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I don't know whether it has been an actual quote but I will claim it anyway and say that "Out of the mouths of fools come some of the greatest truths." In this respect I refer to a character (who was a programmer for a commercial radio station with a country music format) who told me that when it comes to country music "everyone is a programmer". I must profess to agreeing. Over the years I have come to this conclusion hundreds maybe thousands of times. I sell the best country music in the whole world and thankfully have been given the ability to discern between the good and the bad. Yet I have had literally hundreds of calls asking for Geelong's own "Darren Cumquat"..... The fact that I don't have it is neither here nor there. What matters is that the best gets ignored for some strange fixation that something nobody else gives a rat's about is some kind of messiah. Alternate suggestions of the latest Merle Haggard, a Heather Myles, a mail-order only Waylon Jennings gem etc fall on deaf seekers of "Darren Cumquat" get the short shift. It is impossible to change such narrow minded thinking.Thankfully, I have found these people to be in the minority but by the same token these are the very ones that give country music a bad name. I will conclude this rant by saying that if you have not heard an artist, there is a time when you should take a chance. Artists such as Leland Martin, for example, in our $18 bin are as good as anything you will here. Our reviews are without fear or favour. The happiest and most contented country music fans know that. Ask for suggestions. If we know who you like we can probably suggest someone who will appeal. And we can guarantee you won't be lumbered with a "Darren Cumquat".

Touch My Heart A Tribute to Johnny Paycheck $32
There have been a couple of benchmark tribute albums over the last few years; the Webb Pierce and Buck Owens reaching heights which justify their standing on the shelf right next to the artist to whom they pay tribute. This is equal to those two gems and then some. Apart from having some of our very favourite artists handing in stella performaces eg Dallas Wayne on the melodramatic "I Did the Right Thing", Hank III on the rustic "I'm the Only Hell My Mama Ever Raised" and a spritely George Jones on "She's All I Got", there are some real surprises with artists we would normally ignore holding their own in such company. Such an example is the previously pretentious Neko Case who hands in a real fire cracker performance of Heather Myles proportion on "If I'm Gonna Sink (It might as well be to the Bottom)". Bobby Bare Jnr, who has been following some sort of alternate non descript path does an excellent jazzy version of "Motel Time Again". Just about everything is grand. Gail Davies and Robbie Fulks is a match made in heaven on "Shakin' the Blues", Marshall Crenshaw should be on every tribute album whilst the likes of Jim Lauderdale, Billy Yates and Dave Alvin deliver the goods and then some. Only one who struggles is Johnny Bush who appears to have lost his ability to hit the note. A minor criticism with 15 uniformly great tracks being ample consolation. Terrific stuff. Don't miss it.

The Unbroken Circle: The Musical Heritage of The Carter Family $25 (Special Price)
Well, miracles appear in the strangest of places and this is as good as the previous tribute with an equally fine array of participants with an historical context as well in that it contains the last recordings of both Johnny Cash and June Carter as well as featuring the likes of George Jones, Willie Nelson, John Prine and bluegrass vocalist supreme Del McCoury. Throw in ubiquitous tribute gals Emmylou Harris & Sheryl Crow and bluegrass staples Norman & Nancy Blake and you know you are on a winner all the way. BUT, in spite of these superstars & legends (who incidentally are all uniformly excellent) the star of the outing is Janette Carter, A P Carter's daughter, who sings with a passion that defies description. It make the hairs raise on the back of your neck; it gives you goose bumps. Cash sounds a little tired on "Engine One-Forty Three" but is still as powerful as ever. George Jones attacks "Worried Man Blues" with almost a rockabilly fervour. Emmylou combines delightfully with the fabulous Peasall Sisters on a tremendous reading of "On the Sea of Galilee" which again reinforces the belief that shes stands alone when it comes to folksy style country. 15 tracks and a superb booklet (which incidentally smells good too). Amazing album which satisfies on all levels.

"Beautiful Dreamer: The Songs of Stephen Foster" $25(special price)
I don't know whether you'd call this a tribute as such as it refers to the songs more so than any singer; well Stephen Foster may have been the best singer ever but we have no way of knowing. Nonetheless Dualtone, a rather newish Nashville label have established their credentials for being label of the year with this cd which features an array of fine performers from Raul Malo ("Beautiful Dreamer") to former Byrd Roger McGuinn ("Jeannie With the Light Brown Hair") and most appropriately John Prine ("My Old Kentucky Home"). It covers a range of styles from country...David Ball is outstanding on "Old Folks at Home" to semi rockabilly "Nelly Was a Lady" (Alvin Youngblood Hart) and even a little new agey folk-bluegrass (Yo Yo Ma & Edgar Meyer with Alison Krauss on "Slumber Up Darling"). 17 tracks in all. Always interesting. Other performers include BR549, Michelle Shocked, Ron Sexsmith, Judith Edelman and Beth Nielsen Chapman. If only Stan Freberg, a huge Stephen Foster fan, had been invited along it would have been even better. Excellent booklet and presentation again. It may sound cliched but Stephen Foster's music is timeless. This album only had its Nashville prelaunch this week and I am reliably informed one of the scribes complained that Foster himself didn't make an appearance!

Stacy Dean Campbell - "Cottonwood- Songs from a Novel" $18
With the acoustic music approach being very much in vogue and Stacy's last album being quite a stripped back affair it is not really surprising he has gone one step further with almost a bluegrass approach on this his 4th album. Ably assisted by Fats Kaplan on fiddle, banjo, dobro & accordion, the songs have a similar feel to the O'Kanes' second album. 12 tracks, of which half are instrumental are all excellent, although some may be concerned Stacy does not contribute more of his excellent lead vocals. Of the 6 vocal tracks, 4 feature Stacy, one features Robert Bailey ("All God's Children") and one features Bonnie Sellick ("Dear Companion"). All Stacy lead vocals are excellent. "Cottonwood" is the place in which the story is set. "Lonely Thing to Do" is a sad song about waiting for an apparently lost love to return. "Poison" has some nice biblical imagery. It may not be appreciated by some of those who got into "Lonesome Wins Again" but this is lasting music. Comes in a thin line cardboard sleeve which doesn't incur any postage if ordered with other cds.

"Swinging Hollywood Hillbilly Cowboys" Proper UK $55 4cds, 114 tracks, 64 page booklet.
Proper keep the excellence flowing. Despite the title this is somewhat like a follow up to the excellent "Hillbilly Boogie" box set. First cd is subtitled "West Coast Indies" with rarities galore beginning with Arkie Shipley's excellent "Hot Rod Race" from whence came "Hot Rod Lincoln". Every track is a gem from the likes of Jimmy Walker's "High Geared Daddy" through Merle Travis' pal Porky Freeman's "Boogie Woogie Boy", all with an uptempo hillbilly bent. Second cd is "Capitol Towers" with selections from Capitol artists such as Cliffie Stone (the great "Jump Rope Boogie"), Wesley Tuttle, Eddie Kirk, Leon Chapel, Red Murrell, Ole Rasmussen, Ann Jones etc. "Cowboy and Western", the 3rd cd features the likes of Rudy Sooter, Roy Rogers, Dick Reinhardt, Johnny Bond, Johnny Hicks, and a hot duet from Hank Penny & Jaye P Morgan, "Fan It". 4th and final cd is titled "Hits" with selections from the likes of Jack Guthrie ("Oklahoma Hills"), Jimmy Wakely ("I Love You So Much it Hurts"), Skeets McDonald ("Don't Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes" and Roy Hogsed (arguably the best ever version of "Cocaine Blues"). Not to be missed.

Cowboy Jack Clement "Guess Things Happen That Way" $22 (special price)
Way back in 1978 Jack made his one and only album, an out and out classic called "All I Want to Do In Life" which contained his version of the Sandy Mason classic, "When I Dream I Dream of You", which as good and popular as it was tended to overshadow what was an equally as fine album. Well 25 and a bit years on Jack's second album is out and it is just as good, maybe even better. There is an impressive list of helpers starting with Jack's pal, the amazingly talented Shawn Camp, who appears to be getting excellent guidance from the great man and still the best ever country vocal group in The Jordinaires. He does wonderful versions of songs he wrote and were huge hits for others, notably "Guess Things Happen That Way" and "Ballad of A Teenage Queen", both monstrous hits from Johnny Cash who makes a guest vocal appearance on both songs. Sadly, Cash didn't live to see this album's release and was so weak when he recorded his vocals that they were done in Cowboy Jack's office as JR didn't have the strength to climb the stairs to the recording studio. Probably the last vocals from Johnny Cash. There are new songs that stand up to the old. "S-E-R-I-O-U-S-L-Y" in which Jack spells out key words within the song is wonderful. "Trapped in an Old Country Song" will raise the hairs on your neck and "Leavin' is the Lovin' Thing To Do" has all the trade mark word play Nashville tunesmiths are famous for. Jack has a grizzled Burl Ives' look about him and on the semi novelty "Drinking Carrot Juice" even manages to sound a little like Burl. He also does a definitive version of the classic "Dreaming My Dreams With You". 12 great songs in all. Album of the Year favourite.

