, Chet/ Jerry Reed - In Concert $48
**Blue Collar Comedy Tour Rides Again $35
**Bluegrass Extravanza at the Ryman $38 (see above)
**Cale, J J - Live (with Leon Russell) $35
**Carpenter, Mary Chapin - Live at the Wolf Trap $25
**Chesney, Kenny - Road Case the Movie $18
**Coe, David Allan - Live at Billy Bobs $40 (drops a few "words")
**Croce, Jim - Have You Heard $35
**Down from the Mountain $30
**Earle, Steve - Transcendental Blues Live $38
**Earle, Steve - Live From Austin City Limits $35 (late 80s)
**Flatlanders - Live From Austin City Limits $35 (reunion tour)
**Fogelberg, Dan - Live Greetings from the West $25
**Friedman, Kinky - Proud to Be an Ass Hole $38
**Goodman, Steve - Live From Austin City Limits $25
**Haggard, Merle - Old Country Singer Live at Billy Bobs $40
NOTE: All Billy Bobs dvds include excellent interviews.
**Haggard, Merle - In Concert $30 Collects 3 shows previously available only on video. His peak 80s band with Tiny Moore/ Gordon Terry etc. Includes "Poet of the Common Man"
**Hank Williams Honky Tonk Blues $38 (inc. all known footage)
**Harris, Emmylou - Spyboy Live! $40 (Last copies)
**Heartworn Highways $40 (Intersperses documentary with early footage....full songs...from Guy Clark, Townes, Earle etc)
**Hell on Wheels $25 (movie starring Marty Robbins)
**High Lonesome - The Story of Bluegrass $35
**Highwaymen - On the Road Again $38
**Isaacs - Best $35 (bluegrass gospel)
**Jennings, Waylon - America $25
**Jennings, Waylon - Nashville Rebel $45
**Keen, Robert - Live From Austin City Limits $35
**Kershaw, Sammy - 20th Century Masters $18
**Ketchum, Hal - Video Collection $25
**Kristofferson, Kris - Breakthrough
**Ledoux, Chris - Live at Ballys $35
**Los Lobos - Live at the Fillmore $35
**Lovett, Lyle - Live in Concert $35 (guest Randy Newman)
**Lynn, Loretta - Honky Tonk Girl $35
**McGraw, Tim - Greatest Video Hits $25
**Marshall Tucker Band Live $35
**Mavericks - Millenium Collection $18
**Mavericks - Live From Austin $45 (2 hrs!)
**Merlefest Live! $48
**Montgomery, John Michael - Very Best $35
**Murray, Anne - An Intimate Evening With $30
**Murray, Anne - What a Wonderful World $38
**Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - Will the Circle Be Unbroken #3 $35
**Pierce, Webb - Greatest Hits $35
**Poco - Crazy Lovin' Live $35 ****new 2 dvds
**Prine, John - At Sessions West 54th $25 A++++
**Raye, Collin - Live at Billy Bobs $40
**Road to Nashville Movie $25
**Ronstadt, Linda - Canciones de Mi Padre $35 (Spanish)
**Shaver, Billy Joe - A Portrait Of $38 ****back in be quick
**Shelton, Blake - Barn & Grill $20
**Skaggs, Ricky - Soldier of the Cross $35 (gospel)
**Snow, Phoebe - In Concert $35
**Statler Brothers - Farewell Concert $35
**Stills, Stephen - Best Of Musikladen $40 (from German tv)
**Strait, George - For the Last Time Live $40
**Stray Cats - Rumble in Brixton (Reunion) $35 excellent!
**Thorogood, George - 30th Anniversary Tour Live $35
**Travis, Merle - Rare Performances Vol 1 $48
**Travis, Merle - Rare Performances Vol 2 $48
**Travis, Randy - Worship & Faith $35 exc. live gospel.
**Tritt, Travis - Celebration $25
**Tritt, Travis - Greatest Hits $25
**Tritt, Travis - Live and Kickin' $35 (19 tracks Live)
**Van Zandt, Townes - private Concert in Houston 1988 $45
**Vision Shared (Tribute to Woody Guthrie/Leadbelly) $25
**Walker, Jerry Jeff - Live in Concert $48 (stacks of tracks)
**Watson, Doc & Merle - In Concert $45
**White, Tony Joe - In Concert $35
**Williams, Don - Into Africa $30
**Williams, Don - Hits Collection $30
**Wills, Bob - Fiddlin' Man $40
**Wynette, Tammy - Live I nConcert $35
**Yoakam, Dwight - Pieces of Time $25
**Yoakam, Dwight - Just Lookig for a Hit $25
**Zevon, Warren - VH1 Inside Out $35 A must for his fans.

