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November 2004 Newsletter

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This is probably going to be the last of the year. Our eagerly awaited "Albums of the Year" will be published first newsletter 2005. This time we have included most of the cds in our bargain bin as a separate booklet. PLEASE NOTE WE CAN ONLY KEEP THOSE ON OUR MAILING LIST WHO MAKE THE OCCASIONAL PURCHASE. We apologise if that sounds blunt but the reality is if you don't find anything in this newsletter you never will. If you are a walk in customer as distinct from a mail or phone order customer please make sure you mention this so you don"t inadvertently get deleted from the list.

Amber Digby - "Music from the Honky Tonks $32
With a cover that makes Neko Case"s woeful efforts seem arty, Amber still manages what is possibly the best female album we have ever had in the 15 1/2 years we have been open. A big call, so I had better stick an arguably in there somewhere but even old favourites such as Heather Myles(to whom she bares a vocal resemblance), Erin Hay, Mandy Barnett etc have never been as consistently good as Amber on this album. Her dad was a 20 year bass player with Loretta Lynn and it possibly no surprise Amber has picked up a few influences. Her uncle is the great Darrell McCall and her step-dad is Dicky Overby who is responsible for the sensational pedal steel guitar; so good is the interplay between pedal steel and fiddle (the talented Bobby Flores) that you would be troubled to think of an album in the history of country music that would even come close let alone surpass this. On the amazing "Somebody Somewhere" the playing is breathtaking matched by Amber"s wonderful vocal. The song "Cowboy Lovin" Night" starts off with the line "They"re tuning those twin Texas fiddles" and right on cue Bobby Flores comes in. The hairs will stand up on the back of your neck. Justin Trevino is an excellent producer and just hits all the right buttons when required. 14 excellent songs, some originals and well chosen covers. It is a shame that albums this good will never enter the charts. It just enforces the selfish being inside us all where some things are so special we really don"t want to share them with somebody else....and with that bit of Freudian logic we can only say one thing and that is do yourself the favour of getting a true and absolute gem.

Knut Bell and the Bluecollars - "Honkahillarockabilly" $33
From Seattle state, Knut"s cd is a gem. With a deep voice he vocally fits somewhere between Dick Curless, Y & T favourite Sonny George, and even a little vintage Johnny Cash. The title is an apt description of his music; part honky tonky, part hillbilly and part rockabilly. What it doesn"t convey is how witty the mostly original songs are. "Good Country Song" tells of the girl that leaves on a train....and that is all that is left is a good country song, of course written and sung by Knut. There are some wonderful blue collar songs. The barroom romp "Gizzards & Beer" finds Knut telling us they are his "caviar and chardonnay". He does a superb take on "Chick Inspector" a Vaughan Horton classic that was performed by Dick Curless on the"Live at Wheeling Truck Driver"s Jamboree" album and Knut captures the leering nuances just superbly. Other covers are Johnny Cash"s "So Doggone Lonesome" (possibly the lesser of the three) and the Mel Tillis penned "Ruby Don"t Take Your Love to Town" given a rockabilly treatment. Andrew See is a standout on upright bass and the band has a great time.

Chip Taylor & Carrie Rodriguez - "Angel of the Morning" $22
Although marketed as an ep there is actually 35 minutes of playing time with tracks recorded live in Austin & Norway. Track listing Angel of the Morning/ Laredo/ Let"s leave This Town/ Do Your Part/ Don"t Speak in English/ We Come Up Shining/ I Wasn"t Born in Tennessee (a new version of the "Last Chance" classic)

Darrell McCall - "Old Memories & Wine" $32
First album in a while for this fabulous Ray Price inspired vocalist and a long term favourite of Yesterday & Today customers. As with the Amber Digby cd there is excellent backing by the likes of Bobby Flores & Dickie Overby. Darrell first came to Nashville from Texas in the late 50s to work with Ferlin Husky (along with one Donny Young... who later became known as Johnny Paycheck). This is his return to Texas and what a good one it is. A mix of covers and a few select originals. Darrell"s wife, Mona McCall, and a fine vocalist in her own right, does an excellent version of Lucile Starr"s "The French Song".