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - "Songs from Woody Creek" $20 (special price).
Followup album to last year's "Will the Circle Be Unbroken Vol.3" and takes its name from the town long time member Jimmy Ibbitson calls home, just south of Aspen, Colorado. Jeff Hanna & Jimmy Ibbitson are excellent contrasting vocalists, with Jeff co-writing a bit with his lovely talented wife, Matreca Berg. Jimmie Fadden's distinctive harmonica and the multi instrumental talents of John McEuen give the band its musical style. The track "Midnight at Woody Creek" is an instrumental relying heavily on their talents. The Beatles "Get Back" is given an uplifting Charles River Valley Boys bluegrass treatment. Keyboard man Bob Carpenter, contributes 2 vocals which seem a little out of place with the overall character of the group but they are probably the best he has ever contributed. "She" is a Gram Parsons' song which appeared on his "GP" album whilst "Old Time's Sake" is a song in two parts; the first part is very nice but the second drags on a little long.

Dallas Wayne - "I'm Your Biggest Fan" $33
Dallas Wayne - "Turenki Texas" $33
Back in stock, the two Dallas Wayne cds only available in Finland. The former is his latest, the latter a healthy 21 track compilation from 5-6 albums released in Finland, of which "Big Thinkin' " was also released in the USA and 6 tracks from that make up the 21 on the album. "Death in the Family", a song about an irreparable breakdown in relations is as powerful as anything George Jones has ever recorded. "Crank the Hank" (a new version of which appears on the latest album) is a powerful driving song. Then there are his classics from "Invisible Man" his previous Finnish album, including that title track and his "Devil Went Down to Georgia" inspired song in "Hoedown in Hell". I remember first discovering him years ago and importing his ealier Finnish albums, all of which have been uniformly popular. "I'm Your Biggest Fan" from the latest album is a wonderfully dark piece about the delineation between being a fan & a stalker. He is a quintessential honky tonk singer, as good as any we've heard and is rated highly and rightly so. There are a few writing collaborations with Robbie Fulks who was a co-member of a bluegrass group with Dallas.

Shawn Camp - "Live at the Station Inn" $22 (special price)
The Station Inn is Nashville's Bluegrass Headquarters. Looking a little like a stone outhouse block with lighting that makes you wonder did they pay their bill, it, nonetheless is the place to go and this is an excellent reflection of Shawn's great talent as singer, writer and guitarist. It isn't a full on bluegrass album, more bluegrass in tone with excellent musicians Stuart Duncan, Mike Compton and Scott Vestal (on fiddle, mandolin and banjo respectively) proving the perfect foil for Shawn. These are not songs from his previous albums but all new songs co-written with the likes of Guy Clark, Jim Lauderdale and Paul Craft. This is on Oh Boy label and John Prine is a great promoter of Shawn's work.

Bakersfield Rebels Ace/Big beat UK $34
Interesting 25 tracker from small label Bakersfield labels of the 60s, reflecting the debt owed to the likes of Wynn Stewart, Buck Owens and Merle Haggard, without being as imitative as the title may suggest. Some of the names are familiar. The "Gib" in Gib and the Reasons is Gib Guilbeau, whilst Gary Paxton, Buddy Mize and Kenny Vernon are all at best footnotes in the annals of country music. On the other hand, many Americans would never heard of them but Tom & Ted LeGarde appear with a previously unreleased song, "Night Blooming Jasmine". Best of the bunch are Rusty Dean's "Saturday Satan, Sunday Saint", Lorene Mercer's "Ballad of a Truck Driver's Wife" and the quirky Leo LeBlanc selection, "Hong Kong Hillbilly". Hopefully the area will be mined again....musically that is!

Junior Brown - Down Home Chrome $33
new label (Telarc) but same old Junior and I mean that in the best possible way, as he is a gem. " Two Rons Don't Make a Right" is a wonderful "My Wife Thinks Your Dead" style romp that shows off his humour and amazing musical dexterity to its fullest. "Little Rivi-Airhead" is about a gorgeous gal whose lack of intelligence is compensated by her being a total babe. "Hill Country Hotrod Man" is a slight departure with a Wayne the Train style horn accompaniment; as you may expect it works wonderfully well. "Jimmy Jones" is a tragic country song. For the first time on a Junior album he does a full on duet with Tanya Rae Brown on "Let's Go Back" . For those who like the more eccentric side of Junior he concludes with a cover of Hendrix's "Foxy Lady" and long blues song "Monkey Wrench Blues". Don't be put off if that isn't your go. There is a full cd compliment before those tracks. I could have compressed this into one sentence by saying if you are a junior Brown fan you won't be disappoined.

Cherry Bombs - Notorious Cherry Bombs $32
" It's Hard to Kiss The Lips at Night That Chew Your Ass Out All Day Long" is the thing great country music is made of. Despite the song's inherent quirkiness it is sung with a sincerity that rival's Justin Trevino's great rendition of "Genitalia of a Fool" as the perfect example of what makes country music great. It gains even more marks with a Floyd Cramer-esque "Last Date" intro. Firstly, be amazed at the assemblage of talent. Lead vocalists are Rodney Crowell and Vince Gill. Vince sings in a little lower register than he sometimes has and the voices sound surprisingly similar. Superb guitarist/ producer (Steve Earle's "Guitar Town") Richard Bennett, Elvis' one time keyboard man Tony Brown (and ace producer) and steel guitarist Hank DeVito more than make up the numbers. The original rhythm section is sadly not present. Emory Gordy has retired due to illness and the great drummer, Larry Londin, to whom the album is dedicated has passed on. Everything about this album is likeable. You almost expect Johnny Cash's deep growl on "Oklahoma Dust". The familiar country theme of excess drinking is addressed on "Dangerous Curves" and the dual problems pf drinking and cheating is covered "On the Road to Ruin". "Heart of a Jealous Man", which is a co-write between Vince and the late Max D Barnes is a classic about a man who murders his wife and her lover in a fit of rage. Rod & Vince trade vocals to great effect. Maybe the movie would star Clint Eastwood. Top drawer stuff throughout.

Steve Earle - "Revolution Star" $32
Make no bone about it; I think Steve Earle is responsible for one of the greatest albums in country history in "Guitar Town". I have sporadically enjoyed his other offerings over the years, most notably the album immediately following "Guitar Town" in "Exit-O" and his two bluegrassy offerings, "Train a Comin'' and "The Mountain". However, I find his politicisng of recent times to be so far removed from my personal right wing leanings that I just can't get into them at all. This is his most political album yet. Genius or genitalia jiggling? You decide. Mind you I also thought Kris Kristofferson was a genius but "Third World Warrior" was a blight on his record.

Janie Fricke - Bluegrass Sessions $33
First bluegrass album from Janie but she is so talented I could imagine her doing the Black sabbath songbook and making a fist of it. She can wring a tear from any song, wonderfully so on "I'll Need Someone to Hold Me(When I Cry)". Broken and missing loves are the themes of this album which concludes with an excellent medley of "Goodbye Broken Heart"/"Faithless Love" and "Ring of Fire". Great backing band includes the wonderful Randy Kohrs on dobro and Andy Leftwich on fiddle. Initial pressing includes a dvd with an interview and behind the scenes footage.

Merle Haggard - Ol' Country Singer; Live at Billy Bobs #2 2004 cd $32/ dvd $40
This is Hag as he is now...a little, make that a lot, craggy round the edges but with a voice and presence as strong as ever. Still backed by original Strangers Biff Adam on drums and Norm Hamlett on steel guitar. The delightful Janie Fricke joins Hag on a couple of numbers notably "A Place to Fall Apart" whilst band member Freddy Powers duets on the title track. Incidentally Freddy's album, "My Great Escape"($32) is also recommended and includes 3 duets with Haggard. The strong band also features Scott Joss (ex Dwight Yoakam) on fiddle and harmony. The dvd has 20 tracks plus interviews. the cd has 15 tracks. He is still at the top of his game.

Tim McGraw - "Live Like You Were Dying" $33
The inadequacies of the local record companies are again revealed with no local date, as I type, for this album. You can almost picture the scenario. John Laws does his usual indulgent bit for his sponsor and teases the public and then it is released a couple of months down the track to a big fanfare as if it were a new album. Remember the days when Laws had musical integrity and actually looked for songs that weren't the product of a sponsor's dollar? No, neither can I. Anyway this is bound to go to number one in the USA and the title track is a gem. The x-rays paint a bad picture and the fellow decides to live like "tomorrow was a gift". 16 tracks from the humorous ("Do You want Fries With That") to the serious ("Drugs or Jesus"). Slick, but with integrity and none of the rampant Garth Brooks' insincerity dollar driven self indulgent cravings.

Wynn Stewart & Jan Howard - "Very Best Of" $30
This is a mix of solo and duet recordings from both. All very good. The only other place you'll get the duets is on the Bear Family box set. Jan was married at the time to Harlan Howard and apparently the great writer was not the great husban.