Due Soon

Stompin’ Singers & Western Swingers $55 Proper (UK) The next fabulous Proper box is due out end of February. As always great value, with 4 cds packaged with booklet in an attractive slip case. Features a lot of artists who are not as well known as say your Bob Wills or Milton Brown but also some fairly high profile artists such as Leon McAuliffe, Johnnie Lee Wills, Ted Daffan, Curly Williams etc and some names that are certainly more obscure in Jimmy Widener, the Port Arthur Jubileers etc. 100 tracks!!!!
We carry a lot of the proper box sets and have these 4 cd sets @ $55 for:
**Bob Wills
**Hank Williams
**Milton Brown & His Musical Brownies
**Hank Williams
**Eddy Arnold
**Roy Acuff
**Hoosier HotShots
**Ernest Tubb plus some excellent various artist boxes:
**Bluegrass Bonanza
**Hillbilly Boogie (personal favourite)
**Doughboys, Playboys & Cowboys: Golden Years of Western Swing
**Swingin’ Hollywood Hillbilly Cowboys (West Coast Country)

**Mary Gauthier – Mercy Now $32 has emerged as the best female singer songwriter since the likes of Nanci Griffith and the aforementioned Iris Dement. She has a certain darkness about her music which to me beckons she be likened to Leonard Cohen. One thing, I love her work and she has lots of fans.
** Catherine Britt?????????????????? Who knows. I was lucky enough to get an advance of the album and it is simply fantastic. No sandpapering of the country edges or anything remotely like that. The one thing is when the heck is it going to be released? Someone told me that they heard the latest was October!! Can you believe it. It should be rush released but it is in the laps of the American record company and that could mean anything. The first single, “Upside of Being Down” only just scraped into the Billboard Country singles charts (remember this is based on radio play and has nothing to do with ales) and unfortunately country radio is used as a barometer as to how the market will take to an album. Her duet with Elton John is a gem. Fingers crossed but I wish I had better news.

**Rex Hobart – Empty House
**Jamie O’Neill – Brave
**Chely Wright – The Metropolitan Hotel
**Craig Morgan – My Kind Of Livin’
**Rhonda Vincent – Ragin’ Live
**Dvd Gram Parsons Tribute: Return to Sin City with the mighty Keith Richards, Steve Earle, Raul Malo, Dwight, Lucinda etc. Sounds good!
**Jessi Alexander – Honeysuckle Sweet
**Julie Gold – The Girl I Found
**Tom Russell – Hotwalker. This may be a tad different as it relates to the spoken word musings of the hip artists of the 50s. Will certainly suggest you enquire later. Will endeavour to find out more in the interim.
**The Hacienda Brothers (Chris Gaffney & Dave Gonzalez)
**Deana Carter – “The Story of My Life” Vanguard

Bear Family News

Due end of February
**Reno & Smiley – The Complete Dot Recordings 1957 -1974 $32 12 solo tracks by Reno & 12 Reno-Smiley tracks. On cd for the first time
**Gene Vincent – The Complete Studio Masters 1956-1971 8cds plus huge 12 x 12 hard cover book. One of the true legends of rock and roll best remembered for his energetic work with the BlueCaps. Who can ever forget the movie “The Girl Can’t Help It” Contains all his Capitol, Challenge, ABC, Columbia etc recordings. The Capitol recordings have been around a bit but there are quite a few previously unissued recordings.
**Town Hall Party dvds Each $45. These are the best 3 thus far:
**April 18 1959 with the great Gordon terry, Merle Lindsay etc 29 tracks
**October 11 1958 with Skeets McDonald, Collins Kids, Hank Snow, Lefty Frizzell etc 30 tracks
**July 18 1959 with George Jones !!Johnny Bond, Martha Carson etc 31 tracks.
**REMEMBER WE DEAL DIRECTLY WITH BEAR FAMILY.**They are Rolls Royce of the industry

Bargain Bin $18 (unless noted)

Acuff, Roy The Voice of Country
Adkins,Trace Comin' On Strong
Adkins,Trace Greatest Hits Collection $20
Alabama Ultimate Alabama 20 #1 Hits (70 mins+)
Aldridge, Darin Call it a Day (bluegrass0 Nice voice.
Allan, Gary See If I Care $20
Allen, Red Keep on Going $20 (bluegrass)
Allen, Terry Human Remains
Asleep at the Wheel Very Best (with guests. Re-recordings)
Auld, Audrey Losing Faith