Justin Trevino - "Too Many Heartaches" $32
There is definitely a God...smiling on us country music fans. The only thing I don't know which of these two I like the best. I guess it is like winning lotto twice and one prize is a million bucks and the next is 1.1 million. In other words both are essential. This is full on honky tonk and includes two duets: "Love is No Excuse") with Norma Jean and "Face to the Wall" (with the great Darrell McCall himself). The prime ingredients of great country music are all here. Justin is the new king of the honky tonks. 13 tracks in all and I believe he gets better with every album.

Johnny Bush "Honkytonic" $33
Another Ray Price inspired vocalist who on the strength of his performance on "Touch My Heart - A Tribute to Johnny Paycheck" would have had most of us declaring he was past it. BUT!!!! This cd dispels that notion and is right up there. He rips through "What Made Milwaukee Famous" and does a sterling job on Royal Wade Kimes" "Leave My Mama Out of This" and is terrific on the song associated with Becky Hobbs, "Jones on the Jukebox". In fact he is so strong throughout that his poor showing on the Paycheck Tribute (which is in the same league as Willie"s butcher job on "Rainbow Connection") would have you thinking it may have been someone else. Minor criticism is that last two of the 13 tracks are "I Gotta Get Drunk" and "Whiskey River". Bush has recorded these two so many times that new versions are simply not needed. Still the other 11 are a real pleasant surprise (and a half!).

Mark Chesnutt - "Saving tthe Honky Tonk" $33.
This is the first album release for new Music Row label, Vivaton, and they couldn"t have had a more fitting choice than Mark Chesnutt. He has always had the vocal chops and there are at least half a dozen of his albums I would rank in the Top 100 of albums released during the 15 1/2 years we have been operating. Everything about this album is worthwhile. Firstly, the cover is a clever take off of Waylon"s classic "Honky Tonk Heroes" album (as I guess is the album"s title). Chesnutt had his start in Texas honky tonks as a teenager and has always been a vocalist of the highest quality with his note-bending George Jones influenced vocals. (For those who want to check out those early days look further than the early independent album "Doin" My Country Thing" which we have in stock). He covers 3 Kevin Fowler songs which perfectly embrace the Texas honky tonk style on which Mark cut his teeth. Best is yet to come. "Would These Arms Get in Your Way" from the equally great Vern Gosdin gets a definitive treatment from Chesnutt. Vocal assists from LeeAnn Womack have you wishing she would follow a similar path to Chesnutt and get back to real country music again. The musicians are the same ones that play on the major label stuff but you can sense their joy at being able to play real country music. 15 songs also provide great value. So we will have to squeeze another Chesnutt into our Top 100....I am extremely pleased to do so.

The Insiders _ "Me & My Heart & My Shoes" $33
Another excellent Texas honky tonk album with a group who look like they have personally tried every honky tonk in Texas and then some. 13 tracks are a mix of originals and covers. The Rueffer brothers, Chad on lead guitar and Reggie on fiddles respectively are both talents to be reckoned with whilst Reggie Brown on bass and Derek Spigner on drums prove to be an excellent rhythm section. Best independent album by a group since the equally excellent Starline Rhythm boys.

Randy Kohrs - "I"m Torn" $32
4th album overall and second bluegrass album in a little over two years from one of Nashville"s best dobro players and vocalists. Highlight is the duet with Dolly Parton, "It Looked Good on Paper", a real tearjerker in which Randy does his best Vince Gill style vocal yet. This would top the charts given half a chance. Brilliant performances by both. The rest is more straight bluegrass with Scott Vestal on banjo and Shaunna Larkin-Kohrs (his wife?) on fiddle providing the right compliment to Randy"s wonderful dobro playing. "Fifty Good Years" is another sad one about a lady facing her final days without her husband of 50 years. He currently plays with both Dolly Parton and Patty Loveless and as far as we are concerned is already a solo artist of the highest calibre.