Rachel Proctor - Days Like This $32
Rachel the Proctologist..... hope that doesn't catch Shania, new Martina on the block......

Billy Joe Shaver - Billy & the Kid $32
This is the album featuring the tragic Eddy Shaver, which shows that Eddy was a powerful guitarist, perhaps lacking a little sublety, and shows that Billy Joe is one of the most distinctive vocalists around. If you liked the "Electric Shaver/Live at Smith's Bar" album simply put it is for you. If you felt those a little too rocky then it isn't.

Travis Tritt - My Honky Tonk History $32
Well, I was a little disappointed that the song "Honky Tonk History" wasn't the Dallas Wayne song of the same title but this one is darn good even if the fake slow beginning is a little easy to spot. The tempo kicks in and it is a very good opening. "What Say You" features John Mellancamp who trades lines with Travis. "Circus Leaving Town" is the album's best ballad and is the same song that was done so well by Phillip Claypool some years ago. Not far behind though is "I See Me" which leads off with some nice dobro touches. Some of the ballads, for me anyway are lessened by a female chorus which is a tad intrusive; others may find this a strong point. "When a Good Ole Boy Goes Bad" is a ready made movie plot with Billy Bob Thornton ready to play the part. "It's All About the Money" is a great re-write of the true meaning of the common phrase ie when people say "it isn't the money it's the principle" they really mean "it's the money". There are some great musicians with Billy Joe Walker Jnr and the Reggie Young being to the front on guitar and Rob Hajacos being the fiddler of choice. Travis again puts some drive in our country.

Charlie Robison - "Good Times" $25 (special price)
Dualtone is definitely Nashville label of the year. Charlie is a little more reserved than he has been on his Sony/Columbia albums and the result is all the better for it. Co-produced by Lloyd Maines and featuring Natalie Maines along with his brother Bruce Robison on vocals this album has many of the subtleties that seem to have been missing on his recent albums. Always a great word man, his subtle humour is shown to great effect on "Love Means Never Having to Say You're Hungry". Lloyd Maines' presence on steel guitar and dobro along with the accordion, mandolin and double string bass give some tracks an almost unplugged feel, which also makes this the best thing he has done since his earliest independent album. Great cover.

Kevin Fowler - "Loud Loose and Crazy" $32
There are no lowlights to this good time honky tonk album, though some of the highlights soar a little higher. The great Mark Chesnutt shows why he is considered one of the greatest ever honky tonk vocalists with a top duet on "Political Incorrectness" whilst the honky tonk staples of cheating and drinking (especially drinking!) show there is still plenty of scope for the type of music we all know and love. Bound to be a favourite is the hilarious "Don't Touch My Willie" about a sweet young thing who does untoward things to Kevin's "Red-Headed Stranger" lp. What's up, did you think it may be about something else??

Slim Whitman - "Country Memories"/ "Cool Water" $34
UK BGO label's third in its Whitman series following on "Irish Songs the Whitman Way"/"Reminiscing" and "Yodeling"/"Country Songs City Hits" both of which are in stock.

Doug Ashdown - "A Career Collection 1965-2000" $25
21 tracks and just under 80 minutes playing time makes for great value. Includes his huge hit "Winter in America" as well as selections from his great albums such as "Age of Mouse" and "The World for the Right Kind of Man".

Crickets - "Crickets and Their Buddies" $33
Brand new album from the trio of Sonny Curtis, Jerry Allison and Joe Maudlin with special guests. Definitely worthwhile. Sonny Curtis is a fine singer/ writer and reprises his 80s hit "The Real Buddy Holly Story", which basically was a protest at the "facts" as portrayed in the movie. Guests include Rodney Crowell ("That'll Be the Day")/ Phil Everly & his son Jason ("Rave On")/ the late Waylon Jennings ("Well.. Alright")/ Nanci Griffith ("Heartbeat")/ John Prine ("Oh Boy"... nice subtle piece considering John's Oh Boy record label)/ Johnny Rivers ("Love's Made a Fool of You"). 15 tracks in all.

Billy Yates - "Anywhere But Nashville" $33
Billy Yates is one of Nashville's best writers and one of Nashville's best singers/ Obviously he has made a quid out of the writing but has had to resort to marketing his own albums. The ironies of the title track will not be missed. This is the real deal. "All By My Lonesome" is a a genuine shuffle. "This Song Doesn't Rock", a co-write with Dean Miller continues the theme of the title track. Crying steel guitar introduces "The Best Thing in the World" and has a wonderful vocal from Billy. A genuine country love song of the highest order. "Blinded by the Bud Light" is classic honky tonk, asis "Alcohol Abuse". 16 tracks in all. He can write and perform in a seamless number of styles from the most tender love song to the most out there drinking song. Co- writers also include Byron Hill, Roger Brown and Jeff Stevens....remember Jeff Stevens and the Bullets? Country and classy.

Scott Hisey - "Dead Man Walking" $32
You have to sit up and take a little notice when an album is dedicated to Keith Whitley and Hisey is a fine vocalist not too far removed from Whitley, particularly on the great "Wanted Man" (not the Johnny Cash) song ...about a man on the run. "Cream in My Coffee" has a great feel reminiscent of some early up beat Ricky Van Shelton tracks circa "Wild Eyed Dream". 12 original tracks and a great album.

The Woodys - "Telluride to Tennessee" $32
One of the joys of the last couple of years has been discovering The Woodys, the husband and wife team of Michael and Dyann. This is their third duet album (Michael has a solo album). This one is only released on Rocade label from Norway. They have the best harmonies going and their writing is just grand. For fans of the likes of The Byrds, Gram Parsons and the Everly Brothers they should be compulsory listening. "Hillbilly at Heart' is a gem which would have suited Gram Parsons to the bone. "Kick Up the Dust" has a nice cajun feel with some excellent accordion from Fats Kaplan. Throughout the musicianship is first class and the pickers include, Al Perkins, Pat Flynn, Scott Vestal, Jimmie Fadden as well as assists from Herb Pederson and Chris Hillman. An absolute an total gem. It and the previously released "Teardrops & Diamonds" are as close to perfection as it gets. The previous album is available for a mere 20 bucks. This is music to play over and over. 13 tracks that are a sheer delight.

Norman Wade - Tribute to Hank
Norman Wade - Close Every Honky Tonk
Norman Wade - Best of Volume 1: King of the Honky Tonk
These are put out by Norman himself. They are earlier recordings. They are darn good. They are going to be hard to get. Good news is he will have a new album out September, or thereabouts. These are all recommended.

Ken Mellons- "Sweet" $32
Another great vocalist too country for the major labels. This is his 4th album and darn good to boot. He is more effective on the ballads than the belters, with none better than on "Paint Me a Birmingham", every bit as good as the version by Tracy Lawrence. Some impressive guests help out. Vince Gill contributes backing vocals. Brent Mason is the main guitarist and the great Earl Scruggs plays some banjo on the reflective "Interstate Gypsy". The uptempo track, "Climb My Tree" is a little dittified a la Joe Diffie but none of the upbeat numbers suffer from the over the top drumming that prevails on Diffie's albums. "You Can't Make My Heart Believe" has him phrasing with the style and feeling of Vern Gosdin. Chills and thrills to hear it. The new Vern Gosdin. What an honour! The title track has the feel of a classic John Anderson track. "Single Again" is the best of the up tempo numbers, with a great honky tonk flavour ("Pour me a triple on the double, cause I'm single again"). A terrific honky tonk number has a special guest....George Jones. Sounding a little less powerful than he may have been he is still George Jones and still a great participant.

Lacy J Dalton- "The Last Wild Place" $32
This is a welcome return, but she is so instantly recognisable and powerful it is like she has never been away. Mind you the major labels decided she was no longer trendy so it is not surprising she has one or two digs at them. The irony is that someone like Bonnie Raitt is at the top of the pop game with a style reminiscent of Lacy even though she lacks some of Lacy's subtle nuances. Most of the backing is unplugged and includes reprises of several favourites (all new versions). Most notable is the haunting "Little Boy Blue", a favourite when originally recorded. She shows herself to be an excellent writer as well as a great storyteller. She now resides in the desert areas of Nevada and several songs, especially the title song, are reminders of the comfort she feels in her current surroundings. Hopefully there will be more releases in double quick time.

Irene Kelley - "Thunderbird" $32
Second album from this excellent singer songwriter is equal to her earlier effort "Simple Path", capitalising on the many strong points of that album, most notably the wonderfully produced folksy-country style and introducing a few new ideas. Many of the collaborators from that earlier album return here. "Highway" a cowrite with Claire Lynch, inspired by a drive from Nashville to Claire's house in Alabama. "Cold All the Time" is a co-write with the great Bill Anderson. "Somebody Let the Water In" has biblical overtones and is about an experience in New Orleans where Irene ventured down to the legendary Boutbon Street and all she saw was the seedy side of life, which I must say was what I found there also. The title refers to the fact New Orleans is protected by levee banks. The way to fix the problem would be to let the water in. "I Pray" is a cowrite with the wonderfully talented Billy Yates about the hurt of a recent marriage breakup. her first album opened with the much covered "A Little Bluer Than That". Expect many of the songs herein to appear on many other albums.