Ball,David Thinkin' Problem $20
Ball,David Amigo $20
Ballew, Michael Rodeo Cool $20 (fab. Texas artist. 18 trks)
Bandy, Moe Greatest Hits (Curb)
Barnett, Mandy Mandy Barnett $20 (terrific!! A++)
Beach Boys & Friends Stars & Stripes Vol 1 (no,never a vol 2)
Bellamy Brothers Lonely Planet
Bellamy Brothers The Reggae Cowboys
Bellamy Brothers Sons of Beaches
Berry, John Greatest Hits
Big Sandy Swingin' West (with Flyrite Boys)
Black, Clint Killin' Time
Black, Clint Spend My Time
Bo Billy Wild for You
Bogguss, Suzy Somewhere Between $20
Bogguss, Suzy Voices in the Wind
Bogguss, Suzy Aces
Bogguss, Suzy Moment of Truth (UK reissue)
Bogguss, Suzy Nobody Loves, Nobody Gets Hurt
Bogguss, Suzy Give Me Some Wheels
Boland, Jason Live at Billy Bobs $20
Boland, Jason Somewhere in the Middle $20
Bonham, Glen Glen Bonham $20 (bluegrass. Top voice)
Boone, Larry Swingin' Doors Sawdust Floors $20
Boone, Larry One Way to Go $20
BR549 Tangled in the Pines
Brennan, Walter Old Shep (cd of "Dutchman's Gold" album)
Brooks & Dunn Brand New Man
Brooks & Dunn Greatest Hits Collection II $20
Brown, Junior 12 Shades of Brown $20
Brown, Junior Guit With It $20
Brown, Junior Long Walk Back $20
Brown, Junior Semi Crazy $20
Brown, Junior Mixed Bag $20
Brown, Marty High & Dry (hillbilly...Hankish...great)
Brown, Marty Wild Kentucky Skies
Bruce, Ed This Old Hat $20
Burch, Paul Wire to Wire
Burch, Paul Fool for Love
Burnett, T Bone T Bone Burnett (with Jerry Douglas)
Burns, Brian Eagle & the Snake $20 (Texas artist)
Bush, Sam King of My World (bluegrass)
Byrd, Tracy Love Lessons
Byrd, Tracy I'm from the Country

Camp, Shawn Live at the Station Inn $22 (bluegrass) A+
Campbell, Kate Sing Me Out $20
Campbell, Kate The Portable $20
Campbell, Kate Songs from the Levee
Campbell, Stacy Dean Lonesome Wins Again
Campbell, Stacy Dean Hurt City
Canyon, George One Good Friend $20
Carlson, Paulette Love Goes On (from Highway 101)
Carpenter, MaryChapin Hometown Girl
Carpenter, MaryChapin Stones in the Road
Carpenter,MaryChapin A Place in the World
Carpenter,Mary Chapin Between Here & Gone $20
Carpenter,MaryChapin State of the Heart
Carrington,Rodney Greatest Hits 2cds $25
Carter,Carlene Little Love Letters
Carter,Carlene Hindsight 20/20
Carter Family Country Music Hall of Fame
Carter Family Greatest Hits 1927-1934 (18 tracks)
Carter Family Introduction $20 (Proper UK 25 tracks)
Cartwright, Lionel I Watched It On the Radio
Cash,Johnny America (note: We have lots more)
Cash,Johnny A Boy Named Sue & Other Story Songs
Cash,Johnny Songs of the Soil
Cash,Johnny Ragged Old Flag
Cash, Johnny Hello I'm Johnny Cash (True...if you'd met
John once or 100 times this was always
the greeting he used)
Cash,Johnny Bitter Tears
Charles,Ray & Friends Super Hits (repackage of "Friendship")
CharlesRiverValleyBoys Beatle Country (bluegrass) A classic,
Chesnutt, Mark Too Cold at Home
Chesnutt, Mark I Don't Want to Miss A Thing
Chesnutt, Mark Almost Goodbye
Chesnutt,Mark Thank God for Believers
Chesnutt,Mark Longnecks & Short Stories
Clark,Guy Dublin Blues $20
Clark, Terri Greatest Hits $20
Clements. Vassar Full Circle $20 (Bluegrass) with guests
Clements, Vassar Living With the Blues $20 (bluegrass)
Clements, Vassar Together at Last (w. Stephan Grapelli) $20
Collie, Mark Hardin County Line ***a total classic
Collie,Mark Born & Raised in Black & White
Comeaux, Amie Moving Out $22
Commander Cody We've Got a Live One Here $22 (classic)
Cordle, Larry Murder on Music Row (bluegrass)
Cordle, Larry Lonesome Skynyrd Time (bluegrass)
Costello, Elvis Almost Blue – expanded edition $20
Creager, Roger Long way to Mexico
Creager, Roger Live Across Texas $20 (Texas honky tonk)
Crickets T-Shirt (long deleted gem)
Crow, Alvin White Trash Opera
Crowe, Josh Sincerely (bluegrass)
Cryner, Bobbie Girl of Your Dreams