Ron Williams - "Natural Thing" $30
Interesting comparison between liner note and publicity notes for this album. Ron is son of Leona Williams, an excellent singer in her own right who was married for a time in the 80s to Merle Haggard. In later years whe was married to Dave "Is Anybody Going to San Antone" Kirby, who sadly passed away last year. The liner notes pay tribute to Kirby but do not even mention Haggard. Apparently the time Haggard was his step father was an unhappy one for both Ron and his mother who was allegedly subjected to random acts of cruelty by Merle. Without wishing to pass judgment on Haggard as a person we can honestly say as a singer there has been none better. So Hag is ignored in the liner notes but is right there in the publicity note. I guess it should be the case also as Ron has been openly influenced by Merle Haggard but is by no means a clone. He has gained experience singing on the Ernest Tubb Record Store"s "Midnight Jamboree" and has produced an amazing debut highlighted by his superb voice. "I"m Tired of Being Something (That Means Nothing to You)" is as good as any major label song we have heard. Penned by the delightfully named LaDonna Brewer-Capps it takes your breath away with the sheer power of Ron"s singing which is of the highest order. There can be a few criticisms. A couple of the songs are a little bit Joe Diffie-style dittified but that is a minor criticism. The rest have all the qualities that make country music great. Despite logic dictating otherwise we have heard Leona may be going back on the road as a backing vocalist for Haggard. If that is the case I hope he expresses some sense of pride in the achievements of his one time step son. Right up in the year"s top 10.

Porter Wagoner & Pamela Rose Gadd - "Something to Brag About" $25
Pam Gadd as we have previously known her was a part of the excellent all girl group from the early 90s, Wild Rose, and after the demise of that group went on to follow a bluegrass path but has been appearing on the Opry with Porter since 1999. She is an ideal vocal partner to Porter, who has lost little of his vocal prowess over the years. Highlight is one of the greatest cheating songs of any era in "Yes, Mr Peters", and also one in which the answer song "Hurry, Mr Peters" is as equally grand. In the former the woman telephones the man who pretends he is talking to his boss, Mr Peters. They organise a clandestine meeting on the pretext he is slipping out to work down at the plant for Mr Peters. In the latter Mr Peters actually calls the woman to organise a meeting. "Why"d you marry that fool" he laments. The former was by Roy Drusky and I think Priscilla Mitchell; the latter by the great Justin Tubb & Lorene Mann. Porter and Pam nail it perfectly. Most of the songs are well known but it doesn"t matter. They are a joy to listen to.

Greg Brown - "Live from Kate Wolf Music Festival 1997-2003" 2cds $35
Holy dooley Mr Iris Dement is a productive little devil. This 31 track double disc shows Greg to be an excellent live performer. Includes a mix of originals and covers. He is able to command the audiences attention even on the lengthy story songs. Kate Wolf was a folk singer with a few country edges who sadly died of cancer. It is appropriate Greg should have written "Kate"s Guitar" in her honour. Over 2 1/2 hours.

Lucille Starr/The Canadian Sweethearts - "Lonely Street/ Side by Side Pop & Country" $33
Collector"s Choice is an excellent US label. This has excellent notes by Colin Escott who reveals that Lucille dubbed in a yodel for Cousin Pearl in "The Beverly Hillbillies". Lucille Starr and husband Bob Reagan were the Canadian Sweethearts. These recordings were delightfully produced by Billy Sherrill and feature Lucille"s excellent country voice replete with a few rolled "r"s" to reflect her French heritage. The first album on this twofer was issued as a Lucille solo album. "Side by Side" was heavy on the Lucille but Bob did join in and was given a verse here and there (he sounds a little like Willie). An excellent package 29 tracks. Terrific variety. Lucille is known mainly for the French song (a different label....but expect Collectors Choice to reissue that in due course) but these recordings are every bit as good and then some.

Willie Nelson & Friends - "Outlaws & Angels" $32
Willie has friends in strange places and there is a wide range of styles featured here. Performances are excellent though many won"t like all the styles. Willie sounds better here than on recent studio albums, though I think it is still fair to say the last few years have shown a heck of a lot of rough edges creeping in to Willie"s vocals. Favourite track features a fellow who I reckon could make a great country album in Keith Richards. "We Had it All" is wonderful. For now it appears Willie"s reggae album has been permanently shelved but a couple of tracks with Toots Hibbert hint at what may have been. Haggard & Toby Keith make numerous appearances, the latter showing what a top notch singer he really is. "Whole Lotta Shakin" Going On" (possibly change "Shakin"" to "Shaky") features Jerry Lee Lewis, Haggard, Kid rock and Keith Richards along with Willie in what may be one of the wackiest assemblies for a song...ever! Stranger things have worked as well; but I would defy anyone to name them.