Elizabeth Cook - "This Side of the Moon" $32
Brand new album from the lovely blonde lady who was apparently too country for country major label style with her excellent "Hey Y'all" album. Already a popular and semi regular on the Grand Ol Opry it is disappointing that she has had to release the album on her own label. 13 songs in all. Cupid/Funny Side of Love/ Before I Go That Far/ Here's to You/ This Side of the Moon/ Kiss Me Again/ Ruthless/ Alone Down Here/ Hard-Hearted/ Heather Are You With Me Tonight?/ All We Need is Love/ Where the Blue begins/ Somebody's Gotta Do It. Nice.

Freddy Fender - "Close to My Heart" $33
Brand new album from Freddy opens with a fine version of "Margaritaville" the Jimmy Buffett standby, followed by a jaunty "My Blue Heaven". "Que" is a nice Spanish offering. "Stormy Monday" features some impressive keyboards by either Rick Allen or Buster Walea, both unknowns but very effective musicians. In fact the keyboard work throughout is just grand. Freddy remains a great interpreter and even old chestnust like "Six Days on the Road" and believe it or not "Yesterday" are given fresh readings. Would have liked a little Spanish on "Crazy" but he still gives it a nice reading. 14 tracks in all. Everyone's favourite Tex-Mex vocalist is far from a spent force. Production may be a touch better but that is only a minor quibble.

Rusty & Doug Kershaw - "Louisiana Men" 2cds $48
Ace UK Also includes the solo works of the deep voice Wiley Barkdull who provided the variation to Rusty & Doug's somehat higher duet style. 39 Rusty and Doug tracks and 17 Wiley tracks. Their entire Hickory recordings.

Axiom - "The Axiom Archive" $32
The excellent Australian group had hits with "Arkansas Grass" and "Little Ray of Sunshine" but also had one of the best ever Australian albums in "Fool's Gold" which had subtle references to the American south and a flavour similar to the first two albums by the Band. Glen Shorrock and Brain Cadd are two talented performers. A welcome release.

Waylon Jennings Red River Tribute 2cds $35
An independent album with some well known and lesser known Oklahoma and Texas artists generally doing their best. Better known artists include Billy Joe Shaver ("Ain't No God in Mexico")/ Cross Canadian Ragweed ("Only Daddy'll That Walk the Line")/ Gary P Nunn ("Amanda")/ Jerry Jeff and Django Walker ("Luckenbach Texas")/ Ray Wylie Hubbard ("Waymore's Blues") and Jesse Colter ("Dreaming My Dreams With You"). Even Shooter Jennings makes an appearance and shows as being quite a capable outlawish style vocalist on "There Ain't No Good Chain Gang"25 tracks in all. Probably better than both major label tributes.

Todd Snider - East Nashville Skyline $32
Second album on Oh Boy Records has a humorous Loudain Wainwright-ish kind of flavour to it. Does quite a rocked up version of Fred Eaglesmith's "Alcohol & Pills", whih is quite a contrast to the folkier leanings of the rest of the album. "Ballad of the Kingsmen" is about the consumate garage band. "Iron Mike's Main Man's Last Request' is about the ear nibbling boxer. "Conservative, Christian, Right Wing Republican, Straight White American Male" is a bit too close to the truth. He has started to have more fun and this like his last live album are the best things he has done yet.

Due Soon.

Please note. The majority of these will not be released in Australia. PLEASE pre order them. They are all or nearly all first half of September.
1) Earl Thomas Conley - Live at Billy Bobs
2) Jason Ringenberg - Empire Builders
3) Alan Jackson - What I Do
4) Lucinda Williams - The Live LP (2cds)
5) Willie Nelson & Friends - Outlaws and Angels
6) Jason Boland & the Stragglers - Somewhere in the Middle
7) Mark Chesnutt - Savin' the Honky Tonk. First cd on a brand new label (Vivaton). The best voice of the 90s back on a sympathetic label. Not an Aerosmith tune in sight. It is a reflection that this great great artist has been shafted by the majors.
8) Buddy Miller - Universal United House of Prayer. Will have a gospel flavour. Includes some covers and originals.
9) Keith Urban - Be Here.
10) Tommy Alverson - Heroes & Friends
11) George Canyon - self titled (someone will say it is "grand")
12) Exile - Live at Billy Bobs
13) Joe Nichols - A Traditional Christmas
14) Rascal Flatts - Feels Like Today
15) Ricky Skaggs - Brand New Strings
16) Phil Vassar - Shaken Not Stirred
17) Katrina Elam (hope she is better looking than Jack Elam....)
18) Dolly Parton - Live and Well (cd & dvd ...separate items)
19) Mavericks - Live in Austin (cd & dvd.....separate items )
20) Merle Haggard 2 on 1 BGO ....6th or so in this series $34 "Presents His 30th Album"/ "A Working Man Can Get Nowhere Today". 2 great albums down for September.
21) Jerry Lee Lewis - "The Killer Rocks On"/ "Boogie Woogie Country Man" 2 on 1 $34. Two great albums. The former has the Killer's great version of "Chantilly Lace".
22) Lucille Starr/The Canadian Sweethearts - 2 on 1 "Side By Side"/"Lonely Street" $33 Features Lucille and her husband Bob Regan. Her material is extremely hard to find and this release on Collector's Choice label will go some of the way to rectifying that.
23) Jack Scott 2 on 1 "The Spirit Moves Me"/ "Burning Bridges" BGO $34 The former is his uptempo handclapping gospel album, whilst the latter was a rare Capitol album.
24) Michelle Poe Gorgeous blonde lady with a real Joy Lynn Whie/ Heather Myles style about her music.
25) Kellie Coffey Little More Me. Hopefully a little less latte and a little more double shot with a dash than the last album.
26) Chip Taylor/Carrie Rodriguez Angel of the Morning. Apparently Carrie is now Chip's real life "Angel of the Morning" and this is going to be a live album. Don't know much about it at this stage.
27) Jeffrey Steele Outlaw. Destined to be the first ever album from the former vocalist with the generally good Boy Howdy.
28) Michael Murphey - Geronimo's Cadillac. $25 Expanded edition on Raven with remastering etc. One of Michael (pre-Martin) Murphey's best albums.

Bit Further on down the line

1) Trent Willmon
2) Steve Holy - Different Tonight
3) Trick Pony- R.I.D.E.
4) Willie Nelson - It Always Will Be
5) Darryl Worley
6) Toby Keith
7) Restless Heart
8) Hawshaw Hawkins - Sings (RCA recordings)
9) George Strait - 50 # 1's
10) Rascal Flatts - Feel Like Today
11) Johnny Paycheck - On a Christmas Journey !
12) Red Simpson - Trucker's Christmas !!
13) Iris Dement - Lifeline. This is definitely shaky for a 2004 release but will be coming. It will be a semi gospel album and believe me will be eagerly awaited in many quarters.

Bear Family

The next lot of Bear Family will be in week starting September 6th and will include two lots of releases.

Uncle Dave Macon - Keep My Skillet Good & Greasy
9 cds + 1 dvd plus 176 page hard cover book.
The dvd is the movie "Grand Ol Opry" which features Roy Acuff, Uncle Dave etc, around a loose plot. Memorable performance by Uncle Dave includes the jig around his banjer (that is banjo!) with his bemused son Doris....well Mrs Dave and Uncle Dave did want a daughter.. looking on. 248 recordings in all. Bound to be popular among fans of old timey music. The Dixie Dewdrop.... $390

Bill Monroe - Far Across the Water
4 cd/ dvd/ 52 page book $210
Contains all European from 1975 & 1979, The dvd features all the hits and customary Monroe rhetoric, always with a wink in his least we hope so.

Jim Reeves (& friends) - The Jim Reeves Connection $32
A whole bunch of stuff 1) Songs about Jim 2) Duets both real (Alvodean Coker) and overdubbed (the Patsy Cline & Deborah Allen releases) 3) Answer Songs 4) Parodies 5) General miscellany. Nice colour photograph of Jim & the Blue Boys on the cover.

dvd Kimberley Jim
Jim Reeves was popular all over the world but no more so than in the Republic of South Africa. This dvd contains both the full screen & wide screen version of the movie as well as an audio songbook which features 16 songs in Afrikaans and the complete Kimberley Jim soundtrack in English. The movie has been digitally remastered and is in typically superb Bear Family quality. $45

Janette Carter - Deliverance Will Come $32
This collects 30 + recordings from her 1972 & 1973 albums, "Storms are on the Ocean" & "Howdayadoo" respectively as well as her 1968 recordings with J. E. Mainer. One of the remaining links to country music's first family (as daughter of A. P Carter). Her presence is still great as evidenced by her phenomenal performance on the new Carter Family Tribute cd.