Dalton,Lacy J Best $20
Dalton, Lacy J Chains on the Wind $20
Daniel,Davis Fightin' Fire With Fire
Daniels, Charlie Essential Super Hits (cd + dvd)
Davis, Skeeter RCA Country Classics
Dead Ringer Band Home Fires (give me Kasey here anyday)
Dekle, Mike Sketches $20
Dement, Iris My Life $20
Dement, Iris The Way I Should $20
Dennis, Wesley Wesley Dennis
Denver, John Definitive All Time Greatest Hits $20 2cds
Derailers Here Comes
Derailers Full Western Dress $20
Derailers Reverb Deluxe $20
Dickerson,Deke More Million Sellers
Diffie, Joe A Thousand Winding Roads (his best!)
Dillingham, Craig Almost Yesterday (excellent. 100%)
So good return if you don't like it.
Dillon, Dean Out of Your Ever Lovin' Mind $20
Dodd,Deryl Stronger Proof $20
Domino Kings Life & 20
Downing, Big Al One of a Kind

E Connection The King Is Gone (Ronnie McDowell, Scotty
Moore/D J Fontana/ Jordinaires etc)
Earle,Steve Transcendental Blues
Eaves, Jim & Jenny Listen to the Bluebirds Sing $20
Edwards, Don Saddle Songs $28 2cds
Edwards, Don Last of the Troubadours $28 2cds
Edwards, Don My Hero Gene Autry $20
Edwards, Don Kin to the Wind $20
Edwards/Mitchell A Prairie Portrait $20 (Don with Waddy)
Edwards, Stoney Best (**wonderful Lefty style)
Elam, Katrina Katrina Elam (& she is related to Jack)
Elliott, Ramblin' Jack The Long Ride
Ely, Joe Twistin' in The Wind
Ely, Joe Streets of Sin $20
Emerson Drive What If
Evans, Dave High Waters (bluegrass)
Evans, Sara Restless $20
Ewing, Skip The Will to Love
Flatt, Lester Essential (with Nashville Grass) $20
Flatt & Scruggs Introduction $20 UK (bluegrass) 28 tracks
Flatt & Scruggs Don't Get Above Your Raisin' $20 (b'grass)
Flynn, Pat Request (bluegrass)
Ford,Tennessee Ernie 20 Country Classics
Fricke, Janie The Bluegrass Sessions (cd+dvd) $22
Frizzell, Lefty Introduction $20 (29 track UK)