Country Brothers (Jasmine UK) $32
A sampling of a classic sub-genre of early country music. 23 tracks including selections by Monroe Brothers, Dixon Brothers, Sam & Kirk McGee and the Cartwright Brothers (no...not Hoss & Little Joe) as well as a few who don"t really belong (when relating to the sound anyway) in Maddox Brothers (& Rose) and the Farr Brothers. Still a minor point. Decent notes are a bonus.

George Canyon - "One Good Friend" $30
Until such time as Optus gets country music back on its cable network I am afraid I am not privy to the Nashville Star" television show but I can tell you one thing and that is without exception those who watched Series Two said that George should have been the winner. As it was an audience inspired voting competition he didn"t and Brad Cotter did. I think it may have been fair to say that although George has a more traditional style he may have been a little close to series one winner in Buddy Jewell and the audience may have wanted something a little different. Oh well, that"s my story & I"m sticking to it. He has a very nice voice and the material is generally pretty good. Overall more satisfying that Buddy Jewell"s self titled cd.

Roy Orbison MGM reissues

There have always been plenty of Roy Orbison cds, only problem being they have all virtually been the same; you know the deal "Only the Lonely", "In Dreams" etc. His MGM recordings, on the other hand, have been poorly treated in the cd market. It seems Diablo in the UK has begun to rectify that with the start of an Orbison MGM reissue programme. Thus far we have:

Sings Don Gibson/Hank Williams the Roy Orbison Way 2on1 $32
Two great songwriters expertly interpreted by the Big O. On the Gibson album he handles "Legend in My Time" superbly whilst the sad songs on the "Hank" album have never sounded sadder. An excellent pairing.

Roy Orbison Sings/Memphis/Milestones 3 on 2 $45
3 albums on 2 cds including the one everybody has wanted, "Memphis". This is the one containing Roy"s unique treatment of "Danny Boy", a legendary performance right up there with Jack Clement"s "When I Dream" as a favourite on midnight to dawn radio shows throughout Australia. These are 3 great albums. They don"t contain any of Roy"s most famous songs but that is why they are treasured by Roy"s many fans. "Memphis" is an album of covers and apart from "Londonderry Air" (that"s "Danny Boy" by the way) it also includes "I Can"t Stop Loving You" and the delightful "The Three Bells".
There are a couple more on the way:
" Many Moods"/ "The Big O" 2on1 $32
" Classic Roy Orbison"/ "Cry Softly Lonely One" 2on1 $32

John Conlee - Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus $33
Conlee sings gospel with the 15 tracks being a mix of well known gospel classics as well as a few lesser known songs. Closes with a medley of "I Saw the Light/ I"ll Fly Away".

Trent Willmon - "Trent Willmon" $30
Holy politically incorrectness Batman, a major label release like they used to make. Songs such as "Beer Man" are almost of another era but Trent does them superbly, and with a sense of humour that will be appreciated. Excellent bunch of musos with some nice touches by keyboard man Gordon Mote, especially on "Dixie Rose Deluxe"s Honky Tonk, Feed Store, Gun Shop, Used Car, Beef, Bait, BBQ, Barber Shop and Laundromat". "Home Sweet Holiday Inn" is a sensitive tale of a daddy given limited access to his precious daughter after a marriage break-up. Nice one. It has obviously been a while coming as many of the songs have a 2001 copyright but the wait has been worth it....more than worth it.

Ricky Skaggs - "Brand New Strings" $33
New on Skaggs Family. Again from the bluegrass side with maybe less emphasis on the pedal to the metal side of things with a return to the more countrier sounds as found on his major label offerings. A little gospel, a couple of nice instrumentals. This has a heck of a lot to recommend.


Deryl Dodd - "Stronger Proof" $20
Excellent post "Pearl Snaps" album on the sensational Dualtone label. Get it at this hot price while they last.

Todd Snider - "East Nashville Skyline" $32
A little Dylan, a little Wainwright, a little Arlo. Great version of the Eaglesmith song "Alcohol & Pills". Has loosened up and gets better each album.

Cowboy Johnson - "A Grain of Sand" $32
A Texas artist doing a tribute to Mickey Newbury. Nice sound. Great production

Ray Wylie Hubbard - "Live at Cibolo Creek Country Club" $32
10 songs but well over 75 minutes playing. Ray Wylie is a truly great story teller and his stage patter engrossing.