The Collins Kids at Town Hall Party Vol 2 $45
1959 recordings from the frantic brother and sister act.

Stonewall Jackson - Waterloo
4 cds + lp size hard cover book $180
124 songs from the period 1957-1967 with most not appearing on cd before. From an incredibly poor upbringing to star of Grand Ol Opry. The book tells it all. And it is hard core country music. Nothing less.

Freddie Hart - Juke Joint Boogie $32
Freddie first got his start on the Town Hall Party and recorded for both Capitol and Columbia in hillbilly, country boogie, rockabilly and honky tonk style. "Snatch it and Grab It" and ""Dig Boy Dig" evidence the variety of styles he covered. 34 songs ! Right up to his breakthough big hit, "The Wall". Notes by Deke Dickerson.

Collins Kids at Town Hall Party Vol.3 dvd $45
How much Collins Kids do we need?? Again features shows from 1959

Tennessee Ernie Ford Songs of the Civil War $35
deluxe digipak presentation. Tennessee Ernie recorded two Civil War albums: "Songs of the North" & "Songs of the South" and they are now available again on this Bear Family issue. Some are lighthearted and some are sadder than sad. As one of the most memorable country vocalists ever it was appropriate that Ern record such a pair of albums and today they stand up as being arguably the best of the lot.

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer $35
Another deluxe digipak presentation with 30 version of the famous Christmas song by artists as diverse as Perry Como, Johnny Horton, Spike Jones, Gene Autry and The Cadillacs. In includes several novelty hits based on the song including Homer & Jethro's "Randolph, the Flat-Nosed Reindeer". Tom, your copy is reserved!

Foreign Love Affair $35
Still another deluxe digipak featuring 26 songs dealing with foreign ladies. There are the two Lawton Williams' classics "Fraulein" and "Geisha Girl" (by Bobby Helms and Hank Locklin respectively) along with things such as "Little Dutch Girl" (George Morgan), "Yankee Go Home" (Wynn Stewart & Jan Howard), "Foreign Love" (Lawton Williams Himself), "English Sweetheart" (Webb Pierce) etc etc


There still are not that many in the country genre. Here is a selection, as well as some movie and television titles which have proved to be popular. Many are box sets. Most will never be locally released. As the dvds we carry are all imported some will not play in local players unless you have a multi-zone player capable of playing zone 1 as well as zone 4 discs. Many of the ones sold locally are multi zone. Some can actually be made multi zone by punching a code on your remote. If in doubt check with the supplier from whom you got your player.

1) Abbott & Costello Best of Vol 1 $58
2) Abbott & Costello Best of Vol 2 $58
3) Abbott & Costello Best of Vol 3 $58 Each containing 5-6 movies remastered and nicely presented.
4) Annie Oakley TV Collection $30
4A) Asleep at the Wheel - "Live at Billy Bobs" $28 ****due back in soon. Special price.
5) Cale, J J - Live (with Leon Russell) $35
6) Chesney, Kenny Road Case the Movie $18
7) Coe, David Allan Live at Billy Bobs $28 (special price while stocks last. A few Ray Hadley style words are used so beware...)
8) Combat Series 1 Pt 1 $75
9) Combat Series 1 Pt II $75 (each 4 dvds)
10) Croce, Jim Have You Heard $35
11) Crosby, Stills & Nash - Acoustic $38
12) Crosby, Stills & Nash Daylight Again $38
13) Earle, Steve Transcendental Blues Live $38
14) Fogelberg, Dan Live Greetings from the West $25
15) Francis the Talking Mule Vol 1 $48. First 4 movies starring Donald O'Connell & the voice of Chill Wills as Francis. Includes Clint Eastwood's first billed role in "Francis in the Navy". Nice package and remastered.
16) Friedman, Kinky Proud to be an Ass-Hole $38
17) Gather at the River Bluegrass Concert $38
18) Goodman, Steve Live From Austin City Limits $25 (while stocks last)
19) Green Acres Season 1 $65
20) Haggard, Merle Live at Billy Bobs $40 (2004 show)
21) Haggard, Merle In Concert $30 (Collects 3 shows that were previously on video onto one dvd. Best known one was "Poet for the Common Man")
22) Hank Williams Honky Tonk Blues $38 (documentary including newly discovered video footage)
22A)Happy Days Complete First Season $80 (box set. The Fonz & Mr C)
23) Harris, Emmylou Spyboy Live! $40 (last copies)
24) Have Gun Will Travel First Season $100 (Richard Boone as Paladdin)
25) Heartworn Highways $40 (West Texas documentary plus quintessential performances from Townes, Guy Clark, Steve Earle etc)
26) Hee Haw Collection $30
27) Hell on Wheels (Marty Robbins) $25
28) High Lonesome - The Story of Bluegrass $35
29) Highwaymen On the Road Again $38
30) Hit Celebrity TV Commercials $25 (over 120 celebrity commercials from Lucille Ball selling cigarettes to the likes of Groucho Marx, Ronald Regan, George Burns etc)
31) Honeymooners - Classic 39 Episodes $100
32) Jennings, Waylon America $25
33) Kershaw, Sammy 20th Century Masters $18
34) Ketchum, Hal Video Collection $25
35) Kristofferson, Kris Breakthrough $35
36) Little Feat Rockpalast Live $48 (rare German tv performance featuring Lowell George and the original group.
37) McGraw, Tim Greatest Video Hits $25
38) Ma & Pa Kettle Adventures Vol 1 & 2 $48 ea. (each containing 4 movies in the series, beautifully remastered. Percy Kilbride & Marjorie Main)
39) Marx Brothers Collection $120 (the six movies following the 3 released in Australia)
40) Mavericks Millenium Collection $18
41) Mister Ed Vol 1 First Season $60
42) Monster Legacy $180 (Special collection of the original Frankenstein, Wolfman & Dracula movies...6 dvs plus 3 hand painted busts of the main characters. Includes 3-4 of the original movies for each character all remastered. Terrrific presentation)
43) Montgomery, John Michael Very Best $35
43A)The Munsters- Complete Season One $110 (Herman and Lily etc) Always preferred them to the Addams Family.
44) Murray, Anne An Intimate Evening $30
45) Naked City Vols 1 - 4 $35 each
45A) Night Gallery Complete Seaon One $110 Rod Serling's post "Twilight Zone" series, with concentration on the darker side of things.
46) Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Will the Circle Be Unbroken Vol 3 $35
47) On the Road With Bob Hope & Bing Crosby $58 (4 movies)
48) Peter Gunn Vols 1 & 2 $75 each. Classic TV detective
49) Pierce,Webb Greatest Hits $35
50) Pierce, Webb & Chet Atkins $38
51) Portrait of Billy Joe Shaver $38 (documentary with songs)
52) Prine, John At Sessions West 54th (w. Iris dement) $25
52A)Raye, Collin - Live at Billy Bobs $40 (charismatic live performer who does an exceptionally entertaining show, which is a mix of up tempo songs and ballads. It is arguable as to which style suits him best
53) Real McCoys Vol 1-2 $30 (Grandpappy Amos & the girls & boys from the family known as the Real McCoys)
54) Rifleman $35 (3 different volumes of the landmark TV series)
55) Ronstadt, Linda Canciones de Mi Padre $35 (21 Spanish songs)
55A)The Rutles - All You Need Is Cash $40 (Excellent Beatles parody act with Eric Idle, of Monty Python and Neil Innes)
56) Skaggs, Ricky Soldier of the Cross $35
57) Snow, Phoebe In Concert $35
58) Statler Brothers - Farewell Concert $35
59) Strait, George For the Last time Live $40
60) Travis, Merle Rare Performances Vol 1 $48
61) Travis, Merle Rare Performances Vol 2 $48
62) Travis, Randy - Worship & Faith $35 (his gospel)
63) Tritt, Travis Celebration $25
64) Tritt, Travis Greatest Hits $25
65) Vision Shared $28 (the Tribute to Woody Guthrie & Leadbelly)
66) Walker, Jerry Jeff - Live in Concert $48 (lots of songs)
66A)White, Tony Joe In Concert $35
67) Williams, Don Into Africa $30 (live)
68) Williams, Don Hits Collection (video Clips)
69) Wills, Bob Fiddlin' Man $40
70) Yoakam, Dwight Pieces of Time $25
71) Yoakam, Dwight Just Looking for a Hit $25
72) Zevon, Warren VH1 Inside Out

BARGAIN CDS $18 unless noted

****Denotes I have more in the bargain bin by this artist, so feel free to request any you don't see listed and I will check them for you. In fact any older releases are probably represented in the bargain bin so please do not hesistate to ask.
ALL $18 unless noted.