Gaffney, Chris Loser's Paradise (prod. dave Alvin)
Gatlin Bros. Sing Their Family Gospel Favourites
Gattis, Keith Keith Gattis
Gayle, Crystal Heart & Soul: Hoagy Carmichael Tribute
Gilkyson, Eliza Through the Looking Glass
Gill, Vince Souvenirs
Gill, Vince The Key $20 (one of the best cds ever)
Gill, Vince Next Big Thing $20
Gill, Vince Pocket Full of Gold
Gill, Vince Make Sure We Kiss Goodbye
Gilmore, Jimmie Dale One Endless Night $20
Goldsboro, Bobby Absolutely the Best (all the original hits)
Goodman, Steve Anthology 2cds + huge booklet
Grand, Gil Famous First Words
Graves, Josh & Friends Sultan of Slide $20 (bluegrass)
Gregg, Ricky Lynn Get a Little Closer (fabulous country cd)
Gregory, Clinton Country Music Made Me Do It $20
Griggs, Andy This Is Gotta See $20
Guthrie, Woody Ultimate Collection $28 2cds 51 tracks
Haggard, Merle The Peer Session $20
Haggard, Merle Live at Billy Bobs $20
Haggard, Merle Rainbow Stew Live
Haggard, Merle 1994
Haggard, Merle 1996
Haggard, Merle What a Friend We Have in Jesus
Haggard, Merle Blue Jungle
Haggard, Merle The Way I Am
Haggard, Merle Cabin in the Hills $20
Haggard, Merle Two Old Friends $20 (with Al. Brumley)
Haggard, Merle Serving 190 Proof
Hardwick, Billy Jnr Too Country $25 (rare classic)
Harms, Joni Let's Put the Western Back in Country $20
Harms, Joni Cowgirl Dreams
Harris, D B Contagious Heartache
Harris, Emmylou Cowgirls Prayer $20
Harris, Emmylou Bluebird $20
Harris, Emmylou Brand New Dance $20
Harris, Emmylou Wrecking Ball $22
Hartford, John Live at Mountain Stage $20 (bluegrass)
Hayden, Rodney Living the Good Life $20
Hearts & Flowers Now is the Time $20
Helms, Bobby The Little darlin' Sound Of
Henderson, Michael Country Music Made Me Do It (twangy)
Horton, Steven Wayne Steven Wayne Horton (Chris Isaac-ish)
Hot Club of Cowtown Swingin' Stampede
Hubbard, Ray Wylie Growl $20
Hughes, Jedd Transcontinental
Ickes, Rob Big Time $20 (bluegrass) dobro wiz!
Isaacs, Sonya Sonya Isaacs
Jackson, Alan A Lot About Livin'
Jackson, Alan Who I Am $20
Jackson, Alan Everything I Love $20
Jackson, Alan Drive $20
Jackson, Alan Don't Rock the Jukebox
Jackson, Alan When Somebody Loves You
Jackson, Wanda Heart Trouble $20 (tops!)
Jennings, Waylon The eagle $20
Jennings, Waylon Too Dumb for NYC, Too Ugly for LA $20
Jennings, Waylon Ol Waylon Sings Ol Hank $22
Jennings, Waylon Hanging Tough
Jennings, Waylon Clean Shirt (with Willie)
Jennings, Waylon Take it to the Limit (with Willie)
Jewel, Buddy Buddy Jewel
Jim & Jesse Our Kind of Country (bluegrass)
Jones, Chris A Few Words (bluegrass)
Jones, George One (with Tammy)
Jones, George Still the Same Old Me
Jones, George Best Of 1955-1967 $20 (rhino)
Jones, George And Along Came Jones
Jones, George I Lived to Tell it All $20
Jones, George High Tech redneck
Jones, George I Am What I Am
Jones, George The Rock: Stone Cold Country
Jones, George She Thinks I Still Care (U.A. recordings)
Jones, George Homecoming in Heaven
Jones, George A Taste of yesterday's Wine (with Hag)
Judd, Cletus T BiPolar & Proud
Judds Greatest Hits
Judds Greatest Hits Vol 2
Keen, Robert Earl Party never Ends
Kimes, Royal Wade Cowboy Cool
King Wilkie Broke (bluegrass)
Krauss, Alison Live 2cds $22 (bluegrass)
Kristofferson, Kris Repossessed/Third World Warrior 2cds 425

Lauderdale, Jim Wait til Spring (with Donna the Buffalo)
Lauderdale/Stanley I Feel Like Singing Today $20 (bluegrass)
Lauderdale/Stanley Lost in the Lonesome Pines $20 (b'grass)
Laurel Canyon Ramblers Back on the street Again (bluegrass)
Lawrence,Tracy Strong
Lawrence,Tracy Lessons Learned
Leadon, Bernie Mirror
Lee, Albert Heartbreak Hill
Lee, Julie Stillhouse Road
Locklin, Hank Generations in Song $20
Louvin Bros Encore
Louvin Bros Ira & Charlie
Louvin Bros Keep Your Eyes on Jesus
Louvin Bros Nearer My God to Thee
Louvin Bros Two Different Worlds
Loveless, Patty Mountain Soul $20
Loveless, Patty Only What I Feel
Lowe, Nick Impossible Bird
Lynn, Loretta Van Lear Rose $20
Lynn, Loretta Patsy Cline favorites
Lynn, Loretta Peace in the Valley
Lynn, Loretta Hymns
Lynn, Loretta You Ain't Woman Enough
Lynne, Shelby Temptation
Lynne, Shelby Soft Talk
McClinton, Delbert One of the Fortunate Few
McCoury, Ronnie Heartbreak Town (bluegrass)
McDaniel, Mel Signature Series
McDowell, Ronnie Great Gospel Songs
McEntire, Reba Room to Breathe
McGraw, Tim And the Dancehall Doctors $20
McGraw, Tim Live Like You Were Dying $20
McReynolds, jesse New Horizons (bluegrass)
Maddox Bros & Rose Introduction $20 UK 30 tracks
Malibu Storm Malibu Storm
Martin, Benny Big Tiger Roars Again (bluegrass)
Martin, Benny Big Tiger Roars Again Pt 2 (b'grass)
Martin, Leland Simply Traditional **returnable if not liked
Mavericks What a Crying Shame
Mavericks Music for All Occasions
Mavericks Trampoline
Messina, JoDee Burn
Messina, JoDee I'm Alright
Messina. JoDee JoDee Messina
Milsap, Ronnie Just for a Thrill (new standards album)
Moffatt, Katy Walkin' on the Moon
Moffatt, Katy Child Bride $20
Moffatt, Katy Evangeline Hotel (**all time favourite)
Montgomery, John M. What I Do Best
Montgomery Gentry To Do Your thing $20
Montgomery, melba Signature Series $20
Montgomery, Melba Golden Moments
Moore, Alison Alabam Song $20
Moore, Alison The Alison Moorer Show cd + dvd $20
Morgan, Lorrie To Get to You:Greatest Hits Collection
Morgan, Lorrie War Paint
Morlix, Gurf Cut ' n Shoot
Morlix, Gurf Toad of Titicaca
Morlix, Gurf Fishing in the Muddy
Murphey, Michael M. Cowboy Songs
Murphey, Michael M Land of Enchantment
Myles, Heather Sweet Little Dangerous