Janis Ian Unreleased Series $32 ea.
a) Unreleased 15 Never Before Released Recordings (she has collected a selection of songs which were performed in concert but hadn"t appeared on her albums before). These are extremely well produced with full notes & graphics. Lots of value.
b) Unreleased #2: Take No Prisoners 18 tracks
c) Unreleased #3: Society"s Child 20 tracks

Janie Fricke -The Bluegrass Sessions $33
Includes a bonus dvd of the song "You Don"t Know Love" + interview. Still a great vocalist; mainly a reprise of some of her previously recorded songs, done superbly I might add. Excellent sound.

Jedd Hughes - "Transcontinental" $20
Special price while they last. Although he plays on Patty Loveless" bluegrass recordings these are basically aimed at the Keith Urban market. So if you like the former try the latter & vice versa.

Merle Haggard - "Presents His 30th Album/ A Working Man Can"t Get Nowhere Today" $34
Latest 2 on 1 offering from BGO in the UK. The former is a gem containing his original version of the song "Holding Things Together" (as done so well by Dwight on the "Tulare Dust" tribute). The second features the classic "Running Kind" and the sad "Got a Letter from My Kid Today".
Note: *****There is one more 2 on 1 due late November: "It"s Not Love But It"s Not Bad" with "If We Make it Through December"

Jack Scott - "The Spirit Moves Me/Burning Bridges" BGO $34
White gospel with the Chantons on the former and a Capitol gem featuring his biggest hits (title track + "What in the World"s Come Over You") on the second. The gospel one is great. Lots of handclapping call and response with subdued backing. Gets the toes tapping. Favourite is "Gospel Train" (the song also known as "Get on Board Little Children" and featured in a Playstation advert

Michelle Shocked - "Arkansas Traveller" $32
Expanded version (from 14 to 21 tracks). This is her folky old timey country album. Guests include: Red Clay Ramblers/ The Band/ Taj Mahal/ Dan Crary/ Doc Watson/ Alison Krauss/ Jimmy Driftwood etc)

Slim Whitman - "Country memories/ Cool Water" $34
Two albums on one cd courtesy of BGO (UK) Third issue thus far.

Irene Kelley - "Thunderbird" $32
Superb Nashville singer songwriter in a folky country style which should appeal to fans of the real Emmylou (ie pre Wrecking Ball). Co-writers include Bill Anderson/Billy Yates/ Claire Lynch etc)

Collectables label: 2 on 1 reissues: $30
a) Atkins, Chet: Mr Atkins Guitar Picker/Finger Pickin" Good
b) Atkins, Chet: And His Guitar/ The Guitar Genius
c) Davis, Skeeter: Blueberry Hill/ The End of the World
d) Gibson, Don: Am I That Easy to Forget/ Lovin" Lies
e) Gibson, Don: Hurtin" Inside/ I Love You So Much It Hurts
f) Gibson, Don: My God IS Real/ I Walk Alone
g) Hawkins, Hawkins: Hawkshaw Hawkins Sings/Country

Chet Atkins The Essential $28
15 track CBS compilation featuring Mark Knopfler, Tommy Emmanuel & Jerry Reed

Joe Paul Nichols - A Hill Called Calvary $32
New gospel album from the Texan who actually lives on Church Rd. Great style

Rusty & Doug Kershaw - Louisianna Men 2cds $48
56 tracks from Ace UK featuring the recordings of their bass man Wiley Barkdull who does the bass vocals on the Rusty & Doug Tracks. This is their complete Hickory recordings

Alison Paige - The End of the World $32
Been coming forever (and a day)

Kendalls - Best of Country Gospel $32
21 tracks

Jason Ringenberg - "Empire Builders" $32
A lot less frantic post Scorchers.

**Guest Reviewer ...The Swedish Cowboy a.k.a The Turnip (that is what he christened himself....) BTW he is a very harsh critic.

Bobby Flores - "Festival Favourites" $32
Here comes the follow up to last year"s album of the year! Again perfect country music, done exactly the way God intended it, with twin fiddles and lots of steel. Practically all the trax (sic....a Swedish spelling no doubt) are killers but the album suffers from the same problems as last year"s one in that all the songs are standards or at least well known. It must be a good disc because I can even stand "Danny Boy" but Bobby someone as excellent as you should be able to write some little ditty.
**Agree re style but not all are as familiar as he indicates.