Acuff, Roy Voice of Roy Acuff
Acuff, Roy Gospel According To...
Adkins, Trace Greatest Hits **** (note...this means I have others in the bargain bin by this artist)
Allan, Gary Smoke Rings in the Dark
Allan, Gary See If I Care $20
Allan, Gary Used Heart for Sale
Allan, Gary Alright Guy
Allan, Gary It Would Be You
Allen, Terry Human Remains
Allen, Terry Juarez
Allen, Terry Amerasia
Anderson, John Anthology 2cd
Austin Lounge Lizards Strange Noises in the Dark
Ball, David Thinkin' Problem $20
Ball, David Starlight Lounge $20
Ball, David Amigo $20 (...superb as are the previous 2)
Ball, David Play
Bandy, Moe Greatest Hits (Curb Years) ****
Bandy, Moe Hank Williams You Wrote My Life /Cowboys Ain't
Supposed to Cry 2 on 1 $22
Black, Clint Killin' Time ****
Black, Clint Spend My Time
Bogguss, Suzy Somewhere Between ****
Bogguss, Suzy Moment of Truth (UK reissue)
Bogguss, Suzy self titled
Bogguss, Suzy Voices in the Wind
Bogguss, Suzy Aces
Bogguss, Suzy Something Up My Sleeve
Boland, Jason Live at Billy Bobs
Bonham, Glen Glen Bonham $20 (ostensibly bluegrass but he sings
in a george Jones style voice which is sensational!)
Bosworth, Libbi Libbiville $20
Boyd, Bobby Honky Tonk Tree (with Willie) $20
BR549 Tangled in the Pines ****
BR549 This Is
Brooks & Dunn Brand New Man ****
Brown, Junior 12 Shades of Brown $20
Brown, Junior Guit With It $20
Brown, Junior Semi Crazy $20
Brown, Junior Mixed Bag $20
Brown, Junior Long Walk Back $20
Brown, Marty High & Dry ****
Brown, Marty Wild Kentucky Skies (two gems. Recommended)
Brown, T Graham The Next Big Thing
Brown, T Graham Water Into Wine
Bruce, Ed This Old Hat $20
Burleson, Ed Cold Hard Truth $22
Burnett, T Bone T Bone Burnett (T Bone w. Jerry Douglas dobro)
Burns, Brian Heavy Weather $20 (popular Texas artist)
Burns, Brian Eagle and the Snake $20
Byrd, Tracy The Truth About Men $20 ****
Cagle, Chris Chris Cagle ****
Camp, Shawn Shawn Camp
Camp, Shawn Lucky Silver Dollar $20
Camp, Shawn Live at the Station Inn $22
Carpenter,Mary Chapin State of the Heart ****
Carpenter,Mary Chapin Come On Come On
Carpenter,Mary Chapin Place in This World
Carpenter, Mary Chapin Party Doll & Other Favourites $20
Carpenter,Mary Chapin Between Here & Gone $20
Carrington, Rodney Greatest Hits $25 2cds
Carter Family Country Music Hall of Fame
Carter Family Greatest Hits 1927-1934
Carter Family Country & Folk Roots
Carter, Carlene Little Love Letters
Carter, Carlene Hindsight 20/20
Carter, June Carter Wildwood Flower
Cash, Rosanne Country Side (excellent compilation) *****
Cash, Johnny Water from the Wells of Home****(many, including most of the Legacy reissues, Sun recording reissues etc)
Cash, Johnny BOOK: Ring of Fire $25 (all Cash articles collected)
Chesney, Kenny When the Sun Goes Down $20 ****
Chesnutt, Mark Too Cold at Home ****
Chesnutt, Mark Wings
Chesnutt, Mark LongNecks & Short Stories
Chesnutt, Mark Almost Goodbye
Chesnutt, Mark Thank God For Believers
Clark, Terri Terri Clark
Clark, Terri Pain to Kill
Clark, Terri Fearless
Clark, Terri Just the Same
Collie, Mark Hardin County Line $20
Commander Cody We've Got a Live One Here $22
Conlee, John Live at Billy Bobs
Conlee, John Fellow Travellers $22 (from defunct Patriot label)
Conlee, John Classics $22
Cook, Elizabeth Hey Y'All
Costello, Elvis Almost Blue (classic country album expended edition)
Cotter, Brad Patient Man $20
Crickets T Shirt
Crow, Alvin White Trash Opera (legendary Texas honky tonker)
Cryner, Bobbie Girl of Your Dreams (superb second album)
Cyrus, Bill Ray Time Flies
Daniel, Davis Davis Daniel ****
Davies, Gail Greatest Hits
Davis, Moot Moot Davis (excellent drinking songs etc)
Dead Ringer Band Home Fires
Dekle, Mike Fine Tuned $20 (exceptional singer/writer. Similar
vein to Paul Overstreet)
Dickerson, Deke More Million Sellers
Dillingham, Craig Almost Yesterday
Ducas, George Where I Stand
Ducas, George George Ducas
Earle, Steve Transcendental Blues
Earle/Clark/Van Zandt Live at the Bluebird Cafe
Edwards, Stoney Poor Folks Stick Together: Best (Lefty like....)
Elliott, Ramblin' Jack Long Ride (lots of guests)
Ely, Joe Streets of Sin
Ely, Joe Letter to Laredo
Emerson Drive What If $20
Fowler, Kevin Live at Billy Bobs
Fowler, Kevin High on a Hog (Texas honky tonk at his best)
Gattis, Keith Keith Gatttis (Youthful George Jones style. A gem)
Gatton, Danny Redneck Jazz $22 (Legendary but tragic guitar wiz)
Gatton, Danny Untouchable $20
Gatton, Danny Danny & the Fat Boys $20
Gayle, Crystal Heart & Soul of Hogie Carmichael (superb)
Gibson, Bob Making a Mess etc (Shel Silverstein songs A++)
Gill, Vince The Key $20(one of the best 5 country cds)
Gill, Vince Next Big Thing
Gilley, Mickey 16 Biggest Hits
Goldsboro, Bobby Absolutely the Best (all the original hits)
Goodman, Steve Asylum Years Vol 1
Goodman, Steve Asylum Years Vol 2
Goodman, Steve Santa Ana Winds (includes a great duet w. Emmylou)
Gracin,Josh Josh Gracin $20
Green, Lloyd Little Darlin' Sound: Made of Steel (20 tracks)
Gregg, Ricky Lynn Get a Little Closer
Griffith, Nanci Other Voices Other Rooms $20
Haggard, Merle Cabin in the Hills ****
Haggard, Merle Two Old Friends (with Albert Brumley Jnr)
Haggard, Merle What a Friend We Have in Jesus (3 gospel cds)
Haggard, Merle 1994
Haggard, Merle 1996
Haggard, Merle Live at Billy Bobs $20
Haggard, Merle The Way I Am
Haggard, Merle Serving 190 Proof
Haggard, Merle If I Could Only Fly $22
Haggard, Noel One Lifetime
Harling, Keith Write it In Stone
Harms, Joni Let's Put the Western Back in Country $20
Harris, D. B. Contageous Heartache $20 (second cd)
Harris, Emmylou Wrecking Ball $22 (zenith or nadir??)
Hayden, Rodney Living the Good Life
Helms, Bobby Little Darlin' Sound of....
Henderson, Mike Country Music Made Me Do It (very Dwight-ish)
Hobbs, Becky All Keyed Up $22 ****
Hot Club of Cowtown Tall Tales
Hot Club of Cowtown Ghost Train
Hot Club of Cowtown Continental Stomp
Hunley, Con Sweet Memories (new album)
Husky, Ferlin Signature Series (all the original Capitol hits)
Isaacs, Sonya Sonya Isaacs
Jackson, Alan Drive $20 ****
Jackson, Alan Who I Am
Jackson, Alan Everything I Love
Jackson, Alan Under the Influence $20
Jackson, Alan Herein the Real World
Jackson, Alan Don't Rock the Jukebox
Jackson, Alan When Somebody Loves You
Jackson, Wanda Heart Trouble (new recordings ..good)
Jackson, Wanda Country Classics (UK Capitol compilation)
James, Sonny Signature Series (Original Capitol Greatest Hits)
Jennings, Waylon Ol Waylon Sings Ol Hank $22(1st time at this $)
Jennings, Waylon The Eagle $25
Jennings, Waylon Too Dumb for NY, Too Ugly for LA $25
Jennings, Waylon Hangin' Tough
Jewell, Buddy Buddy Jewell $20
Johnson, Carolyn Dawn Dress Rehearsal
Jones, George The Rock:Stone Cold country $20 ****
Jones, George Still the Same Ol' Me $20
Jones, George And Along Came Jones
Jones, George Homecoming in Heaven
Jones, George High Tech redneck
Jones, George I've Lived to Tell it All
Jones/Wynette Together Again
Jones/Wynette One
Judds Greatest Hits Vol 1 ****
Judds Greatest Hits Vol 2
Keen, Robert Earl The Party Never Ends (Sugar Hill G.H.) ****
Kentucky Headhunters Pickin' on Nashville
Kershaw, Sammy I Want't My Money Back ****
Larson, Blaine In My High School (excellent voice, defies his looks)
Lauderdale, Jim Headed for the Hills ****
Lawrence, Tracy Strong ****
Ledoux, Chris 20 Originals The Early Years $22 (before he
became too rocky)
Lee, Albert Heartbreak Hill
Lonestar Let's Be Us Again $22 ****
Lonestar Lonely Grill
Lonestar I'm Already There
Louvin Brothers Encore
Louvin Brothers My baby's Gone
Louvin Brothers Ira & Charlie
Louvin Brothers Country Heart 7 Soul
Louvin Brothers Two Different Worlds
Loveless, Patty Strong Heart ****
Loveless, Patty Mountain Soul $20
Loveless, Patty On Your Way Home $22 (cd + dvd)
Lynn, Loretta Van Leer Rose $20
Lynn, Loretta All Time Greatest Hits $20
McCoy, Neal Greatest Hits
McEntire, Reba Room to Breathe **** (many, most MCA)
McGraw, Tim And the Dancehall Doctors $20 ****