Nashville Bluegrass Band Twenty Year Blues (bluegrass)
Nelson, Willie Honeysuckle Rose remastered $20
Nelson, Willie Always on My Mind remastered
Nelson, Willie Tougher Than Leather remastered
Nelson, Willie San Antonio Rose (with Ray Price)
Nelson, Willie Teatro
Nelson, Willie Six Hours in Pedernales (w. Curtis potter)
Nelson, Willie Rainbow Connection
Nelson, Willie Greatest Hits & Some That Will Be
Nelson, Willie Just One Love $22 (one of his very best)
Nelson, Willie Gospel Favourites (re. Family Bible)
Nelson, Willie How Great Thou Art (Gospel)
Nelson, Willie Me & the Drummer
Nelson, Willie Across the Borderline $20 (we have more)
Nesmith, Mike Hits Just Keep on Coming (w. Red Rhodes)
Nichols, Joe Joe Nichols
Nichols, Joe Revelation $20
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Will the Circle be Unbroken 2 $20
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Welcome to Woody Creek $20
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Stars & Stripes Forever
Norris, Keith Deuce
O'Connell, Maura Don't I Know
O'Connor, Mark Appalachia Waltz Trio (bluegrass of sorts)
O'Connor, Nora Till the dawn
O'hara, Jamie Rise Above It
Olney, David The Wheel
Overstreet, Paul Love is Strong
Overstreet, Paul Songwriter's Project $20
Parton, Dolly Just Because I'm a Woman (bonus trks)
Parton, Dolly Hungry Again
Parton, Dolly The Ultimate
Paycheck, Johnny Real Mr Heartache $22 (Essential)
Paycheck, Johnny Little Darlin' The Beginning
Payne, Waylon The Drifter
Peterson, David & 1946 The Howling Blue Winds (bluegrass)
Pierce, Webb King of the Honky Tonk $22 (CMF)
Poovey, Groovey Joe The Little Darlin' Sound
Prairie Oyster Different Kind of Fire $25 (a gem)
Prairie Oyster Everybody Knows $25 (ditto)
Prairie Oyster Blue Plate Special (ditto encore)
Presley, Elvis Ultimate Gospel $20
Pride, Charley The Anthology 2cds $28
Prine, John Studio 54 dvd (with Iris Dement) $25
Prine, John John Prine Live $20
Prine, John In Spite of Ourselves $20
Prine, John Lost Dogs & Mixed Blessings $20
Prine, John Storm Windows $20
Prine, John Sweet Revenge $20
Prine, John Aimless Love $20
Prine, John The Missing Years $20
Prine, John German Afternoons $20
Proctor, rachel Where I Belong
Rascal Flatts Live cd+dvd $22
Rascal Flatts Feels Like Today $20 (not many)
Red Meat Alameda County Line (Buck Owens-ish)
Reed, Jerry The Essential
Reno & Smiley Talk of the Town $22 (bluegrass) 24 tracks
Reno, Ronnie In Concert(bluegrass)
Restless Heart Still Restless (brand new album)
Ricochet The Live Album 2cd enhanced cd
Ringenberg, Jason Empire Builders
Ritter, Tex Introduction $20 UK 28 tracks
Robbins, Marty What God has Done (gospel)
Robbins, Marty Lifetime I nSong $20 (2lps on 1 cd)
Roberts, Julie Julie Roberts
Robison, Bruce Country Sunshine
Robison, Charlie Good Times $20
Rodgers, Jimmie Very Best 1957-1962 $22 ("Honeycomb")
Rodriguez, Johnny Desperdao: Decade of Hits (cd+dvd)
Rogers, Roy Home on the Range (UK 27 tracks)
Rowan/Edwards High Lonesome Cowboy $20 Peter & Don