Cody Widener - "Honky Tonk Heart" $32
It says Cody Widener on the disc but I suspect it is mainly the work of Benny McArthur, who had a few singles out in the 70s and 80s and was an excellent strict country singer. This is better than Cody"s disc of several years ago, which Benny was also involved in. **I think this is better honky tonk than his previous album with an emphasis particularly on the drinking style songs.

Pauline Reese - "The Good, The Bad & the Ugly" $32
An album of just as mixed blessings as her two prior albums. Three really good trax (note: remember Swedish spelling), and another 5 okay ones out of 14. This is not to be missed. You don"t want to miss those two 4/4 shuffles and the nice swing tune. A few of the others are nice real country songs. She is no big star but she is doing things right now & then. I like her!

By the way the Swedish Cowboy is very precise with his favourites and here are his favourites for the year thus far:
Dale Watson: Dreamland
Bobby Flores: Festival Favorites
Kevin Fowler: Loose, Loud & Crazy
Johnny Bush: Honky Tonic
Curtis Potter: Them Old Honky Tonks
Jake Hooker & The Outsiders: Live Set Two
Jason Allen: Wouldn"t It Be Nice
Mark Chesnutt: Savin" The Honky Tonk
Jim Byrom: Whiskey Uniform
Billy Yates: Anywhere But Nashville


(remember..many of these are ZONE 1. You will need a multizone player or they ain"t gonna work)

Collin Raye - "Live at Billy Bobs" $45
Merle Haggard - "Live at Billy Bobs" $45
After watching these I would conclude Collin Raye may be the hardest working artist I have ever seen. He gives 110% and his live performances are even better than his studio recordings. His version of "Little Rock" will leave you drained. Equally adept on the upbeat and ballad numbers. He excells at both.
Haggard gets the most amazing expression on his face. It is scary how intense he gets. Special guest, Janie Fricke, is just devine on "A Place to Fall Apart". A large band features former Dwight sideman, Scott Joss, on fiddle as well as original Strangers" steel man, Norm Hamlett.

Travis Tritt - "Live & Kickin"" $35
Great value with 19 tracks from all stages of his recording career. Again an artist equally adept on ballads and belters.

Mavericks - "Live In Austin Texas" $45
After watching this 4 times in 3 days I"d have to say I am warming to the dvd concept in a big way. Firstly there is a 13 piece group on stage with the 4 official band members being augmented by 4 piece horn section, percussionists, demonic keyboard man Jerry Dale McFadden etc. Paul Deakin is to me a superb drummer. I like the backbeat, it makes for a very exciting rhythm section. Excellent value.135 minutes plus bonus footage.

BACK IN STOCK:John Prine - Live with Iris Dement $25
A must!!

Early November releases

Iris Dement - "Lifeline" $32
The wonderful Iris will be hitting us this year rather than next. The new album only features one new Iris song. Stories of her experiencing a writer"s block are apparently true but she is the consumate interpreter so that shouldn"t be a criticism but a selling point. Many songs have a gospel flavour though not essentially a gospel album.

Hard Headed Woman: Celebration of the Music of Wanda Jackson $32
A tribute to the queen of rockabilly and country featuring a huge range of artists most of whom hit the mark. Worth every cent just for Wayne the Train"s "Let"s Have a Party". On Bloodshot and this is one of their best releases.

Enjoy Every Sandwich: The Songs of Warren Zevon $33
Jackson Browne, Earle, Dylan, Springsteen etc.


Blake Shelton - Blake Shelton"s Barn & Grill $33
Darryl Worley - Darryl Worley $32
Pat Green - Lucky Ones $32
Richard Buckner - Dents & Shells $32
New Kim Lenz cd $32


Steve Earle - "Live from Austin" $35
Robert Earl Keen - "Live from Austin" $35
Flatlanders - "Live from Austin" $35

This is good news. Austin City Limits shows are being released on dvd with extra footage, behind the scenes action etc.