Malo/Flynn/Ickes Nashville Acoustic Sessions $20 Great!
Martin, Leland Simply Traditional (as good as we have had. A gem)
Mattea, Kathy Collection of Hits $20 ****
Mavericks Mavericks (latest album) ****
Mavericks Trampoline
Mavericks From Hell to Paradise
Mavericks What A Crying Shame
Messina,JoDee Greatest Hits ****
Messina, JoDee Burn
Mills, Big John Honky Tonks and Neon Lights $20 (well-titled)
Montgomery Gentry You Do Your Thing $20 (best yet)
Montgomery Gentry Tattoos & Scars
Montgomery Gentry NY Town
Montgomery Gentry Carryin' On
Montgomery, John Michael Letters from Home ****
Montgomery, Melba Signature Series $20Hard to find Capitol recordings
Moorer, Alison Alison Moorer Show $22 (cd + dvd) ****
Moorer, Alison Hardest Part
Moorer, Alison The Duel
Morgan, George George Morgan Collection
Morgan, Lorrie War Paint ****
Morgan, Lorrie Watch Me
Morgan, Lorrie Something in Red
Murphey, Michael Martin Cowboy Songs Four
Murphy, David Lee Tryin' to Get There
Nelson, Willie Me & the Drummer (one of his best)
Nelson, Willie Shall We Gather (The Troublemaker album)
Nelson, Willie Greatest Hits & Some That Will Be (remaster)
Nelson, Willie Always on My Mind (remastered/expanded)
Nelson, Willie Honeysuckle Rose (remastered/expanded)
Nelson, Willie How Great Thou Art (gospel, lots of Wllie's guitar)
Nelson, Willie 6 Hours at Pedernales (with Curtis Potter)
Nelson, Willie Rainbow Connection
Nelson, Willie Country Hits Willie Nelson Style
Nelson, Willie San Antonio Rose (with Ray Price)
Nelson, Willie Tougher Than Leather (expanded/remastered)
Nelson, Willie Willie & Family Live 2cds $28
Nelson, Willie Crazy, The Demo Sessions
Nesmith, Mike And The Hits Just Keep on Coming
Nesmith, Mike Live at Britt $28 2cds
Nichols, Joe Joe Nichols
Nichols, Joe Man With a Memory $20
Nichols, Joe Revelation $22 (great traditionalist. 10 out of 10)
NittyGrittyDirtBand Stars & Stripes ****
O'Hara, Jamie Rise Above It
Oak Ridge Boys Inspirational Collection
Old Dogs Old Dogs
Otto, James Days of Our Lives
Paisley, Brad Part II $20
Paisley, Brad Who Needs Pictures $20
Palmer, Keith Keith Palmer
Parnell, Lee Roy We All Get Lucky Sometimes ****
Parton, Dolly Ultimate Collection (remastered) $20
Paycheck, Johnny Little Darlin' Sounds:Early Years
Paycheck, Johhny Real Mr Heartache $22 (one of the best 3-4 cds
ever. George Jones style but infinitely better material)
Payne, Waylon The Drifter (for Steve Earle fans. Outlawish The son of
Jody Payne, Willie's right hand man & Sammi Smith)
Pierce, Webb King of the Honky Tonks $22 (CMF label)
Presley, Elvis Ultimate Gospel Collection (remastered) $20
Pride, Charley There's a Little Bit of Hank in Me $20
Pride, Charley Anthology 2cd 40 tracks remastered $28
Prine, John John Prine Live! $20
Prine, John Souvenirs $20
Prine, John German Afternoons $20
Prine, John Diamonds in the Rough $20
Prine, John Missing Years $20
Prine, John Sweet Revenge $20
Prine, John Storm Windows $20
Prine, John Lost Dogs & Mixed Blessings $20
Prine, John In Spite of Ourselves $20
Prine, John Aimless Love $20
Prine, John Bruised Orange $20
Rattlesnake Annie Rattlesnakes & Rusty Water $20
Reeves, Del Signature Series $20 (hard to get)
Reeves, Jim Live at the Grand Ol Opry (CMF)
Roberts. Julie Julie Roberts
Robison, Bruce Country Sunshine ****
Robison, Charlie Live ****
Rogers, Kenny 42 Ultimate Hits $28 2cds (solo + Edition) *
Sahm, Doug Texas Rock for Country Rollers $22 ****
Sears, Dawn Dawn Sears $22 (excellent vocalist)
Sears, Dawn Nothing But Good
Shepard, Jean Signature Series $20 (very hard to get)
Sheppard, T G Live at Billy Bobs
Singletary, Daryle That's Why I Sing This Way $20 **** (all)
Smith/White/Fairchild Love Never Fails $20
Smith, Cal Stories of Life (excellent cd on Step One label)
Strait, George HonkyTonkville $20 **** (most of his $18)
Strait, George Beyond the Blue Neon (his best)**** Again we have most of his albums in the $18-$20 range.
Stuart, Marty Country Music (cd + dvd with most copies)
Talley, James Journey $20 (2004)
Tillman, Floyd Crazy Cajun Recordings $20 (25 tracks)
Travis, Merle Merle Travis Story $20
Travis, Randy Full Circle ****
Travis, Randy Man Ain't Made of Stone
Travis, Randy You & You Alone
Trevino, Rick learning as You Go
Trevino, Rick Looking for a Light
Trevino, Rick In My Dreams $20 (latest)
Tritt, Travis Greatest Hits $20 **** Most others $18
Tritt, Travis Restless Kind
Tritt, Travis Down the Road I Go
Tritt, Travis It's All About to Change
Tritt, Travis Ten Foot Tall etc
Tubb, Ernest Legend & the Legacy $20 (duets)
Turner, Josh Long Black Train $20
Two Dollar Pistols Hands Up
Tyson, Ian Ol Eon ****
Unknown Hinson The Future is Unknown $20 (eccentric hillbilly!)
Van Shelton, Ricky Love & Honor ****
Van Shelton, Ricky Wild Eyed Dream
Van Shelton, Ricky BackRoads $20
Van Shelton, Ricky Bridge I Didn't Burn
Vincent, Rhonda Trouble Free ****
Wagoner, Porter Grand Ol Gospel (with Blackwoods) $20
Wagoner, Porter More Grand Ol Gospel $20
Walker, Jerry Jeff Gypsy Songman
Walker, Jerry Jeff Scamp
Walker, Jerry Jeff Gonzo Stew
Walker, Jerry Jeff Cowboy Boots & Bathing Suits
Wall, Chris Tainted Angel $20
Wallace, Roger The Lowdown $20
Wallace, Roger Hillbilly Heights $20
Wariner, Steve The Hits ****
Wariner, Steve I Got Dreams
Wariner, Steve Faith in You
Wariner, Steve Steal Another Day
Watson, Dale Dreamland (honky tonk again!) ****
Watson, Gene Way to Survive $20
Watson, Gene Sings $20
Watson, Gene Greatest Hits
Watson, Gene Little By Little
Wells, Kitty Country Music Hall of Fame
West, Dottie Essential
White, Joy Lynn Between Midnight & Hindsight ****
Whitley, Keith Wherever You Are Tonight **** (brilliant!)
Williams, Don My Heart to You $20 ****
Williams, Don The Definitive Collection $22
Williams, Hank Rare Demos From First to Last (CMF...essential)
Williams, Hank Legend of Hank Williams $30 (double cd audio book read by sammy Kershaw and based on the Colin Escott book. Includes rare recordingsby the Hankster hisself)
Williams, Hank LostHighway $20 (Live recordings 1949 20 tracks)
Williams, Hank Jnr Almeria Club
Williams, Hank Jnr America the Way I see It ****
Williams, Hank Jnr Born to Boogie
Williams, Hank Jnr Five-O
Williams, Hank Jnr Hank Williams Jnr & Friends
Williams, Hank Jnr Hog Wild
Williams, Hank Jnr Lone Wolf
Williams, Hank Jnr Major Moves
Williams, Hank Jnr Maverick
Williams, Hank Jnr Montana Cafe
Williams, Hank Jnr Pure Hank
Williams, Hank Jnr Stormy
Williams, Hank Jnr Tribute to My Father
Williams, Hank Jnr Man of Steel
Williams, Hank Jnr One Night Stands
Williams, Hank Jnr Greatest Hits Vol 3 $20 (w."Tear in my Beer")
Williams, Hank Jnr The New South
Williams, Hank Jnr Family Tradition
Williams, Hank Jnr Whiskey Bent & Hell Bound
Williams, Hank Jnr Habits Old & New
Williams, Hank Jnr Rowdy
Williams, Hank Jnr Pressure Is On
Williams, Hank Jnr High Notes
Williams, Hank Jnr Strong Stuff
Williams, Hank Jnr I'm One of You (latest)
Williams, Hank III Risin' Outlaw $20
Williams, Hank III Lovesick, Broke & Driftin' $22
Willis, Kelly Bang Bang ****
Willis, Kelly Easy
Wills, Mark Greatest Hits ****
Wilson, Gretchen Here for the Party
Winchester, Jesse Live from Mountain Stage
Womack, LeeAnn self titled
Womack, LeeAnn I Hope You Dance
Womack, LeeAnn Greatest Hits (2004 with new songs)
Womack, LeeAnn Something Worth Leaving Behind
Womack, LeeAnn Some Things I Know
Woodys Teardrops & Diamonds $20
Worley, Darryl Have You Forgotten
Worley, Darryl I Miss My Friend
Worley, Darryl Hard Rain Don't Last
Wright, Chely Wright in the Middle $20 **** (others $18)
Wylie & Wild West Hooves of Horses $20
Yearwood, Trisha Songbook
Yoakam, Dwight Dwight's Used Records (his latest) ****
Yoakam, Dwight Population Me
Yoakam, Dwight Tomorrow's Sounds Today
Yoakam, Dwight This Time
Yoakam, Dwight Hillbilly Deluxe
Yoakam, Dwight Long Way Home
Yoakam, Dwight Gone
Yoakam, Dwight Under the Covers
Yoakam, Dwight If There Was a Way
Young, Faron Live Fast, Love Hard Die Young $22 (CMF)