Rown/Rice You Were there For Me $20 (bluegrass)
Rushlow Right Now
Russell, Tom Indians, Cowboys, Horses Dogs $22
Sahm, Doug Texas Rock for Country Rollers $22
Sarstedt, Peter Where Do You Go to: Best (okay it is a 60s
pop album but 22 exc. tracks; a little ctry)
Scruggs, Earl Essential $28 2cds (bluegrass)
Sears, Dawn Nothin' But Good
Shocked, Michelle Shockolates 21 track GH $20
Singletary, Darryl That's Why I Sing This Way $20
Singletary, Darryl Ain't it the Truth
Singletary, Darryl All Because Of You
Singletary, Darryl Darryl Singletary
Smith, Cal Stories of Life
Smith, Darden Sunflower
Sons of San Joaquin Gospel Trails $20
Sons of San Joaquin 15 Years:A retrospective $20
Springer, Roger Roger Springer Band $20 (a gem)
Stanley, Ralph Cry from the Cross $20 (bluegrass)
Stanley, Ralph I'll Answer the Call $20 (bluegrass)
Stanley, Ralph 50th Anniversary Collection $20(b'grass)
Stanley Bros An Evening Long Ago $20 (bluegrass)
Stanley, Ralph II Carrying On (bluegrass)
Stone, Doug From the Heart
Strait, George Beyond the Blue Neon (his best)
Strait, George Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind
Strait, George Holding My Own
Strait, George If You ain't Lovin' You Ain't Living
Strait, George Livin' It Up
Strait, George #7
Strait, George Honky Tonkville
Strait, George Blue Clear Sky
Strait, George Right or Wrong
Strait, George Something Special
Strait, George George Strait
Strait, George Road Less Travelled $20
Strait, George Latest Straitest Greatest Hits $20
Strait, George Strait Country
Strait, George Always Never the Same
Stuart, Marty Hillbilly Rock
Stuart, Marty Country Music
Sugarland Twice the Speed of Life
Supernaw. Doug Deep Thoughts from a Shallow Mind
Supernaw, Doug Fadin' Renegade $22 (his 4th & last)
Supernaw, Doug Red & the Rio Grande $20
Talley, James Journey $20
Talley, James Nashville City Blues
Tashian, Barry At Home (latest on Copper Creek)
Taylor, Chip Hit Man
taylor, Chip Living Room tapes
Tedeschi, Susan Live from Austin (blues)
Texas Tornadoes Zone of Our Own $20
Thompson, Hank An Introduction $20 UK 30 tracks
Thompson, Hank Signature Series
Tillis, Pam It's All Relative: A tribute to the Songs of
Mel Tillis (her best by a mile. Tops)
Tillman, Floyd the Influence $20
Tillman, Floyd Crazy Cajun Recordings $20
Tippin, Aaron RCA Country legends
Tobin, Karen Carolina Smokey Moon
Tomblin,Lucky Lucky Tomblin Band (Texas honky tonk)
Travis, Randy This is Me
Travis, Randy Full Circle
travis, Randy Wind in the Wire
Travis, Randy Old 8 x 10
Travis, Randy Man Ain't Made of Stone
Tres Chicas Sweetwater
Trevino, Rick In my Dreams
Tritt, Travis Greatest Hits from the beginning $20
Tritt, Travis TROUBLE
Tritt, Travis Strong Enough
Tritt, Travis My Honky Tonk History
Tritt, Travis It's All About to Change
Tubb, Ernest & Friends 40 Great Country Duets 2cds $28
Tucker, Tanya Tanya (latest)
Tucker, Tanya What Do I Do With Me
Turner, Josh Long Black Train $20
Twain, Shania Greatest Hits $20
Tyson, Ian Old Eon $20