Others (dvd)

Bellamy Brothers - 25 Year Collection $35
Willie Nelson & Friends $35
George Thorogood - 30th Anniversary Collection $35
Blake Shelton"s Barn & Grill $25
Big & Rich "Super Galactic Fan Pak" cd + dvd package $35
Marshall Tucker Band - Live from 1981 $35

Due Mid November

1) dvd Trace Adkins & Travis Tritt - Soundstage Presents $35
2) dvd Lyle Lovett & Randy Newman - Soundstage Presents $35
These are not duet dvds but not sure of the exact makeup yet.
3) cd Emmylou Harris - Light of the Stable $28 expanded & remastered version. Same session as "Roses in the Snow"
4) cd David Ball - "Freewheeler" (Texas Wildcat records) $32 First since the superb "Amigo" . One of the most popular and consistent artists of the late 90s and beyond. Eagerly sought by many and that includes this turkey.
5) cd Rattlesnake Annie - Sings Willie Nelson $33 Only duet is "Long Black Limousine" from her "Country" Livin" album. Rest are all new recordings

Put Back To 2005

Lucinda Williams - Live at Fillmore (collective OOOOOOhhhh)
Trick Pony - R I D E
Kelley Coffey new one
Michelle Poe (cancelled altogether)

Bear Family News

Next lot of Bear Family releases are mid November and ther will be a few very popular items among them:

Chet Atkins - Mr Guitar:The Complete Recordings 1955-1960" 7 cds + 112page hardcover book $270.
214 tracks and over 8 1/2 hours playing time including such popular albums as "Chet Atkins in Three Dimensions", "Stringin" Along With Chet Atkins", "Hi Fi in Focus" etc etc. in best ever sound; sound that other labels may aspire to but which is only ever achieved by Bear Family and a select few others. There are a mass of previously unissued tracks so there is something new for even the most fastidious collector. As with the previous box set, notes are by renowned writer Rich Kienzle, who is top of the field when it come sto writing about guitar players and their playing.

Del Shannon - "Home & Away: The Complete Recordings 1960-1970" $330.
Tragically ended his life when rumours were rife that he may be joining the Travelling Wilburys as a replacement for Roy Orbison.There are many unreleased tracks among the 226 featured in this collection. With 9 1/2 hours playing time we again can analyse that although expensive Bear Family releases really do provide the most for your hard earned greenbacks.

Glen Glenn - "Dim Lights Thick Smoke & Loud Loud Music" $38
By explanation Bear Family seingle cds come in 3 different price ranges. $32...standard jewel box with detailed notes booklet. $35...digipak with deluxe presentation and even bigger booklet abd $38....deluxe digipak with even thicker and detailed booklet (maybe we should say small book for these ones). This set concentrates on the hillbilly recordings he made prior to becoming a full on rock and roller (as shown on the cd ‘Glen Glenn Rocks" $35). 36 tracks including the Joe Maphis" penned title track.

Waylon Jennings - "The Nashville Rebel " DVD $45
The story of Arlin Grove who falls fro mgrace thanks to a crooked manager but manages to find his way back to the top. Apart from the performances by Waylon, the movie also features Porter Wagoner. Tex ritter. Faron Young, Sonny James etc. As always Bear Family releases feature deluxe packaging

Blowing the Fuse
A new R&B pre rock and roll series all with the ultra deluxe digipak packaging with extensive notes by one of the world"s foremost authorities. They have detailed song by song notes, stories behind the songs and incredible never before see photos.
* 1945: 26 R & B Classics That Rocked the Jukebox $38
* 1946: 27 R & B Classics That Rocked the Jukebox $38
* 1947: 28 R & B Classics That Rocked the Jukebox $38
* 1948: 28 R & B Classics That Rocked the Jukebox $38
* 1949: 27 R & B Classics That Rocked the Jukebox $38
* 1950: 28 R & B Classics That Rocked the Jukebox $38

New From Bear Family"s sister labels "And More Bears"
$34 All feature around 30 songs relating to the state concerned.
**Greetings from Texas (best track: "Two Texas Boys" Rex Allan & Tex get the picture!)
**Greetings from Tennessee
**Greetings from Alabama
**Greetings from Oklahoma
**Greetings from Georgia
**Greetings from Hawaii

Have a happy & safe Christmas.
All the very best

Don"t forget we still have the following gems on special:
The Unbroken Circle: The Musical Heritage of The Carter Family $22
"Beautiful Dreamer: The Songs of Stephen Foster" $25
Stacy Dean Campbell - "Cottonwood- Songs from a Novel" $18
Cowboy Jack Clement "Guess Things Happen That Way" $22
Charlie Robison - Good times $20 (his best yet)
Norman Wade: Back end Nov. 6 cds!! BE QUICK!

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