Various artists

Amazing Grace 3 (with Keith Urban, Josh Turner, Dierks Bentley, Buddy Jewell etc)
American Will Always Stand (Unlike the title would suggest this is a Civil War tale with new songs by Darryl Worley, Skaggs, the Whites, Collin Raye, Josh Turner, Randy Travis, LeeAnn Womack. Pretty good)
BEAUTIFUL: A Tribute to Gordon Lightfoot $20
Bristol Sessions 2cds $28 (Country's first ever recordings. Peer Sessions. CMF Rated as COUNTRY MUSIC'S MOST ESSENTIAL ALBUM)
Cold Mountain Soundtrack (same style as O!Brother)
Country Reader BOOK! $25 25 Years of the Journal of Country Music. Compilation of the best stories & articles
Creole Bred A Cajun and Zydeco tribute
Hillbilly Fillies & Rockin' Chicks $20
Let ‘Er Buck 25 Authentic Cowboy Songs
Nashville Star:The Finalists
Red, Hot & Country $25 (very hard to get...Cash/Willie etc. Only on this cd Great!)
Return to Cold Mountain- Songs Inspired By the Movie (bluegrass !)
Soldiers Joy (CMH Bluegrass compilation)
Sun Hillbilly
Tangle Eye- The Lomax Recordings Remixed $20 (new backings. good)
Texas Outlaws
Town South of Bakersfield 1 & 2 $20 Great Californian artists comp. with early unavilable recordings of Lucinda, Katy Moffatt etc
Tulare Dust Tribute to Merle Haggard (Shaver/Lucinda/Dwightetc)

A few Bluegrass

We have many more!!!

Allen, Red Lonesome & Blue $20
Allen, Red Keep on Going $20
Blue Highway Wondrous Love
Bonham, Glen Glen Bonham $20 superb!
Bush, Sam King of My World
Clements, Vassar Vassar's Jazz
Clements, vassar Full Circle $20 (with guests)
Clements, Vassar Livin' With the Blues $20 (latest)
Cordle, Larry Lonesome Skynyrd Time
Cordle, Larry Murder on Music Row $20
Flatt, Lester Essential with Nashville Grass
Graves/Mosley Remembering the Beacon Brothers
Hartford, John Live from Mountain Stage $20
Hartford, John Tribute Live from Mountain Stage $20
Heller, Danny Driving Blind (banjo wiz)
King Wilkie Broke (hot new bluegrass group)
Lauderdale/Stanley I Feel Like Singin' Today $20
Lewis, Laurie Guest House $20 (with Tom Rozum)
McCoury, Ronnie Heartbreak Train
Mountain Heart Force of Nature (Skaggs label...he guests)
MAS Mutual Admiration Society (Nickel Creek)
Newton, Mark Living a Dream
Open Road In This Life (Rounder)
Peterson, David/1946 Howling Blue Winds (authentic 40s style!)
reno & Smiley Talk of the Town $22
Scruggs, Earl Essential 2cds $28
Shifflett, Karl Worries on my Mind
Sizemore, Charlie Back Home $20 (excellent Whitley style)
Stanley, Ralph Clinch Mountain Gospel $20
Stanley, Ralph II Carryin' On
Steep Canyon Steep Canyon
Williams, Josh Lonesome Highway (great voice)
Wright, Luther Guitar Pickin' Matyrs (with the Wrongs)
Wright, Luther Rebuild the Wall (Pink Floyd bluegrass)

A Few Alternate Things

(incorporating female folky types)

Auld, Audrey Losing Faith
Auld, Audrey The Fallen
Avett Brothers A Carolina Jubilee
Blue Rodeo Greatest Hits
Burch, Paul Fool for Love
Campbell, Kate Sing Me Out $20
Campbell, Kate The Portable $20
Campbell, Kate Monuments
Campbell, Kate Vision of Plenty
Carll, Hayes Flowers & Liquor
Deal, Kevin the Lawless
Deal, Kevin Kiss on the Breeze
Eaglesmith, Fred Drive Inn Movie $20
Gauthier, Mary Filth & Fire $20 ***A true talent
Gauthier, Mary Drag Queens in limousines $20
Gauthier, Mary Dixie Kitchen $20
Gibbs, Otis One Day Our Whispers (good) Texasstyle from Indianapolis!! Go figure! Good songs. Awful album cover.
Kelly, Paul Ways & means 2cds
Kennedy, Bap Hillbilly Shakespeare
Kennedy, Bap Lonely Street
leadon, Bernie The Mirror
Leftover Salmon Leftover Salmon
Lost trailers Welcome to the Woods
Lowe, Nick Impossible Bird (a gem)
McMurtry, James Live in Aught Three
Morlix, Gurf Cut ‘N Shoot
Morlix, Gurf Fishin' in the Big Muddy
O'Connell, Maura Don't I Know
Tres Chicas SweetWater$20 (Caitlin Cary & friends)
Waifs Up All Night
Wailin' jennys 40 Days
Wales, Reckless Johnny It's Not About the Money (reminds of Randy Newman. Pretty enjoyable though the cover makes the Otis Gibbs look good)
WellHungarians Sorry About Alll This
Williams, Lucinda Essence (US digipak)

A Few $10 ones.

We have many more in store

Deal A 3 for $25 in multiples of 3
Deal B I pick 6 for $25, from the entire in store $10 stock. All different. My choice. Guaranteed no crap labels. Can even send without cases to minimise postage costs.

Andrews, Jessica Now
Brandt, Paul Calm Before the Storm
Buck & Roll Rodeo Music for Bull Riders.....
Burgess, Sonny When in Texas
Campbell, Glen Light years
Campbell, Stacy Dean Hurt City
Gibson-Miller Band Where There's Smoke
Hill, Faith Breathe
Howard, Rebecca Lynn self title
Jeffries, Herb Bronze Buckaroo
Kinleys II
McCann, Lila Something in the Air
McEntire, Reba It's Your Call
McGuinn, Mark Mark McGuinn
Mason, Mila Stained Glass Window
Mellons, ken Ken Mellons
Mellons, Ken Where Forever begins
Ontario, Art 1952-1962
Paisley, Brad Mud on the Tires
Rankin Family Endless Seasons
Raye, Collin Tracks
Raye, Collin Extremes
Robinella & Cc Band Robinella & CC Band
Richards, Rusty Country Pioneer
Robison, Charlie Step Right Up
Sandifur, Brandon Walkin' Backwards
Smith, Anthony If It Ain't Country
Steiner, Tommy Shane Then Came the Night
Tennison, Chalee Parading in the Rain
Urban, Keith DVD Video Hits ****dvd part of 3/$25
Walker, Clay If I Could Make a Living
Watson, B B Delta Dream
Williams, Tex Very Best
Woodruff, Bob Desire Road

Thanks for reading this. We hope you find something to appeal. If you don't you probably never will. There are some phenomenal listings herein and you will not find a range like this in any other store in the world. Others may get the major label product but even in perceived country music centres like Nashville & Austin you won't find what we have.

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