Ulisse, Donna Trouble at the Door
Van Shelton, Ricky Wild Eyed Dream
Van Shelton, Ricky Loving Proof
Van Shelton, Ricky RVS III
Van Shelton, Ricky Love & Honor $20
Van Shelton, Ricky Don't Overlook Salvation
Van Shelton, Ricky Bridge I Didn't Burn $20
Van Shelton, Ricky Backroads
Van Shelton, Ricky Making Plans $20
Van Shelton, Ricky Fried Green Tomatoes
Vassar, Phil American Child $20
Vassar, Phil Shaken Not Stirred
Vincent, Rick A Wanted Man $20
Volkaert, Redd For the ladies
Wall, Chris Tainted Angel $20
Walser, Don I'll Hold You In My Heart $20
Walser, Don Texas Top Hand $20
Walser, Don Texas Top Hand $20
Walser, Don Down at the Sky Vue Drive Inn
Wariner, Steve Steal Another Day
Watson, B B Light at the End of the Tunnel
Watson, Gene Little By Little
Watson, Gene Best Of
Watson, Gene Sings $20
Wells, Brittany Loving Every Minute of It
White, Michael Familiar Ground (top voice)
Whitley, Keith LA to Miami $20
Whitley, Keith Wherever You Are Tonight
Whitley, Keith I Wonder Do You Think of Me $22
Whitley, Keith Don't Close Your Eyes $22
Wilburn Brothers Hits Of:Somebodys Back in Town $22 UK
Wild Jimbos Wild Jimbos (Nitty Gritty D.B. side group)
Williams, Hank An Introduction UK $20 30 tracks
Williams, Hank Legend 2cd Audio Book + rare Tracks $28
Williams, Hank Live Grand ol Opry $35 2 cds nice pkge
Williams, Hank Rare Recordings from First to Last $22 CMF
Williams, Hank Jnr America the Way I See It
Williams, Hank Jnr Born to Boogie
Williams, Hank Jnr Five-O
Williams, Hank Jnr And Friends
Williams, Hank Jnr Hog Wild
Williams, Hank Jnr Lone Wolf
Williams, Hank Jnr Major Moves
Williams, Hank Jnr Maverick
Williams, Hank Jnr Montana Cafe
Williams, Hank Jnr Pure Hank
Williams, Hank Jnr Stormy
Williams, Hank Jnr Tribute to My Father
Williams, Hank Jnr Man of Steel
Williams, Hank Jnr Early Years
Williams, Hank Jnr One Night Stands
Williams, Hank Jnr The New South
Williams, Hank Jnr Family Tradition
Williams, Hank Jnr Whiskey Bent & Hell Bound
Williams, Hank Jnr Habits Old & new
Williams, Hank Jnr Rowdy
Williams, Hank Jnr Pressure Is One
Williams, Hank Jnr High Notes
Williams, Hank Jnr Strong Stuff
Williams, Hank Jnr Wham Bam Sam
Williams, Hank Jnr Wild Streak
Williams, Hank Jnr Almeria Club
Williams, Hank Jnr Greatest Hits Vol 3 $20 ("Tear in my Beer")
Williams, Hank III Lovesick,Broke & Driftin' $22
Williams, Hank III Risin' Outlaw $20
Williams, Holly The Ones We never Knew
Williams, Lucinda Essence (digipak) $20
Willis, Kelly Bang Bang $20
Willmon, Trent Trent Willmon (with "Beer Man" good cd)
Womack, LeeAnn Greatest Hits
Woodys Teardrops & Diamonds $20 (very special)
Worley, Darryl Hard Rain Don't Last
Worley, Darryl Darryl Worley $20 (late 2004 cd)
Worley, Darryl I miss My Friend
Worley, Darryl Have You Forgotten
Wright, Chely Wright in the Middle of It $20
Wylie & Wild West Hooves of the Horses
Wylie & Wild west Paradise
Wylie & Wild West Way Out West
Yoakam, Dwight Tomorrow's Sounds Today
Yoakam, Dwight This Time
Yoakam, Dwight Dwight's Used Records
Yoakam, Dwight Long Way Home
Yoakam, Dwight Gone
Yoakam, Dwight Population Me
Young, faron Live Fast Love Hard (CMF) $22


30 Fiddlers Greatest Hits (bluegrass)
All Star Bluegrass Celebration $20
Bristol Sessions 2cds $28 (CMF label) Essential historic item.
Cold Mountain Soundtrack
Earl Scruggs & Friends
Merlefest Live!! $20 (fantastic bluegrass w. Doc Watson & friends)
Nashville Star - The Finalists
Red Hot & Country $25
Southern Rock - Country Style with Chesnutt, Adkins, Raye, Byrd
etc. All new recordings for this album. 16 tracks.
Tribute to Jimmie Rodgers $20 (with Iris/Earle/ Dylan etc)
Tribute to John Hartford $20 (with Gillian welch, Tim O'Brien etc)
Tulare Dust: Haggard Tribute (with Lucinda, Dwight, Billy Joe etc)

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